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Leading Silks

Stuart Catchpole QC - 39 Essex ChambersUnbelievably hardworking and thorough, he leaves no stone unturned in finding solutions to complex issues and exceptionally well prepared for hearings.
Graham Dunning QC - Essex Court ChambersAbsolutely brilliant.
Vernon Flynn QC - Brick Court ChambersHas an exceptional international practice.
Roger ter Haar QC - Crown Office ChambersRemains at the top of his game - conducted himself at hearings with a poise and eloquence that few others possess in my experience.
Mark Howard QC - Brick Court ChambersA leader in the field. A stand-out barrister who can always hone in on the issues that matter and anticipate precisely what is going to be argued against him. His strategic advice can change the outcome of a case for the better.
David Joseph QC - Essex Court ChambersVery detail-focused, sharp and proactive, and he is a real authority on private international law.
Gavin Kealey QC - 7 King's Bench WalkIntelligent, incisive, extremely knowledgeable of the law, and always fun to work with.
Paul Key QC - Essex Court Chambers ‘Combines high intellect with a sure eye for how a Tribunal thinks and always has beguilingly simple but effective answers to complex problems.
Charles Kimmins QC - Twenty EssexVery knowledgeable and sharp, he can pick up on issues very quickly, knows the law and has the cases/authorities at his fingertips.
Toby Landau QC - Essex Court ChambersA very impressive advocate.
Ali Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is a devastatingly good advocate.
Duncan Matthews QC - Twenty EssexOne of the very best leading silks for International Arbitration.
Manus McMullan QC - Atkin ChambersHe is brilliant, knowledgeable, experienced, calm, and very precise and accurate on which points to impress on the tribunal - he is a huge asset to any team.
Richard Millett QC - Essex Court ChambersA real willingness to listen, collaborate and think-outside of the box - a wonderful, thoughtful counsel with real skill in oral advocacy.
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtFerocious legal mind, combined with a steely persuasiveness - one of the superstars of the Bar.
Simon Rainey QC - Quadrant ChambersHe has a real mastery of his game, just beautifully smooth, his oral submissions are the closest thing to music in advocacy.
Joe Smouha QC - Essex Court ChambersAn elite barrister - absolutely top-drawer. He has a lightning intellect, masters very complex issues with ease, leads from the front, and is very popular with both the legal team and clients.
Marcus Taverner QC - Keating ChambersOne of the very best construction silks at the bar.
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtExcellent judgement, strategically astute, and very client-friendly.
Nigel Tozzi QC - 4 Pump CourtShows his ability to quickly cut through things, simplifying the issues.
Andrew White QC - Atkin ChambersA superb tactician and uses his immense experience and uncanny ability to read tribunals and opponents to plot clear and effective campaign strategies from the outset.
Rachel Ansell QC - 4 Pump CourtHas gained a prodigious international arbitration practice. She is an extremely strong advocate and devours large amounts of information.
Michael Black QC - XXIV Old BuildingsA top-rate silk with years of experience. A familiar barrister appearing as counsel in international commercial arbitrations with a UAE link.
Sean Brannigan QC - 4 Pump CourtA fantastic advocate and has a robust but charming style, his legal and industry knowledge is first class, as is his knowhow of the Middle East Civil Codes.
Adam Constable QC - Keating ChambersHas a great capacity to master complex and voluminous material in a short space of time, and he is very efficient and pragmatic.
Helen Davies QC-Brick Court ChambersHelen has a superbly incisive mind, and works extraordinarily hard, really getting to grips with the disputes she has to decide.
Huw Davies QC - Essex Court ChambersClear on which issues matter and which don't, with an eye on the client outcome at all times, which means he cuts through difficult issues - he is happy to stand by his judgement which is informed by his own experience as an arbitrator.
Anneliese Day QC - Fountain Court ChambersShe has laid waste to a number of witnesses and it’s been money well spent – there’s no limit to the amount of effort she’ll put in, an absolute Rockstar at the top of her game.
Stephen Dennison QC - Atkin ChambersBrings a very sharp intellect to the often complex challenges posed by this type of work.
Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC  - Atkin ChambersAble and willing to get into the details of the case, rolls up her sleeves and mucks in with the team, and has an excellent rapport with the arbitrators.
Zachary Douglas QC - Matrix ChambersOne of the most impressive advocates I have worked with in recent times - articulate, concise and robust.
Colin Edelman QC - DevereuxGreat brain, excellent presentational skills and knowledge on reinsurance matters above all else.
Philip Edey QC - Twenty EssexHe is above a lot of the others in his generation.
David Edwards QC - 7 King's Bench WalkA star in the insurance world.
Jonathan Gaisman QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHe is particularly good in handling large and complex matters with multiple angles.
Jeffrey Gruder QC - Essex Court ChambersA great silk who has an incredible in-depth knowledge of arbitration law and practice.
Siobán Healy QC - 7 King's Bench WalkA first-class guide on how the tribunal will approach any given problem or issue.
Robert Howe QC - Blackstone ChambersHe gets on top of the details very quickly and brings an incisive intellect to the analysis of a case.
Timothy Howe QC - Fountain Court ChambersSomeone who tribunals listen to because he's always thought carefully about everything he's going to say. And opponents listen too because he will always put his case well.
Adrian Hughes QC - 39 Essex ChambersAdept at working with international clients and tribunals, and he has really carved a very successful niche for himself in Chinese and Far Eastern arbitration.
Simon Hughes QC - Keating ChambersSimon really is top notch - he is incredibly user friendly, the client loves him, he is also ferociously clever with a tremendous work ethic.
Dominic Kendrick QC - 7 King's Bench WalkEspecially experienced in insurance and reinsurance disputes.
David Lewis QC - Twenty EssexAn excellent silk - he is hugely intelligent and can read into complex matters and produce top quality notes of advice, pleadings and other documents with incredible speed.
