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Leading Silks

Brian Altman KC2 Bedford RowBrian is a leader in this field and one of only a handful of go-to barristers for inquiries. His criminal experience makes him a very effective counsel to the inquiry or chair of an inquiry; and he can manage huge teams and vast quantities of material, which makes him ideal for this sort of work. He has all the skills to get the best out of witnesses, opponents and panellists, and his advocacy is focused, clear and strategic.
Fiona Barton KC5 Essex CourtVery available, helpful and quick to reply.
Jason Beer KC5 Essex CourtJason is exceptional. Very level headed, commands great respect, understands the big picture without neglecting the detail – a pitch-perfect advocate.
Hugh Davies OBE KC  – Three Raymond BuildingsA commanding court presence, with a laser-sharp strategic brain and formidable cross-examination skills.
Caoilfhionn Gallagher KCDoughty Street ChambersOne of the most impressive senior barristers representing bereaved families in major inquiries and inquests.  Her legal knowledge and acumen, especially in public law and human rights, are of the highest quality and enable her to produce inventive arguments. She is always on top of the detail of a case, and this shows in her highly effective submissions and examination of witnesses.
Jonathan Hough KC4 New SquareJonathan is the go-to person on matters concerning inquests and inquiries. He knows the law inside-out, and is a leader in this field. He gets to grips with the issues quickly, and has the amazing capacity to absorb every detail, no matter how small. His preparation of cases is supremely thorough and you have absolute confidence that when he is on his feet he will not miss a beat.
Samantha Leek KC5 Essex CourtA fantastic advocate who balances all the qualities required. She comes across as clear, empathetic, sincere and focused in all her questioning.
Keith Morton KCTemple Garden ChambersA great barrister who is highly effective. ’
Andrew O’Connor KCTemple Garden ChambersAndrew is a calm and persuasive advocate. He is a go to counsel for national security-type inquiries and inquests. He can cut through complex issues with ease and ensures he explains things clearly to clients.
Peter Skelton KC1 Crown Office RowVery responsive, collegiate, strategic, and able to process voluminous documentation and spot the key issues arising. Very effective advocate in isolating key propositions of fact and law, and very good at reading when the court has taken on board his arguments. ’
Leslie Thomas KCGarden Court ChambersHe is a fantastic trial advocate, excellent at cross-examination and appeals to juries.  He has excellent client care skills and is enthusiastic and hard-working. He is the go-to leader for complex and controversial deaths in custody.
Kate Blackwell KC2 Hare CourtKate is fantastic with clients and is brilliant at cutting through complex challenging concepts and providing easy-to-understand practical advice. She is also a great team player.
Bridget Dolan KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersBridget is a hugely well-informed Inquest lawyer, who also possesses an incredible intellect and amazing analytical skills.  Her background in psychology gives her a massive insight into mental health issues and the workings of the mental health system. She is also a very effective advocate.
Danny Friedman KCMatrix ChambersHighly intellectual. Leaves no stone unturned and very good on human rights. Very good paper advocacy skills too.
Jonathan Glasson KCMatrix ChambersA first-class performer, who is great on the detail and always thoroughly well prepared. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of inquest and inquiry law, and judges love his common-sense approach. He is very well-respected by opponents and brings an air of calm over any case in which he is instructed. Very much a go-to counsel for a wide range of clients.
Nicholas Griffin KCQEB Hollis WhitemanA seriously impressive practitioner – great judgement, calm, sensible and effective.
Richard Horwell KCThree Raymond BuildingsThe ultimate advocate – classy and persuasive. A terrific bedside manner with clients, and a great tactician who speaks and writes beautifully.
Phillippa Kaufmann KCMatrix ChambersPhillippa is a superb advocate – super-quick brain, devastating in cross-examination, extremely persuasive with opponents and no nonsense when that’s needed. She has a deep understanding of the issues that arise in her clients’ cases and what justice should look like and she fights very effectively to get it.
Hugo Keith KCThree Raymond BuildingsUndoubtedly a leader in his field and one of the best inquest silks on the market.
Jonathan Laidlaw KC2 Hare CourtJonathan has a mastership over the complexities of the case and can see the long goal and works towards that from Day One. Very persuasive as you would expect a leading Silk to be, so very good with the client. Respected and influential in his practice area. ’
Prashant Popat KCHenderson ChambersExcellent with clients and his advocacy skills are superb. He is extremely intelligent and a pleasure to work with – a rare combination.
Neil Sheldon KC1 Crown Office RowBrilliant with clients in difficult situations, always calm and never flustered.  His advocacy is excellent in testing circumstances.
Stephen Walsh KCThree Raymond BuildingsAt the top of his game – knowledgeable, hardworking and strategic.
Dominic Adamson KCTemple Garden ChambersDominic’s strengths are in his advocacy and his ability to communicate with clients in very harrowing cases. Dominic’s advocacy is clear, firm, concise and to the point. He also works brilliantly under pressure and is unflappable. Clients love him.
Simon Antrobus KCCrown Office ChambersReally gets stuck into a case. He has an excellent jury manner and is a great tactician – knows just when to push a point and when not to.
Clodagh Bradley KC1 Crown Office RowFiercely intelligent, confident and effective advocate, great at knowing what questions to ask and what not to ask, and when to stop asking questions – strategic in her approach and meticulous in her preparation, and with very good written submissions.
Oliver Campbell KCHenderson ChambersOliver is highly skilled in technically complex cases and matters involving considerable detail. He is also highly persuasive before both judge and jury.
John Cooper KC25 Bedford RowJohn is a committed and tenacious advocate, who is genuinely bothered about his clients and wants the best for them; and he always identifies and pursues important points.
Kate Grange KC39 Essex ChambersA terrifically thorough and calm advocate, with unrivalled command of detail. Her abilities have been tested and shown to be ample by the extraordinary demands of the Grenfell inquiry. A superb all-round performance in a very challenging and public arena.
Eleanor Grey KC39 Essex ChambersVery forensic and impressive in her grip of complex medical matters. She sees the issues that matter and the strategic dangers of a case incredibly well. A real force in any inquiry involving health-related issues.
Dominic Kay KCCrown Office ChambersDominic is truly exceptional – he has unrivalled knowledge and advocacy skills yet remains very grounded, being a true all-rounder in terms of the cases that he can be paired with. Dominic gets to grips with complex cases quickly, providing valuable strategic input at every stage.
Andrew Kinnier KCHenderson ChambersAndrew is extremely capable. He gets straight to the heart of an issue, and his advocacy is concise and effective.
Richard Matthews KC – The Chambers of Richard Matthews KCRichard is a superb advocate. His intelligence and grasp of the material make his submissions compelling, and his sound judgement gives the client absolute reassurance.
James Maxwell-Scott KCCrown Office ChambersA very impressive practitioner – skilful, calm, effective, and with great judgement.
Alan Payne KC5 Essex CourtAlan is an outstanding barrister. He is very approachable with clients, extremely switched on, and can read the room very well. His grasp of the law and how it relates to clients is excellent, and he is meticulous in preparing a case and getting the strategy right. His advocacy is also really good, and he is clearly liked and respected by the inquiries he appears before (as well as by other counsel), which in turn benefits clients.
Shaheen Rahman KC1 Crown Office RowFearless and brilliant on her feet.
Jenni Richards KC39 Essex ChambersShe is absolutely outstanding in all aspects of her career. Her ability to get on top of huge amounts of complex material in pressured circumstances is quite incredible. Her legal analysis and judgement are second to none, and her advocacy is outstanding.
Oliver Sanders KC1 Crown Office RowHe is an exceedingly good advocate – well prepared and very clear in his approach.  He has a considered manner which means that coroners and witnesses respond well to him.
Hugh Southey KCMatrix ChambersA go-to barrister who gets right to the heart of the issues. Formidable with his opponents, and excellent with clients. Someone you definitely want on your side.
Anne Whyte KCQEB Hollis WhitemanCalm and considered in her approach to her work. She cuts through large amounts of information efficiently, and reaches balanced and reasonable decisions; and she is organised, committed to her work and grasps new issues and topics very quickly. Anne also communicates well, and is very accessible and open to discussing issues that arise.
Gerard Forlin KCCornerstone BarristersA very strong and persuasive advocate, who fights every step of the way to get the best for the families.
Tom Kark KCQEB Hollis WhitemanTom has a quiet authority about him. He prepares exceptionally, knows all the detail of a case, is extremely personable, and effectively conveys to clients and juries alike that he is reasonable, has authority, and ultimately can be trusted.
Rajiv Menon KC – Garden Court ChambersRajiv works extremely hard to look after the interests of his client. He is a fearless advocate who is always very well prepared; and despite robustly putting forward his client’s position he remains a charming and reasonable opponent.
Steven Snowden KC12 King's Bench WalkAn immense role in representing very many of the infected and affected in the Infected Blood Inquiry. He is regarded as a very fair-minded opponent, and all the more dangerous for it – does not take bad points, so is trusted by tribunals and has the ear of the court.
Aswini Weereratne KC – Doughty Street ChambersA highly intelligent advocate, with an enviable knack for identifying the key issues and arguments, and presenting the client’s case with great skill and passion.

