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Leading Silks

Christine Agnew QC2 Bedford RowChristine is meticulously prepared and has a steely focus on the essentials of a case – she cuts through the peripherals.’
Narita Bahra QC  - 33 Chancery LaneNarita is tenacious and meticulous in her preparation of cases which makes her the perfect choice as counsel for fraud cases.
George Carter-Stephenson QC25 Bedford RowGeorge is an absolute giant in fraud work, with a devastatingly effective talent for cross-examination and for standing up to judges where necessary. He works prodigiously hard and can spot details that others miss. A class act.'
Dean George QC - 2 Bedford RowDean is hard working and wonderfully smooth.
Michael Goodwin QCRed Lion ChambersMichael is first class. He is an obvious choice when dealing with high profile and complex fraud cases. He is exceptionally clever, and is very compelling both on his feet and in his written submissions.
Nicola Howard QC25 Bedford RowNicola is a technically brilliant, hard working advocate. She is a great tactician in court, and is great at putting clients at ease.'
Jonathan Laidlaw QC2 Hare CourtA silk who remains serene under pressure, with a strong command of his brief. He is fantastic with clients, particularly in terms of being firm and confident in his advice whilst at the same time empathetic to the client’s position and circumstances.'
Sean Larkin QCQEB Hollis WhitemanOne of the best silks in this area practising at the Bar today.'
Charles Miskin QC23 Essex StreetCharles has an extraordinary courtroom presence. He is incredibly eloquent and persuasive. He effortlessly holds the attention of a judge even when dealing with complex details and technical legal arguments. He quickly wins his clients' trust and provides sound and practical advice.
Keir Monteith QCGarden Court ChambersKeir is a first rate jury advocate with a charming manner. He has a forensic approach to analysing cases and can put his clients at ease.'
Cairns Nelson QC23 Essex StreetCairns is a very charming individual who opponents, judges and juries alike warm to, but this bonhomie belies his tenacity and an acute tactical nose that makes him one of the best fraud defence silks in the business.
Simon Pentol QC25 Bedford RowA silk who can win a jury over in even the most cut and dried case.
Nicholas Purnell QCCloth Fair ChambersHe is a titan of the Bar.
Jim Sturman QC2 Bedford RowJim’s work ethic is second to none. His level of detail when preparing a case is unrivalled.'
David Whittaker QC2 Hare CourtDavid is a determined, resilient and tenacious advocate, who shows great insight into how a jury will respond. He is charming yet firm with clients.
Ian Winter QCCloth Fair ChambersIan is a persuasive and fearless advocate. He is hugely strategic and combines impressive forensic rigour with inexhaustible energy.
Richard Wormald QCThree Raymond BuildingsA very persuasive and sensible advocate, who is always on top of his brief. Clients love him.'
Jane Bewsey QCRed Lion ChambersAn eminently sensible silk, who is very good at handling the fine details of a case without losing sight of the bigger picture.'
Edmund Burge QC5 St Andrews HillEdmund is fierce, incredibly detailed and hugely eloquent.
Giles Cockings QCFurnival ChambersGiles is an outstanding barrister, highly intelligent and exceptionally hardworking. He sees the bigger picture in any trial, and advances his client’s case with a tactical precision that is second to none. His ability to combine rapier-like skill with wit, humour and charm makes him a devastating opponent.'
David Durose QCFurnival ChambersA well-prepared silk who knows his case in immaculate detail.
Adrian Eissa QC - MC ChambersAdrian is calm, methodical and totally unflappable under pressure. A charming advocate whom juries like.
James Lewis QCThree Raymond BuildingsHe is extremely bright and a formidable lawyer.
Mark Milliken-Smith QC2 Bedford RowA silk who never fails to impress.
Brian O’Neill QC2 Hare CourtAn exceptional counsel. He knows what works best with the bench, and has excellent case management and preparation.
Tim Owen QCMatrix ChambersA first-rate lawyer and a devastating cross-examiner.
Paul Ozin QC23 Essex StreetPaul has a phenomenal legal brain and a good strategic sense of the best ways to cut through a complex case. His work ethic ensures that no stone remains unturned in a case.
Mark Rainsford QC33 Chancery LaneMark has a keen eye for detail and is prepared to look outside of the box. He is always determined to achieve the best outcome for clients.
Bernard Tetlow QCGarden Court ChambersAn extremely personable barrister who builds excellent client rapport.'
Richard Whittam QCMatrix ChambersRichard has an exceptional ability to predict how matters will play out and is able to cut through to the key issue of a case. He has a real presence in the court room and commands the respect of the court.
Colin Aylott QCMountford ChambersColin is an intelligent, knowledgeable counsel and an excellent strategist. Clients respect him, peers admire him and judges find it difficult not to agree with him.
Ali Bajwa QC  - QEB Hollis WhitemanHe is supremely articulate and possessed of the finest judgement and keenest intellect. He is the barrister every practitioner should aspire to be.
