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Leading Silks

Fiona Barton QC - 5 Essex CourtExceptional in all respects.
Jason Beer QC - 5 Essex CourtA highly respected and formidable senior practitioner in this field. He commands the confidence and respect of clients, judges and colleagues alike, and has the extraordinary ability to make the complex seem simple. Strategically, Jason never takes a wrong turn - he is excellent on the law and excellent on the evidence, as well as being a top-drawer advocate - charismatic, clear, measured, composed, accurate, and in command of the detail and of the big picture.
John Beggs QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA tenacious advocate, whose meticulous preparation enables them to be the leading orator in court. Considered the authority in policing law. Not only in-depth knowledge of relevant case law but often appeared in the judgments of the authorities. This depth of understanding combined with years of contextual understanding of policing, makes their opinion the opinion of note.
Patrick Gibbs QC - Three Raymond BuildingsPatrick is simply superb - he has no weaknesses as a barrister. He is clever, hard-working, easy to get along with, and 100% reliable. He delivers on every single case. Absolutely brilliant.
Henrietta Hill QC - Doughty Street ChambersHenrietta is exceptionally bright, always three steps ahead, empathetic with clients and a dream to work with - organised, diligent, forensic in cross-examination, and fights fearlessly for clients.
Jonathan Hough QC - 4 New SquareA real joy to work with Jonathan. Supremely intelligent, has impeccable judgement, yet personable and with a human touch. You want him on your team - a calm, authoritative, figure who has the respect of his team and the court. Unflappable and sees through problems without hesitation.
Samantha Leek QC - 5 Essex CourtA top-rated QC in inquiry work - intelligent and compassionate, and knows her way round the inquiry law environment like the back of her hand.
Keith Morton QC - Temple Garden ChambersA very thorough and detailed barrister- Keith works diligently for his clients and is very easy to work with as part of a legal team.
Andrew O'Connor QC - Temple Garden ChambersA first-class choice as counsel to the inquiry or inquests. He is immersed in the inquisitorial world, and is particularly strong in relation to cases that have a national security angle - an incredibly safe pair of hands.
Peter Skelton QC - 1 Crown Office RowPeter has excellent technical knowledge and really understands inquiry law and the nuances of how to present evidence at an inquiry - a first-class inquiry law brain with the appropriate understanding of the need for victims and survivors to engage with the process and an appropriate advocacy style to accommodate this. 
Leslie Thomas QC - Garden Court ChambersHe is the go-to leader for difficult and controversial deaths in custody - Leslie is extremely bright but down to earth, so great with clients. He is also a good trial advocate, makes clients and junior solicitors feel at ease, and involves them all in the process - ebullient, confident and willing to take considered risks to achieve results.
Brian Altman QC - 2 Bedford RowBrian is formidable. He sets high standards for all involved and has complete mastery of the detail of a case. Nothing gets past him and he is very effective in his advocacy in the role of counsel to the inquiry.
Bridget Dolan QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersVery knowledgeable on all aspects of medical law with a practical approach to inquests, and gets the participants working together sensibly. Coroners like this about her as she is a good combination of approachable and pragmatic, but can be tough when needed.
Danny Friedman QC - Matrix ChambersHighly conscientious and extremely thoughtful about the work set, taking extraordinary care to understand the facts and to apply the law. Danny has an excellent manner with clients and is a very good leader of a group.
Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC - Doughty Street ChambersAn extremely impressive advocate who is well known for her work on behalf of children at risk of being abused - very collaborative and always put clients' interests first.
Nicholas Griffin QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanHis strengths include very good judgement and analysis, and his written and oral submissions are clear, thoughtful and persuasive - a very strong team player.
Cathryn McGahey QC - Temple Garden ChambersHer knowledge, abilities and expertise are real assets to cases.
Prashant Popat QC - Henderson ChambersA prominent leader who is technical and methodical in his approach. He oozes confidence and assurance which flows down to the client - very deserving of his standing.
Stephen Walsh QC - Three Raymond BuildingsStephen cares very deeply about what matters to his clients. He works tirelessly to get the very best results, and is bright, compassionate and with impeccable judgement.
Simon Antrobus QC - Crown Office ChambersAbsolutely first class. He has a fantastic feel for a case, and really gets into the detail and understands every aspect.
Kate Blackwell QC - 2 Hare CourtFantastic with clients, and great at explaining complexities in a way that is understandable and clear. Reassuring and calm in the face of a challenge.
Gerard Boyle QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHe delivers superb presentation of nuanced arguments in challenging cases - solicitors are always extremely impressed.
Clodagh Bradley QC - 1 Crown Office RowA superb strategic mind and very effective advocate, who is excellent with clients and very collegiate to work with.
Brenda Campbell QC - Garden Court ChambersBrenda is an excellent advocate. She offers sensible and client-focused advice, is willing to take on difficult cases, and fights hard for her clients. Brenda also works very collaboratively and her clients speak very highly of her.
Oliver Campbell QC - Henderson ChambersUnflappable and an excellent advocate.
Sarah Clarke QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn absolutely outstanding advocate who will always do an excellent job.
John Cooper QC - 25 Bedford Row 'John has the ability to rapidly absorb a huge volume of material, distil it to the salient details and focus directly on the crucial legal and procedural issues. It is refreshing to work with someone who is at the top of his profession who maintains such levels of professional consideration and courtesy with both instructing solicitors and their ultimate clients, even on the most distressing and delicate matters.'
Jonathan Glasson QC - Matrix ChambersHis calm considered manner, and knowledge of the law and practice, make him extremely effective.
Katie Gollop QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA very bright advocate who covers every point very well in inquests.
Kate Grange QC - 39 Essex ChambersShe carries out an extremely thorough, effective and forensic examination of key witnesses in a calm and unflappable way.
Eleanor Grey QC - 39 Essex ChambersShe has incisive legal knowledge of the interface between inquiries and healthcare - one of the most knowledgeable silks in this field. Accordingly a go-to silk for difficult healthcare-related inquiries. Cuts through complex materials to the issues that matter, and is trusted by judges. Always cool, calm and collected - totally unflappable.
Richard Horwell QC - Three Raymond BuildingsHe brings steely focus and detailed preparation to a tough brief, which he carries off with consummate skill.
Phillippa Kaufmann QC - Matrix ChambersPhillippa is a fantastic leader - incredibly bright, a great tactician, and provides excellent advocacy on behalf of her clients, as well as being a pleasure to work with.
Dominic Kay QC - Crown Office ChambersUnquestionably a go-to barrister for this area of work - he is a joy to work with, excellent with clients and delivers outstanding results. What more could instructing solicitors want?
Hugo Keith QC - Three Raymond BuildingsSublime advocate who is popular with judges.
Andrew Kinnier QC - Henderson ChambersAndrew is an excellent negotiator, and is personable and gets things done. Strong on his feet.
Jonathan Laidlaw QC - 2 Hare CourtA fantastic advocate and excellent with clients.
Sarah Lambert QC - 1 Crown Office RowAbility to process vast amounts of detail very quickly and masters it with ease - not reluctant to give difficult advice but does so with sensitivity.
Richard Matthews QC – The Chambers of Richard Matthews QC
James Maxwell-Scott QC - Crown Office ChambersFirst-class. Understands the issues quickly and develops sound and principled arguments, which then develop into themes and key documents that reflect the approach and strategy of the client. His work on this case has been of the highest order and he has steered the team impeccably on such a high-stakes matter.
Alan Payne QC - 5 Essex CourtOutstanding and instructed in the most difficult cases.
David Pittaway QC - Hailsham ChambersVery good with and supportive of the client, and a superb strategist for the case. Excellent and very useful ability to work with the opponent and co-respondent counsel to good effect for the progress and outcome of the case, and very clear and structured in his advice.
Debra Powell QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA high-quality advocate, who is always measured and sensible.
Shaheen Rahman QC - 1 Crown Office RowAttention to detail, gets to grips with the case very quickly, and a good communicator.
Michael Rawlinson QC - 12 King's Bench WalkAn exceptional advocate - difficult to best his advocacy skills. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and fights his client's corner hard.
Jenni Richards QC - 39 Essex ChambersJenni has an astonishing ability to keep her composure and focus under immense pressure. She is a devastating cross-examiner of expert medical witnesses - not brutal, but leading them where she wants among documents and factual propositions by her complete mastery of huge amounts of medical, factual and historical material. When dealing with the ill, bereaved and their families, she questions them in an open, sympathetic and compassionate way which elicits the best evidence from them.
Oliver Sanders QC - 1 Crown Office RowOliver's strengths are a strong intellect and immense tenacity when pursuing his points with the court.
Malcolm Sheehan QC - Henderson ChambersVery calm and measured, which is reassuring to clients and often just the right approach for coroners.
Neil Sheldon QC - 1 Crown Office RowHe provides measured and sensitive submissions in an affable manner.
Hugh Southey QC - Matrix ChambersVast experienced and with encyclopaedic knowledge.
Anne Studd QC - 5 Essex CourtVery incisive in terms of assessing documentation. Able to handle vast amounts of material - often dealing with historical situations going back many years where the ability to place oneself in the mindset of the era is important; and Anne has shown herself adept at dealing with this issue as well as being up to date on case presentation and the mindset of the courts.
David Travers QC  - Gough Square ChambersDavid is outstanding. He exudes calm, rational and reassuring reasoning.
Anne Whyte QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanResponsive, sensitive to the position of others she is engaging with, and hard-working. Anne is good at cutting through issues to make reasoned decisions, analysing large amounts of information and asserting herself in situations where appropriate; and she takes a practical approach to problem solving, and is calm and considered in her approach.

