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Leading Silks

Rachel Ansell KC4 Pump Court 'Rachel is an effective and measured advocate. Her analytical skills are second to none. She is definitely a team player, does not sit on the fence with her advice and is very supportive of her instructing solicitors.'
Sean Brannigan KC4 Pump Court 'Sean is an incredible advocate and is very much a strategist and leader of a litigation team. He is now incredibly experienced in the Middle East and works exceptional well with lay clients.'
Stuart Catchpole KC – Atkin Chambers ‘Stuart is a very powerful gifted advocate and a devastating cross-examiner.'
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Anneliese is a very experienced and impressive arbitration practitioner. She masters detail quickly, is a very strong and attractive advocate, and clearly has the ear of the tribunal. She also sits as an arbitrator, giving her excellent insight into the arbitration process.'
Graham Dunning KCEssex Court ChambersSimply at the top of his game: the go-to person for the most complex cases, legally and factually. In the top handful of advocates at the Bar.’
Siobán Healy KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Top league: excellent legal analysis, very user-friendly. Siobán is very bright, hard working and meticulous in her preparation and is always on top of the details of the case – her style of delivery at a hearing is measured and effective.’
Gavin Kealey KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘An excellent advocate and cross-examiner – as brillant in oral arguments as a hard worker and very precise in preparing for a hearing.’
Toby Landau KCChambers of Toby Landau KC 'Toby is a brilliant advocate. Despite his crushing caseload, he comes to hearings well-prepared, is passionate yet measured in his advocacy, and is able to simplify difficult facts and concepts of law to maximize chances of victory. His advice is crystal clear and easy to follow.'
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam BuildingsAli is an excellent user-friendly lawyer who is a pleasure to work with, accessible and has a commanding presence in court; he demonstrates strong commitment to the wider legal team, and is an effective and persuasive advocate who has an uncanny ability to read his tribunal. Ali’s strength is in his very smooth and measured delivery, and he never fails to impress with his ability to spot the points that will matter most to the tribunal, and to deal effectively with them.’
Duncan Matthews KCTwenty Essex ‘He is a master tactician and a brilliant advocate. When he speaks, everyone listens: he has a style that combines gravitas with eloquence. He is a real supersilk.’
Manus McMullan KCAtkin Chambers ‘No doubt Manus is top-notch and one of the very best in the field of oral advocacy and cross-examination, especially in complex high value disputes in the field of construction and engineering. His cross-examination is simply first-rate, excellent and truly outstanding – he has the special ability to explain complex technical aspects in a straightforward and understandable way.’
Simon Rainey KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Brilliantly clever, seemingly with all of commercial law at his fingertips. Excellent at directing a case in the right direction to get a favourable result. A pleasure to work with.'
Joe Smouha KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Joe’s experience shines through and his reputation is well-earned. He has gravitas without being grand and has the ability to read how points will play out before a tribunal and can carry the tribunal with him. He is a first-class lawyer, hard working and on top of the detail.’
David Streatfeild-James KCAtkin Chambers ‘David has a profound ability to pick up a substantial, complex construction case and present it forcefully and convincingly at a hearing. He is innovative in is thinking, always bringing a new angle to the issues and the manner in which a case should be put – a formidable cross-examiner, knows exactly how to read a tribunal and drafts with clarity and persuasively.’
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Bankim is the epitome of the silent killer – smooth, urbane, polite, and ruthlessly effective. He performs devastating cross-examinations in which his interlocutors do not even realise what is being done to them.’
David Thomas KCKeating Chambers ‘David is very commercial, extremely detailed and instils confidence of instructing counsel and of the clients. David works well as part of an international team.’
Daniel Toledano KCOne Essex Court ‘He has great judgement and is efficient and effective.’
Andrew White KCAtkin Chambers ‘Andrew is a silk at the top of his game. Very details driven and really rolls his sleeves up and gets stuck into the detail. Excellent strategist.’
Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty Essex ‘Incredibly clever, focussed, hard-working, absolutely first-rate. He must be one of the best KCs at the commercial and shipping Bars. His submissions are well-presented and forceful but never over the top.’
Richard Boulton KCOne Essex Court 'Very bright, responsive and user friendly. The top choice for complex financial and valuation cases.'
Veronique Buehrlen KCKeating Chambers ‘Offers very strong legal analysis. Very responsive and efficient; user-friendly and understands the parties’ commercial priorities.’
Alain Choo Choy KCOne Essex Court ‘Alain is extremely clever and easy to work with. He has the ability to analyse complex issues in a clear and efficient way.’
Helen Davies KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Helen is one of the most formidable and brilliant advocates at the Bar; she is much sought after and is respected by judges and makes clear and compelling submissions. A star.’
Huw Davies KCEssex Court Chambers  ‘A strong sense of what really matters in a case, what a tribunal will be interested in and needs to be emphasised in a hearing. Very personable and good at dealing with solicitors at all levels.’
Stephen Dennison KCAtkin Chambers ‘Stephen is very effective, decisive and responsive. He is a delight to work with.'
Chantal-Aimée Doerries KCAtkin Chambers 'Clear, organised and persuasive.'
Philip Edey KCTwenty Essex ‘Probably the best there is. Reasoned, logical and slick.’
David Edwards KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Has all the qualities of a KC you would ever want – always prepared, good on paper, good on his feet, and a good judge of the mood of the court.’
Andrew Goddard KCAtkin Chambers ‘Andrew is a leading construction silk. He is a skilled advocate with extensive construction experience. His advice is practical and thorough.’
Richard Harding KCKeating Chambers ‘ The first choice for construction disputes in the Middle East. A real class act.’
Christopher Harris KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Christopher is the standout leader in investment treaty arbitration. He is fearless and his advocacy style is extraordinarily compelling. He is one of the best cross-examiners at the Bar and has very strong judgement.’
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court ChambersIncredibly user-friendly and accessible. A brilliant intellect with a commercial and practical outlook. A persuasive advocate who leads the decision-makers along an easy-to-follow story.’
James Howells KCAtkin Chambers ‘A go-to silk – a brain the size of a planet, always knows the detail and the documents better than anyone else in the room, incisive cross-examination of expert witnesses, whether factual or technical, and a pleasure to work with to boot. James is extremely user-friendly, attentive, responsive and accessible.’
Adrian Hughes KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A top quality silk. Adrian understands Chinese clients well, which is unique for a London silk. Attention to detail and provides great strategic advice.’
Simon Hughes KCKeating Chambers ‘Simon is extremely sharp, an excellent advocate, hand-on and works as part of a team. He has the ability to distill the complex and charm witnesses and tribunals.’
Andrew Hunter KCBlackstone ChambersAndrew is a brilliant advocate – great to work with, highly approachable and he enjoys debate around strategy and legal issues. He is very open to ideas and has excellent strategic sense and a strong feel for the tribunal’s direction. His advocacy is to the point, his cross-examination is invariably polite but highly effective and he is unflappable.’
Riaz Hussain KCAtkin Chambers ‘Riaz stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best senior silks of the construction Bar: He is a marvellous trial advocate and has a firm grasp of construction law and indeed a good knowledge of the technical aspects. He is a fantastic advocate and his strength is cross-examination of both lay and expert witnesses. He rolls his sleeves up, works with the team, and gets the job done.’
David Lewis KCTwenty Essex ‘David is incredibly thorough and meticulously prepared for every conference and every hearing. He has deep expertise in international trade matters. A team player who interacts wonderfully with lay and professional clients.’
Simon Lofthouse KCAtkin Chambers ‘Simon is a devastating cross-examiner and has a formidable work ethic. He outperforms the other side in hearings and has the ear of the tribunal.’
Harry Matovu KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Harry is very quick to respond, looks into the matter and provides succinct advice. His expert opinions have always been very thorough yet without unnecessary explanations.’
Salim Moollan KC  – Brick Court Chambers ‘A go-to silk. Salim is painstakingly meticulous and is very hands on in dealing with the case. This knowledge of international law relevant for a bilateral treaty investment arbitration is awe-inspiring. In particular, he is a particularly skilled cross-examiner, apart from being able to make formidable and incisive opening and closing arguments.’
Stephen Moriarty KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Brilliant legal mind, able to advocate even foreign law issues, with excellent legal writing skills.’
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office ChambersAndrew’s contributions to the team are always invaluable – impressive intelligence and exceptional oral advocacy skills. His ability to present complex legal arguments in a clear and concise manner is truly impressive. His willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome does not go unnoticed.’
David Scorey KCEssex Court Chambers ‘David is very user-friendly and flexible, adapting without hesitation to any grouping of international lawyers brought together for a multi-jurisdictional dispute.’
Roger Stewart KC4 New Square ‘Roger is brilliant at distilling complex issues to their true essence and then communicating them in such a way that his clients are able to take effective and prompt decisions.’
Sean Wilken KCKeating Chambers ‘Incisive cross-examination and punchy submissions.'
Lord Wolfson KC – One Essex Court ‘David is undoubtedly one of the best barristers practising at the commercial Bar right now. Calm and collected, with a wonderful manner, he always has the ear of the court. He is the ultimate team player, and is very effective at running large teams in very high stakes cases. Clients trust and appreciate his impeccable judgement and the ability to always see the woods from the trees and his oral advocacy is amongst the very best.’
Jonathan Crow KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Jonathan is a very strong advocate and cross-examiner; he has the ear of the tribunal.’
Paul Darling KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Paul is an excellent advocate with vast experience. He is easy and pleasant to work with, and picks up and retains facts with ease, always grasping the most important issues.’