Henry Blaxland QCGarden Court ChambersHenry is a consummate advocate at the top of his game. The fluency and easy charm of his advocacy style makes everything he does look effortless and yet is very effective. It is clear that he works fantastically hard and is fastidious in terms of preparation. Beneath his easygoing demeanour however, there is a steely determination and a real appetite for a fight. He does not shy away from difficult cases or from making difficult arguments; if anything, he rises to those occasions.
Charles Bott QCMountford ChambersCharles is extremely bright, very thoughtful and combines academic excellence with incisive and persuasive advocacy. He is undoubtedly in the top echelon of silks.'
Rupert Bowers QCDoughty Street ChambersA confident advocate.
William Boyce QCQEB Hollis WhitemanHe is a master strategist and a consummate advocate.
Graham Brodie QC33 Chancery LaneAn expert in all money laundering matters. Outstanding from a tactical and strategic perspective.'
Gideon Cammerman QC187 Fleet Street ChambersGideon is extremely hard working, client-focussed and commercially minded.
Adam Davis QC - 3 Temple GardensAdam’s business and commercial acumen are always to the fore in fraud cases. His command of the papers is complete, his judgement is very sound and his client care is second to none.
Peter Doyle QC - 25 Bedford RowPeter commands respect and attention in the court room. He is thorough in his preparation and clients warm to him.
David Etherington QCRed Lion ChambersDavid is intellectually outstanding. He combines incisive analytical skill with engaging persuasive charm.
Jonathan Fisher QCRed Lion ChambersAn extremely bright and super effective counsel who reads the tribunal well. A pleasure to work with.
Richard Fisher QCDoughty Street ChambersRichard is an excellent trial advocate and has a very good bedside manner with clients - he quickly gains their trust.
Philip Hackett QC - The 36 GroupPhilip is extremely knowledgeable and tenacious, with exceptional attention to detail.
Neil Hawes QCCrucible ChambersA very tactically adroit silk.
Mark Heywood QC5KBWA first-class counsel, who is exceptionally bright and hardworking. An incredibly talented silk.
Gillian Jones QCRed Lion ChambersGillian has rigorous attention to detail, a herculean work ethic, and is on top of her brief. Juries love her no-nonsense style.
Abbas Lakha QC - 9 Bedford RowAbbas is a fantastic strategic thinker, with a collaborative and extremely effective leadership style which instils confidence in clients and achieves great results. He has excellent negotiation skills.
Andrew Mitchell QC - 33 Chancery LaneAndrew is fantastic - clever, easy to work with, forceful in submissions and great on his feet.
Alison Pople QCCloth Fair ChambersAlison has excellent judgement, and is responsive, clever and strategic: the full package.
Tom Price QC25 Bedford RowTom is a brilliant advocate with a calming court presence - nothing fazes him. He commands the attention of the jury quite exquisitely.
Andrew Radcliffe QC2 Hare CourtHe is a highly effective advocate.
Nigel Sangster QC25 Bedford RowNigel has a thorough grasp of the facts and issues in a case, and his preparation is excellent. His down-to-earth manner helps him build good jury rapport.'
Charles Sherrard QCFurnival ChambersAn exceptional defence fraud QC who demonstrates extensive case preparation and tactical awareness. He can explain difficult and complex transactions in a way juries can understand.'
Clare Sibson QCCloth Fair ChambersA silk who is clear and decisive in her advice, and is all over the relevant details of a case.'
Jason Sugarman QCFoundry ChambersJason can get to grips with huge amounts of detail quickly, and grasps the key points to establish the winning line. He is charm personified. Clients love him.
Kieran Vaughan QC2 Bedford RowKieran is an absolute class act who can charm even the toughest judge or jury.
James Waddington QCFoundry ChambersJames has a meticulous eye and an ability to unravel very complex facts. He ensures he is on top of his brief, and will go beyond what is expected.'
David Walbank QCRed Lion ChambersDavid’s tactical nose for a case is immense and he will fearlessly pursue his instructions with dogged determination. David’s understanding of complex legal provisions and his ability to articulate a winning argument from them is deeply impressive.'
Adrian Waterman QCMatrix ChambersA fearless and popular QC - a real star. His advice on the law and tactics are second to none. There is nothing that you could throw at him that he could not cope with.
Alistair Webster QC33 Chancery LaneAlistair is always meticulously prepared, and his legal acumen is of the highest level.'
Andrew Wheeler QC - 7BRA very personable and considered silk. Judges and juries respect his understated style.
Tom Forster QCRed Lion ChambersTom is a diligent and very capable advocate. He remains calm under pressure and has a solid command of the law.
Mark Harries QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA charming silk who exudes confidence. He has a brilliant mind and fearlessly fights his client’s corner.
Alexandra Healy QCFoundry ChambersAlexandra is highly intelligent with a phenomenal memory for case details, and she is quick to reach sound tactical conclusions. An excellent cross-examiner who demonstrates gravitas in court.’
Tom Little QC9 Gough ChambersHe is fiercely intelligent and is one of the most persuasive advocates at the Bar.
Gareth Patterson QC6KBW College HillGareth is scrupulously attentive to the details of his case. An imperturbable advocate with a fine intellect.’

