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Leading Silks

Bill Braithwaite KCExchange Chambers 'Bill's powers of reasoning in cases where there are complex issues relating to liability and causation is absolutely formidable. He champions justice for the victims tirelessly. He is the best of the best!'
Nicholas Braslavsky KC – Kings Chambers ‘Nicholas has great attention to deal and he is a safe pair of hands, especially when the stakes are very high. He is a fantastic advocate and a real heavyweight in catastrophic injury work.'
Peter Burns KC – Byrom Street Chambers ‘Peter is a first-rate personal injury silk whose depth of knowledge is unrivalled. Nothing is too complex and he has an incredible ability of being able to quickly sift through the detail to pick out the issues that really matter; a great strategic thinker who can always be relied upon to help navigate the most difficult of cases.’
David Heaton KC – Byrom Street ChambersDavid is meticulous in his approach to analysing volumes and volumes of paperwork and being able to condense that down into easy to understand, bite-sized chunks for clients. He is extremely pragmatic, draws focus to the most important aspects of claims, and then uses his soft skills to bring cases home to the most sensible conclusion.'
Winston Hunter KC – Byrom Street ChambersWinston is quite simply the best leader in dealing with the most complex catastrophic injury cases. He is unbelievably clever, engaging, hard-working, and has brilliant people skills with opponents, clients, and experts, achieving outstanding results time after time on difficult and challenging cases.'
Rhiannon Jones KC – Byrom Street Chambers ‘Rhiannon is one of the best KCs doing this work and her attention to detail is second-to-none. She has the ability to absorb huge volumes of information quickly and distil it down to the key issues in a clear and easily accessible way, she is calm and reassuring with lay clients, and she is excellent in conference with experts on complex medical issue.’
Christopher Kennedy KC9 St John Street ‘Christopher has immense experience and a quick-fire mind, and he is able to digest vast amounts of information rapidly, and has an easy manner with clients. He is a go-to silk, and during advocacy, he is composed, measured, and his are points delivered in a smooth style.’
Simon Kilvington KC – Byrom Street ChambersSimon is exceptional and the country’s leading barrister on asbestos litigation. He has a calming and reassuring presence with clients and is respectfully persuasive.’
David Knifton KCExchange ChambersDavid is extremely bright and his ability to grasp complex matters is second-to-none. He is the best there is, he has excellent communication skills, and he is able to express himself very clearly.’
Andrew Lewis KC – Byrom Street ChambersAndrew is as good as it gets. He is charming, sensible, pragmatic, an excellent lawyer, and an opponent that it is a real pleasure to be against.’
Gerard Martin KCExchange Chambers ‘Gerard is an extremely experienced and accomplished silk and a brilliant negotiator. He inspires confidence and exudes authority around the negotiating table, his cross-examination is measured and calm, yet devastating, and his judgment of the courtroom dynamics is impeccable and the judges all plainly hold him in very high regard, and rightly so.’
Christopher Melton KC – Byrom Street ChambersChristopher is calm and collected, extremely experienced, and authoritative. He is persuasive and thoughtful in advocacy, and there is nothing he hasn’t seen, but he retains humility.’
William Waldron KCExchange Chambers 'Will is a sharp and very accomplished advocate. He is very strong on rehabilitation and achieves the best results for his clients both in terms of outcome and settlement.'
Darryl Allen KC – Byrom Street ChambersDarryl is an exceptional advocate and he is the barrister that you want arguing your case in court. He is always well-prepared with sound strategic advice and he has a great manner with experts in conference, ensuring that all relevant issues in complex cases are addressed with ease.’
Louis Browne KCExchange Chambers 'Louis is unflappable, his attention to detail is meticulous, and his deep understanding of the issues involved in complex, high-value personal injury cases is always apparent. His advocacy skills are amongst the best, he always has a calm but steely approach that draws out the pertinent points from factual and expert witnesses at trial, and he demonstrates a real understanding of the bigger picture.'
Gerard McDermott KC – Kings ChambersGerard knows everyone, and that is a distinct advantage when it comes to the negotiation stage. He has a very personable style that helps such discussions, but also has the ability to see the big picture and not get bogged down in detail.'
James Rowley KC – Byrom Street ChambersJames is highly experienced and is a go-to barrister for cases involving complex liability and quantum issues. He exhibits unrivalled attention to detail and is able to cut through huge amounts of material in order to identify the key issues.’
Richard Whitehall KC – Deans Court Chambers ‘Richard is a very strong all-rounder. His attention to detail is superb, he is good with clients, and he always has a clear understanding of the commercial aspects of the cases. His advocacy style is forensic and very effective.’

