Fraud and white-collar crime in Netherlands

Allen & Overy LLP

Hendrik Jan Biemond leads the white-collar crime team at Allen & Overy LLP, which has substantial trial experience in addition to out of court work such as large-scale internal investigations, settlement negotiations, and strategic advice. At the more junior level, Neyah van der Aa continues to handle high-profile cases, with a particular focus on international sanctions, money laundering, and corruption cases. Additionally the firm is highly recommended for cross-border matters given its international footprint, and is able to efficiently handle document-heavy cases via its legal services centre, which uses in-house e-discovery software without the need for outsourcing.

Practice head(s):

Hendrik Jan Biemond

Other key lawyers:

Neyah van der Aa


‘Very well-balanced team: the uniquely experienced Hendrik Jan Biemond combined with the multi-talented Neyah van der Aa.’

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is primarily active in internal investigations, with a sizeable, dedicated team that acts for some of the largest Dutch corporates including Royal Dutch Philips, Achmea, and SNS Reaal. Leadership duties within the sizeable team are split between export control and sanctions specialist Marnix Somsen, litigator and investigations expert Patrick Ploeger, and Roan Lamp, who focuses on contentious financial regulatory matters in addition to corporate criminal law. The team was bolstered in 2020 by the return of Geert Potjewijd to the practice full-time, following a stint as the firm’s managing partner.

Practice head(s):

Marnix Somsen; Patrick Ploeger; Roan Lamp

Other key lawyers:

Geert Potjewijd; Marlies Heemskerk-De Waard; Angelique Groen-Boon


‘Lead partner Marnix Somsen combines a practical and realistic mindset with a high level of knowledge and experience both in EU and US compliance matters, providing hands-on advice’

‘DBBW has a broad portfolio of corporate legal services and experience with large important clients.’

‘Marnix Somsen is trustworthy and knowledgeable. He has an excellent track record. He is friendly and tries to understand the needs of the client. There’s no better lawyer on US sanctions export controls.’

‘Innovative ideas, excellent legal advice, service 24/7.’

‘Marnix Somsen: innovative mind, excellent legal advice, service oriented, clear and fair billing. Marlies Heemskerk-De Waard: excellent legal advice, service oriented. Angelique Groen-Boon: excellent legal advice, service oriented.’

De Roos & Pen

De Roos & Pen remains one of the strongest boutique firms in the Netherlands for white-collar criminal law, focusing primarily on defence in criminal cases, on behalf of individuals as well as large corporates. Lisa van der Wal specialises in fraud cases, representing those accused of fraud in criminal cases, as well as helping victims of fraud to file complaints with public prosecutors. Niels van der Laan is another key name within the team, handling a broad range of white-collar criminal law cases, though he is particularly notable in the field of cybercrime, before all levels of the Dutch court system. At the associate level, Brendan Newitt and Jantien Dekkers are names worth noting.

Other key lawyers:

Lisa van der Wal; Niels van der Laan; Thomas Felix; Brendan Newitt; Jantien Dekkers


‘Preparation of files are of a very high standard. A lot of time and effort has been put into the case.’

‘Key strengths are honesty, preparation and reliability. Communication is easy and direct and brought down to an understandable level for clients that have no experience with the judicial system.’

‘Lisa van der Wal has proven to be a top partner at De Roos & Pen. Direct communication and able to think about the scenario.’

‘De Roos & Pen provided state-of-the-art specialist advice and reassurance from the first contact through to the conclusion of the case.’

‘Thomas Felix has a sharp eye for details. He is creative and persuasive and when a case comes to court he has proven to be an excellent litigator. These discerning qualities make him top of his class.’

‘I want to note the high knowledge in the IT field of the company’s employees, in particular Brendan Newitt, who was able to identify all the tricks of the investigation.’

‘They have built themselves up to be the leading white-collar crime firm in the Netherlands. They have extensive understanding and experience of the investigation and prosecution of business crime worldwide, they have great connections, are well-known and collaborative to work with.’

‘Lisa van der Wal is a leading light.’

‘Niels van der Laan is very well known and well liked in this field and he has a very good reputation as being knowledgeable, experienced and collaborative.’

