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Leading Silks

Neil Cameron KC – Landmark Chambers  ‘Neil takes complex issues and simplifies them so that they are easily understood by clients, inspectors, judges and opponents!  He is able to address the most bizarre left field questions and answer them easily and in a reassuring way.’
Morag Ellis KCFrancis Taylor Building  'Morag has very strong analytical skills with an ability to distil advice on complex regulation in a way that identifies the most important issues concisely. She also has an extremely valuable practical knowledge of corporate governance issues, which assists greatly on public law matters and is equally at home advising on policy and regulation in both England and Wales.'
David Elvin KC – Landmark Chambers  'David's particular strengths are his advocacy skills. One knows when instructing him that one has an excellent advocate on their team who can be relied on to deliver a first rate service for the client. He delivers incredibly clear, concise and commercial; advice. He is incredibly bright but also down to earth and a joy to work with.'
Michael Humphries KC –Francis Taylor Building  ‘Michael’s knowledge is encyclopaedic, and he is able to condense a lot of complex information into terms easily digestible by the client.’
Christopher Katkowski KCKings ChambersAn excellent technical lawyer who is highly regarded and recommended.
James Maurici KC – Landmark Chambers 'James is able to combine his exemplary, specialist knowledge in order to provide a first-class service. Furthermore, his calm but confident method of delivery reassures clients.'
Timothy Mould KC – Landmark Chambers  'Tim is an exceptional advocate and has the total confidence of clients. Tim is approachable, calm, and extremely hard working; he is very clever and able to get across complicated legal issues in a way that can be readily understood, and he has a personable manner.'
Hereward Phillpot KC –Francis Taylor Building  ‘Hereward dispenses very clear advice both orally and in writing, using his ability to review, absorb and analyse a lot of information. He can shepherd a large client team who are not used to the consenting process through key issues and public hearings.’
Sasha White KC – Landmark Chambers  ‘Sasha is absolutely the best, he is a pleasure to work with and always makes everyone at ease, even junior members of the client team.  His advocacy is top notch and he brings a personal approach to matters, which is well regarded.’
Paul Brown KC – Landmark Chambers  ‘Paul is very thorough and cuts to the issues. He is academically very strong, as well as being commercial. His advocacy is excellent and he is a very good team player.’
Timothy Corner KC – Landmark Chambers ‘Tim is a strong advocate. He has gravitas, focuses on key issues and is able to develop rapport with inspectors and provide clear strategic advice.’
Dan Kolinsky KC – Landmark Chambers  'Daniel combines a ferocious intellect with clear and well structured advocacy, always presented in a friendly, readily accessible manner. He is also genuinely good at working with opponents. He is a hugely impressive practitioner.'
Richard Harwood KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Richard has very detailed planning knowledge, and great drafting and advocacy skills; he is a go-to barrister.’
John Steel KC – 39 Essex Chambers ‘John is very good at getting into the detail of a case.’
Paul Stinchcombe KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Paul is astonishingly quick to identify the key issues and develop coherent and persuasive arguments. He combines his hardworking nature with outstanding intellect and is a pleasure to work with.’
Reuben Taylor KC – Landmark Chambers 'Reuben is excellent to work with and shows an excellent grasp of technical issues. His case preparation is very thorough and he works extremely hard with witness teams to make the best possible case.'
Stephen Tromans KC – 39 Essex Chambers 'Stephen is known as the godfather of environmental law and increasingly, planning where the two intersect. He is encyclopaedic in his knowledge, and he's a lot of fun to work with.  Stephen can the most complicated of issues seem really clear and has great skill in helping set a strategy.'
Charles Banner KCKeating Chambers  'Charles is responsive, proactive, willing to lead to draft, great advocate and strategist.''Charles is brilliant on all counts; excellent oral and written advice and outstanding advocacy skills. He is very likeable as well.'
Michael Bedford KC –Cornerstone Barristers ‘Michael is very well prepared for conferences and hearings. He has a no nonsense approach, knows how to pitch the case at examination hearings, and has a great eye for detail.’
Alexander Booth KC – Francis Taylor Building  'Alexander is super smart, on top of all the detail, and never loses sight of the big picture. He has a persuasive and incisive advocacy style, but is also down to earth. Alexander is a true team player and is easy to work with.' 
Christopher Boyle KC – Landmark Chambers  ‘Christopher is outstanding. He has excellent technical skills, is extremely hardworking, is a clear thinker and adroit at focussing on the detail of a case. He is an excellent advocate and possesses an unflappable style, a total mastery of the details of a case, and meticulous cross-examination skills.’
