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Leading Silks

Neil Cameron QC - Landmark ChambersAn excellent communicator, distilling complex facts and summarising well for the client, answering questions posed in instructions very clearly, always finding a practical solution where there is one to be found.
Morag Ellis QC - Francis Taylor BuildingPragmatic, calm, approachable and very effective advocate. Very strong in Wales.
David Elvin QC - Landmark ChambersDavid is one of the outstanding intellects in the field. He has the mental capacity to take on multiple complex mandates and performs to the highest possible standard. Clients have enormous confidence in his abilities particularly on projects involving a bet the ranch position. His collection of rare skills means he is in high demand.
Russell Harris QC - Landmark ChambersVery well-respected for commercial, residential and retail development. He cuts through the detail in clear and concise manner. Well-liked by clients.
Michael Humphries QC - Francis Taylor BuildingMichael has a knowledge of the infrastructure planning regime that is second to none. He has a good strategic approach to the giving of advice and a nice collaborative nature. He is always accessible and puts clients at ease. Similarly he works well and collaboratively with other counsel brought in to assist in his cases.
Christopher Katkowski QC - Kings ChambersExcellent technical lawyer who is highly regarded and recommended.
James Maurici QC - Landmark ChambersJames is a first-rate advocate. He is extremely sharp and is quick to drive down into the key issues and form a clear view on strategy with the client’s objectives in mind. His advocacy style is flexible and can move effortlessly from being combative to conciliatory. He has a real way with words and manages to straddle the complex line between entertaining advocacy and maintaining gravitas.
Tim Mould QC - Landmark ChambersAn expert in his field, with an exceptional client manner.
Hereward Phillpot QC - Francis Taylor BuildingHereward has unparalleled, absolute focus and outstanding intellectual acumen which inspires total trust in his advice. A 'client care champion' who always finds time for urgent advice.
James Strachan QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe has an excellent style, is tenacious and very easy to deal with.
Rupert Warren QC - Landmark ChambersAn excellent communicator with a commercial edge. He builds great rapport with clients and delivers very clear advice.
Paul Brown QC - Landmark ChambersPaul is in the very top echelon of planning silks. Paul is an excellent advocate both at planning appeals and in High Court matters. He is extremely approachable, flexible and responsive. He combines real intellectual gravitas with a friendly manner which is very reassuring for clients and instructing solicitors alike.
Timothy Corner QC - Landmark ChambersTim is a star - well-prepared and meticulous, he listens well and provides counsel of great integrity. He works well with project teams and is prepared to give a plain view of the weaknesses of a case, then chart a course to address them.
Dan Kolinsky QC - Landmark ChambersDan is able to formulate complex arguments in a palatable way. An engaging advocate loved by clients who is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Richard Harwood OBE QC - 39 Essex ChambersA superb technical lawyer. His opinions carry weight due to reputation and the various books that he has written on various aspects of the subject. He is also willing to be creative in finding solutions and to work with a team. A very strong litigator.
Saira Kabir Sheikh QC - Francis Taylor BuildingA client friendly and pragmatic barrister, she is an excellent solution driven advocate with bags of charm.
John Steel QC - 39 Essex ChambersHis strengths include attention to detail, a commercial approach and outlook, insightful inputs, legal expertise and the fact he is readily approachable. He is very much a team player.
Paul Stinchcombe QC - 39 Essex ChambersPaul gives a case everything - completely focused and in command of his brief.
Andrew Tait QC - Francis Taylor BuildingAndrew is a brilliant planning and compulsory purchase Silk at the top of his game. He is completely professional, works very hard and is immaculately well-prepared. He sees the core elements of a case - i.e. how to win for his client – and pursues it. He is calm, polite, thoughtful and anxious to hear other views from professional advisers before coming to his view. In short, solicitors can recommend Andrew unhesitatingly to their clients, knowing he will give them a first rate service.
Reuben Taylor QC - Landmark ChambersReuben is genuinely first-class. He is always brilliantly prepared and thorough. He cuts through to the chase and delivers on-point, commercially astute legal advice. Reuben is an outstanding advocate both in court and in the inquiry room and combines a first-class mind with real approachability. He has a great sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with.
Stephen Tromans QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is a go-to lawyer for anything in the waste sector. Beyond that, he has a comprehensive knowledge of planning and environmental planning issues, which make him eminently suited to large infrastructure work. He is extremely responsive and user friendly, which is always very welcome.
Peter Village QC - 39 Essex ChambersAn intractable dedication to the cause, unwavering loyalty to the client and professional team. An astute tactician with an ability to focus on the overarching strategy without being distracted by unnecessary detail. Hugely effective cross-examiner.
