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Leading Silks

Sean Brannigan QC - 4 Pump CourtA fantastic advocate with a robust but charming style, his legal and industry knowledge is first class.
Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtA real star who has the ability to make difficult points look very easy and winnable.
Mark Howard QC - Brick Court ChambersVery impressive, a leading practitioner, particularly in commercial disputes.
Paul Key QC - Essex Court ChambersAn excellent advisor and strategist who communicates well with clients.
John McCaughran QC - One Essex CourtUnderstated but compelling, he has a great skill for presenting very complex contractual arrangements clearly and coherently.
Lionel Persey QC - Quadrant ChambersA real expert in energy cases, he is a top choice for complicated disputes that requires an industry expert.
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtA top-tier silk, simply one of the best, he has massive gravitas but is also a pleasure to work with.
David Streatfeild-James QC - Atkin ChambersA true specialist, his advocacy reflects his style of analysis: precise, efficient, incredibly structured and effective.
Andrew White QC - Atkin ChambersA real star for construction work he is exceptionally talented, astute and strategically on the button.
Veronique Buehrlen QC - Keating ChambersShe is incredibly intelligent, very thorough and gets to grips with issues very quickly, tackling knotty legal issues with aplomb.
Stuart Catchpole QC - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the premier construction silks at the bar, he is diligent and personable with deep commitment to achieving the best result.
Adam Constable QC - Keating ChambersHe has an exceptional ability to absorb large amounts of information and distil this into clear, concise and practical advice.
Helen Davies QC - Brick Court ChambersShe is entirely straightforward and grounded, with a quiet confidence that reflects her enormous ability and her superbly incisive mind.
Stephen Dennison QC - Atkin ChambersHe brings a very sharp intellect to the often complex challenges posed by this type of work.
Vernon Flynn QC - Brick Court ChambersA very persuasive advocate who is easy to work with and is able to present arguments in very simple terms.
Alexander Gunning QC - One Essex CourtHe is a force of nature in the construction sphere and the most hands-on QC you'll meet.
Alan Maclean QC - Blackstone ChambersAn able silk with a forceful style of advocacy that is nonetheless effective.
David Mildon QC - Essex Court ChambersHe is very diligent and always well prepared and he has particular expertise in gas pricing arbitrations.
Jeffery Onions QC - One Essex CourtAn impressive and very experienced barrister who is never afraid to take a view where others may sit on the fence.
Sean O’Sullivan QC - 4 Pump CourtOne of the most down to earth and user-friendly silks you could ever hope to meet, he has real expertise in offshore construction disputes.
Simon Rainey QC - Quadrant ChambersHe has an unrivalled ability to communicate complex ideas in a way that seems intuitive – he always wins the narrative battle.
Andrew Rigney QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is ferociously hardworking, utterly charming, forensic, responsive and eloquent.
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtHe focuses on achieving a practical resolution rather than on technical legal arguments and clients like his clear ,“no nonsense” approach.
Sean Wilken QC - Keating ChambersA brilliant strategist who is incredibly intelligent, sharp and has an innate ability to cut through the noise to focus on the important issues.
David Wolfson QC - One Essex CourtHe provides excellent advocacy and has an ability to make persuasive arguments on complex legal points.
David Allen QC - 7 King's Bench WalkAn experienced silk with a great depth of technical knowledge.
Claire Blanchard QC - Essex Court ChambersA popular silk who has an impressive manner in court.
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtVery hardworking, collegiate, engaging and kind with clients.
