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Leading Silks

Jayne Adams KCRopewalk Chambers ‘Jayne is an excellent advocate with fantastic knowledge and in-depth experience of occupational disease claims. She is always very pragmatic and personable and has a great manner with clients.’  
Paul Bleasdale KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Paul has a particular strength in negotiation, and regularly secures settlements at the top end of the range of valuations.’  
Chris Bright KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Chris is very thorough in his case preparation and very approachable. He is able to put clients at ease in conferences. He is also very capable of managing a team of experts.’ 
Satinder Hunjan KCKings Chambers 'Satinder is responsive and has a keen eye on the strategy of a case.'
Jonathan Jones KC – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Jonathan is an exceptional personal injury silk. He has standout capabilities and qualities, that put him up with the top silks practicing in this field of law. He is a fantastic tactician in catastrophic loss claims and an expert at marshalling and organising expert liability and quantum evidence.’  
Patrick Limb KCRopewalk Chambers ‘Patrick is a calm, measured, immensely intelligent, and articulate barrister who puts clients and instructing solicitors at ease. Explanations are given in a straightforward and understandable way. His ability to think on his feet in court room settings is second to none.’   
Henry Pitchers KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Henry is a very impressive silk. He is brilliant with clients with the ability to listen and empathise with all. He has an excellent manner that allows him to deliver difficult advice with calmness. He is a tough negotiator who fights for the best outcome for his clients.’  

