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Leading Silks

Geoffrey Hobbs KCOne Essex CourtStill one of the very best IP silks at the Bar, especially in the field of trade marks and copyright. Incredibly knowledgeable, and always thinking about the case and how to drive home the key points.
Andrew Lykiardopoulos KC8 New SquareAndrew is excellent to work with.  He is personable, approachable and really gets stuck in. He is very clear and succinct in his submissions, and cuts through complicated issues to offer solutions.
Simon Malynicz KCHogarth ChambersSimon is probably the best counsel in the UK for trade marks. In addition, he is fantastic with clients in conference, and his advocacy is direct and to the point. He is also able to move cases along to focus on the key points in issue.
Tom Mitcheson KCThree New SquareTom is always meticulously prepared for hearings. In particular, he works hard to anticipate the most difficult questions from the bench.  He is also good with clients - personable but not afraid to tell it as it is - he presents an excellent shopfront for the English IP bar.
Michael Silverleaf KC11 South SquareMichael is a superb advocate and extremely good with clients. His approach is always aimed at providing the best result for the client, and he is a strong believer in mediation (where appropriate) and a very effective mediator himself. He has been involved in numerous high-profile cases and performs at the highest level in his field.
Michael Tappin KC8 New SquareA great team player, and unrivalled and persuasive advocate - someone that parties want on their side. A deep understanding of biotech science and the UK and EPO authorities.
Justin Turner KCThree New SquareA highly effective courtroom advocate!
Mark Vanhegan KC11 South SquareA leader of choice for substantial IP litigation – a team player whose judicial gravity is a real asset in trial, and a highly effective advocate.
Andrew Waugh KCThree New SquareAndrew is among the most seasoned of IP barristers, but still brings enthusiasm and determination to every case. Andrew is a winner!
Michael Bloch KCBlackstone ChambersHe has an amazing ability to assimilate huge quantities of factual and legal information and analyses, and then devise a suitable case strategy on the fly that meshes with the client’s objectives. From an advocacy point of view, he is excellent.
Michael Edenborough KCSerle CourtMichael’s strength is in the clarity of his thinking and presentation of submissions to the court. He is also very good at thinking round problems and suggesting ways to overcome them.  On top of that, he is one of the most experienced silks for trade mark work before the CJEU, and has very good knowledge of the case law and procedural rules.
Emma Himsworth KCOne Essex CourtEmma is a delight to work with – she’s very client friendly and a real team player.
Thomas Hinchliffe KC – Three New SquareA go-to patent silk - he is versatile and able to deal with technologies across a wide range of fields, and has an effective advocacy style (both in his submissions and in cross-examination).
James Abrahams KC8 New SquareJames is a pleasure to work with. He gets into the detail of a case much earlier than other silks.
Benet Brandreth KC11 South SquareBenet is world class - extraordinarily bright and with an instinctive feel for the nuances of the law. His advocacy is first rate: structured and forensic, yet also elegant.
Nicholas Caddick KCHogarth ChambersHe has a very fine legal mind, and is hugely knowledgeable in copyright and trade marks.
Douglas Campbell KCThree New SquareHe is always been a favourite with solicitors and clients. A great advocate, and brilliant on his feet – definitely someone that clients want on their side. He wins cases.
Martin Howe KC8 New SquareMartin knows the law inside out, digests the facts quickly, and is excellent at advising on strategy.
Robert Howe KCBlackstone ChambersSuperb knowledge, reads papers quickly but very thoroughly, and is very smooth and unflappable on his feet. Also excellent with clients and very easy to work with – makes himself contactable.
Lindsay Lane KC - 8 New SquareLindsay is clear and direct in her advice.  She understands the commercial aims of litigation and endeavours to reach those ends for clients. Her advocacy is confident, clear and concise, and she is always well prepared.
Ian Mill KCBlackstone ChambersHis advocacy invariably carries great import and authority, and is devoid of fluff. Judges listen and take note, and he is a tough cross-examiner.
Brian Nicholson KC11 South SquareTop IP silk across both patents and trade marks. Fantastic advocate - thoughtful and committed to the cause.
Philip Roberts KCOne Essex CourtA very strategic thinker and commercially minded. He’s adept at understanding the core commercial aims of clients, and ensuring that the advice and strategy are tailored appropriately.
Andrew Norris KC – Hogarth ChambersHe is a joy to work with – clever, but with a very pleasant manner in court that makes others feel comfortable.
James Segan KCBlackstone ChambersA phenomenally effective advocate, who is clear, concise and highly persuasive – the go-to person for the intersection between IP and wider commercial disputes.

