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Leading Silks

Fiona Barton QC - 5 Essex CourtCool, calm and unflappable; she is exceptionally knowledgeable and an absolute leader in this field. My number 1 go-to for any complex and high-profile inquest.
Jason Beer QC - 5 Essex CourtA formidable and standout practitioner. A superb tactician with outstanding cross-examination skills.
John Beggs QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHighly respected and his commitment to clients is unwavering. He is an excellent tactician who gives his client pragmatic and careful advice, and is supportive of instructing solicitors.
Patrick Gibbs QC - Three Raymond BuildingsFirst-class intellect and enchanting in the courtroom.
Henrietta Hill QC - Doughty Street ChambersHas a remarkable work ethic, with a number of heavyweight high-profile instructions ongoing at any one time, and she is a master of organisation with excellent tactical nous.
Jonathan Hough QC - 4 New SquareA leading light for his knowledge and application of inquest law. He works very hard and is a very effective advocate.
Samantha Leek QC - 5 Essex CourtHas a very broad range of experience in inquests and inquiries, as well as related judicial review cases - also a highly polished forensic performer, both in submissions and in examining witnesses.
Keith Morton QC - Temple Garden ChambersFirst-class client skills, with meticulous attention to detail and focused on working with solicitors as part of an integrated legal team.
Andrew O'Connor QC - Temple Garden ChambersBright, fluent and unflappable, with a steely and effective court manner.
Peter Skelton QC - 1 Crown Office RowHis written work and advocacy are impeccable, and his manner in hearings is just right.
Leslie Thomas QC - Garden Court ChambersMy go-to barrister for complex claims against the police that may be challenging on merits and need someone to fight their corner.
Heather Williams QC - Doughty Street ChambersExtremely astute, knowledgeable, tactical and always impeccably prepared. She drills down into the detail of cases, is measured, thoughtful and willing to work collaboratively. At the very top of her game.
Oliver Campbell QC - Henderson ChambersAlways my first choice for inquests and inquiries. He has an excellent grasp of detail and a dogged determination to achieve outstanding results.
Hugh Davies QC - Three Raymond BuildingsGreat for both strategy and cross-examination.
Bridget Dolan QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersOne of the best in her field. She offers sensible, clear, professional advice, and is available at very short notice.
Danny Friedman QC - Matrix ChambersFantastic both for his writing and oral advocacy. He commands the respect of the court and goes the extra mile to win the client's confidence.
Cathryn McGahey QC - Temple Garden ChambersExcellent client-handling skills.
Prashant Popat QC - Henderson ChambersHas an amazing ability to grasp complex and technical issues to make them easily digestible to judges, coroners, inquiry chairs and jury. He is excellent with clients and his professionalism and intellect are second to none.
Brian Altman QC - 2 Bedford RowStrategic nous and his judgement is impeccable. He works incredibly hard and delivers, and is someone you can trust with absolute confidence on a difficult case.
Simon Antrobus QC - Crown Office ChambersReal expertise, very approachable and measured in his approach - my go-to advocate!
David Barr QC - Temple Garden ChambersA very capable and highly intelligent silk.
Gerard Boyle QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn exceptional advocate, who is eloquent and self-possessed. He inspires complete confidence.
Clodagh Bradley QC - 1 Crown Office RowExceptional on her feet, quick thinking, and her forensic analysis is very impressive - an absolutely brilliant advocate.
Brenda Campbell QC - Garden Court ChambersExtremely dedicated to her clients and fights hard against injustice.
Sarah Clarke QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHer varied background in law brings strength, and she is totally reliable and practical.
Sir Robert Francis QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA senior inquiries practitioner with a deep understanding of how government works. He has excellent analytical abilities, and he is responsive, insightful and collaborative.
Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC - Doughty Street ChambersHas an enormous amount of respect from clients and legal peers because she approaches everything she does with passion, commitment and a clear strategic approach.
Jonathan Glasson QC - Matrix ChambersA great communicator who is dedicated to his clients.
Katharine Gollop QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersUnshakeable in all cases and will fight for the client to the last - seemingly fearless as an advocate and in conference, she has the perfect manner for clients and experts.
Kate Grange QC - 39 Essex ChambersShe is immensely hardworking and has excellent judgement.
Eleanor Grey QC - 39 Essex ChambersA highly capable advocate who is respected by the court.
Nicholas Griffin QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanA silk who has long since specialised in public inquiries work. He has great judgement, is extremely bright, and has an excellent and persuasive manner.
Richard Horwell QC - Three Raymond BuildingsExcellent on his feet.
Phillippa Kaufmann QC - Matrix ChambersHighly intelligent and great for detail.
Dominic Kay QC - Crown Office ChambersA very strong advocate who is excellent with clients and easy to recommend.
Andrew Kinnier QC - Henderson ChambersHighly regarded by his peers for his fair but firm approach and an extremely effective lawyer with a keen intellect. He combines a deep knowledge of the law with a pragmatic approach and excellent judgement, which make him highly sought after for inquests and public inquiries.
Jonathan Laidlaw QC - 2 Hare CourtA brilliant advocate who is also excellent with clients.
Sarah Lambert QC - 1 Crown Office RowBright, understands the issues, and a brilliant advocate, as well as being well prepared and compassionate.
David Pittaway QC - Hailsham ChambersHis calm, intelligent and thorough approach was exactly right, as was his calm and considerate approach with the client. He carries natural authority and inspires confidence, which is bolstered by his excellent attention to detail and anticipation of the challenges of the case. His construction of the roadmap for the case was superb.
Debra Powell QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHelpful and responsive with good technical knowledge, and a persistent advocate.
Shaheen Rahman QC - 1 Crown Office RowI cannot praise her highly enough. She is brilliant and clever, and her skill as an advocate is inspiring to watch.
Jenni Richards QC - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the best silks around - she is seriously impressive. Her judgement is impeccable, she is not afraid to make difficult decisions, and her witness handling is fantastic.
Oliver Sanders QC - 1 Crown Office RowA highly persuasive advocate who can carry the court in the most testing of circumstances. He has an unstuffy, yet intellectual, manner that both informs and explains, and he is tenacious without being aggressive or overbearing. He is also similarly compelling on paper.
Malcolm Sheehan QC - Henderson ChambersBrings first-rate abilities and rigour to the very different demands of a statutory inquiry. His ability to grapple with less established areas of of law and practice at both a jurisprudential and practical level is most impressive.
Hugh Southey QC - Matrix ChambersHas great drive and imagination. An extremely knowledgeable, approachable, creative legal mind and courageous client centred advocate.
Anne Studd QC - 5 Essex CourtClear as crystal, faultless and measured in her advice and advocacy but, most importantly, Anne cares about what is best for the client.
David Travers QC - Six Pump CourtFrank about the weaknesses of a case, but in a way that keeps the clients onside.
Stephen Walsh QC - Three Raymond BuildingsOur most trusted QC for serious and complex cases. Stephen has a first-class mind and an ability to sort the key points in the case out from the morass of detail. One of the very best practitioners!

