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Leading Silks

Timothy Dutton CBE KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Still the preeminent silk for solicitors’ professional regulatory work. Incredibly experienced, with excellent judgment on the really difficult calls. Great in a crisis and always keeps a cool head. Excellent with clients. A persuasive advocate whose cross-examination is very effective. Commands the respect of the Court.’  
Ben Hubble KC4 New SquareBen is one of the most user friendly members of the Bar, a true team player. He has a superb brain and his work ethic is second to none. His judgement on all matters related to accountants regulatory matters is excellent.
Paul Ozin KC23ESSimply a leader in the field of professional discipline and regulatory law. Paul’s knowledge of the law is second to none. A truly impressive advocate.
Gregory Treverton-Jones KC39 Essex ChambersGreg is a brilliant advocate. He has an instinctive feel for cases and can spot the strengths and weaknesses in a case straightaway. He responds to solicitors facing horrendous personal and professional difficulties in a sympathetic and understanding way.'
John Beggs KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersA fearsome cross-examiner and commands the court room. A superb tactician. Explains matters in a way clients understand, even for the most complex issues. Watching him cross examine your opponent's witnesses makes you glad you hired him first.
Catherine Callaghan KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Catherine is fast, responsive and clever. She also has an innate ability to know how the SRA thinks.'
Sarah Clarke KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersSarah is well prepared and has good judgement. Her depth of knowledge in contentious financial services regulation is top rate.  Her advocacy style is clear and controlled. She knows how to manage the bench to good effect and her cross-examination is effective.'
Richard Coleman KCFountain Court ChambersExcellent all round - strategy, drafting and advocacy. Very effective at cross-examination. Pleasant and responsive. Stand out performer in solicitor professional discipline work and his experience of both prosecuting and defending some of the biggest cases is a real advantage.'
Ivan Hare KCBlackstone ChambersIvan is a cleaver, clever man. A real deep thinker, who considers not just the issues immediately in front of him but the wider implications for his client. A superb strategist. His knowledge of the regulatory landscape is fantastic. The kind of silk any professional would want in their corner during times of a crisis.
Javan Herberg KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Very authoritative on regulatory policy, interpretation, and strategy. Collaborative, easy to work with.'
Tom Kark KCQEB Hollis Whiteman 'Tom is a star performer. One of the best.'  
Patrick Lawrence KC4 New SquareHe is clever and a very good advocate. He gets good results in the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Clients like him because he has a down to earth manner.'
Michael McLaren KCFountain Court ChambersClearly technically sharp and willing to put forward robust arguments. He works as part of a team to deliver a strong outcome for the client and secures great results. Contactable and amenable.
Angus Moon KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Great advocate and very good with clients.'
Fenella Morris KC39 Essex ChambersFenella is consistently superb both in written and oral submissions and in advising on strategy and case management. She always works as part of the team and is a pleasure to work with.'
Jenni Richards KC39 Essex ChambersJenni is an outstanding lawyer and advocate. She makes complex legal issues seem simple. She comes up with creative ways to pursue cases.'
Mark Shaw KCBlackstone Chambers 'Mark is both very bright and very personable. He is the “go to” counsel for complex, high profile cases involving public law issues.'
Jamie Smith KC4 New SquareJamie is a brilliant leader for auditor and solicitor disciplinary work.’
Andrew Tabachnik KC39 Essex ChambersAndrew is renowned for his work as a prosecutor for the SRA. Excellent drafting. Focused and clear oral submissions and effective cross-examination. Always in command of the material. Good strategist.
James Counsell KCOuter Temple Chambers 'James adopts a forensic approach to the preparation of a case, he is thorough in every last detail and his command of a large volume of papers within a short space of time was extremely impressive.'
