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Leading Silks

Nicholas Braslavsky KC – Kings Chambers ‘Despite dealing with the most complex and valuable claims, Nicholas makes it look easy, which puts the clients at ease. He is unflappable and simply brilliant on his feet. He always has a keen eye for a commercial outcome without shying away from complex and often uncertain litigation.’
David Heaton KC – Byrom Street ChambersDavid is very analytical in the formation of his advice, but equally important, very pragmatic in its delivery and application. He has a huge wealth of experience that he takes the time to share in the advice delivered. He is very calming and collaborative in his approach and the respect he commands from his peers is often of huge assistance when dealing with sensitive and very contentious issues.'
Winston Hunter KC – Byrom Street ChambersWinston is the most measured, rigorous and thoughtful silk in serious injury claims. He works for both sides, so brings absolute balance and insight into the preparation of the case. Areas of complexity, novelty and finely-balanced points he approaches with methodical calm and this gives clients great reassurance. On very difficult cases for very vulnerable clients he will be tenacious with the defendants, but reassuring and approachable for the clients. A winning combination.’
Rhiannon Jones KC – Byrom Street Chambers 'Rhiannon combines her expertise and knowledge of work from both the claimant and defendant perspective to achieve fantastic results for her client's. She has an impressive eye for the detail, ensuring the strongest possible case and the best likely outcome. Despite her achievements to date, she remains approachable and down to earth and able to engage well with clients and legal teams.'
Simon Kilvington KC – Byrom Street ChambersSimon is without doubt a leading PI Silk. He is approachable to both the legal team and clients, his client care is second to none and his ability to put clients and their families at ease in the most difficult of times is a skill in itself. His preparation, attention to detail, strategy and tactical approach is impressive. He possesses a fantastic combination of empathy and legal knowledge that sets him apart.'
David Knifton KCExchange Chambers ‘David’s grasp of the primary material and evidence is beyond impressive. He is able to drill down into the granular detail of every important point, because he has absorbed and analysed the relevant medical records, witness evidence and expert reports. He is able to use that attention to detail to steer conferences with experts and clients through the important areas with efficiency and skill. His lay clients trust and respect him. They feel reassured by his ability to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their case and he is able to talk them through the litigation (including complex points and difficult concepts) in a way which they are able to easily understand and engage with. David has secured some excellent results for his clients.’
Andrew Lewis KC – Byrom Street ChambersAndrew is calm, thorough and sensible. He has a very good manner with lay clients and witnesses. His approach in settlement meetings is always calm and courteous.'
Gerard Martin KCExchange Chambers ‘Gerard is a true leader in his field. He has an exceptional eye for detail and is a fearsome but charming advocate. His bed side manner with clients and their families is second to none. He always deals with matters in a dignified and honourable way, achieving exceptional results. A go-to silk.'
Christopher Melton KCByrom Street ChambersChris is very much top of the tree. He is a go-to silk for serious injury work, he is utterly charming, as bright as they come and always knows how to get the best outcomes for clients.'
Michael Rawlinson KC – Kings ChambersMichael has an excellent grasp of the issues. He is able to view the litigation in the round and to understand the wider issues so as to advise on tactical steps that are not immediately obvious. He is very down to earth and easy to talk to, which makes the barrister/solicitor relationship enjoyable and progressive.’
William Waldron KCExchange ChambersWilliam has good attention to details, a very good manner with clients, is very responsive, is calm and precise, and robust with opponents when needed. He is second to none as a KC.'
Darryl Allen KC – Byrom Street ChambersDarryl has the complete range of skills you would expect from a KC. Technically excellent with an eye always on the commercial practicalities of the case, Darryl is extremely user friendly and communicates and deals with all the same, regardless of that persons experience and knowledge. He is always available for a chat about a case. Darryl also has great intuition and his an ability to decipher complex evidence in an instant and explain it in layman's terms, and work with that evidence for the benefit of clients.'
Peter Burns KC – Byrom Street Chambers 'Peter has a formidable intellect and is always able to articulate clearly what the critical issues in the case are, no matter how complex the subject matter. You always feel secure in your position, based on his advice. He is a first-class advocate who is always very well prepared.'
Gerard McDermott KC – Kings ChambersGerard’s client skills are second to none. He is able to to connect with clients who have sustained the most catastrophic injuries with genuine empathy. Gerard can diffuse the most difficult situations with ease and his longstanding relationships with opponents are invaluable.’
James Rowley KC – Byrom Street ChambersJames is always meticulously prepared with a sharp eye for detail. He has an innovative approach to calculations involving electronic tools.'
Marc Willems KC – Cobden House Chambers ‘Marc is the calmest litigator at the Bar. He has an assured and reassuring manner that puts Claimants and witnesses immediately at ease. He is able to explain the most difficult legal concepts in a manner easily understood by clients. His advocacy style is phenomenally effective and he is also a very effective cross-examiner, drawing the witness in with his engaging style before leading them into the unanswerable killer question. Marc is a true superstar of the Northern Bar.’

