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Leading Silks

Nicholas Grundy KCFive PaperNick’s advocacy is nothing short of awe-inspiring – he formulates persuasive arguments delivered in exactly the correct manner, whatever the case.
Martin Westgate KCDoughty Street ChambersMartin is an excellent barrister and a leader in his field. His housing and public law knowledge runs deep, and you know you are in safe hands if he is working on your case.
Kelvin Rutledge KCCornerstone BarristersA leading silk in the housing field.

2022 Silks

Liz Davies KCGarden Court ChambersLiz is an excellent barrister. She is friendly and approachable and quickly masters the facts of a case, providing prompt and considered advice. Her written advocacy is excellent, as is her oral advocacy, where she is extremely persuasive.

Leading Juniors

Justin BatesLandmark ChambersJustin knows leasehold, social housing and property matters like few others. He is balanced, and trusted by tenants and landlords alike.
Kuljit BhogalCornerstone BarristersKuljit is a superb counsel - her advice is thorough and knowledgeable. Her advocacy skills are excellent: she delivers with assuredness, resilience and eloquence.
Andrew LaneCornerstone BarristersAndrew provides good, strong advice and speaks in a way clients understand easily.
Zia NabiDoughty Street ChambersZia is the best barrister in the business for homelessness cases.'
Toby Vanhegan4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareToby is an excellent barrister. He has a very tactical way of thinking and running cases.
Tim BaldwinGarden Court ChambersTim is able to turn around work quickly and to a high standard. His advocacy skills are excellent and it is clear he thoroughly prepares for hearings.
Ben ChatawayDoughty Street ChambersAn effective advocate. He has a very calm and assured manner in court, and is very persuasive with judges.
Clare CullenField Court ChambersClare is an exceptionally talented barrister, who is comfortable handling all aspects of housing law. An intelligent barrister who demonstrates clarity of thought and provides pragmatic advice.'
Andrew Dymond4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareAndrew has an excellent understanding and in-depth knowledge of allocations law and practice.
Edward FitzpatrickGarden Court ChambersEdward is an excellent barrister for all housing matters.’
Lindsay Johnson – Cornerstone BarristersA junior with encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. He is always appreciated by the judiciary for his knowledge.
Ian Peacock4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareA go-to junior in the arena of homelessness law. He is a talented leader.
Dominic PrestonDoughty Street ChambersA heavy hitter with a towering intellect.'
Sarah SalmonCornerstone BarristersShe is simply exceptional.
Nick BanoGarden Court ChambersA formidable barrister who is willing to pursue interesting arguments.
Morayo Fagborun BennettGatehouse ChambersMorayo is extremely thorough, providing detailed and clearly presented pleadings and advice. She is a skilled and experienced advocate who is able to communicate well with lay clients.
Tessa BuchananGarden Court ChambersTessa is a compelling and extremely well prepared advocate.'
Alexander CampbellCornerstone BarristersAlex’s advocacy is faultless. He applies a very practical and realistic approach when instructed, which, matched with his excellent technical ability, make him an excellent barrister.
David CarterDoughty Street ChambersDavid’s legal knowledge is second-to-none. A confident advocate who can think on his feet.’
Tina ConlanFive PaperTina’s strengths are her patience and ability to quickly get to the core of a matter.'
Stephen CottleGarden Court ChambersGenius level pleadings and premier league advocacy.'
Adrian DavisField Court ChambersAdrian is very sharp, and he has the ability to teach complex matters in a way that everything makes sense.
Iris Ferber42 Bedford RowShe is experienced and knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. Iris is always well-prepared for hearings and is a wonderful advocate.
Kevin GannonGarden Court ChambersA junior with incredible knowledge of welfare law.
Emma GodfreyField Court ChambersEmma’s opinions and advocacy skills are excellent. She is very helpful and approachable and will always go above and beyond to answer any queries.
Bethan HarrisGarden Court ChambersBethan is fantastic – she is particularly good at working on cases involving vulnerable clients with mental health and capacity issues.
Connor JohnstonGarden Court ChambersConnor is extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable about housing and public law matters. He sets out his written arguments very clearly and his advocacy is clear and persuasive.
Desmond Kilcoyne42 Bedford RowDesmond is a housing law guru. Great advocacy and very pragmatic.
Ryan KohliCornerstone BarristersRyan is hard-working, imaginative and never anything less than 100% prepared. His advocacy conveys a real sense of authority, and is not afraid to tackle difficult factual or legal arguments.’
Stephanie Lovegrove4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareStephanie is a fantastic barrister. She is an excellent advocate and effective cross examiner, has a good instinct, and her knowledge of social housing law is second to none.
