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Leading Silks

Kate Gallafent QC - Blackstone ChambersClient friendly, approachable and makes even the most complicated of legal issues translate into client friendly advice. She is a formidable advocate and her cross examination skills are second to none.
Paul Harris QC - Monckton ChambersAn excellent choice for contentious sports matters, particularly those involving competition law issues.
Adam Lewis QC - Blackstone ChambersThe foremost leader in the field. He is a leading light in the sport’s sector. Works extremely hard and gets to grips with the detail. He is the complete package and a go to silk.
Nick De Marco QC - Blackstone ChambersHas become one of the best (if not the best) sports advocates in the industry.
Graeme McPherson QC - 4 New Square ‘Superb intellect and great energy for tackling demanding cases. Works on high profile sports matters.
Ian Mill QC - Blackstone ChambersExtremely clever, hardworking and streetwise. A great advocate, has presence and does not sit on the fence. Very good with clients.
Jane Mulcahy QC - Blackstone ChambersSearingly intelligent, astonishingly hardworking, strategically astute.
Jim Sturman QC - 2 Bedford RowHe's excellent. Still the man to talk in a disputed regulatory/disciplinary hearing.
Paul Gilroy QC - Littleton ChambersTenacious and collaborative, he is the undisputed leader in the field of manager-club employment issues.
Nina Goolamali QC39 Essex ChambersHugely hard-working, inspires confidence and an absolute authority on all things negligence. She gives direct, commercial advice.
Andrew Hunter QC - Blackstone ChambersVery clever and knowledgeable and a great tactician. Andrew is a clear thinking and proactive lawyer. His advice has proved to be good over many years.
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersAn excellent advocate who puts clients at ease and gracefully runs rings around his opponents.
Christopher Coltart QC - 2 Hare CourtStrong in disciplinary matters.
Philip Evans QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanIncredibly bright and his cross-examinations are fantastic.
Caspar Glyn QC - CloistersSo many strengths: Confident, lots of energy, leadership, fantastic technical knowledge. Noted for contractual and employment disputes.
Paul Goulding QC - Blackstone ChambersKey strength is the deep understanding not only of the legal issues but the commercial perspective of the client and the approach needed for the case. He gets it immediately and the clients have confidence from the start that he understands the context. He is also meticulous in his preparation for trial - a true professional.
Andrew Green QC-Blackstone ChambersOne of the new school of barristers who works hand in glove with his instructing solicitors and, when needed, clients too. Good on sponsorship and media rights disputes.
Sean Jones QC - 11KBWSean is utterly brilliant in relation to statutory construction, presentation of legal argument to tribunals and is also extremely client friendly. His cross-examination is electric and carries a real "edge" to it.
Mark Phillips QC - South SquareHe is extremely smart, focused and engaged for his client. His cross-examination skills are unique. He also has a view for the smallest details which many others would miss. You definitely wish to have Mark on your team in difficult cases.

2019 Silks

Ronit Kreisberger QC - Monckton ChambersVery clear, concise and thorough. She is unrivalled at her level in sport and competition law.
Daniel Saoul QC - 4 New SquareA methodical tactician and excellent advocate. Thinks of every angle, and is very easy to work with.
Nicholas Siddall QC - Littleton ChambersHis unfailing availability and collaborative nature make him a delight to work with.

2020 Silks

Richard Liddell - 4 New SquareA welcome addition to the front Bench – a brilliant sports law lawyer with exceptional professional regulatory skills as part of his all-round talent. A vast array of sports-related experience and expertise. Tactical nous. Excellent manner with clients.
John Mehrzad - Littleton ChambersExceptional and a true heavyweight in his field. Extremely bright and dedicated lawyer, whose attainment of silk this year was richly deserved.
James Segan QC - Blackstone ChambersGets on top of a case quickly, and works collaboratively with the wider legal team.

2021 Silks

George Spalton QC - 4 New SquareAdept at managing difficult situations and can be relied upon to keep demanding clients happy.

