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Private client in Poland


The private client team at GWW counts Polish business founders, as well as family-owned enterprises and high-net-worth individuals, among its clients. The practice offers these clients support with international planning matters, foreign trusts, and family foundations. Asset protection structures are also within the vast expertise of the group. Tax advisor Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska sits at the helm of the department and frequently undertakes inheritance law, succession planning, and immigration mandates. Tomasz Krzywański boasts ‘vast international experience’  and is well versed in structuring estates. Senior associate Tomasz Piejak is another notable member of the department.

Practice head(s):

Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska

Other key lawyers:

Tomasz Krzywański; Tomasz Piejak


‘Tomasz Krzywański has great general and wide knowledge and experience on how to tackle matters and treat problematic cases, which is very important in the legal world. Furthermore, he is always available for a quick chat. A very active member in the international private client scene and a frequent speaker. An asset to the firm.’

‘It is GWW’s private client team which makes it so powerful, in particular Tomasz Krzywański. He has vast international experience and understanding of relevant aspects and always manages to respond in a precise and straight-forward manner.’

‘Very knowledgeable about local law and international developments.’

Work highlights

  • Advised a client on the tax implications of a foreign trust for a Polish resident.
  • Advised a family business on developing a succession plan.
  • Advised a private client on asset protection and succession planning.


SSW is well versed at advising high-net-worth individuals, families, and investors on tax mandates, estate and business succession planning, and inheritance matters. Tax and asset protection expert Patrycja Goździowska jointly leads the practice alongside Tomasz Wickel, who ‘stands out for his exceptional expertise and tireless dedication to client success’. Wickel has significant experience in international and domestic private wealth structures.

Practice head(s):

Patrycja Goździowska; Tomasz Wickel


‘What distinguishes this practice is its unique ability to seamlessly merge legal acumen with creative solutions. One should take note of the team’s strengths in crafting legal strategies, their exceptional adaptability, and their commitment. This practice’s exceptional performance shines through.’

‘Tomasz Wickel, a prominent lawyer, stands out for his exceptional expertise and tireless dedication to client success. With a track record of consistently delivering effective solutions, he is a trusted choice for complex legal matters.’

‘People, diversity, technology, communication.’

Key clients

Value RE

Senior Partners of Innova Investments LLC

Work highlights

  • Assisted a client with developing a plan for a tax efficient restructuring, involving the simplification of a corporate group structure including over 15 vehicles with various legal forms and located in different jurisdictions.
  • Advised a Polish national and his family on succession planning with the use of a Polish private foundation.

Wardynski & Partners

Wardynski & Partners‘ private client practice, which ‘is characterised by extensive knowledge’ and includes an interdisciplinary team of lawyers and tax advisors, supports high-net-worth individuals and their families with estate, succession and investment planning. Wealth management is also a core area of expertise for the department, in addition to citizenship matters and property restitution claims. Tax specialist Dariusz Wasylkowski and real estate expert Stefan Jacyno co-chair the group, and they are supported by senior counsel Krzysztof Wiktor, who is a ‘brilliant lawyer with outstanding experience’. Michał Nowacki is a notable name for advising clients on international asset planning and tax reporting matters, inheritance issues, and changes of residence and citizenship.

Practice head(s):

Dariusz Wasylkowski; Stefan Jacyno

Other key lawyers:

Krzysztof Wiktor; Marta Kacprowska; Wojciech Marszałkowski; Michał Nowacki; Wojciech Marszałkowski; Marcin Sobkowicz; Anna Olejniczak-Michalska


‘Their ability to understand cross-cultural differences and to implement solutions that take the laws of multiple countries into account. Their willingness to work with colleagues in a collegial and kindly manner. Their knowledge of the Polish legal environment. Of course, all of this is with a high degree of professional integrity and knowledge of the law.’

‘Wojciech Marszałkowski has a firm grasp of the rule of law and how the rule of law works in Poland. He is not only trained in Polish tax law, but in American tax law as well.’

‘Responsiveness, high standards of knowledge, and special mention to Marta Kacprowska for her outstanding work.’

