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Leading Silks

Patrick Harrington QC - Farrar's Building 'He is an exceptional advocate who commands huge respect in the courtroom. He is able to put a defendant, no matter what their age or background, at ease whilst maintaining a professional relationship.'
Paul Lewis QC - Farrar's BuildingHe is experienced, talented, assiduous in his preparation and much sought-after in his field.
Caroline Rees QC - 30 Park Place ChambersHer advocacy is very polished and she has an aura in the courtroom.
Jonathan Elystan Rees QC - Apex ChambersHis technical ability in knowing the law and how to apply it to any given case is first class, including his ability to identify a legal issue in a case that is not obvious to all.

Leading Juniors

Julia Cox -30 Park Place ChambersShe has attracted praise for her work in relation to serious sexual offences and has been described as a real upcoming talent.
Heath Edwards - 9 Park PlaceRecommended for cases involving complex digital evidence or forensic accountancy.
Nigel Fryer - 30 Park Place ChambersA leading junior on circuit with particular expertise in the prosecution and defence of serious sexual offences, particularly those involving historical allegations and vulnerable witnesses.
Andrew Jones - 30 Park Place ChambersHe is a real star of the Bar in Wales and without doubt is at the top of the league of junior counsel on circuit.
Christopher Rees - Apex ChambersRecommended for very high cost cases.
John Ryan - Apex ChambersKey areas of practice include drug conspiracies, violence, and sexual offences.
Owen Williams - 9 Park PlaceAn all-round barrister able to deal with all types of serious case, who connects well with clients.
Matthew Cobbe - 9 Park PlaceParticularly adept at prosecuting serious drug or sexual offences.
Lucy Crowther - Apex ChambersA careful and composed advocate.
Christian Jowett - 30 Park Place ChambersHe is particularly good at analysing complex fraud cases and is instructed in some voluminous VHCCs.
Claire Pickthall - 30 Park Place ChambersAn excellent advocate and very analytical in her approach to cases.
Lee Reynolds - Apex ChambersHe is well-respected for his experience prosecuting major fraud causes.
Ruth Smith - Apex ChambersShe specialises in cases involving vulnerable witnesses.
Clare Wilks - Apex ChambersParticularly experienced in sexual offences cases.
Owen Edwards - Linenhall ChambersInstructed in a wide range of criminal cases.
Timothy Evans - Apex ChambersFraud and drug offences make up key elements of his practice.
Susan Ferrier - Apex ChambersRecommended for complex conspiracy cases.
Nicholas Gedge - Apex ChambersHis practice includes violent, sexual, and drug-related offences.
Carl Harrison - 30 Park Place ChambersHe has a good eye for detail and gets on well with the other prosecutors in the case.
Marian Lewis - Apex ChambersShe is especially good with vulnerable clients and develops an excellent rapport with them.
Elizabeth Pearson - 9 Park PlaceSpecialises in serious sexual offences cases.

Rising Stars

Peter Donnison - 30 Park Place ChambersA determined and committed advocate with who has been a junior for murder, attempt murder and complex fraud.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

Farrar's Building

Through Paul Lewis QC, Farrar's Building continues to enjoy a strong presence in the Wales and Chester Circuit. He represented one of the defendants in an eight-week trial following the murder of Jaskaran Kang, who was stabbed to death in his home after being robbed of cannabis. Also of note, Patrick Harrington QC's 'enthusiasm and work ethic are difficult to match.'

Linenhall Chambers

Owen Edwards at Linenhall Chambers prosecutes and defends cases including sexual and violent offences, as well as fraud.

30 Park Place Chambers

Considered one of the leading sets for criminal work in Wales, 30 Park Place Chambers's members are sought-after for the most complicated and complex of cases including homicide, serious fraud, substantial drug cases, serious sexual offences as well as proceeds of crime matters. In one matter, Nigel Fryer represented a man who was acquitted of grievous bodily harm and wounding on his partner; part of the defence case suggested the injuries were self-inflicted during "rough sex".

Apex Chambers

Appearing on both sides of criminal cases, members of Apex Chambers are involved in cases of note across Wales. The set's members have multi-defendant murder cases and sexual offending cases involving vulnerable witnesses, as well as complex fraud: Christopher Rees prosecuted a £800,000 fraud on the NHS that received nationwide publicity, while Andrew Kendall prosecuted the members of a "county lines" gang known as the "Dredd Line", who received sentences totalling seventeen years imprisonment. Marian Lewis joined from 30 Park Place Chambers in June 2019.

9 Park Place

Instructed in many of the most high-profile cases on the circuit, 9 Park Place is a 'well-organised, very professional chambers with fine counsel'. Members appear on behalf of both prosecution and defence in a wide variety of matters including those involving sexual offences, vehicle-related crimes, serious fraud, homicide and drugs offences. In a recent instruction, Heath Edwards defended Junior John Phillips, a then-teenager who was referred to in the press as a 'Newport drug boss', who was convicted of the murder of a drug addict in a five-defendant trial.