Alison MeacherGatehouse ChambersAlison is well-prepared and presents a well-articulated argument in court.
Michael MullinFive PaperMichael is very experienced in housing law and has been at the coalface of local authority work, so he really understands the issues involved.’
Catherine O’DonnellGarden Court ChambersCatherine is outstanding in every way. Her attention to detail is legendary, and her advocacy skills subtle and effective.
Victoria OslerFive PaperVictoria is an outstanding trial advocate who is exceptionally well regarded within her field as meticulously prepared, dogged in cross-examination and analytical in submissions.'
Sam PhillipsFive PaperSam's advice is pragmatic and he is a talented advocate on his feet. He is personable to those instructing him and lay clients.
Anneli Robins4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareAnneli’s attention to detail is second to none. She will often come up with a creative angle on a case which no one else has thought of, and her advocacy style is tenacious, concise and persuasive.
Marina SergidesGarden Court ChambersClever, realistic and brilliant with clients.’
Sarah SteinhardtDoughty Street ChambersSarah is a first-rate advocate in Court. She is particularly adept at identifying challenges under the Equality Act 2010 and applying that in the context of housing cases.
Laura TweedyGatehouse ChambersLaura is incredibly helpful, often going above and beyond.'
Sally BlackmoreEnterprise ChambersSally gives clear, firm advice and is not afraid to take on difficult cases. In court, she is not afraid of pushing a point and judges like her practical and down to earth manner – and she gets good results.
Riccardo CalzavaraCornerstone Barristers ‘Riccardo’s advocacy is smooth and his delivery in court is one of complete control and precision and attention to fine detail – and this is down to his meticulous preparation.’
Daniel ClarkeDoughty Street ChambersDaniel constructs extremely clear and well-thought-through arguments and, is adept at getting the judge onside.
Iain Colville – 4-5 Gray's Inn SquareIain’s strength lies in his encyclopedic knowledge of the Housing Act 1996 and homelessness legislation. As an advocate, Iain excels with his clarity of argument and persuasiveness.
Elizabeth EnglandFive PaperShe is a very good advocate, and very down to earth. She has a very good manner with clients and is prepared to fight for them.'
Matthew FeldmanCornerstone BarristersA consummate professional with an engaging manner.'
Angela HallFive PaperAngela is very confident and experienced, and has a tremendous grip on her cases.
Naomi Hawkes42 Bedford RowNaomi is knowledgeable with many years experience of housing, property and litigation law and has excellent written communication skills.
Jane HodgsonFive PaperJane is a fearless advocate and is not afraid to advance arguments that other barristers would find tricky or complex. Her advice is always very detailed.
Martin Hodgson - One Pump Court 'Martin always provides a consistent high level of service to clients and always get the best result for the client. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a very practical aptitude in his advice.'
Sam Madge-WyldTanfield ChambersSam's advice is clear, detailed and well considered, and he provides practical and creative solutions to issues.
Michael Marsh-Hyde One Pump Court ‘Michael is totally committed to fighting for his clients. He has a tenacious, compelling advocacy style.
Christopher McCarthyField Court ChambersVery effective with judges and especially in handling witnesses. He gets to the heart of the cases quickly, and adds value by being very user-friendly and approachable.
Mathew McDermott42 Bedford RowMatthew’s advice is very thorough and he is a very skilled orator.'
Jennifer Moate Five Paper ‘Jenny is a brilliant barrister and really good on her feet. She has an eye for detail and always anticipates issues before they become problematic. She is a forceful and tenacious advocate in court.'
Millie Polimac - Five PaperVery well-organised and succinct arguments put forward, in writing and in oral submissions. Great knowledge of the area in which instructions are being sought.
David Renton Garden Court ChambersDavid is a brilliant and formidable advocate. He is able to identify and persuasively argue the strong point, while responding in a measured way to challenging aspects of a case.
Tristan Salter - Five Paper  'Tristan is capable far beyond his years call. His immensely knowledgeable yet incredibly friendly and down to earth manner makes him a go-to barrister.'
Genevieve Screeche-Powell – Field Court ChambersShe certainly knows her stuff, is a great advocate and a lovely person too.
Michael Sprack 1 MCB Chambers 'Michael's advocacy skills are excellent and his style understated but extremely effective. He handles vulnerable and unpredictable defendants with skill and intelligence.'
Adrian Marshall WilliamsGarden Court ChambersAdrian has an ability to identify discrete and niche points of argument and pursue them with intellectual rigour. On his feet, he has a calm demeanour and an ability to react persuasively to any point put to him – an excellent and impressive advocate.

