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Leading Silks

Adam Feest QC - 3PBThe absolute professional and a master of his craft.
Sarah Jones QC - Pump Court ChambersShe has a rare skill of being able to read witnesses and anticipate their personalities - she can deal with anyone on any level.
Andrew Langdon QC - Guildhall ChambersHis humanity and clear-speaking advocacy style is so attractive, but belies an intellectual powerhouse who knows every detail of a case.
Joanna Martin QC - Devon ChambersThorough, hardworking, and tactical.
James Newton-Price QC - Pump Court ChambersA hugely well-prepared barrister, able to argue his case with a calm yet passionate style which very much appeals to juries.
Christopher Quinlan QC - Guildhall ChambersHis style of advocacy is methodical yet seamlessly sensitive and direct.
Richard Smith QC - Guildhall ChambersA superb advocate with really good courtroom presence - judges and juries like him and listen to what he says.
Anna Vigars QC - Guildhall ChambersWhen she speaks in the court room, she is authoritative, poignant and always on key.
Kate Brunner QC - Albion ChambersKate is a tour de force. She exudes confidence and is able to live up to her reputation because she is phenomenally hard working and smart.
Nigel Pascoe QC - Pump Court ChambersParticularly experienced in cases involving diminished responsibility.

2021 Silks

Ray Tully QC - Guildhall ChambersA powerful advocate who approaches cases in a lateral fashion - he sees aspects that others have missed.

Leading Juniors

Timothy Bradbury - 3PBA fearsome advocate, his cross-examinations are unrivalled on the Western Circuit.
Mary Cowe - Guildhall ChambersA class act - precise, considered, clever and persuasive.
James Haskell - Guildhall ChambersA thoughtful and polished advocate, confident without arrogance, with conspicuously good judgement.
Piers Nosworthy - Devon ChambersA pugnacious advocate.
Charles Row - Queen Square ChambersA formidable advocate with a powerful court presence, he is liked by judges and jurors alike while retaining the common touch with clients.
David Scutt - Guildhall ChambersHe takes a strong and robust approach to both advice to clients in conference and to advocacy in court.
Robin Shellard - Queen Square ChambersFirst-class at obtaining the trust of the jury, he is a friendly and approachable professional so consequently one who is taken notice of.
Peter Asteris - Pump Court ChambersAn excellent advocate able to present his case to the jury in a manner they understand.
Jason Beal - Devon ChambersA very measured, calm advocate who prepares thoroughly.
Robert Bryan - Drystone ChambersHe has the ability to reassure clients, and is always very committed to his cases.
Rebecca Fairbairn - Drystone ChambersShe is tenacious, hardworking and very personable. Whilst always fighting her corner, she gets on well with both her opponents and judges alike. She has great communication skills and juries warm well to her.
Anjali Gohil - Guildhall ChambersExperienced in a wide range of criminal cases.
Heather Hope - 9 Gough Chambers
Tom Horder - 3PBHe has sterling advocacy skills and exceptional levels of client empathy.
David Maunder - Queen Square ChambersAn outstanding choice of counsel in relation to contested sexual offences, he is consistently determined, courageous and persuasive.
Richard Onslow - 3PBOne of the leading courtroom advocates in the local area and well-used to dealing with serious crime, juries enjoy his charm and easy manner.
Ramin Pakrooh - Guildhall ChambersHe demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, higlighting the nuances that prove critical.
Ali Rafati - KBG ChambersAli is extremely approachable and willing to offer advice and support at all times. I have found that there is an extremely high level of positive feedback which is due not only to the quality of the advocacy provided but also to the ability to relate to all classes of lay clients and to communicate effectively. These qualities mean that there is considerable demand for such services.
David Richards - 3PBHe takes a proactive approach to case preparation, meaning he works well with instructing solicitors.
Mark Ruffell - Pump Court ChambersThorough and thoughtful in his preparation.
Barnaby Shaw - Drystone ChambersAn excellent advocate who is always on top of his brief.
Tara Wolfe - Guildhall ChambersHer courage in court is self-evident.
Tim Akers - Pump Court ChambersHe shows understanding and skill in taking instruction from vulnerable clients, able to translate their wishes into a legal case.
Elizabeth Bussey-Jones - 3PBExactly the sort of junior you want: experienced, knowledgable and a talker of good sense.
Nicholas Cotter - 3PBHe has a pleasing court style that commends itself to both judges and juries and equal measure.
Tom Evans - 3PBTom is always well-prepared and on top of his brief. He has clearly thought about it in detail. His speeches are assured and well-constructed. He is calm, measured and conspicuously good at his job for his level of call. He engenders confidence in the trial judge, jury, client and opponents alike. A very good and talented barrister.
Nicolas Gerasimidis - Guildhall ChambersA superb advocate who is very good with a jury and able to deal the judiciary very well.
Greg Gordon Guildhall Chambers ‘He has a great ability to make complicated things appear simple to juries and fantastic technical skill at presenting complex information.
Robert Grey - 3PBHis advocacy is of the highest standard, succinct and measured in tone.
Edward Hetherington - Albion ChambersMr Hetherington is outstanding and of a quality that far exceeds his call. His preparation and knowledge of the case is always seamless and his ability to digest enormous volumes of material is nothing short of awe-inspiring.
Sam Jones - Guildhall ChambersA first-class tactician who is good with clients and on his feet.
Nicholas Lewin - KBG ChambersThis barrister is a fighter. He is intelligent, sharp, and pays great attention to detail. He reads all the stuff no one else does and retains that information. He is good with clients and treats them respect. He actually cares about them. And he cares about how their case is conducted and does what they ask.
Jodie Mittell - 3PBAn outstanding lawyer and advocate with all of the ingredients to make a fine silk in the future.
Nick Robinson - 3PBA criminal defence specialist.
David Sapiecha - Albion ChambersHis advocacy style is direct and perceptive, cutting to the crux of the matter which is much liked by judges.
Jennifer Tallentire - Guildhall ChambersJenny has an exceptional ability to deliver incredible results under extreme pressures, while managing to keep clients and their entourage calm and focused. She is incredibly adept at dealing with adult, young and vulnerable witnesses alike in a way that engages the jury, ready for her incisive and compelling closing speeches.
James Tucker - Queen Square ChambersA hardworking barristers noted for his client care.
Tom Wilkins - Pump Court ChambersHis significant strength is that of understanding the case at hand and his consequent very thorough legal research which enables him to "pull the legal cat out of the bag" much to the evident dismay of his opponents.
Mark Worsley - Guildhall ChambersHe has a great ability to reduce the most complex issues to simple strategic points efficiently and directly.

