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Leading Silks

Oliver Campbell QC - Henderson ChambersOliver is a superb tactician, very good at cross examining experts and I think in the health and safety field is the best at written advocacy.
Stephen Hockman QC - Six Pump CourtA very good technical lawyer and particularly good on appeals.
Keith Morton QC - Temple Garden ChambersKeith's strengths are in the quick assimilation of detail, transferring this into strategy and delivery of reasoned arguments both on paper and verbally. Keith is excellent in court.
Prashant Popat QC - Henderson ChambersPrashant has an encyclopaedic knowledge of statute and regulation and his strengths far exceed mere defence advice. He is strong on paper as well as an iron fist in a velvet glove in court. Good-humoured, a real team player and a pleasure to work with.
James Ageros QC - Crown Office ChambersExcellent with clients from individuals to large corporates with empathy and understanding of the case and wider issues.
Christine Agnew QC - 2 Bedford RowChristine is very measured in her advocacy but also knows exactly when it is beneficial and appropriate to be tenacious in order to achieve her objective.
Ben Compton QC - Outer Temple ChambersBen is a delight to work with and is an absolute star performer in court. Ben is engaged, strategic and willing to roll his sleeves up and think about tactics, which is greatly appreciated by clients. However it is in court where Ben's skill as an advocate really shines through. I have never seen anyone hold the attention of a courtroom like Ben Compton.
John Cooper QC - Crown Office ChambersJohn is a superb trial lawyer - one of the very best in the health and safety world. Tenacious, energetic and entirely committed to his client's cause.
Adrian Darbishire QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanAdrian has deep expertise in all areas of health and safety and fatal accident manslaughter cases.
Gerard Forlin QC - Cornerstone Barristers'Gerard is very knowledgeable in this particular field and is very thorough in his advice. He is good with clients and reacts to what they say.'
Dominic Kay QC - Crown Office ChambersDominic is instantly impressive with his knowledge of the law, analysis of the evidence and the gift of presenting arguments in straightforward terms.
Jonathan Laidlaw QC - 2 Hare CourtAt the very top of his game. Excellent with difficult clients. He masters the case and is a strategical expert.
Richard Lissack QCFountain Court Chambers 'A fluent, fearless and insightful advocate.'
James Maxwell-Scott QC - Crown Office ChambersJames' attention to detail and ability to retain information means that he is always one step ahead of his opponents.
Toby Riley-Smith QC - Henderson ChambersAs safe as pair of hands as you would ever wish to instruct for your client.
David Travers QC  - Gough Square Chambers  ‘Thoughtful, considered, and gives a realistic appraisal to clients of the strengths and weaknesses in their case.
Stephen Walsh QC - Three Raymond BuildingsStephen is a total master of health and safety law. He has huge experience and authority and is able to guide the client effectively to the right place. He is a superb advocate even before the most challenging tribunals.
Mark Watson QC - Six Pump CourtMark really is a tactical genius and not afraid of hard graft in order to provide the best possible advice and representation to a client.
Angus Withington QC - Henderson ChambersAngus is excellent. He has great attention to detail, establishes an excellent rapport with clients in what are often very difficult circumstances and he is also one of my favourite barristers to work with.

2020 Silks

Dominic Adamson QC - Temple Garden ChambersExcellent technical lawyer, good with clients and doesn't take bad points.
Jamas Hodivala QC - Matrix ChambersHe is a great barrister – extremely thorough in his preparation, gives advice that is carefully considered and wise, and has a manner which inspires equal confidence in professional and lay clients.

2022 Silks

Tim Green QC - Henderson ChambersTim is at the top of the list for leading senior juniors in the field of health and safety. For the solicitor, he is a safe pair of hands and always delivers on his promises. He is excellent with the clients and has a robust, yet diplomatic, manner.