2019 Silks

Alan Payne - 5 Essex CourtAn outstanding barrister, whose strengths are his client-friendly approach, his depth of knowledge of the subject area and his grasp of current and future issues.
Neil Sheldon QC - 1 Crown Office RowVery experienced in very high-profile and complex inquests.

2020 Silks

Dominic Adamson QC - Temple Garden ChambersA style that is very well suited to inquests. He adopts a forensic approach to the evidence, coupled with the sensitivity that this particular forum requires. He is also always well prepared, taking the trouble to go through technical issues with the instructing solicitors and lay client.
Matthew Butt QC - Three Raymond BuildingsHuge ability to absorb information. He was by far the most experienced advocate at the inquest, which shone through in terms of his ability to grasp the issues and ask the right questions.
Allison Munroe QC - Garden Court ChambersIn even the most stressful circumstances, she is unflappable, insightful and focused, and her diligence in her work and steadfast dedication to achieving her clients' objectives is inspiring.
Stephen Simblet QC - Garden Court ChambersGreat with clients, fantastic on his feet and his written work is very good. He's an excellent all-rounder who achieves excellent results for clients.

2021 Silks

Clair Dobbin QC - Three Raymond Buildings ‘Her attention to detail is second to none, she is prodigiously hardworking, and her manner with core participants is sensitive and appropriate at all times. She will do whatever it takes to produce the goods and is one to watch for progression to silk.
Nicholas Moss QC - Temple Garden ChambersHis attention to detail is great and he is always fully prepared and on top of the papers. Nicholas is also fantastic with witnesses and understands the importance of getting them prepared.
Adam Straw QC - Doughty Street ChambersFantastic drafting and he is great for strategy.

