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Leading Silks

David Perry QC - 6KBW College HillDavid is an exceptional barrister who combines his deep knowledge of the law with excellent judgement and provides advice with charm and humanity. Clients love him and solicitors are always delighted to work with him.
Kennedy Talbot QC - 33 Chancery LaneHe has an unrivaled expertise but most importantly, remains commercial and able of explaining difficult legal concepts in a meaningful way that clients can understand. He is always willing to chat matters through on an informal basis and will provide early stage advice without charge. He has become the go-to barrister for AML issues.
Graham Brodie QC - 33 Chancery LaneA winning combination of prodigious intellect, common-sense practicality, superb client handling skills and highly persuasive advocacy – at the very top of the tree.
Martin Evans QC - 33 Chancery LaneVery personable and able to give clear, practical advice in short order. Very responsive.
Richard Fisher QC - Doughty Street ChambersRichard is a very capable advocate who quickly gains the trust of the client. He is an excellent trial advocate and is trusted by judges.
Hugo Keith QC - Three Raymond BuildingsHugo is the consummate QC. He understands - arguably more than any other silk - the process of law and, helpfully for the citizen or private body, the way government thinks and what causes it to think as it does.
Andrew Mitchell QC - 33 Chancery LaneAndrew is an absolute force of nature. Incredibly user-friendly and peerless in POCA and related matters. He inspires confidence.
Mark Rainsford QC - 33 Chancery LaneHis strengths include a complete willingness to listen to all team members before giving clear and persuasive advice. Exceptionally friendly to work with. Highly-respected, very hard working and extremely knowledgeable in this area of law and practice.
Charles Bott QC - Mountford ChambersHe is extremely bright, very thoughtful and combines academic excellence with incisive and persuasive advocacy. He is very patient and caring towards all his lay clients. He is undoubtedly in the top echelon of silks. Anyone who instructs him would agree he is a truly outstanding barrister.
Nicholas Medcroft QC - Fountain Court ChambersVery bright, thorough and persistent - an excellent barrister.
Tim Owen QC - Matrix ChambersHe provides excellent all-round advice.
Andrew Sutcliffe QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA vastly experienced silk in the field of POCA work, and a go-to barrister for government agencies, such as the National Crime Agency and the Serious Fraud Office. An outstanding advocate and adviser, with a charming court room manner. As a deputy high court judge, always knows how the argument is likely to be received from the bench. An absolute delight to work with.

2021 Silks

Nathaniel Rudolf QC - 25 Bedford RowA superb advocate who will spend hours grafting on cases, which will be evident from the results. Clients in this sector know his strengths and want him on their team.

2022 Silks

Rachel Barnes QC - Three Raymond BuildingsShe provides very high-level written work and advice on strategy and is extremely hard working and accessible. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of this area, delivers focused cross-examination and has good negotiating skills.
Tim Green QC - Henderson ChambersTim is a natural communicator, and has a fantastic ability to provide clear and succulent legal advice.