Simon Lofthouse QC - Atkin ChambersPowerful and devastating cross-examination; in an international arbitration setting Simon is the equivalent of bringing in the heavy artillery.
Harry Matovu QC - Brick Court Chambers ‘A legal force of hurricane strength, his analytical skills, combined with creativity and advocacy skills, topped by the smoothest and most highly lethal approach to cross-examination I have ever experienced, makes him the quintessential QC.
John McCaughran QC - One Essex CourtUnderstated but compelling on his feet and a good team player.
Ewan McQuater QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsAn excellent practitioner.
Ian Mill QC - Blackstone ChambersHighly intelligent and very experienced - he is such an impressive advocate.
Stephen Moriarty QC - Fountain Court Chambers ‘Very excellent legal reasoning and an ability act across jurisdictions and legal systems.
Sean O’Sullivan QC - 4 Pump CourtOne of the most down to earth and user-friendly silks you would ever hope to meet - instantly a member of any team, he gives sensible advice from the get-go while pushing for his client.
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtCraig possesses a rare combination of piercing intellect, studious attention to detail, and user-friendliness.
Lionel Persey QC - Quadrant ChambersHis experience of heavyweight disputes is second-to-none.
Alistair Schaff QC - 7 King's Bench WalkAn outstanding specialist insurance and commercial advocate.
David Scorey QC - Essex Court ChambersSharp as a knife and gets entirely on top of the facts, regardless of how complicated or convoluted they may be - he has an excellent strategic sense and I have complete confidence in his ability to hold a court or tribunal.
Malcolm Shaw QC - Essex Court ChambersThe work he has done for us was at the highest professional level.
Paul Stanley QC - Essex Court ChambersAn impressive silk.
Roger Stewart QC - 4 New Square ‘An exceptionally good cross-examiner. He is calm, very persuasive in his oral submissions, has a good feel of the Tribunal and a very thoughtful and effective approach to tackling the most difficult issues.
David Streatfeild-James QC - Atkin ChambersAn extraordinary ability to reduce the complex (factual and legal) issues to a simple expression of the main point, I am yet to find a factual matrix that he couldn't master - as an instructing solicitor, he is very accessible and a delight to work with.
Bankim Thanki QC - Fountain Court ChambersExcellent advocate, very effective.
David Thomas QC - Keating ChambersVery detail oriented and accurate in what he delivers, his legal analysis is first rate and he is able to quickly get to the critical point.
Antony White QC - Matrix ChambersA superb forensic advocate and a great team player.
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtHe is very bright, clear and concise when communicating to the team/clients particularly when trying to explain complex legal concepts.
Timothy Young QC - Twenty EssexHe is knowledgeable, hardworking and conscientious. I have no hesitation recommending his services.
David Allen QC - 7 King's Bench WalkGreat with clients, clever and incredibly hard working - he has a technical background, which is a massive advantage in grasping complex technical issues.
Michael Ashcroft QC - Twenty EssexAn always impressive silk for arbitration matters.
Andrew Guy Blackwood QC - Quadrant Chambers ‘Very thorough, excellent at cross-examination, an analytical legal mind, gets to the heart of the matter in a very succinct way.
Richard Boulton QC - One Essex CourtUnique in that he acts as both a forensic quantum expert and a leading QC, that insight results in him having a unique perspective and his ability to conduct razor-sharp cross-examination.
Veronique Buehrlen QC - Keating Chambers ‘She provides excellent service at all times and is fantastic to work with - she has great commercial acumen and provides clear and useful tactical advice.
Alex Charlton QC - 4 Pump CourtHas a very sharp mind and a clear view of his case theory.
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtHis empathy with clients is very much appreciated by them and helps drive cases, and he is exceptionally responsive.
James Collins QC - Essex Court ChambersA really impressive barrister - he is pragmatic and innovative in the strategies he comes up with. 
Nicholas Dennys QC - Atkin ChambersBrings a useful fresh angle to some tricky problems.
Andrew Goddard QC - Atkin ChambersA persuasive and seasoned advocate particularly at cross-examination, he is capable of delivering submissions with complicated arguments in a way that is convincing yet easy to understand.
Charles Graham QC - One Essex CourtHis style is very much collaborative, with all comments and challenges welcomed from the wider legal team, and there is no ego involved.
Alexander Gunning QC - One Essex CourtA superb advocate, very sharp but with graceful manners, and he is extremely capable of cross-examining technical experts.
Richard Harding QC - Keating ChambersHe has particular expertise in the Middle East market which is second to none.
Stephen Hofmeyr QC-7 King's Bench WalkOne of the most experienced English lawyers I have worked with, he's a real fighter.
Sa'ad Hossain QC - One Essex CourtRazor-sharp mind with the ability to distil even the most complex issues in a methodical and clear manner.
James Howells QC - Atkin ChambersIncredibly hardworking and very bright.
Andrew Hunter QC - Blackstone ChambersA devastating cross-examiner who collaborates with instructing solicitors as equals and has a fantastic work ethic.
Neil Kitchener QC - One Essex CourtAn outstanding trial lawyer who fights the client's corner hard and carries real gravitas in an arbitration hearing room.
Alan Maclean QC - Blackstone ChambersExtremely strategic, outstanding performer, highly flexible in terms of client service, and a delightfully dry and self-deprecating sense of humour.
Philip Marshall QC - Serle Court ‘A fearsome advocate - he is very bright with a vast knowledge of the law and is also practical in his approach.
Sara Masters QC - Twenty EssexHugely experienced in the international arbitration field both as counsel and arbitrator.
David Mildon QC - Essex Court ChambersStrong analytical abilities and persuasive oral submissions.
Salim Moollan QC - Essex Court ChambersA very impressive silk.
Jonathan Nash QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA supremely calm and reassuring presence in meetings with solicitors and clients.
