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Leading Silks

Peter Arden QC - Erskine ChambersHe has an excellent knowledge of insolvency and company law, gives very well thought through advice, and is a pleasure to work with.
Jonathan Crow QC - 4 Stone BuildingsWatching him in court is like seeing a master craftsman at work: complex ideas elegantly expressed, with the court eating out of his hand.
Robin Dicker QC - South SquareA senior heavy-hitter for insolvency work.
Peter Shaw QC - 9 Stone BuildingsHe is extremely bright and fully understands the commercial backdrop to the insolvency market which makes him incredibly easy to deal with and the clients appreciate his advice all the more.
Alan Steinfeld QC - XXIV Old BuildingsAn absolutely superb silk.
Adrian Beltrami QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsVery strong analytical powers; first-rate knowledge of the relevant law; grasp of the commercial context.
David Chivers QC - Erskine ChambersHe is incredibly bright and user friendly. He would be one of my first choices for contentious insolvency matters.
Michael Crystal QC - South SquareA giant of the insolvency world.
Lexa Hilliard QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Extremely hard working, excellent attention to detail and very client facing.
Philip Jones QC - Serle CourtHe gives very practical and prompt advice.
Ewan McQuater QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has raw intelligence and a confident and assertive leadership style.
Robert Miles QC - 4 Stone BuildingsHe is a leading silk at the insolvency Bar.
Mark Phillips QC - South SquareAn extremely capable and determined advocate who relishes the chance to go up against any opposition.
Marcia Shekerdemian QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘She blends strategic guile with a razor-sharp mind and is a pleasure to work with. One of the standout silks at the insolvency bar.
Francis Tregear QC - XXIV Old BuildingsExcellent value and very user friendly.
Catherine Addy QC - Maitland ChambersA go-to insolvency silk.
David Allison QC - South SquareA really first-rate and compelling advocate.
Lance Ashworth QC - Serle CourtHugely capable with an air of intellectual confidence that always impresses. Delightful to work with.
Daniel Bayfield QC - South SquareDaniel is user-friendly, operates as part of the team, committed and hard-working, intelligent, excellent judgement and an outstanding advocate.
John Brisby QC - 4 Stone BuildingsHonest in his delivery of advice but always mindful of the client's wider strategic goals.
Robin Hollington QC - New Square ChambersHe is a fearless advocate and I have heard him described as a “battle tank” when in court. He has an excellent offshore practice.
Robert Levy QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe really knows his stuff. He gives robust advice and is an extraordinarily effective cross-examiner.
Philip Marshall QC - Serle CourtGreat to work with - authoritative, calm, commercial, very responsive, very clear with advice and strategy.
Catherine Newman QC - Maitland ChambersA leader in the insolvency field.
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC - XXIV Old BuildingsFiercely bright, commercial and user friendly.
Stephen Moverley Smith QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe has a razor-sharp intellect and is able to cut through complicated legal and factual matters with ease.
Felicity Toube QC - South SquareExtremely respected; prodigious work ethic - my go-to QC.
Raquel Agnello QC - Erskine ChambersA tour de force in court, she is user friendly and approachable. Skilled in handling the most difficult of clients.
David Alexander QC - South SquareHe is a good barrister for an old-fashioned commercial scrap - calm and determined, and bags of experience.
Stephen Atherton QC - Twenty Essex ‘On the go-to list of counsel in the restructuring and insolvency arena.
Simon Davenport QC - 3 Hare CourtHe has the ability to deal gently and compassionately with clients yet fight for them.
Andreas Gledhill QC - Blackstone Chambers BarristersHe is a captivating advocate. Measured, charming and assured. He writes extremely well and has extremely good judgement as to what arguments will work and which not. He is carving out a strong niche for himself in Blackstone and doing increasingly high profile work in this area and company law.
Jeremy Goldring QC - South SquareVery responsive, very user-friendly and commercial; great to work with.
Michael Green QC - Fountain Court ChambersHe has a terrific command of detail combined with strategic oversight, he can do both things better than anyone else in this area and he is relatable and empathetic with clients. In Court he is fearless, strong and always treads exactly the right path.
Matthew Hardwick QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is by far one of the most accessible silks around, and dealing with him is an absolute pleasure where he explains complicated concepts simply without condescension.
Barry Isaacs QC - South SquareClinical as a surgeon in his preparation, knows a case like the back of his hand and is able to think strategically and outside of the box.
Hugh Jory QC - 4 New SquareHe is articulate, persuasive in court and he understands the intricacies of finance and commerce.
Daniel Lightman QC - Serle CourtHe is fantastically bright and has very good strategic sense.
Terence Mowschenson QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Has a very good eye for detail.
Martin Pascoe QC - South SquareHighly committed and user-friendly.
Tom Smith QC - South SquareA rising silk. Without doubt the go-to person for complex cross-border matters.
Ben Valentin QC - Fountain Court ChambersCommands the courtroom as an advocate and is extremely knowledgeable with very sound judgement.
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtIncredibly creative mind and a commercial sensibility which is second to none.
Mark Arnold QC - South SquareHe is able to explain complex issues with ease and articulate clear and concise submissions both in writing and before a judge.
Gregory Banner QC - Maitland ChambersA responsive silk who has an easy client-friendly manner.
George Bompas QC - 4 Stone BuildingsAn intelligent and creative silk.
Alan Boyle QC - Serle CourtResponsive and experienced.
Matthew Collings QC - Maitland ChambersAn experienced insolvency silk.
Edward Cumming QC - XXIV Old BuildingsVery insightful and gets to the point quickly.
Glen Davis QC - South SquareHe is a calm, measured and authoritative professional. Excellent on thorny, technical disputes.
Michael Gibbon QC - Maitland ChambersShows a good knowledge of case law and ability to research a somewhat novel area of law and provide constructive and authoritative advice.
Alan Gourgey QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Alan is an excellent silk who is very strategic and can turn weak positions into good ones. He is a great team player and very good to work with.
John Jarvis QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsJohn is extremely user friendly, commercial and a really good team player (the junior solicitors and clients love working with him). He has remarkable energy and drives cases forward.
Bridget Lucas QC - Fountain Court ChambersProvides good analysis and persuasive presentation. A very bright performer and a dependable counsel to rely upon when matters are complex and difficult.
Lyndsey de Mestre QC - XXIV Old BuildingsCalm and well-judged advocacy.
Martin Moore QC - Erskine ChambersAccessible, direct and creative.
James Potts QC - Erskine ChambersHe does not shrink from providing tough advice.
Richard Salter QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsEnjoyable to work with, intellectually rigorous.
Stephen Smith QC - Erskine ChambersA very responsive and effective advocate.
Andrew Thompson QC - Erskine ChambersSuccinct and polished in writing; always has a pragmatic, commercial and punchy view which he makes easily digestible to solicitors and lay clients alike.
Steven Thompson QC - XXIV Old BuildingsGood grasp of details and persuasive presentation to the court.
Michael Todd QC - Erskine ChambersRecommended for offshore work.
Ian Wilson QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has incredible clarity of thought that is translated concisely into his submissions.

