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Leading Silks

John Beggs KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersJohn is in a class all of his own. An exceptional advocate.‘  
Catherine Callaghan KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Catherine is intelligent, down to earth and proactive. A great team worker.
Richard Coleman KCFountain Court ChambersRichard knows regulatory law inside out and quickly masters the factual intricacies of a case. He provides wise advice and makes sound tactical judgements.
Timothy Dutton CBE KCFountain Court Chambers ‘One of a kind in this field. His knowledge and experience is unrivalled, and he thinks really fast on his feet.'  
Ben Hubble KC4 New SquareBen is a true specialist in accountancy-related matters. He is utterly reliable in his legal judgement and analysis.'
Fenella Morris KC39 Essex Chambers 'An outstanding silk.'
Paul Ozin KC23ESA very knowledgeable and thoughtful silk, who is highly regarded in this field.
Patricia Robertson KCFountain Court ChambersPatricia is a force of nature.'
Gregory Treverton-Jones KC39 Essex Chambers 'He knows exactly how the Tribunal will think.'
Sarah Clarke KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersA silk who shows tactical brilliance and meticulous attention to detail. She has a razor-sharp intellect.'
Ivan Hare KCBlackstone ChambersHe is a fantastic tactician and an authoritative advocate – any tribunal is instantly reassured.
Javan Herberg KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Javan has a forensic eye. He understands the regulators.'
Patrick Lawrence KC4 New SquareHe is incredibly authoritative, easy to work with, and has great tactical nous.'
Michael McLaren KCFountain Court ChambersMichael is very well prepared and outstanding on his feet before disciplinary panels.
Mark Shaw KCBlackstone ChambersA leading silk practicing at the intersection of professional regulation and public law. He is razor sharp and easy to deal with.'
Jamie Smith KC4 New SquareJamie has a great ability to put clients at ease in stressful circumstances. In court, he presents his arguments in a compelling and always serene manner.'
Andrew Tabachnik KC39 Essex Chambers 'Andrew commands the confidence of the court.'
Geoffrey Williams KCFarrar’s BuildingA phenomenal practitioner. He has the respect of the clients, opponents, and the tribunal.'
Tom Adam KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Tom is easy to work with and responsive. A really excellent silk.’
Gerard Boyle KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'A commanding advocate with an uncanny ability to get the court on side.'
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersA silk with a very strategic mind.’
Christopher Coltart KC2 Hare CourtA silk with great tactical acumen.'
Eleanor Grey KC39 Essex Chambers 'Eleanor is very bright and offers robust analyses on the best way to present a case and the merits of clients' stances.'
Jonathan Holl-Allen KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersJonathan is exceptionally calm on his feet. Robust with clients, measured and forceful with tribunals, and is a great person to have around in a crisis.'
Fiona Horlick KCOuter Temple ChambersFiona is wonderful on her feet – persuasive, clear, and tailors her advocacy to her audience. She inspires confidence in her clients.'
Robert Kellar KC1 Crown Office Row 'A thoughtful and persuasive advocate whose attention to detail is simply outstanding.'
Nicholas Medcroft KCFountain Court ChambersHe keeps a cool head, he is all over the detail, and his advocacy is compelling and faultless.
Alison Padfield KC4 New SquareAlison is insightful, pragmatic and unflappable.'
Mark Simpson KCFountain Court ChambersA leader in professional disciplinary law.'
Richard Booth KC – 1 Crown Office Row 'An extremely authoritative silk who is so easy to listen to when on his feet. He has exceptional analytical skills.'
Clodagh Bradley KC1 Crown Office Row 'A silk with a forensic analytical eye.'
Chloe Carpenter KCFountain Court Chambers 'She is extremely responsive and user-friendly, and her attention to detail is phenomenal. She is an excellent advocate: tenacious and charming when addressing a difficult tribunal, and she is extremely effective in cross-examination.'
Clare Dixon KC – 4 New Square ChambersShe is a skilled, persuasive and thorough advocate. She leaves no stone unturned.’
Alexandra Felix KCQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Alexandra is a robust advocate who diligently fights her client’s corner, and quickly gains their confidence. A well-prepared silk who holds the attention of the court or tribunal.'
Martin Forde KC – 1 Crown Office Row 'I appeared against and rate most highly Martin Forde KC.'
Andrew George KCBlackstone ChambersHe has infallible judgement, an ability to get to the heart of the matter instantly, and an extraordinary work ethic.
Saima Hanif KC – 3 Verulam BuildingsSaima has a very diligent approach to her cases.'
Mark Harries KC – Serjeants’ Inn ChambersMark is very astute, compelling, forensic and knowledgeable – a star!'
Edward Henry KC – Mountford ChambersEdward is an incredible advocate, who can explain the most complex of subject areas in such a way that the significance and importance of the points are not lost.'
Jamas Hodivala KCMatrix ChambersJamas has an impressive eye for detail, which, together with his perseverance and charming advocacy style, makes him one of the leading barristers in this area.
Andrew Kennedy KC – 1 Crown Office RowAndrew is a dream to work with as he is very responsive, approachable and inspires confidence at every stage.'
Richard Lissack KCFountain Court ChambersRichard is exactly what you want in a silk – on top of the facts, all over the strategy, willing to make difficult decisions and ambitious arguments, and then bring them to a successful conclusion.'
James McClelland KCBrick Court ChambersJames is a team player. Very hardworking, positive and collaborative.'
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Simon is level-headed and direct. A polished advocate.'
Tony Singla KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Tony is very good at drilling down into a mass of detail and distilling the true issues in a case.'
Adam Solomon KCLittleton ChambersA forceful advocate who can stand up to robust challenges.
George Spalton KC – 4 New Square ChambersAn expert in this field. He provides sound and reliable advice. Great with clients and very approachable.’
Owain Thomas KC – 1 Crown Office RowHe has a very meticulous eye and grasps the key issues very quickly.