Andrew Onslow QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsVery robust and extremely impressive on his feet. Always cool, calm and collected.
David Railton QC - Fountain Court ChambersFormidably well prepared.
Andrew Rigney QC - Crown Office ChambersFerociously hard-working, utterly charming, forensic, responsive and eloquent.
Simon Salzedo QC - Brick Court ChambersAn excellent judge of when to go for the jugular on a particular point and really sees the big picture - put simply, if you are in for a tough battle involving fine points of law there is no other counsel I would rather have on my side.
Richard Waller QC - 7 King's Bench WalkIncredibly bright and destined to be one of the best advocates at the bar.
Sean Wilken QC - Keating ChambersIncisive cross-examination, and succinct and punchy submissions - one of the most user-friendly QCs and always willing to listen to other views.
Richard Wilmot-Smith QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is always going to be one of the small circle of silks that we will consider on our most important cases.
Robert Anderson QC - Blackstone ChambersHe has a great combination of intellectual ability and commercial awareness - very articulate and to the point, and has the ability to command a hearing room.
David Bailey QC - 7 King's Bench WalkVery knowledgeable and experienced, his advocacy is smooth and he managed the tribunal well.
Michael Bloch QC - Blackstone ChambersExceptionally smart, and very commercial in his approach.
Robert Bright QC - 7 King's Bench WalkReaches a firm view and then is confident and delivers, he charms Tribunals every time.
Jonathan Crow QC - 4 Stone BuildingsBrilliant advocate, good strategist, hardworking, and very pleasant to work with - no doubt one of the very best QCs in the country.
Jonathan Davies-Jones QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA fantastic QC with impeccable knowledge of the law - strategic in arbitration and able to carry Tribunals with him at ease.
Ricky Diwan QC - Essex Court ChambersExtremely sharp and understated at the same time - advocacy at its best.
Justin Fenwick QC - 4 New SquareVery smooth delivery on his feet, and commands the confidence of clients. Always positive and energetic.
Karim Ghaly QC - 39 Essex ChambersAn extremely talented oral advocate, and a brutally effective and thorough cross-examiner.
Alan Gourgey QC - Wilberforce Chambers 'Exceptional in all areas - tactical acumen, legal knowledge, and advocacy in front of any tribunal.'
Andrew Green QC - Blackstone ChambersAn excellent advocate, but (in some ways more importantly) also a real team player who is always responsive and good humoured.
Alexander Hickey QC - 4 Pump CourtVery competent and incisive. Great cross-examination skills. Great ability to grasp all the details of a large case very quickly. Performs extremely well under great pressure of time. Very smart, principled and kind - he is magnificent.
Timothy Hill QC - Twenty EssexExcellent - a top-quality silk.
Riaz Hussain QC - Atkin ChambersA go-to QC for complex commercial dispute resolution with a construction focus; he brings longstanding experience and a forensic mind to construction disputes, combined with outstanding advocacy and unparalleled cross-examination skills.
Christopher Lewis QC - Atkin ChambersSuper bright and very good at complex cases.
Tim Lord QC - Brick Court Chambers ‘Arguably one of the top five advocates of his generation. Absolute incredible intellect, but nevertheless approachable and user-friendly.
Alison Macdonald QC - Essex Court ChambersA tremendous addition to Essex Court - delightful to work with, exceptionally clever with great intuition for international work and relationships.
Andrew Neish QC - 4 Pump CourtHe is practical, pragmatic, fiercely intelligent and a pleasure to deal with.
Jern-Fei Ng QC - 7BRVery rigorous in terms of his legal analysis and considerations. Highly effective in both his written advocacy and on his feet. One of the most talented counsel I have worked with on issues of strategy, where he is always several steps ahead of the current state of proceedings.
Zoe O'Sullivan QC - Serle CourtZoe is - even by the standards of the commercial bar - highly intelligent and extremely diligent: she is seriously very hard-working. As a result she displays complete mastery of the documents and of the law. She is an extremely tough, but always fair and decent, opponent. A star silk for the future.
Luke Parsons QC - Quadrant ChambersA user-friendly, down-to-earth and very skilled barrister.
Marc Rowlands QC - Keating ChambersA bright lawyer who combines intellect with a real appetite for understanding the technical aspects of a case - he reads a tribunal well and is able to "control" a witness during cross-examination.
Harish Salve SA QC - Blackstone ChambersA leading silk who is hugely experienced in India-related arbitrations.
Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHas excellent judgement on tactical points, very personable, down to earth and easy to work with.
Richard Salter QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHis client care is exceptional - he is very responsive, supplies written conference notes beforehand, and is commercial enough to allow his views to be shared with other relevant professionals on a non-reliance basis. I have rarely felt in safer hands.
Vasanti Selvaratnam QC - The 36 GroupShe is commercial, practical and excellent in every way.
Akhil Shah QC - Fountain Court ChambersSuper bright, responsive and user friendly, he is also very calm under pressure, which clients find reassuring.
Tom Smith QC - South SquareA quietly persuasive advocate, capable of delivering forceful submissions and not shy at taking on the tribunal when that is called for.
Tom Montagu Smith QC - XXIV Old BuildingsRichly deserves his reputation as a leader in the field of UAE arbitration law and practice - he brings forensic knowledge, combined with unparalleled skills in advocacy before Tribunals.
Michael Swainston QC - Brick Court ChambersAt the top of his game and a giant of the commercial bar. An impressive advocate.
Robert-Jan Temmink QC - Quadrant ChambersHas the great ability to be versatile and yet thoroughly expert across a broad spectrum of cases.
Ben Valentin QC - Fountain Court ChambersIncredible intellect, strategically astute, approachable, team-orientated, commercial - certainly one of the great advocates of his generation.
Nicholas Vineall QC - 4 Pump CourtHas persuasive advocacy style and good understanding of scientific and engineering principles.
Sam Wordsworth QC - Essex Court ChambersStands out in the area of international arbitration, specifically investment disputes.