2019 Silks

James Bailey QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘He is a complete star. He gets on top of complex facts and complex issues incredibly quickly.
Andrew de Mestre QC - 4 Stone BuildingsSuperb at getting into the forensic detail of spreadsheets and models.
Jamie Riley QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsClear, concise and promptly delivered advice. I have found him to be approachable and very astute and commercial.

2020 Silks

Christopher Boardman QC - Radcliffe ChambersHis experience and knowledge is second-to-none.
Timothy Collingwood QC - Serle CourtWell-prepared and his advocacy is persuasive.
Richard Fisher QC - South SquareHe is incredibly bright and has a fantastic ability to quickly assimilate complex facts and legal issues and distill them down into clear and strategic advice.
Blair Leahy QC - Twenty EssexShe distils the questions asked of her and zeroes in on key issues so that our clients needs are looked after properly.
James Pickering QC - Enterprise ChambersA very impressive advocate.
Jeremy Richmond QC - Quadrant ChambersHe is one of the rising stars at the bar. He has a superb grip of technical issues and is a go-to counsel.
Sharif Shivji QC - 4 Stone BuildingsGreat to work with, focused, well prepared and excellent to have on your side when dealing with challenging situations.

2021 Silks

Hermann Boeddinghaus QC - 4 Stone BuildingsSpots the issues early; extremely responsive; pleasant to deal with.
Joseph Curl QC - 9 Stone BuildingsHe simultaneously manages to be genuinely down-to-earth, while delivering a quality of analysis and courtroom performance worthy of the finest silks.