Rising Stars

Helen Easterbrook - Drystone ChambersShe invests a lot of time and effort into her cases, even the simplest or low-grade cases. Her enthusiasm and commitment never ebbs. She is personable and communicates well with clients. She is exceptional when it comes to legal research.
Alistair Haggerty - Guildhall ChambersAlistair is a clever lawyer with very good judgement. His advocacy is clear and concise. He is a very good member of any team. He finds solutions and takes on additional responsibilities willingly.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

Drystone Chambers

Drystone Chambers is 'an excellent set with a variety of counsel', with a number members active in both prosecution and defence work, primarily in the Wessex part of the circuit. Robert Bryan prosecuted a couple who filmed themselves sexually abusing a child, in which expert evidence was used to identify the defendants from their hands. The 'tenacious and hardworkingRebecca Fairbairn is an expert in both prosecuting and defending rape and serious sexual offences and highlighted for her handling of vulnerable parties. As a former officer in the Royal Navy, rising star Helen Easterbrook maintains strong military links via the Royal Naval Reserve and regularly defends before the Courts-Martial in addition to prosecuting and defending across the full range of criminal law matters.

KBG Chambers

In Plymouth, KBG Chambers is a 'very good set, with strong junior base'. Ali Rafati is particularly sought after to appear in cases involving serious sexual or violent offending. In recent instructions of note, Rafati defended a man with learning disabilities who has been in formal care arrangement for three decades, and who was prosecuted for engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and breach of a sexual harm prevention order. Also of note, Nicholas Lewin recently appeared in the Court of Appeal on a pro bono basis in R v Sarah Gotham; the defendant had been convicted of sexually assaulting a child and livestreaming the abuse. Following on from his former career in the Royal Navy, Lewin also represents defendants at Court-Martial both at home and abroad.