Leading Juniors

Fiona Banks - Monckton ChambersA robust and forceful practitioner. She is very good in competition law-related matters.
Kendrah Potts - 4 New SquareHas a depth of knowledge of the law, sports regulations and the sports industry that belies her year of call. Is both concise and comprehensive in her written and oral advice, is exceptional with clients, is quietly persuasive and passionate in her representation of clients.
Lydia Banerjee - Littleton ChambersVery thorough and diligent. Excellent decision-making skills. More than anything, Lydia understands the practicalities and sensitivities of working in the sports sector.
Jonathan Bellamy - 39 Essex ChambersIncisive with his legal mind, astute with a disarming manner.
Pippa Manby - 4 New SquareShe is technically excellent and strong in anti-doping work.
Ravi Mehta - Blackstone ChambersCan see issues that arise that even the client had not considered.
Tom Mountford - Blackstone ChambersTom is extremely bright and user-friendly. He has a calm demeanour but combines it with a forensic eye for detail. He is comfortable in dealing with witnesses and, again, adopts a measured approach that has been very well-suited to the case we are working on.
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersA very grounded understanding of the sports world which he applies to his very knowledgeable practice. Adaptable and hard working coupled with a very forensic approach to both legal and regulatory issues. A go-to sports lawyer.
Louis Weston - Outer Temple ChambersHis advice and advocacy is extremely high quality. He is a pleasure to work with and his advocacy style is well suited to disciplinary panels. His demeanour with participants is a huge strength, being able to defuse a hostile respondent and narrow issues in a difficult case.
Max Baines - Red Lion ChambersMax is very bright and able to quickly grasp issues and suggest solutions. He is also personable, accommodating and easy to work with.
Craig Harris - Furnival ChambersCraig is a passionate lawyer, whose commitment to a case is admirable and does not go unnoticed by clients. He thinks carefully about the arguments he wishes to make and works collaboratively when preparing for a case.
Ifeanyi Odogwu - Matrix ChambersIfeanyi is extremely user-friendly and knowledgeable, in whatever capacity you encounter him. A refreshingly modern practitioner, who is the face of the Bar it aspires to be. Hugely charming, which disarms witnesses.
Ben Smiley - 4 New SquareProvides clear, concise advice.
Andrew Smith-Matrix ChambersVery bright, pragmatic and user-friendly. He provides clients with the advice they need and cuts to the chase in a way that some other practitioners do not.
Katherine Apps - 39 Essex ChambersA brilliant mind, one of the cleverest juniors around at the Bar.
Stuart Benzie - 2 Temple GardensIncredibly commercially-minded, he has great expertise in sports law.
Tom Cleaver - Blackstone ChambersAble to boil down complex abstract ideas into very simple and accessible language.
Edward Craven - Matrix ChambersHis work is impeccable in every respect: meticulous, thorough and demonstrated clear-cut thinking as well as a great deal of skill in the structuring of legal arguments and the formatting of legal documents.
Marc Delehanty - Littleton ChambersVery down to earth and responsive.
Diarmuid Laffan - 4 New SquareHis approach is incredibly professional and very strategic, distilling matters for lay clients.
David Lowe - Blackstone ChambersAttention to detail, challenges ways of thinking, technical expert, unflappable, authoritative, trustworthy.
Sebastian Purnell - DevereuxVery knowledgable and thorough in his analysis of the case. Very good cross-examination. Calm and deliberate manner and very helpful in preparing to answer queries from the other side.
Tom Richards - Blackstone ChambersExcellent in-depth knowledge of the application of competition law in sport.
Shane Sibbel - Blackstone ChambersShane is a solid, considered, detail-driven lawyer. He is very smart and provides clear advice, and performs extremely well in front of both solicitors and clients.

Rising Stars

Grahame Anderson - Littleton ChambersApproachable, unflappable and always available.
William Harman - 4 New SquareHighly intelligent, articulate and sharp. Has a pragmatic approach in dealing with a variety of issues. Quickly grasps key evidential points.
Luka Krsljanin - Blackstone ChambersParticularly well known for his work in football - especially contractual claims - he has a wonderful bedside manner that is totally reassuring to clients together with a clear deep knowledge and understanding of sports law. Luka will go far in this field.
Celia Rooney - Blackstone ChambersA very promising junior who offers clear, concise and practical advice.

Sport in London Bar

1 Garden Court

Blackstone Chambers is the ‘top chambers for sports work’ with ‘a wide variety of silks and juniors operating at a high level’. In Adam Lewis QC and Nick De Marco QC, the set contains two silks solely dedicated to sports law. The pair were involved on both side of Scottish’s Rugby’s dispute with World Rugby concerning the cancellation of a game against Japan at the 2019 Rugby due to a typhoon; Lewis representing the sporting body and De Marco acting for the national team. Lewis QC also worked with Ravi Mehta on the Russian Athletics Federation's challenge against the International Association of Athletics Federations decision not to reinstate its full membership. Meanwhile, Jane Mulcahy QC has been leading the internal investigation by Manchester City into child abuse allegations surrounding a junior football coach, while Kate Gallafent QC continues to act for the FA, most recently against former England footballer Peter Beardsley who used racist and abusive language towards players while coaching the Newcastle United U23 team. Also of note, new silk James Segan QC acted for Chelsea whose fans were accused of disruptive behaviour during a game against Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

4 New Square

4 New Square is described as ‘a good sports law set of barristers’ which has a particular focus on disciplinary issues. The set is home to one of the leading silks in horse racing, Graeme McPherson QC, who regularly acts for the British Horseracing Authority as well as a number of high profile jockeys. Daniel Saoul QC also acts on disciplinary matters and has been active on disputes concerning football, athletics and boxing. Richard Liddell's 2020 appointment to Queen's Counsel strengthens the set at the senior end; his workload consists of commercial, regulatory and anti-doping issues. At the junior level, the 'extremely hardworking' and 'down to earthKendrah Potts receives considerable praise for her client care skills, and, in a recent case of note, she advised footballer Daniel Sturridge in his case against the FA concerning a breach of betting rules. Diarmuid Laffan and Pippa Manby are both names to note for anti-doping-related work.

Littleton Chambers

Employment is the key strength of Littleton Chambers in the sporting context, with additional expertise in contractual and regulatory issues. Paul Gilroy QC often acts for elite football managers in disputes with their respective football club of employment. David Reade QC primarily represents athletes on employment issues, most notably on Jess Varnish's sex discrimination case against British Cycling and UK Sport. Other key names include Nicholas Siddall QC, who focuses on anti-doping cases, and newly appointed silk John Mehrzad QC, head of the set's sports group, who is advising Cardiff City FC in its financial dispute with FC Nantes concerning the sudden death of footballer Emilano Sala. At the junior level, Sam Neaman acted for the former Head of Medical at Watford FC in a discrimination claim arising from the club's Italian owners hiring only Italian backroom staff.

Monckton Chambers

Monckton Chambers has a strong reputation in competition law in the sporting context, thanks to the work of Paul Harris QCRonit Kreisberger QC, and Fiona Banks. Harris has acted in litigation and arbitration concerning football, rugby, swimming and racing; Kreisberger has been particularly active in competition law disputes concerning media and broadcasting rights; Banks is an expert in competition and commercial disputes, and most recently acted for Liverpool FC in its sponsorship dispute with Winlink.