Work highlights

  • Advising a high-net-worth family on a multi-jurisdictional issue involving the unwinding of an offshore fiduciary and corporate structure established some decades ago and holding various classes of assets.
  • Representing a high-net-worth family in a cross-border contentious inheritance case.
  • Advising a family operating in the engineering industry on a multi-threaded reorganisation of their €400m business in the context of expected outbound investments.

Baker Tilly Legal Poland

In July 2023, Baker Tilly Legal Poland on-boarded members of well regarded boutique firm PATH Law LLP, including co-founder Tomasz Hatylak and Dominika Mizielińska, who now head up the private client team at the firm. They bring with them substantial expertise in mandates for ultra-hight-net-worth clients regarding domestic and cross-border tax, trusts, wealth management, family relocations, and asset structuring. The team is praised for possessing ‘leaders in Poland in serving individual clients’. Aleksandra Florek is a key senior associate, noted for her expertise in asset protection, and succession and wealth planning.

Practice head(s):

Tomasz Hatylak; Dominika Mizielińska

Other key lawyers:

Aleksandra Florek


‘Leaders in Poland in serving individual clients. They provide tailor-made solutions to individual clients, surrounding them with due care and attention.’

‘Dominika Mizielińska is known for her exceptional knowledge, quality of service and efficiency. She finds the right solutions even in very complicated and difficult cases. She is very responsive and committed. It is a great pleasure to cooperate with her.’

‘Tomasz Hatylak has become a friend over the years due to the intense and long-standing, outstanding working relationship.’


CRIDO boasts a multi-disciplinary team of corporate, investment fund, employment, and immigration lawyers which supports high-net-worth individuals and family businesses. Its offering is broad ranging and encompasses advice on succession planning, formation of family foundations, reorganisations, citizenship and residency, and divorce and separation agreements. Corporate expert Mateusz Baran spearheads the department with a ‘vast reservoir of knowledge across multiple legal disciplines’. He is ably supported by head of the litigation department Katarzyna Witkowska and Michał Klimowicz, who made counsel at the beginning of 2023.

Practice head(s):

Mateusz Baran

Other key lawyers:

Katarzyna Witkowska; Katarzyna Żółcińska; Michał Klimowicz; Agata Kiełczyńska


‘Crido’s team, driven by Michał Klimowicz and Mateusz Baran, is tailored to empower businesses to operate with freedom and confidence. In an ever-changing world, they ensure that while we pivot and innovate in our domains, the legal foundations remain unshaken.’

‘Businesses require agility, and Crido guarantees that by handling the intricate legal aspects that could otherwise impede quick business decisions. Their commitment to us and providing solutions to achieve our business goals, combined with innovative spirit, is what sets them apart in the legal landscape.’

‘Katarzyna Żółcińska is widely esteemed for her outstanding legal acumen and her ability to tackle intricate legal issues with finesse. Her dedication to delivering customised legal remedies, coupled with her extensive knowledge in the field, places her in a league of exceptional legal professionals within the industry.’

‘One of the most defining traits of Michał Klimowicz is his seamless blend of vast legal and business knowledge. What sets Michał apart from many of his peers is his unique communicative style. Legal jargon, often a barrier in understanding complex legal nuances, is never an obstacle with him. His approach redefines the client-lawyer relationship, making it more of a partnership than a transaction.’

‘Mateusz Baran is the embodiment of versatility in the legal profession. His vast reservoir of knowledge across multiple legal disciplines ensures that clients never find themselves in uncharted territory. Regardless of the complexity or nature of the legal issue at hand, Mateusz’s response is swift, accurate, and effective.’

‘Crido has consistently demonstrated a high level of service quality and a remarkable ability to collaborate effectively within their legal team.’

‘Mateusz Baran is highly regarded for his exceptional legal expertise and his adeptness at navigating complex legal matters. His commitment to providing tailored legal solutions, combined with his deep knowledge of the field, makes him a standout professional in the legal industry.’

‘Very good work organisation. Clear and concise analysis of legal problems.’