2022 Silks

Marios Lambis KC2 Hare Court 'Marios is incredibly talented, and his style of advocacy is beautiful to observe. He secures phenomenal results in very complex cases.'
Claire Watson KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersShe is a brilliant advocate, combining wit, analytical know-how and gravitas in equal measure.

2023 Silks

Nicola Greaney KC39 Essex Chambers 'An excellent eye for detail and spotting the key issues. Superb at explaining the legal concepts to lay clients and brilliant written submissions.'
Eleena Misra KCOld Square Chambers ‘Eleena is a confident and inspiring advocate, with a meticulous eye for detail and very good client care skills.'
Nadia Motraghi KCOld Square ChambersNadia is excellent. She provides direct and frank advice, and clients respect her no-nonsense approach.'

Leading Juniors

Lydia BarnfatherQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Lydia is a very talented advocate, who is highly respected in the regulatory field. She is thorough and systematic in her approach.'
Stephen Brassington2 Hare CourtStephen's advocacy is a pleasure to watch. He reads the room and his audience perfectly, and has everyone on tenterhooks as he delivers eloquent submissions and incisive cross-examinations.'
Marianne ButlerFountain Court ChambersAn effective advocate who commands the confidence of the tribunal.'
Andrew Colman2 Hare CourtAndrew's ability to assimilate a vast quantity of information and present it in an easily comprehensible form is incredible. He knows his cases inside out.'
Mary-Teresa DeignanTemple Garden ChambersA junior who stands out for her clear, pragmatic and practical advice. She is also very good in document-heavy cases, digesting information effectively, and often thriving in more complex cases.
Anthony HaycroftSerjeants’ Inn ChambersA superb advocate who provides excellent tactical advice.'
Peter Mant39 Essex Chambers 'Peter always provides an excellent service. He is bright, reliable, approachable, and always remains calm under pressure.'  
Nicola NewbeginOld Square ChambersAn excellent advocate, who delivers her points with accuracy and clarity. She really fights for her client.
Scott Allen4 New SquareA quick thinker on his feet, and he is able to read the court well.'
Tom Cross11KBWA very responsive junior. Tom is great to work with; he is technically strong and sympathetic to clients' needs.'
Tom Day2 Hare CourtTom is fabulous. Throughout the lifespan of a case he provides an incredible level of service, and he gains the respect of panels with his thoughtful and persuasive advocacy.
Heather Emmerson11KBWHeather provides extremely detailed advice.'
Christopher Geering2 Hare CourtChristopher is brilliant. He is fastidious in his preparation, he puts clients at ease, and is impressive on his feet.'
Christopher Gillespie2 Hare CourtA first-rate advocate, who is diligent and thorough in his preparation.'
Rebecca HarrisQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘She is extremely intelligent, thorough and articulate. Her questioning and submissions are always fair and realistic, rather than abrasive or aggressive.'
Wendy Hewitt5 St Andrews HillShe is a superb advocate, who regularly manages to work miracles for clients.'
Scott Ivill2 Hare CourtA passionate barrister with excellent oratory skills. He looks into the fine details of the case and puts them forward in strong arguments.
Alex Jamieson25 Bedford RowA skilled barrister with a robust cross-examination technique and adaptable style.'
Kevin McCartney5 Paper BuildingsKevin is absolutely excellent. He has exceptional judgement and his tactical advice is second to none.
Matthew McDonaghOuter Temple Chambers 'An indefatigable junior.'
David MorrisSerjeants’ Inn ChambersDavid has a very analytical mind and is measured in cross-examination.'
