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Leading Silks

Richard Barraclough KC – Six Pump Court 'Richard has an incredible brain, able to grasp the complexities of forensic evidence, paediatrics, neurology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and pathology. He is always up to date on the law and researches every angle directly himself.'
Richard Christie KC187 Chambers ‘Richard is one of the finest barristers. His attention to detail is incredible, able to absorb huge amounts of material very quickly and produce a forensic analysis of it. He is very good at client care and able to explain the most complex of legal points in a way the lay client can understand.’

2022 Silks

Alan Gardner KC23ES 'A level-headed silk.'

2023 Silks

Nina Ellin KC -Six Pump Court 'Nina is a hard-working, conscientious and thorough barrister. Her preparation for a case involves not only an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of her case, but she can effectively analyse the opposition's case. In court, she is calm and composed, with an ability to deal with any number of changing scenarios without hesitation.' 

Leading Juniors

Danny Moore   – Six Pump Court Chambers 'Danny is thorough and straightforward in his dealings with the clients, and his preparation is strong.'
Peter AlcockSix Pump Court 'Peter is an extremely competent barrister in his preparation and presentation of cases in court.'
Christopher Prior – Lamb Building (Brighton) 'Christopher is the whole package. He is organised, calm, measured and well-organised. He is authoritative and persuasive, and his client care is excellent.'
Daniel Frier –Mountford Chambers ‘Daniel is always well-prepared with excellent attention to detail. He is well-liked by opponents and endears himself to a jury. He is a class advocate who delivers polished and punchy speeches.’
Rebecca Upton – Mountford Chambers 'Her advocacy is eloquent yet firm.'
Matthew Bagnall187 Fleet Street Chambers ‘Matthew has a thorough, careful and meticulous approach to case preparation. He provides understandable and realistic advice and is able to engage with clients.’
William CarterDrystone Chambers 'William is a first-class advocate, equally good for prosecution and defence. He is always well-prepared, his trial skills are second to none, and his cross-examination of the other side's witnesses is often devastating.'
John FitzGeraldSix Pump Court 'John has an immense presence both in court and with clients. He is very reassuring and meticulous in his preparation. He responds swiftly with advice where required.'
Amy Packham – Lamb Building (Brighton) 'Amy is able to master cases of particular complexity involving vast amounts of material very quickly and distil them in such a way as to make them clear and persuasive to juries. She has a calm but steely manner in court that commands the respect of judges and opposing counsel.'
Lynne ShirleyDrystone Chambers ‘Lynne takes a committed and client-focused approach, providing helpful and detailed advice to those instructing. She takes great care in ensuring the client’s needs are met and makes availability for conferences.’
Jonathan Atkinson – Lamb Building (Brighton) 'Jonathan is a fantastic barrister. His analysis of the issues in a case is astute. His advocacy style is measured and authoritative. When prosecuting, he is firm but fair, and when defending, he is through and explores all relevant avenues to assist his client.'
Kieran BrandSix Pump Court 'Kieran is an extremely able and impressive advocate. He has a very charming manner in court that appeals to judges and juries alike. He is very efficient in his advocacy and deals persuasively with any point.'
Neil FitzGibbon187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Neil is a great tactician, an excellent advocate and a cross-examiner. He has a very good technical understanding of complex cases and is especially good with individual clients in high-pressure situations.'
Peter Guest187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Peter has a wonderful balance of personal warmth and dogged professional determination which appeals to all of his clients. His written opinions are always concise, and his courtroom manner has jurors spellbound.'
Sally HobsonThe 36 Group 'Sally is efficient, conscientious, thorough and a brilliant legal mind. She is extremely skilled at identifying issues and evidence that could change the entire face of the case. Her client care skills are second to none.'
Emma Nash187 Fleet Street Chambers ‘Emma is hardworking and dedicated. She thoroughly prepares her cases, and her legal knowledge is sound. She pays real attention to detail and is extremely good with vulnerable and anxious witnesses. In court, she is a natural advocate and a real force to be reckoned with.’
Stephen SpenceDrystone Chambers 'Stephen is a formidable opponent. His analysis of the evidence and where to attack is always spot on. His cross-examination is tailored to the case but always hits the mark. His tactical approach to a case is masterful, which results in a high impact on the jury.'
Daniel StevensonSix Pump Court 'Daniel is a well-prepared court advocate with a commanding presence, excellent client care and the ability to explain complex matters in simple terms to clients.'
Azza Brown – Drystone Chambers 'Azza is hardworking and gives her absolute all in every case. She is approachable and gives her advice to the client clearly and in a way which is easily understood. She will leave no stone unturned to present the defendant's case in the best light.'
Sophie Evans – Mountford Chambers 'Sophie has a clear intellect and couples this with an astute understanding of people and their issues. She is persuasive and someone you want to listen to.'
Claire Howell - Drystone Chambers 'Claire is an outstanding advocate combining a fierce legal mind with an engaging court presence. Her principal strength is her ability to tackle complicated and challenging legal arguments. She has a highly tactical approach to cases and steady presence in court.'
Ben Irwin - Six Pump Court 'Ben is a very approachable man, easy to contact and discuss a case with. He is completely unflappable in difficult situations. He can assimilate complicated facts quickly and develop a case strategy in an extremely short period.'
Jo Morris – Drystone Chambers ‘Johanna has an engaging and commanding style of advocacy backed up by a strong tactical mind. She has a natural style of advocacy and connects very easily with juries and judges. She has the ability to deal with challenging cases logically and calmly.’
Amy Nicholson  – Six Pump Court 'Amy is a calm and unflappable advocate. Her preparation is meticulous, and establishes an excellent rapport with her lay client and instructing solicitor.'
Tanya Robinson Six Pump Court 'Tanya is extremely thorough in her preparation and an excellent advocate. She is a "go-to" barrister for high-end work, whether privately funded or legally aided. She gives clients the utmost confidence that they will be well-represented and their cases well-prepared.'

