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Firms To Watch: Family: mediation

Peter Burgess at Burgess Mee Family Law is a skilled mediator who is known for his empathy and for securing the confidence of clients; he co-founded the firm in 2013.

Family: mediation in London

Family Law in Partnership Ltd

Family Law in Partnership Ltd has a ‘progressive and holistic approach to dealing with the impact of family and relationship breakdown' - it receives plaudits for being 'hugely innovative in seeking to find ways to resolve complex family disputes' - the lawyers ‘are the leaders in this approach and should be hailed as trailblazers. They are also all excellent lawyers and jolly nice people to work with’. The group covers all types of mediation from child inclusive mediation to sole and co-mediation covering all issues. The practice has 14 family mediators including the highly regarded Dominic Raeside and Ruth Smallacombe. It advises clients from various backgrounds including celebrities, City professionals and middle-income to high-net-worth individuals. ‘FLIP was in the vanguard of the therapeutic approach to family law’. It is also praised for being ‘ unique for providing a service of the highest order with the greatest dose of humanity’.

Other key lawyers:

David Allison; Gillian Bishop; James Pirrie; Dominic Raeside; Ruth Smallacombe; Elizabeth Fletcher


‘Dominic Raeside is the go-to mediator for children and financial matters‘.

‘David Alison is a fabulous mediator and will always do a deal if there is one to be done. He is not scared of litigation but will consider all other avenues first‘.

‘FLIP is always ahead of its time and a leader in the field when it comes to out of court dispute resolution and wellbeing (both of clients and staff). Gillian Bishop for her fantastic supervision initiative. Elizabeth Fletcher for being so brilliant with clients‘.

A feature of the firm is conciliatory interaction; it is a universal feature practised by all partners and associates there‘.

‘The FLIP team has exceptional expertise in all areas and gives great support to lay clients. The team is always ahead of the field in terms of new and better methods and its market profile is exceptional‘.

‘It has a number of talented practitioners and the firm is particularly well known for its focus on well being‘.

With Gillian Bishop at the helm this firm has championed innovation in adr and well being. It is well known for its non confrontational approach to disputes that is highly impactful in terms of client results‘.

‘FLiP is the market leader in alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation and collaboration. The lawyers have a very holistic view to resolving the issues separating parties (particularly those with children) and everyone I have worked with rolls up their sleeves and does all possible to settle the cases’.

Russell-Cooke LLP

Russell-Cooke LLP has four Family Mediators Association-accredited mediators who mediate on various family and children related matters and operate to a 'high professional standard'. Names to note include Fiona Read who conducts mediation in high conflict cases and does hybrid mediations. James Carroll who mediates on diverse matters such as cohabitation and property disputes as well as international cases involving complex trust and tax matters. Kate Hamilton,  Anna Keat and consultant Louise Connolly are among the other names to note. It 'has real strength and depth in its mediation practice with experienced mediators in all its offices and a genuine commitment to the process'.

Practice head(s):

Fiona Read

Other key lawyers:

James Carroll; Kate Hamilton; Anna Keat; Louise Connolly


‘This is the practice that I refer work to if we have a conflict and particularly for mediation. Fiona Read is particularly impressive. She has been qualified for many years and is known to be a safe pair of hands. James Carroll is also very impressive. Both are mediators and lawyers. Fiona is an arbitrator and a part-time judge‘.

One of the best if not the best in terms of efficiency and reliability. The lawyers are always happy to accommodate, and excellent support provided by way of training. A broad and experienced team. Always popular with clients. Fiona Read is an imaginative and brilliant mediator bringing a real talent to solving difficult and challenging family breakdowns. She has a real knack of taking clients with her. Fiona achieves very impressive results with difficult referrals. Fiona uses her experience as a judge and arbitrator to give real authority and guidance to the mediation clients‘.

