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Leading Silks

Richard Drabble QC - Landmark ChambersOne of the most highly regarded silks at the public law Bar.
Laurie Fransman QC - Garden Court ChambersLaurie is the leader in the field. His grasp of world matters and his intuitive skills enable the best possible evidence and arguments to be produced in very complex matters.
Manjit Gill QCNo5 Barristers' ChambersHis attention to detail is second to none. He is able to grasp the most minute detail of the matter at hand and expand that before the Court or Tribunal in an accessible way.
Lisa Giovannetti QC - 39 Essex ChambersQuite simply the best immigration lawyer in the country - huge experience, great advocate, impeccable judgment, trusted and respected by the judiciary and the Bar alike.
Stephanie Harrison QC - Garden Court ChambersHer experience at all levels of courts shines through in her advice, and most importantly her advocacy. She is a brilliant advocate who is also fearless.
Raza Husain QC - Matrix ChambersA superstar silk in the immigration and civil liberties arena. Go to silk in any case with cross-over between these areas. A shining light in the Supreme Court who has the respect and ear of the Court.
Anthony Metzer QC - Goldsmith ChambersTony is quite simply a superb advocate. He is calm and approachable, and he has a remarkable ability to absorb vast amounts of complex material and to condense it into a clear and compelling argument. In court he is unflappable and in conference his strategic abilities are outstanding, making him the go-to immigration silk for complex cases.
Hugh Southey QC - Matrix ChambersAn incredibly thorough analyst of material who provides very clear and precise written work.
Robin Tam QC - Temple Garden ChambersRobin is extremely intelligent and his analysis of complicated legal issues is second to none.
Samantha Broadfoot QC - Landmark ChambersVery talented, well-respected, intelligent all-rounder in immigration law.
Tim Buley QC - Landmark ChambersTim is fantastic at drafting and often knocks up a first draft (which requires minimal amendment) while taking instructions from you on the phone; this really is a rare quality in a barrister and means that cases move forward quickly while always staying at a high standard.
Charlie Cory-Wright QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is an extremely able advocate, charming and very persuasive.
Rory Dunlop QC - 39 Essex ChambersEven at the immigration Bar, Rory's command of the authorities is unequalled. He uses this knowledge to great effect, on his feet he can cut down other counsel by showing their submissions are based on misreadings of complex cases.
James Eadie QC - Blackstone ChambersHe is the best Supreme Court advocate with more experience before the court than anyone else at the Bar.
Tom Hickman QC - Blackstone ChambersHe remains one of the most gifted counsel around, who identifies the most cutting edge and winnable points.
Samantha Knights QC - Matrix ChambersSamantha is an exceptional silk, an outstanding advocate and an asset to a case.
Sonali Naik QC - Garden Court ChambersSonali is a go-to silk for complex immigration and asylum related matters.
Robert Palmer QC - Monckton ChambersA highly accomplished practitioner who delivers with clarity and composure both when advising clients and when delivering submissions in court or tribunal.
Dinah Rose QC - Blackstone ChambersAn astute and courageous court performer, who is able to respond flexibly and appropriately to any type of situation and judge.
Neil Sheldon QC - 1 Crown Office RowHe is exceptional in his drafting and will ensure that every case has the best chance of success through thorough examination of the evidence.
Amanda Weston QC - Garden Court ChambersOutstanding commitment to clients, outstanding grasp of law and willingness and ability to identify and pursue important new issues. Excellent drafting skills.

2020 Silks

David Blundell QC - Landmark ChambersHe is a fair, careful and also formidable opponent. His judgment - which points to press, which to concede - is excellent.

2021 Silks

Christopher Buttler QCMatrix ChambersChris is excellent on his feet. He is very good at strategic thinking and is really powerful in court.

2022 Silks

Nicola Braganza QC - Garden Court ChambersA go-to barrister for immigration cases. She knows the law and policy inside out and they are excellent with the client. Reassuring and professional.
Laura Dubinsky QC - Doughty Street ChambersLaura has an unparalleled work ethic and is forensic when it comes to detail. She puts the needs of her clients at the forefront of her litigation and is an extremely compelling advocate. Put simply, Laura is a legal powerhouse.
Galina Ward QC - Landmark ChambersOne of the very best juniors at the Immigration Bar, the meticulous thoroughness of Galina's preparation is reflected in the exemplary quality of her written work, often praised by the Bench for its authoritative and measured qualities.

