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Leading Silks

John Elvidge KCDere Street Barristers 'An effective cross-examiner who inspires confidence in clients.'
Caroline Goodwin KCTrinity Chambers 'A brilliant court advocate who shows incredible levels of preparation.'
Abdul Iqbal KCPark Square Barristers Ltd.Abdul is a class act. He is extremely on top of his brief and commands the respect of the court. He is eloquent, tactically astute and forthright. He is adept at never taking a bad point but reserving his firepower for his best points.’
Nicholas Johnson KCExchange Chambers 'A leader in this field. He is extremely knowledgeable, his judgement is sharp and he is a pleasure to instruct.'
Alistair MacDonald KCNew Park Court Chambers 'Alistair is an excellent advocate and a devastating cross-examiner. He gets to grips quickly with complex medico-legal and other expert evidence, and is persuasive in court.'
Peter Moulson KCPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Peter is an exceptional barrister. His consistently courteous and friendly demeanour belies a steely determination to do his best for his client. Those who underestimate him do so at their peril.'
Richard Wright KCPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'He has that rare ability to explain complex legal concepts to clients, juries and instructing solicitors with apparent ease. He is a skilled advocate.'
Sam Green KC – St Paul’s Chambers 'Sam has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. A committed, even fierce advocate. His clients know he is on their side.'
Toby Hedworth KCTrinity Chambers 'He has a towering presence in court, and is always engaging and persuasive. He is an advocate who juries warm and listen to.'
Peter Makepeace KCDere Street Barristers 'Peter is an engaging and resourceful advocate.'
Kama Melly KCPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Kama is a fearless advocate who will fight passionately for her client.'
Andrew Haslam KCExchange Chambers 'He has an incredible eye for detail, a forensic understanding of complex evidence and is a formidable advocate.'
Craig Hassall KCPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Craig has a commanding courtroom presence. He cross-examines defendants with measured - and devastatingly effective - calm. His jury speeches are hugely persuasive.'
Jason Pitter KC - New Park Court Chambers 'A very jury-friendly silk.'
Stephen Wood KCBroadway House ChambersHe is an extremely diligent and conscientious silk. His cross-examination of both expert and lay witnesses leaves no stone unturned.’

2022 Silks

David Lamb KC - Dere Street Barristers 'His knowledge of the law is tremendous and his court manner very reassuring.'
David Lamb KCDere Street Barristers 'He is exceptionally efficient and easy to deal with. His vast experience is obvious in the ease with which he immediately masters complex briefs and is able to cut right to the heart of the issues.'
Richard Thyne KCSt John’s Buildings 'Richard's advocacy is measured and persuasive. He never takes a bad point, which commends him to judges and juries alike. He has a long and successful career in silk ahead.'
Richard Thyne KC - St John's BuildingsRichard has a great legal mind. He has an exceptional work ethic and is excellent with clients. His ability to make complicated legal issues seem straightforward is truly outstanding.'

2024 Silks

Denise Breen-Lawton KCSt Paul’s Chambers 'Denise is an exceptional barrister with the ability to convey complex arguments in a compelling fashion. She has a natural, persuasive courtroom manner, which makes her rightly popular with clients and judges.'
Tom Storey KCNew Park Court Chambers 'A straightforward prosecutor; he clearly and succinctly presents his evidence, showing a good command of his brief.'

