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Leading Silks

Richard Drabble QC - Landmark ChambersOne of the most highly regarded silks at the public law Bar.
Laurie Fransman QC - Garden Court ChambersHis strategic legal mind is exceptional and his drafting skills are arguably the best I have ever seen; he builds excellent rapport with clients.
Manjit Gill QC - No5 Barristers ChambersHe can dismantle an opponent's case with lightning precision.
Lisa Giovannetti QC - 39 Essex ChambersLisa is utterly, utterly brilliant. A phenomenal lawyer and the most thoughtful silk I've ever worked with.
Stephanie Harrison QC - Garden Court ChambersStephanie is an excellent advocate. She is tenacious yet always polite and very good under hard questioning. She is also tactically astute and has an ability to look at a case from so many different angles.
Raza Husain QC - Matrix Chambers ‘Superb lawyer with vast experience in all aspects on UK immigration law, asylum, ECHR, European law, and nationality law.
Hugh Southey QC - Matrix ChambersAn incredibly thorough analyst of material and very clear and precise written work.
Robin Tam QC - Temple Garden ChambersRobin is extremely intelligent and his analysis of complicated legal issues is second to none. He is also very good at thinking strategically and considering both the short term and long term implications of any decision. He always remains calm in court even when under pressure and never fails to fight his client's corner.
Samantha Broadfoot QC - Landmark ChambersSharp, focused and intelligent, she is a very impressive advocate and knows how to fight her client's corner.
Charlie Cory-Wright QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is an extremely able advocate, charming and very persuasive.
James Eadie QC - Blackstone ChambersHe is the best Supreme Court advocate with more experience before the court than anyone else at the Bar.
Jonathan Glasson QC - Matrix ChambersJonathan is an extremely thorough and imaginative lawyer, with in-depth knowledge of asylum and human rights law.
Samantha Knights QC - Matrix ChambersSamantha is an exceptional silk, an outstanding advocate and an asset to a case.
Anthony Metzer QC - Goldsmith ChambersI have not yet met a QC who would present a case with such determination, dedication and robustness.
Sonali Naik QC - Garden Court ChambersSonali is my go-to silk for complex immigration and asylum related matters.
Dinah Rose QC - Blackstone ChambersAn astute and courageous court performer, who is able to respond flexibly and appropriately to any type of situation and judge.

2019 Silks

Tim Buley QC - Landmark ChambersTremendously quick to assess and advise, with an uncanny ability to locate the key issues in complex cases.
Rory Dunlop QC - 39 Essex ChambersUnrivalled mastery of the intersection of immigration and human rights law, especially immigration detention.
Tom Hickman QC - Blackstone ChambersHe remains one of the most gifted counsel around, who identifies the most cutting edge and winnable points.
Charlotte Kilroy QC - Doughty Street ChambersHas done really excellent work in developing the law in relation to unaccompanied children and other vulnerable refugees stranded across Europe with family members in the UK.
Robert Palmer QC - Monckton ChambersA highly accomplished practitioner who delivers with clarity and composure both when advising clients and when delivering submissions in court or tribunal.
Neil Sheldon QC - 1 Crown Office RowHe is exceptional in his drafting and will ensure that every case has the best chance of success through thorough examination of the evidence.

2020 Silks

David Blundell - Landmark ChambersExcellent, top quality. He is willing to take on difficult points for the government.

2021 Silks

Christopher Buttler QC - Matrix ChambersChris is a truly exceptional advocate, delivering silk level work and the most outstanding outcomes for our clients.
Gwion Lewis QC - Landmark ChambersHe always provides comprehensive and detailed written advice and is very personable and easy to work with.
Zane Malik QC - 39 Essex ChambersZane is an outstanding barrister with a tremendously good reputation, who instils confidence in his solicitors.
Tom Poole QC - 3 Hare CourtTom is a very good, measured, advocate (which makes him very well suited for government work), he is unflappable, and a safe pair of hands. He has unparalleled experience in respect of points based system disputes and evidential flexibility.