‘I often refer clients for mediation with James Carroll and his team. The lawyers are efficient, cost effective and highly knowledgeable. My “go to” mediators. James Carroll is great. Calm, efficient and clear with his advice. He goes above and beyond to help individuals reach agreement. Anna Keat is also highly supportive and practical‘.

‘Kate Hamilton is a fantastic mediator. She offers her mediation clients a clear route map through the minefield of the divorce and separation process providing them with practical information and guidance to help them reach amicable agreements. She does so in a knowledgeable, supportive and intelligent manner‘.

‘The firm has a long mediation heritage and clients benefit from its experience and skill.  It was prepared for the pandemic and responded quickly. Kate Hamilton understands the issues instantly and is sharp as a tack. James Carroll has a calm, reassuring presence and a really kind and gentle way of dealing with fragile clients. Anna Keat quietly gets on with it and clients value her experience and wisdom’.

‘Kate worked with us on getting to navigate our way out of a situation. She managed a high conflict situation with sensitivity. She offered me the opportunity to take a realistic perspective on my situation and how to move forward constructively which has been invaluable.  Kate took the time to devise the best solution for both parties to feel comfortable and listened to. She handled the situation respectfully, thoughtfully but also with incredible insight into how to get the best result‘.

Louise Connolly – is an excellent mediator and solicitor – always happy to discuss matters on the telephone and always looking after her client’s best interests – both legal and financial‘.

‘Louise Connolly is my first choice if clients ask for recommendations for a great family law mediator. I always receive wonderful feedback about her work‘.


Anthony Gold Solicitors LLP

Anthony Gold Solicitors LLP has some superb mediators. Kim Beatson is well-regarded for her work on a mix of finance and complex children work including child abduction. She also has a significant relocation practice. David Emmerson specialises in complex finance and children matters as well as co-habitation and pre-nuptial work - both Beatson and Emmerson are 'excellent'. Caroline Bowden is a busy mediator too – most of her work stems from referrals from previous clients and solicitors. Bowden focuses on family mediation, with the vast majority of her work being financial though she also covers children matters and civil based family matters for a wide range of clients.

Other key lawyers:

David Emmerson; Kim Beatson; Caroline Bowden


Anthony Gold is a firm we applaud for its commitment to ADR and practising family law the right way‘.

The well known family team at Anthony Gold is experienced, capable and dependable. The lawyers give sound advice and do not pour oil on troubled waters. They will use out of court dispute resolution mechanisms if appropriate to do so. I regularly recommend the team to people looking for a family solicitor. David Emmerson is a calm, reassuring and experienced hand who will steer his clients back into safe waters’.

‘David Emmerson – his measured and courteous style is universally admired and welcomed by clients and other lawyers – non-confrontational and solution focused.  For a number of years he has chaired the Resolution DR committee with considerable people skills‘.

‘David Emmerson – excellent lawyer and mediator. David has an ease in his manner and a good person to be on the other side for constructive negotiations. He is sensitive, convincing and unflappable. He takes a holistic approach with clients who undoubtedly feel supported by him.  He has a wealth of knowledge from sitting as a district judge and is very skilled’.

‘Caroline Bowden – without doubt one of the best family mediators in the country. Her courteous but no nonsense approach keeps her in high demand’.

Kim Beatson – a very well regarded and superb lawyer.  A definite first to go to for mediation and collaborative practice.  Kim is robust and able to deal with complex and difficult cases in a considerate way.  She has very good judgement and always focuses on what is important. Fabulously quick and efficient too’.

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

Sarah Anticoni at Charles Russell Speechlys LLP has a first-rate mediation practice. She has a particular emphasis on mediating on complex financial claims in the aftermath of divorce together with helping with the future arrangements for children. Clients are predominantly wealthy. As an IAFL fellow she also specialises in cases dealing with the recognition and dissolution of religious marriages. She is a trained collaborative lawyer too. Sarah Higgins is well-regarded also.

