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Leading Silks

David Ewart KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘David has outstanding technical expertise and the ability to quickly understand complex structures and scenarios. Excellent at getting to the crux of the matter. Advice is always clear and pragmatic. Excellent analytical skill.’
Julian Ghosh KCOne Essex Court ‘His strengths are original thought, complex advice, superb advocacy in person and on the page.’
David Goldberg KCGray’s Inn Tax Chambers ‘David is an extremely impressive advocate.’
David Milne KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Very impressive in court, with an extensive knowledge of HMRC’s approach to disputes, and a fine analytical brain. Very user friendly.’
Jonathan Peacock KC  – 11 New Square ‘He is highly credible, very able and offers calm reassurance to clients on a range of matters.’
Kevin Prosser KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘One of the best tax silks in London. Technically able, a good advocate and very friendly and helpful.’
Rupert Baldry KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Rupert is marvelous. He is happy to give a view and doesn’t sit on the fence – highly recommended.’
Jonathan Bremner KCOne Essex Court ‘The leading tax mind of his generation. He knows tax law backwards. His grasp of strategy is impressive.’
Timothy Brennan KC – Devereux 'A formidable depth of legal and tax technical knowledge combined with a pragmatic and personable approach means he always a go to silk for any contentious tax cases.'
Felicity Cullen KCDevereux ‘Felicity provides robust advice that you can be confident HMRC will respect, delivered quickly and with a real team approach. Clients love her.’
Jonathan Davey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Charming, a great character, confident, considered, technically very strong and excellent on absorbing the detail and recommending a clear strategy.’
Jonathan Fisher KCRed Lion ChambersJonathan is a total leader in his field. He is hugely knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.’
Michael Gibbon KCMaitland Chambers ‘He wears his outstanding intellect lightly, is a joy to work with and provides clear commercial advice at all times.’
Sam Grodzinski KC – Blackstone Chambers ‘Sam is a talented barrister and a pleasure to work with.’
Philip Jones KCSerle CourtClear-thinking, practical and adaptable. A real problem-solver in difficult and complex circumstances. Philip's advice is clear, concise and client-friendly.’
Hui Ling McCarthy KC  – 11 New SquareOne of the best tax silks solicitors have come across.’
Akash Nawbatt KCDevereux ‘Akash has a calm and thoughtful approach, and his oral advocacy is clear and persuasive. First choice for judicial review matters in tax.’
Nicola Shaw KCGray’s Inn Tax ChambersNicola assimilates facts at lightning speed, is highly technical but capable of distilling the advice to clients in an intelligent and understandable manner.’
Laurent Sykes KC – Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers ‘Laurent gets to the heart of the issues, with insightful analysis and explanation. This is combined with a forensic approach to ascertaining the facts.’
David Yates KC – Pump Court Tax Chambers – ‘David is by far the strongest tax counsel of his generation. He is exceptionally intelligent and has a real feel for tax.’
Giles Goodfellow KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Giles has a superb intellect and manages to explain extremely complex issues in clear terms that lay clients can understand.’
Amanda Hardy KC5 Stone Buildings ‘Clear, crisp advice on tax and a light-touch and responsive approach to drafting / settling documents.’
Timothy Lyons KC39 Essex Chambers Timothy is a very approachable barrister. Straightforward and clear in his advice, and quite genuinely brilliant to work with.’
Aparna Nathan KC – Devereux – ‘Aparna is an excellent advocate – calm, clear, eloquent and robust. She is also very bright and she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to any tax problem.’
James Rivett KC  – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘James is very, very bright, super hard working and a brilliant advocate. He is also a charming gentleman and as a result clients absolutely love him. He has a real gift of making complicated tax law easy to understand.’
David Southern KC  – Field Court Tax Chambers ‘Very knowledgeable with a tremendously inquisitive mind.Never gets lost in the intricate detail of the legislation. Supremely reliable and always willing to help.’
Richard Vallat KC – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Richard is extremely responsive and knowledgeable on tax, as well as very good with clients.’
Patrick Way KC – Field Court Tax Chambers ‘Excellent advocate. Very personable. Deeply knowledgeable. Very user-friendly – and understands the dynamic for solicitors, having worked in a solicitor’s firm himself in the past. ‘

2021 Silks

Michael Jones KC – Gray’s Inn Tax ChambersMichael is a star. Smart, sensible and commanding – clients love him and he is super user friendly.’
Elizabeth Wilson KCPump Court Tax Chambers ‘Elizabeth is very steady and stable, insightful and can be relied upon to give a detailed technical analysis of the points highlighting issues you have thought about, and raising those you have not.’