Leading Juniors

Stuart Adair - XXIV Old BuildingsHe has wide knowledge of the law in this field and the ability to get good results for the client.
Linden Ife - Enterprise ChambersHer knowledge of the most obscure and complex areas of insolvency law is second to none and she is my go-to insolvency lawyer for any knotty issue.
Henry Phillips - South SquareHe is good on his feet in court and is able to advise quickly on practical next steps.
Lloyd Tamlyn - South SquareIncredibly bright and a robust advocate.
David Eaton Turner - New Square ChambersExcellent forensic skills, crisp drafting, speed of response and excellent client care. Very user friendly and popular with clients. Great communicator.
Alex Barden - Fountain Court ChambersHe is all over the detail of very complex cases and is generally extremely charming and pleasant to work with.
John Briggs - South SquareHis knowledge of bankruptcy law is exceptional, he is a strong and persuasive advocate.
Adam Deacock - Radcliffe ChambersA clear expert in his field and demonstrates a strength in depth in insolvency and restructuring work.
Adam Goodison - South SquareHe is very practical, knowledgeable on his subject and easy to work with.
Hugo Groves - Enterprise ChambersHe is is a very knowledgeable senior junior who is always reliable and easy to work with.
Kavan Gunaratna - Enterprise ChambersExtremely good on paper. Very usable. Responsive and helpful.
Tina Kyriakides - Radcliffe ChambersExcellent with the most complex of cases (and difficult of clients).
James Mather - Serle CourtA fearless advocate.
Stephen Robins - South SquareOne of the true leading senior juniors at the insolvency bar; prodigiously hard-working and intelligent.
Ben Shaw - Erskine ChambersA big brain combined with an understated manner appeals to insolvency judges.
Hilary Stonefrost - South SquareAmong the go-to barristers for scheme of arrangement issues and is rightly highly respected.
Adam Al-Attar - South SquareIn recent years, he has added to his undoubted intelligence with excellent judgement and gravitas.
Sarah Clarke - HardwickeWonderful and composed in the courtroom knowing when to use her tone and language to emphasise to the Judge the real issues and persuading the Judge which way he should go.
Reuben Comiskey - Radcliffe ChambersCalm under pressure, good instincts when a problem arises, technically strong and always approachable.
Ruth Jordan - Serle CourtRuth is very thorough, extremely diligent and efficient. Her work is always high quality and always on time.
Olivier Kalfon - Maitland ChambersIncredibly easy to work with while being very intelligent and effective.
Jonathan Lopian - New Square ChambersHe has an inordinate ability to quickly assert command over a new matter.
Dawn McCambley - Radcliffe ChambersVery commercial, capable of providing practical advice on the conduct of proceedings alongside negotiations.
Niall McCulloch - Enterprise ChambersWritten submissions are brilliant; never flustered and very responsive.
Tiran Nersessian - 4 Stone BuildingsHe is extremely good with clients and has an excellent knowledge of insolvency law. I always value the advice he gives.
Matthew Parfitt - Erskine ChambersAn impeccable advocate with a calm and collected manner.
Georgina Peters - South SquareThe go-to senior junior on insolvency-related matters; she is brilliant technically but also very commercial.
Tom Shepherd - 4 New SquareHe is adept at distilling vast amounts of complex information into key elements which fit together whilst ensuring that this is completely accessible.
William Willson - South SquareVery intelligent, responsive, and has a great feel for the courtroom and the way the judge is thinking.
Nicola Allsop - Quadrant ChambersWell-respected in the market.
James Barker - Enterprise ChambersTenacious, an excellent advocate and very diligent.
Nigel Dougherty - Erskine ChambersVery reliable and a good all-round performer.
Ben Griffiths - Erskine ChambersA very strong insolvency junior.
Katherine Hallett - Three StoneShe has very sound judgement and is able to balance the legal position with the commercial realities.
Christopher Harrison - 4 Stone BuildingsA superb junior, giving silk-level advice and advocacy, together with hands-on case management.
Philip Hinks - 3 Verulam BuildingsHis advice is clear, reasoned and concise.
Clara Johnson - South SquareMy go-to junior counsel for insolvency, complex fraud and asset recovery claims. She is calm in the face of pressure, regularly dealing with injunctions and urgent applications. She has a rightly deserved reputation for excellence in her practice areas.
Simon Johnson - Enterprise ChambersHe's clear and commercial with his advice and a hit with clients. Incredibly user-friendly and not afraid of the fight.
Edward Knight - XXIV Old BuildingsExtremely bright and being a qualified accountant, he brings an unmatched level of forensic analysis to complex insolvencies, especially where the company has tried to mask its dishonesty.
Conn MacEvilly - New Square ChambersHe is clearly on top of the law in his specialist areas. His is courteous and assertive without being aggressive which gains the respective of his peers and the bench.