Rising Stars

Emin KandolaSix Pump Court 'Emin has a natural energy which brings life to her submissions, questions and speeches.'
Georgia Luscombe – Drystone Chambers ‘Georgia is meticulous in both her preparation and written advocacy. Her courtroom style is assured and incisive, with significant trial experience.’
Sebastian Walker - The 36 Group 'Sebastian thoroughly understands and analyses substantial and complex evidence and quickly and efficiently incorporates the changing evidential picture into his analysis.'

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

Six Pump Court

Six Pump Court is an ‘excellent set with a wide range of talents and outstanding clerks’, with specific expertise in cases involving sexual offences and serious violent crime. The set, which is based in London and Maidstone, is particularly active in Kent. Danny Moore is defending a homeless woman charged with the murder of a homeless man, while Nina Ellin KC, who took silk in the 2023 round, successfully prosecuted a man who killed two and seriously injured three other members of the same family in a motor collision. Turning to the set's more junior names Emin Kandola secured the acquittal of two defendants alleged to have been involved in a prison mutiny.


‘Six Pump Court provide an excellent high-quality service in all areas of criminal work.’

‘Good quality criminal set with a very high profile, particularly in Kent. Chambers has both breadth and depth in prosecution and defence work.’

‘Six Pump Court have high-quality barristers who are very approachable and user-friendly.’

‘Six Pump Court is inevitable in criminal defence work and can cover a case listed at short notice.’

‘Six Pump Court as a whole, extremely accommodating. Michael Hearn is always very helpful and honest.’

‘The clerks go the extra mile to provide excellent service. Graham Colloff excels at ensuring that the client’s needs are met.’

Work highlights

187 Chambers

Based in London with a significant presence across the South Eastern circuit, 187 Chambers is a ‘reliable set’ with a ‘good mix of experienced and young counsel’, active across the criminal law space. Richard Christie KC has considerable expertise in handling cases involving murder, large-scale conspiracies, and sexual offence cases and recently defended a teenager in a multi-handed attempted murder. Sean Summerfield successfully represented an acquitted defendant in a case concerning an alleged conspiracy to acquire stolen car parts for export.


‘The senior clerk John Pyne is excellent. He talks to his clients professionally and gives honest opinions about how suited a particular counsel is for a certain case.’

‘John Pyne gets things done with a minimal amount of fuss. He knows every member of the chambers and their individual strengths and weaknesses, and his recommendations of counsel for specific cases are always right on the money. Steve Parr is absolutely fantastic and goes above and beyond to help with any issues. Theresa Tyler and Stephanie Shaylor are always an absolute joy, dealing quickly and efficiently with any issues. As a collective, they supplement each other perfectly.’

‘187 is a great set. It has excellent quality counsel and clerks, willing to try to solve issues.’

‘187  is a first-rate set offering a first-rate service from top to bottom.’

‘187  is a superb set. It has a very good amount of depth at all levels and a mix of experience and young talented counsel. Their leading counsels are leaders in their field.’


The barristers at 23ES are well-known for representing clients in the full range of serious criminal offences, from multi-handed murder, gangland killings and rapes to money laundering and fraud. Eloise Marshall KC defended a man in a four-defendant murder trial stemming from a gangland shooting, while Kate Lumsdon KC defended a teenager accused of killing a vulnerable adult in his home. James Bloomer represented a defendant accused of a bomb hoax and possessing an imitation firearm in a bank.

Drystone Chambers

A ‘fine set’ Drystone Chambers includes members highly experienced in a wide range of criminal law matters, spanning murder, sexual offences, violence, drug offences and financial crime. Karim Khalil KC specialises in criminal defence and has acted in cases involving the murder of a young man due to a drug feud, the death of a homeless person and the manslaughter of a young woman. William Carter has a broad criminal law practice and is often instructed in cases where defendants have significant mental health needs.


The clerking team performs well. Ryan Bartlett moves heaven and earth to try and ensure the smooth operation of chambers and keeping chambers instructing solicitors happy.’

‘Stephen McCarthy is a go-to clerk who leads an impressive team, always keen and willing to assist.’

‘Drystone has standout practitioners that handle a wide range of criminal matters.’

‘Drystone has a large number of experienced counsel covering the breadth and depth of criminal offences. The level of expertise is second to none.’

‘Drystone is always on hand to deliver unrivalled service, and clients are in incredibly safe hands with this chambers.’



Work highlights