Jonathan Davies-Jones KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Jonathan  is one of the leading advocates of his generation. He is extremely convincing on his feet and demands attention of tribunals. His ability to think on his feet is second-to-none, as is his advocacy style and temperament.’
Justin Fenwick KC4 New Square ‘He has seen it all over his years of practice – nothing fazes him. His advocacy is very smooth and accomplished – he knows just what the arbitrator needs to hear.’
Charles Graham KCOne Essex Court ‘Charles has outstanding team and client skills and a photographic memory, and provides a sensible and careful approach to tactical recommendations. He is clear in reasoning and logic.’
Andrew Green KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Andrew is an excellent advocate, superb with clients and a great team player. Recommendable in complex commercial arbitration where you need a real heavy hitter.’
Timothy Hill KCTwenty Essex ‘Extremely user-friendly and honest about the merits of the case, Timothy fights tooth and nail for a good result and is utterly fantastic on his feet.’
Stephen Hofmeyr KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Stephen possesses a strong foundation of legal knowledge and expertise in arbitration, and has excellent analytical skills to assess complex legal issues, identify relevant facts, and develop effective legal strategies.’
Ben Juratowitch KC – Essex Court Chambers ‘Ben is persuasive, concise, responsive, reasonable, fair, honest and powerful. His pleadings are based on thorough preparation and awareness of all details in the file. Strategic thinking, excellent planning and sound decision making. His conduct of cross-examinations – including on very technical causation and quantum points – are outstanding.’
Dominic Kendrick KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘An absolutely brilliant arbitration barrister. First-class.’
Neil Kitchener KCOne Essex Court ‘He is highly strategic and a brilliant advocate. Diligent and bright, he writes very impressively.’
Tim Lord KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Incredibly astute, both legally and strategically. Fabulous advocate.’
Sara Masters KCTwenty Essex ‘Sara is a fantastic silk to have on your team. She is thorough, sensible, willing to look at creative approaches to difficult issues. She is impossible to intimidate, and expresses herself with a clarity and emphasis which makes her very effective.’
David Mildon KCEssex Court Chambers ‘David is of extraordinary competence, intelligence and skill.’
Jonathan Nash KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Very smooth and controlled, a pleasure to listen to in hearings and a reassuring presence with clients.’
Jern-Fei Ng KC7BR ‘Jern-Fei is a highly-skilled advocate with a brilliant legal mind. He is uniquely excellent at balancing law, logic, and strategy as an advocate. He also brings a multicultural and multilingual background that further sets him apart. On top of being a best-in-class advocate, he is a pleasure to work with.’
Andrew Onslow KC3 Verulam Buildings 'Great. Absolutely brilliant.'
David Railton KCFountain Court Chambers ‘David is a formidable advocate. His analysis is meticulous, his advocacy penetrating and persuasive. Unfailingly courteous and very measured in his submissions, he is a delight as well as a challenge to appear against as counsel, and a delight to have him appear before a tribunal.’
Marc Rowlands KCKeating Chambers ‘Marc has an unmatched ability to distil down incredibly complex matters to clear points of dispute in very short order. He has never failed to identify a simple and persuasive case in support that he delivers in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner.’
Rebecca Sabben-Clare KC7 King’s Bench WalkRebecca is a strong and persuasive advocate, and is both well-prepared and agile in delivery. She is a pleasure to work with, and great at working out the best points to run or focus on.’
Robert-Jan Temmink KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Robert is just fantastic: his leadership of vast teams of legal, factual and quantum experts in massive cases is a wonder to behold, he instils total confidence amongst his wider teams and client, which is in part down to his total grasp of complex detail and then delivery of perfectly crafted arguments in written and oral form. His advocacy in the international arbitration arena – is masterful: he adapts to the situation he finds himself and then delivers for his client.’
David Brynmor Thomas KC39 Essex Chambers ‘David is an experienced and impressive advocate, able to convey complex details in an easily digestible format. He maintains charm and buoyancy even when navigating tricky waters.’
Richard Waller KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is highly experienced in international arbitration and regularly advises on complex matters. He is a smooth operator and is well-versed in a complex international arbitration and gives commercially focussed advice on strategy in order to achieve the best outcome for his clients.’
Claire Packman KC4 Pump Court ‘Claire is commercially astute and technically brilliant. She is able to quickly cut to the key issues in complicated legal matters, she has excellent communication skills and empathy with clients, and is an outstanding advocate.’
Robert Anderson KCBlackstone ChambersOne of the best advocates at the Bar – forensic, aggressive when he needs to be and very persuasive. You definitely want him on your side, and he is great to work with – he gets into the meat of any issue and clients love him.’ 
David Bailey KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘A brilliant mind, always charming and client-friendly. Technically astute and a sharp advocate.’
James Brocklebank KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is one of the first-choice silks. He is very bright, very hard working and always a pleasure to deal with.’
Serena Cheng KCAtkin Chambers ‘Serena has an excellent understanding of the application and nuances of UAE procedure and practice. Her calm and clear communication with clients provides them with assurance at all stages of the matter. Serena assimilates complex, technical issues with ease and then presents the same with clarity.’
Mark Chennells KC – Atkin Chambers ‘Mark has an uncanny ability to make something which seemed hideously complex, straightforward and compelling. His drafting and clarity of thought is refreshingly clear. He is always on top of the detail, which clients appreciate and does it all while retaining his sense of humour and purpose.’
Nicholas Craig KC – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Nick is a forceful advocate. He is commercial, user-friendly and has a strong command of the law. His oral advocacy is extremely effective.’
Rupert D’Cruz KCLittleton Chambers ‘Rupert is an absolutely top notch silk – very intelligent, personable and great judgement. His language skills and market understanding are also invaluable. An excellent oral and written advocate who has the respect of the tribunal.’
Andrew Fulton KCTwenty Essex 'Intellectually very able, extremely knowledgeable on trade and Banking ; always fights the clients’ case with vigour; able to cut to the heart of the dispute quickly.'
Lucy Garrett KC – Keating Chambers ‘Lucy is engaging, bright and user-friendly and presents incredibly well to clients and tribunals alike. She is a delight to work with: sharp and focused, practical, honest and objective in her advice and input.’
Matthew Gearing KC – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Matthew is a skillful advocate and engages with the intricate details of the matter. His oral advocacy and court craft are very good.’
Michael Holmes KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is extremely user-friendly, never patronising, always responsive and willing to engage in debate. He is creative in his thinking and finds clever solutions.’
Jawdat Khurshid KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘An excellent advocacy with meticulous knowledge of the documents who provides detailed written work.’
James Leabeater KC – 4 Pump Court ‘James is an intellectual powerhouse: extremely detailed and precise and cuts straight to the issues that the client or tribunal needs to be concerned with. James collaborates well as a team and he is responsive with consistent added value.’
Lynne McCafferty KC4 Pump Court ‘Lynne is the epitome of an iron fist in side a velvet glove. She is a tough opponent – she is on top of all the material, and delivers her arguments in such a reasonable and effective manner that judges cannot help but agree with her. Lynne is calm, personable and has a grasp of the detail.’
Justin Mort KCKeating Chambers ‘Justin is a pleasure to work with. He is very hard-working and immerses himself in the detail of matters. He is excellent at identifying the key elements of a dispute and those that are most likely to influence the court or tribunal. When conducting oral advocacy, he has a measured and persuasive style.’
Fiona Parkin KC – Atkin Chambers ‘Fiona’s advocacy and attention to detail are second-to-none. She is an exceptional member of any team, and brings a high level of intelligence and attention to detail to the case. Her skill in communicating complex legal concepts and arguments is truly impressive.’
Fionn Pilbrow KC  – Brick Court Chambers ‘He has a good working intelligence, practical and sharp.’
Iain Quirk KCEssex Court Chambers 'Great preparation and attention to detail; powerful and persuasive submissions, and great with witnesses - a top class team player.'
Daniel Saoul KC – 4 New Square ‘Dan is the complete package, and an absolute go-to barrister. He is persuasive and commands trust in the courtroom. He possesses the skill of focusing the court’s mind on the core issues. He is approachable and available, ensuring his instructing solicitors are immediately at ease. Without question, he is amongst the top.’
Dan Sarooshi KCEssex Court Chambers 'The finest legal mind of his generation particularly in matters of public and private international law and English law. Superb advocate.'
Vasanti Selvaratnam KCThe 36 Group ‘Vasanti is a calm but fiercely determined advocate, who fully commits to her client’s case and put it across with conviction. She is an unflappable advocate, and she is never put off her stride by interventions from the tribunal or the court. She doesn’t give up on a point which she thinks has merit, and won’t allow the court or tribunal to throw her off course.’
George Spalton KC4 New Square ‘George practices law with a style and elegance that always impresses. He is a KC on the rise and rise. George is a compelling advocate and delivers exactly what clients need.’
Samuel Townend KCKeating Chambers ‘Sam is a very bright lawyer. His attention to detail feeds into his skilful and inciteful advocacy and he has a vast array of experience which is growing in the Middle East.’
Ben Valentin KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Ben is one of the best barristers: he is adaptable, articulate and incredibly sophisticated at everything he does. He is a phenomenal advocate and an unusually tactical barrister, which makes him a pleasure to work with.’
Lord Verdirame KC – Twenty Essex ‘A stand-out silk and undoubtedly one of the very best at the Bar for investment treaty arbitration. A supremely polished and persuasive advocate. Guglielmo has excellent understanding of a client business and industry specifics, including in different regions of the world. ‘
James Willan KCEssex Court Chambers 'He is incredibly clever, can assimilate huge amounts of complex detail in no time at all, and is also a pleasure to work with.'
Crispin Winser KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Crispin is an excellent advocate, balancing a willingness to investigate matters fully to gain a mastery of the details, with a firm eye on the core matters in dispute to provide practical, commercial advice and incisive cross-examination.’