2020 Silks

Dominic Adamson QC - Temple Garden ChambersVery good advocate, good tactician and great with clients.
Matthew Butt QC - Three Raymond BuildingsA top-drawer advocate, careful preparation and very good with clients - committed and bright.
Allison Munroe QC - Garden Court ChambersWilling to do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter how long it takes. 
Stephen Simblet QC - Garden Court ChambersStephen is a very thorough and brilliant advocate, who has a way of putting bereaved families at ease during what can be a very stressful and often traumatic inquest hearing.

2021 Silks

Clair Dobbin QC - Three Raymond BuildingsClair has a remarkable work ethic, and turns significant bits of work around with great speed but also with care.
Nicholas Moss QCTemple Garden ChambersNicholas has amazing attention to detail and is always very well prepared. The way he prepares for a case really stands out in court and reflects in a positive way for the client. It is very clear that Nick is very well respected in this field, and he makes relevant and appropriate submissions that are well received by coroners, and appreciated as helpful to the court. Nick gives strong and reassuring advice to clients, and is direct and forceful when required.
Maya Sikand QC - Doughty Street ChambersReally great with clients - a strong advocate that gets to the point, with direct advice and strong drafting skills.
Adam Straw QC - Doughty Street ChambersAdam has an encyclopaedic knowledge of inquest law and is the go-to barrister for police firearms deaths. He is extremely bright, has great judgement, is very measured, and has a solution for all situations. Lay clients warm to him, and he is a pleasure to work with.

2022 Silks

Jude Bunting QC - Doughty Street ChambersJude is very impressive. Extremely knowledgeable and persuasive, he is equally great on his feet with a jury or with other decision makers, and his written submissions are excellent. He is also fantastic at knowing the best points to make, and clients really warm to him.
Tim Green QC - Henderson ChambersAn excellent advocate, someone who will roll up their sleeves and is able to roll with the punches. Great bedside manner, too.
Claire Watson QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersThorough, diligent and empathetic with vulnerable clients.

