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Leading Silks

Timothy Dutton CBE QCFountain Court Chambers 'He is hugely admired for his brilliant advocacy and sage advice. He is at the absolute top of his game. Commands the respect of the court.'
Ben Hubble QC - 4 New SquareBen is extremely thorough, bright, has excellent judgement and a very good eye for detail.
Mary O’Rourke QC - Old Square ChambersOne of the giants in professional disciplinary law, particularly, but not exclusively, in relation to health care professionals.
Patricia Robertson QCFountain Court Chambers 'A real tour de force and a true expert in the field of professional disciplinary and regulatory matters. Nothing fazes Patricia.'
Gregory Treverton-Jones QC - 39 Essex ChambersConsidered to be the expert for solicitors discipline and regulation. An excellent advocate.
John Beggs QCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'He is highly respected and his commitment to his clients is unwavering. John is an excellent tactician who provides pragmatic and careful advice.'
Richard Coleman QCFountain Court Chambers 'Unflappable and cerebral, he oozes confidence when dealing with clients.'
Patrick Lawrence QC - 4 New SquareAn intelligent barrister who is willing to spend the time required to ensure that all nuances in a case are fully explored. Has the ability to identify the core points in a complex case which need to be addressed to win the case.
Michael McLaren QCFountain Court Chambers 'A charming advocate with an ease of delivery that belies an iron will and formidable hard work.'
Fenella Morris QC39 Essex ChambersShe is excellent on her feet, and is able read the court and advance arguments in the most persuasive manner.
Mark Shaw QCBlackstone Chambers 'A leading expert, and very responsive and easy to work with. An intellectual powerhouse, strong understanding of regulatory environment and drivers, clear concise and insightful advice.'
Jamie Smith QC4 New SquareHe is very impressive on his feet and, yet, has a fantastic bedside manner when dealing with people who are usually feeling very vulnerable. He is totally unflappable.
Mark Sutton QC - Old Square ChambersMark is clear, concise and carries immense gravitas. He is, without doubt, the leading QC on doctor injunction cases.
Andrew Tabachnik QC39 Essex ChambersAndrew is a go-to advocate for regulators’ most complex and high profile cases, who brings a rigorous but collaborative approach and a phenomenal work ethic.
Tom Adam QC - Brick Court ChambersTom is one of the cleverest and most forceful silks. He is a delight to work with and has very considerable experience.
Nicholas Bacon QC4 New SquareA barrister who knits together complex legal issues and commercial practicalities expertly.
Catherine Callaghan QCBlackstone Chambers 'Robust, pragmatic and very sensible. She inspires total confidence.'
Sarah Clarke QCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'An absolutely outstanding advocate with a brilliant analytical mind. A force to be reckoned with. She is a joy to work with, and you know she will always do an excellent job for the client.'
Kate Gallafent QCBlackstone Chambers 'Great safe pair of hands, very bright and personable.'
Javan Herberg QCBlackstone Chambers 'Javan has unrivalled expertise. There are very few cases where Javan has not had some involvement - whether for the FCA or against. He is in a league of his own when it comes to regulatory enforcement. He is the counsel of choice for any significant regulatory matter.'
Jonathan Holl-Allen QCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'He has a very shrewd mind and advises on novel areas of law with confidence and enthusiasm. He is fantastic with clients, judges and panels.'
Graeme McPherson QC4 New SquareGraeme is a true fighter who is never afraid to roll up his sleeves. He is an extremely focused barrister and is terrifyingly intelligent.
Alison Padfield QC - 4 New SquareAlison is incredibly user-friendly and has clients and judges eating out of the palm of her hand.
Selva Ramasamy QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanSelva is at the top of game in this field and commands the respect of panels and opponents alike. A brilliant mind coupled with an understated, but fiendishly clever and curated approach to cases means that Selva always secures the best possible results for clients.
Jenni Richards QC - 39 Essex ChambersVery approachable and easy to work with. Brilliant on public law.
Vikram Sachdeva QC - 39 Essex ChambersVery knowledgeable and you know the product will be right.
Simon Salzedo QC - Brick Court ChambersSimon probably has the best practice at the Bar in accountancy negligence (regulatory and negligence actions) and his practice stretches across all forms of professional discipline and regulatory proceedings.
Mark Simpson QCFountain Court Chambers 'A superb, forensic advocate with a first-class brain.'
Roger Stewart QC - 4 New SquareRoger has enormous expertise and experience, and gives excellent strategic guidance throughout. Where he really stands out, however, is in trial, particularly in cross-examination.
Geoffrey Williams QC - Farrar's BuildingGeoffrey understands what is important in a case very quickly, and is very diligent in his preparation. He is excellent, with advocacy skills to spare, making it easy for tribunals and courts to understand, and therefore to agree with him.
Gerard Boyle QCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'An excellent tactician, a doughty fighter, and an outstanding advocate.'
Victoria Butler-Cole QC - 39 Essex ChambersA very strong counsel.
Ben Collins QC - Old Square ChambersHe is a fearless advocate who has recently appeared in forums as diverse as NHS disciplinary panels and the Supreme Court.
Christopher Coltart QC - 2 Hare CourtAn exceptional regulatory defence lawyer who is commercial and proactive; outstanding case preparation.
Rory Dunlop QC39 Essex ChambersHe is willing to get into the detail of a case and is able to stay focused in the face of disruption and aggression from opponents. A true leader in the regulation of immigration services, and great to work with – always available, and showing huge commitment.
Fiona Horlick QC - Outer Temple ChambersShe has a no-nonsense approach to get the best out of difficult clients. A keen eye for detail and a can-do approach.
Robert Kellar QC - 1 Crown Office RowHe is bright, easy to work with, inspires client confidence, has an excellent, low key advocacy style, and is good on papers and his feet.
Richard Lissack QCFountain Court Chambers 'He has a real knack for persuasion, and is excellent with lay clients.'
Siân Mirchandani QC - 4 New SquareAn insightful silk who is quickly able to master technical details, and is utterly tenacious in fighting for her client. If you want someone to get the best for a client backed into a corner, she would be a marvellous choice of advocate.
Neil Sheldon QC - 1 Crown Office RowNeil is a class act. He gets fantastic results in every case no matter how complex. He is insightful and intelligent, and has unending reserves of patience when it comes to dealing with difficult clients.
Adam Solomon QC - Littleton ChambersHis written work is well presented balancing being thorough with being clear . In court his advocacy is calm, firm and persuasive.

