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Leading Silks

Brian Altman KC2 Bedford Row ‘Brian is the heavyweight champion of the inquiry world. A brilliant operator.’ 
Jason Beer KC5 Essex Chambers ‘A heavyweight silk, incredibly knowledgeable and impressive.’
Caoilfhionn Gallagher KCDoughty Street Chambers ‘Caoilfhionn is very dedicated, with excellent judgement and comprehensive knowledge of inquests and inquiries matters.
Patrick Gibbs KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘A sublime advocate, beguiling and simply a joy to watch him on his feet.'
Jonathan Hough KC4 New Square 'Jonathan has laser-like focus on every aspect of the case. He is tremendously easy to work with, combining a formidable intellect with tactical nous and approachability. On his feet he commands the room, and the ear of the judge, with a calm and measured gravitas.'
Samantha Leek KC5 Essex Chambers ‘One of the foremost advocates in inquests and inquiries. Her preparation is painstaking, her questions focused and her manner engaging, empathetic and hugely effective.’
Keith Morton KCTemple Garden Chambers 'Keith has vast experience in this practice area, exceptional practical knowledge, and advocacy skills. He has a calm and measured approach to court hearings and a detailed approach to trial preparation.' 
Andrew O’Connor KCTemple Garden Chambers ‘Andrew is hard working and a good team player. He is both practical and strategic in his approach, a real asset.’
Peter Skelton KC1 Crown Office Row 'Fantastic drafting skills and an intellect rarely found.'
Kate Blackwell KC2 Hare Court ‘Kate is a serene silk with an incisive approach to cases, and she deals with the evidence in a measured and appropriate way.'
Bridget Dolan KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘An exceptional advocate. Her knowledge of coronial process and law is second to none. Hugely impressive in court.'
Danny Friedman KCMatrix Chambers ‘Danny is a superbly effective barrister.'
Nicholas Griffin KCQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘His incisiveness, combined with empathy, experience and sensitivity to court dynamics, make him an exceptional choice for any inquest or public inquiry. His style of advocacy is understated, lands perfectly, and has exactly the desired effect.'
Hugo Keith KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘Hugo knows the law inside out. He carries out his work with commitment and verve.’ 
Jonathan Laidlaw KC2 Hare Court ‘Jonathan is simply the best. He puts clients at ease in difficult circumstances, has a clear approach and articulates positions concisely. He is absolutely the one you want on your side!
Prashant Popat KCHenderson Chambers ‘A leading advocate for inquests and inquiries. He pays extraordinary attention to detail and is an expert in his field.'
Neil Sheldon KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Neil is a clear, concise and polished advocate. He is empathic with bereaved families and a real team worker.'
Stephen Walsh KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘Stephen is a doyen of the inquest and inquiry Bar. He has tremendous judgement and a sureness of touch which he brings to bear in the most sensitive of cases. An extremely impressive practitioner.'
Simon Antrobus KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Simon is meticulous in his preparation and his advocacy is firm, persuasive and impressive.'
Clodagh Bradley KC1 Crown Office Row 'Clodagh Bradley is excellent.'
Brenda Campbell KCGarden Court Chambers ‘Brenda is an exceptional and fearless advocate. She works tirelessly on behalf of her client. She is forensic and diligent.'
Oliver Campbell KCHenderson Chambers ‘An outstanding advocate, and a very thorough and skillful strategist.'
Sarah Clarke KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Her cross-examination is efficient, flexible, and relentless. She is an astute tactician who is approachable and stands her ground.'
Katharine Gollop KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'A tremendous advocate.'
Kate Grange KC39 Essex Chambers 'Kate is a very focussed, technically able and extremely lucid cross-examiner.'
Eleanor Grey KC39 Essex Chambers 'She is a very diligent silk.'
Andrew Kinnier KCHenderson Chambers ‘A strong advocate. He is intelligent, reasonable and professional.'
James Maxwell-Scott KCCrown Office Chambers 'A silk with great forensic skills and an analytical eye.'
Michael Rawlinson KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A superb advocate. Everyone looks up to him and he instills courage and confidence in the most challenging of circumstances.'
Jenni Richards KC39 Essex Chambers 'Jenni is extremely bright. She can identify novel arguments and present them in an extremely powerful and persuasive way.'
Oliver Sanders KC1 Crown Office Row ‘His ability to cut to the chase, while listening, is his strength.
David Travers KCGough Square Chambers ‘David is a charming and disarming advocate. He has a magnetism in his personality which makes him relatable.
Clair Dobbin KCThree Raymond Buildings  ‘Clair has meticulous attention to detail, is extremely hard working, and has a calm and approachable manner. She has a particular aptitude for handling vulnerable witnesses or clients and de-escalating stressful situations. Fantastic to work with.’ 
Dijen Basu KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'An excellent advocate who provides robust advice.'
Gerard Forlin KCCornerstone Barristers 'A fierce advocate, who is fabulous on his feet.'
Nageena Khalique KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Nageena has immense gravitas. She is a fantastic advocate and her witness handling is excellent – compassionate but her points are firmly put.’
Rajiv Menon KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Rajiv is a formidable advocate.'
Nicholas Moss KC  - Temple Garden Chambers  'Nick goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every piece of work is spot on. He will have an absolute mastery of every case that he presents, ensuring that he is on top of all the detail as well as the strategic picture.'
Toby Riley-Smith KCHenderson Chambers ‘Toby is a superb advocate who reassures the tribunal that they are in the safest of hands; he has a first class brain and  wonderful manner.
Maya Sikand KC - Doughty Street Chambers ‘Maya’s advocacy style is very polished, planned, and tactical. She is a huge strength and support to her bereaved clients. ‘ 
Steven Snowden KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Steven is a very calm and polished advocate.’
Adam Straw KC - Doughty Street Chambers  'Adam has a keen legal mind and sound judgement.'
Katy Thorne KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Katy is outstanding in every way. She is an impressive and effective advocate.'
Aswini Weereratne KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘A passionate and intellectually powerful advocate who fights hard for her clients.'

