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Leading Silks

Darryl Allen KC – Byrom Street ChambersDarryl is always fully prepared and all over the detail, and as a result of which he is totally at ease with the evidence on paper and orally. His cross-examination is laser sharp, his ability to marshal and assimilate large amounts of evidence as the case evolves is second-to-none, his presentation of the evidence is compelling and engaging, and he has a team approach and is totally committed to each case.’
Bill Braithwaite KCExchange Chambers 'Bill has an excellent grasp of the practicalities of living with disabilities. He is very assured in settlement negotiations and has an excellent rapport with clients.'
Nicholas Braslavsky KCKings ChambersNick is highly professional, trustworthy, and always polite and warming towards clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and works with those instructing him closely; he is an excellent team player and, once instructed, is fully invested in the case. In the most complex of cases, he provides solutions, thinks outside the box, and provides mentorship to those working with him as to alternative ways to approach any given legal problem or scenario.’
Sally Hatfield KC – Byrom Street ChambersSally is devastatingly effective in achieving successful outcomes in large conferences with experts and in negotiation with the defendant. She is fiercely intelligent and on top of her brief at all times, highly pragmatic in finding great solutions and in moving cases forward, and very efficient with her time and in turning around papers.’
David Heaton KC – Byrom Street Chambers ‘David's advice is reasoned and thorough in nature. He is always very responsive and he will do all he can to assist.'
Winston Hunter KC – Byrom Street ChambersIn addition to being technically excellent, Winston is a very approachable silk who gives clear advice to families who have often gone through, and are going through, an exceptionally traumatic and difficult time. The issues being addressed in these cases are often both complex and at times distressing, but he deals with them with sensitivity and in a clear manner so that the family understand the reasons behind the advice being given.’
Rhiannon Jones KC – Byrom Street Chambers 'Rhiannon is a formidable advocate. She grasps very complex issues and digests a huge volume of evidence swiftly, she is firm and clear with the client, and she engenders huge respect from everyone.'
Christopher Melton KC – Byrom Street Chambers 'Christopher is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and tactically very proficient. He is lovely with clients and he has an endlessly calm manner that puts clients at ease.'
Sarah Pritchard KCKings ChambersSarah is ferociously intelligent and reassuringly detail-oriented. She is immensely skilled in managing matters with complex issues and working with experts and voluminous evidence to build a robust case.'
James Rowley KC – Byrom Street ChambersJames is hugely experienced and his attention to details makes him a formidable advocate and negotiator. He has in-depth knowledge of cerebral palsy cases and is tenacious in achieving the very best result for his client.’
Stephen Grime KC – Deans Court Chambers 'Stephen has a wealth of experience. He is an excellent tactician and good with clients.'
Simon Kilvington KC – Byrom Street ChambersSimon gets to grips with very complex matters quickly and efficiently, and he is always thoroughly prepared. He has a very calm and measured approach which reassures clients, and he is excellent at summarising the key issues in terminology clients can easily understand.’
David Knifton KCExchange Chambers ‘David is an excellent barrister who is always prepared for a fight. He is a great advocate who has the confidence to cross-examine and also to challenge defendants on difficult points, and he is the first port of call for a difficult case.'
Gerard Martin KCExchange Chambers 'Gerard can deal with complex, high-value cases and he is very good with clients.'
Gerard McDermott KC – Kings Chambers 'Gerard is a titan of the clinical negligence and personal injury sector with an international reputation as an utterly formidable barrister and a phenomenal advocate. He is eloquent and articulate, sympathetic to clients who absolutely adore him and his tenacious, powerful approach, and he gets the best results and fights like a hardened warrior to ensure his clients get outstanding outcomes.'
Lauren Sutherland KC – Byrom Street Chambers 'Lauren brings a calm and intuitive approach whereby she can relate to clients who have suffered hardship, while maintaining a professional integrity and providing top-level advice.'

2022 Silks

Christopher Barnes KC – Exchange Chambers ‘Christopher is the barrister of choice in catastrophic injury claims, brain injury claims, and clinical negligence. He has a great rapport with clients and their families, he is methodical, and he has has the ability to simplify the most complex issue and area of law and medicine.'