Kate Gallafent KCBlackstone Chambers ‘She is intensely clever combined with pragmatism. A great advocate and a leader.'
Eleanor Grey KC39 Essex Chambers 'Eleanor offers a consistently great service. She offers good tactical advice as well being technically excellent on the law.'
Fiona Horlick KCOuter Temple ChambersFiona is highly intelligent and a great tactician. She is very thorough and has a very direct manner with clients - they know that they can trust her to be frank with them about their prospects. Her advocacy is wonderful to watch.'
Zoe Johnson KCQEB Hollis Whiteman 'Absolutely first rate: a charming yet highly able opponent, able to get to the heart of the matter with real authority.'
Robert Kellar KC1 Crown Office RowRobert is highly effective and hugely experienced advocate His ability to master the detail of a case is demonstrated by his impressively thorough cross-examination. His submissions are both very persuasive and engaging.'
Selva Ramasamy KCQEB Hollis WhitemanSelva is incredibly bright, very thorough and has great attention to detail. His advocacy is impressive - very measured and clear. He is a pleasure to work with!'
Vikram Sachdeva KC39 Essex Chambers 'Vikram is pragmatic in reaching solutions and authoritative on difficult points of law – very good to work with.'
Mark Simpson KCFountain Court ChambersPowerful advocate, goes the extra mile for his clients. Fabulous judgement.'
Roger Stewart KC4 New SquareRoger is a truly exceptional advocate and is devastating in cross examination, which makes him the first port of call when there is serious trouble which you need to fight your way out of.'
Geoffrey Williams KCFarrar’s BuildingExcellent advocate - presents complex matters in a spare and simple way increasing the chances of success. Excellent strategist. Very approachable but realistic and good with clients.'
Gerard Boyle KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersGerald is strong across the board. Both his written and oral advocacy is top notch. He is also a strong tactician and has excellent client care skills (both lay and professional clients).'
Clodagh Bradley KC1 Crown Office Row 'Forensic attention to detail - extremely hard working - a team player. Very empathetic with clients. Clodagh's advocacy skills are second to none.'
Chloe Carpenter KCFountain Court ChambersChloe's advocacy is excellent. Her cross-examination is very strong, because she prepares thoroughly and has good judgment as to which points to take. Her submissions are very clear and she deals with pressure - including from the tribunal - very well.'
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersBen is a safe pair of hands. He is measured, focused and calm. He is tactically astute and easy to work with.
Christopher Coltart KC2 Hare CourtHe is highly methodical and will get to grips with the detail of the case without ever losing sight of the bigger picture. He is friendly and down to earth with clients whilst maintaining a highly effective presence in court.
Rory Dunlop KC39 Essex ChambersDefinitely a rising Silk in solicitors regulatory matters.’
Edward Levey KCFountain Court ChambersA very robust, forceful and persuasive advocate. Excellent on his feet.'
Nicholas Medcroft KCFountain Court Chambers 'Nick is a class operator. He has great attention to detail, is client friendly and really knows his stuff. Further, his advocacy is very good - measured and perfectly pitched to the mood of the tribunal.'
Siân Mirchandani KC4 New SquareSiân is always on top of the details of a case and is excellent in the way that she leads a team of lawyers and experts on a case. This means that time is used to the best effect, and that clients take a great deal of confidence from the advice that she gives.'
Paul Raudnitz KCQEB Hollis WhitemanPaul is experienced, gives pragmatic advice and has a good manner with clients/experts.'
Amanda Savage KC – 4 New SquareAmanda has particular insight into the workings of the Bar Tribunal. She is very good with clients under stress, combining a sensitive, caring style with a realistic and thoughtful approach to the issues.
Neil Sheldon KC1 Crown Office RowNeil is an absolutely outstanding silk in the field. His calm demeanour reassures clients that even the most complex of cases are under control. He has excellent tactical judgement and his measured advocacy is of the very highest calibre.'
Adam Solomon KCLittleton ChambersHe is very thorough in his preparation. He plans the structure of his advocacy well. He is calm but can be forceful when needed.'

