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Leading Silks

Christine Agnew QC - 2 Bedford Row ‘She never shies away from a fight.
George Carter-Stephenson QC - 25 Bedford RowA leader in his field. His work ethic is unrivalled and he achieves success in cases which might at first appear hopeless. He has a friendly manner and always places himself on a level with the lay client never appearing haughty or remote. This ensures a harmonious working relationship within the Defence team at all times.
John Kelsey-Fry QC - Cloth Fair ChambersIn the field of commercial fraud there are a limited number of first-rate counsel. From experience, John Kelsey-Fry is certainly one of them.
Jonathan Laidlaw QC - 2 Hare CourtVery strong as a leader, though always in a way that includes and encourages input from the full team; keenly aware of his role as the figurehead of the prosecution team; always able to see the wood for the tree; brings clarity and conviction with his decision-making.
Sean Larkin QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanIn the world of financial crime he is recognised by his peers as at the top of his game. Approachable yet firm he is a favourite with professional and lay clients. Watching him cross-examine is one of the great experiences at the Bar.
Helen Malcolm QC - Three Raymond BuildingsA ferocious advocate, who will tirelessly fight the client's corner. Enormously tenacious. Technically, amongst the best in at the Bar for anything with a cross-border, extra-territorial or multi-jurisdictional dimension.
Charles Miskin QC - 23 Essex StreetA silk with charm and panache.
Nicholas Purnell QC - Cloth Fair ChambersA silk well liked by his clients.
Gary Bell QC - No5 Barristers ChambersHe is excellent. A remarkable advocate with a very sharp brain.
Jane Bewsey QC - Red Lion ChambersA consummate prosecutor, fair, thorough and in cross-examination often the undoing of even the cleverest witness.
Julian Christopher QC - 5 Paper BuildingsHe is exceptionally intelligent and a master at the presentation of complex, high stakes prosecutions. He is a top class silk - his skills are enhanced by professionalism, wit and approachability.
James Lewis QC - Three Raymond BuildingsVery well known for handling cases with international elements.
Mark Milliken-Smith QC - 2 Bedford RowAn outstanding silk.
Cairns Nelson QC - 23 Essex StreetCairns is a deeply impressive individual - he has an air of calm, measured assurance which tends to puts clients, both professional and lay, at ease and gives him real authority and presence in Court. This is backed up with tremendous ability.
Brian O'Neill QC - 2 Hare CourtHe has the jury eating out of his hand.
Tim Owen QC - Matrix ChambersAlways sees the wood for the trees.A first rate lawyer and a devastating cross-examiner.
Orlando Pownall QC - 2 Hare CourtA strong advocate with excellent client care.
Jim Sturman QC - 2 Bedford RowHis calm demeanour sits well with high profile clients and his vice like grip on the evidence never fails to impress.
Bernard Tetlow QC - Garden Court ChambersHe is a dynamic and approachable counsel who is meticulous in his preparation of cases. One of the leading jury advocates at the bar, he can distil complex fraud matters to juries with ease.
Collingwood Thompson QC - 7BRHe is a stellar QC. He is at the top of his game and always a pleasure to deal with.
Richard Whittam QC - Matrix Chambers ‘He is highly respected in court with excellent judgement. Insightful and a pleasure to work with.
Ian Winter QC - Cloth Fair ChambersHe has an incredible strategic insight into cases.
Jonathan Ashley-Norman QC - Three Raymond Buildings ‘An excellent strategic thinker. Jonathan has been excellent, providing guidance and thinking of every possible scenario that could result from the various courses of action that were considered.
Colin Aylott QC - Carmelite Chambers ‘Once you have briefed him you will continue to do so. He is always professional and calm under pressure and grasps complex issues with ease. He is very approachable and understanding and the clients love him. He is admired for his expertise and skills amongst the profession and a delight to work with.
Ali Naseem Bajwa QC - Garden Court ChambersHis reputation as an excellent barrister is well-deserved. He is known as much for his intellect as his elegant advocacy. Ali's obvious intellect means that he does not take bad points and will inevitably identify and convincingly present those points in his client favour. This makes him extremely effective in front of a jury, who invariably like him and judges, who inevitably trust him.
Henry Blaxland QC - Garden Court ChambersA cerebral lawyer able to bring the humanity into otherwise dry frauds.
Charles Bott QC - Carmelite ChambersStill rightly viewed as one of the top Silks to defend in complex fraud. Clever but with a really lovely touch in front of a jury. Just effortless in being able to distil down complex factual and legal issues in a way that appeals to juries.
Rupert Bowers QC - Doughty Street ChambersAn excellent silk.
William Boyce QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanA top-drawer silk. One of the best. Devastating cross-examiner. Fabulous team player.
Graham Brodie QC - 33 Chancery LaneOne of a very select group of silks who specialise in both civil and criminal fraud. He is excellent and a first choice for complex multi-jurisdictional cases involving commercial wrongdoing.
Michael Brompton QC - 5 Paper BuildingsMichael is a first-class silk who I have instructed on a number of occasions and I can't recommend him highly enough!
Mark Bryant-Heron QC - Foundry ChambersMark's strengths are his ability to evaluate evidence and instructions efficiently and thoroughly. He has an excellent manner with clients and a very effective way of communicating with the jury. He is very personable and easy for instructing solicitors to work with.
Giles Cockings QC - Furnival ChambersGiles in an undoubted heavyweight in the fraud arena. He has great experience in this field, and uses that experience to devastating effect in advancing his client's case. He has a shrewd tactical brain.
Adam Davis QC - 3 Temple GardensA combination of tenacity and sharp tactical acumen.
Emma Deacon QC - 5 Paper BuildingsEmma is extremely intelligent and very determined. She has complete command over a case.
Peter Doyle QC - 25 Bedford RowIn court he is wonderfully persuasive and juries hang onto his every word.