Stephen Cogley QC - 4 Pump CourtVery tenacious, commercial and strategically astute, he can distil incredibly complex issues down to their bare essence.
Simon Croall QC - Quadrant ChambersA best-in-class advocate who always impresses with his knowledge of the industry and has a deep mastery of international arbitration.
Anneliese Day QC - Fountain Court ChambersShe has a piercing intellect and a good manner with clients.
Nicholas Dennys QC - Atkin ChambersHe is a very bright lawyer who sees the pattern of things with the benefit of many years of intense experience and does not follow the herd.
Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC - Atkin ChambersShe shows clarity and creativity and her competence pervades everything that she does.
Graham Dunning QC - Essex Court ChambersHe provides clear and crisp advocacy and has the depth of knowledge and experience to apply first principles.
Jonathan Gaisman QC - 7 King's Bench WalkA superb advocate - his trial preparation is second to none.
Alan Gourgey QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Alan is a good QC who is serious and knows his files well. Moreover, he is a real team maker which is rare among the QCs. Very rigorous in his approach to the legal analysis and evidence. He is tactical and very clever.
Charles Graham QC - One Essex CourtHe is strong in cross-examination and is adept in cases relating to oil and gas contracts.
Stephen Hofmeyr QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHe is extremely tenacious, incisive and proactive and he gets to the crux of the issues quickly.
Sa'ad Hossain QC - One Essex CourtOne of the best in the market for contractual interpretation, he is very methodical and a great judge of how things play out in court.
Timothy Howe QC - Fountain Court ChambersClever and analytical with boundless energy and enthusiasm, he provides clear-minded analysis and concise arguments.
Simon Hughes QC - Keating ChambersHe is a real star, very hardworking and very well known in the Middle East.
Daniel Jowell QC - Brick Court ChambersAn excellent barrister and courtroom advocate with great judgement and a very attractive advocacy style.
Charles Kimmins QC - Twenty EssexHe can pick up on issues very quickly and he thinks outside of the box to provide practical solutions.
Hodge Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA confident barrister with a particular set of skills which enables him to get to the heart of an issue, analyse it and offer solutions.
Duncan Matthews QC - Twenty EssexA vastly experienced silk in shipping and energy matters, be they in the oil, gas or power sectors.
Manus McMullan QC - Atkin ChambersSmart, confident, open minded and a good listener, he has an extensive technical knowledge about construction disputes.
Alexander Nissen QC - Keating Chambers ‘He has a very commercial mindset that makes him stand out and he really understands complex issues whether technical or legal.
Luke Parsons QC - Quadrant ChambersA litigator with prodigious skill in the courtroom and a commercially-minded legal advisor who cuts to the key issues.
Alistair Schaff QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHe is one of the very best insurance advocates around - incredibly hardworking with strong "judge appeal".
Thomas Sharpe QC - One Essex CourtVery astute and switched on from the moment of instruction, he is a standout silk in this field.
Marcus Taverner QC - Keating ChambersHe is very talented, a hard worker and one of the very best construction silks at the bar.
David Thomas QC - Keating ChambersApproachable but with an aura of gravitas, his legal analysis is first-rate and he is able to quickly get to the critical point.
Nigel Tozzi QC - 4 Pump CourtFriendly but robust, he is a clear expert and is able to grasp the nub of a case quickly and come up with tactical solutions to difficult problems.
Stephen Tromans QC - 39 Essex ChambersWithout doubt he is one of the standout nuclear energy barristers in the UK – he is commercial, responsive and has a fantastic grasp of the law.
Richard Wilmot-Smith QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is extremely able and experienced in his field, as well as very hardworking and reliable.
