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Leading Silks

Andrew Lewis QC - Park Square BarristersHe is very detailed and thorough assessment of the evidence. He is excellent in conference with balancing the complex medical and legal points in discussions with experts and also making everything accessible for the client or litigation friend to follow the evidence and the views being discussed.

2019 Silks

Sarah Pritchard QC - Kings ChambersSarah is brilliant with clients and puts them at ease with her charm but she is also always on top of all the facts and evidence with flawless attention to detail.

Leading Juniors

Hylton Armstrong - Parklane PlowdenHylton is extremely approachable and very good with clients. He always sets an agenda for a conference so that the client fully understands the purpose. His advices and notes of conference are also concise and helpful.
Andrew Axon - Parklane PlowdenFocused and excellent at getting results in often challenging and complex cases. Great with clients and generally a very safe pair of hands for all types of medical negligence cases.
Howard Elgot - Parklane PlowdenTenacious In pursuit of a case. Always willing to examine every angle of the evidence and to come up with new avenues to explore. Skilled at pinning down experts and getting to the root of their evidence in conference. Excellent in negotiations. Very capable at arguing costs budget issues in these types of cases.
Elizabeth Hodgson - Parklane PlowdenApproachable, straightforward, practical and reliable. Liz is thorough in her assessment of cases and works hard to achieve the best result possible.
Paul Kirtley - Exchange Chambers Extremely empathetic with clients, kind and insightful. Excellent analysis of complex medical and legal issues. Collaborative and just generally a really strong team player.
Richard Paige - Park Square BarristersCounsel is very good with clients and builds a rapport easily. He is insightful and offers sound, logically based advice as one would expect from any barrister. However, he is pragmatic and open to other points of view and will respond to challenges to his opinions positively. in this way it is always a team effort.
Leila Benyounes - Parklane PlowdenHer attention to detail is excellent and I am always confident the advice she gives is thorough and accurate. Her advice is easy to understand and provides useful guidance on next steps.
Richard Copnall - Parklane PlowdenHe is technically astute and extremely competent with a no-nonsense approach.
Anna Datta - Parklane PlowdenAnna has a is very pragmatic in her advice and pleadings which helps to cut through a lot of the complexities of medical negligence.
Stephen Friday - Parklane PlowdenStephen is very forensic in his approach to cases. He is able to filter through the large volumes of information to get to the issue(s) in a case. Able to comfortably stand his ground against more senior counsel.
Mike Hill - Parklane PlowdenDemonstrates extensive knowledge of Clinical Law generally and dental claims specifically. Is particularly impressive with complex and or high value dental claims, respected by both patients and experts alike. Continues to serve with impressive speed on issues of opinion and drafting.
Stuart Jamieson - Parklane PlowdenHe pays high attention to detail and works through issues in a very logical and clear manner. He is able to identify the key issues quickly and identify a clear direction the case needs to take.
Helen Mulholland - Kings ChambersExcellent advocate, who reads the judge well. Very thorough and detailed approach to complex cases. Excellent with clients.

Clinical negligence in Regional Bar

Exchange Chambers

Known for being 'extremely empathetic with clients', Paul Kirtley is a key name to note within Exchange Chambers' clinical negligence team. The team acts for a range of private and publicly-funded claimants, and our defendant clients include hospitals, NHS organisations, medical defense organisations, and insurance bodies. Kirtley's clinical negligence practice encompasses hospital, general practitioner and health practitioner claims, birth-related injuries, and surgical.

Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers’ clinical negligence team receives instructions from leading claimant and defendant solicitors nationally.  With 'exceptional technical knowledge', Sarah Pritchard QC regularly deals with birth damage cases exceeding £5m. Helen Mulholland is described by one client as an 'excellent advocate, who reads the judge well' and has a complex, high-value clinical negligence practice.

Park Square Barristers Ltd.

Andrew Lewis QC heads the clinical negligence team at Park Square Barristers. Noted for his 'very detailed and thorough assessment of the evidence', Andrew has experience in all areas of clinical negligence and undertakes cases of all types up to the most serious cerebral palsy negligent-birth claims, and was recently involved in a case which was the first occasion in than an order approving periodical payments of future heads of expenses and losses had been made in the Isle of Man. The 'well-prepared' Richard Paige is another key member of the team and has significant experience of claims with values up to £1m.

Parklane Plowden

Parklane Plowden remains one of the stand-out sets in the region when it comes to clinical negligence work. With 39 specialist clinical negligence barristers, the team act in a broad range of cases including those involving birth injuries, failure to diagnose, and surgical negligence. The 'focused' Andrew Axon has over 25 years' experience and is instructed on behalf of both claimants and defendants in cases of the upmost severity, with claims typically valued between £5m-£15m. Described by one client as 'practical and reliable', Elizabeth Hodgson acts on a wide range of clinical negligence cases, many of which are high-value claims arising from catastrophic or very serious birth injuries.