2021 Silks

Jeremy Reed KC – Hogarth ChambersJeremy is knowledgeable, quick to assimilate information, and extremely good at engaging with clients – outstanding to deal with.

2022 Silks

James St Ville KC – 8 New SquareJames has an excellent grasp of IP law. He is great with clients, who respect his authoritative opinion on matters, and he works extremely well as part of a team to deliver solutions to clients.

2023 Silks

Richard Davis KCHogarth ChambersA barrister of choice for his no-nonsense approach, real understanding of patent law, approachability, and genuine interest in getting a good commercial outcome for the client.

Leading Juniors

Stuart Baran - Three New SquareStuart is already established among the elite. Not only does he have a huge brain and a strategic mind, but he is excellent with clients - he'll do anything to help his clients achieve their goals.
Miles CopelandThree New SquareMiles is adored by his clients. The reason for this is that he brings ingenious solutions to tough problems, and also because he rolls his sleeves up with the rest of the team.
Anna Edwards-Stuart11 South SquareAnna is one of the best senior juniors at the IP Bar. She has a very economical and no-nonsense style of advocacy that works very well. Thoroughly organised and with a good eye for the issues that actually matter. Anna works well with a range of personality types and gets along well with solicitor teams and clients.
Michael Hicks – Hogarth ChambersMichael’s strengths lie in the combination of his innate talent, his commitment to doing his very best on everything he undertakes, and his huge experience. He is also very much a team player and great to work with.
Guy HollingworthOne Essex CourtFantastic at breaking through the jargon and getting to the point, and pragmatic and responsive. Excellent at in-person advocacy, while also mastering the art of providing compelling submissions over video link.
Amanda MichaelsHogarth ChambersOutstanding advocate – very commercial and pragmatic, and loved by clients.
Chris Aikens11 South SquareChris is extremely bright, careful and considered. His written work (skeleton arguments and pleadings) are superb, and as an advocate he is smooth and very persuasive. He is also very quick and works incredibly hard.
Heather Lawrence11 South SquareHeather is always meticulously thorough in her preparation. This shows in her advocacy, which is quiet and well-mannered, but extremely effective; and her advice is appreciated for its common sense and effectiveness.
Denise McFarland - Three New SquareDenise is an intellectual powerhouse. Her knowledge is phenomenal, but she is able to convey that knowledge in a way that can be readily understood by clients; and her advice is clear and commercially focused on the outcomes to be achieved. Denise is also excellent at developing strategy.
Katherine MoggridgeThree New SquareOne of the best IP juniors at the Bar at the moment - commercial, good judgement and very hardworking.
Geoffrey PritchardThree New SquareThe ability to convey difficult legal concepts in an easily understandable way for clients, which is such a benefit to have in a legal team. Geoffrey's technical knowledge is also very good, and he is of great assistance in strategy discussions. Very easy to work with and strongly defends clients' rights.
Jaani Riordan8 New SquareJaani is part sleuth, part silk-in-waiting: he combines a rare ability to investigate a matter not only from a sophisticated, legal perspective, but also from a tech angle.
Guy Tritton – Hogarth ChambersGuy is a confident advocate with a good grasp of a broad range of IP areas, particularly the soft IP aspects of trade marks and copyright.
Tom Alkin11 South SquareTom is tenacious but also very considered. He gives prompt and sensible advice, and his advocacy is top drawer - a great team player who clients love.
Tim AustenThree New SquareA very thoughtful and considered advocate, with a great instinct for strategy and prospects. He is also a genuine pleasure to work with.
Charlotte BlytheHogarth ChambersMethodical, approachable, and a clear approach in conferences. She is strategic, and her knowledge and experience of trade mark disputes means she is the junior to go to on trade mark matters.
Jessie Bowhill8 New SquareAmazing court presence - absolutely excellent cross-examination. She is superb at dealing with issues raised by the judge when on her feet, and as such is really quick minded. He submissions are clear and concise.
