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Leading Silks

Janet Bazley KC1GC | Family Law ‘Janet is incredibly calm and measured, which helps to reassure clients. Behind the calm exterior is a steely core, always fully prepared for a fight on behalf of the client. She is a master tactician, thorough and very approachable.’
Jo Delahunty KC4PB 'Jo’s advocacy is empathetic, authoritative and persuasive. She has a firm grasp of the complexities and provides a simple view through the difficult issues.'
Deborah Eaton KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Deborah is an absolute powerhouse of authority, knowledge, tactical and strategical brilliance and a rock of reassurance for her clients. Her tactical and strategic positioning of her client's cases to win is spot-on and unrivalled.’
Charles Geekie KC1GC | Family Law ‘Charles is a calm and measured advocate who can fight his corner when required. He is a preeminent children's silk, and his written work is of a high standard. He is a careful strategist who understands all facets of the case. He is also regarded as a wise and respected arbitrator.’
Charles Hale KC4PB ‘Charles is a powerful and persuasive advocate with considerable emotional intelligence and confidence. He is a go-to in complex children’s matters, particularly with cross-jurisdictional complexities. He is charming and knowledgeable with lawyers in other jurisdictions, leading with significant gravitas and a pearl of worldly wisdom.’
Richard Harrison KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is always meticulously prepared and has excellent client care skills. He is well-liked and highly regarded by his peers and the judiciary alike. He has an excellent sense of humour and is very likeable.’
Piers Pressdee KC4PB ‘Piers is an excellent advocate and is known as one of the stand-out children’s law silks at the family Bar. He is a fair and friendly opponent.’
Henry Setright KC4PB ‘Henry is superb at technically detailed cases and those with complex jurisdictional issues. His knowledge and depth of understanding of international family law are immense, and he is a go-to silk on international cases. He is a great tactician. His style, intellect and persuasiveness always impress.’
Paul Storey KC29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Paul is a real master of oral and written advocacy with an incredible understanding of the medicine and personal dynamic of cases. A real champion of disadvantaged and underprivileged clients.’
William Tyler KCThe 36 Group ‘William has the ability to handle and present complex fact-finding material with a lightness of touch that belies the amount of work invested in making the task appear effortless. He has a degree of gravitas and composure in his presentation that commands authority in court.’
Alex Verdan KC4PB ‘Alex is always very well-prepared and the clients love him. He has a great bedside manner and is able to explain relatively complex issues in a very easy-to-understand way.’
Barbara Connolly KC7BR ‘Barbara is one of the leading silks in complex public law children cases. She has a gravitas, capacity to absorb and synthesise information, and her understanding of the law and strategy is second to none.’
Tina Cook KC42BR Barristers ‘Tina is a very strong cross-examiner of experts and parents. She is always on top of the papers and a good tactician.’
Deirdre Fottrell KC - 4PB ‘Deirdre has an incredible capacity to tread a path through litigation that is both sensitive to the issues but strategically robust. She reads the situation and has incisive judgement. A hands-on silk who has the respect of all her peers.’
Alison Grief KC4PB ‘Alison’s advocacy is second to none. She advocates with clarity and authority, and her ability to think on her feet to respond to anything her opponent or the judge may say is simply first-rate. Her powers of persuasion in the courtroom are world-class.’
Christopher Hames KC4PB ‘Chris is approachable and clearly communicates legal principles. He is quick on his feet and empathetic when dealing with clients in complicated situations. He is very client-focused and willing to go the extra mile to prepare thoroughly.’
Charles Howard KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Charles is the best cross-examiner. He is tenacious and has a brilliant forensic mind. He can absorb papers at a phenomenal rate and never loses his cool.’
Sam King KC4PB ‘Sam stands out amongst her peers as a stellar advocate. Her oral advocacy is incisive and compelling. When she cross-examines lay witnesses, there is no escape when she has a particular point to make. When she cross-examines expert witnesses, it is clear that she has an excellent understanding of complex medical issues.’
Cyrus Larizadeh KC4PB ‘Cyrus’ advocacy skills are extremely good, and he goes above and beyond for his clients. He is friendly and approachable and always makes clients feel at ease.’
Hannah Markham KCThe 36 Group ‘Hannah is a tenacious, skilled advocate who fights her client’s corner and has incredible judgement in the trickiest cases. She inspires faith and confidence and is thoroughly decent while running a case. She is impressive and persuasive on her feet, and the tribunals listen to her.’
Anna McKenna KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Anna demonstrates a profound understanding of the nuances of private child litigation, bringing to bear her extensive experience in the public sphere. She fits seamlessly into any team and is a supremely accessible silk to work with.’
Andrew Norton KC1GC | Family Law ‘Andrew is measured, restrained and effective as an advocate. He is always on top of the papers and takes a sensible and proportionate approach to all cases.’
Mark Twomey KCCoram Chambers 'A superb advocate, both in terms of oral argument and written work. Right at the top of his game. Mark commands the judges' respect due to his highly tactical approach to his cases. Devastating in cross-examination and formidable in legal argument. An all round class act.'
Francesca Wiley KC1 Crown Office Row 'Francesca Wiley is the most amazing King's Counsel - my go to counsel where you want the very best.'
Catherine Wood KC4PB ‘Catherine is a brilliant advocate. She makes everything look effortless. She rolls her sleeves up, listens to the client and solicitors and then gets on with it. Judges listen to her too. She is not afraid of a fight but is so pragmatic.’
Richard Anelay KC1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the law relating to children. He is a calm, charming and robust advocate who gets to the point in a way that everyone can understand.’
Andrew Bagchi KC1GC | Family Law ‘Andrew is simply unflappable. He cuts through the detail and can simplify complicated issues with ease. He is one of the most personable and down-to-earth barrister. He is a go-to silk for children matters.’
Kate Branigan KC4PB ‘Kate is an exceptional barrister. Her strength lies in her encyclopedic knowledge of the law and medicine, with her empathetic approach to her clients. She is excellent at mastering the most difficult cases and has every page of her papers at her fingertips. Her advocacy is a masterclass in cross-examination.’
Nkumbe Ekaney KC – 1GC | Family Law ‘Nkumbe is a class act. He has a charming manner and cross-examines complex evidence with ease. His submissions are of the highest standard.’
Damian Garrido KCHarcourt Chambers ‘Damian is an excellent advocate - unhurried, cerebral and detail-focused. He effortlessly commands a courtroom whilst also having an excellent manner with clients. He is a popular advocate both with clients and the court.’
Nick Goodwin KCHarcourt Chambers ‘Nick is an intellectual powerhouse and has an enviable ability to jump around the papers to pull the rabbit from the hat to drive an argument home. His ability to marshall fact and law to the most powerful effect is a silk masterclass.’
Rachel Langdale KC7BR ‘Rachel is a force of nature. She is passionate about her cases but never loses sight of the big picture and always meticulously prepared. Her advocacy is to the point, forceful, courteous and highly effective.’
Barbara Mills KC4PB ‘Barbara is extraordinarily insightful and has an unmatched ability to identify the real issues in a case and address them head-on. Her written and oral advocacy is forceful and persuasive, and she always has the respect and ear of any tribunal.’
Sam Momtaz KC1GC | Family Law 'He is a robust advocate, with good legal and forensic understanding.'
Cleo Perry KC4PB ‘Cleo has an incredible depth of knowledge which she deploys with razor-sharp precision. Her advocacy is commanding and considered.’
Gemma Taylor KC42BR Barristers ‘Gemma’s integrity and independence of mindsets are a standard few can match. She carries herself in court with a quiet confidence that commands everyone’s respect and attention.’
Damian Woodward-Carlton KC42BR Barristers ‘Damian is a consummate advocate. He is unfailingly well-prepared. His calm demeanour in court belies a steely determination.’
Shiva Ancliffe KC –Coram Chambers 'Shiva is authoritative, skilled with judges, and is a powerful force as a trial advocate.'
Denise Gilling KC1GC | Family Law ‘Denise is very clear in her advocacy and has a way of getting to the heart of an issue in her cross-examination of witnesses. She is a personable advocate who prepares her cases in great detail.’
Martin Kingerley KCThe 36 Group ‘Martin is very hardworking and has an excellent knowledge of the law. He is a calming influence in court and is always appreciated by the court.’
Ruth Kirby KC4PB ‘Ruth is a force of nature. She quickly grasps the most complex matters – absorbing the paperwork like a sponge. She goes the extra mile in court to pursue points for her clients, and her advocacy is slick, persuasive and, when needed, fiery.’
Brendan Roche KC7BR ‘Brendan is a fantastic silk, succinct and unflappable. His advocacy style is distinctive and highly effective, and he has a towering presence in court.’
Jonathan Sampson KCHarcourt Chambers 'Jonathan is one of the most intelligent advocates. His grasp of expert evidence, in particular, is extremely impressive.'
Sally Stone KC1GC | Family Law ‘Sally is meticulous in preparation, exacting her standards with an incredible capacity to absorb and retain detail to develop a rapport with lay clients.’
John Vater KC – Harcourt Chambers ‘John is an extremely experienced advocate. He is highly skilled when it comes to cross-examination and achieves outstanding results for the clients.’
Aidan Vine KC – Harcourt Chambers ‘Aiden is keen and has impressive legal analytical skills. His arguments are extremely well-researched and presented calmly and expertly advanced to the court.’
Amanda Weston KC –Garden Court Chambers 'Amanda is extremely passionate about her client's cases and works very hard to achieve a just outcome. She always goes the extra mile.'