Adrian Eissa QC - 25 Bedford RowVery thorough. Comprehensive knowledge of relevant legal principles. Excellent at communicating with the client. He remains positive in the face of even the worst of judicial storms.
David Etherington QC - Red Lion ChambersPresence, presentation, panache, precision and persuasiveness. He is a great cross-examiner.
Mark Fenhalls QC - 23 Essex StreetAbsolute class performer. Manages client brilliantly and offers clear cogent advice.
Jonathan Fisher QC - Red Lion ChambersHe is tough yet charming advocate, with a compelling courtroom presence that commands judicial respect.
Richard Fisher QC - Doughty Street ChambersRichard is a first rate barrister. He has vast experience in financial crime and is well trusted by clients. He is very commercial and a great team player.
Philip Hackett QC - The 36 GroupA seasoned advocate and a lethal cross-examiner. If you want a fearless advocate, you want him. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in cases of financial crime. He is a team player.
Alexandra Healy QC - Foundry Chambers ‘Intelligent, financially literate, clever, focused, technically brilliant and a flawless tactician. Able to make the complex seen simple in fraud cross-examination.
Mark Heywood QC - 5KBWHis ability to quickly come up with a master plan to tackle the most complex of fraud cases is phenomenal. He oozes quality and is respected by the entire criminal fraternity. A privilege to work for someone so dedicated with a first class all round ability.
Martin Hicks QC - 2 Hare CourtHe was very quick to get to grips with the issues at short notice and inspired confidence in me, the client and the court.
Gillian Jones QC - Red Lion Chambers ‘One of the best barristers in the country. Always on top of the detail.
Adam Kane QC - Libertas ChambersAdam is a persuasive and eloquent advocate whose turn of phrase was enjoyed by the jury and judge alike and was whose style is well suited to dealing with a detailed fraud.
Abbas Lakha QC - 9 Bedford RowA smooth operator. Abbas is a serious barrister with a calm air in the face of challenge, bringing an understated determination to his cause. An absolute master in the courtroom and able to articulate the most difficult and complex evidence with charm and absolute ease.
Simon Mayo QC - 187 Fleet Street ChambersA class operator. Simon is a superlatively sure-footed, insightful and conscientious leading counsel. He is highly tactically astute and is capable of leading large teams effectively by being able to see many steps ahead and to identify the potential advantages and pitfalls of each available course. He is wonderfully responsive with clients and hugely sympathetic to their needs.
Andrew Mitchell QC - 33 Chancery LaneA very accessible silk.
Miranda Moore QC - 5 Paper BuildingsShe is great jury advocate and grasps a case very quickly.
Paul Ozin QC - 23 Essex StreetHe prosecutes with determination.
Pavlos Panayi QC - 7BRHe is able to see through difficult facts and come to a simple solution to best achieve the client's goals.
Tom Price QC - 25 Bedford Row ‘Tom is a natural jury advocate who holds the attention of the court with ease. He is an excellent cross-examiner and knows exactly when to deploy humour with impressive effect. He has an ability to cut through complex evidence with confidence and has a charming professional manner. In short, a first rate advocate.
Andrew Radcliffe QC - 2 Hare CourtAn extraordinarily well prepared silk, knew the case, law, and facts inside out and hit the perfect tone with witnesses, the judge and jury. Great for complex cases at the very highest level as he is a first-class advocate, strategist and star performer.
Mark Rainsford QC - 33 Chancery LaneMark is a very hard working a commercially astute silk. A great strategic thinker. He thinks outside of the box, strategically and tactically so that avenues which otherwise would not be explored are tested to the full.
Nigel Sangster QC - 25 Bedford RowNigel has a powerfully understated presence in court that contrasts brilliantly with those moments when he takes a witness apart or stands up to a judge. Juries really appreciate his manner and the rapport he is able to build with them. He also has a real ability to put a client at their ease and is a calmly reassuring force when dealing with vulnerable clients in particular. A first-rate leader in fraud cases.
Charles Sherrard QC - Furnival ChambersHe is simply excellent at understanding complex and detailed financial concepts and transactions and has the rare quality of being able to explain this material in ordinary language making it accessible to all. He is an excellent and engaging jury advocate who is capable of holding the interest of the courtroom even when dealing with difficult and detailed material.
Jason Sugarman QC - Foundry ChambersAbility to master very complex cases in a swift fashion and distil the information to the client in a clear and concise way to allow them to focus on the issue.
Kieran Vaughan QC - 2 Bedford RowJuries love him, as do judges, and he has the ability to cut to the heart of even the most complex fraud.
Adrian Waterman QC - Matrix ChambersAdrian is user-friendly, authoritative and commercial. He can build a rapport with clients and solicitors alike and is a complete professional. I really enjoy working with him and he has a great strategic mind. His grasp of complex forensic and scientific evidence is superb.
Andrew Wheeler QC - 7BRHe is a first class barrister who is able to get to the heart of the matter very quickly. His written advice is very clear and he is a real team player. He is down to earth and is simply brilliant with clients.It is his calmness coupled with the factor that he is very hard working and diligent that puts clients at ease. He knows his papers and the law inside, he is a formidable QC and class act.
Natasha Wong QC - 5KBWAlways able to see and focus on the important points in complex cases. Very experienced and effective advocate. Her authoritative air gains the trust of the jury.
Tom Forster QC - Red Lion ChambersIncredibly easy-going, with a charming manner that belies a highly academic and tenacious mind.
David Walbank QC - Red Lion ChambersIn court he is utterly dogged, and will pursue any point he feels will assist his case, especially in cross-examination. He takes no prisoners and, if you are in a case against him, prepare to be battered, bruised and charmed by the end of it.