Key clients


Work highlights

  • Advised a private client on diversifying risks and consolidating his various independent ventures into a holding organisation.
  • Advised a family on adjusting its group structure.
  • Advised a client and his company on a comprehensive corporate reorganisation and the establishment of a family foundation.

Deloitte Legal, Ostrowski, Gizicki i Wspólnicy sp.k.

A key area of focus for the private client team at Deloitte Legal, Ostrowski, Gizicki i Wspólnicy sp.k. is supporting business owners with succession planning and corporate reorganisations. The group is also adept at advising private entrepreneurs, and more recently, assisting with the creation of family foundations. Kraków-based Robert Uhl sits at the helm of the department, and is ably supported by senior managing associate Łukasz Żuławiński; both are praised as ‘experienced lawyers with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge’.

Practice head(s):

Robert Uhl

Other key lawyers:

Łukasz Żuławiński; Magdalena Kozak


‘What characterises the team we cooperate with is very high competences in the field of specialisation. This builds great trust in the team, which is strengthened with each subsequent task we carry out together.’

‘Ease and very effective time in working on documents, electronic circulation of documentation and invoices – this is certainly a great convenience.’

‘Knowledge and experience. The topics on which I work most actively together with Łukasz Żuławiński and Magdalena Kozak are closely related to their above-average knowledge, which, combined with experience, exceeds the value of this cooperation over their competitors.’

‘The law firm’s team has competence and experience in the field of creating family foundations, taking into account aspects of tax law as well as stock exchange law.’

‘Robert Uhl and Łukasz Żuławiński are experienced lawyers with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.’

Key clients

Adamed Pharma S.A.

ASCO Kraków sp. z o.o.

Dako sp. z o.o.

Firma Bracia Urbanek Jacek i Andrzej Urbanek Spółka Jawna

GT Trailers sp. z o.o.

Marma Polskie Folie sp. z o.o.

Rohlig Suus Logistics S.A.

Sobiesław Zasada Spółka Akcyjna S.K.A.

Splast sp. z o.o.

Work highlights

  • Adivsed various clients on the succession of the family business to the next generation.
  • Advised a major Polish group of companies from the plastic processing sector on the creation of a family constitution and the establishment of a family foundation.
  • Advised a major family business on the succession of the business to the next generation.

Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka

Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka acts for private clients and successful private entrepreneurs, as well as their families and the companies they control, alongside family businesses, private organisations, and family trust funds. Its offering encompasses advice on day-to-day legal and tax issues, as well as support with forming and developing family businesses and related succession planning matters. The team is jointly led by Piotr Andrzejczak in Poznań, and Joanna Wierzejska and Marek Świątkowski in Warsaw. They are ably supported by Jakub WieszczeczyńskiDamian Szczygielski, and Grzegorz Sprawka, who was promoted to the partnership in July 2023.

Practice head(s):

Piotr Andrzejczak; Joanna Wierzejska; Marek Świątkowski

Other key lawyers:

Jakub Wieszczeczyński; Grzegorz Sprawka; Damian Szczygielski


‘Very high competences, quick response to inquiries, and high ability to clearly explain legal consequences for people without legal knowledge.’

‘Very readable and accurate notes after meetings, legible and professional documentation of studies, and flexibility in time and calendar management.’

‘The team has understanding and patience, and is good at explaining complex legal elements, with extensive life and professional experience.’

Kieltyka Gladkowski KG Legal

Kieltyka Gladkowski KG Legal is praised for its ‘ability to seamlessly coordinate legal affairs not only in Poland but also across the world’, and its offering encompasses advice on taxation, immigration, and succession planning. Wealth management, creation of trust funds, and estate administration also fall within the private client team’s strong capabilities. Jakub Gładkowski in Warsaw and Małgorzata Kiełtyka in Kraków spearhead the practice and ‘exemplify excellence and distinction in the legal field’.