2022 Silks

Jude Bunting KCDoughty Street Chambers 'Jude has a brilliant legal mind and will fight for his client with everything he has got. His charm disarms judges and opponents alike.'
Tim Green KCHenderson Chambers 'Tim is extremely approachable. He has an excellent manner with clients and coroners, and is able to gain the confidence and trust of both. He handles witnesses perfectly in what are often very difficult and emotionally charged situations.'
Claire Watson KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'She is tactically very astute, calm, thoughtful and measured. Her style of advocacy compels attention.'

2023 Silks

Richard Baker KC – 7BR ‘Richard is a superb advocate with a keen eye for detail. He is exceptionally bright and navigates even the most complex evidence with aplomb. He has a relaxed and friendly manner with clients, and puts them at ease in stressful, demanding situations.' 
Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KC – Matrix Chambers 'Blinne is an outstanding barrister. Her technical knowledge is exceptional, which is reflected in her comprehensive and compelling drafting. She always goes the extra mile for her clients.' 
Philip Rule KCNo5 Barristers’ ChambersPhilip has a great mind and is one of the best in the field. He presents very detailed arguments and forensic dismantling of witnesses on the stand is his particular strength, including professional and expert witnesses where needed.' 

2024 Silks

Dermot Keating KC  - 25 Bedford Row  'His advocacy when questioning key witnesses is superb - measured and incisive.'
Saba Naqshbandi KCThree Raymond Buildings ‘Saba has an expert analytical eye and delves into the detail of every case so that she knows it back to front.'
Richard O'Brien KC – 4 New Square 'A junior with a very sharp mind.'