Sasha White QC - Landmark ChambersExcellent in every way - expertise, experience, advocacy and diligence. Sasha is without parallel the best planning QC to work with.
Charles Banner QC - Keating ChambersCharlie is at the top of the profession and has cemented a position as a leading planning QC over the past year. Charlie brings a commerciality to his advice which means that he always applies his knowledge with the client's commercial objectives in mind.
Michael Bedford QCCornerstone Barristers 'Michael is easy to work with, and able to see the macro-picture but also quick to grasp the detail. He is personable and quick to get stuck in.'
Christopher Boyle QC - Landmark ChambersChristopher is an outstanding planning silk, an excellent public inquiry advocate and also very good in the High Court.
Thomas Cosgrove QCCornerstone Barristers 'Masterful appreciation of the key issues and extremely effective in presenting the case. Incisive in cross-examination and able to pull together the key points in a thorough but concise closing speech.'
James Findlay QC - Cornerstone BarristersJames is a senior planning barrister that others would rather be with than against.
David Forsdick QC - Landmark ChambersDavid is always all over the detail. His focus on legal and factual specifics is second to none. Dave has a really broad and solid understanding of environmental law.
Robert Griffiths QC - Six Pump CourtAn extremely experienced QC who provides firm guidance and a good working relationship with solicitors at all times.
Richard Ground QC - Cornerstone BarristersRichard advises with clarity and speaks with authority as an advocate.
Thomas Hill QC - 39 Essex ChambersTom is always very well-prepared, is very easy to get along with and understands the client’s commercial imperatives. His advice notes are well researched and impeccably written. He is very good with appeal inspectors and has a particularly good understanding of heritage work and the key balancing issues for heritage-related appeals. He is a pleasure to work with.
Gregory Jones QC - Francis Taylor BuildingOften first choice given his extensive expertise across planning, environment and public law, Greg consistently comes up with novel ideas to tackle complex issues. He fizzes with ideas on how to achieve the best results for clients. Very easy to work with.
John Litton QC - Landmark ChambersJohn is very personable and is able to communicate directly and effectively with both those instructing and the client. He is professional yet approachable.
James Pereira QC - Francis Taylor BuildingCalm, articulate, and thorough when it comes to in-depth planning policy. He assists at every stage and presents the case immaculately.
Matthew Reed QC - Landmark ChambersMatthew has the ability to command the confidence of the professional client as well as councillors. He has the ability to understand complex technical information and to cross-examine on it; the ability to understand expert evidence and to see its weak points; the ability to make a weak case stronger. Exceptional grasp of planning law and procedure.
Andrew Tabachnik QC - 39 Essex ChambersAndrew is responsive and extremely capable.
Craig Howell Williams QC - Francis Taylor BuildingCraig is great to work with, great with clients and gives top-notch advice and representation.
Simon Bird QC - Francis Taylor BuildingVery responsive and user-friendly.
Tim Buley QC - Landmark ChambersTim focusses on the issues that matter and ability to express difficult ideas simply with a steadfast and unshakeable advocacy style. Overall, I think Tim is a super-reliable advocate who presents cases sensibly and persuasively but efficiently as well.
Lisa Busch QC - Cornerstone BarristersShe is very professional, leading large teams of experts in complicated planning inquiries in a way that gave the teams confidence.
Richard Glover QC - Francis Taylor BuildingA trusted advisor on complex compensation matters in the field of compulsory purchase and appropriation. Extremely thorough and will explore all angles, able to see the bigger picture and wider property law issues.
Stephen Hockman QC - Six Pump CourtStephen masters a very substantial amount of material within a very short time and dealt with extremely difficult clients in an exemplary fashion.
Graeme Keen QC - Landmark ChambersGraeme puts clients at ease and explains points in a clear way. Calm and cool under pressure. Excellent advocacy skills and ability to read the situation/mood of an Inspector.
Suzanne Ornsby QC - Francis Taylor BuildingHer strengths include a very pragmatic, straight forward approach and the ability to relate to and quickly engage with a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds. Suzanne is well organised and has a direct approach and very quickly sees the strengths and weaknesses associated with a wide variety of data and information relating to a highly complex technical subject.
William Upton QC - Six Pump CourtWilliam has an excellent knowledge of case law and its application. He is very personable and will listen to and engage with those of far less legal experience, treating them with great respect and genuine interest in their ideas and suggestions. William is thorough and well organised.
Robert Walton QC - Landmark ChambersHighly personable and very hands-on; easy to work with and a source of sensible and commercial views in practical advice - but always based on good legal analysis.
David Wolfe QC - Matrix ChambersHe has brilliant judgement about the good points to take and great determination to see them through. Well regarded by judges as a real expert.