2022 Silks

Lucas Bastin KCEssex Court Chambers ‘He may be a relatively new KC but Lucas is already a leading player in the field – a mover of the market, an innovator and one of the handful of silks of choice for investment arbitrations.’
Rupert Choat KCAtkin Chambers ‘Rupert Choat is a refined strategist in construction law and a brilliant cross examiner.’
Calum Lamont KCKeating Chambers ‘Calum is a phenomenal cross-examiner, a master of technical detail. The best for expert witness details, a master of delay and damages.’
Alexander Milner KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Alexander is known for his stellar advocacy. He is very efficient, rapidly gets down to the core issues. He is well-liked by arbitrators and judges, which makes them more receptive to his submissions.’
Alexander Wright KC4 Pump Court ‘The very epitome of what a KC should be – a brilliant advocate: planet sized intellect, encyclopedic knowledge of the law, very easy to work with, super agile on his feet, very strong cross examiner, and a command of the detail of any case which is completely unsurpassed by any barrister.’

2023 Silks

Angeline Welsh KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Excellent client handling skills and a joy to work with.’
Siddharth Dhar KCEssex Court Chambers 'Very calm and unflustered, very willing to help out on any aspect of a case and provides highly sophisticated advice and advocacy.'
Paul Buckingham KCKeating Chambers ‘Very strong analytical skills and a real ability to see a case from all sides, consider counter arguments and think how to get around them. Very realistic and commercial approach and a good team player.’
Henry Forbes Smith KCOne Essex Court ‘Henry has a first rate and astonishingly innovative legal mind, particularly on all issues concerning the conflict of laws.’
Marcos Dracos KCOne Essex CourtHis strength and qualities are an encyclopedic knowledge of arbitration rules and related case law, and a sharp commercial mind. He is exceptionally pragmatic but also wonderfully intelligent and clients always comment on his comprehensive written work.’

