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Leading Silks

Rachel Ansell KC4 Pump Court ‘An impressive operator. She immerses herself in the detail and thinks strategically. She is a persuasive advocate, and this gets results.'
Sean Brannigan KC4 Pump CourtSean is absolutely outstanding - the leading construction silk. He is fantastic to work with and a real client favourite. He is excellent on strategy and his advocacy is a joy to behold.'
Stuart Catchpole KC - Atkin Chambers ‘Stuart is an outstanding advocate who is always thoroughly prepared and his cross-examination of witnesses is second to none. His reputation as being one of the leading silks in construction and international arbitration is well-deserved.’
Adam Constable KCKeating Chambers ‘Adam is a great team player and works effortlessly with clients, partners and associates at all levels. He has a strong sense of conviction and works tirelessly, and his advocacy skills are second to none – he is not only persuasive, but very appealing.’
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Her ability to formulate compelling written arguments is outstanding, and clients love her down to earth and common sense approach.'
Zachary Douglas KC – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Easily one of the best counsel in the world.’
Graham Dunning KCEssex Court ChambersAlways brilliant.
Vernon Flynn KCBrick Court Chambers ‘One of the leading lights at the arbitration Bar. He is universally well-known and respected. Clients love him for his hands-on approach and arbitrators respect him.’
Jonathan Gaisman KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very thorough in his review and analysis of evidence and issues in complex disputes; excellent advocate on points of law; provides robust advice.’
Roger ter Haar KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Excellent advocate and superb presentation in a very subtle way including his cross examination skills.’
Siobán Healy KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘A very thorough and responsive barrister who gives very clear and practical advice and is also an excellent advocate, calm under pressure and engaging.’
Mark Howard KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Mark has this amazing ability to cut through the fiendishly complex, making the fundamentals of a case seem almost childishly simple.’
Gavin Kealey KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘An absolutely top flight advocate with superb delivery and fearless and persuasive in equal measure.’
Paul Key KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Paul is approachable and very well connected in the international arbitration world. He has a good knowledge of rules and customs of these kind of proceedings.’
Charles Kimmins KCTwenty EssexAbsolute class act – nobody better at the London bar for international arbitration. Top quality written advocacy and masterful oral advocacy. Understands the inner-workings of arbitral tribunals. Very modest despite his intellectual prowess. An indispensable asset in high-value arbitration.’
Toby Landau KCChambers of Toby Landau KC ‘Toby is a joy to work with – quick, clever and very user-friendly. Great with clients. And an exceptionally smooth and elegant advocate.‘
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam BuildingsAn impressive advocate. A lightning rod for work.
Duncan Matthews KCTwenty Essex ‘Extremely bright and his advocacy is very persuasive.’
Manus McMullan KCAtkin Chambers ‘A very authoritative advocate with an outstanding ability to master the most complex of cases. Manus has excellent analytical skills and gives clear and very pertinent advice based on a thorough review of the relevant material.’
Laurence Rabinowitz KCOne Essex Court ‘An experienced advocate and truly a cut above the rest. He has fantastic client skills.’
Simon Rainey KCQuadrant Chambers ‘A razor-sharp mind, a formidable cross-examiner and elegantly unflappable in a tight corner.’
Joe Smouha KCEssex Court ChambersOne of the elite silks at the Bar.
David Streatfeild-James KCAtkin Chambers ‘Works extremely hard. Phenomenal grasp of the detail and outstanding on his feet.'
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Bankim is a standout silk, who has an excellent broad practice and that includes leading high value and high profile arbitration work - he is a real superstar of the Bar.’
David Thomas KCKeating Chambers ‘David is decisive and clear in his advice but also collaborative in his approach.’
Daniel Toledano KCOne Essex Court ‘Daniel is extraordinarily able. He has  excellent judgement, always does his homework and provide valuable contributions, and has a great touch with the tribunal. Consistently superb.’
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump Court ‘Very user friendly, upbeat, very good punchy oral and written submissions and good cross examination.'
Andrew White KCAtkin Chambers ‘Incredibly hard-working and extraordinary eye for details. Consummate advocate who can lead a witness down paths they do not want to go without them noticing.'
David Allen KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Tremendous advocate - always prepared to take a strong line when needed and backs it up with impeccable preparation, an engaging style and the ability to put complex points enormously effectively.'
Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty Essex ‘He is a first rate advocate. He is able to understand complex factual issues in a short space of time and present them in the most favourable way for the client. He is also very user-friendly and skilled at communicating with non-native English speaking clients who may be unfamiliar with the English adversarial system.'
Michael Black KCXXIV Old Buildings 'An excellent arbitral advocate with great experience both as a member of Tribunals and appearing for one of the parties.
Richard Boulton KCOne Essex Court ‘Behind his easy charming manner is a brilliant brain. He is a brilliant advocate, and so often just cleverer than the arbitrators without making it obvious. His ability to explain the most complex baffling quantum issues and arguments is peerless. ’
Veronique Buehrlen KCKeating Chambers ‘Veronique is an extremely capable counsel. She is thorough, well prepared and a force to reckon with during cross-examination.'
Alain Choo Choy KCOne Essex Court ‘A meticulous advocate. He is very smart and his attention to detail superb.’
Helen Davies KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Very strong advocate. Very user friendly and responsive. Among the most respected and sought after counsel around.'
Huw Davies KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Huw is an extremely adept advocate. His cross-examination is forensic. The style of presentation and delivery of his arguments is appropriately understated. He plays very well with tribunals and judges.’
Stephen Dennison KCAtkin Chambers ‘He is thorough, thoughtful and amazingly calm under pressure. A pleasure to work with and the clients adore him.'
Chantal-Aimée Doerries KCAtkin Chambers ‘One of the first names on the list for big ticket construction disputes. Very well respected as counsel in Asia.’
Colin Edelman KCDevereux ‘Remains the outstanding insurance and reinsurance silk.’
Philip Edey KCTwenty EssexA clever and forceful advocate.
Andrew Goddard KCAtkin ChambersTop notch cross-examination and advocacy skills. Very hard working with good attention to details. Excellent in developing case strategy and easy to work with.'
Alan Gourgey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Diligent, user-friendly, detail-orientated, strong advocate, shows good understanding of the different dynamic (and interface with solicitors) required for international arbitration work.’
Jeffrey Gruder KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Outstanding intellect, extraordinary advocacy married with sharp commercial acumen.'
Alexander Gunning KCOne Essex Court ‘Really pulling away from this peers and just the all round perfect package. Excelling in all areas from client handling, to sound judgement, to smooth advocacy.'
Richard Harding KCKeating Chambers 'Richard is a first rate, detailed-focused thinker and a pleasure to work with. He can absolutely hold the room with his advocacy and presentational style.'
Robert Howe KCBlackstone Chambers ‘A silky-smooth advocate, he has complete mastery of the detail and makes even the driest and most complex issues accessible and interesting.'
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Thorough, clear, timely written submissions. Good presentation. Determined advocacy but flexible and able to adapt. Clear headed and reasonable.'
James Howells KCAtkin Chambers ‘James is first an foremost an excellent technical barrister, with a deep knowledge of construction issues from experience and from keeping up to date with latest developments. As well as being an excellent advocate, what sets James apart is the time and effort he puts into client care, taking the time to explain issues to clients, addressing their concerns and working to ensure key issues are understood.'
Adrian Hughes KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A skilled silk and extremely adaptable and pragmatic. Solicitors and clients most impressed with his understanding of how local businesses work, in particular businesses with a mainland Chinese element.’
Simon Hughes KCKeating Chambers ‘Hands on, sharp and excellent in cross examination. He can easily navigate through the complex issues at stake while maintaining an eagle eye focus on the main point. His advocacy skills are pure and turns a complex subject into simple straightforward story.'
Andrew Hunter KCBlackstone ChambersA highly effective advocate. He has great judgment, a strong sense of the way the Tribunal is thinking and a compelling style of advocacy.'
Riaz Hussain KCAtkin Chambers ‘He is unbelievably calm under pressure and incredibly versatile as an advocate – being able to flex his style to deal with any situation. He has particular expertise in the energy sector – specifically oil and gas.’
David Lewis KCTwenty EssexExtremely clever and efficient, he is not phased by large amounts of material and cuts through it quickly to identify the key points. Superbly well-prepared and assiduous, he does not miss a point and identifies ones that nobody else has thought of. Great on his feet, strong and persuasive but with an easy manner that appeals to tribunals.'
Simon Lofthouse KCAtkin Chambers ‘Simon is very focused and his cross-examination is ruthless. He picks up on small details that others may miss and he has a good feel for most senior arbitrators and opposing counsel.
Harry Matovu KCBrick Court Chambers ‘He lives and breathes the cases, with a superb legal and analytical mind. He writes like a bestselling author and his advocacy skills are through the roof.'
John McCaughran KCOne Essex Court ‘Incredibly bright and crystal clear in his thinking. A meticulous and exceptional cross examiner who skillfully undoes the witness. John is well respected and is somebody who has the trust and confidence of the Tribunal.'
Ewan McQuater KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘He has a commanding presence before a tribunal (without being bombastic or pushy) -- he speaks calmly and with authority. He has an excellent style of cross examination that works with both factual expert witnesses. Brisk and efficient, cutting to the heart of the case.'
Ian Mill KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Ian combines a robust advocacy style with a highly-refined intellect - a piratical cutlass combined with the probing point of an epee. He has excellent judgment and tactical awareness. He commands the trust of professional and lay clients alike.'
Salim Moollan KC  – Brick Court Chambers  ‘He is extremely strategic and insightful, finding arguments that others miss. Most of all, he is an astoundingly capable and powerful advocate, forceful, tactful, disarming.’
Stephen Moriarty KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Stephen is crystal clear in his advocacy. Sharp and to the point.’
Sean O'Sullivan KC4 Pump Court ‘He is highly responsive, incredibly diligent and well-prepared. He is happy to roll his sleeves up and get onboard. His advocacy is excellent, he strikes just the right tone, is persuasive and enjoyable to watch.’
Craig Orr KCOne Essex Court ‘He explains things so clearly and directly and always gets a phenomenal result. He is incredibly hard-working and has a brilliant strategic brain.’
Lionel Persey KCQuadrant Chambers  'Probably the first choice for big energy project where the case will turn on cross-examination of technical experts, Lionel has a combination of authority and experience which makes him deadly.'
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office ChambersAndrew is extremely bright, exceptionally hardworking, incredibly charming and an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a rare quality of being very charming in his dealings with the tribunal so as to command respect at all times, yet at the same time conducting cross-examination robustly and aggressively as required by the case and circumstances.’
Alistair Schaff KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘He is regarded as one of the doyens of the insurance and reinsurance bar with justification. His experience is massive and his tactical knowledge and advocacy skills are second to none.'
Paul Stanley KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Completely brilliant. Paul is a go-to silk. He is bright beyond compare and, despite being incredibly busy, always makes himself available if you need his assistance.’
Roger Stewart KC4 New Square ‘Roger is my go to silk for large scale international construction arbitrations and when I know there there is going to be a fight. Top of his game.'
Antony White KCMatrix Chambers ‘Fabulous on strategy and tactics; a great advocate; delightful to work with.’
Sean Wilken KCKeating Chambers ‘Sean is brilliant. He is incredibly clever and also, very commercial. He is a superb leader who drives cases forward by pathing a clear path and concentrating on important issues. He has a unique ability to find winning solutions to problematic issues and always maintains a clear and sharp direction.'
