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Leading Silks

Bill Braithwaite QC - Exchange ChambersBill is definitely a leader in his field. His knowledge is second to none and clients always have confidence in his abilities to secure a successful outcome. Excellent advice and ability to resolve problems in cases. Genuinely cares and fights cases for claimants.
Dr Nicholas Braslavsky QC - Kings ChambersA very safe pair of hands with the most complex catastrophic personal injury claims. He always prepares meticulously and is someone you want on your side in very high value claims where there are tricky liability or causation issues in particular. He is also very down-to-earth and great with clients.
Richard Hartley QC - Cobden House ChambersVery down to earth with clients and makes them feel at ease. Very passionate about ensuring he helps to get the best possible settlement.
David Heaton QC - Byrom Street ChambersIncisive and compassionate.
Rhiannon Jones QC - Byrom Street ChambersMethodical, meticulous, dogged, wants nothing but the best for the clients and makes sure they get the best they can.
Christopher Kennedy QC - 9 St John StreetChris is renowned for his exceptional ability in handling catastrophic injury claims. He is incredibly detailed yet can see the bigger picture when it is called for.
Simon Kilvington QC - Byrom Street ChambersHighly organised, thorough, well prepared, personable, approachable, tactically astute, adaptable, intelligent. Great with clients and legal teams a like. Great in court.
David Knifton QC - Exchange ChambersDavid is calm, patient with families who have seen the worst things happen to them, and a determined and able advocate. He will fight difficult cases and is able to quickly determine the right approach on any case. He is not shy of taking on the most difficult cases and successfully navigates them.
Andrew Lewis QC - Byrom Street ChambersAndrew has first-rate judgement. He is an excellent barrister and a delightful opponent. He is practical, pragmatic and solution oriented. He does not waste time on peripheral issues or take bad points.
Gerard Martin QC - Exchange ChambersGerard has excellent people skills helping to manage the client through a very stressful time. He is calmness personified. Gets to grips with the salient points quickly and is a sharp negotiator. His experience and knowledge of his rivals is second to none.
Christopher Melton QC - Byrom Street ChambersHe has an admirable lightness of touch - communicates easily with clients on complex matters and gives them great confidence.
Michael Rawlinson QC - Kings ChambersHe has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. Exceptional client handling skills. Extremely responsive. Exceptional team leader, adept at utilising the strengths of each member of the team.
William Waldron QC - Exchange ChambersHe has a tremendous manner with clients and legal colleagues; superb attention to detail; always accessible and incredibly responsive.
Darryl Allen QC - Byrom Street ChambersHe is someone who works as a partner on a claim, not just joining at the end. He is part of the process and key member of the team.
John Benson QC - Atlantic ChambersJohn is an excellent all rounder, he is personable with clients concise and clear thinking.
Louis Browne QC - Exchange ChambersHis strengths are: Excellent interpersonal skills. Patience. Very bright
Winston Hunter QC - Byrom Street ChambersOutstanding intellect, ability to understand issues of greatest complexity and communicate those issues with clarity, brilliant at discussing, debating and challenging experts in their fields of expertise.
Gerard McDermott QC - Kings ChambersGerard is my go-to silk for catastrophic injury cases. He leads on domestic and international injury (including medical negligence) cases with aplomb. His client handling skills are second to none. He has a real empathy for and understanding of the consequences of life changing injuries.
Michael Redfern QC - St John's BuildingsIt is always reassuring to have Mr Redfern on your side in a case. He has the ability to see a way through the medical evidence to achieve success where other barristers would fail or give up. This appears to come from a strong belief in access to justice - he never seems to tire in his desire to achieve this.
James Rowley QC - Byrom Street ChambersAn absolutely pin sharp intellect, never missing a trick and strategically looking far ahead of the opposition.
Marc Willems QC - Cobden House ChambersProvides clear and concise expert advice.

2019 Silks

Peter Burns QC - Byrom Street ChambersHas a forensic approach to every case and builds a good rapport with experts and clients. Calm and measured in his approach. Always approachable for small queries during the life of a case rather than only being available at key parts of the case which is hugely important when instructing someone on a catastrophic PI case.