2020 Silks

Chloe Carpenter QCFountain Court Chambers 'Chloe is an incredibly impressive barrister. She leaves no stone unturned and is very knowledgeable.'
Edward Levey QCFountain Court Chambers 'A highly engaging and persuasive advocate who has the ear of the court.'
Paul Raudnitz QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanPaul is personable and experienced.

2021 Silks

Carol Davis QCLittleton ChambersShe is a very personable, excellent advocate, with a pragmatic approach.
Saima Hanif QC3 Verulam BuildingsShe has piercing legal insight and understanding of all the issues within any case.'
Andrew Kennedy QC1 Crown Office RowA brilliant brain with a low-key approach. Absolutely joyful to work with.
James McClelland QCBrick Court ChambersHe is rapidly becoming a leader in the sector – a hugely forensic approach, client-friendly but focussed on the tribunal, and providing sure-footed direction on difficult judgement calls.
Tony Singla QC - Brick Court ChambersTony has phenomenal depth of knowledge about auditing, combined with a real lightness of touch and brilliant attention to detail.
George Spalton QC4 New SquareA new silk who is great with clients. He has detailed knowledge of the law and procedure at the FRC.

2022 Silks

David Bradly QC - 39 Essex ChambersDavid is an excellent advocate. He is scrupulously fair and even-handed, yet most effective in cross-examining witnesses.
Betsan Criddle QC - Old Square ChambersBetsan is phenomenally clever. She is great at coming up with new legal points and really knows her stuff.
Helen Evans QC - 4 New SquareThe quality of Helen's written work is exemplary. As an advocate, Helen is tenacious and impressive. Helen is unflappable under pressure and her attention to detail sets her apart amongst her peers.
Marios Lambis QC - 2 Hare CourtMarios is a natural advocate. He has a natural charm that translates well in the court room. He deals with difficult clients very adeptly and gives confidence to those he represents.
Claire Watson QCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Claire is an exceptional advocate - powerful on her feet, excellent at tactics and considerate but firm with clients.'