2022 Silks

David Bradly KC39 Essex ChambersDavid is an excellent advocate. He is able to present often complex issues in a clear and understandable way. He is always very well prepared and knows his case inside out.'
Betsan Criddle KCOld Square ChambersBetsan has encyclopaedic knowledge of MHPS case law and has represented practitioners in a number of key cases. Excellent advocate, well prepared and persuasive.'
Helen Evans KC4 New SquareExtremely knowledgeable and empathetic.
Marios Lambis KC2 Hare CourtMarios is absolutely first class. He is massively experienced in this area and is widely regarded as one of the best. His advocacy is is always well crafted and impressively delivered. He richly deserved this recent appointment.'
Claire Watson KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersClaire is an excellent barrister with impressive attention to detail, great people skills and is an articulate and persuasive advocate. She is approachable and responsive, and a great team player - an excellent ally to have on your team.'
Gudrun Young KC – 2 Hare CourtGudrun’s strengths lie in her advocacy. She is a charming, persuasive and persistent advocate whose judgement in difficult circumstances is always sound.

Leading Juniors

Lydia BarnfatherQEB Hollis WhitemanLydia is a highly regarded advocate. Her approach is methodical and meticulous, a safe pair of hands. As an advocate she is tenacious and thorough. Tribunals appreciate her calm, thorough and measured approach.'
Stephen Brassington2 Hare CourtHe is a master advocate. His submissions are always first class and so compelling. He can win what seem like the most hopeless cases through his brilliant advocacy. He is great with difficult clients. At the end of a case he has won over panels, opposition and clients alike.'
Andrew Colman2 Hare CourtAmazing ability to get the to the heart of the issues in complex cases. His advocacy skills are excellent with great control of very aggressive witnesses, and his submissions are first class. Very measured and controlled.
Mary-Teresa DeignanTemple Garden ChambersMary-Teresa is quick thinking and solution focussed. Mary-Teresa’s analytical skills are exceptional.
Alan JenkinsSerjeants’ Inn ChambersAlan is a very able and experienced counsel. He deals with matters promptly and is impressively thorough in his preparations. He is hardworking, knowledgeable and a very capable advocate.
Peter Mant39 Essex ChambersPeter’s insight and instincts are superb and he is extremely user friendly. His acumen and the quality of his oral and written advice and submissions is impressive.
Marianne ButlerFountain Court ChambersExcellent analytical skills, drafting skills and oral advocacy. Marianne is a pleasure to work with and fosters a strong sense of teamwork between solicitors and counsel.
Christopher Geering2 Hare CourtA very strong advocate and cross examiner. Avoids any theatrics, but has an incisive, intensely reasonable, considered and well-informed style, which wins confidence. Really excellent.
Christopher Gillespie2 Hare CourtChris is a highly effective barrister. He is elegant, confident and straight-talking.
Rebecca HarrisQEB Hollis WhitemanShe is an impeccable advocate on every level: preparation, execution and above all, fairness.
Anthony HaycroftSerjeants’ Inn ChambersAnthony is able to immediately grasp the essential elements of a dispute and to react accordingly. A first class advocate even before a hostile judge.'
David MorrisSerjeants’ Inn ChambersWorking with him is an absolute masterclass in running a GMC defence case. He is experienced thorough, and a really excellent person to work with. His manner with client, expert and team is perfect.
Nicola NewbeginOld Square ChambersVery high technical skills for technical cases and very good client relation skills.'
Nicholas PeacockHailsham Chambers 'Nick is a meticulous preparer of a case.He is well organised and always instils confidence in his instructing solicitor and the client. His advocacy is exceptional as is his legal knowledge and its application in the course of submissions.'
Sarah Przybylska2 Hare Court 'Sarah is measured and diligent in her approach, demonstrating excellent judgment and advocacy.'
Sandesh SinghCrown Office ChambersSandesh is extremely bright, very thorough and has great attention to detail. He gets right to the heart of a case. His advocacy is clear and very impressive.'
Rebecca Vanstone – 23ESRebecca is great. She is always well prepared, and she is very calm and methodical. Her closing arguments are always very clear and to the point.
Rupert Allen – Fountain Court ChambersHe provides clear, accurate advice. He drafts with precision and turns work around rapidly.'
Matthew Barnes1 Crown Office Row 'Excellent in cross-examination - very effective while remaining completely appropriate. A highly effective and courteous opponent.'
Yash Bheeroo3 Verulam BuildingsYash quickly gets to the heart of the matter and identifies the key issues providing clear, commercially astute advice.'
Ranald DavidsonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersRanald has an excellent manner which is appreciated both by clients and tribunals. He is clear in his advice, is approachable, and is thorough in his paperwork. On his feet, he is calm and convincing.
Tom Day2 Hare CourtTom is a talented advocate who is equally at ease questioning vulnerable witnesses, as he is at cross-examining an expert. He is an excellent advocate.
Heather Emmerson11KBWVery strong analytical and drafting skills. Very personable and pleasant to work with.'
Tim Grey – 23ESTim is excellent. He clearly has a lot of practical experience and his advice is spot on.
Kenneth HamerHenderson ChambersHe has an exceptional grasp of the law and procedure relating to professional disciplinary offences. His advocacy is both fair, balanced and informative, striking just the right tone with the court.'
Alexis Hearnden39 Essex ChambersAlexis is very knowledgeable. Her drafting is excellent and she is great on her feet.
Wendy Hewitt5 St Andrews HillHer collegiate approach and friendly, reassuring manner with clients. Her advocacy skills before the regulators, both in cross examination of witnesses and in making persuasive submissions to the panel are second to none.'
Andrew HocktonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersAndrew is a very thoughtful and persuasive advocate. He is vastly experienced and you know the case will be presented well both orally and in written submissions.'
Tom HoskinsFoundry Chambers 'Very good and knowledgeable advocate. Very good with clients.'
Scott Ivill2 Hare Court 'Scott is a very experienced and skilled advocate. He is always on top of the detail of a case, picking up complex clinical matters quickly and easily. He is methodical when dealing with document heavy matters.'
