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Leading Silks

Felicity Cullen KCDevereux ‘Exceptionally thorough and very user-friendly. She leaves no stone unturned and the end result is advice that you have real confidence in.’
Jonathan Davey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Accessible and very easy to work with, excellent strategic insight and expertise in the inheritance tax field.’
David Ewart KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘He is a very strong advocate - not flamboyant but effective and to the point. Very focused on the points in issue. Closely listened to by judges. Plans ahead for appeals in ensuring facts are brought out at first instance.’
Amanda Hardy KC5 Stone Buildings ‘With an encyclopaedic knowledge of tax law and huge experience in offshore trusts, Amanda is pre-eminent in this field. She is a most impressive silk with an authoritative presence and keen commercial outlook.’
James Kessler KCOld Square Tax Chambers ‘An amazing intellect, lovely man, and the stand-out authority on international private client tax matters such as the remittance basis. For many issues, there is no-one who is remotely comparable in technical terms.’
William Massey KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘William is absolutely at the top of his game. He gives very thoughtful, experienced and realistic advice. He is extremely client friendly.’
Kevin Prosser KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Kevin is extraordinarily able at grasping all the facts of a matter very quickly and finding the answer which solves the problem and then implementing that solution.’
Rupert Baldry KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘The breadth of his experience and technical knowledge makes his conclusions very reassuring.’
Michael Furness KCWilberforce Chambers 'Michael's written advice is extremely clear. He provides direct and clearly reasoned views on difficult pensions problems and avoids fence sitting.'
Julian Ghosh KCOne Essex Court ‘His authoritative and direct advice on tax matters and clear steer on the approach clients should adopt is impressive.’
David Goldberg KCGray’s Inn Tax Chambers ‘David combines an exceptional intellect with serious commerciality.’
Giles Goodfellow KCPump Court Tax Chambers 'Giles not only has the clear mind and analytical skills to be expected, he is extremely good at communicating complex matters to clients and others.'
Brian Green KCWilberforce Chambers 'Brian is very generous with his time and expertise and approaches everything in a spirit of finding a solution. He is a brilliant lawyer.'
Patrick Way KCField Court Tax Chambers ‘Patrick has a wide scope of expertise in the area of UK personal tax matters.’
Philip Baker KCField Court Tax Chambers 'In addition to possessing the usual qualities for a KC (in-depth knowledge of his subject matter, strategic advice), Philip is a bit of a visionary. He was the first English lawyer to write about the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 for taxation.'
Jonathan Bremner KCOne Essex Court ‘In court, Jonathan kills with kindness. His submissions are mild-mannered and when needed, sympathetic, yet incisive, clear and brutally effective. His mild manner is one of his most effective and charming tactics.’
Hui Ling McCarthy KC11 New Square ‘Hui Ling is an excellent advocate. She is able to convey complex arguments convincingly and is a redoubtable cross-examiner.’
Rory Mullan KCOld Square Tax Chambers ‘Can run a case from start to finish by himself. Constructs intelligent arguments and presents them forcefully.’
Aparna Nathan KCDevereux ‘Aparna is an excellent and thorough advocate.’
Akash Nawbatt KCDevereuxAkash is probably the most effective advocate at the Bar in the area of personal taxation. He is vastly experienced in this area, having been in many leading cases in the Court of Appeal on personal taxation.’
Richard Vallat KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Richard has a deep learning in the law, and he is a thoughtful and technically accomplished tax lawyer.’
David Yates KC – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Responsive, technically excellent, respected by clients, solution-driven and very clear in his opinions.’

2023 Silks

John Brinsmead-Stockham KC11 New Square ‘John is excellent. He has extreme clarity of expression – both oral and written – backed up by a deep knowledge of his practice areas. Also, John is a tenacious and highly talented advocate in the court room.’
John Brinsmead-Stockham KC11 New SquareJohn is excellent. He has extreme clarity of expression – both oral and written – backed up by a deep knowledge of his practice areas. Also, John is a tenacious and highly talented advocate in the court room.’
Michael Thomas KCPump Court Tax Chambers 'Michael is extremely insightful at complex transactions and nuanced arguments. He is quick to establish the challenges and opportunities with a particular case.'
Michael Thomas KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Michael is extremely insightful at complex transactions and nuanced arguments. He is quick to establish the challenges and opportunities with a particular case.’

2024 Silks

Christopher Stone KCDevereux ‘Chris’ advocacy is excellent. He is able to make points in a clear and concise manner, while continuing to be very persuasive. He deals with questions from the judge calmly and directly.’

