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Leading Silks

Narita Bahra KC  – 33 Chancery Lane 'Narita is a fearless advocate with real court presence. When she is on her feet she commands attention and respect and in conference she instils confidence in her clients.' 
Cameron Brown KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Cameron is highly intelligent and masters the details of every case he is instructed in. His cross-examination is nothing short of excellent.' 
Michael Goodwin KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Michael is a first-class practitioner. He has a tremendous ability to foster good relations with judges, juries, and other members of the Bar. He is extremely likeable, hardworking, courteous and honest. He has a phenomenal intellect and great powers of cross-examination.’ 
Nicola Howard KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Nicola is a first-rate silk. She is exceptionally bright and has an astonishing attention to detail. She is a superb jury advocate, great with lay clients, and her written work is excellent.’
John Kelsey-Fry KC – Cloth Fair Chambers ‘John is all-round first-rate. He is a fantastic advocate – compelling, cogent and loved by juries. He is incredibly clever, but also practical and user-friendly. Additionally, he is first-rate on advisory work.’ 
Jonathan Laidlaw KC – 2 Hare Court ‘Jonny is a go-to KC and the fact he is not only brilliant but easy to work with makes him excellent for a range of clients. He is simply one of the greatest advocates around. There is a reason he is consistently involved in the biggest cases.' 
Sean Larkin KCQEB Hollis WhitemanSean is a fantastic advocate with charisma, confidence and eloquence in equal measure. He works very hard behind the scenes to ensure that he is always completely in control of events in court, and in doing so inspires complete confidence in the team he leads and his client. No matter how difficult the case or the issue he rises to it.' 
Keir Monteith KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Keir is very good on the detail and is fearless in court. He leaves no stone unturned and leads a case with great strategic acumen.' 
Cairns Nelson KC – 23ES ‘Cairns is an exceptional jury advocate, whose ability to cross-examine on complex financial issues is second-to-none. He applies a wealth of experience to engage the jury and his straightforward, stylish approach means that he is a compelling and impressive advocate.’
Simon Pentol KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Simon possesses exceptional judgement. His understanding of not only the case itself, but the environment and arena in which he operates in, is second to none.' 
Nicholas Purnell KC – Cloth Fair Chambers 'Sharp - an eye for every detail of a case and yet strategic - able to zoom out to the big picture and the case strategy.'
David Whittaker KC – 2 Hare Court ‘David is a superb jury advocate who is highly respected by his opponents. He is charming and persuasive in court and has a caring and compassionate manner with clients.' 
Ian Winter KC – Cloth Fair Chambers ‘Ian is, quite rightly, regarded as the best white-collar crime KC out there. He is a fearless, compelling and persuasive advocate as well as a great strategist.’ 
Richard Wormald KC – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Richard’s advocacy is his greatest strength. He is brilliant and juries love him, as do clients. He simply commands confidence and is incredibly persuasive.’ 
Jane Bewsey KC – Red Lion ChambersShe is brilliant in simplifying the most complex of fraud cases for juries and her cross-examination skills are second-to-none in this area.’ 
Edmund Burge KC – 5 St Andrews Hill ‘Edmund is a phenomenal advocate – he’s eloquent, has a great deal of gravity in court, is very intelligent, utterly charming and juries love him. In addition to being suave, sophisticated and charming, he has an enviable work ethic and knows every corner of his case.' 
Julian Christopher KC – 5 Paper Buildings 'Julian is an elegant and charming advocate. He is incredibly bright and his advocacy is clear and compelling.' 
David Durose KC5 Paper Buildings ‘David is the consummate fraud prosecutor. He is prepared, diligent, bright and entertaining – he brings difficult cases to life ensuring that juries understand and believe him.’     
Richard Fisher KC – Doughty Street Chambers 'Richard is an excellent jury advocate and has a great bedside manner with clients.'
Neil Hawes KC – Crucible Chambers 'Neil is an absolute powerhouse in the financial crime world. He is exceptionally hard working, and knows his cases inside and out. Juries like him as much as his clients do.'
Mark Heywood KC – 5KBW ‘Mark is undeniably one of the top advocates at the criminal Bar for fraud. His knowledge and experience is unparalleled and juries love his easy and charming delivery. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of statute and practice which he deploys with great care and tactical awareness.’ 
Gillian Jones KC – Red Lion ChambersGillian is a powerhouse when it comes to strategy and a flawless advocate. She provides an invaluable and clear headed insight into how the SFO might put together a case. One of the very ablest silks in this field.' 
Brian O’Neill KC – 2 Hare CourtBrian is a true heavyweight. He is a clear, strategic thinker, which is essential in large-scale fraud cases, as well as a robust and persuasive advocate.' 
Tim Owen KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Tim is an excellent barrister. He is strategic, knowledgeable and a team player. He has a great legal mind and is a fearless advocate.' 
Pavlos Panayi KC – 7BR ‘Pavlos is an excellent jury advocate. He is down-to-earth and juries and clients find it easy to warm to him. Pavlos is particularly good with tactical decisions and in sticky situations.’ 
Amanda Pinto KC – 33 Chancery Lane ‘Amanda is superb. She builds good relationships with clients and her advocacy exudes gravitas and authority.’ 
Alison Pople KC – Cloth Fair Chambers ‘Alison is phenomenally bright and able to absorb huge quantities of complex financial information and translate it in a way which is easily understandable. She has a reassuring manner with clients and her judgment and tactics are impressive.’ 
Mark Rainsford KC – 33 Chancery Lane 'Mark is tactically very strong and is also great with clients.' 
Clare Sibson KC  – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Clare is an absolute standout advocate in the world of white-collar crime. She is technically brilliant and is able to provide technically difficult advice extremely quickly. She provides great depth of knowledge and expertise.’ 
Collingwood Thompson KC – 7BR 'Collingwood is very personable and has the ability to make demanding clients feel seen and heard.  They know they are in the safe hands of an esteemed lawyer with impeccable legal expertise. He is able to unravel the most complex evidence and provide advice that is highly detailed, easy to understand and to the point.' 
David Walbank KC – Red Lion ChambersDavid is fearless and dedicated. He is a very bold advocate with huge determination to succeed at whatever cost. His written submissions are very comprehensive.’ 
Natasha Wong KC – 5KBW ‘Natasha is an exceptional leader in the most complex cases. She makes clients trust her and feel totally at ease. Her closing speeches are meticulous and from the heart and tactically Natasha is extremely astute. She can spot the pitfalls of a case a mile off and will make certain her client is equipped to deal with them.'
Simon Baker KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Simon is a brilliant lawyer who produces incredibly high-quality and practical advice at phenomenal speed. His written and oral advocacy is excellent – always clear, concise and effective.  He is a superstar and a real team player.’ 
Nathaniel Rudolf KC25 Bedford Row ‘Nathaniel is one of the brightest silks practising in criminal fraud. He takes a very analytical approach to evidence, has sound judgement in court, and his advocacy is fluent, careful and persuasive. He has an attractive manner in dealing with witnesses, stands up to judges when he needs to and has good rapport with co-defending and prosecution counsel.’
