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Legal Market Overview

Pakistan has not been immune from the difficulties faced by the entire world. Some major new projects were put on hold and there has been a lot of rescheduling and restructuring work as well as distressed financings. The Central Bank introduced various initiatives to help to keep the economy afloat. One positive result of the pandemic is that it has fast-tracked different ways of doing business. Pakistan has embraced technology and remote court hearings have been no exception – some firms have remarked that this is a good thing as otherwise in the past lawyers had to travel long distances to attend hearings throughout the large and in parts mountainous country.

Solar energy remains a key focus for the government. The government is also keen to have more affordable housing for all the people, and as a result, the real estate and construction sectors are starting to boom. Large housing schemes and mixed-use developments (with retail and residential units) are being constructed.  There is a lot of commercial development and some new hospitals are being built. The government is eager to promote business and to enhance investment opportunities in the country. It is now looking towards more PPP projects and the creation of additional special economic zones throughout Pakistan. Fintech is another area that is coming to the fore. Law firms have noticed an increase in deal activity in the pharma and the health sectors in particular. The country continues to count on its northern neighbour China as its primary friend and investor in the region.

Forms of alternative dispute resolution are also increasing and many firms are becoming well-versed in all aspects of arbitration and mediation, as alternative methods of resolving disputes, although commercial litigation is growing as well.

Clients have a choice of a range of high-quality, generally home-grown, firms such as Mohsin Tayebaly & CoFGE Ebrahim Hosain and Liaquat Merchant Associates. Other names to note in the legal market are Orr, Dignam & Co.  and RIAA Barker Gillette. For labour and employment advice, Yousaf Amanat & Associates remains a key firm.