International arbitration: arbitrators in London Bar

The arbitrator rankings have been adapted to reflect the difference between those who work full time as arbitrators, and those who also still work as counsel. This split does not reflect any differences in quality between full-time and part-time arbitrators. Issues of availability and potential conflicts of interest could, however, be of greater relevance for those who also act as counsel.

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is 'an excellent set of well-managed chambers' with 'a collection of impressive individuals'. The set has 'a number of leading arbitrators specialising in international engineering and construction disputes'. The set has a strong flow of full and part-time arbitrators, with extremely good track records for arbitrating disputes in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Full-time practitioners such as Robert Gaitskell QC, John Marrin QC, John Uff CBE QC, Stephen Furst QC and Timothy Elliott QC have established themselves as leading figures in the market, while Richard Harding QC and Marcus Taverner QC enjoy strong reputations as both counsel and arbitrator.

One Essex Court

One Essex Court is 'one of the best in international arbitration' and is 'highly regarded in China and Asia'. Clients are 'impressed by both the breadth of their service and the expertise in specialised areas'. The set's arbitrators come from a broad range of backgrounds, including former solicitors such as Andrew Foyle, Christopher Style QC and Alan Redfern, and barristers such as Ian Glick QC and Peter Leaver QC. The set also offers several leading former judges, among which former president of the Supreme Court, Lord David Neuberger, has fast developed an excellent reputation as an arbitrator.

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex's longstanding commitment to international arbitration is demonstrated by its strong selection of highly-rated arbitrators, many of whom have established themselves as leading figures on the market. These include highly-rated former solicitors, such as Judith Gill QC and Julian Lew QC, as well as former judges, including Sir Bernard Rix. Several practising counsel are also popular choices for the tribunal, including Duncan Matthews QC. The arbitrators are regularly appointed to sit on major commercial and investment treaty arbitration tribunals. Gill and Michael Lee primarily work from the set's Singapore base.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is 'a quality set' and its strong track record in international arbitration naturally feeds into its arbitrator offering. Many of its leading names, including Peter Rees QC, David Brynmor Thomas QC, and David Bateson, come from distinguished solicitor backgrounds and are noted for their commercial approach. They are very much the tip of the iceberg in terms of the set's strong roster of talent, which also includes former judges and working barristers. Construction, infrastructure, insurance and energy disputes feature high on the agenda, and the set's members are especially noted for their handling of Middle Eastern and Asian disputes.

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers fields an impressive roster of arbitrators. Former judges such as Lord Hoffmann have rightly established themselves as highly sought after arbitrators. Members also include several highly rated arbitration specialists, including Klaus Reichert SC and Hilary Heilbron QC. The set's experience runs the full gamut of industries and arbitration types.

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is a 'first-rate international arbitration chambers' and this reputation extends to its stable of arbitrators. The full-time arbitrators, which include Sir Bernard Eder and several other highly respected former judges, are housed in the associated specialist chambers, 24 Lincoln's Inn Fields. The main chambers has several well-respected counsel who also work as arbitrators, with Toby Landau QC and Jeffrey Gruder QC among the most active. The set, and the market as a whole, mourns the loss V V Veeder QC, who sadly passed away in 2020 and was widely considered to be a doyen of the arbitration world.