Morwenna Macro - Five PaperVery thorough with an eye for detail. Provides calm advice under pressure and tight timescales.
Jennifer Meech - Enterprise ChambersPresents her advice clearly and in client-friendly terms.
Martin Ouwehand - Radcliffe ChambersHe is very bright and gives clear, measured advice. He is also wonderfully thorough and will stress test all aspects of your case before heading to court.
Rebecca Page - Maitland ChambersA go-to junior willing to get into the details and who understands wide ranging, complex disputes.
Elaine Palser - Outer Temple ChambersA silent assassin - she is quiet and lacks the bombastic ego of many at the bar but is all the more effective for it. Her advocacy is effective and her points well considered, and well received.
Wendy Parker - HardwickeAn exceptionally good advocate particularly when under pressure and provided with information at short notice.
Iain Pester - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Capable, objective, and down to earth. Very thorough in his preparation, able to quickly home in on and get to grips with the most critical parts of a complex factual and legal case. Calm convincing as an advocate.
Angharad Start - 3 Verulam BuildingsIn court, she is an absolutely fearless advocate, and has the skill of bringing sceptical judges around.
Justina Stewart - Outer Temple ChambersStrong, dynamic and commercial. She's a force and great to use on difficult insolvency claims.
Jonathan Titmuss - HardwickeExcellent technical and has practical knowledge in all insolvency areas.
Alaric Watson - HardwickeHe is perceptive and able to give strong structured advice.
Bridget Williamson - Enterprise ChambersNo matter how technical or how many moving parts there may be she cuts through it to provide straightforward advice.
Geoffrey Zelin - Enterprise ChambersHighly responsive, works very hard, always available, very clever, go-to person for everything, straight talker.
Sarah Bayliss - XXIV Old BuildingsHer analysis is clear and practical.
Tony Beswetherick - Twenty Essex ‘He is a great tactician, anticipates every argument and is fully prepared to counter it.
Tim Calland - Maitland ChambersSignificant, appropriate expertise and exceptional client skills.
James Couser - Three StoneHe is very commercially astute, often spotting commercial and practical points other junior counsel do not.
Catherine Doran - Radcliffe ChambersVery knowledgeable and calm. She is able to cut through to the heart of issues and provide concise advice.
William Edwards - 3 Verulam BuildingsVery brainy, reads in and prepares beautifully, is determined and takes a good overview.
Joseph England - Quadrant ChambersHe is becoming a formidable opponent in court.
Bobby Friedman - Wilberforce Chambers ‘A go-to junior for insolvency work.
Tom Gentleman - 4 Stone BuildingsAlways delivers a quality product.
Amit Gupta - Enterprise ChambersKnowledgeable, thorough, personable, helpful, very quick in responding to queries.
Sarah Harman - 4 Stone BuildingsA very experienced insolvency junior who is very reliable.
Patrick Harty - Erskine ChambersAn exceptional young advocate, able to pick up a complex case very quickly, grasp the legal thorns immediately and find key advantages for his clients.
Daniel Lewis - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Works extremely hard and gets to grips with the detail.
Anna Markham - 4 Stone BuildingsAn outstanding member of chambers.
Giselle McGowan  - 9 Stone Buildings ‘Good communicator and very robust in court; quickly disseminates thoughts and involves team in discussions.
Hugh Miall - XXIV Old BuildingsVery commercial but also technical at the same time. Bright and approachable.
Phillip Patterson - HardwickeStraight to the point, practical, efficient and easy to work with.
Adrian Pay - New Square ChambersA good lawyer and a fighter. Extremely thorough. Provides good written work.
Jessica Powers - New Square ChambersVery quick to get on top of complex material; detail focused, but also down to earth and easy to talk to; excellent on her feet.
Tim Prudhoe  - 3 Hare CourtA go-to expert for offshore insolvency work.
Helen Pugh - 3 Hare CourtShe oozes quality, is meticulous and always engaging. She is very pragmatic and always delivers on her promises.
Charles Raffin - HardwickeHe provides robust and pragmatic advice and considers the wider issues which may be relevant.
Thomas Robinson - Wilberforce Chambers ‘He has never appeared without having complete mastery of his papers and his arguments and is always quick on his feet.
Kate Rogers - Radcliffe ChambersShe is very user friendly, approachable, technically excellent, and tenacious.
Matthew Smith - Maitland ChambersHe is very engaging and knows his subject very well.
Daniel Warents - XXIV Old BuildingsHe is a great advocate and is excellent on paper and when on his feet.
Jack Watson - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Jack is a very capable barrister who displays good judgement and strategic thinking.

