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Leading Silks

Martin Evans KC33 Chancery Lane ‘Martin is exceptional. A joy to work with, he has sound judgement and offers real expertise in POCA matters.‘
Jonathan Fisher KCRed Lion Chambers ‘Jonathan is exquisite. He captures the confidence of the client from the very start of any consultation with his mastery of the detail, his clarity of thought and his obvious pre-eminence in the area.‘
David Perry KC6KBW College Hill ‘David has encyclopedic knowledge on all areas of POCA and asset forfeiture, supreme intellect, extraordinary judgement and is exceptionally hardworking; he is truly a master in this field.’
Andrew Sutcliffe KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘An outstanding advocate and adviser, who has an excellent courtroom manner, always keeping the court’s undivided attention, knowing just how to pitch a case perfectly.‘
Kennedy Talbot KC33 Chancery LaneKennedy is incredibly user friendly. He is a joy to work with, and has great instincts for doing exactly the right thing in complex proceeds of crime cases.
Graham Brodie KC33 Chancery Lane ‘Strategically brilliant, easy to work with and extremely persuasive in front of the court.'
Richard Fisher KCDoughty Street Chambers ‘As a trial advocate he is a quietly confident safe pair of hands who sticks to his guns and can always be relied on to be the consummate professional on all matters of law, procedure and conduct rules.‘
Jonathan Hall KC6KBW College Hill ‘He has an unerring ability to reduce a complex issue to something which can easily be understood using persuasive and compelling arguments.
Mark Rainsford KC33 Chancery Lane ‘A confident advocate with an excellent manner in court. Gets to the root of a case quickly.
Nathaniel Rudolf KC25 Bedford RowEncyclopaedic memory of all things POCA– and he is always happy to help and advise. His advocacy is clear and concise.
Jonathan Ashley-Norman KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘Jonathan is excellent at analysing tricky POCA problems and tracking down the solution.’
Robin Barclay KC  – Fountain Court Chambers 'Robin is a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the law is second to none, and he gives clear and comprehensive advice.'
Gillian Jones KCRed Lion ChambersShe is a silk of outstanding ability: highly efficient, relentlessly hardworking and with impeccable judgement. As an advocate, she is fluent and hard-hitting and never loses the ear of the court.
Nicholas Medcroft KCFountain Court ChambersA very strong advocate, knowledgeable and bright.
Tim Owen KCMatrix Chambers ‘He is an outstanding KC - commercial and practical with the required gravitas to deal with complex issues. A star of the Bar.

2022 Silks

Rachel Barnes KCThree Raymond BuildingsShe provides very high-level written work and advice on strategy and is extremely hard working and accessible. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of this area, delivers focused cross-examination and has good negotiating skills.
Tim Green KCHenderson ChambersTim is a natural communicator, and has a fantastic ability to provide clear and succulent legal advice.

2023 Silks

Jonathan Lennon KCDoughty Street ChambersJonathan has sound judgement and is a passionate advocate. He has a firm focus on strengths of the case in his written submissions, and a good rapport with the bench.