Thomas Cosgrove KC –Cornerstone Barristers 'Tom's advocacy is calm, considered, and to the point. He is excellent at instilling confidence in clients and has a very realistic view of prospects and outcomes.'
David Forsdick KC –Landmark Chambers  'David has the ability to find a new approach to an issue and to find a way through to the desired end, whilst keeping the team enthusiastic. He is exceptional at simultaneously being deeply involved in the detail of the case and seeing the bigger picture.'
Robert Griffiths KC –Six Pump CourtRobert is a powerful and confident advocate in court and expert in his field.’
Thomas Hill KC  – 39 Essex ChambersTom is very diligent in his approach, particularly in heritage related matters and housing. He is a pleasure to work with.’
Gregory Jones KC – Francis Taylor Building 'Gregory is a tenacious and determined advocate. He wins the respect of judges, other advocates and clients.'
Graeme Keen KC – Landmark Chambers  'Graeme is very thorough, gets to the key issues straightaway and adds value from the outset with insightful and experienced input on overall strategy. His eye for the detail is perfectly balanced with a pragmatic and commercial outlook. He is an absolute star and a pleasure to work with.'
John Litton KC – Landmark Chambers  'John's strengths are delivering clear and reasoned advice, and being extremely client focused. John's advocacy is exceptional, his grasp of detail, allied with his understanding of the key strategic issues is highly impressive. His cross examination of witnesses is forensic.'
Matthew Reed KC – Landmark Chambers  'Matthew's strengths are unquestionably his forensic approach to matters, twinned with his calm an unflappable manner. He manages to balance his very friendly and open nature with a strong air of authority. Matthew's advice, both oral and written, is always clear and thoroughly researched.' 
Andrew Tabachnik KC – 39 Essex Chambers 'Andrew is a great advocate with razor sharp attention to detail. He brings real passion and life to a project.'
Andrew Tait KC –Francis Taylor Building  ‘Andrew is incredibly hard working, immaculately well prepared, and always on top of the case. He creates imaginative solutions, sees the target, and steers the client to it. He inspires confidence in the whole team and his advocacy skills are understated, he just gets on with it and allows the arguments to do the talking.’
Richard Wald KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Richard is a superb barrister whose recent silk appointment was well deserved; he exudes a style which is measured, considered, exactly on the point and very persuasive. One of the most effective advocates, but most particularly in the High Court where his intellectual brilliance and gifted advocacy make him stand out as a true star.’
Robert Walton KC – Landmark Chambers  'Robert is commercially astute, user-friendly, clear and concise in his legal points and very helpful.''Robert is very approachable, calm, and efficient. He has excellent advocacy skills.'
Craig Howell Williams KC –Francis Taylor BuildingThe trust you can place in the quality of his case preparation is without comparison – and that thoroughness shines through with the clients come the execution of the case at the inquiry of hearing.’
Simon Bird KC –Francis Taylor Building  ‘Simon is very assured and calm with a wealth of experience. He takes a measured approach to analysis and the determination of next steps, and is very mindful of the competing objectives of the client and the project. His advocacy is particularly smooth, with Simon being completely able to take the lead on matters during an examination and to provide confidence to the panel and his team.’ 
Andrew Fraser-Urquhart KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘Andrew brings clarity to complex issues and is very easy to work with. He is calm and considered and understands the client’s strategic objectives, and has been extremely accommodating in dealing with urgent matters. He is a pleasure to work with and clients have absolute faith in his advice.’
Stephen Hockman KC –Six Pump Court ‘Stephen is a heavy weight KC who has always come out on top. His advisory work is excellent and he has represented clients in the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Stephen is a go-to leading counsel’
Scott Lyness KC – Landmark ChambersScott is responsive, considered and straight talking. He is competitive, thoughtful, and leads junior colleagues very effectively on complex cases.’
Paul Shadarevian KC –Cornerstone Barristers 'Paul provides excellent advocacy for the council. He is very clear in his approach and has an unhurried and authoritative style of advocacy.'
William Upton KC – Six Pump Court  ‘There is probably no issue or problem in planning law for which William cannot give you a clear, cogent, helpful and client focused answer. He is a formidable intellect, but nevertheless approachable and personable. He always gets swiftly to the root of the matter at hand.’
David Wolfe KC –Matrix Chambers  ‘David is a well regarded public law practitioner, with expertise in high-profile planning and environmental cases. He has a persuasive style, which is effective with judges.’

