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Leading Juniors

Natalie Sandercock9 Park Place ‘She has a very sharp legal mind and is able to advise on difficult concepts with great clarity. She is a highly accomplished advocate who backs up her representations with meticulously prepared case notes and skeleton arguments and her approachability and flexibility is greatly appreciated.’ 
Lisa Thomas9 Park Place ‘She is extremely competent and unflappable. She puts forward cases firmly and with courtesy. Judges admire the clarity of her advocacy and her written work is also of an extremely high standard.'
David Gareth Evans9 Park Place ‘He is always thoroughly prepared and will make a point of contacting you pre conference and pre hearing. He leaves no stone unturned and has a calm and professional manner that eases client anxiety and lends itself to very effective advocacy, which is polished and compelling.’ 
Christopher Felstead9 Park Place ‘He is an excellent barrister who is held in the highest regard. He gets to the crux of a case quickly and assimilates complex information, which he distils to clients in an accessible way. He is very astute and commercially aware and is also personable and puts clients at their ease.’   

Family: divorce and financial remedy in Regional Bar

9 Park Place

9 Park Place is a ‘first class set of family barristers’, with members offering ‘wide-ranging knowledge and expertise’ in relation to divorce and financial remedy cases. The ‘mathematical and analytical’ Christopher Felstead specialises in cases with complicating factors such as UK and overseas taxation, trusts, and businesses valuation disputes. Natalie Sandercock is a ‘robust advocate’ who has considerable experience in cases involving persons lacking mental capacity and regularly advises financial deputies. David Gareth Evans ‘is always thoroughly prepared’ and has experience of handling cases involving varied and complex asset and business arrangements. Lisa Thomas is ‘extremely competent and unflappable’. Paul Hopkins KC is now a circuit judge.


‘The clerking team is friendly, approachable and flexible. James Watson impresses with his response times and willingness to go the extra mile to match a client with the right counsel.’

‘First class set of family barristers with wide ranging knowledge and expertise. There is always someone available who is a perfect fit for your case.’

‘9 Park Place is the pre-eminent family finance chambers in the region.’

‘9 Park Place provides a wealth of professional, talented, knowledgeable, approachable and hardworking barristers. My experience of instructing counsel from this chambers is that they always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for the client and they will actively communicate with the instructing solicitor before, during and following the outcome of the case.’

‘9 Park Place continues to offer exceptional service, which is attentive, available and grounded.’

‘Excellent service, always friendly, helpful and will go out of their way to assist you.’