Rising Stars

Brooke Lyne Landmark Chambers ‘Brooke assimilates the detail of a case very rapidly and shows complete mastery of the material in court. Her advocacy is measured, clear and compelling.'
Angharad MonkGarden Court ChambersAngharad’s attention to detail and her ability to take on a case on short notice and to quickly grasp complicated legal matters with confidence and expertise are impressive.

Social housing in London Bar

4-5 Gray's Inn Square

4-5 Gray’s Inn Square is highly regarded for its ‘strength and depth of knowledge in social housing law’, fielding a team of practitioners considered as ‘leaders in their field when it comes to homelessness law’. Recent instructions include Toby Vanhegan leading Stephanie Lovegrove for the claimant in Minott v Cambridge City Council, in which the Court of Appeal determined that the passage of six months living in the local authority’s area constituted a ‘new fact’ which needed to be considered when deciding on the appellant’s repeat homelessness application. Elsewhere in chambers, Annette Cafferkey appeared for the defendant council in R (Elkundi, Ross, Cali Ahmed & Al Shameri) v Birmingham City Council, concerning if a council’s statutory duty to provide temporary accommodation to homeless persons had to be performed immediately – a question which previously the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal have disagreed on. The decision has been appealed to the Court of Appeal.



‘4-5 Gray’s Inn Square is a very efficient chambers with a large number of skilled barristers.’

‘I’ve found this chambers to be fantastic. It is always helpful, approachable and adaptable. I’ve never had an issue in relation to counsel’s availability. I have used quite a few counsel and have been very impressed with them all.’

‘I specifically chose this particular set of chambers for its strength and depth of knowledge in social housing law. It specialises in housing law, so I felt comforted in the knowledge that if one practitioner hadn’t been available, there were numerous other housing law experts who could step in.’

‘I have always found these chambers to be extremely helpful and professional. They have always found us counsel, sometimes at very short notice. They are very prompt in responding to emails and in providing quotes for counsel’s fees. It has always been a pleasure dealing with them.’

‘The set as a whole is a leader in its field when it comes to homelessness law.’


‘The clerks are excellent. David Penson, Stephen Somerville and Emily Martin are highly efficient, approachable and fair. They have offered additional support in terms of admin assistance on occasion that they were certainly not obligated to do.’

Cornerstone Barristers

Cornerstone Barristers is a ‘leading set in the area of housing’. In Bankole-Jones v Watford BC, Catherine Rowlands argued for Watford Borough Council on the issue whether someone who is homeless and sleeping rough is by that fact “vulnerable” and therefore in priority need for the purposes of section 189 of the Housing Act 1996. In Croydon LBC v Kalonga, Riccardo Calzavara   - ultimately successfully - represented Croydon council first in the High Court, then the Court of Appeal and finally the Supreme Court, where he was led by Kelvin Rutledge KC, on the question of how authorities can recover possession against fixed-term tenants, and the proper construction of forfeiture clauses in fixed-term secure tenancies.  In June 2022, Lindsay Johnson joined from Doughty Street Chambers.