Leading Juniors

Mark Balysz - Crown Office ChambersMark is extremely sharp and decisive. Mark is silky smooth with his advocacy and doesn't shirk from a fight. Mark mitigates with panache and humanity.
James Leonard - Outer Temple ChambersHis strengths are brilliant client care, attention to detail and strategy, making him a go-to health and safety barrister.
Oliver Powell - Outer Temple ChambersOliver simply knows his stuff and quickly gets to the key issues. Clients are always wowed by his ability and easy charm.
Mike Atkins - Crown Office ChambersFiercely intelligent. Over all the detail. Practical. And is easy and super pleasant to work with.
Pascal Bates - Six Pump CourtPascal's grasp of the detail and the implications of this on the case strategy is unparalleled.
Lee Bennett - Six Pump CourtHe is incisive, practical and good with clients. He is particularly good on cases in the retail sector.
Fiona Canby - Temple Garden ChambersFiona has an excellent level of knowledge of this practice area coupled with highly professional service delivered in friendly manner. One of the leaders in this field at this level and rightly instructed in the most important cases.
Mark Harris - Six Pump CourtA very good advocate and a particularly impressive prosecutor.
Sandesh Singh - Crown Office ChambersExcellent. Top of their game. Very reassuring to clients because of their detailed approach to every case.
Alex Stein - 2 Bedford RowAlex is a fantastic health and safety lawyer. He is able to discuss at length the intricacies of any case based on his knowledge of the relevant legislation and the case law.
Ian Wright - Five PaperFantastic advocate on his feet, works incredibly hard and leaves no stone unturned, great strategist. Above all, the clients have the utmost respect for him.
Christian Du Cann - 39 Essex ChambersAttention to detail and great client care.
Tom Day - 2 Hare CourtTom is readily approachable, excellent with clients and assured on his feet. His manner instantly puts clients at ease and regularly delivers fantastic results.
Sarah Le Fevre - Three Raymond BuildingsShe is good at putting clients at ease in difficult circumstances and has achieved excellent results for us.
Malcolm Galloway - Crown Office ChambersMalcolm is excellent with clients and is a calm, considered advocate with a skilled ability to get opponents and the court on his side.
Andrew McGee - 2 Bedford RowHis experience of criminal practice is virtually unrivalled in this sector. A heavyweight litigator in every respect.
Gordon MenziesSix Pump CourtGordon is meticulous, patient and principled. He makes dealing with complex, process and paper heavy cases appear effortless at times. His dedication and preparation breeds confidence. Gordon is often our first choice when it comes to complicated matters requiring a precise eye for detail.
Saba Naqshbandi - Three Raymond BuildingsSaba has an encyclopaedic knowledge of fire safety legislation and health and safety law. Having prosecuted fire cases for many years, Saba has an excellent understanding of the approach of regulators, strategy for achieving the best for a client and knows what buttons to push.
James Purnell - Henderson ChambersJames is very quick, good on his feet, and responsive. He can absorb a huge amount of information very rapidly and is a very clever tactician.
Shauna Ritchie - 2 Bedford RowThe reason for instructing Shauna is simple, as she gets good results for her clients. Her client care skills, Shauna's work ethic, coupled with her skill and experience, make her an extremely effective advocate.
Eleanor Sanderson - 2 Bedford RowA definite strength is building relationships with clients, working collaboratively with those instructing.
Paul SpencerSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Amazingly good with clients. Very helpful and responsive to work with. Great knowledge of the area and good with judges.'
Alexandra Tampakopoulos - 2 Hare CourtAlexandra is extremely able at communicating complex legal information in a form which clients can immediately grasp, she is very capable of clearly articulating a position in defence of a client's interests in a way which is sensitive to very emotive and difficult subject matter. She also has an exceptional grasp of the commercial and tactical context in which her advice takes place.
James Buchanan - 2 Hare CourtJames has a lovely way with clients. He is diligent, hard working, modest and generally a very nice person which clients, instructing solicitors and court staff all warm to with ease. James has built his reputation over the years in this practice area and has done so quietly, without dramatics, to establish himself very firmly as one of the best senior juniors in London in H&S.
Abigail Cohen - Henderson ChambersShe grasps the issues quickly, understands the background of the matter and the personalities involved really well. She handles clients brilliantly.
Iain Daniels - 2 Hare CourtIain is personable, very user friendly, superb in court and produces high quality written submissions, skeletons and advice. All of my clients have been delighted with Iain's work and he is a go-to person for me on these cases where usually the stakes are high and where there is an element of criminal liability for the client. His calm, measured and expert demeanour are critical to the case, alongside his legal expertise. Iain is first class.
Craig Ferguson - 2 Hare CourtCraig Ferguson is fantastic.
Quentin Hunt - 2 Bedford RowQuentin gets under the skin of his subject matter to go above and beyond for the client.
Alice Jarratt - Crown Office ChambersGreat to work with and well-deserved of their good reputation in this field.
Nicholas Ostrowski - Six Pump CourtNicholas has the perfect combination of skills which is what makes him a go-to barrister of this level - he has an exceptional legal mind, is fantastic with clients and always goes the extra mile.
Laura PhillipsGough Square ChambersLaura is a stellar junior barrister and certainly one to watch.