2020 Silks

David Blundell QC - Landmark ChambersDavid is outstanding: a brilliant advocate, both in court and on paper; extremely clever; he has outstanding judgement and is a pleasure to work with.
Scott Lyness QC - Landmark ChambersScott is meticulous and detail-oriented. He is able to grapple with vast amounts of information whilst maintaining a clear focus on what is important. Scott’s level of understanding of the complexities of the legal issues we were dealing is second-to-none and his approach is calm, methodical and calculated.
Richard Wald QC - 39 Essex ChambersRichard is an excellent advocate, who has a good eye for detail. He is very approachable, and always remains in control of witnesses and third parties when cross-examining. Richard is a reassuring presence in any team and has a commanding view upon strategic and technical matters.

2021 Silks

Richard Honey QC - Francis Taylor BuildingVery hard-working and responsive with great knowledge of compulsory purchase law.
Gwion Lewis QC - Landmark ChambersVery knowledgeable in public law, always responsive and very friendly and approachable, you know you are in safe hands.
Megan Thomas QC - Six Pump CourtMegan has a vast knowledge of planning law. She provides very calm and expert advice on complex planning issues. She has a very pleasant and thoughtful manner in conference and is excellent at listening attentively and patiently to the client before giving her always clear and helpful advice. She has very good drafting skills and is excellent in court.
Jenny Wigley QC - Landmark ChambersJenny is brilliant to work with. She has a down to earth style, with clients and instructing solicitors. Jenny has a real eye for detail and is not afraid of delving into the minutiae of a case. She is always efficient and sticks to deadlines. Jenny is a solid advocate, calm and measured.

2022 Silks

Estelle Dehon QC - Cornerstone BarristersDiligent and easy to work with, particularly on thorny issues.
Melissa Murphy QC - Francis Taylor BuildingParticularly impressive and starting to get the recognition she deserves.

