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Leading Silks

Darryl Allen KCByrom Street ChambersDarryl is an exceptional barrister. He is highly intelligent and his attention to detail is superb. He is a formidable advocate, both in court and in settlement meetings, and he couples this with a very warm and reassuring manner with clients. He has vast experience of clinical negligence cases, particularly those involving catastrophic injury.’
Nicholas Braslavsky KCKings ChambersNick is enormously experienced. He is authoritative but approachable. Clients love him and always feel that they are in the best possible hands. He gets amazing results and will only accept settlement on the best possible terms. He commands respect from judges, barristers and clients.’
Sally Hatfield KCByrom Street ChambersSally is incisive, highly intelligent, very thorough and thoughtful in her approach to all cases. She is brilliant at getting the best out of experts. She is also highly compassionate about the client at the centre of the litigation. She is clear and practical in her approach and a pleasure to work with in highly complex cases.'
David Heaton KCByrom Street Chambers ‘David is excellent with clients and is able to put them at ease immediately. He has extensive experience and skills, and quickly grasps all the issues, enabling clear and concise advice and a great advocacy style.’
Winston Hunter KCByrom Street ChambersWinston is highly intelligent with a thorough approach and he is also very personable.'
Christopher Melton KCByrom Street Chambers ‘Christopher is tactically astute, excellent with clients and experts, an excellent negotiator, and very experienced at trial and in appellate courts.'
Sarah Pritchard KCKings ChambersSarah is a trusted, safe pair of hands handling complex, high value medical negligence cases with ease and pragmatism. Whilst enormously personable and down to earth in her approach and manner with clients and opponents, she is formidable in settlement negotiations, ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved.’
James Rowley KCByrom Street ChambersJames is exceptional in all aspects; highly respected by clients and medical experts and a brilliant strategist, whose attention to detail delivers incredible results for clients.'
John Benson KCAtlantic Chambers 'John is excellent all round. He is quick and efficient with paperwork and very good with clients.'
Simon Kilvington KCByrom Street ChambersSimon is brilliant with clients and takes the time to explain things carefully in complex cases. He can get to the nub of an issue really quickly. His negotiating is excellent, he is astute and gets really good results.'
David Knifton KCExchange ChambersClients trust in him completely and he will fight tooth and nail to get the best result possible. He has a forensic, yet down-to-earth, relaxed approach; he meticulously analyses cases and explores all avenues to ensure excellent results are achieved. He has an abundance of experience with clinical negligence catastrophic injury claims. He works tirelessly and is always available to provide prompt, clear, effective advice. His attention to detail is second to none. A thorough silk with unrivalled determination and skill..’
Gerard Martin KCExchange Chambers 'Gerard is very knowledgable in complex cases, particularly involving amputation and brain injury. He is always helpful and very good with clients, he has great knowledge in relation to rehabilitation in cases, and he deals with very complex, high value cases effectively and with great skill.'

2022 Silks

Christopher Barnes KC – Exchange Chambers ‘Chris is an outstanding barrister and someone that instructing solicitors trust completely with the most serious clinical negligence cases. He has a great ability to simplify the most complex issue which is exactly what you want when dealing with clinical negligence claims. He is thorough, analytical and responsive. He is a strong advocate and an excellent and safe pair of hands in this particular area. He is the complete barrister.