2021 Silks

Nicholas Moss KCTemple Garden ChambersThe best witness handler in this field by a long way. Nick is incredibly thorough, clever, able to handle the largest and most difficult of cases whether on his own or leading a team, and always has the respect of the court. One of the top silks in this field.
Maya Sikand KCDoughty Street ChambersGreat for her meticulous attention to detail and the level of work and effort she puts into every matter, no matter how complex and low value the case. She has amazing client-care skills and extraordinary client care and humility.
Lorna Skinner KC – Matrix ChambersLorna’s grasp of matters is superb. She has an excellent client manner and is passionate in her representation of families. Lorna’s insight into the inquest process as an Assistant Coroner herself makes her an invaluable asset to families in finding out about their loved one’s death. She has a thorough and analytical approach, and knows which points to pursue and which to leave. Clients feel very well supported.
Adam Straw KCDoughty Street ChambersDogged and effective advocate in front of difficult tribunals. Totally knowledgeable of his areas of expertise, inspires confidence with clients, and a good communicator with clients.

2022 Silks

Jude Bunting KCDoughty Street ChambersThe go-to barrister for any family concerned about the actions of the state. Jude is bright, delightful and a ruthless opponent. ’
Claire Watson KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersClaire is articulate, clear and concise, and provides reassurance to witnesses - a go-to barrister for this area of work.