Leading Juniors

Stephen Morgan - Landmark ChambersStephen very much works as a team member and is incredibly enjoyable to work with, flexible in his approach to receiving instructions and extremely supportive of his expert witnesses. He has led and guided us through some important enquiries.
Richard Moules - Landmark ChambersRichard is calm, measured and good on his feet. He comes across well with clients and works sympathetically with wider project teams.
Christiaan Zwart - 39 Essex ChambersExcellent, knowledgeable counsel and extremely efficient for planning appeals, and vastly experienced in DCO procedures and advocacy.
Wayne Beglan - Cornerstone BarristersIntelligent, experienced and very capable.
Sasha Blackmore - Landmark ChambersApproachable, accessible, available and thorough.
Ashley Bowes - Cornerstone BarristersAshley provides excellent advice at short notice and he communicates his advice very clearly both in writing and verbally. Ashley is highly professional, very sharp and he is extremely thorough with an excellent eye for detail.
James Burton - 39 Essex ChambersVery approachable and technically accurate.
Celina Colquhoun - 39 Essex ChambersShe has an enormous breadth of knowledge and experience in planning law. She is a very good with the client, listening patiently and carefully and then explaining in a way that makes complicated law clear and understandable for the client. She is a good team member and to be recommended for all types of planning work.
Hugh Flanagan - Francis Taylor BuildingHugh is calm, clear-minded and incredibly clever. This is reflected in the outstanding quality of his oral and written advocacy, and in the advice that he gives. Clients love him, and very swiftly come to regard him as an invaluable member of the team and their new go-to junior for all planning work. He will go far.
Edward GrantCornerstone Barristers 'He has a remarkable ability to quickly grasp complex issues, his attention to detail is excellent and he will always go the extra mile to assist.'
Robin GreenCornerstone Barristers 'Robin is very impressive in court: his calm and authoritative approach is very effective and persuasive and the judge listens when he speaks. He has a convincing argument to justify every action taken and an answer to any question posed. He is never rattled or stumped.'
Meyric Lewis - Francis Taylor BuildingHe is able to easily understand complex facts and to cut a swathe through the arguments. His approach with people is always polite and courteous but he is quite prepared to give bad news to clients where this is required. His opinions are always set out in a clear and easily understood manner.
Sarah Sackman - Matrix Chambers ‘Sarah has a particular strength in planning and a real feel for how the planning system works in practice. She knows the law well.
Zack Simons - Landmark ChambersZack is very personable and client-friendly. He can explain complex planning issues simply and in plain English, which is a skill that can be lacking at the Bar. He is also extremely enthusiastic about the practice area, which combined with his down to earth 'un-stuffy' attitude makes him a joy to work with.
Anne Williams - Six Pump CourtAnne is very approachable, client friendly and easy to work with. She puts lay clients minds at rest with her quick analysis and her explanations of exoteric points of law and procedure. She is thorough in her preparation and gets to the heart of the matter with politeness and without aggression.
Guy Williams - Landmark ChambersGuy leaves no stone unturned in preparing his advocacy. Very responsive.
Giles Atkinson - Six Pump CourtGiles grasps the matters in hand fast and is seldom wrong in his analysis. He is not intimidated by the strength of opposition.
Richard Banwell - Six Pump CourtVery approachable, practical and a good team player.
Andrew Byass - Landmark ChambersAndrew is very personable. He is able to understand a client's frustration through an appeal process, empathising with you, but guides you through the emotions and constructively lead you to a reasonable position.
Josef CannonCornerstone Barristers 'He's a real people person - very approachable and easy to work with, with a good sense of humour, and very popular with clients. He makes you feel like part of the team when cases are in court. He has an inclusive approach which is really appreciated. He is persuasive without being unnecessarily adversarial.'
Rebecca Clutten - Francis Taylor BuildingRebecca's strengths are that she is able to provide clear and concise advice on a number of complex matters. She is always friendly and approachable, with a knack for explaining complex legal matters in an accessible way that distils problems simply and helps us to consider the best solutions. Her work is appreciated and highly commended.
Leon Glenister - Landmark ChambersLeon is an incredibly clear and calm thinker, who can cut through a wealth of detail to pick out the important points, and then present them persuasively either on paper or in court. Very hard working and delivers to tight deadlines. Extremely bright and personable and very good with the clients. A first-choice junior, and always reassuring to have Leon on your side rather than against you.
Ned Helme - 39 Essex ChambersVery approachable, careful and thorough. His advice is presented in a very logical and clear way, and he is very good with clients.
Victoria Hutton - 39 Essex ChambersVictoria is a promising junior with a sound grasp of environmental law and good forensic skills.
Daniel Stedman Jones - 39 Essex ChambersDaniel's strength lies in his ability to inspire confidence both in clients and instructing solicitors. His arguments whether oral or written are always well-structured and clear. Combined with his approachable and likeable manner you know he always has the client’s best interests at heart and is a safe pair of hands.