2020 Silks

Cameron Brown QCRed Lion ChambersCameron is an effective advocate with a natural gift for tapping into what a jury is thinking. He has excellent pragmatic judgement.'
Allison Clare - Red Lion ChambersAllison is fabulous. Her advice is always of the highest quality. She is down to earth and a pleasure to instruct.
Jamas Hodivala QCMatrix ChambersJamas is an excellent silk.
Leon Kazakos QC2 Hare CourtLeon is an exceptional barrister. He attention to detail is impeccable, his advocacy is top-notch and his client care is excellent.
Anu Mohindru QCFoundry ChambersAnu is an exceedingly persuasive advocate, both with judges and juries. He is supremely analytical, prepares well for all eventualities and thinks quickly on his feet. A silk who constructs logical and cogent legal arguments.'
Jane Osborne QC2 Harcourt Buildings ‘She has a great courtroom presence, and demonstrates command over both the law and the facts.
Paul Raudnitz QCQEB Hollis WhitemanPaul has a deep understanding of cases involving trading standards offences, and brings his extensive prosecution experience to a defence practice with great effect.'
Stan Reiz QC2 Bedford RowA formidable advocate who is well-respected and well-regarded in the industry. A top-drawer silk who is unfazed under pressure. He is a great tactician.

2021 Silks

Simon Baker QC2 Bedford RowSimon is a highly effective advocate who provides very pragmatic and strategic advice. He can rapidly assimilate and absorb the minute details of very voluminous and complex cases.’
Andrew Bird QC5 St Andrews HillAndrew combines an excellent legal brain with a very practical approach to litigation.
Anya Lewis QCGarden Court ChambersAnya has an exceptional eye for detail. She works incredibly hard and is always in the detail of a case. She makes the life of the instructing solicitor very easy.
Nathaniel Rudolf QC25 Bedford RowA silk with impressive attention to the details, who can build a highly effective rapport with the jury.'
Hannah Willcocks QCRed Lion ChambersHannah has a calm, persuasive manner and combines persistence with a jury-friendly style, which enables her to score her forensic points in a highly effective manner. She is an exceptionally able advocate whose advocacy shows her meticulous preparation.

2022 Silks

Claire Davies QCFarringdon ChambersClaire’s easy-going style endears her to clients, solicitors and judges alike, yet in court she has a powerful, formidable presence, and is bold, strong and robust when necessary.

