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Leading Silks

Adam Feest QC – 3PBAn excellent barrister: a formidable opponent with a charming manner.
Sarah Jones QC - Pump Court ChambersSarah is a first-class silk, completely fearless and frighteningly bright. She always has a thorough mastery of her brief, achieved by her immense capacity for hard work. She is a powerful advocate. You would want to have her for you rather than against you.
Andrew Langdon QC - Guildhall ChambersAn absolutely first-class criminal silk. He has it all. Extraordinarily bright, respected by the judiciary and a master at unearthing arguments or points that change cases. He is also great with clients and solicitors love him.
Christopher Quinlan QC - Guildhall ChambersA powerful advocate who can distill the most complex of specialist expertise for jurors to follow with confidence.
Anna Vigars QC - Guildhall ChambersAnna is an extremely bright and hardworking silk; an inspiring leader.
Adam Vaitilingam QC - Albion ChambersA silk who possesses a quiet, calm determination to get the job done well.

2021 Silks

Ray Tully QC - Guildhall ChambersRay is meticulous in both his preparation and presentation of cases.

Leading Juniors

Timothy Bradbury3PBA class act. A silk in all but name. Very bright. Persuasive. Devastating cross-examiner.
Mary Cowe - Guildhall ChambersShe is a formidable cross-examiner. She can see the nuances and understands how to use them to persuade the judge. Her witness handling is excellent, particularly when it comes to vulnerable witnesses.
James Haskell - Guildhall ChambersJames is a very diligent and purposeful advocate. Judges and juries appreciate his measured courtroom style.
Tom Horder3PBTom is a charming, intellectually nimble advocate with an excellent client manner. Judges respect him and juries warm to him.
Charles Row - Queen Square ChambersHe has forensic attention to detail and is excellent in court. A consummate professional. He engages well with juries and has the respect of the judges he appears before, because his advocacy is persuasive and has warmth.
David Scutt - Guildhall ChambersHe combines a commanding courtroom presence with assiduous client care skills.
Robin Shellard - Queen Square ChambersHis ability to engage with clients from all walks of life is outstanding. He really is able to calm them and fill them with confidence in his abilities within a a very short period of time.
Jason Beal - Devon ChambersHe is totally unflappable under pressure.
Nicholas Cotter3PBHe is extremely calm, persuasive and effective in court, which consistently inspires confidence in the clients.
Edward Hetherington - Albion ChambersEdward is a safe pair of hands for any client. He has an awe-inspiring ability to digest and explain even the most complicated of subject matter, plus an impressive ability to put people at ease.
David Maunder - Queen Square ChambersDavid is a diligent, intellectual and personable advocate. He presents his case to the jury in a calm and confident manner.
Ramin Pakrooh - Guildhall ChambersHe is a measured and thoughtful advocate.
Charley Pattison - Albion ChambersShe wins the trust of the client, she impresses judges and charms juries. I have seen her in action in the Crown Court and she is tenacious and driven to win.
Ali Rafati - KBG ChambersAn excellent criminal barrister.
David Richards3PBDavid is an experienced and immensely able advocate.
Jennifer Tallentire - Guildhall ChambersShe is subtle yet piercing in cross-examination. A silk in all but title.
Mark Worsley - Guildhall ChambersMark has an easy confidence in front of a jury which makes him a highly persuasive advocate. Always on top of his brief, he is equally sure-footed cross-examining a vulnerable witness as making legal submissions before a hostile tribunal.
Thomas Acworth - 3PBA barrister of great tenacity, very hard working and with an eye for detail. He shows a high level of dedication to his clients and is fearless and straight talking in his approach.
Tim Akers - Pump Court ChambersHe is conscientious and prepares cases carefully. I have seen him deal exceptionally well with difficult judges, giving calm and clear justification for submissions even when under fire.
Elisabeth Bussey-Jones - 3PBShe has very good judgement and presents very difficult cases with complete integrity and candour. Excellent on her feet. Someone to be relied upon.
Thomas Evans3PBA forceful, hard-working, tactically astute advocate.
Hollie Gilbery - KBG ChambersHollie is always well-prepared, and she has the ability to build rapport with each and every client, particularly vulnerable or difficult clients. She is always willing to go the extra mile. She never fails to keep a jury engaged.
Alistair HaggartyGuildhall ChambersAlistair’s personality shines through when advising challenging and vulnerable clients. He is able to put a client at ease and make sure that they know they are being looked after and quell any fears and concerns relating to their case.
Sam JonesGuildhall ChambersHe is confident, measured and authoritative – a formidable advocate.
Nicholas Lewin - KBG ChambersNicholas is tenacious. No matter what the case, he will present the case with the vigour that is demanded and fight for the underdog. His mental acuity is razor-sharp and his experienced hand is second to none.
Jodie Mittell - 3PBHer attention to detail, level of preparation and thorough knowledge of every case she is involved in is matched by the extremely high quality of her advocacy.
Nick Robinson3PBNick’s strengths are his intelligence, his ability to fully engage with a jury and his thorough preparation.
David Sapiecha - Albion ChambersDavid is extremely hardworking, always on top of his brief, bright, personable and has a real ability to cut through extraneous arguments to the heart of the matter. He maintains a cool head in the face of constant fire from opponents and judges. Juries like him very much.
Francesca Whebell - KBG ChambersFrancesca is a remarkable barrister who has very strong knowledge of criminal law, both in terms of prosecuting and defending. She is approachable and has a keen eye for detail.
Tom WilkinsPump Court ChambersTom is very bright, with an elegant advocacy style. Well prepared and tenacious.