Emmaline LambertCornerstone Barristers 'An extremely good advocate who takes account of all the relevant factors, taking the time to ensure she is well educated and up to speed with pertinent issues. She is easy to work with and helps to put the consultant team at ease during examination but applies appropriate pressure during cross-examination.'
Jacqueline Lean - Landmark ChambersJacqueline gets to grips with technical subject matter quickly and has provided useful, detailed legal advice.
Juan Lopez - 39 Essex ChambersVery professional and diligent. A highly skilled advocate and able to turn the tables from friendly to challenging cross-examination at a moment's notice. Uses his experience to open up unforeseen opportunities during cross-examination. A real future star QC.
Hashi MohamedNo5 Barristers' ChambersEnthusiastic and with a friendly approach.
Kate Olley - Francis Taylor Building ‘ Intellectually sharp, very organised and a good team player.
Andrew Parkinson - Landmark ChambersAndrew is an exceptionally talented planning barrister. He is a flawless advocate with formidable cross-examination skills. Andrew is very diligent and quickly acquires a mastery of technical evidence. High Court judges and public inquiry inspectors clearly appreciate Andrew's efficient, thorough approach. Andrew has excellent strategic and tactical skills. His written advice is of the highest order.
Asitha RanatungaCornerstone Barristers 'Very robust, pragmatic and quick on his feet. Seems to be able always to find a workable solution especially when a situation doesn’t look good. Exceeds expectation, leaves no stone unturned and has a very good understanding of the client’s needs.'
Heather Sargent - Landmark ChambersHeather is very bright and knowledgeable, and quickly identifies key issues amongst a huge mass of information. She is solution focused and can explain complex issues to clients or consultant team. Her calm professional manner under pressure at is valuable.
Charles Streeten - Francis Taylor BuildingCharles is fiercely intelligent and a broad thinker. He isn't afraid to tackle difficult cases and solicitors have confidence that he will do everything in his (considerable) power to secure the best outcome for his clients. I have also acted opposite him and know him to be a formidable opponent.
Isabella Tafur - Francis Taylor BuildingShe is popular with clients and experts, with excellent all-round knowledge.
Harriet Townsend - Cornerstone BarristersAble to understand quickly and completely the complex issues involved, and a thorough and confident advocate.
Richard Turney - Landmark ChambersQC eminence is now surely imminent. A joy to work with and his cross-examination style and his written advice in major cases has been exceptional.
Ned Westaway - Francis Taylor BuildingTenacious, highly focused, extremely sharp. He is extremely good with pressing his case and politely and firmly debating with the cream of the Planning judiciary. I would instruct him against in an instant, with absolutely no hesitation. Ned was highly impressive but was also measured in terms of the prospects - really had the confidence of the lay client which is so important. He is at the top of rank in terms of technical knowledge - the whole package.
Robert Williams - Cornerstone BarristersHe is one of the best planning appeal barristers I have ever instructed. Particularly impressive in his mastery of the detail of complex planning applications, and willing to argue and win the difficult points. Consistently pragmatic advice.
Caroline Daly - Francis Taylor BuildingShe is able to quickly grasp the detail of the case and provides advice which strengthens the client's case and ultimately leads to success. The quality of her work is always excellent and deadlines are always respected.
Jonathan Darby - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the best junior barristers at the planning Bar. He has a superb legal mind and very sound practical judgement.
Emma DringCornerstone Barristers 'Very hardworking with an excellent legal brain. Quick to get to the heart of a case and tenacious. A real star at the planning bar.'
Ben Du FeuCornerstone Barristers 'Ben is fantastic. He is always very well prepared. His advice is careful, measured and insightful and his work is very thorough. He is also very receptive to ideas. He is just an all-round fantastic barrister and one to watch out for.'
Matthew Fraser - Landmark ChambersTrusted support to senior QCs on high profile and significant matters. Having Matthew on board gives the client confidence that the work will be done thoroughly and promptly.
Alex Goodman - Landmark ChambersAlex is one of the best advocates there is. He is brilliant in court in all respects. His delivery is fabulous as is his ability to think on his feet. You would want him on your side in court.
Philippa Jackson - 39 Essex ChambersPhilippa has sound judgement and produces clear and persuasive pleadings. She set the client at ease with her mastery of the issues.
George Mackenzie - Francis Taylor BuildingVery good in this area.
Alistair Mills - Landmark ChambersAlistair was approachable and responsive at all times. He provided extremely clear and pragmatic advice to clients without experience of high court matters. He was able to put the clients at ease whilst explaining complex legal principles. His written submissions were excellent and had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the relevant case law.
Nicola Strachan - Six Pump CourtShe always provides a good working relationship. Firm in her legal opinions and does not refrain from providing advice that clients do not want to hear.
Yaaser Vanderman - Landmark ChambersSmart, proactive, dedicated, extremely responsive and diligent.
Jonathan Wills - Landmark ChambersJonathan is carving a very valuable niche in being a good junior for telecom work.

