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Leading Silks

Richard Drabble KCLandmark ChambersRichard is a top flight performer in the senior courts where his forensic eye to detail, and the strength of his submission on statutory construction are really second to none.'
Laurie Fransman KCGarden Court ChambersLaurie gives difficult clients in difficult cases exactly what they want: the right argument, the right strategy, and success.'
Manjit Gill KCNo5 Barristers’ ChambersA passionate silk. His knowledge of the law in this area is second to none, he is creative with his arguments, always thinking outside the box. His attention to detail is amazing, there is not a stone that is left unturned.'
Lisa Giovannetti KC39 Essex ChambersLisa is probably the best and most experienced barrister at the UK immigration Bar. She is scrupulously fair and is trusted and liked by the judiciary, the Government and everyone who has ever worked with or against her.
Raza Husain KCMatrix ChambersA superstar silk in the immigration and civil liberties arena. Go to silk in any case with cross-over between these areas. A shining light in the Supreme Court who has the respect and ear of the Court.
Anthony Metzer KCGoldsmith ChambersAnthony’s meticulous preparation and formidable advocacy skills mean he can dissect his opponent’s case with the apparent ease of unwrapping a game of pass the parcel. He is incisive yet courteous in cross examination, and he is always on top of his brief.
Hugh Southey KCMatrix ChambersNot afraid to take difficult cases and pursue them to the absolute end.
David Blundell KCLandmark ChambersDavid is a very reasonable and sensible advocate. That means that the court has confidence in him. He is also a very technically able.'
Samantha Broadfoot KCLandmark ChambersSamantha is a barrister who convinces the court and has excellent technical knowledge.'
Charlie Cory-Wright KC39 Essex ChambersCharlie is dynamic and is able to express complicated concepts and ideas in a user friendly way – usually with a metaphor! Clients love him. He is calm and collected and very hardworking.
Rory Dunlop KC39 Essex ChambersRory combines a razor-sharp intellect with an understated and courteous manner. He is a powerful advocate and a pleasant and sensible opponent. Since taking silk he has gone from strength to strength.'
James Eadie KCBlackstone ChambersSir James is undoubtedly at the top of his game and is the go-to silk for the UK government. He is very impressive and commands the respect of the Supreme Court judges.’
Jonathan Glasson KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Jonathan is always thoroughly prepared and on top of his brief. He has a masterful knowledge of ECHR and asylum law.
Tom Hickman KCBlackstone ChambersShort and to the point, an excellent lawyer and advocate.'
Charlotte Kilroy KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Charlotte has excellent legal drafting skills – she is very precise and considered. Her strategic direction and tactics for seeking settlement are on point.
Sonali Naik KCGarden Court ChambersWell-connected across her discipline and very shrewd in her advice.'
Robert Palmer KCMonckton ChambersCalm and clear-headed in the most complex cases.'
Alan Payne KC39 Essex ChambersAlan is an attractive and persuasive advocate, with a proven ability to run difficult cases – in particular for the UK government.
Amanda Weston KCGarden Court ChambersNever give up, never surrender is often her advocacy style. She will not acquiesce even in hostile tribunals if she has a point that she feels needs to be made – and is more often than not on the money.

2022 Silks

Nicola Braganza KC - Garden Court Chambers 'Nicola is a fighter. Her drafting is good and she is outstanding on her feet in Court. She is great to work with - very communicative and very sensitive to clients' needs.'
Laura Dubinsky KC - Doughty Street Chambers 'Laura is, put simply, an intellectual powerhouse. Her strategic nous is incomparable to most, and her work ethic is unlike anything that I have ever before encountered.'

2023 Silks

Alex Goodman KCLandmark ChambersAn excellent advocate who knows how to win cases, has very sound judgement, extensive knowledge and is very good at judge-management.‘ 
Edward Grieves KCGarden Court ChambersEd has earned a reputation as one of the best national security/Special Immigration Appeals Commission barristers. He is a true specialist in that field and a tireless warrior.
Joe Middleton KCDoughty Street ChambersHe understands the way the Home Office operate and what arguments will be persuasive. He is calm and great to work with. His advocacy is brilliant, and his client care and team skills are excellent.'