Leading Juniors

James Fletcher5 St Andrews Hill ‘He has an excellent grasp of legal issues in this area, manages client expectations very well and is a strong advocate at court hearings.‘
Fiona Jackson33 Chancery LaneShe is meticulous, forensic in her approach and can be tough when she needs to be.
Ian Smith33 Chancery LaneHe always provides excellent service, is on top of the case, and knows this area of law.
Barry Stancombe33 Chancery LaneExcellent technical knowledge combined with being very user-friendly. A pleasure to work with.
Sarah Wood5 St Andrews HillSarah is unflappable with clients and on her feet, and a calm and assured presence in the midst of contentious litigation.
Nicholas YeoThree Raymond BuildingsNo-nonsense, user-friendly, efficient and very bright. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of POCA.
Anita CliffordRed Lion ChambersAnita is one of the strongest barristers there is in the anti-money laundering space. She is a leading junior and is enormously respected amongst the AML specialists in the City.
Catherine Collins33 Chancery LaneStraight-talking, thoughtful, diligent: a dependable team player and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Edward CravenMatrix ChambersEddie is a polymath. He is fantastically knowledgeable over a wide range of areas and brings an incisive intelligence to bear on all his case work.
Barnaby Hone 5 St Andrews Hill ‘He is a walking encyclopaedia in the fields of financial crime; he’s brilliant, hard-working, very clever, and he thinks outside the box.’
John McNamara5 St Andrews HillHis advocacy style is succinct and direct, but courteous at all times. He won't take bad points and always advances his case robustly and comprehensively.
Michael NewboldFoundry Chambers ‘Michael is instructed on some high-profile confiscation matters for the SFO and is highly regarded.’
Faisal Osman33 Chancery LaneVery user friendly and technically strong.
Penelope Small33 Chancery LanePenny has a no-nonsense approach. She provides robust advice in person and in writing, which instils tremendous assurance and confidence. She is quite simply a POCA powerhouse.
John Carl Townsend33 Chancery LaneSuperb technical knowledge of all POCA related issues and litigation. Nothing is too much trouble for him - a great work ethic and an outstandingly clever lawyer.
William Hays6KBW College Hill ‘Deep knowledge of POCA and the legal remedies available. Well-versed in bringing and defending challenges relating to the use of the state powers.’
Anna Keighley – 187 ChambersAnna is knowledgeable, diligent, exceptionally hardworking with superb people skills. Anna provides good practical advice and direction.
Tom Rainsbury3 Verulam BuildingsGood clear advocacy. He is fair and on point. He has a very good academic knowledge and knows the law on civil recovery like a book.
Benjamin Waidhofer – Foundry ChambersBen is a force to be reckoned with. He is a true fighter and has a no-nonsense attitude. He is a maverick in his thinking, but not cavalier with client’s instructions.

Rising Stars

Gemma Rose5 St Andrews HillGemma is very meticulous in preparing the advice for her client. Her attention to detail is excellent, and she demonstrates an outstanding knowledge of the law and procedures.

Proceeds of crime (POCA) and asset forfeiture in London Bar

33 Chancery Lane

33 Chancery Lane has particular strengths in restraint and confiscation cases and is ‘unsurpassed in quality for POCA related work‘. The set has recently been involved in numerous anti-money laundering matters, such as R v Baldwin, where Fiona Jackson acted on behalf of the Financial Conduct Authority in a rare confiscation order under s.27 of POCA in which the defendant was convicted in absence and remains at large. Catherine Collins also advised the Financial Conduct Authority in litigation concerning Operation Tiverton, a financial investigation regarding an individual’s unauthorised trading activity and associated money laundering. In matters relating to fraud, Martin Evans KC was instructed for confiscation proceedings following the conviction in R v Asplin, Kearns & Jones, a private prosecution by an insurance company against former directors who had conducted fraud for over a decade, while Kennedy Talbot KC acted for the trustees of a pension fund in the liquidation to pay an £8m confiscation order in the same matter. Mark Rainsford KC managed to restrain £48m of personal assets held by the defendants for the Crown Prosecution Service in the scope of Operation Salmon, an HMRC investigation into a fraud involving myriads of mini-umbrella companies.


‘Martin Adams is a very knowledgeable clerk who knows the capabilities of his excellent team of barristers inside out.’

‘Martin Adams is a very personable person and always there to help.’

‘The go to set for POCA and asset recovery work.’

’33 Chancery Lane has a great pool of talent in this area. No other set can provide the breadth and depth of Counsel that have such expertise in POCA and asset forfeiture.’

‘The leading set for POCA related litigation work.’

’33 Chancery Lane will always be the best POCA set in the country. they are now expanding their branches into complex fraud work.’

‘Leading set in the area and involved in most of the big cases.’

‘I have always found the clerks room to be very efficient, professional and courteous.’

Work highlights

6KBW College Hill

Criminal set 6KBW College Hill is considered ‘one of the top white collar and corporate crime sets in the country‘ with ‘universally excellent counsel‘ in the field of proceeds of crime. The set is particularly experienced in overseas applications and has acted in multi-million pound restraint and forfeiture applications from, among others, Egypt, Denmark, Finland and Kuwait. In this vein, David Perry KC is acting for the CPS in the case of Sarah Panitzke, described in the press as "the UK's most wanted woman", who is serving an eight-year sentence for money laundering offences and has an outstanding confiscation order of £2.5m. Jonathan Hall KC represented the National Crime Agency in R (Gater) v Westminster Magistrates Court, a judicial review by the former head of Russia's Alfa-Bank concerning an account freezing order - one of the first cases to consider possible breaches of sanctions against Russian individuals after its 2022 invasion of Ukraine.


‘Both Andrew Barnes and Mark Essex are a fantastic clerking team at the set. They are commercially minded, responsive and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Very helpful!’