Leading Juniors

Alison Hewitt5 Essex CourtAlison is a terrific barrister, who is completely on top of cases. She questions witnesses tenaciously and fairly – very impressive.
Matthew Hill1 Crown Office RowHe has a phenomenal intellect and the quality of his written work and the speed in which he produces it is second to none. He is also a very decent advocate.
Fiona MurphyDoughty Street ChambersFiona is the best junior around for this area. She has an unrivalled grasp of the law and is a powerful advocate both in writing and orally. Undoubtedly she should be a silk.
Jesse NichollsMatrix ChambersJesse is an outstanding inquest barrister and someone you want on your team. He tailors his advice to both the specific needs of a bereaved family (including the need to manage expectations) and the funding constraints that often have real impact in this area. His written work is always exemplary and his oral advocacy is almost at the level of many of the silks who lead him.
Francesca Whitelaw5 Essex CourtExtremely well organised, very bright, an excellent knowledge of coronial and inquiry.
Georgina Wolfe5 Essex CourtFirst class for both inquiries and inquests. She gets to the heart of things quickly and robustly, and clients love her approachable but no-nonsense approach. Very sought after for difficult inquest and inquiry work, where she is particularly trusted in national security matters.
Briony BallardSerjeants’ Inn ChambersOutstanding inquest advocate- the court really sits up and listens when she speaks. Superb judgement on points to take and not to take, and a thoroughly fair but robust opponent. An all-round and first-class inquests barrister.
Fiona CanbyTemple Garden ChambersFiona is a go-to barrister for inquest work. She is very dedicated and always on top of the detail of even the most complex cases. She is approachable and very good with clients. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Dixey5 Essex CourtHe is unfailingly calm in his presentation and advocacy.
Sarah Le FevreThree Raymond BuildingsSarah combines knowledge, skill and passion in her advocacy, and her paperwork is well thought through and refreshingly timely. Well-equipped to rise to a big occasion.
Alison GerryDoughty Street ChambersAlison is careful, measured, very clear as an advocate and extremely effective as a result.
Nikita McNeill2 Hare CourtNikita’s strengths are her soaring intellect, her capacity to turn papers around at such a fast pace, and her attention to client care – a winning combination!’
Saba NaqshbandiThree Raymond BuildingsExtremely clever and has great tactical nous – at silk level, very hardworking and very responsive. She is very impressive both in written and oral legal arguments, and handles very difficult clients with great sensitivity.
Tom StoateDoughty Street ChambersTom is extremely dedicated to the people he represents and he is able to think through complex issues and come out with realistic solutions. His advocacy is impressive, effective in front of both juries and coroners, and leaves bereaved families that he represents feeling as though they have had someone truly fight for them.
Alexandra Tampakopoulos2 Hare CourtShe is a wonderfully intelligent advocate who fights her clients’ corner tirelessly. Excellent with clients and a first-choice counsel.
Colin BanhamNo5 Barristers’ ChambersGo-to counsel for many solicitors due to having so many strengths. He works tirelessly in his preparation to ensure that he is on top of his game in every case. He handles difficult clients well, managing their expectations and ensuring that they understand the potential obstacles to the success of their case. He also picks his battles wisely to ensure that a client has the best chance of winning the overall war; and he has a great manner and wit, which he uses appropriately to win over the most difficult tribunals, while remaining alert to all potential sensitivities.
Raj DesaiMatrix ChambersRaj is really diligent, very well prepared and easy to work with. He is excellent with clients and an effective cross-examiner in court. It’s hard to think of a safer pair of hands for a complex inquest.
Emma FavataGarden Court ChambersEmma regularly acts for families in complex inquests – extremely tenacious in asking difficult questions and pursuing every avenue in pursuit of her client’s objectives. She is clever in deploying creative ways of questioning witnesses in order to extract the full factual narrative of a case before a jury.
Alasdair Henderson1 Crown Office RowSuper bright and super easy to work with. An absolute star, who is a very focused and talented advocate.
Linda JacobsCloistersExcellent advocate at inquests, and brings a wealth of experience which reassures the clients.
Samantha Jones39 Essex ChambersAn exceptionally dedicated and thorough barrister: you can count on her to leave no stone unturned and to get to the bottom of any problem you may have. She is bright, talented, and extremely committed to her cases. A natural leader, and a real asset to any legal team.
Scott MatthewsonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersScott is a senior statesman among inquest senior juniors. He knows the points to take, and just as importantly, the points not to take. An engaging advocate on his feet, and coroners appreciate his direct but courteous manner. Strong on prison cases.
Paul MertensPump Court Chambers  ‘Paul has a fantastic manner – calm and approachable but incredibly clever. He is an absolute star for inquiries and there is nothing he cannot assist with. Clients find him thorough and approachable – a top junior in this area. He is excellent. ’
Una MorrisGarden Court ChambersUna’s tactical judgement is outstanding and one of her most impressive qualities. Coupled with the clarity of her refreshingly candid, yet nuanced, approach to advising, this makes her a formidable counsel – highly skilled and knowledgeable.
Sebastian NaughtonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Gets to the nub of the matter swiftly. Clients instruct him repeatedly as he is very supportive, and has vast knowledge and experience of inquests, and instils confidence. Thoroughly prepared, even when given last-minute instructions. Excellent on his feet, adapts to rapidly-changing circumstances in court, and adapts his advocacy to the situation.
Claire Palmer5 Essex CourtClaire is an expert in the field of Police/MOJ-related inquests, and she is thorough and prepared for all eventualities at inquest. She is also supportive and friendly, having excellent client care skills.
Angela PatrickDoughty Street ChambersAngela has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. She has the ability to assimilate a large amount of evidence and identify the good from the weak points – a commanding advocate! ’
Emma Price5 Essex Court  ‘Bright and hardworking – measured and persuasive in court, and very good on technical legal points.
Edward Ramsay12 King’s Bench WalkEdward has a superb and in-depth knowledge of coronial law, and passionate about achieving justice for families needing representation at Inquest. Prepares the best submissions for Article 2 inquests, and really goes the extra mile for instructing solicitors and lay clients.
Bilal Rawat5 Essex CourtA measured and well-prepared senior barrister, with particular experience in acting for government departments and police forces in substantial inquiries. His attention to detail is very impressive.
James Robottom  – Matrix ChambersA hardworking, astute and highly effective advocate who tirelessly fights for the bereaved family with charm and style. He is liked and held in high regard by coroners and opponents alike.