2019 Silks

Narita Bahra QC - 2 Hare Court ‘Excellent advocate whether addressing jury on the facts or presenting legal arguments to the judge. Tireless worker and meticulous and diligent in preparation. Totally deserving of rank of Queens Counsel. Full of integrity. Great asset to the Bar.
Edmund Burge QC - 5 St Andrews Hill Incredibly user friendly. He is able to make very complex facts appear very simple and straightforward. Fantastic draftsman. Juries like him; judges trust him.
Kevin Dent QC - 5 St Andrews HillHis attention to detail and brilliant presentation skills are legendary. His trademark is his ability to simplify very complex law and facts cases such that the Jury are able to grasp the real issues and remain engaged all through out the several weeks of trial. Kevin has well developed legal instincts and ability to work collaboratively with different partners.
David Durose QC - Furnival ChambersExcellent analytical skills combined with a structured practical approach. A strategic thinker. A captivating cross-examiner, with an intuitive way of addressing the jury.
Dean George QC - 2 Bedford RowA silk with great tactical nous.
Michael Goodwin QC - Red Lion ChambersMichael is a serious heavy-hitter in criminal fraud. He combines a powerful intellect with a measured and effective advocacy style.
Mark Harries QC - Serjeants' Inn Chambers ‘Mark carries significant experience in white collar crime matters and is a robust advocate. He works tirelessly and meticulously to achieve the best outcome for defendants. He is often instructed on cases involving voluminous evidence. A keen strategist who identifies the issues quickly.
Nicola Howard QC - 25 Bedford RowA silk of imperturbable yet firm authority. Nicola has a forensic approach to her work, she is able to anticipate at the outset the likely outcome of the case this is huge asset. She is a fearless advocate in court, she is great at dealing with lay clients and is excellent with her written work. She is also user friendly for solicitors, always available to offer advice.
Keir Monteith QC - Garden Court ChambersVery captivating in court.
Simon Pentol QC - 25 Bedford RowA tour de force advocate. He is excellent at delivering complex nuanced points to the jury in a way that they can understand. He is a fearless persuasive advocate. His case preparation is all consuming. He hones in on the key parts of the evidence and doesn't get lost in the menagerie of voluminous case papers.
David Whittaker QC - 2 Hare CourtHe is incredibly well respected. His strengths are that you have complete confidence in his ability to handle a case. His knowledge of the law, analytical skills, client care and advocacy skills are yet to be rivalled by any other barrister I have worked with.
Richard Wormald QC - Three Raymond BuildingsRichard brings life to an argument in front of the jury and his advocacy stands out amongst his peers. One of his strengths is his ability to apply his legal knowledge to the facts to find a practical and innovative approaches to formulating case strategy.