Leading Juniors

Lydia BarnfatherQEB Hollis WhitemanLydia’s advocacy is excellent and her judgement is first-class. Tribunals clear like her and trust her judgement. She is rightly considered to be one of the best professional discipline juniors at the Bar.
Stephen Brassington2 Hare CourtStephen is a natural advocate who manages to charm panels, juries and experts alike.
Andrew Colman2 Hare CourtAn excellently skilled advocate, able to quickly get to grips with a case and a safe pair of hands. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in this area of work which is evident in advice given.
Mary-Teresa DeignanTemple Garden Chambers 'A forensic and tenacious advocate. She is meticulous, thorough and puts her all into every case. She is indefatigable in her pursuit of obtaining the best outcome for her clients.'
Alan JenkinsSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Alan is an extremely able barrister. He has a particular skill in managing even the most difficult of clients, putting them at ease and gaining their confidence. He deals with instructions promptly and is impressively thorough in his preparations. He is hardworking, knowledgeable and a very capable advocate.'
Peter Mant - 39 Essex ChambersVery knowledgeable in the sector - and of the organisation in particular -and applies that in a practical and pragmatic way.
Scott Allen - 4 New SquareKeen to fight hard for the client, experienced with accountants' disciplinary matters, and engaging to work with.
Marianne ButlerFountain Court Chambers 'A junior with a sharp mind and a strong work ethic. Tenacious and persuasive.'
Rebecca Harris - QEB Hollis WhitemanA razor-sharp, quick-witted advocate who is effortlessly charming, cool under pressure and able to exceed the expectations of clients and solicitors alike. Unquestionably one of the finest advocates in the field.
Anthony HaycroftSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'His attention to detail and the quality of his legal knowledge is exceptional. Anthony has an impressive ability to quickly cut through to the essentials of a case and to advise on strategy and tactics accordingly.'
Kevin McCartney - 5 Paper BuildingsHis strengths include attention to detail whilst at the same time being able to see the wider picture in each case and what can reasonably be achieved, the ability to inspire the confidence of the clients who by necessity are facing a very difficult time in their professional career, and being extremely user-friendly.
David MorrisSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'David is very user-friendly and approachable, and is always on top of the details.'
Yash Bheeroo - 3 Verulam BuildingsAn accomplished next generation advocate - strong on forensic, financial-based misconduct cases and a street fighter when needed.
Simon CridlandSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'A meticulous barrister who is unflappable in a crisis.'
Tom Cross - 11KBWTom clearly knows his stuff in a highly technical area. He is clear and effective when dealing directly with the client (even when asked to advise at short notice), and very hands on during the course of the matter.
Ranald DavidsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Ranald is exceptionally bright and extremely personable. He is always a calming presence, and has a great ability to cut through to the key issues. I can always count on him to give sensible and intelligent advice.'
Tom Day - 2 Hare CourtTom is a standout in this field. From initial conference to final submissions he is always top of his game.
Heather Emmerson - 11KBWTruly excellent in the field. A star of the future if not the present. Heather is very good at absorbing a mass of detail and focusing on the key points and has strong written advocacy skills.
Christopher Gillespie2 Hare CourtExtremely able, well-prepared, affable and very able. Chris is a very polished performer. He is thorough, careful and right.
Kenneth Hamer - Henderson ChambersHe has an encyclopedic knowledge of professional discipline cases and has written a case book on them with the result that he is a fount of knowledge.
Wendy Hewitt - 5 St Andrews HillWendy is a tour de force with impeccable judgement. She defends a range of professionals before their regulators and does so with complete charm. She has always identified the exact pitfalls in the case and is meticulous in her preparation often achieving quite frankly astounding results for her clients.
Andrew HocktonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Andrew is vastly experienced and the definition of a safe pair of hands. A barrister who has gravitas before the Tribunal.'
Alex Jamieson - 25 Bedford RowExcellent with clients and very user-friendly - definitely a team player. His advocacy skills are top class.
Timothy Kendal - 2 Bedford RowHe provides consistently excellent analytical ability, identifying and addressing the key issues on each of the very many aspects. His drafting is clear, erudite, and persuasive.