Leading Juniors

Rhys MeggyQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘A leading junior in the field of fraud. He has a deep knowledge of the law, fine and balanced judgement, and the ability to consistently impress with excellent results. He remains assured whether in front of the senior judiciary, a jury or advising in the boardroom.'
Tom PayneRed Lion ChambersAn extremely hard working junior barrister. Those instructing Tom can be completely confident that everything that needs to be done has been done to the very highest standard.
Neil Saunders - Three Raymond BuildingsNeil's pre-eminent strengths are his charming and persuasive jury advocacy and his ability to turn the evidence in a case on its head. He is attentive to clients and always delivers.
Graham Arnold - Farringdon ChambersA much sought after trial advocate, who combines an impressive legal brain with great charisma before the jury.
Rebecca ChalkleyRed Lion ChambersRebecca is a highly skilled advocate, with an exceptional grasp of the law. She is focused and unflappable. She is definitely someone you want on your team when it comes to prosecuting large-scale fraud cases.
Ben Fitzgerald - QEB Hollis WhitemanBen is exceptionally smart and hard working. He quickly assimilates a vast amount of information and hits the ground running. He is tactically astute and a pleasure to work with.
Tim Forte3 Temple GardensAn intellectually gifted junior, whose written and oral advocacy is exceptional.
Leila Gaskin - Crucible ChambersLeila is a hugely impressive advocate. She combines a sharp analytical mind with a balanced approach. Her case preparation is exemplary - she is thorough and utterly devoted to the case she is instructed in.
Rachna GokaniQEB Hollis WhitemanRachna is fantastically clever, has an incredible work ethic and will go the extra mile to get the job done. A top junior in this area.
Benjamin NewtonDoughty Street ChambersBenjamin is exceptionally responsive to the needs of clients and instructing solicitors. He is supremely good at condensing complicated and voluminous material into a digestible format. He is a charming and erudite advocate who is able to cut to the core issues in a case.
Geoffrey Payne25 Bedford RowA junior who has an exceptional eye for detail and is extremely diligent.
Samantha Riggs25 Bedford RowShe prepares every case in enormous detail and has extensive knowledge of case law in this area.
Alastair Smith2 Bedford RowAlastair’s work ethic is second to none. A well-respected junior who is very compelling on his feet. Clients love his no-nonsense and professional approach.
Vivienne Tanchel2 Hare CourtVivienne is very good with client and displays extraordinary attention to detail. Her written work is top class. Her background in financial services means she readily understands the most complex of financial transactions, which clients find very reassuring.
Richard Bentwood23 Essex StreetRichard has an assiduous eye for detail and a forensic approach to considering the evidence in a case.'
Stuart BiggsThree Raymond BuildingsA junior destined for silk. He is an outstanding lawyer, who is able to crystallise complex issues into persuasive submissions. He is a formidable cross-examiner of expert witnesses.
Matthew Buckland – Mountford ChambersMatthew is extremely bright and shrewd. He has a phenomenal work ethic. Clients appreciate his direct, smart approach.'
Angus Bunyan2 Hare CourtAngus is very clever, tactically astute and hard-working. A first-class advocate who prepares extremely well.'
Peter CaldwellDoughty Street ChambersPeter is bright, laser-focused, and builds good relationships with opponents and judges. He is particularly good with difficult clients.
Christopher Convey33 Chancery LaneChristopher’s knowledge and application of the law is outstanding. An excellent advocate and a brilliant strategist.'
Felicia DavyRed Lion ChambersFelicia is an exceptionally bright counsel. She works tirelessly and has an unerring ability to work out the real issues in a complex case with ease. Her oral and written submissions are compelling.
Philippa EastwoodDoughty Street ChambersPhilippa is an incredibly astute and clever barrister, who effortlessly gets to the heart of an issue really quickly. She is also very personable and easy to work with – clients love her.
William EnglandMountford ChambersWilliam provides a commanding performance every time. The court listens when he speaks, such is his delivery.
Peter Guest - 187 Fleet Street ChambersA tremendous advocate with a formidable presence in court. When he speaks, the whole courtroom listens.
Dominic Hockley - 2 Harcourt BuildingsA tenacious, proactive, and very sharp barrister.
Frederick Hookway - 5KBWAn erudite, unflappable and well-prepared junior.
Tim Hunter - 2 Harcourt BuildingsA junior who always demonstrates an acute grasp of his brief.
Roderick JamesCrucible ChambersA junior who maintains a calm demeanour under pressure. He is also extremely meticulous and has excellent legal judgement. His significant experience and confident persona sit well with clients.
Rachel KapilaCloth Fair ChambersRachel's capacity for work is truly prodigious and her ability to get quickly to the heart of a heavy paper-based case is quite remarkable. She combines a a fierce intellect with a calm, reassuring manner with lay clients.'
Ashraf Khan - 2 Bedford RowAshraf is a highly skilled advocate who prepares cases thoroughly and presents a forceful case before the court.
Eleanor Mawrey9 Gough ChambersEleanor always makes herself available and provides clear, concise and timely advice, even when under significant pressure.
Martin McCarthy - Farringdon ChambersA junior who possesses expert tactical acumen, both in his submissions and his dealings with witnesses and juries.
Osman Osman25 Bedford RowOsman is a prodigious worker, a knowledgeable lawyer, and a highly effective advocate with a unique style.
Gordon Ross - 3 Temple GardensAn eloquent barrister. Juries appreciate his calm but commanding style.
Alexandra ScottMountford ChambersAlexandra has excellent judgement, relates well to clients, and demonstrates very good and detailed knowledge of the law.
Rachel ScottThree Raymond BuildingsRachel is a fantastic asset to her set. A junior who combines experience and intellect.
Kabir Sondhi - 9 Bedford RowA junior who gets straight to the heart of the most complex cases.
Ben SummersThree Raymond BuildingsBen is an experienced and calm advocate and a fantastic negotiator. He is very client focused and gives a lot of thought to strategy.'
James Thacker - 9 Gough ChambersA devastating advocate. His meticulous preparation leads to compelling jury speeches. Judges and counsel respect him, and juries are persuaded by him.
Kevin Toomey2 Bedford RowKevin has an exceptional technical knowledge around the workings of financial markets; due to his background in this area, he has an unparalleled understanding of the way the markets work. He has a very good manner with clients and is able to distill the key issues in complex matters. His insight and clarity is greatly appreciated by clients.
Ini Udom5 St Andrews HillIni is an astute lawyer and a passionate and persuasive advocate, whose dedication shines through. She drives cases forward with vision and great tactical judgement.
Colin Wells25 Bedford RowColin is hardworking and thorough in his preparation, and conveys complex issues to clients in an easily understandable way. He is very approachable and has a great client manner.'
Nicholas YeoThree Raymond Buildings 'An extremely intelligent junior who is great with clients and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of financial crime. He possesses exceptional judgement.' 
Thomas Daniel2 Bedford RowThomas is an exceptional junior barrister. He is a very strong advocate, tremendously bright with excellent judgement, and is extremely hardworking.
Sonal Dashani - 25 Bedford RowSonal is a polished and composed advocate who is loved by judges and juries.
Polly DyerQEB Hollis WhitemanA highly cerebral junior. She is a fantastic advocate who works tirelessly and extremely hard.'
Adam Gersch - Goldsmith ChambersA talented barrister with great tactical skills. His calm and methodical manner puts clients at ease.
William Glover3 Temple GardensWilliam is meticulous in his preparation. A robust junior.
Tom Godfrey23 Essex StreetTom has an eye for detail and a confident grasp of the law. He relates extremely well to both professional and lay clients.'
Sean Hammond - 2 Bedford RowSean knows when to charm and when to go into battle.
Ben Holt - 5KBWA consummate professional and a ferocious cross-examiner when necessary. He has a great eye for detail – nothing gets past him.
Gavin Irwin2 Hare CourtGavin is very thorough and well prepared, remains calm in any situation, and demonstrates a strong team work ethic.'
Nicholas James2 Bedford RowNicholas is a strong performer on his feet and juries appreciate his approachable style. An extremely hardworking junior - he knows the evidence back to front.'
Alex Jamieson25 Bedford RowA great advocate who is down to earth, knowledgeable, and remains serene under pressure.
Dermot Keating25 Bedford RowDermot is an extremely calm lawyer with a natural confidence in court. He is hard-working and is able to distill the core facts of a case with ease. He is clearly meticulous in his preparation and is able to identify pitfalls before they occur.
Jonathan LennonDoughty Street ChambersJonathan is a meticulous barrister, whose emphasis on detailed preparation enhances a measured and unflappable approach in court.
John LucasFarringdon ChambersJohn is an experienced barrister - persuasive, charming and has a hugely confident courtroom manner. Clients have complete faith in him.
Lewis MacDonald2 Hare CourtLewis is a fantastic junior.'
James Martin - 5KBWA brilliant junior.
Natalie McNameeFoundry ChambersNatalie is prodigiously hard working and an excellent lawyer. She has a very good manner with juries and presents complex financial information in an effective way.
Adam Payter6KBW College HillAdam is a phenomenal advocate.
Vedrana Pehar - Matrix Chambers 'A junior with super instincts. Clients love her. ’
Jonathan Polnay - 5KBWJonathan is immensely impressive. He is incredibly clever, extremely hard working, and thinks incredibly quickly on his feet. A lethal cross-examiner.
Peter Ratliff6KBW College HillPeter is a fearless advocate who leaves no stone unturned in preparing his client's case. Clients know he is in their corner.'
Esther Schutzer-Weissmann6KBW College HillShe is a thoughtful, strategic and robust junior.
Robert Shaw25 Bedford RowRobert is a very able junior. He gets on top of the facts and is very good with clients.
Greg Unwin187 Fleet Street ChambersGreg has a brilliant legal mind, and has mastery over the detail in fraud cases. He is adept at seeing the wood from the trees.
Tom WainwrightGarden Court ChambersTom is a fiercely bright counsel with a reassuring client manner.'