Colin Aylott KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Colin is a pragmatic and impressive barrister. He is a great advocate with excellent drafting skills who charms juries. He is exceptionally clever, incredibly hardworking, and is a delight with clients.'
Gary Bell KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Gary is an adept advocate. He is quick witted with a lovely style in court and juries quickly warm to him. One underestimates him at one's peril.'
Henry Blaxland KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Henry is extremely thoughtful and clever. He is able to get to the heart of issues, even in the most complex and paper-heavy cases.' 
Charles Bott KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Charles is a magnificent barrister with the highest intellect imaginable. He is a kind and compassionate individual who is loved by his clients. His advocacy is remarkable and he is instructed nationally and internationally. There is no one better than Charles.’ 
Graham Brodie KC – 33 Chancery Lane ‘Graham has an incredible legal and strategic intellect. He is also commercial and team-oriented. In short, he is superb.’ 
Gideon Cammerman KC – 187 Chambers 'Gideon is hard working, client-focused and very user friendly. He is also very commercial in his approach to cases.' 
Richard Christie KC – 187 Chambers 'Richard brings a wealth of experience to his cases. He gets to grips quickly with the issues in a case – however complex and serious. His attention to detail, diligent preparation and incisive cross-examination are his core strengths.'
Sarah Clarke KC – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Sarah is a first-class intellect with tireless attention to detail. She is a compelling, persuasive advocate with great charisma and is able to explain complex matters in easily understandable language.’ 
Giles Cockings KC – Furnival Chambers ‘Giles is an exceptional silk. He is an outstanding and charismatic advocate who is polished, sophisticated and charming. He is very skilled, highly intelligent, extremely articulate and is one of the best speech makers in the business. He is a master tactician with a finely tuned strategic brain and has a great insight as to how juries respond and they love him for it.' 
Mark Cotter KC – 5 St Andrews Hill ‘Mark is an excellent tactician. He commands complete confidence from the get-go with a clear strategy and is an utterly compelling and fearless advocate. An absolute powerhouse in court.’
Adam Davis KC – 3TG ‘Adam is extremely able, diligent, hardworking and is very personable with clients.' 
Jonathan Fisher KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Jonathan is very astute, quickly understands the important issues and is able to very easily pinpoint the relevant law and explain it in a simple way. He always finds a solution. Aside from his fantastic knowledge of the law and his skill in applying that knowledge, he always makes himself available and his turnaround of work is exceptional.' 
Adam Kane KC – Libertas Chambers ‘Adam is a powerful and persuasive advocate. He has an intimidating court presence and is a ruthless cross-examiner. His manner with juries is different. He has a charming and attractive style which makes him an effective jury advocate.
Leon Kazakos KC2 Hare Court ‘Leon is the advocate's advocate. He is compelling, lucid and erudite. Not a word is wasted in his written submissions or skeleton arguments and no bad point is ever taken.'
Abbas Lakha KC – 9BR ChambersAbbas is one of the best advocates at the Bar - his ability to make cogent representations, pinpointing the issues at hand distinguishes him from his peers.’ 
Miranda Moore KC – 5 Paper Buildings 'Miranda's ability to manage and present huge amounts of complex information is formidable, and her grasp of the minutiae, and ability to deploy it, is impressive. She is also very good at leading a team: she sets objectives, gives clear instructions, and offers support and guidance where needed.'
Stan Reiz KC – 2 Bedford Row 'Stan is one of the best junior silks around. His strategic thinking is second to very few, and he continuously gets amazing results. He is a calm, methodical advocate, and every word lands with a punch.' 
James Waddington KC – Foundry Chambers ‘James is a wonderful advocate who presents his arguments attractively and can advance complicated matters in an understandable form. He has a first-rate feel for the mood of the court.’ 
Adrian Waterman KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Adrian has an exceptionally engaging style of advocacy – calm and measured – so that the audience is carried along on his argument. He is incredibly diligent.'
Alistair Webster KC33 Chancery Lane ‘Alistair picks things up exceptionally quickly, both mentally and in terms of response times. He is a fantastic advocate on his feet, well-prepared, eloquent and has a lovely manner with both clients and judges.’ 
Andrew Wheeler KC – 7BR ‘Andrew has a very understated style which earns him the respect and the ear of opponents, juries and judges. They trust what he says. He is calm under pressure and tends to spot crises or issues approaching long before they become a problem.’
Benjamin Douglas-Jones KC – 5 Paper BuildingsBen is a legal powerhouse and judges are often mesmerised by his legal acuity.’
Jane Osborne KC – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Jane assimilates case papers rapidly and has a clear grasp of the details. She gives important strategic advice from the outset of her instructions and is very pragmatic and forthright with clients when necessary.’
Allison Clare KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Allison is reliable, well-organised and always on top of the detail of a case. She has well-developed client handling skills and an easy manner with her team. She is a true expert in financial crime cases, understated and effective.’
Tom Forster KC – Red Lion Chambers 'Tom is an advocate of exceptional skill. He is able to cut through very complex and messy areas of dispute to strategically focus the court on key points. His client care skills are also exceptional.'
Alexandra Healy KC – Foundry Chambers ‘Alexandra has immense authority in court with the judge, combined with an easy charming manner which juries like. She is a first-class advocate with an amazing recall for detail.’ 
Brendan Kelly KC  - 2 Hare Court  'Brendan is a charming, urbane and likeable advocate. He is able to combine efficacy with a degree of harmony in a way many others cannot. Judges and juries like him as a result and opponents are respectful and amenable to his charms.'
Tom Little KC – Deka Chambers 'Robust, clever and considered, Tom is one of the outstanding barristers of his generation - the real cream of the crop. He is both a force of nature, and thoroughly approachable. Fair but firm, he has it all. He is excellent.'
Andrew Radcliffe KC – 2 Hare Court 'Andrew's attention to detail is particularly important in fraud cases, where he thoroughly masters all the evidence, cross-referencing vast quantities of material. He is a strong advocate, who commands attention and remains calm and assured in his tone to the jury.' 
Paul Raudnitz KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Paul has a good insight into the prosecutor's mind which he deploys effectively when defending. He has a good command of his cases and a lovely manner with clients.' 
Nigel Sangster KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Nigel is an excellent lawyer who works superbly with professional and lay clients alike, and is well respected by opponents and other court users. He is meticulously prepared, thorough, and is outstanding in his client care. He is a top-class advocate and a go-to defence silk.'
Charles Sherrard KC – Furnival Chambers ‘Charlie is a sought-after advocate who has a jury-friendly manner. He is able to bring to life the sometimes drier aspects of a fraud trial.’ 

