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Leading Silks

Kate Brunner KC - Albion Chambers 'A stand-out silk with a robust approach.'
Sarah Jones KC - Pump Court Chambers 'A fearless advocate whose natural and powerful advocacy is supported by hard work and attention to detail. She consistently demonstrates sound judgement, determination and natural ability.'
Andrew Langdon KC - Guildhall Chambers 'Andrew is exceptionally bright and has an outstanding courtroom style; he is fluent, articulate and persuasive. Judges and opposing counsel clearly respect him and juries listen. His style of cross examination ensures that judges and juries remain engaged.'
Joanna Martin KC - Devon Chambers 'Joanna works extremely hard and is always completely on top of instructions. She is very friendly and dynamic; she leads any team well. She inspires confidence in others and has an approach which juries always find extremely attractive - there is real clarity of thought in the way she presents her case.'
James Newton-Price KC – Pump Court Chambers 'James has assiduous attention to detail. He builds good rapport with clients and judges, and has a good court room manner.'
Christopher Quinlan KC - Guildhall Chambers 'Christopher is thorough and analytical, and a great communicator with lawyers and lay clients. He has a forensic approach and leaves no stone unturned.'
Richard Smith KC - Guildhall Chambers 'A formidable advocate and tactician.'
Adam Vaitilingam KC - Albion Chambers 'Adam leaves no stone unturned. He is tenacious and confident.'
Anna Vigars KC - Guildhall Chambers 'Anna's court manner with witnesses, opponents and judges is always perfectly measured, aimed at the sole purpose of achieving the best for her client. She is tenacious when appropriate, ameliorative when demanded, frighteningly intelligent at all times, and has shown herself a match for even the most demanding client, opponent or judge.'

2021 Silks

Ray Tully KC - Guildhall Chambers 'He is tenacious and determined, never giving up a point which has merit in it. He is a fearless advocate and a very confident leader.'

2022 Silks

Charles Row KC - Queen Square Chambers 'Charles is a superb and skilful advocate with an exceptional eye for detail. He has a very light touch and builds enormous rapport with clients. He is well-liked and respected by judges.'