Practice head(s):

James Freeman

Other key lawyers:

Sarah Anticoni; Sarah Higgins


‘Sarah Anticoni is an exceptional mediator who has vast experience and lots of common sense. She will always go the extra mile to help clients reach outcomes which are fair for them both’.

Sarah Anticoni is an extremely safe pair of hands as a a mediator‘.

Family Law Partners

Family Law Partners has various highly-regarded mediators including Sarah Jelly. Jelly mediates on all issues and frequently helps with high-value financial issues. In addition she has now qualified as a hybrid mediator. Hazel Manktelow is a child inclusive mediator. Mark Harrop frequently offers co-mediation with other members of his team  particularly with Kate Elliott  and Farhana Shahzady.

Other key lawyers:

Sarah Jelly; Hazel Manktelow; Mark Harrop; Kate Elliott; Farhana Shahzady

Goodman Ray

Trudi Featherstone at Goodman Ray is a Resolution trained family mediator who can mediate on all issues (children and financial matters) and is also a collaboratively trained lawyer. She receives a steady stream of instructions on high-value and children mediations. The other key member of the group is Thomas Brownrigg who has been accredited by the Family Mediation Council to undertake 'All Issues' Mediation, and is a Resolution trained mediator. He conducts mediation for a variety of individuals regarding both children and financial issues. In addition, he is able to conduct  MIAMs as well as mediations.

Other key lawyers:

Trudi Featherstone; Thomas Brownrigg


‘A bright team willing to explore solutions rather than assume litigation is the answer. Tom Brownrigg is bright, measured and has a quiet confidence about him‘.

Hunters Law LLP

Hunters Law LLP has a strong team with three experienced mediators. Henry Hood is one of London’s leading mediators. Hood is accredited as a mediator by both the Law Society and the Family Mediation Council and regularly receives mediation referrals for complex financial cases.  Jo Carr-West is also a talented mediator who is comfortable co-mediating with therapeutic providers and is accredited by the Family Mediation Council. She specialises in both high-net-worth financial provision on divorce and in private children law matters.  Jay Patel is accredited by Resolution and offers mediation in English or Gujarati.

Practice head(s):

Henry Hood

Other key lawyers:

Jo Carr-West; Jay Patel; Nicole Derham


It has always stood out to me that Hunters Law cares about families. The lawyers invest their time (including their lunch hours) to learn and hear from other professionals who they can collaborate with in order to offer the best possible help to their clients. They have always been incredibly professional regarding cases and they would be my first choice when recommending a Family Law service. Jo Carr-West is extremely approachable, passionate, professional and caring. Jo works incredibly hard to ensure her clients have the option of engaging with trusted additional external support, alongside the legal support she offers. Henry Hood is open minded and encourages other professionals in his team to hear about resources that may help the clients‘.

Good all round team with a good private client department‘.

‘It is a technically excellent, but approachable team. All of the partners are strong family lawyers. Jay Patel – a relaxed approach hides a shrewd operator. Very strategic, but also reasonable to work against. Henry Hood – very adept at navigating the money cases. Nicole Derham – highly numerate and pragmatic in her approach‘.

Jo Carr-West is an excellent mediator. Firm and fair, she inspires confidence in clients and steers through the trickiest of situations‘.

Jo Carr-West is very personable and easy to work with. I am happy to refer my clients to her for mediation because she is a very pragmatic mediator who really knows her stuff, and I know that she will treat my clients with kindness and respect‘.

The team responds and replies very quickly. The lawyers keep up with current training practices and informed research. They go for mediation and settlement by preference but are capable of displaying a strong hand when needed. They know the law and use it as their guiding star but are able to show compassion, understanding and a children first philosophy. Henry Hood leads with all of the above. He is available in times of trouble. He treats all clients, rich and poor with equal professionalism. I believe that this is helped by the voluntary work he does for destitute families at a city charity. He displays empathy for the troubled situations that his clients bring to him but when needed he brings the full force of current laws to court for the sake of fairness and a good outcome for his clients. I trust him completely to turn up, be thoughtful, be fair and if necessary be tough‘.