Leading Juniors

Charlotte Bayati - Goldsmith ChambersShe is very impressive in her drafting and paper work and an excellent advocate.
Adrian Berry - Garden Court ChambersHe is without doubt one of the brightest barristers in the field. His knowledge of EU law and nationality law is unsurpassed.
Dr S Chelvan - 33 Bedford RowHis expertise in sexual-identity-related asylum claims is world-renowned.
David Chirico - One Pump CourtBrilliant legal mind, creative in terms of strategy, willing to run novel points and has a tenacious spirit in fighting cases hard to the very end.
Kathryn Cronin - Garden Court ChambersBrilliant at the overlap between immigration and family law but a star in virtually every area of immigration law.
Laura Dubinsky - Doughty Street ChambersThe extent of her knowledge is astounding, covering public law, immigration and detention; her ingenuity and ability to come up with novel points of law is unrivalled.
Peter Jorro - Garden Court ChambersPeter is an excellent advocate, extremely persuasive in court.
Joe Middleton - Doughty Street ChambersJoe is a delight to work with - not only does he have a wealth of experience and a tremendous intellect but also an excellent manner with lay clients.
Duran Seddon - Garden Court ChambersExtremely impressive written work. He is able to cut through to the crux of the case making it seem simple. Very down to earth and thorough.
Rebecca Chapman - Garden Court ChambersRebecca's legal knowledge is outstanding - whether it be a complex EEA deportation appeal or an intricate application for interim relief in a judicial review she knows the exact argument to run and gets results.
Graham Denholm - Landmark ChambersHis knowledge of immigration law generally and unlawful detention specifically is fantastic.
Eric Fripp - The 36 GroupHis strength is in his exceptional analytical skills and his thorough drafting, especially in the area of deportation and asylum.
David Jones - Garden Court ChambersDavid is excellent at communicating with clients and building a rapport. He is able to advise business clients as he understands the commercial context and what the drivers are for these clients.
Gilda Kiai - One Pump CourtGilda is a powerful and passionate advocate.
Alasdair Mackenzie - Doughty Street ChambersHis written work is immaculately written and both forceful and measured. His advocacy is likewise focused and powerful.
Abid Mahmood - No5 Barristers ChambersHe masters the tricky balance in very emotive cases of reassuring clients without sugar coating the pill.
Jason Pobjoy - Blackstone ChambersExcellent drafting skills, font of huge knowledge around child rights in particular.
Sadat Sayeed - Garden Court ChambersHe is a brilliant, hard-working barrister who brings passion, intelligence, and compassion to every case.
Ronan Toal - Garden Court ChambersRonan has a specialist knowledge of Somali refugee claims and over the years he has been the leading counsel in the country guidance cases. Ronan has an excellent legal mind and his written work is truly first class.
Galina Ward - Landmark ChambersHer drafting is second to none - she is able to distil document heavy cases and complex legal arguments to the salient points with ease and flair.
Colin Yeo - Garden Court ChambersColin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of immigration law; he is able to think outside the box and is great to work with.
Nick Armstrong - Matrix ChambersAn excellent barrister with a no-nonsense style of drafting, and particularly strong with Tier 2 license revocations.
Bojana Asanovic - Lamb BuildingBojana is a highly experienced and fiercely intelligent barrister, who has a very strong reputation in particularly complex cases relating to vulnerable groups.
Danny Bazini - No5 Barristers ChambersA very experienced practitioner with an excellent track record in winning cases.
Nicola Braganza - Garden Court ChambersNicola is an extremely talented advocate; her representation has been crucial in securing positive outcomes in difficult cases.
Michelle Brewer - Garden Court Chambers ‘She was a pleasure to work with, highly collaborative and equally passionate to achieve justice. Her written and oral advocacy is superb.
Alex Burrett - One Pump CourtHe has excellent advocacy skills, and is very knowledgeable within his field.
Greg Ó Ceallaigh - Garden Court ChambersHe is diligent in the way he works and is always available when needed, and works well with his instructing solicitors.
Emma Daykin - One Pump Court ‘There are not many barristers who are as experienced as Emma in dealing with all aspects of immigration (including points based system), asylum and nationality law.
Justine Fisher - One Pump Court ‘Her written work is outstanding and her advocacy is very persuasive.
Satinder Gill - Five Paper ‘Truly an expert in business immigration with particular strengths in providing an in-depth insight into the subject matter while relating to the client with a commercial approach to problem solving.
Raza Halim - Garden Court ChambersRaza Halim is an excellent strategist, very experienced in public law matters and likes a challenge. He is responsive and easy to work with and his drafting is excellent.
Phil Haywood - Doughty Street ChambersHe is highly intelligent, thorough and tactical, putting to excellent use his understanding of the finer points of the law.
Samina Iqbal - Goldsmith ChambersHer exceptional clarity in arguments and attention to subtle details always leads her to shine in her work.
Victoria Laughton - One Pump CourtVictoria is extremely thorough and a very safe pair of hands, with vast experience.
Patrick Lewis - Garden Court ChambersHe has an excellent rapport with clients who feel confident in his abilities and can see the extra mile that he goes for them – this is especially so for vulnerable clients for whom the court process can be overwhelming.
David Manknell - 1 Crown Office RowHe is excellent in conference and on his feet with a real eye for detail.
Ramby de Mello - No5 Barristers ChambersHe is well regarded in the immigration field.
Edward Nicholson - No5 Barristers ChambersA real ability to consider novel and different legal arguments in representing clients.
Declan O'Callaghan - Landmark ChambersAn exceptional advocate with a spectrum of knowledge that he brings to individual cases.
Naina Patel - Blackstone ChambersShe is extremely thorough, quick and able to think outside of the box.