‘I really enjoy working with Lisa van der Wal. She is always on the ball, but also very businesslike and realistic. Lisa has a deep knowledge of financial and economic criminal law and has earned wide recognition there. Lisa is always very accessible and responsive’

‘Lisa van der Wal has a deep knowledge of financial and economic criminal law and has earned wide recognition. Lisa is extremely accessible and responsive.’

‘Quick response and high level of knowledge.’

‘Niels Van De Laan: excellent to deal with and always available to help.’

‘De Roos & Pen is a respectable firm with professionals who are experts in the field of fraud and white-collar crime.’

‘Lisa van der Wal is a professional with in-depth knowledge and a proven track record. She delivers solid results and it is a pleasure to work with her.’

‘De Roos & Pen has consistently been one of the best law firms in the Netherlands because of their deep interest in the law and the facts of the case. I have always seen them give their all for every single case and client, for cases big and small. Their knowledge of the law – and their ability to use it well – is without a doubt top-tier level. ’


Specialist white-collar criminal law firm JahaeRaymakers remains a prominent name in the Dutch market, and takes a reputation management-focused approach to the area that seeks to keep its clients out of the limelight. Han Jahae, Jurjan Geertsma, and Carel Raymakers are some of the team’s most experienced names, with a wealth of experience across the spectrum of cases. The team further bolstered its practice in 2020 with the addition of Cathalijne van der Plas from Florent.

Practice head(s):

Jurjan Geertsma; Thom Dieben; Han Jahae; Dian Brouwer; Cathalijne van der Plas

Other key lawyers:

Carel Raymakers


‘Fast and short lines and a solid preparation. The experience of Dian Brouwer in particular and deep immersion in a case provides the desired success.’

‘Han Jahae: has an excellent reputation and is calm and competent. Dian Brouwer: competent and creative thinker.’

‘Dian Brouwer is a very reliable, hard-working, no-nonsense and highly skilled lawyer. In a criminal case I recommend him 100%. Top lawyer.’

‘Excellent service.’

‘Dian Brouwer is very knowledgeable, helpful, fast and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Han Jahae and Carel Raymakers are very experienced in their legal field.’

‘The firm is developing well in the field of economic and international sanctions law and on risk and reputation issues and is staffed with lawyers of good reputation.’

‘Han Jahae: has an excellent reputation and is calm and competent. Dian Brouwer: competent and creative thinker.’

‘Dian Brouwer is excellent and knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He is straight-talking and down to earth.’

‘Han Jahae and Carel Raymakers are very experienced in their legal field.’

‘The team has a great ability to combine top legal knowledge with the possibility to provide quick, practical and business-friendly advice. ’

‘Jurjan Geertsma is our go-to person. He is highly responsive, practical and always willing to think with us to solve issues and make it work in terms of timing and budget. ’

‘JahaeRaymakers provides a rare combination of a firm with probably one of the best and most experienced lawyers in the field of fraud and white-collar crime with the energy and buzz of lawyers at the start of their career.’ 

‘Anyone can rest assured that their interests are best protected in the most high-profile, complex and sensitive investigations.’

‘Jurjan Geertsma is down-to-earth and has exceptional experience and knowledge in navigating complex and sensitive issues.’

‘I have not come across a lawyer that was better versed in the complex regulations of anti-money laundering than Jurjan Geertsma. He is also very well-connected with all the relevant stakeholders, including many enforcement agencies.’

‘The firm combines expertise in the field of private law and criminal law to deal with complicated cases of transnational debt recovery, mass claims, violations of human rights and fraud. All these cases share the fact that they raise issues from different fields of law.’

‘Cathalijne van de Plas is the Dutch top lawyer on private law aspects of debt recovery and fraud, as well as being a key player in the field of civil immunities and mass claims. Thom Dieben is an extremely thorough and creative criminal lawyer. They both combine a deep understanding of the needs of practice with deep scholarly knowledge of the law – which opens up avenues for creative and convincing lawyering.’