Leading Juniors

Peter Asteris - Pump Court Chambers 'Peter is a charismatic, highly skilled jury advocate. He has natural flair and inspires confidence in both instructing solicitors and lay clients.'
Timothy Bradbury3PB 'Timothy is a silk in junior's robes. He has a commanding court presence, the complete respect of the judiciary, and is the consummate jury advocate.'
Mary Cowe - Guildhall Chambers 'Mary is incredibly hardworking and brilliant in court. She is a great all rounder who is an asset to any serious and complex case.'
Rebecca Fairbairn  - Pump Court Chambers 'Dedicated, determined and resourceful. She keeps a very cool head however complex the case, and her clear, down to earth style of jury advocacy is highly persuasive. Truly silk class.'
James Haskell - Guildhall Chambers 'James is unflappable and has excellent judgement. A strong courtroom performer who cross-examines well.'
Tom Horder3PB 'His knowledge is exceptional. There is no case he is not able to manage. He is a capable and effective cross examiner. He pursues the right legal arguments and is totally respected by the judiciary.'
Piers Norsworthy - Devon Chambers 'Piers is tenacious and very well liked by clients as he is approachable, experienced and calm. His advocacy is effective and powerful. A remarkable barrister.'
Robin Shellard - Queen Square Chambers 'Uncompromising yet courteous, Robin will see the client home. A committed barrister.'
Mark Worsley - Guildhall Chambers 'Mark is forthright, robust, concise, intelligent and knowledgeable. He presents a case as well as a silk. A really impressive junior.'
Michael BrownKBG Chambers ‘A charismatic advocate who is skilled beyond his year of call. He has a superb ability to form relationships with professional and lay clients and a wonderful manner with a jury.’
Sarah Regan  - Albion Chambers 'Sarah is exceptionally well prepared and will leave no stone unturned. Her skills with the jury are invaluable.'
Robert Bryan - Drystone Chambers 'Robert has an eye for detail and can navigate many complicated matters and areas of law. He has a calm and personable courtroom manner.'
Nicholas Cotter3PB 'A highly polished advocate with a first-class legal brain. He always inspires clients' confidence.'
Edward Hetherington - Albion Chambers 'Edward has an incredible forensic ability and is able to condense and simplify even the most complex of material for his lay clients. Clients and juries alike warm to Edward's down to earth approach.'
David Maunder - Queen Square Chambers 'David brings a calm but firm approach to dealing with clients. He is an excellent listener and gives comprehensive and easy-to-understand advice.'
Richard Onslow - 3PB 'A formidable advocate with a commanding presence. He will defend without fear and has gravitas in court.'
Ramin Pakrooh - Guildhall Chambers 'Ramin is very organised and thorough. His confidence and approach when it comes to advising clients is impressive.'
Charley Pattison - Albion Chambers 'Charley is an outstanding junior, very hard working and driven. A persuasive advocate, who has the confidence and presence to persuade a court and the charm to win over a jury.'
Dan Pawson-Pounds - Walnut House 'An extremely effective cross-examiner, and a charming advocate that juries like and judges respect.'
Ali Rafati - KBG Chambers 'Ali is a formidable trial advocate.'
David Richards3PBA measured and persuasive advocate.
Mark Ruffell - Pump Court Chambers 'Mark is incredibly industrious. He is a fierce cross-examiner yet exudes a style which juries warm to.'
David Scutt - Guildhall Chambers 'An urbane and accomplished jury advocate.'
Jennifer Tallentire - Guildhall Chambers 'She is charismatic and meticulous, and captivates juries with robust and compelling advocacy. She is exceptionally good with vulnerable clients.'
James Tucker - Queen Square Chambers 'James is extremely hard-working and scrupulously fair. A very safe pair of hands.'
Katie Churcher - KBG Chambers 'Katie is fabulous with clients, fiercely organised, and she is able to get her point across effortlessly.'
Berenice Mulvanny  - 3PB 'Berenice is a very impressive barrister - she is extremely combative whilst also being very pleasant to deal with. She is extremely well prepared and a very engaging advocate - clear, incisive, organised. Judges are impressed by her.'
Ellie Fargin - Pump Court Chambers 'Ellie is excellent with clients. She is a powerful and effective advocate who shows a personal and human side to every case.'
Gemma White  - 3PB 'Gemma is determined, focused, committed, always fully prepared and highly professional. She is an assured and proficient advocate, confident in court with all judges.'
Thomas Acworth - 3PB 'He has an excellent court manner, very calm and controlled and his witness handling is absolutely superb. He isn't fazed by judges.'
Tim Akers - Pump Court Chambers 'A methodical junior and a good trial advocate. He is measured and always in control.'
Helen Easterbrook - Drystone Chambers 'Helen is a firm and engaging advocate. She is both flexible and resilient, and quickly builds trust with clients.'
Thomas Evans3PBA dedicated advocate who is well liked by clients.
Alistair HaggartyGuildhall Chambers 'He is charismatic,methodical and has an eye for detail. Professional and lay clients respect him a great deal.'
Sam JonesGuildhall Chambers 'Sam's case preparation is always thorough and underpinned by strong tactical nous. He presents his cases clearly and with authority.'
Nicholas Lewin - KBG Chambers 'Nicholas is strong and confident on his feet and commands the attention of the jury. He is committed, dedicated and thorough. Clients love him.'
Jodie Mittell - 3PB 'Jodie's advocacy style means that juries are able to follow complex issues with ease. She is meticulous and thorough.'
Nick Robinson3PB 'Nick is a top level operator. A first-class and fearless advocate with a very robust and incisive approach to criminal litigation. An exceptional strategist.'
Francesca Whebell - KBG ChambersShe is highly intelligent and a remarkable barrister in court. Always extremely well-prepared, with a keen eye for detail.'
Tom WilkinsPump Court Chambers 'Tom is diligent and has a friendly approach. Clients feel at ease in his presence, and they know he will fight their corner in court.'

