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Leading Juniors

Michelle CaneySt Ives Chambers ‘Michelle is very capable and technically brilliant. She is very thorough in her preparation and clients are always very impressed with her. She is the go-to barrister for the housing association clients.’ 
Anya NewmanSt Ives Chambers ‘Anya is tenacious and focused. She fights for strong outcomes for clients. Her preparation is thorough and her presentation very assured.’ 
Oliver NunnKCH Garden Square ‘Oliver is very thorough in his work and pays close attention to detail. He gives sound and considered advice and has excellent drafting skills.’ 
Tom Russell - KCH Garden Square ‘Tom is an extremely effective and an advocate. He is down-to-earth and very commercial. He takes time to understand a client's aims and remains focused on those until a resolution is reached. He is able to explain complex issues very clearly to clients and grasps detail quickly.’ 
Michael SingletonSt Ives Chambers ‘Michael is an excellent specialist to call on, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of housing law. He provides clear, concise advice and his practical approach to cases provides an invaluable service, particularly cases that need to be considered from a commercial perspective.’ 
Jane TalbotSt Ives Chambers ‘Jane is a well-rounded barrister who can consider the issues from both the perspective of a solicitor and a barrister and that places her in an excellent position of understanding.’ 

Rising Stars

Aadhithya AnbahanSt Ives ChambersAadhithya has an excellent manner with instructing officers - she is warm, confident and reassuring. She is not pessimistic and willing to give things a go. Really good technical expertise and great work in court.'

Social housing in Regional Bar

St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers is an ‘excellent set with a real in-depth expertise of housing law’ and handles matters related to anti-social behaviour, environmental protection act, nuisance, homelessness, and unlawful eviction. Michael Singleton heads the housing practice group and is handling a series of cases related to closure order of a council property to due to anti-social behaviour. Anya Newman is praised for her ‘fantastic advocacy and cross-examination skills’ and successfully brought an eviction order against an anti-social tenant.



‘A very good and personable set. Likeable and friendly and very capable.’ 

‘A good set for social housing.’ 

‘St Ives is extremely knowledgeable in the area of social housing residential landlord and tenant disputes. It has strength and depth.’ 

‘St Ives is the go-to for housing management work. It has a good variety of barristers and pupils who are very good at housing management.’ 

‘St Ives is a quality set. The training sessions and webinars are always of the highest quality, relevant and tackle prevalent issues. They are able to offer suitable alternatives when preferred Counsel is unavailable.’ 


‘Very helpful and responsive.’ 

KCH Garden Square

KCH Garden Square  is experienced in dealing with the complex, difficult and sensitive social issues arising within housing law. The group is led by the ‘technically proficient’ Tom Russell who has more than two decades’ experience in the area. Oliver Nunn ‘is very detail-oriented’ and specialises in social and private housing litigation, with a particular interest in cases involving anti-social behaviour. Rising star Ben Chapman is well regarded for his ‘extensive knowledge of occupation orders’ and ability with vulnerable clients.



‘The set comprises of talented and user-friendly barristers, which is appealing to instructing solicitors and lay clients alike. Availability is often good, and the staff are always willing to help where they can at short notice.’

‘KCH are helpful and very organised. They offer barristers with a wealth of experience in a number of areas, particularly residential landlord and tenant work.’

‘The chambers has a number of barristers with a wide variety of experience and seniority.’

‘KCH Gardens is a good set.’  


‘Sensible clerks with good insight into counsel that are available by reference to cost and expertise.’

‘Clerks are very approachable and helpful.’