2020 Silks

Cameron Brown QC - Red Lion ChambersA superb advocate who is calm, strategic and a formidable opponent.
Jamas Hodivala QC - Matrix ChambersJamas is confident and thorough in all aspects of his representation. He has a great relationship with his clients and is not afraid to get involved at all levels of a case. His ability to search out legal arguments and challenges is one of his many strengths which make him so attractive to instruction. His breadth of experience is also key to his ability to represent clients so completely.
Leon Kazakos QC - 2 Hare CourtTactically smart. He always pitches the tone with the jury perfectly.
Anu Mohindru QC - Foundry ChambersHe has an uncanny ability to put a client at ease from the moment he steps in a room. He slowly, but calmly chips away at the case with impressive results. He is a very safe pair of hands, and has a wealth of experience.
Jane Osborne QC - 2 Harcourt BuildingsA firm but fair fraud prosecutor with an eye for detail and a reassuring manner. She is a commanding, jury-friendly silk who stands her ground.
Paul Raudnitz QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanA cerebral and hardworking counsel his varied practice in this area speaks to his many qualities. Highly respected by judges and juries listen to what he has to say.
Stan Reiz QC - 2 Bedford RowHe is one of the most formidable advocates out there. He is well respected and when he speaks in the courtroom everyone listens. He is very persuasive. His knowledge of the law is extraordinary and his client care magnificent. He works tirelessly to achieve the best results for his client.

2021 Silks

Simon Baker QC - 2 Bedford RowImmensely talented and a formidable advocate both on his feet and in written submissions and commands great respect from the Judiciary.
Anya Lewis QC - Garden Court ChambersShe understands the needs of the case, the client and the solicitor, and balances them all beautifully.
Nathaniel Rudolf QC - 25 Bedford RowMr Rudolf is a most impressive advocate. He is very hard working, and a persuasive, attractive and tenacious advocate. He has a terrific manner in court, and obviously had a very good rapport with his clients.
Charlotte Yarrow QC - Furnival ChambersUtterly charming, extremely effective advocate, with a great capacity to remain cool under pressure and to put her case soundly and effectively. Her no-nonsense approach disarms witnesses and judges in equal measure.