Bryony Poynor - Garden Court ChambersVery dedicated and knowledgeable and tenacious. Very good to work with.
Joanne RothwellNo5 Barristers ChambersShe has particular expertise in finding solutions outside of the immigration rules.
Sanaz Saifolahi - Goldsmith ChambersSanaz is a brilliant and confident advocate; her drafting skills are impeccable and knowledge on immigration/public law is second to none.
Julia Smyth - Landmark ChambersJulia has proven herself to be immensely capable, very thorough, responsive and impresses with a detailed knowledge of the law on EU free movement.
Priya Solanki - One Pump CourtShe has a passion for this area of work particularly in working for vulnerable survivors of domestic violence and trafficking.
Christopher Staker - 39 Essex ChambersHe is an outstanding counsel both in opinion and appearances work.
Mark Symes - Garden Court ChambersKnowledgeable and highly expert.
Anthony Vaughan - Doughty Street Chambers ‘Technically excellent, great rapport with clients, leaves no stone unturned.
Sandra Akinbolu - The 36 GroupShe is a fighter and does not give up, good knowledge of law and very helpful to instructing solicitors.
Ali Bandegani - Garden Court ChambersIncredible knowledge of asylum and immigration law.
Natasha Barnes - 1 Crown Office RowAn excellent and experienced practitioner.
Guy Davison - Goldsmith ChambersHe is a fearless advocate with excellent drafting skills.
Helen Foot - Garden Court ChambersShe has a brilliant, agile mind that can quickly get to the crux of the matter regardless of the complexity of the case.
Alex Goodman - Landmark ChambersAlex is a stand-out junior whose work has been astoundingly good, of silk quality.
Edward Grieves - Garden Court ChambersHe takes enormous care about his work and advice. He has enviable organisational skills which means he can plan ahead and be fully prepared in advance of each stage of the case.
Benjamin Hawkin - 1MCBHe goes straight to the core of the matter and provides clear and concise advice.
Jack Holborn - 39 Essex ChambersExcellent drafter with a good knowledge of immigration law.
Louise Hooper - Garden Court ChambersShe is really strong on asylum and appeals as well as a pleasure to work with.
Bijan Hoshi - Garden Court ChambersBjian is very committed, hardworking and has excellent attention to detail.
Christopher Jacobs - Landmark ChambersHe is a very able and conscientious advocate.
Ranjiv Khubber  - No5 ChambersHe is a very strong immigration lawyer, with a wide and strategic grasp of his materials.
Michelle Knorr - Doughty Street Chambers ‘She provides high-quality written work and is a tenacious advocate.
Gordon Lee - Garden Court ChambersTactically astute, well-prepared to the nth degree and utterly charming in court.
David Lemer - Doughty Street ChambersHis knowledge of UK immigration law is exceptional, as is his understanding of Tribunal procedure and persuasive arguments to pursue.
Gemma Loughran - Garden Court ChambersGemma Loughran is extremely effective barrister, specialising in all aspects of refugee work, trafficking, children and deportation cases.
Shu Shin Luh - Doughty Street Chambers ‘Shu Shin is very committed to public immigration work and her clients, she has strategic approach, is thorough but also very quick, produces high-standard written work and has an excellent track record.
Nabila Mallick - No5 Barristers ChambersNabila is tenacious and detailed in her approach to her cases, she is passionate and enthusiastic and fights for her clients to the end.
Keelin McCarthy - Lamb BuildingKeelin is extremely dedicated to her clients, leaving no stone unturned and very thorough in her approach.
Catherine Meredith - Doughty Street ChambersCatherine is a top barrister in immigration law especially when it applies to victims of trafficking.
Rowena Moffatt - Doughty Street ChambersShe is uniformly excellent; she provides strong technical advice and quickly understands the material issues on a file.
Julian Norman - Drystone ChambersMs Norman is a brilliant advocate and fearless fighter for justice. She is approachable and very prompt with detailed and strategic advice. Extremely thorough in her preparation for appeals and for judicial review proceedings. Very dedicated and passionate counsel. She is articulate in her submissions and impressive both on feet and on paper.
Claire Physsas - One Pump CourtShe is a leading junior immigration practitioner, with a particular expertise in Dublin return cases.
Sarah Pinder - Goldsmith ChambersHer level of knowledge and practical know-how in immigration matters is unparalleled and she shows a genuine interest in every matter she takes on.
Richard Reynolds - Garden Court Chambers ‘A very capable and intelligent lawyer, who provides sharp advice and can turn around instructions very quickly.
Paul Richmond - Richmond Chambers Immigration Barristers ‘Efficient, expert, passionate about what he does, focused, thorough, professional, and trustworthy.
Catherine Robinson - One Pump CourtCatherine is tenacious in her pursuit of her clients' cases and is wonderful with vulnerable clients.
Frances Shaw - No5 Barristers ChambersShe is a fighter and she always does the best for the client.
Paul Skinner - Matrix ChambersHe is empathetic and attuned to his clients needs.
Alexis Slatter - Richmond Chambers Immigration BarristersAlexis demonstrated an impressive ability to grasp extensive information within a very short time, delivering excellent Judicial Review grounds and went on to secure permission to Judicial Review at oral renewal hearing. His unassuming manner belies insightfulness and an incisive mind.
Alexis Slatter - Goldsmith Chambers ‘A competent, confident, and dauntless advocate who always sets the pace for the arguments, leads the way, and thinks outside the box in critical moments.
Jessica Smeaton - No5 Barristers ChambersMs Smeaton's written advocacy is also very clear, thorough and succinct, with persuasive and cogent submissions.
Abigail Smith - Garden Court ChambersShe is intelligent, creative and has excellent knowledge of the law; she is pragmatic, practical and communicates well with members of staff and with clients alike.
Bernadette Smith - 1MCBBernadette is accessible and enagaged throughout the preparation period, her knowledge in immigration and asylum matters is excellent, she is creative, very bright, and her input is invaluable.

