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Leading Silks

John Elvidge QC - Dere Street BarristersAn excellent leader with a cool head.
Dafydd Enoch QC - New Park Court ChambersA very talented jury advocate with a gift for finding the right turn of phrase.
Paul Greaney QC - New Park Court ChambersExceptionally intelligent, his technical ability and advocacy are second-to-none.
Abdul Iqbal QC - Park Square BarristersHis advocacy is superb and he commands the respect of judges and fellow professionals.
Nicholas Johnson QC - Exchange ChambersA master tactician with a wonderful court presence, he manages the team expertly - simply the real deal.
Nicholas Lumley QC - New Park Court ChambersA outstanding advocate and astute tactician.
Alistair McDonald QC - New Park Court ChambersKnowledgeable, reliable and calm.
Peter Moulson QC - Park Square BarristersHe has a charm with juries that defuses tense situations.
Robert Smith QC - New Park Court ChambersA go-to for complex homicide and fraud cases.
Chris Tehrani QC - Exchange ChambersA force to be reckoned with.
Richard Wright QC - Park Square BarristersA first-class lawyer and a superb jury advocate.
Simon Bickler QC - St Paul's ChambersDown to earth and communicates well with clients.
Caroline Goodwin QC - Trinity ChambersA tenacious and enthusiastic advocate who builds a strong rapport with the clients she represents.
Sam Green QC - St Paul's ChambersRecent work includes murder cases and other serious violent crime.
John Harrison QC - St Paul's ChambersBribery and corruption cases are a particular specialty.
Toby Hedworth QC - Trinity ChambersHis closing speeches are always memorable - he commands the attention of everyone in court.
Gul Nawaz Hussain QC - Bank House ChambersHis practice includes serious sexual offences, terrorism, and serious violent crime cases.
Simon Kealey QC - New Park Court ChambersVery hard working and a great barrister.
Peter Makepeace QC - Dere Street BarristersRecommended for serious drug-related cases.
Kama Melly QC - Park Square BarristersClients warm to her immediately and her no-nonsense style in court is essential.
Jason Pitter QC - New Park Court ChambersAn outstanding jury advocate whose cross-examination is measured, robust and powerful.
David Brooke QC - KBWRecommended for homicide cases.
Katherine Goddard QC - Bank House ChambersParticularly experienced in sexual offences and cases involving complex medical evidence.
Andrew Haslam QC - Exchange ChambersHe has particular expertise in high value fraud and financial crime.
Tahir Khan QC - Broadway House ChambersProsecutes and defends in a wide range of serious criminal cases.

2020 Silks

Cameron Brown QC - St Paul's ChambersRecommended for fraud and corporate crime.
Nicholas De La Poer QC - New Park Court ChambersA roundly accomplished advocate well-deserving of his appointment to silk.
Jonathan Sandiford QC - St Paul's ChambersFocuses his practice on prosecution, with a strong track record in trading standards prosecutions.
Stephen Wood QC - Broadway House ChambersNotable for his prosecution of cold cases.

2021 Silks

Craig Hassall QC - Park Square BarristersThe consummate professional - calm under pressure with the ability to think quickly on his feet.
Mark McKone QC-Park Square BarristersA compelling advocate, a consummate professional and a joy to work with.