‘A very highly regarded top set of chambers in the housing and local government field. Very professional, approachable, dedicated and friendly team to work with.’

‘An extremely competent set with some of the leading barristers in the field.’

‘Cornerstone Barristers has real strength in depth from the most junior through to silk level.’

‘Excellent for local government law – particularly housing and licensing.’

‘Cornerstone Barristers is excellent at providing first class barristers. Their annual housing conference is a highlight in the housing sector.’


‘Clerks provide an excellent service: extremely personable and friendly. No task is too small for them to undertake. They are efficient, providing a prompt service and are always willing to help.’

Doughty Street Chambers

At Doughty Street Chambers, recent instructions include Zia Nabi representing the claimants in Elkundi & ors v Birmingham City Council, a Court of Appeal case concerning the main housing duty and the question whether the duty to secure suitable accommodation is immediate under Part 7 Housing Act 1996. The case was heard together with R (Imam) v Croydon, in which Sarah Steinhardt represented the claimant in a claim for mandatory relief where the council was in admitted breach of the duty under section s.193(2) Housing Act 1996 and which included a claim in respect of the council’s failure to make reasonable adjustments to its processes under the Equality Act 2010 in light of the claimant’s needs as a disabled person. In June 2022 Lindsay Johnson moved to Cornerstone Barristers.



‘One of the leading sets for housing law.’

‘Really impressive housing and public law set.’

‘Doughty Street is a key chambers when it comes to housing law, with several committed and knowledgeable barristers.’

‘Good strength in depth. The barristers are among the most committed and high-calibre working in tenant social housing.’


‘The clerks are the best. They always try and find the right barrister for the case.’

Five Paper

Social housing remains a core area of focus for the ‘brilliant’ set Five Paper, which is lauded for its ‘real strength in terms of equality act defences and challenges’. For example, in the judicial review R (FB) v LB Camden, Terence Gallivan acted for the London Borough of Camden in a judicial review challenging the council’s placement of female survivors of domestic violence in mixed-sex accomodation. In another matter, Jennifer Moate  appeared as sole counsel in Molloy v BPHA, a Court of Appeal case concerning issues of freedom of speech and alleged racial harassment in the context of social housing.



‘An incredibly knowledgeable set of barristers – there is always suitable counsel for any kind of social housing matter presented to them.’

‘The set has a good variety of barristers and a good training schedule via webinar which is nice and flexible, and they are happy to adapt to clients’ needs.’

‘Five Paper is my go to set. They go out of their way to accommodate their clients and have counsel covering all levels of experience.’

‘From the clerks to counsel, I cannot find fault with Five Paper; they are courteous, skilled and knowledgeable and reasonably priced too. They will always look to assist in any way possible and have never hesitated to go the extra mile to ensure assistance is given.’

‘The chambers are excellent – they have a real strength in terms of equality act defences and challenges.’


‘The clerks are excellent, particularly David Portch, who manages the team brilliantly.’

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is a ‘leading chambers for publicly funded work’, which fields ‘a wealth of outstanding housing counsel’. Newly appointed silk Liz Davies KC led Connor Johnston  in R (Ncube) v Brighton & Hove Council, where the duo represented Shelter as intervener in a claim concerning the government’s “Everyone In” instruction, issued during the COVID-19 pandemic, that required councils to accommodate rough sleepers, initially with no requirement for legal immigration status but later excluding those who were not entitled to access public funds – the Administrative Court found that councils did have powers to provide emergency accommodation under Local Government Act 1972 and National Health Service Act 2006 to individuals irrespective of immigration status. In a separate matter, Davies KC led Marina Sergides in Khan v Mehmood, in which the Court of Appeal upheld a decision ordering the landlord to pay damages to the tenant for disrepair and applying the 10% uplift in damages.



‘Garden Court are an excellent chambers.’

‘It’s the first set I think of instructing for most of my cases. They have a very good team which specialise in all different aspects of housing and social welfare law.’

‘Chambers have a wealth of outstanding housing counsel and there is invariably counsel of the highest calibre available.’

‘Strength in depth. Committed to upholding the rights of tenants and occupiers. Dedicated to legal aid funding. ‘

‘Garden Court have an incredible strength-in-depth and are able to offer counsel at very short notice.’