Leading Juniors

Matthew BrunningNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Matthew is equally as good on papers as he is in court. He has a meticulous eye for detail, clever strategies, a sound grasp of commercial considerations, and a surgeon's precision during cross-examination.’  
Georgina CurshamRopewalk Chambers ‘Georgina has excellent knowledge of law and procedure and is very thorough with a keen eye for detail. She is an excellent advocate who works very hard for the client and has a good rapport with clients, which is essential in personal injury claims where the claimant may be vulnerable.’  
Paul EvansNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Paul is very empathetic towards the claimants and is able to support them through tough times. He is tenacious in his approach, very hardworking, and always willing to go the extra mile. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and is an invaluable asset to any claimant team.’ 
Esther GambleNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Esther's dedication and commitment is exemplary. She has a keen eye for detail and leaves no stone unturned. She is one of the best court advocates who is persuasive, tenacious and precise. She is always approachable and keen to discuss ideas, rather than dictate the case strategy.’
Richard MoatNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Richard has a great ability to see the strengths and weaknesses of a case and to explain them fairly to clients. He is firm and tenacious in negotiations, thorough in his analysis of cases, and excellent at turning work round promptly and at being available to give advice by phone or email.’ 
Tom PantonRopewalk Chambers ‘Tom's preparation and attention to detail is meticulous when it comes to his advice and settling pleadings. He's approachable and friendly in conference with clients and has a commanding presence in court.’  
Robert SmallwoodNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Robert is a phenomenal operator, capable of dealing with the highest value cases. He is always well prepared and provides comprehensive advice in terms that clients can understand. He is a tenacious advocate that leaves no stone unturned during cross-examination.’ 
Nick Xydias – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Nick is a formidable advocate who quickly gets to grips with the key issues in a case and through skill and extensive expertise, navigates through the complexities of the claim to the benefit of the client. He has excellent attention to detail. He is also able to gain the confidence of clients with good manners and a personable approach.’  
Jason CoxRopewalk Chambers ‘Jason has a real eye for the detail of a case and his paperwork, whether that be pleadings, schedules or advice, is of a consistently high standard.  He's always well prepared and a real master of his brief.’  
Georgina CrawfordRopewalk Chambers ‘Georgina is excellent at grasping the issues in the case and dealing with them. She is great with clients and immensely personable.’ 
Philip DavyRopewalk Chambers ‘Philip has a strong background and knowledge in abuse cases. He is approachable and works well as part of a team on these types of cases. His advice is clear, and he considers the practicalities of the case.’ 
Louisa DenningNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Louisa is hardworking and tenacious and is always willing to go the extra mile. Her empathy and understanding shown towards the claimants are invaluable when supporting them through tough times. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable and ensure that the best possible outcome for the claimant is always achieved.’  
Malcolm DuthieNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Malcolm is very good with both clients and experts and is able to drill into the detail of the case and address the central issues in a way that all clients can understand. His advocacy is meticulous in its preparation and delivery. He consistently performs well in complex negotiations and does not get drawn into needless posturing, always remaining calm and measured when putting the client's case. He is tenacious and ensures the best possible outcomes.’ 
Andrew EvansSt Philips Chambers ‘Good on his feet, trusted by clients, and happy to take on difficult cases.’ 
Steven FisherNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Steven is always very thorough and clear with his advice. He is approachable and is always happy to assist where possible.’  
Jamie GambleNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Jamie is highly intelligent with a very sharp legal brain. He is quick to grasp the key elements of a case and is excellent strategically, taking a pragmatic approach to resolve cases for the benefit of the client. He is approachable and develops a good rapport with clients, putting them at ease, a vital skill in this area of work.’  
Richard GregoryRopewalk Chambers ‘Richard is very intelligent and is very quickly able to identify the important issues of a case. He has a high success rate and is regularly successful at trials where the odds were against him. He is an exceptional advocate and great with clients.’
Karl HirstNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Karl is one of the most highly regarded barristers in his field. Karl achieves outstanding outcomes for clients, sometimes in the most hard-fought claims which others might shy away from. It is a privilege to work alongside him.’ 
Myles JacksonRopewalk Chambers ‘Myles is thorough, methodical, great at thinking outside of the box, and not afraid of a challenge. He is excellent with clients and makes them feel at ease.’
Timothy JacquesCornwall Street Barristers ‘Timothy has a very calm engaging manner which wins clients trust and often wins Judges over in Court. He is certainly not scared to take on difficult cases and is very tenacious. He is particularly helpful in having a great eye for detail.’ 
Edward JamesRopewalk Chambers ‘Edward is always well prepared, organised, and has good strategic thinking. He is extremely personable and clients like him on a personal level enormously.’ 
Kam JaspalRopewalk Chambers ‘Kam has an excellent attention to detail and provides excellent commercial advice.’ 
Christopher LoweRopewalk Chambers ‘Christopher is very approachable and shows a great deal of empathy towards clients to gain their trust quickly.  He is very thorough and prompt with advice. His drafting skills are excellent, and he pays great attention to detail. He has the ability to explain complex matters to clients in a user-friendly manner.’  
Andrew Lyons - 12 King's Bench Walk ‘Andrew is meticulous in his preparation, and sharp in conference. His paperwork is fantastic, thorough and client skills are very good. He is approachable, unflappable and inspires confidence with clients.’ 
Andrew McNamaraRopewalk Chambers 'Andrew is friendly, accessible and always happy to help. He is a very assured and excellent advocate across a range of types of hearings.’ 
Damian PowellRopewalk Chambers ‘Damian is excellent with clients, in conference and at trial. He explains elements of the case in a simple way and his knowledge of personal injury has enabled us to win many difficult cases.’ 
Rochelle RongRopewalk Chambers ‘Rochelle’s attention to detail is outstanding. Her advice is straight forward and easy for clients to understand and she does not shy away from the difficult issues. She is brilliant in conference with experts and a very persuasive advocate.’ 
Richard SeabrookRopewalk Chambers ‘Richard is knowledgeable and quick to respond with practical detailed advice on how best to conduct cases. He works well as part of a team and is very approachable. He is tenacious as an advocate and doesn't shy away from a difficult argument.’ 
Colin BaranSt Philips Chambers ‘Colin is extremely thorough and his attention to detail is exemplary. He is very good with clients and always makes them feel comfortable. He is an excellent advocate both in cross-examination and legal arguments.’ 
Rebecca KeevesCornwall Street Barristers ‘Rebecca is extremely thorough. She is a safe pair of hands and is excellent with clients, putting them at ease and preparing them for hearings.’ 
Sofia AshrafSt Philips Chambers ‘Sofia is conscientious, with great attention to detail. She is honest in her evaluation of evidence and the instructions. She is very approachable and extremely good with witnesses.’ 
Philip GodfreyRopewalk Chambers ‘Philip's competency is excellent in relation to pleadings and in court. He is always helpful and goes the extra mile. He is approachable and makes time to respond to ad hoc queries. He is a safe pair of hands.’ 
Thomas Herbert - Ropewalk Chambers ‘Thomas pays good attention to detail and is always very responsive and thorough. He is often able to think of imaginative solutions.' 
Sarah Hopkinson - Ropewalk Chambers ‘Sarah is thorough and pragmatic in advising and preparing for court. In particular, with regard to RTA claims, she has a strong breadth of knowledge on both claimant and defendant matters. She is a strong communicator both verbal and written.’ 
Kate Longson Ropewalk Chambers ‘Kate is an exceptional advocate who is able to immediately understand the key strengths and any weaknesses in a given case. She is a very persuasive advocate. She has a calm yet robust demeanour in court, which judges like.’ 
Gareth McAloon - Ropewalk Chambers  ‘Gareth is very approachable and happy to go the extra mile. He has a recognised expertise in disease claims. He is very good at expressing a firm view whilst keeping his advice succinct and to the essentials.’ 
Alexander Mellis - No5 Barristers' Chambers ‘Alexander is a clever barrister with great insights into complex cases. He has a compendious knowledge of CPR and is a very strong performer in relation to claims where fraud is alleged.’ 
Alexandra Pountney Ropewalk Chambers ‘Alexandra is an extremely professional and reliable counsel who never fails to impress with her mastery of the brief and, likewise, her empathetic approach to clients.’ 
Shilpa ShahRopewalk Chambers ‘Shilpa's main qualities is her willingness to go that extra mile to ensure that the best possible advice is provided to instructing solicitors/clients. She is extremely personable and provides detailed written advice.’ 
Philip Turton - Ropewalk Chambers ‘Philip has a mastery of detail and a pleasant, engaging manner. His charm disarms opponents, and he is an excellent negotiator.'
Cassandra WilliamsRopewalk Chambers ‘Cassandra is dedicated and determined with a keen eye for detail. She is focused and calm, gives sound advice and is great with clients. She grasps the issues and advances the argument in a clear and concise manner. She is an excellent advocate who is tenacious in cross-examination and gets the right result.’