Louise PriceDoughty Street ChambersLouise is dedicated, diligent and excellent with clients. A talented advocate with forensic cross-examination skills.
Sarah Przybylska2 Hare Court 'Sarah is an excellent operator. Her technical knowledge and advocacy skills are impressive.'
Sandesh SinghCrown Office ChambersSandesh is an extremely bright and articulate advocate.'
Iain SteeleBlackstone Chambers 'A junior who provides timely, considered and thoughtful advice.'
Vivienne Tanchel2 Hare CourtVivienne has a great intellect, and is a robust and strategic counsel. She is also incredibly hardworking and very responsive. She has a real talent for delivering difficult messages to clients whilst providing them with a clear pathway for the next steps.
Rebecca Vanstone – 23ESAn outstanding counsel. She is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the client is best served.'
Rupert Allen – Fountain Court ChambersA go-to junior with experience far beyond his years. He has an unparalleled work ethic.'
Laura BayleyCrucible Chambers 'A master of her brief. She is pragmatic and exceptionally good with strategy. Her advocacy is engaging and impactful.'
Yash Bheeroo3 Verulam BuildingsYash is absolutely first rate: hardworking, clear and very pragmatic. He gets to the true issues in a case.'
Simon CridlandSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'He is a smooth operator with a remarkable ability to think outside the box and spot the winning argument no-one else has noticed.'
Ranald DavidsonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersRanald is hardworking, talented on his feet, and has excellent client-management skills.
Tim Grey  - Old Square ChambersTim is an absolute treat to work with. He is smart, calm, creative and diligent, and his manner in court is absolutely superb.’
Alexis Hearnden39 Essex Chambers 'Alexis is very knowledgeable and personable. She has the confidence of her clients, and is an effective and incisive advocate.'
Paul Parker4 New SquarePaul has a forensic approach to unpicking the regulator’s case.'
Michael Rawlinson – 2 Hare CourtMichael is an excellent cross-examiner, and he is able to build good rapport with difficult clients.’
Ben Rich2 Hare CourtAn incredible advocate. He is practical and persuasive, and his cross-examination skills are fantastic.'
Claire RobinsonCrucible Chambers 'A measured and very able advocate.'
Sue SleemanDoughty Street ChambersSue is amazing with clients – dedicated and caring. A skilled advocate who is a delight to instruct.'
Laura Stephenson2 Hare CourtLaura is a formidable, articulate and compelling advocate. She has an exceptional ability to capture the details of a complex case on a first reading of the papers.’
Sam Thomas2 Bedford RowSam takes a robust and pragmatic approach to cases. He is responsive, confident and reassuringly calm throughout the course of a hearing.'
Oliver WilliamsonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersOliver is a highly technical junior and a strong advocate, with great client care and communication skills.'
David Wood25 Bedford RowA highly skilled advocate who is attentive to clients' needs.'
Tope Adeyemi – 33 Bedford RowTope has an unflappable manner. She is methodical in her approach when dealing with any procedural issues that arise, and tailors her approach effectively to present her case in the best way.
Jennifer Agyekum3PBJennifer is knowledgeable, meticulous, and always fully prepared.'
Philip Ahlquist – Fountain Court Chambers 'A very poised and cogent advocate who never gets flustered.'
Zahra Ahmed – 33 Bedford RowZahra has an excellent understanding of regulatory and public law principles. As an advocate, she is unfazed by any opponent and can deftly respond to whatever is thrown at her.'
Natalie Bird2 Bedford RowNatalie's analytical skills are outstanding, and her advocacy skills are immaculate.'
