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Leading Silks

Darryl Allen QC - Byrom Street ChambersDarryl is the ultimate clinical negligence silk, skilled in every way necessary to make the difference on these cases.
Nicholas Braslavsky QC - Kings ChambersApproachable and straight-talking - exactly what I want and what I expect from a heavy weight Silk
Sally Hatfield QC - Byrom Street ChambersSally is very incisive and highly intelligent. She can absorb large amounts of detail and get to the nub of any technical issue quickly.
David Heaton QC - Byrom Street ChambersDavid is an absolute delight to work with. He is always meticulously well-prepared and his quick and agile mind means that he grasps the minutiae of a case with ease.
Winston Hunter QC - Byrom Street ChambersWinston is not only technically brilliant but he is also calm and patient which is a real strength in dealing with families whose lives have been turned upside down by their loved ones severe brain injury.
Christopher Melton QC - Byrom Street ChambersVastly experienced and knowledgeable barrister, with client friendly approach, and a calm and measured manner; easy to work with.
Michael Redfern QC - St John's BuildingsExperienced leader, whose input is readily apparent. Not frightened to take on established views.
James Rowley QC - Byrom Street ChambersAn expert on birth injury and clinical negligence cases of the highest value.
John Benson QC - Atlantic ChambersJohn is an excellent all rounder, he is personable with clients concise and clear thinking, as well as being reliable under pressure and flexible when needed. He can consume complex matters and break them down in to digestible issues which is invaluable for creating a winning case plan.
Bill Braithwaite QC - Exchange ChambersBill is highly intelligent,hugely experienced and incredibly skilled as a negotiator. He has a razor sharp mind and those who have been fortunate enough to see him in court will know him as a a formidable advocate. He is a must have Silk for any solicitor who deals with complex high value clinical negligence work.
Rhiannon Jones QC - Byrom Street ChambersShe is very compassionate and has a very caring manner with clients and their families. She is extremely well prepared and very methodical in conference. She has strong advocacy skills and her drafting is meticulous.
Simon Kilvington QC - Byrom Street ChambersForensic in their approach as well as being supportive and understanding of the needs of clients. Very approachable in complex cases.
David Knifton QC - Exchange ChambersDavid has great technical knowledge and a keen forensic eye for detail, and his experience sitting as a Judge, places him in an excellent position to advise on the likely approach of the court. David has a relaxed and calm manner which is particularly helpful with claimants. David has always been very accessible which is crucial in litigation, available to provide fast advice and guidance on situations that may arise.
Andrew Lewis QC - Byrom Street ChambersGives a very detailed and thorough assessment of the evidence.
Gerard Martin QC - Exchange ChambersGerard has excellent people skills helping to manage the client through a very stressful time. He is calmness personified.
Sarah Pritchard QC - Kings ChambersPragmatic, good rapport with clients, technical knowledge is excellent. Ability to negotiate excellent settlements in complex cases.