Health and safety in London Bar

Crown Office Chambers

A market leader’ in health and safety, members of Crown Office Chambers represent directors, managers, and major corporations involved in high-profile profile inquests and prosecutions.  John Cooper QC is representing a mining operation prosecuted by the HSE, following an accident underground in a mine 1500m below sea level  In a manslaughter case related to a 2015 wood mill explosion in Bosley, all four named defendants are represented by Dominic Kay QC, Mark Alexander Balysz, Malcolm Galloway, Mike Atkins, Sandesh Singh, Harry Vann  and Simon Antrobus QC were involved in representing the company and three different individual defendants. In Office for Nuclear Regulation v AWE plc, James Maxwell-Scott QC acted for the defendant during sentencing after a prosecution stemming from an electrical safety incident at the Atomic Weapons Establishment. James Ageros QC is currently representing a tugboat operator in a case concerning the death of an engineer who fell into Mersey Estuary.



‘Crown Office Chambers is definitely best in class when it comes to health and safety. Packed with top-rate silks and talented senior juniors.’

‘Crown Office Chambers is the market leader with a strong stable of safe hands for crisis cases.’

‘Just the best set there is for health and safety and inquest work.’

‘Crown Office Chambers is the go-to set for health and safety work. They have first-class specialist barristers in this area who are all excellent to work with. There is no counsel that I wouldn’t instruct within the health and safety team and given their numbers, it is easy to choose the right barrister for the right case.’

‘They are a top-flight safety set no doubt.’


‘Toby Sparrow is responsive, efficient, and great to deal with – he’s up to speed with all the work coming in.’

‘Toby Sparrow is first class. I have known him for a number of years and he is my go-to senior clerk.’

‘Clerks are very good. Mostly worked with Toby Sparrow, he has been very good at organising the diaries and ensuring everything runs smoothly.’

‘Always efficient and helpful in arranging conferences, contacts with Court listings, and quick responses.’

‘Senior Clerk, Toby Sparrow, is a joy to work with. Toby builds excellent rapports with instructing solicitors and is very straightforward.’

Henderson Chambers

Pre-eminent in the field of health and safety‘ – members of Henderson Chambers are instructed by clients involved in high-profile prosecutions, investigations, and HSE enforcement actions. Prashant Popat QC and Oliver Campbell QC successfully represented defendants in R v Hawkins, Dixon and MPM North West Ltd, which involved a gross negligence manslaughter prosecution following a fatal fall at Eastbourne Pier. In HSE v New Space Limited and Eimantas SebeikaAngus Withington QC successfully defended a company director following a construction accident where an employee fell from a ladder onto a flat roof. He was opposed by Tim Green QC, who represented a corporate defendant in HSE v K J Pickering Limited and K Pickering, where a workman was fatally injured on a director’s private property.  James Purnell represented the defendant in Bracknell Forest DC v Tesco Stores Limited, which involved a child receiving an electric shock from a freezer. In Smith v Ministry of Justice, Abigail Cohen acted on behalf of the Ministry of Justice in the matter of a prison suicide of a young inmate with mental health issues. Kathleen Donnelly represented a property development company in HSE v Sager Construction Limited, with regards to an accident that occurred at the former North London Mail Centre.



‘Henderson Chambers is preeminent in the field of health and safety.’ 

‘Henderson Chambers are one of our go-to sets, and they have a fantastic team of regulatory lawyers. We have always been satisfied with Counsel from Henderson Chambers.’