2022 Silks

Christopher Barnes KCExchange ChambersChristopher is extremely knowledgeable in relation to military and catastrophic claims generally. He is very calm under pressure and is decisive, which is reassuring to mutual clients as well as the instructing solicitor.'

Leading Juniors

David Boyle – Deans Court ChambersDavid is a formidable opponent; he is meticulous in preparation and fearless in presentation. His skeleton arguments read beautifully and give you nowhere to hide. His cross-examination is brutal; in full flow he’s like a fast bowler, using the tools of skill and speed to cause a witness to crumble under questioning. In cross-examination, David demolishes experts who produce inadequate reports - he has won numerous trials by undermining the expert evidence to such a degree that the claim is no longer viable.’
Laura GoodingExchange ChambersLaura is a very measured and persuasive advocate. She relates well to clients and can really wring the best out of any case. She has a niche and unusual specialty in claims under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.’
Philip Grundy – St John’s Buildings ‘Philip has outstanding technical knowledge and is one of the best vibration injury counsel in the UK. He is very approachable and puts clients at ease. He is a formidable advocate who commands great respect.’
Chris GutteridgeExchange ChambersChris is calm, collected, has a good grasp of the law and is always available. He is friendly and a delight to work with. He combines common sense with huge ability and his understated manner belies an outstanding determination to achieve the best outcome for those he represents.'
James Hogg – Deans Court ChambersJames has built a well-deserved reputation as one of the 'go to' juniors on the defendant side of insurance fraud work. His strength is the ability to cut through cases and to get to the heart of the issue upon which the case will turn. James is often the barrister of choice for firms in this work area.'
Mike Lemmy – 9 St John StreetMike is extremely knowledgeable in this field. He has an excellent eye for detail and is highly competent on both liability and quantum aspects. In particular, he is very impressive in his dealings with witnesses, in preparing them for trial and in cross-examination of witnesses at trial. He is also skilled at dealing with experts in conference and has a forensic approach to the expert evidence.'
Richard Norton – St John’s BuildingsRichard has excellent client care, gets to the issues succinctly, is very good in ADR and gets excellent results for clients, especially in complex cases. He is a very good negotiator.'
Matthew Snarr – 9 St John StreetMatthew has an excellent grasp of complex law and knows what to say and when to say it in a conference to make you feel as if you are a real team. He has an excellent manner with clients and witnesses, fantastic attention to detail and yet retains a pragmatic and strategic overview at all times. He gives views clearly without ever being condescending, he invites comment, and is a real team player. His advocacy skills are impressive, he engenders a sense of calm and control and is always well prepared and incisive.’
Alex Taylor – Deans Court Chambers 'Alex has very good tactical nous. He is very approachable and great with clients, and whilst incredibly sharp, is still very personable. He is an excellent advocate and seems to be able to build a rapport with the Judge. His turnover time is excellent too.
Elahe Youshani – 18 St John Street ChambersElahe has strong technical knowledge in her area of work. In addition, she is very client focused, which means she is good at ensuring client needs are addressed and explained to clients clearly when in conference or representing at court.'
Michael Armstrong – Atlantic ChambersMichael is an excellent jury advocate and is able to both charm and inform a jury, presenting the case to them in a clear, simple and persuasive manner. He is a go-to counsel for malfeasance claims against the police in the Northern circuit.'
Fiona AshworthKings ChambersFiona is very thorough and detailed, she knows the papers inside out and is very efficient and reliable.’
Richard Borrett – Kings ChambersRichard is an excellent advocate and his advice in conferences to clients is well reasoned, well thought out and clear. He gets great results for his clients.’
Darrel Crilley – Byrom Street ChambersDarrel possesses an impressive knowledge of the law, setting him apart as one of the industry's best Senior Juniors. He has a keen eye for the detail and never leaves a stone unturned. He is methodical and tactical in his approach, enabling him to achieve fantastic results on very difficult cases. He strives for the best possible outcome for his client but remains approachable and down to earth.'
Zoe Earnshaw – Deans Court Chambers 'Zoe is approachable and accessible, well prepared and efficient, which makes it a pleasure to work with her. She is very good on her feet in Court with a strong but measured approach.'