Fraud: crime in London Bar

2 Bedford Row

A 'top criminal law set' with 'tremendous strength in depth', 2 Bedford Row covers the gamut of tax fraud, bribery, corruption, and insider dealing, with particular focus on the intersection of fraud and business crime. Stan Reiz QC represented an alleged ringleader in a high-value investment fraud case involving coloured diamonds, the matter attracting media attention as a co-defendant previously appeared on The Only Way is Essex. In a separate case, Sean Hammond is instructed in a multi-defendant case concerning an alleged pension liberation fraud. Simon Baker QC was appointed to silk in 2021.



A top criminal law set.’

I have dealt with several barristers from 2 Bedford Row and have always been impressed with their professionalism, ability, and preparation.’

The best criminal/fraud set in London/South East. Tremendous strength in depth where only the highest standards are accepted and where a very strong work ethic is engendered from start of pupillage.’

2 Bedford Row rightly retains its pre-eminent position as the best set for members of the Bar practicing in criminal courts.’

2 Bedford Row is one of the leading sets in the country. They work tirelessly to offer the best service that you would expect from a leading chambers. They are supported by a tremendous team of very talented counsel.’


Each clerk has a hands on approach in cases where they will ensure that the best suited counsel will cover our cases and where instructed counsel are unable to cover, they will ensure that that any replacement is fully up to speed with the issues. They keep you informed from a diary management perspective and have a “can do” approach.’

Highly professional and approachable clerks.’

The clerks room is well-led by the respected John Grimmer.’

The best criminal clerks who excelled themselves during the pandemic crisis, the legendary John Grimmer worked tirelessly but also assisted many solicitors laid off as a result of the pandemic to get new jobs. Paul Rodgers and Joe Martin also burnished their reputations by working extraordinary hours to stay on top of what were daily disasters caused by Covid outbreaks at Courts.’

John Grimmer is an outstanding clerk who is supported by a talented team of junior clerks and assistants.’

2 Hare Court

The 'go-to set' at 2 Hare Court covers the full range of fraud matters, including boiler room scams, VAT and MTIC frauds, and Ponzi schemes, as well as all related areas of law, such as money laundering. The set has developed 'an excellent reputation' for cultivating 'talented barristers' that practice almost exclusively in complex financial crime. Brendan Kelly QC is instructed to represent a former aide to media personality and ex-husband of Petra Ecclestone James Stunt. Private prosecutions for fraud are a particular area of expertise - Jonathan Laidlaw QC is representing clothing label Supreme as prosecutor in a counterfeiting case.



2 Hare Court are a go-to set. With their expansion over the last few years they are able to offer a vast number of barristers who are leaders in this field.’

Well-established reputation with quality barristers.’

Very good, especially at silk level.’

A set with an excellent reputation and a host of talented barristers.

This set understands the needs of solicitors and clients. They are prepared to to go the extra mile to ensure chosen counsel is available although appropriate substitutes offered where clashes cannot be avoided.’


The senior clerk is the best in the business.’

The clerking team have always been excellent.’

The clerks room is extremely capable and very good at keeping their clients updated. They know the market and are able to quote competitively.’

Their clerking is impressive.

Julian Campbell is without an equal amongst the senior clerks in the top sets.

25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row has a 'varied skill set' providing a 'diversity of available counsel' for all defence matters involving complex financial crime, including allegations of fraud, such as Ponzi schemes, pension and election frauds, and stock market scams. George Carter-Stephenson QC is instructed to represent a defendant in an upcoming case concerning the Axion Legal Financing Fund, while Nigel Sangster QC is instructed to defend in a case involving alleged £17m VAT fraud involving precious metals. The 'highly effectiveNathaniel Rudolf QC, whose fraud practices crosses over with a heavy practice on the technical points of criminal finances law, was made silk in March 2021.



25 Bedford Row are my go-to chambers in London. Their Barristers have a varying skill set which means I am able to instruct them on any type of case. I am yet to meet a barrister from 25 Bedford Row whom I or my client doesn’t like.’

25 Bedford Row are perceived as one of the top three criminal chambers. The difficulty often found in securing certain counsel, is a testimony to their popularity and the level of work that they conducted. However 25 Bedford Row are the go to chambers because of the choice and diversity of available counsel.’