2022 Silks

Christopher Barnes KCExchange ChambersChristopher is extremely knowledgeable in relation to military and catastrophic claims generally. He is very calm under pressure and is decisive, which is reassuring to mutual clients as well as the instructing solicitor.'

2023 Silks

Helen Mulholland KC – Kings Chambers 'Helen is excellently prepared and considers all the information very carefully when advising. She gains an excellent grasp of the key issues very swiftly and can address them in a clear and concise fashion, and she has an excellent manner when it comes to dealing with both clients and experts alike.'

Leading Juniors

Fiona AshworthKings ChambersFiona is an excellent practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law. She is particularly accomplished as a very strong negotiator and advocate, she always deals with her instructions promptly and is open to a call to discuss a case, and most of all, she has excellent client-handling skills and makes all clients from whatever background feel at ease and confident that she has their best interests at heart.'
David Boyle – Deans Court ChambersDavid is a highly personable, intellectual, and creative barrister with a broad skillset that has been recognised as such by the market. He is extremely dedicated to his clients, he has an engaging and persuasive advocacy style that matches his personality, and he is always in control of the case and is quick to master the issues.'
Philip Grundy – St John’s Buildings ‘Philip is at the top of his game, is a titan intellectually, and has charisma and empathy, enabling him to deliver exceptional legal advice to seriously injured clients. He is meticulously well prepared and his advocacy skills are exemplary.'
Chris GutteridgeExchange ChambersChris is much more accomplished than his years' call suggests. He is a phenomenally able barrister, he has a very relaxed manner, clients love him, and he is an extremely tough advocate.'
James Hogg – Deans Court ChambersJames has razor-sharp attention to detail, he is always very well-prepared for conferences and offers excellent strategic advice, and his drafting of pleadings is one of his key strengths. He really takes ownership of the claims he handles and seems genuinely invested in the cases.’
Pankaj MadanExchange Chambers 'Pankaj has great attention to detail, a fantastic analytical mind, and has a fantastic rapport with clients, enabling them to take confidence in his support.'
Richard Norton – St John’s BuildingsRichard is the perfect counsel: analytical, pragmatic, and conscientious, and he is very calming and collaborative in his approach. He has a very good manner with lay clients and expert witnesses, he is able to explain the most difficult legal concepts in a manner easily understood by clients, his advice is concise and definite, and he has an excellent understanding of complex medical issues and an ability not to be distracted by irrelevant detail, but to get to the root of the issues.'
Matthew Snarr – 9 St John StreetMatthew is very thorough with all papers, his trial prep is forensic, and he has great advocacy skills in tricky cases. He has great attention to detail and excellent drafting skills, and he can deal with complex and high value claims with aplomb.'
Alex Taylor – Deans Court Chambers ‘Alex is a very safe pair of hands who has a great attention to detail and is very knowledgeable. He identifies the crux of the case at a very early stage, his turnaround time for papers is second-to-none, he is good with clients and puts them at ease, and his advocacy is excellent.’
Elahe Youshani – 18 St John Street ChambersElahe makes clear and focussed submissions, concentrating on the key issues and showing flexibility by adjusting to the indications of the judge.'
Darrel Crilley – Byrom Street Chambers ‘Darrel demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of complex medical matters leaving no stone unturned. He is well-prepared and gains the confidence of clients and instructing solicitors quickly.’