Leading Juniors

Charlotte Bayati - Goldsmith ChambersCharlotte is an outstanding advocate and has an encyclopedic knowledge of immigration and human rights law.
Adrian Berry - Garden Court ChambersHe is without doubt one of the brightest barristers in the field. His knowledge of EU law and nationality law is unsurpassed.
S Chelvan - 33 Bedford RowHis expertise in sexual identity related asylum claims is world renowned.
David Chirico - One Pump CourtBrilliant legal mind, creative in terms of strategy, willing to run novel points and has a tenacious spirit in fighting cases hard to the very end.
Kathryn Cronin - Garden Court ChambersBrilliant at the overlap between immigration and family law but a star in virtually every area of immigration law.
Benjamin Hawkin - No5 Chambers ‘He goes straight to the core of the matter and provides clear and concise advice.
Peter Jorro - Garden Court ChambersPeter is an excellent barrister both for advisory work and in court. He is the only immigration barrister I use.
Alasdair Mackenzie - Doughty Street ChambersAlasdair's written work is impeccable. It is thorough, articulate, well-presented, on point and persuasive. Alasdair's advocacy is first class. It is measured and compelling and without doubt it flows so well based on detailed preparation and consideration of the facts and law.
Joe Middleton - Doughty Street ChambersJoe has huge intellectual firepower but also he presents things in an easily understandable format.
Duran Seddon - Garden Court ChambersDuran has such a superb legal mind and is adept at finding a solution to complex legal issues.
Bernadette Smith - 1MCBShe has a tremendous success rate with the most difficult of cases and is a first point of call for cases involving vulnerable clients.
Greg Ó CeallaighGarden Court ChambersGreg has amazing breadth of legal knowledge which he brings to all his cases. He is strategic and quick to develop the right legal arguments and get to the key issues in the case. His oral and written pleadings are superb.
Rebecca Chapman - Garden Court ChambersRebecca is a true leader in the field.
Eric Fripp - The 36 GroupHis strength is in his exceptional analytical skills and his thorough drafting, especially in the area of deportation and asylum.
Samina Iqbal - Goldsmith ChambersSamina is an advocate of the highest calibre, as one would expect to observe in a silk, as she is able to unravel even the most convoluted of issues presenting them in an elegant and persuasive manner.
David Jones - Garden Court ChambersDavid has expert knowledge of dealing with complex detention claims.
Gilda Kiai - One Pump CourtGilda is a powerful and passionate advocate.
Abid MahmoodNo5 Barristers' ChambersAbid is very supportive, empathetic and knowledgeable and managed our case with utmost confidence and was also able to impart this confidence to us in a time of crisis.
Naina Patel - Blackstone ChambersNaina is incredibly clever. Her oral submissions are so well-structured and clearly expressed that she has the court in the palm of her hand.
Jason Pobjoy - Blackstone ChambersJason is extremely clever, and can draw on both his litigation experience and his academic background to enormous advantage. He writes beautifully.
Sanaz Saifolahi - Goldsmith ChambersShe is an outstanding lawyer with a superb legal intellect and excellent tactical skills. She prepares methodically leaving nothing to chance, is very hard-working and has an excellent knowledge of the relevant law.
Sadat Sayeed - Garden Court ChambersSadat is one of the very best leading juniors at the immigration Bar. He combines a sharp intellect with an extensive knowledge of immigration and asylum law, including EU and human rights law.
Julia Smyth - Landmark ChambersJulia has proven herself to be immensely capable, very thorough, responsive and impresses with a detailed knowledge of the law on EU free movement.
Ronan Toal - Garden Court ChambersRonan is a giant in the field who is exceptionally experienced; passionate and generous with his time; and a perfect choice for all manner of cases. He is simply brilliant.
Anthony Vaughan - Doughty Street ChambersSharp focused thinking of a jaguar coupled with the hard graft preparation of a shire horse. A leader in the field, outstanding and my first choice for complex asylum extradition work. QC material for the future.
Colin Yeo - Garden Court ChambersColin is exceptionally well-versed in the history and development of UK immigration, asylum, and nationality law. Historical knowledge allows Colin to add valuable context and insight to present immigration issues.
Nick Armstrong - Matrix ChambersNick has the breadth of public law issues and a depth of knowledge across several fields so as to enable arguments from one jurisdiction to be marshalled in support of another.
Bojana Asanovic - Garden Court ChambersBojana is one of the top EU free movement lawyers in the UK.