Leading Juniors

Alison Hewitt - 5 Essex CourtOne of the most respected advocates practising in coronial law. She matches a peerless knowledge and understanding of the law with a straightforward and no-nonsense approach. She sees the answer before anyone else, is always calm under pressure, and quickly establishes a fantastic working relationship with any coroner. I can’t think of anybody better than Alison to represent your interests at a difficult inquest.
Matthew Hill - 1 Crown Office RowOne of the leading junior barristers working in inquests and inquiries. The advice provided is always first rate - Matt is a real team player and works extraordinarily hard to ensure that cases are progressed and deadlines are met. He would always be the first junior on any list when selecting a team, has a brilliant strategic brain, always thinks three or four moves ahead, and is an accomplished advocate. The complete package who richly deserves the plaudits he gets. 
Edward Pleeth - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA thoroughly charming opponent. Bright, engaging and devastatingly clever, and excellent at examining professional witnesses.
Nick Armstrong - Matrix ChambersDetailed, assertive and a real team player.
Fiona Canby - Temple Garden ChambersBrings to bear an encyclopaedic knowledge of law and procedure, but able to explain this to clients at all level - very thorough and highly professional. A go-to person for complex and high-profile inquests, clients are always impressed with Fiona - definitely a silk in the making.
Sarah Le Fevre - Three Raymond BuildingsSarah is a class act. She has a total mastery of the law and the evidence and the judgement of a QC. She is head and shoulders above the competition.
Harriet Jerram - Outer Temple ChambersHarriet has a talent for putting vulnerable witnesses at ease. She always provides clear advice, is able to take a step back to see the bigger picture, and is approachable but firm when necessary.
Fiona Murphy - Doughty Street ChambersFiona is outstanding in many areas. She is a specialist in Article 2 law, has great judgement, and nothing phases her - she has no weaknesses.
Jesse Nicholls - Matrix Chambers ‘Outstanding on the law and often used by leaders to draft legal submissions. Very conscientious and hard-working, good on his feet and excellent judgement.
Paul Spencer - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn excellent advocate with a robust approach to cases that achieves results. 
Francesca Whitelaw - 5 Essex CourtExtremely knowledgeable in the law governing inquests and inquiries, and has a wealth of experience in high-profile cases. Her expertise in national security work is particularly notable, her advocacy is impressive, and Francesca works well in a team.
Georgina Wolfe - 5 Essex CourtGeorgina has crystalline clarity of thought, which coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of coronial law and a deep insight into the workings of inquests, makes her the ideal choice of counsel. Her technical skills, as well as the ability to express arguments in writing, are coupled with an appreciation of the wider landscape and the ability to think strategically. She is a go-to choice as a junior on inquests and inquiries.
James Berry - Serjeants' Inn ChambersGreat attention to detail and an impressive advocate.
William Chapman - 7BRA superb advocate, whose attention to the detail of a case is always precise and unerring - never fails to provide an outstanding level of service.
Jonathan Dixey - 5 Essex CourtJonathan is an excellent barrister. He is unerringly polite and his courteous manner in court is particularly effective when having to put unattractive evidential points either directly to a witness or in submissions. He is always well-prepared and has an excellent grasp of the law - I highly commend him.
Craig Ferguson - 2 Hare CourtCraig is fantastic.
Richard Furniss - 42 Bedford RowA persuasive advocate who obtains great results.
Alison Gerry - Doughty Street ChambersA strong opponent.
Alasdair Henderson - 1 Crown Office RowAlasdair is a very clear and incisive thinker who is able to cut through the most complex issues. His drafting is always well crafted and persuasive, and similarly, Alasdair's advocacy is gently direct and will invariably carry the day with the tribunal. He is a class act who deserves to go far.
Linda Jacobs - CloistersVery good on the medical issues and excellent with clients.
Samantha Jones - 39 Essex ChambersSuper bright, able to handle vast amounts of information and material, and grasps issues quickly. Always cuts through to the heart of a matter, is concise and with punchy written work. Works extremely hard and never seems to run out of energy.
Thalia Maragh - Garden Court ChambersThorough, tenacious and empathetic, and always willing to challenge legal boundaries on behalf of clients.
Scott Matthewson - 42 Bedford RowA really safe pair of hands in the most complex of inquests.
Nikita McNeill - 2 Hare CourtNikita is a go-to junior - anyone involved in a public inquiry or large inquest would do well to have her on their side.
Saba Naqshbandi - Three Raymond BuildingsSaba is an exceptional barrister - highly intelligent and tactically very astute. She has a lot of experience of inquiry work, always thinks ten steps ahead of everyone else, and works extremely hard. Her coronial experience is also very helpful.
Sebastian Naughton - Serjeants' Inn ChambersFocused, fierce intellect, quickly wins the confidence of clients, puts witnesses at ease, strikes the right note in court, impressive on his feet and brings encyclopaedic knowledge.
Ifeanyi Odogwu - Matrix Chambers ‘ Excellent advocacy, knows his law, good with clients and they like him too. My clients are with a safe pair of hands when I instruct him.
Claire Palmer - 5 Essex CourtAn extremely persuasive and tenacious advocate.
Angela Patrick - Doughty Street ChambersAngela has valuable experience in the area, very responsive, and willing to work to a tight timetable. Fantastic attention to detail, gives very practical advice, and able to handle diverse and challenging issues with ease, including very sensitive issues.