Leading Juniors

Timothy Kendal - 2 Bedford RowA strategic and empathic barrister. Excellent preparation and a commanding presence in negotiations. Great client communication skills.
Rhys Meggy - QEB Hollis WhitemanAn up-and-coming junior, powerful advocate, hard-working and talented. An unflappable barrister who inspires confidence.
Neil Saunders - Three Raymond BuildingsNeil's huge strength is his advocacy - his ability to have a jury hanging on his every word and eating out of the palm of his hand. e is extremely good at gaining the confidence of the client - he commands respect with a very light touch. And he is great fun to work with.
Graham Arnold - Farringdon ChambersAttention to detail, knowledge of the case, doesn't shirk legal arguments, and very good advocate. He is a relentless street fighter, however difficult the challenge.
Ben Fitzgerald - QEB Hollis WhitemanBen is a standout barrister. He is highly intelligent and capable. Ben is able to assimilate a huge amount of information in short periods and meaningfully add to a case. Fits in seamlessly to a team.
Tim Forte - 3 Temple GardensHe has a compellingly confident manner both in and out of court. He's an excellent all-rounder who has the ability to apply himself totally to the issue in hand. Also very client focused.
Benjamin Newton - Doughty Street ChambersBen is a phenomenally intellectual person who is very compassionate with clients. He is reliable and dependable. An iron fist in a velvet glove.
Geoffrey Payne - 25 Bedford RowHe is incredibly hard working. He knows the facts of the case inside out. He has an very calm and unflappable manner in and out of court. He has excellent client care skills. Above all he is super clever and sees and takes every sensible and arguable legal and factual issue. He is also one of the nicest and kindest members of the Bar. He is a fluent advocate and is not afraid to stand up to rudeness from the Bench. He is particularly in his element defending big fraud cases where his eye for detail and work ethic give him such an advantage.
Tom Payne - Red Lion ChambersA serene and sure-footed court performer.
Samantha Riggs - 25 Bedford RowA fighter who works like a Trojan. Sam is a brilliant barrister, had amazing attention to detail, pick a hole in most cases and is not scared to run a legal argument. Her results are top notch, advocacy excellent and she is great with clients.
Alastair Smith - 2 Bedford RowHe is meticulous in his approach and every point is carefully considered and throughout. He leaves no stone unturned in the preparation of a case to ensure every avenue has been explored. He thinks outside the box and uses the law to skilfully apply pressure to the prosecution to achieve the best results for the client.
Vivienne Tanchel - 2 Hare CourtVivienne is an extremely intelligent hard working barrister who ensures she is familiar with every aspect of a case. She has the ability to master very complex financial and/or business issues in order to offer a client the best resolution. She is a brilliant advocate.
Neil Baki - Farrar's BuildingHe is very determined, with a great presence in the courtroom.
Richard Bentwood - 23 Essex StreetRichard has a masterful command of matters relating to fraud, which includes a forensic eye for the unexpected. He is top of the field in matters which involve large amounts of digital evidence.
Angus Bunyan - 2 Hare CourtHe combines mastery of the details with the ability to see the bigger picture. He has a focused approach and complete unflappable in and out of court.
Peter Caldwell - Doughty Street ChambersA very cerebral lawyer. He has an extremely calm manner that he is able to put clients at ease coupled with his deep understanding of the law and a good work ethic in term of preparation of cases.
Rebecca Chalkley - Red Lion ChambersFearless in court, and unafraid of making difficult decisions.
Philippa Eastwood - Doughty Street ChambersPhilippa is extremely hardworking and diligent in the preparation of cases and ongoing work throughout the trial process. She is responsive and very easy to work with both individually and as part of a defence team. She has a smart and charming manner with clients and judges.
William England - Carmelite ChambersA fighter who oozes confidence.
Rachna Gokani - QEB Hollis WhitemanA truly outstanding barrister. Rachna is in her element when prosecuting. She is a superb prosecutor and has bags of experience.
Jenny Goldring - 5 Paper BuildingsJenny never ceases to amaze me with her abilities and astounding intellect. Her attention to detail is exemplary. In her case preparation no stone is left unturned. She is driven to do the best for her clients at all times. Her dedication shines through and is appreciated by lay and professional clients alike. Highly persuasive on her feet.
Peter Guest - 187 Fleet Street ChambersPeter is a class act with tremendous authority and presence in the courtroom. He has a wealth of experience defending in the most serious fraud and organised crime trials. It is extraordinary how much detail he can keep in his head, allowing him to conduct skilful cross-examination in complex cases.
Gerard Hillman - Libertas ChambersHis calm and personable style puts the most nervous and apprehensive of clients at ease.
Dominic Hockley - 2 Harcourt BuildingsHe is very responsive - his work ethic and turnaround times are excellent. He is also an excellent advocate; really top-notch. He also clearly knows how to pitch things to the judge, and got a result which was pretty incredible.
Frederick Hookway - 2 Harcourt BuildingsHe is meticulous and will know the papers inside out. The extent of his preparation is impressive and he will never be caught under prepared.
Stephen Hopper - 5 Paper BuildingsHe is a very clever and charismatic barrister who is methodical, logical and produces large volumes of high-quality work in a timely manner. He is reliable and much liked by clients and colleagues alike.
Roderick James - Crucible Chambers ‘A very dedicated barrister.
Annie Johnston - Drystone ChambersAnnie is a highly experienced, able and successful advocate and fearless in respect of all types of cases. She is very personable and client friendly and makes clients feel at ease.
Ashraf Khan - 2 Bedford RowHe is a particularly strong junior in serious crime and fraud. He has a dry wit that can wither any hostile witness testimony with ease. He has a huge practice nationally in complex crime. A very safe pair of hands.
Martin McCarthy - Farringdon ChambersJuries appreciate his down-to-earth style. Martin can be both charismatic yet firm. He is a formidable opponent and we know that when we instruct him, Martin will go out of his way and fight tirelessly for our client's cause. In our view, Martin is one of the most talented fraud and business crime juniors at the bar with a practice that all juniors aspire to.
Natalie McNamee - Foundry ChambersNatalie is a dedicated and hard-working advocate who is fiercely committed to the interests of her professional or personal client. She is incredibly intelligent and comfortable with complex financial and expert evidence.
Keith Mitchell -Libertas ChambersHe is hard working and very thorough and does not only rely on his vast experience. He is tactically astute. His court craft and ability to win over Judges and juries is brilliant.
Osman Osman - 25 Bedford Row ‘Osman is very strong in putting the client first, listening to them and showing empathy and compassion. This breeds trust and confidence. He is determined and fearless in court, showing courage in taking and leading difficult but justified arguments/submissions.
Ben Summers - Three Raymond BuildingsHe has a meticulous eye and is great with technical cases.
James Thacker - 9 Gough ChambersDetailed and focused preparation leading to a very strong grasp of all areas of the complicated case in which we were involved. Was strong in every area of the case and his advocacy was thorough, clear and persuasive. Reliable, friendly and excellent at working within a team and leading it. He is unshakeable in court.
Kevin Toomey - 2 Bedford RowKevin has an exceptional technical knowledge around the workings of the financial markets and as a former senior trader himself has an unparalleled understanding of the way the markets work. He has a very good manner with clients and is able to distil the key issues in complex matters so as to focus the client’s attentions upon the salient points in the case.
Colin Wells - 25 Bedford RowColin has an excellent attention to detail and his preparation is second to none.