2019 Silks

Nicholas Craig QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA very good advocate that is able to identify and focus on facts that will be compelling to a tribunal - he is easy to work with and responsive.
Christopher Harris QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsOutstanding intellectual ability, rock-solid judgement and a compelling and highly persuasive advocacy style.
Fionn Pilbrow QC - Brick Court ChambersA strong advocate, polished with tribunal and clients alike. He is very well-regarded and brings into arbitration his expertise from extensive heavyweight Commercial Court disputes. He is a persuasive advocate, able to find that argument that sums up the case in a neat and attractive way. He is also feared as a cross-examiner, with a calm and forensic approach that leaves witnesses unwittingly giving the answers they were never supposed to give.
Daniel Saoul QC - 4 New SquareHas a wonderful advocacy style - he is diligent in his preparation and a calming influence on a team.
Peter De Verneuil Smith QC 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Has a fantastic instinct for the points which really resonate with a tribunal, but equally he understands which points really matter to the client, as a result he is a fantastically user-friendly barrister.
David Brynmor Thomas QC - 39 Essex ChambersWell known both as counsel and arbitrator.

2020 Silks

Henry Byam-Cook QC - Twenty EssexAn impressive performer in the arbitration field.
Conall Patton QC - One Essex CourtHas a deep knowledge of all things to do with international arbitration - he seems to have an appreciation of how arbitrators are likely to consider issues which arise and what is important and what is not.
Rajesh Pillai QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsFiercely intelligent but combined with commercial pragmatism. He's user friendly, great with clients and good on his feet.
Philip Riches QC - Twenty EssexHe has a wonderful ability to work through and articulate clearly both orally and in writing any knotty legal or factual problem.