Ashton Chantrielle - 8 New SquareAshton is just brilliant - strategic, detail focused, client friendly and a convincing advocate.
Christopher Hall11 South SquareAn excellent and highly persuasive advocate, who brings a huge amount of positivity to any matter while being able to find creative solutions to the most difficult of legal issues.
Gwilym HarbottleHogarth ChambersGwilym is very intelligent and really knows the law – practical, pragmatic and a strong commercial sense.
Jeremy Heald - Three New SquareOne of the leading juniors at the IP bar for both patents and non-patents. Very bright and thoughtful, excellent written work, and an impressive advocate.
Jonathan Hill8 New SquareJonathan is super-smart - strong all round. Clients love him, and he is technically excellent, a great advocate, and surely a potential KC. A go-to barrister for large IP disputes and demanding clients.
Victoria Jones3PBShe is incredibly client friendly, and provides advice in a clear and concise manner that lay clients can really understand. Her drafting is also clear and concise; and in court she has an excellent manner with judges and is a clear cross-examiner.’
Jonathan Moss – Hogarth ChambersHe is very good with clients and good on his feet.
Jamie Muir Wood – Hogarth ChambersJamie is very responsive, approachable, and hands-on – no task is too much and his advocacy is assured.
Iona Berkeley8 New SquareIona is always supremely well prepared, and instils great confidence in clients, courts and tribunals. Iona has a detailed knowledge of case law, which is a great asset when analysing the merits of a case.
Nicole Bollard3PB ‘She is an extremely strong advocate. Confident, succinct, and always very well prepared.
Sam Carter – Hogarth ChambersHis advocacy is exemplary in terms of articulating complex legal theories, and responding adeptly and decisively to curveballs from opponents.
Tom CleaverBlackstone ChambersSuper-smart, friendly and easy to work with.
Josephine DaviesTwenty EssexJosephine has an excellent commercial understanding of what motivates clients in this area, and gives pragmatic and practical advice that displays considerable legal knowledge and insight. She is someone that clients absolutely want to have on their team for jurisdictional disputes in IP cases.
Thomas EliasSerle CourtStrengths - great with clients, very approachable, collaborative, distils complex issues well, provides clear advice, very knowledgeable on trade mark issues, and clear and tightly-drafted pleadings.
Dominic HughesThree New SquareDominic is a clear and concise lateral thinker, who is often able to bring a fresh perspective to a dispute.
David Ivison – 11 South SquareGood drafting, a team player and smart!
Thomas Jones8 New SquareInsightful, and offers pragmatic solutions to the trickiest of problems. He is great with clients and a delight to work with.
Andrew LomasOne Essex CourtAndrew is prepared to get stuck in and do the hard yards for the client.  His skeletons are well put together and persuasive, and he works well in a team.
Ben LongstaffHogarth ChambersExtremely easy to work with, insightful, and a real team player with no airs and graces.  Ben’s advocacy is patient but firm.
Georgina Messenger - Three New SquareGeorgina is now well established as a highly competent junior. She is hugely knowledgeable, well regarded among her peers, and provides clear, commercial advice.
Alaina NewnesOne Essex CourtA tenacious advocate with a formidable work ethic.
Daniel Selmi  – Three New SquareDaniel is phenomenally bright, and able to master complex technologies and tricky legal arguments with consummate ease. He wears his terrific expertise very lightly (and so is easy to work with), and he creates a collaborative atmosphere among those working with him. He also has a gently persuasive style, which is particularly suited to advocacy in a range of tribunals outside the High Court; and he is really passionate about getting the right results for clients.
Stephanie Wickenden - Serle CourtStephanie is a powerhouse. She is skilled at both the big picture and the detail, and is diligent, thoughtful and responsive. Her advocacy is articulate, clear, persuasive and engaging, and her cross-examination is very effective. Matches and sometimes outclasses others of significantly higher seniority.
Nick Zweck – Hogarth ChambersNick is very hardworking, quick to pick up matters, and always gives his best.

