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Leading Arbitrators

Lord CollinsArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘Lawrence is one of the great arbitrators operating today. He is erudite but also practical, courteous but firm in handling procedure, and gets the right answer.’
Sir Bernard EderArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘Always entirely on top of procedural matters, and extremely effective in dealing rapidly with procedural issues and in keeping arbitrations running smoothly. Excellent instincts as an arbitrator, which almost always prove to be correct. Hard-working, quick on the uptake, and perceptive about legal arguments and evidence.'
Nicholas Fletcher KC4 New Square ‘A superb arbitrator, whether as party nominee or chair. Hard working, thorough and careful in his analysis. Nic leaves no stone unturned in navigating through the material in order to arrive at the correct answer.’
Robert Gaitskell KCKeating Chambers ‘A pre-eminent construction arbitrator, who is heavily in demand. Due to his previous experience as an engineer he grasps the technical details effectively. Efficient, patient and a delight to sit with.'
Ian Glick KCOne Essex Court ‘Ian has immense experience over many fields as an arbitrator. It is no surprise that he's one of the most in-demand arbitrators in London.'
Dame Elizabeth GlosterOne Essex CourtA distinguished arbitrator.
Doug JonesAtkin Chambers ‘Doug is very efficient, responsive, smart and commercial. He maintains control over the proceedings and does not tolerate procedural gamesmanship. For all of these reasons and more, Doug is an ideal arbitrator (especially as Chair).'
Neil Kaplan CBE KC SBSArbitration Chambers ‘One of the leading lights in arbitration and a go-to arbitrator for any large or complex matter where real heavyweight experience is required. Neil brings many decades of experience to the role.’
Julian Lew KCTwenty Essex 'A very impressive arbitrator.'
John Marrin KCKeating Chambers ‘He is an outstanding arbitrator who is regularly appointed in construction and energy arbitrations in many parts of the world. John is patient, diligent and an extremely good lawyer.'
Christopher Moger KC4 Pump Court ‘An absolutely first-rate arbitrator – one of the very best. Always meticulously well-prepared and across the detail. Quick to understand complex points and brings genuine gravitas to any tribunal.’
Lord NeubergerOne Essex Court ‘David has a wonderfully inclusive approach to chairing arbitrations and is always willing to listen to the opinions of the other members of the tribunal. Excellent and succinct award writing.’
David Owen KCTwenty Essex 'A distinguished arbitrator with very sound judgment and ability as a chair.'
Peter Rees KC39 Essex Chambers ‘An outstanding arbitrator, arguably one of the best in the UK if not worldwide. Highly knowledgeable in both the law and international arbitration practice, quick, efficient, fair and no-nonsense.’
Sir Bernard RixTwenty Essex ‘An excellent arbitrator - well prepared, insightful and thoughtful, drafts well and has a great manner with his co-arbitrators and the parties.'
Christopher Style KCOne Essex Court ‘Probably the most efficient Chair there is. Wide knowledge across many commercial issues and always quick to pick up the important issues.'
Sir Robert AkenheadAtkin Chambers ‘As an ex High Court judge he is very quick to reach a decision and produce an Award.’
Andrew Bartlett KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Andrew is one of the best. He is well known as being one of the hardest working Arbitrators. He has unqualified integrity. He moves things along but not at the expense of a proper and principled analysis.’