2021 Silks

Mark Chennells QC - Atkin ChambersSharp, yet has a straightforward approach with the ability to make the most complex contractual issue simple to understand.
Rupert D'Cruz QC - Littleton ChambersHe has very good commercial judgement, common sense, and up-to-date legal knowledge.
David Davies QC - Essex Court ChambersGood judgement and a leading light in the arbitration arena.
Andrew Fulton QC - Twenty EssexHe is intellectually very able; always fights the clients’ case with vigour; able to cut to the heart of the dispute quickly; understands the pressures of private practice and the need to adopt commercial approach rather than giving ivory tower solutions.
Michael Holmes QC - 7 King's Bench WalkVery well-grounded, academically very able, a terrific team player who gets on with instructing solicitors, US lawyers and clients alike.
Matthew Parker QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA great team player, he often goes above and beyond to help and is a superb advocate.
Iain Quirk QC - Essex Court ChambersWell-known on the arbitration scene and brings his experience to bear, he's equally good in written or oral advocacy and thinks creatively, too.
George Spalton QC - 4 New SquareHe has excellent attention to detail but communicates ideas and explains strategy in a clear and concise manner.
Samuel Townend QC - Keating ChambersVery accessible, works well with instructing solicitors as part of a cohesive team and is excellent in relation to matters concerning dredging and reclamation.
James Willan QC - Essex Court ChambersHe is a very gifted barrister with an exceptionally fast-working mind and fantastic manner with clients, he clearly has a great future at the bar.
Crispin Winser QC-Crown Office ChambersHard-working, team player who really understands how to present in international arbitration.