Leading Juniors

Anthony Dunne - KBWHe has a calm manner and keeps a clear head, a combination that means he is sought-after for the most difficult cases.
Christopher Knox - Trinity ChambersNotable recent cases have involved political extremism, modern slavery, and firearms.
Denise-Breen Lawton - St Paul's ChambersMainly instructed in fraud and other white-collar cases.
Anne Richardson - Dere Street BarristersCommitted, conscientious and careful, she is invariably instructed by the prosecution in their most sensitive and serious cases, particularly those involving vulnerable witnesses.
Catherine Silverton - Park Square BarristersHer understanding of cases is often lightyears ahead of the opposition.
Robert Stevenson - Park Square BarristersHe is friendly and approachable but tough when he needs to be.
Taryn Turner - Park Square BarristersA formidable and experienced advocate well able to handle difficult and complex cases.
Gillian Batts - Park Square BarristersSpecialises in defending those charged with serious sexual offences.
Kate Batty - Park Square BarristersAble to examine vunerable witnesses, her cross-examination of defendants is conducted in a forensic manner, particularly effective combined with a devastatingly reasonable approach.
Adam Birkby - New Park Court ChambersAn outstanding advocate with a softly spoken, calming manner when managing clients.
Helen Chapman - St Paul's ChambersQuickly gets to grip with central issues, even in complex cases with voluminous papers.
Daniel Cordey - Dere Street BarristersHis attention to detail in complex fraud matters is second-to-none, and he can immediately put the client at ease, even when delivering bad news.
Anthony Davis - Dere Street BarristersAn excellent advocate with considerable tactical acumen and a large and loyal following.
Christine Egerton - KBWParticularly experienced in cases involving sexual violence.
Ian Goldsack - St John's BuildingsAn extremely thorough and tenacious barrister who provides comprehensive advice.
David Gordon - Park Square BarristersHe is meticulous with detail and preparation, leaving nothing to chance.
Stephen Grattage - Exchange ChambersHe has a commanding presence in court and the respect of both the judiciary and fellow advocates.
Peter Hampton - Broadway House ChambersRecommended for cases involving multiple complainants or defendants.
Geraldine Kelly - New Park Court ChambersOpponents should not expect an inch in court.
Tom Storey - New Park Court ChambersApproachable, polished and effective in court.
Richard Thyne - St John's BuildingsHis style as an affable yet exceedingly acute advocate warms him to jurors, and ensures he retains the concentration and attention of the courtroom, even in the most lengthy and complex trials.
James Bourne-Arton - St Paul's ChambersA very smooth and polished advocate.
Kitty Colley - Park Square BarristersRecommended for cases involving either recent or historic sexual offences.
Andrew Dallas - Park Square BarristersParticularly adept at handling motoring cases.
Matthew Donkin - New Park Court ChambersHe is able to assimilate heavy quantities of material and find the points that have not been considered by other advocates, and deploys effective strategies to counter any perceived weaknesses in his case.
Rodney Ferm - Broadway House ChambersHis command of his brief is excellent, and his advocacy is always of the highest quality.
Lee Fish - New Park Court ChambersA strong criminal junior.
Glenn Gatland - Trinity ChambersHe has a quietly forceful manner that is incredibly powerful and particularly effective with juries.
Ian Howard - Broadway House ChambersHis practice includes high-profile violent crime, sexual offences and serious organised crime.
Chloe Hudson - New Park Court ChambersShe researches and prepares her cases to an exceptional standard.
James Lake - St Paul's ChambersA rising star who is always tenacious in his approach.
Ian Mullarkey - KBWHis practice includes sexual offence cases, as well as cases involving vulnerable defendants or complex technical evidence.
Glenn Parsons - Park Square BarristersBrilliant in court on his feet, he is a tremendous advocate with jury appeal.
Sean Smith - Exchange ChambersHis strength is his ability to communicate with people at whatever level, putting them at ease and generating instant trust.
Zaiban Alam - Bank House ChambersRecommended for cases involving vulnerable defendants.
Matthew Bean - KBWHis preparation is meticulous and his advocacy measured and highly effective.
Charles Blatchford - St Philips ChambersCharles is a competent and clear advocate and his cross-examination is focused and clearly delivered.
Paul Cleasby - KBWProsecutes and defends a wide range of cases.
Tony Cornberg - Trinity ChambersTony is an exceptional barrister. He is down to earth and I know that he will build an immediate rapport even with the most challenging clients.
Rupert Doswell - KBWNaturally intuitive with a jury, tactically superb and an outstanding advocate.
Matthew Harding - Park Square BarristersRecent work includes customs fraud, and drug conspiracies.
Julian Jones - Park Square BarristersHard-working, dogged, and conscientious.
Shufqat Khan - Park Square BarristersIncisive and meticulous, with a commanding presence in court.
Soheil Khan - Park Square BarristersA brutally effective and fearless cross-examiner who draws strength from his uncompromising preparation.
David Lamb - Dere Street BarristersHe is meticulous in his case preparation. He has excellent judgement. A very fair but tough opponent. An excellent legal mind - a very good case organiser.
Andrew Petterson - Exchange ChambersA go-to for appeals against sentences.
Rebecca Stevens - KBWSpecialises in serious sexual and violent offences.
Michele Stuart-Lofthouse - Wilberforce BarristersMichele is a hard-working junior.
Nick Worsley - St Paul's ChambersHis practice includes complex fraud and serious violent crime.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

St John's Buildings

St. John's Buildings is 'a fantastic set, with some impressive counsel'. In recent instructions of note, Richard Thyne  prosecuted, as a led junior, a murder case concerning the late-night stabbing of a man by a drug dealer in a dispute over payment. Thyne is also a long-standing CPS level 4 prosecutor and member of the specialist Serious Crime and RASSO panels.

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers' Charles Blatchford is regularly instructed by criminal defence firms in the North East to represent defendants in cases of homicide, serious sexual offences, and drug conspiracies, among other offences. Instructing solicitors say he is 'extremely thorough, he is knowledgable and up to date with all aspects of criminal law. He has a great manner with clients, he is friendly and his advice is clear to understand. Clients always comment on his friendliness and witty nature.'

Wilberforce Barristers

Wilberforce Barristers' Michele Stuart-Lofthouse – a new recruit from the recently closed Zenith Chambers – has considerable experience as a led junior in serious sexual offences, both defence and prosecution, including child prostitution, firearms, and conspiracies relating to robbery and drugs, as well as cases involving vulnerable complainants and defendants.