2022 Silks

Rachel Barnes KC – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Rachel is fiercely intelligent and has a forensic eye for detail. Her advocacy is always impressive and she inspires confidence in clients and solicitors alike.’
Claire Davies KC - Farringdon Chambers 'Claire is a focused and determined advocate who is perfect for cases of complexity and detail.'

2023 Silks

Jonathan Lennon KCDoughty Street Chambers 'Jonathan is a first-rate criminal defence barrister. He is a thorough, diligent and persuasive advocate.’
Benjamin Newton KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Benjamin is great with clients and a pleasure to work with. He is very calm and reassuring. He gives clear, accessible and smart advice. He is one of the best new silks around.’ 

2024 Silks

Rebecca Elizabeth Chalkley KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Rebecca is fiercely bright, incredibly adaptable and unflappable.' 
Dermot Keating KC – 25 Bedford Row 'Dermot is a great tactician and has a very nice manner with witnesses who he charms into agreeing with his points. His clients clearly trust his judgement.' 
Tom Payne KC – Red Lion ChambersTom is a hard working, fair and effective prosecutor. He fights his corner well. He is smart, thorough and realistic. He is a decent, humane person to work with too.’ 
James Thacker KC – Deka Chambers ‘James is a fearless advocate with a detailed knowledge of the law, which he deploys to maximum effect. He reduces with ease complex technical details to jury friendly language.'

