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Leading Silks

Alexander Antelme KCCrown Office Chambers ‘An extremely skillful, powerful and impressive advocate. Goes above and beyond to get to grips with complexities of a case.’
Oliver Campbell KCHenderson Chambers 'He has a wealth of experience in product liability disputes and group litigation and provides very pragmatic advice.'
Richard Hermer KCMatrix Chambers ‘An extraordinary lawyer, highly astute and effective.’
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Leigh-Ann leads her teams in the most complex multi-party actions with enviable clarity, strategy and excellent communication skills.’
Hugh Preston KC7BR ‘Excellent advocate, knowledgeable about group action procedures and is comfortable arguing over the intricacies of those procedures.’
Geraint Webb KCHenderson Chambers 'Incredibly bright and a very strategic thinker. Deeply experienced in product cases, group actions and business and human rights claims.'
Thomas de la Mare KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Thomas is a group litigation prodigy. A highly innovative legal thinker and advocate, known for his creativity, acumen and lack of pretension.’
Peter De Verneuil Smith KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘He is an exceptional silk. His outstanding work and remarkable achievements set a precedent in group litigation.‘
Charles Dougherty KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Charles is a phenomenon. He has fantastic judgement – both in terms of the substantive law and procedural strategy.’
Shaheed Fatima KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Shaheed is outstanding. She is increasingly becoming the go to barrister in this area.’
Patrick Green KCHenderson Chambers 'Top barrister at the peak of his powers. Extremely persuasive advocate. Master tactician.'
Brian Kennelly KCBlackstone Chambers 'Brian is a very calm and polished advocate, who is always very well prepared.'
Marie Louise Kinsler KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Marie Louise is a brilliant lawyer, absolutely on top of her game. She provides fantastic analysis with a complete command of her subject area.’
Simeon Maskrey KC7BR ‘Able to deal with large complex matters involving 20+ defendants. Is always concise and to the point.’
Jonathan Nash KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘A genuinely go-to silk for the most challenging and biggest group actions.‘
Marcus Pilgerstorfer KC11KBW ‘Marcus is unfazed by large complex litigation. He is well organised and efficient.’
Prashant Popat KCHenderson Chambers 'Prashant's attention to detail is second to none.'
Neil Block KC39 Essex Chambers 'Wide experience in group actions.'
Helen Davies KCBrick Court Chambers 'Very strong advocate, user friendly and responsive. Among the most respected and sought after counsel around.'
Marie Demetriou KCBrick Court Chambers 'Tremendous advocacy. Really persuasive and engaging, and makes everything sound very simple.'
Paul Harris KC - Monckton Chambers 'He is a clear and forceful advocate, a brilliant technician and a clever strategist.'
Ben Jaffey KCBlackstone Chambers 'He is truly brilliant in court. Every word and sentence is measured and calculated.'
Andrew Onslow KC3 Verulam Buildings 'He is exceptional at charting a stable course through the procedural headaches of group litigation.'
Anya Proops KC11KBW ‘Very bright, fearless in court and a great team leader. One of the leading barristers on group litigation related to privacy and data breach.’
Toby Riley-Smith KCHenderson Chambers ‘His preparation is impeccable and his court style very polished.’
Malcolm Sheehan KCHenderson Chambers 'Very good with clients; fantastically calm under pressure; excellent advocate and strategic thinker.'
Victoria Wakefield KCBrick Court Chambers 'Determined and effective, very hard-working, very approachable.'
Antony White KCMatrix Chambers  ‘Fabulous on strategy and tactics; a great advocate; delightful to work with.’

2022 Silks

Sarah Abram KCBrick Court Chambers 'Sarah is technically excellent, extremely user-friendly, and her written and oral advocacy stands up very well.'

2023 Silks

Kathleen Donnelly KCHenderson Chambers 'Kathleen is a tenacious and persuasive advocate who easy to work with and excellent with clients.'