Leading Juniors

Tariq Baloch - 3 Verulam BuildingsA particularly bright star in the arbitral firmament and an exceptional technical lawyer.
Lucas Bastin - Essex Court Chambers ‘He is the best junior barrister out there - extremely smart, commercially-minded and very good at explaining complex situations in a simple way.
Siddharth Dhar - Essex Court ChambersHas excellent drafting skills, really exceptional, and is also a quick-witted and persuasive advocate.
Jane Davies Evans - 3 Verulam BuildingsShe has a strong following of loyal clients and an excellent understanding of the process of international arbitration and how best to present cases.
Alexander Milner - Fountain Court ChambersFantastically clever and is perhaps the most experienced practitioner in Russia and CIS-related matters.
Emily Wood - Essex Court Chambers ‘Emily is a sensational barrister. She is incredibly easy to work with, always available to discuss strategy and procedure, and she is excellent with clients.
Ravi Aswani - The 36 Group ‘His strengths are his strong ability to understand matters from the client's perspective and his in-depth knowledge of Arbitration and other Commercial laws.
Sean Aughey - Essex Court ChambersSean is exceptional - He has a brilliant mind.
Harris Bor - Twenty EssexThorough, clever, easy to work with, and a good cross-examiner.
Georges Chalfoun - 3 Verulam BuildingsFirst-rate lawyer with a vast knowledge of international arbitration.
Timothy Chelmick - 4 New SquareCommercially minded, excellent drafting that gets straight to the crux of the matter, sensible dealing with pleadings and evidence.
Dr Cyril Chern - 4 New SquarePossesses a razor-sharp intellect and encyclopaedic knowledge of international law along with a deep knowledge of construction and engineering.
Rupert Choat - Atkin ChambersExtremely talented, very pragmatic, straight-forward and open-minded - one of the best in the construction sector.
Andrew Fenn - Atkin ChambersDemonstrated an immense capacity to get across the detail of the whole of the case and to focus on points of precision that unlocked key issues for our case; he collaborated brilliantly with the team of instructing solicitors and engendered great confidence amongst the client team.
Karen Gough - 39 Essex Chambers ‘Fair, sensible, pragmatic, and responsive. Presented structured, balanced and persuasive arguments to the Arbitrator and to the Court and developed a rapport with, and the respect of, the Arbitrator.
Sandra Healy - 7 King's Bench WalkIncisive, responsive, highly effective and a true force to be reckoned with.
Edward Ho - Brick Court ChambersHis ability to cross-examine experts on the most technical of points and expose inconsistencies or holes in their opinions is second to none.
Alexander Macdonald - 7 King's Bench WalkExtremely bright, but more importantly, easy to work with and very responsive.
Marcus Mander - 7 King's Bench WalkHe's very bright and very responsive, he gives you the confidence that everything is covered.
Ian Meakin - XXIV Old BuildingsHe masters cross-examinations and has an excellent relationship with clients - he is a great team player. He is a highly persuasive advocate in particular with tribunals comprising continental European arbitrators. He is a highly respected member of the Swiss arbitration community and the first port of call for English law disputes in Switzerland.
David Peters - Essex Court ChambersHighly intelligent and gets right into the detail of the case - he is quick to pick up the key issues and never loses sight of them, even though the volume of documents in the large cases that he works on will often be intimidating.
Nicholas Sloboda - One Essex CourtOne of the best and most popular juniors around - exceptionally clever, wonderful tactically, and an asset to any team.
Andrew Stevens - 4 Pump CourtVery clever, client-friendly, responsive and quick, he is helpful and extremely able, and is a very good choice for work with Chinese elements.
James Thompson - Keating ChambersTechnically excellent and an absolute pleasure to work with, which makes him our first-choice advocate.
Mark Wassouf - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has real expertise in the law of international arbitration and a focus on work in the Middle East, for which he is particularly well qualified as an Arabic speaker.
Robert Weekes - Blackstone ChambersHe is completely user-friendly and absolutely committed to getting the job done.
Angeline Welsh - Essex Court ChambersAn impressive junior who is enjoyable to work with.
Can Yeginsu - 4 New Square ‘Falls into the exceptional category for us. Although he is not yet in silk, he clearly operates at that level, instilling trust and confidence in all professional settings.
Samar Abbas Kazmi - Atkin Chambers ‘Unbelievably hardworking and thorough, he leaves no stone unturned in finding solutions to complex issues and is exceptionally well prepared for hearings.
Sushma Ananda - 7 King's Bench WalkA bright, hard working, careful, highly capable junior, and provided insightful pragmatic advice and was a delight to work with.
Paul Buckingham - Keating ChambersA qualified chemical engineer, solicitor and barrister who utilises his background to great effect especially when dealing with matters with a technical background.
Michelle Butler - Matrix Chambers ‘Tireless, steely, wise, and client-friendly, Michelle is a very careful and measured advocate who provides good written submissions. She was a very thorough opponent, who did a good job of getting across a difficult case.
Eleanor Campbell - One Essex CourtA high-quality senior junior who possesses all the requisite skills - her legal research is excellent as is her oral advocacy and written submissions.
Noel Casey - 7 King's Bench WalkExtremely bright and user-friendly - a rare combination.
Jess Connors - 39 Essex ChambersA fantastic barrister to work with. First and foremost, Jess is very clever and the go-to barrister with any tricky legal question.
Marcos Dracos - One Essex CourtHis thinking and consequently his submissions on issues are very clear and persuasive, his written submissions are excellent.
Joseph England - Quadrant ChambersJoe is conscientious and has a deep knowledge of arbitration law - he's someone to watch and is going places.
Arshad Ghaffar - XXIV Old BuildingsGreat attention to detail, excellent cross-examination skills and forceful advocacy.
Matthieu Gregoire - 4 New SquareVery smart, hard worker, perfectly bilingual (English/French), and also very personable.
Drew Holiner - Monckton ChambersAs counsel, he has superb instincts and great knowledge of Russian and English law.
Daniel Hubbard - One Essex CourtExtremely responsive and user friendly, he is very bright and has a fresh approach to problem-solving. He is quick on his feet and his written advocacy is also excellent.
Dominic Kennelly - 3 Verulam BuildingsFrighteningly smart and cuts to the chase. No waffle. He is one to watch.
Zulfikar Khayum - Atkin ChambersSuper work ethic, very clever with an excellent memory and an attention to detail far beyond mere mortals; the best senior junior in construction we have ever instructed.
Timothy Killen - 2 Temple GardensTim is fantastically bright, insightful and works incredibly hard. He never lets you down. He is knowledgeable and approachable providing great technical advice and is a real sounding board for us. He has excellent judgement, is not afraid to get his hands dirty to get into the detail of case, and is great with clients.
Calum Lamont - Keating ChambersA real rising star and one to watch.
Belinda McRae - Twenty EssexA rapier-sharp junior.
Michelle Menashy - One Essex CourtA star junior barrister.
Gemma Morgan - Quadrant ChambersLaser-like focus on contract terms and the big picture of interpretation and able to set out the approach in a clear and precise way that is easy for a Tribunal to understand and adopt.
Rachael O'Hagan - Keating ChambersHer drafting is excellent - incredibly detailed and frames complex arguments in an unfussy way.
Benjamin Parker - 7 King's Bench WalkThe go-to problem solver for any commercial, shipping, or insurance dispute.
Sanjay Patel - 4 Pump CourtIncredibly sharp - has an unbelievable work ethic, masters detail incredibly quickly and is very good on technical issues.
Sebastian Pigott - Atkin ChambersHis star continues to rise. One of the best senior juniors at the Bar, I cannot think of a single weakness.
Andrew Scott - Blackstone ChambersOne of the brightest and most technically able lawyers I have ever worked with; his ability to assimilate voluminous complex material and convert it speedily into digestible work product is quite amazing.
Thomas Sebastian - Monckton ChambersVery responsive and always make himself available to discuss matters and turns work around promptly - his advice is comprehensive and accounts not only for the strict legal merits of the position, but also considers the broader strategic perspective of the case.
Damien Walker - Essex Court ChambersProduces written submissions and correspondence of high quality, which are the product of his excellent analytical mind - he is very approachable, collegiate and very easy to work with.
Paul Wee - 3 Verulam BuildingsIn my experience the most user-friendly barrister at the bar - he is phenomenally hard-working and his style of working means that he is seamlessly embedded into our team on cases.
Alexander Wright - 4 Pump CourtA star in the making if he is not one already.

