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Leading Silks

Nageena Khalique QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersShe combines gravitas, legal knowledge, and great client care.

Leading Juniors

Sofia Ashraf - St Philips ChambersShe provides succinct advice which is easily understood by event the most vulnerable clients, and is willing to go the extra mile.
Georgina Cursham - Ropewalk ChambersVery knowledgeable on coronial law and procedure, getting to the crux of matters quickly.
Richard Grimshaw - No5 Barristers ChambersArticulate and succinct in both written and oral advocacy, he quickly earns the respect of those he appears before.
Richard Seabrook - Ropewalk ChambersA fantastic advocate with a thorough and methodical approach whose examination of witnesses is clear, concise and relevant to the issues.
Emma Sutton - Serjeants' Inn Chambers (Serjeants' Inn Chambers)Extremely meticulous, knowledgeable, and a fearless advocate.
Bernard Thorogood - No5 Barristers ChambersCombines deep subject matter expertise and excellent drafting skills with first-class advocacy.

Rising Stars

Thomas Herbert - Ropewalk ChambersProvides very well-considered, accurate, and succinct advice.

Inquests and inquiries in Regional Bar

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Nageena Khalique QC and Emma Sutton retain their reputation in central England after their move to London set Serjeants' Inn Chambers, continuing to handle complex cases for Midlands councils and people.

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers includes Sofia Ashraf, whose recent work has included inquests touching upon deaths in the medical sector, as well as applications for fresh inquests. She primarily acts for families.

No5 Barristers Chambers

No5 Barristers Chambers covers a range of inquests work inside and outside of clinical contexts. Bernard Thorogood is frequently instructed in inquests arising from his health and safety practice, such as his recent representation of Coventry City Council in an inquest following the death of a worker after the collapse of a stack of tyres. Richard Grimshaw has a practice that includes cases in custody and medical contexts.

Ropewalk Chambers

Ropewalk Chambers' inquests team is instructed on a wide range of inquests touching upon issues such as care home deaths, murders and other offences committed by individuals released from prison on license, custody deaths and medical negligence matters. Richard Seabrook is particularly active in the field of care deaths, acting for a range of parties including care home operators and the families of the deceased, while Georgina Cursham has experience in health and safety related matters, having recently represented an infrastructure contractor following the death of a cyclist who hit a pot-hole.