Daniel Brown3PB 'A junior who is impressively articulate and dynamic in his advocacy.'
Tom Coke-SmythQEB Hollis Whiteman 'A meticulous junior, his advocacy is well thought out and delivered extremely effectively. He gets to grips with difficult issues quickly and comprehensively.'
Matthew Corrie   - 5 St Andrews Hill ‘A junior who demonstrates excellent judgement in complex and challenging cases.’
Philip Dayle – No5 Barristers’ ChambersA junior with an incisive eye for the best points in a case.'
Francis Graydon – 33 Bedford RowFrancis is a standout practitioner. He is extremely thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable. He manages clients’ expectations extremely well, and always provides proactive advice.'
Christopher Hamlet23ESAn exceptionally knowledgeable barrister in the regulatory sphere. He is tactically astute and has an exceptional eye for detail.
Clare HennessySerjeants’ Inn ChambersA serene and considered advocate, who inspires confidence in clients and builds a good rapport with the tribunal.'
Gemma HobcraftDoughty Street Chambers 'A super bright junior. She is practical and realistic in her approach, which tribunals and clients appreciate and warm to.'
David Hopkins – 39 Essex Chambers 'David is an excellent advocate and one of the best juniors in this area. His written and oral submissions are compelling, and he is great on his feat when dealing with questions from the bench.'
Peter Lownds2 Hare CourtA junior who goes above and beyond. Clients love him.'
Priya Malhotra – 25 Bedford RowPriya is a phenomenal barrister. She is extremely clever and forensic in her approach, and her case preparation is impressive.
Philip McGheeQEB Hollis Whiteman 'Philip is a go-to junior for complex and high-profile cases, particularly those involving vulnerable witnesses.'
Christopher Mellor – 1 Crown Office RowHe is very detail oriented. Clients know when they instruct him that he will have considered every eventuality.'
Guy Micklewright5 St Andrews Hill ‘Guy is enormously experienced in the professional disciplinary field. An extremely good technical barrister.'
Katie Mustard – 9BR ChambersWhether presenting ostensibly simple cases or cases of the utmost complexity, Katie provides clear, well-reasoned and focused advice.'
Tom Orpin-Massey – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'He has the great ability to digest complex information quickly, and provides advice in a comprehensible manner. A calm and persuasive manner advocate.'
Oliver RentonCrucible Chambers 'A passionate advocate, who is excellent at communicating with clients.'
Christopher Saad2 Bedford Row 'A fine cross-examiner who is always across the detail of his cases.'
Kevin Saunders – 23ES ‘Kevin is an extremely capable and confident counsel.'
Wafa Shah33 Bedford RowWafa is a persuasive advocate with a clear, unfussy delivery.  Her advice in conference is insightful and easily digestible.
Max Shephard - 4-5 Gray's Inn Square 'Max's submissions are always clear, concise and persuasively framed.'
Richard Smith1 Crown Office Row 'His advocacy has an understated confidence which is attractive to clients.'
Natasha TahtaQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Natasha is a highly effective advocate. She has a thorough approach to cases and is great at reading the tribunal.'
Mark Watson – Mountford ChambersAn advocate who clearly has the trust of his client.'
Cecily White  - Serjeants' Inn Chambers  'She can handle vast amounts of information and find the vital elements to focus on. She provides clear and authoritative guidance to investigators on evidence, disclosure questions and case strategy. Her style is warm and she is a strong team player, empathetic but never afraid to challenge assumptions. '
Leanne Woods1 Crown Office Row 'Leanne Woods - a relentless advocate who knowns where to stop... what could be better?'