Rising Stars

Antonia Benfield - Doughty Street ChambersAntonia's oral submissions are outstanding and very persuasive; she is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of immigration law.
Isabel Buchanan - Blackstone ChambersVery committed and responsive, real team player.
Ayesha Christie - Matrix ChambersWithin a very short period of time, Ayesha got to grips with the evidence, advanced and expanded the legal arguments brilliantly, and made some really helpful suggestions as to obtaining further evidence.

Immigration (including business immigration) in London Bar

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is an 'exceptional set', known for its 'client care and commitment', and 'at the forefront of human rights representation'. The set has a great deal of experience in all aspects of immigration work, ranging from asylum and international protection to private immigration work. Members have acted in cases resulting in landmark decisions, such as Stephanie Harrison QC's representation of a claimant in a judicial review challenge against the Home Secretary's investigation into immigration detention abuse at Brook House. Sonali Naik QC led Gemma Loughran in a preliminary issue hearing relating to AS (Afghanistan) v SSHD, and led Ronan Toal in the substantive Court of Appeal case.

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is known for its 'unparalleled strength' in 'the relationship between EU/international protections and UK domestic legislation'. Barristers at the set also have extensive experience in asylum claims, refugee law and cases concerning deportation and citizenship. High profile cases included a challenge to the deprivation of Shamima Begum's civil liberties, led by Tom Hickman QC, and A v SSHD, in which James Eadie QC, Jason Pobjoy and Isabel Buchanan acted. Naina Patel represented claimants in a challenge to the SSHD's policies on victims of modern slavery.