Alice Dobbie – Exchange Chambers ‘Alice is extremely focused and organised with fantastic attention to detail. She really focuses her mind on the case she is working on and compiles sound and robust advice, and she is particularly good when considering fundamental dishonesty and has strategic ways of investigating and combatting such issues.’
Zoe Earnshaw – Deans Court Chambers ‘Zoe has a fantastic eye for detail, she cuts through the nonsense, and she is very robust in court. She does not falter when challenged, she is a first-choice junior counsel for particularly difficult cases, and she handles experts very well at conferences.'
James Hurd – 9 St John StreetJames has excellent attention to detail and he is quick to cut through any chaff straight to the salient information and points. He inspires confidence in his advocacy and has a very good bedside manner with clients.'
Michael Jones – Cobden House Chambers ‘Michael is the counsel of choice on the vast majority of personal injury cases, as he is an outstanding barrister who is able to distil the key issues in even the most complex of cases. He has extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of high-value personal injury litigation, his approach to conferences with experts is extremely comprehensive and unrivalled, and he regularly goes up against Kings Counsel.'
Catherine Knowles – Exchange Chambers 'Catherine is an excellent advocate; calm, precise, and she presents her arguments in a clear and persuasive manner.'
Julie-Anne Luck – 9 St John StreetJulie-Anne produces excellent written pleadings, is good with clients, and will always fight your corner. She is always thorough and well-prepared, has great attention to detail, and is an excellent advocate.’
Simon Mccann – Deans Court ChambersSimon's advocacy is exceptional. He is a go-to barrister in respect of any matter where thorough cross-examination of a witness is required at trial, and his advocacy technique is unique and intelligent.'
Brian McCluggage – 9 St John StreetBrian has great attention to detail, has a good conference manner with lay and expert witnesses, is articulate, and prepares very helpful aid memoirs for conferences.’
Kirsty McKinlay – 9 St John Street ‘Kirsty is a very impressive, first-class advocate and she uses her expertise and extensive knowledge to get to the issues quickly and achieve brilliant results for clients. She has a reassuring and approachable manner.'
Joseph Mulderig – 9 St John Street ‘Joseph is an excellent barrister. He is intelligent and thoughtful, he can draw on his experience as a personal injury solicitor, he is a good advocate and a good communicator, his cross-examination skills are excellent, and he has the ability to put his clients at ease.'
Michael O’Neill – 9 St John Street ‘Michael is a detail-oriented man. He is very thorough with papers and he has a commercial mindset.'
Daniel Paul – Deans Court ChambersDaniel is thorough in his approach and is always well prepared. He explains complicated issues to clients in an easy to understand manner and confronts difficult issues directly.' 
Simon Plaut – Kings Chambers ‘Simon undergoes extremely thorough preparation and always has a complete grasp of issues in the case. He is an excellent communicator and establishes rapport with clients, explaining complex issues with ease, and he is able to deliver unpalatable advice in a clear and sympathetic manner.'
Yaqub Rahman – Oriel Chambers ‘Yaqub is great at putting nervous clients and clinicians at ease. He is fantastic with detail, is always very well-prepared, really gets to the heart of the issue from the outset, is excellent on his feet, and can read a judge and respond accordingly.’
Kane Simons – 18 St John Street ChambersKane is conscientious, skilled, clear, and measured, and his advice is always top drawer.’