David Bateson39 Essex Chambers ‘Always well prepared, calm and has great depth of experience as an arbitrator. He is open-minded and has a firm grip on handling an arbitration.'
Elizabeth Birch3 Verulam Buildings 'Elizabeth is an excellent arbitrator. Efficient, decisive, fair and just. Her wealth of experience at the commercial bar is deployed on a variety of cases while sitting as an arbitrator. She manages cases fairly and maintains a good rapport with the parties while curbing any excesses.'
Sir Jeremy Cooke – 7 King’s Bench Walk 'A very effective arbitrator in the maritime and commercial sphere.'
Michael Crane KCFountain Court Chambers ‘One of the best. Superb intellect, resourceful thinker, charming, polite, a delight as an arbitrator.’
Lord Dyson39 Essex Chambers ‘John is a towering figure in dispute resolution but has never lost a humility that charms parties even when he is making decisions against them.’
Timothy Elliott KCKeating Chambers ‘Outstanding arbitrator. Hard working. Excellent knowledge of commercial and construction law. Pleasure to work with. In great demand in Middle Eastern construction disputes.'
Andrew FoyleOne Essex Court ‘A very thorough and very thoughtful arbitrator. He quickly grasps the essential issues and is open to discussing those of his colleagues. A delight to sit with.’
Hilary Heilbron KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Authoritative and efficient and makes an excellent chair.’
Brian King3 Verulam Buildings ‘A first-rate arbitrator; extremely even-handed, always in control of the proceedings and well prepared. He has an incredible experience in international commercial and investment arbitrations both as an arbitrator and counsel which allows him the ability to solve the most complex commercial and investment disputes efficiently and swiftly.'
Her Honour Frances Kirkham - Atkin Chambers 'Thorough, hard working, fair and realistic. Doesn't take any nonsense from the parties and focuses on what really matters. Easy to work work, and pragmatic. Efficient and judgment is spot on - a good lawyer.'
Peter Leaver KCOne Essex CourtPeter is a leading arbitrator. He is incisive (and decisive) and likes to cut through the superficialities. He does not hesitate to bring matters into focus and is always a pleasure to deliberate with.'
Lord Mance7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Jonathan, unlike many retired judges, is an absolutely superb arbitrator. He studies everything, listens well, keeps an open mind, and picks up the pen whether he is chair or a co-arbitrator.’
Klaus Reichert SCBrick Court Chambers ‘Klaus is efficient, experienced and intelligent. He knows what he’s doing and is well-suited to chair the largest, most complex arbitration cases. He’s also got strong interpersonal skills. He’s respectful of his colleagues, has a good sense of humour and overall is a pleasure to have on a tribunal.’
Niels SchiersingArbitration Chambers ‘Niels is a meticulous and assured arbitrator.’
Sir Andrew SmithFountain Court Chambers ‘Sir Andrew is a very good choice of arbitrator for a knotty point of construction under English law.'
Christopher Symons KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Thorough and efficient chair who responds quickly and manages cases extremely well.’
Marcus Taverner KCKeating Chambers ‘Clever, conscientious, hard-working - an excellent arbitrator.’
Michael Tselentis KCTwenty Essex ‘His analytical skills and arbitration knowledge are first rate.'
Richard Wilmot-Smith KC – 39 Essex Chambers ‘A highly experienced and very compentent arbitrator in construction cases.’