Rising Stars

Libby Anderson  – Crucible Chambers 'Libby has a fabulous manner with clients and is a highly skilled advocate.'
Alecsandra Manning-Rees5 St Andrews HillAlecsandra is efficient and pragmatic. She gets cases completed without fuss.
Amy Woolfson – 5 St Andrews HillAmy is a thorough, intelligent, and measured advocate. Her case preparation is meticulous.'

Professional disciplinary and regulatory law in London Bar

2 Hare Court

Regarded as 'a great set of chambers, with experienced barristers in regulatory and professional disciplinary law', 2 Hare Court has an excellent reputation for its expertise in representing white-collar professionals in a range of matters. Christopher Coltart KC is a key name for professional disciplinary cases involving accountants. In a recent highlight, Marios Lambis KC appeared before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) regarding an abuse of process argument made in respect of multiple misconduct allegations brought against a consultant psychiatrist. The argument was successful on the grounds that the GMC's investigation into the issues and background of the case had been flawed, and as such the psychiatrist could not receive a fair hearing. Andrew Colman is sought after for his solid track record in acting for the General Pharmaceutical Council and General Optical Council, and Sarah Przybylska 'skilfully deals with the most difficult and challenging cases with ease; her technical knowledge and advocacy skills are impressive'.


Louis Lockwood is always very responsive and deals with any issues very promptly.

The quality of service provided by 2 Hare Court is superb.

A preferred set for professional discipline.

The clerks are very helpful and responsive.

A very good professional disciplinary team, with strength in depth.

Experts in the field of regulatory matters and professional discipline.

‘Always have good counsel available and they are all engaging and responsive.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers' members are routinely instructed in high-profile professional disciplinary work. Gregory Treverton-Jones KC is a respected specialist in regulatory and disciplinary issues concerning the legal sector, while Eleanor Grey KC has an excellent track record in acting for the GMC in appeals before the High Court. Recent instructions for the team include Peter Mant successfully representing the GMC in an appeal brought by a doctor against the regulator's decision to erase him from the medical register, following allegations that he drugged and raped a junior colleague; the appeal was refused. In a boost to chambers, Nicola Greaney KC and Katherine Apps KC both took silk in March 2023.


Alastair Davidson is excellent, as is his team.

Anthony King is excellent – always responsive and helpful.

Great clerking, especially Peter Campbell – responsive and creative.

39 Essex is undoubtedly a leading set in professional discipline.

The number of specialist counsel, range of expertise, and frequent thought- provoking seminars more than justify chambers’ position at the head of a very competitive field.

The clerks are very personable and responsive, and go above and beyond to assist. Fast, responsive, efficient, and commercially minded.

Always very helpful clerks.

The set has a number of counsel specialising in professional discipline cases relating to solicitors.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Serjeants’ Inn Chambers garners praise from clients as 'excellent as a whole in respect of professional disciplinary and regulatory law'. Gerard Boyle KC is 'superb on his feet and grasps the intricacies of the case very quickly', and Sarah Clarke KC is 'an absolute master at cross-examination'. Jonathan Holl-Allen KC, who is head of the team in chambers, has an established track record in representing medical and dental practitioners in disciplinary proceedings. Among the juniors, Anthony Haycroft garners praise for being 'one of the finest barristers when it comes to handling complex cases before the medical regulators', and David Morris is a highly regarded senior junior, with solid expertise in defending healthcare practitioners.


Lee Johnson is great.

Fantastic. Lee Johnson is a legend in his own lifetime.

Tom O’Connor is the most reliable and friendliest clerk you could hope to meet.

Jennifer Pooler is a great asset to the barristers she works with.

A leading set in professional disciplinary work.

It’s a great set, possessing strength in depth.

Excellent. All of the clerks are always willing to assist and pull out the stops.

The set as a whole in respect of professional disciplinary and regulatory law is excellent. The clerks work incredibly hard to try and always make someone available and to ensure they put forward the most suitable and experienced counsel for the case.

1 Crown Office Row

The barristers at 1 Crown Office Row specialise in a range of disciplinary proceedings involving medical professionals. Robert Kellar KC has an excellent track record in representing clients from the healthcare sector in cases involving allegations of dishonesty, sexual misconduct, and clinical malpractice. Clodagh Bradley KC successfully defended a veterinary surgeon against charges of misconduct, arising from alleged mismanagement of a dog’s hyperglycaemia at a consultation four days prior to its sudden deterioration in health and death. Suzanne Lambert is regularly instructed in fitness to practise proceedings before a broad range of regulatory bodies.