Rising Stars

Katherine Barnes - 39 Essex ChambersKatherine is very responsive to queries and provides answers quickly, which is very helpful as a solicitor to ensure the matter progresses. Her calm manner is appreciated when dealing with any issues that arise. Katherine is also adept at explaining legal concepts to clients, to ensure the client feels that their concerns have been heard, while also advising on the best approach.
Merrow Golden - Francis Taylor BuildingMerrow is a junior barrister who will go far. He has been very innovative and creative in developing legal arguments on complex points of law. Merrow is developing a broad practice with a significant public/environmental focus.

Planning in London Bar

Francis Taylor Building

Francis Taylor Building has ‘extraordinary strength-in-depth with a wealth of talented barristers’ and are ‘the top planning and compulsory purchase set in London.’ The set is known for its infrastructure expertise and is involved in various transport and energy projects. Hereward Phillpot QC leads Hugh Flanagan and Daisy Noble to promote the nationally significant infrastructure project, the proposed 3.2GW Sizewell C nuclear power station on behalf of EDF. The set has also been involved in high-profile planning inquiries and have expertise in the heritage sector; Douglas Edwards QC  and Charles Streeten represented Westminster County Council in the inquiry concerning proposals to construct a Holocaust memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens. Melissa Murphy QC acted for The National Trust at the Court of Appeal on a case relating to the proposed redevelopment of Bramshill House, a Grade I Jacobean mansion and Grade I registered parkland. In October 2021 Kate Olley joined from Landmark Chambers.



‘These chambers have extraordinary strength-in-depth with a wealth of talented barristers. It covers all areas of law but is particularly strong on planning and environmental matters. There is always someone available at the right level of expertise and seniority to assist. I have worked with several QC’s and junior barristers from these Chambers and they are all on top of their game.’

‘FTB have an abundance of talent, and when counsel of choice is unavailable we have never been disappointed with the alternatives offered.’

‘FTB is an excellent set for planning, environment and local government, and is developing stronger expertise in broader public law work. There are very good barristers at all levels in chambers.’

‘Francis Taylor Building is my first choice set. I have worked with circa 10 barristers (mix of juniors and silks) and have consistently received a great service. I know that whatever the subject matter, there will be a barrister with the requisite expertise and/or experience.’

‘FTB are the top Planning and Compulsory Purchase set in London. From Senior Silks to Juniors they have tremendous strength in dept, so it is surprising that their top Juniors are not Silks already.’


‘I found the clerks extremely helpful over lockdown in helping to manage our first virtual planning inquiry, from managing set up, providing rooms, helping with technology and always being on hand to ensure it ran smoothly. The clerks offer a quick and effective service.’

‘The clerks are very good – reliable and communicative – especially James Kemp the deputy senior clerk. The facilities at FTB are excellent.’

‘I have found clerks to be approachable and prompt at responding to queries.’

‘Responsive clerks who will work hard to accommodate what a case requires.’

‘First class service. Attentive and flexible.’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers ‘remains at the forefront of the Planning bar’, with clerks and a ‘stunning array of experienced QCs and junior barristers’ who are ‘always prepared to go the extra mile’. The set has expertise across all areas of planning, with members consistently featuring on major inquiries across the country, promoting urban extensions, mixed-use developments and tall buildings, with particular skill in acting on significant and controversial projects. Neil Cameron QC represented the City of London in the Tulip inquiry,  concerning a proposal for a new 305m high tourist attraction to be built next to 30 St Mary Axe (commonly known as the Gherkin). Separately, Gwion Lewis QC, led by Sasha White QC acted for the local planning authority in Tower Hamlets BC v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, a £1.5bn development scheme on the Isle of Dogs, whilst Paul Brown QC acted for the developer. At the Court of Appeal, Richard Moules represented the Secretary of State in Monkhill Limited v Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, concerning the National Planning Policy Framework and the interpretation the paragraph 11 presumption in favour of sustainable development. In October 2021 Kate Olley moved to Francis Taylor Building.



‘Landmark is a very strong planning chambers with counsel who are knowledgeable and have their finger on the pulse of everything happening in the planning world. Their counsel are on the ball and always very approachable and easy to work with.’

‘A go-to planning set, with clerks and counsel that are always prepared to go the extra mile.’

‘Landmark is the leading planning set and boasts a stunning array of experienced QCs and junior barristers. I have worked with the set since it was established and know many of the barristers well.’

‘Landmark is one of the premier chambers for claimant planning and environmental law work. The quality of counsel is consistent and is highly regarded.’

‘Landmark remains at the forefront of the planning bar and their outreach in terms of reputation and thought leadership is second to none.’


‘The clerks are very approachable and aware of the common constraints that claimants encounter.’

‘The Landmark clerks are usually very responsive and engaging when need be, differentiating and prioritising urgent matters where necessary.’