2022 Silks

Estelle Dehon KC – Cornerstone Barristers ‘Estelle is superb; She often represents individuals and communities up against difficult odds and well-funded opponents and has an impressive record of success. Her advocacy is top-notch and she is a pleasure to work with.’
Melissa Murphy KC – Francis Taylor Building ‘Melissa is a brilliant advocate. She leaves no stone unturned and grasps the most complex matters very quickly. Melissa is excellent with clients and always gives advice with the client’s strategic concerns and objectives in mind.’

Leading Juniors

Wayne Beglan  –Cornerstone Barristers 'Wayne is always calm, measured and impeccably prepared. In terms of advocacy, Wayne is on the right side of confident and builds a good rapport with inspectors and judges.'
Celina Colquhoun  – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Celina is a skilful advocate who is able to build rapport with instructing solicitors and wider client teams. She is an impressive cross-examiner – she is thorough and thinks strategically.’
Richard Moules  – Landmark Chambers  'Richard is an outstanding barrister who commands tremendous respect amongst those who have the pleasure to work alongside him. He displays an exceptional understanding of planning law enabling him to consistently provide high calibre advice. Richard is calm, approachable and responsive, clearly advising on key issues and risks.'
Zack Simons Landmark Chambers  'Zack is fantastic at working with teams, setting and conveying the strategy for the appeal and is also a brilliant advocate. He is incredibly adept at subtly charming concessions out of witnesses, which can be pivotal to the case.' 
Guy Williams  –Landmark Chambers  ‘Guy is a leading junior, he’s thorough, calm, and gives clear advice - a first class and exceptional advocate combining genuine charm with huge but worn-lightly intelligence and great skill.’
Christiaan Zwart – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Christiaan has good and very detailed knowledge of the DCO procedure.’
Mark Beard  – Six Pump Court 'Mark's hand on the tiller is a reassurance to clients, as is his manner.  His advocacy is incisive and gets to the root of the case.'
Sasha Blackmore  –Landmark Chambers  'Sasha is incredibly thorough and will fight a difficult case tooth and nail. She is both creative and experienced.'
James Burton – 39 Essex Chambers ‘James is able to condense very complex and complicated information or advice into a manageable and digestible form. He is quick to respond with well thought out and considered advice, which clearly addresses all areas.’
Jonathan Clay  – Cornerstone Barristers ‘Jonathan has a great strength in being able to look past the details at the overall goal and then to re-examine those minutiae to achieve the desired result. He also has an exceptional ability to lead a team from within, with his friendly and approachable manner.’
Hugh Flanagan  – Francis Taylor Building  'Hugh is a very good advocate. He is fair as an opponent and is succinct, articulate, and intellectual. Hugh has good knowledge of planning law.' 
Leon Glenister  –Landmark Chambers  ‘Leon is incredibly bright, thorough and personable.  He goes the extra mile, seeing arguments others miss. He sets out a case both on paper and in court incredibly clearly, with a persuasive and inevitable logic. Equally, if he thinks that a case is weak, he has no qualms explaining that to the client. He is a first choice barrister and is always reassuring.’
Edward Grant  –Cornerstone Barristers 'Ed is thorough, tenacious and precise.  His advocacy is direct, he is surgical in cross-examination, and he instils clients with confidence and trust.'
Victoria Hutton  – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Victoria’s knowledge and expertise in planning law is probably unrivalled by those of her age and experience.’
Meyric Lewis  –Francis Taylor Building  ‘Meyric has the ability to rapidly assimilate facts and provide clear opinions that clients understand easily. He is a tenacious cross examiner.’
Juan Lopez  –39 Essex Chambers 'Juan has an unrivalled depth of knowledge.  He is unflappable and a safe pair of hands.  He reads the Tribunal well and delivers with clarity and logic in a complex field.'
Stephen Morgan  –Landmark Chambers 'Stephen has a thorough understanding of planning and environmental law; he makes his advice and advocacy accessible and understandable when explaining matters to consultants and clients alike.'
Sarah Sackman – Matrix Chambers  'Sarah is great to work with, approachable, and when instructed slots in seamlessly as part of the local authority team. She is extremely knowledgeable on planning and local government law, and is a brilliant advocate, both in written advice and on her feet.'
Anne Williams  – Six Pump Court  ‘Anne is very personable and thorough.  She puts lay clients at ease from the outset, explaining the processes and intricacies of appeal and inquiry procedures. She is a skilled cross examiner who can be incisive, whilst being polite. She also produces well researched and prepared legal opinions.'