Matthew McDonagh - Outer Temple ChambersHe is a robust and fearless advocate but also knows when to concede.
Eleena Misra - Old Square ChambersEleena is a silk in waiting. She is unflappable, a consummate professional, and yet also compassionate and engaging in submission and in cross-examination. She commands the attention and respect of the court and everyone in it.
Nadia Motraghi - Old Square ChambersAs well as being technically excellent and knowledgeable, both in written work and as an advocate, she is pragmatic and puts her witnesses at ease and forensically cross-examining the other side's.
Tetyana NesterchukFountain Court Chambers 'Tetyana is a highly intelligent senior junior, with excellent analytical and drafting skills. User-friendly and good with clients.'
Nicola NewbeginOld Square ChambersShe has a sharp mind and an encyclopaedic knowledge of GMC matters.
Paul Parker - 4 New SquareAn exceptional advocate before accountancy disciplinary hearings and committees. Outstanding case preparation.
Giles Powell - Old Square ChambersA persistent and tenacious advocate.
Louise Price - Doughty Street ChambersLouise is tenacious and forceful in the right way at the appropriate moments. A delight to instruct.
Sandesh Singh - Crown Office ChambersSandesh is very clever, insightful, personable, and really hardworking. Sandesh has a great manner with clients, and is an impressive advocate.
Sue Sleeman - Doughty Street ChambersSue is a very caring, dedicated barrister, who cares deeply about her clients and will always go the extra mile. She has superb client handling skills.
Iain SteeleBlackstone Chambers 'Quick to understand the key issues. Provides advice on complex issues in a clear digestible manner and offers pragmatic advice.'
Vivienne Tanchel - 2 Hare CourtVivienne is incredibly insightful and defends cases passionately. She knows her cases inside out and is a confident and capable advocate. She is always quick to assist with queries and her advice is always spot on.
Jennifer Agyekum - 3PBShe has an incredible legal and tactical brain. A master of every detail in complex cases but also able to get straight to the heart of any matter.
Rupert Allen – Fountain Court Chambers 'An authoritative, amiable and highly effective barrister. He can navigate the most sensitive and difficult of cases.'
Tom Coke-Smyth - QEB Hollis WhitemanA strong, confident advocate with sound judgement and is completely committed to the client. He has very good interpersonal skills and is able to act in serious regulatory cases where criminal investigation or an inquest might also arise.
Emma DixonBlackstone Chambers 'Emma is highly intellectual, with a razor sharp ability to get into the detail of the case and identify the issues.'
Malcolm FortuneSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'He is a hard worker, knowledgeable, experienced and well-prepared.'
Nicola Greaney - 39 Essex ChambersA clever and insightful lawyer able to develop and articulate complex legal issues. A silk in waiting.
Clare HennessySerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'She has a great analytical mind.'
Suzanne Lambert - 1 Crown Office RowSuzanne has the ability to instil confidence in clients, particularly those who are anxious. She is invariably well-prepared for conference and has a good strategic mind. Suzanne does not shy away from giving difficult advice, but she explains her views clearly and brings the client along with her.
Philip McGhee - QEB Hollis WhitemanPhilip's keen strength is his tactical approach to cases. He gets immersed in the issues, whilst factoring in the client's aims, and finds a way through.
Richard PartridgeSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Richard's calm, methodical approach makes him exceptionally easy to work with.'
Christopher Saad - 2 Bedford RowIncredibly hard working, excellent with clients and his advocacy is first-class. Chris prepares meticulously and always delivers work to time and at a high level of quality.
Richard Smith - 1 Crown Office RowVery good at tactical considerations, calm and empathetic manner with clients, and a great all rounder.
Laura Stephenson - 2 Hare CourtA formidable advocate, always well prepared and has a keen eye for detail. Solicitors know she will have a firm grasp of the facts and approach each hearing with the client's objective squarely in mind.
Natasha TahtaQEB Hollis WhitemanNatasha has excellent experience in regulatory cases. She is a great advocate and is wise, dedicated, positive, and has a brilliant manner with clients.
Sam Thomas - 2 Bedford RowA robust cross-examiner and a formidable advocate who presents in a clear and persuasive manner and always with the right level of charm and charisma.
Oliver WilliamsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'He has a thoroughly professional approach, and delivers advice in a manner which is effective but not overly complicated, which really benefits lay clients.'
David Wood25 Bedford RowA very polished and precise advocate. He’s not just a safe pair of hands, he has laser focus and gets brilliant results.