Leading Juniors

Darrel CrilleyByrom Street ChambersDarrel has a friendly approach which immediately puts clients at ease. He explains things clearly, his analysis of cases is excellent and he is always very well prepared.'
Elizabeth FrancisAtlantic ChambersElizabeth is very knowledgeable about clinical negligence claims and can speak from experience when she comments on the likely position taken by the defendants in clinical negligence claims, which is very helpful. She is willing to assist with any claim and is always happy to provide an informal view when questions arise. She is thorough, enthusiastic and able to build fantastic rapport with clients.’
Chris GutteridgeExchange Chambers A fabulous junior who quickly gets to the heart of a claim to bring matters to a speedy and effective resolution. A fantastic understanding of difficult claims, providing clear and effective advice with practical solutions. Very well received by claimants and lawyers and an absolute pleasure to work with. He is friendly, approachable and a good tactician. He is logical, extremely knowledgeable and an extremely capable junior well beyond his call.’
Victoria HeyworthDeans Court ChambersVictoria is highly personable, approachable, very thorough and a good negotiator.'
Kirsty McKinlay – 9 St John Street 'Kirsty has a friendly and approachable style which is appreciated by the client and the instructing solicitor. She is thorough in her assessment of the papers, providing firm and clear advice. She works well with experts in conference and manages confidently to resolve any ambiguities within their reports.'
Stephen McNamara – Byrom Street Chambers ‘Stephen adopts a detailed, thorough approach to all cases, and he is supportive and considerate of clients.’
Helen MulhollandKings ChambersHelen is extremely professional with good quality work. She has the ability to be empathetic in the right situations, but also firmer when appropriate for a particular case.’
Richard NortonSt John’s BuildingsA magnificent and experienced barrister who is exquisite on his feet and excellent on paper. He has a very calm, composed and friendly approach that lay clients adore. He fights hard for his clients and gets the best results possible. He is methodical and tactically astute and always willing to go the extra mile and explain complex matters with simplicity. A marvellous barrister and a leading senior junior.’
Mary RuckByrom Street ChambersMary is forensic and considered in her approach. She is excellent at plugging evidential gaps in cases. She is firm and fair with clients which engenders respect.'
Michael SmithDeans Court Chambers 'Michael produces pleadings and documents of high quality. Mike is very approachable, is able to handle difficult issues sensitively in conferences with experts, clients and with the opposing side.'
Claire StewardKings ChambersClaire  pairs a very sharp mind with attention to detail, but importantly with the wisdom and confidence to tease out what really matters and discard the rest, such that a case is never mired in pointless arguments. She is always well-prepared, disarmingly grounded, and unflappable even in the face of unreasonable levels of provocation.’
Richard BorrettKings Chambers ‘Richard is approachable and he has an excellent rapport with clients and experts. He is contactable which is vital in this area of law where involvement of counsel is crucial and time sensitive. Richard works very hard to get the best outcome for a client and has a very detailed knowledge of law and the medicine that our cases require.’
Philip GrundySt John’s Buildings  'Philip is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, client-friendly barrister. He is very experienced and analytical, methodically considering expert opinion and quickly highlighting issues, both medical and legal. Philip does not accept expert opinion at face value and will only do so after detailed analysis. Philip is a robust barrister with 'fire in his belly.'
Charlotte LawKings ChambersCharlotte is very thorough in her approach to cases. She is excellent in conference with both experts and the clients. Issues that are discussed are often complex medically and legally and she is able to deal with both in a way that is sympathetic to the client while also getting the most from the experts.
Julie-Anne Luck – 9 St John StreetHer previous career as a solicitor provides her with an extra insight into the challenges faced by those instructing her. She is smart, friendly and gets the job done.’
Gemma McGungle18 St John Street Chambers ‘Gemma is very approachable and put clients at ease when meeting them in person. They capably assimilate substantial information and from this are able to identify clearly the issues in the case. Their advice is detailed without being too wordy and clear, leaving no ambiguity over their views or the reasons for this, which is invaluable to an instructing solicitor. They are always willing to discuss the case and genuinely interested in their instructing solicitor’s views and experience of the case or clients.'
Joseph Paul Mulderig9 St John StreetJoseph is always extremely well prepared and has a forensic grasp of the detail of every single case. The client always receives clear, well thought through advice. At all times, he is very good with lay clients in ensuring that complex issues are made easy to understand.’
Kevin NaylorExchange Chambers ‘Extremely good with clients. His medical knowledge is very helpful when dealing with complex clinical negligence cases. He deals with high-value cases and he is always willing to take the time to explain the case to the client in a clear and concise way.'
Matthew StockwellExchange ChambersMatthew has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law relating to clinical negligence claims. His input to drafting the opening and closing submissions at trial is invaluable. He is always ready and willing to provide expert witness recommendations based on first-hand experience.’
Christian Taylor  – Exchange Chambers  ‘Christian advises on evidence with clarity and focus to tactically achieve the best outcome for claimants, without bamboozling clients. He is popular with colleagues, solicitors and clients, easy to work with, efficient, approachable, driven and hard working.’
Henry VanderpumpSt John’s Buildings ‘Henry is very thorough and efficient. He has a good manner with clients and produces a helpful sheet of issues prior to conference with the client.'
Jason WellsByrom Street Chambers 'A very good senior junior who will always ensure that the solicitor is involved in the decision-making process. Pleadings are concise and robust and he has a very logical approach to cases.'
Alastair WrightSt John’s BuildingsAlastair is a tried and trusted advisor who will always consider the concerns of the client no matter how small. He is an excellent advocate and his drafting skills are superb. He has a common sense approach and is a pleasure to work alongside.'

Clinical negligence in Regional Bar

Byrom Street Chambers

Byrom Street Chambers is ‘an excellent set‘ with a ‘very experienced clinical negligence team.’ Winston Hunter KC heads a Silk-heavy chambers which is also home to Christopher Melton KC, who has a thriving practice in cases involving catastrophic and serious injury, disease and death, and James Rowley KC, who has substantial experience acting in high value catastrophic birth injury cases. David Heaton KC acts for both claimants and defendants in catastrophic brain and spinal injury cases and Mary Ruck is also noted and focuses on clinical negligence cases involving serious personal injury and fatal injury. Claimant clinical negligence expert Stephen McNamara  joined the set from Kings Chambers in June 2021.