Rising Stars

Madeline Dixon - Enterprise ChambersDelivers a very good blend of technical and practical advice.
Rachael Earle - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Works extremely hard, technically very good, excellent on her feet. Very tough and doesn’t back down.
Katie Longstaff - Radcliffe ChambersShe holds intellectual clout and commerciality in equal measure.

Insolvency in London Bar

South Square

'The leading set, by far, for restructuring and insolvency work',  South Square's barristers continue to act in high-profile company voluntary arrangements (CVAs), schemes of arrangements, administrations and liquidations, in addition to the panoply of cross-border insolvency issues and insolvency litigation. Daniel Bayfield QC's practice continues to go from strength to strength, and he is advising the administrators of Wonga Group on various aspects of the company's insolvency, while David Allison QC is acting for Arcadia group in relation to its CVAs. On the junior side, Henry Phillips is regularly instructed on significant insolvencies and restructurings, including Re NN2 Newco Ltd, Re Politus BV, where he assisted Nystar Group wuth schemes of arrangement to restructure £700m worth of debt. In 2020, Richard Fisher QC took silk; In 2019, William Trower QC left for the bench.

4 Stone Buildings

Insolvency and reconstruction work is a core focus for 4 Stone Buildings, which is noted by clients as 'a solid set of chambers with an excellent choice of barristers.' Juniors here benefit from experience on the attorney general's panels, while also drawing on significant expertise in company law. Jonathan Crow QC and Robert Miles QC maintain solid practices, the former having acted in the appeal Re Core VCT Plc, a case involving the liquidation of a venture capital trust, and the latter in Singularis Holdings Limited v Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited, where he successfully acted for the Cayman Islands-based claimant in a liquidation. New 2020 silk Sharif Shivji QC has a growing reputation for insolvency work, continuing to act for the liquidators in the long-running Stephen Akers v Deutsche Bank AG.

Enterprise Chambers

At Enterprise Chambers, insolvency is a key area for members, who act in high-value and often cross-border cases, arising from insolvencies, liquidations, restructurings and administrations. Linden Ife is a senior junior who often acts as leading counsel, with expertise in recovering unlawful dividends paid before insolvency, as well as in claims against directors and insolvency practitioners; exemplified by Clydesdale v Smailes where the administrators were successfully removed. Kavan Gunaratna is another well-regarded junior and has expertise in insolvency matters involving property, commercial and banking law. Elevated to silk in 2020, James Pickering QC acted in Re Mintpal, one of the first provisional liquidations based on a debt in digital currency. Also of note, Madeline Dixon is developing a strong insolvency practice, with experience in cross-border cases.

Erskine Chambers

Erskine Chambers is 'one of the leading company and insolvency sets', with members specialising in contentious insolvencies and corporate restructurings. Peter Arden QC maintains a superlative practice, acting in matters relating to Regis UK, Giraffe, Debenhams and Timberland, advising landlords on potential changes to CVAs following their approval at statutory meetings. David Chivers QC  is another big name for insolvency cases and has been appointed an assessor to the Icelandic District Court in the Kaupthing proceedings. Ben Shaw is often instructed on insolvency matters including challenges to landlords' CVAs in the retail sector, an area Patrick Harty is also experienced in.

Serle Court

Serle Court has 'a number of brilliantly-skilled barristers' focusing on restructuring and insolvency, with a fast-growing offshore practice in Guernsey, Gibraltar and Cayman. Members frequently appear before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, particularly in cases involving fraud and partnership law. In 2019, Philip Jones QC acted in the successful disqualification proceedings against Dominic Chappell arising out of the collapse of BHS. Philip Marshall QC, leading James Mather, is representing the former chairman of Kingfisher Airlines in defence of bankruptcy proceedings arising from an alleged debt of £1bn. In recent news, Timothy Collingwood QC took silk in March 2020.