Leading Juniors

Emma ChamberlainPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Emma has an unparalleled in-depth knowledge of UK taxation of individuals and HMRC practice. Emma's ability to analyse detailed and complex fact scenarios and provide useful guidance is unparalleled.’
Marika LemosDevereux ‘Marika's oral advocacy is first-rate, and she is famously one of the best-prepared tax counsel. Her legal submissions are clear and persuasive, and her cross-examinations are formidable.’
Imran AfzalField Court Tax Chambers ‘Great attention to detail. Looks at every angle and anticipates counterarguments and effectively deals with them. Very precise and logical in his argumentation. Judge-friendly.’
Barrie AkinDevereuxBarrie is first class - reliable, detailed and incisive. He is also very good with clients.
Thomas ChackoPump Court Tax Chambers 'Tom is great. Written and oral advocacy very good - deals adeptly and eloquently with questions from judge. Also, a real creative thinker.'
Ben Elliott Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Incredibly hard-working and intelligent. Has a unique ability to explain extremely complex legal points in a very straightforward way during advocacy. Ben is not afraid to be confrontational and punchy when the situation requires it.’
Ruth Hughes 5 Stone Buildings ‘Ruth is a true team player. She is always prepared to go the extra mile and has an extraordinary work ethic. Highly diligent. A strong litigator who you want on your side.’
Nikhil Mehta - Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers 'Highly responsive and speedy turnaround.'
Rebecca MurrayDevereuxRebecca has very strong technical expertise, with the ability to think creatively, excellent commercial awareness, and is willing to go the extra mile and a real pleasure to work with.’
Patrick SoaresField Court Tax Chambers 'Patrick is extraordinarily intelligent, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of UK taxation. Patrick is approachable, sensible and eminently practical in his advice.'
Jeremy WoolfPump Court Tax Chambers 'Jeremy is both technically excellent and very engaged, meaning he applies himself to the client's facts and really brings together his tax skills to their needs.'
Barbara Belgrano - Pump Court Tax Chambers 'Barbara is excellent. She combines technical expertise with a very good client manner. She has a confident and punchy advocacy style which judges respond positively to.'
Ross Birkbeck  – Old Square Tax Chambers ‘Excellent advocacy skills. He is patient with judges to ensure that they eventually appreciate the significance of the point he is making, and he does not annoy them with pointless or irrelevant points.’
Patrick BochOld Square Tax Chambers ‘He explains his findings in a clear and concise manner that clients find very helpful. His track record of work for HMRC is also of great value.’
Charles Bradley – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Charles has an excellent and thoughtful approach that clients appreciate. He is concise and gets to the point quickly. Matters have always been resolved to the satisfaction of all.’
Oliver ConollyPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Oliver is a very technical barrister who explores the details of the tax legislation and considers all possibilities. He is also commercial and gives incredibly helpful advice.’
Laura InglisGray’s Inn Tax Chambers ‘First-rate technical ability. Hard-working and fiercely intelligent.’
Nicholas Macklam - Gray's Inn Tax ChambersNicholas is superb at everything he turns his hand to. Crystal-clear written and oral advocacy. Practical and strategic in approach. Excellent client manner. A star in the making.’
Oliver Marre5 Stone Buildings ‘He is extremely intelligent and forensically thorough in his analysis of both the facts and the legal principles involved. A real star.’
Susannah MeadwayTen Old Square 'Susannah is immensely clever and completely steeped in every aspect of private client law. The range of her experience and the depth of her expertise are truly impressive. Her advice is always delivered with clarity, conciseness and pragmatism.'
Laura PootsPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Laura’s advice is extremely clear. She takes her clients through the options and potential outcomes of complex tax situations in a clear and comprehensible manner.’
Michael Ripley11 New SquareExcellent and incisive written work, with a very calm and measured but effective style of advocacy.’
Stephen Woodward - Three Stone 'Excellent technical tax knowledge; advice is clear, constructive and articulately delivered; thinks creatively and looks to come up with solutions.'

Tax: personal in London Bar

Pump Court Tax Chambers

Pump Court Tax Chambers offers expertise in the full scope of private client tax matters, including succession planning, offshore advisory work, Chancery court work, and, increasingly, tax issues in the sports context. The set has further strength in contentious matters, and acts for both HMRC and private individuals. William Massey KC covers matters related to trusts, land, and landed estates, and is described as ‘the preeminent go-to capital taxes silk.’ Kevin Prosser KC is highly active in litigation, with notable cases including acting for the taxpayer in Euromoney v HMRC, a tax avoidance case before the First Tier Tribunal. James Rivett KC acts for high profile and high net worth individuals both in complex advisory matters and before the courts, including acting on behalf of Gary Lineker in proceedings relating to the tax treatment of his broadcasting roles at the BBC and BT Sport.


‘Excellent – always responsive and know the strengths of the large number of tenants available.’

‘The clerks are excellent, as is the venue.’

‘John Poyser is fabulous.’

‘Top level service.’

‘The chambers have an excellent set of barristers at all levels, who have strong technical knowledge. They look for solutions rather than merely presenting problems.’

‘Great strength in depth at all levels and across all taxes. My go-to tax set.’

‘The quality of the counsel at Pump Court Tax is very high.’

‘An excellent tax set with some noted practitioners.’

