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Leading Silks

John Elvidge QC - Dere Street BarristersJohn is a very dedicated leader. He has superb attention to detail and never loses sight of the clients' needs.
Paul Greaney QC - New Park Court ChambersOne of the best criminal silks in the business. He speaks with authority. His advocacy is a master-class to watch - it always gets results. A class operator.
Abdul Iqbal QC - Park Square Barristers Ltd.His advocacy is flawless and he is very clever with a ferocious work ethic. He is fearsome in cut-throat situations. His witness handling skills are superb.
Nicholas Johnson QC - Exchange ChambersA silk with a great court presence. He has a very easy manner with clients.
Nicholas Lumley QC - New Park Court ChambersHe is a very polished advocate. His cross-examination skills are excellent and a joy to watch. He has a very good court presence.
Alistair McDonald QC - New Park Court ChambersA real heavyweight criminal silk for the trickiest cases. Given his experience and reputation, judges listen to what he has to say.
Peter Moulson QC - Park Square Barristers Ltd.A silk who exudes confidence but at the same time is measured and calm. His eloquence is such that his advocacy provides a sense of marvel and endearment. He has the most fantastic presence in court.
Christopher Tehrani QCExchange ChambersChristopher is a very committed advocate who is always prepared to stand up for his client. He relishes a trial and is skilled at identifying those legal points which others are either unable or unwilling to find.
Richard Wright QC - Park Square Barristers Ltd.Richard has a tremendous work ethic and is an outstanding advocate.
Caroline Goodwin QC - Trinity ChambersShe goes into battle meticulously prepared and leaves no stone unturned. A silk who commands the attention of the court room and is highly respected by judges and juries.
Sam Green QC - St Paul's ChambersSam is a robust and effective cross-examiner, and can be ruthless when it is required. His attention to detail is second-to-none and his preparation is meticulous. Sam has a fantastic manner with the jury.
John Harrison QC - St Paul's ChambersJohn is excellent at processing large amounts of complex evidence and is diligent in his case preparation. His advocacy is persuasive and juries love him.
Toby Hedworth QC - Trinity ChambersToby is a tenacious cross-examiner with vast experience in serious criminal cases. He commands attention in court.
Simon Kealey QC - New Park Court ChambersSimon prepares thoroughly, and has a manner that puts the clients and their families at ease. His advocacy is of the highest standard, commanding respect from opponents and the judiciary.
Peter Makepeace QC - Dere Street BarristersA formidable and impressive court advocate. He is excellent with clients and very approachable.
Kama Melly QC - Park Square Barristers Ltd.Kama is excellent: thorough, detailed and approachable.
Jason Pitter QC - New Park Court ChambersHe is a superb cross-examiner, always pitching his questions in exactly the right manner so as to obtain the favourable answer. He is equally at home cross-examining experts, complainants and defendants. He is without any doubt a class act.
David Brooke QC - KBWDavid is meticulous, analytical and forensic in his preparation.

2020 Silks

Nicholas de la Poer QC - New Park Court ChambersA phenomenally intellectual silk. An exceptionally clear thinker - judges love him.
Stephen Wood QC - Broadway House ChambersHe prosecutes serious cases extremely effectively in a calm, understated, and fair minded way. He is highly organised. His cross examinations are focused, and to the point. He stands his ground with judges, and is good at maintaining his case strategy. He is engaging with juries. He obviously commands the respect of those who instruct him and his opponents.

2021 Silks

Mark McKone QC - Park Square Barristers Ltd.Mark is always the master of his brief. He immediately gains the trust and confidence of the client. Extremely approachable and client-friendly.

