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Leading Silks

Ranjit Bhose KCCornerstone Barristers 'Ranjit is very thorough, technically excellent, and his advocacy is firm when needed.'
Martin Westgate KCDoughty Street Chambers 'His legal knowledge is excellent, and his advice is high quality.'
Kelvin Rutledge KCCornerstone Barristers 'Kelvin is an exceptional silk.'
Jamie Burton KCDoughty Street Chambers 'Jamie is a brilliant and fearless advocate. He is committed to social welfare and housing issues and very strong in cross-examination.'

2022 Silks

Liz Davies KCGarden Court Chambers 'Liz is a very powerful advocate. Her style is one of highly compelling affability which is a force to be reckoned with.'

2023 Silks

Kuljit Bhogal KCCornerstone Barristers 'Kuljit excels in her clarity of thought and strong communication skills, both of which contribute to her robust advocacy. She possesses an in-depth understanding of the law, which allows her to construct compelling arguments.'
Iris Ferber KC42BR Barristers 'She is a natural born fighter. Her cross-examination is forensic, detailed and devastating. It is very difficult for an opponent to regain credibility after she has cross-examined them.'

2024 Silks

Justin Bates KCLandmark Chambers ‘Justin is a bright light in social housing.'

Leading Juniors

Andrew LaneCornerstone Barristers 'He is calmness personified and his attention to detail is fantastic, as is his cross-examination.'
Jonathan Manning4-5 Gray’s Inn Square 'An accomplished advocate in court.'
Zia NabiDoughty Street Chambers ‘Zia is knowledgeable and insightful. He speaks with authority and gravitas.'
Dean UnderwoodCornerstone BarristersA specialist in his area, with exceptional knowledge and understanding of housing law. He always prepares meticulously and proactively finds solutions.'
Toby Vanhegan4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareIn court, Toby is flawless, so calm yet so effective. He is passionate and very approachable.'
Tim BaldwinGarden Court Chambers 'Tim has detailed knowledge of all areas of housing law and comes up with the most clever and inspired legal arguments.'
Andrew Dymond4-5 Gray’s Inn Square ‘Andrew is collaborative, intelligent, knowledgeable and very good at working under pressure. He is clear-thinking and does not lose sight of the client’s goal.'
Stephen EvansFive Paper 'He is a force to be reckoned with.'
Edward FitzpatrickGarden Court Chambers 'Edward is a highly skilled advocate with the ability to express arguments and ideas clearly.'
Matthew Lee - Doughty Street Chambers 'He has a keen eye for novel points of law.'
Stephanie Lovegrove4-5 Gray’s Inn Square 'Stephanie is a superb and engaging advocate, who is extremely sharp and able to quickly pick up the issues of a case seamlessly. She demonstrates excellent attention to detail and technical expertise across the full range of landlord and tenant law.'
Catherine O’DonnellGarden Court Chambers 'Catherine is exceptionally thorough, and her client care skills are first-rate.'
Ian Peacock4-5 Gray’s Inn Square ‘Ian's advice is accessible and user-friendly. He offers practical solutions where needed.'
Dominic PrestonDoughty Street Chambers 'A formidable advocate. His unique style combines great humour with huge intelligence and he always goes the extra mile to achieve the right results for clients.'
Catherine RowlandsCornerstone Barristers 'A very experienced junior who provides detailed advice.'
Sarah SalmonCornerstone BarristersSarah always offers sound practical advice and goes over and beyond what can be expected. Her attention to detail is second to none and is able to articulate her point concisely, precisely and firmly.'
Annette Cafferkey4-5 Gray’s Inn Square 'A very thorough junior.'
David CarterDoughty Street Chambers 'A very knowledgeable junior who provides intelligible advice.'
Tina ConlanFive PaperTina is very efficient and her attention to detail is outstanding.’
Emma GodfreyField Court Chambers ‘She is a pragmatic and very intelligent junior.'
Bethan HarrisGarden Court Chambers 'A robust and direct junior.'
Connor JohnstonGarden Court Chambers 'Connor is an extremely persuasive advocate, and his calm and pleasant manner is very effective. He leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of justice for clients.'
Desmond Kilcoyne42BR Barristers ‘A highly intelligent barrister who is always very helpful and personable. His advocacy is always effective and persuasive.’
Ryan KohliCornerstone Barristers 'Ryan is a first-class advocate who is able to think quickly on his feet and is always well prepared for any eventuality.'
Mathew McDermott42BR Barristers ‘Mathew has a phenomenal intellect. A very dedicated and approachable junior.'
Sam PhillipsFive Paper 'Sam has a wealth of technical knowledge and can advise on all cases no matter how obscure the issue is. His advocacy is authoritative and presents his cases with clarity.'
Sarah SteinhardtDoughty Street Chambers 'A redoubtable advocate. She is responsive and provides nuanced advice. She excels in client care.'
Laura TweedyGatehouse Chambers 'A very committed junior.'
Amritpal Bachu 1 MCB Chambers 'Amritpal is diligent, thorough and very knowledgeable of housing law. He thinks very quickly on his feet and is able to deal with unexpected turns in cases with ease.'
Sally BlackmoreEnterprise Chambers 'Sally is a confident, assured and persuasive advocate.'
Riccardo CalzavaraCornerstone Barristers 'Riccardo is technically very strong and always practical. He is thorough and well prepared in all that he does. Nothing seems to faze him in court.'
Daniel ClarkeDoughty Street Chambers ‘He is an excellent tactician who provides high quality advice.'
Elizabeth EnglandFive Paper 'Elizabeth is an extremely talented social housing specialist.'
Matthew FeldmanCornerstone Barristers 'Matthew is a measured advocate. His advocacy is forceful and persuasive and is well received by the judiciary.'
Naomi Hawkes42BR Barristers 'Naomi is an intuitive and strong advocate, tactically astute and very organised.'
Jane HodgsonFive PaperJane has a fantastic manner with clients, and is excellent at finding solutions and thinking on her feet.'
Martin Hodgson One Pump Court ‘Martin is a strategic litigator with extensive knowledge of housing law.'
Sam Madge-WyldTanfield Chambers 'Sam is extremely knowledgeable, and brings careful thought to his cases. His advocacy is measured, clear and thorough, presenting a clear route for the court.'
Michael Marsh-Hyde One Pump Court 'Michael is a steadfast barrister, formidable on his feet and has impeccable attention to detail.'
Millie PolimacFive Paper ‘Millie is very thorough. Her advice is very easy to follow, and addresses the issues at hand without unnecessary complications, yet contains the necessary level of detail.'
David Renton Garden Court ChambersDavid has an analytical mind and a logical approach to cases. He has expertise in disrepair claims.'
Tristan SalterFive Paper 'Tristan is an incredible advocate. He controls the court room entirely.'
Adrian Marshall WilliamsGarden Court Chambers 'Adrian has an exceptional eye for detail and identifies and pursues novel points that other counsel often miss.'