Leading Juniors

Matthew Hill - 1 Crown Office RowFantastic for being able to absorb massive amounts of detail.
Nick Armstrong - Matrix ChambersEnthusiastic and passionate about the work and can often see points that others would miss. He is very experienced and my go-to for difficult and challenging cases - my bereaved clients consistently say they would not have got through it without him.
Briony Ballard - Serjeants' Inn ChambersKnows the law very well, is methodical and cuts to the chase. In respect of inquest work, she is just excellent - she instils confidence and has excellent advocacy.
Jude Bunting - Doughty Street ChambersAn excellent barrister to instruct in inquest cases; he is incredibly bright, a great jury advocate, writes fantastic submissions, is prepared to be involved in all aspects of a case, and has a great manner with clients.
Sarah Le Fevre - Three Raymond BuildingsA compelling advocate who knows the law and works hard on her cases. Equally good when acting for the establishment or individual.
Alison Hewitt - 5 Essex CourtHer strength lies in her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of coronial law. She is calm under pressure, sets the right tone for proceedings, and always asks the most appropriate and relevant questions.
Harriet Jerram - Outer Temple ChambersFantastic at putting vulnerable witnesses at ease and bringing a sense of calm to a potentially intimidating environment for witnesses.
Jesse Nicholls - Doughty Street ChambersA joy to work with - a real team player who has phenomenal knowledge of the law. His written work is also outstanding, and he is an accomplished jury advocate who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions. It's no wonder he's so in demand - a true star.
Paul Spencer - Serjeants' Inn ChambersPaul is great - a really safe pair of hands and very sharp.
Alexandra Tampakopoulos - 2 Hare CourtGreat with clients and detail-heavy matters. she makes sure her clients' interests are fully protected at all times and strives to achieve the best result for them.
James Berry - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAble to absorb issues with impressive speed and is skilled in providing precise direction to clients. His drafting is also exemplary and his advocacy exceptional.
Fiona Canby - Temple Garden ChambersProvides very sound and practical advice. Fiona ensures that she is familiar with all the relevant documents and quickly identifies the key issues.
William Chapman - 7BRSupremely reliable. Whilst tenacious and willing to use the law to his client's advantage, he recognises when there is merit in finding a third way or a settlement. 
Craig Ferguson - 2 Hare CourtStrikes the perfect balance for inquests; he is empathetic and understated, while being utterly robust in pursuing the best interests of clients. A real star in this area.
Richard Furniss - 42 Bedford RowAn experienced and accomplished junior, who is able to handle large cases with good sense and judgement.
Alison Gerry - Doughty Street ChambersIncredibly thorough, conscientious and thoughtful in her approach.
Sean Horstead - Garden Court Chambers ‘He is a relentless opponent. Excellent cross-examination techniques.
Linda Jacobs - CloistersExcellent advocate at inquests. Her medical background really helps, she has great empathy with clients, and explains the whole process really well. Her cross-examination is also thoughtful and well prepared.
Samantha Jones - 39 Essex ChambersVery on top of the detail and inspires great confidence.
Nikita McNeill - 2 Hare CourtAn exceptional advocate, who is clear and fair but does not give up. She is effective, knows everything about public inquiries and gives sensible views.
Fiona Murphy - Doughty Street Chambers ‘Unrivalled command of her brief. Fearless, real depth of knowledge, innovative thinker, and fabulous drafting skills. Great judgement and people skills, including handling judges and opponents.
Saba Naqshbandi - Three Raymond BuildingsVery experienced, perceptive and a good tactician. She gives realistic and clear advice, and she is a highly impressive advocate. A QC in waiting!
Sebastian Naughton - Serjeants' Inn ChambersCompassionate, responsive and puts clinicians at ease.
Claire Palmer - 5 Essex CourtAn excellent advocate who is clear, incisive and well organised. She is an expert in complex inquests and represents with sensitivity and calm.
Edward Pleeth - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHighly knowledgeable, and great with both witnesses and clients.
James Purnell - Henderson ChambersAble to absorb a large amount of information and deal with significant quantities of documents quickly. He is also very solicitor-friendly and responsive.
Edward Ramsay - 12 King's Bench WalkHe is very proactive and gives clear and concise advice. Easy to approach and communicate with. Very good on his feet and with witnesses.
Aaron Rathmell - Serjeants' Inn ChambersGood client manner and confidence in his own ability - he doesn't back down when he knows he is right.
James Robottom - 7BRPassionate and committed to representing bereaved families, and sensitive to claimants' plights. He delivers in complex and tragic cases involving mental health issues and fatalities that often have human rights elements.
Sarah Simcock - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHardworking, pays very close attention to detail and quickly identifies any issues for the client, working collaboratively to resolve them.
Tom Stoate - Garden Court ChambersCommitted, hardworking, easy to work with and the best courtroom advocate I've instructed. Inspires huge confidence in clients, gets respect from the court and strikes fear into the hearts of opposing counsel.
Rajeev Thacker - Garden Court ChambersCombines an exceptional intellect with a down-to-earth approach and is involved with every aspect of the case down to the smallest detail. A barrister you can really trust never to let you down.