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar


3PB garners praise as ‘a well respected set when it comes to crime on the Western Circuit‘ and ‘offers an impressive array of criminal practitioners‘. Adam Feest KC‘s ‘calm and measured presentation belies his rapier-like mind‘; he appeared for the prosecution in a trial concerning the murder of Sir Richard Sutton and the attempted murder of Sutton’s partner Anne Schreiber, the mother of the defendant. Turning to the juniors, Timothy Bradbury is ‘very bright‘, ‘incisive‘ and ‘razor-sharp in cross-examination‘, and Nicholas Cotter is ‘a terrific lawyer who is able to display sound tactical and strategic judgement whilst also getting to grips with the smallest detail of a case‘. In June 2021 Elisabeth Bussey-Jones was appointed as a Judge of the First-tier Tribunal.



Excellent chambers. A comprehensive list of talented counsel.’

A very sound set offering a broad range of expertise and experience at all levels of crime.’

An established set of chambers with a great depth of knowledge and experience.’

A highly respected set with a very good reputation in crime.’


The clerks are dependable and reliable. If they say they will do something, it gets done.’

All of the clerks are personable and organised. They can always be relied upon to provide an excellent service.’

Stuart Pringle is well respected and does a great job as senior clerk.’

Lee Giles is always on top of matters, approachable and affable.’

A strong team.’

Guildhall Chambers

In the words of instructing solicitors, the ‘dynamic setGuildhall Chambers‘ crime team is ‘the best on the Western Circuit‘; ‘there is a real strength in depth, with quality practitioners at all levels‘. In recent instructions for the team, group head Christopher Quinlan KC led James Haskell in the prosecution of a woman who was charged and convicted of the murder of her husband; the case involved issues of ‘loss of control’ in the context of the defendant alleging domestic abuse. Ray Tully KC successfully prosecuted a man who was convicted of multiple counts of stranger rape. Turning to the junior end of chambers, Mark Worsley successfully prosecuted a man for the murder of a 77-year-old woman for whom the defendant had acted as a carer. Mary Cowe is highly regarded for her expertise in handling complex cases of large-scale fraud.



An elite criminal set with an abundance of top class barristers.’

A go-to chambers for serious and complex crime.’

The set as a whole provides top class barristers who are very responsive and able.’

It has exceptional depth in quality of its advocates.’

Excellent chambers to work with.’


An elite team of clerks.’

The Guildhall clerks are exceptional: knowledgeable, reliable, approachable and efficient.’

A reliable, helpful and pragmatic clerking team, professionally managed by Lucy Northeast, very ably assisted by Grant Bidwell.’

Shannon Winstone and Grant Bidwell are excellent. They always try to accommodate, are proficient, and are always friendly.’

Lucy Northeast is renowned for her ability to judge the perfect counsel for a particular case.’

Pump Court Chambers

At Pump Court Chambers in Winchester, the ‘very strong crime team‘ is led by the ‘robustJames Newton-Price KC, who is noted for his strength in handling cases of serious sexual offences, multi-handed fraud and homicide. Sarah Jones KC led Ellie Fargin in prosecuting a man who was received a life sentence for child destruction and grievous bodily harm after attacking his girlfriend, who subsequently suffered a miscarriage. The ‘very conscientiousPeter Asteris  prosecutes and defends in cases of complex sexual offences, and is sought after for his expertise in representing vulnerable clients. Multi-handed drugs and fraud conspiracies have been prominent in Mark Ruffell‘s recent caseload. In November 2021 Rebecca Fairbairn  joined from Drystone Chambers.



A well-established set with an excellent reputation.’

All members are outstanding advocates and liked by both clients and judges.’

A strong set.’

A strong criminal team.’


The clerks at Pump Court Chambers are helpful and adaptable. Ben Harfield and James May always pull out the stops when it comes to listing and making sure all last minute matters are covered.’

The clerking team are friendly and approachable.’

A skilled and hard working team. Tony Atkins is calm and organised.’

Excellent clerks.’

