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Leading Silks

Oliver Campbell QC - Henderson ChambersHe is one of the leading health and safety silks. He is a formidable tactician and a measured advocate who is particularly good at cross-examining experts. His written advocacy is superb.
Stephen Hockman QC - Six Pump CourtHe is one of the most experienced health and safety silks around. He is particularly good on technical points of law and appellate work. He has an absolutely huge intellect; very few work harder than he does.
Richard Lissack QC - Fountain Court ChambersA silk with a first-class brain.
Richard Matthews QC - 2 Bedford RowHe is incredibly bright, unbeatable on the law, and an effortless courtroom advocate; equally effective with judges and juries. He is also is a real team player with a relentless work ethic, and always has an eye on the the big picture strategy. When the stakes are at their highest, he is the man you want on your side.
Keith Morton QC - Temple Garden ChambersProbably the best QC in the field. He has the respect of judges and opponents as well as his clients. His strengths also include accessibility, hard work, and strategy.
Prashant Popat QC - Henderson ChambersPrashant is a confident advocate, oozing grace and elan. He is always well prepared, sensible about prospects of success and a team player. His collegiate style is to be commended.
James Ageros QC - Crown Office ChambersAn unassuming, modest silk. Very relaxed but confident with complex cases and clients. Gets a quick grip on the issues and impresses clients. Jurors like him.
Christine Agnew QC - 2 Bedford RowChristine is extremely knowledgeable and a real team player, who rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in. Christine deals skilfully with intricate legal problems, difficult witnesses and tactical issues. She is robust but calm when dealing with tricky judges and opponents. A pleasure to work with and particularly responsive.
Simon Antrobus QC - Crown Office ChambersSimon is a star performer in the top bracket. He is very astute and his strategic thinking and attention to detail are second to none. Makes clients feel reassured that they have someone at the top of their game who will fight their corner.
Jonathan Caplan QC - 5 Paper BuildingsVery few have his incredible judgement. At times it seems as though he has a sixth sense. A very quiet and considered approach. Utterly charming in the way he deals with everyone but very effective in all that he does. Calmness personified even in the most pressurised environments. Just quality all round. Deeply respected by all.
Ben Compton QC - Outer Temple ChambersHe makes advocacy look effortless. He is the consummate professional who has a very clear grasp of detail but never fails to appreciate the bigger picture when it comes to strategy. He is responsive and engaging with lay clients too and has the jury hanging on his every word.
John Cooper QC - Crown Office ChambersJohn is a doughty fighter and a great choice in arduous proceedings. He is a superb trial lawyer. Excellent on strategy and tactics. Formidable in the courtroom. Great in front of a jury. Also fiercely on the client's side and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Adrian Darbishire QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanA standout performer.
Dominic Kay QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is technically superb but his impressive strength is seeing the big picture and being a very talented strategist. He manages clients expectations superbly. Senior judges sit up and listen when he speaks.
Jonathan Laidlaw QC - 2 Hare CourtHe is tremendous with clients, combining empathy with direct advice.
James Maxwell-Scott QC - Crown Office ChambersA very composed and impressive silk.
Toby Riley-Smith QC - Henderson ChambersA first-class advocate: steely, effective, and charming.
Jim Sturman QC - 2 Bedford RowJim is an outstanding performer in court before a jury. He is my first choice for representing individuals who find themselves in regulatory difficulties. Top-class performer.
David Travers QC - Six Pump CourtHe fully engages with the case team, providing proactive high quality advice that takes on board everyone's opinions. I find his advocacy to be top notch, obtaining the necessary information from witnesses in a way that keeps juries fully engaged and interested.
Stephen Walsh QC - Three Raymond BuildingsStephen is a polished, skilful QC who combines a measured advocacy style with the calm judgement of experience. He is extremely user friendly with a first class mind and an ability to sort the key points in the case out from the morass of detail. He is our go-to on fatal accident cases and clients love his practical approach. He gets to know the client and its business and is then able to provide first class strategic advice.
Mark Watson QC - Six Pump CourtWhat impresses is not just his encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject matter but his incredible work ethic. This is a commendable mix and readily puts clients at ease. He is a confident advocate and knows how and when to best utilise the services of experts to support the clients' cause. His case presentation is always prepared with skill and after thorough research. He is a truly one of the best around.