Tim Grover – 7 Harrington StreetTim has a fantastic understanding of difficult cases, in particular technical medical issues. He is calm, unflappable, innovative and claimants trust his approach and find him easy to understand. He is responsive, calm, easy to work with and can cut to the heart of an issue quickly whilst providing a strategy to move forward. Claimants trust him and have confidence in his advice.'
Peter Harrison – St John’s Buildings 'Peter is an excellent barrister and a pleasure to work with. He is very approachable and he approaches every case with the same attention to detail to ensure the best possible result for the client.'
James Hurd – 9 St John StreetJames is a fantastic all round advocate. He is approachable but professional at all times. His turnaround of work is incredible but he maintains attention to detail and gets to the crux of the legal issues very quickly. James is calm and thorough when explaining technical issues to clients and his written advice is considered and logical. He is extremely reliable and responsive.’
Michael Jones – Cobden House Chambers 'Michael is a premium barrister. He is extremely personable and has a fantastic way with clients, experts and peers alike. He treats everybody with the same level of respect and attention, regardless of their position. Michael is a technically excellent barrister who is able to respond to changing or challenging circumstances in a calm and measured manner, ensuring the best outcome for his clients.'
Fraser Lindsay – 7 Harrington StreetFraser is personable and approachable both with clients and instructing solicitors. He has good attention to detail and is good at grasping issues. He provides a prompt service and return of papers, and is a good communicator.'
Ian Little – 9 St John Street ‘Ian has excellent judgement. He is a very senior junior with a wealth of experience. He is a very strong advocate with particular expertise in cross examination. He is unflappable, has fantastic attention to detail, and to top it all, is extremely good with clients.’
Julie-Anne Luck – 9 St John StreetJulie-Anne always prepares very thoroughly. She pays great attention to detail. She is an excellent advocate. She has a lovely manner and can put all witnesses at ease. She always goes the extra mile to ensure the best possible chances of success.’
Anthony Mazzag – Cobden House ChambersAnthony is meticulous in his preparation and very classy in the presentation of his work. He exudes confidence and stability and gives the client a calm reassuredness that really matters. He has a strategic brain and gets things right. He is regarded as one of the A-team by all those who work with and against him.'
Simon Mccann – Deans Court ChambersSimon is an excellent strategist with a credible approach to cases, especially where there is a fraud element. He is a team player, accessible and commercially minded.'
Brian McCluggage – 9 St John StreetBrian is a fabulous legal mind with crystal clear thinking and an incisive approach to strategy. He has a breathtaking ability on his feet and is very calm under pressure; a pleasure to work with.'
Kirsty McKinlay – 9 St John Street 'Kirsty has a wealth of experience in defending fraud cases. She is a calm and reassuring support in the most challenging of cases, and an intelligent, approachable, straightforward and impressive advocate. She is an absolute pleasure to work alongside and has achieved exceptional results for clients.'
Michael O’Neill – 9 St John Street 'Michael is great in court - skilful in cross-examination with a pleasing quality to his oral submissions. Solicitors and clients are put at ease by his natural down-to-earth style.'
Andrew Pickering – Atlantic Chambers 'Andrew is very thorough in his assessment of cases and articulates well in conferences with medical experts. He is helpful in determining a case plan and steps required to progress a case.'
Simon Plaut – Kings Chambers ‘Simon is excellent; So knowledgeable, incredibly thorough in his advice, always happy to talk things through, is professional at all times and very good with clients. He always puts them at ease and always makes himself available.’
David Sandiford – Exchange ChambersDavid is always thoroughly prepared and gets to the detail of each case. His calm and measured approach helps to achieve some excellent results and makes him extremely popular with clients. He is an excellent advocate, approachable and responsive.'
Kane Simons – 18 St John Street ChambersKane is an approachable, quick, and creative thinker. He always develops a good rapport with the client and delivers as promised. He takes a scientific and methodical approach to work and is always on hand for support and guidance. A powerhouse in the field of personal injury.'