2022 Silks

Joy Brereton KC4PB ‘Joy is a superlative advocate who can take a case by the scruff of the neck and turn it around. She is empathetic, user-friendly and the total package.’
Laura Briggs KC1GC | Family Law ‘Laura is well-liked and respected in equal measure. She is a respectful opponent, and very approachable with clients, including those who are extremely vulnerable. She is meticulous in her preparation, a masterful tactician and an extremely impressive advocate. She is so impressive in cross-examination and gets so much more out of witnesses than many others. She is able to read people and situations brilliantly.’
Gemma Farrington KC – 42BR Barristers ‘Gemma is hard-working and thorough. She is organised and persistent, and her advocacy is persuasive. She is unafraid to take on tough points.'
Michael Gration KC4PB ‘Michael is an exceptional barrister who marries natural talent with industry. He is highly respected by the judiciary as he knows his subject inside out. He is able to guide the court on the law. He is also extremely persuasive in the manner that he presents his cases. He very often makes the outcome that he is seeking appear to be the attractive, logical outcome.’
Tim Parker KCDeka Chambers ‘Tim has a reassuring and calm manner in court. He is eloquent in cross-examination, detailed and persuasive. He is able to deal with expert witnesses when their evidence is not favourable to his client. He is highly regarded in the profession.’

2023 Silks

Dorothea Gartland KC4PB ‘Dorothea is always loved and trusted by clients. Her down-to-earth manner is refreshing and puts clients at ease. She is excellent in court. She is tenacious and will fight her client's corner to the bitter end.’
Mark Jarman KC4PB ‘Mark is straightforward to deal with, gives thoughtful and considered advice that has been strategically very sound and is an excellent advocate. He does not shy away from addressing difficult issues but can present them to the court in a way that makes it clear the solution he puts forward is the obvious route for the judge to follow. He has an excellent legal brain and an exceptional knowledge of international matters. His preparation and organisation are meticulous.’
Louise MacLynn KC1GC | Family Law ‘Louise is extremely careful and thoughtful in her analysis and is an exceptionally clear advocate. She considers the views of others and is excellent at working collaboratively.’
Judith Murray KC4PB ‘Judith's advocacy is on top of a long list of impressive attributes. She reads the court impeccably and is truly incredible in cross-examination. She is a top choice for complex children cases.’

2024 Silks

Anita Guha KC7BR ‘Anita is an absolute powerhouse. She fights the client’s corner until the end, and her written work is impeccable. She really takes her time to read the case and discuss strategy.’
Susannah Johnson KC – 7BR ‘Susannah is amongst the best in her field, possessing a calm and sensitive approach towards clients. Her preparation of cases and eye for detail is first-class, and her oral and written advice is clear and to the point. A fierce advocate in court who will give everything for her clients.’ 
Sharon Segal KC1GC | Family Law ‘Sharon is extremely bright and is silk in the making. She is a thorough, helpful, and strong advocate and represents clients very well.’