Alex Jamieson25 Bedford RowProvides direct and clear advice in an empathetic way. Puts clients at their ease but gets his message across very effectively. Understated but persuasive advocacy style - very measured.'
Matthew McDonaghOuter Temple ChambersMatthew is someone that you want in your corner when the chips are down. He is fabulous 'on his feet' and makes his points thoughtfully.'
Nadia MotraghiOld Square ChambersShe is very good with clients and is an excellent advocate. She has a brilliant eye for detail and gives sensible advice.
Tetyana NesterchukFountain Court ChambersShe works very hard, prepares thoroughly, knows the law and is always on top of her subject.'
Jane OldfieldRed Lion Chambers 'Jane has the rare skill of cross-examination that is polite but absolutely devastating.'
Paul Parker4 New SquareHis advice is concise and he clearly has great experience in this field. He puts clients at their ease and was very helpful in persuading a difficult client to accept our advice.'
Giles PowellOld Square ChambersA tenacious and knowledgeable advocate.'
Louise PriceDoughty Street ChambersA formidable opponent, Louise has mastery of the brief, is incisive in cross examination, and her submissions are perfectly pitched.'
Claire RobinsonCrucible ChambersExcels in the disciplinary field.
Sue SleemanDoughty Street ChambersA wonderful client manner and a very caring barrister. This does not mean that Sue shies away from difficult cases, quite the opposite. She is a very effective advocate.'
Iain SteeleBlackstone Chambers ‘He gives prompt and insightful advice both on technical points as well as pragmatic advice for dealing with a very litigious opponent.'
Vivienne Tanchel2 Hare CourtVivienne is utterly fantastic – she has an unrivalled ability to get to grips with complex matters. Vivienne’s advocacy is remarkable to watch; she is fierce when needed whilst also being able to build rapport with witnesses and the tribunal.
Sam Thomas2 Bedford RowSam's ability to guide clients through complex issues is one of his greatest strengths. His advocacy is excellent, and he deals with serious matters against leading counsel with comfort and ease.'
Jennifer Agyekum3PBJennifer will go above and beyond to achieve good outcomes. She cares about the work she undertakes and those she represents. Tactical and strategic in her approach.
Philip Ahlquist – Fountain Court Chambers 'Of outstanding intelligence, researches thoroughly and has enormous knowledge of the field. His written work is superb. He expresses himself in both written and oral advocacy with great economy.'
Sarah BousfieldBrick Court ChambersSuperb intellect; hard-working; practically-minded; responsive; operating beyond her years.'
Leila Chaker – Red Lion Chambers 'Leila is an excellent all-rounder, terrific with difficult clients and always well prepared for conferences. A brilliant advocate too.'
Simon CridlandSerjeants’ Inn ChambersSimon is an outstanding barrister who prepares very thoroughly and is very approachable. He is an outstanding advocate who will always do his best for his client.'
Emma DixonBlackstone Chambers ‘She is a brilliant tactician and unfailingly provides innovative advice and solutions to tricky legal problems. She is well regarded by her clients and fellow practitioners.'
Malcolm FortuneSerjeants’ Inn ChambersAn excellent advocate, with great presence and control in a court. Looks after his clients very well in preparation for hearings.'
Nicola Greaney39 Essex ChambersNicola is technically very adept, with the ability to assess a large number of papers and summarise the applicable issues. Her written work is excellent and model of clarity.'
Christopher Hamlet23ESChris is pragmatic and persuasive. He cuts through to the key issues in a case.
Gemma HobcraftDoughty Street Chambers 'Gemma is an excellent barrister, she is academic and has a practical and robust approach to all her cases. She has a wealth of knowledge in regulatory work and brings a unique approach to cases.'
Suzanne Lambert1 Crown Office RowSuzanne is excellent with clients, who have huge confidence in her calm but robust manner. Suzanne is an outstanding advocate, understated yet deadly in cross examination.'
James LeonardOuter Temple Chambers 'James is a wonder. He makes exceptionally challenging cases look straightforward and is able to manage difficult people in difficult situations with disarming charm.'
Lewis MacDonald2 Hare CourtExtremely thorough and hard-working. In short, excellent at all aspects of handling case material.'
Philip McGheeQEB Hollis Whiteman 'Philip is an experienced regulatory advocate. He is bright, fair and effective and is a pleasure to work with.'
Stephen Morley – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Stephen is a real star - consistently reliable for pragmatic advice and effective advocacy reported in deep understanding of the profession.'
David Patience2 Bedford Row 'David is extremely knowledgeable and always on hand to assist with urgent queries. He is calm under pressure and a first port of call on trickier cases due to his measured and impeccable advice.
Michael Rawlinson – 2 Hare Court 'Extremely good at handling the client, both in identifying areas of concern to be addressed and also putting them at ease during more stressful moments. Excellent in putting forward persuasive submissions to tribunal and good at thinking on his feet.'
Ben Rich2 Hare Court 'Ben is a confident advocate, with extensive experience. He is a knowledgeable, pragmatic and calm advocate and reassuringly guides clients through difficult proceedings whilst putting them at ease.'
Christopher Saad2 Bedford RowChristopher is an excellent advocate. He is thorough, precise and has a very reasonable approach which must impress tribunals. Excellent on his feet.'
Wafa Shah33 Bedford RowWafa is a persuasive advocate with a clear, uncluttered delivery.  Her advice in conference is insightful and easily digestible.
Richard Smith1 Crown Office RowRichard maintains a fabulous balance between laid-back charm and assiduous defence of his clients interests. He is popular with tribunals and never lose sight of the bigger picture.'
Laura Stephenson2 Hare CourtA very able advocate, who is well-prepared, thoughtful and extremely adept at dealing with sensitive cases.'
Natasha TahtaQEB Hollis WhitemanNatasha is a personable, persuasive advocate who makes elegant legal arguments and packs a punch. She is fantastic with clients, extremely kind and patient and always committed to her case.'
Benjamin Tankel39 Essex Chambers 'Benjamin is a very sensitive barrister - he balances clear legal advice with thoughtfulness about the impact of a case.'
David Wood25 Bedford RowDavid is extremely impressive. Clients love him and he is well respected by his opposition.'