Rising Stars

Alejandra Llorente Tascon – Pump Court ChambersHer advice to instructing solicitors and submissions to the courts amply demonstrate a first-class mastery of the brief, coupled with an incisive mind which allows her to identify and deal with the real issues in any case.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar


3PB ‘has huge strength in depth in criminal work on the Western Circuit and can be relied upon to provide first class counsel for any case‘. Adam Feest QC and the ‘unflappableTimothy Bradbury defended in the case of a Polish man, who spoke limited English and had been transferred to a psychiatric hospital before trial, who was charged with the murder of his estranged wife and teenage daughter. Elsewhere, unled, Nicholas Cotter represented a man who received a four-year sentence for the attempted theft of a copy of Magna Carta from Salisbury Cathedral. Jodie Mittell acted as junior defense counsel in the case of a man charged with the murder of his father but was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.



A Rolls Royce criminal set on the Western Circuit‘.

3PB has great strength in depth and is very accommodating in finding the right counsel for the job‘.

A well-respected set‘.

The chambers has a good range of high calibre barristers‘.


Katie West is a very helpful and friendly clerk who goes out of her way to assist and keep us informed of any changes‘.

Lee Giles is unflappable‘.

The clerks provide an efficient and reliable service‘.

Guildhall Chambers

Praised by instructing solicitors as 'head and shoulders the best set in the West' and 'a go-to set for criminal representation', Guildhall Chambers has 'an outstanding team' with 'strength in depth at all levels' and 'formidable silks at the fore'. In a prominent highlight for the set, Richard Smith QC led Jennifer Tallentire in the prosecution of a man, who was charged with murder and convicted of manslaughter after strangling his lover; the initial sentence of ten-and-a-half years was increased by three years by the Court of Appeal in R v Brehmer. Also of note, Anna Vigars QC successfully prosecuted fourteen defendants who were convicted of running a Class A drugs ring, as well as the rape and exploitation of the leader's young girlfriend.  Strengthening the team at the senior end, Ray Tully QC took silk in March 2021. Tara Wolfe is now head of legal advice and welfare services at NGO Freedom From Torture.



The crime team has strength at all levels‘.

Guildhall Chambers have a deservedly good reputation, and have breadth and depth of cover in all areas of serious crime‘.

A solid close knit crime team‘.

The set is clearly committed to quality‘.

A first-class criminal set‘.


The crime team clerks are a credit to the set‘.

Lucy Northeast is immensely experienced and goes way beyond what could reasonably be expected to help professional clients. She is always the person with a steady hand on the tiller‘.

Lucy Northeast and Shannon Winstone are both super-stars in their field‘.

Grant Bidwell and Shannon Winstone go above and beyond to offer the best service that any set can provide‘.