25 Bedford Row is an outstanding set. The breadth of talent is excellent and continues to excel.

25 Bedford Row are a brilliant criminal defence set. Their members offer a great wealth of experience and expertise.’

25 Bedford Row is one of the best criminal and fraud sets that there is around. The set is strong in all areas of crime and if someone is not available the alternative options are equally good.’


25 Bedford Row has an excellent clerking team. The service they provide is second to none. They really go out of their way to help the solicitors who instruct them. Alfie Lee, in particular, is incredibly helpful and commercially astute. He is the best young clerk at the criminal bar.

The clerking at 25 Bedford Row is strong. It is very rare that you get let down by the clerking team. Counsel rarely changes at the last minute.’

Guy Williams ensures that the clerks room runs like clockwork, but he is also backed up by the very capable Emma Makepeace and Alfie Lee. The good thing about this set is that if one clerk is not available then the other clerks can assist you just the same. The service is just so seamless.’

The Clerks provide an excellent service, both in terms of the clerking that they provide but the care with which each case is handled. The clerks work hard alongside their Counsel to ensure a collaborative approach to clerking and have a great feel for the right person for the right case. They do this by getting to know all their members so that the right person can be matched with the right case.

An excellent service and I see and Alfie Lee as a future leaders.

QEB Hollis Whiteman

Known for a 'tremendous depth of counsel of all types of fraud', QEB Hollis Whiteman 'set the gold standard for handling serious and complex financial crime matters', including multi-jurisdictional money laundering, investment and VAT fraud, and fraud-related private prosecutions. This crosses over with expertise in other areas such as professional regulation, corruption offences and POCA work,



Tremendous depth of counsel of all types of fraud.’

Top set for complex criminal work. Strength and depth across all areas of criminal practice.’

They set the gold standard for handling serious and complex financial crime matters. We know that we can trust any one of them to do a phenomenal job.’

One of the leading sets for white-collar crime/corporate crime. Full range of counsel to suit any criminal or regulatory case and an increasing ability to assist on internal investigations.’


Great service from the clerks, from bottom to top.’

Chris Emmings is one of the nicest, most efficient, trusted and able senior clerks in Crime. Faye Stimpson is fantastic. Both enjoy, and will continue to enjoy, a fabulous profile within the marketplace.’

Chris Emmings and Faye Stimpson are a pleasure to deal with, and suggest the right counsel for the case. David O’Sullivan is also a rising star on the clerks team. Always a warm and personal welcome.’

The clerking of Chris Emmings and Faye Stimson is excellent. Helpful and anxious to find the right barrister for the right case. Chris Emmings combines the best of a traditional clerk with a modern approach that is both flexible and realistic, to the benefit of members of chambers and the professional and lay client.

Three Raymond Buildings

The 'outstanding' and 'top' set at Three Raymond Buildings is 'one of the first ports of call for serious fraud' for both defence and prosecution work, including in key areas such as MTIC fraud, tax fraud, and related areas such as embezzlement and corruption. Recent notable work includes Luke Ponte acting for the defendant in a four-month trial alleging the laundering £7m of proceeds of an investment fraud, claimed to have been committed by a financial advisor and solicitor.



Three Raymond Buildings boasts a breadth and depth of business crime lawyers who are highly regarded in their field.’

Three Raymond Buildings are one of the go-to sets for serious economic crime.’

Three Raymond Buildings is an outstanding set and one of the first ports of call for serious fraud.’

Three Raymond Buildings is a top set. I think they are really, really good and am always happy with the service I receive from all its members.’

The chambers at Three Raymond Buildings is very well-organised and it doesn’t matter which barrister you get, they will always be exceptional. Three Raymond Buildings only has exceptional barristers.’


Three Raymond Buildings have the most friendly and approachable clerks room. They combine exceptional knowledge with an amazing service. They want to help in every way they can. No job is beyond them. In the 18 years I have instructed counsel at Three Raymond Buildings, I have never known them to make an error.’

The clerks room offers the same level of service as the leading civil sets and is pre-eminent in criminal litigation and related areas. Dean Brown is outstanding.’

First rate clerking: professional, efficient and personable. Eddie Holland heads a very impressive team.’

The clerks are friendly, helpful and efficient.’

Very user-friendly clerks’ room. Eddie Holland is a delight to deal with.’

23 Essex Street

23 Essex Street 'has an extremely good reputation in the field of fraud', and is consequently known for 'skilled and diligent' representation of clients in major fraud cases, ranging from Ponzi schemes to boiler room fraud, money laundering, and tax and election fraud, both prosecuting and defending. Recent matters include James McCrindell, who defended in an election fraud case involving obtaining signatures by claiming to represent other parties; the matter was one of the first cases heard in a Nightingale Court. Mark Fenhalls QC  prosecuted the operator of a foreign exchange Ponzi scheme. Cairns Nelson QC, who is representing a former football executive accused of alleged theft of money from CONCACAF, the North American and Central American football governing body, is one of several members with connections in the Cayman Islands.



23 Essex Street have remarkable talent from junior to senior counsel.’

23 Essex Street has an extremely good reputation in the field of fraud and asset forfeiture; one that is richly deserved. Counsel are, without exception, skilled and diligent.’

23 Essex Street is a great set of Chambers with some very fine counsel there, silks and juniors, prosecutors and defenders.’

23 Essex Street is a chambers which sets the bar for criminal defence. It has been my chambers of choice for 20 years and I don’t see that changing. In terms of prosecution, its members do so with the same level of commitment as if defending, but always with fairness.