Ali Bandegani - Garden Court ChambersHe is extremely sharp and has a great ability in identifying interesting and important points and positions in cases quite effortlessly. His arguments are always succinct and to the point. He has an incredible knowledge of refugee law but is also highly adaptive and capable of taking on work in other areas of the immigration/public law sector with ease.
Natasha Barnes - 1 Crown Office RowVery thorough and one of the best juniors around at drafting.
Danny BaziniNo5 Barristers’ ChambersDanny has a stellar legal brain, has the tactical intuition of a street-fighter, and his advocacy redefines fearlessness.
Alex Burrett - One Pump CourtHe has excellent advocacy skills, and is very knowledgeable within his field.
Emma Daykin - One Pump CourtThere are not many barristers who are as experienced as Emma in dealing with all aspects of immigration (including points based system), asylum and nationality law.
Justine Fisher - One Pump CourtHer written work is outstanding and her advocacy is very persuasive.
Helen Foot - Garden Court ChambersHelen is an exceptional barrister. She has a very agile mind and can get to the heart of a complex issue extremely quickly. She is sharp and thorough in all of her work and her drafting skills are second to none.
Satinder Gill - Five PaperSatinder parachutes into the team seamlessly to lead on thorny business immigration issues and large scale projects.
Alex Goodman - Landmark ChambersAlex is one of the best advocates there is. He is brilliant in court in all respects. His delivery is fabulous as is his ability to think on his feet.
Raza Halim - Garden Court ChambersAn extremely measured advocate, with a magnificent command of the written word. He is also always willing to step in, even with the most difficult cases - Raza is a frontline legal aid barrister.
Phil Haywood - Doughty Street ChambersPhil is a go-to, razor-sharp barrister, tactical and very reliable.
Jack Holborn - 39 Essex ChambersHis work is always first class. He is assiduous in his written pleadings, picks up new and helpful points, and is an advocate who is particularly impressive on his feet.
Michelle Knorr - Doughty Street ChambersA brilliant barrister. Michelle is incredibly thorough and so quick to get to the heart of the issue. She is very clever, she never misses anything. And she is a real fighter, she never gives up. She is so inspiring to work with, and solicitors always feel confident of the outcome when Michelle is instructed on a case. No barrister will do more for a case or a client.
Victoria Laughton - One Pump CourtVictoria is extremely thorough and a very safe pair of hands, with vast experience.
Patrick Lewis - Garden Court ChambersPatrick is a truly stand-out individual with an authoritative manner whose skills and legal knowledge are second to none.
Zane Malik - 39 Essex ChambersZane is an outstanding barrister, with a tremendously good reputation and instills confidence in his solicitors. The strength that stands out is his encyclopedic knowledge of case law, which is not limited to immigration or public law.
David Manknell - 1 Crown Office RowHe is excellent in conference and on his feet with a real eye for detail.
Ramby De Mello – No5 Barristers’ ChambersHe is well regarded in the immigration field.
Edward NicholsonNo5 Barristers' ChambersHe is an excellent advocate with clear skeleton arguments and persuasive submissions. He knows immigration inside and out.
Joanne RothwellNo5 Barristers' ChambersShe has particular expertise in finding solutions outside of the immigration rules.
Frances ShawNo5 Barristers' ChambersFrances is a brilliant barrister. Her drafting is clear and persuasive. She has great client care skills. An experienced all-rounder, with expertise in a wide range of immigration matters. A fearless and resilient advocate.
Jessica SmeatonNo5 Barristers' ChambersJessica is a favourite of my lay clients because she puts them at ease and is able to explain legal complexities in a way that can be understood. She is always prepares very thoroughly and has a very good strategic brain.
Priya Solanki - One Pump CourtShe has a passion for this area of work particularly in working for vulnerable survivors of domestic violence and trafficking.
Christopher Staker - 39 Essex ChambersChris has always proven to be an exceptionally bright and able opponent. He absorbs information quickly, processes the same and is adaptable enough to manage complex new issues and shifts in evidence as they occur. He is a consummate professional.
Mark Symes - Garden Court ChambersMark has exceptional in-depth knowledge of the law and case law.
Sandra Akinbolu - The 36 GroupShe is a fighter and does not give up. She has good knowledge of law and is very helpful to instructing solicitors.
Grace Brown - Garden Court ChambersExcellent knowledge of case law and case strategy, and very supportive to work with, for both client and instructing solicitor.