Albion Chambers

Praised by instructing solicitors as ‘a long established and central part of the criminal Bar in Bristol‘, Albion Chambers has ‘a wide choice of extremely able counsel‘. Kate Brunner KC recently acted for the only defendant acquitted of murder in a multi-handed trial, in which five people were charged with stabbing a 29-year-old man nine times at a silent disco in Bristol. At the junior end of chambers, head of the team Sarah Regan prosecutes and defends in cases involving serious violent and sexual offences; Edward Hetherington has an excellent manner and approaches every case in a way that is accessible and relatable‘; and Charley Pattison has a natural charm to her advocacy even in front of courts that might be expected to be hostile to her case‘.



A very solid set.’

A quality well established chambers.’

Very strong across all levels in crime.’


The whole team is great, very responsive and accommodating.’

The clerks at Albion Chambers are affable and responsive.’

Devon Chambers

Devon Chambers ‘has a strong set of experienced barristers in criminal cases‘. Head of chambers Jason Beal is very experienced in handling cases involving vulnerable defendants and witnesses. Joanna Martin KC successfully prosecuted a man who was convicted of the murder of his partner after stabbing her in the eye. Piers Norsworthy is ‘always prepared and professional, and provides an excellent service to each and every client‘, and is highly regarded for his expertise in defending in cases involving serious violence and road traffic offences. Rising star Althea Brooks is a name to note.



A strong set.’

Counsel instructed within criminal matters are extremely thorough and experienced.’


Rachael and Schannine are always helpful and friendly.’

The clerks are all incredibly helpful and nothing is too much trouble for Schannine Dobson and Rachael Duchnowski, who are always happy to help in anyway possible. They continually make the job of an instructing solicitor easier because of how helpful, organised and prepared they are.’

KBG Chambers

Plymouth’s KBG Chambers is home to a team of ‘very talented juniors‘, who have been kept busy prosecuting and defending in cases involving serious sexual offences, serious violence, homicide and drugs conspiracies. Recent instructions for the group included Michael Brown successfully prosecuting a man who was convicted of running an extensive Class A drugs ring. Ali Rafati is ‘quick on his feet‘ and ‘an effective advocate with both judges and juries‘, and is sought after for his expertise in handling cases involving vulnerable clients. Nicholas Lewin has an established track record in acting in courts-martial. Francesca Whebell is ‘calm and methodical‘, and is well known for her strength in advising on cases of serious violence and sexual offences.



An excellent set.’

Chambers has a large number of strong juniors practicing criminal law.’

A good set with good strength in depth.’


All clerks at KBG Chambers are professional, friendly, easily contactable and approachable. They are always willing and ready to assist.’

Colin Palmer and Lewis Gunn-Colling are exceptional members of the clerks team as they respond to any queries straight away and provide an excellent service. In particular, they will listen to the matter in depth and then consider in detail the best barrister the case is most suited to.’

Colin Palmer is always incredibly efficient and helpful.’

Colin Palmer is an excellent senior clerk.’

Queen Square Chambers

Solid setQueen Square Chambers is home to a team with established expertise in prosecuting and defending across a range of serious criminal cases, with serious sexual offences, multi-handed drugs conspiracies and homicides prominent in the group’s recent caseload. Robin Shellard successfully prosecuted thirteen defendants in a multi-kilo cocaine conspiracy case, and James Tucker acted for the CPS in R v Sesay, where former Bristol City goalkeeper Alhaji Sesay was convicted of rape; he received a 10-year sentence. David Maunder‘s recent workload includes homicide and historic sexual abuse cases. In recent news for the set, the ‘consummate professionalCharles Row KC was elevated to silk in March 2022.



Chambers always provides a first class service and always seeks to ensure that instructing solicitors are looked after well.’

A well established set of chambers.’

A good set of chambers with strength in depth.’


Have you got a case that needs covering? If Colleen Inker is in your address book, it’s covered. Truly first rate. Hayley Pitts, Colleen’s trusted lieutenant, epitomises the chambers’ ethos.’

Colleen Inker is an asset to the chambers.’

Colleen Inker is utterly committed and always goes the extra mile.’

An excellent team.’