NautaDutilh remains one of the strongest firms in the Dutch market for white-collar matters, with a particularly strong track record in internal investigations, especially those involving forensic IT and data analysis. The team is also notable for its female leadership, with anti-corruption and money laundering specialist Marike Bakker heading the team alongside Francien Rense, whose recent work has included large-scale bribery cases, sanctions, and internal investigations. The firm expanded its partner capacity in 2020 with the promotion of Marleen Velthuis, while tax litigator Léon Wijsman rounds out the four-partner team

Practice head(s):

Marike Bakker; Francien Rense

Other key lawyers:

Marleen Velthuis; Léon Wijsman; Rob van der Hoeven


‘The team are very well regarded as specialists in the field of white-collar crime. In addition they are affable, astute and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Good combination of young talent and experience. Pioneer in the internal investigations business.’

‘Marleen Velthuis is a junior partner with a great knowledge of environmental criminal law. Fast-thinking lawyer and very pleasant to work with.’

‘Hands-on mentality. Very good availability. The team had a proactive attitude in finding a workable solution for our situation.’

‘Very responsive. Extraordinary ability to work on very complex cross-border matters. In my opinion the go-to white-collar practice in the Netherlands.’

‘Always well-prepared, able to handle multiple and occasionally conflicting requirements and quickly develop a thorough understanding of issues of foreign law. Great team players, can work under strong pressure and keep a cool head. Very pleasant to work with. Rob van der Hoeven and Francien Rense stand out.’

‘Good knowledge of the financial sector; by its size the team is also capable of handling large investigations.’

‘Marike Bakker, heading the team, is very hands-on, practical and responsive. Good case handling and nice to cooperate with.’

‘Sensitive in delicate corporate cases. Excellent technical skills and well-connected. Very responsive and customer focused.’

‘Marike Bakker and Marleen Velthuis are both highly focused on acceptable outcomes in sensitive matters that respect the different views but don’t trigger unwanted attention. They maintain open communication lines with all relevant parties and provide very good professional assessments of how a case might develop. For this, they go beyond their excellent technical legal capabilities.’

‘Very responsive, knowledgeable but also realistic and fair in their assessments and advice.’

‘Francien Rense: to the point; open, fair and realistic.’

‘They have experience in public and corporate investigations and a balanced legal and general societal perspective on how to best deal with these in the context of a large multinational corporate, that has its legal, financial and reputational (amongst others) interests to protect. They help to delineate the legal boundaries, risks and opportunities and find the right way to address and prepare. They provide professional and conscientious analyses of information and make it meaningful in support of corporate positioning. ’

‘The firm provides professionalism, relationships and ability to adapt a legal mindset in a complex case with diverse financial, legal and reputational drivers. It has the capability to work with professional counterparts from public affairs etc accordingly. Out-of-the-box ideas and perspectives in a balanced challenge/support way. Good personal relationships help to facilitate open and frank discussions about dilemmas and ways to achieve the desired objectives.’

‘Experienced in conducting investigations and (compliance) advice to clients.’

‘NautaDutilh have one of the leading business crime practices in the Netherlands and are proper subject matter experts.’

‘Marike Bakker is very experienced, tactically astute and user friendly.’

Key clients

Royal Dutch Shell

Deloitte Accountants B.V.

NS (Dutch National Railway)

Baker Tilly



Work highlights

  • Advising Deloitte Accountants on various aspects of its audit of Steinhoff International Holdings.
  • Advising Shell on the alleged international foreign (Nigerian) bribery case.
  • Representing the Dutch national railways in a criminal investigation into alleged fraud during a public tender. NS was acquitted in first instance, and the case is pending appeal.


Daan Doorenbos heads Stibbe’s corporate fraud practice, which acts for both domestic and international corporates in a wide range of industries. Doorenbos is particularly active in compliance matters, as well as settlement negotiations during enforcement proceedings. At the start of 2020, the firm saw the promotion of Muriël Rosing, who handles a range of corruption and money laundering cases, to the partnership. Cross-border cases continue to make up a large portion of the team’s workload, particularly for foreign clients facing investigations by Dutch authorities.

Practice head(s):

Daan Doorenbos; Muriël Rosing


‘What is great about Stibbe is that it is a big “Zuidas” firm that does business like a smaller boutique firm. They are quick, have great client handling skills and are not afraid to fight for their clients against the prosecution.’