Patrick SaddOuter Temple ChambersPatrick has a huge amount of empathy and sincerity while delivering difficult advice on extremely sensitive cases. He has a forensic eye to detail and an impressive questioning skill that he uses with medical experts to put them at ease but at the same time ensuring they fully address all the medico-legal aspects. Clients have nothing but praise for him in relation to the emotional support he offers them at inquest; and his questioning of the clinicians at Inquest is extremely effective.
Adam Walker7BRAdam’s preparation for an inquest is meticulous and he is an impressive advocate. He is brilliant with clients, showing empathy while providing succinct straightforward advice.
Michael WalshSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘He is an an exceptionally well-prepared advocate who diligently, politely but vigorously, and very effectively advances matters on behalf of his client.  His mastery of the details of the case inform excellent questioning of a witness in a manner that is both consistent with the non-adversarial nature of coronial proceedings but at the same time forensically exposes weaknesses and deficits in the witness evidence.
Victoria Ailes – 6KBW College HillIncredibly diligent, and at all stages demonstrates a mastery of complicated and technical evidential material.
Mike AtkinsCrown Office ChambersMike is consistently meticulous in his preparation, which impresses clients and tribunals alike. He is very personable, a calming influence and a very capable advocate with an understated elegance.
Rory Badenoch1 Crown Office RowRory has come into his own in the last few years; he can deal with the most complex of cases with a calm and reassuring manner. His judgement is exceptional when considering difficult points of law and the advice he gives to clients.
Richard Baker – 7BRAbsorbs complex information, incredibly quickly – an extremely high level of knowledge about birth trauma and an advocacy style that always get the right answer through polite, persistent questioning. Absolutely puts leading silks in this field in the shade.
Kevin Baumber – Three Raymond BuildingsKevin is one of the leading barristers representing the interests of individual police officers at inquests. His calm and collected advocacy pitches his clients’ interests perfectly – it is always understated and he never takes bad or unnecessary points.
Barnabas Branston5 Essex CourtExcellent, thorough, and able to pitch at just the right level in terms of inquests.
Paul Kingsley ClarkGarden Court Chambers  ‘Paul is exceptionally good with bereaved families – sincere and kind but extremely professional. His written and oral advocacy are very good, particularly on complex Article 2 points, and he is extremely knowledgeable and creative in his thinking. He is also always keen to take a collaborative approach both with the family (as it is very important to ensure they feel at the heart of the inquest) and instructing solicitors.
Nikolas ClarkeField Court ChambersPatient with clients and takes time to explain complex issues in straightforward language.
Emma CollinsThree Raymond BuildingsFiercely intelligent, phenomenal work ethic and an excellent team player.
Anita DaviesMatrix ChambersAnita is an assured and compelling jury advocate. The jury hangs on her every word and she motivates them to ask their own insightful questions of witnesses and make some very strong conclusions. Anita is also brilliant to work with. She is on top of the detail and has a collaborative working style, which is much appreciated by instructing solicitors.
Philip DayleNo5 Barristers’ ChambersAn excellent communicator who is hardworking, thoroughly engaged and fantastic with clients. He is able to grasp complex and detailed issues, while never losing sight of the bigger picture – an invaluable skill in public inquiries.
Jim Duffy1 Crown Office RowJim is exceptionally thorough, hardworking and easy to get on with. He doesn’t take unnecessary points, which increases the focus on the important ones.
Malcolm GallowayCrown Office ChambersMalcolm has a standout ability to be both approachable to the client, yet with an air of gravitas that instantly puts the client at ease.  A go-to counsel for complex and high-profile cases due to his ability to digest complex evidence and put it simply to a client; and he does not sit on the fence when it comes to advising a client.
Reka HollosThree Raymond BuildingsReka’s legal analysis is consistently first rate, and her efficiency second to none. A real star in the making.
Katherine Howarth – Temple Garden ChambersA well-regarded member of the government panel and good with witnesses. ’
Sam JacobsDoughty Street ChambersSam is very articulate and his drafting is concise. He is quick to understand a case and how to tackle any issues, as well as being a strong advocate both in terms of questioning witnesses and making submissions.
Alex Jamieson25 Bedford RowAlex is tremendously diligent and hardworking. He is also very attentive and compassionate in relation to his clients.
Susan Jones – 3PBSusan is an excellent advocate. During inquests she argues powerfully for the families she represents.
Oliver LewisDoughty Street Chambers ‘Very friendly and compassionate to clients, being approachable and understanding, which is so important in an inquest context; and a collaborative approach which means all issues are examined and resolved where possible.
Paul LivingstonOuter Temple ChambersExtremely bright and gifted barrister, with paper advocacy skills that are very good.
Kate Lumbers7BRKate is an exceptional barrister, she is very approachable, always well prepared and leaves no stone unturned in acting for bereaved families, getting the answers that they want and need.  She is very sympathetic and sensitive, and always goes the extra mile for clients.
David Manknell1 Crown Office RowA powerful intellect, very hardworking, great judgement, and superb written advocacy.
Rachel Marcus1 Crown Office RowRachel is an effective and methodical advocate who is thoroughly prepared. She is not afraid to persist with lines of investigation where necessary and she has an engaging court style.
Aaron Moss5 Essex CourtAaron conducts his advocacy at a level far beyond his years. He is clever, well read and always gets to the point without prevarication. His written work is at a similar level. A star in the making. ’
Jack MurphyCrown Office ChambersVery prepared, diligent, thorough and commercially aware.
Adam Payter6KBW College HillAdam has a keen grasp of relevant legal and procedural issues.’
James PurnellHenderson ChambersJames is an excellent advocate. He is able to defend his client’s position forcefully, while maintaining the sensitivity needed for difficult inquest matters. He is very responsive and personable, and well-liked by clients.
Philip RuleNo5 Barristers’ ChambersPhilip is quick thinking on his feet. He is a very good tactical thinker, and able to utilise this effectively in written advice and in advocacy. He has strong attention to detail, which is particularly important in factually knotty cases.
Sunyana Sharma3PBAble to assimilate large volumes of information quickly and focus on the key issues, with questioning that is succinct but focused – a highly competent barrister.
Nick StanageDoughty Street ChambersOne of the most eloquent members of the Bar. He gets the Inquiry absolutely gripped by the power of his submissions, and he creates and delivers a perfectly pitched narrative for every client.
Susannah StevensQEB Hollis WhitemanHer advocacy is calm, authoritative and impressive.  She is economic with her work, focusing only on the issues that assist the court and which are relevant to her clients’ interests. This is a skill which is often overlooked and should always be appreciated.
Peter Taheri – 5 Essex CourtAn experienced, calm, assured and knowledgeable advocate at inquest, who understands the importance of the family being at the heart of the inquest process. Peter is empathetic, supportive and yet thorough in his questioning of witnesses, ensuring the best evidence is provided to the court – an all-round excellent advocate at inquest.