Edward Ramsay - 12 King's Bench WalkUtter and dogged commitment to leaving no stone unturned when considering a case's strengths and weaknesses, and an innovative thinker in respect of inquests.
Aaron Rathmell - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA leading junior in inquests who is able to offer pragmatic, concise advice with a strong advocacy presence.
Bilal Rawat - 5 Essex CourtAt the top of his game - one of the leading practitioners in the field of inquests and inquiries, and one of the most senior juniors consistently appearing in the most high-profile cases. Bilal's style is measured but firm when required, and he robustly represents his client's interests - very impressive.
James Robottom  - Matrix Chambers ‘Passionate about all things-inquest related, he has a strong commitment to cases with a particular social aspect and his passion for representing the unfortunate of society is obvious. He is hugely academic understanding and rejoicing in the complexities of law and this enthusiasm is infectious.
Sarah SimcockSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Sarah is easy to work with and grasps the issues very quickly. She has a good command of detail and is user-friendly.'
Tom Stoate - Doughty Street ChambersFantastic advocacy and tactical skills - he is excellent in front of a jury. Tom is extremely knowledgeable in all inquest law matters, very bright, and inspires confidence in clients. He also has a fantastic work ethic and is very collegiate to work with.
Rajeev Thacker - Garden Court ChambersGreat with clients, experienced and knowledgeable. 
Adam Walker - 7BRBrilliant with clients, especially those that have particularly challenging cases. 
Michael Walsh - Serjeants' Inn ChambersMichael provides incisive, practical advice that is really helpful to both instructing solicitors and clients.
Cecily White - Serjeants' Inn ChambersCecily is a very bright and able counsel. She is very approachable and provides sound legal advice in a way that is easily understood by non-lawyers.
Victoria Ailes – 6KBW College Hill 'Incredibly hard-working, well-respected by the Bench and Bar alike, good judgment, an outstanding lawyer, an excellent advocate, a pleasure to work with.'
Mike Atkins - Crown Office ChambersExcellent attention to detail with really top-quality presentation and knowledge - very impressive.
Rory Badenoch - 1 Crown Office RowApproachable, well prepared and excellent with clients, with great attention to detail and able to grasp issues (particularly in a short timescale) quickly. Also approaches matters with great care and sensitivity given the nature of the type of work.
Colin BanhamNo5 Barristers' ChambersVery knowledgeable, approachable and gets great results for his clients.
Barnabas Branston - 5 Essex CourtVery incisive, and able to deal with voluminous material and get to the core issues. Also exceptionally good with clients and witnesses, with very good presentations to courts, and very eloquent while being down to earth in explaining matters to lay witnesses.
James Byrne - 9 Gough ChambersThoughtful, very hard-working and empathetic, James has the making of a future silk. His background in high-level crime advocacy means he is a perfect fit for jury inquests.
Nikolas Clarke - Field Court ChambersExcellent client care and very reassuring manner when the case gets tricky; kept instructing solicitors updated throughout an inquest and well liked by lay clients.
Robert Cohen - 5 Essex CourtHe has a good understanding of the workings of prison and draws upon this for his inquest work - very pleasant to work with and the witnesses like him.
Emma Collins - Three Raymond BuildingsExtremely personable and provides excellent, clear legal advice at all times. She is excellent with clients, and works brilliantly with all of the solicitors in their team. Emma is a team player and will do whatever she can to help her clients.
Caroline Cross - 1 Crown Office RowCaroline goes above and beyond in her proactive approach to the inquest, and is approachable, and keeps well on top of a frequently changing case. Caroline also limited her attendance where she could at a large, complex inquest that ran for a month, so as to keep costs down, and certainly went the extra mile in preparation for the inquest. 
Anita Davies - Matrix ChambersAnita is always very well-prepared and on top of the documents - very sympathetic and good with clients. She is a very good advocate and questions witnesses well, and her drafting skills are excellent.
Philip DayleNo5 Barristers' ChambersSteady advocate with a cool head, with written work that is outstanding. He has an impressive ability to grasp complex and detailed issues while never losing sight of the bigger picture. He is hardworking, fantastic with clients, and an excellent communicator – a real joy to work with.
Anton van DellenFraser ChambersA tenacious advocate who fearlessly advances his client’s case.
Raj Desai - Matrix ChambersRaj is a star.
Jim Duffy - 1 Crown Office RowVery approachable and forms an excellent rapport with clients. Jim has significant experience in mental health and Article 2 inquests - very knowledgeable in this area and a go-to barrister. Jim is also great on his feet, pushes hard for clients, very thorough, and has excellent attention to detail, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.
Emma Favata - Garden Court ChambersA dynamic and fearless advocate, with a down-to-earth approach that clients really appreciate. I can trust Emma to pursue witnesses rigorously at inquests, ensuring that my clients feel as emboldened as possible by the inquest process.
Malcolm Galloway - Crown Office ChambersExcellent with clients, from individuals to large corporates, with empathy and understanding of the case and wider issues - a top-notch advocate and good strategist.
Alex Gask - Doughty Street ChambersAlex has excellent drafting skills and is a measured and effective advocate.
Cicely Hayward - 5 Essex CourtTop-notch, extremely diligent, enthusiastic, energetic, very intelligent, and with the ability to get to grips with detail without missing the strategic issues.