Leading Juniors

Mehvish ChaudhryHarcourt Chambers ‘Mehvish is a brilliant advocate who is never fazed by anything or daunted by anyone. She is always very well prepared and extremely good with clients. She is a go-to for complex international children's cases.’
Martha CoverCoram Chambers 'Martha is clever, gets on well with judges whilst able to appropriately challenge the Local Authority's case. She is not afraid to think laterally in order to bring about the best outcome for her client. She fights for justice for those whom she represents.'
Claire Heppenstall1GC | Family Law ‘Claire is an excellent barrister who is extremely well-prepared and good on her feet. She is a highly effective advocate, robust and calm under pressure. She has excellent judgement and builds rapport with clients easily and well. Her advice is clear and concise. She is very responsive, on email and the phone and highly organised. She produces paperwork promptly and in good time.’
Justine Johnston4PB ‘Justine is always incredibly well-prepared and clear and direct in her advice. She knows the law and procedure inside out and strives to achieve the best possible outcome for all her clients.’
Caroline Lister1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Caroline is a very accomplished advocate and thinks quickly on her feet. She works very hard for the client. She is open to working things through to find the best solution giving matters a lot of thought. She is extremely user-friendly with a relaxed and friendly approach making her a go-to barrister on difficult cases.’
Indira Ramsahoye29 Bedford Row Chambers 'Indira is passionate about the work she does, always on top of the law and yet extremely human - her warmth and compassion draw clients to her.'
Jacqueline Renton4PB ‘Jacqueline is a phenomenal and extraordinary barrister. She is hugely supportive of clients and strives to achieve the best outcomes for them. She has excellent judgement, and invariably her call on the case is where it lands.’
Steven Ashworth1GC | Family Law ‘Steven is always fully prepared for every hearing. He is incredibly diligent and hard-working, and his attention to detail is impressive. In cross-examination, he is forensic and commands the attention of his tribunal. He knows his papers inside out and is child-centred in his approach to advocacy.’
Jonathan Bennett42BR Barristers ‘Jonathan is always very hardworking, thorough and concise and goes the extra mile - he maintains a calmness throughout, which is always helpful in cases where tensions can be high.’
Sally Bradley4PB ‘Sally has excellent forensic analysis of the evidence and the relevant law. She is hard-working and thoughtful, with great communication skills. She has the ear of the judge and is eloquent but down-to-earth, sensible yet creative, and judges respond to her very well.’
Ruth CabezaHarcourt Chambers ‘Ruth has an incisive mind, and her forensic analysis is thorough and dependable.’
Michael Edwards4PB ‘Michael is an astonishing tactician. He is measured and thoughtful, thorough and knowledgeable. He does not need to be aggressive because he is always one step ahead of the other side. He is kind, sensible and straight talking. Clients and judges love him.’
Rebecca Foulkes4PB ‘Rebecca is a master tactician. She is robust - she always stands up for the client in court and helps clients to be realistic. Her advocacy is clever, strategic and insightful.’
Nicola Fox1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Nicola is hard-working, intelligent, an excellent advocate, approachable and empathetic.’
Kate GrieveThe 36 Group ‘Kate is a very strong advocate who is always well-prepared. She provides good feedback and help when working together on a case.’
Dafydd Griffiths29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Dafydd is approachable, puts clients at ease, is knowledgeable and can reduce complex advice into understandable language for clients.’
Daisy Hughes1GC | Family Law ‘Daisy is a formidable children's barrister, a great tactician, able to move the chess pieces strategically and at the right pace to secure the best outcomes. Her client care skills are second to none.’
Katherine Kelsey1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Katherine is exceptional at both children and money work. She is very user-friendly and loved by solicitors. She provides early, clear and strategic advice.’
Christopher MillerFourteen ‘Christopher has meticulous attention to detail. He is proactive in his thinking on behalf of clients. He is a calm but tenacious advocate and very quick at thinking on his feet when needed.’
Jennifer Perrins1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Jennifer is incredibly intelligent. She is the best junior barrister in international child abduction matters, and her knowledge of the law in this area is second to none. She is approachable and always goes out of her way to provide first-class advice. Her client care skills are excellent, and she is very good at giving firm advice to clients and being realistic about the prospect of their cases.’
Katie Phillips42BR Barristers ‘Katie is a talented advocate who always has a firm grasp of the detail and nuances in any case where she is instructed. She is very user-friendly and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.’
Victoria RobertsCoram ChambersA fearless advocate who delivers cross-examination meticulously.
Baldip Singh Aulak - No5 Barristers' Chambers  ‘Baldip has strong interpersonal skills. He is empathetic and able to explain complex issues to vulnerable clients. He is a skilled litigator, and his advocacy in court is always persuasive.’
Samantha Woodham4PB ‘Samantha has amazing insight into a case very quickly. She has the ear of the court and makes meaningful submissions which land will with tribunals. She is very empathetic with clients and gives difficult advice in a way in which they feel hugely supported and able to make decisions. She is focused on the settlement but not at all costs. She has huge attention to detail and is a wonderful advocate.’
Nicholas Anderson  – 1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Nicholas is a calm, clear and effective advocate. He exudes gravitas and knows what to say and when to say it. His client manner is exceptional, with calming manner for the client.’
Lee Arnot29 Bedford Row Chambers ‘Lee is exceptionally well-prepared and has an amazing rapport with the clients. His advocacy is sublime. It can be transfixing. He is well prepared, knows the law, is great with the client and is responsive.’
Chris Barnes4PB ‘Chris is academically sharp, thoughtful and insightful with his cases. He relishes the law and is committed to making sure it progresses to reflect society. He is excellent to work with as part of a team - pleasant yet oozing confidence.’
Edward BennettHarcourt Chambers ‘Edward is an excellent advocate. The way he puts his client's case always sounds eminently reasonable, as though it must be the correct outcome, successfully persuading judges and magistrates alike to decide in his client's favour. His written submissions are also second to none.’
Sharan Bhachu42BR Barristers 'A determined and fierce advocate. She has the winning combination of tenacity, fabulous client care, and a razor sharp legal mind.'
Poonam Bhari3PB 'Poonam is pragmatic, methodical, and sympathetic and fights for clients. She puts clients at ease and makes them feel that they are being listened to.'
Alison Easton – Coram Chambers ' A very clear thinker with great economy in her written and oral advocacy. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of the papers and focused attention to the most relevant parts. A real star of the family Bar.'
Catherine EllisPump Court Chambers ‘Catherine is an excellent advocate and fights for her client, even when the odds are stacked against them.’
Matthew Fletcher1GC | Family Law ‘Matthew is detailed and thorough, and his paperwork is always immaculate. He knows his cases well and has a great manner with clients. He is happy to help in between hearings as necessary. His advocacy is robust yet understated - and very effective.’
Alev Giz1GC | Family Law ‘Alev is very calm with clients, and when she is in court, she exudes an air of authority and puts forward the client's cases professionally. She can argue points no other person has thought of and is very sharp on her feet.’
Paul Hepher 4PB ‘Paul is an exceptional barrister who is very adept in his field. He delivers his statements and submissions confidently and comprehensively. His examination in chief and cross-examination skills are excellent. He provides impressive verbal and written advice, which adds invaluable insight into a case.’
Mary HughesOne Pump Court ‘Mary adopts a sensible and practical approach to cases. She provides clear and realistic advice for clients, tailored to the individual client's level of understanding. She has a collaborative approach and is extremely responsive.’
Eleri Jones1GC | Family Law ‘Eleri really is the dream package - so brilliant and quick, a ferociously brilliant mind, and an absolute dream to instruct. Notwithstanding her brilliant and forensic mind, she operates with patience, grace and steely focus and determination.’
Richard Jones1GC | Family Law ‘Richard is unflappable. He is calm and persuasive and vigorously presents his client's case.’
Brian Jubb4PB ‘Brian is a calm and pragmatic approach. He is knowledgeable and well-prepared. He has excellent advocacy skills and a safe pair of hands.’
Karen Kabweru-Namulemu1GC | Family Law ‘Karen is an extremely hardworking and likeable barrister who is empathetic but practical, offering sensitive advice even when difficult for a client to hear. She is a great support throughout the case, even after the conclusion.’
Alexander LaingCoram Chambers 'Alexander is able to do his job with such skill and make it look so easy. His advocacy is exceptional. He is measured, patient and persuasive. He can read the judge and knows when to push and when to not.'
Amanda Meusz  – Garden Court Chambers ‘Amanda is a complete professional, diligent, efficient and completely reliable. She is a fearless advocate who is never shy to fight the corner for vulnerable clients.’
Onyoja Momoh5 Pump Court ‘Onyoja is always on point and well-versed in the areas of law. She is always very well prepared and does her research. She is a very experienced litigator, approachable and helpful.’
Andrew Powell4PB 'An expert on surrogacy and the modern family. Andrew's preparation is stellar - his notes show a mastery of the law and facts. Judges hang on his advocacy, which balances persuasion with an empathy for the cases he deals with.'
Charlotte ProudmanGoldsmith Chambers ‘Charlotte is an excellent and fearless advocate. She is extremely hard-working, produces excellent cogent submissions, is wonderful with clients, is a great team player and is a superb talent. She is also a highly-regarded academic.’
Andrew ShawNew Court Chambers ‘Andrew is organised, clear and realistic with his legal approach. He has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He always works in the best interest of the client.’
Kate TompkinsThe 36 Group ‘Kate possesses an unparalleled ability to manage complex children cases and is hugely impressive on her feet. In court, Kate is solution focused and tenacious. She has the expertise and a warm personality and always brings benefits to a case. She is particularly good at extremely complex public law matters, and her advice is firm whilst being results driven.’
Giles BainNew Court Chambers ‘Giles is very good and approachable to clients of all levels. He knows the law very well, and his knowledge leads to excellent outcomes for clients.’
Charlotte Baker4PB ‘Charlotte is a tenacious and formidable advocate while possessing the skills to understand and empathise with her clients. She has a phenomenal knowledge of the law. Her advice and input into a case are always invaluable. As an advocate, she is fearless. She is always well-prepared and strategic in her approach, her cross-examination is meticulous, and she leaves no stone unturned.’
Ami Bartholomew  - No5 Barristers' Chambers  ‘Ami is a fierce advocate and commands the courtroom. She is very thorough with her preparation and grasps concepts well within a case. She is very strong in putting a client’s case forward and is very well-liked by clients for her direct and honest approach.’
Sarah Branson  – Coram Chambers 'She is very experienced in representing clients where mental health is a key issue. She knows the law and arguments for vulnerable clients with mental health issues.'
Joan ConnellFourteen ‘Joan is committed to client care of the highest standard. She is approachable and helpful towards her instructing solicitor. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She works tirelessly on cases, always achieving the best possible outcome for clients.’
Francesca Dowse4PB ‘Francesca is a very strong advocate. She is tenacious and strongly makes her client’s case. She is incredibly personable, and clients love her because she installs great confidence in them.’
Joanne Ecob The 36 Group ‘Joanne is empathetic and supportive, possessing a good client matter. She devises a good strategy and is robust and clear in her paperwork and court.’
Rob GeorgeHarcourt Chambers ‘Rob has extensive knowledge of all aspects of children's law, including complex proceedings. He is superb at technically detailed cases and those with complex jurisdictional issues. He has a calm, charming manner, is ferociously bright and is a great strategist. He is diligent, unflappable, precise, clear and effective.’
Victoria Green   – 1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Victoria is a skilled advocate with an abundance of knowledge of international children's matters. She has a wonderful manner with clients and is well-prepared and listens to her clients, and effectively delivers arguments.’
George HarleyThe 36 Group ‘George is a great advocate, and clients love him. He's very passionate about his work and fights for his clients.’