Matthew StockwellExchange Chambers ‘Matthew is thorough and gets to grips with the issues in a case. He plans the progression of cases well, knows the relevant law and addresses both liability and quantum in a practical and informative manner. He has good client skills, demonstrates empathy and puts them at ease. His advocacy is also good and he is helpful and approachable.'
Zoë Thompson – 9 St John StreetZoë is extremely thorough and detailed in her assessment of the case and will give an honest assessment of prospects. At trial, she is very tenacious when needed but methodical and clinical in her cross examination. She is well liked by the insured clients she deals with.'
Andrew Ward – Exchange ChambersAndrew is a very measured and persuasive advocate at court. He is never flustered, he is scrupulously polite and he is devastatingly effective. He knows his specialist area of the law backwards, he rarely pursues bad points and he is a very sensible opponent.'
Philip De Berry – 9 St John StreetPhilip helps get good results for clients in difficult cases, including in some cases that other experienced industrial disease lawyers have wanted to turn down. His assessment of cases is consistently proved to be correct. Philip is very strong and authoritative in conference, effectively gets a clear grasp of complex issues and obtains the information needed from experts and clients before providing clear, sensible and realistic advice.’
Alice Dobbie  – Exchange Chambers  ‘Alice is consistently brilliant. She is gifted at cutting straight to the issues and has excellent instincts. Her pleadings are second to none and opinions are detailed, thorough and beautifully explained. Alice also has enviable patience and an eye for detail, and has a great ability to trawl through large volumes of medical records with ease and an unwaveringly keen eye. On her feet, Alice is efficient and effective, so more straight to the point and engaging than superfluous in style.’
John GrayOriel Chambers  ‘John cuts through the issues and is sensible and pragmatic. He is a superb tactician and can turn even a weak case into a winner. Exceptional on his feet, he is a worthy match for any KC. When challenged at court, John is usually firm but fair which successfully leads to him often gaining the respect of any opponent and judge.’
Nicholas Grimshaw – Deans Court Chambers 'Nicholas is always fully prepared with total attention to detail, and he spots non-obvious and novel issues. He is extremely good with lay and professional clients and has a very measured and sensible approach. He works well at settling difficult cases and gets good results at directions hearing.'
Catherine Knowles – Exchange ChambersCatherine is very experienced and well versed in military claims. She is incredibly thorough in her work and advice. In addition, she is very approachable and a very good advocate. One of the best barristers operating in the field.’
Andrew Lawson  – St John’s Buildings 'Andrew is a straight talking barrister who gets right to the point, providing clear and concise advice in the process. He is extremely thorough in his approach to personal injury cases and always provides his advice in a timely manner.'
Stuart McCracken  – Exchange Chambers ‘Stuart is extremely well-prepared for his trials. He is impressive tactically, tenacious in his submissions and takes good points, and his cross-examination is incisive and effective. Alongside all of that, he is a pleasure to be against. He fights hard for his client while also being a very pleasant opponent.’
Joseph Mulderig – 9 St John Street ‘Joseph is an outstanding barrister in his chosen field. An excellent advocate, he is hardworking, meticulous and tactically very astute. He also has an ability to empathise with the challenges facing those he represents, many of whom have life changing injuries. His knowledge of the human anatomy and associated injuries is first class and he also demonstrates an ability to explain matters to clients in a professional, but down-to-earth, way that helps put them at ease, often at very traumatic times.’
Daniel Paul – Deans Court ChambersDaniel’s advice is very thorough and often goes beyond issues identified in his instructions. He identifies the key aspects of the case and its strengths and weaknesses very quickly and is brave enough to take on difficult cases. He is very astute and extremely empathetic, compassionate and tactful with clients. It is always a pleasure to work with someone so professional and approachable.’
Sara Sutherland – Exchange ChambersSara is very efficient and uses technology well. She is always available to discuss cases and tactics and has great empathy when dealing with sensitive issues.’
Tim Wilkinson – 7 Harrington StreetTim develops a great rapport with clients and the instructing team alike. He gets to the heart of the issues straight away, is well respected by opponents and has a pragmatic approach to enable progress to be made in the most complex of issues.’