Even queries of the utmost urgency are dealt with efficiently by Wayne King and the clerking team – they know how to get the right person for the job.’

The clerks will go out of their way to assist. Wayne King and Adam Chapman are my points of contact generally. I find their communication is exemplary and the service they provide is always of a very high quality.’

The clerks are an invaluable asset to 23 Essex Street. They are always prepared to help.’

The clerks are bright and willing to help. They will go out of their way to assist professional clients identify the right barrister for the job. Adam Chapman is standout for his courtesy and efficiency. Liam Kitcher and Michael Barrett are hardworking and always polite. Wayne King has tremendous energy and will go the extra mile for the client.’

The Clerks will bend over backwards to accommodate you.

Wayne King has a natural ability to combine solicitors with barristers.’

Cloth Fair Chambers

The 'outstanding set' at Cloth Fair Chambers  has established itself 'as the go-to set for all serious/complex bribery and corruption matters', including expertise in fraud. Nicholas Purnell QC and Rachel Kapila have been instructed to lead a mixed criminal and civil counsel team representing Dechert LLP and Neil Gerrard in a civil claim regarding allegations of fraud and bribery in Kazakhstan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been joined to a claim brought by the ENRC against the SFO. Additionally, John Kelsey-Fry QC, leading Jonathan Barnard QC, successfully defended the former Executive Chairman of Investment Banking at Barclays charged with fraud following an investigation into its raising of funds from Qatari investors.



Outstanding set for business crime.

Real specialist criminal trial experience and handling of high-profile clients.’

Cloth Fair has long been established as the go to set for all serious/complex bribery and corruption matters and their track record supports this.’

Cloth Fair is deservedly one of the top sets at the criminal Bar. It has a stellar list of members who are always in demand and who can usually be found in the highest profile criminal cases.’

Cloth Fair is very good for fraud work.’


A strong clerking set – will always find you someone who can help.’

The clerking is first class.’

Very well led and organised. For a set of such high profile and reputation, the clerking team is down to earth, approachable and try hard to make sure they offer a top service to everyone.’

A great service is provided by the clerks and chambers is of a size where a personal service is always guaranteed.’

Adrian Chapman and Mark O’Neill are simply two of the best clerks in the business. Approachable and understated, both are widely respected by solicitors both for their diligence and professionalism, as well as their ability to build and maintain the trust of those instructing Cloth Fair. They embody many of the best qualities of this set and are thoroughly deserving of their excellent reputation in the criminal clerking world.

Red Lion Chambers

The 'very experienced team' at Red Lion Chambers is 'an excellent fraud set', having developed over many years 'an excellent reputation' for both defence and prosecution work on 'very complex investment frauds'. Members are noted for continuing work through covid in private prosecutions. Notable recent work includes head of chambers Gillian Jones QC acting for CPS Specialist Fraud Division in a large-scale fraud case with numerous defendants including David Noakes, a former UKIP leadership candidate , who sold fake medicine that claimed to cure cancer, HIV, and multiple sclerosis; confiscation proceedings were finally concluded in June 2020, during the height of the pandemic. March 2021 saw 'exceptionally able advocate' Hannah Willcocks QC take silk.



An excellent fraud set!

Excellent criminal set with a justifiable reputation as a market leader.’

Red Lion Chambers is an excellent set when it comes to fraud prosecutions and HMRC investigations. The set has a very experienced team which covers all levels of work from the basic low level VAT frauds up to the very complex investment frauds.’

Red Lion Chambers have an excellent reputation for fraud.’

Red Lion Chambers is a leading set in the field of financial crime with some practitioners of very high ability at every level.’


The clerking service is excellent.’

The clerks are helpful and well-informed.’

The clerks are approachable, quick to respond and deal with any queries promptly.’

The clerks know their stuff inside out and are very easy to deal with.’

Excellent service. The clerks are very experienced.’

33 Chancery Lane

The set at 33 Chancery Lane ‘has a unique array of talent‘ who both prosecute and defend in major fraud trials. Past work includes handling tax fraud, money laundering, and boiler room scams, areas meshing well with the set’s expertise in onshore and cross-border financial crime. Alastair Webster QC is often involved in sensitive civil and criminal fraud cases, including a case concerning an alleged £80m postal fraud in which which he represents a principal defendant. John Carl Townsend joined chambers from Mountford Chambers in June 2020.



33 Chancery Lane has a unique array of talent across many disciplines.’

Undoubtedly the go-to set for money-laundering and associated issues.’

Service has been first rate. Clerks room always willing to help.’

5 Paper Buildings

5 Paper Buildings covers the full range of fraud, as well as all intersecting and overlapping major criminal matters, including overseas corruption, money laundering, bribery, and conspiracy cases. Recent cases include Jonathan Caplan QC representing tennis player Boris Becker a case regarding his alleged hiding of more than £1.2m in assets from his trustee in bankruptcy. Turning to the set's juniors, Stephen Hopper prosecuted in the first case concerning the supply of quack COVID-19 remedies.

6KBW College Hill

With a 'range of counsel to suit most cases', 6KBW College Hill is 'a great set for fraud cases, whether for individuals or corporates', especially regarding VAT frauds, Ponzi schemes, and investment fraud. Recent work includes Peter Ratliff defending a foreign exchange trader in respect to allegations that he ran a Ponzi scheme costing investors £20.5m.


A great choice for fraud cases, whether for individuals or corporates. Chambers has a range of counsel to suit most cases.