2023 Silks

Helen Mulholland KCKings ChambersHelen has an excellent ability to build rapport with clients as she is a consummate professional, empathetic, and personable. Her advice is clear, well-considered and concise, and she is very impressive in both her oral and written advocacy.’
Mary Ruck KC – Byrom Street Chambers 'Mary is extremely thorough with an eye for detail, leaving no stone unturned. She is excellent at explaining complex legal issues to clients and experts alike.'

Leading Juniors

Darrel Crilley – Byrom Street ChambersDarrel is engaging when it comes to conferences with clients and can get the best out of instructed experts. He is firm but fair with dealings with the defendants, he is well-reasoned with judges, superbly prepared for hearings, and his written advice is succinct and to the point.’
Chris GutteridgeExchange ChambersChris is a highly intelligent and skilled barrister whose preparation is detailed and analysis of the law and the facts is thorough. He maintains a very personable manner with solicitors and clients alike, and is rightly in demand for high-value clinical negligence cases.'
Victoria Heyworth - Kings Chambers  ‘Victoria is always exceptionally well-prepared and her attention to detail is impressive. Her understanding of medical and dental terminology and issues mean that her advice is pragmatic and well considered, and as an advocate, she is extremely focused and her preparation and attention to detail is second to none.’
Kirsty McKinlay – Chambers of Christopher Kennedy KC ‘Kirsty has great attention to detail, is always on hand if the need arises, and is a real team player.'
Stephen McNamara – Byrom Street Chambers ‘Stephen is incredibly hard-working, he has a wealth of experience, and he leaves no stone unturned in liability investigations. He is down-to-earth with clients, he works collaboratively with instructing solicitors, and the quality of his drafting is excellent.’
Joseph Mulderig9 St John StreetJoseph is forensic in his preparation of every case that he is instructed on. He is well-prepared and has a thorough knowledge of all issues in the case, his client care skills are excellent, and he is a skilled and persuasive advocate who understands the key issues, focusing on the important issues.’
Kevin NaylorExchange Chambers Kevin’s background of medical knowledge is a true asset, having previously practiced as a medical professional. He tackles complex, high-value medical negligence cases with confidence, stoicism, and ease. He always has a clear vision as to how to structure the case and guide the clients throughout the medico-legal process, and experts thoroughly enjoy working with him and perceive him as a relatable, high-calibre barrister.’
Richard Norton – St John’s BuildingsRichard has a great manner with clients and is able to put them at ease. He is always well-prepared and thorough in conference, his written work is clear and comprehensive, his advice is always measured, and his critical analysis of evidence is first rate.’
Michael Smith – Deans Court Chambers 'Michael has a very pleasant manner with clients, medical experts, and his opposite number. He is very persuasive at round table meetings and in court and he is able to summarise complex legal and medical issues for both clients and with experts.'
Claire StewardKings ChambersClaire has a sharp and incisive mind and she is unflustered in advocacy, even in the face of extreme provocation. She does superb preparation, has a startlingly good memory, and has an eye for details that nobody else has previously picked out.’
Matthew StockwellExchange ChambersMatthew is strong in achieving outstanding outcomes for his clients. His approach to clients is sympathetic yet practical in seeing a way through very complex issues.'
Richard BorrettKings Chambers ‘Richard is very approachable and down-to-earth, and he puts clients at ease and overcomes any issues in doing so when undertaking remote conferences. He is always well-prepared and he adopts very much a team approach to a case.’
Louise Green – Kings Chambers 'Louise is a highly effective communicator, a passionate and tenacious advocate, and will not be intimidated in court. She is able to get to the heart of a case very quickly and that means that she is tactically astute from the very early stages.'
Philip Grundy – St John’s Buildings 'Philip is a barrister with exceptional strengths in his profession; he is a fearless advocator, logical in his approach, empathetic towards clients, and methodical and concise in his work. He is able to get to the heart of the matter and provide compelling arguments in support of his clients, and his exceptional skills make him an excellent choice for anyone in need of a skilled and dedicated barrister.'
Charlotte LawKings ChambersCharlotte's written work and pleadings are always to an exceptionally high standard. Her knowledge of medical negligence cases is strong, resulting in her being able to provide thorough and comprehensive advice.'
Richard Livingston – Kings Chambers 'Richard is passionate about getting the absolute best result for his client. He is commercially minded, he is extremely hard working, and when he says he will meet a deadline, he will.'
Julie-Anne Luck – 9 St John StreetJulie-Anne will get to the heart of the relevant issues quickly and come up with a plan to deal with them. Her written advice and pleadings are excellent.'
Gemma McGungle – 18 St John Street Chambers ‘Gemma quickly grasps the issues in a case and assimilates large pieces of evidence to provide clear and effective advice on the issues. She understands the litigation process and ensures her advice is practical.'
Sara Sutherland – Exchange Chambers 'Sara is extremely reliable and safe pair of hands. She is able to turn round work really quickly and has a great ability to connect with all clients regardless of the trauma that they have suffered.'
Christian Taylor – Exchange Chambers ‘Christian is clear and considered in his approach with the court, clients, and solicitors. He is approachable and empathetic, and he uses his considerable knowledge of the law and process to act as adversary or collaborator as is appropriate, representing the facts of a case and using the law to argue the best possible outcome.’
Henry Vanderpump – St John’s Buildings ‘Henry is hardworking and diligent, tactically astute, well-prepared for conference work, provides a high standard of written work when instructed to prepare papers such as pleadings and advice notes, and he is robust in dealing with court hearings.’
Jason Wells – Byrom Street Chambers 'Jason is highly analytical and logical, and always forensically reviews a case. He is always happy to discuss cases to get the solicitor's view and his pleadings are very good.'
Alastair Wright – St John’s BuildingsAlastair has a calm and reassuring manner in even the most challenging of cases. As a result, he is greatly appreciated by clients, and his straightforward approach makes him a very impressive advocate.'