Work highlights


Devereux‘s private client practice provides comprehensive service in both advisory and contentious matters. Felicity Cullen KC is noted for her ‘thorough, thoughtful, insightful analysis’, and is experienced in advising owner managed business, as well as high and ultra-high net worth individuals. Aparna Nathan KC‘s client base includes historic estates and foreign royalty, and covers a diverse range of matters including mixed member partnership issues. Marika Lemos appeared for the taxpayer in HMRC v Wilkes, a key case concerning the validity of discovery assessments issued by HMRC.


‘Good service.’

‘I have dealt largely with Glenn Billenness, and he is always friendly and approachable.’

‘Devereux Chambers is the pre-eminent set for barristers to advocate a case regarding personal taxation, whether that is taxation of income or the use of intermediaries (IR35) or cases involving personal residence and domicile.’

‘In recent years, Devereux has built one of the pre-eminent tax practices in London, which has considerable strength in depth. They now rank alongside the very best specialist tax sets.’

‘I have instructed a number of tax counsel at Devereux and have found the standard to be very high.’

‘Outstanding strength in depth at both silk and junior level.’

Work highlights

Old Square Tax Chambers

Old Square Tax Chambers members advise extensively within the UK and offshore, and take a key place in thought leadership in the practice area. James Kessler KC, who is head of chambers, is a leading expert in offshore taxation and charity law. Robert Venables KC, who is a former chair of the Revenue Bar Association, handles offshore tax planning and residence and domicile issues. Rory Mullan KC represented the Fisher Family before the Supreme Court in Fisher v HMRC, regarding offshore tax planning issues related to the sale of the Stan James betting business in 2000. Harriet Brown is dual-qualified in England and Jersey, and is active in matters straddling the jurisdictions.


‘Efficient, pleasant to deal with, instructions always get to counsel, especially when urgent.’

‘Very good, pragmatic and user-friendly clerks.’

‘Compared to other clerks I have worked with at other Chambers, the service here is slick and particularly easy to use. Communication is available by phone or email and responses are almost instantaneous. What more could we ask for?’

‘ I have always found the clerks (as a team) to be very efficient and helpful, especially when considering the issues  that might be experienced by advisers outside of central London.’

‘Superb specialist tax Chambers.’

‘A very strong set with some excellent juniors and silks – one of the usual suspects when considering the top tax sets out there.’

‘We have always found them to be knowledgeable, reliable and able to offer their advice in a timely manner.’

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers is well regarded for matters relating to the taxation of estates and trusts, and is praised by clients for having ‘excellent depth for pensions work.’ Jonathan Davey KC has a highly active disputes practice, including taking a leading role for HMRC in Ingenious Film Partners 2 LLP and others v HMRC, a £1.6bn tax dispute in the film and games industries.


‘Stewart Cameron is a pleasure to deal with. He ensures that enquiries are dealt with promptly, proactively updates instructing solicitors, and is helpful, transparent and realistic when providing fee quotes.’

‘The clerks are very efficient and pleasant to deal with.’

‘They are a strong set with an ever-growing presence in tax.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers have excellent depth for pensions work.’


Work highlights

11 New Square

11 New Square is a specialist tax set which draws a diverse range of private client matters. Hui Ling McCarthy KC acts on behalf of prominent and high net worth individuals, and in addition to expertise in both advisory matters and litigation, is a key name for alternative tax dispute resolution processes. John Brinsmead-Stockham KC is a key contact for inheritance tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax. Michael Ripley advises on both contentious and non-contentious matters, with experience appearing before courts and tribunals, both led and unled.

Field Court Tax Chambers

Field Court Tax Chambers boasts a highly international membership, and includes a diverse range of practitioners with expertise across the EU and beyond. Patrick Way KC, who is a co-founder of the chambers, is experienced at all levels of the UK tax system and Privy Council, with ‘a wide scope of expertise in the area of UK personal tax matters.’ Philip Baker KC has a long record as a lecturer in tax law, and has expertise in international matters. Head of chambers Patrick Soares advises on a broad range of matters, including the structuring of major land transactions. Imran S Afzal ‘excels in drafting clear, coherent pleadings and skeleton arguments’, and represented HMRC as sole counsel in the Court of Appeal in Candy v HMRC, which related to whether a claim for repayment of stamp duty land tax by the property developer and Convervative Party donor Christian Candy was made in time.


‘Stephanie Talbot has been an absolute gem of a clerk; always responsive and helpful.’

‘The clerks’ room is totally professional and efficient. Marie Burke and Stephanie Talbot are consummate professionals, and tremendously reassuring.’

‘The clerks are always available, polite and cooperative. They work efficiently to deliver the services offered by the chamber’s barristers.’

‘Marie Burke and Stephanie Talbot are first class. Very diligent and always go the extra mile.’

‘All of the members of the set are tax specialists, covering the entire field of tax and all subscribe to the same philosophy of practicality and approachability.’

Work highlights