Timothy Young KCTwenty Essex ‘Hugely knowledgeable and creative lawyer. Boundless energy. Indomitable opponent. Brilliant advocate.’
Guy Blackwood KCQuadrant Chambers ‘He is a skilful and top class advocate. He knows the facts back to front. ’
Alex Charlton KC4 Pump Court ‘Alex is bullish and a master at developing a strong case strategy. He is very robust in advocacy and cross-examination, and knows how to get a tribunal on his side. He has a lot of gravitas and impressed the client.’
James Collins KCEssex Court Chambers ‘An absolute pleasure to work with. Tactically and strategically astute, incredibly hard working and intellectually brilliant. A compelling advocate who really builds a rapport with the tribunal. ’
Jonathan Crow KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Jonathan is an astonishingly brilliant advocate. He cuts through to the very essence of thorny legal questions effectively and efficiently. He knows how to read an arbitral tribunal and court.’
Paul Darling KC39 Essex Chambers ‘An extremely able and pragmatic counsel, whose advice is always clear and firm. Paul is very well-known and respected in the construction industry.’
Jonathan Davies-Jones KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘One of the most capable commercial silks at the Bar. He has an outstanding intellect (even amongst top KCs) combined with wonderful client skills and enormous dedication.’
Nicholas Dennys KCAtkin Chambers ‘Nicholas uses his accumulated experience wisely in the interests of his clients. He often brings fresh insights to complex matters, and is convincing and brief at explaining complicated things simply. Excellent.'
Ricky Diwan KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Ricky is a phenomenally effective advocate. He presents extremely complex issues in a clear and logical way without hyperbole. I would instruct Ricky again without hesitation.’
Justin Fenwick KC4 New Square ‘He is a gifted advocate, and able to tailor his approach to the tribunal very effectively. He is a brilliant at cross examination, especially of dishonest witnesses.’
Karim Ghaly KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Karim is completely engaged in any matter he is instructed, always responsive and charming with both clients and tribunals alike. His cross-examination of experts can make them uncomfortable and many clearly cannot wait to escape the box. Despite his phenomenal acumen he is friendly, approachable and has a fantastic sense of humour.’
Charles Graham KCOne Essex Court ‘Fantastic insights on how to construct a tribunal. Positions arguments in a first class way.’
Andrew Green KCBlackstone Chambers ‘A fearsome and thorough advocate. He completely outdoes opposing counsel, and relates well to the tribunal.’
Christopher Harris KC3 Verulam BuildingsA phenomenal arbitration silk – a very strong practitioner who is able to lead even the most complex of cases to victory. 
Alexander Hickey KC4 Pump Court ‘Alex is a phenomenal advocate. His cross-examination skills are outstanding. He was able to demolish the credibility of the other sides' witnesses with ease and grace. He also has incredible instincts as to areas to press to reveal flaws in the other side's case’
Timothy Hill KCTwenty Essex ‘Tim is a first rate silk at the commercial Bar and would a first choice for commodities disputes. His advocacy is of the highest order and he is a superb cross-examiner. He is prepared to roll his sleeves up and get fully involved in a dispute from the early stages. A first class operator.’
Stephen Hofmeyr KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very clear and to the point. Extremely thoughtful and clever in his analysis and presentation of a case.'
Philippa Hopkins KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Pragmatic, clear, straightforward and calm approach that very quickly sorts out  the wood from the trees  and is very easy to work with. Extremely responsive. Excellent at cross-examination, has a manner with witnesses that the court finds compelling, focused and persuasive. ’
Sa’ad Hossain KCOne Essex Court ‘Very quick to grasp the issue and provided concise and clear advice on a complex matter leading to a good outcome for the client.’
Dominic Kendrick KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘ A great advocate both in writing and orally - with his arguments carefully structured with immense precision.'
Neil Kitchener KCOne Essex Court 'A brilliant advocate, a great team player on a hard fought case and a delight to work with.'
Yash Kulkarni KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Yash is brilliant to work with. He is a great team player: direct, clear and always calm. If you have a horrible case, it is lovely to have him on your side because he just gets on with it.’
Christopher Lewis KCAtkin Chambers ‘He inspires confidence with the depth of his analysis and strategic thinking.’
Tim Lord KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Tim is an absolute star. He is one of the most persuasive and intelligent advocates at the commercial Bar. He is adept at thinking on his feet and reading his audience.
Alison Macdonald KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Extremely bright, and very easy to work with - we brought her in for her arbitration expertise, and she did not disappoint. Willing to pull her sleeves up and deal with the detail.'
Alan Maclean KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Alan is direct, quick to grasp the legal points and an outstanding advocate. You have no doubt that you have instructed the best when you have instructed Alan.'
Philip Marshall KCSerle Court ‘Philip is very bright and a fearsome advocate. ’
Sara Masters KCTwenty EssexSara is very good technically but also a good strategist. She has been great at hearings and we particularly like her results driven approach, focusing on the important points. She understands the arbitrators' perspective.'
Maurice Mendelson KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Great depth of expertise and arbitral experience.’
David Mildon KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Very clinical and logical analysis and dissection of contracts. He is able to understand connections between clauses that other eminent lawyers have overlooked.’
Wendy Miles KCTwenty Essex ‘Very knowledgeable, in all fields. Thinks outside the box to preserve the client's interest in the best way possible.’
Jonathan Nash KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Versatile and un-flappable. He grasped the issues immediately, at very short notice and got a good result.’
Jern-Fei Ng KC7BR ‘Exceptionally talented on paper and on his feet.’
Andrew Onslow KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Extremely impressive on his feet, very robust, extremely good manner with clients.’
Luke Parsons KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Luke is my top go-to barrister, particularly for knotty, complex claims. He is excellent not only in written work, but also in his advocacy, and I value and trust his judgment.'
David Railton KCFountain Court ChambersVery knowledgeable, practical and presents with gravitas.’
Marc Rowlands KCKeating Chambers ‘Excellent advocacy: concise, dry, to the point, an excellent contrast to the more flamboyant, flappy, overly dramatic counsel, thereby garnering the respect of the Tribunal.’
Rebecca Sabben-Clare KC –7 King’s Bench WalkClear, concise advice. Rebecca always provides a view and doesn’t sit on the fence, which clients really appreciate. It helps that she’s invariably absolutely spot on.’
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court ChambersHis advocacy is a delight to listen to. He is fluent, persuasive, amusing and altogether very impressive indeed.’
Akhil Shah KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Akhil is calmness personified. A quietly persuasive advocate with huge experience in the field.'
Robert-Jan Temmink KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Robert is an excellent case leader, mixing strong judgment with personality and substantive ability - any he case he leads will be expertly handled indeed.'
David Brynmor Thomas KC39 Essex Chambers ‘David has a calm and relaxed style, he exudes easy gravitas and does not take silly points and is always well prepared.’
Nicolas Vineall KC4 Pump Court ‘A highly experienced and intelligent advocate.'
Richard Waller KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is able to give incisive and no-nonsense advice which is commercial, practical and legally unassailable. He understands the commercial disputes and how they work at a practical level which is so important.’
Sam Wordsworth KCEssex Court ChambersTop of the game. And fantastic to work with.’
Robert Anderson KCBlackstone ChambersHe’s a brilliant and ferocious cross-examiner. He’s also great to work with – you want him on your side because he brings energy and enthusiasm, and is always up for any battle you need to have.’
David Bailey KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘He gives every case 100% and always manages to come up with a winning argument.’
Michael Bloch KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Lateral thinking, very bright, great with clients, good fun.’
Robert Bright KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Robert is brilliant, quickly identifying the real issues. As an advocate he is also first class. He has my and the clients complete confidence.'
James Brocklebank KC – 7 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is incredibly bright but with an incredible work ethic. Drafting is a particular strength and clients comment on his excellent manner and clear explanations.’
Serena Cheng KCAtkin ChambersStrong analysis of the law.
Nicholas Craig KC - 3 Verulam Buildings 'Flexible and very grounded in his experience and opinions. Tribunals appreciate his focus and appreciation of the key and important issues. A very good team player.'
Simon Davenport KC3 Hare Court ‘He and his team are extremely good in all respects - knowledgeable, problem-solving, delivering the best possible result. 
Lucy Garrett KC - Keating Chambers 'Lucy is an excellent barrister who is acquiring a well deserved reputation as strong advocate and first class lawyer in the field of international arbitration. Always a joy to work with.'
Matthew Gearing KC - Fountain Court Chambers 'Enthusiastic and efficient and brings wide knowledge from his international experience.'
Ben Juratowitch KC - Essex Court Chambers 'Ben is an excellent advocate. He is able to deal with every point that comes up with absolute clarity and with an excellent mastery that has the capacity of convincing even the other side of the cogency of his arguments.' 
Jawdat Khurshid KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘He is a delight to work with, extremely bright, very user-friendly and will always go the extra mile to achieve the best possible result for the client. Very focused and persuasive advocacy.’
James Leabeater KC - 4 Pump Court 'James is always prepared and responsive. His advocacy is considered and precise and cross examines in an effective but non-aggressive style that produces results.' 
Lynne McCafferty KC4 Pump Court ‘Lynne's biggest strength is her ability to quickly analyse complex technical issues and then distil them into clear, concise terms. This applies to both her written advice and pleadings/drafting, and her oral advocacy.'
Stephen Midwinter KC – Brick Court Chambers ‘He is unflustered and a problem solver, always on hand to give a clear and unflustered view. As an advocate he is measured, prepared and personable – he attacks by forensic analysis rather than forceful aggression and is all the more appealing to a tribunal as a result.’
Richard Morgan KCMaitland Chambers 'Richard has one of the sharpest minds in the business. A great choice for difficult cases where bold, and often creative, strategies are required.'
Justin Mort KCKeating Chambers ‘Simplifies the complicated. Knows his stuff. Great to work with.'
Zoe O’Sullivan KCSerle Court ‘Very good with clients. Solicitors are able to share ideas and come up with strategy together, with Zoe’s tactical approach and experience being invaluable. Zoe’s written work is excellent.’
Fiona Parkin KC - Atkin Chambers 'Technically excellent; and able to handle demanding clients with ease on very complicated international arbitrations and on issues of international enforcement.'
Fionn Pilbrow KC  - Brick Court Chambers 'Now a real leader in terms of having the confidence, stamina and client manner to take on the biggest and most complex cases. Quick, fluent and with an eye to what is likely to appeal to the tribunal he has excellent judgment and instils confidence in those around him.'
Daniel Saoul KC – 4 New Square ‘Dan is extremely responsive, user friendly and hands on. For large matters with frequent correspondence and applications he is an extremely valuable member of the legal team. His input is always sensible, well thought out and helpful.’
Dan Sarooshi KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Dan is unique in that he combines very deep knowledge of the law with vast negotiations and trial experience.’
Vasanti Selvaratnam KCThe 36 Group ‘A fluent advocate with a pleasant, easy-going style which has a persuasive effect on Judges and Tribunals.’
Tom Smith KCSouth Square ‘Tom has a great client manner and is very easy to work with. He has a relaxed, confident and persuasive manner in advocacy and deals with complex points clearly.'
Tom Montagu-Smith KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘The leading and go to counsel for any big dispute before the DIFC courts. He a great advocate and only argues winning points.’
Michael Sullivan KCOne Essex Court ‘He has a great depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience regarding the energy sector as well as a deep grasp of the conduct of international arbitration matters.'
Ben Valentin KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Extremely responsive, robust, user-friendly and charming (both in person and as an advocate) - an all-round pleasure to have on a team.’
Guglielmo Verdirame KC - Twenty Essex 'Highly knowledgeable and incredibly persuasive as an advocate.'
John Wardell KCWilberforce Chambers ‘John is exceptional at client management and also at cross examination.'