Leading Juniors

Gillian Batts - Park Square Barristers Ltd.An exceptionally gifted junior. Brilliantly pragmatic, brilliant with clients and her forensic instincts are invariably spot on.
Jane Brady - St Paul's ChambersJane is a talented advocate who goes the extra mile for her client. She is thorough, diligent, conscientious and extremely hard-working. Her ability to multi-task is extraordinary and she will not miss a beat.
Denise Breen-Lawton - St Paul's ChambersDenise is an extremely able and experienced advocate - canny, tactical and determined.
Anthony Dunne - KBWAnthony is an extremely good advocate. He is always thoroughly prepared and very hardworking.
Christopher Knox - Trinity ChambersHe is exceptional on his feet. Silk material.
Catherine Silverton - Park Square Barristers Ltd.Catherine is a tremendously gifted advocate and has a particular flair for lateral thinking. She makes a persuasive speech even in the most impossible of cases. A real legal powerhouse.
Robert Stevenson - Park Square Barristers Ltd.Robert has a very high intellect. He is very personable and approachable, but also commands respect and authority within the court room. A first rate cross-examiner.
Tom Storey - New Park Court ChambersA seasoned and astute practitioner with a keen eye for detail and an impressive ability at mastering large cases under pressure of time.
Taryn Turner - Park Square Barristers Ltd.A perfect trial advocate. She delivers a full performance that often leaves the individual in awe.
Samreen Akhtar - Broadway House ChambersAn exemplar of sound judgement. She knows her papers inside out and advises clients in a manner that instills confidence and reassurance.
Charlotte Baines - Wilberforce ChambersCharlotte is a very talented member of the Bar. An efficient and incisive advocate with power and style in equal measure. Her judgement is exceptional. She is first-rate in both prosecuting and defending. Her cross-examination is very high-quality.
Kate Batty - Park Square Barristers Ltd.A fine advocate, who is excellent at distilling large amounts of evidence. A strong cross-examiner.
Adam Birkby - New Park Court ChambersAn exceptional advocate who immediately puts clients at ease in a very stressful situation.
Daniel Cordey - Dere Street BarristersA respected advocate, a good communicator, and a perfect example of someone who can be both courteous yet highly effective in court.
Christine Egerton - KBWAn outstanding barrister who is truly fearless in court.
Rodney Ferm - Broadway House ChambersRodney has an exceptionally quick mind. An efficient advocate with the respect of the judiciary.
Glenn Gatland - Trinity ChambersGlenn is a go-to counsel for serious criminal cases. Excellent on his feet. A very persuasive man, whose abilities are only enhanced by an endearing charm.
Peter Hampton - Broadway House ChambersPeter is completely unflappable and has a superb work ethic. His judgement is excellent.
Geraldine Kelly - New Park Court ChambersA silk in waiting.
Richard Thyne - St John's BuildingsRichard has an excellent knowledge of the law and excels as an advocate in court. He is very friendly and approachable.
Julia Baggs - Wilberforce ChambersJulia has very sound judgement. If a point can be taken, she will take it. Very personable and fights her corner. An excellent advocate who is very empathetic with clients.
James Bourne-Arton - St Paul's ChambersA calm performer who is unfazed in court, and has a good manner with both court and juries alike.
Tony Cornberg - Trinity ChambersTony is very dedicated and hardworking. He has an excellent grasp on a case from the start, and a manner which clients warm to easily.
Lee Fish - New Park Court ChambersLee advises with a clarity of thought that inspires confidence. He has a natural rapport with juries and conveys complicated narratives in a way that lands and is persuasive.
Eleanor Fry - New Park Court ChambersShe has a very calm, measured approach, combined with a great eye for detail. Her judgement and assessment of cases is spot on and her advice to clients always clear and understandable. Judges warm to her manner.
Chloe Hudson - New Park Court ChambersChloe is a forceful, very well organised advocate. Her written arguments are excellent.
Julian Jones - Park Square Barristers Ltd.Julian has an astute legal mind. He clearly is extremely passionate about his work and very committed. He possesses a calm and considered demeanour in even the most pressurised of circumstances.
Angus MacDonald - St Paul's ChambersAngus is a tenacious and determined advocate. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. He expresses himself in a succinct and measured way. His judgement is sound.
Glenn Parsons - Park Square Barristers Ltd.He has a remarkable ability to digest voluminous amounts of evidence with a precise eye for detail. He also possesses a fantastic ability to command the respect of the court.
Sean Smith - Exchange ChambersA top level performer.
Michele Stuart-Lofthouse - Wilberforce ChambersMichele is an extremely approachable advocate, and she provides a high quality level of client care. Very good in cross-examination.
Matthew Harding - Park Square Barristers Ltd.A brilliant advocate - very conscientious and prepares extremely thoroughly for cases.
Shufqat Khan - Park Square Barristers Ltd.His meticulous preparation always leads to an impressive and accomplished performance in court.
Soheil Khan - Park Square Barristers Ltd.He is tactically astute, charming and persuasive in court. He shines in cases where the small details make the difference between success and failure.
David Lamb - Dere Street BarristersDavid is well organised, conscientious and thorough. He is tactically astute and his advocacy is sharply focused.