Leading Juniors

Christopher Barnes - Exchange ChambersChris is extremely switched on, organised, confident, prepared and alert of all the issues in any case. He is an excellent negotiator who is able to secure maximum compensation for those he represents.
Richard Borrett - Kings ChambersTenacious and committed to client/case - ever ready to advise/assist when requested. Willing to take on difficult claims and to offer excellent advice/service across the board. Thorough attention to detail throughout duration of case.
Jonathan Grace - Deans Court ChambersJonathan routinely demonstrates an impressive depth of and breadth of intelligence and understanding of all material issues, whatever the level of complexity. He also responds very promptly and efficiently with well-drafted opinions, statements of case, etc. Extremely good in conference with clients. Handles difficult issues with care and sensitivity. Always very well prepared and with an excellent rapport with client and any relevant medical or non-medical experts.
Philip Grundy - St John's BuildingsA strong grasp of relevant detail and ability to apply fact and circumstances to various aspects of a case.
Chris Gutteridge - Exchange ChambersA rising star in the PI field. He has excellent technical skills and a terrific ability to draft complex Schedules of Loss in an accessible and concise format.
Mike Lemmy - 9 St John StreetExcellent with clients and has a great grasp of the detail.
Pankaj Madan - Exchange ChambersA first rate lawyer with IT and technology skills second to none. Combative with charm. Knows exactly what he is doing. Has a real touch for big PI claims. More hard-working than almost anybody I know. More than a safe pair of hands.
Stephen Maguire - Kings ChambersVery intelligent and someone you want in your corner when dealing with a catastrophic injury claim. Not afraid to take on the difficult cases and he is passionate about getting the best possible result for the people he acts for.
Richard Norton - St John's BuildingsHas a lovely manner with clients - very gentle manner but always professional.
Michael Smith - Deans Court ChambersAn exceptional advocate. You know you are in safe hands when Mike is involved and the outcome for the client will be the correct one.
Matthew Snarr - 9 St John StreetHe is very able and clear. Completely unpompous with an easy manner with clients.
Alex Taylor - Deans Court ChambersOn his feet he is extremely calm and measured at all times, resulting in a fluid control of trials which is impressive to watch, particularly during cross-examination. His demeanour is appreciated and respected by clients and witnesses, and he is my go-to Counsel when I want clients to know that their matter is in capable hands, and will be dealt with swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.
Elahe Youshani - 18 St John Street ChambersElahe is very thorough and she will take the time to review cases properly and discuss them at length.
Michael Armstrong - Atlantic ChambersMichael is an excellent barrister. He grasps complex issues and always ensures that cases are advanced professionally and proactively.
Fiona Ashworth - Kings ChambersFiona has unrivalled knowledge and experience when it comes to chronic pain cases, and couples this with client care skills, working collaboratively with her instructing Solicitors and dealing with claimants with a compassionate but firm hand, instilling trust and confidence. She is a ferocious negotiator, and I would always want her to be in my corner going into a JSM.
David Boyle - Deans Court ChambersAttention to detail is a major strength of his. He is a very effective advocate.
Darrel Crilley - Byrom Street ChambersDarrel is a highly skilled, technical barrister. He has excellent knowledge of all matters related to high-value personal injury work.
Nicholas Fewtrell - Deans Court ChambersA true team player who works tirelessly and productively in the client’s interests.
Laura Gooding - Exchange ChambersLaura provides an approachable and prompt service with clear, understandable advice. She is engaging and happy to discuss matters at convenience.
Tim Grover - 7 Harrington StreetTim has an excellent manner with clients, in particular vulnerable clients. Able to get to the heart of the issues quickly and produces very detailed and skillful schedules of loss.
Peter Harrison - St John's BuildingsHe is a persuasive advocate with an excellent technical knowledge of the law and procedure.
James Hogg - Deans Court ChambersA reasoned opinion is always offered. He is excellent on his feet and has a style of advocacy that suits the work he does.
James Hurd - 9 St John StreetVery solid, reliable and dependable barrister. Able to get to the point, advise clients without fuss and with considerable insight.
Michael Jones - Cobden House ChambersA skilled negotiator who is always meticulously prepared.
Charlotte Law - Kings ChambersShe is exceptional.
Ian Little - 9 St John StreetAs junior, Ian is unmatched.
Julie-Anne Luck - 9 St John StreetJulie-Anne has great attention to detail, is thorough, excellent on the technical issues and gives clear and cogent advice. She is very approachable and a pleasure to work with.
Anthony Mazzag - Cobden House ChambersVery personable and down to earth. Great with clients. He has a lovely manner and he is a very safe pair of hands.
Simon Mccann - Deans Court ChambersHe is excellent at cross examination in Casualty Fraud Trials. Picking out and focusing on the inconsistencies to support Fundamental Dishonesty findings. He is always willing to go the extra mile.
Brian McCluggage - 9 St John StreetHas a very good manner with clients and quickly gets to the nub of the claim.
Kirsty McKinlay - 9 St John StreetShe is very confident in conference and in addressing medical experts. She secures a good grasp of the case and issues in hand and manages to address these in a productive way. Her draft documents are very detailed.
Lee Nowland - Cobden House ChambersLee is an exceptional talent His attention to the detail of every single case and every aspect of it is second to none. He has a wonderful rapport with clients and always makes them feel at ease. His advocacy skills are the best I have ever seen for a junior.
Michael O'Neill - 9 St John StreetMichael is meticulous and thorough in his approach. He is easily able to and has a really ability to engage clients and put across complex issues in a way which is easy to understand.
Andrew Pickering - Atlantic Chamberstilises his vast knowledge of all areas of PI work to obtain the best possible result for his clients.
Simon Plaut - Kings ChambersThorough grasp of factual and legal issues, extremely forensic in examination of facts/evidence and excellent communicator, putting clients at ease. Attention to detail is obvious and impressive negotiator in JSM.