Leading Juniors

Duncan Jones – 25 Bedford Row ‘Duncan has a truly exceptional intellect which he combines with tactical pragmatism. His written work is impeccable and he is very calm and measured as an advocate. He is a silk in the making.' 
Rhys Meggy – Cloth Fair Chambers ‘Rhys has everything that you need from a fraud barrister. He is immensely intelligent. He is confident, having successfully defended highly complex matters. He is extremely supportive of his lay and professional clients and is also robust, clear and considered in court.’ 
Graham Arnold – Farringdon Chambers 'He is the consummate jury advocate. He is able to engage with the jury in a way which enhances his client's case and makes the whole package seem more attractive in court.'
Faras Baloch – Red Lion ChambersFaras is very hardworking, very knowledgeable and very astute both tactically and strategically. As an advocate, he combines a courteous attractive manner with well-focused tenacity.' 
Stuart BiggsCloth Fair Chambers 'Outstanding knowledge of the law in all aspects of white-collar crime.'
Peter Caldwell – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Peter is an exceptionally hardworking barrister and a splendid advocate. He is easy to work with, his written work is first-class, as is his advocacy. He is a dedicated, reliable, and imaginative counsel.’
Felicia Davy – Red Lion ChambersFelicia can master voluminous cases and can identify the important issues with ease. She has a pleasant rapport with clients. Her advocacy is persuasive and demonstrates her competence with her legal knowledge and through understanding of her cases. ‘
Leila Gaskin – Crucible Chambers 'A methodical and highly focused junior.'
Roderick James – Crucible Chambers 'Roddy is highly user friendly - both from the point of view of instructing solicitors and also for lay clients. He has the ability to fillet substantial amounts of evidence down to the essential components that will become the issues in the case and his advocacy style is measured, tactical, always respectful but suitably combative when needed.'
Rachel Kapila – Cloth Fair Chambers ‘Rachel is exceptionally bright, focused and diligent.' 
Samantha Riggs – 25 Bedford Row ‘Samantha is great at finding an angle and is very good with clients. She is tenacious and has a cool, calm demeanour when on her feet.’ 
Neil Saunders – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Neil is a highly approachable, user-friendly counsel whose advocacy could charm the birds off the trees. He has the knack of winning the unwinnable.’ 
Alexandra Scott – Mountford Chambers  ‘Alexandra is a very thoughtful, clear and concise advocate who is able to grasp complex material and provide excellent advice. On her feet she is persuasive and logical. She is personable and this comes across in her advocacy - she is clearly liked by juries.’ 
Vivienne Tanchel – 2 Hare Court ‘Viv is brilliant with her lay clients; she is very down to earth, warm, re-assuring and she breaks down complicated legal issues in a clear and digestible manner. She presents legal arguments attractively and forcefully and is very adept at case strategy and finding ways round legal issues.' 
Angus Bunyan – 2 Hare Court ‘Angus is an articulate and brilliant advocate who is as happy in the weeds of the facts as he is in making legal argument.’
Christopher Convey – 33 Chancery Lane ‘Christopher is responsive, knowledgeable and intelligent. He is particularly good with clients and collaborating in a team. He is also a persuasive and charming advocate.’ 
Thomas Daniel – 2 Bedford Row ‘Tom is an extremely attentive barrister both in court and out. His eye for detail is second-to-none and his ability to grasp the facts and evidence of each matter is unparalleled. Tom is an outstanding advocate and his ability to think on his feet sets him apart. He is able to convey points in a clear and concise manner without losing the core point of the submission.’
Sonal Dashani – 25 Bedford Row ‘Sonal's dedication, preparation and attention to detail set her apart from many of her peers. She is very easy to work with and likes to be involved in cases from the outset to ensure that she is fully appraised of all the issues. Her advocacy is exemplary and she manages to achieve results where you would not expect them - she is extremely brave, articulate and tenacious in her advocacy.' 
Dominic D’Souza – Goldsmith Chambers ‘Dominic is a legend in legal circles with his forensic mind and quick wit. He is excellent with clients and can think on his feet in the most difficult and complex of cases.’
Philippa Eastwood – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Phillipa is a very talented barrister who is exceptionally thorough in her case preparation. She is excellent with clients, tactically very astute, and is able to grasp the issues in a case very quickly. Her written work is also excellent. A first-rate advocate and a future silk.’
William England – Mountford Chambers ‘William is a tactical genius and a cogent advocate. He is simply brilliant.'
Jenny Goldring – 5 Paper Buildings 'Jenny has a rare talent and is able to hold the engagement of her audience through clear, persuasive and passionate advocacy. As this talent is coupled with her mastery of her brief and attention to details she is a heavyweight and formidable barrister.'
Sean Hammond – 2 Bedford RowSean’s attention to detail and ability to play the long game are impressive. His charming and relaxed manner belies a razor-sharp mind. He has very sound judgement, shrewd tactical sense, relates very well with clients, and is a confident and persuasive advocate.
Gerard Hillman – Libertas Chambers 'Gerard is a brilliant and persuasive advocate. He makes professional and lay clients feel at ease immediately. He is a great team player who leads the defence team with style.'
Dominic Hockley  – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Dominic is bright, diligent, knowledgeable and has very good judgement. He has excellent interpersonal skills which allows him to gain the trust of instructing solicitors, clients, opponents and judges alike. He has extensive experience in dealing with heavy fraud cases and is able to deal with factually complex matters with ease.’ 
Frederick Hookway – 5KBWFreddie is an excellent advocate. His style is measured and illustrates his clear grasp of every detail of a case.'
Stephen Hopper – 5 Paper Buildings ‘Stephen is one of the most able at the Bar when it comes to difficult and highly technical expert evidence. He has a highly impressive ability to focus on and simplify complex scientific analysis and concepts, and can make the seemingly incomprehensible both intelligible and digestible. He comes across as so reasonable in his advocacy that it can be very difficult to disagree with him.’
Henry Hughes – 187 Chambers ‘Henry has a sharp eye for detail, is strategic in his approach to cases and provides refreshing analysis. He is able to deal with complex, fact-heavy financial cases and provide clear advice.' 
Alex Jamieson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Alex is extremely personable and down to earth and provides honest and practical advice. He cares deeply about his clients and in court he is eloquent and persuasive.' 
Paul Jarvis – 6KBW College Hill ‘Paul is an exceptional lawyer with an outstanding command of the law. He possesses the remarkable ability to simplify complex legal concepts for his clients and he maintains a composed and unruffled demeanour within the courtroom, displaying a remarkable level of professionalism which resonates exceptionally well with judges and juries alike.’ 
Ashraf Khan – 2 Bedford Row 'Ashraf has a great eye for detail as well as a tireless work ethic, a combination which makes him ideal for serious fraud work. He has excellent judgement and takes good points with ease whilst setting aside weak points that dilute the presentation of a defence case.' 
Eleanor Mawrey – Deka Chambers ‘Eleanor is a very impressive barrister. She is a polished advocate and is a calm and assured cross-examiner. She is particularly adept at dealing with complex fraud allegations.'
Keith Mitchell – Libertas Chambers ‘Keith is a very persuasive jury advocate and and has excellent pastoral skills with lay clients putting them at ease in the most stressful of cases.' 
Gareth Munday – Deka ChambersGareth is highly accomplished at prosecuting the most complex and high-volume cases. He demonstrates a thorough understanding of the interplay between different defence cases and is a powerful cross-examiner.’