Bianca Jackson  – Coram Chambers 'Bianca is a brilliant barrister. Her knowledge of the law is excellent and she is always compassionate to clients. Bianca is very easy to talk to, which makes a difference to clients in care proceedings. '
Emily James  –1GC | Family Law 'Emily is a go-to advocate for complex children's matters. She is experienced and extremely well-prepared. She gives regular feedback to solicitors to assist and is willing to respond if issues arise on long-running cases.'
Ramanjit KangCoram Chambers 'Ramanjit is an extremely strong advocate on her feet, able to think quickly and deal with any issues that arise without anything fazing her. She is highly tenacious and will fight strongly for her client and their best interests to the utmost, even in the face of strong opposition.'
Doushka Krish1GC | Family Law ‘Doushka's advocacy is calm, collected and reasoned. She is always well-prepared and very persuasive, ensuring her client's needs are met. She has a good rapport with clients and the judiciary and experience in both public and private matters, which is extremely helpful in complex private matters.’
Henry Lamb 1GC | Family Law ‘Henry is intuitive and gets straight to the issues in the case. He prepares his cases with an eye for detail and forensic analysis.’
Stephen LueGarden Court Chambers ‘Stephen is highly dedicated to his profession and his clients. He is calm and collected in court. His advocacy is of a high standard.’
Oliver MillingtonDeka Chambers 'Oliver is an excellent advocate and is very knowledgeable about children's law matters. His written material is second to none, and his advocacy style is robust. He fights for his clients and is a dream to work with.'
Anarkali MusgraveCoram Chambers 'Anarkali is forensic and thorough with the evidence and sees points of argument which no one else has seen. She is flawless in court and her client care is always well attuned to the specific needs of the individual.'  
Richard O’Sullivan Coram Chambers 'Richard has a very calm and relaxed style but always manages to maintain a rigorous and relentless focus on the relevant issues, which judges appreciate hugely. In submissions, he exudes clarity and efficiency, making his points powerfully which is very persuasive. His manner with lay clients is hand-on, making sure that they fully understand the issues and his approach, feel engaged and empowered.'
Judith PepperCoram Chambers 'Judith is an incredibly talented barrister, especially when it comes to matters which require significant forensic evidence challenging. She really is able to look at both the small minutiae but also the larger picture, allowing the lay client to have a well-rounded, full representation.'
Christopher PooleNew Court Chambers 'His flair and deliverance when presenting a case in court is unrivalled.'
Emily RaynerHarcourt Chambers ‘Emily is tactically smart and offers great client care. Her approach is calm and measured, but she has a steely resolve and an ability to cut to the chase and get things done.’
Chris Stevenson –4PB ‘Chris is an exceptional advocate and always has the ear of the court. His submissions are informed, well-researched, and his ability to get to the heart of the issues in cross-examination is always impressive.’
Tara VindisDeka Chambers ‘Tara is excellent. She is a robust advocate who remains calm and measured even in the most challenging situations. She is a go-to barrister for cases involving physical abuse of children due to her medical knowledge and detailed grasp of complex medical evidence.’
Pamela Warner1GC | Family Law ‘Pamela is respected and knowledgeable. She is a safe pair of hands. Her draft is concise and detailed, and her advocacy is second-to-none in terms of results.’
Andrea Watts 1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Andrea is exceptionally knowledgeable in children's matters, including private, public and international matters. She is a skilled advocate who is exceptional at dealing with clients and arguing a case calmly and effectively.’
Ceri White4PB ‘Ceri is a logical advocate. She is concise and pulls out the finite details to enhance the client's position methodically and how the court will balance the client's evidence whilst adopting a sympathetic yet robust manner.’
Tom Wilson   – 1GC | Family Law ‘Tom is a fantastic court advocate who treats everyone with grace and respect. He is always thoroughly prepared, his cross-examination is well thought out, and he gets to the core of the issues.’
Baljinder Bath  – 4PB ‘Baljinder is a fearless advocate who fights for her client's best interests. She is able to see to the heart of complex matters quickly and easily providing practical and helpful advice. He is a meticulous advocate with a detailed knowledge of the law.’
Miriam Best 4PB ‘Miriam is meticulous in her preparation and skilled in dealing with complex children's matters, including serious allegations of domestic violence. She approaches every case with empathy. She is very thorough in her preparation of cases and an excellent advocate.’
Amanda Bewley Coram Chambers 'Amanda is very personable with a quiet confidence and is very dedicated to her clients. Her written advocacy is excellent and when addressing the court orally always tends to have the ear of the judge, due to her understated but knowledgeable and well prepared style.'
Rachel Chan  - 42BR Barristers' Rachel is a wonderful advocate; articulate, concise and engaging. She always knows the finer details of her cases and weaves them into her submissions and cross-examination with skill. She works with extremely vulnerable clients and people against whom the most serious allegations have been made and always presents their case fearlessly. '
Malcolm Chisholm1GC | Family Law ‘Malcolm is a hugely dependable advocate. He has excellent client care skills and is a pleasure to work with as a solicitor.’
Fenella CooilThe 36 Group ‘Fenella is an outstanding children's law barrister. She has a wonderfully warm manner with clients yet ensures that she provides clear and detailed advice. She is accessible and very hardworking.’
Kathryn CroninGarden Court Chambers 'Kathryn is one of a kind. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of immigration and family law. She is a go-to barrister for extremely complex adoption and surrogacy cases.'
Thomas Dance  – 1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Thomas is an excellent advocate, even amongst the toughest opponents. He has great judgement and cuts through to the real issues. He is available and responds quickly and comprehensively.’
Katherine Dunseath1GC | Family Law 'Katherine is a force to be reckoned with. She shows total commitment to her cases, is very well prepared and has a great rapport with clients.'
Melissa Elsworth 1GC | Family Law ‘Melissa is excellent with the details of any complex private law children case. She also has a kind bedside manner, is willing to listen and is very supportive of vulnerable clients.’
Jack Harrison – Coram ChambersRobust in court, clear and concise. A delight to work with.'
Gill Honeyman Coram Chambers 'Gill has a forensic intelligence and is able to adapt her advocacy to the particular circumstances of the case and her client to achieve the best possible outcome.'
Trisan Hyatt 5 Pump Court ‘Trisan is highly industrious and first-class preparation of extensive, voluminous papers. She is very engaging with the client and has excellent manners.’
Marcia Hyde42BR Barristers 'Marcia is an excellent advocate in both written and oral advocacy. Her written documents are thoughtful and measured but effective. She recognises the strengths of her case and does not waste energy on issues that are not persuasive. She balances this with forceful and persistent advocacy on persuasive and relevant aspects of her case.'
Stephen Jarmain  – 1 King’s Bench Walk 'Stephen is very bright, has fantastic attention to detail, and is a strategic thinker who sees the bigger picture with a calm and reassuring presence in a crisis. He is highly intelligent and accomplished.'
Helen Jefferson1GC | Family Law ‘Helen is a superb advocate, highly respected by peers and the judiciary. She has quick thinking and is robust in submissions and cross-examination. She is always incredibly well-prepared and knows a case inside out. She has brilliant drafting skills and is amazing with clients – extremely personable with a real skill to put clients at ease.’
Siobhan F Kelly1GC | Family LawAn experienced, charismatic and reliable junior.’
Kate LamontDeka Chambers 'Kate is hardworking, honest and detailed. She is a skilled advocate, both written and oral. She has a forensic knowledge of case law, and the position statements always contain authorities to bolster legal arguments.'
Jessica Lee 1GC | Family Law 'Jessica is an excellent barrister. She is courteous to opponents and judges alike. She retains an admirable calm in her court demeanour and advocacy, which is very effective in gaining the ear of the judge. She is always well-prepared, and her knowledge of the latest legal developments and case law is second to none.'
Rhiannon Lloyd4PB ‘Rhiannon is incredibly capable. She has an excellent ability to think on her feet, and she instils immediate confidence in clients facing very challenging issues. She robustly fights clients' corners, and her preparation is superb.’
Olivia Magennis1GC | Family Law ‘Olivia is an excellent advocate, clear, concise and pragmatic. She is great in terms of thinking of strategy and the bigger picture. She is an extremely strong and persuasive advocate. She has amazing client rapport and is a go-to barrister in complex children's act matters.’
Lucy Maxwell  – 1GC | Family Law ‘Lucy is razor-sharp and firmly a star in the making, very bright, capable and calm.’
Ann May33 Bedford Row ‘Ann is a very diligent and client-focused advocate. Her eye for detail is like no other, and she goes above and beyond at hearings. She has a unique advocacy style, which is succinct and to the point, and her written submissions are fantastic.’
Alison Moore  – 1GC | Family Law ‘Alison is an excellent advocate who is calm and courteous to witnesses, which is very effective. Her legal arguments are clear, and her written documents are well-drafted. She is a go-to barrister in complex cases.’
Joseph Moore 1GC | Family Law ‘Joseph is an exceptionally thorough advocate. His legal knowledge is second to none, and he is always available to work with solicitors as a team to get the best outcome for clients. He is a skilled negotiator whilst being a persuasive advocate on his feet.’
James Norman4 Brick Court ‘James is thorough, motivated, pleasant, and hard-working, and his case management and guidance are exemplary. Both oral and written advocacy is highly competent.’
Ronan O’DonovanFourteen ‘Ronan is committed to client care of the highest standard. He has a pragmatic approach but deals with clients in a sensitive and friendly way. He prepares cases very thoroughly and has real attention to detail. He always has the ear of the court.’
Lisa Peacock3DJB ‘Lisa is an amazing barrister. She is excellent with vulnerable clients and is highly talented at managing cases to achieve positive outcomes for her clients.’
Sophie Prolingheuer 1GC | Family Law ‘Sophie is very thorough in her preparation. She is professional and diligent on behalf of the children. Her advocacy is clear and well thought out.’
Matthew RichardsonCoram Chambers 'Matthew has an incredible ability to think on his feet, and to think outside of the box. He has a wonderful mind. These skills are ideal for an advocate and translate to his oral and written advocacy seamlessly. '
Deborah Seitler 33 Bedford Row ‘Deborah is a very thorough barrister. She is empathetic towards the clients and has great attention to detail. She goes above and beyond for her clients.’
Ranjit SinghFourteen ‘Ranjit is a very skilled and fluent advocate. He has a calm and measured approach, which makes him popular with clients. He has extensive knowledge of the law and is always able to get to the very heart of the issues in the case.’
Kyle Squire –Coram Chambers ‘Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and reassuring towards clients and is always contactable and well-prepared. He is an excellent advocate.’
Matthew StottHarcourt Chambers ‘Matthew demonstrates a firm understanding of the issues and is very well prepared. He has strong advocacy skills, able to present his client’s case, and fearsome cross-examination.’
Julia Townend4PB ‘Julia is extremely smart, tactically very astute and always knows the papers inside out. She has an excellent eye for detail and is an excellent negotiator. Her client care is impeccable, and her advocacy is focused and laser-sharp, which judges appreciate.’
Sarah Tyler  – Coram Chambers 'She works phenomenally hard for her clients and has tremendous empathy. If you want a barrister who fights for you with all her strength, she’s the one.'
Kate Van Rol4PB ‘Kate is an extremely tenacious advocate. She argues her client's position robustly and forcefully in court. She is well-prepared and good with clients.’
Sam WallaceNew Court Chambers ‘Sam is a kind and thoughtful advocate who always prepares his cases to the highest standard. He is always completely in control of the evidence, no matter how complex. He is always calm and measured in his approach. His advocacy in court is excellent.’
Kelly WebbThe 36 Group ‘Kelly is a fighter in difficult cases who can quickly get to grips with a case.She is empathetic with clients who feel she is fighting their corner.’
Rebekah Wilson –No5 Barristers' Chambers ‘Rebekah is a fearsome and skilful advocate. Her advocacy skills are second to none. She is extremely analytical and is well respected by solicitors, legal executives, fellow barristers and judges. She is very approachable and able to relate with clients. Her writing skills are also exceptional.’
Katie Wood4PB ‘Katie is a persuasive advocate. Her preparation and written work are second to none, and her eye for detail is outstanding. She is always the first-choice barrister.’