Leading Juniors

Charlotte BayatiGoldsmith ChambersShe is a fearless fighter on behalf of her clients and her advocacy is outstanding. Her vast experience and sharp intellect are a lethal combination, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the lay client. She is a real asset to the immigration and public law bar, at the legal aid coalface. She has an incredible work ethic and is always a pleasure to work with.'
Adrian BerryGarden Court ChambersAdrian stands out as a leader in the field. His written representations are of a high quality and his advocacy skills are second to none.'
S Chelvan33 Bedford RowVery good on strategic litigation and very intelligent. His expertise in sexual identity related asylum claims is world renowned.
David ChiricoOne Pump CourtAn absolutely brilliant legal mind paired with incredible warmth and generosity. Very modest, he manages to get the best out of everyone he is working with.
Kathryn CroninGarden Court ChambersShe has encyclopaedic knowledge of the even most obscure but relevant case law, a joy to work with, always approachable and a genius in her area of expertise which is immigration and family related law.'
Peter JorroGarden Court ChambersPeter is an excellent barrister both for advisory work and in court. He has an in depth knowledge of immigration law but also has a practical approach.'
Alasdair MackenzieDoughty Street ChambersUnrivalled expertise in immigration, asylum and public law. A standout of the immigration bar. Forensic in his approach, and a powerhouse of knowledge and a fearless advocate on behalf of his vulnerable clients.'
Bernadette Smith1MCBShe has extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the relevant laws and procedures, and thinks carefully and creatively around the challenges that each case presents.'
Ali BandeganiGarden Court ChambersHe is a consummate advocate and his strength lies in his breaking down complex legal issues into snippets of persuasive submissions capable of bringing even the toughest judges around.'
Greg Ó CeallaighGarden Court ChambersHis drafting is exceptional, lucid and very easy to follow for the readers, which makes it attractive to judges and generates positive outcome for the clients in most cases. In court, Greg is also very passionate in his advocacy and perseveres to secure the best outcome for his client.‘ 
Rebecca ChapmanGarden Court ChambersCommitted, client orientated, tenacious and a very compelling advocate.'
Graham Denholm – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Graham is a go-to barrister for unlawful immigration detention, judicial review, and damages claims. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, produces impeccable written work, provides sensible advice, and is a very effective court advocate.
Eric FrippThe 36 GroupAn immigration expert, with a wide range of expertise in nationality, PBS, family-based routes, human rights applications, complex deportation, and judicial review and Court of Appeals work.'
Samina IqbalGoldsmith ChambersDauntless advocate who is not afraid to take on a challenge. Superb legal mind with excellent professional approach. Meticulous and thorough with facts and law.'
David JonesGarden Court ChambersVery hardworking and diligent. Excellent professional etiquette. Presents submissions forcefully and clearly, yet dispassionately and objectively.'
Gilda KiaiOne Pump CourtShe is very intelligent, quick to spot the issues and legal arguments in a case, and has a fantastic ability to make persuasive arguments really concisely.'
Victoria LaughtonOne Pump CourtShe is really clever, extremely thorough, tenacious, hugely experienced in a wide range of areas and super quick to get on top of any new issue.
Abid MahmoodNo5 Barristers’ ChambersHe has the ability to think out of the box and develops novel points of law which have not been tested in the High Courts. His advocacy is clear and concise.'
Naina PatelBlackstone ChambersA very skilful and fierce advocate who shows incredible attention to detail in her work.'
Jason PobjoyBlackstone ChambersQuick grasp of complex issues followed by sharp legal analysis and firm, persuasive advocacy. Jason is also an excellent team player, respectful to the views of others whilst always making the most valuable contributions.'
Sanaz SaifolahiGoldsmith ChambersSanaz is an exceptionally talented barrister with an impressive analytical mind and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant law and procedure, which includes keeping closely up-to-date with changes.'
Sadat SayeedGarden Court ChambersSuperb advocacy. Liked and respected by judges and clients. Does not leave a stone unturned.'
Julia SmythLandmark ChambersDelightful to work with, outstanding knowledge of the subject matter, great judgement.'
Anthony Vaughan Doughty Street ChambersHis advocacy is crisp and does not waste time: not overly florid, but focussed and precise. His preparation is excellent, showing a mastery of detail.'
Nick ArmstrongMatrix ChambersNick is one of the most engaging and compelling advocates, whether in conferences with clients and witnesses, or on his feet during litigation.