2020 Silks

Dominic Adamson QC - Temple Garden ChambersA good addition to chambers' silks. He is a tenacious advocate who fights your corner.
Jamas Hodivala QC - Matrix ChambersJamas has a unique skill set in this area being able to advise on criminal enforcement action as well as judicially reviewing decisions made by the regulators (which is a civil process). Jamas stands out for his technically savvy advice, client service and accessibility. He has a calm, measured manner which reassures clients faced with pressurised situations.

2021 Silks

Angus Withington QC - Henderson ChambersAngus is brilliant at adapting his style to suit the particular client in each case. From individuals to corporate clients, he is always able to put the client at ease and help us to achieve the best results for them. He is excellent in Court and, as an added bonus, he is an absolute joy to work with.

Leading Juniors

Mark Balysz - Crown Office ChambersA superb advocate. He has a real depth of technical knowledge, commitment to strategy that is key in cases of this nature and has very persuasive advocacy skills that not only reassure clients but get results.
Mark Harris - Six Pump CourtHe revels in the details of a case. Good on gathering the evidence required to plead our case properly, good with clients, good on mitigation arguments.
James Leonard - Outer Temple ChambersJames is a fantastic all-rounder. His advice is practical, analytical and commercial. In court James wins over judges and coroners. He is expert in his application of health and safety law. He is our go-to barrister for health and safety and inquest work.
Oliver Powell - Outer Temple ChambersHe is extremely personable and charming, and consistently wins the trust and confidence of clients at the outset.
Mike Atkins - Crown Office ChambersOne of the best juniors out there in this field. His attention to detail and analytical mind are two key strengths which in the main set him apart. He also has a capacity for unstinting hard work and graft! Technically superb.
Pascal Bates - Six Pump Court A very helpful and proactive approach with excellent attention to detail, greatly increasing the chances of a successful outcome. The support given is of great value to myself and the client. It is matched with excellent advocacy skills.
Fiona Canby - Temple Garden ChambersClients immediately warm to her compassionate approach but are left in no doubt she will be robust in court when required.
Deanna Heer - 5 Paper BuildingsDeanna has a strong background in dealing with serious crime, but has dealt with some of the most important health and safety cases of recent years. She knows the law and procedure inside out, has a calm demeanour which reassures clients but equally she delivers arguments compellingly in court.
David Hercock - Six Pump CourtVery bright, very composed and always reasons in a way that inspires confidence.
Ian Wright - Five PaperHe is a true leader in the field of health and safety enforcement notice appeals. Ian is also a tenacious and persuasive advocate. He is a tough but fair opponent and quickly gains the trust of the tribunal or court. He remains calm under fire and is able to remain pragmatic in order to secure the best results for his clients.
Lee Bennett - Six Pump CourtA very practical and measured barrister.
Christian Du Cann - 39 Essex ChambersAn effective advocate and excellent skills with clients who have full confidence in him.
Valerie Charbit - Red Lion ChambersValerie is an experienced health & safety advocate and has a long and successful track record in this field. She is meticulous in her case preparation and is excellent with clients. Clients watching her in court, never fail to express how impressed they are. It is a combination of her understanding of their case and the ability to tenaciously fight their corner when required that they pick up on.
Tom Day - 2 Hare CourtHe assimilates complex information into client friendly language, provides clear and comprehensive advice and presents arguments with authority.
Craig Ferguson - 2 Hare CourtCraig is absolutely superb, he works as a real team player, getting involved with cases and clients at early stages and he isn't afraid to make big strategic decisions in cases. He is a real pro in court, and far outperforms his peers.
Tim Green - Henderson ChambersTim is one of the best leading juniors in this field. He is prolific within the field for providing seminars and knowledge sharing amongst his peers. For clients, he is a real fighter which with his exceptional knowledge of regulatory legislation and considerable experience in this field, makes him a force to be reckoned with.
Sailesh Mehta - Red Lion ChambersA charismatic barrister. Timely and meticulous preparation of court papers. Quick to respond to the frequent requests for advice.