Leading Juniors

Tariq Baloch3 Verulam Buildings ‘Tariq is super-smart, super approachable, straight-forward and is one of the few barristers with a strategic and tactical brain as well as book-smarts. He writes beautifully: crisp and to the point, and is a master absorbing what is key to the client and their case and relaying it to the court or tribunal and his advocacy is superb: logical, smooth, easy to follow and persuasive. One of the best advocates around.’
Sandra Healy7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sandra is approachable, responsive and down to earth. Very user-friendly and a great communicator, she throws herself into the detail of the case.’
Edward HoBrick Court Chambers ‘Next-level intelligence but also pragmatic and down to earth. Ed is destined for greatness.’
Belinda McRaeTwenty Essex ‘ Highly personable and intelligent. Great judgement – a silk in the making. She is an excellent lawyer. She is quick on her feet, very clear in her advocacy, and is very skilled as a cross-examiner.’
Can Yeginsu – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Can clearly stands out with exceptionally clear, sharp and eloquent pleadings, best in his class by some distance and already operating at KC level. Can is one of the most gifted oral advocates at the London Bar – authoritative, incisive, and phenomenally effective with witnesses. He is a natural leader who sets a terrific example.’
Samar Abbas KazmiAtkin Chambers ‘Very responsive and clear in his advice. He produces strong written submissions, capable of finding a way even for the most difficult of cases.’
Ravi AswaniThe 36 Group ‘A very strong and calm performer in court, who shows great speed of mind and lateral thinking in order to deal with all of the bench’s questions.’
Michelle ButlerMatrix Chambers ‘Strengths include her deep knowledge and expertise in various fields, whether in public international law or commercial matters. She has impressive fact-finding skills and distinguished capabilities in analysing the facts, is a valuable asset in any legal team due to the miscellaneous aspects that she can cover and handle during the arbitration process. She is always very cooperative with other members of the team.’
Georges Chalfoun3 Verulam Buildings ‘Georges’ acumen in international arbitration is hugely impressive, and he is a joy to work with.’
Timothy Chelmick4 New Square ‘Very commercial, excellent with clients, completely unflappable, an absolutely go-to barrister for the most challenging cases. Tim’s advocacy is crisp, to the point and nuanced. An underrated advocate.’
Cyril Chern4 New Square ‘Cyril is absolutely outstanding as a advocate and is both a commanding presence in trial but also commands respect due to his in-depth knowledge of international arbitration nuances, his truly exceptional cross-examination and advocacy skills coupled with his gravitas, tact and diplomacy. He is also concise, grasps complex information rapidly and puts it all together in a way that makes the complex simple to understand.’
Matthieu Gregoire4 New Square ‘Matthieu is among the best counsel of his generation. Very hard-working, brilliant advocacy skills and extremely responsive. Moreover, he’s very commercially-minded and great with clients. A very effective cross-examiner.’
Zulfikar KhayumAtkin ChambersZulf is very focussed and gets to grips with the details quickly. He presents well and wins the confidence of the tribunal effectively. He has an impressive range – he can be robust when needed but can also be subtle and draw a witness out in cross-examination when that is the best approach.’
Timothy Killen2 Temple GardensTimothy’s advocacy skills are outstanding. His methodical and meticulous style leaves you in no doubt that you are in very safe hands. He is a pleasure to work with and very client friendly, he shows equal respect and consideration to members of the team at all levels.’ 
Marcus Mander7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Marcus is very clever and creative with arguments when required and commercial if necessary when faced with difficult clients. Excellent.’
Michelle MenashyOne Essex Court ‘Michelle is a superb advocate. Her strengths are attention to detail, a client-friendly style working incredibly well with associates of all levels and outstanding cross-examination skills.’
Gemma MorganQuadrant ChambersExtremely strong junior counsel – the equal of most KCs, and can hold her own as lead counsel against KCs or as the driving force behind a leading KC. Superb case analysis and approach to case theory to win at all levels. Advocacy style is persuasive and measured, and her cross-examination is an art form.’
Jason Robinson7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Jason is outstandingly capable and grasps the issues extremely quickly.. A very assured, polished advocate who conducts his own cases without a leader, which is relatively rare for a junior in these areas. A pleasure to work with and always extremely responsive and helpful.’
Thomas Sebastian - Essex Court Chambers ‘Outstanding analysis and a lovely drafting style. Great team player, contributes strongly to all aspects of a case – he is a pleasure to work with.’
Nicholas SlobodaOne Essex Court ‘Nick is very in demand: a robust and assured advocate. His mastery of detail is most impressive and he takes on advocacy roles even in teams where he is led.'
Andrew Stevens4 Pump Court ‘Andrew's attention to detail and responsiveness is valuable. He is very talented in analysing and preparing complex fact sets and laying out a respective case strategy.'
James ThompsonKeating ChambersHe is excellent at getting into the detail and making robust arguments.'
Mark Wassouf3 Verulam Buildings 'Mark is sharp, commercial and a gifted advocate. Nothing is too difficult for him. He is rapidly becoming recognised more widely as a future superstar for international arbitration, cannot be recommended highly enough.'
Peter WebsterEssex Court Chambers 'Fabulous attention to detail and an ability to advise on an unusually wide range of issues. Very user-friendly and a pleasure to deal with.'
Paul WeeEssex Court Chambers 'An outstanding junior; incisive, creative, and solicitors love working with him. His advocacy is mature and effective - one to watch.'
Koye Akoni – Quadrant Chambers ‘Technically brilliant, commercially focussed and a forceful advocate. Koye is not daunted by seemingly difficult cases, he is creative with legal arguments and works hard and quick.'
Zahra Al-RikabiBrick Court Chambers 'Zahra is a solid junior, and not afraid to get into difficult parts of the case and drive them forward - she will be a beneficial addition to any team.'
Jonathan Bellamy39 Essex Chambers ‘A very experienced junior. He reads the tribunal well, and is very persuasive in submissions, has the benefit of an international practice, acting in disputes across the world, user-friendly and well liked and respected by instructing solicitors, clients and tribunals.’
Clara Benn  – 7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Clara is brilliant. A joy to work with - she is approachable, very sharp, and has a good sense of how to bring out the best in a case for the client, especially in terms of written advocacy. Her pleadings and submissions for this case are very well-written.'
Peter Brogden  – Keating Chambers ‘Peter is commercial, pragmatic and technically brilliant, making him very much in demand.’
Eleanor CampbellOne Essex Court ‘Eleanor is thorough, responsive and with an excellent knowledge of the relevant legal principles and how best to use them. Her drafting is precise, and her advocacy is measured and persuasive.’