2022 Silks

Lucas Bastin KCEssex Court Chambers ‘He is one of the top barristers of his generation. No surprise he made silk so early on his barrister career. Top legal skills and strong business acumen.’
Edward Brown KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Ed's particular strength is an ability to quickly get under the skin of a complex case, identify the issues and plan accordingly.’
Rupert Choat KCAtkin Chambers ‘Rupert is incredibly switched on and detailed orientated. He throws himself into the case and absorbs vast amounts of information in very short spaces of time. This makes his advocacy particularly good as he is able to cross refer to other evidence and react to comments from witnesses very efficiently and tactfully.'
Calum Lamont KCKeating Chambers ‘Brilliant cross-examiner, particularly impressive with complex technical matters and very experienced experts, he always knows the material better than the expert and can always find problems with expert testimony.'
Alexander Milner KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Fantastically bright and all over foreign law. Commercial and charming.'
Iain Quirk KCEssex Court Chambers ‘A very good understanding of International arbitration and how a different approach is required from litigation. A strong ability to anticipate the requirements of the Arbitration Panel. Effortless advocacy.'
Andrew Scott KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Andrew is very bright and considered. His preparation is first class and his advocacy compelling.'
Robert Weekes KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Outstandingly bright. Articulates complex concepts with ease. A future super silk.'
Emily Wood KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Very strong written and oral advocacy skills. Presents a clear and focused strategy for the case. Easy to work with.'
Alexander Wright KC4 Pump Court ‘Alex is a skilled arbitration advocate, with that confidence and poise which convinces tribunals. He is able to deal with parties and arbitrators from different legal systems.'