Leading Juniors

Darrel Crilley - Byrom Street ChambersVery good tactical approach to consider the best approach to assist a Claimant. Excellent attention to detail. Also very friendly and helpful to work with.
Victoria Heyworth - Deans Court ChambersShe's a calm and measured advocate and works in a collaborative way with her instructing solicitor so that it feels like a team effort throughout.
Christopher Limb - 18 St John Street ChambersA safe pair of hands who never misses a relevant detail.
Kirsty McKinlay - 9 St John StreetThe attention to detail which she displays is exceptional. This is combined with a very friendly approach which is very much appreciated by Solicitors and Clients alike.
Stephen McNamara - Kings ChambersStephen is highly methodical and analytical in conference. He speaks simply and with great clarity to experts and clients.
Helen Mulholland - Kings ChambersExcellent advocate, who reads the judge well. Determined but patient, able to get the best out of medical experts and always ready to challenge where appropriate.
Richard Norton - St John's BuildingsBright, experienced, thorough and pleasure to work with
Mary Ruck - Byrom Street ChambersAmazing attention detail and forensic approach to complex cases, a firm hand to work through difficult issues.
Michael Smith - Deans Court ChambersStrengths include getting to grips with very technical medical procedures/rapport with experts and excellent testing of them in conference, simplifying the most complex of matters and being concise in defences.
Claire Steward - Kings ChambersFirst class brain - she gets to the nub of a case very quickly, and plans her approach to a case meticulously.
Richard Borrett - Kings ChambersRichard is excellent with our Local Authority clients, cutting through the extraneous matters and getting to the issue at hand.
Elizabeth Francis - Atlantic ChambersElizabeth is uniquely analytical, a sharp mind that never seems to stop thinking.
Daniel Frieze - St John's BuildingsHe is very approachable and able to put clients at ease. He is well prepared and is meticulous to detail and very forensic in analysing evidence.
Philip Grundy - St John's BuildingsHas a gift to see the claim through the Claimant's eyes and stand in their shoes in order to recognise what is important to them regardless of whether it achieves a higher financial award.
Chris Gutteridge - Exchange ChambersChris is a stand-out junior with skills well beyond his call. He is excellent with lay clients and adopts an understated but no nonsense approach to dealing with complex and high value litigation. Chris has the envied ability to get to the heart of a case fast, and wastes no time in making his sensible and practical advice clear to his instructing solicitors and lay clients alike.
Charlotte Law - Kings ChambersExtremely thorough in her preparation.
Gemma McGungle - 18 St John Street ChambersGood eye for detail. Very approachable and knowledgeable. Friendly and good with clients, particularly witnesses. Excellent at thinking on her feet and adapting to those unexpected things that tend to happen at trial.
Dr Kevin Naylor - Exchange ChambersKevin has a sound knowledge of medicine previously working as a doctor and therefore is able to carefully analyse complex medical negligence issues. He is very capable in dealing with complex, high value matters and is strong tactically and in settlement meetings.
Yaqub Rahman - Oriel ChambersYaqub is friendly, approachable, and good on the papers and in person.
Sufiyan Rana - St John's BuildingsHe is highly regarded by his peers and inspires confidence in his lay and professional clients. He impresses on first meeting and feedback on his work is excellent.
Matthew Stockwell - Exchange ChambersHe is very responsive and helpful in answering questions. His questioning of experts in conference is very well prepared and thorough. He is very clear with clients.
Henry Vanderpump - St John's BuildingsHenry is an extremely efficient individual who is always very well prepared. He has a very calming approach which enables him to liaise with clients in the most effective manner and gain their respect and trust.
Jason Wells - Byrom Street ChambersThorough, good with clients, knowledgeable, and practical in advice. Good advocate. Precise with pleadings.
Alastair Wright - St John's BuildingsHe is very thorough and a good advocate.

Clinical negligence in Regional Bar

9 St John Street

With 'exceptional attention to detail' Kirsty  McKinlay is head of the clinical negligence team at 9 St John Street. With a varied practice, McKinlay works on a number of different areas of clinical negligence, and the value of claims of which she has involvement range from lower-value multi-track with evidential complexities to significant high-value brain and spinal injury cases. Notable cases include a claim arising out of mis-prescription of Fentayl in July 2015 resulting in hypoxic brain injury.

Oriel Chambers

Oriel ChambersYaqub Rahman is considered 'friendly, approachable, and good on the papers and in person' by instructing solicitors. His clinical negligence experience includes high-value cases involving birth injuries and claims for failed or delayed diagnoses of cancer, as well as claims for psychiatric injury, both for claimants and defendants.

Byrom Street Chambers

Byrom Street Chambers is a specialist set of chambers home to a large number of senior clinical negligence specialists, with a particular focus on claimant work. The set has an embarrassment of riches at the silk end, with the likes of Christopher Melton QC, David Heaton QC, Andrew Lewis QC, Sally Hatfield QCSimon Kilvington QC, and Rhiannon Jones QC all highly regarded by instructing solicitors and clients alike. Also at the silk end, head of chambers Winston Hunter QC was recently involved in a case involving very complex, high-value claims brought by a claimant with learning disability who suffered grave injuries in the course of giving birth to a child with severe learning and physical disabilities. The claim's value was in excess of £7.5m. James Rowley QC is 'an expert on birth injury and clinical negligence cases of the highest value'. At the junior end, Mary Ruck specialises in clinical negligence, serious personal injury, and fatal injury cases and is described by one client as having an 'amazing attention detail and forensic approach to complex cases'. Recommended for his 'tactical approach' to cases is Darrel Crilley, as is the 'knowledgeable and practical' Jason Wells.