Miranda Butler - Garden Court ChambersMiranda is superb. She is exceptionally clever and she writes beautifully. She is extremely organised and goes above and beyond to protect her clients' interests.
Guy Davison - Goldsmith ChambersGuy is a fearless advocate with excellent approach to simplify complex legal issues which makes everyone's life easier. His knowledge of rapidly changing asylum, human rights and business immigration law is second to none.
Ubah Dirie - Garden Court ChambersShe is very clever, and so thorough. Solicitors always feel the client is in safe hands with Ubah, she really fights for the client.
Edward Grieves - Garden Court ChambersEd is visionary in terms of strategy on cases which have significant legal and geo-political implications. He understands SIAC, the immigration court dealing in nationaly security cases, better than any other barrister in practice.
Louise Hooper - Garden Court ChambersShe is really strong on asylum and appeals.
Bijan Hoshi - Garden Court ChambersBijan is an exemplary barrister. His knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and planning set him apart from others in the field. Excellent with clients and completely committed to the work he takes on.
Sangeetha Iengar - Goldsmith ChambersExtremely hard-working, highly competent, strongly-motivated and a superb command of the relevant law reflected in written advocacy of the highest quality.
Ranjiv KhubberNo5 Barristers' ChambersHis expertise in complex immigration matters is first rate. He is inspirational in his drive to succeed and his ability to untangle difficult legal issues.
Gordon Lee - Garden Court ChambersTactically astute, well-prepared to the nth degree and utterly charming in court.
David Lemer - Doughty Street ChambersDavid is responsive, respectable and approachable counsel, he has good client care skills and values the opinion of clients and instructing solicitors.
Gwion Lewis - Landmark ChambersCoUrteous and good on his feet.
Gemma Loughran - Garden Court ChambersGemma is a brilliant lawyer. She prepares thoroughly. She is meticulous with her paperwork.
Nabila MallickNo5 Barristers’ ChambersNabila is tenacious and detailed in her approach to her cases, she is passionate and enthusiastic and fights for her clients to the end.
Keelin McCarthy - One Pump CourtKeelin is extremely dedicated to her clients, leaving no stone unturned and very thorough in her approach.
Catherine Meredith - Doughty Street ChambersCatherine is a top barrister in immigration law especially when it applies to victims of trafficking.
Eleanor Mitchell - Matrix ChambersEleanor is the most talented junior counsel I have ever come across. That is a view widely shared among all who have led her. She is brilliant at legal analysis, evidential analysis and drafting. That is an extraordinary combination.
Rowena Moffatt - Doughty Street ChambersRowena is exceptionally bright and is able to deliver her advice in an easily understandable manner. She is also good at focussing on the crucial issues.
Claire Physsas - One Pump CourtShe is a leading junior immigration practitioner, with a particular expertise in Dublin return cases.
Sarah Pinder - Goldsmith ChambersAn absolute go-to barrister. Sarah is tactically astute and has an ability to look at a case from every possible angle. Her drafting style is exceptional. Her advocacy always strikes the right tone with judges, even in the most challenging of cases.
Catherine Robinson - One Pump CourtCatherine is tenacious in her pursuit of her clients' cases and is wonderful with vulnerable clients.
Parminder SainiNo5 Barristers' ChambersWhenever he speaks, the judges listen attentively to every word he says without interruption. He is the most persuasive advocate I have ever instructed and always manages to impress every lay client who hires him.
David Sellwood - Garden Court ChambersDavid brings his tremendous experience and knowledge to cases across the field and at all levels; from CMRHs to the Court of Appeal. He is insightful and able to quickly discern the most relevant issues; his input is always beneficial to a case.
Alexis Slatter - Goldsmith ChambersAlexis is very knowable in respect of EU law, with extensive experience in deportation cases of EU citizens. His particular strength is his ability to begin working on cases from the very onset to ensure cases are prepare for the final hearing, providing ongoing guidance and advice tailored to the individual case.
Abigail Smith - Garden Court ChambersSolicitors strongly recommend anyone to instruct Abigail Smith in the most complicated and complex cases.
Michael West - 33 Bedford Row
Lawrence Youssefian - Goldsmith ChambersLawrence has a reputation for fierce advocacy; quickly getting to grips with the issues in complex cases; consummate dedication to his client’s interests; and for finding solutions to what at first sight seem insoluble legal problems.