Practice head(s):

Jakub Gładkowski; Małgorzata Kiełtyka


‘I am delighted to provide this testimonial for KG’s private client practice, which has proven to be an exceptional partner in managing the legal affairs of our international customers. Their expertise and commitment to serving the unique needs of private clients are truly commendable.’

‘One of the standout qualities of KG’s private client practice is their ability to seamlessly coordinate legal affairs not only in Poland but also across the world. Their extensive network of affiliated specialised law firms ensures that clients receive the same high level of personalised service worldwide.’

‘In the rare instances where litigation has been necessary, their legal team has demonstrated remarkable expertise. They have represented the interests of our clients effectively, ensuring their rights were upheld and that they achieved favourable outcomes in legal disputes.’

‘Jakub Gładkowski and Małgorzata Kiełtyka exemplify excellence and distinction in the legal field. With their extensive experience and diverse specialisations, they offer clients a level of legal counsel that is truly exceptional.’

‘Małgorzata Kiełtyka was knowledgeable and responsive. She demonstrated strong attention to detail. She was able to clearly explain what we needed to do. I would use the firm again and refer others to her.’

‘Jakub Gładkowski is an excellent lawyer and highly recommended.’

‘Both of the partners, Małgorzata Kiełtyka and Jakub Gładkowski, are very professional lawyers, amazing at teamwork and strong as individuals. Professional approach of both of the partners.’

‘The team at KG is very easy-going and pleasant to work with. Both partners perform in a very professional yet informal way. Compared to the larger firms, the more flexible and informal way of working is still very refreshing. Małgorzata Kiełtyka and Jakub Gładkowski are always available and are very sharp lawyers and advisors.’

Key clients

Columbian Embassy in Poland

3×53 Transport

Irish Legal Aid Board

Work highlights

  • Represented a family business in whose circle there is a businessman wanted by the police for fraud and white-collar crime.
  • Represented a private client in a cross-border family case concerning a minor with two nationalities.
  • Advised a private business based in Poland on a cross-border restructuring based on a tax-exempt Cayman company.

NASH Concept

NASH Concept was founded at the beginning of 2024 by former members of PATH LAW Piotr Augustyniak and Kinga Romanovska, and the practice has a strong focus on high-net-worth management.

Practice head(s):

Piotr Augustyniak; Kinga Romanovska

Wojarska Aleksiejuk & Wspólnicy Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych

Private law boutique firm Wojarska Aleksiejuk & Wspólnicy Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych ‘stands out for its multifaceted approach and specialises in serving family businesses in Poland’, as well as the successors of family businesses and high-net-worth individuals active in the transport, logistics, automotive, and retail industries. The team is highly adept at advising clients on succession planning, formation of family foundations, and tax-related mandates. Piotr Aleksiejuk and Katarzyna Wojarska-Aleksiejuk jointly head up the practice, with the support of tax specialist Mateusz Majewski.

Practice head(s):

Piotr Aleksiejuk; Katarzyna Wojarska-Aleksiejuk

Other key lawyers:

Mateusz Majewski


‘The law firm has a wide team of specialists. While running several companies, I face many problems on a daily basis. I can always count on quick help. We discuss the problem together and look for the best solution. I always feel the personal commitment of the legal team. I feel that I can entrust them with any problem.’

‘What distinguishes the office the most from its competitors is its personal involvement in matters both minor and important for the operation of our company. I especially value cooperation with Piotr Aleksiejuk. His personal involvement gives me a sense of security. Our relationships are based on mutual trust. This sense of security allows me to run my business peacefully.’

‘Collaboration between the team and also between our company and theirs is always perfect. The practitioners are always helpful and polite. They do a great job!’

Key clients





Klinika Dowgierd

Work highlights

  • Advised a family on the gratuitous removal of all rights and obligations regarding the company under which business is conducted to the partners’ private assets.
  • Advised a family on several private law matters, including structuring, reorganisation within the business, diversification of the business, and settlements in the will.

PwC Legal Zelaznicki sp.k.