Leading Juniors

Tariq Baloch3 Verulam Buildings ‘Formidable intellect, leaves no stone unturned, great advocate who can stand his ground against far more senior advocates. In short brilliant on paper and on his feet.’
Siddharth DharEssex Court Chambers ‘Sid is first and foremost an excellent lawyer. He is a very impressive advocate (his presentation is clear and persuasive and he thinks well on his feet). He is equally strong on paper, producing excellent, clearly and thoroughly argued written submissions.'
Jane Davies Evans3 Verulam Buildings ‘Jane is an excellent advocate - she inspires confidence in her submissions and exudes gravitas. She is thoughtful and considered, responds well to tribunal questions and clearly knows her case inside out.'
Sandra Healy7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sandra is someone that you want in your corner for complex cases. She has provided excellent user friendly advice has proved to be an essential asset to the team.'
Edward HoBrick Court Chambers ‘Ed is very detail-oriented, quickly able to formulate a forensic understanding of the most complex of legal and technical issues. This allows him to act as a formidable advocate for his clients, able to pick holes in both key witness testimony and the densest of expert reports.’
Can Yeginsu – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘He has a fantastic sense of how an arbitrator would approach the issues and caters his advice accordingly.’
Samar Abbas KazmiAtkin Chambers ‘Total star - very very good with clients.'
Sushma Ananda7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sushma is preferred junior counsel for all insurance and reinsurance disputes. She is formidably intelligent and hard-working, and is a marvellous team member supporting solicitors and the lead silk in the advocacy.’
Ravi AswaniThe 36 Group ‘An excellent counsel and his advice is clear and precise. Extremely knowledgeable on arbitration practice and procedure.’
Sean AugheyEssex Court Chambers ‘A real star. Very bright, knows the law inside out, hard working and gets it.’
Harris BorTwenty EssexHarris a real asset to any case team, and the definition of a team player. His drafting and oral advocacy is well considered and persuasive, comparable to many silks.'
Michelle ButlerMatrix Chambers ‘Strengths include her deep expertise in the field, impressive fact-finding skills and strong attention to details. She is a valuable asset in any legal team since she has capabilities in both commercial law and public international law matters.'
Noel Casey7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very knowledgeable and responsive.’
Georges Chalfoun3 Verulam Buildings ‘Highly respected junior. Excellent team player and is very intelligent both on an operational and strategic level. Never fails to add value and is excellent with clients.'
Timothy Chelmick4 New SquareTim is as smart as any member of the Bar, but what sets him apart is his commerciality. Tim has the ability to deliver clients exactly what they want in an effective and efficient way. Tim is a go to barrister of choice for international clients.’
Dr Cyril Chern4 New Square ‘Unparalleled advocacy skills, exacting cross examination abilities and creative advice, which put him at the top of his field.’
Jess Connors39 Essex ChambersJess is superb leader and barrister. She is picks up the detail of a case with remarkable ease and is able to apply her sharp intellect to provide a clear path forward. She is particularly skilled at spotting winning points and fights for her client 100 per cent of the time.'
Andrew FennAtkin Chambers ‘Andrew is absolutely excellent in joining the legal team and driving forward the path to a successful strategy. He gets across the core issues that have to be won and helps massively with guiding the client team and experts to produce what is needed to support the case. His written advocacy is first class from the first draft he issues. His oral advocacy is calm, measured, robust and highly persuasive.'
Matthieu Gregoire4 New Square ‘Matt is excellent in his analytical rigour, leaving no stone unturned. He is also a natural advocate who can tickle tribunal’s judgment bones easily.’
Zulfikar KhayumAtkin ChambersZulf is a pleasure to work with. He is calm, insightful, a good team player and extremely hard working. He hits way above his weight on both written and oral advocacy.'
Timothy Killen2 Temple GardensHe gets on top of the details very quickly, is meticulous in his preparation and performs an outstanding job in advocating the case.’
Alexander Macdonald7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Alex is a phenomenally talented and hard working barrister. He always gets to the heart of his cases and his understanding of the detail, as well as the law, is quite outstanding.'
Marcus Mander7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very sharp and incisive and very prompt in providing work product. Also very clever. Excellent to work with.’
Belinda McRaeTwenty Essex ‘She is a fantastic advocate. She can deal with extremely complex topics and narrow them down in an understandable manner for the tribunal. ’
Michelle MenashyOne Essex Court ‘She has a quiver full of different arrows and she knows exactly which of them to deploy in any given situation. Above all, Michelle well demonstrates that you cannot be an effective cross-examiner unless you have complete mastery of the details in the papers - and Michelle is an advocate who is always incredibly well prepared.'
Gemma MorganQuadrant ChambersSuperb advocate with a very clinical, persuasive yet charming style in front of Tribunals. Very able to read points of weakness or doubt in the Tribunal and cover those in submissions. Superb at crafting cross examination and dealing with expert witnesses. Gemma is also very much at the heart of any legal team and a pleasure to work with.’
David PetersEssex Court Chambers ‘He has nothing but strengths. He is an incredibly brave advocate and stands his own against senior silks (and wins while he's at it).’
Jason Robinson7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Jason is a natural advocate, both on paper and orally. His written advocacy always demonstrates a total mastery of the facts and issues, even in the heaviest of disputes. His work ethic is relentless and he is always a pleasure to deal with. He has a no-nonsense attitude that always cuts to the heart of the matter while maintaining a sharp wit and engaging manner.'
Thomas SebastianMonckton Chambers ‘Tom has a razor sharp mind and is an excellent advocate - highly recommended.'
Nicholas SlobodaOne Essex Court ‘Great on technical points and providing strategic options.’
Andrew Stevens4 Pump Court ‘Very personable, efficient, knowledgeable and able to get up to speed with the matter quickly and assist the team.'
James ThompsonKeating ChambersJames is one of the up and coming stars in the construction dispute market.'
Mark Wassouf3 Verulam Buildings ‘Mark is excellent - very clever, doesn't miss anything, a clear thinker, user friendly, very commercial.’
Paul WeeEssex Court Chambers ‘Paul is an outstanding senior junior. Solicitors really enjoy working with Paul he is very user-friendly, phenomenally hard-working and he integrates seamlessly into their teams on cases. Paul is exceedingly bright and he has absolutely excellent drafting skills – he can distil complex legal and technical points into very crisp, clear drafting.’
Angeline WelshEssex Court Chambers ‘Exceptionally user-friendly, with experience from a former life as a solicitor and so understanding the needs on this side of the practice. Insightful yet commercial advice a real strength, and a strong work ethic. An invaluable part of any team she joins.’
Koye Akoni - Quadrant Chambers 'Koye is an extremely impressive junior. He combines charisma and charm with incisive ferocity, so when called upon he can deliver a critical hit with style, aplomb, and finesse.'
Zahra Al-RikabiBrick Court Chambers ‘Zahra really impresses with her mastery of the commercial priorities and understanding of the history of the matter.’
Adam Baradon  - Blackstone Chambers 'Adam is a senior advocate who can take some very difficult instructions and lead. He is a very forensic and strong cross-examiner and a great guy to have on one's side.'
Jonathan Bellamy39 Essex Chambers ‘Jonathan gives straight forward practical advice with a keen eye on the client's priorities, acting as part of the team and not just a separate advisor.'
Clara Benn  - 7 King's Bench Walk 'Clara is absolutely first rate. She is fiercely intelligent, very approachable and charming, thorough, excellent on paper but also invaluable on a practical/commercial level, understanding the bigger picture and taking strategic issues into account.'
James Bowling  – 4 Pump Court ‘Easy to work with and provides very commercial advice. His advocacy is great and holds his own against opposing silks.’
Peter Brogden  - Keating Chambers 'Peter is a highly organised and incredibly effective operator. He gets through an astonishing amount of work, delivered to top drawer standard. His advocacy style is calm and persuasive, delivered in an appealing manner.'
Paul BuckinghamKeating Chambers ‘Paul is very user friendly and the quality of his written work is superb.’
Eleanor CampbellOne Essex Court ‘Eleanor is extremely diligent and hard working. She is approachable and a team player and the occasions she has appeared as advocate, she has done a sterling job.'
Simon CrawshawAtkin Chambers ‘Brilliant negotiator, good listener, thorough knowledge of subject matters, effective communications.'
Marcos DracosOne Essex Court ‘Marcos has a formidable intellect which he combines with shrewd strategic acumen. His knowledge of arbitration is unrivalled and leaders benefit enormously from his assistance.’
Anton Dudnikov  - Essex Court Chambers 'Anton's drafting is phenomenal; he cuts to the heart of the issue in a clear and concise way. He is unbelievably bright, and has consistently provided first-rate strategic and tactical guidance to the client.'
Joseph EnglandQuadrant Chambers ‘Nothing is too much trouble, he is always available and will do whatever is necessary to ensure the client receives the very best advice and representation. He is practical and commercial and well liked by clients. His written abilities are strong and advocacy excellent.' 
Ben GardnerQuadrant Chambers ‘Excellent on his feet, very quick thinking and calm, gets stuck in with the documents, has a feel for tactics and how an arbitrator will view something.'
Arshad GhaffarXXIV Old Buildings 'Arshad gets straight to the point, understands the interplay between the law and the commercial reality of the situation.'
Emilie Gonin - Brick Court Chambers ‘Emilie is a rising super-star. She is strong across the board. Her written advocacy is always clear and compelling, and reflects very deep thought and insight into the core issues. Emilie's oral advocacy is truly superb. She is extremely poised, sharp, witty, flexible, charming and impassioned. ’
David HeatonBrick Court Chambers ‘David is very clever indeed, with a remarkable memory, and an astonishing work ethic. You're really getting two barristers for the price of one. He is also charming and very easy to work with.’
Francis Hornyold-Strickland  - The 36 Group 'Francis is a delight to work with. He is extremely personable, which means he is excellent at striking up a rapport with Tribunals. He is very creative and imaginative in his approach to structuring a case.'
Daniel HubbardOne Essex Court ‘Daniel is a tenacious and effective advocate. He is also a fantastic member of the team: smart, insightful, hard-working and a pleasure to be around.'
Abdul JinaduKeating Chambers ‘Thorough, well prepared and extremely courteous. Reads the tribunal and room well, knowing when (and not) to pursue a point.'
Emma Jones  – One Essex Court ‘Emma is proactive and responsive and was available throughout. Her legal analysis is excellent and her tactical advice is crucial.’
Dominic Kennelly3 Verulam BuildingsDominic is an extremely rigorous lawyer who produces high-quality work within a rapid time-frame. He is very strong in international arbitration and also has a solid understanding of commercial law more generally.
Jonathan KetchesonTwenty Essex ‘Jonathan is very smart and a first class advocate, both on his feet and on paper – excellent in the field of investor-state disputes.’
Shourav Lahiri  – Atkin Chambers ‘Very quick to get up to speed with the matter, good strategist, an excellent advocate (clear, concise, confident and to the point) and an effective cross-examiner with very good tribunal etiquette.’
Anna LaneyCrown Office Chambers ‘Extremely capable and knowledgeable, a very compelling advocate both on paper and in person. Technically superb but with a parallel talent for seeing the bigger picture and an instinct for where there is a commercial deal to be done.'
John McMillanKeating Chambers ‘John is a fantastic lawyer who is able to process information very quickly and come up with creative and effective legal solutions. He is remarkably efficient and can produce written work of exceptional quality in short order.'
Cameron Miles3 Verulam Buildings ‘Cameron is a very dynamic barrister - he is fully of great ideas and highly engaged. His knowledge of public international law is second to none at his level of call.’
Rani Noakes4 Pump Court ‘Rani is a fantastic barrister. She is commercial, diligent and an absolute pleasure to work with. She builds rapport very easily with arbitrators (as well as clients and instructing solicitors) and her advocacy is direct, to the point, and always perfectly delivered. A real star.'
Rachael O’HaganKeating Chambers ‘Rachael is incredibly easy work with. She integrates fully into the legal team, and combines a sharp mind with excellent inter-personal skills. She is good on her feet, and excellent at building relationships with Tribunals.'
Benjamin Parker7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Extremely personable, flexible and accommodating. Very incisive and clear thinking. Really great to work with. Commercially aware and pragmatic as well as technically excellent.'
Sanjay Patel4 Pump Court ‘Sanjay is the perfect combination of boundless enthusiasm and ferocious intellect. He has the ability to get to grips with intricate and technical matters of engineering while also managing to be pragmatic and commercial. The quality of his advocacy is far beyond his call and is defined by rationality and reason with the capacity to deploy more aggressive interrogation when the need arises.’
Nehali ShahOne Essex Court ‘Immensely quick turnaround; very sharp and grasps the key issues quickly; excellent cross-examiner; very thorough.'
Gaurav Sharma - Quadrant Chambers 'Gaurav is an incredibly clever barrister. He is a strategic thinker and leaves no stone unturned.' 
Frederico SingarajahGatehouse Chambers ‘Very prepared to work for non-English clients, especially Brazilian clients. He is very professional and he always is available to assist or support in all the advocacy activities.'
Tom Stewart Coats – XXIV Old Buildings ‘Tom is a truly excellent barrister who has been doing a good volume of arbitration work, and has established his name in this field. He can manage very large cases very well.’
Mark Tushingham  - Twenty Essex 'Fantastic lawyer, brilliant legal brain, fast and effective turnaround on papers but always manages expectations if he has other engagements.'
Peter WebsterEssex Court Chambers ‘He was on top of the detail and has excellent drafting skills. His work supporting leading counsel was terrific. He has very good judgment and knows which points to take. His advocacy was also impressive.'
Jennie Wild  – Keating Chambers ‘Jennie has incredible attention to detail. Solicitors are amazed at her knowledge of construction claims, but more so in her ability to consume detailed and technical information and break this down into language that is easily understood by witnesses and the tribunal.’ 