Good proactive set, have a lot of strength in depth across a number of practice areas. That mix of experience can be very important in dealing with multi-faceted problems which come up in investigations.’

Richard Summercales is a standout in the clerks room. He is efficient and works with solicitors to get the right counsel for the job. Simple, straightforward and unfussy.’

Mountford Chambers

The set at Mountford Chambers is highly experienced in fraud relating to tax evasion, money laundering, and insider dealing and investment fraud. While it is known primarily for defence work, members of the set also frequently act for prosecuting bodies, including the SFO. Recent cases include Richard Furlong defending a client supposedly connected to a £300m money laundering scheme allegedly tied to celebrity James Stunt.

Doughty Street Chambers

The broad 'leading heavyweight' set at Doughty Street Chambers is known for its 'substantial experience' and 'strong reputation in criminal defence', which includes a range of heavyweight fraud cases. Recent work includes Philippa Eastwood's instruction in an upcoming case concerning an alleged £700,000 fraud on a local authority by way of fraudulent disability support claims.



Great chambers overall, substantial experience, exceptional members, clerking is superb and always keeps instructing solicitors up-to-date even with last minute changes by courts.’

A set with a great reputation in criminal defence and white collar fraud work that is well deserved.I have never been disappointed.’

Doughty Street is a leading heavyweight Criminal set.’

Doughty Street has a strong reputation in criminal defence.’

The chambers have a very wide spread of distinguished Counsel and are always able to assist at times of emergency. They cover every aspect of fraud and have specialist teams dealing with criminal appeals.’


Matthew Butchard is a modern thinking senior clerk.’

Matthew Butchard is a first-rate and conscientious clerk.’

Very good clerking for their criminal barristers. Matthew Butchard is first class.’

The clerking service is excellent.’

The clerking team is very efficient, very helpful, and very knowledgeable.’

Foundry Chambers

The 'well established and recognised set' at Foundry Chambers have a 'great strength in depth' and are 'well respected, particularly in the area of fraud prosecutions', having been regularly instructed by the SFO and the FCA, although members also act for defence in fraud matters, including complex boiler room fraud, VAT and MTIC cases. James Waddington QC successfully represented the SFO as respondent in appeals by traders from European and American banks after a Euribor manipulation case, having been lead prosecutor in the three original trials. Mark Bryant-Heron QC was appointed to the circuit bench in September 2021.



A strong set with talented individuals at all levels.’

Good set for criminal fraud. They train their juniors well, are hard working, diligent and client-focused.’

Foundry Chambers are a well established and recognised set, covering multiple disciplines.’

Foundry Chambers are well respected, particularly in the area of fraud prosecutions. They have real depth with strong up and coming advocates evidence at all call levels within chambers.’


Excellent chambers, great strength in depth, quality at every call. Clerks are amazing and accommodating with lay and professional clients. Undoubtedly a set of good standing but still on the up.’

Clerks are brilliant. Senior clerk Angela May controls and directs all matters with charm and effectiveness. Good with clients, lay and professional. Ably assisted by Dean Begley and Daniel Blackman.’

Brilliant clerks – Angela May runs a tight ship, ably supported by Dean Begley and Daniel Blackman. A well-oiled machine.’

Dean Begley and Daniel Blackman are standout clerks. They are efficient, approachable, hardworking and intelligent.’

Garden Court Chambers

'An extremely diverse, ambitious and political set', Garden Court Chambers 'have a large number of counsel wit the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise' to defend in complex UK-based and cross-border fraud cases. Recent notable work includes 'first-rate jury advocate' Keir Monteith QC leading in the an a case concerning a man who is alleged to have provided services to organised crime through money services businesses in London and the United Arab Emirates, operating primarily through Skype and in which the prosecution have served 10,000 messages as evidence.



An extremely diverse, ambitious and political set.’

Garden Court are a huge set and have a large number of counsel with the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise in the field such that there is never any issue about whether they are able to cater to our needs. Chambers are also always willing to go the extra mile to make things work and their counsel genuinely work as a team which is not always the case at other chambers where it often feels more like a group of competing individuals. I know also that Chambers are really trying to build up a greater presence in fraud and that has really paid off for them recently.’

Garden Court are very well respected in the sphere of criminal defence. They have enormous depth and I have appeared against very many of them in serious cases in the last few years. One always knows, when prosecuting counsel from Garden Court that they will be well prepared before trial and effective in trial.’

Garden Court have a big team of barristers who are able to deal with all aspects of criminal defence. They have a variety of barristers for any type of case imaginable and have a broad range of call so that we are able to get quality barristers who are also very experienced.’


The clerking team have become very professional, very organised and above all, more client focussed. Colin Cook is a real gentleman and always a pleasure to deal with.

The clerking team led by Colin Cook and Charlie Tennent are excellent and are very approachable and friendly. They are able to help with any queries and know their barristers very well, such that they know which cases are suitable for each barrister.

Colin Cook is the best clerk a barrister could wish for.’

Matrix Chambers

The financial crime team at Matrix Chambers specialises in acting for prosecutors, regulators, and corporates regarding criminal fraud and all forms of financial crime. 'Highly skilled advocate' Richard Whittam QC was instructed by Vitaly Orlov concerning a proposed private prosecution for perverting the course of justice in Orlov's long-running litigation against Alexander Tugushev concerning the ownership of fishing company Norebo.