Leading Juniors

Edward CravenMatrix Chambers ‘Brilliant and persuasive drafting, cutting-edge advice, totally reliable and ingenious with arguments.’
Thomas EvansHenderson Chambers 'Prompt and supportive service. Excellent client handling skills.'
George McDonald4 New Square ‘His understanding of how to structure all aspects of complex group litigation is unrivalled.’
Isabel Barter2 Temple Gardens ‘Very clever and good to work with, highly organised and an effective project manager of a large group action.’
Harry LambertCrown Office Chambers 'Harry has fabulous experience in this area, having been involved in a number of different group actions, including to trial.'
Alistair Mackenzie2 Temple Gardens ‘An excellent junior, Alistair has a really impressive group litigation practice.’
James PurnellHenderson Chambers 'Thorough, thoughtful, insightful.'
Anneliese Blackwood - Monckton Chambers 'A calm, measured and focused advocate.'
Joanne BoxBrick Court Chambers 'Simply brilliant. She is fiercely intelligent, diligent and gets the job done.'
Robert DickasonOuter Temple Chambers ‘Robert is the Swiss army knife of barristers, he is across everything.’
Nikolaus GrubeckMonckton Chambers 'He is extremely smart; knowledgeable; very pragmatic; hard working and very easy to work with.'
Robin Hopkins11KBW ‘Robin is a standout junior in a set and an area of law with many excellent barristers.’
Adam Korn7BR ‘A highly experienced senior junior who understands the particular demands of group litigation.’
James MacDonald7BR ‘Very personable, sympathetic and knowledgeable. Always willing to help, reliable with a fantastic client rapport.’
Tom MountfordBlackstone Chambers 'Wonderful. Very quick mind.'
Ben SilverstoneMatrix Chambers ‘Can be relied on to provide accurate and high quality advice on complex issues.’
Nicholas SlobodaOne Essex Court 'He has a hugely incisive legal mind - he gets to the heart of an argument very quickly and effectively.'
Rachel TandyHenderson Chambers 'Exceptionally bright, always available, precise attention to detail.'

Group litigation in London Bar

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers houses the ‘the go-to product liability and group action specialists‘, a host of silks and juniors at chambers have established themselves as leading practitioners in the field, and it is rare to find a key case without representation from the set on at least one side. Charles Gibson KC is widely considered a doyen of group action cases in the UK and he is the lead silk representing Volkswagen and various companies in the a group action defending claims arising from emissions allegations against it. A host of counsel from chambers are also instructed in this banner case, including Prashant Popat KC and Geraint Webb KC being led by Gibson, and Oliver Campbell KC, Adam Heppinstall KC and Rachel Tandy acting for claimants. The set has also been a regular presence in international group litigation in the environment space, Webb and Gibson leading Ognjen Miletic in defending Vedanta against mass tort claims brought in the TCC by over 2000 claimants in respect of alleged land contamination and property damage allegedly caused by copper mining activities in Zambia.



‘Henderson continues to have an impressive array of top flight product liability lawyers.’

‘Excellent set for class actions.’

‘They are the go-to product liability and group action specialists.’

‘The depth of experience at this set is exceptional.’

‘Go-to set for product liability, with a great range of silks, senior juniors and juniors for every level of case.’


‘Very strong clerking operation.’

2 Temple Gardens

A first-class set with excellent practitioners at all levels of seniority‘, 2 Temple Gardens has ‘a very strong group litigation practice‘ that excels in business human rights, product liability, and personal injury cases in particular. Private international law specialist Marie Louise Kinsler KC is often involved in private international issues in the context of the leading group litigation involving international human rights and civil liberties. A recent case of note has seen her acting for the claimants in large-scale group action by the Ogale farming and fishing community arising out of the activities of Shell in Nigeria. In product liability, Charles Dougherty KC led Anna Hughes acting for the defendant in Various v Oculentis regarding defective intra-ocular lenses.



‘2TG is a first class set with excellent practitioners at all levels of seniority. There is a very strong group litigation practice with practitioners involved in nearly all of the large claims of recent years.’

‘Excellent chambers and strong on product liability and group litigation.’

‘2TG have a number of very talented and very approachable counsel.’

‘The set contains some exceptionally reliable and experienced advocates.’

‘An excellent set with good strength in depth.’


‘The clerks room is friendly and reliable. Lee Tyler is an exceptional head clerk.’

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings has established itself as one of the more experienced sets in group litigation, with notable strength in securities cases but also a number of barristers that have leveraged that experience in some of the key diesel emissions cases in the market, among other areas. Adam Kramer KC is one such name, acting for the Leigh Day  claimant group against the Volkswagen manufacturers and others for loss arising out of the VW diesel emissions fraud. On the securities side, he led counsel for a major claimant group in the Tesco s90A FSMA claim, which settled for a substantial sum in late 2021. Another standout recent securities case, Allianz v RSA Insurance Group Plc, has seen Peter De Verneuil Smith KC acting for over 170 funds in a £100m s.90A FSMA claim backed by Woodsford Litigation Funding. In broader financial matters, the multi-party Ingenious litigation, a leading tax and finance case and one of the most notable cases of 2022, had Jonathan Nash KC acting for the lead claimant.



‘3VB are excellent with great strength in depth, especially in group litigation connected to financial markets.’

‘Go to set for all form of commercial litigation.’

‘Excellent strength in depth across all forms of commercial litigation.’

‘Good availability of counsel, very professional approach.’

‘3VB is full of talent and doing extremely well.’


‘The clerks’ room is efficient and responsive. Richard Ansell is polite and accommodating in his approach.’