Oliver Woolley1GC | Family Law ‘Oliver has superb attention to detail, he is always very well prepared, and his advocacy is calm, measured and persuasive. He provides pragmatic and focused advice.’
John Thornton – Coram Chambers 'A strong advocate who has a no-nonsense approach. He is particularly strong at representing fathers accused of posing a significant risk. His blunt style is powerful and effective.'
Mark Smith  – 5 St Andrews Hill 'Mark is very diligent in his preparation of cases. He is also very committed to clients and goes out of his way to assist even post the hearing. He is very knowledgeable and has experience in private children's law matters.'
Martha Gray  – Harcourt Chambers 'Martha is a calm yet persuasive advocate. She is exceptional on her feet and has command of the courtroom. She is excellent for care proceedings. Her written work is exemplary, as is her client care.'
Ummar Farooq Ahmad – 4 Brick Court ‘Ummar is a strong advocate for his client. He is a realistic advocate when dealing with other parties. He is very easy to work with whatever side he is on but uncompromising when it comes to advocating for his client.’
Tabitha Barran Deka Chambers 'Tabitha is a calm and measured advocate who always has her client's best interests at heart. She is very child-focused in her approach to cases. She is sympathetic to vulnerable clients and will ensure they can participate fully in proceedings.'
Mani Singh Basi 4PB 'Mani is very committed and passionate about assisting clients. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the client receives the best possible advice and service. He is reliable and extremely knowledgeable in respect of private children's cases. He has excellent advocacy skills, particularly in cross-examination.'
Emily Beer3DJB ‘Emily’s advocacy and knowledge of the papers are second to none. She is sharp and detailed and makes strong submissions on behalf of her clients, even against the odds.’
Helen Brander Pump Court Chambers ‘Helen is always impeccably prepared. Her documents are robust, clear and always focused on the crucial aspects of the case. She is reliable and consistently excellent in preparation in advocacy and when dealing with clients. Her advocacy is precise, robust and tenacious where necessary.’
Laura Bumpus – Deka Chambers ‘Laura is a strong advocate and impressive in her cross-examination. She is well-prepared, provides sound advice and is a safe pair of hands.’ 
Marlene Cayoun  – 1GC | Family Law 'Marlene is extremely well organized when it comes to voluminous evidential material. She can understand and distil central points from complex medical evidence. She is an able advocate to whom judges listen.'
Sabuhi Chaudhry The 36 Group 'Sabuhi is a robust advocate and a tough negotiator. She always fights her client’s corner and is fearless in court. Her preparation is meticulous. In particular, the thoroughness of her position statements and pre-hearing briefings puts clients at ease.'
Saiqa Chaudhry – New Court Chambers 'Saiqa is a measured and skilled advocate. She has a sensible head and a clear mind.'
Fareha Choudhury 1GC | Family Law 'Fareha is always fully prepared and can change her communication style depending on the client. She is a brilliant advocate who will always fight her client's corner to ensure they are heard.'
Kate Claxton – 42BR Barristers ‘Kate is exceptional with clients, extremely competent and very knowledgeable barrister. She is tactically excellent, tenacious and determined. She is extremely hard-working and truly an exceptional barrister.’
Helen Compton 7BR ‘Helen has the skill to grasp the crux of the case effortlessly. She is able to deal with vulnerable clients with exceptional competence and ease.’
Sarah Lucy Cooper  – Thomas More Chambers ‘Sarah is a committed barrister who shows dedication to improving international relations, laws and procedures in family law.’
Caroline Croft  – Coram Chambers ‘Caroline is extremely strong in cross-examination. She really digests the whole case and even picks up on small details that make all the difference. She is great with clients, very empathetic and explains clearly to them in plain language.’
Malek Wan Daud  – Garden Court Chambers 'Malek is an approachable and intelligent advocate. He is a measured advocate who is easily able to discern his strongest points and advance them with skill and tact.'
Greg Davies 4PB 'Greg is a fantastic advocate. He has meticulous attention to detail, particularly in cases where there is complex medical evidence. He has a commanding presence in the courtroom, and judges listen carefully to his submissions. He develops an excellent rapport with lay clients.'
Paula DiazField Court Chambers ‘Paula is an excellent advocate, always well-prepared and has a good knowledge of legal principles. She is a robust opponent in the most complex care cases.’
Shárin Diegan – Goldsmith Chambers ‘Shárin is a strong, convincing and confident advocate. She works very well with vulnerable clients in particular, showing sensitivity and maturity throughout.’
Katherine Duncan –Garden Court Chambers 'Katherine is tenacious, compassionate and builds rapport with vulnerable clients very quickly. She delivers advice in simplistic terms and goes over and above to assist in progressing a case.'
Luke Eaton  - 1GC | Family Law ‘Luke is an exceptional barrister with a brilliant eye for detail. He is loved by clients and solicitors alike for his kind and approachable manner.’
Charlotte Georges  - 4PB ‘Charlotte is extremely capable, focused on detail, excellent client manner-realistic advice whilst being on side and confidence building. Her advocacy is also exceptional under pressure.’ 
Jacqui Gilliatt – 4 Brick Court ‘Jacqui is highly experienced and very able. She is always willing to give advice and guidance when needed. She gives careful consideration to all of the issues. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is invaluable.’
Anne-Marie Glover  -Coram Chambers ‘Anne-Marie combines excellent client care and forensic skills. Her preparation is extensive and immaculate. She is fearless in representing her clients and gives clear, measured advice.’ 
Jayne HarrillPump Court Chambers ‘Jayne is an excellent advocate. She is always willing to listen to the client’s instructions, advise on the best way forward and present their case. Her preparation for a case, drafting and skill in the courtroom is exceptional.’
Jemimah Hendrick – New Court Chambers 'Jemimah is hard-working, bright and dedicated. She is practical and sensible. She is the perfect combination of what a barrister should be.'
Martha Holmes –1 King’s Bench Walk 'Martha is an excellent barrister. She is a strong and confident advocate who robustly advocates for her clients. She deals with complex cases with ease, is always well-prepared and will go the extra mile for her clients. Her strategic advice is sound and child-focused.'
Catherine Jenkins  – 1GC | Family Law 'Catherine is quick to get to the heart of the matter. She is excellent in court and clears the approach. Her advice and expertise on complex matters are always an enormous assistance. She inspires confidence in clients with her approach.'
Gemma Kelly – 1GC | Family Law ‘Gemma is an imaginative and lateral thinker. She is an excellent advocate in the face of often serious opposing arguments by others. She remains calm and focused and is always very well-prepared.’
Camini Kumar – 7BR 'Camini is a very clever lawyer and thinks about all angles of a case before deciding a course of action. Her advocacy is thoughtful and considered, and she has an ability to read a judge very well.'
Kyri LefteriNew Court Chambers ‘Kyri is tenacious, clearly reads the papers well and prepares for cases meticulously. His advocacy is clear and forthright.’
Martina van der LeijField Court Chambers ‘Martina is a go-to barrister with excellent forensic analytical skills to the table and brilliant client care skills. She is exceptionally kind, supportive and patient with vulnerable clients.’
Richard Little42BR Barristers 'Richard is a calm and impressive advocate. His ability to digest complex evidence whilst constantly focussing on the issues of the case means your case remains solution focussed.'
Becky Littlewood – 1GC | Family Law 'An excellent advocate.'
Ben Mansfield – The 36 Group 'Ben is approachable, full of energy and genuinely interested in his cases. He becomes fully absorbed and gives each case his heart and soul. He is creative, thinks out of the box and usually steps ahead.'
Philip McCormack – 42BR Barristers 'Philip is calm and confident in his style. He has excellent attention to detail, puts clients at ease and is highly skilled when it comes to cross-examination.'
Jason Green – Harcourt Chambers ‘Jason has a can-do attitude. He has the utmost professionalism but is quickly able to gain the trust and respect of the client involved. He takes the time to understand the client’s needs and how best to achieve their desired outcome. His advocacy is faultless.’
Max Melsa - Deka Chambers ‘Max is meticulous in his preparation for cases. He is a persuasive advocate and produces excellent pleadings that get to the heart of the issues in the case. He belies his call with his stellar representation.’ 
Rebecca Mitchell 1GC | Family Law 'Rebecca is a fighter and leaves no stone unturned.'
Harry Nosworthy  – 4PB 'Harry is an excellent barrister. His preparation and written work are of an extremely high quality. He has superb client management skills and is a skilled and canny advocate.’
Kemi Ojutiku – 5 Pump Court 'Kemi can put the client's case effectively.'
Patrick Paisley 1GC | Family Law 'Patrick is an excellent advocate. He is meticulous in his preparation and has an eye for detail. His documents are thorough, precise and persuasive. He can distil and present extensive and complex information clearly and logically.'
Nairn Purss - 4 Brick Court ‘Nairn is a highly experienced, articulate and clever barrister with a remarkable eye for detail, a deep understanding of human nature, a passion for advocacy and a tenacious style.’
Tahmina Rahman – 1GC | Family Law 'Tahmina is an impressive advocate. She communicates clients' cases calmly and clearly. She is thorough, and the depth of her knowledge in this area is always so helpful. She is approachable and collaborative to work with, which is also really helpful for clients. She is a go-to counsel in children's law cases.'
Lubeya Ramadhan – 7BR ‘Lubeya is an absolute diamond to work with. She is hard working, highly skilled and effective advocate.’
Simon Rowbotham –4PB ‘Simon is very caring over his clients and cases. His attention to detail is second to none. His written work is very strong and detailed. He is a very strong advocate.’ 
Jack Rundall – 1GC | Family Law 'Jack is a very good advocate. He speaks in a calm and considerate way, which instills confidence in his clients. He is robust without being overly aggressive and is very sensible in negotiations.'
Annie Sayers  – Harcourt Chambers ‘Annie has an excellent manner and is very well liked amongst clients. She is kind and emphatic with clients, and her advocacy is always calm and measured without ever being aggressive.’
John Schmitt - Deka Chambers  ‘John has a calm and well-mannered approach. His preparation is always thorough and on time. He conducts his advocacy well by addressing the court and the opponent with well-reasoned arguments using the relevant law, practice direction or fact in the case.’
Elizabeth Selman  – 1 King’s Bench Walk 'Elizabeth is a brilliant children's advocate in even the most difficult and complex cases. She is a tower of strength to those instructing her, a tenacious advocate, and a down-to-earth, grounded, empathetic and strategic force with clients. She is an absolute go-to in difficult children cases.'
David Sharp  – Fourteen ‘David is a very strong advocate who always has a thorough grasp of all the documents in a given case. His legal knowledge is incredible.’  
Daniel SheridanHarcourt Chambers ‘Daniel is always meticulous in his preparation. He is an excellent advocate. He is a real fighter whilst being pragmatic and gives very clear advice.’
Amy Stout 3DJB ‘Amy is unflappable. She is calm and focused in court but also tenacious when she needs to be. She delivers the best possible submissions for her clients and is persuasive.’
Anna Sutcliffe1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Anna is an excellent barrister who has a detailed knowledge of the law. She has a calm manner with clients and can reassure them. She delivers clear and pragmatic advice. Her written work is always fantastic, and she is a very efficient advocate.’
Justin Tadros - 4 Brick Court ‘Justin is an excellent advocate. He prepares thoroughly and has great attention to detail.’
Imogen Lloyd-Thomas  - 1 King's Bench Walk ‘Imogen's strength is her professionalism and attention to detail, which is second to none. She always thinks two steps ahead and is excellent star in the making.’ 
Hena Vissian - The 36 Group ‘Hena is the consummate professional and always prepared for every case. She has a detailed grasp of her area of law and is able to quickly and accurately ascertain the issues in a case. Her advocacy skills and cross examination skills are exceptional. She swiftly updates her instructing solicitor and is generous with her time and knowledge.’
Anna Walsh  - Coram Chambers ‘Anna is simply an excellent barrister. She is an all-rounder and a very safe pair of hands. Her advocacy is persuasive, and she has gravitas. Her drafting of documents is meticulous and comprehensive.’
Isabelle Watson – 4 Brick Court 'Isabelle is a silk in waiting. Her forensic skills are second to none. Her case preparation is extraordinary. She always knows every detail of a case. She is an iron fist in a velvet glove.'
Robert Wilkinson - New Court Chambers 'Robert is an excellent barrister. He is always well prepared and has excellent legal knowledge. He works very hard for his clients.'