Rising Stars

Jamie Hill  – 9 St John Street ‘Jamie’s work is detailed and prompt, he is approachable, friendly and capable of maintaining a robust position in a professional capacity. Drafts are well written and it is evident that he puts a lot of time and effort into conducting research as part of his drafting process.’

Personal injury in Regional Bar

Byrom Street Chambers

Byrom Street Chambers is praised for having ‘unrivalled strength in depth for personal injury work’ and its members have strong reputations in handling catastrophic injury and industrial disease cases. Head of chambers Winston Hunter KC handles insurance policy disputes for motor insurance claims, whilst Christopher Melton KC and David Heaton specialise in cases involving catastrophic and serious injury. Andrew Lewis KC is particularly experienced in involving exaggeration and fraud, and Rhiannon Jones KC acts for both claimants and defendants in cases concerning chronic pain, subtle brain injury claims and fatal accidents. Simon Kilvington KC has a strong practice which includes high-value asbestos litigation, and Peter Burns KC is also noted and is especially skilled in claims relating to motor insurance. Senior junior Darrel Crilley is also a noteworthy member.



‘The Chambers provide a first-class service all round from the quality of leading counsel to the strength of their senior juniors. Chamber has counsel for any possible eventuality when it comes to catastrophic injury work.’

‘The set offers the all round package with outstanding counsel, both leading and junior, combined with good availability and regular training to solicitors.’

‘Top draw. Indeed, quite simply at the top of the excellence spectrum for chambers in Manchester. Their silks are utilised by both sides and are at the top of their game.’

‘Byrom Street has an enviable set of silks and market leading juniors – their members list reads like who’s who of insurance law specialists. Consequently, they are always able to offer first-class alternatives in the event that your chosen counsel is not available, and their training courses are second to none.’

‘Byrom Street seminars are the “must attend” event of the practitioner’s year in terms of keeping up to date of developments. The set has an unrivalled strength in depth for personal injury work.’


A top-class clerking service from the team at Byrom Street, second to none in the Industry. They are known for their professional but friendly approach, always willing to go above and beyond assisting in any way they can. Steve Price leads an impressive team with Matt Tudor.’

‘Steve Price and Matt Tudor are outstanding. No issue is too much trouble for them to assist with and their contacts with the various courts are invaluable when dealing with pressing matters in high value cases.’

‘Steve Price is entirely accessible, quick to respond and appreciative of solicitors’ requirements. He has a good knowledge of listing issues on the circuit and is able to resolve conflicts utilising his particular skills and knowledge.’

‘The clerks are excellent, especially where both Claimant and Defendant are using them in the same case. They are responsive and helpful, and will work with you to ensure deadlines are met in so far as conferences and settlement meetings are concerned. They will also work with the Court on your behalf for the purpose of listing cases for Trial.’

‘Superb clerking led by Steve Price and his team. Personal and responsive service. Look after their instructing solicitors. Always a pleasure to deal with no matter what the circumstances.’

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers is ‘very highly regarded in claimant personal injury work’ . The set's members undertake a wide variety of cases, including fatal accidents, industrial disease, server brain injuries and catastrophic spinal cord injuries. William Waldron KC is deputy head of chambers and he, Gerard Martin KC and Louis Browne KC are all highly experienced in handling catastrophic brain and spine injury claims. Laura Gooding and Christopher Barnes KC have particular expertise in military claims, as does David Knifton KC who acts regularly for claimants in catastrophic injury claims. The set also houses Catherine Knowles, who primarily represents defendants in high-value multi-track claims.



‘They have a strong defendant PI team with an excellent programme of blogs and training sessions aimed at defendant practitioners.’

‘Exchange Chambers are a first-stop chambers of choice. They have a broad range of counsel with varying expertise. The training they deliver is excellent, so too are their newsletter and case updates.’

‘Exchange Chambers is very professional. They have a good depth of suitably qualified and professional counsel available to attend hearings.’

‘Chambers is very highly regarded in claimant personal injury work. They have a large number of specialists who are all excellent. A very strong set of juniors in particular. They host a number of events for professional development which are always excellent. They are a go-to set.’

‘Very good set with some exceptionally talented barristers. Always approachable and willing to assist.’


‘Rachel Williams is always able to deal with matters in an efficient and professional manner.’