Rachel Ansell QC - 4 Pump CourtHas a talent for understanding technical issues in large-scale energy, construction and engineering disputes across the globe.
Michael Ashcroft QC - Twenty EssexA leading shipping silk with a strong intellect that he applies to conventional and renewable energy matters.
Nicholas Baatz QC - Atkin ChambersHe can master extremely complex issues easily and is a capable advocate.
Simon Birt QC - Brick Court ChambersVery calm and authoritative in the courtroom, he can dissect very complex issues and deliver commercial and strategic advice.
Michael Bools QC - Brick Court ChambersA clear thinker who is thoughtful, measured and calm under pressure.
James Brocklebank QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHe is highly impressive in his grasp of the issues and analysis, and his advocacy is clear and crisp.
Neil Calver QC - Brick Court ChambersHe is very responsive and hands-on and he has a good knack of distilling the critical points from the noise in a case.
Serena Cheng QC - Atkin ChambersAn impressive strategist with brilliant drafting and advisory skills, she is quick to impress.
Michael Fealy QC - One Essex CourtA responsive and user-friendly QC with an unassuming manner and a sharp intellect.
Karim Ghaly QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is an extremely talented oral advocate and a brutally effective and thorough cross-examiner.
Orlando Gledhill QC - One Essex CourtOne of the best silks in this sector, he is analytically brilliant and a very effective cross-examiner.
Ian Glick QC - One Essex CourtHe shows diligence and careful attention to the cases in which he acts as counsel or arbitrator.
Roger ter Haar QC - Crown Office ChambersHardworking and always a pleasure to deal with, he is more inclined to be one of the team than many senior barristers.
Alexander Hickey QC - 4 Pump CourtA trusted barrister and a go-to QC for construction matters, he is very clear, precise, smart, principled and kind.
Timothy Hill QC - Twenty EssexA top-quality silk who is smart and very strategic in his approach.
Philippa Hopkins QC - Essex Court ChambersShe is one of the brightest QCs and is extremely quick on the uptake, providing clear, focused advice of the highest quality.
James Howells QC - Atkin ChambersHe is incredibly hardworking, very bright and exceptionally approachable with a strong eye for detail.
Christopher Lewis QC - Atkin ChambersA brilliant new silk for construction cases, he has a superb intellect.
David Lewis QC - Twenty EssexA very deft and clever advocate in international arbitration.
Simon Lofthouse QC - Atkin ChambersEverything good counsel should be - clever, responsive, tactical, hardworking, ethical and passionate.
Tim Lord QC - Brick Court ChambersA tough operator with an incredible intellect who is user-friendly, tenacious and strategically astute.
Ali Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is a class act, extremely experienced, and he gets straight to the key point in a case.
Harry Matovu QC - Brick Court ChambersA legal force of hurricane strength, his analytical skills and creativity are topped by a highly lethal approach to cross-examination.
Lynne McCafferty QC - 4 Pump CourtA go-to QC for renewables cases, she is rigorous, unpretentious, approachable and tenacious.
Stephen Midwinter QC - Brick Court ChambersHe provides excellent, swift, focused and practical advice, and he is unflappable in court and his advocacy is calm and incisive.
Vincent Moran QC - Keating ChambersA good advocate who is great on his feet and gets to the answer quickly.
Jern-Fei Ng QC - 7BRHe is very committed to the case, energetic and presents well to clients.
Fiona Parkin QC - Atkin ChambersShe is highly insightful and her technical expertise unquestionable, so she is right up there with the best of them.
Dominique Rawley QC - Atkin ChambersShe has a fantastic ability to get on top of the detail and is very client-friendly.
Nicholas Vineall QC - 4 Pump CourtHe has an engaging and persuasive advocacy style and a good understanding of scientific and engineering principles.
Steven Walker QC - Atkin ChambersHe is technically brilliant and a great strategist, very sharp and always calm under pressure.