Bojana Asanovic Garden Court ChambersBojana is a highly experienced public law barrister with real intellectual heft. In addition to her well known expertise in EU law/EU Settlement Scheme matters, she has a strong reputation in asylum and human rights work, such as for LGBT clients.'
Natasha Barnes1 Crown Office RowNatasha is extremely bright and her drafting is impeccable.
Grace BrownGarden Court ChambersGrace's drafting is thorough and meticulous and her advocacy is clear and persuasive.'
Alex BurrettOne Pump CourtAlex is a great advocate. He is exceptional at being succinct but not at the expense of being thorough.'
Emma DaykinOne Pump CourtVery detailed knowledge of the law. Can turn grounds around very quickly. Very good at thinking strategically.'
Justine FisherOne Pump CourtJustine’s level of expertise and attention to detail is exceptional.
Helen FootGarden Court ChambersHelen is a first rate barrister. She has a sharp and agile mind, an encyclopedic knowledge of immigration law and she is just a pleasure to work with. She is also a terrific advocate and her drafting skills are second to none.'
Satinder GillFive PaperSatinder is a genuine expert in business immigration. He combines an excellent knowledge of immigration law with a practical and commercial approach.'
Raza HalimGarden Court ChambersRaza has never, and will never, lose sight of what is important: the clients we represent. His advocacy is measured yet forthright, leaving his opponent with very little room for manoeuvre due to his forensic preparation.
Phil HaywoodDoughty Street ChambersHis knowledge of immigration and asylum law is first class and he is an excellent advocate. A great strength of his is an ability to train and guide solicitors and paralegals who may not have the in-depth knowledge with patience.
Jack Holborn39 Essex ChambersJack’s knowledge and grasp of costs issues in unusual, technically difficult and high value costs cases is magnificent.'
Michelle KnorrDoughty Street ChambersWhat Michelle doesn't know about immigration law isn't worth knowing; she is a brilliant immigration junior who is also a great public and human rights lawyer.
Eleanor MitchellMatrix ChambersShe is a really impressive junior who is working on some of the most important public law judicial reviews on behalf of asylum seekers and victims of trafficking.
Edward NicholsonNo5 Barristers’ ChambersVery experienced counsel. Excellent legal and practical knowledge. Able to handle a very wide range of matters in the field of immigration and asylum law - particularly complex immigration matters.'
Sarah PinderGoldsmith ChambersSarah demonstrates integrity and applies independence of mind to make incisive, fair and legally sound decisions. Her grounds and skeleton arguments are always soundly reasoned and easy to follow. She applies the relevant law and procedure correctly to progress the case.'
Frances ShawNo5 Barristers’ ChambersFrances is responsive, precise, thorough, thoughtful, and most important of all, fearless in her representation and advocacy. Frances is very alert down to the finer details of each case whether it be in her representation of clients in court or in her written advocacy.'
Jessica SmeatonNo5 Barristers’ ChambersJessica is an excellent all-rounder: clever, inventive and hardworking.'
Priya SolankiOne Pump CourtExcellent attention to detail. Her manner is calm and controlled. She is a pleasure to work with.
Christopher Staker39 Essex ChambersChris has always proven to be an exceptionally bright and able opponent. He absorbs information quickly, processes the same and is adaptable enough to manage complex new issues and shifts in evidence as they occur. He is a consummate professional.
Mark SymesGarden Court ChambersMark knows everything there is to know about immigration law. He will pick on issues that others would miss.'
Jack Anderson 39 Essex ChambersJack is incredibly hard working and extremely quick. He knows a huge amount about immigration law, human rights and refugee and asylum law.
Antonia BenfieldDoughty Street ChambersGo-to counsel for complex cases and those involving vulnerable clients. She is very sharp and will often pick up on issues others would miss. In court, she is a powerful advocate and fights fearlessly for her clients.'
Benjamin Bundock - One Pump Court 'Ben is highly intelligent, innovative, meticulous, tenacious and client focussed. He works tirelessly and collaboratively for the best interests of clients.'
Miranda Butler – Landmark ChambersMiranda is an extremely talented barrister. She is gifted at quickly articulating complicated law and an asset to any case. She works tirelessly whilst remaining caring, kind and compassionate.
Grace Capel - Garden Court Chambers 'Grace is an incredibly tenacious and hard-working barrister. She is thorough with her advice and works well under pressure.'
Ayesha ChristieMatrix ChambersShe is extremely organised and a very impressive advocate. She never loses sight of the client and always gets the best outcomes for them.
Guy DavisonGoldsmith ChambersGuy's approach is to present the most difficult and novel points in the simplest way possible, which always works. He is a fearless advocate with excellent mannerism - his understanding of the ever-changing immigration rules and the complex case law is second to none.