Sarah Hemingway - Garden Court ChambersVery bright and has excellent knowledge of inquest law. Sarah is a skilled advocate, both in written submissions and on her feet, and is very thorough and always extremely well prepared. She inspires confidence in clients and is really great to work with.
Matthew Holdcroft - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHe provides clear, tactical advice and is calm under pressure. Clients are always impressed with him and like his confident and engaging manner.'
Sam Jacobs - Doughty Street ChambersSam is a very experienced inquest practitioner. He has an in-depth knowledge of the law and takes a tactical view on cases. He is also approachable and offers ongoing support throughout a case, which is invaluable when dealing with complex cases and vulnerable clients.
Alex Jamieson - 25 Bedford RowVery thorough and detail focused - a supremely confident performer and  impressive advocate.
Susan Jones – 3PBSusan is thorough and understands a case in minute detail. She leaves no stone unturned in acting for clients to get the answers that they want and need. Her attitude to clients is professional but kind, and she really gives a case her all.
Paul Livingston - Outer Temple ChambersPaul turns work around quickly and always ensures that he understands the wider context of the subject matter.
Kate Lumbers - 7BRProvides excellent advocacy in a supremely calm and considered manner, and is empathetic with clients while being firm and managing expectations well.
Rachel Marcus - 1 Crown Office RowShe inspires confidence in conference and cleverly steers a path through tricky issues at the inquest.
Isabel McArdle - 1 Crown Office RowThorough, utterly dependable, conscientious and compassionate - a delight to work with.
Paul Mertens - Pump Court ChambersPaul has a growing reputation in this area. He has excellent analytical ability and a willingness to work at the heart of a team - an ideal colleague, who is diligent, efficient, effective and committed.
Una Morris - Garden Court ChambersDedicated advocate who provides comprehensive advice, grasping the issues and fighting for results for her clients. 
Jack Murphy - Crown Office ChambersVery experienced, much beyond his years. Very legally and tactically astute, good eye for detail, understands strategy, and is very well prepared. Highly recommend.
Katherine O’Byrne - Doughty Street ChambersA good inquiry junior, hard-working and stays the course of a long inquiry.
Adam Payter6KBW College Hill 'Brilliant to work with from the start, very bright and incredibly thorough. Very personable and user friendly and fantastic with clients too, particularly in dealing with very upsetting and emotional subject matters. Cross examines with great tenacity but also a calmness and methodical approach. Sensible and calm decision making from a tactical perspective too. All in all, very impressive for his level of call.'
Helen Pooley - 9 Gough ChambersStands out - brilliant at what she does and her approach is highly collaborative.
James Purnell - Henderson ChambersAmazing capacity for hard work, calm and with excellent judgement.
Sian Reeves - Temple Garden ChambersClearly a confident and polished advocate. She cross-examines with forensic skill, writes clearly, compellingly and accurately, and manages the facts and the law extremely well - never fails to impress with her dedication and commitment to thorough case preparation and presentation. A class act and a consummate professional.
Ben Rich - 2 Hare CourtVery focused on his cases, particularly accurate with his delivery of case law, and clear and consistent in his approach. Solicitors have been impressed by how he handles clients, remains calm in complex situations, and delivers well-thought out arguments and effective cross-examination.
Philip RuleNo5 Barristers' ChambersAbsolutely fantastic in his work. His written work is flawless, his advice creative and with deep understanding of novel points of law. Instructing solicitors have been very impressed and would jump at the chance to instruct him again.
Patrick Sadd - Outer Temple ChambersPatrick gains an accurate understanding of complex and voluminous case material in the inquiry, handles the material with care and sensitivity, and approaches witnesses, taking them through their evidence, in the same way.
Sunyana Sharma - 3PBStrengths include a wealth of knowledge, strategic acumen and impeccable client care. In addition to being incredibly talented, Sunyana is also efficient, approachable, and always easy to reach and happy to advise. Instructing solicitors cannot rate the service provided by Sunyana highly enough.
Susannah Stevens - QEB Hollis WhitemanIncredibly thorough, fights every point for her clients, and her attention to detail and forensic questioning can really change the outcome in an inquest.
Mark Thomas - 5 Essex CourtMark's approach to inquests and families is highly professional - he brings a humane approach to the task.
Adam Wagner - Doughty Street ChambersAdam has a first-rate intelligence and a highly personable manner. He is able to make soundly reasoned decisions quickly and effectively, and his judgement is excellent and his written advocacy is of a very high quality. He also relates well to lay clients and quickly wins their trust.
Vince Williams - 9 Gough ChambersMatters are explained at a level appropriate to the client, and all questions are responded to in the same manner (in a user-friendly way that was easily understandable and with patience). Vince often worked late at night in order to accommodate the working patterns of the witnesses, and every time we felt we needed a conference to clarify matters or we had concerns about a certain area, these requests were always accommodated - we certainly received a first-rate service, and there were no areas in which we were left wanting.
Oliver Williamson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersExcellent, pragmatic advice with a great eye for detail.
Leanne Woods - 1 Crown Office RowA fantastic advocate, who is thoughtful, sharp, and presents points in a clear and approachable manner - also firm when she needs to be and incredibly personable. In dealing with very complex cases. Leanne is incredibly detailed, concise, and always ensures that the contributions of the team working on the case are acknowledged.