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is known for its 'outstanding work in human rights law' and for 'providing very high-quality service and client care'. Alasdair Mackenzie acted in ADL v SSHD, a judicial review challenge to the Home Office policy of charging fees for human rights applications; Charlotte Kilroy QC led Michelle Knorr in R (MS) v SSHD, a landmark judgment concerning the SSHD's investigative duties and children's right of review. Catherine Meredith acted for Liberty in its application to intervene as a third party in MS (Pakistan) over the scope of Article 4 ECHR, which reached the Supreme Court. In recent news, Shu Shin Luh and Anthony Vaughan (previously from Garden Court Chambers) have joined the set.

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers has 'a delightful selection of extremely experienced counsel, all of whom possess spectacular levels of aptitude and knowledge, and fantastic presentation styles.' Members of the set work for both individuals and the government, and have significant expertise in human rights and refugee law, EU free movement law, immigration detention and private client matters. Key cases included Hafeez v SSHD, in which Richard Drabble QC acted for the appellant and David Blundell QC and Julia Smyth for the government.

No5 Barristers Chambers

'Forward-looking' and 'progressive' No5 Barristers Chambers is 'packed with specialists in immigration and public law'. Members of the set have a great deal of experience in international human rights and asylum law. S Chelvan (now of 33 Bedford Row) led Jessica Smeaton in BF (Albania) v SSHD, a case dealing with the country background position for gay men on relocation to Tirana. Frances Shaw was led by Manjit Singh Gill QC in representing the appellant in SSHD v Thierno Barry, a case concerning the application of relevant tests for resisting automatic deportation.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is recognised for its members work as a 'premier' defendant set on behalf of the government. The set has also been increasing the work on behalf of claimants in asylum and immigration cases: Zane Malik represented the appellant in Patel and Shah v SSHD in the Supreme Court. Lisa Giovannetti QC represented the Home Secretary in Rhuppiah v SSHD, in an appeal to the Supreme Court. Giovanetti also led Rory Dunlop QC in AM (Zimbabwe) v SSHD (Supreme Court), again representing the Home Secretary in a case with potential landmark implications on the expulsion of seriously ill foreign nationals.

Goldsmith Chambers

The members of Goldsmith Chambers handle a wide variety of both human rights and asylum, and business and personal immigration cases. They are a 'top-notch set of chambers that offers comprehensive, professional and remarkable legal support to both professional and lay clients.' Anthony Metzer QC led Sanaz Saifolahi in SSHD v Banger in the Upper Tribunal, and led Sarah Pinder in Commonwealth Veterans v Ministry of Defence & SSHD. Charlotte Bayati represented the appellant in MM (Malawi) & MV (Sri Lanka) v SSHD in seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court concerning the test under Article 3 for removal of foreign nationals in medical cases.

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers has 'a stellar range of exceptional, experienced, juniors and top-level silks', and is particularly known for its members' work in human rights and asylum law, in modern slavery and trafficking claims, and in immigration detention. The team is also increasingly handling sports and business immigration. Raza Husain QC represented ECPAT (Every Child Protected Against Human Trafficking) in MS (Pakistan) v SSHDNick Armstrong successfully challenged the Secretary of State's refusal to hold a full public inquiry into Brook House immigration detention centre. Chris Buttler led Ayesha Christie in a judicial review of the SSHD's decision to cut the subsistence payments for victims of trafficking.

One Pump Court

The members of One Pump Court 'really care about their clients and about having a positive impact on the law (and the world of law) in general'. The immigration team has a good deal of experience in a broad range of asylum cases, including those based on sexual or gender identity, political activism or the risk of re-trafficking, and in representing vulnerable claimants. Catherine Robinson acted in R3 v SSHD, a deprivation of citizenship challenge, before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. Victoria Laughton acted in K v SSHD, an appeal concerning section 50 (9A) of the British Nationality Act 1981.

Lamb Building

Lamb Building's 'formidable immigration team' specialises in appellant and claimant-based judicial review work, with experience in asylum, nationality, and EU free movement law. A significant proportion of cases are undertaken for vulnerable clients, and the set 'genuinely cares about their clients'. Bojana Asanovic appeared in Hussein v SSHD in the Court of Appeal. Justine Fisher acted in James Lima v SSHD, a case with wider applications as to bail conditions imposed by immigration-only powers.