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

New Park Court Chambers

New Park Court Chambers is 'an excellent and well-established set' with 'high calibre counsel at all levels'. Members handle the gamut of defence and prosecution mandates covering high-profile cases of murder, drugs conspiracies, serious violence and sexual offences. At the silk end, Paul Greaney QC is a 'leader of the pack; incredibly bright, an excellent strategist and very personable'. Nicholas de la Poer QC is 'a class act', 'extremely technical in his thinking but is able to offer practical solutions', and 'an asset to any team'. In recent instructions of note, Nicholas Lumley QC led Geraldine Kelly in the successful prosecution of two men for a stabbing at Leeds West Indian Carnival in 2019. Tom Storey is instructed in cases involving organised criminal activities as well as serious sexual offences and complex fraud.



With an impressive array of silks and a strong and reliable backbone of junior practitioners, this remains the ‘go-to’ set for crime and regulatory work in the North East‘.

An excellent set of highly skilled advocates, with a wide range of juniors and silks‘.


Helpful and efficient‘.

The clerks at New Park Court are very reliable and hard working. Everything that is asked of them is done timely and effectively. They will go over and above to try and help‘.

Teresa Pugh is always helpful‘.

Park Square Barristers Ltd.

Park Square Barristers Ltd. in Leeds is for some 'an excellent, broad criminal set' with 'a broad range of talent available' - 'there is tremendous depth to the ranks'. Richard Wright QC 'is uniquely able in all he does', and recently prosecuted Pawel Relowicz, who was convicted of the rape and murder of Libby Squire in a case which attracted media attention. In a separate matter, Wright led Gillian Batts in prosecuting a man who was convicted of a murder committed in 2007; the defendant had confessed to the murder, which at the time had been thought to be an accidental drowning. Strengthening the team at the senior end, Mark McKone QC and Craig Hassall QC were both elevated to silk in March 2021.



The chambers is second to none in its criminal law counsel. From the very top with the highest rated QCs to exceptional junior talent at pupil level, the chambers has a passion for quality and is always able to provide a qualified and talented barrister‘.

A very impressive set of chambers. They have a very talented pool of barristers‘.

Strength in depth, with multiple star performers at all levels of seniority‘.


The criminal clerking team are a fantastic bunch of professionals for whom nothing is too much trouble. The team is led by Andrew Thornton, a thorough, pleasant and decent gentleman, who bends over backwards to accommodate clients whilst at the same time professionally and empathetically managing his barristers‘.

Andrew Thornton in particular embodies both approachability and utter professionalism and efficiency‘.

Very efficient‘.

Helpful and good service‘.

Andrew Thornton and the other criminal clerks are down to earth and readily available‘.

Dere Street Barristers

Led by Anthony Davis, the team at Dere Street Barristers is active across the gamut of serious criminal cases, and reports an increase in instructions pertaining to serious sexual offences. In recent instructions of note, the 'extremely experienced and well-respected' Peter Makepeace QC led Daniel Cordey in the prosecution of two teenagers convicted of murdering a factory supervisor using a twenty-inch blade described in the press as a "samurai sword". Anne Richardson is sought after for her expertise in handling cases involving allegations of historic sexual abuse.



The criminal team is in very high demand and offers a diverse range of talents, from busy silks to a thriving junior end‘.


Craig Mead is a very effective and accessible clerk‘.

The clerking is service orientated, friendly and client focused‘.

The large criminal clerking team is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful‘.

The clerks are outstanding, in particular Joanne Brown and Nick Peto‘.

