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Leading Arbitrators

John Beechey CBEArbitration Chambers ‘He is absolutely outstanding in international arbitration, always very responsive and with a phenomenal grasp and oversight of the most complex factual and legal issues. Exceptionally efficient and supportive in advancing proceedings to a well-reasoned outcome, and one of the very best in the field of commercial and investment arbitration - it is always a great pleasure and privilege to work with him.’
Juliet BlanchArbitration Chambers 'Juliet is a very experienced arbitration practitioner who has become an outstanding arbitrator who is much in demand. She is thorough and always read-in and extremely well-prepared, she is a diligent and responsive arbitrator who is exceptionally hard-working. Juliet combines a practical approach with a deep understanding of the law and practice of international arbitration, she chairs proceedings with both gravitas and good humour and is also a pleasure to work with.'
Lord CollinsArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘Very effective case management as chair of a tribunal, extremely thorough and hard-working, decisive and concise. He has impeccable judgement and analytical skills, all the more so in matters involving foreign law issues.’
Sir Bernard EderArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘One of the best and most proactive arbitrators in London for any sort of dispute – very bright and commercial. He is an amazing operator and always gets the right result. Excellent as the chairman of a tribunal, he takes no messing around from the parties and is very robust.’
Nicholas Fletcher KC –4 New Square Chambers ‘He is bright, on the ball, conscientious, hard working, well balanced, commercial, with sound judgement, very good with the parties and an excellent drafter of awards. Completely impartial, incisive but also very sensible and is easy to work with.’
Robert Gaitskell KCKeating Chambers ‘A pre-eminent arbitrator of construction disputes. He is extremely collegiate to work with and has a very pleasant manner with the parties and witnesses – impeccably polite. He provides very thoughtful input on the issues especially through his questions which always seem to raise really important points for clarification. An excellent arbitrator.’
Ian Glick KCOne Essex Court ‘ Ian has been a fixture on many people’s list of go-to arbitrators for years – and deservedly so. He is forensic in cutting through to the nub of a case and if one is sitting with him, there is every incentive to be as well-prepared as he is. He is a fine presiding arbitrator and hugely supportive and collegiate when sitting on a wing.’
Dame Elizabeth GlosterOne Essex Court ‘Dame Elizabeth is one of the top international arbitrators. Brilliant at handling a difficult case. Superb intellect. Top rate.'
Doug JonesAtkin Chambers ‘Doug is one of the pre-eminent construction arbitrators currently in practice. He is in constant demand, and rightly so, his experience of international construction projects is second-to-none, his appetite for work is extraordinary. As presiding arbitrator he is very hands-on and is keen to engage the parties and experts at an early stage and to keep the proceedings moving, he chairs proceedings with a rare combination of steel and good humour.'
Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBSArbitration Chambers ‘Neil is one of the best arbitrators in Asia and indeed globally. Procedurally very strong, does not tolerate any nonsense, and renders fair decisions in a timely fashion.'
John Marrin KCKeating Chambers ‘John is decisive, efficient and fair.'
Christopher Moger KC4 Pump Court ‘One of the best arbitrators in the business. Consistently excellent, very hard working, always on top of the case, and very easy to work with. His work ethic is his greatest strength, along with his ability to get on with just about anyone.’
Lord NeubergerOne Essex Court ‘David is outstandingly able, extremely hard working, has an excellent manner in conducting hearings, is a highly convivial colleague, and is an unmitigated pleasure to work with and appear before. As a former judge his legal knowledge and his experience of conducting hearings is almost unrivalled, and he brings to his work as arbitrator all the qualities which led to him having such an outstanding career as a judge, not least a capacity for grasping complex issues with alacrity, treating all who appear before him engagingly and with courtesy, and producing awards of the highest quality in terms of reasoning, clarity, and thoroughness.’ 
Peter Rees KC39 Essex Chambers ' He is a first class arbitrator. He prepares thoroughly, is courteous and scrupulously fair to counsel and the parties. One of the very best international arbitrators: Highly intelligent, focused and joy to work with.'