‘Strong set with a wide-ranging panoply of good lawyers.’

‘Strong set for regulatory work.’

‘Hendersons do have a number of barristers who are very experienced in both health and safety and personal injury and they are generally our go-to set for cases that have both an injury element and a criminal investigation prosecution.’


‘The clerks are always friendly, approachable, and responsive. One of my main contacts in the clerking room is Daniel Smith.’

‘I honestly can’t speak too highly of the clerks at Henderson Chambers. They are professional, responsive, and helpful.’

‘I mainly deal with Dan Smith, who is excellent. He is very efficient and always approachable.’

2 Bedford Row

An ‘impressive set with strength in depth’, the barristers at 2 Bedford Row act for both the prosecution and defence in high-profile cases involving corporate manslaughter and individual gross negligence manslaughter across such sectors as retail, construction, leisure, manufacturing, entertainment, and energy. Christine Agnew QC and Shauna Ritchie, prosecuted in R v Ace Waste Haulage Ltd and Evers, obtaining a conviction in the matter of corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences arising from an employee fatality at a waste processing plant. Alex Stein, leading Eleanor Sanderson, successfully limited the liability of the defendant company in Watford Borough Council v F & R Cawley Limited, which surrounded a fatality involving a truck with two road worthiness failings.



‘One of the top Health and Safety prosecution sets in London.’

‘2 Bedford Row is a heavyweight criminal regulatory set with real strength in depth across a wide array of regulatory disciplines.’

‘2 Bedford Row is an extremely strong set in relation to criminal, H&S and regulatory work.’

‘Excellent set.’

‘A very impressive set with strength in depth.’


‘The clerks’ room at 2 Bedford Row is a combination of good knowledge and a strong work ethic. The clerks are well led by John Grimmer and Paul Rodgers and are always on hand to assist and accommodate instructing solicitors.’

‘Paul Rodgers is always reliable.’

Six Pump Court

The ‘phenomenal set’ at Six Pump Court exudes ‘charm, discretion, and confidence’ whilst representing clients involved in health and safety matters, aiding with food and environmental issues. The set also acts for both regulated defendants and local authorities across sectors including maritime, retail, construction, hospitality, and nuclear. In R (Dacorum Borough Borough Council) v Tesco Stores Limited Stephen Hockman QC acted for Tesco against a prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, stemming from a 2015 incident in which a customer slipped and fell on water leaking from a drain. In London Borough of Lambeth v. Schindler Limited and various others, which involved an accident where the arm of a lift engineer had to be amputated, Pascal Bates represented the local authority and was opposed by Mark Watson QC. Bennett Lee acted for Kent County Council in HSE v Kent County Council, a case involving asbestos exposure in schools.



‘I regard the set as one of the best for environmental and health and safety work. On the occasions that leading counsel has been unavailable to cover preliminary hearings, the chambers have been able to cover these with senior juniors who have steered the ship in leading counsel’s absence.’

‘6 Pump Court are a phenomenal set. Their lawyers and support team exude charm, discretion, and confidence. Clients are immediately reassured by their wisdom, commercial pragmatism, and superlative case strategies. They go the extra mile developing a strong solicitor/ barrister partnering culture.’

‘6 Pump Court is a strong set for health, safety, and environmental work. The chambers is led by the almost legendary Stephen Hockman QC and has great strength in depth.’

‘Very strong all-round set in the regulatory field.’

‘One of my go-to sets for inquests, safety and environmental.’


‘Clerking is excellent. Richard Constable is particularly helpful.’

‘The clerks are second to none, helpful, available, knowledgeable, and affable. We are kept informed, given notice of changes and they are always prepared to take the lead in relation to listings, conferences, and availability. They provide assistance with everything you would expect to be given assistance on. We predominately deal with Richard Constable, Ryan Barrow, and Dan Jenkins but we have always found others happy to assist where necessary.’

‘A very strong clerks room led by Richard Constable benefits from his great wisdom and experience and his striking commitment to doing the best for clients old and new.’

‘The clerking is led by Richard Constable, who is exceptional – a modest and charming man who leads a team of matchless clerks. Whenever I need to speak to counsel or have an urgent matter, they can be relied on to provide options of junior/ senior junior and leading counsel who could assist. It’s always good to know that they have your back.’