Rising Stars

Natalie Bird -2 Bedford Row 'Natalie is extremely thorough in her preparation for hearings, she has impeccable attention to detail. Natalie's advocacy style is clear, detailed and methodical.'
Alecsandra Manning-Rees5 St Andrews HillClear and concise. She wastes no time and is highly focussed. She is appropriate, balanced and knows and understands her brief very well indeed. She is a highly effective and able advocate.'

Professional disciplinary and regulatory law in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

As ‘one of the leading chambers in this field’, the barristers at 39 Essex Chambers specialise in a range of disciplinary proceedings involving medical professionals. In GMC v Patel & Others & PSA, Fenella Morris KC acted on behalf of the Professional Standards Authority of Health and Social Care in an appeal against a decision by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal (MPT) not to sanction a group of doctors who shared racist material on WhatsApp. Jenni Richards KC successfully represented the GMC in an appeal to another MPT decision, one that suspended Simon Bramhall, a liver surgeon who had autographed transplant organs, instead of striking him off. Elsewhere in chambers, Peter Mant is regularly instructed by the GMC, including against an appeal brought against it by a doctor, who was struck off the medical register for his involvement in the drafting of misleading medical reports for food poisoning personal injury claims for a firm of solicitors at which his wife was a salaried partner.



39 Essex Chambers is one of the leading chambers in this field.

Strong offering at all levels in professional discipline and public law. They can usually offer suitable counsel at the right level.

Very good bench of Professional Regulation lawyers.

39 Essex are a very reliable set in professional discipline.


The clerks are very responsive: they understand the market, respond quickly, deal with matters efficiently. Peter Campbell stands out as efficient and commercially minded.

Responsive service, competitive on fees. Anthony King is always accommodating and helpful.

Alastair Davidson is very good and easy to work with.

Excellent. Peter Campbell and Sheraton Doyle are particularly helpful.

They’re clerking team sets them apart from other chambers. If they say they will call you back then they do – later that same day. Historically they have been of a high calibre and they provide a good service.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Regarded as ‘leaders in the field and usually the first to be contacted when a professional discipline hearing is listed‘, the members at Serjeants’ Inn Chambers handle a variety of work in the health care sector, among other areas. Among other key practitioners, Jonathan Holl-Allen KC represented Simon Bramhall in a judicial review challenge brought by Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care concerning the sanction imposed on the surgeon for autographing a transplanted liver during surgery. Anthony Haycroft defended a doctor in GMC v Srinivasan, after allegedly touching two patients in a sexual manner, an action that resulted in their name being erased from the register.



Serjeants Inn has always been a ‘go to’ set for regulatory work, with a good selection of highly experienced and professional Counsel at all levels of expertise.

Serjeants Inn is a go to set for police misconduct. A strong list of Counsel and a consistent client centered approach. Lots of good people.

Truly one of the finest sets around, they are recognized as leaders in the field and usually the first to be contacted when a professional discipline hearing is listed. Their barristers are synonymous with the seminal case law in the area, and they have led the way for the past couple of decades. They now boast an enormous number of members and an embarrassment of riches, in terms of talent.

The set has real strength and depth in doing defence work in this field of law and particularly in representing a wide range of public and private authorities and in particular, policing organizations and associations.

Serjeants Inn is a fantastic set with a broad range and wealth of experience in the field. Not only are Serjeants Inn experts in the field of Professional Disciplinary and Regulatory Law, they are also experienced in many other fields too. This is a real advantage when clients need representation in a number of different arenas.


All the clerks are quick to respond and efficient and very pleasant to deal with. Special thanks to Clare Sabido and Jennifer Pooler.

Lee Johnson is a legend in his own lifetime, a favourite amongst solicitors who looks after the interests of his members and clients with aplomb.  Tom O’Connor is a key player and has a very sensible head on his shoulders.

A good responsive clerking team. Joe Ralph in particular is approachable, quick and very helpful. Prepared to go the extra mile and always tries his best to make diaries work!

All of the clerks at Sergeants Inn are always helpful and efficient. Lee Johnson is particularly good at managing the clerks and will always go above and beyond to resolve any issues. He responds efficiently to any requests for Counsel and will try to accommodate any requests we have.

Lee Johnson is excellent. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he works incredibly hard to ensure that clients receive a first class service from Chambers. Catherine Calder is a credit to Chambers – she is committed, hard-working and offers support and guidance in business development.