Leading Juniors

Nick BrownDoughty Street Chambers ‘Nick is always well prepared and excellent in court. His experience in inquest work shines out.'
Alison Hewitt5 Essex Chambers 'Alison is one of the most experienced and well-regarded barristers in this field.'
Jesse NichollsMatrix Chambers ‘Jesse is an exceptional advocate. He is incredibly intelligent with an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and exercises brilliant judgement even when under immense pressure.’
Edward PleethSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Edward’s advocacy is extremely effective; when examining witnesses, he always shows a mastery of the details of the case.’
Tom StoateDoughty Street Chambers ‘He is very tactical and industrious. An approachable and empathetic junior who is robust when required.’
Briony BallardSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Briony is very thorough and precise, with strong technical expertise.' 
James BerrySerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘A first-class junior, with an excellent brain and a confident court presence.'
Sarah Le FevreThree Raymond Buildings 'Sarah's attention to detail, judgement, and strategic thinking has been pivotal in successfully advising on highly sensitive cases. She has excellent judgement.' 
Alison GerryDoughty Street Chambers ‘Alison's client care skills are second to none. She is very committed and fights passionately for her clients.’
Nikita McNeill2 Hare Court ‘Nikita has a formidable intellect. She demonstrates a forensic command of the issues and has a real gift for making the most complex points accessible.'
Paul SpencerSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Paul is strategic, very knowledgeable, and extremely personable. He is always well prepared.'
Alexandra Tampakopoulos2 Hare Court 'She is exceptionally thorough and astute in her assessment of cases.'
Cecily WhiteSerjeants’ Inn ChambersA very approachable junior who is in total command of her brief.'
Colin BanhamNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Colin is an astute advocate who always provides sound, comprehensive advice.'
William Chapman7BR ‘William is a hugely reliable barrister.'
Raj DesaiMatrix Chambers 'Raj has a brain the size of a planet. Clients feel very comfortable with him.'
Emma FavataGarden Court Chambers ‘Emma is an exceptional barrister who consistently demonstrates remarkable advocacy skills. Her legal submissions are unparalleled, showcasing a deep understanding of the law and an ability to effectively present compelling arguments.’
Alasdair Henderson1 Crown Office Row 'A junior who instills confidence, and demonstrates very good judgement.'
Samantha Jones39 Essex Chambers 'Samantha is very organised and her mastery of the facts is superb. Her leadership and strategic decision making is exceptional and far beyond her call, and her witness handling is strong and impeccably prepared.' 
Thalia MaraghGarden Court Chambers ‘Thalia is fearless, clever, hardworking, and very committed.’
Scott MatthewsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘A very well regarded senior junior. Trusted for his direct but measured and fair style.’
Paul MertensPump Court Chambers ‘A junior with depth of experience in inquiry work.’ 
Una MorrisGarden Court Chambers ‘Una is always very well prepared, brilliant on her feet, and able to think quickly and creatively.'
Sebastian NaughtonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Sebastian is a very knowledgeable and experienced barrister. Judges warm to him.'
Ifeanyi Odogwu – Matrix Chambers ‘Ifeanyi is brilliantly tactical and perceptive. He has the ability to captivate a jury and he often has the court in the palm of his hand.'
Angela PatrickDoughty Street Chambers ‘Angela is extremely client-focused. She is very detail-oriented and cuts through complex and dense cases with ease. Highly recommended for difficult inquests.’ 
Emma Price5 Essex Chambers ‘Emma has outstanding analytical ability and demonstrates thorough attention to detail.'
Edward Ramsay  – 12 King’s Bench WalkEdward’s knowledge of coronial law is unrivalled and he can handle the most difficult of coroners or witnesses with ease. His advocacy is clear and concise.’
James Robottom  – Matrix Chambers ‘James is incredibly intelligent and has fantastic tactical nous. He leaves no stone unturned in his case preparation. As an advocate he is calm, considered and highly effective.'
Patrick SaddOuter Temple Chambers ‘Patrick is a bright advocate with good judgement, who quietly commands the attention of his audience.’
Adam Walker7BR ‘Adam’s client care skills are excellent. He is a robust negotiator and a proficient advocate.’
Michael WalshSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Michael is a fantastic strategist who hones in on the key issues of a case straight away. His advocacy is fantastic: persuasive and a pleasure to listen to.'
Mike AtkinsCrown Office Chambers ‘An unflappable junior who has phenomenal attention to detail. He is extremely organised, very focused, and diligent.'
Rory Badenoch1 Crown Office Row 'A junior with a reassuring demeanour, who is superb when questioning witnesses.'
Kevin Baumber – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Kevin has a razor-sharp intellect, and is an unstoppable force on his feet. Most opponents wilt before him.’ 
Nikolas ClarkeField Court Chambers ‘A very strategic thinker who is extremely knowledgeable and supportive of clients.'
Anita DaviesMatrix Chambers ‘A tough and dedicated barrister, with a straightforward advocacy style that is very effective.'
Philip DayleNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘A well-respected and trusted junior.'
Malcolm GallowayCrown Office Chambers ‘Malcolm has a commanding presence, and is calm and confident when speaking with clients. A tactically astute and incredibly knowledgeable barrister.'
Cicely Hayward5 Essex Chambers ‘Cicely’s meticulous case preparation and formidable advocacy skills make her very effective in cross examination.'
Sam JacobsDoughty Street Chambers ‘Sam has an excellent ability to carefully review and assimilate complex facts and provide legal analysis. Clients like his common sense approach, and he is an excellent communicator. A confident and serene advocate.'