Giles Atkinson  – Six Pump Court 'Giles has strong technical knowledge and provides sound advice. He works very well with clients.'
Rebecca Clutten  – Francis Taylor Building  'Rebecca is outstandingly diligent and supportive; intelligent and enthusiastic; and good on her feet. She is fun to work with and is the leading junior of her generation at the planning bar.'
Merrow Golden  – Francis Taylor Building  ‘Merrow has a busy and thriving practice as a junior and is always in demand.  She’s really good at bringing ideas from her wide experience to bear on a case.  Merrow has a built-up an impressive track record in acting in planning and environmental judicial reviews in the high court, but also has a good practice in inquiry and tribunal advocacy where she is an effective cross-examiner.’
Alex Goodman – Landmark Chambers  ‘Alex is one of the best advocates of his generation. In court he is on a par, if not better than most silks.  His planning knowledge is strong and he always has an eye for a novel legal argument.  He is a ‘go-to’ barristers regarding planning law.’
Daniel Stedman Jones  – 39 Essex Chambers  ‘Daniel is always very thorough and his advice is always clear and concise. Clients always like him as he is always on their side and manages their expectations well. On his feet Daniel is always impressive, his advocacy skills are finely tuned and well measured and he is skilful in his delivery.’
Emmaline Lambert  – Cornerstone Barristers 'Emmaline is very organised and always delivers on time. She is very personable, with a robust but friendly and supportive manner. Her cross examination is perfectly judged, incisive, and unflinching. Emmaline's closing statements are the stuff of legends; they are clear and passionate, delivered in her own inimitable style.'
Kate Olley – Francis Taylor Building  'Kate is a superb advocate, who speaks and writes with great clarity; she is persuasive and sees things with a focus others don't have. Kate is first-class. '
Jack Parker  – Cornerstone Barristers 'Jack is excellent to work with due to his ability to quickly assess the case and set out arguments for the inquiry. Jack works well with all witnesses and enables them to feel at ease, particularly in preparation for cross-examination.'
Andrew Parkinson  – Landmark Chambers  ‘Andrew quickly acquires a mastery of complex, technical evidence, has a superb grasp of all aspects of planning law, and his written advice is of the highest order. Andrew is extremely popular with clients, who express appreciation for the outstanding service he provides, including his clear, concise, commercially focused advice. He is a successful advocate, with excellent cross-examination skills, a complete mastery of the details of a case with his efficient, thorough, and engaging approach.’
Asitha Ranatunga  – Cornerstone Barristers 'Asitha is somebody who can provide excellent advice and finds pragmatic solution to the most complicated problem. He is very robust with his advocacy and leaves no stones unturned in his preparation for hearings. His advice is thorough and complete.'  
Heather Sargent  –Landmark Chambers  ‘Heather is a persuasive and intelligent advocate. She has an intelligent, pragmatic approach to issues, and works well in large multi-disciplinary teams. She has the ability to absorb and analyse large amounts of information and offer insightful commentary, and has strong credibility with client team. Clients feel they are in very safe hands.’
Mark Westmoreland Smith – Francis Taylor Building  'Mark has a great depth of knowledge on DCOs and is a safe pair of hands.  He is very client friendly and provides sound and authoritative advice.  He does not over-complicate matters and is always pragmatic.  Mark's amenable and calm manner goes down particularly well with examiners, and indeed clients.  He is always responsive and supportive of team members.'
Nicola Strachan  –Six Pump Court  ‘Nichola provides very clear advice, helpful guidance on the appeal process, and is reliable.'
Charles Streeten  –Francis Taylor Building  ‘Charles is a firm favourite. He is extremely user-friendly, making every effort to meet the client and professional team’s needs, and his advice is always clear, decisive and top drawer; particularly given his breadth of experience in planning, environmental and administrative law. He is a true all-rounder and well loved by clients and solicitors alike.’ 
Isabella Tafur  – Francis Taylor Building  'Isabella is technically excellent, with a calm and reassuring manner.  While very easy to work with, she retains a distinct gravitas and marshals professional teams deftly towards a common goal.  Her advice is clear, pragmatic and turned around at a lightening pace.  Isabella consistently exceeds expectations.'