Rising Stars

James Frampton  - Keating Chambers 'James is diligent, hard working and on top of the detail. He is easy to work with and has an affable style. The quality of his written work is high, and delivered timeously. He also has a good understanding of the local market.'
Judy Fu3 Verulam Buildings ‘A fantastic junior. Superb under pressure and an eagle eye for detail. Strong legal analysis.'
Sam GoodmanTwenty Essex ‘Sam is a well sought after barrister because he has excellent experience across the board but particularly involving matters with a cross-border/international element. Sam is very thorough, which is good for raising and considering points that may not have been thought about before. He is an excellent communicator who can put across his advice in a methodical and clear manner.’
Naomi Hart  - Essex Court Chambers 'A leading star at Essex Court – tremendously able as an advocate with a wonderful style and a huge pleasure to work with.'
Benedict TompkinsEssex Court Chambers ‘Benedict is highly professional in fact-finding processes whether by analyzing facts or determining the key elements of the dispute. He has vast experience in public international law and investment disputes.'
Tom Wood  - Brick Court Chambers 'Tom is a true star. He has immense technical knowledge, as well as being very easy to work with. His experience as a solicitor also means he is incredibly well versed in the procedural aspects of arbitration and knows his way round the arbitration rules.'

International arbitration: counsel in London Bar

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is ‘the go-to set for international arbitration‘, unmatched in terms of scale and quality. The chambers is commended for its ‘deep bench of advocates at every level who are specialists in arbitration and court-related arbitration work’. This expertise extends to investment treaty disputes, and covers the full range of industries, from shipping and insurance through to energy, construction and infrastructure. The set boosted its silk ranks with the arrival of Ben Juratowitch KC from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP‘s  renowned international arbitration practice. Notable case highlights include Cairn v India in which David Joseph KC led Anton Dudnikov  on behalf of the oil and gas company Cairn (now Capricorn Energy) on its enforcement of a US$1.2bn arbitral award. On the investment treaty side, Alison Macdonald KC led Paul Wee (a recent arrival from 3 Verulam Buildings) for Kazakhstan in Alhambra v Kazakhstan, a high-value ICSID dispute arising out of the country’s largest gold mining concession.



 ‘Essex Court Chambers are the go-to set for international arbitration. They have a deep bench of advocates at every level who are specialists in arbitration and court-related arbitration work.’

 ‘The team’s strengths at Essex Court Chambers include its vast expertise in this area and excellent quality of legal services that are tailored towards the client’s needs.’

 ‘Extraordinary all-round capability in these Chambers.’

 ‘Leading set in investment arbitration and arbitration generally.’

 ‘The Chambers have a deserved reputation for international arbitration.’