Albion Chambers

In the words of instructing solicitors, Albion Chambers is 'a fore-runner for the provision of quality counsel for the full range of criminal matters'. Adam Vaitilingam QC recently acted for a volunteer farm worker with a longstanding mental illness who was charged with the murder of an employee on the farm where he worked; he was sentenced to a hospital order following a plea of manslaughter, which was accepted on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Turning to the juniors, Edward Hetherington prosecuted a multi-handed murder trial where the defendants were convicted of the murder of a man they wrongly believed had stolen a bicycle from them. Charley Pattison is 'a rising star', 'tirelessly relentless in her pursuit of justice' and 'acts with compassion and skill in dealing with vulnerable and challenging clients'. In August 2021 Anna Richardson was appointed to the circuit bench.



Chambers offers a fantastic service, ensuring the most suitable counsel is provided for the client‘.


Ken Duthie is a particular strength in the team with his positive attitude towards resolving any problem which may arise‘.

Bonnie Colbeck and Ken Duthie are both extremely efficient in their roles and go above and beyond to ensure the service they provide is top tier‘.

Pump Court Chambers

Pump Court Chambers in Winchester is ‘a strong, well organised criminal set‘ with ‘very good strength in depth‘ and ‘first-class counsel‘. James Newton-Price QC successfully prosecuted a man who was convicted of the murder of his wife’s 16-year-old niece. Sarah Jones QC is ‘a powerful advocate‘, and has expertise in cases of serious violence and sexual offences, and is noted for her strength in Court Martial cases. At the junior end, Mark Ruffell is sought after for his experience in prosecuting multi-handed drugs conspiracies, while rising star Alejandra Llorente Tascon is ‘fearless in advancing the cause of her clients but eminently sensible and realistic in the advice that she gives to the lay client‘.



A very good set, filled with exceptionally hard-working and talented, heavyweight counsel‘.


The clerks’ room provides a great service‘.

Devon Chambers

At Devon Chambers in Plymouth, recent instructions of note for the set included Joanna Martin QC appearing for the prosecution in a murder case after a young man was stabbed to death in Liskeard; the case was the first to be heard under Covid protocols in Truro Crown Court. Piers Norsworthy has established experience in handling a range of defence work in cases involving road traffic offences, arson, human trafficking and serious violence, to name a few areas. Head of chambers Jason Beal has 'a naturally collaborative style' and 'is at ease with all types of clients'.



The quality of the service is always excellent‘.

Approachable, professional and helpful‘.

A dedicated and hard working chambers‘.


Schannine Dobson is efficient and has high organisation skills under pressure‘.

KBG Chambers

KBG Chambers in Plymouth has 'a good range of barristers who have exceptional knowledge'. In recent instructions of note, Nicholas Lewin recently defended in the case of a serial rapist in Plymouth, and Ali Rafati defended a 66-year-old care worker who received a suspended sentence after being convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, by crashing her car while transporting an elderly client, who subsequently died in hospital back to her home. Francesca Whebell primarily represents defendants in cases involving drugs, serious violence, and serious sexual offences. Hollie Gilbery is 'a great communicator; her advice is clear and concise and her advocacy skills are excellent'.



A strong set of chambers with a good range of barristers‘.

Always able and willing to provide a solution, nothing is too much trouble‘.


Colin Palmer is efficient, tirelessly helpful and a pleasure to work with. Lewis Gunn-Colling is always on hand, no matter what is needed‘.

Lewis Gunn-Colling and Colin Palmer are excellent in responding to all queries raised‘.

Queen Square Chambers

Queen Square Chambers houses a number of members who have been especially active handling prosecution work over the past year. Recent instructions for the group include serious violent and sexual offences, multi-handed fraud and firearms offences. Head of chambers Charles Row is 'well-liked by the Bar, the bench, and clients', and is 'willing to go the extra mile for clients'. Robin Shellard garners praise for his 'smooth court advocacy'. David Maunder is regularly sought after for his expertise in defending and prosecuting in large-scale conspiracies, homicide and serious sexual offences cases, while James Tucker is very experienced in handling cases of complex fraud.



An excellent set‘.


The set is supported by a fantastic clerking team, in particular Colleen Inker, who goes above and beyond to provide the highest level of service‘.

Colleen Inker is always available. She has a great human touch and knows what is expected‘.

A friendly and effective team‘.