Simon CrawshawAtkin Chambers ‘Simon has shown a remarkable intelligence and capability to grasp a very complex technical multidisciplinary project, understand the project organization and multifaceted contractual relationships, and drafts comprehensively. His communication is clear and concise, to the point, which is easy for the client to understand and make decisions accordingly. His cross-examination style is calm and factual, his attention to details and ability to find cross references within evidence made him one of a kind and an irreplaceable team member.’
Joseph EnglandQuadrant Chambers ‘Joe is an excellent advocate and has a very good eye for detail. He has very good foresight into what a judge is likely to think in a case, which provides a real upper hand in litigation. He is smooth and thorough and great on his feet.’ 
Ben GardnerQuadrant Chambers ‘Extremely clever and excellent on cases requiring intellect and thoughtfulness, yet user-friendly.’
Arshad GhaffarXXIV Old Buildings ‘Arshad has an excellent grasp of arbitration and has always satisfied his clients' queries as to strategy and process of various arbitration disputes. He is impeccable in his conduct and professionalism, and you can rely on him entirely in matters of international arbitrations. No-nonsense, with a matter-of-fact attitude, he delivers what and when he says he will do.’
Emilie Gonin – Brick Court Chambers ‘Emilie is a superb lawyer, tactician and advocate, and is an absolute delight to work with. Her drafting skills are impeccable - she writes with great clarity and force, in both English and French, and is always mindful to take account of negative facts or law in a clever manner.’
Naomi Hart  – Essex Court Chambers ‘A fantastic lawyer – legally sharp, incredibly knowledgeable with great attention to detail and huge commitment to her cases. Naomi has a first-rate academic mind, coupled with a practical and no-nonsense approach to the details of a case. This is a formidable combination, and means that she performs well beyond her years.’
Drew HolinerMonckton Chambers ‘Solicitors appreciate his technical knowledge, team-work and responsiveness.’
Francis Hornyold-Strickland  – The 36 Group ‘An accomplished advocate despite his junior level. Responsive and hard working with a solution oriented mindset.’
Daniel HubbardOne Essex Court ‘A highly experienced senior-junior with calm and measured judgement, clear and concise drafting skills, and persuasive advocacy - he knows arbitration inside out.’
Abdul JinaduKeating Chambers ‘Abdul’s advocacy skills make the other side's witnesses make concessions. He is able to adapt the course of the hearing and tailored his approach to have the maximum impact with the tribunal.’
Emma Jones  – One Essex Court ‘A brilliant mind who is hard working could not be either better or nicer. Absolutely top-class - an excellent choice for any arbitration that requires a top quality team.’
Dominic Kennelly3 Verulam BuildingsHe is incredibly hardworking and knowledgeable. His paperwork is brilliant and his advocacy superb.’
Jonathan KetchesonTwenty Essex ‘Jonathan is excellent. An encyclopedic knowledge of public international law and a top-rate advocate both on paper and on his feet.’
Shourav Lahiri  – Atkin Chambers ‘Very quick to get up to speed with the matter, good strategist, an excellent advocate - clear, concise, confident and to the point. An effective cross-examiner with very good tribunal etiquette.’
Anna LaneyCrown Office Chambers ‘Anna is extremely talented. She is the most inclusive and team-focused barrister: her manner with everyone ranging from the client to the most junior member of the team, is excellent, and a skill that is vastly overlooked. To boot, her legal ability really is second to none: her advocacy, both complex in its approach, but succinct and to the point, really is her strength.’
John McMillanKeating Chambers ‘John is ferociously intelligent, able to cut quickly to the heart of the issues and an all-rounder at the top of his game.’
Cameron Miles3 Verulam Buildings ‘Cameron is a very strong junior, particularly in preparing written submissions and contributing to team strategy.’
Rani Noakes4 Pump Court ‘Rani is truly outstanding: she’s highly intelligent and able to analyse complicated claims in a forensic and clear way and great to work with. She’s very responsive and provides clear and well thought through, practical advice – a star for the future.’
Rachael O’HaganKeating Chambers ‘Rachael is a joy to work with. She is extremely personable, has good instincts and is superb on her feet.’
Benjamin Parker7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very personable, clear thinking and responsive.’
Sanjay Patel4 Pump Court ‘Sanjay is an incredibly bright senior junior barrister. He integrates himself into a team and is excellent with solicitors, clients, witnesses and experts alike, his drafting is absolutely first class and his advocacy is incisive and intelligent.’
Nehali ShahOne Essex Court ‘Nehali is very bright, highly responsive, and a joy to work with. She provides carefully considered advice. A very impressive junior.’
Gaurav Sharma – Quadrant Chambers ‘Gaurav is first class, an outstanding junior counsel and a pleasure to work with. He produces clear written and skilful oral advocacy.’
Frederico SingarajahGatehouse Chambers ‘Fred is very well versed and prepared to transmit the legal concepts and perceptions from English law to Brazilian lawyer and a Brazilian client. Also, he has a proactive posture, offering a fast and qualified service for his clients.’
Tom Stewart Coats – XXIV Old Buildings ‘As reliable as he is talented, Tom is emerging as a powerful advocate and has a glittering future ahead.'
Benedict TompkinsEssex Court Chambers ‘Benedict is an absolute star: he has perfect command of the law, works incredibly hard, and is a fantastic team player. He is a consummate advocate, who uses his complete command of the documentary record and of the witness evidence to develop and present his arguments in a way which always invariably finds favour with the tribunal.’
Mark Tushingham  – Twenty Essex 'Mark is one of the best juniors around. His knowledge of law and an ability to produce concise advice fast is very impressive. Mark is an exceptional writer: his written advocacy is extremely persuasive and eloquent. Excellent and incisive oral advocacy.'
Damien Walker – 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is the best barrister. Besides having a brilliant legal mind, he is commercially oriented and quite analytical with his analyses. His work is outstanding.’
Jennie Wild  – Keating Chambers ‘Jennie masters the art of persuasion. She is an articulate and compelling advocate, with gravitas that commands attention and is also meticulous with her written work, and analytical skills. Jennie is extremely personable, clear and excellent at understanding the detail and using that to demonstrate her case.'

Rising Stars

Miriam Schmelzer  3 Verulam Buildings ‘Miriam is a very strong junior; insightful, strategically smart and decisive. She is excellent – thorough and can always be relied upon to see every possible argument in a case.’
Camille Slow  Atkin Chambers ‘Camille gets into and understands the details of the case, in particular when it comes to complex matters. She is thus able to advocate from a position of understanding the details well and that shows and is impressive in her advocacy.’
James Frampton  – Keating Chambers ‘James consistently delivers a high calibre service. His attention to detail is outstanding. James is quietly confident, commands respect and maintains gravitas with his advocacy and is pleasure to work with. Definitely one to watch.’
Judy Fu3 Verulam Buildings ‘Judy is fantastic. A superb advocate who already has a fearsome reputation, no quantum expert wants to be cross-examined by her.’
Sam GoodmanTwenty Essex ' Sam is extremely intelligent and confident in his abilities. He has a good mind for seeing the wider picture and devising, often successful, strategies.'