Rising Stars

Rebecca Titus-Cobb – St John’s Buildings 'Rebecca is a very thorough expert who is always very prepared ahead of conferences. During conferences, she is very good with experts and clients and is effective at managing experts and ensuring evidence and conclusions are clear.'

Clinical negligence in Regional Bar

Byrom Street Chambers

Majority-silk set Byrom Street Chambers has members with ‘unparalleled expertise in clinical negligence work’, who often appear in highly complex catastrophic injury claims for both claimants and defendants. Head of chambers Winston Hunter KC predominantly handles cases concerning clinicians’ breach of duty and birth injury claims, the latter also being an area of expertise for James Rowley KCDavid Heaton KC acts for both claimants and defendants in significant brain and spinal injury cases, and Rhiannon Jones KC has experience handling fatal accident claims arising from negligent medical treatment. Darryl Allen KC is highly skilled in advising on cases of failed diagnoses. Mary Ruck KC was appointed to silk in the 2023 round - she has expertise in cases involving vulnerable people with psychiatric injuries.


‘Steve Price is entirely accessible, quick to respond, and appreciative of solicitors’ requirements. He has a good knowledge of listing issues on the circuit and is able to resolve conflicts utilising his particular skills and knowledge.’

‘Byrom Street Chambers is fortunate to have an exemplary senior clerk, Steve Price, who has always impressed with his drive to improve service standards. He is an astute problem solver and his attentive approach is mirrored by all his team. They are by far the best clerking team in the region.’

‘The clerks are outstanding; finding ways to rearrange diaries so as to accommodate conferences often with very limited expert availability or hearings at short notice. Steve Price and Matthew Tudor are particularly exceptional in ensuring the smooth running of Chambers.’

‘The clerks are great and always do their best to meet needs. Lucy Bardsley is particularly brilliant!’

‘The clerks are excellent, in particular Steve Price.’