XXIV Old Buildings

Members of XXIV Old Buildings handle all aspects of domestic and international insolvency law, drawing on specific expertise in arbitration, Chancery, commercial and trusts work. Among high-profile matters that exemplify the set's strengths, Elspeth Talbot Rice QC is acting for the trustees of Boris Berezovsky's estate in Gorbunova v Berezovsky, while Francis Tregear QC is instructed on behalf of the additional liquidator for the Herald Fund, one of the largest feeder funds with claims against the Madoff estate, in Re Herald Fund SPC. Also of note, Edward Knight, who is also a qualified chartered accountant, is noted for handling cases at the intersection between fraud and insolvency.

3 Verulam Buildings

'A very good all-round set', 3 Verulam Buildings is home to a number of commercial insolvency experts. Of note, in Phones 4u Limited v Vodafone Group, Ewan Mcquater QC is leading the counsel team in Vodafone's defence of claims by the administrators of Phones 4u that the client conspired with other networks to withdraw from the mobile phone retailer. Also of note, Matthew Hardwick QC has a significant offshore insolvency practice, often appearing before the BVI court of appeal.

Hardwicke Chambers Limited

'A great set, with a number of excellent barristers across numerous practice areas', Gatehouse Chambers is well-regarded for international and offshore insolvency work arising out of the Channel Islands and Caribbean. Wendy Parker is an insolvency and restructuring law specialist, focusing on directors' duties and rights, derivative claims and shareholder disputes. In Autogas (Europe) Ltd v Saunders Graig and Ochockii, she successfully defended a claim that was brought against the liquidator that failed to obtain sufficient adverse costs insurance. At the junior end, the 'technically very strongJonathan Titmuss stands out for having particularly active insolvency practice.

Maitland Chambers

Insolvency and restructuring are key areas for members of Maitland Chambers, who handle both litigation and advisory work. Catherine Newman QC is often instructed on insolvency matters with offshore elements, recently representing the liquidator of a Japanese company and its trustee in bankruptcy in Sigma v Seto, a case seeking to identify and recover assets in jurisdictions including the Cayman Islands and Jersey. Catherine Joanne Addy QC is another insolvency powerhouse in the set, and is currently advising the administrators in Re Lehman Bros International (Europe), (in administration): Lomas & Ors v HMRC, in relation to an application concerning distributions to be made to creditors. Olivier Kalfon is a senior junior with an insolvency practice heavily weighted towards international work involving the Cayman Islands and BVI.

New Square Chambers

New Square Chambers is 'fast becoming the go-to set for insolvency work at the junior end', with barristers who have particular expertise in offshore insolvency but also regularly handle domestic corporate and personal insolvencies. Able to draw on his experience in shareholder disputes, Robin Hollington QC is noted for his UK-based and international insolvency litigation practice. He recently led Simon Adamyk in relation to to advising a high-value public listed company on the risk of winding up proceedings threatened by minority shareholders. Senior junior David Eaton Turner has an outstanding insolvency and restructuring practice. Jessica Powers is fast developing a strong commercial chancery practice, with a focus on insolvency, and is certainly a name to note at the junior Bar.

Radcliffe Chambers

Members of Radcliffe Chambers are 'experienced and reliable' and have expertise in all aspects of insolvency litigation, as well as experience in advisory work, which often has an international flavour.  In particular, barristers are able to handle administrations, liquidations, receiverships and company voluntary arrangements, and several juniors have been appointed to the attorney general's and secretary of state's panels. Demonstrating the set's strengths at the junior end, Reuben Comiskey focuses on insolvency, fraud and company disputes, and successfully acted for the liquidators of a company running a chain of convenience stores in its recovery claim in Re MKG Convenience Ltd, Abdulali v NISAAdam Deacock is another noted junior who is an expert in pre-emptive remedies; Katie Longstaff is a rising star in chambers. At the senior end, 2020 saw Christopher Boardman QC take silk.

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers' members specialise in corporate and personal insolvency litigation and advice in the UK and offshore. In relation to restructurings, they are able to draw on set-wide expertise in property and pensions. Marcia Shekerdemian QC focuses on contentious insolvency at the cross-roads with fraud, often with cross-border elements; she notably acted for a consortium of 12 Indian banks who have petitioned for the bankruptcy of the former Kingfisher Airways tycoon in Re Vijay MallyaLexa Hilliard QC is providing ongoing advice to the monitor of Carillion Canada in connection with its interests in the UK. In February 2020, Daniel Lewis and rising star Rachael Earle arrived from 3 Hare Court, further strengthening their new chambers at the junior end.