Rising Stars

Lauren Adams - Atkin ChambersGreat attention to detail and excellent working with expert witnesses in highly technical disciplines.
Jennie Wild - Keating ChambersA highly skilled and talented barrister - her attention to detail, knowledge of the facts and law, and ability to produce thoughtful, concise submissions and advice sets her apart.
Ben Woolgar - Brick Court ChambersNothing gets past Mr Woolgar and his super hero type x-ray vision, his ability to handle the facts and work the law, to pin point and drill in to strength and weaknesses, to turn every stone is above and beyond.

International arbitration: counsel in London Bar

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is 'top of the list for international arbitration' with a 'deep bench of excellent barristers'. The set has been a market leader for some time, but hasn't rested on its laurels, with the arrivals of Alison Macdonald QC and Angeline Welsh from Matrix Chambers and Sean Aughey from 11KBW, which together is considered 'quite a coup' by observers. Notable cases include VRG Linhas Aereas SA v MatlinPatterson Opportunities II LP in which Emily Wood is representing the private equity group MatlinPatterson in a challenged arbitral award. Paul Key QC is appearing in Karkey Karadeniz Elektrik Uretim A.S. v The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings' 'depth in the field of arbitration has grown consistently over the past few years,' and 'they are catching up with the traditional top sets for general commercial arbitration'. In recent years the set has made astute recruits from among the ranks of experienced arbitration solicitors, and this has started to pay dividends with high-profile instructions. Notable highlights include KLS Energy Lanka v Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, an ICSID claim in which Christopher Harris QC and Mark Wassouf are representing KLS Energy Lanka. Ewan McQuater QC and Paul Wee are also representing TC Ziraat Bank in the epic Sonera Holding v Cukurova Holding LCIA arbitration. In recent news, Rajesh Pillai took silk in 2020.

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King's Bench Walk 'has considerable strength in depth in the areas of insurance and arbitration law', and clients 'would feel confident in using any junior or senior from this set'. Insurance, reinsurance and shipping-related claims tend to dominate, though members have expertise in related areas, such as energy and infrastructure. Michael Holmes and Dominic Kendrick QC were recently on opposing sides in an LCIA oil and gas-related business interruption claim. Alistair Schaff QC, leading two other members, are also facing Gavin Kealey QC in an extremely high-profile product liability dispute in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers is praised for its 'excellent bench strength amongst the silks and an impressive crop of senior juniors'. Clients also appreciate the 'very thorough and business-like style across the board without the need to grandstand or add undue flair to their delivery'. Construction, energy and infrastructure-related arbitrations dominate the workload, and the set's members and clerks have established excellent connections to the Middle Eastern and Far Eastern markets. Manus McMullan QC and Christopher Lewis QC are among those with lead roles on disputes arising from the Panama Canal Third Set of Locks project. Nicholas Dennys QC and Sebastian Pigott are acting together on a major rail infrastructure dispute in Asia.

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is a 'go-to construction and energy set' with 'a ready availability of counsel'. The barristers are 'real specialists who know their trade inside out', and have 'a very strong domestic and international arbitration tradition'. Aside from its 'unparalleled strength in depth', which was increased following the arrival of Sean Wilken QC and Rachael O’Hagan from 39 Essex Chambers, clients also appreciate the set's 'very informative and well-run webinars'. Major recent cases included an African power dispute in which David Thomas QC led a team of four juniors, including Jennie Wild, while Simon Hughes QC led the four-member team of opposing counsel.

One Essex Court

One Essex Court 'has excellent strength in depth' and always 'gives good service and the work is of a high standard'. Clients add that 'you can pick horses for courses and almost always feel like you've backed a winner'. As well as commercial claims, members such as Alex Gunning QC are experienced in natural resources and infrastructure disputes, a recent example being his advice to the respondent in Xstrata Coal v Benxi Iron & Steel. Several members, including David Wolfson QC, Daniel Toledano QC, Neil Kitchener QC and Alain Choo Choy QC were involved in Cruz City 1 Mauritius Holdings v Unitech Ltd & Ors and its enforcement. In recent news, Conall Patton QC took silk in early 2020.