2 Hare Court

Regarded as ‘the best set for professional discipline barristers‘, 2 Hare Court is characterized for having ‘excellent silks, unparalleled senior juniors and some really strong junior barristers. Marios Lambis KC – a 2022 Silk appointment – defended a GP in a GMC case concerning 42 allegations in relation to dishonesty, bullying, and the deleting of patient records. ‘Master advocateStephen Brassington is acting on behalf of the former Chief Executive of Heart of England Foundation Trust in relation to an alleged conscious failure to prevent criminal behaviour by breast surgeon Ian Paterson, who is serving a two-decade prison sentence for carrying out unnecessary operations. In addition, Andrew Colman acted in front of the MPTS, successfully representing a GP alleged to have consumed surplus controlled drugs prescribed for his patients.



2 Hare Court have excellent silks, unparalleled senior juniors and some really strong junior barristers coming up through the ranks. They are sure to be leaders in the field in future and will carry on the excellent reputation of this set.

2 Hare Court are exceptionally strong in the professional disciplinary world. Their number is the first that is called when excellent Counsel is required.

An excellent set full of first class barristers – spoilt for choice with them.

The best set for professional discipline barristers – they are really top notch and can always offer someone excellent to assist.

The entire set has a wonderful regulatory expertise, and I have been fortunate enough to instruct a number of barristers from the set, all of whom have been top class.


Louis Lockwood in particular is excellent.

The team is amenable, flexible and user friendly.

Louis Lockwood is very good.

Louis Lockwood is very helpful and always tries his best to accommodate requests.

The clerks always go the extra mile to accommodate clients. Louis Lockwood is particularly helpful and always swift to suggest names and ensure availability.

Work highlights

    4 New Square

    With ‘excellent strength in depth in the field of professional liability and regulationthe practitioners at 4 New Square handle a range of work in a range of white-collar professions crossing over with its professional negligence expertise. Focusing on the financial and legal spheres, Ben Hubble KC represents the solicitor in Davies v Greene, a high-profile “private prosecution” against the former President of the Law Society before the SDT, who the claimant alleges to have misled the court. Achieving a suspension instead of disbarment, Graeme McPherson KC acted for a barrister in BSB v Wareing, concerning multiple charges for dishonesty including making a false statement to an employment judge. In addition, Helen Evans KC – a 2022 Silk appointment – is representing Peter Meehan, the KPMG partner responsible for Carillion’s audit previous to its collapse, in a dispute surrounding allegations the audit involved forged documentation intended to deceive FRC officials.



    The chambers has a good reputation for defence of solicitors facing prosecution in the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. The Counsel provides sound reliable advice. They have a particular strength in coverage issues faced by solicitors such as issues concerning professional indemnity insurance cover for solicitors facing disciplinary proceedings.

    They have strength in depth so there is usually someone available of suitable quality to assist.

    4 New Square have a lot of experience.

    Excellent strength in depth in the field of professional liability and regulation. Very well clerked and they are always able to field  someone appropriate even in an emergency.

    The go-to set for professional discipline. Their training seminars are excellent and they offer a wide range of useful and relevant topics, skillfully delivered.


    Clerking is very good – mainly through Dennis Peck.

    Excellent – responsive, efficient.

    All are excellent. Very responsive and reliable.

    The clerks are always responsive, keen to assist and happy to sensibly discuss both fees and availability to find a solution.

    Fountain Court Chambers

    Considered a ‘stand out set in solicitors’ professional regulation‘ the set at Fountain Court Chambers  has a ‘strong offering at all levels‘. Richard Coleman KC, who is considered ‘excellent all round‘, led Philip Ahlquist, standing before the Supreme Court in Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Limited, a dispute concerning the enforcement of solicitors’ undertakings in connection with group actions concerning the “dieselgate” emissions scandal. In Financial Reporting Council v C.A. Humphreys, Michael McLaren KC advised the former CFO of Conviviality plc – the insolvent former owner of Bargain Booze – in connection with an investigation by the FRC for alleged misconduct. In addition, Chloe Carpenter KC went up against Marianne Butler in SRA v Mishcon de Reya, focusing on allegations made against the firm by the SRA. In addition, Patricia Robertson KC was appointed to the Astana International Financial Centre Advisory Panel to advise on legal services regulation.



    Excellent for solicitors’ professional regulation.

    Fountain Court has a number of impressive barristers specialising in solicitors disciplinary and regulatory work. Their knowledge of the case law, their ability to apply that to the facts of a case and their careful attention to the factual detail of cases, are particular strengths of all the counsel in Fountain Court who work in this area of law.

    Stand out set in solicitors’ professional regulation. Strong offering at all levels, including a number of experienced senior juniors who are able to act as sole counsel.

    The set has unparalleled strength in depth in professional disciplinary (audit and accountancy) work.

    Outstanding. Fountain Court provides excellence not just in regulatory and disciplinary law but in the fields to which the regulation relates.’


    Pleasant and friendly.

    Excellent service, particularly from Luke Diebelius.

    Clerks room was first class, responsive and easy to work with.