Ubah DirieGarden Court Chambers 'She is a passionate advocate for her lay clients, manages to deal with complex and at times distressing cases with humour, and is a good ally.'
Emma Fitzsimons - Garden Court Chambers 'Very astute. Written work is excellent. Very calm and has good tactical instincts.'
Bijan HoshiGarden Court Chambers 'Bijan is very collegiate in his approach, extremely responsive, and produces high-quality advice promptly. He is also practically minded and strategic: he encourages those he works with to think ahead and see the wider picture. His knowledge of public law and human rights principles is excellent.'
Sangeetha IengarGoldsmith ChambersSangeetha has a superb style of written advocacy. She provides cogent, powerful and persuasive submissions after considerable research. She is highly-regarded, intelligent, and very focussed to achieve the best results for her clients.'
Ranjiv KhubberNo5 Barristers’ ChambersHis expertise in complex immigration matters is second to none. He is passionate and dedicated to acheiving the best outcome possible. He is open and collaborative in his approach. He is an extremely experienced advocate who is well respected by the higher courts.'
David LemerDoughty Street ChambersDavid has no weaknesses. He is good with clients and very honest.
Gemma LoughranGarden Court ChambersFights for the best possible outcome for a client. Extremely effective in achieving good results.'
Shu Shin Luh – Doughty Street Chambers 'Always completely on top of her brief. Reliable and clever. She has an amazing capacity to draft detailed and persuasive submissions at speed.'
Nabila MallickNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Very knowledgeable, understanding, and responsive.'
David Manknell1 Crown Office RowDavid is a meticulous barrister, able and willing to run carefully crafted legal arguments and persuade a sceptical tribunal.'
Hafsah Masood Landmark Chambers ‘Hafsah articulates compelling rebuttal arguments in defending Government decisions even in cases where the merits of the decisions under challenge are questionable. She engages well with clients and is respected by opponents and judges for her straightforward no-nonsense approach.
Keelin McCarthyOne Pump CourtVery thorough written work and very good eye for detail. Able to handle a wide range of matters in immigration and asylum law.'
Catherine MeredithDoughty Street Chambers 'Careful, considered approach. Takes care to ensure favourable outcomes for clients are implemented effectively, even where settlement is offered at early stage.'
David Mitchell – 39 Essex ChambersDavid is a charming but robust advocate and is an asset to his clients.
Rowena MoffattDoughty Street ChambersRowena’s drafting is excellent. She is able to present persuasive and well evidenced arguments. Rowena is also wonderful to work with. Her work is brilliant and always to deadline.'
Asma Nizami – One Pump CourtVery strong commitment to her clients and pursues every evidential and legal angle of the case; extremely personable and wins the trust of vulnerable clients.
Julian Norman – Goldsmith ChambersExceptionally talented advocate. Thorough, knowledgeable and sharp in law. Creative with strategic arguments and up for arguing novel points. Fearless and persuasive on her feet.
Agata PatynaDoughty Street ChambersVery good knowledge of unlawful detention and migrant support claims. Extremely hardworking with a forensic approach to evidence - she will leave no stone unturned. Goes above and beyond for every client - and is usually successful.'
Catherine RobinsonOne Pump CourtAn excellent barrister - highly intelligent, thoughtful and communicative. Her previous experience as a solicitor is hugely helpful, as she can advise from early in the case in relation to evidence gathering and tactics.
Parminder SainiNo5 Barristers’ ChambersParminder’s key to success is his preparation. He goes above and beyond any other barrister I have seen and he is always determined to give his best shot.
David SellwoodGarden Court ChambersDavid is very organised and thorough and has excellent client skills. He is calm and able to cope with the unexpected. His oral submissions are excellent as is his written work.'
Harriet ShortOne Pump Court 'Harriet is hard working, gives detailed consideration to the facts and achieves great outcomes in difficult cases.'
Alexis SlatterGoldsmith ChambersHe is an expert in his field, he is thorough, and he has great rapport with clients, which leads to successful outcomes.'
Abigail SmithGarden Court ChambersHer outstanding qualities include immaculate case preparation and legal analysis, superb communication and advocacy skills, and a willingness to take on complex cases and work within short timeframes.'
Colin Thomann  – 39 Essex ChambersSupreme intelligence and deeper expertise than most silks in this area.
Lawrence YoussefianGoldsmith ChambersHe has a great indepth knowledge of immigration and asylum law. He tackles problematic immigration matters in a clear and decisive way, he looks to find answers, is very friendly, approachable and reassuring to clients.'