Gordon Menzies - Six Pump CourtGordon is a pleasure to work with. He has a very pleasant manner but never shies from adopting an aggressive approach to a case where appropriate. His advocacy has a way of fully engaging the jury and keeping them interested in the prosecution case. Meticulous in his preparation and knows cases inside out.
James Purnell - Henderson ChambersJames is very approachable and extremely hard working. He is easy to work with, and always responsive, despite the fact he is often in Court. He also turns work around very quickly.
Shauna Ritchie - 2 Bedford RowShauna has a unique combination of both criminal and regulatory expertise (particularly health & safety, fire and environmental). Shauna is meticulous in her preparation and has the ability and presence to put clients at ease. Her her track record of success speaks for itself.
Eleanor Sanderson - 2 Bedford RowA very responsive and hands-on barrister.
Sandesh Singh - Crown Office ChambersWhether leading or being led, Sandesh has an intimate knowledge of the documents and facts from the very outset in a case. This ability to "get into" the case stand him apart from his competitors and his preparation is unrivalled. He is able to adapt and think on his feet at a moments notice and it really gives clients faith that they are in good hands. He is always thinking about the bigger picture and understands the commercial implications for clients.
Paul Spencer - Serjeants' Inn ChambersFantastically approachable and responsive. Clients love him. Great knowledge of these areas of work and has a great court room style that tribunals appreciate. Very much a teamplayer who makes everyone involved in a case feel part of the team.
Miles Bennett - 5 Paper BuildingsMiles is very good at cutting through the detail to get to the nub of the issue. He is a fighter and he presents his clients' cases very well. His strength is his advocacy and he is super charming to others in court where needed to smooth the path for his clients.
James Buchanan - 2 Hare CourtJames grasps issues very quickly and is able to articulate arguments with relative ease. He is well liked by juries and has become well versed in his knowledge of health and safety law. He has a likeable manner and has a way of putting clients at ease.
Abigail Cohen - Henderson ChambersAbigail is a good operator - knowledgeable, experienced and excellent with clients. She is a strong communicator both in meetings and in court and genuinely care about the outcome for her clients. She is a pleasure to work with.
Iain Daniels - 2 Hare Court Iain is fantastic on his feet, has a great eye for detail and an excellent manner with clients.
Kathleen Donnelly - Henderson ChambersShe has a meticulous eye and a good courtroom manner. She is very good with clients and excellent to work with.
Sarah Le Fevre - Three Raymond BuildingsShe is always well prepared for all eventualities.
Malcolm Galloway - Crown Office Chambers Technically very strong with over 20 years of criminal advocacy experience. Rounded personality strengthened by a career which began outside of the law. Genuine courtroom presence. He has the ability to get juries on his side.
Claire Harden-Frost - 9 Gough ChambersShe has strong independence of mind.
Alice Jarratt - Crown Office ChambersAlice is extraordinarily hard working and committed to her clients. She has undertaken some very difficult high profile cases with composure and skill. She is a first rate lawyer, a forceful advocate and inspires confidence in clients and peers in equal measure.
Andrew McGee - 2 Bedford RowA fearless advocate who is excellent in Court and you feel happy instructing on the most serious of matters. He displays superb judgement allied with a strong intellect.
Saba Naqshbandi - Three Raymond BuildingsSaba is excellent: tenacious, but realistic in her advice and approach; sensitive to a client’s concerns, and has a great eye for detail. She secured the client an astounding, and unpredictable, result at court.
Nicholas Ostrowski - Six Pump CourtNicholas is knowledgeable, thorough and in the details. A barrister who is very personable and who is extremely well regarded by solicitors and clients alike. His submissions were well judged and skilfully identified the central issues in the case and their relevance to the sentencing guidelines.
Alex Stein - 2 Bedford RowA very bright and a great regulatory crime lawyer.
Austin Stoton - 2 Bedford RowAustin is very responsive, easy to work with, gets on well with clients, and understands the key issue quickly. Adept at technically detailed cases and friendly to work with.
Alexandra Tampakopoulos - 2 Hare CourtA brilliant next generation barrister, she combines a calm manner with a precise eye for detail. Alex is deceptively tough, yet really good with making clients and witnesses trust her. She is very knowledgable and addresses the issues with great authority.