Yaqub Rahman - Oriel ChambersHe is friendly, approachable, and good on the papers and in person.
Kane Simons - 18 St John Street ChambersA personal injury junior who is on his way up. Establishes a good rapport with clients. Down to earth. Explains issues and thought processes clearly.
Matthew Stockwell - Exchange ChambersHe is excellent at getting to the heart of cases. He has a very good knowledge of relevant case law and the CPR and I know that I can rely upon his advice. He has excellent client care skills too and is flexible in his dealings with the clients and experts. He knows how to gain their trust. He plans cases ahead of time. Always keen to be helpful.
Philip De Berry - 9 St John StreetExcellent grasp of particularly complex medical and causation issues in unusual cases. He is most impressive when advising in conference with vulnerable clients who are often suffering a significant traumatic injury.
Zoe Earnshaw - Deans Court ChambersZoe was well prepared and very thorough in her approach. She provided high quality and pragmatic advice in this high value claim under pressure of time. She was extremely collaborative in her approach and very pleasant to work with.
Daniel Frieze - St John's BuildingsRobust and confident. Able to assimilate all facts quickly. Adaptable as the situation requires. Persuasive.
John Gray - Oriel ChambersHe is thorough, meticulous and has an eye for detail. He is a very able Barrister and his knowledge of the rules is exemplary.
Nicholas Grimshaw - Deans Court ChambersMr Grimshaw is extremely measured and has a calming influence on all around him, particularly when dealing with witnesses and lay clients. Technically, he is excellent and will always respond to requests for advice in a timely manner.
Abigail Holt - Garden Court ChambersHer mastery of both the facts and the law is impressive. Her written work is succinct and of a high standard. In court she is determined and thorough. Abigail has great empathy with clients, is technically brilliant and innovative, and is excellent at cross-examination.
Catherine Knowles - Exchange ChambersShe has particular expertise in military claims.
Mark Laprell - 18 St John Street ChambersMark is as good as any silk.
Fraser Lindsay - 7 Harrington StreetHe is a very reasoned and balanced thinker, but if instructed to take a different course of action to that which he has advised he will do so with the vigour. He does nothing by half measures.
Richard Livingston - Kings ChambersPuts clients at ease, explaining the most difficult issues to lay clients in a clear and friendly way. Excellent at getting to the bottom of what a claim is really about and how to win it. Prepares extremely well. Has produced excellent results at Show Cause hearings. Extremely capable in the fields of asbestos and Occupational disease generally.
Richard Livingston - Kings ChambersPuts clients at ease, explaining the most difficult issues to lay clients in a clear and friendly way. Excellent at getting to the bottom of what a claim is really about and how to win it. Prepares extremely well. Has produced excellent results at Show Cause hearings. Extremely capable in the fields of asbestos and Occupational disease generally.
Richard Livingston - Kings ChambersPuts clients at ease, explaining the most difficult issues to lay clients in a clear and friendly way. Excellent at getting to the bottom of what a claim is really about and how to win it. Prepares extremely well. Has produced excellent results at Show Cause hearings. Extremely capable in the fields of asbestos and Occupational disease generally.
Gavin McBride - Kings ChambersVery good with clients, they fully understand his role, when he becomes involved in a case and why. Gavin has a good relationship with all who instruct him at our firm.
Joseph Mulderig - 9 St John StreetHis forensic attention to detail, and tireless preparation of cases. He also has a very good manner with clients that puts them at ease immediately. he gets the nub of a case immediately. He is also an extremely capable advocate who without fails delivers excellent results. For a solicitor, the fact that he is easy to contact, and always able to give a common sense view of cases is priceless.
Helen Mulholland - Kings ChambersVery good with clients, very sensible approach and has a good understanding of the complexities of brain injury cases, comes up with sensible and pragmatic solutions.
Daniel Paul - Deans Court ChambersVery approachable and excellent with clients. Always available to discuss issues and tactics. Always provides very sensible, reasoned and well considered advice and whose opinion on matters I trust which is invaluable. Gets great results and will always fight our corner.
Sufiyan Rana  - St John's Buildings ‘Sufiyan is diligent and well organised, with very good client facing skills. He takes time to review matters thoroughly and is always happy to talk things through when faced with procedural or evidential issues that require particular attention.
Mark Roberts - 7 Harrington StreetMark is the strongest in the field practicing in motor insurance fraud. He is equally at home with esoteric technical arguments as he is with unpicking cases with a razor-sharp cross-examination at trial.
Jeremy Roussak - Kings ChambersFew are more fierce in a court room.
David Sandiford - Exchange ChambersExtremely effective at explaining complicated matters in straightforward terms for clients, articulate and personable at all times. Cuts through medical terminology in a straightforward manner when dealing with medical experts. Gives concise direct advice on paper with a thorough grasp of all the issues.
Sara Sutherland - Exchange ChambersSara is very clear, confident and efficient. She is good with clients and a safe pair of hands.
Zoë Thompson - 9 St John StreetZoë is a formidable advocate, tenacious and always well prepared with an eye for detail. Her written advices and pleadings are considered and are returned promptly within deadlines. From a defendant's perspective, she treats the money as her own and is fearless in cross-examination of claimants.
Andrew Ward - Exchange ChambersA lawyer of real quality. He is intellectually the equal of anybody. He has a wide and extensive knowledge of personal injury cases at the highest level and comes at them with balance, because he represents both Claimant and Defendant firms. Brings an intensity to cases that pays dividends.
Tim Wilkinson - 7 Harrington StreetMr Wilkinson has a practical and no nonsense approach to litigation. He is able to quickly grasp the salient points and succinctly advise on what is required evidentially to prove a particular issue.