    Excellent. Sian Huckett and Luke Diebelius are super-available and helpful.

    Excellent service, very accommodating and responsive. Luke Diebelius is particularly effective and makes an effort to build strong relationships with instructing solicitors, which is appreciated.

    QEB Hollis Whiteman

    With ‘strength and expertise in depth and breadth from the junior to senior end‘, the set at QEB Hollis Whiteman often prosecute and defend professionals subject to disciplinary proceedings. Active on the defendant side, Zoe Johnson KC is representing a respiratory and intensive care consultant, surrounding allegations they signed third party prescriptions targeted at patients living outside the permitted jurisdiction. Also appearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal, Sean Larkin KC acted on behalf of a GP accused by four patients of sexual assault, with allegations spanning over a 14 year period. In the junior ranks, ‘immensely experiencedLydia Barnfather was instructed by the GDC in proceedings involving ‘Orthotropics’, a contested practice which relies on a theory of paediatric cranio-facial development, with the regulatory body aiming to prosecute a body of practitioners in connection with the practice.



    The set clearly has strength-in-depth in a number of practice areas and a number of genuinely talented barristers in my practice areas of crime and police misconduct.

    QEB are a class set. Their prosecutorial and regulatory experience means they are able to navigate all cases and related cases where unlawful behaviour is alleged and can anticipate their opponents position. They have strength and expertise in depth and breadth from the junior to senior end.

    QEB are the chambers to use for regulatory cases – they have top class barristers, and do an excellent job!

    QEB has an impressive range of Counsel with considerable experience, unmatched expertise and a deserved reputation as being amongst the best in the business. As a collective, they not only deliver results, but are a pleasure to work with and deserve all the accolades they receive.

    QEB are one of the pre-eminent chambers offering disciplinary and regulatory services.


    Chris Emmings has finger very firmly on the pulse and knows the market as well as any of his peers. He ably leads a fantastic clerking team which is enthusiastic, engaging and helpful. Faye Stimpson is a firm favourite with solicitors and counsel alike.

    Excellent. Responsive, helpful, good networking opportunities and great training. Chris Emmmings, Faye Stimpson and David O’Sullivan stand out.

    Overall, the clerks are very helpful and communicative. Chris Emmings is a main point of contact and has a great understanding of the needs of clients.

    Chris Emmings does a great job co-ordinating work together.

    1 Crown Office Row

    With ‘excellent strength in depth‘, the members at 1 Crown Office Row are regularly instructed in disciplinary work, with particular expertise in cases involving the healthcare sector. In NR v GMC, Robert Kellar KC represented a practitioner of cosmetic medicine with regard to an investigation alleging her clinic had remained open during Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. ‘Absolutely outstanding silkNeil Sheldon KC acts for a collection of junior doctors against the GMC in proceedings concerning their alleged participation in a WhatsApp group where inappropriate messages were exchanged. In addition, in GOC v Skudder, Clodagh Bradley KC represented an osteopath accused of sexually motivated misconduct.



    ‘1 Crown Office Row has excellent strength in depth amongst its senior juniors.’

    ‘1 Crown Office Row are one of the best sets in the field of professional regulation and have a wealth of talented barristers at their disposal.’

    ‘Considerable strength in depth – great set.’

    ‘An excellent set with many courteous opponents and colleagues.’

    ‘A brilliant set.  All the barristers are such good quality and so clever.  The silks are first class and the juniors are excellent.’


    ‘Chloe Turvill is “the one”. Best clerk in town.’

    ‘The best set for clerking. Matthew Phipps leads an excellent team assisted by Andy Tull – both of whom are brilliant clerks.’

    ‘Fantastic clerks – Matthew Phipps leads a great team ably assisted by Andy Tull and the  junior clerks. Old fashioned clerking service without the nonsense.’

    Work highlights

      2 Bedford Row

      2 Bedford Row has ‘a lot of experience within the professional regulatory discipline‘, with particular expertise in cases relating to professionals in the healthcare space. Among its key practitioners, Christopher Saad acted on behalf of the regulatory body in GDC v Henning, where he was instructed to prosecute a registrant accused of providing an inappropriate standard of care to patients. In GDC v Patel, Sam Thomas also acted on behalf of the regulator, accusing the dentist of having sex with one of his patients after he completed a course of cosmetic treatment.



      2 Bedford Row has many outstanding Counsel in their ranks.

      2 Bedford Row have counsel with a lot of experience within the professional regulatory discipline. There are always several counsel available with suitable experience to assist on cases.


      Lee Bartlett provides an excellent customer service as his responsiveness and attention to detail are notable. He is also able to prioritise urgent matters and deal with them appropriately.

      Paul Rodgers is very helpful and approachable. He dealt with an enquiry efficiently and effectively. Could not have asked for a better service.

      The clerks are very professional, polite and helpful. They are always happy to help when Counsel need to be re-arranged.

      Attentive, efficient, and commercial.