Rising Stars

Mitchell Beebe - 11 South Square 'Mitchell’s strengths include that he is very thorough and has a great eye for detail.'
Beth Collett8 New SquareVery good junior barrister - great manner in court and high-quality oral advocacy in applications.
Michael Conway8 New SquareSharp attention to detail, ability to understand complex evidence, strong drafting skills, excellent legal knowledge, sound commercial sense, and strong and comprehensive communication skills with clients, instructing solicitors and the court.
Adam Gamsa11 South SquareA thorough junior who is easy to work with.
Alice Hart – Three New SquareOne of the best junior barristers at the IP Bar – incredibly smart, with the ability to distil even the most complicated of matters into easily digestible chunks. Very effective cross-examination style – a real rising star.
Thomas Lunt – Three New SquareExtremely hardworking and intellectually bright. Fastens onto details, and knows the law and procedure incredibly well. One of the sharpest juniors around, and his preparation and delivery are impressive – a future star of the IP bar.
Kyra Nezami - 11 South Square 'Kyra has good attention to detail, and is always willing to have calls to discuss matters with both legal advisers and the clients. She is able to give articulate and clear advice in a commercially-focused manner.'

Intellectual property in London Bar

11 South Square

The ‘best intellectual property set around‘ for many, 11 South Square is consistently involved in the market’s leading IP cases, including an enviable number of high-profile first instance trials and appeals. Recent highlights include Iain Purvis KC‘s representation of Ocado in a substantial Patents Court action concerning Autostore’s patents for automated warehousing technology; and in one of the one of the most talked-about patent cases of recent times – Neurim v Mylan, an ongoing dispute involving Neurim’s prolonged-release melatonin formulation used to treat insomnia, Circadin – Mark Vanhegan KC appeared as lead counsel for Mylan in the Patents Court on a preliminary injunction application. This was subsequently followed by an expedited appeal of such decision to the Court of Appeal, along with an expedited trial of the main action. The rising star juniors to note are Mitchell Beebe and Kyra Nezami, who are both increasingly involved in high-profile IP cases.



11 South Square is a great set with real strength in depth, and a lot cheaper than some of its competitors at the IP bar.

11 South Square is the best IP set around.

11 South Square has considerable strength at all levels, from the newest junior to experienced silks; and it is rare that counsel at an appropriate level and with relevant experience cannot be found.

11 South Square is a go-to chambers for all IP matters, and with a strong field of counsel at all levels.

Very good IP set with very helpful barristers – one of the best and most friendly sets around.


‘All the clerks are a pleasure to deal with.

8 New Square

Housing ‘excellent barristers at all levels of qualification‘, 8 New Square is consistently involved in the market’s most significant IP-related litigation, its expertise covering all aspects of patents, copyright and trade marks. Well known for his work in high-tech patent litigation, James Abrahams KC represented Lenovo in a major standards essential patent case that involved multiple trials, and 3G and 4G mobile phone technology issues; and Lindsay Lane KC has particular expertise in patents and supplementary protection certificates, trade marks, copyright, database rights, designs, passing off, and confidential information. At the set’s senior-junior end, James Whyte represented Boehringer Ingelheim International in a significant patent licensing dispute, which raised issues of German second medical use patent law and German contract law. In a boost to chambers, patent specialist James St Ville KC took silk in March 2022.



Very strong for all contentious IP work.

8 New Square is one of the strongest IP sets at present – good depth and breadth.

A well-known IP set with a deep bench.

Excellent barristers at all levels of qualification.

The set has the greatest strength in depth of any of the IP sets.


Nick Wise and Ben Newham are always happy to help, try to make things work with their barristers to deliver against deadlines, and take on feedback.

