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Leading Silks

Leslie Blohm QC - St John's ChambersIntelligent, able in court, and great with clients in conference.

Leading Juniors

William Batstone - Guildhall ChambersUnflappable, responsive, and exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of agricultural tenancies. His advocacy style is thorough and measured - he avoids grandstanding or overly dramatic oral submissions.
Christopher Jones - St John's ChambersA quick thinker and talented advocate who is good both on his feet and with clients.
Alex Troup - St John's ChambersExtremely pragmatic, knowledgeable and persuasive: he speaks with great authority whether before clients, opponents or the judiciary

Agriculture in Regional Bar

Guildhall Chambers

'A fountain of knowledge for all things agricultural', William Batstone at Guildhall Chambers is highly recommended for agricultural tenancy matters, with a practice that spans both tenant and landlord representation, with recent cases including an appeal against a decision that a farmer's widow had been served notice following the death of her husband, where the landlords had failed to obtain proof of delivery. Solicitors say his advice is 'although highly technical, is always written with the client reading it in mind'.

St John's Chambers

St John's Chambers is home to several experienced agricultural practitioners with practices that include property litigation, trusts and estates, and tenancy disputes. One particular case of note is Habberfield v Habberfield, a Court of Appeal case centering around the initial decision to order compensation of a farmer's daughter who had been promised her parent's farm; Leslie Blohm QC led Christopher Jones to successfully defeat the appeal brought by the surviving parent. Alex Troup is another key figure within the team, with recent cases involving contentious probate, proprietary estoppel, and family disputes concerning the sale of farmland.