Nicholas Yeo - Three Raymond BuildingsHe has a very sharp legal mind. He has the uncanny ability to get to the nub of an issue very quickly. This means top level legal advice that is very efficient and cost effective.
Stuart Biggs - Three Raymond BuildingsStuart is quite simply the best junior I have ever worked with. He is extremely bright, and very hardworking. He produces clear and persuasive written work. He is able to charm a jury. He is particularly strong at dealing with tricky financial evidence.
Christopher Convey - 33 Chancery LaneA determined advocate who is prepared to fight and win difficult points. His hard work ethic and attention to detail is very reassuring to clients.
Thomas Daniel - 2 Bedford RowThomas is a fantastic asset to have on your team. He uses technology to his advantage, an area which many Counsel often shy away from. In depth analysis of the evidence by using all applications under the sun are one of his main strengths.
Sonal Dashani - 25 Bedford RowSonal is excellent at mastering the facts of a case within a short timeframe. Her rigorous analytical ability mean she is skilfully able to distil the core facts of complex fraud cases and both rationally analyse the salient facts and apply them to the task at hand. She is adept at multi-tasking and has no difficulty at all in providing speedy, practical and decisive advice. Her written legal arguments are thorough, persuasive and eloquent.
Claire Davies - Farringdon ChambersTactically astute, with a naturally authoritative court manner. Claire is always extremely well prepared and thorough. She is definitely someone who you would want in your corner!
Felicia Davy - Red Lion ChambersA go-to junior for serious fraud cases.
Polly Dyer - QEB Hollis WhitemanA very confident and skilled advocate. Written submissions are of the highest calibre.
Dominic D’Souza - Goldsmith Chambers 'A stand-out defence advocate. He combines a ferocious intellect with over 20 years experience to provide an exceptional level of service to his clients.'
Leila Gaskin -Crucible Chambers ‘A confident advocate with a measured approach.
Adam Gersch - Goldsmith ChambersA dedicated barrister who spots the best points in a case.
William Glover - 3 Temple GardensHe is a very hard working and intelligent junior barrister. His knowledge of the law extends well beyond what would be expected for his call. He is a confident advocate and has excellent analytical skills.
Tom Godfrey - 23 Essex StreetA barrister who pays attention to detail and prosecutes with determination.
Sean Hammond - 2 Bedford RowSean has an exceptional practice no doubt down to his willingness to get stuck in. His reason and judgement shine through and are clear in all the cases which I have had the pleasure to witness. He is well respected by both his peers at the bar and further within the world of those who instruct the bar.
Michael Hick - 5 Paper BuildingsGood and calm under pressure. Attention to detail. Assimilates large quantities of material quickly. Heavyweight fraud practice. Good with juries.
Ben Holt - 5KBWA hard working junior with an unflappable and laid back style. Fierce in cross-examination when required.
Gavin Irwin - 2 Hare CourtHe prepares well and knows his topic.
Alex Jamieson - 25 Bedford RowAlex has the gravitas of someone more senior than his years and his approach to cases is sensible, pragmatic, reasonable and thorough. He meticulously prepares all cases and will run all the possible legal arguments required taking advantage of lapses in procedure to exclude and challenge evidence. He is a class act and someone who can turn his hand to any case. He is popular with clients who find his manner approachable and his willingness to go the extra mile for a client is noteworthy.
Paul Jarvis - 6KBW College HillA junior who stays unruffled in court.
Rachel Kapila - Cloth Fair ChambersAn outstanding junior.
Dermot Keating - 25 Bedford RowMr Keating is brilliant in cases involving huge amounts of prosecution evidence and provides clear advice from the outset of cases so important tactical decisions can be made. He is calm, focused and makes clients feel at ease. He works hard to secure the best result for clients and has an excellent presence when in court.
Helen Law - Matrix ChambersShe is first class.
Jonathan Lennon - Doughty Street ChambersAbsolutely outstanding defender in major fraud trials. Good at seeing the bigger picture in a case. He always thinks out of the box to see a new angle or a gap in the prosecution shield wall.
Daniel Lister - 23 Essex StreetImpressive on his feet. Approachable. He goes the extra mile for clients.
James Martin - 5KBWJames is a top advocate and a real talent. His knowledge of the law is immense and he is often prepared to take on legal arguments others would not and is mostly successful. He puts his heart and soul into cases.
Eleanor Mawrey - 9 Gough ChambersEleanor always demonstrates the highest professional standards. I have seen her work well under immense pressure; she is especially good at understanding and translating complex expert accounting evidence for a jury.
Roxanne Morrell - Libertas ChambersShe instills incredible confidence in clients.
Gareth Munday - 9 Gough ChambersA fantastic advocate. An excellent lawyer who knows the law and how to apply it to the facts of a case. Always decisive and a team player in large fraud cases.
Sophie O’Sullivan - Outer Temple ChambersShe is an excellent junior. Reliable, hardworking and focused. She is a very good lawyer and extremely competent to handle any task in case preparation. She has an engaging, charming personality and ability to get on with everyone. Neither her advocacy nor her written work can be faulted. She is an impressive operator in all aspects of criminal law.
Adam Payter - 6KBW College HillAn engaging and persuasive as an advocate and a really safe lawyer to trust.
Vedrana Pehar - Matrix ChambersAn elegant and astute performer: her piercing and shrewd advocacy is the product of rigorous preparation and a fine intellect. Her attractive style is much enhanced by a quick wit and excellent client care. She is a pleasure to work with.
Jonathan Polnay - 5KBWHe has extensive practical experience of the criminal law as both defence counsel and prosecution. He has an intimate knowledge of relevant procedure and is comfortable dealing with a very broad range of criminal law matters. He also has a strong instinct as to the appropriate course of conduct in difficult situations. His combined cross-examination style and tactical acumen is deadly.
Luke Ponte - Three Raymond BuildingsAn incisive advocate.
Andrew Price - Drystone ChambersHe has a thoughtful manner which relaxes clients instantly and he is able to convey complicated things simply so that clients can fully appreciate their position. Respected by judges and juries in equal measure, he commands the attention of the court.
Peter Ratliff - 6KBW College HillSimply outstanding. A real joy to work with. His case preparation is outstanding and he quickly gets to the key issues in any case. He is a fearless advocate who fights for his clients. He is a go-to junior.
Esther Schutzer-Weissmann - 6KBW College HillHard working, intelligent with a steely dedication.
Rachel Scott - Three Raymond BuildingsShe has fantastic attention to detail.
Robert Shaw - 25 Bedford RowA very diligent and discerning junior. Clever, thoughtful, very hard working, good team player and excellent drafting skills. Has substantial experience of business and white collar crime.
Jack Talbot - Drystone ChambersFirst class in his client presentation.
Ini Udom - 5 St Andrews HillShe is extremely clever, hardworking, a good team player, excellent on difficult legal issues, a fabulous, fearless advocate, dedicated and passionate about her work. She really cares about her cases and fights hard for her clients. She is adept at dealing with voluminous material, quickly identifying the core issues, simplifying difficult concepts and scenarios and explaining them with clarity and precision.
Greg Unwin - 187 Fleet Street Chambers He is very clever. His knowledge of the law is first class and he is able to apply it to any problem that I have thrown at him. Very bright, and thinks outside the box.
Tom Wainwright - Garden Court ChambersHe has a meticulous and forensic eye for detail, particularly in cases involving an extensive amount of material. He is always willing to provide detailed and rigorous advice at every stage of a case and quickly assesses the issues present.
Aaron Watkins - Cloth Fair ChambersA very strong and efficient junior counsel.