Kings Chambers

The clinical negligence team at Kings Chambers receives instructions from leading claimant and defendant solicitors nationally. The 'approachable' but 'straight-talking' Nicholas Braslavsky QC is a notable member of the team and has 25 years of experience handling a wide range of clinical negligence cases for claimants arising from various settings with an emphasis on claims of the highest value. Also of note, Sarah Pritchard QC is a specialist clinical negligence practitioner with extensive trial experience. Her practice covers all aspects of medical malpractice but with particular expertise in birth damage claims. The set is strong in the junior ranks thanks to the presence of the 'extremely thorough' Charlotte Law, 'highly methodical' Stephen McNamara, 'excellent advocate' Helen Mulholland, 'first-class brain' Claire Steward, and the 'impeccably prepared' Richard Borrett. The 'highly-experienced' Nigel Poole QC has been appointed a Justice of the High Court and will start his new appointment on 1 October 2020.

Exchange Chambers

The 'outstanding' Exchange Chambers has 'a strong breadth of experienced clinical negligence counsel'. The team has expertise across all areas of clinical negligence work, and its silks are regularly at the forefront of important and complex cases, acting for a range of private and publicly-funded claimants, and its defendant clients include hospitals, NHS organisations, medical defence organisations, and insurance bodies. In recent work of note, Gerard Martin QC led Chris Gutteridge in acted for a claimant who had both of their legs amputated below the knee due to a negligent failure to consider a vascular cause for complaints of pain and numbness in their feet; the claim settled for £2.5m. Dr Kevin Naylor is part of the team acting for a claimaint against seven defendants in a wrongful birth claim; the case concerns the birth of twins both of whom suffer from hereditary spastic paraplegia. Other key members of the team include the 'razor-sharp' head of chambers, Bill Braithwaite QC, 'excellent strategist' David Knifton QC, and the 'articulate' Matthew Stockwell.

St John's Buildings

St John's Buildings is home to a number of expert clinical negligence barristers at every level of call, acting in cases involving cerebral palsy, birth injury, pregnancy and gynaecology claims, and misdiagnosis among others. The team includes 'experienced leader' Michael Redfern QC, who has considerable expertise in subtle brain injury claims; the 'bright, experienced, and thorough' Richard Norton who is a specialist in clinical negligence, serious personal injury, and industrial disease. Norton successfully acted for a claimant whose GP failed to refer him to hospital for nose bleeds caused by an infection until too late; the eventual treatment caused him to suffer a catastrophic stroke. The 'dogged and relentless' Philip Grundy has 'a gift to see the claim through the claimant's eyes and stand in their shoes to recognise what is important to them'. The 'meticulous' Daniel Frieze is a specialist clinical negligence lawyer, working exclusively for claimants in cases of the utmost severity. Described as an 'extremely efficient individual', Henry Vanderpump is another key name at the set, specialising in clinical negligence and industrial disease. Also of note is the 'knowledgeable' accredited mediator Alastair Wright who is highlighted for his practical advice to claimants. the 'excellentSufiyan Rana is acting for a claimant whose ovary was removed due to the development of tuba-ovarian abscess following alleged negligent treatment for Endometriosis.

18 St John Street Chambers

18 St John Street Chambers provide a highly skilled and experienced group of specialists. With over 30 years' experience, Christopher Limb has been conducting clinical negligence cases since the start of such work as a recognised area of specialism in the 1980s. Gemma McGungle is another key member at the set and is an experienced personal injury and clinical negligence practitioner with additional expertise in costs. Described by one client as being 'particularly skilled at conducting costs and case management conferences in personal injury and clinical negligence matters', McGungle has developed a clinical negligence practice above her year of call.

Atlantic Chambers

Atlantic Chambers' clinical negligence team deals solely in matters on behalf of claimants. 'Excellent all-rounder' John Benson QC heads the team who deals with all manner of cases ranging from incorrect or delayed diagnosis, gynaecological matters, obstetric, midwifery and neonatal issues, dental negligence. Elizabeth Francis is also a name to note in chambers due to her 'sharp mind'. Mediations of clinical negligence disputes is a growing feature of the set's work.

Deans Court Chambers

Victoria Heyworth acts for both claimants and defendants in a range of clinical negligence matters and is a key member of Deans Court Chambers' clinical negligence team. Described by one client as 'a calm and measured advocate' Heyworth is regularly instructed by a number of medical defence organisations covering a wide spectrum of clinical settings. Michael Smith mainly represents defendants in clinical negligence cases, and often appears unled against leading QCs in complex causation cases. He is praised for his technical knowledge and ability to build rapport with experts.