Rising Stars

Victoria Halsall  – 1 King’s Bench Walk ‘Victoria is an exceptional advocate and takes a pragmatic but tenacious approach to cases. She is well prepared and builds an excellent relationship with a client and instructing. She tackles difficult matters with ease and confidence.’
Elisabeth Andrews  – 1GC | Family Law 'She has a lovely manner with clients and is a pleasure to work with. Her position statements are always detailed and she has an exceptional knowledge of case law. I would recommend Liz to any colleague.'
Annabel Barrons 1GC | Family Law 'Annabel is a conscientious barrister who strives to provide the best possible advice to clients and her instructing solicitors. She is thorough and has an eye for detail in all that she does. Her advocacy, similar to her written work, is considered and confident.'
Lily Cooke – Field Court Chambers ‘Lily is a compelling advocate. She prepares thoroughly and knows her cases inside out. She is well-regarded by other professionals and court staff.’
Niamh Daly1GC | Family Law 'Niamh is an excellent advocate, very confident on her feet. Her preparation is second to none. She is an excellent communicator with clients to put them at ease. She is a rising star, definitely one to watch.'
Rebecca DaviesField Court Chambers ‘Rebecca is hard-working, fair and a pleasant opponent.’
Lucy Logan Green 4PB 'Lucy has a very analytical and forensic approach to cases and is always very well-prepared. She works very hard for her clients and can think carefully about how to ensure that they are fairly and properly represented.'
Elin Hughes - 4 Brick Court ‘Elin is extremely talented at her job. She is able to develop a good rapport with clients and has produced excellent work, including a skeleton argument on a complex fact-finding case. She is very approachable and will go over and above for clients. She is a brilliant advocate.’
Savannah LaurentField Court Chambers ‘Savannah prepares meticulously for a difficult case in front of a difficult tribunal. Her cross-examination of the experts is thorough and careful, and she does everything possible to present her client’s case in the best possible light.’
Anna Lavelle 1GC | Family Law ‘Anna is extremely thorough. She has a great manner with clients that instantly puts them at ease. She is very responsive, and her advocacy is calm, measured and convincing, one to watch.’
Natasha Miller Harcourt Chambers 'Natasha is a very skilled advocate who demonstrates impeccable judgement and imparts spot-on advice.'
Ann Osborne – 42BR Barristers ‘Ann is a strong advocate who demonstrates considerable sensitivity towards her vulnerable clients. She fights with great determination.’
Samuel ProutNew Court Chambers ‘Samuel has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, alongside the ability to express arguments and ideas clearly. He goes above and beyond to prepare for cases.’
Thomas Pye  - 4 Brick Court ‘Thomas has a reassuring manner and quickly puts clients at ease. He is thorough and knowledgeable and argues the case persuasively.’ 
Emma Spruce 4PB ‘Brilliant advocate. Makes excellent judgment calls on her feet. Respected by the Judiciary and opponents for her technical skills and likeable personality. An all round safe pair of hands.’
Madeleine Whelan –The 36 Group 'Madeleine is a fierce defender of her client's case and is persuasive in her advocacy. Her quick grasp of the facts of a case and ability to assimilate complex information is very impressive.'