‘The clerks are always available to assist with urgent requests and have adapted well to receiving large bundles of documents electronically and ensuring papers are passed onto counsel efficiently.’

‘Excellent. I thought the service we received was efficient and responsive. I felt the invoices were accurate and reasonable.’

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘excellent’, with a deep bench of ‘top-notch’ QCs and juniors. The set has significant expertise across planning, environment and public law, providing clients a wide offering under one roof. Members have been instructed on the full range of planning inquiries, from the development of airports to the regeneration of urban areas. Richard Wald QC and Paul Stinchcombe QC represented individuals from Stop Stansted Expansion campaign in the ongoing public inquiry to major developments at the airport – it is the first case on the proper interpretation of the definition of aviation-related nationally significant infrastructure projects; Thomas Hill QC and Philippa Jackson act for Stansted Airport. John Steel QC represents Jockey Club Racecourses in proceedings concerning its proposed redevelopment of Sandown Park Racecourse, which sits on ‘green belt’ land; the project will include housing on part of the site.



‘A good set. I always approach them for planning matters. Great training programme, very responsive clerks always offer a range of Counsel in terms of seniors and juniors. Easy to work with.’

‘I have found that this set has a very deep bench. The QCs and the juniors are top-notch.’

’39 Essex is an excellent chambers and I have worked with a number of barristers through the years. They are my go-to chambers.’

‘Strong set of chambers with a number of stand-out planning barristers.’

‘The best planning set – I always use them. Reliable, affordable, intelligent and commercial.’


‘Andy Poyser is excellent ambassador for his chambers.’

‘The clerks are very responsive and excellent at arranging schedules so that the client has a very good experience.’

‘I have always found the clerks to be courteous, efficient and helpful.’

‘Faultless clerking – prompt, efficient and attentive.’

‘Superb. They consistently offer a first-class service.’

Cornerstone Barristers

Cornerstone Barristers advises a range of clients throughout various stages of a planning case. Its planning expertise is complemented by in-depth sector knowledge in related areas including public law, property, energy and local government law. Richard Ground QC successfully represented Hounslow council in Starbones Ltd v Secretary of State, a High Court challenge following a public inquiry into the proposal for the Chiswick Curve, which would be West London's tallest building if constructed. Also of note, Philip Coppel QC, along with Asitha Ranatunga represented Uttlesford District Council in a dispute after its refusal to grant permission for enabling Stansted Airport’s development to allow an increase in passenger throughput. On issues concerning landscape and heritage, Thomas Cosgrove QC succeeded in winning an appeal for Hunstowe Land Ltd for a major housing development in Braintree, which fell in open countryside and was contrary to policy. Unled, Ashley Bowes represented the initial claimant in R (Corbett) v Cornwall Council which dealt with a fundamental planning legislation principle: when a is proposal ‘in accordance with’ the development plan for the purposes of s38(6) Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 – it is now the leading authority on these issues; James Findlay QC - who is also a Scottish advocate and a member of Terra Firma Chambers in Edinburgh - acted for Cornwall County Council.



‘All of the clerks that I have dealt with at Cornerstone Barristers are very helpful, very pleasant and very organised.’

Six Pump Court

‘Excellent, friendly’ Six Pump Court provides ‘first rate’ advice on a range of planning matters, with criminal and regulatory expertise to complement its strengths in planning. Megan Thomas QC, a 2021 silk appointment, successfully represented Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in a judicial review of its decision to grant planning permission for retirement living apartments near a busy crossroads. Amongst the juniors, Giles Atkinson represented the local council in R (oao Patricia Shave) v Maidstone Borough Council, which explored the design or appearance of caravans, whose siting and retention would be authorised by permitting the change of use of land.



‘I have found working with this Chambers most successful and pleasant.’

‘I have worked with other Counsel in this Chambers and always been guided to Counsel with the specialist knowledge and advice/assistance sought.’

‘Good strength in depth and they hold interesting seminars.’

‘This is an excellent, friendly set who are always keen to assist where possible, and to offer alternative counsel where a preferred barrister is unavailable. The advice has always been first rate.’


‘The clerk’s room service is first class, always pleasant and willing to help.’

‘The service provided by the clerk’s room has always been of a high standard – prompt, polite and helpful in the extreme’

‘Ryan Barrow is very good and deals with issues in a timely expeditious fashion.’

‘All clerks are through and very personable.’