Health and safety in London Bar

Crown Office Chambers

As 'a leading set in the field of health and safety', Crown Office Chambers has 'superb strength in depth' with 'an enviable stable of experienced counsel'. Multiple members of the set are acting in the case of the Bosley Mill explosion that killed four people. In another recent instruction of note, 'superb trial lawyerJohn Cooper QC and the 'tactically very astuteSandesh Singh defended Priory Healthcare against allegations of health and safety breaches following the death of Amy El-Keria at Priory Hospital Ticehurst House. The fine imposed was reduced from £2.4m to £300,000 following the judgment that culpability was ‘high’, but the likelihood of death or very serious harm was low.

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers has 'acknowledged market leadership' in health and safety law, with 'strength in depth' and 'an excellent team of barristers'. The team continues to act in a range of high-profile cases, particularly the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Recent instructions include 'formidable tacticianOliver Campbell QC acting for one of the defendants in R v Hawkins and Dixon, a manslaughter prosecution arising from a fatality during the rebuilding of Eastbourne Pier after it was damaged by fire in 2014.

2 Bedford Row

2 Bedford Row is 'strong in the field of health and safety' thanks to its 'strength in depth' of counsel. In one example instruction, Richard Matthews QC successfully defended steel company Celsa against charges of corporate manslaughter following an explosion at a steelworks in Wales, in which two factory workers were killed. The company was convicted of breaching health and safety regulations by failing to make a risk assessment – a lesser offence to the charge of manslaughter – and ordered to pay a £1.8m fine.

Six Pump Court

Six Pump Court 'has great strength in depth in health and safety cases at all levels'. In recent work of note, Mark Watson QC successfully represented the defendant in R v Squibb Group Limited, an appeal against a sentence concerning the exposure to asbestos; the case involved issues of the importance of expert evidence in assessing the likelihood of harm under the Sentencing Guideline for Health and Safety Offences. Additionally, Stephen Hockman QC led David Hercock before the Court of Appeal for the appellant in Faltec Europe Limited v Health and Safety Executive, concerning the reduction of a fine for health and safety offences; the case drew upon the precedent set by the judgment in R v Squibb Group Limited.

Temple Garden Chambers

Temple Garden Chambers is 'an excellent set in regulatory with several stars' and well known for its strength in acting for companies and individuals in cases involving gross negligence manslaughter, serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace, and corporate manslaughter investigations. Instructions from the construction sector are prominent in members' caseloads. In recent news, Dominic Adamson QC took silk in March 2020 strengthening chambers at the senior level.

2 Hare Court

2 Hare Court has 'firmly established itself as a leading set in the regulatory space' and is 'a strong performer in health and safety law' with 'some strong advocates', according to clients. In recent work of note, the 'tremendousJonathan Laidlaw QC is leading the 'brilliantAlexandra Tampakopoulos in representing cladding company Harley Facades in the ongoing Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry. In recent news, Iain Daniels has joined chambers following the closure of Ely Place Chambers.

Three Raymond Buildings

Three Raymond Buildings 'delivers a high quality of service' and is 'strong in relation to inquiries work'. In the case of the latter, the 'polished' Stephen Walsh QC and the 'well prepared' Sarah Le Fevre continue to act for the London Fire Brigade in the ongoing Grenfell Tower Fire Inquiry. The 'tenacious' Saba Naqshbandi is noted for her expertise in fire safety cases.