Rising Stars

Emma-Louise Fenelon - 1 Crown Office RowSolicitors can always rely on her to provide well-thought out and pragmatic advice that is suitable for the client's needs, and she has an excellent grasp of not only the law, but also the practical implications of gathering evidence and attending inquests for NHS trusts and witnesses. Emma also has a very calm and reassuring manner, which always puts clients and anxious witnesses at ease.
Reka Hollos - Three Raymond BuildingsSolicitors are staggered when they remember Reka's call - she is far above her years. Superb organisational skills, lovely written style and excellent judgement.
Jamie Mathieson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersVery approachable and thorough.
Jonathan Metzer - 1 Crown Office RowJonathan's performance at inquests is incredibly impressive. He is unwavering on points which are pertinent to the events that took place and this resulted in securing a favourable outcome for the clients. His manner with the clients is faultless and he ensures that they are supported throughout the entire process.
Scarlett Milligan - 39 Essex Chambers  ‘Extremely conscientious, thorough, and always prepares meticulously. She provides unwavering support to the silks and senior juniors on the inquiry, and has a remarkable capacity to digest huge volumes of material very quickly, and always with a sharp analytical focus.
Jo Moore - 1 Crown Office RowExtremely diligent, well prepared and takes a thorough approach. Jo is very responsive to needs, and a calm but robust advocate who fights her corner well.
Aaron Moss - 5 Essex CourtAaron is knowledgeable, intelligent, a pleasure to work with, and able to provide sage advice in demanding situations with ease and confidence. He has become a go-to junior for inquests work.

Inquests and inquiries in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

'A first-rate and go-to chambers for complex inquests and inquiries', 1 Crown Office Row combines its medical and public law expertise when acting in public inquiries. Peter Skelton QC is currently acting for the Metropolitan Police  in the inquests arising from four murders by serial killer Stephen Port. Turning to the set's juniors, Matthew Hill is lead junior on the Infected Blood Inquiry and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse; growth at the junior end includes Rory Badenoch, who frequently represents families at inquests in which clinical negligence is suspected, joining in March 2020 from 12 King's Bench Walk.



1COR is a first-rate and go-to chambers for complex inquests and inquiries.