‘Byrom Street Chambers has been at the top of its game for many years and continues to maintain a high level of service. There are numerous counsel with significant expertise in high-value, complex cases and they each command respect amongst claimant and defendant solicitors and opposing counsel.’

‘Top draw; indeed, quite simply at the top of the excellence spectrum for chambers in Manchester. Their KCs are utilised by both sides and are at the top of their game.’

‘Excellent and well-known set of senior counsel specialising in catastrophic clinical negligence cases. Have been involved in many of the well-known senior courts’ decisions in recent years.’

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers has ‘a strength and depth of knowledge which is unrivalled.’ Its clinical negligence team acts for a range of private and publicly funded claimants, as well as defendants that include hospitals, NHS organisations, medical defence organisations, and insurance bodies. Head of chambers Bill Braithwaite KC represents claimants exclusively, and he handles cases involving catastrophic brain and spinal injuries. David Knifton KC represents claimants in cases stemming from high-value obstetric injuries, failures or delays in diagnosis and consent issues, and claims against alternative medical practitioners. Christopher Barnes KC has a specialism in military-related clinical negligence claims. The set is also home to Kevin Naylor, whose practice benefits hugely from his previous experience as a doctor, and Matthew Stockwell is another key name of note, focusing exclusively on brain, spinal, and other life-changing injuries.


‘Neil Wright, Rachel Williams, and Sarah Rotherham are all excellent. They are very responsive and always willing to find a workaround and accommodate requests.’

‘Leigh Daniels is a very approachable and accommodating clerk.’

‘Leigh Daniels is extremely efficient, friendly, and helpful, and always acknowledges instructions or requests promptly. It always feels as if nothing is too much trouble for him.’

‘Leigh Daniels is exceptional in his efficiency, organisational skills, and approachability. He responds with lightning speed to all emails and enquiries.’

‘Neil Wright is an exceptional clerk with fantastic knowledge.’

‘Exchange Chambers are the complete set of barrister’s chambers for clinical negligence work. They also have impressive training programmes in clinical negligence claims.’

‘This is an impressively strong set. They have a strength and depth of knowledge which is unrivalled.’

‘Exchange Chambers is highly rated. The barristers are technically excellent and are very personable, and the chambers offer excellent, high-quality training.’

Kings Chambers

‘A leading clinical negligence set in the Northern Circuit’, Kings Chambers has ‘a fantastic reputation with a well-established practice’. Its members handle claimant and defendant work for instructing solicitors nationally. Sarah Pritchard KC has substantial experience representing clients in birth damage claims, cauda equina cases, and surgical negligence. Nicholas Braslavsky KC handles high-value claims that often concern perinatal asphyxia and cerebral palsy, in addition to misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses, and negligent surgery. The set is also home to Helen Mulholland KC, who took silk in the 2023 round and she undertakes cases involving birth injury and complex paediatric neurological cases, and Richard Borrett, who represents both claimants and defendants in a variety of matters, including surgical, dental, general practice, and maternity-related cases. Charlotte Law has an established clinical negligence practice, handling complex matters of medicine and law, and Claire Steward is skilled in complicated issues of liability and high-value claims.


‘The clerks are always helpful and work very hard to accommodate difficult or complex requests. Steve Loxton and Paul Clarke both provide helpful, calm, and consistent support.’

‘The clerks are efficient and helpful, particularly Stephen Loxton, who is organised and efficient.’

‘Stephen Loxton and Paul Clarke are excellent, approachable, friendly, and always willing to assist. Leanne Martin and Aaron Smith are also highly recommendable.’

‘Leanne Martin is responsive and provides good service.’

‘The clerks are friendly, helpful, polite, really efficient, and accommodating. Steve Loxton is great and very responsive.’

‘Kings Chambers has a solid reputation in the clinical negligence arena with good quality counsel spanning all levels of qualification. Kings offers breadth and depth.’

‘A leading clinical negligence set in the Northern Circuit. A fantastic reputation with a well-established practice. A good choice of Silks, all with a strong track record in this field.’