St Paul's Chambers

St Paul's Chambers is 'a dynamic set' which is 'particularly renowned for undertaking all aspects of serious crime and heavyweight fraud'. Sam Green QC is 'a first-class silk', 'a real fighter who does not shy away from a challenge' and 'has a presence in court unlike any other'. Jonathan Sandiford QC has extensive expertise in complex fraud, murder, terrorism and large-scale drugs conspiracy cases. Denise Breen-Lawton is well known for prosecuting and defending across a wide spectrum of serious criminal cases, including terrorism, fraud, murder and sexual offences against children. In September 2020 the junior end was bolstered following the arrival of Jane Brady from Cornwall Street Chambers.



A good all round set in crime, especially known for fraud‘.

A strong set with talented members‘.

The set has excellence at a wide range of levels of seniority‘.


Jayne Drake is an outstanding clerk. Nothing is too much trouble – going the extra mile is standard operating practice‘.

The dynamic senior clerk Jayne Drake is forward-looking and ambitious for her set‘.

Trinity Chambers

Trinity Chambers is 'an outstanding set which is extremely competent in all areas of crime'. The 'strong' team has considerable experience prosecuting and defending in high-profile cases of murder, serious sexual offences and multi-handed drugs conspiracies, to name a few. Toby Hedworth QC defended a man who was acquitted after being accused of helping his brother to commit a murder using a machete. Head of the criminal team Caroline Goodwin QC is 'a consummate jury advocate, who is a fighter and a winner'. Christopher Knox is regularly instructed in cases involving serious sexual offences and major armed robberies. In another case highlight, Glenn Gatland appeared before the Court of Appeal in R v Johnson and others, a case involving issues of law of conspiracy.



A forward-thinking set‘.

The chambers quite clearly house a number of very able and strong local practitioners‘.

Very professional and well run. A variety of good and dedicated barristers‘.


The clerks, in particular the lead criminal clerk Liam Gorman, are excellent – incredibly helpful and friendly, and always respond quickly to queries. Have never had a problem with the service they provide and they make everything very easy‘.

The criminal team is run to perfection by Liam Gorman‘.

Liam Gorman is a fantastic, friendly clerk, always willing to help‘.

The Teesside branch is spearheaded by Chris Gibbon, who is extremely helpful and efficient‘.

Broadway House Chambers

Broadway House Chambers' criminal practice houses a 'good, deep roster of experienced and capable counsel; prosecuting and defending serious sexual offences is a particular strength at all levels of call'. Stephen Wood QC, who heads up the team, 'has a very good court room manner - authoritative and courteous in equal measure'. Peter Hampton, unled, prosecuted Pavlo Lapshyn, who was convicted of a racially motivated murder in 2013, for making explosive substances in his cell at HMP Wakefield. Defence specialist Rodney Ferm has established expertise in handling cases of serious fraud and homicide, and Samreen Akhtar prosecutes and defends in terrorism, drugs, firearms and serious violence cases.



A strong and well established set‘.

The set has breadth and depth of experience amongst its practitioners‘.

Exchange Chambers

At Exchange Chambers in Leeds, the ‘robust advocateChristopher Tehrani QC ‘is noted for his fearless, dogged, but courteous approach in the courtroom, and his ability to react swiftly to dynamic situations as they arise‘. Andrew Haslam QC is sought after for his expertise in prosecuting and defending in high-value financial crime and fraud cases, including investment and VAT fraud. Cybercrime is a particular strength of Nicholas Johnson QC‘s practice, while Andrew Petterson is instructed in cases involving historic sexual offences, serious violence and large-scale drugs conspiracies.



An excellent set – first-rate service‘.


Ian Spencer is top-drawer‘.


KBW carries a strong reputation for criminal work, with members instructed for the prosecution and defence in serious sexual offences, multi-handed murder, fraud and serious violence cases, to name a few areas. David Brooke QC ('a world-class advocate') successfully prosecuted a man for the murder of a disabled woman, who was declared missing in August 2019. Christine Egerton 'has exceptional depth of knowledge and exceptional advocacy. She is always at hand to provide advice and assistance, and is willing to go above and beyond for clients without question'.



KBW Chambers has a wide range of barristers with excellent knowledge across a wide range of areas‘.


The clerks provide an exceptional service‘.