Sir Bernard RixTwenty Essex ‘Bernard has a commanding presence as a tribunal chair. He is experienced, decisive and very hard-working – all of which are critical qualities for an arbitrator deciding complex commercial disputes. He was a pleasure to sit with as an arbitrator and an excellent arbitrator.’
Christopher Style KCOne Essex Court ‘He is extremely efficient and is excellent at driving matters forward while ensuring the parties buy in to the process. He is always very well-prepared and a delight to sit with.’
Sir Robert AkenheadAtkin Chambers ‘Sir Robert has a professional lifetime's experience of construction dispute resolution from a variety of perspectives. He brings this experience to bear on the particular demands of international construction arbitration devising procedures for speedy and effective resolution, he is very hard working and known for producing lengthy awards in record time. He is the go-to tribunal for super-complex, big-dollar, mega-disputes.'
Andrew Bartlett KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Andrew is one of the top commercial construction arbitrators in the common law world. He has a formidable track record and been involved in many leading cases. He is absolutely top-class.’
David Bateson39 Essex Chambers 'He is one of the best commercial and construction arbitrators around globally. David also has the ability to master difficult factual and legal cases very quickly which makes him very attractive as an arbitrator.'
Elizabeth Birch3 Verulam Buildings ‘Elizabeth is totally and utterly calm: she ticks all the boxes you want from an arbitrator.’
James Drake KC  - 7 King's Bench Walk   'An excellent chair of a tribunal which role he approaches with knowledge, thoroughness and skill.'
Lord Dyson39 Essex Chambers ‘It goes without saying that John is one of the finest jurists in the country. He is also a first class arbitrator and is rightly much in demand. He is courteous to the parties and to his fellow arbitrators, open-minded to all of the arguments and judicious in his approaching to forming views or reaching conclusions. One of the most experienced and best arbitrators in sports disputes, with a widely acknowledged reputation across the legal profession.’
Timothy Elliott KCKeating Chambers ‘He distinguishes himself with his deep knowledge of the facts, his nuanced judgement and very hard work. Highly regarded.'
Andrew FoyleOne Essex Court ‘A most impressive chair of a tribunal; deals with issues speedily and thoroughly and is fully on top of the issues in the arbitration throughout. Very experienced in the arbitral process. Highly recommended - one of the very best arbitrators in London.'
Hilary Heilbron KCBrick Court Chambers ' She is a first-rate arbitrator with vast experience of international arbitration. She is a superb lawyer and a very experienced arbitrator who keeps cases moving with diligence, skill and good humour. She is a hard-working and responsive arbitrator with exceptional legal skills and the sharpest of minds.'
Her Honour Frances Kirkham – Atkin Chambers ‘Frances brings a wealth of experience to the challenges of international construction disputes. She maintains excellent procedural discipline and prevails upon the parties with her calm, understated authority. Her judgement is thorough, well-reasoned and sound.'
Peter Leaver KCOne Essex CourtPeter is very incisive. He gets to the key questions quickly and analszes the documents thoroughly.'
Michael LeeTwenty Essex 'A reliable and vastly experienced arbitrator with excellent commercial nous. A perfect candidate for the role of presiding arbitrator.'
Klaus Reichert SCBrick Court Chambers 'Mr. Reichert's strenghs are considerable and include, among others, a very keen intellect, excellent knowledge of the relevant procedures and practices, and a charming and diplomatic manner. He is a polished and experienced international arbitrator, widely respected among his peers.'
Niels SchiersingArbitration Chambers ‘He has shown himself to be very engaged, well-prepared and generally impressive in the role of arbitrator. His conduct has been faultless to date.’
Christopher Symons KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘He is a delight to sit with. He is conspicuously fair, measured, calm, reassuring and succinct. High regard for him.'
Marcus Taverner KCKeating Chambers ‘Marcus is hugely experienced, swiftly gets to the heart of the matter, and is always responsive. He is pragmatic, thorough, and a joy to work with.'
Michael Tselentis KCTwenty Essex ‘ Michael is meticulous in his approach. He is thoughtful, careful and courteous and is easy to work with.'
Richard Wilmot-Smith KC – 39 Essex Chambers 'Clear thinker and very good at mastering the detail without losing sight of what really matters. Very pleasant colleague.'