3PB 'is one of the forefront chambers in Western Circuit and a has a well-deserved reputation for quality representation for both prosecution and defence'. In recent instructions of note, Adam Feest QC prosecuted former Southampton FC youth coach Bob Higgins, who was convicted in a 2019 retrial of sexually abused youth players over two decades, involving issues of hearsay applications and new complainants. Among the set's juniors, Nicholas Cotter represented a man who was acquitted of murder after the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence after forensics suggested the defendant may have stabbed the deceased in self-defence. Turning to the fraud arena, Timothy Bradbury prosecuted an eight-week, multi-defendant cheating the public revenue case concerning phoenix fraud.

Guildhall Chambers

'All you could ever need across the whole spectrum of crime and more', Guildhall Chambers is 'impressive and the go-to team for serious cases'. In recent instructions of note, Christopher Quinlan QC prosecuted grime musician Solo 45, who was convicted of trapping and raping four women over a period of two years. Among the set's juniors, James Haskell defended a man who was acquitted of rape in a case where, despite forensic evidence of sexual activity, a successful application to admit evidence of a previous false rape complaint by the accuser; Greg Gordon represented a vulnerable young defendant, who was acquitted of assault by penetration which was alleged to have taken place at an army cadet base on an overnight fieldcraft exercise.

Pump Court Chambers

Pump Court Chambers in Winchester is 'an excellent set with a ready supply of high-quality barristers' for both prosecution and defence work. James Newton-Price QC prosecuted a gay couple who were charged with the rape of several boys in a case with issues as to hearsay evidence and defence accusations of collusion between the police and victims to plant evidence. Among the set's juniors, Mark Ruffell prosecuted in a nineteen-defendant drugs-dealing case with issues of hearsay evidence; Peter Asteris represented a woman who received a non-custodial sentence for attempting to blackmail a footballer; Tim Akers represented a vulnerable autistic man in an appeal of a restriction order imposed under section 41 of the Mental Health Act.

Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers has 'good depth in general crime barristers and a number of rising stars'. Kate Brunner QC recently prosecuted a couple who abused a 15-month-old baby; the abuse involved multiple fractures to the child. Brunner QC also prosecuted a man who was convicted of murder after strangling his wife, and placing a note to stop his children entering the room where he left her body. At the junior end, David Sapiecha was the leading counsel prosecuting 28 counts of rape, sexual assault, and voyeurism by a photographer who had set up a fake modelling agency. He also defended in a drugs conspiracy regarding the importation of 1,500kg of cocaine. Edward Hetherington acted in a seven-week trial of five defendants prosecuted by the NHS Anti-Fraud Unit with allegations against former directors of a hospice charity and their building contractors. The defendants were said to have dishonestly inflated bids for charitable funds and then diverted surplus funds into unauthorised spending.

Devon Chambers

Plymouth's Devon Chambers, has both a strong presence in its eponymous county as well as on the other side of the Tamar, handling some of Cornwall's most serious criminal cases. Joanna Martin QC represented a trustee of the Lake Community Gardens in the Isle of Wight, who entered a guilty plea to murder after attacking a fellow trustee and former councillor with a chainsaw. As far as the set's juniors are concerned, in addition to a prosecution practice, Piers Norsworthy defended a woman who supplied her prescription opiates to her son and another boy, killing her son.

Queen Square Chambers

Queen Square Chambers is 'a long-established set with a broad range of counsel to choose from varying in experience and with sufficient breadth to cover all criminal cases'. In recent work of note, Charles Row represented a building contractor who was acquitted on charges of defrauding the NHS concerning supposed fake invoices generated for work to hospices and care homes in Taunton and Yeovil. Elsewhere, James Tucker represented the lead defendant in the trial of a group of metal detectorists who failed to declare a hoard of hundreds of Anglo-Saxons coins looted from near Berrington Hall.