Alex Jamieson25 Bedford Row ‘Alex is the complete package. A compelling and forensic advocate, hugely bright, and gets to the key issue of a case exceptionally quickly. Excellent with clients.'
Susan Jones – 3PB ‘Susan is fearless when representing clients in complex and sensitive matters against counsel more senior than herself.'
Paul LivingstonOuter Temple Chambers ‘Paul is a junior with stellar qualities. He is highly intelligent, and has an easy and authoritative style in court.’
Kate Lumbers7BR ‘Kate is an exceptional barrister who leaves no stone unturned in a case.'
Rachel Marcus1 Crown Office Row 'Rachel takes the time to think things through when handling a difficult inquest.'
Aaron Moss5 Essex Chambers ‘A go-to junior for complex and sensitive inquests and inquiries. He is very personable and hard-working, and demonstrates excellent judgement and decision-making.’
Jack MurphyCrown Office Chambers ‘Jack has a very astute tactical approach, and a cogent and determined advocacy style.'
James PurnellHenderson Chambers ‘James' advocacy in inquest matters is excellent, striking the right balance between sensitivity and a robust approach. His advice is clear and pragmatic.'
Sian ReevesTemple Garden Chambers ‘Sian is a leading light in the area of inquests.’
Nick StanageDoughty Street Chambers 'Juries like his clear and direct questions.'
Susannah StevensQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Susannah is a measured, resolute and urbane barrister.'
Peter Taheri – 5 Essex Chambers ‘Peter is an assured advocate who inspires confidence in the coroner and the jury.'
Anton van DellenFraser Chambers ‘Anton displays impressive advocacy skills. He is fearless and prepared to argue difficult propositions.’
Adam WagnerDoughty Street Chambers ‘Adam's advocacy style means he is able to hold the attention of the room with ease. He is excellent in front of clients and quickly gains their trust.'
Oliver WilliamsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Oliver is always very well prepared. His advocacy style is calm, collected, and conducted in a measured way so that he always gets to the root of the problem.'
Leanne Woods1 Crown Office Row ‘Leanne has an excellent grasp of coronial law, and a considered and thorough approach to her cases.'
Anna Bicarregui39 Essex Chambers ‘Anna has an unflappable manner in high-pressure situations.’ 
Julian Blake – 11KBW Julian has excellent communication and analytical skills. An approachable and thoughtful junior, he works very hard and is very good at thinking strategically.'
Richard Boyle – Temple Garden Chambers ‘He is diligent and thorough, with a forensic attention to detail.’ 
James ByrneDeka Chambers 'An empathetic and meticulous advocate.'
Nicholas Chapman – Temple Garden Chambers ‘Nicholas is unflappable, with an excellent sense of what will and will not persuade the tribunal.’
Amy Clarke – 5 Essex Chambers ‘Amy is an extremely thorough advocate. Her grasp of the facts, evidence and issues is absolutely outstanding.'
Thomas Coke-Smyth  – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'He has an exceptional manner in court.'
Charlotte GodberQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Charlotte is a thoughtful and persuasive advocate and an excellent strategic thinker. An outstanding talent.’
Edmund GrittThree Raymond Buildings ‘Edmund is truly superb. He is strong on his feet, determined, and ferociously bright.’
Clare Hennessy – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘A junior who is excellent on her feet, easily builds rapport with witnesses, and gets great results in court.’
Christopher Hopkins – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘A fantastic advocate, and his attention to detail and court craft is unrivalled. A formidable asset in your corner.’
Zeenat Islam  – Temple Garden ChambersZeenat is the first choice for any team.'
Bo-Eun Jung – Three Raymond Buildings 'Bo has a good eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and is a fantastic inquest and inquiry barrister.'
Jonathan Landau5 Essex Chambers ‘Jonathan is a very knowledgeable and sound tactician.’
Jennifer MacLeod – Brick Court Chambers 'An outstanding and decisive junior.'
Priya Malhotra25 Bedford Row ‘A phenomenally hardworking junior with fantastic organisational skills, who distills complex information into an intelligible format that can be used to powerful effect.’
Amy Mannion1 Crown Office Row ‘Amy is an outstanding advocate – concise, measured, and delivers difficult points well. She is a delight to work with and fights her client’s corner.’
Jamie MathiesonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘James is very bright and has an excellent, reassuring manner with clients and witnesses.’ 
Hannah Noyce1 Crown Office Row 'Hannah Noyce is exceptional. Her cross examination is faultless and she works tirelessly for clients to get the best possible outcome.'
Helen PooleyDeka Chambers 'A junior who provides clear and constructive advice.'
Paul Renteurs – 2 Hare Court ‘Paul is confident, efficient, erudite and extremely personable. He is great with clients and has an excellent eye for detail.'
Ellen Robertson – Temple Garden Chambers ‘Ellen's advocacy is crisp, realistic and focused: a delight to listen to.'
Katie Sage – Crown Office Chambers ‘Katie is very thorough. Excellent in conference with clients and experts, she is an outstanding advocate.’ 
Vida Simpeh4-5 Gray’s Inn Square ‘Vida is an industrious junior.'
Sandesh Singh – Crown Office Chambers ‘Sandesh is an exceptional barrister. His tactical and strategic approach is impressive.'
Saoirse TownshendTemple Garden Chambers ‘Saoirse is an accomplished advocate, eloquent and always well prepared. A pleasure to work with.’ 
Harry Vann – Crown Office Chambers 'Harry is a top performer. With his impressive intellect, he explains issues in direct terms for the benefit of clients who always find him a reassuring presence and a strong advocate.'
Emily Wilsdon39 Essex Chambers ‘Emily is extremely bright, bold, and brilliant. One to watch.’ 