Mark Thomas5 Essex CourtMark is a tactical genius- a first choice counsel for the police and regulators in high-profile and difficult inquests and inquiries. He has a calm yet persuasive advocacy style, which immediately reassures the witnesses and court. His demeanour is approachable and calm, while also being decisive and forthright.
Anton van DellenFraser Chambers 'A truly stand-out advocate who gets to the heart of the issue extremely quickly.'
Leanne Woods1 Crown Office RowLeanne is a standout performer in inquests and inquiries. Solicitors admire her work ethic and attention to detail – very good manner with witnesses.
Anna Bicarregui39 Essex ChambersAnna is a top-quality advocate who always remains calm and in command of both the witness and the case. She has excellent judgement in inquiries, understanding how really to make a difference for her clients.
Julian Blake – 11KBW ‘Julian provides an outstanding service and is always happy to assist. His advisory practice is outstanding – he is able to provide detailed and insightful advice on all public law matters; and whether his advice is given in writing or in person, he is able to unpick the relevant legal issues and ensure that lay clients are presented with all of their options, alongside pragmatic advice on his suggested approach.
Richard Boyle – Temple Garden ChambersThorough, hardworking and clever, Richard is one of the best juniors out there in this field. One to watch.’
Marlene Cayoun1GC | Family LawAn extremely competent and diligent barrister. She has an ability to get through a huge amount of detail and distil it down to the key issues – a skill that shows her good judgement.
Nicholas Chapman – Temple Garden ChambersVery quick turnaround, and pragmatic, sensible advice. Nicholas thinks through various unintended consequences and potential problems. ’
Amy Clarke – 5 Essex CourtShe has enormous emotional intelligence, as well as excellent on paper and as an advocate. Unhesitatingly recommended for inquest work.
Beatrice Collier – 5 Essex CourtBeatrice has a fantastically analytical brain. She reduces complex facts to their essential ingredients, and has a great advocacy style.
Iain Daniels – 2 Hare CourtHe is always well prepared and extremely personable. He is fearless in standing up to coroners, and has a nice manner about him in terms of his advocacy style.
Jessica Elliott1 Crown Office RowShe is a formidable advocate and has a superb brain. Jessica does not overplay her hand, and is unquestionably a future silk.
Christopher Geering – 2 Hare CourtChristopher is a very impressive advocate.  His attention to detail is impeccable and his knowledge outstanding.  He is also very good with clients – empathetic but firm when needed.
Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh – Matrix ChambersProbably one of the smartest juniors available. She is a tactical thinker, who is always mindful of the client’s wider objectives, including public perception.
Edmund GrittThree Raymond BuildingsA brilliant barrister – tenacious, persuasive and very, very clever. He knows coronial law inside out and is a fabulous addition to any case.
Robert Harland – 5 Essex CourtVery dedicated and supportive of bereaved families. He never gives up. 
Kirsten HeavenGarden Court Chambers  ‘Kirsten is clever and extremely hardworking. She manages to build up a strong rapport with the core participants, has a strong grasp of detail.
Christopher Hopkins – No5 Barristers' ChambersAlways completely on top of the facts and has outstanding attention to detail. He is brilliant with clients, an excellent advocate, and his knowledge of the law in relation to inquests is highly impressive.
Saara Idelbi – 5 Essex CourtA highly competent inquest advocate, with carefully considered and effective advocacy.
Zeenat Islam  - Temple Garden Chambers  ‘Highly skilled in terms of her advocacy. With a friendly and approachable persona, she has a natural way of putting the bereaved and survivors at ease before giving evidence. Zeenat is a calm advocate who does not falter under pressure; and is a good team-player who quickly builds strong relationships with those around her. She is also able to explain tasks clearly in order to get the best support from her team. ’
Bo-Eun Jung – Three Raymond BuildingsShe is extraordinarily hardworking, and with a deep understanding of coronial proceedings and inquiries. A measured and highly persuasive advocate who shows empathy for tribunals and witnesses alike. Highly trusted and sought after for inquests and inquiry work. ’
Dominic Ruck Keene1 Crown Office RowHe is a persuasive advocate and has secured some excellent outcomes, not least due to his diligence in preparation and a pragmatic approach in often sensitive circumstances. He works well as a team and is an efficient advocate.
Jonathan Landau5 Essex Court  ‘He covers all bases in complex inquests.’
Jennifer MacLeod – Brick Court ChambersAn outstanding lawyer. She excels in complex cases, managing the responsibility of her role with hard work, detailed knowledge of her case and the law, exceptional written and oral advocacy, positivity and sheer talent.
Priya Malhotra25 Bedford RowPriya is incisive, analytical and hardworking. She also has very good judgement.
Hannah Noyce1 Crown Office RowHannah is an excellent junior, highly intelligent and engaging. She picks up the facts and issues of the case immediately and her questioning of witnesses at inquest is considered and concise. She is great with clients and a very safe pair of hands for cases with complex medical issues.
Richard O’Brien4 New SquareRichard is an exceptional lawyer, and his work in major inquiries and inquests dovetails with his broader public law and national security practice.  As an advocate, he is calm and controlled but highly effective, always developing a good rapport with the tribunal and making his points count.
Paul Renteurs – 2 Hare CourtPaul is excellent at dealing with fragile clients, and navigating them through their evidence and the inquest process.
Ellen Robertson – Temple Garden ChambersEllen is a marvellously impressive barrister. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of inquest law, is a superb advocate, and works extraordinarily hard. She will become one of the leaders at the Bar. ’
Judith Rogerson1 Crown Office RowJudith gets a grasp of the facts and key issues very quickly. She is able to handle inquests (including the advocacy) very well and to the complete satisfaction of lay clients.
Katie Sage – Crown Office ChambersA real star in the making. Ferociously bright and hardworking, and with incredible powers of recall combined with an intuition for wider case strategy. Clients love her for taking the time to understand the finer detail of a case, and quickly making herself indispensable to the team. There is no doubt she will be a highly sought after barrister in the years to come.
Sandesh Singh – Crown Office ChambersHis attention to detail and preparation are first class; and he has great client care, but can be firm when necessary. His low key advocacy style is perfectly suited to inquests, although he will always ensure that the client’s position is protected and stand his ground.
Saoirse TownshendTemple Garden ChambersFearless approach to her oral advocacy. Very good on paper too. Bright, able and an ability to hold the attention of her audience. ’
Andrew Waters – 5 Essex CourtVery experienced, and quick to identify and advise upon key issues. A very safe pair of hands for sensitive matters and extremely good with clients.
Emily Wilsdon39 Essex ChambersEmily is an exceptionally bright barrister who seems to take even the most knotty of instructions in her stride. The speed with which she can unpick tortuous legal problems is highly impressive. A strong, confident barrister – definitely one to watch.