Rising Stars

Sarah Bousfield - Brick Court ChambersSarah is an exceptional barrister, who is hard-working, enthusiastic and passionate.
Lewis MacDonald - 2 Hare CourtVery articulate with excellent drafting skills, Lewis is very approachable even with clients and delivers high quality professional work. Overall, he is a talented and hardworking barrister.
Alecsandra Manning-Rees - 5 St Andrews HillAlways prompt and thorough in her communications, well prepared and happy to work with instructing solicitors collaboratively. Friendly and approachable for clients, whilst remaining professional and giving clear, honest and realistic advice.

Professional disciplinary and regulatory law in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘up there with the market leaders for professional discipline‘, with an equally strong reputation in disciplinary proceedings involving a full spectrum of medical and legal matters. Gregory Treverton-Jones QC  is ‘considered to be the expert for Solicitors Discipline and Regulation‘ – he represented a solicitor who, despite the fact that one allegation being substantiated, received £27,000 in costs after the case was described by the tribunal as being based on “errors and misunderstandings”. Top juniors include David Bradly QC, ‘scrupulously fair and even-handed, yet most effective in cross-examining witnesses’, and the ‘very knowledgeablePeter Mant, who represented the Professional Standard Authority in joint appeals against the acquittal of two nurses of dishonesty charges relating to the production and use of a fabricated training certificate.



‘Good public law and regulatory set with wide experience.’

‘One of the leading chambers for professional discipline work for solicitors.’

‘Chambers has a good reputation for professional discipline, and when there is a complex case in the solicitors’ disciplinary tribunal it is common to see counsel from 39 Essex representing both sides.’

‘The set has a number of outstanding barristers with strong expertise in healthcare regulatory work. They provide outstanding training and good value for money.’


‘Peter Campbell and his team are fantastic.’

‘The clerks/administration staff I have experience of are Jamie Tucker and Hannah Milne. I have found both to be receptive, helpful and prompt in dealing with queries.’

‘Anthony King is an excellent clerk – he always responds to emails quickly and nothing is too much trouble.’

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers stands out for its 'unrivalled experience and knowledge', and has 'excellent coverage at all levels'. The set has a solid reputation for representing healthcare practitioners before all major regulatory bodies. Mark Sutton QC has an excellent reputation for being 'the leading QC on doctor injunction cases'. In recent instructions of note, Mary O’Rourke QC is defending a prominent oncologist against allegations of inappropriate provision of medication, in an attempt to keep multiple terminally ill patients alive. Betsan Criddle QC is noted for her expertise in acting for doctors in disciplinary procedures.



‘Good strength in depth.’

‘Fantastic chambers. They are my go-to set for all matters involving the employment of doctors and the associated challenges including High Court work.’

‘A go-to set in regard to NHS Trust disciplinary matters.’


‘The clerks service is excellent, very responsive and personable. Senior Clerk Will Meade goes above and beyond to find an available barrister with the appropriate specialism to assist.’

‘Will Meade, as Senior Clerk, is particularly impressive – if any issue does arise it is invariably sorted via a quick call to him which really helps to maintain confidence in the service.’

‘Will Meade is outstanding and will go above and beyond to ensure effective client delivery.’