Leading Counsel As Arbitrators

Zachary Douglas KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Fabulous arbitrator, extremely well-prepared and efficient, sensible, great with the parties, making them feel they have been able to present their case properly such that the losing party really feels they have been listened to, writes beautifully and quickly, and charming to sit with.’
Colin Edelman KCDevereuxColin is very clever, analytical and creative. He is courteous and fair as an arbitrator and deservedly very busy.’
Gavin Kealey7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Gavin is razor-sharp and highly articulate. He is a key figure across international arbitration with authority and good humour.’
Toby Landau KCChambers of Toby Landau KC 'Toby is one of the best in the business. Whether he is chair or co-arbitrator, he is engaged and knowledgeable about the case, does the hard work to be able to render an unimpeachable award; impressive all around. He is amiable, collegial, thorough and diligent.'
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘One of the star barristers and arbitrators practising at the commercial Bar. Hugely experienced, but also approachable, practical and very party-friendly, with brilliant judgement and a quiet authority. A true pleasure to work with.'
Duncan Matthews KCTwenty Essex ‘A collegiate arbitrator with good judgement.’
Michael Black KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘As an arbitrator, he is exceptionally fair, measured and thoughtful, whilst remaining utterly charming towards the parties. He is a consummate professional who is at the top of his game as an arbitrator, with decades of experience in complex commercial disputes all around the world.'
Veronique Buehrlen KCKeating Chambers ‘Offers very strong legal analysis, very responsive and efficient as a tribunal member, user-friendly and understands the parties' commercial priorities.'
Stuart Catchpole KC – Atkin Chambers 'One of the finest construction silks of his generation. Very hard working and a feared cross -examiner, his ability to get to the core of a case and command the technical details is legendary.'
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Anneliese is first-class – good with the parties, very bright, hard-working and conscientious. She has an excellent grasp of complicated legal issues and is a collegial co-arbitrator. She is plainly a top commercial arbitrator, with excellent judgement and prepared to do the necessary hard work.’
Graham Dunning KCArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘Graham is a Rolls Royce arbitrator. He is an extraordinarily sharp and effective arbitrator – one of the best arbitrators sitting in commercial cases and can always be depended on to have a mastery of the factual and legal issues and to provide fair and efficient conduct of the proceedings to all parties.’
Jeffrey Gruder KCArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn FieldsExcellent: collegiate, he works hard, has a very good analytical sense and is courteous and patient in hearings.’
Richard Harding KCKeating Chambers ‘Richard is terrific: he is exceptional, works quickly and economically, his writing is concise and very clear. He is a fluent Arabic speaker and highly-regarded expert on the laws of Middle Eastern states. A joy to work with.’
Christopher Harris KC – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Flexible in his approach to procedural matters, party-friendly with a firm control but light touch on the management of a case. An excellent arbitrator and a pleasure to work with.'
Adrian Hughes KC39 Essex Chambers 'Adrian Hughes’ strengths are his enormeous experience in international arbitration and in complex and large disputes in the energy sector. He superbly analyses complex issues with an unmatched clarity and most efficiently. In the arbitration we sit together as arbitrators he is a very valuable support and always responsive on short notice.'
Harry Matovu KCBrick Court Chambers 'He is an excellent chair of an arbitration tribunal. He managed the procedural hearings and the final hearing with diligence and diplomacy. He is  perceptive and challenging without ever losing his charm.'
David Mildon KCArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘A careful and thorough arbitrator. Hard-working, diligent and unfussy.'
Alexander Nissen KC – Keating Chambers ‘His strength is his hard work and powerful intellect. One can trust him to do the hard work, get into the detail and reach the right answer.'
Colin Ong KCThe 36 Group ‘Colin enjoys an excellent reputation for being an arbitrator in substantial commercial disputes. He is an efficient arbitrator, diligent, assiduous in his administration and oversight of the arbitral process, scrupulously fair and turns work out on a prompt and efficient basis. His language skills make him popular in disputes in Asia. It is not surprising that he is always in demand.'  
Alistair Schaff KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘As an arbitrator, he is hands-on, on top of the detail, and runs proceedings smoothly and effectively. Very quick, unfailingly polite, collaborative, and good fun to work with.'
Sara Masters KCTwenty Essex ‘Sara is absolutely fantastic. She stands out as one of the best arbitrators, successfully chairing over very senior counsel and former judges. Sara is extremely responsive, entirely on top of procedural matters and effective in dealing with a number of issues. Proceedings run smoothly and, in large part, thanks to Sara’s incredibly incisive mind and great humour – one of the rare finds of an outstanding arbitrator who ticks every box.’
Wendy Miles KCTwenty Essex ‘Wendy is absolutely at the top of her game. She is so well-informed, interested and well-prepared for everything she does, and she presents with enthusiasm and a directness of style which is refreshing and productive.’
Andrew White KCAtkin Chambers ‘As an arbitrator he has an enviable reputation. He is in the absolute top echelon of arbitrators.'

