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Leading Juniors

Christopher Buckingham - Enterprise ChambersCommercially minded, astute and concise.
Dominic Crossley - Enterprise ChambersStrong technical knowledge. Good with clients. Good manner in front of the judge and on cross-examination.
Elizabeth Darlington - Parklane PlowdenAn extremely knowledgeable, capable and assured advocate.
Bruce Walker - Enterprise ChambersTechnically very strong, commercial and good with clients.
Margaret Griffin - Enterprise ChambersVery thorough with a good grasp of detail; utterly tenacious.
William Hanbury - Exchange ChambersBill has a very good knowledge of property law and prepares well. Always gets his point across and provides sound advice.
Duncan Heath - Enterprise ChambersVery bright and approachable. Liked by client and gives clear and comprehensible advice in the most complex of cases.
Stephanie Jarron - Enterprise ChambersExcellent with clients, particularly dealing with sensitive issues. A convincing and respected advocate.
Sean Kelly - Parklane PlowdenAn impressive depth of knowledge in property law. Delivers advice on complicated issues in a way which lay clients can decipher and understand without difficulty.
Cristín Toman - Enterprise ChambersParticularly experienced in cases involving injunctions.
Geraint Wheatley - Kings ChambersGeraint is incredibly accessible and provides concise commercial advice. His style is user friendly but efficient and concise.

Rising Stars

Alice Richardson - Trinity Chambers 'An exceptionally well-rounded performer; real depth of knowledge in residential property law.'

Property and construction in Regional Bar

Exchange Chambers

The team at Exchange Chambers is experienced in planning and highways, rights of way and registration disputes, complemented by expertise in wills and probate, insolvency and trusts. Sixteen members are appointed by the Attorney General and a number of members also undertake property arbitration. William Hanbury frequently advises on professional negligence, such as errors in conveyancing, as well as working on a range of litigation including landlord and tenant, easements and boundary disputes.

Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers Geraint Wheatley successfully acted for the appellant in Thorpe v Frank, an appeal from the Upper Tribunal to the Court of Appeal concerning the law of adverse possession. The case is now one of the leading authority relating to the fundamental nature of the acts required to constitute the taking and retention of possession. Wheatley's practice focuses on the commercial sector, including transactional work such as options and title, while he also significant experience in landlord and tenant disputes, mortgages, banking, possession proceedings, and title rectification.

Parklane Plowden

Elizabeth Darlington at Parklane Plowden specialises in property work with a trusts element, such as TOLATA claims, undue influence, and Inheritance Act claims. She acted in Sivil v Gough, a complex set aside of a property purchase involving capacity issues which resulted in a bare trust. Sean Kelly handles partnership property, conveyancing disputes and negligence, and commercial landlord and tenant. He recently appeared in a right-to-manage case and represented the tenant in a contested renewal.

Trinity Chambers

Trinity Chambers' 'exceptionally well-rounded' Alice Richardson has 'real depth of knowledge in residential property law', with particular expertise in landlord and tenant matters and leasehold issues. She recently obtained permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal in Barton v Houldsworth Village Man Co Ltd, an appeal related to requests made to lessee-owned property management companies under section 116 of the Companies Act 2006.

Enterprise Chambers

Enterprise Chambers' real estate practice has seen a growth in work relating to development projects and enforceability of leases and mortgage agreements. Christopher Buckingham appeared in the well-known early neutral evaluation case Lomax v Lomax, as well as acting in a complicated possession claim after an inheritance. Dominic Crossley acts both for individuals and property developers, with particular expertise of the First-tier Tribunal's Land Registration Division. Bruce Walker specialises in commercial property but also undertakes wills and probate work. He has acted for clients in high-value claims, including a £2m proprietary estoppel claim and a family land trust dispute worth £7m.