‘The clerks are always extremely responsive and helpful. They are always on hand to organise meetings and send fee notes at short notice. ‘

Field Court Chambers

Field Court Chambers fields ‘a good range of specialist housing lawyers’ and is adept at handling all housing matters, including cases which overlap with human rights, EU law, social services and community care law. Members are frequently instructed by local authorities, social landlords, registered providers, and tenants. Emma Godfrey successfully represented the local authority in Patel v London Borough of Hackney, a Court of Appeal case concerning the approach to be taken to assessing the affordability of accommodation when considering whether an applicant became homeless intentionally due to accumulating rent arrears. In another matter, Genevieve Screeche-Powell led Clare Cullen in Abdikadir v London Borough of Ealing, a Court of Appeal case regarding the suitability of accommodation offered outside the local authority’s area as part of the local authority’s homelessness duties.



‘Field Court is an excellent chambers with friendly clerks and talented barristers.’

‘A strong housing set with a good range of knowledge and experience across the advice area.’

‘Field Court provides good value for money. The clerks are very good.’

‘Field Court does have a good range of specialist housing lawyers, particularly juniors.’

‘Chambers works well to facilitate our needs and provide counsel of our choice.’


‘They have a well run clerks’ room that are good resolving enquiries promptly.’

42 Bedford Row

42 Bedford Row‘s social housing team provides a ‘fantastic service’ and has ‘good availability with a range of counsel of different call’. Members act for individuals, such as tenants and landlords, as well as local and public authorities and housing associations in work. In a recent matter, Iris Ferber successfully acted for the council in Southend-on-Sea Borough Council v Shaw, a case concerning the defendants’ breach of anti-social behaviour injunctions to return to their house allegedly to care for 200 guinea pigs; the committal sanction of “asset seizure” was deployed by the court to order the seizure and rehoming of the guinea pigs, which had been subject to severe abuse by the defendants. In another matter, Mathew McDermott acted for the local athority in Allen v Ealing LBC, a case concerning the service of notices of intended prosecutions against local authorities.



’42 Bedford Row is an excellent chambers.’

‘The chambers is well known to deliver to a high standard and I cannot find any fault.’

‘Excellent chambers. Always helpful, reasonably priced and excellent value for the quality of the team.’

‘A great set of chambers with a good range of barristers at all levels.’

‘An established set of housing and public law barristers.’


‘The clerks are excellent. They are professional, helpful, organised and have good time management skills. They listen to our requests and will work according to our needs.’

Gatehouse Chambers

With expertise spanning housing and commercial law, Gatehouse Chambers is frequently instructed by social housing providers for advice and representation in social housing and related matters. The ‘strong‘ team also represents individuals in cases relating to possession, disrepair and more. In Poplar Housing and Regeneration Community Association Limited v Rayon Newby, D’Angelo Thomas and Abdoulaye Toure, Morayo Fagborun Bennett managed to secure anti-social behaviour injunction orders, including exclusion orders, as well as committal orders for Poplar HARCA despite the lack of lay witnesses. Laura Tweedy represented Peabody Housing Association in Nelson v Peabody Housing Association, a long-running claim against a landlord for £14 million in damages for disrepair.



‘Gatehouse continues to be the preferred chambers for my team. The clerks are proactive and responsive and the barristers are, without exception, user-friendly and very capable. They also offer regular excellent training.’

‘Gatehouse is a strong set.’

‘Their webinars have been great and their “J2J” seminars are popular with junior team members.’


‘The clerks were easy to contact, and helpful in ensuring the smooth running of the case.’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers‘ team is lauded for its ‘good technical knowledge and availability for social housing matters’, and members act for both social landlords and tenants in claims that frequently intersect with other areas of law, for example immigration, human rights and capacity issues. Justin Bates acted for the tenant in Croydon LBC v Kalonga before the Supreme Court, regarding the question how a landlord can terminate a fixed term secure tenancy.



‘Set has good technical knowledge and availability for social housing matters.’


‘Clerks have always been prompt and helpful.’