‘Kings Chambers is the set of choice. Whoever you instruct will be highly intelligent and will offer good common sense and initiative to the instructions and queries they are sent. Kings Chambers has an extremely professional yet friendly approach towards those instructing them. They commit and work as a team with those instructing them.’

St John's Buildings

St John’s Buildings is praised as ‘an excellent chambers providing a good selection of solid barristers in the clinical negligence field’. One such member is Philip Grundy, who has significant expertise in handling cases around consent and cauda equina, in addition to delayed diagnosis of illnesses. The set is also home to Henry Vanderpump, who works almost exclusively for claimants, and his cases often involve complex surgical procedures and delayed cancer diagnoses. Like Vanderpump, Richard Norton also focuses on claimant work, especially cases regarding surgical negligence and negligent post-operative care. Alastair Wright has a well-established clinical negligence practice, and Rebecca Titus-Cobb is another notable name, acting for claimants and defendants, including NHS trusts.


‘Chris Shaw and Martin Craggs provide a first-class service supporting counsel in this area of law. They add the personal touch to communications with chambers and will always endeavour to do their utmost to facilitate requests.’

‘Martin Craggs and Jennifer Carr are both helpful when arranging diaries and setting up discussions.’

‘The clerks are all very helpful. Chris Shaw and Martin Craggs have a wealth of experience between them.’

‘Martin Craggs is an excellent clerk; very efficient and helpful.’

‘The clerks are very helpful, particularly with new matters and recommending appropriate counsel. Martin Craggs is very friendly and helpful, as well as Paul Reeves, Chris Shaw, and Jennifer Carr. All the clerks at chambers are fantastic.’

‘A great set of chambers with a variety of barristers who have a range of experience to assist on a range of matters.’

‘St John’s Buildings have a diverse range of barristers and on several occasions have been willing to provide barrister cover on short notice for hearings.’

‘St John’s Buildings is an excellent chambers providing a good selection of solid barristers in the clinical negligence field. They offer great training opportunities on a regular basis covering a wide range of medico-legal and procedural topics.’

9 St John Street

9 St John Street has a ‘wide range of skilled counsel’ in the clinical negligence team, which is led by Kirsty McKinlay; she is highly adept at handling cases with complex causation arguments, and matters where there is a suggestion of exaggeration of injuries. Joseph Mulderig mainly represents claimants, but he also represents defendants from the private medical sector. His instructions usually involve large loss and complex medical issues. Julie-Anne Luck is another notable name in the team.


‘The clerks are a pleasure to work with, and Phillip Spencer can always be relied upon.’

‘From Tony Morrissey to Joe Gibson and Phillip Spencer, they are always on hand and will go out of their way to assist, even in difficult cases and with last-minute instructions.’

‘The clerks, particularly Phillip Spencer and Joe Gibson, are always very helpful, professional, and approachable. They deal with queries quickly.’

Atlantic Chambers

The members of the clinical negligence team at Atlantic Chambers act solely on behalf of claimants and they handle a wide range of cases, including complex obstetric, orthopaedic, surgical and neurological cases, matters regarding general practice, psychiatry and dentistry-related cases. Elizabeth Francis almost exclusively works on clinical negligence cases, and is highly skilled in mandates concerning delayed diagnosis. John Benson KC, who is another notable name in the clinical negligence space, leads the team.

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court Chambers‘ clinical negligence team consists of a ‘good range of clinical negligence counsel at various levels of seniority.’ Victoria Heyworth acts on behalf of both claimants and defendants, and her cases often involve complex causation and procedural and technical difficulty. The set is also home to Michael Smith, who primarily represents defendants in cases involving cauda equina, amputations, and delayed diagnoses of cancer and other conditions. Stephen Grime KC is another key member of the set with considerable experience in cases involving birth injuries.


‘Pete Conwell is particularly helpful.’

‘The clerks at Deans Court Chambers are all very pleasant and helpful, and will try to accommodate short deadlines. They have a number of barristers who specialise in clinical negligence.’

‘Andy Flannigan and Matt Gibbons on are the perfect clerks; polite, courteous, personable, helpful, and impactful.’