Family: children and domestic abuse in London Bar

1GC | Family Law

1GC | Family Law is ‘a complete family set with its expertise spanning the family justice system’. It is a ‘go-to set for children’s work and has amazing strength-in-depth’. At the senior level, Janet Bazley KC is described as an ‘exceptionally smart, strategic and forceful’ barrister, while Charles Geekie KC regularly acts in complex wardship proceedings. A ‘fierce and tactical advocate’, Claire Heppenstall is ‘the whole package’ and always ‘extremely well-prepared and good on her feet and is a highly effective advocate’. Sharon Segal KC garners praise for being ‘very thorough in her preparation and hands-on approach’ and recently, in QQ v XX & Ors, represented parents before the High Court in complex children’s law proceedings involving finding the applicability of the Vienna Convention on consular relations. Louise MacLynn KC was appointed silk in 2023.


‘The clerking team at 1GC is excellent, in particular Paul Harris. He always goes above and beyond.’

‘Clerks room excellent, accommodating and going out of their way. Particularly, Francisca Pavley is very efficient.’

‘1GC has a strong set of counsel who will always go the extra mile.’

‘1GC is a skilled and approachable set offering excellent support. The team overall have excellent attention to detail, offers enormous support to those instructing, and their advocacy is second to none.’

‘1GC is a strong academic set with excellent client care. The barristers are consistently strong from top to bottom.’

Work highlights


4PB is ‘a great set of public and private children law barristers’. The set’s members have expertise in all areas of private children’s law, public law proceedings and the international aspects of children’s law. Jo Delahunty KC, who is known for her ‘empathetic, authoritative and persuasive advocacy’. With ‘a firm grasp on the complexities’ and ‘exceptionally good on his feet’, Charles Hale KC handles the most complex and serious child abduction and relocation cases. Turning to the set’s juniors, Jacqueline Renton  is regarded as ‘articulate and persuasive in court’ and is experienced at handling both domestic and international children’s law cases. Simon Rowbotham joined the team in October 2023.


‘Josh Patel is extremely helpful and capable of finding answers for clients.’

‘Michael Reeves runs a tight ship, and under his leadership, his clerk’s team provides an excellent and efficient service. Each team member is also extremely personable. Paul Hennessey, Kenny Martin, Jamie Byrne, and Glenn Bennett deserve to be singled out amongst the best clerks.’

‘4PB are an excellent set. The range of experience and skill it has at the Bar make it a go-to for children’s law work.’

‘4PB is excellent in family law area as a whole, and a depth of knowledge which is almost unrivalled for family law.’

‘4PB is a go-to set for children’s cases. The range, depth and quality of counsel are impressive.’

Work highlights


7BR’s child law practice offers legal advice across all areas of public and private children law proceedings. Barbara Connolly KC frequently handles cases involving international issues, such as relocation, child abduction, and trafficking. Other key members of the team include Rachel Langdale KC, who has an ‘extra-ordinary work capacity and drive, and a level of attention to detail’ and Anita Guha KC, who successfully represented a mother in the Court of Appeal, appealing against a return order issued by a High Court judge in Re S (A Child).


‘The clerks are very friendly and helpful. In particular Harry Smith and Tiffany Daniels are always available to answer any query and immediately respond to emails and calls.’

‘The clerks are efficient and caring. Harry Smith works well with solicitors and is a good communicator across the board.’

‘7BR is a great chamber with a strong family department. It has a number of exceptional barristers across all areas of family law.’

‘7 BR is a first rate chambers with a formidable family group with strength in depth.’

‘7BR is an exceptionally strong set, particularly on international issues and public children law. It is a leading set with an excellent knowledge and practice areas covered within their chambers.’

Work highlights

1 King's Bench Walk

1 King’s Bench Walk is a set with ‘experienced KCs and excellent junior barristers who specialise in all areas of family work’. Deborah Eaton KC is a ‘highly intelligent and pragmatic advocate’ who regularly represents high-profile clients in complex cases. Richard Harrison KC is known for his ‘measured and insightful advice’ and successfully represented a father seeking an order for the return of his child to Ukraine in Re R (A Child). ‘Fierce and determined advocate’ Caroline Lister specialises in cases related to parental responsibility and surrogacy, while rising star Victoria Halsall has extensive experience of representing vulnerable clients and is described as someone who ‘goes above and beyond and is always thoroughly prepared’.


‘1 King’s Bench Walk is a strong and excellent set for children’s work. It is well respected, particularly with complex children’s work. It is good at accommodating continuity of counsel where possible.’

‘1 King’s Bench Walk has a strong cohort of knowledgeable barristers in the field of Children’s/Family Law.’

‘1KBW has good strength and depth of coverage with a broad reach of finance, and children work with experts in both fields.’

‘The clerks are very professional. They are very proactive in managing the barristers’ diaries and are well-run by Chris Gittins.’

‘Mark Betts is hugely trusted and very popular with solicitors. He is very experienced and wholly committed to client service.’


Work highlights

Coram Chambers

Coram Chambers continues to handle family and child law matters across all levels of the court system. Mark Twomey KC represented the local authority in the case Re S (A Child) and Re W (A Child) in the Court of Appeal, a case concerning the interaction between care orders and voluntary accommodation of children in need. Other key members of the team include Martha Cover, who regularly represents clients in serious injury and death cases, and Victoria Roberts, who handles domestic abuse cases and matters in which parental alienation is alleged. The junior end of chambers was bolstered by the arrival of Kyle Squire in January 2024.


‘Hudson Brewer and Harry Butcher will do anything and everything they can to help. They are always available and know what it is you need. You can tell that they have good relationships with their barristers and are honest and upfront.’

‘Joe Bernard and George Mo are both exceptional. The whole clerking team is helpful and attentive and will work to find the right counsel for a particular case.’

‘Overall, Coram offers a good level of service and responds promptly to enquiries and with updates if there is a unavoidable change of circumstances. I have found George Mo and David Sadler in particular to provide good support.’

‘The clerks’ room offers excellent support to my firm in terms of the services they provide.’

‘Coram are well known for their public law expertise and have expanded to include wider areas of family law.’

Work highlights

42 Bedford Row

42BR Barristers is ‘a fantastic set with several experienced counsel, who cover a wide range of family work’. ‘Robust advocate’ Tina Cook KC handles children matters related to both public and private law with specific expertise in challenging sexual abuse cases. Damian Woodward-Carlton KC is known for providing ‘pragmatic and result-focused advice’ and represented Hertfordshire CC in H-W (Children), a case dealing with the proper approach of courts for removal of children from families. Katie Phillips garners praise for her ‘excellent writing’ and specialises in cases involving serious physical abuse of children. Ann Osborne joined the team in September 2023 - a ‘very impressive advocate’, her practice focuses on representing parents and local authorities.


‘The clerks always go above and beyond to make counsel available as needed wherever possible and will endeavour to provide continuity. The clerks are approachable and accessible, good-humoured and helpful. James Tidnam and Luke Goodman, in particular, are always willing to assist, no matter the urgency or time of day.’