Leading Juniors

Christopher KnoxTrinity Chambers 'A quick-witted junior.'
Anne RichardsonDere Street Barristers 'Her work ethic, attention to detail and preparation is extraordinary. Her skill with the most vulnerable witnesses is amazing. Juries love her.'
Taryn TurnerPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'A well-respected barrister and a true professional.'
Julia BaggsWilberforce ChambersShe is a very effective communicator and has a calming but firm style of advocacy.’
Charlotte BainesWilberforce Chambers 'Charlotte has a fearlessness about her that means she will always act in a manner that puts her professional and lay client first. A force to be reckoned with.'
Daniel CordeyDere Street Barristers 'An extremely capable junior and a compelling advocate.'
Anthony DavisDere Street Barristers 'His ability to establish and build upon a rapport with his tribunal, judge and jury is first class. His cross-examinations are always fearless.'
Eleanor Fry - New Park Court Chambers 'An intellectually rigorous junior who is persuasive on her feet in court. She stands her ground with opponents and judges.'
Stephen GrattageExchange Chambers 'A great diplomat. Stephen's grasp of a case and attention to detail is second to none.'
Geraldine KellyNew Park Court Chambers 'Geraldine is an exceptionally good advocate. She has a superb court manner, and is always willing to fight hard for her client.'
Glenn ParsonsPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Glenn quickly establishes a good relationship with clients. His advocacy in front of a jury is a sight to see and powerfully persuasive.'
Rebecca Randall - Park Square Barristers 'She has an eye for the realities of a case and an ability to identify the points that really matter to a jury. Any client is in an exceptionally safe pair of hands.'
Katherine Robinson – Park Square Barristers ‘She has a superb ability to get to the point, and she is excellent with young and vulnerable witnesses. A very calm and collected barrister.’
Michele Stuart-LofthouseWilberforce Chambers 'She is a formidable advocate with an appealingly light touch, which is popular with juries and respected by the judiciary.'
Khadim Al’Hassan – Park Square Barristers 'A good operator whose enthusiasm and energy captivates the courtroom.'
Charles BlatchfordSt Philips Chambers 'Charles' strength certainly lies in his mastery of trial tactics and his ability to charm juries.'
Dale Brook – Wilberforce Chambers 'He has a great talent for putting the client at ease from the start of the case, and maintains the attention of the jurors - he has an excellent rapport with them.'
Holly Clegg  – Park Square Barristers Ltd. 'Holly is a very proficient and effective counsel in heavyweight cases of fraud and serious crime. She has a disarming advocacy style which is very persuasive to judges and the jury alike. An asset to those who instruct her.'
Tony CornbergTrinity Chambers 'Tony brings a unique blend of panache and close attention to detail to every case he is instructed in.'
Eddison Flint  – Exchange Chambers ‘Eddison is always thoroughly prepared; he knows his cases inside out. He is not afraid of taking on complex legal arguments. He has a great work ethic and is a dream to work with.'
Richard Herrmann  – Dere Street Barristers 'He commands the respect of the jury with his precise and focused speeches.'
Chloe HudsonNew Park Court ChambersChloe is a hard-working and well-prepared advocate. She is enthusiastic, determined and fearless.’
Julian JonesPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'Julian has a very analytical mind. His advocacy skills are elegant and succinct, and he delivers complex arguments in a clear, persuasive way.'
Soheil KhanPark Square Barristers Ltd. 'He is conscientious and hardworking with a strong court presence. A robust cross-examiner with a good jury manner.'
Angus MacDonaldSt Paul’s Chambers 'He is completely unflappable - a calm and effective presence in any trial. Judges and jurors regard him as a voice of reason.'
Laura Jane Miller  - Trinity Chambers 'She is a very astute reader of a case and demonstrates acute judgement when determining case strategy. She is cool under pressure and has an ability to gain the confidence of the lay client.'
Ian Mullarkey - KBW 'Ian is an exceptionally good barrister and a talented advocate. He is calm and measured, and a highly skilled cross-examiner. Judges listen to him.'
Andrew Petterson – Park Square BarristersAndrew is always thoroughly prepared and gets to the key issues in a case very quickly. He is always prepared to pursue a challenging legal argument.’
Ayesha Smart – Exchange Chambers ‘A well-respected junior. She is meticulous and a cogent advocate, with an analytical approach.’
Syam Soni - Broadway House Chambers 'Syam is an incredibly powerful advocate. He is excellent under pressure, and demonstrates good client empathy. His forthright manner and confidence sets all in the court room at ease. He has a keen analytical mind.'

Rising Stars

Celine Kart - Park Square Barristers 'Celine's preparation for cases is flawless. Her attention to detail and leave-no-stone-unturned approach instills confidence in those she represents. She has a sharp legal mind.'
Lydia Pearce – Broadway House Chambers 'A robust junior and a fantastic barrister.'
Steven Reed  - Trinity Chambers 'A junior with a cool and understated advocacy style.'
Rachel Scott – Wilberforce ChambersA formidable advocate who leaves no stone unturned in her quest for achieving the best possible outcome for those who instruct her.’

Crime (general and fraud) in Regional Bar

New Park Court Chambers

New Park Court Chambers ‘is widely admired as a set with a good array of talent, including at the highest level‘. In a prominent work highlight, Jason Pitter KC led Tom Storey KC for the prosecution in a case involving the death of 15-year-old Sebastian Kalinowski following extensive physical abuse at the hands of his mother and her partner; both were convicted of murder. In a separate matter, Alistair MacDonald KC led Eleanor Fry for the prosecution of a man who was convicted of the murder of his wife on their wedding night and disposing of her body in a suitcase. Simon Kealey KC, who heads up the practice, is well-versed in handling a broad range of serious criminal work, including serious sexual offences, fraud, murder and terrorism.


A strong set.’

Helpful set.’

Great set, which always has counsel available at the required level.’

Excellent clerks room – supportive and helpful.’

Very personable clerking team.’

Park Square Barristers Ltd.