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Serjeants’ Inn Chambers is ‘a powerhouse in professional misconduct work‘, with a strong record in handling healthcare-related cases. Jonathan Holl-Allen QC defended a consultant cardiologist, who allegedly had when on call given the wrong drug to a young woman suffering from tachycardia, who had then later suffered a heart attack. The ‘outstanding advocateSarah Clarke QC is sought after for her expertise in prosecuting and defending in healthcare disciplinary matters.



‘Serjeants’ Inn Chambers has a great depth of counsel in the regulatory field. You would always have confidence that anyone they propose for a case has the requisite expertise to assist.’

‘One the foremost chambers in healthcare regulation.’


‘Uniformly excellent service from Lee Johnson and his clerking team.’

‘The clerks are friendly, prompt and professional. Clare Sabido stands out as an exceptional clerk who never disappoints.’

Jennifer Pooler is a stand out clerk at this set. She is always very approachable and very capable, managing the demands of instructing solicitors, often knowing the right barrister to match them to and ensuring a seamless level of service is provided.

‘I think it is well run and efficient. Lee Johnson is particular is organised, friendly and helpful.’

‘Lee Johnson as Head Clerk is always professional, personable and accommodating – he is very adept at matching needs with skills.’

2 Hare Court

Viewed as being within ‘the magic circle of regulatory chambers‘, 2 Hare Court stands out as ‘an exceptionally strong set‘ housing ‘great advocates’. Andrew Colman represented the General Pharmaceutical Council in proceedings brought against a pharmacist who was alleged to have made anti-Semitic and other offensive remarks, including blaming “Zionists” for the Grenfell Tower fire. The ‘very articulateLewis MacDonald is defending a former partner at Gibson Dunn, who was alleged to have dishonestly misled the High Court whilst acting for the Republic of Djibouti in a worldwide freezing injunction application.



‘A highly respected chambers in the area of professional regulation work, with great strength-in-depth.’

‘This set is full of truly top class barristers. They are confident and know the areas of law they practise inside out. They are excellent at dealing with difficult clients and make getting brilliant results look easy.’

‘2 Hare Court have an outstanding professional discipline and regulatory practice. They are always top of my list to contact for counsel due to the number of excellent barristers of all levels in chambers.’


‘Louis Lockwood consistently goes above and beyond to assist. Louis is extremely helpful and prompt in responding to requests.’

‘Louis Lockwood is a legend, he is prompt, helpful and kind.’

‘The clerks are well organized, communicative, and easy to work with. Always very happy to help and quick to respond to queries.’

4 New Square

4 New Square is 'pre-eminent in the area of claims against professionals and insurance issues' in the financial, legal and sports sectors. Roger Stewart QC is a top counsel for regulators and defendant clients in disciplinary cases concerning solicitors, barristers and accountants. Another leading silk, Patrick Lawrence QC, acted in proceedings before the president of the Queen's Bench Division concerning alleged misconduct by lawyers in permitting unlawful live streaming of a remote hearing to third parties. In a somewhat unusual case, Alison Padfield QC represented a High Court Enforcement Officer in proceedings concerning a proposed termination of their authorization; such proceedings are generally carried out before the Senior Master of the Queen's Bench Division. In recent news for the set, George Spalton QC was elevated to silk in March 2021.



‘4 New Square remain one of the go-to chambers for professional indemnity claims’.

‘4 New Square are my go to chambers. The barristers working from those chambers are the most approachable barristers in the market.’

‘They are pre-eminent in the above area and in relation to professional liability and insurance generally.’

‘The set is the best in the area in which I work. They offer a complete range of experience and expertise. They engage with the market in which we operate and as a consequence they are rightly seen as leaders in the field.’


‘James Barras very helpful and responsive.’

‘Dennis Peck is great. Very responsive and we have a brilliant relationship with him, and also Andrew Call and Alex Dolby who are great to deal with.’