‘Hunters has a strong team and compares well to other firms in the sector. Jo Carr-West is a very good mediator with a strong reputation. I am happy to recommend clients to her and have had good feedback‘.

‘Jo Carr-West is an excellent mediator and one to whom I have referred clients on a number of occasions, with the utmost confidence in her ability to assist. She is firm and directive as a mediator and I would feel confident sending a client who feels potentially “outgunned” by their partner to Jo, in the knowledge that she would quickly ensure that there was an even playing field for both parties and that any power or knowledge imbalance were not exploited. I have come across many mediators who, with the best of intentions, are not able to do that successfully and where the more vulnerable client has left feeling bullied or overpowered by their more dominant partner – with Jo, I know that will not happen‘.

Kingsley Napley LLP

Charlotte Bradley at Kingsley Napley LLP has an excellent reputation. On average she conducts six to seven full mediation cases each year which encompasses all types of mediation including mediation with solicitors present or involved in the process. She is recognised for her expertise in financial and children cases and as a result receives a steady flow of instructions from leading law firms. She is, in addition, increasingly receiving referrals directly from clients particularly those in the entertainment industry who have chosen mediation for privacy reasons. Newly-promoted partner Connie Atkinson and senior associate Lauren Evans are well-regarded.

Other key lawyers:

Charlotte Bradley; Connie Atkinson; Lauren Evans


‘Charlotte Bradley is super, full of energy and puts a huge amount of work into her cases, really impressive‘.

Charlotte Bradley, in particular, is excellent at mediating complicated cases‘.

‘Charlotte Bradley – I always include her in my mediation referral list‘.

‘Connie Atkinson – such a pleasure to work with‘.

Connie’s reputation in the mediation field is superb‘.

‘Connie Atkinson is the future. The complete package- bright, caring and way beyond her years‘.

‘Lauren Evans is a bright shining star who will go far. A class act and with the capacity and nature to calm clients and focus on the issues that matter‘.

Levison Meltzer Pigott

Levison Meltzer Pigott has the highly regarded Simon Pigott who is a qualified family mediator with an ‘all issues’ practice. He acts almost exclusively as a sole mediator. He has a wealth of experience in all aspects of divorce including financial and children related.

Other key lawyers:

Simon Pigott


‘Simon Pigott is excellence and experience in a glass.  Highly respected by all who work with him and trusted by all in the profession.  He is liked and admired by Judges and Clients alike and never fails to meet their expectations‘.

Miles & Partners LLP

Michelle Uppal has a thriving mediation practice at Miles & Partners LLP. Uppal is adept at helping couples and families to reach an amicable agreement relating to any family issue resulting from separation or divorce, living together agreements or pre-nuptial matters. As a skilled accredited mediator Uppal is well-placed to mediate solely but she also offers co-mediation services. She continues to build her mediation practice and has successfully conducted some transatlantic mediations.

Other key lawyers:

Michelle Uppal


Michelle is skilled and empathetic, yet robust when she needs to be. Her excellent knowledge of the law, combined with her warm and relaxed style of communicating, makes her a mediator of the top rank‘.

‘Vey easy and friendly- Michelle Uppal is an excellent mediator who is very able to deal with clients from all walks of life‘.

‘Michelle Uppal is skilled, authentic and authoritative, very much top of the list for recommendations to partners of clients‘.

‘Michelle Uppal is very empathetic to her clients especially those with special needs’.

‘Michelle Uppal is very approachable and a pleasure to deal with – she has empathy and the knack of getting to the crux of the issue while remaining firm where her client needs her to be‘.