‘Richard Constable is a complete star, accommodating, thoughtful. and always ready to find a solution. If I was a barrister, I’d want Richard to clerk for me!’

Temple Garden Chambers

With their ‘expertise and experience’, members of Temple Garden Chambers represents clients on a wide range of health and safety law matters, including high-profile corporate manslaughter cases, major inquests, and prosecutions under the Health and Safety at Work Act with regards to fatal and non-fatal accidents. Keith Morton QC defended a local authority in R (HSE) v London Borough of Tower Hamlets, a case concerning the death of a child caused by collapsing playground equipment. Dominic Adamson QC secured for a leave to appeal for a defendant on the basis a £1.1m fine, after an employee fell from a ladder, was given without consideration of the economic impact of Covid-19 and lockdowns.



‘I think the set covers all bases in terms of expertise and experience. There are a number of barristers trying to work in this area as it is one of the better-paid areas of criminal law. There are few that can be said to have the excellent skill set of TGC.’

‘There is a great strength in depth from newly created QCs through excellent mid-experienced barristers.’


‘I have been well looked after by all the clerks – Keith Sharman is the one I usually deal with who has been excellent.’

‘Dean Norton and Keith Sharman are excellent.’

2 Hare Court

Undertaking health and safety work with aplomb’, members of 2 Hare Court act for clients across the construction, food, transport, healthcare, and energy sectors involved in high-profile inquiries, corporate manslaughter cases, and proceedings brought by regulators and enforcement bodies. Chambers head Jonathan Laidlaw QC recently successfully defended Pret A Manger against a food safety offence prosecution after a customer suffered a severe allergic reaction as a result of consuming a sandwich containing sesame. In HSE v National Grid Gas PLCAlexandra Tampakopoulos represents the defendant in a prosecution for breaches of the Pipeline Safety Regulations, as the result of the exposure of thousands of high-rise residents over several years to the risk of gas leaks and explosions. In addition, Tom Day acted for both the company and a director in the aftermath of an explosion during an attempt to decommission an underground fuel tank.



‘2 Hare Court is a chambers going from strength to strength, they have become one of the go-to sets for health and safety matters, their clerking team is excellent and they have excellent counsel at every level.’

‘2 Hare Court have a great range of barristers in this area.’

‘Excellent criminal set with some good barristers undertaking H&S work with aplomb.’

‘Chambers provide good all-round coverage in the health and safety, crime and inquest sectors I need.’


‘The clerks are excellent, ably led by Julian Campbell.’

‘Brilliant – there is nobody more experienced in this area than Julian Campbell their Director of Clerking ‘

‘I have primarily dealt with Julian Campbell, but on occasion, I do interact with other clerks. The clerks are always helpful and attentive.’

‘Julian Campbell is the most knowledgeable H&S clerk in London. 2 Hare Court have a lot to thank him for in building their safety team so well.’

‘The clerks’ room is well-led by Julian Campbell who is always approachable to discuss instructions and costings with.’

Three Raymond Buildings

Accessible’ and known for their ability to assist on short notice, the set at Three Raymond Buildings act for regulators, companies, and individuals involved in high-profile health and safety matters and inquests related to disasters and workplace accidents. In R (HSE) v Priory Healthcare Ltd, Sarah Le Fevre has been instructed by the HSE in a prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 of a defendant charged with allegedly failing to minimise the risk of suicide in vulnerable mental health patients. Saba Naqshbandi is currently defending the Rotherham United Football Club in relation to fire safety breaches at their stadium.



‘I have used 3 Raymond Buildings for Health and Safety/Fire Safety matters and inquests. I always find them accessible and they will often try to help out where needed at short notice.’

‘Excellent chambers and we have worked with a number of members of chambers over the years including Hugo Keith QC, Patrick Gibbs QC, and Sarah Le Fevre.’


‘Excellent – responsive, always call back promptly and communication is good. Most of my dealings are with Dean Brown or Chris Feathers. Both are friendly, professional, and always willing to help.’

‘Dean Brown is client-friendly and excellent to deal with.’