Fountain Court Chambers

'Elite set' Fountain Court Chambers's practice has 'an abundance of talent and depth', and the team fields extensive expertise on matters involving white-collar regulators. Distinguished silk Michael McLaren QC 'produces remarkable results in unpromising circumstances', and is often instructed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in high-profile disciplinary cases. In another matter, Edward Levey QC represented the SRA in the prosecution of a former solicitor, who was charged with alleged dishonesty regarding false representations about her billable hours. At the junior end of chambers, Rupert Allen represented the SRA in long-running proceedings against law firm Sophie Khan & Co, regarding the enforcement of a document production notice issued under section 44B of the Solicitors' Act 1974 - the firm was shut down by the regulator in August 2021.



‘It has a strong pool of talent.’

‘Fountain Court Chambers has a rich array of talent in the field of professional discipline/regulatory work.’

‘Uniformly excellent counsel.’

‘The set has an abundance of talent and depth.’


‘Its clerking arrangements are friendly and efficient.’

‘Excellent service from the clerks – they are practical, responsive and helpful. Sian Huckett is a pleasure to work with.’

‘Incredibly responsive and always available for any query, no matter how small.’

QEB Hollis Whiteman

QEB Hollis Whiteman has 'strength in depth and real expertise in professional disciplinary work', with members prosecuting and defending in leading cases involving the full range of professional regulators. Zoe Johnson QC regularly appears as defence counsel before the main health regulatory tribunals, and continues to represent a GP and gynaecologist who was convicted of ninety counts of sexual offences after carrying out unnecessary intimate examinations on twenty four female patients under the guise of "well woman" checks in further trials. Elsewhere in chambers, Rebecca Harris represented the General Dental Council in the complex prosecution of a dentist, involving allegations of widespread clinical deficiencies, serious failings in cross-infection control, and bullying of the dental team. Bolstering the team at the senior end, Alexandra Felix QC was appointed to silk in March 2021.



‘The set is hard-hitting in the fitness-to-practice and regulatory sector. It has a good breadth of barristers and is therefore able to offer counsel for cases with varying allegations.’

‘An extremely professional and well-established set with strength in depth.’

‘A powerful force in professional discipline. They are littered with talent and, both on an individual basis and as a collective, an absolute pleasure to work with.’


‘One of the strongest clerking rooms in the country. Chris Emmings is highly intelligent, savvy and leads a well-knit, slick team. Faye Stimpson is a favourite amongst solicitors, as engaging and efficient a clerk as you could hope to meet.’

‘High praise for Faye Stimpson and Chris Emmings. Responsive, straight talking and always putting the client’s interests first. First rate service.’

‘The clerks room is superb, headed up by Chris Emmings, but all the clerks are attentive and go out of their way to be helpful and supportive to solicitors’

1 Crown Office Row

1 Crown Office Row is 'filled with excellent barristers who are at the top of their game', housing silks and juniors 'of an impressive calibre'. The team regularly appears in high-profile professional disciplinary hearings. Claims in the medical field are a key area of expertise. The 'superb advocate' Jeremy Hyam QC is well known for his experience in all aspects of health law, and is regularly instructed in doctors' disciplinary cases. Neil Sheldon QC is 'a class act'; he represented two dentists, who were husband and wife, who were accused of fraudulent claiming on their NHS contracts. Andrew Kennedy QC is a 2021 silk appointment.



‘Excellent set of chambers for criminal and professional disciplinary cases.’

‘This set is filled with excellent barristers who are at the top of their game. The silks are of an impressive calibre and the juniors are hugely impressive.’

‘The chambers are my go-to set for professional discipline work. Clerks are excellent in responding to any queries and enquiries.’

‘I have instructed 1COR more than any other chambers in over 20 years in the industry. They offer an excellent service and attract the best barristers in the healthcare field.’

‘1COR are one of the top sets in this niche field. They are always on my list to contact for Counsel availability. Their barristers have a particularly strong academic approach.’


‘The clerks at 1 Crown Office Row are all excellent. Senior Clerk Matthew Phipps is excellent as are Andy Tull and Chloe Tourvil. The clerks are always quick to get back to any queries and will bend over backwards to try and accommodate requests. These clerks are the best in the business.’

