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Leading Silks

Richard Atkins QC - St Philips ChambersHis presence in court is simply outstanding.

Leading Juniors

Ian Bridge - No5 Barristers ChambersParticularly strong on complex technical defences, and willing to stand his ground with the judiciary where required.
Naomi Gilchrist - St Philips ChambersA very strong and confident advocate who works well with her solicitors and clients.
Tim Green - Henderson ChambersA strong and tenacious advocate who gives clear, strategic advice.
Ben Mills - St Philips ChambersHe combines a relaxed and pleasant approach to all parties with an eye for technical detail, a focused advocacy style, and an ability to win over benches.
Tim Pole - No5 Barristers ChambersAn excellent, highly attentive advocate who defends his clients with zest and vigour.
James Puzey - St Philips ChambersA careful, considered and effective advocate who always delivers quality work.
Kevin Saunders - St Ives ChambersHis tremendous legal knowledge, guile, and technical ability allow him to find holes in even the strongest prosecution case.
Bernard Thorogood - No5 Barristers ChambersHe combines excellent drafting skills with deep subject matter expertise.
Tony Watkin - St Ives ChambersTactically astute, technically knowledgeable and excellent in his written work.

Business and regulatory crime (including health and safety) in Regional Bar

Henderson Chambers

Tim Green at Henderson Chambers is highly active in the field of health and safety, prosecuting and defending across the the Midlands. Recent work has included the prosecution of two contractors who failed to remove asbestos from a school during building work.

No5 Barristers Chambers

The regulatory team  at No5 Barristers Chambers is particularly recommended for health and safety work, with several strong practitioners both defending and prosecuting in this area. Bernard Thorogood is a key figure in the team, with recent work including the prosecution of DHL Services after a tyre rack collapsed, killing one worker and injuring several others. Ian Bridge is recommended for matters which involve contested medical evidence or highly technical defences, while Tim Pole is recommended for his expertise in contentious food safety matters.

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers is home to several strong regulatory practitioners, primarily focusing on health and safety cases. Naomi Gilchrist is highly active in this field, with recent work including the defence of bus company Midland Red South following a crash, which killed two, caused by the bus's near-octogenarian driver depressing the wrong pedal. Ben Mills is recommended for health and safety appeals work, having recently represented the HSE in an appeal by a car parts manufacturer against fines following an outbreak of legionnaire's disease, the case giving guidance on several issues including the proper length of skeleton arguments in such cases. James Puzey is a strong health and safety prosecutor, with recent work including incidents in theme parks and factories.

St Ives Chambers

Members of St Ives Chambers are instructed in a wide range of regulatory matters. Tony Watkin is particularly notable for his prosecution practice across a wide range of regulatory areas - in one matter he prosecuted the owners of a nightclub after an inebriated guest left through a back door and fell two floors to his death. Kevin Saunders is also active in regulatory work, with recent instructions including the defence of Spanish airline Iberia, which was convicted of aviation offences following the death of twelve capybara rodents on board a flight from Madrid to Heathrow.