Rising Stars

Alice IrvingDoughty Street Chambers ‘Alice is a calm, incisive and compelling advocate and is wonderful at dealing with vulnerable clients.'
Brooke Lyne Landmark Chambers ‘Brooke is not afraid to argue novel issues and she is excellent at client care. She provides clear and understandable advice.'
Angharad MonkGarden Court Chambers ‘Angharad is an exceptionally talented barrister. Clients like her and she inspires their confidence.'

Social housing in London Bar

4-5 Gray's Inn Square

4-5 Gray's Inn Square is well known for ‘its strength as a reservoir of talent for social housing law‘. Recent instructions include Toby Vanhegan appearing before the Court of Appeal in Rowe v Haringey LBC, which concerned the issue of statutory overcrowding in the context of a homelessness application. Jonathan Manning and Ian Peacock have established expertise in advising on homelessness matters; Manning is also singled out for his solid track record in handling landlord and tenant work. Annette Cafferkey acts for landlords, tenants and local authorities in possession claims, allocation matters and cases involving allegations of disability discrimination. Stephanie Lovegrove is ‘confident and very responsive, an excellent communicator and advocate‘.


Emily Martin is an excellent clerk.’

Emily Martin is fantastic.’

Emily Martin is brilliant.’

An excellent set with many knowledgeable barristers.’

Responsive, efficient and helpful.’

The clerks are all good and efficient.’

The clerking is excellent.’

Cornerstone Barristers

The 'very good housing set' Cornerstone Barristers is highly regarded for its expertise at handling the full range of housing law matters; 'the wealth of barristers with knowledge on housing law is phenomenal'. Ranjit Bhose KC regularly represents social landlords, housing associations and local housing authorities in a broad spectrum of work, and Kelvin Rutledge KC has an excellent track record in handling homelessness cases and housing allocation matters. Dean Underwood 'knows housing law through and through' and is 'calm on his feet', and Andrew Lane is 'a smiling assassin' - 'his advocacy style is very effective'. In March 2023 Kuljit Bhogal KC was appointed to silk.


The clerking team are all brilliant. George Regan stands out. He is available, helpful, and well organised.’

Chelsea Thomas is extremely accommodating and is always ready to assist.’

Cornerstone Barristers is first class in this field.’

A well-respected chambers.’

A very well organised and structured chambers.’

Exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled barristers.’

A high quality set.’

All the clerks are helpful.’

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is 'a leading housing law set with great breadth and depth' and a 'very talented' team. Martin Westgate KC and Daniel Clarke represented the applicant in Kaye v Lees, a High Court case involving the first application of the provisions of the Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space Moratorium and Mental Health Crisis Moratorium) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, which allows a moratorium to be granted when a person is undergoing treatment for a mental health crisis. The case involved a creditor’s application for the cancellation of a mental health crisis moratorium (MHCM), or alternatively to enforce a debt despite the MHCM; the High Court dismissed the application. In 2023 Ben Chataway was appointed as a District Judge, and Matthew Lee joined the team from Lamb Building.


Doughty Street always provides top quality counsel.’

A wide selection of extremely experienced and knowledgeable barristers.’

An excellent social housing team.’

The social housing team is great.’

A strong set.’

The clerks at Doughty Street provide a superb service.’