Vedrana Pehar – Matrix Chambers ‘Vedrana is a highly competent lawyer with a flair for dealing with difficult clients. She remains composed under pressure, has excellent judgement when assessing the merits of complex legal arguments, and has an ability to deal with very heavy workloads under serious time constraints. She is also very user-friendly for her instructing solicitors.’ 
Esther Schutzer-Weissmann – 6KBW College HillEsther is an experienced and technically gifted counsel who is calm, collected and strategic in her approach.'
Kabir Sondhi – 9BR Chambers ‘Kabir is an organised and diligent junior who works well as part of a team.'
Ben Summers – Three Raymond Buildings 'Ben is a master tactician and a class act in complex cases. His attention to detail is impeccable, his written submissions are outstanding and he has a commanding presence before any tribunal.' 
Kevin Toomey – 2 Bedford Row 'Kevin has exceptional technical experience and knowledge of the workings of the financial markets. He has a very good manner with clients and is able to distil key issues in complex matters so as to focus clients' attentions upon the salient points in a case. His insight and clarity is highly useful.' 
Ini Udom – 5 St Andrews Hill ‘Ini is an excellent lawyer. She is meticulous in her preparation and is able to assimilate complex facts and detail with apparent ease. She also has a rare ability to get on with everyone, be it in court, or working within a team. She commands loyalty and respect, and gives the same in equal measure.' 
Benjamin Waidhofer – Foundry Chambers ‘Ben combines boundless energy, enthusiasm and commitment with a fierce intellect, considerable legal capabilities, good humour and fearless dogged determination to prevail.' 
Tom Wainwright – Garden Court Chambers ‘Tom is an intelligent and sharp barrister able to analyse a case and identify the issues to challenge tactically. He is very astute and comprehensive in his work.' 
Danielle Barden – 5 St Andrews Hill ‘Danielle is extremely hard working, very clever and has great attention to detail in all aspects of her work. She has the ability to absorb vast quantities of evidence and to understand it and to explain it to lay clients in a way that makes it simple and makes sense.’
Giles Bedloe – Deka Chambers ‘Giles is friendly and approachable to solicitors and clients alike. This style carries across into his advocacy, which is sure and assertive yet jury-friendly and cogent. He masters voluminous amounts of papers with ease and forensic knowledge of the case as a whole. His grip of the law is also second-to-none.’
Richard Bentwood – 23ES ‘Richard is astute, a real details brief, with very fine judgement. He is a trial strategist, and plans meticulously.’
Ben Smitten – 25 Bedford Row ‘Ben is a prodigious worker with a huge appetite for perfection and an equal eye for detail. He is technically excellent, methodical, organised and tactically astute. He has all the qualities of a top barrister. His advocacy is direct and persuasive. He possesses endless charm, wit and good humour. He is a genuine star in this field.’
Ben Holt  – 5KBW ‘Ben is an excellent advocate and all round lawyer. His preparation shines through in his advocacy. He is admired by many and will go far.’
John Ojakovoh – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘John is highly intelligent, has a good eye for detail and is very thoroughly prepared. He is liked by judges and extremely effective in cross-examination.’
Senghin Kong – 5KBW ‘Senghin has a brilliant mind and is able to digest large amounts of material, which he distils to its core and presents attractively.’
Kathryn Arnot Drummond - 5KBW ‘Kathryn is an incredibly strong barrister, with excellent client management skills as well as attention to detail.’
Ben Isaacs7BR 'Ben has an excellent knowledge of the law regarding fraud and, having acted for both corporates and the Serious Fraud Office, he has a useful insight into strategic decisions. He also has an approachable manner for clients.' 
Daniel Chadwick – 2 Hare Court ‘Daniel is the complete package. He is charming with juries, very user-friendly and has a total command of every detail of a case. In particular, Daniel is able to articulate complex topics to juries in a simple yet highly engaging manner.’ 
Polly Dyer – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Polly is a powerhouse in fraud matters with a great capacity to absorb complex evidence which she then presents in a relatable way to jurors.' 
Tom Godfrey – 23ES 'Tom is an excellent barrister. He is hard-working, his judgement is excellent and his advocacy is pitched perfectly to persuade the audience that he has. He is confident, friendly and reassuring and inspires confidence with judges, juries, opponents, solicitors and lay clients.' 
Michael Gomulka  – 25 Bedford Row  ‘Michael is a sound lawyer and an exceptional advocate when it comes to closing submissions. He thinks very carefully about how to navigate his way to his closing speech and then invariably produces something to which the jury pay detailed attention.’
Michael Hick – 5 Paper Buildings ‘Michael is a very experienced leading junior who has excellent judgement. He is able to process and efficiently lead the prosecution in cases with a high volume of digital material. He deals with disclosure efficiently. He is a very effective advocate who knows how to keep complex cases simple.’
Nicholas James – 2 Bedford Row ‘Nick is an engaging advocate who retains a personal and affable manner even when forcefully making points to a judge or jury. He has a wonderfully light touch. He is thorough and hardworking and will not miss points, but makes sure that he is always focused on the ultimate issues.' 
Lewis MacDonald – 2 Hare Court ‘Lewis is excellent at considering the details of a voluminous case and being able to spot a complex legal argument which many others may not have seen. His preparation and understanding of a case is outstanding and he is a very intellectual barrister. This is coupled with good court presence and ability to communicate well with lay clients.' 
James Martin – 5KBW ‘James is a calm and careful counsel who works incredibly hard. He has a natural and affable style of advocacy which gets juries onside. He gains the confidence of judges through his sensible approach. He doesnt take a bad point and is extremely tactically aware. He is thorough in his analysis and detailed in his approach – able to deal with the most complex fraud matters and most challenging of clients.’
Osman Osman – 25 Bedford Row ‘Osman is thorough in his preparation and persuasive in his oral submissions. He never gives up and generally achieves his objectives due to his persuasive qualities.'
Adam Payter6KBW College Hill ‘Adam is an exceptionally astute fraud lawyer, displaying great confidence in the courtroom. Moreover, he exhibits outstanding interpersonal skills when dealing with clients. His profound understanding of the criminal procedure rules allows him to navigate them effortlessly.' 
Peter Ratliff6KBW College Hill ‘Peter is a star prosecutor who is without doubt a silk in waiting. He is thorough yet charming in the process and his style of advocacy is precise, yet eloquent.' 
Jack TalbotRed Lion Chambers ‘Jack has a fluid, relaxed and open manner of delivery which judges trust and juries like. With specific respect to fraud, his knowledge of the law, practice and current procedure is unparalleled. He is dedicated to the facts of his clients’ cases and how any weaknesses in the opposing case can be exploited.’
Jessica Tate – Foundry Chambers ‘Jessica is highly competent and able. She lights up the court room and is very engaging; judges are mesmerised by her presence and energy. Clients are so invigorated by her style and kindness. She is highly professional and has the capacity to approach a case in a very analytical and meticulous fashion.
Greg Unwin – 187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Greg has a meticulous and tactical approach to every case. His eye for detail means he often picks up issues in evidence others miss. He also has a calm and professional approach to every case.' 
Colin Wells – 25 Bedford Row ‘Colin is a superb fraud lawyer. He one of the best there is when dealing with clients. He is hardworking, thorough in his preparation and can convey complex issues to clients in a way that is easily understood.'  