Rising Stars

Grace Forbes - 2 Hare CourtGrace has a natural ability with a sharp scientific and analytical brain. A force to be reckoned with in serious fraud cases.

Fraud: crime in London Bar

Work taken into account in this Fraud: crime section concerns criminal prosecutions of Ponzi schemes, land-banking scams, VAT frauds, confidence frauds, and boiler rooms, among others. It does not cover regulatory investigations or business crime, such as interest rate manipulation, bribery, and trade union law offences; please see Business and regulatory crime for coverage of those specialisms. POCA and asset forfeiture expertise is also ranked separately, as is violent crime, which is covered in the Crime: general section. That said, many barristers have practices that do not neatly fit within these boxes and so may be ranked in more than one practice area. Civil fraud is also covered separately.

2 Bedford Row

2 Bedford Row is an 'excellent' set that houses a team noted for its 'experienced strength in depth'. New silk appointment Stan Reiz QC (as a junior) was instructed in Operation Surging, a money laundering case involving over 20 defendants; at the junior end, Simon Baker is defending Dominic Chappell against allegations of tax fraud, arising from Chappell's takeover of BHS from Sir Philip Green. In a boost to the set, 2020 saw Nick James join from Furnival Chambers.

2 Hare Court

'First-class set' 2 Hare Court is 'very strong in all areas of crime, including fraud'. The set's members are adept at both prosecuting and defending in money laundering, VAT and MTIC frauds, investment scams, tax evasion, and boiler room scams, as well as also being active in private prosecutions. Strengthening the team on the senior end, early 2020 saw the 'tactically smartLeon Kazakos QC take silk. Meanwhile, at the junior end, the 'conscientious and extremely brightGrace Forbes is a rising star in the criminal fraud arena.

25 Bedford Row

Defence-only chambers 25 Bedford Row is 'a superb set with a range of barristers equipped to deal with the most complex fraud and serious crime cases'. Members' workloads include money laundering, VAT and MTIC frauds, as well as boiler room scams. Recent representative instructions include George Carter-Stephenson QC and Nigel Sangster QC acting in the Operation Surging, a money laundering case concerning the diversion of monies through 14 shell companies as well as issues of excise fraud.

QEB Hollis Whiteman

A 'high-quality, very professional set', QEB Hollis Whiteman houses a team noted for its 'good strength in depth'. Money laundering cases, VAT fraud, investment schemes, corporate-related frauds, and private prosecution work feature in members' workloads. The team was recently bolstered at the senior end by Paul Raudnitz QC's appointment to silk in March 2020. Chambers is also praised by instructing solicitors for its facilities and COD training programmes.

Three Raymond Buildings

'Heavyweight set' Three Raymond Buildings is 'amongst the handful of go-to sets for fraud and financial crime, with unparalleled strength in depth'. It is well known for its strength in handling both defence and prosecution work in cases with blended aspects of fraud and business crime matters. Recent instructions for the set include Ben Summers acting for the defendant in an alleged conspiracy to defraud case involving an account takeover fraud valued at £1.8m; the trial was halted following a successful abuse of process application.