Leading Counsel As Arbitrators

Zachary Douglas KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘In the pantheon of star arbitrators, it is a pleasure to work with him.’
Colin Edelman KC - DevereuxAn excellent arbitrator.’
Gavin Kealey KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Exceptionally bright and got to grips with the issues in a complex case very quickly. He is very adept as an arbitral chair, had excellent rapport with his co-arbitrators and managed a complex set of proceedings in a very robust, sensible and responsive fashion.'
Toby Landau KCChambers of Toby Landau KC ‘Still one of the very best, formidable intellect, infinite brain fuel, impeccable work ethic, beautifully eloquent.’
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘A man of the world. Clever and sophisticated, and very adept at dealing with international clients.'
Duncan Matthews KCTwenty Essex ‘An exceptionally good arbitrator who really gets on top of the detail.’
Michael Black KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘He is always very well prepared, clear in his thinking, concise, drafts beautifully and has great clarity of thought.'
Veronique Buehrlen KCKeating Chambers ‘First rate intellect coupled with a calm but firm (when necessary) demeanour. Veronique is a first-rate arbitrator.'
Stuart Catchpole KC - Atkin Chambers 'Stuart is very thorough, legally astute and commercially savvy. He conducts proceedings very fairly and gains the confidence of the parties. His award drafting is excellent.' 
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court ChambersAbsolutely first class in every conceivable aspect of an arbitrators practice and art. She has a brilliant legal mind, she is scrupulously fair, she is efficient and hard working and a joy to sit with.’
Graham Dunning KCArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘A first class legal mind. Balanced and fair in his judgments. Superb drafting skills and extremely efficient.'
Jane Davies Evans3 Verulam Buildings ‘A leading construction arbitrator, particularly for disputes involving delay and programming.'
Jeffrey Gruder KCArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn FieldsHe is a very experienced and well thought of practitioner. His responses and comments are prompt, detailed and punctilious, enablng the tribunal to function and issue its decision efficiently and quickly.'
Richard Harding KCKeating Chambers ‘An outstanding construction lawyer and arbitrator. His knowledge of law and arbitration practice is vast. He is a pleasure to work with. Highly skilled advocate who responds fully and without demur to the most difficult questions, whilst retaining his composure and pleasant manner.'
Christopher Harris KC – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘A rising star amongst the younger community of arbitrators. Conscientious and fair minded with good judgment and an easy ability in managing the parties.’
Adrian Hughes KC39 Essex Chambers ‘His wide knowledge in international law is impressive and he is an excellent addition to an arbitration panel and a pleasure to work with.’
Harry Matovu KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Amongst the most erudite and sophisticated barristers on the market. He combines razor sharp analysis with beguiling charm. He makes for a very pleasant tribunal and is to be regarded as being at the very top of his game.'
David Mildon KCArbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields ‘Extremely knowledgeable about the oil & gas sector, collegiate in his dealings with the Tribunal and produces an excellent draft award.'
Alexander Nissen KC - Keating Chambers 'He is very hard working and can be trusted to get the correct answer.'
Colin Ong KCThe 36 Group ‘An incredibly responsive, even-handed, open-minded and perfectly prepared international arbitrator. He has a brilliant mind, is extremely hard working and willing to draft even if not presiding.’
Lionel Persey KCQuadrant Chambers ‘One of the best presiding arbitrators in the field.'
Alistair Schaff KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘He is a superb lawyer, and a top-notch arbitrator. He is excellent as a chairman, running arbitrations with an apparently relaxed style, but on top of all the key details, and proactive where necessary.'
David Brynmor Thomas KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A well regarded arbitrator in the fields of construction and oil and gas. He has considerable experience as both a party appointed and sole arbitrator as well as a chairman.’
Andrew White KCAtkin Chambers ‘One of the most sought-after arbitrators in the construction/commercial dispute field.'

International arbitration: arbitrators in London Bar

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is a ‘top construction set’ with ‘a number of outstanding arbitrators who are regularly appointed as tribunal members‘. Construction, infrastructure and energy dominate the agenda for the set’s full-time and part-time arbitrators who have extremely good credentials for arbitrating disputes in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Many of the set’s full time arbitrators were previously distinguished counsel in their own right, including Robert Gaitskell KC, John Marrin KC  and Marcus Taverner KC. Coupled with this is a deep bench of practicing barristers, including Veronique Buehrlen KC, Richard Harding KC and head of chambers, Alexander Nissen KC.



‘Thay are one of the best construction chambers with a mix of excellent advocates and arbitrators. Indeed, the best advocates proceed seamlessly to assume very successful practices as arbitrators consequential on their prior reputations.’

‘An excellent repository of specialists in the construction field.’

‘Keating Chambers are very efficient and good set of Chambers.’

‘Top construction set with many high profile arbitrators.’

‘Keating Chambers has a number of outstanding arbitrators who are regularly appointed as Tribunal members.’


‘Always helpful and efficient.’

Work highlights

    One Essex Court

    One Essex Court is considered ‘one of the best sets in international arbitration‘ and commended for its ‘very significant number of excellent arbitrators‘. The set stands out for its members’ diverse range of tribunal expertise, from major commercial and investment treaty arbitrations through to more specialised areas such as construction and insurance. This is amplified by the broad spread of arbitrators on offer, including esteemed former judges such as Lord Neuberger and Dame Elizabeth Gloster. Other leading full time arbitrators include Christopher Style KC, Ian Glick KC, Peter Leaver KC and Andrew Foyle .



    ‘One of the best sets in international arbitration.’

    ‘One Essex Court has a very significant number of excellent arbitrators.


    ‘Courteous and professional at all times.’