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex offers top-notch expertise in areas of traditional strength, such as international trade and shipping, as well as broader commercial disputes. The set's provision of highly experienced senior silks is matched by an impressive up-flow of impressive juniors. Members are regularly instructed on major disputes, such as PL Holdings S.A.R.L -and- Republic of Poland, in which Sara Masters QC and Belinda McRae lead Poland's bid to set aside a BIT arbitration award, with Phillip Riches QC among the opposing counsel. Riches and Henry Byam-Cook boosted chambers at the senior end following their respective elevations to silk, plus the arrival of highly-rated former solicitor advocate Wendy Miles QC from Debevoise & Plimpton LLP is a further demonstration of the set's commitment to international arbitration.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers 'has real strength in depth in the field of international arbitration'. Satisfied clients report that 'all the barristers we met and worked with are qualified professionals with deep knowledge of law and they were always valuable additions to our team'. The set stands out for its 'deep bench of construction specialists' and its reach in the Far East was cemented by the opening of premises in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Members regularly work together, with Paul Darling QC leading Samar Abbas on a significant HKIAC arbitration, while a highlight for Stuart Catchpole QC was assisting Tepe in Botas v Tepe, concerning a Turkish pipeline construction project.

4 New Square

4 New Square 'is becoming one of the top sets for commercial international arbitration now and their expertise in public international law is making them increasingly a go-to set for investment arbitrations too'. A healthy mix of experienced silks and juniors, several of which are former solicitors, has seen the set establish an increasingly strong presence in the market. Members regularly act together on cases, including Justin Fenwick QC and Timothy Chelmick, who represented the defendant in a major energy dispute. Roger Stewart QC and George Spalton were also involved in a significant development-related arbitration in Dubai.

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court has 'excellent strength in depth' with 'fantastic counsel, good clerks and a deep sector knowledge'. The set is considered 'go-to for IT and telecoms disputes', while in 'construction arbitration, some genuinely star performers stand out'. Clients also acknowledge the set's 'genuine commitment overseas' in terms of being 'very active working and maintaining relationships in various jurisdictions', including the Middle East and Asia. Highlight cases include Pakistan v Broadsheet, in which Nigel Tozzi QC was among several members involved representing Broadsheet. Sean O’Sullivan QC also led a team, including Alexander Wright, on a dispute related to a major Asian shipyard.

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is a 'very strong set' with 'lots of great people' who have a strong international outlook, with expertise in commercial and investment treaty arbitrations across a range of jurisdictions. Among the members, Harish Salve QC is especially strong on India-related disputes. The set is also noted for its strong experience in sports-related arbitrations, an area where Ian Mill QC excels. He recently represented the respondent in the ICC arbitration: Pakistan Cricket Board v Board of Control of Cricket in IndiaAlan Maclean QC and Andrew Scott also recently acted for the claimant in a fraud dispute that went to ICC arbitration.

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is 'a pleasure to work with, from the receptionist to the QCs' and it 'has a number of excellent practitioners in international arbitration, and a growing presence in the area'. The set's silks and juniors draw from a broad and deep range of experience. Neil Calver QC (elevated to the High Court on 1 October 2020) and Ben Woolgar represented Equitas in Pakistan Reinsurance Company v Equitas, in which an arbitrator was being challenged. Harry Matovu QC, who is especially noted for his experience in Africa-related disputes, recently represented the Nigerian government in Process and Industrial Developments Ltd v Federal Republic of Nigeria, concerning the enforcement of an arbitration award.

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is an 'excellent set with some real star silks' and also some 'really excellent and talented juniors who can pick up cases quickly and easily'. Members have strong links to and experience of the market's key arbitration forums, such as the LCIA, where Anneliese Day QC was appointed to the Board in 2019. The set's commitment to the Asian market was demonstrated by its permanent presence in Singapore. Notable cases include Sonera v Cukurova Telecom/Alfa Telecom, where Bankim Thanki QC and Ben Valentin QC represented Sonera. Among the juniors, Alexander Milner is representing Naftogaz in its $100bn dispute with Gazprom.

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is 'great for international commercial disputes' and 'the set is strong throughout'. Clients note that 'the QCs are less stuffy and more commercial than at other sets which is a real selling point. Most of the juniors are very capable across the arbitral sector and most have extensive knowledge of most sets of arbitral rules'. Simon Rainey QC is widely considered a leader in the field and represented Unipec in Unipec China v China Petroleum Sonangol. Andrew Guy Blackwood QC is also representing Greece in Privinvest (and others) v The Hellenic Republic of Greece, an ICCC arbitration concerning the construction of military submarines.

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers is 'a substantial player, particularly in the construction/insurance field, and is certainly a counterweight to the other established sets in that space'. The set's members are especially experienced in Middle East-related disputes and have been involved in several large-scale arbitrations involving contested infrastructure projects. Roger Ter Haar QC and Andrew Rigney QC remain leading players in the market, while Crispin Winser has established himself as one of its most sought after juniors.