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Leading Juniors

Jane CampbellHarcourt Chambers 'Jane is always highly professional, calm and rational in her approach, in particular in dealing with cases between highly conflicted parties.'
Fiona HayHarcourt Chambers 'Fiona has great gravitas and brings her forensic expertise to cases, particularly her knowledge of pensions. She is also kind and empathetic with clients.'
Stefanie WickinsTrinity Chambers ‘Stefanie is meticulous in her preparation and has a detailed and in-depth knowledge of all areas of family law. She is a strong advocate, and without fail, clients are impressed with the advice and representation they receive from her.’
Douglas AllenHarcourt Chambers 'Douglas is excellent on all counts. He is very knowledgeable and wonderful with the client. He is incredibly helpful and a real team player.'
John Brooke-SmithTrinity Chambers 'John is a confident and exceptional advocate. He is calm, focused and professional and has a strong ability to express arguments clearly. He firmly grasps the issues in cases and obtains excellent results for clients. His attention to detail is impeccable, and he is able to relate and build a rapport with a wide range of clients.'
Tina HarringtonTrinity Chambers 'Tina is so very experienced and a delight to work with. She is always thoroughly prepared and fights the client's corner. Her rapport with clients is excellent. She is down to earth and a very reassuring presence for anxious clients.'
Jane Peckham1 Crown Office Row, Brighton 'Jane is always very well prepared and clients feel at ease in her company.'
Emily RaynerHarcourt Chambers 'Emily is clear, concise and persuasive. She is readily available to discuss case strategy with her instructing solicitor and always on top of her brief and thoroughly read in as her attention to detail is second to none.'
Andrew BaileyTrinity Chambers 'Andrew is a go-to counsel on TOLATA matters. His strong presentation of evidence and cross-examination of witnesses is impressive.'
Victoria HolroydPallant Chambers 'Victoria is a pleasure to instruct. She is very thorough and diligent in her preparation and she takes the time to liaise with her instructing solicitors every step of the way.'
David MaruszaHarcourt Chambers ‘David is exceptional with the minutiae of a case, always going above and beyond his instructions. His grip on the details of the case is frightening. He is always fully abreast of the matter and formulates numerous ways of settling.’
Julia ShillingfordHarcourt Chambers 'Julia is excellent with clients - really empathetic and engaging but also entirely straight with them, allowing the clients to fully understand their position and make the right decisions.'
Elizabeth SpencePump Court Chambers ‘Elizabeth is always well-prepared and able to get to grips with the issues quickly. Her advocacy is wonderfully clear and concise. She is unflappable, measured and incisive.’
Daniel Attridge- Trinity Chambers 'Daniel quickly analyses material and finds practical and realistic ways forward to suit his client’s needs. He provides clear, user-friendly advice supported by considered authoritative guidance. He is an extremely formidable and effective advocate and meticulous in his preparation.'
Andrew AustinGuildford Chambers ‘Andrew is an extra miler. He provides a good rapport with the client and instructs solicitors.’
Dominique GillanGuildford Chambers 'Dominique is always considered and thoughtful in her dealings with both acting solicitors and clients. She has good analysis and awareness of the law.'
James Francis Legg – 3PB 'James is a talented advocate who can quickly digest his brief and deliver in court. His submissions are pithy, and he is unapologetically confident during negotiations.'
Hannah McSorleyGuildford Chambers 'Hannah is particularly good with clients and managing their expectations. She explains complicated law in a clear and precise manner.'
Alice Newton – Trinity Chambers 'Alice is very thorough in her preparation for financial remedy proceedings. Her work is meticulous. She quickly establishes a good rapport with clients who are comforted by her comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their cases. She provides clear and decisive advice.'
Elaine Strachan – 3PB ‘Elaine is a completely safe pair of hands. Her preparation is always immaculate, and her drafting of documents is faultless.’
Nadia TawfikPallant Chambers 'Nadia is extremely personable and empathetic with clients but takes no prisoners in the court room. She has always been extremely helpful and solicitors very much feel part of a team with her on board.'

Family: divorce and financial remedy in Regional Bar

Harcourt Chambers

Based in London and Oxford, Harcourt Chambers is ‘an incredibly strong set for family work’ with ‘a huge breadth of experience’ in handling complex matrimonial and family finance matters. Fiona Hay ‘s ‘advocacy is calm, measured and persuasive’ and she is well known as ‘an excellent judge of the likely outcome of financial cases’, while Jane Campbell regularly acts in high-value divorce and financial remedy matters. ‘Excellent negotiator’ Douglas Allen is ‘extremely well-prepared and thorough’ while undertaking financial remedy proceedings.


‘The set has an excellent clerking team- responsive and helpful. Matt Molloy and Laurie Amron are particular stand-outs.’

‘The set has a first-rate clerking team. Matt Molloy particularly bends over backwards to provide counsel  and resolve issues with availability immediately and practically.’

‘Harcourt Chambers are the strongest set for financial matters.’

‘Harcourt Chambers is a first-class set with some excellent counsel.’

‘Harcourt Chambers are great to set with really good people. The clerks are accommodating and ready to be flexible when needed.’

Trinity Chambers

Based in Chelmsford, Trinity Chambers is ‘a well-known local set used by local firms of solicitors’ that has a ‘wide range of counsel available, from pupils to senior counsel’. Stefanie Wickins is the ‘go-to senior barrister for any complex matter’ on circuit and garners praise for her ‘robust approach to financial hearings strong cross-examination of witnesses’. John Brooke-Smith has ‘an incredible knowledge of the law and his vast experience is invaluable in more complex financial remedy cases’. Tina Harrington is ‘tenacious in cross-examining witnesses and highly skilled in the presentation of the client’s cases to the court’.


‘Keith Willmore is the head clerk who is great to work with. He knows the work and the barristers inside out. Tony Sleigh and James Adcock are also excellent, again having been with the set for so long, they are very experienced and are always really helpful.’

‘All the clerks are helpful, in particular Keith Willmore and Ben White.’

‘Trinity Chambers has several reliable and extremely competent family law barristers. They commit to their client’s cases, making themselves available whenever possible.’

Work highlights

Guildford Chambers

Guildford Chambers has a ‘good range of barristers with expertise in different areas of family law’ who are ‘friendly, helpful and professional’. George Coates heads up the practice and is highly regarded for his excellent track record of handling high-value matrimonial finance cases. Hannah McSorley is also recommended.


‘Gavin Street and Simon Morris are very good.’

‘Clerks are exceptionally helpful. Gavin Street and Simon Morris go above and beyond.’

‘Gavin Street is a shining star and will do his utmost to assist the client, particularly when needing urgent cover or when cases are listed at short notice. He is always able to help and is extremely flexible, which assists given the nature of the work.’

‘The chambers has a good availability of counsel and a strong clerking team.’

‘Guildford Chambers is an excellent set with a good mix of counsel.’

‘Guildford Chambers are a strong set, and there is a range of counsel with varying call years, and the clerks go above and beyond to utilise counsel and provide availability wherever they can.’

Work highlights

Fenners Chambers

Cambridge's Fenners Chambers regularly assists with all kinds of financial relief claims on divorce, as well as cohabitation disputes. Carlo Coccaro has expertise in handling matrimonial finance disputes, while rising star Jodie Drummond has handled a number of cohabitation TOLATA proceedings of late.

Pallant Chambers

In Chichester, members of Pallant Chambers have expertise in handling a wide range of financial remedy matters. Victoria Holroyd focuses on financial remedy matters in family estate disputes and divorce proceedings. Eleanor Dewhurst and Nadia Tawfik are other names to note.