Leading Juniors

Imran S Afzal – Field Court Tax Chambers ‘A very talented junior with great attention to detail in relation to tricky points of tax law. His advocacy is very detailed, very clear and very focussed.’
Christopher Stone – Devereux ‘Chris is helpful, articulate, technically brilliant, has a great client manner and is very responsive. Chris gives pragmatic advice.’
Jeremy Woolf – Pump Court Tax ChambersHe is thorough, engaged, committed, knowledgeable and bright –in every way solicitors find Jeremy a support.’
Zizhen Yang – Pump Court Tax ChambersEncyclopedic knowledge of the law, combined with a real user-friendly approach.’
Barrie Akin – Devereux ‘Barrie is very forensic and detailed and always reliable. He is good in front of clients.’
Kate Balmer – Devereux ‘Consistently works to make instructing solicitors’ lives easier, and a fantastic cross-examiner.’
Barbara Belgrano – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Barbara is technically brilliant. She is great at handling complicated tax and accounting detail, is really thorough in her drafting and preparation and is a great asset to any litigation.’ 
Thomas Chacko – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Very knowledgeable, personable and explained complex matters in a simple way.’
Hartley FosterAddington ChambersA very smooth advocate. His advisory work is exemplary. His experience of working as a solicitor before his return to the Bar has made his advisory work very user friendly.’
James Henderson – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘James is very thorough and has a keen eye for detail. He is also very good at standing back and considering the bigger picture, and happy to debate and discuss.’
Laura Kathryn Inglis – Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers ‘Very thorough and good with clients.’
Alun James – Temple Tax Chambers ‘Great communicator and very skilled. Always helpful. A pleasure to deal with.’
Marika Lemos – Devereux ‘Marika is one of the best junior tax counsel on the market. She is incredibly knowledgeable, clear in her advice and practical in her approach.’
Ximena Montes Manzano – Temple Tax Chambers ‘Ximena is hugely knowledgeable and her technical skills are first rate. She is also practical and client focused – she doesn’t bombard the lay client with technical analysis and jargon but rather she is direct, straightforward and takes time to explain tricky points clearly.’
Oliver Marre – 5 Stone BuildingsExtremely sharp, extensive and deep knowledge. A clear communicator. Extremely accessible style and puts clients at ease. Pleasure to work with.’
Nikhil Mehta – Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers ‘Nikhil has immense experience across a broad range of taxes. What makes him stand out is his significant transactional background which means that his advice is tailored and commercial while still being technically sound.’
Rebecca Murray – Devereux ‘She is commercially very astute, with a good feel for the commercial drivers of the transaction. She has an excellent ability to distinguish the points important to the client, and to differentiate practical risks from merely theoretical risks.’
Laura Poots – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Very clear and concise and always on point. Laura is practical and efficient.’
Philip Ridgway – Temple Tax Chambers ‘Strength is his commercial and practical approach. He is also friendly and easy to discuss matters with.’ 
Jonathan Schwarz – Temple Tax Chambers ‘Both his written work and advocacy are clear and concise and he is persuasive in his arguments. Jonathan’s involvement in any claim is always valuable to achieving results.’
Michael Sherry – Temple Tax ChambersIntelligent, articulate, technically brilliant.’
Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho – 39 Essex ChambersVery good and commercial advice and a fantastic junior to add structure to a team.  An exquisite advocate.’
Peter Vaines – Field Court Tax Chambers ‘He has a great kind and thoughtful manner combined with tax knowledge unrivalled by anyone else in the market.’
Michael AvientTemple Tax Chambers ‘Michael has a good knowledge and in-depth nuanced understanding of how to deal with HMRC and accessibility and dependability.’
Ben Elliott – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Ben is high-powered intellectually and a forceful advocate. He works extremely hard and already has wide experience in the tax field.’

Rising Stars

Ronan Magee – Pump Court Tax Chambers ‘Outstandingly good. He is very quick, very diligent, and has a very good manner with team members and clients.’

Tax: corporate in London Bar

11 New Square

11 New Square exclusively specialises in tax law, and has a long history as one of the leading sets in this area. Members act on numerous high-profile test cases at the highest UK courts, and represent both the taxpayer and HMRC. Jonathan Peacock KC is a key figure in the market, and has been active on a number of major capital allowances cases. Peacock additionally works on significant international matters, such as the Royal Bank of Canada v HMRC double tax treaty test case, on which he is leading Sarah Black. The ‘excellentHui Ling McCarthy KC has also been active in this area, securing a victory for HMRC in a £125m double taxation dispute with General Electric. Francis Fitzpatrick KC has a practice focusing on international tax, and is regarded as a notable expert on the taxation of cryptocurrency and crypto assets.


Devereux is a ‘formidably strong tax set’, with a broad practice which makes them a popular choice for HMRC. Timothy Brennan KC has experience in all areas of corporate tax, in addition to his employment law credentials. ‘Thorough, incisiveFelicity Cullen KC has a practice which includes both advisory and contentious work, and is particularly active for private individuals and owner managed businesses. Akash Nawbatt KC, who is described as ‘commercial and thorough and highly collaborative’, regularly represents HMRC, as in the highly publicised HMRC v Professional Game Match Officials Ltd, where he led Sebastian Purnell in a matter concerning the correct tax treatment of professional football referees. Aparna Nathan KC has a high profile litigation practice, and has been active for HMRC on multiple matters in the last year. Christopher Stone is building a taxpayer-focused practice, and appeared as sole advocate for HMRC in the Supreme Court in R (Haworth) v HMRC, in which the taxpayer was challenging the lawfulness of a follower notice.