Harriet Townsend  – Cornerstone Barristers 'Harriet is a very intelligent barrister who quickly grasps the complex issues surrounding a matter. She is methodical and intuitive and able to set out issues and solutions in a way which is accessible to a variety of disciplines including the legal team.  Harriet's advocacy is composed and sharp. She is able to navigate to the heart of a matter, taking all parties with her in an exceptionally clear way.'
Richard Turney  – Landmark Chambers  'Richard is truly exceptional. His analytical and technical skills are superb and he is a compelling advocate with a really incisive and persuasive style. He combines this with practical advice and willingness to help and support the wider project team.  Clients are always really impressed.'
Stephen Whale  – Landmark Chambers 'Stephen provides sound pragmatic advice without flannel. His style of advocacy  reflects this no-nonsense approach in that he is direct, sets out his arguments clearly so that they are easily understood, and free of ambiguity.'
Robert Williams  – Cornerstone Barristers ‘Rob has a very strong attention to detail, and a critical eye for inquiry evidence.  He can assimilate complex technical data and present it as compelling and persuasive arguments.  Rob has an extraordinary ability to give confidence to seasoned and new expert witnesses at appeal, and he can galvanise a team around an argument.’
Katherine Barnes  – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Katherine is a conscientious and focused barrister, who understands what needs to be achieved and thoughtful in considering all aspects – she is excellent overall and provides clear, pragmatic, user friendly and commercial advice.’
Michael Brendan Brett  - Francis Taylor Building  'Michael is very technically savvy and knows his way around case law impressively well for a young junior barrister.'
Noémi ByrdSix Pump Court  ‘She grasps the main problems in a case extremely quickly and advises accordingly – she can pick up cases extremely well coping with all the curve balls thrown at her in inquiry.
Matthew Dale-Harris  - Landmark Chambers  'Matthew exhibits excellent attention to detail and picks up matters quickly. His advocacy skills are excellent, very clear, and precise.'
Caroline Daly  –Francis Taylor Building  'Caroline is extremely detailed in her preparation, considers every angle, and is not afraid to go in for the kill on her feet. She is popular and charming with clients and not afraid of any amount of heavy lifting, even on mammoth CPOs. Caroline is an absolute go to for technical CPO queries.' 
Jonathan Darby  – 39 Essex Chambers  ‘Jon has a superb legal mind, an incisive way of getting to the heart of a problem, and is wholly unflappable. He has star quality. He is a go-to choice when a specialist planning junior is needed, and he has worked on a number of high value, tricky cases.’
Esther Drabkin-Reiter  - Francis Taylor Building  'Esther is sharp, informed, and very able. She is a genuine team player who is open, honest, and generous with her time.'
Ben Du Feu  – Cornerstone Barristers 'Ben is a committed, talented and impressive barrister. He is an impressive advocate who is incisive, clear, and well-rounded in his legal advice. His pleadings get straight to the point and argue the case persuasively and coherently. He is a pleasure to work with and has a professional and disciplined attitude. '
Anjoli Foster  - Landmark Chambers  'Anjoli's intellect and technical knowledge is first class and beyond question. She is also extremely diligent and practical. She applies all these elements in an extremely user friendly manner that makes her a real pleasure to instruct and deal with. Anjoli is absolutely one to watch for the future.'
Matthew Fraser  – Landmark Chambers  'Matt is an excellent barrister with a detailed knowledge of law and is particularly good with clients.  His advocacy skills are calm and collected, delivered in a structured and methodological manner, which is very compelling.'
Michael Fry  –Francis Taylor Building  'Michael is always extrememly personable and unflappable even under pressure. His advice and advocacy is clear and concise and delivery was pitch perfect, never over the top but always firm and to the point.'
Philippa Jackson  – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Philippa is hard working, pushes her point, and is good in front of judges.’
Ruchi Parekh  – Cornerstone Barristers 'Ruchi is very clever, a superb advocate who can see the bigger picture and key points in a case. Ruchi's advocacy is concise, focused, and very impressive.'
Clare Parry  – Cornerstone Barristers ‘Clare is understated excellence – no courtroom theatrics, just an intellectual force to be reckoned with. She is patient with clients and a careful assessor of risk, but has X-ray vision for strengths and weaknesses of the other side’s case and will go for the jugular.’
Vivienne Sedgley – 4-5 Gray's Inn Square ‘Vivienne delivers straightforward and conspicuously fair advocacy’
Yaaser Vanderman  – Landmark Chambers  ‘Yaaser is technically excellent, and quick to respond. He is a solid advocate who is calm, assured, and accurate, and dispenses clear advice whilst commanding the respect of clients.’