‘Very high quality set for this kind of catastrophic injury work, with great strength in depth. Clearly the best in the North.’

‘They have a very experienced clinical negligence team. The training arranged by chambers has been great and I have recommended it to colleagues.’

‘Byrom Street has counsel with great expertise and there is generally a number of counsel who could assist and have good availability.’

‘Byrom Street Chambers is an excellent set with a broad range of counsel of high ability and fantastic clerking.’

‘Byrom Street has huge strength in depth for clinical negligence work, particularly at KC level, and is unrivalled in this field in Manchester. They offer training to solicitors through their annual day long training event coupled with regular shorter training sessions across the year. Their strength in depth means there is generally always suitable Counsel available.’


‘ The clerks are very helpful indeed and great at suggesting others in chambers who may be able to assist if the particular barrister you want to instruct is not available. They always deal with matters promptly.’

‘Always helpful and stand out in this respect. Matt Tudor and Steve Price always get things done for me with minimum fuss and make me feel as if my clients come first.’

‘The clerking service provided by Byrom Street is fantastic. They always do their best to accommodate needs and are a very friendly team. Lucy Bardsley in particular provides a very good service.’

‘The clerks are the best clerks in the North West, in my opinion, and are very approachable and helpful.’

‘Very experienced clerks room led by Steve Price, who is willing to assist and help on a range of matters.’

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers has a thriving clinical negligence department. Gerard Martin KCMatthew Stockwell and Chris Gutteridge all specialise in brain and spinal injury cases, as well as claims for amputees, whilst David Knifton KC‘s practice focuses on high value obstetric injuries, failures or delays in diagnosis and consent issues on behalf of claimants. Knifton KC and Gutteridge represented the claimant in a case after a woman with a back injury underwent surgery, during which her blood pressure was allowed to drop and she suffered a spinal stroke. Bill Braithwaite KC  and Kevin Naylor are also key names in this area, and Christopher Barnes KC was appointed Silk in the 2022 round.



‘One of the leading personal injury and clinical negligence sets, not only on the Northern Circuit, but nationally, with a fantastic team of silks and juniors.’

‘Exchange chambers are a well-established, leading chambers that rivals any other in the North West. They are a leading chambers for Claimant clinical negligence and personal injury and have extensive strength in depth with great Barristers, senior management and clerks. Exchange chambers is an excellent set of chambers with a very good clerking service.’

‘Exchange Chambers are an outstanding set of Chambers. They are always able to deliver a fantastic service. During lockdown, Chambers provided a superb virtual training programme for personal injury claims, as well as clinical negligence claims which proved to be hugely beneficial and invaluable.’

Exchange offer a strong team of clinical negligence barristers across all levels and often provides additional support to our firm by way of bespoke training. Both clerks and counsel are very accommodating and supportive.’

‘Exchange Chambers has strength in depth and number of counsel. They always have counsel available for hearings and interlocutory applications. I have attended a number of their training days which are always interesting and educational.’


‘The clerks are fantastic at accommodating their clients, always going the extra mile. Rachel Williams is superb. Josh Finn is great. They are responsive, prompt, efficient and helpful. A real joy to communicate with. Will set up meetings at a moments notice and nothing is too much for them.’

‘All clerks at Exchange are helpful. Whilst I often deal with Josh Finn, I have only ever experienced a proactive and supportive response across all of the clerking team.’

‘All clerks in Exchange Chambers are very good, but Rachel Williams is someone that I find particularly great to deal with. She is exceptionally good at her job and is a pleasure to work with – an essential part of the team.’

All of the clerks are extremely helpful and knowledgeable but Sarah Rotherham in particular goes the extra mile to assist.’

‘Always helpful and deal with matters quickly.’

Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers is praised for its ‘strong clinical negligence practice’ for which is has ‘an excellent reputation’. Its members advise across a range of cases, including catastrophic birth injury, delays in cancer diagnosis, and dental negligence. Nicholas Braslavsky KC has a well-established presence in the field of clinical negligence and handles high-value traumatic injury claims for both claimants and defendants. Sarah Pritchard KC’s practice covers all aspects of medical claims, but has particular expertise in birth damage claims, cauda equina cases and surgical negligence. Helen Mulholland also has a strong practice, handling cases involving neurological and neurosurgical injury.



‘There is a good choice of junior, senior and senior-junior barristers that are able to advise on any clinical negligence case. They are always responsive and organised and that is precisely what you need from a chambers.’

‘Chambers has one of very few regional defendant clinical negligence offerings and is highly skilled in personal injury and clinical negligence.

‘Kings Chambers has a good mix of silks, senior juniors with a long track record, and a new batch of juniors who have access to that same wealth of experience.’

‘Kings has a strong clinical negligence practice and an excellent reputation in this area.’

Strong across all levels of call. House style is approachable and responsive. Strongly client focused.’