Leading Juniors

James Fletcher - 5 St Andrews HillJames is unfailingly polite and a pleasure to work with. He is extremely bright and very capable.
Fiona Jackson - 33 Chancery LaneA well-prepared and very knowledgeable senior junior who will surely take silk in the next few years.
Ian Smith - 33 Chancery LaneIan is very knowledgeable about, and experienced in the practical application of the Proceeds of Crime legislation and AML law generally. He is calm under pressure, thoughtful but robust in his advice, and sensitive to the commercial realities of relevant transactions.
Barry Stancombe - 33 Chancery LaneBarry's written work is of an exceptional high quality and he never fails to impress in his oral advocacy. A hugely talented counsel, who has an admirable reputation in the fields that he practices in and is thoroughly pragmatic in his approach. Excels in cross border and challenging cases.
Catherine Collins - 33 Chancery LaneCatherine immerses herself in cases she is instructed on and can recall information accurately at will. She does not leave anything to chance and will have considered all options and all eventualities to ensure that her client has the best chance of prevailing unscathed. From company directors to those with limited means, expect Catherine to give her all to your case. You would definitely want Catherine in your corner.
Lisa Freeman - Furnival ChambersShe has considerable knowledge and expertise in all POCA-related matters, is extremely intelligent and tactically astute. Lisa is committed to achieving the best result and will take on board client concerns in sensitive confiscation negotiations.
Gary Pons - 5 St Andrews HillGary is ahead of the game in POCA cases and is superb at anticipating opposing arguments before they are even made. A great skill is translating the legal jargon into crystal clear advice in what is a highly technical field.
Oliver Powell - Outer Temple ChambersExcellent attention to detail, puts clients at ease, very responsive.
John Carl Townsend - 33 Chancery LaneVery bright and able, incisive and has a good grasp of procedure in the practice areas listed above. He works tirelessly to do the best for clients and has handled difficult cases well.
Sarah Wood - 5 St Andrews HillWithout a shadow of a doubt one of the best barristers I have ever worked with. Sarah is incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to assist both me and my clients. Nothing ever seems to faze Sarah and she is always at the end of a phone should I need to speak with her. Sarah has an excellent manner with clients and always works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome.
Paul Jarvis - 6KBW College HillPaul is a barrister at the very top of his game, combining impressive intellect with sound tactical judgement. He is also very good at explaining issues clearly to clients and putting them at ease.
Anne Jeavons - 3 Verulam BuildingsAnne is the star junior for proceeds of crime/asset forfeiture work. She is on the NCA and SFO panels. She is highly-rated by both those agencies. She is extremely bright, an excellent lawyer and a superb junior. She has impressive powers of analysis which enable her to work through very complex issues.
Jonathan Lennon - Doughty Street ChambersJonathan is a first-rate lawyer with an outstanding legal mind. He is a seriously accomplished counsel who glides through hugely demanding cases with ease.
John McNamara - 5 St Andrews HillJohn understands and grasps the POCA regime in a way that very few do.
Faisal Osman - 33 Chancery LaneExtremely well-organised, precise, analytical, easy to work with and able to use technology to the advantage of the case - other counsel find his technological solutions invaluable.
Geoffrey Payne - 25 Bedford RowHe is an expert lawyer. He has a complete grasp of the not necessarily straightforward aspects of the POCA legislation and case law. He is a brilliant but measured barrister. He is kind and modest and is loved by everyone who works with him. He is a total star.
Tom Rainsbury - 3 Verulam BuildingsTom is a real expert on proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture law. He is one of the NCA's favourite counsel and is also instructed regularly by the SFO. Both agencies think very highly of him. There is no doubt that he is one of the stars of the junior Bar in this area of law.
Theodor van Sante - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has a good knowledge of the law relating to proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture. He is very good at identifying inconsistencies and contradictions in the respondents' case and has impressive powers of forensic analysis.

Proceeds of crime (POCA) and asset forfeiture in London Bar

33 Chancery Lane

Recognised as ‘the go-to set for POCA and asset forfeiture work’, the barristers at 33 Chancery Lane act for regulatory bodies, defendants, prosecuting agencies, and companies in proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture matters. Kennedy Talbot QC, known for his work on high-profile precedent-setting cases in this space, currently leads Catherine Collins in an SFO investigation into the collapse of London Capital & Finance (LCF) in restraint and related civil proceedings. In R v. Othman Louanjli, Mark Rainsford QC represents an investment banker awaiting sentence for laundering money stolen from the owner of an energy corporation. Martin Evans QC is currently acting in multiple cases before the Supreme Court, including Andrewes, which involves confiscation proceedings brought by the CPS. In addition, in R v Baldwin, Fiona Jackson was instructed by the FCA in a confiscation application where a defendant convicted of money laundering fled the country and is still at large.



’33 Chancery Lane is a leading POCA and commercial set with good counsel.’

‘The go-to set for POCA and asset forfeiture work. Excellent strength in depth.’

‘Excellent set. Very good quality counsel. Simply the best at POCA work.’

‘Excellent set, very friendly and eager to assist.’

‘The leading set on restraint, forfeiture, and confiscation, both civil and criminal. Strong on commercial fraud. Wide experience of foreign jurisdictions.’


‘Martin Adams stands out, is accommodating and quick off the mark.’

‘Excellent service and very good clerking system.’

‘Great service from all including the clerks. Genuinely care about getting the best results for clients and highly adaptable and commercial.’

‘Chris Chiles is very helpful.’

‘Great attentive service. Emails and calls are responded to very quickly even when last-minute changes occur during the lifetime of a matter.’