Rising Stars

Grace Forbes – 2 Hare Court ‘Grace is the most talented and committed young junior around. She is unquestionably a rising star. She has acute tactical judgement and an intensive, forensic focus. Grace’s total mastery of voluminous and complex papers is amazing.’

Fraud: crime in London Bar

2 Bedford Row

2 Bedford Row is ‘an outstanding set’ with a broad range of counsel prosecuting and defending for clients in high-level criminal fraud matters. Simon Baker KC represented the alleged  primary administrator of caller ID spoofing website, which reportedly was used to facilitate over £43m of fraud against British victims carried by impersonating banks and public bodies. Numerous members, including Baker KC and Kevin Toomey, among others, represented various defendants in a case stemming from “Operation Ark”, an eight-year prosecution for allegedly mis-sold heating systems – all defendants were acquitted after the prosecution submitted no evidence after disclosure failings were identified. Mark Milliken-Smith KC, as was, was appointed as a Circuit Judge in December 2023.


‘John Grimmer is a top clerk and runs a very effective and efficient clerks’ room. Paul Rodgers and Tom Powell are always on hand to assist and accommodate instructing solicitors.’

‘John Grimmer and Paul Rodgers are well liked by solicitors and continue to be viewed as two of the best, but all the way down to the most junior the clerks pull out all the stops to provide the service solicitors deserve.’

‘Joe Martin is a good clerk and is always friendly and efficient.  He will do what he can to assist.’

‘A strong set of chambers from top down to junior juniors.’

‘2 Bedford Row is in every multi-handed fraud case and retains its market share. The strength in depth in terms of silks is obvious, and there is a large core of up and coming juniors too.’

‘2 Bedford Row is an outstanding set and far above the rest in terms of professionalism and the care they pay towards instructing solicitors. They do not have a bad barrister in the whole set.’

Work highlights

2 Hare Court

2 Hare Court is a ‘leading set for white-collar work’ offering ‘the cream of the crop of criminal barristers’. Jonathan Laidlaw KC is ‘simply one of the greatest advocates around’ who is regularly instructed by high-profile clients. Brendan Kelly KC remains involved in the SFO’s investigation into London Capital and Finance, which is alleged to have been a Ponzi scheme, while David Whittaker KC has recently acted alone for a consultant surgeon accused of billing insurance companies for more complex procedures than the ones he actually undertook. Private prosecutions are a key area of expertise for the set's members.


‘Julian Campbell is one of the best senior clerks around – he really takes the time to get to know you and how you operate and who your clients are and is great at matching barristers to the work.’

‘Jack Shah is a standout clerk who is always willing to assist.’

‘Chloe Skingsley is a top rate clerk. She is trustworthy and efficient and her knowledge of the market is exceptional.’

‘The set as a whole is fantastic to work with. The clerks make life every easy, and are on top of everything. Julian Campbell and Chloe Skingsley are brilliant.’

‘2 Hare Court is an excellent set with a range of eminent silks as well as brilliant junior barristers. This chambers is often a first port of call for solicitors who have white collar or private general crime cases.’

‘2 Hare Court is a superb set that leads in private criminal cases and white collar work.’

Work highlights

25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row is a leading criminal defence set with ‘a huge depth of talent dealing with fraud cases’. George Carter-Stephenson KC has considerable experience defending in complex fraud cases – he represented a struck-off solicitor in the criminal case concerning the collapse of the Axiom Legal Financing Fund, which claimed to be funding litigation. In 2022 Nicola Howard KC, ‘a superb jury advocate’, defended a case involved an international confidence fraud orchestrated by a film producer.  Nathaniel Rudolf KC defended in a case concerning an alleged boiler room fraud, involving purported investments in payday loans and diamonds.


‘Guy Williams ensures that the clerks’ room runs like clockwork. He is backed up by the very capable Emma Makepeace and also Alfie Lee. The good thing about this set is that if one clerk is not available then the other clerks can assist you just the same. The service is just so seamless.’

‘The clerks’ room operates as an efficient team well led by Guy Williams. Alfie Lee is a standout performer – a genuine old-school ‘rainmaker’ with an abundance of talent, insight, charm and instinct far in excess of his years. He is a shining star who gets on well with all stakeholders through his vitality, knowledge and effervescence.’

‘Emma Makepeace is a real standout clerk. She is a class act.’

‘Emma Makepeace is a powerhouse in the clerks room. She is commercially astute and looks after her solicitors well.’

’25 Bedford Row has a huge depth of talent dealing with fraud cases.’

’25 Bedford Row is one of the best criminal & fraud sets that there is around. The set also runs very good lectures and training seminars which have always been good networking events due to the high turn out.’

‘The clerks’ room at 25 Bedford Row is extremely organised and efficient. It is forward thinking and does its best to keep solicitors informed in relation to any potential problems that arise in cases.’

Work highlights

QEB Hollis Whiteman

QEB Hollis Whiteman is one of the leading financial crime sets in London, particularly known for its prosecution work and widely praised for its ‘real strength in depth’. Sean Larkin KC is a standout silk recently instructed by the SFO to prosecute a former biodiesel trader for fraud and money laundering offences allegedly committed while he was an employee of Greenergy (which is not a defendant). Polly Dyer , ‘a great advocate’, has recently represented a retired army colonel who was acquitted on fraud charges, after having been accused of failing to disclose information about his family arrangements while claiming continuity of education allowance payments - the case was heard through the civilian justice system rather than a court-martial.