2019 Silks

Charles Banner QC - Landmark ChambersHe gives incisive, practical and commercial advice and he is great at brain-storming ideas.
Nicholas Craig QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsEasy to work with and a great advocate, he is adaptable and able to advocate well in factually complex matters.
Christopher Harris QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHis very good tactical sense and strong advocacy skills make him a reassuring presence in investment arbitration.
James Leabeater QC - 4 Pump CourtVery user-friendly, commercial and good on his feet, he provides succinct advice and punches above his level.
Fionn Pilbrow QC - Brick Court ChambersOne of the rising stars among the young silks, he engages the court's attention with charm and understated persuasion.
Chris Smith QC - Quadrant ChambersHe is lucidly clear, forensically detailed and very well prepared, and he has the ability to give sagacious advice.

2020 Silks

Conall Patton QC - One Essex CourtA new silk who will be a star, he is always well-prepared and has a direct, “no-nonsense” style.
Philip Riches QC - Twenty EssexA very hardworking and intelligent new silk with a direct style.

2021 Silks

Mark Chennells QC - Atkin ChambersHe gets to the heart of the issues very quickly and never hesitates to plummet into the details of a case.
Matthew Cook QC - One Essex CourtBright and approachable, his advice is concise and practical.
Laurence Emmett QC - One Essex CourtA good and measured advocate who is a serious opponent with good legal instincts.
Andrew Fulton QC - Twenty EssexHe is intellectually very able and always fights the client’s case with vigour.
Iain Quirk QC - Essex Court ChambersHe has a great brain and a pragmatic approach and he has all the skills to succeed in silk.
Samuel Townend QC - Keating ChambersA first-class mind, he is very pragmatic and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to help out.
Crispin Winser QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is an immensely hardworking and highly effective advocate with considerable gravitas.

Leading Juniors

Siddharth Dhar - Essex Court ChambersFirst and foremost, he is an excellent lawyer, very easy to work with and very responsive with a very collaborative approach.
Nicholas Sloboda - One Essex CourtClever, hardworking and ever so sensible and practical, he is a real star and a joy to work with.
Paul Buckingham - Keating ChambersHe is calm, considered and incredibly likeable and he always appears completely in control.
Rupert Choat - Atkin ChambersHe is very good at seeing the tactical as well as the technical issues and he gets stuck into the detail without getting bogged down in it.
Jess Connors - 39 Essex ChambersShe is very clever and is a go-to barrister for any tricky legal question.
Simon Crawshaw - Atkin ChambersAn experienced junior with a great eye for detail.
Anton Dudnikov - Essex Court ChambersTechnically excellent, fiercely bright and commercially shrewd, he is a real star who zeroes in on the killer points.
Richard Eschwege - Brick Court ChambersA determined, resourceful and very experienced courtroom barrister, he is one of the top juniors at the commercial bar.
Jane Davies Evans - 3 Verulam BuildingsA most impressive construction lawyer who has extensive specialist knowledge of the energy market and is formidable in this area.
Kate Livesey - 4 Pump CourtShe is brilliant. Extremely bright, independent, unbelievably hardworking, great with clients and a delight to work with, she is great to have on your team.
Nehali Shah - One Essex CourtShe has an incredible brain, provides fantastic, clear and concise drafting, and is always ready and willing to get stuck into a case.
Duncan Sinclair - 39 Essex ChambersHe has great awareness of all the issues in the regulated energy sector and his ability to get to the crux of the matter is second to none.
Paul Wee - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe shows meticulous attention to detail and is extremely hardworking, very strategic, polished with the clients and cool under pressure.
Paul Bury - Keating ChambersHe quickly grasps the detail of complex claims and provides measured and sensible commercial advice.
Patrick Clarke - Atkin ChambersA highly capable and very experienced senior junior who is very willing to roll up his sleeves and get intensely involved in the detail.