‘Definitely one of the top white collar and corporate crime sets in the country, with exceptional counsel engaged both by the prosecution and defence.’

‘Strong set with real depth.’

‘Experience of a number of members of Chambers in the field of proceeds of crime has been of universally excellent counsel.’

‘Strong set with depth across range of seniority.’

Work highlights

Three Raymond Buildings

Hailed as a ‘go-to London set for all matters relating to criminal and regulatory law‘ with significant experience in restraint, confiscation and civil recovery proceedings, members of Three Raymond Buildings regularly act in leading cases. In Supreme Court case R v Andrewes, Jonathan Ashley-Norman KC acted for the respondent - both parties sought to amend a confiscation order in a CV fraud case; the person convicted arguing that if the employee performed satisfactory the benefit figure should be set at zero, while the CPS argued that the salary should be confiscated in full. The set continues to show strong activity in the area of account freezing orders and forfeitures; Hugo Keith KC acted for a high-profile Russian oligarch regarding sanctions-related account freezing orders in NCA v Westminster Magistrates Court, and in Fresh View Ltd v Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Nicholas Yeo acted for a company which had been ordered to forfeit its bank balance as it had been paid through an unregistered money service bureau.


‘Dean Brown responds rapidly to all enquiries and is always keen to secure instructions with competitive fee rates.’

‘The clerking at 3 Raymond Buildings is also unrivalled in any other criminal set. Nothing is too much trouble. I have never been let down and instruct the set very frequently indeed.’

‘Dean Brown is knowledgeable, courteous and extremely able. He really is very, very good at what he does.’

‘Premier division service.’

‘This is an excellent set with strength in depth. A go-to London set for all matters relating to criminal and regulatory law.’

‘Three Raymond Buildings possess an unrivalled array of talent from top to bottom.’

‘This set has a good number of highly talented individuals.’

Work highlights

3 Verulam Buildings

Best known as a commercial set with a proud track record in banking-related work among other areas, 3 Verulam Buildings is an ‘an increasing force in POCA work and asset forfeiture‘ with a particular focus on civil recovery work relating to proceeds of crime. Andrew Sutcliffe KC, who regularly acts for government agencies, was instructed by the National Crime Agency in National Crime Agency v Persons Unknown, with Barclays Bank as an interested party: in this unprecedented case, the court passed a summary judgment for £55m believed to be proceeds of crime held at Barclays, and gave permission to issue claim against 30,000 account holders as ‘persons unknown’. In the money laundering case NCA v Nuttall & ors, Anne Jeavons also acted for the National Crime Agency on the question of if proceeds of crime can be used to validly discharge a settlement agreement in lieu of the recovery of other proceeds of crime.


‘3VB is an increasing force in POCA work and asset forfeiture, with a number of its barristers gaining experience in the area.’

‘The clerking team is very responsive and good at dealing with court listing to get preferred hearing dates.’

Work highlights

5 St Andrews Hill

5 St Andrews Hill acts on all types of POCA matters and has ‘leading expert teams in extradition, financial crime and civil asset forfeiture‘. For example, Andrew Bird KC led Gemma Rose in FCA v Faithfull, where the team acted for the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to a boiler room fraud on account forfeiture applications, restraint orders and cross jurisdictional issues. Gary Pons was instructed by the prosecution in cases concerning forfeiture of cash and account forfeiture orders following a complex and lengthy investigation where the proceeds were believed to stem from evading Landfill Tax and VAT, obtained by falsification of records and off-book tipping and laundering, and Sarah Wood acted for the respondent in NCA v USA D&D International and Others on an application for the detention of £4m worth of gold seized at Heathrow in 2019 while en route from Venezuela to Switzerland, and assumed to be a money laundering attempt by South American drug cartels.


‘Great clerks: Dave Scothern is the senior clerk and is very professional and not pushy. Dean Cook is also excellent – very responsive.’

‘Gary Norton is my favourite clerk.’

‘We have always had great experience with their clerks’

‘Excellent – Dean Cook is very approachable.’

‘Dean Cook is an outstanding team member who works incredibly hard.’

‘5 St Andrew’s Hill is a fantastic set for POCA and Financial Crime, from Silk level down to the junior end of the junior Bar. ‘

‘They are great, from the clerks upwards.’

‘The chambers are excellent; they are available to provide counsel also at very short notice.’

Work highlights