Rising Stars

Mark Davies   - Six Pump Court  'Mark is focussed and extremely thorough with a reasonable and rapidly increasing depth of knowledge in the area of environment and planning, including regulatory and enforcement matters, covering some complex and difficult areas of law. He is confident in his advocacy skills and is a skilful negotiator in seeking an acceptable outcome for his clients, being very pragmatic in his approach. He is very approachable and also easily relatable.'
John Fitzsimons  – Cornerstone Barristers 'John is knowledgeable, with good judgment; his advocacy is clear and concise. He is easy to work with and puts clients at ease.' 
Nick Grant  – Landmark Chambers ‘Nick is very personable and works well with client teams. He has a thorough grasp of the cases he advises on, and his advocacy skills are excellent. He calmly and confidently takes clients through the case.’
Daisy Noble  - Francis Taylor Building  'Daisy is an extremely bright and hardworking junior barrister. She has a really great written style in advice, pleadings and submissions and manages to get right to the heart of the problem with a precision that belies her junior years. Daisy is a clear and pursuasive advocate who clients adore and opponents respect. Watch this space, she is a star in the making!'

Planning in London Bar

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is of ‘exceptionally high quality‘ and serves as a ‘one-stop shop‘ for clients seeking advice on a wide variety of planning matters. The members of the set display a huge ‘breadth of experience and quality‘ when advising on redevelopments, airport expansions, and infrastructure projects. James Strachan KC acted for CEG Land Promotions III (UK) Ltd in a significant statutory challenge to Harrogate’s local plan for a new settlement in Flaxby Park Ltd v Harrogate BC & CEG; moreover, Strachan KC and Victoria Hutton, instructed by HS2 Ltd, successfully defended injunction proceedings and a judicial review against the grant of a protected species license by Natural England in the High Court. James Burton  acted as sole counsel to RB Kingston upon Thames in a four week planning inquiry concerning the Tolworth Tower complex and the aspects relating to dwelling mix and viability. A number of members acted in Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd v Secretary of State for TransportRichard Harwood KC and Christiaan Zwart acted for Historic England, whilst Strachan KC appeared for the Secretary of State for Transport, and Hutton represented a consortium of archeologists called Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site. The case involved challenging the Secretary of State’s controversial grant of a development consent order for the construction of a tunnel beneath Stonehenge.



‘This is my go to set for planning, environmental and admin law.  They have excellent depth and are a one-stop shop for planning and environment work’

‘Wonderfully inclusive and collaborative set of chambers who nurture real talent- a real extension of the team.’

‘It is one of the principal planning sets the bar and is of exceptionally high quality. Its clerks are generally recognised to be some of if not the best at the Planning Bar and the breadth of experience and quality of its barristers is at the highest level.’

’39 Essex is a market leading planning set. It has excellent strength in depth, from silks through to juniors. Whenever I have instructed them, I have always felt confident as to their experience and expertise.’

’39 Essex is a stand out chambers for public and planning law. They really excel in this field.’


‘Andy Poyser is the King of Clerks -he is supremely knowledgeable and knows his barristers’ CVs and experience inside out.’