Thomas Crangle - 4 Pump CourtHardworking and highly rated.
Edward Ho - Brick Court ChambersA real team player and a first-rate barrister with a unique ability to distil a mountain of factual information down to the key issues.
Malcolm Jarvis - Twenty EssexA very intelligent and composed junior with a determined approach.
Ciaran Keller - Essex Court ChambersExtremely efficient, highly responsive and insightful, he is one of the very best juniors at the commercial bar.
Thomas Lazur - Keating ChambersHe is extremely hardworking, incredibly user-friendly and highly responsive.
Gerard Rothschild - Brick Court ChambersA wonderful draftsman of clarity and succinctness, he is incredibly meticulous in his marshalling of the facts.
Michael Watkins - One Essex CourtCareful, competent and reliable, he is a deep thinker who is strong on technical legal arguments.
Alexander Wright - 4 Pump CourtA hardworking junior who shows maturity beyond his years of call.
Samar Abbas Kazmi - Atkin Chambers ‘He is very thorough, extremely efficient and very reliable in construction, energy and arbitration matters.
Lucas Bastin - Essex Court ChambersHe is simply outstanding - intelligent, pragmatic and responsive.
Joanne Box - Brick Court ChambersShe is a marvel, superlative on all counts – she has a great grasp of details and is destined for the top.
Peter Brogden - Keating ChambersA strong junior who performs well in international arbitration.
Georges Chalfoun - 3 Verulam BuildingsA lively and innovative presence in any counsel team, he is reliable, user-friendly, diligent and has a serious analytical brain.
Nicholas Collings - Atkin ChambersA strong junior who is good on technical detail and is client-friendly.
Stuart Cribb - Essex Court ChambersHe is sharp, hardworking and very user friendly.
Owain Draper - One Essex CourtHe has confidence in court and he calmly and systematically makes his points.
Henry Ellis - Quadrant ChambersHe combines a strong work ethic and good analytical abilities with a very natural and engaging manner.
Joseph England - Quadrant ChambersVery conscientious, hardworking and enthusiastic, he is good on his feet and should go far.
Ben Gardner - Quadrant ChambersAn extremally polite and proactive barrister who understands clients’ needs.
Sandra Healy - 7 King's Bench WalkShe is incisive, responsive, highly effective and a true force to be reckoned with, and she has a keen eye for detail.
Paul Henton - Quadrant ChambersHe is one to watch - very user-friendly, always available and able to turn around high-quality work quickly.
Daniel Hubbard - One Essex CourtAble to handle complex and high-value arbitration and litigation in the energy sector, including multibillion-dollar oil and gas disputes.
Simon Kerr - 7 King's Bench WalkAn experienced junior for power generation, gas production and high-value oil and gas matters.
Calum Lamont - Keating ChambersHe gets on well with clients and he is a real rising star - one to watch.
Alexander MacDonald - 7 King's Bench WalkExtremely bright and very responsive, he has excellent legal expertise balanced with practical acumen.
Hanif Mussa - Blackstone ChambersHe is extremely bright, extremely knowledgeable and very quick to get to grips with knotty new areas.
Emily Neill - Blackstone ChambersVery thorough and extremely knowledgeable, she advises on very intricate areas but does so in a very simple manner.
Douglas Paine - One Essex CourtAn uber-reliable and hardworking junior with real brainpower and a willingness to be a team player.
Tom Pascoe - Brick Court ChambersA decisive, speedy and polished advocate.
Sanjay Patel - 4 Pump CourtIncredibly sharp with an unbelievable work ethic, he masters detail incredibly quickly.
Caroline Pounds - Quadrant ChambersHardworking and diligent with the ability to absorb a mass of technical details, she is a fierce and insightful advocate.
Gaurav Sharma - Quadrant ChambersUser-friendly, thoughtful and measured in everything he does, he brings invaluable commercial experience and insight to the table.
James Thompson - Keating ChambersHe has a brilliant analytical mind and is adept at navigating the complex technical issues.
Ben Woolgar - Brick Court ChambersNothing gets past him with his superhero type x-ray vision and his ability to turn over every stone.