‘Daan Doorenbos obviously stands out, but new partner Muriel Rosing is an excellent number two. Together with the rest of their team they can do the work every lawyer is jealous about. ’

‘One of the best teams around. Exceptional capability when financial regulatory issues turn into criminal matters.’

‘Daan Doorenbos is without discussion one of the best white-collar defence lawyers around. Very thoughtful and always strategic and well-researched. Muriel Rosing – communications skills and enthusiasm.’

‘Each member of the team is a good lawyer; knowledgeable in his or her field and all skilled lawyers. Good coverage of the working field from fraud and bribery to environmental.’

‘Daan Doorenbos is no doubt one of the Netherlands’ leading white-collar defence counsels.’

‘A very nice, experienced team. Good to work with. A clear approach/no surprises.’

‘Overall Daan Doorenbos is the best white-collar crime defence lawyer in the Netherlands. Thought leadership combined with a true criminal defence spirit.’

‘Muriel Rosing is up and coming.’

Van Doorne

Van Doorne is highly active in the field of cross-border investigations, with a strong following among both listed and non-listed companies in this area. The firm is also notable for its work in the non-profit and public fields, working with other departments within the firm such as education and healthcare on investigations. Bribery and sanctions specialist Jan Leliveld leads the overall practice, and is highly active in criminal proceedings, while counsel Vanessa Liem leads the internal investigations practice, frequently collaborating with big four accountancy firms to manage investigations across multiple jurisdictions. Ed van Liere is another key figure within the team, focusing on anti-corruption and anti-money laundering mandates.

Practice head(s):

Jan Leliveld; Vanessa Liem

Other key lawyers:

Ed van Liere; Rutger ten Ham


‘Ed van Liere and Jan Leliveld are specialists. Pleasant to work with.’

‘In fraud and white collar Jan Leliveld stands out in the market. ’

‘Jan Leliveld was closely connected and aware of sensitivities.’

‘Rutger ten Ham: clever and adequate associate – hands on and great value for money.’

‘Jan Leliveld: very responsive and effective. Clever translation to the business, makes a difference and eases legal worries with the client. Problem solver.’

‘Jan Leliveld and Ed van Liere are extremely capable of dealing with large complicated cases. Their team is very adequate.’

‘Vanessa Liem is incredibly dedicated to the case, handling at the same time tricky legal questions and very concrete aspects of the investigation process. Her energy and pragmatism enable her to solve problems very efficiently.’

‘Jan Leliveld is very hands-on, easy to work with and gifted. He is definitely one of the best in the field of economic criminal law.’

‘Highly experienced team, both in litigation and in internal investigations. Van Doorne can build a dedicated skilled team who can execute large amounts of work in a limited time. Their pragmatic approach enables them to work efficiently, anticipating material or legal difficulties. Great individuals to work with!’

‘Jan Leliveld provides accurate analysis of complex situations. Due to his long experience of white-collar crime cases, he anticipates possible evolutions of cases and legal consequences of investigation findings. His relational qualities help to handle elegantly sensitive situations.’

‘Van Doorne has a varied team. The team consists of experienced lawyers, as well as lawyers who used to work for companies and the investigative authorities.’

‘Ed van Liere and Jan Leliveld are very experienced criminal defence lawyers. They are nice to work with and very accessible. They maintain good contacts with the prosecution service. This makes them a suitable adviser in settlement negotiations.’

Wladimiroff Advocaten

As a specialist corporate crime firm, Wladimiroff Advocaten focuses entirely on white-collar defence, spanning the full breadth of cases in this area. Additionally the firm has built up its forensic IT capacity, and as such is highly active in document heavy, sensitive cases. Frans Sijbers is highly recommended for matters which sit at the intersection of tax and criminal law, While Gert-Jan Elsen is notable for his work on corporate sanctions law. Elsewhere in the team key figures include Jop Spijkerman, Robbert de Bree and Alexander der Swart, the latter of whom recently joined the firm from Houthoff.