Matthew StockwellExchange Chambers ‘Matthew is strong in identifying issues and considering solutions to problems when they arise. He works well with experts, identifying any weaknesses in their evidence which need to be explored, he is very good at planning ahead in the most serious of cases, and he is good at drafting high-value schedules of loss.'
Zoë Thompson – 9 St John StreetZoë pays attention to the detail, her trial and advocacy preparation is meticulous, and she is excellent with experts in conference. She is robust in her views and willing to stand her ground for clients, but remains pragmatic and commercial in her approach.'
Andrew Ward – Exchange ChambersAndrew has an eye for detail and he is quick to identify the critical issues, the evidence required, and the relevant law and case law.'
Christopher Allen Exchange Chambers 'Christopher is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, calm, and resourceful. He achieves excellent results and his advocacy is very strong.'
Philip De Berry – 9 St John StreetPhilip helps get good results for clients in difficult cases and his assessment of cases is consistently proved to be correct. Philip is very strong and authoritative in conference, effectively gets a clear grasp of complex issues, and obtains the information needed from experts and clients before providing clear, sensible, and realistic advice.’
John GrayOriel Chambers ‘John is a champion for those wronged by the negligence of others. His advocacy is always focussed on the issues with an exceptional forensic analysis as a foundation, and his mediation skills enhance his reputation too.’
Nicholas Grimshaw – Deans Court Chambers ‘Nicholas is a very capable barrister who is well able to confidently handle cases of very high value. He is able to get to grips with complex and unusual medical issues, and his advice on strategy is clear, to the point, and easily understandable by expert witnesses and clients alike.’
Leanne Jones – 9 St John Street 'Leanne is meticulous in her preparation. Well-liked by judges, she is a dynamic, empathetic and robust cross-examiner.'
Gavin McBrideKings Chambers ‘Gavin is brilliant, down-to-earth, and always happy to talk things through, sometimes at short notice. He is always mindful of his instructions and always has commerciality and the client’s best interests at the forefront of his mind.’
Stuart McCracken – Exchange Chambers ‘Stuart is excellent on papers and available for ad hoc advice. He is always very well-prepared for conferences with clients and experts, and he is a good negotiator.’
Benjamin Morris – 9 St John Street ‘Ben is responsive, thorough, and has a keen eye for detail. He will invariably produce excellent written advice and pleadings on schedule without being chased and he is a go-to counsel for serious injury and complex cases on the Northern Circuit.’
Elizabeth Murray 9 St John Street 'Elizabeth is one of the most thorough advocates and she successfully argues very technical points, evidently showing her expertise in difficult areas of law. One cannot fault her ability to think quickly and practically, and also secure great results for clients; she is an impressive advocate.'
Andrew Pickering – Atlantic Chambers ‘Andrew is hard-working and diligent, tactically astute, and well-prepared for conference work and he provides a high standard of written work when instructed to prepare papers such as pleadings and advice notes.’
Sara Sutherland – Exchange Chambers 'Sara is supportive, knowledgeable, excellent at getting the best out of witnesses, and realistic.'
Christian Taylor Exchange Chambers Christian’s advocacy skills are second-to-none. He is extremely clever, particularly mathematically gifted, he is extremely warm and personable, and he is able to form good relationships with lay clients quickly.’
Alastair Wright St John’s Buildings 'It is always an absolute pleasure to work alongside Alastair. He has a calm and reassuring manner in even the most challenging of cases, and as a result, he is greatly appreciated by clients. His straightforward approach makes him a very impressive advocate.'