    Twenty Essex

    Twenty Essex has ‘great strength in depth in the number of arbitrators specialising in commercial disputes, but also public international law and investment treaty arbitration‘. This extends to core areas such as commodities and shipping arbitrations where many of the firm’s leading barristers have particularly strong backgrounds. The bench is packed with an impressive array of full time and part time arbitrators, including esteemed former judges such as Sir Bernard Rix, and former solicitors and arbitration specialists, including Judith Gill KC, David Sutton and Julian Lew KC. The set also has several well regarded practicing counsel, with Duncan Matthews KC a name of note.



    ’20 Essex Street has a large number of excellent arbitrators.’

    ‘It is one of the leading international commercial law sets with a formidable array of counsel and arbitrators.’

    ‘They produce fine arbitrators, almost without exception.’

    ’20 Essex Street are on any view one of the top international arbitration sets in London particularly when it comes to shipping and commodities.’

    ’20 Essex has great strength in depth in the number of arbitrators specialising in commercial disputes, but also public international law and investment treaty arbitration.’

    3 Verulam Buildings

    3 Verulam Buildings ‘has done an incredible job in joining highly experienced arbitrators and arbitration counsel and, as a result, has formed a very strong arbitration team‘. The set offers a compelling mix of highly experienced former solicitors, now acting as full-time arbitrators, alongside several active counsel with active arbitrator practices. Leading names include Christopher Harris KC, Ali Malek KC and Jane Davies Evans, who practice on both sides of the tribunal. Former barrister Christopher Symons KC now operates a full-time practice alongside several highly respected former solicitors, including Brian King. Elizabeth Birch comes highly recommended both as a mediator and arbitrator.



    ‘3VB has done an incredible job in joining highly experienced arbitrators and arbitration counsel and, as a result, has formed a very strong arbitration team.’

    ‘3VB is one of the top sets of barristers for commercial arbitration and litigation with a broad range of highly skilled and experienced advocates and arbitrators.’

    ‘3VB has one of the most refreshingly diverse offerings in terms of arbitrators and counsel. Responsive and pleasant to work with.

    ‘3VB is a leading commercial set of chambers.’

    39 Essex Chambers

    39 Essex Chambers is ‘full of excellent arbitrators‘ and is considered ‘an outstanding construction law set with many of the leading construction law specialists in the country‘. Energy and infrastructure disputes in Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong and China, all feature prominently on the agenda for its strong selection of full time and part time arbitrators. The members come from an impressive mix of backgrounds, including former judges such as Lord Dyson, highly rated barristers including Adrian Hughes KC and Richard Wilmot-Smith KC, and former solicitors such as Peter Rees KC,  David Brynmor Thomas KC and David Bateson.



    ‘It is full of excellent arbitrators.’

    ’39 Essex Street is an outstanding construction law set with many of the leading construction law specialists in the country. My first port of call in selecting arbitrators.’

    ’39 Essex Chambers is one of the leading chambers in their field of expertise. Well regarded and cooperative and efficient in its dealings.’

    ‘ An excellent set of chambers that provides expertise in a large number of areas.’

    ’39 Essex Street has a very strong reputation in its field, and not just construction.’


    ‘The service from the clerks room is first rate. Mark Winrow is an excellent clerk. ‘

    ‘All clerks with which I have had contact are efficient and competent.’

    ‘The Chambers are well run and the clerks a pleasure to deal with. Perfect service and always a quality operation’.

    ‘The clerks are good to deal with.’

    Work highlights

      Arbitrators at 24 Lincoln's Inn Fields

      The standard of the individuals is consistently outstanding‘, at Arbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields which is praised for its ‘strength in depth‘ and its wide selection of ‘top commercial arbitrators‘. The chambers is an affiliate of the elite commercial set Essex Court Chambers, where many of the arbitrators, including Graham Dunning KC, Jeffrey Gruder KC and David Mildon KC still practice as counsel. They join an impressive array of former barristers and judges, many of which previously practiced at Essex Court. Lord Collins and Sir Bernard Eder are the most high profile names among the full-time arbitrators, but the set caters for the full spectrum of industries, including construction, energy, insurance and reinsurance, and shipping.