New Park Court Chambers

New Park Court Chambers in Leeds is for some 'one of the leading criminal sets in the country', with 'highly-regarded criminal barristers'. Daffyd Enoch QC prosecuted a six-defendant gangland murder case with complex telecoms evidence, while Paul Greaney QC is instructed to prosecute two police officers scheduled to be tried for the murder and ABH of former Aston Villa player Dalian Atkinson, who died after being Tasered by police in 2016. Turning to the set's juniors, Lee Fish defended a serving police officer, who received a non-custodial sentence after pleading guilty to offences concerning unauthorised use of the Police National Computer. In recent news, Nicholas de la Poer QC is a 2020 Silk appointment, strengthening the senior end of chambers, while highly regarded Tom Storey has joined from the now-defunct Zenith Chambers strengthening the junior end of the set.

Park Square Barristers Ltd.

'A fantastic set with great reach and depth', Park Square Barristers is 'a large set with considerable strength in depth across age and experience ranges'. The team has grown of late following the arrival of several practitioners from the now-closed Zenith Chambers. In recent instructions of note, Richard Wright QC prosecuted a teenager who was convicted of the murder of a solicitor in broad daylight at the entrance to a Newcastle shopping centre. Kama Melly QC and Kate Batty prosecuted an incestuous half-brother and half-sister who attempted to murder all six of their children and killed two; in a separate matter, Batty prosecuted as junior alone a woman who was convicted of attempted murder after chasing members of the public around Barnsley town centre with knives and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Turning to defence work, Mark McKone successfully defended a vigilante who was charged with falsely imprisoning men he lured online who he alleged were paedophiles.

Broadway House Chambers

Members of Broadway House Chambers  are comfortable on either side of challenging criminal cases. Stephen Wood QC, a 2020 silk appointment, prosecuted former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins for further offences while in prison, including use of a prohibited mobile phone to contact a former partner. Peter Hampton, unled, prosecuted a one-punch manslaughter case in which some evidence was given via video link from Australia.

Dere Street Barristers

The criminal practice group at Dere Street Barristers is 'fantastic, vibrant, and technically diverse in their ability to deliver excellent advice, guidance and service with clients in this field'. John Elvidge QC prosecuted a 78-year-old man who was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter after accidentally shooting his great-grandson dead with an illegal high-power air rifle. Anne Richardson prosecuted a married couple – the husband was convicted of numerous historical sex offences, while the wife helped him feign disability, including pushing him into court in a wheelchair.

St Paul's Chambers

St Paul's Chambers is notable for the strong focus fraud and business crime, including bribery and corruption offences, of its members who are instructed to act for both the prosecution and defence. In recent news, Jonathan Sandiford and Cameron Brown were both elevated to silk in early 2020, while Nick Worsley has joined the set from the now-defunct Zenith Chambers.

Bank House Chambers

Sheffield-based Bank House Chambers carries a strong reputation for criminal and regulatory work. The key names to note are joint heads of chambers Gul Nawaz Hussain QC and Katherine Goddard QC, and Zaiban Alam.

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers 'is a top drawer set across three northern cities' with 'an incredibly high level of expertise across the whole spectrum, but in serious fraud and serious crime are particularly strong, with a strength in depth which other sets can only dream of'. Andrew Haslam QC, who joined from St Paul's Chambers in 2019, prosecuted a 12-defendant, ten-week heroin, cocaine, and money laundering case featuring covert surveillance and cell site evidence. Andrew Petterson represented a solicitor who received a suspended sentence for running a fraud through a supposed PPI claims company.


KBW 'is very helpful for counsel in criminal work', covering the gamut of prosecution and defence mandates covering violence and fraud, also having 'strength in depth in the field of historical serious sexual offending'. As an example of the set's expertise in complex violence cases, David Brooke QC and Anthony Dunne prosecuted a three-week baby-shaking case. Turning to unled junior work, Christine Egerton represented a serving prisoner who was acquitted on charges of throwing boiling water at a prison officer after the prosecution was unable provide documentary evidence, and important documents were claimed to have been lost, while Rupert Dowsell prosecuted a 17-defendant drugs conspiracy case involving issues of cell site analysis and public interest immunity.

Trinity Chambers

A set with 'an exceptional reputation in the criminal arena', Trinity Chambers is active for prosecution and defence in some of the North East's most serious cases. In recent instructions of note, Caroline Goodwin QC, the recent outgoing chair of the Criminal Bar Association, represented a retired police officer who was acquitted of 11 sexual assault charges after a three-week trial, as well as a teenage who was convicted of the random murder of an in-house solicitor outside of a shopping centre in Newcastle. Meanwhile, Toby Hedworth QC represented a woman who was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter in a case with issues as to coercive control.