1 Crown Office Row is a first-rate set of chambers and, in my view, the best set in London.

Always impressed with the set’s barristers and the type of work offered.

An excellent set – the number one option for inquest and inquiries work.

Leading set for inquests- a fantastic outfit.


Their clerking team do an amazing job and is one of the reasons I will come to them time and time again.

Having worked with other sets of chambers, the clerks’ room at 1 Crown Office Row is efficient, organised, and rarely (if ever) lets me down – I will always recommend them to clients.

Senior clerk Matthew Phipps and 1st junior clerk John McLaren are fantastic, and lead a team of excellent clerks who always ensure that counsel are available when we need them – no deadline is ever too tight and I always feel that I am getting an excellent service from them.

The clerks are particularly attentive, efficient and quick to respond to queries.

The clerks offer a good and friendly service.

5 Essex Court

5 Essex Court's team comprises several inquest and coronial law specialists; and in addition to the set's expertise in police-related inquests, its 'high-quality' members represent healthcare providers, emergency services, government departments, local authorities, prison services and the military. Jason Beer QC is currently engaged in four public inquiries, namely Grenfell Tower, Undercover Policing, Magnox, and Post Office Horizon IT; and Fiona Barton QC is one of the country’s leading QCs specialising in police law. At the senior-junior level, Alison Hewitt consistently acts as counsel to inquests in high-profile, complex and sensitive investigations, such as acting for HM Senior Coroner for Avon in relation to Spencer Ashworth (Deceased), who had a history of mental health difficulties and was fatally shot by armed police after driving through three counties, allegedly threatening to shoot other drivers with a handgun.



The set as a whole are leaders in their field.

Five Essex Court is a powerhouse of coronial lawyers, who lead and inspire younger members of chambers who specialise in this area.

When I have used other sets, I have felt that the whole service has not matched 5 Essex Court.

It is rare to have a set of chambers where the reception, clerks, and junior and senior barristers are equally impressive in the service they offer.

High-quality barristers, a pleasure to work with, well prepared, sensible and without question a safe pair of hands for whoever they are representing.


The clerks are fantastic – always willing to help and responsive.

Mark Waller is a truly excellent senior clerk.

The service provided by the clerks room is very good.

They respond in a timely way and always keep you updated.

The clerks were very helpful when I sought their assistance to find counsel for an inquest.

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is a 'first-rate set' for inquests and public inquiries, typically representing victims and their families, while increasingly attracting work as counsel to inquiries and inquests. Henrietta Hill QC is currently engaged as deputy counsel to the Inquiry on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, and turning to inquests work Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC represented the family of Stephen Dymond in to an inquest in to his suicide days after the filming of The Jeremy Kyle Show, in which a polygraph test was used to support the contention that he was a "love cheat". Growth for the set includes Maya Sikand QC and Tom Stoate joining from Garden Court Chambers in September 2020 and March 2021, respectively, with Sikand subsequently taking silk alongside Adam Straw QC in early 2021.



First-rate set with able, adaptable barristers.

Excellent set with real depth – Doughty Street has some of the best barristers representing families and claimants in inquiries and inquests.

DSC is our go-to chambers for civil work -they have a good range of tried and trusted talent.

There are a number of excellent barristers at this set who I regularly use.

Experienced and reliable set that we frequently instruct.


Effective clerks who are able to match the right barristers to complement the team.

The civil clerks team is really good and works hard to find solutions.

The clerks are good – helpful, organised and responsive.

The clerks are very helpful and approachable. No complaints!

Practice assistant Grace Walton is very helpful and efficient.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Serjeants' Inn Chambers houses 'a broad range of high-quality barristers'. In recent high-profile work, John Beggs QC represented Kent Police before the Deputy Chief Coroner in the inquest into the death of William Smith, who was shot dead by firearms officers in 2016 while on the run for the suspected murder of a pensioner during a burglary. Bridget Dolan QC is regularly appointed as counsel to the judge or coroner in inquests and inquiries, including the inquests into the eleven deaths in the Shoreham air show crash. Among the the set' spool of impressive juniors, Cecily White is experienced in high-profile judge-led inquests, having acted for Surrey Police in all three Deepcut inquests; and Jamie Mathieson remains the set's rising star for this area.



All of their barristers are friendly and accommodating, and go the extra mile for clients.

A broad range of high-quality barristers across a range of specialisms.

A skilled practice, always available when you need them, and open to feedback.

A broad selection of high-quality barristers in this area.

Reliable set of chambers with a full range of legal expertise. As a set of chambers they are always at the forefront of new initiatives and ideas, while having an eye on what their clients need.


The clerks at this set are very easy to work with.

The clerks are polite, professional and very efficient. They come back to you quickly with any queries you need answering, and will do all they can to help.

Very approachable and helpful clerks.

The clerks always go beyond the call of duty to support us.

Senior clerk Lee Johnson ensures a smooth service from chambers.