 ‘The contact with clerks is always seamless and efficient.’ 

 ‘A good understanding of Solicitors’ requirements and calm management approach. Ben Perry, Deputy Senior Clerk, is a useful ally in terms of timing and effective management ideas.’

‘Very good service. Responsive and friendly.’

‘Very pleasant to deal with and very attentive.’

 ‘The service from the clerks’ room is simply outstanding. The team really know their markets and they have a way of making each contact feel important. Jack Wood and Katie Myles are particularly impressive and are always a pleasure to deal with.’ 

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildingshas a strong deck of counsel for arbitration and arbitration-related court proceedings, both at the silk and junior level’. The set has made impressive inroads into the market having recruited well, particularly at the junior end, in recent years, with Can Yeginsu , formerly of 4 New Square, the latest example.  In addition to major commercial arbitrations, the set’s members have extremely good experience of investment treaty disputes. A large team led by Christopher Harris KC and including Georges Chalfoun  represented the claimant in the ICSID dispute Nova Group Investments v Romania, concerning the expropriation of an insurance company in 2014/2015. Harris KC also led a team including Chalfoun, Mark Wassouf and Cameron Miles, for Morocco in Carlyle v Morocco, an ICSID claim relating to investments in an oil refinery.



 ‘The set as a whole has a strong commercial arbitration practice. Together with Ali Malek KC and Tariq Baloch, the set is highly regarded in being a top choice for us when it comes to challenging commercial cases involving a deep understanding of English law.’

 ‘3VB has a strong deck of counsel for arbitration and arbitration-related court proceedings, both at the silk and junior level.’

 ‘3VB is a go to set for difficult commercial litigation and arbitration, particularly where it involves complex financial issues.  They also have a fantastic range of people, meaning you really can get the right person for the job.’

 ‘3VB is a fantastic set. Very strong in international arbitration, including investor-state matters.’

 ‘3VB is undoubtedly the pre-eminent chambers for arbitration and public international law.  They have a large number of leading practitioners with real expertise and deep specialisms in energy disputes, arbitration and public international law.’


 ‘One of the best clerked Chambers out there.  Steve Penson is one of the best in the business and leads a great team.  Andrew Monks is unfailingly excellent and hugely client focused.’

 ‘The clerks have been very efficient and easy to work with.’

 ‘Always had good dealings with the clerks, who are friendly and easy to work with.’

 ‘Responsive, commercial, proactive, understanding.  I dealt, in particular, with Stuart Pullum who is very efficient and has a good manner.’

 ‘Senior clerk, Steve Penson, runs a tight ship and always goes above and beyond.’

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers has ‘great depth at both silk and junior level‘  and is considered a ‘premier set for large complex construction engineering infrastructure disputes‘. Clients are also attracted by the set’s ‘growing presence in Asia’. The  members’ international reach extends to major disputes in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The set contains several high profile silks including Adrian Hughes KC, who recently defended a Chinese client in the enforcement of a Swiss arbitration award. David Brynmor Thomas KC and Karim Ghaly KC have also made a strong names for themselves in energy and infrastructure related claims. Jess Connors  and Karen Gough  are well-regarded at the junior end.



 ‘The ability and competence of Counsel from 39 Essex have consistently been high. Moreover, their growing presence in Asia is well-received by firms and lawyers in the region, alleviating the inconvenience of working in different time zones.’

 ‘Broad range of counsel in terms of expertise and experience.  The clerks are very strong and they have great depth at both KC and junior level.’

 ‘39 Essex is a very strong set in the construction arbitration and construction law fields.’

 ‘A premier set for large complex construction engineering infrastructure disputes both for counsel and arbitrators.’

 ‘39 Essex is one of my first stop sets for construction and arbitration work.’


 ‘The clerks’ room of 39 Essex is very helpful. Lindsay Scott in particular never failed to give us the necessary assistance and has an extremely good eye for matching the right Counsel for our cases.’

 ‘Mark Winrow is very knowledgeable and capable.’

 ‘Mark Winrow is responsive, approachable and very pragmatic with regard to understanding the pressure on fees in the Middle East.’ 

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King’s Bench Walk has ‘great strength-in-depth and many absolute superstars‘. The set is a market leader for insurance and reinsurance arbitrations, but its members are ‘brilliant all-rounders’ who are often involved in headline commercial claims connected to other key sectors. Notable disputes include four arbitrations stemming from the US$1bn collapse in 2014 of the Danish company OW Bunker, a case that at varying times involved Robert Bright KC and Clara Benn, and currently has Marcus Mander  acting as sole counsel for the company’s Norwegian bankruptcy estate. Members are also regularly involved in major jurisdictional and award challenges in the courts, as seen in in Enka Inssat Ve Sanayi v Chubb Russia Insurance, in which David Bailey KC, Mander and Benn defended Chubb against a landmark anti-suit injunction that went to the Supreme Court and ultimately settled a lengthy debate on the governing law of arbitration agreements.



 ‘Very great strength-in-depth and many absolute superstars.’

 ‘7KBW is the go-to set for disputes work.  Brilliant all-rounders with a strong focus on insurance work.’

 ‘7KBW is increasingly known for international commercial arbitration matters and I am inclined to explore counsel options there particularly when looking for that elusive combination of excellence in ability combined with reasonableness on fees.’

 ‘7 KBW is clearly the leading set for insurance and reinsurance law with great strength in depth from junior to senior level; always prepared to go the extra mile to provide support.’

 ‘7KBW is an excellent set and has barristers generally of very high quality.’


 ‘Good – Gary Rose always goes the extra mile.’

‘The clerks are always very friendly and cooperative. Gary Rose is extremely helpful and practical. Hannah Hart is very helpful.’

 ‘The clerks’ room is always responsive and helpful.’

 ‘A strong and collegiate set of clerks led by Greg.’

 ‘The clerks are down to earth and practical.  Highly commercial.’


One Essex Court

One Essex Court has ‘impressive depth of talent at all levels’,  with barristers who are ‘leaders in their fields, with exceptional intellects and impressive advocacy skills’. Members have expertise across a wide range of disciplines, including major investment treaty arbitrations and commercial disputes in Asia, where the set’s Singapore office is a major asset. Lead members include Daniel Toledano KC who recently led Nicholas Sloboda in a multi-billion dispute in the Middle East concerning a electricity supply contract linked to a new power plant. Toledano KC and Sloboda are working alongside Laurence Rabinowitz KC and two other members in a multi-billion dollar energy-related claim under SIAC rules. The return of Lord Wolfson KC from his role as UK Under-Secretary of State for Justice adds weight at the senior silk level.



‘They have strength across the board and are very bright, commercially-savvy lawyers.’

‘One Essex Court is a top tier set for international commercial arbitration matters with considerable strength in depth. Their barristers are leaders in their fields, with exceptional intellects and impressive advocacy skills.’

‘Great strength in depth with no shortage of super-bright counsel.’


‘Darren Burrows is superb.’

‘Some of the best clerks around. Special mention to Rob Smith and Ben O’Hanlon who know their barristers practice areas extremely well and are great to deal with.’

‘That I rarely have any dealings with the clerks in of itself tells you that they do a great job – a seamless first-rate service.  When they know they have a difficult or demanding client they respond and make life easy for the instructing solicitors.’

‘The service has always been very good.’

‘The service is extremely good; the clerks are responsive, friendly and effective.’

Atkin Chambers

The barristers at Atkin Chambers have ‘vast experience and remarkable knowledge in international arbitration‘, built around a market-leading standing for global construction and engineering disputes. The set’s ‘great bench strength‘ was further enhanced by the high profile arrival of the highly esteemed Stuart Catchpole KC from 39 Essex Chambers. Clients appreciate the members’ experience of working in ‘Hong Kong, the Middle East and around the world‘. They are regularly involved in long-running infrastructure disputes covering a range of industries, a prominent example being Manus McMullan KC and Christopher Lewis KC‘s ongoing role representing the Panama Canal Authority in a series of multi-billion dollar claims arising from the Third Set of Locks Project. The set’s impressive stable of experienced juniors regularly act unled, with Shourav Lahiri  and Samar Abbas Kazmi recently involved in several high profile development disputes in the Middle East.



 ‘Atkin Chambers is one of my first stop chambers for construction and arbitration work.’

 ‘Atkin Chambers have many reputable international arbitration barristers. They work in Hong Kong, the Middle East and around the world.’