Three Raymond Buildings

A strong set with great quality at all levels of seniority', the barristers at Three Raymond Buildings act for agencies in the exercise of their powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and defend corporates and individuals throughout restraint, confiscation, and civil recovery proceedings. Hugo Keith QC, who specialises in high-profile international matters currently represents the son of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in forfeiture proceedings. Jonathan Ashley-Norman QC recently acted for a director of a company whose principal shareholder was suspected of large-scale theft of company assets. Rachel Barnes QC is acting for the defendant bank account holders against freezing and forfeiture orders in a series of ongoing cases involving the alleged illegal transfer of funds to the UK by Iranian citizens through Iranian-registered money service businesses. In addition, in the High Court case CPS v O'Keeffe, Nicholas Yeo is currently acting for the sister of an alleged money launderer in receivership proceedings brought by the CPS in relation to drugs and fraud allegations.



‘The set is truly excellent.’

‘Excellent set with real specialists at junior and silk level in this area.’

‘3 RB is a strong set with great quality at all levels of seniority.’

‘The set is well-managed, courteous, and very responsive.’


‘The clerks’ room under Eddie Holland is excellent: unfailingly helpful and easy to deal with.’

‘The clerks are always ready and willing to assist wherever possible and will also go out of their way to free up counsel if they possibly can, this is particularly important to us as many of our cases repeatedly go back to court so consistency in counsel is preferred.’

‘The clerks’ room offers the same level of service as the leading civil sets and is pre-eminent in criminal litigation and related areas. Dean Brown is outstanding. ‘


6KBW College Hill

An ‘excellent set’ praised for the quality of its counsel, the barristers at 6KBW College Hill prosecute and defend corporates and individuals involved in proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture matters, including freezing orders, disclosure orders, overseas applications, and civil and restraint proceedings. Paul Jarvis acts for the prosecution in R v Premsaran Patel, in which a trustee has brought proceedings in the Insolvency Court to determine a bankrupt party’s interest in property subject to restraint in confiscation proceedings. David Perry QC, leading William Hays, successfully defended a former CEO against an NCA application for cash forfeiture under POCA 2002. Jonathan Hall QC specialises in civil recovery matters.

3 Verulam Buildings

An ‘increasing force in POCA work and asset forfeiture’, the set at 3 Verulam Buildings specialises in acting for government agencies involved in civil recovery procedures. Andrew Sutcliffe QC and Anne Jeavons are acting for the CPS in CPS v Aquila Advisory Ltd, which concerns the interaction of a confiscation order and a claim by the company against its directors. Sutcliffe QC is also involved in National Crime Agency v Odewale & Yadav, also leads Theodor Van Sante, in a claim by the NCA for a recovery order. Tom Rainsbury has been instructed by the NCA in the Hajiyeva unexplained wealth order case.



‘3VB is an increasing force in POCA work and asset forfeiture, with a number of its barristers gaining experience in the area, including Andrew Onslow QC. They have a good clerking team too.’

5 St Andrews Hill

Leaders in POCA matters’, members of at 5 St Andrews Hill act for applicants and respondents on account freezing and forfeiture orders, unexplained wealth orders, and assist with challenges to investigation orders and warrants. Newly-appointed silk Andrew Bird QC, who leads the set's POCA team, was instructed by the FCA in R v Bhandari, Mirza, Moore & Moore, a confiscation and compensation case following the conviction of defendants who misled 300 investors into purchasing £1.4m worth of shares in an invented health care company. In SFO v Abdulai Koroma, James Fletcher acted successfully for the respondent to an SFO application for forfeiture of cash, which was claimed to be proceeds of corruption linked to a Sierra Leone mining company. Gary Pons has been instructed by the CPS to enforce a restitution order made in Thailand for approximately £25.3m. New arrival Barnaby Hone specialises in terrorism finance matters.



‘5 St Andrew’s Hill are leaders in POCA matters and have some of the top names in the game on the books. They also run a superb seminar programme which is excellent for illuminating some of the more obscure areas in this field.’

‘I really like 5SAH. They are very professional and the counsel I instruct are leaders in their respective fields, which is precisely what any instructing Solicitor wants.’

‘5SAH is a very good set.’

‘They have a good profile which they appear to be developing. Previously it seemed that there were just a few barristers working on POCA receivership matters (Gary Pons and Andrew Bird in particular) but their profile appears to be gathering momentum.’


‘Clerks are prompt and friendly.’

‘Dean Cook is a London clerking institution – he can be relied upon to get the right barrister for the client and the case.’

‘I find Gary Norton very helpful and quick to respond to communications.’

‘Very responsive and willing to assist with liaising with the Court. Dean Cook in particular has been excellent.’

‘Good and quick service from clerks.’