‘The 1COR clerks are excellent, and extremely helpful and honest about barrister’s diaries. Matt Phipps, Andy Tull and Chloe Turvill have provided first class service over the years.’

2 Bedford Row

2 Bedford Row is praised as 'a well-oiled machine, from the clerks to its barristers'. Members of chambers are instructed in a broad range of cases, including ones involving medical professionals such as dentists and optometrists. Sam Thomas represented the GDC in proceedings concerning a Harley Street dentist - who had attracted media attention after treating a number of television personalities - who is alleged to have had sex with a patient at the Savoy Hotel hours after treating her.



‘A set that offers highly skilled and experienced practitioners.’

‘A highly regarded team that is approachable and straight talking.’

‘The set is a well-oiled machine, from the clerks to its barristers; they just work brilliantly together, and it shows in the standard of its barristers, the results and its continued client pool of regulars.


‘Paul Rodgers is fantastic, approachable, responsive and knows his job inside out. An absolute pleasure.’

‘I cannot commend the clerks enough – they are very much the foundation of why the set is as highly regarded as it is. The client service that they provide is nothing short than exemplary; they treat you as if you are their only client and nothing is too much. Lee Bartlett, Paul Rodgers and Tom Powell are the shining ambassadors of what makes a class clerking act; friendly, approachable and take the time to know the instructing lawyers – just a few of the reasons why this set is used again and again. They are a credit to the set.’

23ES (Manchester)

23ES has an 'established presence in professional discipline'. Paul Ozin QC, who is Chair of the Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers, successfully represented a client in judicial review, R (Awodola) v ACCA, concerning a claim that a rule book change in the course of an appeal process, held to apply to clients' case was unfair and breached natural justice. Tim Grey 'is without a doubt elite counsel in regulatory proceedings'; he represented the GMC in the case of a doctor who had murdered his mother following a long and abusive upbringing and relationship, and was later found to be impaired and erased from the medical register.



‘A good set in terms of regulatory/disciplinary work.’

‘Counsel availability is always excellent. They have a breadth of experience and always have someone able to take on any case. I have been impressed with their diversity.’


‘The set is clerked very well, by a well-organised team run by the excellent Wayne King.’

‘Dan Randall is simply excellent and leads the clerking team in this sector. He is extremely knowledgeable about both the sector and about finding the right fit for the right case. Wayne King as chambers director is also extremely well informed across the piece.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is ‘absolutely outstanding for all public law and regulatory matters‘. Members are regularly instructed by a wide range of prominent regulatory clients, including the General Medical Council, the General Optical Council and Solicitors Regulatory Authority in a range of regulatory proceedings. In recent instructions of note, Ivan Hare QC appeared before the Divisional Court in GMC v Zafar, a case concerning contempt of court by expert witnesses and the admissability of fresh evidence on appeals against a sanction by the GMC; the court substituted erasure for the suspension awarded by the original tribunal.



‘Blackstone is my go to Chambers as the depth and quality of counsel, whether junior or senior, is the best there is.’

‘Very efficient set, with excellent barristers and good availability of barristers.’

‘Clearly expert in disciplinary and regulatory matters.’


‘Gary Oliver is great, very efficient and responsive.’

Brick Court Chambers

At Brick Court ChambersSimon Salzedo QC - who, prior his career at the Bar, was an accountant - represented KPMG and two of its individual partners at a trial before a FRC panel concerning allegedly deficient auditing of the reserves of a Lloyd’s Motor Syndicate. Elsewhere in chambers, Tom Adam QC is heading up a five-barrister team working to support the Financial Reporting Council in its regulatory investigations into the collapse of outsourcing and construction firm Carillion. James McClelland QC and Tony Singla QC took silk in March 2021.

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers is well versed in handling professional disciplinary cases from the healthcare, financial services and legal sectors. Recent instructions include James Counsell QC defending a cosmetic surgeon against multiple allegations of misconduct. The client was initially suspended from practice for nine months, however after an appeal against the sentence and a judicial review against the GMC, the High Court remitted the sentence back to tribunal, which ruled the client's fitness to practice was not impaired.