‘The clerks at 42 Bedford Row are superb. James Tidnam is the very best. He is very responsive, diligent and organised. He and the team are very approachable. Luke Goodman is also excellent, as is Daragh Henderson.’

’42 Bedford Row is a fantastic set. The barristers are knowledgeable, strong advocates and readily available to assist as required.’

’42 Bedford Row is a very strong set with a great spread of counsel at all levels, with a huge knowledge base available.’

’42 Bedford Row has an excellent group of public law practitioners. The breadth of experience and knowledge of chambers is difficult to beat.’

Work highlights

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers is a ‘great set with varied levels of counsel’ who advise on all aspects of public and private children law. Amanda Weston KC is known for her work in cases related to child trafficking and sexual abuse, while ‘extremely knowledgeable barrister’ Amanda Meusz has extensive experience of representing vulnerable parents and children in public law proceedings.


‘Garden Court Chambers has a great range of very experienced and capable barristers.’

‘Garden Court Chambers is a very good set of chambers.’

‘Garden Court Chambers gas an excellent standard of counsel throughout.’

‘Garden Court Chambers has efficient and communicative clerks.’

‘The clerks respond very quickly and help secure counsel for urgent hearings. They communicate very well and double-check bookings.’


Harcourt Chambers

Harcourt Chambers is a ‘very reliable set with a wide range of excellent counsel’. The head of chambers is ‘hard-working and great tacticianNick Goodwin KC, who has been handling a lot of cases involving the death of or serious injury to children of late. Other silks include Edward Devereux KC, who successfully represented a father seeking his children’s return to Dubai in the case Re A and B (Children), and Damian Garrido KC, who is ‘personable, approachable and hugely articulate’ and regularly represents clients in difficult domestic and international children cases. Mehvish Chaudhry is a ‘dedicated and thorough advocate’ who handles a range of international child law.


‘Matthew Molloy is a great clerk.’

‘Harcourt Chambers is excellent and has a wide range of experienced counsel across all areas of the family.’

‘Harcourt Chambers is an excellent set, has good strength in depth concerning children’s work and is very user-friendly.’

‘Harcourt Chambers is a set which provides the full range of family counsel. It can provide representation in all areas and have a range of qualifications.’

‘The clerks are second to none, with particular reference to Matthew Molloy, who is head and shoulders the best in the business. He knows who you need for a case and will always find a way to make them available.’

Work highlights

The 36 Group

The 36 Group is a ‘very strong and well-regarded set’ that offers advice on all areas of family law. ‘Extremely persuasive barrister’ William Tyler KC co-heads the team and has extensive experience of handling international and cross-jurisdictional cases. Lucy Reed KC was appointed silk in 2023. Rising star Madeleine Whelan is praised for her ‘meticulous preparation and professional manner’ and handles private children law cases related to parental alienation, drug use, domestic abuse and complex needs.


‘The clerks are great. Head Clerk Danny Chapman is open and honest and never lets you down. Ashley London and Adam Cope are also great to deal with.’

‘The clerks are excellent. Particularly Ashley London and Danny Chapman. They are approachable and always go the extra mile to help.’

‘The 36 Group offers great counsel.’

‘The 36 Group is a fantastic all-round set with a slight lean towards Children’s law.’

‘The 36 Group have a good range of counsel (covering all areas of family law), who are highly experienced and reliable.’

Work highlights

29 Bedford Row Chambers

29 Bedford Row Chambers is a ‘solid and experienced set able to advise on a wide range of family law disciplines’. Paul Storey KC is a ‘very robust advocate’ well-known for his expertise in cases involving child death and the most serious physical abuse, while Indira Ramsahoye is a ‘first-rate performer’ who focuses on private children law, in particular cases with an international element. Dafydd Griffiths is an ‘intelligent, intuitive and thorough advocate’ who specialises in relocation and cases in which parental alienation allegations appear.


’29 Bedford Row Chambers has great depth, availability and professionalism.’

’29 Bedford Row Chambers has breath and strength in numbers at both the senior and junior levels.’

’29 Bedford Row Chambers is a very strong set, approachable and accommodating and cover all areas of family law.’

‘The clerks are conscientious and very good at what they do.’

’29 Bedford Row Chambers has an exceptional clerking team.’

Work highlights

Deka Chambers

Deka Chambers is a ‘highly skilled chambers’, with members particularly well known for public law children work. Tim Parker KC is an ‘extremely knowledgeable and professional advocate’ who undertakes a wide range of child law work for both private individuals and local authorities. Oliver Millington is admired for his ‘clear, concise and extremely effective oral advocacy’ and has particular expertise in complex public law children cases. ‘Top-quality barrister’ Tara Vindis is another key contact.


‘Jaime Brooks is simply the best clerk. He makes Deka chambers work well. He is organized, easy to work with, flexible and will always do his best to find me a suitable counsel for the case.’

‘Both Louis Candy and Jaime Brooks are thoughtful, caring and considerate clerks who will go out of their way to cover matters.’

‘Deka Chambers has a strong team with very able barristers undertaking public law care work.’

‘Deka Chambers is a strong set with some excellent barristers who are well respected in children’s law.’

‘Deka Chambers is a focused and developing family team with some strong juniors who can offer a good balance of experience and good skills.’

Work highlights

Four Brick Court

4 Brick Court is ‘a well-respected chambers with many excellent barristers’, with members active in some of the most complex and challenging public law children cases. Jacqui Gilliatt has extensive experience in handling cases that involve complex medical evidence, serious injuries, and sexual abuse and is known as ‘a reliable counsel who is robust in her advocacy’.


‘The clerks at 4 Brick Court are a fantastic asset to the set.’

‘The clerks respond quickly. Richard Gilham and Ayiana Lesforis have secured counsel for me on various occasions on short notice. ‘

‘4 Brick Court goes above and beyond to help. It ensures counsel is right for the case in terms of complexity and expertise.’

‘4 Brick Court can offer a good breath of experience and are always able to accommodate hearings even at short notice.’

‘4 Brick Court is an excellent set with very talented and dedicated barristers.’

‘4 Brick Court is an excellent set with bright and highly competent barristers at all levels.’

‘4 Brick Court is very strong in childcare law/public law. Counsel is often able to take on last-minute cases and are generally very approachable. Counsel will put in the effort to provide full attendance notes.’

‘4 Brick Court is brilliant and full of high-quality barristers who are very knowledgeable in family law.’

New Court Chambers

New Court Chambers home to ‘many excellent advocates’ and ‘the go-to set for public and private children law cases’. Joint head of chambers Giles Bain regularly appears before all levels of the Family Court. Andrew Shaw is an ‘extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and skilled advocate’ who handles cases involving allegations of the most serious sexual and physical violence against children. Samuel Prout is also recommended.


‘Adam Grant, James Stammers, Karl Sadoune and Paul Bloomfield are brilliant. The clerks are excellent, friendly, kind, helpful, and conscientious and offer the highest professional standards. They have excellent administration practices in checking matters are still effective, ensuring their diaries are up to date. They go above and beyond to help.’

‘Karl Sadoune is diligent, proactive, and helpful.’

‘New Court Chambers is outstanding in their areas of expertise.’

‘New Court Chambers is an excellent chamber. It is exceptional and stands out from the crowd. It has excellent counsel from pupils to the most senior levels.’

‘New Court Chambers is a good set of chambers with varying degrees of experience and likeable personalities.’

Work highlights

Field Court Chambers

Field Court Chambers handles public and private children law matters for a wide range of clients, including local authorities, parents, children’s guardians and intervenors. Key members of the team includ Barry McAlinden, whose workload of private law cases include ones involving issues such as parental alienation and allegations of rape.


Fourteen is a ‘boutique set of chambers with some great practitioners’ advising exclusively on family law. Christopher Miller is experienced in handling child injury and international location cases and is admired for his ‘meticulous preparation and keen attention to detail’. Joan Connell  has ‘very good knowledge of the law’ and is ‘excellent in tricky cases’.


‘The clerks are efficient and attentive. Joe Lamb and Ben Brotherton are excellent clerks who go out of their way to accommodate.’

‘Joe Lamb and Dan Lee are exceptional.’

‘Fourteen Chambers is an excellent set. The team has a broad range of experience and expertise.’

‘Fourteen Chambers is a very strong set.’

‘Fourteen Chambers is a good set for children’s work.’

Work highlights