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Leading Juniors

Erica Bedford - Kings ChambersAlways stunningly well prepared. Excellent advocate with great courtroom presence.
Paul Hughes - Kings ChambersA very able and experienced costs lawyer.
Kevin Latham - Kings ChambersKevin is never flustered by anything that is thrown at him and is able to argue his point in the clearest manner. He commands the respect of all of his opponents and the judiciary and has earned a reputation as a leading costs junior through a high number of excellent results.
Craig Ralph - Kings ChambersWell prepared, technically excellent and persuasive advocate.
Matthew Smith - Kings ChambersHe has a great eye for detail.
Richard Wilcock - Exchange ChambersRichard's ability to absorb the information and get to the heart of the issues mean that he can always be relied upon to provide sound, proactive and well reasoned advice.

Costs in Regional Bar

Exchange Chambers

Richard Wilcock  is the key name and head of the costs team at Exchange Chambers. Wilcock regularly advises solicitors, costs lawyers and other barristers on all aspects of costs, including funding, recoverability of additional liabilities, retainers, cost budgeting, security for costs and solicitor and client assessments. High-profile costs cases that Wilcock has been instructed in over the last few years include a case involving challenges by the defendant on matters of conduct during the detailed assessment process under CPR 44.11.  and whether such issues could and should have been raised before the original trial judge.

Kings Chambers

The large costs team at Kings Chambers 'offer several highly skilled and technically brilliant costs counsel. Their combined knowledge and expertise on the area of costs is unlike any other chambers in the Northern circuit'. Members are instructed for all sides in costs matters, as well as acting as mediators, often in clinical negligence costs cases. The team’s instructions vary from high-value detailed assessment, non-contentious advice, retainer drafting, solicitor own client disputes, appeals, and general advisory work. Therefore, the team 'can all be relied upon to deliver excellent service in the costs arena'. Key names at the set include Kevin Latham, Paul Hughes, Matthew Smith, Erica Bedford, and Craig Ralph.