Rising Stars

Gideon Barth1 Crown Office RowA serious lawyer, who is impressive on his feet and great in front of clients.
Emma-Louise Fenelon1 Crown Office RowShe is always on top of the material, and commands the respect of the coroner. She is also able to handle tricky situations and clients with ease.
Ruth Kennedy11KBW ‘Ruth is a highly intelligent, all-round impressive lawyer, who works well on her own or as part of a large team. Ruth is a clear and persuasive advocate.
Scarlett Milligan39 Essex Chambers  ‘Highly analytical, thorough and she has excellent attention to detail. She has a superb ability to bring together a lot of complex information to form succinct arguments.
Jo Moore1 Crown Office RowJo is an extremely intelligent, engaging and highly competent barrister. Her pleadings are superb, and judgement and commercial pragmatism spot on.  A definite rising star.
Frederick PowellDoughty Street Chambers ‘He is very committed and hardworking, and very good with the clients. He also has very good legal knowledge – analysis of the issues and knowledge of the material was excellent, and this led to his advocacy being clear and focused.
Anthony SearleSerjeants' Inn ChambersAnthony’s key strength is his thorough approach to the case.  He is fully prepared for each and every eventuality, and ensures the staff giving evidence are put at ease and are as well prepared as possible. He advocates to a high standard and goes above and beyond.
Shanthi SivakumaranDoughty Street ChambersCommitted to her client’s cause and a very industrious practitioner- excellent attention to detail.
Rachel Sullivan – 39 Essex ChambersRachel displays an attention to detail which others can only dream of. She is always on top of the documents and has the capacity to retain huge volumes of information, even when provided to her at the last minute. Examines witnesses in a balanced and fair manner, even under intense media scrutiny and public pressure, and she manages to get concessions from witnesses without them even realising! ’
Hannah Thomas2 Hare CourtHannah is both confident and well prepared.  She understands the key issues, identifies further points, her advocacy skills are very good, and her ability to deal with difficult matters and family members during inquests is impressive.
Harriet WakemanLandmark Chambers ‘Harriet has significant experience in major inquests and is steeped in the law in this area. She is exceptional in mastering large volumes of material (including complex technical evidence), and her research skills are second to none and her written submissions are superb – detailed and compelling.

Inquests and inquiries in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

A very strong set with many excellent inquest and inquiry practitioners‘, 1 Crown Office Row is able to leverage both medical and public law expertise when acting in public inquiries. Neil Sheldon KC‘s track record includes substantial public inquiries and inquests relating to terrorism such as the Westminster Bridge inquests, London Bridge & Borough Market inquests, and the Manchester Arena Inquiry; and Peter Skelton KC‘s recent experience includes representing the Metropolitan Police Commissioner in the inquests concerning Stephen Port’s murders of four men in Barking in 2014 and 2015. At the junior end, Emma-Louise Fenelon routinely acts for NHS Trusts, individual doctors, charities, and bereaved families in Article 2 jury inquests that arise from deaths in custody and secure psychiatric units.



A very strong set with many excellent inquest and inquiry practitioners.

One of the leading sets dealing with medical inquests.

1COR has a strong set of junior and silk inquest barristers .

A superb set with specialist expertise in this area. ‘

Extremely well regarded and has a strong team. Involved in many of the leading inquests and inquiries.


The clerks at this set are outstanding. Their response times are speedy, and they are always ready to offer alternatives or find solutions when there is an issue. They are accessible by phone and email, and I find that I can email any of them and get a helpful response.

Very helpful, especially Andrew Tull.

1 Crown Office Row has the best clerks in the business.  A particular mention needs to be given to John Mclaren and Jack May, who are both very attentive and will go out of their way to solve a problem.

The clerks are excellent, responsive and knowledgeable.

I find the clerks’ room is incredibly responsive when dealing with counsel availability.

5 Essex Court

5 Essex Court‘s ‘very effective‘ inquest team houses a sizeable number of inquest and coronial law specialists at all levels, including a senior coroner; and it routinely acts for clients from sectors such as the emergency services, healthcare, government, local authorities, prisons, security firms and the military. Jason Beer KC‘s experience includes a significant number of public inquiries, and is currently instructed in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry (for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government), the Covid Inquiry (for the NHS), and the Salisbury Poisonings Inquiry (for Counter Terrorism Policing South East); and the track record of widely respected police law specialist Fiona Barton KC includes representing the Commissioner of City of London Police in the inquest into the fatal shooting of Hassan Yahya, who was shot dead by police in 2020 after reportedly brandishing knives in Westminster. At non-silk level, senior junior Bilal Rawat‘s recent workload includes acting for Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service Inquest into the 2021 death of Sudesh Amman, a released convicted terrorist who was found to be lawfully killed by undercover police officers after he stabbed two members of the public.



5 Essex Court is a very effective set, with some strong juniors coming through as well as some leaders in their fields. They also offer regular free online training on the latest issues, as well as a free advice service, both of which greatly help clients – highly rated.

5 Essex Court is without a doubt the best police law set. Its quality of counsel is, in my opinion, far above any other chambers – recommended every time.

Strong chambers with vast experience and depth at inquests and inquiries.

The quality of counsel at all levels is exceptional, and this Chambers is always willing to assist wherever and whenever it can.

Excellent set for police law. Very knowledgeable and it covers all aspects, with all different levels of call.


The clerks are always polite and helpful.

The clerks are really good and you can have a sensible conversation with them.

All of the clerks are extremely helpful, and I think it would be unfair to pick anyone out individually as the service provided is exceptional, particularly when compared to other sets that could learn a thing or two about customer service and customer satisfaction!

Senior clerk Mark Waller is excellent and always willing to help. First class.

Excellent. Mark Waller is the best clerk I have worked with in 40 years’ experience; and James Cole is a very good team leader. All the staff are helpful and communicative.

Doughty Street Chambers

Representing ‘the gold standard for its quality of barristers and clerking‘, Doughty Street Chambers is well known for its assistance to bereaved families during significant inquests and public inquiries, while the set is also increasingly instructed as counsel to Inquiries and Inquests. With extensive expertise in inquests, Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC secured the sought-after instruction by Facebook in relation to the Molly Russell inquest, while Maya Sikand KC‘s long history of involvement in public inquiries includes the current Undercover Policing Inquiry. Within the junior pool, the recent experience of Fiona Murphy, includes being instructed in the Inquiry into the circumstances of Jermaine Baker’s death during a 2015 Metropolitan Police Service operation. Boosting the set further, public law and human rights expert Jude Bunting KC took silk in 2022.



DSC remains the gold standard for its quality of barristers and clerking.

An excellent set from top to bottom.‘

Doughty Street has some of the best barristers doing inquest work. It is particularly good at covering a broad range of inquest work (police, prison, mental health and clinical negligence deaths), and generally has bright and committed barristers doing this work.

Rightly a top-tier set for inquests, with barristers who are deeply committed to their clients’ interests.