”The clerks’ room is generally very strong, and excellent at processing instructions.’

‘Fantastic, professional, and friendly clerks are always available to assist.’

‘Clerking at 39 is always responsive, friendly and obliging. Andrew Poyser is the best clerk at the bar. He leads some very good junior clerks who are quickly learning the ropes.’

Work highlights

    Six Pump Court

    Six Pump Court provides a ‘personal standard of care’ and hosts ‘excellent advocates at all levels’ who advise on a full spectrum of planning matters, complemented by additional regulatory and criminal expertise. Over the past year, Robert Griffiths KC acted in Appeal by Island Gas Ltd, Ellesmere Port, a significant public inquiry which examined the interconnection between climate change and shale gas development. Anne Williams  appeared at an planning inquiry on behalf of Christ Hospital School concerning a multi-million pound project which is supported by Sports England.



    ‘Six Pump Court has a real strength and depth of quality counsel for planning and public law matters, from top silks to new pupils, there are excellent advocates at all levels.’

    ‘Six Pump Court is small enough to give a personal standard of care, and large enough to offer a range of advocates to suit your case.’

    ‘This is a very friendly chambers with outstanding members who are always willing to help.’


    ‘The clerking at this set is very good. In terms of timeliness of responses and assistance to those instructing they are as good as it gets.’

    ‘The clerks at 6 Pump Court are very responsive and helpful.’

    ‘The clerks should be regarded as a particular strength of these chambers, they are always dealing with matters promptly and professionally, and with great client care.’

    ‘The clerks are always extremely helpful and friendly, and adopt a ‘can-do’ approach. Ryan Barrow and Richard Constable are very personable and always provide an excellent service.’

    Work highlights

      Cornerstone Barristers

      The ‘fantastic range of barristers’ at Cornerstone Barristers use their ‘excellent skills and expertise in the planning law field’ to advise a variety of clients on a full scope of cases. The chambers utilises its extensive sector knowledge of public law, energy, property, and local government law to bolster its planning offering. Michael Bedford KC acted for Suffolk CC in the Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station DCO Examination, concerning the eponymous power plant. In addition to this, Richard Ground KC successfully represented Twickenham Studios in the Twickenham Film Studios Arlington Works Planning Inquiry regarding a scheme which endangered the future of the historic film studio. Thomas Cosgrove KC successfully defended a judicial review claim for Mid Suffolk DC regarding an attempt which sought to quash planning permission for a 300-dwelling scheme in Ewans v Mid Suffolk DCWayne Beglan  acted for Hackney Council in a series of  cases which involved a judicial review, an appeal to the Court of Appeal, and an eight day planning inquiry appeal; the string of matters ultimately concerned prohibitory and mandatory injunctions against art installations which were installed at commercial premises. 



      ‘Cornerstone have a good group of barristers with excellent skills and expertise in the planning law field. I would not hesitate to instruct any of their specialists in this field.’

      ‘Cornerstone Barristers have always been my go to, having worked with a variey of barristers within the chambers, each assisting with different aspects of planning and being able to support whichever case they are required.’

      ‘The level of experience amongst it members is very impressive.  I have had the opportunity to work with other barristers in the same chambers and have found them to all be knowledgeable and approachable.’

      ‘Cornerstone has a fantastic range of barristers, from silks to junior juniors, who are regularly instructed in some of the biggest and notable planning cases.’


      ‘The clerks are all friendly, very approachable and efficient.’

      ‘The clerks at Cornerstone are particularly strong in their communication, and have always ensured a timely response.’

      ‘The clerks provide a fantastic service, and are extremely reliable and easy to work with.’

      Work highlights

        Francis Taylor Building

        Francis Taylor Building is ‘excellent, with considerable strength in depth‘ when it comes to planning matters, with members who are ‘second to none and excellent to work with‘. Known for their expertise in infrastructure, members advise on energy projects, highways, and residential schemes. Melissa Murphy KC successfully acted for the Mayor of London in West Ferry Printworks, a politically divisive public inquiry concerning the impact the redevelopment scheme would have on the setting of Tower Bridge, in addition to complex viability matters. Michael Humphries KC and Mark Westmoreland Smith  appeared for EfW Group Ltd in the Wheelabrator DCO Challenge against the Secretary of State’s decision to grant consent for an extension to an energy from waste project, but to withhold consent for a new one. Hereward Phillpot KC  acted for BP in the promotion of Net Zero Teesside, a carbon capture and storage scheme of national importance. Saira Kabir Sheikh KC acted for the appellants, and Charles Streeten for the respondent, in Ikram v Secretary of State for Housing and Communities & Another at the Court of Appeal. The case confirmed that the permitted use of land must be limited to the use which was applied for; the appellants sought to reverse the decision to quash planning permission for the use of land as a mosque.