Practice head(s):

Frans Sijbers; Gert-Jan Elsen; Jop Spijkerman; Alexander de Swart; Robbert de Bree


‘Wladimiroff is a boutique firm in The Hague that offers excellent service for criminal defence but also for (smaller) internal investigations. The partners have great client handling skills and know how to put their knowledge into practice.’

‘I have worked with Robbert on several cases over the last couple of years. They involve the whole spectrum of business crime, like corruption, tax fraud, money laundering etc. He is, if not the, at least one of the best criminal defence lawyers in the Netherlands. He combines excellent nuts-and-bolts legal and lawyering skills with technical savvy and market understanding. I would recommend him highly. Jop Spijkerman and Frans Sijbers are also recommended.’

‘It’s obvious when speaking to their lawyers and working with them that they are a class apart. They deliver a very professional service in a very measured and calm way. ’

‘Robbert de Bree is a standout performer. He’s an absolute pleasure to co-counsel with, with a measured yet impressive way with clients. ’

‘Dedicated solid team; a strong brand.’

‘Robbert de Bree: excellent litigator, very smart/experienced. Jop Spijkerman: solid/safe pair of hands/nice to work with. Frans Sijbers: clever and sharp litigator. Alexander de Swart: solid.’


The ‘small but very dedicated’ team at AKD represents corporate clients in the full spectrum of white-collar criminal defence work, with notable recent cases in the fields of bribery, sanctions, and environmental crimes. Experienced practitioner Frits Schneider, described by one client as ‘a calm, critical thinker who presents very well-thought through solutions’, heads the team, and is particularly experienced in internal investigations and cybercrime. The firm also represents several clients in cross-border matters, particularly where domestic clients are investigated by foreign authorities.

Practice head(s):

Frits Schneider

Other key lawyers:

Bilal Chababi


‘Frits Schneider has all the necessary experience and drive to act in large cases.’

‘Frits Schneider stands out because he has seen it all and therefore cases will not have surprises for him. ’

‘Key partner is Frits Schneider. Amiable.’

‘The team is small but very dedicated. They represent quite a few local government authorities.’

‘Frits Schneider is very experienced. He is very gentle and easy to deal with.’

‘Mr Schneider commands authority and respect but is never imposing. He is a calm, critical thinker and presents very well-thought through solutions to our case. He and his team (Mr Chababi) took a lot of initiative studying our case, and we were impressed that he was armed with lots of facts and legal theory during our meeting to discuss in detail our case. His past experience as a police officer has indeed made him the best lawyer in his field which needs a strong investigative skill and incisive analysis of facts vis-a-vis the law.’

‘Hands-on approach, skilled lawyers, friendly but very effective.’

‘Friendly and skilled.’

‘I know Frits Schneider as a very dedicated, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer.’

‘Solid reputation. Well connected to AKD’s excellent public/administrative law department. ’

‘Frits Schneider is a very experienced and trustworthy lawyer. ’

‘AKD provides quality services in a traditional way. The team offers a safe pair of hands.’


Florent is perhaps best known for its work in cross-border asset recovery, undertaking several such cases as either local or lead counsel. Additionally the firm regularly pursues civil fraud claims for clients, in addition to handling several internal investigations. The team is led by Kees van de Meent, who focuses primarily on international asset recovery cases, while Jurgen van den Heuvel is a notable figure at associate level.

Practice head(s):

Kees van de Meent

Other key lawyers:

Jurgen van den Heuvel


‘What makes this practice unique is mostly the presence of Kees van de Meent, an amazing insolvency receiver, lawyer, and also person.’

‘They have a very experienced team, particularly when it comes to bankruptcy proceedings.’

‘Florent has a unique practice focusing on civil fraud and a victims-based approach for international criminal matters. They know how to combine this with their exceptional experience and knowledge in bankruptcy cases.’

‘Kees van de Meent is a very amiable and smart partner who will find the reasonable solution in the matter. He has a great track record in international matters and is involved in Fraudnet and C-5.’

‘The firm has a strong insolvency department; many team members also act as court-appointed trustees. This combination of civil litigation and insolvency makes them a strong player in fraud and asset recovery cases.’

‘Kees van de Meent is extremely capable and a pleasure to work with. He also acts as court-appointed trustee for very large insolvencies, which gives him a lot of relevant experience. He is hands-on and has an excellent view on the strategy to be followed in a case.