      ‘A blue chip set for this type of work – one of the top few with strength in depth and breadth.’

      ‘It is obviously a first-rate commercial set.

      ‘I have appeared in front of arbitrators and appeared against / been led by a number of barristers at Essex Court Chambers / Arbitrators at 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The standard of the individuals is consistently outstanding.’

      ’24 Lincolns Inn Fields has some of the top commercial arbitrators.’

      ‘They are one of the go-to sets for arbitrators in large commercial disputes.’


      ‘The strength of the Chambers must in part be a tribute to clerking excellence.’

      ‘Rachel Newman is an excellent clerk to the arbitrators. She is very responsive and has good insight into the areas of specialism and experience of each arbitrator. Rachel always ensures that she puts forward a range of diverse candidates for consideration for appointment that have relevant experience.’

      ‘Rachel Newman is a first rate arbitrators clerk.’

      ‘Unobtrusive and efficient.’

      Work highlights

        Brick Court Chambers

        Brick Court Chambers is ‘a great set‘ with ‘a good reputation for arbitration work‘. The set’s strong bench of arbitration counsel is complemented by an equally impressive selection of part-time and full-time arbitrators. Former judge Lord Hoffmann remains an esteemed figure, with experience of a wide range of international commercial and investment treaty arbitrations. Hilary Heilbron KC and Klaus Reichert SC are also in-demand full-time arbitrators who are regularly favoured as chair on investor-state and commercial tribunals. Highly-rated counsel Harry Matovu KC has also established an extremely good reputations for his arbitrator work.



        ‘Brick Court Chambers has a good reputation for arbitration work.’

        ‘A great set.’


        7 King's Bench Walk

        7 King’s Bench Walk  has a strong bench of high quality full-time and part-time arbitrators. The members have a broad range of expertise, including specialist areas such as insurance, shipping and commodities disputes, as well as broader commercial and investment treaty claims. The set’s former judges are of an extremely high calibre, with reputations that extend to the tribunals. Notable names include Lord Jonathan Mance, the former deputy president of the UK Supreme Court, and Sir Jeremy Cooke. This is in addition to several practicing silks who have established excellent reputations, with Gavin Kealey KC and Alistair Schaff KC both highly sought after.



        ‘Strong from top to bottom.’


        ‘Offer a very good service. Responsive and friendly’. 


        Work highlights

          Arbitration Chambers

          Arbitration Chambers is a ‘very strong set‘ with ‘top draw’ arbitrators who ‘cover all the bases in terms of sector and regional experience and expertise‘. The set specialises in full-time arbitrators and is not affiliated with any barrister’s chambers. It has managed to carve out a strong niche in the field, with offices in Hong Kong, London and New York.  Leading names include John Beechey CBE, the the former president of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, Neil Kaplan, former Chairperson of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and judge in charge of the construction and arbitration list in the Hong Kong courts, Juliet Blanch, and Niels Schiersing, a leading Scandinavian arbitrator with strong links to the Asian and African markets.



          ‘The chambers contains some of the most senior and in demand international arbitrators.’

          ‘It is a well organised and efficient set of Chambers.’

          ‘As a whole, I think Arbitration Chambers is a very strong set and a top choice when selecting arbitrators. The arbitrators are all top-draw, and cover all the bases in terms of sector and regional experience and expertise. The quality of the administrative team is also very high: they are very user-friendly and responsive.’

          ‘Arbitration Chambers has carved out a real niche for itself with its collection of top notch truly international arbitrators. All are of the highest quality.

          ‘Arbitration Chambers hosts some very skilled arbitrators.’

          Work highlights

            Atkin Chambers

            Atkin Chambers is a top choice for international construction and engineering disputes, and this experience feeds into its arbitrator offering. Clients benefit from a good range of former judges, and practicing and retired counsel. The full time arbitrators include Doug Jones, a leading light major international commercial and investor-state disputes, and former Technology and Construction Court (TCC) judges Sir Robert Akenhead and Her Honour Frances Kirkham. The high profile arrival of Stuart Catchpole KC from 39 Essex Chambers adds weight to the bench of counsel as arbitrators, which also includes Andrew White KC.