Rising Stars

Antonia Benfield - Doughty Street ChambersAntonia has excellent skills in picking up points that others would miss, her keen eye for detail is combined with her powerful advocacy. Antonia is not only a great example for current practicing junior barristers. She is highly passionate in preparing and representing cases on sexual violence, victims of torture, rape and child abuse.
Isabel Buchanan - Blackstone ChambersIsabel is an effective communicator, and an engaging speaker, which enables her to get her message across. She does so with sufficient clarity. Her quick – thinking supports the effectiveness of her delivery and fluency in court.
Ayesha Christie - Matrix ChambersAyesha is a go-to barrister for judicial review cases where clients have a complex immigration history. She has an eye for detail and her drafting is excellent.
Agata Patyna - Doughty Street ChambersAgata is several years above her call and has become an indispensable part of the firm’s support infrastructure. Her advice is thorough, sensible, level-headed, and practical. She is our first port of call for any thorny issues.

Immigration (including business immigration) in London Bar

Doughty Street Chambers

Clients praise Doughty Street Chambers for its 'real depth of expertise' and classify it as a claimant-focussed set that has a 'deserved reputation as an intellectual powerhouse'. Recent standout matters include Alasdair Mackenzie's role in in R (Al-Siri) v SSHD, a matter regarding the state's decision to raise new reasons for refusing asylum. Laura Dubinsky QC's represented the claimant in R (Kaitey) v SSHD, a key case concerning immigration bail powers and Anthony Vaughan's victory over the Home Secretary in Medical Justice v SSHD, in which a policy of "no notice removals" was found to be unlawful.



My go to chambers- professional, committed, approachable and extremely knowledgeable- would highly recommend.”

Doughty Street is one of top immigration chambers in the UK , we have been instructing them for over 10 years.”

Extremely strong set with a deserved reputation as an intellectual powerhouse.”

Doughty Street has an amazing set of barristers for immigration work. There are numerous barristers there that I would instruct without hesitation.”

The set are excellent – from the Immigration team clerks to the finance department – everyone is professional, organised and knowledgeable. Really one of the best sets in the country.”



Fantastic- Sean, Rachel and Emily are amongst the best clerks around- professional always responsive, easy to work with and go out of their way to be helpful.”

I am very impressed with Emily Norman who responds really promptly to inquiries and is also pro-active.”

Extremely efficient, polite and respectful.”

Excellent clerking service: efficient, reliable and very responsive, even out of hours. We often need to brief Counsel to work on urgent applications at short notice and I can rely on Sian Wilkins, Rachel Finch and Emily Norman to respond quickly and be ready to find a solution.”

The clerks’ room are an asset to Doughty Street and have made our life much easier.”