International arbitration: arbitrators in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings is ‘one of the premier sets at the English commercial Bar’ with esteemed members recognised for their extensive experience handling the whole spectrum of arbitration proceedings with wide-ranging sectorial and geographical reach. Amongst the most in-demand arbitrators are Ali Malek KC who has a track record of presiding over ICSID cases, Zachary Douglas KC, whose experience as an arbitrator ranges from commercial to public international law matters, Christopher Symons KC, a full time international commercial arbitrator and Jane Davies Evans KC, a dual-qualified barrister and chartered accountant, with expertise in energy disputes, construction and commercial disputes. Alongside a busy arbitration counsel practice, Christopher Harris KC has become an increasingly sought-after arbitrator in commercial and investment arbitration matters across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Work highlights

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers ‘remains the leading set for construction and engineering disputes’. Members act as arbitrators, either on a full-time basis, or in addition to counsel practices, and receive regular arbitration appointments in large-scale, high value and complex commercial international arbitrations including many of the largest infrastructure, construction, energy and offshore disputes globally. Barristers are often dual-qualified as chartered engineers, such as Robert Gaitskell KC, and are particularly renowned for their significant expertise in construction, engineering, energy and natural resources. On the senior end, John Marrin KC, Veronique Buehrlen KC and Marcus Taverner KC secure notable appointments, particularly in the Middle East.


‘Excellent clerks and management.’

‘Very efficient and helpful.’

‘Keating is a power house of excellence.’

‘They are the pre-eminent set of chambers involved in building/ construction disputes, with strength in depth all the way down.’


Work highlights

One Essex Court

One Essex Court ‘has an outstanding cohort of arbitrators, including senior retired judges and respected commercial litigators’, popular for heavyweight commercial disputes worldwide. Members regularly receive appointments as independent arbitrators in a wide range of domestic and international disputes, sitting as sole arbitrators or as part of a tribunal. Leading full time arbitrators include Dame Elizabeth Gloster, Christopher Style KC, Ian Glick KC, Peter Leaver KC, Lord Neuberger and Andrew Foyle.


‘Excellent. Angela Hodgson is always friendly, extremely efficient, and a joy to work with.’

‘Undoubtedly one of the leading commercial sets.’

‘Chambers is very strong in international arbitration.’

Work highlights

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex is ‘a very strong set in the international arbitration arena with many outstanding arbitrators’ such as Sir Bernard Rix, Sara Masters KC, and Duncan Matthews KC. Appointments span all major arbitral institutions including ad-hoc arbitrations under the UNCITRAL rules across many sectors including energy, insurance, mining, IP, pharmaceuticals and a wide range of commercial disputes. While the set continues to be globally recognised and respected for its strong commercial expertise, its reputation for investor-state work grows with regular investor-state arbitration appointments. Notable additions boosting the set’s bench strength include Baiju Vasani, Wendy Miles KC, both also acting as counsel, and Philippa Charles, who joined from Stewarts Law LLP. Clare Ambrose is particularly sought-after as a full member of the LMAA and Sir Peter Gross attracts appointments in maritime as well as commercial disputes. Kate Parlett is building a strong practice of high-value international commercial arbitration appointments.


‘They have recently hired Catherine Reeves, who has changed the game. She is fantastic in engaging with the arbitration community, organising key events and is the go-to person when considering arbitrators. She is keen on the right kind of diversity and has made it clear, which is hugely appreciated.’

‘Catherine Reeves deserves a special mention – an excellent and very experienced arbitration specialist managing the arbitrators’ practices.’

‘Twenty Essex is the top set in arbitration – both for arbitrators and counsel. It is a leading set historically but have recently reinvigorated their approach – offering interesting debates, hosting events. They have expertise across commercial, investor-state and state-state arbitrations – which is rare.’

‘Twenty Essex has a very good reputation as the home of a large number of arbitrators with expertise across a wide range of fields.’


Work highlights

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers boasts an impressively diverse roster of highly experienced full and part-time arbitrators from senior silks through to the junior end. Across a wide range of sectors ranging from commercial and sports disputes, where Lord Dyson is a key practitioner, to investment treaty as well as large construction and energy arbitrations, in which Peter Rees KC continues to be sought out for appointment. With an enviable track record of high-profile commercial, construction, energy and technology arbitrations, David Brynmor Thomas KC, Marion Smith KC and Lindy Patterson KC stand out, whilst Adrian Hughes KC is hugely respected in the Middle East, Hong Kong and China. On the junior end, Grace Cheng is a highly sought-after multilingual arbitrator, often sitting as sole arbitrator, with wide-ranging sectorial and jurisdictional experience.

Arbitration Chambers

Arbitration Chambers ‘is the most attractive proposition among the new arbitrator-only sets now springing up; their roster of arbitrators is second to none – some of the best regarded arbitrators in the world'. Its high-profile members including John Beechey, the former ICC president, John Bishop and Juliet Blanch as well as Karyl Nairn KC who joined chambers in January 2023 and was recently appointed as a Deputy High Court Judge, the set enjoys an excellent reputation for its ‘diversity in terms of experience level, geographic representation and subject matter expertise.’ 