Rising Stars

Gideon Barth1 Crown Office Row ‘Gideon is a calm, charming and thorough junior who has the ear of coroners and juries in difficult cases.'
Emma-Louise Fenelon1 Crown Office Row ‘Emma-Louise is exceptionally skilled. She is a fearless advocate who demonstrates incredible strength in court, and has the ability to assimilate information quickly and use it to powerful effect.’ 
Ruth Kennedy11KBW 'Her advocacy style is measured and confident, and her witness handling skills are both sensitive and highly effective.'
Jonathan Metzer1 Crown Office Row ‘Jonathan has a real eye for detail. He is robust, thorough, persuasive, and great with clients, putting them at ease during the very difficult inquest process.'
Scarlett Milligan39 Essex ChambersA confident, impressive and dedicated barrister who leaves no stone unturned.’
Jo Moore1 Crown Office Row 'Jo Moore is brilliant; a future star.'
Angelina Nicolaou – One Pump Court ‘Angelina has excellent analytical skills and thinks strategically. She is very reliable and very good with clients.’
Frederick PowellDoughty Street Chambers ‘Frederick is incredibly enthusiastic, hard working, and focused. He is very easy to work with and has excellent client care skills.'
Anthony SearleSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Anthony has excellent knowledge of inquest law and is a very effective advocate.'
Shanthi SivakumaranDoughty Street Chambers ‘Shanthi is an exceptionally diligent and rigorous counsel. She is extremely well-organised and has a preternatural grasp of detail.'
Rachel Sullivan – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Rachel is a thorough and dedicated junior. She has a sharp analytical focus.’ 
Hannah Thomas2 Hare Court ‘Hannah is commercially astute and extremely hardworking. Her advice and work is always concise and to the point.'
Harriet WakemanLandmark Chambers 'Her attention to detail and recall of facts is incredible. She has an immense work ethic, and is confident and conscientious.'

Inquests and inquiries in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

1 Crown Office Row is ‘an excellent set’ with ‘a strong inquest team’ which draws upon the chambers’ wider expertise in clinical negligence, personal injury, and human rights law. Peter Skelton KC continues to represent the Metropolitan Police in the Undercover Policing Inquiry. Matthew Hill is currently acting as leading junior counsel in the Infected Blood Inquiry. Turning to inquests, Shaheen Rahman KC acts for families and healthcare providers in death in hospital inquests, while David Manknell KC has of late been active in a number of inquests relating to air crashes.


‘Chloe Turvill is friendly, helpful and great at liaising with Counsel to accommodate requests.’

‘The clerks at 1 Crown Office Row are organised and brilliant at their jobs.’

‘1 Crown Office Row is a brilliant set for Clinical Negligence work and Inquest work.’

‘1 Crown Office Row have a strong inquest team, with good advocates who are well appraised in recent coronial developments.’

5 Essex Chambers

5 Essex Chambers houses a team of ‘clear leaders in the field of inquests and public inquiries‘. The group is well-known for acting for local authorities, the government and the emergency services in proceedings. Fiona Barton KC handles cases crossing over with her police law practice, having represented Devon and Cornwall Police in the inquests in relation to the 2021 Plymouth shootings, carried out by a man who had his shotgun returned to him after an assault allegation earlier that year. Jason Beer KC‘s recent track record includes instructing as counsel to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry and representing the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Anne Studd KC works on cases with law enforcement elements. At a junior level, Alison Hewitt handles cases concerning deaths in custody, among others, while Beatrice Collier was one of several members of chambers instructed in the inquest into the death of Gaia Pope, who went missing in November 2016 after making an allegation of rape, which Dorset Police did not action. Francesca Whitelaw KC took silk in 2023.