Adam Walker - 7BRVery careful, considered and good with clients.
Michael Walsh - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA confident and very well-prepared advocate, who represents clients with calm authority and precision. He provides first class written submissions and his advocacy is focused, steady and persuasive.
Claire Watson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAccurate, articulate, highly accessible, and able to respond to queries and concerns quickly and effectively. She is also good with clients.
Cecily White - Serjeants' Inn ChambersCecily is a gem. She is a very bright and articulate barrister, who I have no doubt will reach the top of her game.
Francesca Whitelaw - 5 Essex Court ‘Francesca is a class act. Excellent judgement and impeccable court craft. She is very well respected by coroners.
Georgina Wolfe - 5 Essex CourtA first-rate lawyer. She has a deep and complete understanding of coronial law, and can perceive how the coroner will react and provide measured and precise advice adapted to the particular circumstances of the inquest.
Mike Atkins - Crown Office ChambersGreat attention to detail. He very quickly gets into the issues of a case and is able to ascertain the best way forward for a client. He can also be relied upon to deal with any negative aspects of a client's case in a sensitive way.
Colin Banham - No5 Barristers ChambersCalm and able to explain technical legal detail to clients in clear, simple terms. His greatest strength is his meticulous preparation, which enables him to enter a conference, court or tribunal with confidence.
Robert Cohen - 5 Essex CourtIntelligent, ambitious and very calm under pressure. He has shown himself to be tireless and self-motivated in long and complex cases.
Anita Davies - Matrix ChambersResponsive and thorough in her preparation. She is a good advocate and excellent at questioning witnesses; her drafting is also excellent.
Raj Desai - Matrix ChambersGreat attention to detail, as well as being intelligent and engaging.
Jonathan Dixey - 5 Essex CourtExcellent client skills and great on his feet.
Malcolm Galloway - Crown Office ChambersAn excellent advocate with great awareness of the strategic importance of how an inquest is conducted. Always exceptionally well prepared and impressive on his feet.
Alex Gask - Doughty Street ChambersDrafting is excellent and his advocacy is great. He is also excellent at questioning witnesses and getting the information needed.
Alasdair Henderson - 1 Crown Office RowA very clever, hardworking and reliable member of the Bar, who excels in public law and inquiry and inquest work - a future star.
Matthew Holdcroft - Serjeants' Inn ChambersApproaches work in an efficient and authoritative manner, is never ruffled, uses information technology to good effect, and never disappoints.
Susan Jones - 3PBHardworking, focused and displays a maturity of approach beyond her year of call. Her personable approach puts clients at ease while reassuring them they are in safe hands. She also secures impressive results.
Kate Lumbers - 7BRExplains things so they are easily understood, whether speaking to experts, clients or solicitors. She is also a strong advocate who knows the right questions to ask whatever the forum, and identifies the needs of clients at an early stage, keeping them in mind throughout the process.
Thalia Maragh - Garden Court ChambersExtremely thorough, hardworking and dedicated to her clients. She is passionate in her advocacy and astute in conference with others.
Rachel Marcus - 1 Crown Office RowA strong advocate who is able to hold her own against QCs. She is very accessible, always available at the end of the phone, good with clients and where it matters most, she delivers in court.
Scott Matthewson - 42 Bedford RowA special kind of advocate who is immensely bright and articulate. He manages with genuine ease to balance doing a first-class job for clients while demonstrating empathy and understanding to bereaved families.
Christopher Mellor - 1 Crown Office RowCalm and organised in a crisis, and deals with the wide range of personalities involved in inquests in a considerate but thorough manner.
Una Morris - Garden Court ChambersMy top junior in this area, particularly in relation to restraint-related inquests and any claims against the police. Her cross-examination of witnesses is excellent.
Ifeanyi Odogwu - Garden Court ChambersIfeanyi has a real teamwork approach. He is excellent on his feet and has the ability to bring the strands of a case together. Ifeanyi is always well prepared. He builds excellent rapport with clients. He is always on hand when needed.
Angela Patrick - Doughty Street ChambersHer strengths are integrity, rigour, intellect, efficiency and, particularly in relation to this area, wide-ranging expertise and insight.
Helen Pooley - 9 Gough ChambersA very polished advocate, who can assimilate considerable information and explain it in lay terms. Helen can be robust when required, yet also incredibly sympathetic - both are very necessary skills when dealing with injured people.
Emma Price - 5 Essex CourtMeticulous in every respect. She misses nothing and is a great strategic advocate, with everything prepared in good time.
Bilal Rawat - 5 Essex CourtAlways fully prepared and on top of the papers. He is also measured and calm.
Patrick Sadd - Outer Temple ChambersHas a brilliant understanding of the effect of trauma on clients, and a kind and courteous manner.
Kirsten Sjøvoll - Matrix ChambersHighly rated for very complex matters.
Susannah Stevens - QEB Hollis WhitemanAlways incredibly well prepared, and will argue every possible point for her clients. She is a brave advocate who can really make the difference to the outcome of an inquest.
Oliver Williamson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersVery fair and measured, knows his papers, and is persistent but polite to witnesses.