The clerks are very responsive.’

They are always highly efficient, friendly and flexible.’

Five Paper

Five Paper is lauded as 'a specialist set for housing' and 'a go-to for social landlords'. Nicholas Grundy KC regularly represents public sector landlords in cases involving human rights and EU law matters, as well as discrimination issues. Among the junior end of chambers, Stephen Evans is 'robust and persuasive'; Sam Phillips is 'highly skilled at cutting through complex cases to identify the key points' and 'fantastic on his feet'; and Elizabeth England is 'very thorough' - 'her cross-examination is formidable'. Jennifer Moate is well known for handling a broad range of housing matters, including disrepair and possession claims, homelessness issues and anti-social behaviour injunctions.


David Portch is brilliant and incredibly responsive.’

David Portch is a first rate clerk.’

Ella Warmerdam is friendly, courteous and helpful.’

Ella Warmerdam is very helpful.’

A strong set with a wealth of experience in social housing.’

Five Paper is a well-established set.’

A great set.’

The barristers are extremely knowledgeable and easy to approach.’

Garden Court Chambers

A first-rate set‘, Garden Court Chambers is home to a team lauded as ‘outstanding in the field of housing law‘. The ‘brilliantLiz Davies KC, a housing law specialist, is highly regarded for her expertise in advising on homelessness matters. Recent instructions include Edward Fitzpatrick and Tim Baldwin representing the appellants in Rakusen v Jepsen and others, a Supreme Court appeal concerning a longrunning dispute over whether Rent Repayment Orders (RRO), made under Chapter 4 of Part 2 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016, can only be made against an immediate landlord of a tenant, or whether an RRO can also be made against a superior landlord. Catherine O’Donnell is sought after for her excellent track record in advising on disrepair claims. Justine Compton was appointed to the First-Tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber) bench in April 2024.


Tim Hempsted is very helpful and goes out of his way to assist.’

Tim Hempsted, Joe Fraser and Eidvile Banionyte work well together and are always able to provide a barrister when needed.’

Tim Hempsted is reliable and communicative.’

Eidvile Banionyte is a pleasure to deal with. She is efficient and friendly.’

Garden Court Chambers has exceptional strength in depth – all counsel are of the highest quality.’

The chambers has in-depth knowledge of social housing.’

There is excellent strength in depth.’

A proactive set which goes that extra mile to help clients.’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers's team of 'excellent barristers' has a strong track record in representing government entities, social landlords and tenants across a range of social housing matters. Justin Bates KC' 'knowledge of the field is encyclopaedic and his advocacy is attractively clear and persuasive, and well shaped to the court'. Bates is acting for a social landlord in litigation concerning whether the client had correctly calculated service charges due under a Right to Buy lease term. The 'very sharp' Brooke Lyne  is 'an excellent advocate', and regularly advises on leasehold disputes.


‘Harry Feldman is always incredibly efficient and helpful.’

‘Harry Feldman is an excellent clerk.’

The barristers are very able.’

42BR Barristers

42BR Barristers's social housing practice stands out for its 'specialist knowledge of the sector' and 'extremely knowledgeable and talented counsel'. Newly appointed silk Iris Ferber KC is 'a tenacious advocate' with 'a deep understanding of disrepair matters'; she is acting for the claimants in an ongoing disrepair claim brought against a private landlord concerning a private groundwater supply, which was contaminated with Legionella bacteria, being provided to the tenants at the property. At the junior end of chambers, Desmond Kilcoyne 'demonstrates a strong command of his practice area, which enables him to provide accurate advice' and is sought after by social housing providers, and the 'first-class advocate' Naomi Hawkes has expertise in anti-social behaviour claims, homelessness matters and cases involving intersection with human rights issues. Mathew McDermott is 'very good on his feet in court' and has a strong track record in acting in judicial reviews concerning local authorities’ homelessness duties.


Steve Sheridan is a brilliant team leader. He is always prompt and efficient at resolving issues.’

A great set.’

A strong set.’

Great availability of counsel.’

The clerks are all extremely efficient.’

The clerks are all very helpful.’

The clerks at 42BR are always extremely professional, polite and helpful.’

Field Court Chambers

At Field Court Chambers, Clare Cullen, a specialist in housing and property law, is well versed in acting for public and private clients in a wide spectrum of social housing work, including disrepair claims, homelessness cases and possession matters. Emma Godfrey has established strength in representing local housing authorities, landlords and tenants, and Genevieve Screeche-Powell has an excellent track record in handling complex, high-profile cases in the space, with noted expertise in advising on cases involving capacity issues and allegations of disability discrimination.

Gatehouse Chambers

At Gatehouse Chambers, members act for landlords, tenants, social housing providers and local authorities in a broad range of social housing matters, including disrepair and possession claims and anti-social behaviour injunctions. Alison Meacher is very well versed in representing vulnerable clients, and advises local authorities, social housing providers and care providers as well as tenants. Laura Tweedy is acting for the social housing provider in Orione Care v Adams, an ongoing case involving extreme hoarding behaviour and issues surrounding building safety. Morayo Fagborun Bennett was appointed a District Judge in November 2023.