International arbitration: counsel in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings is ‘first-class’ and has become ‘the go-to set for international arbitration in London’ for many. With strong recruits in recent years, most notably Zachary Douglas KC and Can Yeginsu, the set ‘has an excellent reputation for arbitration arising from its strength-in-depth of top practitioners’ at all levels of seniority. In synergy with its public international law expertise, chambers built a significant portfolio of the most high-profile and politically sensitive commercial and investment treaty arbitrations across a range of sectors and arbitral rules. Recent highlights include a highly politically sensitive investment treaty arbitration brought by Qatar Pharma in which Christopher Harris KC, leading Mark Wassouf , acted for the government of Saudi Arabia. Douglas KC acted for the claimant in LLC Lugzor v Russian Federation, a dispute relating to the expropriation of Ukrainian investments in Crimea upon Russia’s illegal annexation of the peninsula in 2014. Georges Chalfoun, led by Harris KC, is acting for Nova Group Investments B.V. v Romania, an ICSID claim arising out of the expropriation of Romanian insurer Astra Asigurări.


‘Stuart Pullum is one of the best clerks I have encountered: polite, honest and straight forward, incredibly knowledgeable about the market and the advocates in his stable. He has no hesitation in telling you pros/cons to get the right person, and even learns a but about the case.’

‘Excellent and dynamic leadership with Stuart Pullum, Steven Penson, and Lucy Burrows.’

‘Very user-friendly, switched-on; committed to excellent service provision.’

‘Stuart Pullum and Steve Penson really understand the international arbitration market and there is no complacency at 3VB. I will usually go to them first for a matter and then deal with individual barrister’s clerks.’

‘3VB is a pre-eminent arbitration set. There is huge strength in depth.’

‘3VB distinguishes itself by having juniors who can step up without a KC in commercial arbitrations. 3VB is showing great thought leadership with its annual London lecture. And the set has a growing following in North America, especially from firms in New York and Washington.’

‘3VB is very strong across the board but what stands out is the arbitration offering and the strength of the junior bench’

‘3VB is now the top Chambers for international arbitration in London.’

Work highlights

    Essex Court Chambers

    Essex Court Chambers is ‘a market leading set with an excellent line up of senior and junior counsel‘ for international arbitration work. Members are instructed as counsel to lead on the most complex, high-profile arbitrations and often politically sensitive matters, from commercial to investment treaty claims, involving the full spectrum of arbitral rules, spanning a broad geographical area and sectors. Alison Macdonald KC is representing the claimant telecom operator in Axiata Investments v Nepal, an ICSID case in concerning a disputed 22.5bn NPR (£134m) tax bill. Governments draw on Ben Juratowitch KC’s expertise for sensitive arbitrations, including an Energy Charter Treaty dispute concerning the RAFO Onești refinery in Romania. Angeline Welsh KC and Siddharth Dhar KC and took silk in March 2023, boosting the set’s senior ranks further. With expertise in international commercial arbitration, Thomas Sebastian, who is also qualified in India, joined the set in July 2023 from Monckton Chambers.

    Work highlights

      Twenty Essex

      Twenty Essex is a ‘top quality chambers of commercial arbitration’ housing ‘excellent talent at all levels with exceptional experience.’ The set has ‘some of the best and broadest expertise in international trade, shipping and insurance’ that aligns with significant strength in international commercial and public international law, translating into the ability to provide teams for global cases with instructing parties based across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the US, African and Middle East. Members are routinely instructed on cases relating to the impact of major global events, including Covid, Brexit and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Chambers is jointly led by renowned commercial silks Charles Kimmins KC and Philip Edey KC. Other notable members include Wendy Miles KC who is instructed in a set of globally significant cases spanning energy, environment, climate and finance, and Belinda McRae on the junior end with expertise spanning commercial arbitration, arbitration appeals and enforcement, and investment treaty arbitration.


      ‘This set is always super friendly. Arron Zitver is a star of the clerking world.’

      ‘Good reputation in shipping, good strength in depth, particularly at KC level.’

      ‘A strong and go-to set for a range of international arbitration and PIL work.’

      ‘Twenty Essex is an excellent set of chambers with vast experience and depth. One of the best in international arbitration.’

      ‘Back office runs very smoothly and clerks are very efficient and helpful.’

      Work highlights

        7 King's Bench Walk

        7 King’s Bench Walk remains a ‘go-to set’ for international arbitration across a wide range of sectors spanning international business and commerce, aviation, shipping and logistics, and most notably insurance and reinsurance related arbitration across multiple jurisdictions. Ongoing arbitrations range from high-value pharmaceuticals arbitrations, contractual construction disputes, including the ongoing UNCITRAL arbitration where David Allen KC is instructed to act on behalf of a local insurance company in a dispute arising out of an alleged well-out-of-control incident. Jonathan Gaisman KC, James Brocklebank KC and Michael Ryan are instructed in a major dispute between two Russian oligarchs and their technology companies in connection with sanctions while David Edwards KC successfully defended a Bermudian insurer against a $200m insurance claim arising out of the settlement of an underlying product liability litigation. On the senior end, Noel Casey KC was appointed Silk in March 2023, boosting the set at the senior end.


        ‘The clerks are excellent and always responsive and helpful. Gary Rose leads from the front and is always on hand to assist as required.’

        ‘Simply the best – Gary Rose and Eddie Johns in particular are always available, so easy to deal with and actually add value to the process.’

        ‘The clerks are efficient, extremely helpful and always a pleasure to work with.’

        ‘7KBW is one of the leading sets for international arbitration’

        ‘7KBW remains a market leader and a go-to set for international arbitration’

        ‘7 KBW is by far the best set of Chambers for international arbitration and insurance-related matters.’

        ‘The breadth of experience is fantastic and there is no weak leak. I have instructed a number of different barristers from chambers and each one has been excellent (helped by the very good assistance of the clerks room.’

        Work highlights

          One Essex Court

          ‘A class outfit and a really strong chambers for all things energy and broader commercial work’, One Essex Court ‘has extraordinary strength in depth.’ Members regularly appear in many of the main arbitral centres, representing clients in arbitration proceedings across a broad spectrum of industries, including aviation, construction and infrastructure, energy and mining, finance and banking as well as transport and telecoms. Recent examples include Hulley Enterprises Limited, Yukos Universal Limited and Veteran Petroleum Limited v The Russian Federation in which Laurence Rabinowitz KC, leading Henry Hoskins, acted for the Russian Federation in proceedings brought by the claimants in the Commercial Court for the recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards made in an international arbitration pursuant to the Energy Charter Treaty. Notable practitioners include Sa’ad Hossain KC on the senior end – Henry Forbes Smith KC and Marcos Dracos KC joined the silk ranks in March 2023.  Nehali Shah, Michelle Menashy and Rachel Oakeshott are strong and sought-after juniors.