The private client team at PwC Legal Zelaznicki sp.k. is adept at supporting Polish family businesses with their succession planning, leveraging the assistance of the firm’s strong tax department, and thus offering a ‘one-stop-shop approach’. Establishing family foundations is also an area of increased activity for the group. Jacek Pawłowski and Wojciech Trzciński jointly chair the practice, and they are well supported by counsel Katarzyna Karpiuk, who is praised as an ‘exceptional practitioner who is personally involved in the clients’ issues’.

Practice head(s):

Jacek Pawłowski; Wojciech Trzciński

Other key lawyers:

Katarzyna Karpiuk


‘PwC Legal showed distinctive competitive advantage by their one-stop-shop approach. They have unique capabilities as a professional services firm;PwC Legal, together with tax experts from PwC member firms, offer us a blend of end-to-end assistance, looking at all crucial aspects of projects.’

‘The private client team of PwC Legal specialise in succession planning, corporate reorganisations, commercial law, civil law, investment funds, succession planning, estate planning, corporate reorganisations, and civil law.’

‘They understand that succession is a multi-staged and complicated process that carries a heavy emotional load for its participants. Thanks to their holistic approach, PwC Legal is involved in projects requiring both legal and tax assistance.’

‘We highly value PwC Legal practitioners Jacek Pawłowski and Wojciech Trzciński and Counsel Katarzyna Karpiuk. Jacek Pawłowski connects in-depth legal knowledge with an understanding of business needs. Wojciech Trzciński has valuable current experience in the investment funds area. Katarzyna Karpiuk is an exceptional practitioner who is personally involved in the clients’ issues.’

‘They provided legal services, including, among others, succession advice to me and my wife as the founders with a view to handing over the business to the next generation, legal workshops concerning family succession, and legal assistance in setting up the Polish family foundation. The recommended solutions were customised in order to reflect the unique situation of our family.’

‘PwC Legal lawyers deliver a combination of solid legal knowledge and understanding of business needs. In particular, Katarzyna Karpiuk is a really good legal advisor. She understands clients’ problems and knows how to solve them.’

‘Highly responsive, attentive to details and listens carefully to the client’s needs and concerns.’

‘Very good cooperation, very professional people!’


PYTLAK // DEJA Law Firm‘s private wealth disputes team is highly adept at representing owners of estates in disputes regarding inheritance, and business succession cases. Managing partner Rafał Pytlak and Wojciech Deja are the senior names of note; the former is recommended as ‘an exceptional lawyer with extensive experience and excellent management skills’, while the latter ‘is respected for his extensive track record in formulating legal solutions’.

Practice head(s):

Rafał Pytlak; Wojciech Deja


‘It is essential to underline PYTLAK//DEJA’s profound legal expertise and understanding of financial repercussions of their advice. Their approach towards achieving objectives, commitment to safeguarding clients’ interests, and clear communication is sound and visible.’

‘Rafał Pytlak PYTLAK//DEJA consistently presents a deep understanding of clients’ needs. Wojciech Deja is respected for his extensive track record in formulating legal solutions. With a precise vision, they have built a culture where feedback is expressed candidly and held in high regard.’

‘PYTLAK//DEJA operates with a strategy focused on both legal frameworks and the associated financial outcomes. They are committed to client’s primary needs presenting attention to all the details throughout each phase of a project.’


RESIST Law Firm‘s private law department is made up of ‘extremely helpful, professional and engaged lawyers’ who advise high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs on succession planning, family funds, family foundations, asset management, and personal goods protection. The group is jointly overseen by of counsel and ‘first-choice lawyer’ Tomasz Uljasz and Tomasz Romanowski.

Practice head(s):

Tomasz Uljasz; Tomasz Romanowski

Other key lawyers:

Milena Maciejewska; Oskar Sitek


‘Extremley helpful, professional and engaged lawyers. Out-of-the-box and multi-dimensional thinking about the case.’

‘Oskar Sitek, Tomasz Romanowski, Tomasz Uljasz and Milena Maciejewska are particularly standout lawyers.’

‘Oskar Sitek is an outstanding professional, negotiator and psychologist looking at particular cases from different perspectives, finding the best possible solutions.’