Mills & Reeve LLP

Mills & Reeve LLP has a strong national offering that is committed to mediation. It has recognised mediators throughout its offices with particular strength in London for both complex financial cases involving corporate structures and offshore assets with assets between £20m to £2bn, and complex private children law cases that frequently involve an international dimension. Key members of the department are Joanna Grandfield, Alison Bull  and Tim Whitney. Suzanne Kingston is an accredited mediator and a hybrid mediator in addition to being an accredited arbitrator. It is 'an extremely talented and well respected family team with a strong ADR reputation'.

Practice head(s):

Alison Bull – Head of national family DR practice; Joanna Grandfield – Head of London family team 

Other key lawyers:

Suzanne Kingston; Tim Whitney


Mills and Reeve has an innovative and committed mediation team. The individuals who make up the team draw on a number of different skills, expertise and experience and as a result they are able to offer a bespoke mediation service. They listen carefully to clients’ priorities and concerns to ensure that mediation is appropriate to meet their needs and work constructively with the clients in order to reach an outcome that works for them and their children. Their mediators have always been committed to resolving disputes constructively and bring a client focused approach to all their work.  The mediators are experienced in drawing on other professionals where this might assist the process and ensure at all times that the needs of their clients remain at the forefront of their practice‘.

‘The team is very experienced as mediators and it has a good reputation. Alison Bull is a calm and confident mediator. Suzanne Kingston is an experienced family lawyer, mediator and arbitrator. All members of the firm I have come across have been good lawyers’.

‘I think Suzanne Kingston is a wonderful mediator, particularly in high conflict private law children and financial proceedings and she is ably supported by the rest of her team. Suzanne  – a pleasure to deal with, all over the detail, fantastic client care skills and one of the very best mediators in family law‘.

‘A real commitment to mediation and amicable forms of dispute resolution, combined with excellent individuals and a cutting edge approach to resolving family matters. Tim Whitney is an excellent mediator and lawyer. He has a great manner with clients, backed up with excellent legal knowledge‘.

‘Suzanne Kingston in particular is a go-to person for mediation. She brings vast expertise and experience to cases and provides a clear and firm direction to parties. Her approach is engaged and insightful and she is solution-focused. She takes the time to understand the issues and to apply a bespoke approach. If clients want to avoid the time and expense of the court process and really want to give it their best shot to resolve matters, Suzanne is without question the mediator they need‘.

‘The mediation team is committed and knowledgeable and genuinely wants to find the best solution for the family. Alison Bull is excellent for her commitment to leading the way in mediation and being involved nationally to influence developments‘.

Hugely impressive reputation with some giants in the field of family law. Difficult to think of a family team that outshines them. Regional, national, international – they’ve got the lot. Also very nice people to deal with. Suzanne Kingston and Alison Bull – technically brilliant but also generous with their time for causes to improve the legal landscape for divorcing and separating families & children eg Resolution and other committees / IFLA / etc‘.

‘The team has a strong reputation for good quality, well-priced representation, with excellent individuals, and they are unique in being as strong in litigation as they are in mediation. Joanna Grandfield – former barrister so brings that extra skill to her representation of clients. Experienced, personable, and pro-active in getting matters resolved sensibly‘.

Moore Barlow

Karen Barham at Moore Barlow mediates on children and finance matters and she is qualified to meet children. The group has a 'total focus on DR'.  Barham is also one of the country’s few parenting co-ordinators. She is qualified in the hybrid model and frequently includes lawyers in the meetings. 'Karen is in the top handful: exceptional skills and authority wrapped in getting-the-job-done pragmatism .. throw in humour, warmth and an enthusiasm for improving the world and you have the complete package'.

Practice head(s):

Jan Galloway; Joanna Farrands

Other key lawyers:

Karen Barham


‘Karen Barham is a stand-out mediator, collaborative lawyer and member of Resolution, wholly committed to the code of practice, and a valued and very experienced family lawyer. Having now dealt with her in a hybrid mediation, I am impressed by her legal knowledge, ability, communication and sheer hard work. She uses some innovative strategies. Mastering Zoom for a hybrid 5 way mediation cannot have been fun‘.