‘The clerks are efficient and Leanne Martin demonstrates good management of Counsel’s diary and instructions.’

‘All of the clerks are friendly and flexible. Their response time is excellent. Paul Clarke is very approachable and helpful.’

‘The clerks are very organised and very quick to respond to requests. Paul Clarke is particularly good – nothing is too much trouble.’

‘Louise Barnes and Stephen Loxton especially stand out. All of the clerks provide an excellent service.’

‘Clerks work hard to provide a friendly and efficient service.’

St John's Buildings

The members at St John’s Buildings have broad ranging expertise including, amongst others, handling cases involving cerebral palsy, birth injury, pregnancy and gynaecology, and cancer mistreatment claims. Henry Vanderpump works almost exclusively for claimants in complex surgical procedure claims, as well as delayed cancer diagnosis cases. He represented the claimant in Higson v Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust regarding the hospital prescribing the patient opiate medication, which she had a sensitivity to, leading to her death. Philip Grundy specialises in consent and delayed diagnosis cases and Richard Norton has strengths in surgical negligence and post-operative care cases. Alastair Wright is also recommended, and John Ratledge rejoined the set in January 2021 from East Anglian Chambers.



‘The barristers at St John’s Buildings can always be relied upon to provide firm and clear advice. They offer a variety of online training sessions which are up to date and on topic.’

‘One of the largest chambers in the Northwest with a wide range of specialists in many areas of legal work.’

‘This is a first class chambers, with a wide offering. Very well led and very well clerked.’

‘Counsel are readily available, helpful, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.’

‘A very good set to work with.’


‘Very good.’

‘The clerks at St John’s Buildings are always helpful and prompt in their responses. Martin provides an excellent service.’

‘Responsive and well organised.’

‘The clerks are accessible, commercial and willing to do what it takes to ensure instructions and briefs are actioned in a timely fashion. They know how their instructing firms operate and they adapt accordingly. Highly recommended.’

‘The clerks are extremely efficient.’

18 St John Street Chambers

18 St John Street Chambers’ clinical negligence department covers a broad range of cases from cerebral palsy matters to dental claims, as well as spinal, orthopaedic, gynaecological, wrongful birth and claims relating to vascular surgery. Gemma McGungle has a thriving practice predominantly acting for claimants and Christopher Limb is also a key name in the clinical negligence space.



‘The counsel in this set are efficient  capable and experts in their field.’


‘The clerks are always polite and efficient.’

9 St John Street

9 St John Street’s members provide broad ranging support to clients who have received negligent medical, dental and cosmetic treatment. Kirsty McKinlay is head of the clinical negligence team and acted for the claimant in Newport v Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which concerned a surgeon’s failure to excise the claimant’s breast cancer, causing her to require two additional surgeries.  Joseph Paul Mulderig is mainly instructed by claimants, but also represents defendants in the private medical sector. Julie-Anne Luck is also a key name of note in this space.



‘Chambers is excellent – they provide very good training courses and all Counsel there are very good.’

‘Chambers has a solid offering in relation to Clinical Negligence and Coronial Law. There is always a barrister available when you need one and, once instructed, they are on hand throughout the case if needed.’


‘Very helpful and accommodating clerks.’

‘The clerks are always knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond to any requests.’

‘Helpful, with swift responses and good counsel recommendations.’

‘The clerks always accommodate late hearings or conferences. They never fail to deliver.’

Atlantic Chambers

The members at Atlantic Chambers handle a wide range of clinical negligence cases, including delayed diagnosis and orthopaedic, oncology and gynaecological matters, as well as and midwifery and neonatal issues. Elizabeth Francis is very active in this space alongside John Benson KC who is also notable for his extensive experience in high-value, complex clinical negligence cases.



‘Atlantic Chambers have a number of very good clinical negligence barristers.’

‘Atlantic Chambers has a wide variety of barristers. They hold annual legal update meetings, which are free of charge and invariably excellent.’


‘The backroom clerks are very good and in particular the the head clerk Lee Cadwallader.’

‘Quick to respond to diary queries.’

‘The clerks are universally helpful and will do their utmost to accommodate any request we may have. Lee Cadwallader is a gem.’

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court ChambersVictoria Heyworth  represents both claimants and defendants, and particularly excels in representing GP practices, nurses, care homes, surgeons, dentists and optometrists. Michael Smith  predominantly represents defendants in complex causation cases, including cauda equina, amputations and delayed diagnoses of cancer and other conditions.



‘Deans Court have a number of Counsel who specialise in clinical negligence matters.’

‘Deans Court Chambers is an excellent chambers for clinical negligence.’


‘Clerks are very helpful and approachable, especially Pete Conwell.’

‘The clerks at Deans Court Chambers are very good, always respond quickly and assist in terms of finding time for Counsel to deal with instructions.’