Personal injury in Regional Bar

18 St John Street Chambers

The barristers at 18 St John Street Chambers cover all levels of work, from small claims to the most complex matters, including catastrophic injury claims and other high-value litigation, with specialist areas including road traffic accidents, employers’ liability, public liability, and product liability claims. Head of the civil and personal injury department, Kane Simons is 'a personal injury junior who is on his way up'. The 'very thorough' Elahe Youshani's practice encompasses a mix of higher value fast-track and multi-track cases, including road traffic accidents, employers’ liability, personal liability, industrial disease, occupiers’ liability. 'As good as a silk', Mark Laprell is also recommended.

Atlantic Chambers

Personal injury is a major area of work for members at Atlantic Chambers. Barristers are skilled in acting in road traffic accidents and associated credit hire claims, employers’ liability, public liability, and industrial disease, as well as clinical negligence. Described by one client as 'an excellent all-rounder' John Benson QC is a key member at the set, as is the 'excellentMichael Armstrong who solicitor say is 'a great advocate, and has a commendable work ethic, always reliable with papers. He is very good with any client from the most demanding to those needing the most support'. Andrew Pickering is another name to note as he is able to 'utilise his vast knowledge of all areas of PI work to obtain the best possible result for his clients'.

Garden Court Chambers

Formerly of Cobden House Chambers, and a new addition to Garden Court Chambers in London, Abigail Holt is described as being 'excellent in cross-examination' and undertakes a wide range of personal injury work including industrial disease, with considerable success in asbestos-related disease cases.