‘The mediation team is very strong and covers all aspects of family law.  Karen Barham is excellent – what she does not know about mediation is not worth knowing‘.

‘Karen Barham is an outstanding mediator, with great integrity and skill, who I would be happy to refer any client to. Karen Barham is a fantastic mediator. She has a great grasp of detail and an ability to manage even the most intractable and high conflict cases‘.

‘Karen Barham – I refer almost all my family law mediation work to Karen.  She is very experienced, pragmatic and works hard to find resolutions for the clients.  She is also very personable with a good sense of humour’.

‘Karen Barham is – as she herself says – a peacemaker. She brings her extensive experience and interpersonal skills to her mediation work‘.

‘ Moore Barlow invests in its fee earners in terms of getting training in a DR area – such as mediation/collaborative law/parenting coordination – which brings great benefits to clients as this training filters through all areas of work undertaken by the team.  Working with the team at Moore Barlow on cases is a pleasure – the team is solution focused, amicable, child-focused and constructive.  I send a significant number of clients to this firm for mediation and the feedback I get is overwhelmingly positive’.

Karen Barham – Karen is a leader in the field of mediation and now with her parenting coordination qualification, she offers a skill set that few in the country are able to provide.  Karen mixes this with her warm personality that clients respond well to and feel supported by.  Karen is able to mediate the most complex issues and manage difficult dynamics with ease and grace, and her ability to assist parties in reaching workable outcomes, is high’.

A solid team but with one outstanding individual – Karen Barham. Karen is an imaginative and brilliant mediator bringing a real talent to solving difficult and challenging family breakdowns. She has a real knack of taking clients with her. Karen achieves very impressive results with difficult referrals‘.




Work highlights

  • Divorcing couple with multiple Trusts and property developments.  Used the hybrid process to include the parties’ lawyers in the meetings.
  • Urgent schooling decisions required by non-communicating parents.  Mediated a resolution and improved parenting relationship.
  • Due to the passage of time and significant change of circumstances mediated capitalised maintenance and clean break for couple that divorced many years ago.


At Osbornes Lisa Pepper, Bridget Thompson , Andrew Watson, David Leadercramer and Mark Freedman are all Resolution trained lawyer mediators. Pepper and Thompson are accredited mediators and Pepper is also a collaborative lawyer. Pepper mediates on private law children, divorce suits and matrimonial finance cases in addition to mediating for larger (adult) family groups. Leadercramer is also a qualified arbitrator, collaborative lawyer and private FDR judge.

Practice head(s):

Lisa Pepper

Other key lawyers:

Bridget Thompson; Andrew Watson; David Leadercramer; Mark Freedman


Lisa Pepper is a talented lawyer and we regularly refer to her for mediation‘.

‘Lisa Pepper – very down to earth and approachable‘.

‘A wide range of family lawyers covering the whole of the family law spectrum.  Lisa Pepper is one of my go to mediators. Her calm, collected attitude and friendly persona allow clients to trust her and open up to her. More often than not that results in excellent results in mediation. Excellent service and top level advice for any client needing advice on family law issues‘.

‘Lisa Pepper’s mediation practice is absolutely brilliant. Real value delivered with expert knowledge. Lisa is a first rate mediator. David Leadercramer is also very good‘.

‘Lisa Pepper is one of our go-to mediators. She provides a practical service, supporting clients to conclusion‘.

David Leadercramer is excellent‘.

‘Osbornes has a strong mediation team led by Lisa Pepper. Lisa is a very experienced mediator who often places clients at ease and allows them to discuss very difficult topics. She is empathetic but knows when to be more directive if the clients require. David Leadercramer has experienced it all and uses this experience to help guide clients towards the best outcome’.

The Osbornes mediation team is excellent and has some good individuals. Lisa Pepper is outstanding and highly approachable and effective. She has a lovely manner that brings out the best in clients‘.