 ‘Atkin is the number one construction arbitration set with a great bench strength.’

 ‘Atkin chambers is the leading set for construction and engineering disputes. There is a wide array of counsel at every level with deep understanding of their subjects and are mostly very approachable.’

 ‘They have vast experience and remarkable knowledge in international arbitration and its concentration on construction matters in addition to energy and power. They have vast expertise in this area and excellent quality of legal services that are tailored towards the client’s needs.’


 ‘Its clerking service is top quality especially David Barnes and Justin Wilson. They provide superb service.’

 ‘David Barnes – Chief Executive and Director of Clerking, and Jonathan Wagstaff – Junior Practice Manager, are always incredibly responsive and helpful with matters of availability and billing, in particular when procedural timetable changes necessitate adjustments to fee arrangements.’

‘Justin Wilson – incredible communication, very commercial and brings everything together seamlessly.’

‘David Barnes and team are very responsive and easy to work with. David in particular is always forthcoming with innovative solutions to any issues relating to engagement of counsel.’

 ‘Justin Wilson is a legend – communication levels through the roof and extremely commercial and focused.’

Work highlights

    Keating Chambers

    Keating Chambers is ‘one of the go-to chambers for large and complex construction arbitrations‘, fielding ‘an array of world class silks and up and coming juniors who are leading experts‘. The set’s wide international reach and strong provision of ‘publications and seminars on industry-specific matters‘ is another ‘value add‘. The set’s construction and engineering expertise extends to a broad range of industries, including power, oil and gas, nuclear, transport and social infrastructure. Multiple members were involved on either side a major energy related arbitration in Africa, with David Thomas KC and Jennie Wild   among those opposing a team in which Simon Hughes KC led Peter Brogden . A large team involving two silks and six juniors were also instructed on a dispute involving one of the worlds largest oilfields.



     ‘Keating Chambers has top-notch counsel, including many silks who specialise in the energy sector and in international arbitrations.  They provide publications and seminars on industry-specific matters.  Their counsel are sought after (including for international matters).’

     ‘Keating Chambers are one of the go-to chambers for large and complex construction arbitrations.  They have a strong bench and offer advocates, mediators and arbitrators.‘

     ‘Keating Chambers is a go-to chambers for construction arbitration Counsel. It continues to maintain its reputation of excellence. Members of Chambers are flexible in terms of travel, and also regularly offer seminars which serve as training for our lawyers, which is a value add.’

     ‘Keating is a very strong set for construction disputes, with an enviable bench of advocates – whenever I have required assistance, they have always had a well-qualified individual available.’

     ‘They have an array of world class silks and up and coming juniors who are leading experts. You know they will always exceed high expectations. Keating Chambers is what all sets should be like.’


     ‘The chambers are very professionally run, with very efficient clerks who support the various barristers.  They are client responsive and flexible in arranging suitable terms with fees on brief which needed to be adjusted when hearings had to be rearranged due to COVID numerous times.  In particular we dealt with Robert Garvan and Dominic Woodbridge.’

     ‘The clerks are diligent and very approachable.  Dom Woodbridge is highly dependable and works around the clock to make sure his clients are completely satisfied. ‘

     ‘The clerks team are accessible, quick and efficient across the board. James Luxmoore builds deep relationships with instructing solicitors, gives notice of diary constraints, and is prompt with fee proposals (and receptive to specific needs of clients in that respect).’

     ‘The clerks have an excellent knowledge of the barristers’ individual strengths and areas of expertise, and are generally always able to identify a suitable candidate for a new matter (even where our first choice is unavailable).’

    Twenty Essex

    Twenty Essex is a ‘leading, go-to set in commercial and investment treaty arbitration‘  with ‘great strength in depth amongst juniors and silks‘. The members have wide-ranging expertise in a range of issues, from traditional strengths in shipping, commodities and insurance, through to multi-jurisdictional fraud disputes and cases with public international law elements. Members regularly work together, and recently Charles Kimmins KC led Mark Tushingham  in a US$134m UNCITRAL arbitration concerning the supply of power turbines to an African state. Guglielmo Verdirame KC is leading Belinda McRae, among others, on behalf of the Republic of Poland in Invenergy v Republic of Poland, a BIT dispute concerning a US$700m investment into the country’s wind energy sector.



    ‘Twenty Essex has deep bench strength on public international law and arbitration-related litigation.’ 

    ‘Excellent set. If your first-choice counsel is unavailable you never get a second best offered as a substitute. In footballing terms they are all in the starting line up.’

    ‘Excellent chambers, particularly for international arbitration.’ 

    ‘A leading, go-to set in commercial and investment treaty arbitration.’ 

    ‘20 Essex is my preferred chambers for international trade disputes. They have great strength in depth amongst juniors and silks.’

     ‘A great choice for barristers in arbitration and PIL.’ 


    ‘Back office runs very smoothly and clerks are very efficient and helpful.’  

    ‘Excellent service, very easy to deal with and responsive.’ 

    ‘Excellent all round.’ 

    Great clerking service, responsive and accessible including out of office hours.’

    ‘Really effective and good clerks, including Anthony Carroll.’


    4 New Square

    4 New Square ‘has really good strength in depth, both across their range of silks and their juniorsThe set’s members have experience of investment treaty disputes, commercial arbitrations and enforcement proceedings and challenges. A notable example of the latter was Province of Balochistan v TCC in which George Spalton KC acted for the claimant in challenging a £5bn award for lack of jurisdiction following ICSID and ICC arbitrations. Roger Stewart KC has a strong reputation and led Timothy Chelmick  and three more junior members in a major UK-based IT arbitration claim. Matthieu Gregoire  is a big name on the investment treaty side and is representing Sri Lanka in KLS Energy Lanka v Sri Lanka, a US$100m dispute arising from the cancellation of a wind and solar hybrid power plant project.



     ‘4 New Square has really good strength in depth, both across their range of silks and their juniors.’

     ‘An excellent set to deal with as all are fine advocates and well rounded.’

     ‘They are of great help in all matters, always willing to go the extra distance to accommodate clients and have great strength and depth in the entire civil marketplace.’

     ‘A set with great quality, and driven with the right vision and the right level of ambition.’

     ‘Good set with some excellent, user-friendly and very clever, commercial barristers.‘


     ‘The clerks are excellent. Very responsive and sensible on fees.’

     ‘All are good with Lizzy Stewart being exceptional, helpful and a solid individual to deal with.’

    ‘They all are on top of any matter no matter whom you speak with – amazing to me to see this sort of across-the-board ability.’

     ‘Great: very responsive and real problem-solvers.’

     ‘Service from the clerks’ room is excellent, Dennis Peck is one of the best clerks in London, he can get anything done.


    4 Pump Court

    4 Pump Court is a ‘very strong set of barristers for complex document heavy arbitrations‘  and is commended for its ‘good strength in depth, in both the Silk and junior stables’. The set stands out for its versatility, with members offering excellent expertise in a range of key industries, including construction and engineering, IT, shipping and insurance. Members regularly work in teams or appear on opposite sides. Recently Sean Brannigan KC has faced off against Rachel Ansell KC in a major multibillion-dollar infrastructure dispute in the Middle East. Sean O'Sullivan KC is also leading Andrew Stevens in a significant cross-border shipping claim involving Chinese and Indian parties.



    ‘Excellent set for construction disputes. Far more client friendly than other sets.’

     ‘One of the pre-eminent sets in this area and very good strength in depth, in both the Silk and Junior stables.’

     ‘A very strong set of barristers for complex document heavy arbitrations.’

     ‘Increasingly prominent in the field of international arbitration.’

     ‘4 Pump Court  is, for me, the go-to construction set. There is a real strength in depth – I have worked with numerous silks and juniors over the years and they have consistently been excellent and very good to work with.’


     ‘The most user-friendly clerk team I have dealt with a refreshingly commercial approach.  Stewart Gibbs and Carl Wall are stand-outs.’ 

     ‘Excellent – always prepared to be commercial in their dealings.’

     ‘The clerks are excellent, and given our previous relationships provide a great level of service. They are also willing to engage in fee discussions early, which clients find very helpful.’

     ‘The clerks are always very helpful and willing to work with the challenging budgets set by Middle East clients and to provide fixed fees. Carl Wall is always available and responsive. The hire of Niki Merison will only serve to strengthen their offering.’