‘Chris Emmings leads a very good team very well.’

‘Sam Window is exceptionally helpful.’

‘The clerks at QEB are very good and Chris Emmings in particular is very helpful.’

‘QEB Hollis Whiteman is the apex set for fraud cases.’

‘QEB is an excellent set, particularly for prosecution work.’

‘QEB is the top criminal chambers at the moment; every member, from pupil to KC, is highly intelligent, experienced and has the gravitas to instill confidence in clients and solicitors alike.’

‘QEB has a very strong and resourceful clerks team, with the clerks always on hand to advise and assist. Everything is done to a high level and also professionally.’


Work highlights

Cloth Fair Chambers

Cloth Fair Chambers is a ‘leading set for white-collar defence work’, hosting both silks and juniors ‘at the top of the game’. John Kelsey-Fry KC has recently been involved in several high-profile cases, including for a defendant in the SFO’s case against the Balli Group for alleged fraud offences committed by its steel trading platform. Alison Pople KC, ‘excellent at navigating tricky legal and ethical issues’, has recently represented an entrepreneur in relation to a charge of eight counts of cheating the public revenue by way of VAT fraud. Rhys Meggy brings his considerable experience in complex international fraud cases to chambers from QEB Hollis Whiteman.


‘Olivia Filby-Barnett in particular is a sensible and practical clerk.’

‘Cloth Fair is full of barristers, both silks and juniors, who are at the top of the game. They represent the very best talent at the criminal and regulatory bar. There are no weaknesses – all members are first rate.’

‘Cloth Fair remains a go-to set for complex financial crime matters.’

‘A leading set for white collar defence work, particularly for individuals.’

‘The clerks’ room is, like the members of chambers, first rate. Given that Cloth Fair is, relatively speaking, a small set, the clerks are able to provide a rapid and bespoke service to instructing solicitors.’

‘The clerks are very good and efficient.’

Work highlights

Red Lion Chambers

Red Lion Chambers is widely seen as ‘one of the leading sets for serious and complex fraud work’ with ‘an array of talented counsel’. Gillian Jones KC, a ‘quick-thinking, fluent and penetrating advocate’, has recently been instructed to defend an individual alleged to have orchestrated a £50m international Ponzi scheme using a corporate vehicle, namely forex trading firm Capital World Markets, to attract investors. Felicia Davy is a ‘fearless and commanding advocate’ who regularly prosecutes and defends both individuals and corporate clients in relation to major fraud and money laundering offences.


‘Mark Bennett is everything you would want in a clerk. He is simply superb.’

‘The clerks’ room is a friendly and busy one and Mark Bennett knows the business inside out and has excellent support from Nick Parkinson, Lee Young and Chris Jones.’

‘The stand out is Nick Parkinson, who really has a good understanding of the regulatory regime and the needs of clients.’

‘Red Lion Chambers is one of the leading sets for serious and complex fraud work.  It has strength and depth of advocates who practice in this field.  It is one of the go-to sets for this type of work.’

‘An excellent fraud set.’

‘A top set in this field, they have barristers of considerable ability in good number at every level.’

‘The clerks’ room is second to none. The clerks are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about their barristers, their practices and those who may want to instruct them.’

Work highlights

Three Raymond Buildings

Three Raymond Buildings is widely considered as having a strong range of criminal silks, many of them active in heavyweight fraud cases. Helen Malcolm KC’s broad experience includes complex and high-value tax fraud cases, while Richard Wormald KC has recently acted for the first defendant in an international £150m cash couriering fraud, involving the alleged use of the hawala system to transfer criminal funds to Dubai. Ben Summers‘methodical, intelligent, and highly strategic approach to the presentation of cases’ is valued by his clients.


‘The clerking at 3 Raymond Buildings is unrivalled. Nothing is too much trouble. Dean Brown is knowledgeable, courteous and extremely able. He really is very, very good at what he does.’

‘Eddie Holland, Dean Brown and Chris Feathers are always helpful and ready to assist.’

‘Eddie Holland and Dean Brown are brilliant. They not only accommodate any specific needs, but are excellent at identifying the right barrister for the right case.’

‘A top criminal and fraud set.’

‘3RB is one of the best sets in the country in this area.’

‘Three Raymond Buildings has a phenomenal array of silks in chambers. They also have very reliable and hard-working juniors.’ 

Work highlights


23ES has several strong silks that regularly defend and prosecute in big fraud and money laundering cases. Cairns Nelson KC stands out as an experienced financial crime specialist whose ‘light touch with witnesses makes for effective cross-examination'. Tom Godfrey  is active in high-profile cases of alleged VAT fraud, with other members of chambers having experience in matters prosecuted by trading standards authorities and alleged Ponzi schemes.


‘Wayne King is enthusiastic, hard working and popular both within chambers and with clients and other clerks.’

‘Adam Chapman is excellent; efficient, courteous and he leads the rest of the room by example.’

‘Liam Kitcher goes out of his way to assist and is friendly and easy going.’

‘Jo Wheeler is supremely calm, confident and good humoured.’

‘The Clerks’ Room is a happy and industrious place. The clerks work brilliantly as a team, led by the example of Wayne and Adam.’

‘Adam Chapman is at the very top of his game.’ 

‘The clerks room works hard to provide an excellent service to solicitors and clients. They are excellent at gauging the needs of clients and finding the right practitioner for the case.’ 