Oriel Chambers

Yaqub Rahman is a key practitioner at Oriel Chambers with regard to personal injury law. He is particularly experienced with defendant work, as well as cases involving complex medical causation arguments. John Gray is instructed in high-value litigation, including subtle brain injury cases, permanent restriction/diminution in the ability to work, industrial disease claims, and overseas accident claims.

Byrom Street Chambers

Byrom Street Chambers' personal injury team is home to a number of well-regarded barristers, especially at the silk end where they have been further strengthened relatively recently following the elevation of Peter Burns QC in 2019. Head of chambers Winston Hunter QC is instructed in significant cases arising out of claims for personal injuries, and is described by one client as having 'outstanding intellect'. Rhiannon Jones QC acts for both claimants and defendants in all types of personal injury claims but with particular expertise regarding quantum in spinal and brain injury claims. In one example of his work, Christopher Melton QC acted for a 19-year-old boy whose arm was caught in machinery at a waste recycling plant resulting in the arm having to be amputated in situ by a local surgeon. A five-day trial found the claimant to be 10% at fault, a decision which was later overturned on appeal for the client. At the junior end, Darrel Crilley 'is a highly-skilled, technical barrister' who works across the entire spectrum of claims ranging from serious brain injury through functional neurological disorders to life-changing polytrauma.

Exchange Chambers

The 'highly intelligent' Bill Braithwaite QC is an experienced member of the large personal injury team at Exchange Chambers, and is regularly instructed in high-value claims compensation for catastrophically injured claimants. The team, which has strength in depth at all levels, handles high-value, complex cases involving injuries of the utmost severity, fatal accidents, industrial disease, and severe brain and catastrophic spinal cord injuries. Also among the set's silks, the 'pragmatic and considered' Gerard Martin QC specialises in brain injury and spinal injury cases for adults and children, and Louis Browne QC is noted by one client for his 'excellent interpersonal skills' and has particular experience of pain syndrome and related claims. At the junior end, Laura Gooding 'provides an approachable and prompt service with clear, understandable advice'; Christopher Barnes is considered to be 'a QC in waiting' and has a specialism in military claims for claimants, while Catherine Knowles is regularly instructed to act on behalf of government departments for injuries to service personnel, often with the claims involving substantial claims for future loss of earnings and pension.

9 St John Street

Members at 9 St John Street accept instructions from claimants and defendants alike and act for trade unions, insurers, public bodies, and private clients. Members are specialists in catastrophic injury work, industrial disease claims, and low impact and fraudulent road traffic claims. Head of chambers Christopher Kennedy QC 'is renowned for his exceptional ability in handling catastrophic injury claims'. He is currently acting for the defendant in Bennion v Conway, a catastrophic spinal injury case that raises issues about the extent to which participants in sports with an element of danger have to be protected from risk. The set has a strong bench of leading juniors such as the 'very able' Matthew Snarr who has a caseload predominantly consisting of High Court cases with a value exceeding £500,000 and up to £10m; a former law firm partner, the 'thorough' Julie-Anne Luck has an established multi-track practice covering complex issues in road traffic accidents and employers' liability claims; Philip De Berry has a broad PI practice but with a niche in historical sexual abuse claims in which he 'navigates the sensitive issues very well.'; a 'great advocate', Zoë Thompson is head of the set's travel team and has experience of cases that involve dishonesty and/or credibility issues.

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court Chambers has 'a wealth of talent at their disposal' offering 'quality counsel who also are personable and approachable' for claimants and defendants alike. Providing 'a balanced and fair view and achieves great outcomes', Jonathan Grace acts for claimants and defendants in high value, complex cases including fatal accidents. 'Impressive to watch', Alex Taylor was instructed to represent a family following a fatal accident in which the father was killed, achieving a substantial six-figure settlement. An 'effective advocate', David Boyle has been kept busy with a diverse range of high-value claims, as well as more than 100 trials for longstanding client TUI in respect of holiday sickness claims. James Hogg is instructed in a broad spectrum of claims from road traffic accidents to industrial disease and occupational stress claims, with an emphasis on cases involving dishonest fabrication or exaggeration. He successfully represented a defendant in a claim brought on behalf of two minors; the litigation friend was found to be fundamentally dishonest. Simon McCann acted for the insurer in AXA v Masud, a £250,000 personal injury claim where the defendant was given a 16-month sentence for contempt of court having exaggerated the effects of his injury. 'Well prepared and very thorough in her approach,' Zoe Earnshaw is instructed by the defence in high-value, complex catastrophic injury claims, including those with allegations of fraud or overinflation of damages.