‘The clerking service at Exchange is unrivalled in terms of accessibility, amenability and friendliness. Rachel Williams, Sarah Rotherham and Ben Kierman in particular contribute to the excellent service provided by Exchange.’

‘Jonathan I’Anson is a breath of fresh air, commercially minded and knows which member to recommend to support your case or project. He leads a quality team. Rachel Williams is a stand out member of the team who will move heaven and earth to get it done.’

‘No matter who you liaise with, they are always approachable, friendly and willing to assist. Special mention must go to Rachel Williams who consistently goes above and beyond.’

‘The clerks are keen to assist and helpful. Rachel Williams and Sarah Rotherham have been particularly helpful in liaising with Counsel and Court clerks.’

9 St John Street

9 St John Street is praised as ‘one of the leading Chambers in PI’ and its members act for both claimants and defendants, including private clients, public bodies, trade unions and insurers. Michael Lemmy is head of the personal injury team, which also houses the head of chambers Christopher Kennedy KC and Matthew Snarr. Kennedy KC and Snarr both represented the successful defendant in Court of Appeal case Campbell v Advantage Insurance, a case which determined the test when considering the contributory negligence of an intoxicated passenger driven by a negligent driver.  Julie-Anne Luck is also a name of note with an established multi-track personal injury practice which covers a wide range of complex cases. James Hurd  handles insurance fraud work regarding RTAs and travel and holiday illness litigation, and Joseph Paul Mulderig has a thriving practice, handling cases involving traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and loss of limb.



‘An absolutely first-class set. One of the leading Chambers in PI with excellent bench strength across the board.’

‘The set has strength in depth in personal injury work and offers a good range of training and seminars.’

‘Good chambers with a strong skill set. A go-to Chambers.’

‘Excellent chambers with good strength in depth of counsel and a regular training programme including online presentations.’

‘There is an excellent group of strong barristers in this set, such that in the event that preferred counsel is unavailable, it is generally always possible to find a quality alternative within the same set of chambers.  They provide good and wide ranging training on a variety of relevant topics.’


‘Excellent, particularly Tony Morrissey and Joe Gibson. They are very helpful, super responsive and make working with them very pleasant through their humour and good nature.’

‘Tony Morrisey heads up the team and Joe Gibson is ever ready to assist and accommodate tight time frames. They have a good line into the Court to assist with diary entries.’

‘The Clerks at 9SJS are incredible! Hard working, friendly and approachable. They will try their utmost to accommodate your requests and offer solutions should they not be able to be met. Joe Gibson, Phillip Spencer, Jane Slingsby – all familiar names who are always happy to have a chat on the phone and help you out. They are a credit to chambers.’

‘The clerks are always very helpful and personable. In particular, nothing is too much trouble for Joe Gibson, who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and quick to deal with any issues arising.’

‘All of the Clerks are personable and helpful. Joe Gibson shines in his ability to accommodate requests, and his ability to identify the wider picture and accommodate wider business needs.’

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court Chambers has an ‘exceptionally strong’ personal injury team. Daniel Paul  receives instructions from both claimants and defendants on cases involving catastrophic and fatal injuries. James Hogg predominately acts for defendants in cases revolving around road accidents, public liability and employer liability, especially surrounding industrial disease and cases involving fraud. David Boyle has a broad-ranging practice that includes serious injuries, motor fraud cases, industrial disease and accidents abroad.



‘Deans Court Chambers has a good range of Counsel to deal with all levels of Personal Injury work and they are able to provide an appropriate counsel at very short notice.’

‘The counsel at Deans Court take a very balanced view which provides a really helpful, critical second opinion. There is a good selection of counsel at all levels.’

‘Deans Court have strength and depth in offering, friendly communication, willingness to assist with insurer training programmes.’

‘Exceptionally strong team which deservedly commands wide respect.’

‘The set as a whole has really high calibre personable counsel.’


The clerks really demonstrate how much they value ongoing working relationships. Andy Flannigan in particular, even at short notice when availability is tight, always seems to finds someone to cover the requirements.’

‘Excellent service. Matthew Gibbons and Andy Flannigan are particularly able and helpful.’

‘Andy Flannigan is superb; he always manages his barrister diaries in such a way that they can provide the best service.’

‘The clerks are approachable, friendly and go the extra mile to assist.’

‘Excellent clerking, always helpful. Andy Flannigan especially.’

Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers ‘has strength and depth across the board’, with its members handle child and adult cases of head and spinal injury, amputations and chronic pain-related conditions, the latter of which is an area of expertise of Fiona Ashworth. The set is also home to the reputable Nicholas Braslavsky KC, who has expertise in handling brain and spinal injuries as well as military accidents in training and abroad. Michael Rawlinson KC and Charlotte Law are also names of note regarding military personnel cases. Stephen Maguire’s practice is broad ranging and includes cases surrounding road traffic collisions, accidents at work, product liability and public liability claims.



‘Counsel have always been available when needed for the inevitable short notice request.’

‘Kings Chambers are a go-to chambers, because they are very accommodating and always offer solutions, even with very last minute instructions. They also provide very useful training programmes and are always on hand to provide answers to queries.’

‘Kings Chambers has strength and depth across the board.’

‘The set are fantastic, offering a wide selection of barristers with great experience.’

‘Kings Chambers is a very well regarded and professional organisation. They remain extremely efficient in responding to requests and will always source available Counsel in the event of prior bookings. Their training programmes are frequent and comprehensive and entirely relevant to the issues of the day.’


‘All clerks provide a high level of service and availability of clerks is excellent.’

‘A very good clerking team providing excellent support to the barristers. Steve Loxton leads the practice in a very professional but approachable way.’

‘The clerks room is second to none. The clerks are efficient, reliable and well trained.’

‘The clerks are very friendly and determined to deal with any query raised of them.’

‘The clerks are great – Paul Clark and Aaron Smith in particular run a good service.’

7 Harrington Street

7 Harrington Street is praised as an ‘excellent set‘ and its members have considerable expertise across the entire range of personal injury cases, including catastrophic injury, workplace incidents and industrial disease. Tim Grover  is head of both the civil team and the catastrophic injuries department and is active in a broad range of personal injury cases. The set is also home to Fraser Lindsay, who advises both claimants and defendants and has particular expertise in employers’ liability, public liability and road traffic accidents. Mark Roberts  works exclusively for defendants and insurance companies. Tim Wilkinson  has a thriving practice and exclusively focuses on catastrophic brain and spinal cord injury and amputation cases.



‘A good quality set in Liverpool with some good senior juniors across the spectrum of personal injury work.’

‘A very helpful set of chambers that always make counsel available and are happy to provide training on any issues and subjects.’

‘Chambers has good strength-in-depth and counsel availability is top quality.’

‘Excellent set with a significant amount of barristers who offer a service in a broad range of legal practices .’


‘Neil McHugh has always been available to deal with any issues, of which there have been very few. He is excellent in his dealings with solicitors and has always been very professional.’

‘Clerks are very helpful and friendly. Neil McHugh makes a huge difference.’

‘Neil McHugh is always available to assist. Jon Kilgallon has been senior clerk for many years and is always helpful in assisting in Neil’s absence.’

‘The clerking is excellent – a special mention to Neil Mchugh, who is vastly experienced, knowledgable and pulls out all the stops to ensure a first class service.’

‘The clerks are efficient, personable and proactive in making appropriate arrangements and moving matters on.’

Cobden House Chambers

Cobden House Chambers is praised for its ‘brilliant PI team‘ which handles ‘heavyweight, catastrophic claimant and defendant work’.  Marc Willems KC has substantial expertise in handling cases regarding brain injuries, spinal injuries and amputation, acting for both claimants and defendants. Anthony Mazzag and Michael Jones  also have thriving personal injury practices and are especially active in cases concerning catastrophic injuries. Richard Hartley KC is another notable member.



‘Excellent set with many extremely capable barristers at senior level in this field.’

‘Chambers are extremely accommodating and provides first class service. They are always available, can accommodate and will go out of their way to make Counsel available. During Covid-19, the service was excellent.’

‘Cobden house is very approachable. They always go the next step to assist and cater to all needs.’

‘Cobden House has a brilliant PI team. They undertake heavyweight, catastrophic claimant and defendant work and are approachable and pleasant.’

‘There is good strength in depth at Cobden House.’


‘Steven Tobias heads the civil team and is very competent and engaging. Colin Harrision is also excellent. A really approachable and experienced team.’

‘Excellent service all round and particularly welcoming and helpful client care from Maureen Shaw.’