Rising Stars

Lorna BadhamSt Philips Chambers ‘Lorna is respectful, professional and very responsive. She is approachable and very well-liked by clients. She is very thorough in her assessments of cases and goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcome. She is a credit to her profession.’ 
Rebecca Livesey - No5 Barristers' Chambers ‘Rebecca is super-bright and very canny. She devours the more complex cases and brings a real enthusiasm to her work as an advocate. She is destined for a very busy and successful practice in PI, with a loyal following already.’ 
Nicholas TrueloveKings Chambers 'Nicholas is very good forensically and tactically astute.'

Personal injury in Regional Bar

No5 Barristers' Chambers

No5 Barristers’ Chambers’ personal injury group has ‘a huge depth of knowledge and experience’ and a sizable team that is practising nationwide. Paul Bleasdale KC is praised for his ability to ‘bring solutions in a very efficient manner’ and settled a £1.5m claim brought by a minor after a severe injury. David Tyack KC is a ‘safe pair of hands who shows great resilience in difficult cases’ and is currently acting on behalf of the mother of a deceased girl who had died allegedly because of clinical negligence. Paul Evans is a ‘highly skilled professional with strong technical knowledge who always puts clients’ best interests first’.



‘No5 is the premier PI set in the West Midlands.’

‘The set has an extensive list of counsel and can always assist.’

‘A very large set based in the Midlands, with strength in depth.’

‘No5 Chambers have maintained consistently high quality service in PI and clinical negligence claims over the period of 35 years.’

‘No5 Chambers has a strong personal Injury set with great strength in depth. There is good availability of counsel and training seminars/webinars are provided regularly by experienced barristers.’

‘The Chambers has a massive strength in depth, it is always possible to secure high quality counsel even at short notice.’

‘No 5 Chambers is an excellent set. They have great bench depth which allows the recommendation of appropriate Counsel for all enquiries. They are willing to work on the more complex liability matters where cases are not straightforward.’

Ropewalk Chambers

Ropewalk Chambers is a ‘strong set’ that advises and represents across the full range of personal injury cases. It is particularly well known for insurance-related work, advising the industry to the highest levels. Jayne Adams KC is an ‘excellent orator, good negotiator, and a good people person’ who recently acted for a defendant in claims of alleged beryllium poisoning. Patrick Limb KC is renowned for his ability to ‘analyse complex legal issues very well’ and is currently representing the Welsh Rugby Union in a high value multi-party, group litigation case relating to claims for early-onset dementia and CTE brought by former professional rugby players. In August 2022 Jonathan Owen was appointed to the circuit bench.



‘Strong and reliable chambers. Always friendly and helpful. Good counsel availability and good seminars offered.’

‘It is the go-to set of Chambers for all aspects of caseload. It has a good range of barristers and easy to instruct members.’

‘Go-to chambers and a very reputable set with a number of strong advocates. Its location is particularly useful as it can be instructed on cases in both the North and South of England.’

‘Ropewalk chambers is very efficient. It has a varied and large availability of barristers with great reputations.’

‘The chambers has an excellent number of helpful and qualified barristers. It is always willing to assist and is pro-active in setting up conferences remotely.’


‘The clerks are efficient and polite.’

Work highlights

    St Philips Chambers

    St Philips Chambers’ personal injury team provides specialist advice and representation to both claimants and defendants across the vast spectrum of personal injury litigation. Sofia Ashraf  has a particular interest in claims brought by minors or protected parties or claims for psychiatric injuries and is appreciated by clients for her ability to ‘clarify information and put lay clients at ease’. Andrew Evans recently represented a claimant who suffered acoustic shock injury due to an aircraft engine. Rising star Lorna Badham is known for her ‘meticulous and thoughtful approach’ and has extensive experience in representing child and vulnerable claimants.



    ‘The personal injury department and/or international personal injury work carried out by St Philips chambers barrister has always been carried out to a high standard.’ 

    ‘Wide ranging offer from this set covering most of the Midlands. Good availability and conference facilities.’ 

    ‘St Philips have good strength in depth in personal injury and it is a pleasure to work with them.’ 

    ‘Very good, well organised, and always able to offer a suitable alternative if chosen counsel is not available.’ 


    ‘The clerks at St Philip’s Chambers are always happy to help, especially on short notice instructions.’ 

    ‘Gary Carney is the go-to clerk in Birmingham. Nothing is ever too much trouble and there is nothing he cannot sort out.’