Rising Stars

Camila Zapata BessoDoughty Street Chambers ‘Wonderful tenacity. Attention to detail, and a great ability to communicate with clients and instructing solicitors.
Isabel BuchananBlackstone Chambers 'Her quick thinking supports the effectiveness of her delivery and fluency in court. Her ability to look at, and respond to all positions in an issue, ensures that her delivery is balanced and effective.'
Eva Doerr - Garden Court Chambers 'Eva is the go-to junior barrister for matters relating to EU law and the mechanics of the post-Brexit immigration system. Her systematic and forensic analysis when speaking on these issues is impressive.'
Pierre Georget – Goldsmith ChambersPierre grasps the facts of the case easily. His arguments are strong, clear, well thought out, and ultimately lead to success.
Zoe Harper - Doughty Street Chambers 'Expert knowledge and extensive experience of cases involving victims of trafficking and modern slavery.'

Immigration (including business immigration) in London Bar

Garden Court Chambers

Clients regard Garden Court Chambers as ‘the leading set in this area’, with a significant team of barristers boasting ‘in-depth expertise‘ across all areas of immigration, asylum, and nationality law. Set members have experience at all courts, up to the UK Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights, and Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as in the First-Tier and Upper Tribunals and the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC). In the last year, Sonali Naik KC led Helen Foot in Ciceri v SSHD, a deprivation test case, and Greg Ó Ceallaigh in QH (Afghanistan) v SSHD, in which the Court of Appeal found the appellant was entitled to damages under the Human Rights Act and EU law for his removal to Germany as a child. Meanwhile, Mark Symes appeared before the European Court of Human Rights in Otite v United Kingdom, an Article 8 right to family life challenge to the UK’s deportation of serious criminal offenders. Stephanie Harrison KC and Laurie Fransman KC are also highly recommended.



‘The leading set in this area – unparalleled strength in depth.’

‘The Immigration Team of Garden Court Chambers is one of the best in the country as their barristers provide excellent expert advice, the best representation in court and their meticulous case preparation is second to none.’

‘Very clearly the leading set in immigration field for decades – despite tough competition.’

‘Garden Court Chambers have a very strong immigration law team and I would be comfortable with any of their counsel being instructed on one of my cases. I would be confident that they would be a barrister who produced high-quality work but was also willing to collaborate with their instructing solicitor.’

‘Garden Court is at the pinnacle of human rights work. That has not changed this year. The set fights fearlessly to give people a voice. Each and every barrister will give everything that they can to ensuring their clients achieve their desired outcome, and will stop at nothing to ensure that is the case.’


‘The clerks are unwavering in their willingness to assist instructing solicitors. Harriet Massie and Helen D’Agostino are powerhouses – they understand the role, yet they exceed even the expectations of the most demanding solicitors.’

39 Essex Chambers

Lisa Giovannetti KC, regarded as ‘probably the best and most experienced barrister at the UK immigration Bar‘, is a cornerstone of the immigration practice at 39 Essex Chambers. Other prominent silks include Rory Dunlop KC and Zane Malik KC, and chambers also boasts a strong bench of juniors such as Colin Thomann and Emily Wilsdon, who joined from Temple Garden Chambers in March 2022. Notable cases include Dunlop’s leading for the government in AM (Zimbabwe) v SSHD in the Upper Tribunal, following on from his work led by Giovannetti in the Supreme Court case of the same name.



’39 Essex Chambers is probably the leading set in the country for immigration if you want a rounded set of barristers, who have acted both for claimants and for the government.’

Blackstone Chambers

With broad coverage across claimant and respondent work, Blackstone Chambers has a reputation as an ‘exceptionally impressive set‘ with ‘strength in depth‘, with members boasting broad experience in public law, including cases relating to deprivation, asylum, and detention. Treasury Devil James Eadie KC is an especially noteworthy practitioner, with other notable members including Tom Hickman KC and Dinah Rose KC, as well as junior Naina Patel. Notable recent highlights for the set include Eadie’s prominent role in Shamima Begum v Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), which was heard in the Supreme Court in 2021, and Hickman’s work on NB & Ors v SSHD, a case concerning the government’s use of the dilapidated Napier Barracks in Folkestone to house asylum seekers.