‘Martin Leach, who is the Head Clerk at Chambers, is excellent in his role; he is accommodating, will make sure that Counsel is available, provides an outstanding service on all cases and maintains a professional working relationship. He is a credit to Chambers.’

‘Steven Tobias will go the extra mile to help out and is always easy to deal with.’

‘Steven Tobias very approachable and efficient and provides a friendly reception.’

St John's Buildings

St John’s Buildings ‘is one of the strongest sets in the North, with a true depth of experience.’  Its members act for both defendants and claimants in cases involving fatal accidents, road traffic accidents, accidents at work and industrial disease. Peter Harrison acted for a defendant nightclub after a person fell seven metres from a fire escape outside a night club, sustaining a serious brain injury. Philip Grundy practices in all areas of personal injury, and he specialises in cases involving brain injury and amputees.



‘St Johns Building is a very strong set with a good range and number of very capable Counsel in the field of personal injury.’

‘Good availability of counsel and they provide good quality training.’

‘The set is one of the strongest sets in the North with a true depth of experience and available counsel.’

‘St Johns Buildings is a very professional set of chambers covering a wide range of areas across a significant area of the country. This enables them to have Counsel available to assist on matters at relatively short notice and still with a good turnaround time.’

‘St John’s Buildings are a reliable, professional and intelligent set.’


‘There is very good clerking staff at this Chambers, with a notable mention for Michael Johnston. The Clerking Team are always quick at responding to enquiries and are helpful in diary matters. The Fees Team deal with matters promptly.’

‘The clerks are very approachable and easy to work with. Martin Craggs is particularly approachable and helpful.’

‘Always friendly and happy to help. If there have been any issues, such as preferred Barrister not being available, these have always been dealt with speedily and pragmatically.’

‘Martin Craggs, assistant senior clerk for PI and clinical negligence, ensures clerking is undertaken at a very high level.’

‘The clerks are very helpful and responsive. Matthew Smith in particular has been of considerable assistance in arranging Conferences, JSMs, court bookings and in agreeing sensible fees.’

18 St John Street Chambers

18 St John Street Chambers has ‘great expertise in personal injury, covering cases of all nature and value’. Elahe Youshani handles cases involving road traffic accidents, employers’ liability, personal liability, industrial disease and occupiers’ liability. Head of the personal injury department Kane Simons primarily acts for claimants and is highly adept at handling catastrophic injury cases.



‘The Chambers are a welcoming set with great expertise in personal injury, covering cases of all nature and value. They also provide great online training courses that are of great practical use.’

’18 SJS are moving up the table with some skilled individuals in high value work.’

’18SJS has counsel with strong knowledge of personal injury claims and they offer training which is in-depth and useful to solicitors.’

’18 St John offers significant strength in personal injury and have a number of highly experienced barrister who are able to offer advice at short notice. The barristers are approachable and willing to advise outside of normal channels if needed.’

‘Always approachable and willing to help.’


Clerks are helpful and friendly. Katie Brown is always super responsive and efficient.’

‘Katie Brown is a star. All you would ever wish for from a clerk, both from the barristers and solicitors view.’

‘Clerks are very efficient and organised. They provide more than just a service, but cater to your every need.’

‘The clerks provide a good service as case strengths and weakness are identified clearly and ways to move forward addressed. The clerks are very helpful and act promptly when instructions are sent.’

‘Very good clerks who are organised and friendly.’

Atlantic Chambers

Atlantic Chambers' members specialise in all aspects of personal injury work, including industrial injury and disease cases. Deputy head of chambers Andrew Pickering has expertise in serious personal injury and industrial disease cases. Michael Armstrong divides his practice between personal injury and clinical negligence work, including some work in the policing context.



‘The training the set offers is very helpful.’

‘It is a reliable chambers and the members will go out of their way to service their solicitors.’

‘The chambers are responsive and accommodating. They are prepared to offer and suggest alternative Counsel if the preferred counsel is not available on a given date.’

‘Counsel will try their best to make themselves available, and where preferred counsel is not available, they will offer another suitable counsel.’


‘The clerks are friendly and helpful.’

‘The clerks are very pleasant and will always try and assist. Lee Cadwallader operates a tight ship and will find solutions to tight timetabling.’

‘Lee Cadwallader is very effective. Nothing is too much trouble and he will go out of his way to assist in any way he can in relation to availability. He is a pleasure to work with.’