Rising Stars

Jamie Mathieson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersApproachable and knowledgeable. I trust Jamie to put clients at ease and get the best possible outcome for the client.
Aaron Moss - 5 Essex CourtOne of the ablest juniors working in this field, with an impressive track record of major cases. His capacity for work is prodigious and his advocacy is very effective.
Katherine O’Byrne - Doughty Street ChambersA superb barrister in the field of inquiry and inquest work, and her work rate is phenomenal. Katherine is also intellectually brilliant and razor-sharp - a future star in the field.

Inquests and inquiries in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

'An impressive chambers for inquests and inquiries', 1 Crown Office Row 'has an extensive skill set and wide-ranging level of counsels'. The clerks also draw praise for being 'extremely sensible both in terms of fees, capacity and the experience of their counsel – there are no better clerks'. Peter Skelton QC is consistently instructed in major inquiries and inquests; examples include the 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings and Perepilichnyy inquests, as well as the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Neil Sheldon QC's experience includes the inquests into the Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, and Manchester Arena terrorist attacks; Matthew Hill is currently a lead junior on the Infected Blood Inquiry.

5 Essex Court

'An excellent set with a stellar reputation', 5 Essex Court consistently appears in high-profile inquests and inquiries, and 'its reputation as the leading set in England, as far as police law is concerned, goes before it'. Jason Beer QC appeared, as counsel for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Fiona Barton QC acted for the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and Counter-Terrorism North West in the public inquiry into the 2017 Manchester Arena deaths. At the junior level, Alison Hewitt is a highly rated specialist in inquest and coronial law, as well as associated judicial review matters. In recent chambers news, Alan Payne QC took silk in 2019. The 'impressiveAaron Moss is highlighted as a rising star in the field.