‘The clerks are always very helpful, running an excellent tight ship.’ 

‘The clerks are fantastic, very approachable and quick to respond.’

‘All of the clerks are very helpful, facilitating support, advice and advocacy when required.’

‘This is a very solid set, with talented barristers throughout and real expertise in all area of police law, inquests and public enquiries.’

‘All Counsel from this set has been highly professional and capable.’

‘The set is well recommended from areas of immigration, public law, inquiries and inquest work’



Doughty Street Chambers

With vast experience in representing bereaved families, Doughty Street Chambers is widely recognised for its inquests and inquiries expertise. Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC is acting for the family of Steve Dymond, who took his own life after a polygraph test branded him a “love cheat” on The Jeremy Kyle Show, in the inquest into his death. Jude Bunting KC is active in a number of cases relating to Northern Ireland, including representing the widow of a member of the public killed when they drove into a security forces ambush of IRA members in 1987. Alison Gerry handles cases involving deaths following contact with the police, while Tom Stoate represented an eighteen-year-old woman, on remand awaiting sentencing for robbery at HMP Bronzefield, whose baby died after she gave birth alone in her cell. Fiona Murphy KC took silk in March 2023.


‘Doughty Street have a strong and busy inquests team.’

‘Doughty Street continues to be the powerhouse in this area – a great team.’

‘Doughty Street  is a leading inquests and inquiries set, with real strength in depth.’

‘This set is very strong for human rights and inquest work – they have a broad range of barristers, all very skilled, but with a helpful cross-section of knowledge and experience across many different practice areas.’

‘An excellent set for public law and inquests.’


Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Serjeants’ Inn Chambers garners praise for its ‘extensive experience and strength-in-depth‘ in the inquests and inquiries arena. John Beggs KC is representing the Wiltshire Police in the inquiry into the death of Dawn Sturgess, who died in July 2018 following exposure to the nerve agent Novichok used by Russian agents in their attempted murder of double agent Sergei Skripal. Bridget Dolan KC is regularly instructed in high-profile inquests, specialising in lengthy Article 2 cases, and Nageena Khalique KC acts for local authorities, bereaved families and the NHS in inquest proceedings. Turning to the set's juniors, Edward Pleeth is instructed by government departments in inquest proceedings, while Rachel Spearing represented the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic in an inquest into the suicide of a prospective patient; the inquest took place a few days after a judicial review concerning the clinic's waiting times.


‘Very efficient and commercial service. Lee Johnson is a pleasure to deal with and always strives to find a solution. His approach is far superior to others in terms of ability to deliver a prompt and efficient service.’

‘Josie Ryan really is an excellent clerk. She is meticulous, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile.’

‘Fantastic set with brilliant Counsel at every level. They wipe the floor with the competition.’

‘Very strong set in the field of inquest law.’

‘The chambers is brilliant, the go-to set for this practice area.’ 

‘The clerks are consistently supportive, helpful and efficient.’


Garden Court Chambers

‘One of the leading chambers for inquest proceedings work,’ Garden Court Chambers has longstanding experience with high-profile inquests and inquiries. The team is extensively recognised for its representation of bereaved families, and cases regarding the Human Rights Act and Article 2 cases. Leslie Thomas KC specialises in representing families of individuals who have died after contact with the police, while in Northern Ireland Brenda Campbell KC continues to represent the mother of Noah Donohoe, a child who went missing from his home and was found dead in a storm drain six days later. Turning to the set's juniors, Emma Favata  was instructed on the inquest into the death of Rachel Garrett, a woman took her own life while receiving psychiatric care; it is alleged that her medical professionals were aware of her suicide risk but were negligent in not sectioning her. Una Morris  represented the family of Joe Pooley, a vulnerable young man who was murdered by a violent criminal in breach of his licence conditions.


‘Top quality service offered by the clerks to clients in inquests and inquiries.’

‘Garden Court are one of the leading barristers chambers for inquest proceedings work.’

‘Garden Court offer a wide range of specialist inquest counsel and are my go-to chambers for instruction.’

‘Garden Court Chambers is an excellent set of Chambers. They are packed with very high quality barristers, who work very hard and do work which really matters.’

‘The clerks are consistently supportive, helpful and efficient.’


Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers boasts a ‘strong team with strength in depth‘ and an excellent track record in appearing in high-profile inquests and inquiries. Danny Friedman KC continues to be involved in the Grenfell Tower and COVID-19 inquiries, leading Raj Desai in the former. Jonathan Glasson KC has expertise in cases involving national security and has been instructed in the Bloody Sunday and Mark Duggan inquests, while Phillippa Kaufmann KC represented the family of Jermaine Baker into the public inquiry into his death – Baker was shot dead by armed police while engaged in a plot to free two prisoners being transported to Wood Green Crown Court. At junior level, Ifeanyi Odogwu often acts for families in controversial cases involving the police, and has recently been instructed by the family of a woman who was killed in a crush outside the Brixton Academy prior to a concert by Afrobeats act Asake. Adam Straw KC and Nick Armstrong KC both took silk in 2023.


‘Matrix is a top chambers for inquests and public inquiry work.’

‘A strong team with strength in depth, availability of counsel and training programmes.’

‘Matrix has some significant practitioners in the area of public inquiries, acting for a mixture of state and non-state core participants.’

Temple Garden Chambers

A high quality and impressive set when it comes to inquest and inquiry work‘, Temple Garden Chambers‘ team is well known for representing public bodies, government departments and bereaved families in inquests. Keith Morton KC was instructed in the high-profile inquest into the death of a woman who suffered anaphylaxis after consuming a wrap from Pret a Manger from a wrap labelled as vegan that contained traces of a dairy product. David Barr KC acts as leading counsel to the Undercover Policing Inquiry. Elsewhere in chambers, Sian Reeves has been instructed in the inquest into the death of a man who died after being hit by a train having just been discharged from hospital. Nicholas Chapman is the first junior for the Cabinet Office in the COVID-19 Inquiry.


‘Dean Norton is approachable and very reliable.’

The clerks room is very efficient and helpful, particularly Keith Sharman.’ 

‘Chambers provide a good overall service with a real depth of barrister talent, capable of providing support for all levels of case management.’

‘Temple Garden Chambers is amongst the best in the field of health and safety and inquests and inquiries. The Silks are highly regarded, the senior juniors well known and highly regarded in the market with some excellent up and coming juniors.’

‘Clerks provide a good level of support and a friendly approach to client relationships, both in terms of negotiations with regard to specific cases and with ongoing case management.’

Three Raymond Buildings

Three Raymond Buildings is ‘a great set with a number of hugely impressive KCs and juniors‘ with key strengths in coronial law, with many members of the set regularly appearing in cases for police forces and officers. Hugh Davies OBE KC draws on his expertise in police law to represent police authorities and officers in inquests; his recent caseload includes acting as lead counsel to West Yorkshire Police Inquest relating to the death of a suspected leader of an organized crime group who was found to have been lawfully killed by armed officers. In other major matters, Hugo Keith KC continues to act as lead counsel to the Covid-19 Public Inquiry. Within the junior pool, Kevin Baumber has an extensive practice in Article 2 inquests, and Ailsa Williamson is representing the officers who detained a man who died following cocaine use and police restraint in the inquest into his death.


‘The clerking team are very strong at Three Raymond Buildings, particularly Chris Feather and Dean Brown.’ 

‘The clerks are very accommodating, responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

‘An excellent set for Inquests and Inquiries.’

‘An excellent set with great KCs and Juniors.’

‘The barristers within this set are supported by a brilliant engine room of clerks.’


2 Hare Court

Alongside 2 Hare Court‘s extensive work across criminal and health and safety work, the set also has experience in complex and highly significant inquests and inquiries. Jonathan Laidlaw KC represented Harley Facades in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Alexandra Tampakopoulos specialises in cases concerning state institutions - she represented Oxford Health Foundation NHS trust in an inquest into the death of a mother and daughter who jumped in front of the train; the trust assessed the mother's mental health seven weeks before the incident and deemed her not to need further support. On the junior side, Nikita McNeill  is representing the Welsh government in the COVID-19 Inquiry. Paul Renteurs appears in inquests concerning deaths in custody and care homes.


‘Louis Lockwood is one of the most efficient clerks I have ever come across. He is attentive, responsive and an asset to 2 Hare Court.’

‘Chloe Skingsley is a top rate clerk. She is trustworthy and efficient. Her knowledge of the market is exceptional.’ 

‘They really are a stand out chambers and are a go-to set for inquest work.’