Garden Court Chambers

Widely recognised as 'brilliant' and including individuals 'of the highest quality', Garden Court Chambers is considered by many to be 'best immigration set in the country'. Representing clients at the First-tier Tribunal, the Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights and the EU's ECJ, it has particular expertise in national security matters heard before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. Recent highlights include Sonali Naik QC's role in the domestic violence matter MY (Pakistan) v SSHD and Peter Jorro's work in ARFA v SSHD, a case centered upon the interpretation of 'dependency'. Additional key members include Laurie Fransman QC and Stephanie Harrison QC.



Garden Court’s public law and immigration teams are second to none in terms of the quality of their work, the commitment of their barristers and their client care.”

The set are brilliant, their lawyers are always of the highest quality. They provide excellent training programmes focusing on the newest developments in the law and are insightful and interesting.”

“We regularly instruct counsel from Garden Court; they are, without question, the leading set for immigration.”

Best immigration set in the country.”

This chambers has an unparalleled set of immigration and public law barristers with a wide array of skillsets who are, without fail, willing to take on risky/novel and urgent work. There is a radical vision that underpins the chambers and runs through these departments which means that sees lofty concepts such as justice played out and fought for within individual client’s cases regularly.”


The clerks are highly efficient and approachable.”

The clerking team are very helpful and responsive and will always go out of their way to assist – nothing is too much trouble for them.”

The clerks in the immigration team are fantastic. I would especially recommend Harriet Massie for her incredibly efficient and helpful work under high-pressure situations. She has never let me down.”

Harriet Massie is superbly efficient, very easy to communicate with, and her assistance has been invaluable in many cases.”

I have had dealings with a number of clerks including Harriet Massie and Lisa O Leary who are always very efficient.”

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers' immigration set features barristers operating 'at the forefront of legal challenges', covers an 'extremely broad range' of issues and is 'trusted by claimant and defendant alike'. Informed by expertise in public law and human rights, it has in-depth knowledge of asylum claims, refugee law, deportation and citizenship. In particular, recent highlights include Naina Patel's successful representation of the claimant in R (JCWI) v President of the UT (IAC), a matter which declared COVID-19 guidance proposing to hear large numbers of tribunal cases on papers unlawful, Jason Pobjoy's work for the UN Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism in the high-profile R (Begum) v Special Immigration Appeals Commission case (in which Sir James Eadie  represented the government in his capacity as Treasury Devil) and Isabel Buchanan's role in a judicial review challenging citizenship application fees.



Blackstone Chambers is the best set in the country in my opinion. It really does represent the best of best in all the areas that they practice. Their barristers are at the forefront of legal challenges.”

This is probably the preeminent set of public law lawyers covering an extremely broad range and trusted by claimant and defendant alike for sharp, incisive, critical thinking.”

Blackstone are the number one administrative and public law chambers and strong on immigration.”

Very good – real depth in the set.”



The Clerks at Blackstone Chambers are all very helpful and always willing to assist with bookings and confirm Counsels’ availabilities. Adam Fuschillo in particular is most helpful and possesses sound knowledge on legal aid billing rates etc.”

Very easy to deal with and responsive to requests.”

I have always found the clerks to be knowledgable and friendly. Their recommendations with regards to suitable counsel for a particular case are always helpful and they are keen to show flexibility with regards to counsel fee which makes a real difference whilst dealing with clients with a limited budget.”

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers is  'exceptionally knowledgeable in immigration law' and is recognised for providing 'a safe pair of hands to navigate judicial review'. Acting for claimants, NGOs and the government, it represents legally aided and privately funded individuals at all levels of the appellate system, including in cases at the interface of the immigration system and the welfare state. In particular, its latest highlights include Alex Goodman's successful representation of R (W) v SSHD, in which the Divisional Court found unlawful a number of applications of the "no recourse to public funds" policy amounted to cruel and degrading treatment, and Richard Drabble QC's involvement in the R (Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens) v SSHD, concerning the Home Office's fee, effectively a 200% markup, for those registering a child as a British citizen.



They have great strength in depth and I would strongly recommend them to solicitors for administrative law especially in the context of immigration matters.”

Landmark Chambers has a number of barristers who are all exceptionally knowledgeable on immigration law and always provide a safe set of hands to navigate an immigration related judicial review.”



The clerks are helpful and professional, some of the best around.”