      Work highlights


        With barristers considered ‘at the top of their game, but down to earth and approachable’, 23ES acts for a range of regulatory bodies, with Paul Ozin KC also active as Chair of the Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers. In SRA v Khan, Tim Grey represented a high-profile solicitor Sophie Khan, who had been found to have failed to deliver required documents to the SRA, following two High Court orders and a summary strike off. In addition, Rebecca Vanstone represented the regulatory body in GDC v Notta, prosecuting a registrant facing multiple allegations of clinical misconduct and dishonesty. 



        23ES have good strength in depth in this area.

        23ES are a go-to set – they always try their best to assist in both civil and criminal matters – especially when there is a crossover. Their barristers tend to be at the top of their game, but down to earth and approachable.


        Daniel Randall is excellent. Always responds without delay and always gave a top class service by keeping you updated, and where Counsel availability was limited would try and work around this by rearranging diaries (where possible) in order to secure Counsel. He is friendly and approachable and is a go-to clerk at the Chambers. 23ES are lucky to have him on the team.’

        Excellent clerking – Daniel Randall is brilliant.

        The clerking team is friendly and generally very responsive and pleasant. Daniel Randall deserves a special mention.

        Daniel Randall is always very helpful and responsive.

        Blackstone Chambers

        Blackstone Chambers has ‘an abundance of knowledge in the set on regulatory and disciplinary matters‘, with its barristers being regularly instructed on behalf of a range of regulatory authorities across the medical, optical, and legal sectors. In the Court of Appeal, Ivan Hare KC acted in Okpara v GMC, concerning the correct approach for a deference to the medical practitioners tribunal on appeal. In addition, Catherine Callaghan KC acted for the GMC in an appeal in the High Court concerning a doctor’s removal from the medical register following allegations of dishonesty and their failure to tell the truth in a disciplinary hearing.



        Blackstone remain a very special set. They are blessed with many fantastic black letter lawyers. Despite their formidable reputation, Blackstone barristers remain humble and hardworking.

        Blackstone is packed with top notch talent right the way through the set at all levels.

        Cleary there is an abundance of knowledge in the set on regulatory and disciplinary matters.

        Blackstone is an excellent set. They have a strong regulatory presence. The quality of the set’s barristers is well known.


        Excellent throughout the clerks room.

        Very efficient and helpful.

        Gary Oliver is an excellent leader of the clerking team. I have found all clerks to be helpful, accommodating and good at keeping in contact.

        Work highlights

          Brick Court Chambers

          With a range of practitioners, the set at Brick Court Chambers features Simon Salzedo KC – a chartered accountant previous to his career at the Bar – advised the respondent of an FRC claim for misleading conduct during an investigation into the Carillion audit. Heading up a five-person team in efforts of supporting the FRC in the Carillion investigation is Tom Adam KC, another key figure in chambers. Taking silk in 2021, James McClelland KC acted for the SRA in relation to a solicitors’ alleged dishonesty when providing evidence in court, while Tony Singla KC represented Deloitte in FRC v Deloitte, a regulatory matter touching on the dispute over Hewlett-Packard's takeover of Autonomy.



          High quality.

          Luke Carvalho could not be more helpful.

          Old Square Chambers

          Regarded for its ‘expertise in assisting healthcare professionals‘, the barristers at Old Square Chambers often ‘provide an excellent service‘. In GMC v Richard Freeman, Mary O’Rourke KC acted for the former British Cycling and Team Sky team doctor in a tribunal case looking to strike them off for allegedly administering a prohibited substance to British Cycling’s elite competitors, alongside additional allegations with respect to prescription-only medicines. In addition, Mark Sutton KC addressed allegations of misconduct brought against the Medical Director of the Trust employing a breast surgeon previously found guilty of performing damaging surgery to patients. Betsan Criddle KC – taking silk in 2022 – acted on Burn v Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, proceedings covering the scope of a doctor’s right to disclose documents in an NHS disciplinary investigation.



          Very helpful and flexible chambers who always provide an excellent service.

          Chambers known for its expertise in assisting healthcare professionals in respect of MHPS proceedings.


          The clerks are very helpful and responsive.

          Work highlights

            Outer Temple Chambers

            The barristers at Outer Temple Chambers regularly handle professional disciplinary matters in relation the healthcare, financial services and legal sectors. For instance, James Counsell KC defended a cosmetic surgeon facing against several allegations of misconduct brought by the GMC. Also acting against the medical regulatory body was Fiona Horlick KC, representing a senior surgeon with over 160 charges brought against him, involving a variety of patients.



            Outer Temple remain a strong dependable presence backed up by a strong clerking team.

            Chambers are excellent at advising on available counsel when needed.

            Some strong counsel in this area.

            They are a high quality set.

            Outer Temple Chambers are renowned for their specialist expertise in fitness to practise/regulatory matters.



            The clerking has been really helpful and efficient.

            Very efficient and friendly service – Graham Woods was extremely helpful throughout, and straightforward to deal with.