Doughty Street Chambers

'One of the go-to chambers in this area', Doughty Street Chambers 'has excellent barristers and the clerks are always responsive and helpful'. In the resumed inquests into the 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings, Heather Williams QC recently led the team that represented the families of three of the 21 deceased. Also in recent work of note, Henrietta Hill QC is currently instructed as deputy counsel to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (and is leading counsel in four of the inquiry’s investigations); Fiona Murphy acted in the Anthony Grainger Inquiry, which involved a fatal police shooting by Greater Manchester Police; and Alison Gerry represented the sister of Annabella Landsberg, who died in HMP Peterborough's custody. 'Future star of the Bar' Katherine O’Byrne is an up-and-coming member of chambers.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Serjeants' Inn Chambers is 'go-to chambers for its range of experienced and impressive counsel'. 'The great group of clerks provides top-draw service at all times', while 'senior clerk Lee Johnson is eminently sensible and reasonable, and always willing to discuss brief fees'. In addition to Bridget Dolan QC's extensive inquest practice, she is often appointed as counsel to the judge or coroner in high-profile inquests. Debra Powell QC is acting for the National Police Chiefs Council in the internet strand of the wide-ranging Public Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. Cecily White is acting for the National Police Chiefs’ Council in the undercover policing public inquiry. Also of note, Jamie Mathieson is a rising star of the junior Bar.

Temple Garden Chambers

Temple Garden Chambers is 'a good set for public inquiries and inquests, and clients always receive a good service'. It has the scope to provide a full range of counsel to assist with long-running inquests and inquiries; the chambers' members act at inquests (via The Compassionate Friend charity) on a pro-bono basis for families, whose children have passed away. In recent work of note, Keith Morton QC acted in the Shoreham Air Disaster Inquest, which concerned the killing of bystanders when an ex-military aircraft crashed onto a nearby road, while David Barr QC is leading counsel to the Undercover Policing Inquiry, which is reporting on undercover police operations in England and Wales. Dominic Adamson QC took silk in early 2020, further strengthening chambers.

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is 'a fantastic set in relation to inquest work, one of the best, with extensive experience' and stands out in particular for its representation of bereaved families in landmark inquests. The set has particular expertise in complex cases, where an individual dies in state custody or where the state may be responsible for the death. Its barristers also act in judicial review challenges to inquest and inquiry rulings. Leslie Thomas QC is instructed as lead counsel to several Grenfell Tower Fire survivors and families of the deceased, while Brenda Campbell QC represented the families of Father Hugh Mullan and Frank Quinn in the Ballymurphy inquest into the deaths of 10 people, who were killed by British armed forces in Belfast in 1971. In recent news, Allison Munroe QC took silk in early 2020.

Matrix Chambers

Inquest and inquiry work is at the very heart of Matrix Chambers, which is 'one of the best in this field and has barristers who are excellent'. Clients particularly benefit from the set's crossover between inquest and inquiry work, and administrative, criminal, mental health, police and prison law. In recent instructions of note, Danny Friedman QC and Raj Desai are currently instructed by five major London law firms (on behalf of over 200 survivors and bereaved families) in the ongoing Grenfell Tower Inquiry, while Hugh Southey QC (who was appointed a Deputy High Court Judge in 2019) was recently lead counsel in a challenge to the inquest into the 2011 killing of Mark Duggan by police.

Three Raymond Buildings

Three Raymond Buildings is 'an excellent set of chambers with a wealth of talent'. Its consistent representation in inquests leverages off the set's backbone of criminal and regulatory expertise, while several of its members are coronial law experts who appear both in inquests and claims for judicial review of coroners’ decisions. Patrick Gibbs QC acted in the Sean Benton inquest, which concerned a recruit who killed himself at the Deepcut barracks following bullying and abuse, while Stephen Walsh QC represented the London Fire Brigade in phase one hearings of the public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire. In recent cambers news, Matthew Butt QC took silk in 2020 strengthening the set at the senior end.