‘Kees van de Meent is a star and among the best bankruptcy/insolvency lawyers in the country. Very experienced and often selected by the court to act as receiver in complicated bankruptcy proceedings.’


Vincent Affourtit heads the white-collar team at Houthoff, and focuses his practice primarily on internal investigations for the firm’s large base of domestic clients. Additionally, the firm is very active in cases arising from high-profile bankruptcies, investigating such matters on behalf of the trustees. Counsel Frank Mattheijer is another key figure within the team, specialising in corruption and international sanctions cases as well as anti-money laundering.

Practice head(s):

Vincent Affourtit

Other key lawyers:

Frank Mattheijer

Key clients

Dutch Railways (NS)


Credit Suisse AG

Janssen de Jong

Royal VolkerWessels


Royal FloraHolland

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Nederland B.V.

Work highlights

  • Advising Vestia on various matters relating to the unwinding of its €20bn derivatives portfolio, including a corporate investigation process, which led to Vestia initiating proceedings against and negotiations with several parties involved, such as banks and auditors.
  • Conducting an investigation into the causes of the bankruptcy of DSB Bank commissioned by the bankruptcy trustees.
  • Defending Credit Suisse in the ongoing criminal investigation against allegations of aiding and abetting money laundering and tax evasion by Dutch citizens.

Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons provides a wide range of services in the field of white-collar crime, from representation in criminal proceedings to internal investigations, asset recovery, and out of court dealings with enforcement bodies. Practice head David Schreuders is highly experienced as both a litigator and investigator, with a strong track record in matters involving the Dutch Caribbean as well as cybercrime cases. At the more junior end, associate Georgianna Verhage is one to watch for internal investigations, with pre-bar forensic experience at a big four accountancy firm.

Practice head(s):

David Schreuders

Other key lawyers:

Georgianna Verhage

Key clients

Delta Airlines Inc.

Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten


RTL Group SA

Stichting Hippo Mundo Charity

Work highlights

  • Acted for the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten in an internal investigation and advice as regards money laundering suspicions against a financial institution under administration and supervision by the client.
  • Acted for a (former) member of the board of directors of Achmea in a matter concerning fraud and forgery charges.
  • Acting for for Unilever in order to assess its legal position regarding criminal offences (blackmail, fraud, stalking, defamation) by an individual shareholder.

Sjöcrona van Stigt

Boutique firm Sjöcrona van Stigt represents both individuals and corporate clients in a wide range of white-collar criminal cases. The team is active across all levels of the court system, with Thijs Kelder heading up the cassation practice, in addition to handling pre-trial work such as dawn raids, settlement negotiations, and investigations. Additionally, the firm handles several cases involving the Dutch Antilles, with Hans de Jong undertaking the lion’s share of such work. Other key names within the team include money laundering, corruption, and tax fraud specialist Enide Perez, and Sabine ten Doesschate, who recently made partner.

Practice head(s):

Arthur van Stigt; Boudewijn van Eijck; Enide Perez; Hans de Jong; Sabine ten Doesschate; Marlies van Strien; Caroline de Sitter; Thijs Kelder


‘An office with a good reputation for many years.’

‘Thijs Kelder: an up-and-coming talent in Cassation practice.’

‘Partners are accessible. The advice is legally sound, common sense/no-nonsense and most of the time immediately applicable. The partners and senior lawyers are able communicators. Partners have an affinity with the decision-making processes at a board or management level.’

‘Boudewijn van Eijck is a lawyer of exceptional abilities and skills. I greatly value his advice and opinion.’

‘They are always on top of new developments and issues. They are very discreet and helpful. Always first with practical help and really solving the problem.’

‘Enide Perez is always available with practical solutions and help. She is a quick thinker full of knowledge on both criminal law and business practice. Her legal advice is always excellent.’

‘Good know-how and very experienced.’

‘It has been a pleasure working with Sabine ten Doesschate. She is well prepared, an easy communicator and dedicated.’

‘Enide Perez is very responsive, very knowledgeable and very user friendly.’

‘Very disciplined, profound analyses, clear advice.’