Richard Bolton is particularly helpful.”

No5 Barristers' Chambers

No5 Barristers’ Chambers is said to feature ‘a large number of brilliant barristers’ who deliver ‘excellent service‘ to clients. Representing individuals irrespective of financial standing and fielding experts in human rights and asylum law, its barristers appear before the  Upper Tribunal as well as the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Manjit Singh Gill QC represented the claimants in Hoque and others v SSHD, a matter relating to the interpretation of the ten-year long residence route, while Danny Bazini successfully represented the claimants in HA (Iraq) v SSHD, in which the Court of Appeal ruled that the focus in on cases where the deportation of a foreign criminal is resisted on the basis of the Article 8 rights of a family member such as a child, the focus should be on that individual child.



No 5 Chambers has an immensely talented and very experienced group of immigration and asylum practitioners. Counsel are hard working and thus invariably available to cover all work sent to the chambers.”

They are a top-tier set and they have excellent barristers.”

No.5 chambers is home to a large number of brilliant barristers in the immigration field.”

No.5 is the Chambers I have given most of my instructions to because it replies and reacts very quickly to any instruction.”



The service and the clerks are brilliant and reply quickly. Gavin John and Lucas Bennett are very good and helpful all the time.”

Their services are excellent. The clerks are attentive and always comply with my requests.”

The clerks are very good and I’ve had excellent service from Gavin John.”

I have always received an excellent service and would highlight Gavin John in particular for his efficiency and prompt responses.”

The clerks at No5 are extremely prompt at replying to queries.”

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers' immigration set includes, Lisa Giovannetti QC 'quite simply the best immigration lawyer in the country' and national security expert Charlie Cory-Wright QC. Experienced in judicial reviews and challenges to control orders, its barristers regularly appear across all levels of the court system, including regular representation of the Home Office.  Standout highlights include Giovannetti's representation of the Home Office in AM (Zimbabwe) v SSHD in a matter concerning deportations of individuals to places where they will receive inadequate medical treatment and Rory Dunlop QC's representation of the same body in S3 v SSHD, a sensitive matter pertaining to alleged support of foreign terrorists).



39 Essex are big hitters in this area and are one of the go to sets for the government. They have a huge amount of talent in their team at all levels.”

For public law with an immigration focus, 39 Essex is an excellent set.”

I work with a few barristers at 39 Essex and have found them all to be of a very high quality.”



Peter Campbell is excellent.”

The service and clerks’ room has as its foundation and strong and tight knit community with strong internal communication. This is one of the striking and best features of 39 EC.”

They are efficient and personable – and prepared to go the extra mile for clients.”

Matrix Chambers

Described as a 'very professional set with very good barristers', the offering at Matrix Chambers fields 'superstar silk' Raza Husain QC, human rights/EU expert Hugh Southey QC and trafficking specialist Samantha Knights QC. Frequently instructed in maters appearing before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, its members notably act for individuals and charities in connection with modern slavery claims and are increasingly focused on sports and business immigration. Two recent important cases are Husain's representation of the UNHCR as intervener in G v G, a Supreme Court case on the interaction of non-refoulment and international child abduction returns, and Nick Armstrong's involvement in the JCWI's challenge to the government's "right to rent" policy. Christopher Buttler QC took silk in March 2021.



Very professional set with very good barristers. You would not go wrong with anyone from these chambers.”


Clerks are extremely good and they know which of their barristers would best fit your case if your preferred counsel is unavailable.”

One Pump Court

One Pump Court's immigration set has substantive experience in gender based persecution, trafficking, unlawful detention, business immigration and protection claims. Including experienced nationality and asylum specialists such as David Chirico and Emma Daykin, it can advise claimants on a full range of matters. Recent standout cases include Chirico's role in R (YA) v SSHD, a case relating to the risk of suicide upon deportation, Daykin's successful appeal to the County Court concerning fines issued by the Home office for the employment of illegal workers, and Harriet Short's work in RA (Afghanistan) v SSHD, a matter concerning the potential removal of an individual described as 'groomed for crime'. Notably, Keelin McCarthy recently joined from Lamb Building.