Rising Stars

Tom Coates - Blackstone ChambersHe is thorough in his advice, great to work with and incredibly diligent - a real rising star.
Emma Healiss - Keating ChambersShe has an incisive advocacy style and handles questions from the bench or opponents with ease.
Mark Wassouf - 3 Verulam BuildingsAn extremely focused and accomplished advocate with a significant energy practice in the Middle East.

Energy in London Bar

One Essex Court

One Essex Court has 'a strong reputation in the energy field and has a number of impressive performers, especially at the silk level', with one client remarking that 'its best are the best in the industry'. Members handle work arising from a broad range of industries, including water, oil and gas, coal, nuclear, hydropower, wind, solar, bio-fuel and geothermal energy. Led by 'game-changing barristerLord Grabiner QC, the set has leading practitioners including Laurence Rabinowitz QC and John McCaughran QC who together advised defendants in British Gas Trading Limited v Shell UK Ltd and Esso Exploration and Production UK Ltd, a £61m claim for alleged breaches of a long-term gas sales agreement. Among its talented juniors is Laurence Emmett who defended Tradition Financial Services against claims it brokered trades in EU carbon credits. Jack Leppington and the clerking team are 'always efficient and friendly and provide a smooth service'.

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court is 'really strong in construction cases with very good silks and a number of impressive up-and-coming juniors and senior juniors'. Sean Brannigan QC frequently handles high-value arbitrations for national governments and large contractors. He recently acted in a £2bn ICC Arbitration arising from the construction of an LNG plant in Africa. Sean O’Sullivan QC has rapidly become a prominent name in the energy sector and he handled a complex LCIA arbitration concerning the rights to oil and gas discovered in East Germany under a joint operating agreement. 'Very capable and intelligent' new silk James Leabeater QC and 'simply outstanding' junior Kate Livesey are also among the set's prominent members for energy disputes. Senior clerks Carl Wall and Stewart Gibbs lead a team that is 'easy to talk to, gives good service and represents the chambers very well'.

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers is 'the unrivalled top-end construction set in the UK' and has 'an impressive range of skills and experience for construction, energy, and infrastructure'. Its members frequently act for many of the world’s energy majors in matters relating to large-scale energy projects and involving complex technical issues. Clients praise standout performers including head of chambers Chantal-Aimée Doerries QCNicholas Dennys QC, and Andrew White QC, whose work includes disputes arising from gas-related power plant and extraction projects in Africa. Rupert Choat, who handled a TCC litigation between client Equitix and its O&M contractor concerning a biomass plant in Sheffield, and Mark Chennells are among the set's outstanding juniors both in court and in international arbitration. 'The clerks are accessible and a pleasure to deal with, going above and beyond in providing patient help and assistance in complicated cases', remarks one client.

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers has 'a deserved reputation as the pre-eminent commercial set at the London bar' and clients note that it has 'great depth at all levels and you can rely on its barristers to provide a premium service'. Energy is a key focus for the set's commercial work and its members handle high-value contractual disputes on behalf of large oil and gas and mining companies. Among its key members are Mark Howard QC who represented the claimants in Single Buoy Moorings v Zurich, which concerns the abandonment of a North Sea Oil platform, as well as the 'extremely dedicatedFionn Pilbrow QC and 'independent-mindedRichard Eschwege. 'The clerks are keen to build relationships and demonstrate a good understanding of commercial realities', remarks a client.

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is 'at top of the tree with great strength in depth', remarks one client. A prominent set for international arbitration, it has several members who appear in large-scale energy litigation. Although David Foxton QC was appointed to the High Court Bench in early 2020 the set retains 'many junior silks and senior juniors with real strength in this area'. These include Siddharth Dhar, who acted for Karkey in an $845m dispute concerning the provision of Turkish electric power barges for the supply of electricity to the city of Karachi. Paul Key QC acted as lead counsel for National Iranian Gas Corporation in its on-going defence of a $5bn energy arbitration claim brought by Turkmenistan. One client notes that 'you cannot fault the clerks room, which is efficient and friendly, and Joe Ferrigno is a fantastic senior clerk'.

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is 'a go-to chambers for serious construction and energy disputes with good depth of experience and high-quality juniors and silks'. Members frequently act in disputes in the energy sector involving complex technical issues, given that a number of the set's barristers having a dual qualification in engineering. Their work covers high-value arbitrations concerning coal-fired power stations, oil production, LNG plants and nuclear power generation. Adam Constable QC has extensive knowledge of large-scale construction projects. Sean Wilken QC, who recently joined from 39 Essex Chambers, handled a force majeure claim arising from an international border dispute between Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire which halted international deep-water exploration in Ghana. 'Calm and considered' Paul Buckingham is among the set's most prominent juniors and Emma Healiss is considered a rising star in chambers. One client remarks that the set has 'the best clerks room in the city – helpful, efficient, responsive and polite'.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers 'has more strength and depth in the energy field than many of its competitors', according to one client. Another notes that 'its barristers appear very well skilled and have good analysis capabilities'. Its members act for oil exploration and refining companies, infrastructure contractors, utilities, governments and state-owned entities, regulators, insurers and commodity traders. Stephen Tromans QC is among the UK's leading silks for nuclear energy cases. Stuart Catchpole QC stands out for his construction work in the energy sector and he recently handled an appeal to the Privy Council in Botas v Tepe, which concerns the construction of a pipeline in Turkey. Jess Connors and Duncan Sinclair are among the set's prominent juniors. The clerks are 'all very helpful and set the benchmark for others to follow'.