‘Blackstone has always been an exceptionally impressive set.’

‘Very renowned set for public law and administrative cases for both claimant and respondent work.’

‘Blackstone is a premium set and has some of the brightest legal minds available to provide assistance.’

‘The set has an excellent complement of very bright and knowledgeable public law barristers, who are first-rate.’ 

‘There is significant strength in depth amongst the barristers’ ranks at Blackstone Chambers.’    


‘The clerks at Blackstone Chambers are all very helpful and always willing to assist with bookings and confirm counsels’ availabilities. Adam Fuschillo in particular is most helpful and possesses sound knowledge on matters such as legal aid billing.’

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers has a strong and growing immigration team, bolstered over the last year by several arrivals including Shu Shin Luh and Anthony Vaughan. Vaughan acted for the appellant in R (Majera) v SSHD, a case concerning the Home Office's unilateral decision to ignore a tribunal order based on a legal defect. Elsewhere, highly-regarded junior Alasdair Mackenzie led Antonia Benfield on Sri Lanka country guidance case KK & RS (Sur place activities: risk) Sri Lanka CG.



‘Doughty Street is one of the best sets in the UK, with excellent client service.’

‘A brilliant set, which offers unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise.’

‘Very strong in immigration and deportation, and finding good legal challenges to urgent questions.’

‘A great set with many young and experienced barristers who are hardworking and who work to a high standard. They offer great training programmes too.’

‘Doughty Street is one of the leading sets for immigration/asylum law work.’


‘Clerks are amazing and run the whole operation like clockwork.’

Work highlights

    Landmark Chambers

    Regarded as a ‘strong public law set‘ with ‘an impressive array of juniors and silks‘, Landmark Chambers boasts a broad bench of barristers that enables it to act on both the claimant and respondent sides of proceedings. Tim Buley KC and joint head of the public law group Samantha Broadfoot KC recently appeared opposite each other in AK & Ors, R (on the application of) v The Entry Clearance Office (Islamabad) & Anor, contesting whether the immigration rules’ definition of de facto adoption gave rise to unlawful discrimination or was irrational. Notable juniors include Julia Smyth and Hafsah Masood, as well as ‘fearless advocate‘, Miranda Butler, who arrived from Garden Court Chambers in January 2022.



    Landmark Chambers is one of the best chambers around for public law issues.’

    ‘Landmark has really shot up of late, with an impressive array of juniors and silks, particularly in public law.’

    ‘Landmark is a strong public law set.’


    ‘The Landmark clerking team is one of the best to work with – very helpful and they make your life easy.’

    ‘Zoe Bluck at Landmark Chambers is prompt in responding to any queries raised regarding counsel’s availability, and in organising conferences.’

    ‘You always know where you are with Landmark’s clerks’ rooms. They are organised and efficient to say the least.’

    Matrix Chambers

    Matrix Chambers fields ‘one of the most efficient and friendly practice teams‘ in immigration, with ‘some of the most brilliant minds in the sphere‘. Practice head Raza Husain KC is especially notable, with significant high-profile involvement in the challenges to the deportation of prospective asylum seekers to Rwanda. SC (Jamaica) v SSHD, a case concerning internal relocation of deportees, was a significant recent win for the set, in which Husain was supported by the ‘hard working‘ and ‘meticulousEleanor Mitchell. Meanwhile, Hugh Southey KC is renowned for his work in EU law and in areas of overlap with prison law.



    ‘Matrix Chambers is a great set with exceptional public lawyers who are also great people to work with.’

    ‘The quality of Matrix Chambers simply cannot be questioned. Some of the most brilliant minds in the sphere emanate from the set, and they are a go-to group of barristers for not only me, but a number of my colleagues, for that exact reason.’

    ‘Matrix Chambers has some of the best immigration counsel in the country.’


    ‘The clerks at Matrix are super – always ready to help.’

    ‘The practice teams are friendly and helpful. You can always rely on Liz Bousher – she is extremely helpful and friendly.’

    ‘Matrix has one of the most efficient and friendly practice teams that I have come across. I want to highlight the incredible work of Simon Gardner and Liz Bousher, both of whom go above and beyond to ensure that instructing solicitors are left wanting nothing.’