One of the country’s leading sets for counsel representing families in complex inquests, particularly where state agencies are involved.


The clerks responding quickly to emails, it follows that the communication between the clerks and myself is timely and efficient.

Always quick to respond, have a very good idea of the strengths of its various barristers, and always make sure to give you good representation. .

The clerks at DS are absolutely fabulous, always replying quickly and resolving issues well – incredibly well organised, and just generally amazing overall.

Friendly and accommodating – always looking to assist. Rachel Finch and Emily Norman are highly appreciated.‘

The clerks are friendly, professional and extremely organised. Particular credit to Grace Walton who is completely unflappable.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

With enviable expertise in inquests and inquiries, Serjeants’ Inn Chambers‘ members consistently represent interested persons in substantial and high-profile cases. In addition to an extensive practice involving lengthy Article 2 inquests, Bridget Dolan KC‘s recent track record includes being appointed as Inquest counsel in several major inquests and inquiries, including the inquests into the eleven deaths in the Shoreham Airshow crash, and the inquest into the death of Adam Stone while he was being restrained by West Midlands Police; while Gerard Boyle KC is currently retained by the National Police Chiefs Council as lead counsel in the Undercover Policing Inquiry. At senior-junior level, Briony Ballard is a coronial law specialist, who acts for coroners in judicial review proceedings (along with sitting as an Assistant Coroner), while Sarah Simcock routinely acts in public inquiries and sensitive inquests.

Garden Court Chambers

Consistently acting for bereaved families in inquest proceedings, the track record of Garden Court Chambers‘ includes several landmark and far-reaching inquests, with a strong track record of acting in inquests after deaths connected to the state. Go-to specialist for police law and deaths in custody, Leslie Thomas KC, is currently acting in the inquest into the death of Sabina Rizvi, which concerns the fatal shooting of a young woman outside a police station for which a gang member was convicted in 2004. In Northern Ireland, Brenda Campbell KC is acting for the victim’s mother in the inquest into the death of Noah Donohoe, a teenager who was found dead in a storm drain in June 2020, six days after going missing.



GCC has some good notable people for inquests, protest law, and actions against the police.

A very good reputation in relation to inquest work.

Garden Court is an excellent set with good availability of high-calibre counsel, which it has in abundance.


The clerks are very helpful.

Sam Carter is always available and helps with quick turnarounds of work.

The civil clerks are very good.

The clerking team is very good.

Matrix Chambers

Consistently called upon for high-profile inquest and inquiry matters, Matrix Chambers is able to leverage the set’s additional expertise in areas such as administrative, criminal, mental health, police and prison law. Frequently appearing in inquests involving deaths in both police and prison custody, Philippa Kaufman KC‘s recent highlights include acting as lead counsel in the headline Undercover Policing Inquiry; Danny Friedman KC (leading senior junior Raj Desai) is acting as co-lead counsel on behalf of 300-plus survivors and bereaved families in The Grenfell Tower Inquiry; and a silk since 2021, Lorna Skinner KC‘s track record includes representing media organisations at public inquiries. Nick Armstrong has particular expertise in immigration detention deaths, while Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh is acting as the personal representative of Tony Doris (who along with two others) was killed in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland in 1991 when the police opened fire on a stolen car.



Matrix is obviously a very good set, with some very good people across various practice areas.

Matrix has some exceptional silks, clearly among the best around for inquiries, public law and collective litigation.

A reputation for excellence.

Matrix is an excellent set. Top-quality barristers and a well-run operation.

Some very good inquest counsel and the set is very well organised.


The clerks at this chambers are the best in the business – responsive, proactive and sensible.

Excellent clerking.

The clerks are very good.’

Practice manager Simon Gardner is a star.

Temple Garden Chambers

With vast coronial law experience, Temple Garden Chambers‘ members represent bereaved families, individuals, public bodies, government departments and corporate entities in inquests; and the set’s experience covers military, prison, detention centre, police, aviation, and health and safety-related deaths. The Chambers’ barristers also act for a broad range of core participants and witnesses in major inquiries. A former member of the Attorney General’s A Panel, Keith Morton KC‘s significant experience includes the Shoreham Air Disaster Inquests and Inquests into the London Bombings; and senior junior Kathryn Howarth is currently instructed for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.



‘A strong set for inquest and inquiry work.’

‘Temple Garden Chambers has a good track record of acting in inquests and inquiries, going back many years now.’

‘I am a big fan of this set and they have a wide portfolio of barristers who can be trusted with the client’s work.’

‘A very strong set in this area. Numerous leading silks and established juniors. It is no exaggeration to say it is involved in all high profile inquests.’

‘The set continues to have a number of barristers with considerable expertise in inquests and inquiries, particularly those who act for government bodies.’


‘Dean Norton is very approachable and experienced.’

‘Strong, solution-focussed clerking.’

‘Clerks are always very helpful.’

‘Dean Norton is the best clerk in the country. There is nothing that is too much trouble for him. He is in a class of his own.’

‘Keith Sharman is one of the nicest people you could meet and a 10/10 clerk.’

Three Raymond Buildings

With longstanding experience in high-profile and substantial inquests, Three Raymond Buildings is widely recognised for its representation of bereaved families, corporations and authorities (including the police and fire rescue services), employees and professional individuals. Hugo Keith KC consistently appears in heavyweight inquests and inquiries, including being appointed as lead counsel to the Covid-19 Pandemic Public Inquiry. In other major matters, Richard Horwell KC represented Greater Manchester Police in the Manchester Arena Public Inquiry, in which senior-end junior Saba Naqshbandi also participated, acting for an individual core participant (as sole counsel); and Emma Collins was part of the senior counsel team for the London Fire Commissioner during Phase 2 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry (led by Stephen Walsh KC and Sarah Le Fevre).



Great strength in depth with specialist barristers in these fields at all levels. A leading set of chambers both nationally and internationally.

Unparalleled from top to bottom for inquests and inquiry work.

A leading set for public inquiry work, both nationally and internationally, with highly regarded barristers at all levels.

Excellent set that is extremely user friendly. 3RB always provides excellent, practical advice, and goes above and beyond to assist both solicitors and clients.

Tremendous range of specialisms, and a great stable of talented and interesting counsel.