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King's Bench Walk has 'unrivalled depth in the insurance space, not to mention commercial and marine work' and one client remarks that is is 'a go-to set due to the consistent quality of its members and the work they do'. The set is strong in shipping, insurance and commodities, which naturally leads to high-value energy cases, among which are matters concerning pipelines, oil production, renewable energy and LNG. David Allen QC recently handled a complex case concerning payment for drilling under a North Sea oil Farmout Agreement, and the relationship between that contract and a joint venture operations agreement. For one client, senior clerk Bernie Hyatt and his team are 'the best in the business, always extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with'.

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is 'one of the go-to sets for shipping and energy disputes', and its members are praised for 'understanding clients' needs and internal procedures'. Energy is an increasingly prominent focus for its members, notably upstream and downstream matters in the oil and gas industry. Lionel Persey QC is a leading light in upstream oil and gas cases involving drilling, design, construction and maintenance of offshore and onshore structures and vessels. Chris Smith QC, who took silk in 2019, represented the operator in Golar-Nor UK v BP Exploration, a Commercial Court claim concerning the operation of an FPSO in the Foinaven field. Senior clerks Simon Slattery and Gary Ventura are  'a terrific double act and they build really deep relationships with solicitors whilst taking care of business very effectively'.

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex has 'very successfully tapped into the need to market and is a set of the future' in the energy market, with clients remarking that it is 'a modern-thinking set, keen to work in partnership with those instructing them'. Strong in shipping, commodities and commercial litigation, the set increasingly handles a broad range of energy disputes relating to oil and gas including rig construction and LNG supply matters, as well as cases in the renewable energy sector. The 'very knowledgeable and sharp' Charles Kimmins QC advised respondents in a substantial dispute concerning the construction of a jack-up drilling rig. Of the clerks, clients note that 'they really understand the set having been there for many years but are still young and enthusiastic'.

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings is 'evidently a strong set with breadth and depth of quality' and clients report that its members are 'very user-friendly'. The set is known for its expertise in banking and commercial litigation but its members also appear frequently in court and arbitration cases concerning oil fields, mines and technical issues related to the operation of oil and gas pipelines. New silks Christopher Harris QC, who represented the claimant in Forum International v OOS International which concerned high-value oil exploration assets in Brazil, and Nicholas Craig QC are among the set's most active members in energy disputes. Juniors Paul Wee, who appeared in English enforcement proceedings concerning the $50bn arbitral awards obtained by former shareholders of Yukos under the Energy Charter Treaty, and Jane Davies Evans are highly recommended; Mark Wassouf is a rising star in chambers. 'The clerks are good - responsive, approachable and keen to help', remarks one client.

1 Garden Court

Blackstone Chambers joins the ranking this year and is praised as 'a first-rate set with a great number of talented barristers'. Skilled in commercial litigation, regulatory, environmental and public law, its members frequently act in high-value matters in highly regulated sectors including the energy industry. Alan Maclean QC's broad commercial and public law practice includes numerous energy cases and he recently led Tom Coates in a judicial review by British Gas of Ofgem's domestic retail energy price cap. He also appeared for the CMA in an appeal brought by against Ofgem by EDF and SSE challenging the charges paid by electricity generators for use of the electricity transmission system. Hanif Mussa and Emily Neill are among the set's talented juniors, while Tom Coates is a rising star in chambers.