        ‘They have enormous strength in depth, and are a top set in the field. I would be confident in recommending this set to my most important clients. They are always thinking ahead to how this field of law might evolve and change.’

        ‘Having worked with many members of the FTB set, I have found them to be excellent, with considerable strength in depth in planning matters, which they specialise in. They are always my go-to set.’

        ‘FTB is the top set of chambers for planning with some really excellent barristers.’

        ‘Francis Taylor Building are known as the leading Chambers for infrastructure planning work for a reason, they have the most experienced and generally most skilled barristers in this area of work. This applies equally to the KCs and also to the juniors in chambers. In particular, the juniors are very confident in their work and provide a very good and timely service.’

        ‘I have worked with FTB for decades and have found their planning barristers to be second to none and excellent to work with.’


        ‘The clerks are particularly good and user-friendly. Uniquely amongst clerks at the sets we use they are also commercial in their business development activities and are willing to explore opportunities for collaboration and work referrals.’

        ‘Friendly, accessible and proactive. Dealing with them is a great experience.’

        ‘The Clerks are always helpful, responsive and very efficient.’

        ‘Very attentive clerks. Great to work with.  Paul Coveney is very down to earth and goes out of his way to ensure a consistent excellent service.’

        Work highlights

          Landmark Chambers

          Pre-eminent planning setLandmark Chambers is home to an ‘unrivalled breadth of talent’ as exhibited by its ‘highly impressive’ clerks, ‘heavyweight silks with outstanding capabilities’, and skilled junior barristers. The members display ‘great strength in depth’ across all areas of planning law, featuring heavily in significant inquiries, and promoting new towns and urban extensions in addition to mixed-use developments across the country. In the past year, Dan Kolinsky KC represented LB Southwark in R (Flynn) v LB Southwark, successfully defending the challenge against a major regeneration project to replace the Elephant & Castle shopping centre at first instance and in the Court of Appeal. David Elvin KC represented Raycliff Whitechapel in the Whitechapel Bell Foundry call-in inquiry, which involved consideration of heritage benefits contrasted with harms regarding the restoration and refurbishment proposals for the former bell foundry. Anjoli Foster  successfully represented Brighton and Hove CC in the Brighton Marina inquiry which concerned the opposition to a major redevelopment, whilst Matthew Fraser represented the Whitstable Oyster Company in their appeal against an enforcement notice requiring the removal of metal trestles for oyster cultivation.



          ‘A first class set for all planning and environmental work; they are a permanent go-to, and have been for over a decade. Peerless.’

          ‘Landmark are the go-to set for planning law. Great strength in depth across all levels.’

          ‘Landmark Chambers is the pre-eminent planning set. It has an extraordinary, unrivalled breadth of talent showcased in its extensive range of heavyweight silk with outstanding capabilities, supported by a large team of skilled juniors, rendering it unbeatable in its field.’

          ‘Landmark is an excellent chambers. The depth and range of its counsel is impressive. They are planning experts and work tirelessly to further the debate and clarify legal issues in the planning arena.’


          ‘The clerks at Landmark are fantastic.  They are willing and able to assist with all matters and respond quickly and efficiently.’

          ‘The clerks are extremely impressive. They provide a very efficient service and are always a pleasure to deal with. Mike Gooch, in particular, is exemplary; he is so responsive and unfailingly helpful.’

          ‘The clerking is highly impressive. Nothing is too much trouble. The clerks are well-versed in planning procedures. They always respond very quickly, are helpful and good humoured. Kevin Squires is one of the most experienced clerks at the Planning Bar. Jason Allen is an outstanding clerk.’

          ‘The service from the clerks is exceptional, they can always be relied upon to assist in an emergency. They are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile.’

          Work highlights