Excellent. All top notch.

Commercial clerks and easy to deal with.

Excellent and efficient. Dean Brown is always willing to help, extremely efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Excellent. Dean Brown is extremely helpful.

Chris Feathers and Eddie Holland are both really efficient.

2 Hare Court

Frequently instructed on complex and high-profile inquests and public inquiries, 2 Hare Court‘s provides ‘a diverse range of expertise from counsel who are truly exceptional‘. Its members’ experience covers fatal workplace accidents on construction sites, cases concerning explosions and poisoning, and deaths involving medical treatment, military training, police custody, and residential and nursing care homes. In the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, formerly First Senior Treasury Counsel at the Old Bailey, Jonathan Laidlaw KC (leading Alexandra Tampakopoulos and Paul Renteurs) is currently acting for a core participant, Harley Facades, which was responsible for the installation of the cladding.



Provides good all-round coverage in the health and safety, crime and inquest sectors.

2 HC is a pre-eminent set. There is a diverse range of expertise from counsel who are truly exceptional.

Clearly very good for inquests and inquiries.

Strength in depth and extremely reliable.

2 Hare Court is an impressive set with numerous excellent barristers.


Great clerking.  Louis Lockwood is particularly efficient and helpful.

Jack Shah is excellent and very commercially savvy.

Julian Campbell is the captain of a very well-run ship !

A good-quality service from the clerking team.

Excellent – very reasonable, commercial and friendly, with a can-do attitude.

39 Essex Chambers

Alongside 39 Essex Chambers‘ extensive work across the public sector, the set has longstanding experience in high-profile public inquiries. Its barristers routinely represent central core participants, act as experts for coroners, and assist as counsel to Inquiries. Eleanor Grey KC‘s track record includes being instructed by the Cambian Schools Group in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse; and Jenni Richards KC has notable expertise in inquests and inquiries into death or ill-treatment. At the junior end, Emily Wilsdon is instructed by the Home Office in the Brook House Inquiry, which is investigating the mistreatment of people who were detained at the eponymous immigration removal centre; and rising star Rachel Sullivan is acting for the Department for Education in the Covid-19 Inquiry.



39 Essex Chambers is a top-class set with a deep bench of experience in all areas of practice.

I love working with this Chambers; its ethos is friendly and professional, and it has counsel at all levels of exceptional quality, being able to add to the team whenever needed.

The barristers from this Chambers are very impressive.

39 Essex has the breadth of knowledge and experience to cover any matter; even on the shortest deadlines, the set has never failed to provide me with counsel, who could not only do the job but do it to an excellent standard.

An excellent set with strength in depth at all levels.


The clerks have been very helpful and supportive.

The clerks are professional, competent and friendly. I’ve never had a complaint, and Sheraton Doyle is one of the most impressive clerks around – nothing is too much trouble for her.

The clerks at 39 Essex Chambers are always extremely responsive and helpful.

Ben Sundborg and Tom Gibbons are worth particular mention. They are not only extremely effective, but also bend over backwards to ensure the right level of representation is available when required.

Superb. Always happy to help and a lovely bunch.

Crown Office Chambers

Regularly instructed in high-profile and complex inquests, Crown Office Chambers has particular expertise in jury inquests that arise from deaths in state custody and other Article 2 and quasi-Article 2 cases. James Maxwell-Scott KC is currently lead counsel for the Royal Borough in Kensington & Chelsea in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry; while Simon Antrobus KC is representing ITV in the inquest into the death of Steve Dymond, who took his own life a week after filming an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show in which he was accused of infidelity based on a polygraph test. Within the junior pool, Jack Murphy represented the former Manchester Metrolink tram system operators in a high-profile inquest into the death of Jack Barnes, who was restrained in the street by four Metrolink contractors.



Excellent strength in depth, there aren’t any weak links. The barristers work very well together, even at silk level; and the juniors operate at a level way beyond their call years.

Simply the best!

The collegiate and supportive approach across the team shines through to instructing solicitors and clients  – a set I really enjoy working with.

Crown Office Chambers has a number of specialist counsel, who are leaders in their field.

Crown Office has a number of exceptional counsel within its ranks, who we routinely instruct on a range of complex cases.


Fantastic clerking that I have total confidence in.  If there needs to be a last minute change of counsel (which is rare) I never have any concerns as to who it goes to, such is the strength of the wider team.

The clerking service is very prompt and capable.

Toby Sparrow runs a tight ship, and he is approachable and efficient in his dealings with solicitors.

Toby Sparrow is excellent – very efficient in dealing with responses and queries.

Very good – Toby Sparrow is one of the best clerks around.

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers‘ renowned expertise in product liability, health and safety and group actions complements the set’s inquest and inquiry work; and its work spans construction, transport, agriculture, manufacturing, retail and pharmaceuticals, as well as care homes, NHS trusts, police authorities, and government departments and agencies. Senior junior Abigail Cohen regularly appears before the Coroner’s court on behalf of interested persons, including care homes and supported living facilities. In a boost to chambers, Tim Green KC was elevated to silk in March 2022.

QEB Hollis Whiteman

Its members routinely instructed in key public inquiries, the ‘experienced and reliableQEB Hollis Whiteman covers a range of issues, from those arising from terrorist incidents to matters involving the medical, healthcare, policing and military sectors. The set is also instructed in independent reviews, such as Anne Whyte KC’s review into allegations about mistreatment within gymnastics; and Selva Ramasamy KC‘s role as legal advisor of the GMC Inquiry into medical manslaughter and culpable homicide. Within the junior pool, senior Thomas Coke-Smyth‘s experience includes acting for a pre-hospital emergency medicine specialist in the inquest into the death of Ferne Campbell, who died following a a car crash.



‘An experienced and reliable set that we frequently instruct.‘

‘Very good set with some of the best juniors and pupils coming through the ranks.‘

‘Exceptional for crime and financial services regulation, as well as inquests and inquiries.

‘Very professional and very efficient, and the actual offices are well laid out to provide privacy and confidentiality to anyone attending.

‘A very strong set.‘


‘The clerks work extremely hard and are very, very supportive of their barristers. It is a real team.‘

‘Very good. They have always been prompt and helpful, and done everything with minimal fuss.‘

‘They are down to earth and practical.‘

‘Very responsive.‘