Three New Square

One of the premier IP chambers‘, leading-edge patent disputes form a large proportion of Three New Square‘s instructions. Members of chambers additionally appear in a number of high-profile disputes involving trade marks and passing off, as well as copyright and design rights. Significant cases during 2021 for Guy Burkill KC included defending Apple and its distributors in Optis v Apple, a substantial and high-value telecoms patent dispute involving eight patents in four separate patent families. Within the set’s senior-junior pool, Tim Austen‘s recent highlights include appearing unled for Match Group large online dating business in major trade mark infringement proceedings against competitor Muzmatch; and one of the barristers who appears most frequently at UK Intellectual Property Office hearings, Denise McFarland, is a highly sought-out trade mark specialist. Alice Hart and Thomas Lunt are the set’s rising stars.



Three New square has real strength in depth.

One of the three top IP sets – it is rare to have a patent dispute without somebody from 3 New Square being instructed in some respect.

3 New Square is one of the premier IP chambers – from KCs to experienced juniors, it has a range and depth of expertise that allows it to take on any matter.

Very well regarded, with excellent specialists in the field at all levels. The set also offers training and broader-based support – a highly respected profile.

A go-to set for any trade mark/passing off claims, where it has huge strength. Its KC team is excellent, and it has a generation of brilliant juniors coming through.’


All interactions with the clerking team are smooth and easy. The clerks are very well organised, responsive and clear on fees – there are no weak links.

Hogarth Chambers

Hogarth Chambers‘ ‘depth and breadth are spot on‘. The specialist IP set has longstanding expertise in trade mark work, with its members consistently appearing in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC). Recently, Chambers has also developed a niche in cryptocurrency sector-related matters. Head of chambers Nicholas Caddick KC represented Studiocanal in a claim that a screenplay infringed the copyright of Ealing comedy Kind Heart and Coronets; and leading senior junior Amanda Michaels acted for the Manuka Honey Appellation Society, which wished to register a certification mark, such application opposed by both an Australian honey association and UK honey business, Rowse, which is part of Valeo Foods.



Some real stars in the making at the junior end – the set goes from strength to strength and now has real depth.

Hogarth Chambers is a great set with some undervalued barristers. It is a broader church  than some of its competitors, but that is often a good thing where there is a mix of IP and commercial issues in a case.

The depth and breadth are spot on.

A very solid-performing IP Chambers. Its juniors, in particular, are very good and very usable.

A good chambers to deal with, and it always has someone on hand to assist.


Excellent, approachable and friendly.

One Essex Court

One Essex Court‘s ‘IP team is exceptional‘. The set’s members have expertise in disputes involving trade marks, passing off, copyright and designs, as well as claims over patents, comparative advertising, database rights, trade secrets and privacy. Geoffrey Hobbs KC is the senior Appointed Person hearing Appeals from the UK Registrar of Trade Marks under s76 Trade Marks Act 1994; and Emma Himsworth KC‘s recent highlights include representing Nike against Puma’s High Court appeal of the Registrar of Trade Marks’ rejection of its opposition to Nike’s "FOOTWARE" trade mark application. Among the senior juniors, Guy Hollingworth acted for the Australian Manuka Honey Association in opposition proceedings against the New Zealand honey industry’s attempt to obtain a certification mark for "MANUKA HONEY".



OEC is obviously one of the country’s leading sets.

The IP team is exceptional, with great strength in depth, range of expertise and availability.

All super lawyers and great people.

They all strike a wonderful combination of being fantastic advocates, while also being fun to work with.

The standard of the set’s IP side is excellent.


The clerking is first rate.

Blackstone Chambers

Fielding ‘an extremely strong roster of counsel‘, Blackstone Chambers is best known for soft IP matters, but it is also sought out for hard IP-related work. In recent highlights, Michael Bloch KC represented two automobile manufacturers in registered design rights cases concerning new and vintage vehicle designs; James Segan KC, who appears regularly before the Patents Court as well as the Copyright Tribunal, acted for Lenovo against InterDigital in a global FRAND licensing action that related to Motorola and Lenovo smartphones.



Great quality, depth and breadth.

Blackstone has an extremely strong roster of counsel, all of whom are impressive.

Very high-quality people.

Strong commercial set – true strength in depth.

A first-rate set.


Excellent. They get it – reliability, transparency and accountability.