Viewed as ‘a go-to set for criminal matters‘, Park Square Barristers‘ team of ‘very talented barristers‘ continues to handle cases across the gamut of high-profile criminal cases, spanning high-profile murders, large-scale drugs conspiracies, serious sexual offences and serious violence. In recent instructions of note, Richard Wright KC prosecuted a man for the murder of his teenage son; the son had suffered life-changing injuries after the father had suffocated him as a toddler, over two decades before the son’s death in 2019 - the case focused on whether the son’s death was caused by the actions of the defendant, who was convicted of the original assault and subsequently convicted of murder. At the junior end, Taryn Turner ‘communicates well with clients and is committed to achieving the best results possible‘. In 2022 Kate Batty was appointed to the circuit bench, while Andrew Petterson joined from Exchange Chambers.


‘Andrew Thornton is exceptional.’

‘Richard Sadler and Andrew Thornton are legends! They have a large and keen team of criminal clerks working with them – always charming and eager to please.’

Very well respected set on the North Eastern circuit.’

St Pauls Chambers

The team at St Pauls Chambers is active across the range of serious criminal cases. Sam Green KC garners praise as ‘a very good and clear thinker with excellent strategic judgement‘; he is joint head of chambers with the ‘outstanding advocateDenise Breen-Lawton KC, whose ‘preparation is astonishing and she knows her cases backwards‘. Angus MacDonald‘s ‘attention to detail means he is an excellent prosecutor‘; ‘his work ethic is second to none and his in depth knowledge of the underlying material in each case shines through‘. Strengthening the team at the senior end, Nick Worsley KC was elevated to silk in the 2023 round.


‘Jayne Drake is a very efficient clerk who is very helpful and resourceful at resolving listing issues. She is a clear communicator.’

An extremely efficient set.’

St Pauls Chambers is a well respected and long established chambers.’

Dere Street Barristers

Led by the ‘outstandingAnthony Davis , the team at Dere Street Barristers has considerable experience defending and prosecuting across a wide spectrum of serious criminal cases, including large-scale drugs conspiracies, murder, and serious sexual offences. Peter Makepeace KC is highly regarded for his expertise in handling multi-defendant murder cases and complex fraud work. John Elvidge KC is ‘always thoroughly prepared‘, and David Lamb KC is regularly instructed in cases involving international drug trafficking. Anne Richardson is ‘a superb team leader for the prosecution of the most serious sexual offences‘ and ‘much respected by judges‘.


‘The clerks are great at communication and often go above and beyond for your cases.’

Dere Street Barristers is a first rate organisation, offering outstanding service to clients both lay and professional.’

A first class service.’

Exchange Chambers

At Exchange Chambers‘ Leeds office, the team of ‘formidable advocates‘ continues to act in high-profile cases of murder, serious violence, large-scale drugs conspiracies, serious sexual offences and high-value fraud. Nicholas Johnson KC is ‘an excellent speech-maker‘, and successfully prosecuted a man who was convicted of the sexual assault and murder of a vulnerable woman. Turning to the junior end of chambers, Eddison Flint defended a man charged with criminal damage to the York Minster after he scaled the building with the intention of taking his own life; he received a suspended sentence. The junior end of the team was bolstered by the arrival of Ayesha Smart.


Exchange is a very strong chambers.’

An excellent set.’

A strong selection of junior counsel.’

A reliable set.’

The service provided was exceptional. All the clerks I have dealt with have been friendly and very accommodating.’

The clerks are a wonderful group of people who work very hard.’

Trinity Chambers

Trinity Chambers is home to ‘a strong criminal team‘. In recent instructions for the set, practice head Caroline Goodwin KC led Laura Jane Miller in representing a defendant who was acquitted of murder in a case involving the body of an 18-year-old male found with multiple stab wounds in a shallow grave in a disused industrial estate. Elsewhere in chambers, Ellen Wright successfully represented a defendant who was charged with arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered following a hotel fire; the defendant was acquitted. The ‘diligentToby Hedworth KC is well-known for his expertise in handling murder, terrorism and manslaughter cases. Complex financial criminal cases are a key pillar of strength in Christopher Knox‘s practice.


‘Liam Gorman and Chris Gibbin are always on hand to deal with last minute issues, and have an excellent working relationship with local courts.’

‘A friendly and professional set.

Trinity Chambers is always able to provide qualified advocates.’

Broadway House Chambers

Broadway House Chambers ‘houses a solid, quality team of barristers who are regularly instructed in the most serious and complex cases‘. In a recent highlight, Stephen Wood KC acted for the CPS in a case where multiple members of an organised crime group were convicted of murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and firearms offences. Syam Soni is ‘an exceptional advocate who commands the courtroom‘, and Lydia Pearce garners praise as ‘a strong advocate‘. Peter Hampton was appointed a circuit judge in September 2023.


A reliable and consistent set.’

A strong set.’

The barristers are extremely knowledgeable.’