‘Arbitration Chambers has a unique service, in that it goes beyond the regular services of business development, finance and administration. It also has full time qualified legal staff who can support its members on their matters in more substantive ways, in addition to assisting with research and preparation for writing and speaking engagements.’ 

‘The clerks are extremely efficient.’

‘They are well run by Sarah Lancaster who is well known in the arbitration world following her time at the LCIA.’

Work highlights

Arbitrators at 24 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Arbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields is ‘top notch in international arbitration’ and ‘has an outstanding roster of arbitrators’ that cater to the full spectrum of industries, most notably construction, energy, insurance and reinsurance, and shipping. Chambers, an affiliate of Essex Court Chambers, fields an impressive array of high-ranking former judges, esteemed silks, including David Mildon KC, Jeffrey Gruder KC, Iain Quirk KC, Graham Dunning KC and David Joseph KC and up-and-coming arbitrators, such as Angeline Welsh KC and Benedict Tompkins. Amongst the most in-demand full-time arbitrators are Lord Collins and Sir Bernard Eder.


‘Rachel Newman is an excellent arbitrators’ clerk. She is efficient, responsive and totally reliable.’

‘The clerks have always been very helpful in helping to organize the appointment of arbitrators.’

‘The clerks are reactive, understanding of the relevant issues and efficient.’

‘Very strong set with many experienced arbitrators’

‘Excellent set: very strong and deserved reputation in arbitration matters.’


Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers houses a strong bench of full and part-time arbitrators. Joint head of chambers Helen Davies KC has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial litigation and her experience as an arbitrator ranges from numerous contractual disputes to energy, banking, insurance and reinsurance, financial services and professional negligence. Another in-demand highly experienced arbitrator is Hilary Heilbron KC with appointments, both ad hoc and institutional, involving substantial claims across a wide geographical spectrum sitting as both chair and co-arbitrator. Her work spans most industry sectors including a wide range of corporate disputes, joint ventures and energy disputes. Also frequently sought-after in heavy international arbitrations is Harry Matovu KC, regularly instructed as counsel and appointed as arbitrator including as presiding arbitrator in major international commercial arbitrations, in particular in Africa-related disputes and arbitrations under ICC, LCIA and UNCITRAL rules.


A premier set.’

Well known for its work in the international arbitration space.’

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King’s Bench Walk ‘has a large number of very experienced insurance practitioners, and arbitrators – all of high quality’ and remains ‘one of the go-to sets for complex insurance arbitrations.’ The set’s expertise extends to arbitrations arising from a wide range of sectors spanning international business and commerce, commercial claims, aviation, shipping, commodities, and logistics, as well as energy and natural resources disputes. Members specialise in sitting as independent arbitrators or party-appointed co-arbitrators with the set’s former judges, including Lord Jonathan Mance, Sir Stephen Tomlinson and Sir Jeremy Cooke, being particularly sought-after. A wide offering at the junior end enables the set to offer solutions to resolving lower value international trade, commodities, and insurance claims. Stephen Hofmeyr KC, Siobán Healy KC and James Drake KC also have an enviable track record of high-profile arbitrations.


‘Very efficient and pleasant clerking.’

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers is ‘first-class, a superb construction set’, many of whose members receive frequent arbitration appointments for their expertise in disputes concerning major energy projects across exploration and extraction, power plant construction and infrastructure as well as mining and major commercial and leisure developments, IT and transport infrastructure. Full-time arbitrators include Sir Robert Akenhead and Doug Jones   . In addition to his counsel practice, Martin Bowdery KC is also a Deputy High Court Judge and was appointed to the ADGM Arbitration Centre’s Panel of Arbitrators. Janet Walker has over 20 years’ experience as sole, presiding and co-arbitrator in commercial and treaty investment arbitrations. In 2022, Stuart Catchpole KC was appointed to the panel of arbitrators of the BVI International Arbitration Centre.


‘David Barnes is the gold standard.’ 

‘Extremely efficient and responsive, led by the finest CEO at the bar, David Barnes.’ 

‘David Barnes is commercial, clever and diplomatically savvy; Justin Wilson is responsive and sharp; Andrew Burrows and Rob Bryant are both responsive and capable.’ 

‘An exceptional set of construction practitioners.’

‘Excellent chambers with strength in depth, led by an excellent team.’

‘Top specialist set.’

‘One of the top sets in construction with a wide bench. ‘

Work highlights