          ‘They set the standard for clerking that other chambers try to match.’

          ‘Clerking at One Essex Court is highly efficient and effective. The clerks are quick to get to grips with the needs of a case, and propose appropriate counsel. Clerks are adept at managing counsel’s availability, and are highly responsive.’

          ‘Very strong set, with great offering at all levels.’

          ‘One Essex Court are a fantastic set for commercial work. Their barristers are uniformly highly capable, hard working, and committed.’

          ‘Reliable and responsive juniors on complex commercial cases.’

          Work highlights

            Atkin Chambers

            Atkin Chambers boasts a well-respected ‘strong bench at various levels of counsel’, adept at resolving international arbitrations arising out of complex construction, energy, technology and infrastructure disputes across multiple jurisdictions. Instructions are frequently received in high-profile arbitrations in the Middle East, recent examples include Riaz Hussain KC, leading Marc Lixenberg, acting in a dispute regarding high rise commercial and residential towers in the UAE and experienced Camille Slow acting for a key Dubai developer. Slow also acted for the claimant in an interim application concerning the construction of a major road project in eastern Europe. Nicholas Collings is instructed on an ICC arbitration on behalf of the claimant design and build contractor for various claims relating to works to a highway in South America. The Panama Canal multi-billion-dollar dispute continues with Manus McMullan KC, Christopher Lewis KC and Peter Land.


            ‘The clerks – in particular David Barnes and Justin Wilson – are friendly and helpful. They are flexible and attentive to the needs of Hong Kong clients, especially when it comes to practical considerations such as time difference.’

            ‘Very effective clerks room – efficient and good to work with.’

            ‘The whole clerking room is fantastic.’

            ‘Atkin has great strength in depth in the field of international arbitration.’

            ‘Atkin Chambers is the stand out construction set.’

            ‘Atkin Chambers is our number one goes to chambers for construction barrister. Their barristers are experienced with in-depth arbitration legal knowledge.’

            ‘Atkin are a strong set of Chambers in construction law and international construction arbitration. It has a number of very strong KCs in this field including Nick Dennys, Andrew White, Stephen Dennison and Stuart Catchpole. They also have a strong set of junior barristers in this field including Camille Slow.’

            Work highlights

              Fountain Court Chambers

              Fountain Court Chambers ‘is a Rolls-Royce amongst London sets when it comes to commercial litigation and arbitration’ with a particularly ‘strong presence in Singapore and India.’ Members have extensive experience in the various institutional arbitration regimes and expertise spanning a wide array of sectors including, most notably, banking and financial services, aviation, construction, energy, infrastructure, insurance, mining and telecoms. Recent examples include high value proceedings concerning a dispute between three Russian billionaires who established a bank in Russia in the 1990s, in which Anneliese Day KC is instructed. Bankim Thanki KC acts for Bombardier in an LCIA arbitration brought by Alstom regarding the multi-billion-euro sale of a rail division. Akhil Shah KC acts in a multi-million-dollar ICC arbitration concerning a challenge to aircraft purchase agreements on grounds of alleged bribery and corrupt practices by Airbus.


              ‘The clerking team is exceptional.’

              ‘Very good clerking. Alex Taylor remains unquestionably the best clerk in the City of London. Alex is the gold standard.’

              ‘Alex Taylor is widely regarded a superstar of the clerking community in London. His greatest strength is his ability to develop strong personal relationships with lawyers who seek his assistance with engaging barristers from Fountain Court, which he consciously nurtures by always keeping the instructing lawyers’ (and clients’) expectations in mind.’

              ‘Fountain Court Chambers is basically a go-to set in any commercial dispute. You can instruct any of their members and they will always be able to provide an excellent service.’

              ‘Fountain Court barristers tend to be super-smart lawyers, with a number of outstanding arbitration practitioners.’

              ‘Good strong set with very good senior and junior barristers.’

              ‘Fountain Court is a first class commercial set of chambers.

              Work highlights

                Keating Chambers

                ‘Leading chambers for construction and energy disputes’, Keating Chambers houses barristers ‘at the top of their game with strong technical ability’ and offers comprehensive expertise across a wide range of sectors and across multiple rulesets. Thanks to an array of international members, most notably in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa, the set has an impressive international presence demonstrated by global instructions. Senior silk Veronique Buehrlen KC is currently instructed on several high-profile energy arbitrations, both in relation to renewables and oil and gas. At the junior end Rachael O’Hagan often acts as sole counsel going up against silks in high-value arbitrations with particular ability in the construction and infrastructure sectors. William Webb KC and Paul Buckingham KC bolstered the senior end of the set having joined the silk ranks in March 2023, the latter with particular expertise in complex technical disputes as a former engineer in the oil and gas industry.


                ‘Some excellent clerks. Very focused and able to respond quickly with a list of impressive candidates.’

                ‘Great clerks. Prompt, efficient and resourceful. A delight to work with.’

                ‘James Luxmoore is incredibly personable, helpful and effective.’

                ‘This is an expert construction set.’

                ‘Keating has a huge depth of experience in international arbitration and construction and remains a go to set.’

                ‘Keating Chambers is one of the leading sets in the construction and energy sectors.’

                ‘They have formidable bench strength and approachable and easy to work with.’

                Work highlights

                  39 Essex Chambers

                  39 Essex Chambers’s international arbitration practice is defined by particular strength in the construction and commercial arenas, with disputes typically arising out of infrastructure, energy and natural resources projects, as well as international trade and commodities. The set’s client portfolio consists of major multinationals, government and state-owned entities, energy companies and financial service providers. Notable members include Adrian Hughes KC and David Brynmor Thomas KC who have a well-established international arbitration construction and engineering practice in all the major arbitral centres. While Hughes KC has a strong China and Hong Kong focus, Brynmor Thomas KC has a significant India practice, recently acting in a dispute arising from the supply of drilling services and materials in India arising from allegations of force majeure during Covid. Hughes KC is representing the main contractor in a major ICC arbitration from one of the world’s largest solar energy projects in the Middle East. On the junior end, Karishma Vora and Vivek Kapoor bring in specialist experience in international trade and construction arbitration, respectively.


                  ‘The clerks are a pleasure to deal with.’

                  ‘Good clerking – Chris Jones is a future star.’

                  ‘The set now offers full service practice and cover a wide range of legal expertise. They do a lot of international legal work, and the counsel team is very user friendly.’

                  ’39 Essex Chambers are leaders in their field with an extensive range of advocates, arbitrators and ADR specialists.’

                  ‘Very good group of senior barristers and arbitrators.’

