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Leading Silks

Richard Wright KC – Park Square Barristers 'Richard has an exceptional ability to condense large amounts of complex information into clear and succinct explanations. As an advocate he draws attention, has a natural court presence and is authoritative without being overbearing.'
Sam Green KC - St Pauls Chambers 'A silk at the top of his game. His clients know he is on their side. He is a clear thinker with excellent strategic judgement.'
Craig Hassall KC – Park Square Barristers Ltd. 'Craig is knowledgeable and well-prepared; a probing and effective questioner; a persuasive and powerful presence, and above all, a pleasure to be in a case with.'
Nicholas De La Poer KCNew Park Court Chambers 'A brilliant, composed advocate.'

Leading Juniors

Leila BenyounesParklane Plowden 'Leila is always meticulously prepared and has a calming, measured presence in cases.'
Holly Clegg  – Park Square Barristers Ltd. 'Holly is a skilled and sensitive advocate in the most difficult of circumstances. A strong, focused barrister very much at home in the inquest arena.'
Simon ConnollyPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Simon is a very measured and responsive junior. He is confident and has a great manner with clients.'
Richard Copnall – Parklane Plowden 'He represents the interests of the bereaved with energy, determination and focus.'
Matthew CroweTrinity Chambers 'A brilliant barrister.'  
Kirsten MercerPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Kirsten has excellent understanding of the law and weaves this into her superb advocacy. She is a masterclass in inquest questioning - focused, clear and appropriate.'
Ian MullarkeyKBW 'Ian is a solid barrister and a safe pair of hands. His advocacy is very effective, being calm and measured. Judges listen to him.'
Kate WilsonPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Kate’s advocacy has a mesmerising effect in court - pleasant, yet authoritative, commanding of attention. She is KC material.'
Janine WolstenholmePark Square Barristers Ltd. 'A junior who stands alongside KCs and shines extremely brightly.'
Matthew Stanbury – Park Square Barristers 'Matthew is collaborative, collegiate and very easy to get along with, but has the ability to always make the best points for his clients in a straightforward manner, often with devastating effect. He is calm and self-assured in court and nothing ever fazes him. He has the trust of all of the Coroners who know him and if he makes a point everyone sits up to listen.'
Robert Stevenson  – Park Square Barristers 'His legal knowledge is very thorough.'
Abigail Telford  – Parklane Plowden 'A fearless and highly intellectual barrister.'
Caroline Wood  – Park Square Barristers 'Caroline is very good with bereaved families, and in handling cases involving complex medical issues. A very personable junior.'

Rising Stars

Tom Barclay-SempleParklane PlowdenHe has a meticulous approach, and puts his clients at ease with his calm, professional manner.’
Abigail Cheetham  – Trinity Chambers 'Abigail is a fearless advocate in the courtroom, with the ability to think of effective counter arguments whilst on her feet. She maintains an excellent rapport with vulnerable clients.'
Nathan Davis  – Park Square Barristers Ltd. 'Nathan shows a skill-set way beyond his years. It is evident that he has not only read the brief, but totally understood the nuances of the case which he uses to his client's advantage. He is one to watch.'
Naomi McLoughlin  – Park Square Barristers Ltd. 'Naomi's understanding of the rules of the inquest court are evident. Her style and persona make her the right choice for those she represents. A quality advocate with a depth of legal knowledge.'
Helena Spector  – Park Square Barristers 'Helena is an incredible junior. She is persuasive, knowledgeable and utterly committed.'

Inquests and inquiries in Regional Bar

Park Square Barristers Ltd.

Viewed as a ‘first-rate set‘ for inquests work, members of Park Square Barristers are equally strong in handling high-profile inquiries. Richard Wright KC ‘does everything to a standard of excellence‘, and Craig Hassall KC is ‘a formidable advocate‘. Recent instructions for the team include Hassall acting for the family of Rina Yasutake in the inquest into her death, having previously defended them in criminal proceedings concerning the prevention of the lawful and decent burial of Yasutake's body; the charges were dropped on the grounds that the defendants suffered from a rare psychiatric disorder. The coroner gave an open verdict. Among the juniors, the ‘very passionateKirsten Mercer is sought after for her expertise in handling Article 2 inquests, and Holly Clegg garners praise for ‘her ability to deal diligently and confidently with any inquest matter‘. In September 2022 the team was bolstered by the arrival of Matthew Stanbury from Garden Court North Chambers.


‘Madeleine Gray is the best of the best.’

‘The fabulous Madeleine Gray has as much passion for the work as her advocates, and is excellent at matching the right people with the right work to give families the best possible representation.’

‘Madeleine Gray is an outstanding clerk and a shrewd and experienced operator.’

Parklane Plowden

Leila Benyounes heads up the inquests and inquiries team at Parklane Plowden, which is well known for representing a broad range of interested persons in inquests. Inquests arising from deaths in hospitals and care homes have been prominent in Richard Copnall‘s recent caseload, and the ‘fantasticAbigail Telford is very experienced in handling inquests into deaths in prison and deaths arising from road traffic accidents. Tom Barclay-Semple is ‘very thorough and clear in his advice‘. Georgina Nolan was appointed Senior Coroner for Newcastle and North Tyneside in January 2023.


Excellent chambers.’

A very impressive set with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. Counsel availability is top notch.’

The clerks are extremely helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to assist.’