A really exceptional set.

A go-to for those tricky academic questions.

4 New Square Chambers

4 New Square is ‘a go-to set for disciplinary and regulatory work‘, primarily in white-collar professional services. Graeme McPherson KC is sought out to defend proceedings brought against barristers by the Bar Standards Board, while also in legal regulation Ben Hubble KC‘s recent experience includes successfully acting for former Law Society president David Greene, who was cleared of misconduct by the SDT in December 2022. The practice of 2022-appointed silk Helen Evans KC incorporates high-profile Financial Reporting Council proceedings, having represented a KMPG audit partner who carried out the 2016 audit of noted PFI company Carillion shortly before its high-profile collapse. Turning to the set’s juniors, Scott Allen appears regularly in the SDT, as well as disciplinary fora for accountancy and tax professionals.


Excellent. Perry Allen is particularly helpful.

James Barrass is very helpful , responsive and accommodating.

Good set, with strength in professional disciplinary work.

The barristers are all of fantastic quality.

A go-to set for disciplinary and regulatory work.

Commercially minded and responsive.

Barristers are very easy to work with, and work well with solicitors.

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers has 'a depth of understanding of professional discipline that comes from good judgement and years of experience'. Members are well versed in acting for and against the GMC and the General Dental Council, and are equally strong in handling regulatory work from clients in the legal, accountancy and financial services sectors. Professional disciplinary specialist Andrew George KC 'combines deep expertise, clarity of strategic vision, sophisticated tactics and excellent client care'. Catherine Callaghan KC is sought after for her expertise in advising on regulatory issues within the healthcare, accountancy, education and law arenas. Among the juniors, Iain Steele is very experienced in handling statutory appeals against regulators' decisions.


Top drawer and the leading set for regulatory enforcement.

Proactive, fast and responsive.

Friendly, knowledgeable and proactive.

Top-quality set.

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is characterized for having ‘several very experienced and effective leading counsel for professional discipline cases involving solicitors‘. In recent work highlights, Richard Coleman KC led Marianne Butler in representing a former law firm partner before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, in relation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s allegation that she had allowed the firm to provide banking facilities through its client account. In another matter, Nicholas Medcroft KC represented the FRC in its proceedings against KPMG in relation to its audits of Carillion.


Luke Diebelius is a future senior clerk.

Always extremely helpful and responsive. Great experiences with Sian Huckett and Luke Diebelius.

A first-class service is provided by the clerks. Sian Huckett and Luke Diebelius are both excellent and the clerking team is led brilliantly by Alex Taylor. Always super helpful and very approachable.

The clerks are very helpful. They get back to you very quickly.

The clerks are very user-friendly and ensure a smooth instruction from start to finish.

The best set for regulatory and disciplinary proceedings against solicitors.

Outstanding. Fountain Court has strength in the field at all levels, from senior silk to very junior.

QEB Hollis Whiteman

The members at QEB Hollis Whiteman are regularly instructed in a wide range of disciplinary and regulatory matters, with notable expertise in advising clients from white-collar professions and the healthcare sector. Tom Kark KC is sought after for his established strength in advising on proceedings involving medical professionals. Zoe Johnson KC defended a respiratory and intensive care consultant against allegations of signing third party prescriptions for high value medicines, targeted at patients living outside the permitted jurisdiction; the consultant's fitness to practice was found not to be impaired.Turning to the juniors, Lydia Barnfather successfully defended an optometrist against a charge of alleged inappropriate conduct towards a female patient.


Chris Emmings and Faye Stimpson are both great.

Chris Emmings knows the market inside out; David O’Sullivan is a joy to work with; and Faye Stimpson is arguably the most popular clerk in London.

A highly regarded chambers that is known for its excellence in legal representation.

The chambers is known for its exceptional standards and reputation.

Great clerking at all levels – responsive, friendly and creative.

A professional set with fantastic clerks.

The clerks’ room is really knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Stellar set, with a range of barristers for any issue.