Kings Chambers

The personal injury team at Kings Chambers deals with brain and spinal injury cases as well as offering strategic advice to many leading insurers and large self-insured organisations. The 'down-to-earth, pragmatic and sensible' Dr Nicholas Braslavsky QC acts for both claimants and defendants in cases of maximum severity or complexity and has a large portfolio of high-value cases. With an 'encyclopaedic knowledge of the law', Michael Rawlinson QC's practice covers asbestos litigation, major trauma, aviation accidents, claims arising from military life, and inquests. Gerard McDermott QC is well-respected in the field of high-value brain and spinal injury cases, as well as cross-border personal injury litigation. Among the junior ranks, Fiona Ashworth 'has unrivalled knowledge and experience when it comes to chronic pain cases'; Richard Livingston is an expert in industrial disease practice focuses almost exclusively on asbestos-related litigation; Stephen Maguire recently appeared in two cases of note: JG (A Protected Party) v Ellis and CE (A Protected Party) v The estate of Mr Jason Jones (deceased) (1) The estate of Adrian Falcon-Wilson (deceased) (2) & MIB (3). Nigel Poole QC has been appointed a Justice of the High Court and will start his new appointment on 1 October 2020.

7 Harrington Street

7 Harrington Street's personal injury team is instructed by the leading law firms in the area in both the defendant and claimant space.' Able to get to the heart of the issues quickly', chambers' head of civil and catastrophic injuries Tim Grover is regularly instructed in claims involving complex issues of medical causation and high-value claims. 'Reasoned and balanced thinkerFraser Lindsay has experience in a wide field of personal injury matters with a particular emphasis on employers’ liability, public liability, and road traffic accidents. A 'class senior junior with a silk's PI practice', Tim Wilkinson specialises in catastrophic brain, spinal cord injury, and amputation cases. 'Tenacious, but with an easy, charming style in court', former solicitor Mark Roberts works exclusively for defendants and their insurance companies in defence of fraudulent personal injury claims and associated credit hire.

Cobden House Chambers

'A friendly and down to earth set', the personal injury team at Cobden House Chambers acts on behalf of claimants and defendants in a range of matters including small claims, fast track, and multi-track matters involving major multi-million-pound litigation. In instructions of note, Richard Hartley QC, leading Lee Nowland, successfully acted for the claimant in a £10m tetraplegia claim following a road traffic accident (RTA). Marc Willems QC deals with the most serious personal injury and clinical negligence litigation and has extensive experience of claims involving foreign nationals. 'A skilled negotiator', Michael Jones specialises in group litigation and catastrophic personal injury litigation, particularly brain injury litigation. Described by one client as 'a safe pair of hands', Anthony Mazzag's claimant and defendant practice includes high-value claims arising from fatal accidents at work and RTAs.

St John's Buildings

The team at St John's Buildings deals with all aspects of personal injury and related litigation. With 'a strong belief in access to justice', Michael Redfern QC is a go-to silk for claimants suffering from either catastrophic or brain injuries. Leading Sufiyan Rana, Redfern QC successfully acted in a high-value claim for a front-seat passenger who, following a road traffic accident (RTA), suffered a moderately severe traumatic brain injury and later attempted suicide. The pair are also acting for Chris Tuson, a professional rugby league player who retired having sustained spinal injuries following an unsafe training drill. Also at the junior end, the 'robust and confident' Daniel Frieze heads the personal injury group in chambers, acting for both claimants and defendants in catastrophic injury claims. Richard Norton 'has a lovely manner with clients' and has a broad practice covering clinical negligence, personal injury, and industrial disease practitioner, but specialising in complex, expert-heavy cases. Peter Harrison has extensive knowledge of employers' liability, public liability, sports injury, and RTA claims, and holds a particular interest in product liability and motorsport-related cases. Philip Grundy is a go-to for claims involving brain injury, amputation, or para/tetraplegic cases.