    Goldsmith Chambers

    Goldsmith Chambers has a strong reputation in immigration, with a number of experienced juniors to its name, including Charlotte Bayati, well known for her work in cases involving Tamil refugees, often victims of sex and gender-based violence, and Samina Iqbal, who leads the immigration practice with Sarah Pinder, as well as acclaimed silk and ‘outstanding advocateAnthony Metzer KC. In addition, Lawrence Youssefian recently appeared in notable cases Walile (deprivation: self-incrimination: anonymity), and EP (Albania) & Ors (rule 34 decisions; setting aside).



    ‘Goldsmith Chambers has the best choice of barristers, having experts in all fields, flexible and at affordable fees.’

    ‘Goldsmiths are a well established immigration set. There is a range of senior and junior counsels available and the set generally covers all aspects of immigration law.’

    ‘A first-class set with an excellent range of counsels and efficient clerking. Counsel at Goldsmith will go the extra mile.’

    ‘Goldsmith has become my first choice chambers in the last few years. The set offers a fabulous range of barristers, and the clerking is efficient and approachable.’

    ‘Goldsmith Chambers are well served with excellent Barristers who are readily available to accept briefs when instructed at even short notice. Training programmes, which have recently been delivered virtually, are up-to-date and relevant to the prevailing discourse on UK Immigration law.’


    ‘The clerks at Goldsmith Chambers are prompt and courteous and always willing to assist with instructions received. Neil Dinsdale is worthy of mention as he possesses sound knowledge on legal aid billing.’

    No5 Barristers' Chambers

    A ‘strong immigration practice‘ with ‘expertise in most areas‘ of immigration and asylum law, No5 Barristers’ Chambers acts for clients including vulnerable individuals and refugees in the full range of appeals and claims. In Yilmaz v SSHD, Manjit Singh Gill KC appeared before the Lord Chief Justice on a case concerning Home Office breach of duty of candour in relation to out-of-country video link hearings. Practice group head Danny Bazini, meanwhile, led Jessica Smeaton and Ramby De Mello on significant deportation appeals HA (Iraq) v SSHD and RA (Iraq) v SSHD.



    ‘No.5 is a very responsive and efficient set with very helpful clerks. It is always a pleasure to instruct No. 5.’

    ‘No 5 Chambers is a strong set providing expertise in most areas due to its size and geographical reach.’

    ‘No5 Chambers is a formidable set and it is one of the biggest sets in the UK. Most importantly, barristers at No5 are highly regarded for their knowledge and their expertise in their respective fields of practice. In immigration law, in particular, chambers has a full range of junior to senior barristers including Queen’s Counsels. Due to the size of the chambers, availability has never been an issue for me as I have been able to instruct another barrister if my desired counsel was not available on a particular day.’

    ‘Fantastic communication.’

    ‘The barristers are readily available for urgent work. Chambers provides invaluable training to solicitors throughout the year.’


    ‘The clerking team is extremely helpful and they endeavour to provide the best possible service whilst maintaining high standards.’

    One Pump Court

    The immigration barristers at claimant-focused set One Pump Court have particular experience acting for vulnerable clients, and often work as part of larger teams alongside prominent individuals from other chambers. Members of chambers feature expertise in cases involving children, victims of trafficking, and those suffering from physical or mental health issues, advising on all areas of asylum, immigration, and nationality law. David Chirico is especially well-regarded, with recent highlights including his role as part of a team instructed by UNHCR to intervene on the deportation of asylum claimants to Rwanda. Harriet Short and Benjamin Bundock are also noted, and are led by Chirico on R (HY) v SSHD, a challenge to the Home Office’s inadmissibility policy for those who have travelled through a “safe third country”.



    ‘I have found all counsel I have instructed at One Pump Court to be very knowledgeable, approachable and reliable in all matters of immigration law and practice.’

    ‘One Pump Court is my go-to set for instructing counsel in immigration and public law issues.’

    ‘One of the best chambers in the country in the field of immigration, human rights and public law.’

    ‘One Pump Court is a very strong chambers.’

    ‘The Chambers has a great depth of experience and I have not instructed anyone at One Pump Court who has not impressed me in some way or other. I get the impression that members of the Chambers work well together and that information is shared for the good of the set and for those instructing them.’


    ‘The clerks are a pleasure to work with. They are always prepared go above and beyond when required, be it getting urgent documents delivered to court or collating last minute bundles together.’