     ‘The clerks are excellent. I have a good relationship with Stewart Gibbs and Bill Griffiths.’

    Blackstone Chambers

    Blackstone Chambers is an ‘amazing set‘ that is ‘able to field a suitable person for pretty much any commercial dispute‘. This extends to cross-border commercial arbitrations and investment treaty disputes where members at silk and junior level have established an impressive track record across a range of industries and arbitration types, including more specialised areas such as sports. In recent years the set has established strong credentials for India-related disputes, with Harish Salve KC SA – both an English silk and an Indian senior advocate – especially well regarded on this front. Adam Baradon  also acted as lead junior in a US$3bn LCIA arbitration over assets in India, while Robert Weekes KC appeared in one of India’s largest domestic arbitration involving a 70 day hearing. Maurice Mendelson KC is a standout choice for disputes with a public international law element.



    ‘Very strong commercial set with a diverse set of strengths, able to field a suitable person for pretty much any commercial dispute.’

    ‘I’ve worked closely with Blackstone over a long period because of the quality of their counsel and their very commercial approach.  They’ve always been strong, but over the last few years they have developed a really strong set of silks on the commercial litigation and international arbitration side.’ 

    ‘An amazing set.’

    ‘Strong depth of expertise in a number of disciplines.’


    ‘Clerks always a pleasure to deal with.’

    ‘Gary Oliver is a master clerk who leads a really strong and user-friendly team.’ 

    ‘Derek Sutton is always available, responsive and able to resolve matters quickly and effectively.’

    ‘I think they set the standard for being pragmatic and easy to deal with.  They understand the different pressures and dynamics faced by instructing solicitors, and they will go out of their way to help.  Derek Sutton is great – really responsive and personable, and he gets to know your practice.’

    ‘One of the pleasures of working with Blackstone Chambers is the quality of their clerks. They work hard to find an acceptable solution both in terms of available Counsel and, where necessary, provide a flexible and imaginative approach towards these. They genuinely understand the need to form a partnership with those instructing them. Derek Sutton remains an outstanding clerk and provides a role model for all of the junior clerks in Chambers in terms of his enthusiasm and understanding of the role. He is simply a pleasure to work with.’

    Work highlights

      Brick Court Chambers

      Service minded like a ficw-star hotel,’ Brick Court Chambers is ‘undoubtedly one of the top sets at the commercial bar‘, with ‘ extraordinary breadth of talent at the silk level‘. The versatile set covers a range of areas and has built an increasingly strong crossover into public international law. Challenges to arbitration awards feature prominently on the agenda, including Betamax v State Trading Corporation, a Privy Council appeal from Mauritius in which Mark Howard KC and Salim Moollan KC both represented Betamax concerning the annulment of a US$120m arbitral award which raised questions about the scope of a public policy challenge to an award. On the BIT side, Vernon Flynn KC and Edward Ho  represented World Wide Minerals in the Republic of Kazakhstan v World Wide Minerals, where the state challenged findings made by the ad hoc UNCITRAL Tribunal.



      ‘Brick Court are undoubtedly one of the top sets at the commercial bar. Their barristers are always in very high demand, but still offer a top rate service.’

      ‘I hold Brick Court in high regard. Service minded like a 5-star hotel. Excellent availability.’

      ‘Brick Court chambers is probably the number one set when it comes to international disputes, international law and human rights law.’ 

      ‘Superb set, extraordinary breadth of talent at the KC level.’

       ‘Brick Court is a top set in the City. Very reliable brand.’


       ‘Impeccable – Philip Wilkes is incredibly helpful and proactive.’

       ‘Really great clerking team. James Knapp and Philip Wilkes stand out. Always responsive and helpful.’

       ‘Excellent service. Responsive, intelligent, friendly, and great value.’

       ‘Brilliant.  Phil Wilkes is excellent and makes things happen.’

       ‘Brilliant – Paul Dennison runs a very good operation.’

      Fountain Court Chambers

      Fountain Court Chambers is one of the London Bar’s leading commercial sets packed with ‘clever and user-friendly‘ silks and juniors. The set is building an impressive reputation for international arbitration, further strengthened by the 2021 recruitment of Matthew Gearing KC, who jointly headed Allen & Overy’s renowned international arbitration group for a decade. At the senior end, Anneliese Day KC  has also become a leading figure in the market and represented a Trinidadian state-owned entity in NIDCO v OAS, a long-running dispute with a Brazilian contractor concerning the termination of a roadbuilding contract. Newly appointed silk, Alexander Milner KC regularly acts as sole counsel, as was the case in Tatarstan v Ukraine, in he represented Ukraine in the Court of Appeal enforcement of a US$100m award.



       ‘Fountain Court is a leading commercial set.  Its barristers are clever and user-friendly.’


      ‘Fountain Court is generally reckoned to be the leading aviation set.’

      Quadrant Chambers

      Quadrant Chambers provides ‘first class advice from the most senior silks to the most junior tenants‘. The set is especially known for shipping, trade and commodities-related arbitrations, but many members have ‘first-rate expertisein more general commercial arbitrations. Guy Blackwood KC has been representing Greece in several high value ICC arbitrations against Privinvest concerning the construction of military submarines. Senior junior Gemma Morgan  regularly appears as sole counsel, and in Shell Energy Europe v Metaenergia, concerning a disputed energy supply contract, she is assisting Shell on enforcement proceedings before the courts. Simon Rainey KC remains one of the market’s best regarded advocates and has recently led juniors Gaurav Sharma and Ben Gardner in high value claims in the Middle East and Africa.



      ‘Quadrant Chambers is well regarded in the field of shipping disputes and clearly has a broad depth of well qualified barristers to pull from.’

      ‘Quadrant provide first class advice from the most senior silks to the most junior tenants, as one would expect from one of the leading sets at the commercial bar. Chambers has an excellent mix of true specialists across various disciplines which arise in the context of my firm’s disputes practice. Seminars are offered at no cost and on a regular basis to brief the team on developments in case law and practice, which are much appreciated. They host and sponsor numerous events often with Counsel devoting significant time at no charge to travel, preparation and attendance. Again much appreciated. They excel in their commercial and practical approach to resolving the most complex of cases.’ 

      ‘I highly recommend Quadrant on shipping and international trade matters. They have a number of incredibly knowledgeable and user-friendly barristers at all levels of qualification. Their rates are highly competitive and the clerking team are excellent. They also show thought leadership in their practice areas and regularly host engaging seminars.’ 

      ‘Quadrant Chambers offer the first-rate expertise in international arbitration and in particular for shipping and commodities disputes.‘

      ‘One of the pre-eminent sets and very good strength in depth.’


      ‘The team is expertly led by  Simon Slattery. He has excellent knowledge not only of the particular work streams and specialists of individual Counsel in chambers but wide and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which chambers practice. The clerks understand the pressures solicitors are under and respond accordingly. Mike Wright is an excellent new addition to the team with a helpful and can-do attitude to problem solving. They set the chambers apart from their immediate rivals.’

      ‘Very good service – Rob Frankish is very responsive and helpful.’

      ‘The clerks are excellent and I regularly trust their judgment when it comes to choice of suitable counsel for my matters. They are responsive and sensible on fees. Simon Slattery always standout for their knowledge, experience and engagement. Daniel Westerman is a practice manager who is always very helpful and quick to address matters.’

      ‘The clerks are very helpful.  Simon Slattery is very responsive and professional.’

      ‘Strong and efficient clerking team.’

      Crown Office Chambers

      Crown Office Chambers offers ‘wonderful support for its clients‘ on international arbitration claims, particularly those in the construction and infrastructure arena. The set’s members have extremely good credentials for major international disputes in the Middle East and Asia. Names of note include Roger Ter Haar KC and Andrew Rigney KC  at the senior end who regularly act on multi-billion dollar claims in the oil and gas and power sectors. Crispin Winser KC, who took silk in 2021, recently led Anna Laney  in a high value transport infrastructure claim in the Gulf region.



      ‘Wonderful support for the client.’


      ‘The clerks at Crown Office Chambers (and particularly Andy Flanagan) are very easy to deal with – they are quick to respond and will do their very best to assist when they can.’ 

      ‘Rob Cowup was helpful and available and flexible when required.’

      ‘The clerks move fast and efficiently.’