23 Essex Street is 'well respected in the field of fraud' thanks to 'a strength in depth of counsel who are strong in this area'. Its members have a solid track record in handling Ponzi schemes, boiler room frauds, money laundering, and tax fraud cases, to name but a few areas. Defence work is a core strength for the set, however, the team is also well known for handling prosecution instructions for the Crown Prosecution Service's Specialist Fraud Division. Chambers houses former chair of the Fraud Lawyers Association, Mark Fenhalls QC, who will become Vice-Chair of the Bar in 2021.

Carmelite Chambers

Carmelite Chambers is 'an impressive set with clerks who are approachable, helpful, and extremely professional'. The set's members have notable strength in defending across a range of fraud work, including VAT and MTIC frauds, tax evasion, carbon credit frauds, and money laundering cases. The set is well known for representing financial professionals, for example, accountants, bankers, and solicitors. The Set also undertakes some fraud prosecutions. Instructing solicitors say the set's junior counsel are 'extremely reliable and well-liked by defendants'.

Cloth Fair Chambers

'An extremely good and strong set', Cloth Fair Chambers' 'counsel are at the top of their field and have a deep understanding of the law'. Its members are well known for their established experience in financial crime matters, notably in providing pre-charge advice to professional individuals concerning tax evasion investigations.

Red Lion Chambers

'A strong set, with particularly good silks' Red Lion Chambers' members have been kept particularly busy handling private prosecution work; in this space, Gillian Jones QC continues to act in a long-running private prosecution concerning alleged international property fraud and forgery of company documents. In recent news for the set, March 2020 saw Cameron Brown QC elevated to silk, while Tim Godfrey was appointed to the district bench. Solicitors praise the set for its training programmes which 'are delivered to a high standard on complex legal issues'.

33 Chancery Lane

'Well run, slick, and commercial', 33 Chancery Lane is 'a top-quality chambers' with 'strength in depth' with a reputation for being 'one of the more specialised sets in the fraud world'. Members have been kept busy of late handling tax frauds, money laundering cases, MTIC and VAT frauds, and boiler room scams.

5 Paper Buildings

'A first-class quality set of chambers for fraud', 5 Paper Buildings is 'an excellent set with very capable barristers specialising in prosecution and defence work'. The set's members handle a range of fraud matters, including Ponzi schemes, tax evasion, and VAT fraud cases. Emma Deacon QC is acting for the Crown Prosecution Service's Specialist Fraud Division in a long-running investigation into an alleged pension liberation fraud.

6KBW College Hill

'Stellar chambers' 6KBW College Hill is 'full of experts on financial crime cases'; it has 'many brilliant lawyers with a great range of experience and who judges have the highest regard for'. Money laundering cases, MTIC and VAT frauds, Ponzi schemes, and investment fraud schemes feature in members' workloads. The set has established strength in handling prosecution work, however, the 'always client-friendly' team is also adept at handling defence instructions.

Doughty Street Chambers

'A very good set that has real breadth and depth in terms of expertise' and 'a huge pool of very talented barristers', Doughty Street Chambers' recent instructions include boiler room cases, carbon credit frauds, and tax evasion matters. In recent work of particular note, Benjamin Newton successfully defended Marcus Allen, one of eight defendants on trial for an alleged carbon credits fraud; Allen was acquitted following the trial's collapse when an expert witness was discredited. In August 2020, Jonathan Lennon joined from Carmelite Chambers.

Foundry Chambers

With 'a strong reputation for serious crime and fraud' Foundry Chambers has 'a strong backbone of good criminal counsel covering all aspects of crime'. Its members are kept busy with a workload that includes acting for both the prosecution and defence in tax evasion cases, VAT, and MTIC frauds, as well as diversion frauds. Mark Bryant-Heron QC is prosecuting the former owner of BHS, Dominic Chappell, for alleged tax evasion. Strengthening the fraud team at the senior end, early 2020 saw Anu Mohindru QC take silk.

Furnival Chambers

A 'solid, reliable set' with some 'very good fraud practitioners', Furnival ChambersDavid Durose QC is acting for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in a multi-defendant boiler room case worth £3m concerning the sale of coloured diamonds. In another matter, Charlotte Yarrow was instructed for the defence of an individual, one of ten defendants, concerning a large-scale fraud and money-laundering case worth £25m; her client was the only defendant who was acquitted of the charges.

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is home to 'deservedly renowned defence practitioners in the field of criminal law with a large pool of talent at every level of the profession'. Members have been kept busy of late handling a number of money laundering, VAT, and MTIC-related fraud cases. Of particular note, Ali Naseem Bajwa QC is representing four defendants in R v Charan Singh, a case concerning an alleged money laundering operation where £15m was smuggled from the UK to Dubai by an organised crime group.

Matrix Chambers

The 'outstandingMatrix Chambers is 'a stellar set and provide excellent representation to clients as well as support to solicitors through excellent training'. In recent work of note, Adrian Waterman QC is representing Yoshiki Ohmura in an ongoing case concerning alleged fraud against a Libyan sovereign wealth fund which had invested in a hedge fund owned by banker Frederic Marino. Also in recent news, Jamas Hodivala QC strengthened chambers after being elevated to silk in March 2020.