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Legal Market Overview

Nepal remains a relatively underdeveloped market but with considerable potential for growth. Despite the pandemic and other economic challenges, its projected growth (by The World Bank) is relatively high and tourism has started to pick up. Its reliance on imported goods and the global effects of commodity price rises are challenging, however, the country is rich in water and other natural resources which are ripe for exploitation and hydropower projects are attracting foreign investment. The valuable agricultural industry and increasing exports of garments and textiles (especially to the EU) and its trade with China and India, all contribute to its GDP growth. The technology sector is also providing opportunities; technology and IT companies are entering the country in relation to outsourcing their services.

The legal market offers a range of firms that provide high quality corporate and commercial expertise to both international and domestic corporates as well as finance, project management and litigation skills. Some of the highest rated firms include Imperial Law Associates, Pradhan & Associates and Sinha Verma Law Concern.