Rising Stars

Jamie Hill – 9 St John Street ‘Jamie is calm and technically astute. He has an eye for detail, is adept at making clients and instructing solicitors feel at ease, and he is an unassuming advocate who gets results.'

Personal injury in Regional Bar

9 St John Street

9 St John Street is praised as an ‘excellent chambers’ with ‘a great variety of counsel’. Its members are highly skilled in cases involving brain injury, amputation, and spinal cord trauma, in addition to more specialist areas, such as industrial disease, travel and international personal injury, and insurance fraud claims. Elizabeth Murray has a niche focus on litigation involving the Animals Act 1971; she successfully represented a company which owned a horse that electrocuted itself, causing the rider to fall off and sustain injuries. Michael O’Neill practices exclusively in large loss personal injury work, acting for both claimants and defendants, while Zoë Thompson primarily represents defendants, especially in cases with issues of fundamental dishonesty or disputes between medical experts. James Hurd handles complex psychiatric injury claims and matters involving brain injuries, and Joseph Mulderig is skilled in chronic pain mandates. Matthew Snarr handles catastrophic injury claims, and represented a builder who became paralysed from the waist down after falling through a barn roof.


‘From the senior clerk, Tony Morrisey, to the personal injury team of Joe Gibson and Phillip Spencer, they are always on hand and will go out of their way to assist, even in difficult cases and with last-minute instructions.’

‘The service from the clerks at 9 St John Street is outstanding. They respond quickly, provide updates on matters promptly, and are always available to assist with any queries. Phillip Spencer is an exemplary clerk.’

‘The clerks are amazing – very friendly and approachable, prompt in their response, and no query is too small! Joe Gibson and Phillip Spencer work so hard and respond quickly to requests.’

Byrom Street Chambers

Byrom Street Chambers ‘has an enviable set of leading counsel in personal injury litigation, including some of the most experienced and well-respected names on the Northern Circuit’. Winston Hunter KC is Head of Chambers and handles high-value, complex personal injury claims; he represented the defendant in a case concerning a solicitor who claimed that she lost the opportunity to pursue her career at a US law firm as a result of her injuries. Andrew Lewis KC has substantial experience in cases regarding allegations of exaggeration and fraud, and David Heaton acts for both claimants and defendants in catastrophic brain and spinal injury cases. The set is also home to Rhiannon Jones KC, who has expertise in quantum in spinal and brain injury claims, and Simon Kilvington KC, a reputable asbestos litigator. Michael Lemmy joined the team in November 2022 from 9 St John Street Chambers.


‘The clerks at Byrom Street are excellent, approachable, professional, organised, and attentive. Steve Price and Matt Tudor run a tight and reliable ship.’

‘The chambers are led by a superb clerking team headed by Steve Price. They go out of their way to make things possible and seamless, and they are proactive with fixing dates with the court and with opponent parties.’

‘The clerks are responsive and very easy to deal with. Matt Tudor is absolutely brilliant.’

‘The clerks are exceptionally-led by Steve Price, and the other excellent clerks ensure that matters are looked after in terms of availability and arrangements with court.’

‘Led expertly by senior clerk Steve Price, who is always responsive and accommodating.’

‘Byrom Street boasts a superb set of leading counsel and leading juniors. For high-value, complex personal injury claims, they are the leading set in Manchester.’

‘Byrom Street Chambers has an enviable set of leading counsel in personal injury litigation, including some of the most experienced and well-respected names on the Northern Circuit, making them the ‘go-to’ set for many practitioners, both on the claimant and defendant sides. Their training sessions and materials really are second to none and relied upon by many in their handling of claims of the utmost severity.’

‘This a top-tier set. Each of the counsel are brilliant with their own style and they achieve the very best results for clients.’

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers ‘is the go-to set for personal injury counsel’ and its members handle cases involving injuries of the utmost severity, including fatal accidents, industrial disease, severe brain injuries, and catastrophic spinal cord injuries. It also provides representation in niche areas, such as military claims, which is an area of strength for Andrew Ward and Christopher Barnes KC; Barnes KC represented a Royal Marine who was paralysed during a training exercise. William Waldron KC is deputy Head of Chambers and has expertise in representing catastrophically injured claimants. Bill Braithwaite KC’s practice is highly specialised, and he represents claimants exclusively in claims involving catastrophic brain and spinal injuries. Gerard Martin KC, Louis Browne KC, and David Knifton KC are also skilled in this area, as well as claims for amputees; Knifton KC acted for a refuse collector who sustained severe crushing injuries to his right leg when run over by a bin wagon, resulting in above the knee amputation. Laura Gooding was appointed as a district judge in January 2023.


‘The clerks are responsive, helpful, and a pleasure to deal with. Rachel Williams in particular is excellent.’

‘The clerks’ room has great strength and all clerks are superb. Neil Wright, Rachel Williams, and Sarah Rotherham are stand-out clerks.’

‘All clerks are very helpful and approachable. They deal with the digital transfer of large volumes of documents very well and without fuss. Neil Wright in particular is always very helpful and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Rachel Williams is excellent and you can be confident she is doing her best to assist.’

‘The clerks at Exchange are incredibly attentive and accommodating. They strive to provide the best service possible and invariably achieve it.’