Work highlights

33 Chancery Lane

33 Chancery Lane, with an established reputation as a heavyweight financial crime set, is increasingly recognised for the complex fraud expertise of its members, crossing over with the set's track record in confiscation work. Narita Bahra KC is widely praised for her excellent advocacy, ‘on par with any barrister in the country’, while Amanda Pinto KC, acting for the SFO, has recently secured the conviction of two defendants charged with fraudulently operating a Brazilian teak investment scheme, which involved a global Forex investment fraud, complex trust structures, insolvency proceedings, and money laundering issues - both defendants were convicted and sentenced to eleven years.


‘The clerks’ room, led by Martin Adams, is one of the best around. The clerks provide an excellent bespoke service and are incredibly responsive and collaborative – an absolute pleasure to work with.’

‘Martin Adams is very personable and is always there to help.’

‘Martin Adams and Chris Chiles are a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Niche and top of their game in high-end white collar crime.’

’33 Chancery Lane will always be the best POCA set in the country. It is now expanding into complex fraud work.’

‘A fantastic set with incredibly bright and hardworking barristers.’

Work highlights

Mountford Chambers

Mountford Chambers hosts a ‘fine mix of some of the best barristers in London’ and is fast gaining a strong reputation for its fraud offering. Colin Aylott KC acted for the defence in a case involving two directors of peer-to-peer lending platform Collateral (UK) Limited, who are alleged to have fraudulently claimed to investors that the platform was regulated by the FCA – the two brothers received sentences totalling eight years. Alexandra Scott, ‘a thoughtful, clear and concise advocate’, has considerable experience in relation to a variety of fraud, money laundering and trading standards offences.


‘The clerks’ room is a well-oiled machine. Ben Heaviside, Dean Allen, Jordan Wescott, Nathan Warren and Orla O’Sullivan are readily available to deal with any enquiries and provide support where needed. They are happy to arrange conferences at chambers and offer impeccable client care.’

‘Mountford is gaining in strength.’

‘Mountford Chambers is an extremely skilled set. They offer impeccable service and a group of counsel who are intelligent and legally astute. They are always on hand to offer assistance and are proactive in their approach with the courts.’

‘Mountford offers fine quality and mix of some of the best barristers in London.’

‘The clerks offer an exceptional service.’

‘The clerks are helpful, cooperative and professional in all that they do.’

Work highlights

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is widely recognised for its strong criminal fraud offering, and several members of chambers regularly appear in complex and high-profile cases. Richard Fisher KC is ‘an excellent jury advocate’ with a broad practice who has recently represented both corporates and individuals in relation to investigations into overclaims under the government’s Coronavirus furlough scheme. Peter Caldwell is a cryptocurrency fraud expert and recently defended a client against allegations of conspiring to defraud Bitcoin wallet holders using a combination of copycat websites, virtual private networks, and servers based in Ukraine.


“Matthew Butchard and his clerking team provide an excellent service. Matthew’s responsiveness, commercial awareness and his commitment to meeting the demands of his solicitors sets him apart and he is one the leading clerks in the country.’

‘Matt Butchard can be completely relied upon to match up the best counsel to any client-case combination.’

‘An exceptional chambers.’

‘The clerks’ room works hard to provide an excellent service to solicitors and clients. They are excellent at gauging the needs of clients and finding the right practitioner for the case.’

‘A first-class set.’

Work highlights

Foundry Chambers

With ‘a number of very good individuals specialising in fraud’, Foundry Chambers is widely praised as ‘an excellent set’. James Waddington KC has an ‘ability to grasp complex financial facts extremely quickly’ and continues to act in relation to the SFO’s investigation into London Capital and Finance plc. In 2022, Jason Sugarman KC, leading Jessica Tate, defended in a case concerning a boiler room mis-selling rights to mine in Ecuador – the defendant received a suspended sentence. Benjamin Waidhofer , ‘a force to be reckoned with’, recently represented a person who falsely claimed to head the trading desk at Bank of America, convincing members of the public to invest in non-existent products; following his first police interview, the defendant confessed to a second set of frauds on life insurers, falsely claiming to be terminally ill to claim payouts on several policies.


‘The clerks are all brilliant.  Daniel Blackman is particularly noteworthy. He goes above and beyond and is always positive and prompt with his responses.’

‘Angela May, Dean Begley and Daniel Blackman are approachable and always available to speak to. The clerking system is well oiled and they are always a step ahead.’

‘Foundry chambers is a leading set in the area of fraud with a variety of counsel who specialise in this field.’

‘Foundry Chambers is a good all round set with a balance of defenders and prosecutors. They also have a good range of barristers at all levels of call.’

‘Foundry Chambers is an excellent set, with a broad range of counsel gained over many years, within the Fraud Crime practice.’ 

‘Foundry Chambers is a leading set with a good choice of barristers in the area of fraud.’ 

‘The clerks are incredibly helpful at ensuring cases are listed to accommodate counsel to try and ensure continuity.’

Work highlights

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers is a ‘premier set of chambers’ that attracts high-profile fraud work. On an ad hoc admission in that jurisdiction, Tim Owen KC, ‘as strong strategically as he is legally’, has recently advised and represented Chinese businessman Jack Chen in relation to fraud charges brought against him by the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption as a result of purchases made by a company of his of dairy farms in New Zealand. Vedrana Pehar, a ‘clear and direct’ advocate, has recently defended a key director and gold dealer in a £266m money laundering case.


‘Paul Venables and Samantha Blake are both extremely responsive, and go above and beyond in discussions on both timetables and fees.’

‘The clerks are excellent. Paul Venables and Rhian Hiscocks are both a pleasure to work with.’

‘Matrix is a premier set of chambers attracting the most high-profile work.’

‘Matrix is a strong set with dynamic, charismatic counsel who are leaders in their fields.’

‘Matrix is a very professional set which takes clerking to another level as it is seen as equally as important as the legal services side. The clerks look after every aspect and go above and beyond regularly.’

‘The clerks’ room is engaged and diligent.’

Work highlights