Thomson Snell & Passmore

Thomson Snell & Passmore continues to receive referrals from various large local firms and from London firms. Kirstie Law is one of the few solicitors in the area who is able to offer MIAM appointments as a result of her accreditation and often receives referrals where there are ongoing court proceedings. In addition she is qualified to meet children as part of the mediation process. Desmond O’Donnell is an ‘all issues’ Resolution trained mediator (including children and finances).

Practice head(s):

Joanna Pratt

Other key lawyers:

Kirstie Law; Desmond O’Donnell


‘Thomson Snell and Passmore is a really respected and well known firm offering quality legal services. The team embraces ADR and offers fantastic value for money. Kirstie Law is a fantastic mediator, with great insight and excellent empathy. She has great results in assisting clients where it seems like they are miles apart. Desmond O’Donnell is also a safe pair of hands’.

Members of the team known to me as professional, knowledgeable and experienced. They are also willing to look at the appropriate dispute resolution process and suggest mediation when appropriate. Kirstie Law is known to me as an effective mediator herself. I understand that Desmond O’Donnell also undertakes mediation‘.

‘Very solid good value team. Kirstie is a dynamic and resourceful mediator. She manages to get a resolution to the most difficult and complex cases. Desmond is a calm voice of reason. He inspires confidence from his clients and keeps a lid on the conflict’.

Kirstie Law is a fantastic all rounder skilled in financial matters as well as children – has a thriving mediation practise. I frequently refer mediation cases to her knowing that her extensive knowledge and pragmatic approach will help guide clients through the process‘.

‘The team is at the top of its game in West Kent and the go to firm for family law in the area. Joanna Pratt has endless patience and tact. If you want a mediator who will be kind, thoughtful and listen carefully to both individuals in a couple she is someone you can really trust. Kirstie Law knows how to steer couples in the direction of the right answer to their problems. She does this with a high degree of emotional intelligence and skill‘.

‘Kirstie Law is a safe and reliable mediator’.

Withers LLP

Withers LLP has a strong team of experienced and highly regarded mediators - these are Suzanne Todd; Claire Blakemore and Diana Parker. Parker has further honed her skills by being one of the first to qualify as an arbitrator for financial disputes on divorce. Todd is one of the ‘go to’ lawyers in London for all divorces with an Italian theme. Blakemore mediates on both financial and children matters and also has vast international experience.

Practice head(s):

Suzanne Todd

Other key lawyers:

Claire Blakemore; Diana Parker


‘Withers’ team is a top drawer family practice with some of the most talented and experienced practitioners in the country. Its mediators combine legal experience and ability with excellent mediation skills so that if there is a possibility of a sensible arrangement being reached they will find it. The lawyers work very flexibly according to what their clients prefer- in person, remote mediations and as they had already embraced flexible working pre-Covid had adapted the mediation practices particularly well‘.

Claire Blakemore combines huge legal knowledge and sound judgment with an empathetic and practical style as a mediator. She instils confidence even with a client who is unsure about the process and also has a sense of humour –  a necessary quality in tricky mediations. Clients whom I have sent to Claire have been very impressed‘.

‘Suzanne Todd is charming and hugely effective as a mediator. She is very experienced in both children and finance cases and will not shy from difficult conversations to move the mediation forward‘.

‘Suzanne Todd is a highly regarded mediator‘.

‘Suzanne Todd – great communicator, invests time and effort in relationships and nothing is too much trouble.  A good collaborator and looks for the solution‘.

Claire Blakemore is an experienced mediator‘.

Jones Nickolds

Rachel Woodd has a substantial mediation practice at Jones Nickolds. Woodd often receives referrals from central London law firms as well as those in Kent. She mediates in all family matters both financial and children. She is skilled at dealing with particularly acrimonious couples and those with complex relationships and issues.

Other key lawyers:

Rachel Woodd