‘Exchange Chambers is the leading personal injury set in the UK at all levels, from KC to Junior Counsel. A very well-run set that has experienced counsel in all areas of personal injury.’

‘Exchange Chambers is the go-to set for personal injury counsel.’

‘Exchange Chambers is a fantastic set of chambers. Very modern, proactive, and eager to assist.’

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court Chambers ‘has a strong personal injury offering’ and its members act for both claimants and defendants. The set houses Daniel Paul, who frequently handles cases involving serious and catastrophic injuries, injuries leading to death, and matters concerning complex medical evidence. James Hogg primarily acts for defendants in cases concerning road accidents, public liability, and employer liability, especially those regarding industrial disease and claims of dishonesty. Of recent note, Hogg represented an employer in a case after a woman alleged she sustained a significant knee injury when she fell down an unguarded drain in her workplace. Zoe Earnshaw also mainly acts for defendants in catastrophic injury claims, and David Boyle represented the employer of a man who suffered a fractured skull in the workplace. Stephen Grime KC has particular expertise in the technical and legal issues concerning motor insurance, and Simon McCann is skilled in cases where surveillance is key to a defendant’s case.


‘The clerks are exceptional and will often find ways to rearrange diaries so as to accommodate conferences and hearings at short notice. Matt Gibbons and Andy Flannigan are particularly exceptional in ensuring the smooth running of chambers.’

‘Andy Flannigan is particularly excellent, although all the clerks are brilliant at what they do.’

‘The clerking is always first class. Matt Gibbons is a huge figure in the Manchester legal market and, as well as offering excellent technical service, is always willing to go the extra mile.’

Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers is praised as ‘one of the best personal injury sets in the North’ and its members are strong in serious injury claims, including brain and spinal injury cases for claimants and defendants. Nicholas Braslavsky KC has notable expertise in handling child and adult brain injury cases and Michael Rawlinson KC and Charlotte Law are both skilled in cases involving injured military personnel. 2023 silk appointment Helen Mulholland KC has expertise in brain injury cases, and Gerard McDermott KC is another notable silk. Fiona Ashworth has substantial experience in chronic pain cases, and of recent note, represented a claimant who lost the use of her arm after sustaining soft tissue injuries when she was struck by a piece of scenery falling into an orchestra pit, in addition to developing leg and back pain due to conditions that developed post-injury.


‘The clerks at Kings Chambers are incredibly kind and always happy to help. They always respond in a timely manner and will also make you aware if they cannot do this to ensure that you are kept informed. Aaron Smith is reliable and will always ensure that everything is in order, as he is incredibly organised.’

‘The clerks are always on hand to assist where possible. Stephen Loxton is particularly helpful.’

‘Steve Loxton and Paul Clarke are fantastic.’

‘Paul Clarke and Aaron Smith are very helpful.’

‘One of the best clerks’ room by a long way. They are very accommodating and their client care skills are second to none. Very commercially minded and work as a team.’

‘Excellent chambers and good strength in depth. It is a large chambers and it offers a strong external training programme.’

‘A very strong set with a team of barrister’s who can easily service the full range of personal injury claims.’

‘Kings Chambers is one of the best personal injury sets in the North.’

7 Harrington Street

Defendant and claimant barristers at 7 Harrington Street expertly handle catastrophic and serious injury matters, as well as cases regarding industrial accidents and disease. Tim Grover has expertise across a broad range of high-value and complex personal injury claims. The set also houses Fraser Lindsay, who is instructed by both claimants on defendants on cases regarding employers’ liability, public liability, and road traffic accidents

Cobden House Chambers

The personal injury team at Cobden House Chambers is home to Michael Jones, who specialises in catastrophic injury cases, especially brain injuries, and he represented the defendant insurer in a case after a successful businessman suffered a below-the-knee amputation, causing him to require single-story accommodation in London. The set is also home to Chloe Murray, who has particular expertise in handling multi-track personal injury claims.


‘Steven Tobias is excellent.’