‘Boudewijn van Eijck and Dineke Postma: very adequate and professional.’

‘This is one of the few Dutch boutique law firms, who are specialized in white-collar crime, that has enough substance to handle large, complex national and international criminal cases.’

‘Broad experience in all aspects of criminal and criminal procedural law, especially in white-collar crime; team players; discretionary; very well informed about the ongoing investigation focus of prosecuting authorities; extremely well connected within the Netherlands but also internationally.’

‘Enide Perez and Sabine ten Doesschate are very good in transnational cases (Germany/Netherlands/others) and are extremely good team players; very strategic thinking approach, perfect communication and responsiveness.’

Hertoghs advocaten

Boutique firm Hertoghs advocaten combines tax law with white-collar criminal defence work, and frequently represents clients in cases that sit at the intersection of the two areas, including VAT carousel frauds. Managing partner Anke Feenstra heads the team alongside tax litigator Roel Kerckhoffs, criminal customs law specialist Peter van Hagen, and VAT specialist Roelof Vos. Additionally, the firm handles investigations of Dutch clients by both foreign and domestic authorities.

Loyens & Loeff

Senior associate Susanne van Breukelen heads Loyens & Loeff’s white-collar team, which focuses primarily on corporate investigations, both external and internal. Van Breukelen also handles money laundering cases, bribery and corruption matters, and acts for the victims of fraud in pursuing claims. 2020 saw the arrival of senior associate Céline van Asperen de Boer, who joined from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets.

Practice head(s):

Susanne van Breukelen

Other key lawyers:

Céline van Asperen de Boer


‘The expertise of this team relates to matters that arise ad hoc. Irrespective they were immediately available when we needed them. The person that leads this team is very emphatic and at the same time very strict and focused which is what you need in these circumstances. ’

‘Susanne van Breukelen is a technically strong but at the same time a very emphatic person who got the job done with very good results and pleasant cooperation.’

‘No-nonsense team, very determined and has a lot of knowledge. Team members have experience outside of the law firm which makes them have a better understanding of what I as a client expect and need.’

‘I really appreciate that they dare to challenge me as a client so that the best result is achieved. They provide me with knowledge and with a practical approach. Céline van Asperen de Boer in particular is very to the point and really knows how to take things further at a high speed. With her knowledge from outside the legal profession, she knows how to emphasise the right aspects. What is very positive is that she works in a practical way.’

Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright continues to establish its Dutch offering, with a large focus on internal investigations concerning compliance with anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and anti-bribery regulations. Sharon Oded heads the team and assist clients with multi-jurisdictional enforcement matters in addition to his investigations practice. The Dutch team also frequently collaborates with other offices of the firm to provide advice on cross-border cases, both as local and lead counsel.

Practice head(s):

Sharon Oded

Other key lawyers:

Britt van Breda; Diederik Tijssen


‘Sharon Oded is an excellent practitioner with outstanding capabilities. He has worked for years in the field and has extensive national and international experience. His team members Britt van Breda and Diederik Tijssen also have lots of expertise and professionalism; Sharon has picked them by hand.’

‘Sharon Oded is a hard-working professional who works shoulder to shoulder with his team and the client. He has a sharp mind, is a tough negotiator and a true international. Diederik Tijssen is an excellent manager who is able to oversee large-scale assignments and bring them to completion. Britt van Breda is excellent in client management and ensures satisfactory delivery of services.’

‘Innovative minds, worldwide practice, innovative IT.’

‘Sharon Oded: brilliant legal mind, innovative, practical and to-the-point solutions for complex issues, scientific research to come to new ideas/conclusions.’

Key clients

SBM Offshore N.V.

Odfjell Terminals


Danone / Nutricia

ICL Group

AFI Europe

NXP Semiconductor


Orbia / Wavin



Work highlights

  • Advised a real estate development company on an anti-money laundering criminal enforcement matter against it.
  • Advised a global nutrition company on crisis management (urgent infant product recall) and internal investigation, including root cause analysis and remediation plan.
  • Advising a global semiconductors company on a global risk assessment project covering 30 countries, to assess the type of engagement the company has with governments, including state-owned organisations.