                  Work highlights

                    4 New Square

                    The barristers at 4 New Square Chambers focus primarily on the international construction sector, with an emphasis on large-scale projects with expertise in oil and gas, energy, as well as infrastructure disputes particularly in the Middle East. With ‘great strength in depth’ the set enjoys a good reputation in investment treaty disputes, commercial arbitrations and enforcement proceedings and challenges. Key members of the set in this area include Roger Stewart KC whose expertise lies in IT, insurance, commercial, construction and engineering arbitrations, Justin Fenwick KC whose recent arbitration work included matters concerning the business of sport, pipelines in the Middle East, housing developments in Hong Kong and shipping disputes in the Far East. Lionel Nichols joined in October 2022 from CANDEY .


                    ‘Excellent clerking team. Highly responsive and endlessly accommodating.’

                    ‘Excellent. Without a doubt one of the best clerked sets in London.’

                    ‘The clerking team possesses a “get-it-done” attitude and are quick to respond.’

                    ‘4 New Square is a very good set and easy to deal with and with a broad range of barristers well represented by their clerks.’

                    ‘They are a wonderful set to work with and have strength in construction and litigation matters as well as costs.’

                    ‘4 New Square have great strength in depth and offer a number of good options.’

                    ‘4 New Square is a great set that is modern, friendly and unstuffy in their approach.’

                    Work highlights

                      4 Pump Court

                      4 Pump Court ‘has a strong practice and presence in international construction arbitration and related dispute resolution procedures’ with specialist expertise in large-scale commercial engineering and infrastructure disputes, with a strong Middle East focus besides China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Members stand out for their ability to handle complex technical claims before the full range of arbitral institutions and rules acting for an impressive client portfolio. Among the set’s ‘highly competent silks’ is Claire Packman KC who is advising on two high value ICC arbitrations: a professional negligence claim in relation to a large city centre development in the Middle East, and a contractual dispute relating to the supply of solar panels to solar power projects worldwide. Benjamin Pilling KC, Rachel Ansell KC, Sean Brannigan KC and Sanjay Patel ‘give the set an exceedingly strong depth on construction matters.’ 


                      ‘4PC’s clerking is modern, practical and efficient. Carl Wall and Stewart Gibbs are both very experienced, competent clerks who run a very good ship, and who are always available if needed.’

                      ‘The clerks are always friendly and approachable both on resourcing and fees.’

                      ‘The clerks are excellent across the board. Bill Griffiths is a particular stand-out – he is incredibly responsive, really goes the extra mile to ensure good service.’

                      ‘The clerks are excellent. They always provide a top-notch service.’

                      ‘Excellent set for IT and construction work.’

                      ‘4 Pump Court remains one of the go-to sets for high value infrastructure disputes in the Middle East.’ 

                      Work highlights

                        Blackstone Chambers

                        Barristers at Blackstone Chambers are ‘extremely strong in the commercial litigation and arbitration area’ with considerable experience appearing in arbitrations for a range of arbitral bodies under ad-hoc rules across a host of jurisdictions, including India, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Singapore. Recent examples include an arbitration relating to Asian Football media rights in which Robert Anderson KC was instructed. David Lowe acted in an ICC arbitration in a claim for deceit, negligent misrepresentation and breach of warranty and damages of $30m with forensic accountancy and industry expert evidence and involving a jurisdiction challenge.


                        ‘A really effective and trustworthy clerking team under the able leadership of Gary Oliver. Derek Sutton and Danny Compton are top notch.’

                        ‘A really strong set with some real stars; they have a broad set of talents and real strength in depth.’

                        ‘They are extremely strong in the commercial litigation and arbitration area, and have a very large (and growing) number of excellent silks.’


                        Work highlights

                          Brick Court Chambers

                          Recognised for its diverse offering across a wide range of commercial disputes, barristers at Brick Court Chambers are highly adept at handling disputes before the full range of arbitral institutions acting for a client portfolio spanning the energy and natural resources, financial services and telecoms sectors. Recent highlights include an LCIA arbitration in which Vernon Flynn KC acts for Vallex FM and Base Metals following a $300m claim by a Russian bank in relation to the financing of and investment in a copper mine in Armenia. Stephen Midwinter KC is acting for a Kazakh gas energy and transportation company, in a dispute over the terms of a sale and purchase agreement. In a significant Arbitration Act challenge to an award of the Permanent Court for Arbitration that defined Kazakhstan’s international law obligations and reconciled divergent lines of arbitral authority about whether Kazakhstan had succeeded to a former USSR treaty, Edward Ho acted on behalf of the claimant.

                          Work highlights

                            Crown Office Chambers

                            Crown Office Chambers continues to build a solid international arbitration practice, with a particular geographical focus in the Middle East and Asia. Andrew Rigney KC has an enviable track record of acting in international large scale, high-value arbitrations, most notably in the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors. Anna Laney is often instructed as sole counsel on several disputes in the GCC and is the senior junior behind Crispin Winser KC in a complex high-value dispute in Oman. Richard Sage established a strong international arbitration practice with recent work highlights involving the construction of power plants, hydroelectric stations and wind farms.


                            ‘The clerks at Crown Office Chambers (and particularly Andy Flanagan) are very easy to deal with – they are quick to respond and will do their very best to assist when they can.’

                            ‘Andy Flanagan and Rob Cowup are a joy to work with – commercial, sensible and responsive.’

                            ‘One of the key strengths of Crown Office Chambers is the availability and commitment of their strong clerking team.’

                            ‘The set is getting stronger and stronger, year on year.’

                            ‘The set includes a number of excellent advocates.’

                            Work highlights

                              Quadrant Chambers

                              Quadrant Chambers is a ‘great set for international arbitration with many top tier counsel and arbitrators of all levels from junior to KC’ with expertise in ‘handling the cross-border aspects of maritime matters.’ Chambers’ practice continues to develop in breadth, with disputes across a number of commercial sectors including energy, mining, offshore, commodities, telecoms, licensing, infrastructure, banking and insurance. On the senior end, Yash Kulkarni KC’s recent arbitrations have been in the sectors of sale of foreign subsidiaries, energy in the Middle East, mining and steel. On the junior end, Claire Stockford joined in December 2022 from Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP where she gained considerable experience representing clients across a wide variety of commercial and investor-state disputes.


                              ‘The clerks are professional, helpful and friendly. They have coped well with automation by still giving a personal service in all areas of their work.’

                              ‘The clerks are very responsive and are always able to find solutions when faced with a problem. A very friendly, helpful and proactive bunch. A particular shout out must go to Rob Frankish and Mike Wright. The clerks are very pragmatic in dealing with fees and understand the difficulties.’

                              ‘All first class’

                              ‘Quadrant Chambers is professional in handling the cross-border aspects of the maritime matters, and providing good services of all levels of barristers, from junior to KC.’

                              ‘Excellent set for energy disputes. Deep bench strength.’

                              ‘Quadrant Chambers are a very good and friendly set.’

                              ‘Terrific set of chambers across all practice areas.’

                              Work highlights