‘Steven Tobias always makes time for clients and assists with any issues. He has a knack for finding the right barrister for any matter.’

‘The clerks are very helpful, in particular Daniel Gray. He is very quick to respond, preempts issues, and provides solutions if counsel are unavailable.’

St John's Buildings

St John’s Buildings ‘has an excellent set of personal injury counsel’ and its members act for claimants and defendants across a broad range of matters, from road traffic accidents and employers’ liability, to industrial diseases and fatal accidents claims. Philip Grundy frequently represents claimants in major brain injury, amputee, and paraplegic cases, and Richard Norton predominantly acts for claimants in high-value claims - he acted for a claimant who alleged an allergic skin reaction as a result of exposure to excessively bright lights at his workplace, causing an unusual skin disorder.


‘Chris Shaw and Martin Craggs provide a first-class service supporting counsel. They add the personal touch to communications with chambers and will always endeavour to do their utmost to facilitate requests.’

‘Allan Weston and Michael Wolff have always been brilliant.’

‘A good set of clerks who always assist and are prepared to share the load of logistical arrangements. Martin Craggs is particularly personable and understands the importance of good client relationships and good solicitor-counsel-clerk relationships.’

‘Superb clerking service. They are receptive to client needs, accommodating, and supportive. They have a very warm and friendly approach to all they come into contact with.’

‘The clerking is very efficient. Particular mention to Martin Craggs, who always goes the extra mile.’

‘St John’s Buildings has an excellent set of personal injury counsel who offer vast experience and expertise at various levels and complexity.’

‘A very strong set of chambers in an extremely competitive city. They have a wide breadth of experience and skills, which means that when complex cases require input from other specialist counsel, it can remain within chambers, which is of a benefit to clients.’

‘This is a fantastic set and one of the leading personal injury sets in the North West with huge talent to cover any and all complex personal injury cases.’

18 St John Street Chambers

18 St John Street Chambers ‘is a leading set which is home to a number of personal injury specialists’ who act for both claimants and defendants. Kane Simons leads the personal injury department and specialises in serious and catastrophic injury on the claimant side - he represented the claimant in a road traffic collision case in which a vintage Ferrari was written off, in which the valuation of the car was disputed. Elahe Youshani‘s practice encompasses multi-track cases with an emphasis on serious injury, and she has substantial expertise in handling mandates regarding traffic accidents, employers’ liability, personal liability, industrial disease, and occupiers’ liability.


‘The clerks are some of the best around. They are highly efficient and polite. James Parks, Ryan Pugh, Katie Brown, and Chris Heath are all at the top of their game.’

‘Katie Brown is a star and senior clerk James Parkes is well-connected and enormously experienced, the younger clerks are benefiting enormously from his expertise.’

‘Katie Brown is an absolute star. She is bright and will always try her best to accommodate.’

‘A very good clerking team, especially Katie Brown there.’

‘Clerking is consistently good and Katie Brown is a star.’

‘A very reputable set of chambers for personal injury law doing both claimant and defendant work.’

’18 St John Street Chambers offers an impressive strength in depth for personal injury matters and they have impressive barristers.’

’18 St John Street Chambers is a leading set which is home to a number of personal injury specialists.’

Atlantic Chambers

Atlantic Chambers is active in a range of personal injury cases. Andrew Pickering is deputy head of chambers, which is also home to Michael Armstrong, who divides his practice between personal injury and clinical negligence work, including some work in police-related matters.


‘Excellent all-round clerking team. Lee Cadwallader is the head clerk and he is very friendly and approachable.’

‘The clerks are helpful and will ensure the barrister is updated should any message be provided in a timely manner.’

‘Very approachable clerks and all are helpful.’

‘The clerks are always helpful and enquires are dealt with promptly.’

‘The clerks are very good. Atlantic Chambers is one of the best at responding promptly and will go the extra mile to move other commitments if something urgent needs to be accommodated.’

‘Atlantic Chambers is a strong set.’

‘Atlantic Chambers has a lot of experience in handling claims.’