‘Lovely set of chambers with good juniors rising up the ranks.’

Growing in stature as a leading tax set as they increasingly have a good range of juniors to back up the excellent KCs.’

‘Excellent set with good strength in depth at differing levels of experience.’

‘Well know for its tax practice.’

‘Devereux’s strength in depth of tax counsel, at both KC and junior level, is a real asset.’


‘The clerking team is top-notch.’

Field Court Tax Chambers

The ‘experienced and excellent counsel’ of Field Court Tax Chambers advise clients ranging from governments and multinationals to small businesses. Philip Baker KC is a visiting professor at Oxford University, and has been active on multiple high-value matters concerning EU tax law. Patrick Soares, head of chambers, writes extensively on UK tax matters and advises on the structuring of major UK and offshore land transactions. ‘Very practical’ and ‘hands on’ set co-founder Patrick Way KC advises on a broad range of tax issues, and has appeared at all levels of the UK tax system. ‘Brilliant advocate’ Imran S Afzal is highly active for individuals, companies, and tax authorities. Afzal appeared before the Upper Tribunal in Gallaher Limited v HMRC, which concerned the application of EU law to over £2bn of assets.



‘Some star people practice at Field Court Tax Chambers, with strength in depth.’


‘I always receive great service from Chambers and Counsel Clerks.’


The ‘brilliant’ and ‘well managedGray’s Inn Tax Chambers is a set with significant international reach, active at all levels of the legal system. Members are engaged in both litigation and advisory work, with clients extending from significant multinationals to high-net-worth private individuals. The ‘truly excellent’ Nicola Shaw KC is frequently present before the Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal on high-value tax matters. Laurent Sykes KC was successful this year in the significant Quinn v Revenue & Customs Commissioners case, and additionally boasts a range of high-profile private client matters. Nikhil Mehta is noted for his ‘immense experience’, thanks to his history as an Indian tax advocate on top of his career in London. Laura Kathryn Inglis made submissions concerning UK and French tax treatments on behalf of AXA in major insurance case AXA S.A. v Genworth Financial International Holdings, Inc. Michael Firth has also been active, working unled on multiple matters.



A very strong set both at junior and KC level.’


‘Ben Stern is very responsive, commercial and provides a first-class service.’

‘Very responsive and efficient. They provide a first rate service.’

‘The clerks are quite easy to deal with and responsive.’

‘The clerks are friendly and easy to work with.’

Pump Court Tax Chambers

Pump Court Tax Chambers are the largest set in the practice area, and their barristers are described as having ‘a badge of quality which sets them apart from the competition’. The set has been active in litigation related to major tax avoidance schemes, and are engaged with significant international matters extending to the EU and beyond. Kevin Prosser KC represents multinational clients including Credit Suisse and BlackRock, and led Barbara Belgrano on Inmarsat plc v HMRC, which concerned capital allowances on the cost of launching satellites into space. David Milne KC acts for HMRC in Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd v HMRC, a high-profile test case on how to calculate the profits for an Irish bank with a permanent establishment in the UK. David Ewart KC has a significant record both in the UK and EU Courts, and has been leading Elizabeth Wilson KC in the Franked Investment Income test case, which potentially concerns billions of pounds of tax.



‘I would consider Pump Court Tax Chambers to be one of (if not the) leading sets when it comes to corporate tax. They have a good variety of leading silks as well as excellent juniors, with impressive credentials in all areas.’

‘The go to set for tax disputes.’

Pump Court Tax are a reliable set with all-star performers across all areas of Revenue law.’

The set is well run with great depth of expertise.’

Preeminent chambers for tax for many years and remains so.’

‘Pump Court Tax Chambers are a go to set for all tax disputes with excellent experience and expertise at all levels.’


Temple Tax Chambers

Temple Tax Chambers boasts a broad tax practice which includes barristers with a diverse set of expertise. Alun James is head of chambers, and in addition to a strong advisory practice, acts on litigation at the first and upper tribunal. Jonathan Schwarz focuses on international tax disputes, and is additionally qualified as a barrister in Canada and an advocate in South Africa. Michael Sherry practices in all areas of direct tax, including corporate tax planning, property tax, and tax elements of M&A. Ximena Montes Manzano is another key name, as she has a strong record acting for a diverse range of clients, including high-net-worth individuals, owner-managed businesses and multinational corporates. Michael Avient is also noted, as he brings experience in all areas of tax, owing to more than three decades of working within accountancy firms.



‘An excellent set – everyone is at the top of their game.’

‘A strong set who have a market leading practice in defending against HMRC assessment and penalty challenges.’

‘Their training programmes are first class.’


‘Clerks are friendly, approachable and efficient.’

‘Efficient and easy to deal with.’

‘Very professional and pleasant to deal with.’