‘Hannah Thomas is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in inquests which is often rare for someone of her call. Her manner with clients is exceptional.’

‘The clerks are excellent and always helpful and a joy to work with. There are a number of Barristers at these chambers that I use for inquests  and all, without exception, are excellent.’



39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is very well known for acting in high-profile public inquiries. For example, Kate Grange KC is currently acting as one of three leading counsel in the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, while Eleanor Grey KC is currently acting as lead senior counsel for the Department of Health and Social Care in the Infected Blood Inquiry. Among the juniors, Rachel Sullivan is acting as junior counsel to the Department of Education in the COVID-19 Inquiry; Emily Wilsdon is continuing to represent the Home Office in the Brook House Inquiry; and Samantha Jones focuses on high-profile and complex cases of deaths in which medical negligence is alleged.


‘Sheraton Doyle is excellent, there hasn’t been a problem yet that she has been unable to solve.’ 

’39 Essex is always one of my go-to chambers for public law matters.’ 

‘Over the last several years, 39 Essex has built and incredibly strong team of counsel who have experience in public inquiry work. 

‘A helpful and efficient set of Chambers, with helpful clerks and a range of excellent counsel.’ 

’39 Essex’s prestige in the area of inquests and inquiries increases year-on-year.’ 

‘The clerk’s room is a model operation. They are absolutely on top of their game ensuring confidentiality walls, a massive undertaking they manage superbly.’ 

QEB Hollis Whiteman

Outstanding setQEB Hollis Whiteman houses an ‘impressive range of advocates‘ with longstanding experience in appearing in high-profile inquiries. Nicholas Griffin KC is representing the former GP of Steve Dymond, the Jeremy Kyle Show participant who took his own life after filming an episode of the tabloid talk show. Anne Whyte KC is sought after for her expertise in handling Article 2 inquests. At the junior end of chambers, Susannah Stevens  specialises in complex and high-profile cases often on behalf of medical professional and pertaining to contentious medical evidence, while Thomas Coke-Smyth represented the family of a young man with learning difficulties who committed suicide a short time after being released from police custody.


‘They are really good.  Sam Window is great – very friendly to all levels of staff, highly responsive and helpful in dealing with requests at short notice. Full marks.’

‘A leading set in all its practice areas.’

‘QEB Hollis Whiteman is an outstanding set.’

‘A very good set with an impressive range of advocates.’

‘Brilliant clerks – they are very responsive and collaborative.’

Crown Office Chambers

At Crown Office Chambers, Simon Antrobus KC is continuing to represent ITV in the inquest into the suicide of a Jeremy Kyle show participant. Turning to the set's juniors, Mike Atkins is representing Sodexo, the provider of security to a hospital, in the inquest into the death of a man who was hit by a car after being refused admission by the practitioners at the hospital. Sandesh Singh recent workload includes representing Look Ahead in the inquest into the death of a man who was restrained by security guards after following a woman into the ExCeL Centre.


‘Toby Sparrow is the best clerk by a distance. He is responsive, amicable, and provides a service that other Chambers could only dream of. A real asset to their team.’

‘Clerking at Crown Office Chambers is amazing: Toby Sparrow leads the Regulatory team and is incredibly attentive.’

‘A market leading set that has build up a group of sector experts at both senior and junior levels.’

‘Crown Office have a stellar offering – the go-to for health and safety and inquest and inquiry work.’

‘Crown Office have become a go-to set in this practice area. The clerks are very efficient and personable. The set has a very impressive range of junior Counsel.’

‘The clerks are first rate, responsive, commercial and approachable.’


Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers is a ‘go-to set for inquests and inquiries‘. Members are well known for representing clients from the transport, manufacturing and construction sectors, to name a few areas. Prashant Popat KC is currently acting for Studio E Architects in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry; Oliver Campbell KC represented cladding manufacturer Siderise. Junior James Purnell represented BMW UK in an inquest into the death of a police officer whose car caught fire due to an engine fault. Abigail Cohen‘s practice includes cases touching on health and social care.



‘Henderson Chambers’ clerks cannot be matched by any other set. Professional, practical, and personable – all factors which make a solicitor’s job much easier. Daniel Kemp is particularly worthy of an individual mention. His service over the years has been impeccable.’

‘Daniel Kemp and Daniel Smith are both excellent.’

‘Henderson Chambers is my first port of call for inquest matters. They have a great breadth of barristers in this area, to suit a  wide range of inquests.’

‘The clerks are always friendly and approachable. They team area a pleasure to work with.’