Work highlights

  • Representing a former Polish footballer, participant of the FIFA World Cup, sports agent, and owner of CK Sports Management in a €9m case against another Polish footballer.
  • Representing insolvent private clients in cases related to the declaration of consumer bankruptcy.
  • Representing Swiss franc borrowers in multiple court disputes with banks related to the CHF and EUR credit agreements.

RKKW – Kwasnicki, Wrobel & Partners

RKKW – Kwasnicki, Wrobel & Partners‘ private client and private wealth practice handles transactional, advisory, and day-to-day work for both Polish entrepreneurs and international clients. It also frequently advises clients on wealth planning, asset management, and inheritance law mandates. The team is jointly led by managing partner Karol Szymański, who is praised by one client as ‘an excellent business-oriented advisor’, senior partner Radosław Kwaśnicki, and Piotr Letolc.

Practice head(s):

Karol Szymański, Radosław Kwaśnicki; Piotr Letolc


‘I rely on the advice of RKKW. The lawyers at RKKW are very accessible to the client and provide services across the whole spectrum of my needs. They have great knowledge and know how to use it effectively. The nice thing is that they use a lot of modern technology which makes it easy to get in touch and communicate the work. The team led by Karol Szymański is truly multi-disciplinary. RKKW provides security!’

‘Karol Szymański deserves special mention as team manager and an excellent business-oriented advisor. He has extensive and multi-class knowledge. Piotr Letolc is also very good; great knowledge and very good communication.’

‘The private client practice at RKKW is made unique by the comprehensive approach to the challenges by the lawyers involved. RKKW’s team can handle even the most complex problem, regardless of the source or scope of the issue. They immediately identify the objective to be achieved and choose the right path.’

Key clients


WMA A01 sp. z o.o.



Beauty Lab by Alina Herhel sp. z o.o.

Grupa Oryx sp. z o.o.


Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe “MELIOREX” sp. z o.o.

Genuin sp. z o.o.

Luma Holding Ltd

Owner of JWW S.A.

Owner of Trans Polonia S.A.

Owner of FixMap sp. z o.o.

Owner of Związek Zwrotów Bankowych sp. z o.o.

Work highlights

  • Advising a private client on corporate and personal matters, as well as on a business reorganisation and the implementation of business succession measures.
  • Advising a private client and ROLMEX S.A. on ongoing legal issues related to asset management and corporate matters.
  • Advised private clients on developing a strategy and taking actions which led to a transaction involving the exit of the other shareholder from the company, thus ending a long-standing dispute between the shareholders.

Wozniak Legal

Wozniak Legal provides individuals with support regarding wealth planning, asset management, inheritance, immigration, and the restitution of property. Managing and founding partner Grzegorz Woźniak spearheads the department, and he is praised as an ‘outstanding lawyer’. Litigator Filip Kowalczyk is another key member of the team, with particular expertise in cross-border inheritance cases, while Grzegorz Dudek is notable in restitution claims.

Practice head(s):

Grzegorz Woźniak

Other key lawyers:

Filip Kowalczyk; Grzegorz Dudek


‘We have dealt with Wozniak Legal for over 3 years. They are based in Warsaw but are able to deal with legal matters throughout Europe and the UK. They are forward thinking and extremely capable in all that they do. ’

‘We have worked with several members of Wozniak Legal. The firm is headed up admirably by its founder Grzegorz Woźniak, who is personable, intelligent, efficient and a very able lawyer. The team he has picked for his law firm are from the same mould.’

‘My summary opinion of the Wozniak Legal team is that they are outstanding lawyers. Their dealings with clients are always respectful and cordial, and close, making interaction and understanding with them easy.’

Key clients

DKMS Poland

DKMS Germany

DKMS Stiftung Leben Spenden

DKMS Chile

Work highlights

  • Advising DKMS Delete Blood Cancer on its Polish operations and worldwide mission and expansion.
  • Defended a family who own a historical townhouse in Lublin against adverse possession claims.
  • Advised a family on fraud and asset recovery in Poland.