7BR  fields ‘experienced counsel at all levels‘ and is ‘excellent for product liability and clinical negligence‘, expertise that lends itself to the burgeoning wider group litigation market at the Bar. Hugh Preston KC is regularly instructed in leading group actions across multiple sectors, particularly in product liability and medical products where he leads counsel for the claimants in the transvaginal mesh implant litigation. Simeon Maskrey KC has a similarly broad history of practice in group cases, recent acting for a group of claimants in the substantial Grenfell litigation, as well as for the NHS in actions brought against it regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Senior junior Adam Korn has particular experience in medical product cases, as well as broader product liability, while James MacDonald is developing a notable practice in this area, including acting for Municipio de Mariana & others against BHP Group plc, which was subjected to significant disputes over forum.



‘Great experience in group claims.’

‘Excellent for product liability and clinical negligence. Well led by top silks and very good juniors.’

‘Great set with experienced counsel at all levels.’

‘Good set with strong practitioners throughout.’

‘Fantastic set, lots of very knowledgeable barristers.’


‘Mia Rogers-Powell and Adam McLeod – both prompt, helpful and understanding.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers‘ presence in group litigation is characterized by its ‘significant strength in depth‘, with multiple silks and juniors involved in disparate leading cases. As lead silk for Volkswagen in the ‘Dieselgate’ GLO, Brian Kennelly KC has played a major role in the standout ongoing group litigation in the country. Shaheed Fatima KC was also involved in that case and has extensive experience in environment-related group litigation, including acting for Glencore Xstrata in a claim brought by a group of Peruvians regarding a copper mine in the country. Ben Jaffey KC is another silk at chambers to have acted in the VW case, on the claimant side, but was also instructed on the Judicial Pensions Litigation (McCloud v Lord Chancellor) that went to the Court of Appeal.



‘Blackstone Chambers has significant strength in depth in group litigation and offers exceptionally talented advocates at every level.’

‘One of the top sets.’

‘Blackstone is very strong for group litigation.’

‘Blackstone are an excellent Chambers, with some very highly regarded leading counsel and juniors.’

‘One of the go-to chambers for group litigation.’


‘The clerks are generally very good.’

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers are particularly strong in the data privacy and human rights spaces and members have ‘been involved with many of the most significant group claims over the past 20 years‘. Richard Hermer KC has a standout practice in this area, often appearing at the Supreme Court of human rights group actions, as well as acting in the Grenfell litigation where he acts for 800 victims instructed by 14 solicitors. In Ogale Community v Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, Edward Craven was led by Hermer in an environmental negligence case that the Supreme Court ruled in February 2021 could proceed to trial in England. Craven was the sole junior acting for Google in it’s successful 2021 appeal to the Supreme Court in multi-billion-pound data privacy class action Lloyd v Google LLC, led by Antony White KC, and another highlight at chambers has been the involvement of Hermer and Craven in the diesel emissions litigation on behalf of various claimant groups.



‘Excellent set, great silks.’

‘Excellent juniors, able to rotate according to availability, and superbly well-resourced.’

‘Very strong in the data privacy space.’

‘Matrix has been involved with many of the most significant group claims over the past 20 years or more.’

‘The chambers is excellent.’


‘Very attentive.’


11KBW stands out in the group litigation space for data breach cases at the highest level. Anya Proops KC is an established go-to counsel for defendants in some of the renowned cases in the market, including representing British Airways in group action brought against it following a cyber-attack it suffered on its online systems in 2018; and acting for TikTok in a widely reported representative action being pursued by the UK Children’s Commissioner regarding use of children’s data. Marcus Pilgerstorfer KC has a broader practice and experience when it comes to group litigation and among an impressive product liability caseload has acted for the claimants in the long-running PIP Breast Implants matter.



‘This is a set full of leaders in fields and rising stars at all levels in their fields and has true strength in depth.’

‘Very efficient and pleasant chambers to work with.’

‘A very strong set.’


‘The clerks are very helpful, including Martin Pownall, Mark Dann, Michael Smith and Hannah Rayner.’

‘Excellent. All the clerks are very able, courteous and efficient.’

‘The clerks are pleasant, responsive and adept both at every day case management and on occasion dealing with more sensitive issues.’

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers prowess in group litigation is heavily tied to its standout competition law practice, members being active in a host of the foremost cases that cross the two areas. In Merricks v Mastercard, the first collective action certified by the CAT, in which the Supreme Court laid down the principles to be applied in all collective proceedings, Marie Demetriou KC led a counsel team that also included Victoria Wakefield KC, acting for Walter Merricks on behalf of a wide class of UK consumers concerning credit and debit card transaction fees. Joint head of chambers Helen Davies KC has extensive experience of collective actions, particularly in banking and finance cases, and 2022 and 2021 appointments Sarah Abram KC and Tony Singla KC are notable junior silks.



‘Brick Court has a strong bench for group litigation.’

‘Good strength in this area at silk and junior level.’

‘Exceptionally good bench strength and depth across all levels of seniority.’

‘Very strong in competition law and group actions.’

‘Excellent strength at silk and junior level.’


‘The best clerks in town.’