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers' 'very strong inquest and inquiries team' frequently represents bereaved families in inquest proceedings, and is regularly involved in groundbreaking inquiries. Leslie Thomas QC recently acted in the Kevin Clarke Inquest, which concerned the death of a man, who was suffering a mental health crisis, while being restrained by police officers, one of the first inquests concerning police use of restraint after the death of George Floyd in the US. Sean Horstead left to become a full-time coroner in Essex. Ifeanyi Odogwu is now with Matrix.



A leading set in the field.

The set brims with talent at all levels.

I enjoy working with the chambers and have trust in the calibre of the barristers belonging to the set.

Garden Court Chambers has a very strong inquest and inquiries team, with some of their members being instructed on very complex and high-profile cases.

Garden Court offers some fantastic training programmes that I have taken part in and enjoyed very much.


First-class clerks.

The clerks offer a comprehensive and sensitive service in this particularly difficult area of law. They are prompt to respond to queries, deal with solicitors and lay callers with courtesy and respect, and always adhere to principles of equality and equal treatment for all.

The clerking is polite and friendly, and they go out of their way to ensure that I am able to utilise the best barristers for my cases.

The team is organised and quick to respond.

Housing practice manager Tim Hempsted and civil deputy practice manager Joe Fraser are particularly helpful and organised.

Matrix Chambers

Inquest and inquiry work are a core area for 'extremely good and well-organised set' Matrix Chambers. The crossover between inquest and inquiry work and the set's other key areas, such as administrative, criminal, mental health, police and prison law, means the chambers consistently acts in headline cases. Acting on behalf of over 200 survivors and bereaved families, Danny Friedman QC and Raj Desai remain involved in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Philippa Kaufman QC represents represents a number of core participants (in the Undercover Policing Inquiry), who were subjected to secret police activity; and Hugh Southey QC represents the family of Mark Duggan, whose fatal shooting by police in 2011 (triggering the riots of that year) was ruled a lawful killing by an inquest jury in 2014, in an application to the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that English law on self-defence as it stands is incompatible with Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Ifeanyi Odogwu is another key name.



Matrix Chambers has an extremely strong inquest and inquiries team, with some of the top counsel you could instruct, both at silk and junior level.

Matrix is an extremely good and well-organised set.


The clerks are efficient and get back to you quickly.

They are a good team – no weak links.

Temple Garden Chambers

Temple Garden Chambers' inquest work covers deaths involving the military, prisons, health and social care, aviation, road traffic, and health and safety-related accidents. Keith Morton QC's significant experience includes the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and the Croydon Tram Disaster Inquest. At the senior-junior end, Fiona Canby's recent highlights include representing Mayor of London and TfL in the inquest into the death of Ella Adoo Kissi-Debrah, a schoolgirl who lived near the South Circular Road in Lewisham, the first inquest to find air pollution contributed to a death. Strengthening the set further,  Nicholas Moss QC took silk in 2021.



Temple Garden have a number of good leading and senior junior counsel in this area, and they are developing a number of junior juniors with inquiry experience.

The set is an extremely competent one. Counsel are always willing to assist and provide advice on a whole host of matters.

There are some truly leading individuals in chambers.

Excellent set of chambers with an abundance of talent at all levels, from QCs to senior juniors to junior counsel, which gives me confidence when instructing any member at any level as a number of others can step in if needed.

Great set for inquests.


The clerks, in particular, are a strength of the set.

The service is second to none and they always go above and beyond to assist if they can.

This set is clerked very well. I have always been able to get through by phone straight away and emails are responded to promptly. The clerks are very accommodating to fit instructions in around busy schedules and have assisted greatly with electronic instructions, especially post-pandemic.

I find the clerks really helpful – senior clerk Dean Norton and joint first junior clerk Keith Sharman are excellent.’

Always very efficient and professional.

Three Raymond Buildings

Three Raymond Buildings leverages its criminal and regulatory expertise for complex, sensitive and controversial inquests and inquiries; and the set is sought out for matters concerning the police, medical negligence, product liability, industrial disease, fatal workplace accidents and criminal/terrorist activities. Stephen Walsh QC leads a team of juniors, including Sarah Le Fevre, in representing the London Fire Brigade at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry; and Richard Horwell QC and Patrick Gibbs QC (leading Reka Hollos) represent Greater Manchester Police and the British Transport Police, respectively, at the Manchester Arena Bombing Inquest. Further strengthening the set, Clair Dobbin QC took silk in 2021.



A cohesive, intelligent and impressive bunch of barristers.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this set to anyone needing representation in this field.

User friendly, with a good selection of competent and able barristers.

Excellent set. The lawyers are very practical and understand their clients really well.

Widely regarded as a leading set providing representation to individual police officers and personnel in inquest and inquiries.


First-rate clerks room – senior clerk Eddie Holland runs a very professional and efficient ship.

Eddie Holland and Dean Brown are very helpful and user friendly.

Dean Brown is an exceptional clerk. Responsive, professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Excellent. Dean Brown is extremely efficient, helpful and personable.

I work with Dean Brown and he is extremely efficient and helpful.