2 Bedford Row

With a range of practitioners, 2 Bedford Row features barristers who are highly regarded for expertise in a range of areas. Among the junior end of chambers, Andrew McGee has a solid track record in handling prosecution and defence work before a range of regulatory fora, and Sam Thomas is a key name for healthcare sector regulatory issues. Natalie Bird represented the GDC in a complex hearing involving 80 sub-allegations relating to an illegal tooth-whitening practice that was conducted by a registrant dental nurse. The nurse’s name was subsequently erased from the register after 75 of the sub-allegations, including dishonesty, were found proven. Ian Stern KC retired from full practice in mid-2022. Mark Milliken-Smith KC, as was, was appointed as a Circuit Judge in December 2023.


Paul Rodgers is a credit to the set.

The clerks are very responsive and friendly.

A number of excellent advocates who specialise in healthcare cases.

An extremely good set with strength in depth.

The clerks are very agile and promptly respond to queries.’

The clerks are very good and very responsive.’

‘The clerks action requests with a quick turnaround and offer appropriate counsel when requested counsel is unavailable.’


23ES‘ members are well versed in representing clients from the financial services, healthcare, sports and legal sectors. Paul Ozin KC heads up the regulatory and disciplinary team in chambers, and has a solid track record in representing professionals and regulators in a range of complex matters. Turning to the juniors, Rebecca Vanstone acted on behalf of the GDC in prosecuting a registrant facing multiple allegations of clinical misconduct; the registrant received a 12-month suspension.


Wayne King and Adam Chapman are exceptional clerks offering a top-level service.

Wayne King is a star who will always go the extra mile for the solicitors he works with.

Adam Chapman is excellent. The clarity, service and responsiveness provided is of the highest standard, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to provide a top-class service.

Daniel Randall is always responsive, accommodating, and will assist whenever he can.

Excellent clerks who are always professional and accommodating.

A well-rounded set.

Good set with strength in depth.’

Excellent set with good availability.

Brick Court Chambers

At Brick Court ChambersJames McClelland KC has longstanding expertise in the space, with an excellent track record in acting for and against regulators, and has particular strength in handling instructions from the legal and financial spheres. Tony Singla KC regularly acts for major accountancy firms in disciplinary cases heard before the Financial Reporting Council. Tom Adam KC has an excellent track record in handling matters involving the Big Four accountants, and the ‘excellentSimon Salzedo KC counts solicitors’ disciplinary work as a key area of instruction. Sarah Bousfield is adept at handling a broad spectrum of regulatory matters, including cases involving allegations of dishonesty and fraud.


A great deal of depth, and silks and juniors at the very top of the field.

Old Square Chambers

The ‘brilliant setOld Square Chambers is very well known for its strength in handling instructions focusing on the healthcare sector, however members are equally adept at assisting professionals from the financial, education and legal sectors. Ben Collins KC is acting in Suresh v GMC, an ongoing case concerning a claim brought by the widow of a doctor who had taken his own life while under a GMC investigation. Nicola Newbegin is ‘a fluent advocate‘ with expertise in handling regulatory proceedings for healthcare professionals and solicitors. In March 2023 the senior end of the team was bolstered by the elevation of Eleena Misra KC and Nadia Motraghi KC to silk.


A great set – always responsive.

Knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile, experienced, and user friendly.

Very professional set, and a good range of skills and experience.

Reliable and friendly chambers, and very professional.

Great strength in depth.

The clerks are very helpful and flexible.

Excellent clerks who are responsive, practical and helpful.

Outer Temple Chambers

A 'top-level London set', Outer Temple Chambers' members specialise in handling significant professional disciplinary cases across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and the legal sphere. James Counsell KC is 'knowledgeable and strategic', and is frequently instructed for the prosecution by the BSB. Fiona Horlick KC acted for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in prosecuting an actuary who provided incorrect advice to an insurance company, which led to the risk that policy holders would not be paid in the event of a claim. In a boost to chambers, James Leonard KC took silk in March 2023.


A large sophisticated set.

Exactly what clients would expect – professional and efficient.

A very good set.

A top-level London set.

The set has a broad range of skills.

The clerks are helpful and responsive.

Clients enjoy a first-class working relationship with the clerks.