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Leading Juniors

John RatledgeEast Anglian Chambers ‘John’s strengths lie in his ability to assimilate a large quantity of information and evidence to get to the core issues in a very short period. He is very supportive of witnesses and experts during the conference but knows exactly when and how hard to push them on their evidence to get what is required out of them. He is very impressive when it comes to trial advocacy and a skilled and formidable advocate, especially in cross-examination.’
Richard Wheeler – 3PB ‘Richard is excellent and extremely detailed when assessing quantum and has a particular speciality in dealing with complex fatal cases. His advice is always meticulous and considered.’
James Trumble3PB ‘James is extremely pleasant and courteous to the client, which is much appreciated.’

Rising Stars

Eloise Turnnidge3PB ‘Eloise has an excellent attention to detail and a real ability to grasp the key points of claim. She is always able to offer practical and pragmatic advice. She has an excellent manner with clients and is very good at explaining complex points which the client can easily understand.’

Personal injury in Regional Bar


3PB is a ‘go-to chambers’ that acts for claimants and defendants in all manner of personal injury cases. Eloise Turnnidge is ‘excellent tactically with significant insight and experience to progress complex cases in fraught situations’. Rising star Eloise Turnnidge garners praise for her ‘decisive and pragmatic approach’ and for being ‘well-prepared and running the best points of the case’.



‘Very good set. All the barristers have sensible and practical advice and are good with the clients.’

‘3PB is an excellent set, with a wide remit and a good selection of counsel able to assist.’ 

‘3PB is a friendly chamber that is accommodating and always helpful. The training it offers is always well presented, up-to-date and interesting.’ 

‘A helpful set that goes above and beyond for clients. A wide range of expertise at all levels to accommodate area and budget. Excellent coverage. Always professional and efficient.’ 


‘The service received from the clerks’ room is impeccable. They are efficient, professional and knowledgeable. They have the ability to offer counsel speedily whilst not losing sight of key issues, client needs and budget. Always willing. Edward Holdstock and David Snook are a force to be reckoned with.’ 

‘David Snook is excellent.’ 

‘Clerks are highly responsive, knowledgeable, and always happy to help. David Snook stands out.’ 

‘Clerks are friendly and always prompt with responses.’ 

Work highlights