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Leading Silks

Sean Brannigan QC - 4 Pump CourtHe is extremely intelligent, practical, very experienced and can turn his hand to any situation, making him one of a very small number of go-to barristers.
Stephen Dennison QC - Atkin ChambersHe leads superbly with calm authority, with a very clear and persuasive style. He is one of the best in the business in high-value and complex offshore construction disputes.
Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtExcellent at getting through to the judge, he can get away with things that other less experienced silks cannot.
Mark Howard QC - Brick Court ChambersPerhaps the best cross-examiner of his generation, he has incredible presence, authority and the ability to condense the law into digestible submissions.
Paul Key QC - Essex Court ChambersVery impressive in his quick grasp of the relevant issues, he exemplifies the modern approach towards the barrister's profession.
John McCaughran QC - One Essex CourtJohn has an excellent legal brain and a great knowledge of the oil and gas sector, and is both commercial in approach and easy to work with.
Lionel Persey QC - Quadrant ChambersHe knows the energy market inside-out, and he has such presence and understanding that he is an incredibly effective cross-examiner of technical experts.
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtAn outstanding intellect, he is thoughtful and a great leader whilst always taking time to understand the client's perspective.
Simon Rainey QC - Quadrant ChambersA go-to sector doyen for the most complex energy disputes, he really has seen it all and is a real star of the best kind.
David Streatfeild-James QC - Atkin ChambersWithout question one of the very top London-based silks specializing in the energy, construction and infrastructure sectors, he is unrivalled in his ability to find a way through the most difficult cases.
Andrew White QC - Atkin ChambersAndrew understands energy disputes inside out, showing forensic attention to detail and getting stuck into the heart of the dispute.
David Allen QC - 7 King's Bench WalkA stellar advocate at the top of his game and able to handle high-value claims.
Veronique Buehrlen QC - Keating ChambersVery thoughtful and measured and not one to jump to conclusions, she listens attentively and ensures that all points are understood.
Stuart Catchpole QC  – Atkin ChambersAn outstanding advocate, probably the best cross-examiner in the energy field, his preparation is always outstanding and his work ethic is ferocious.
Adam Constable QC - Keating ChambersVery quick to grasp the key issues in a brief, he is quickly able to assimilate a set of complex problems and distil them into key propositions and advice.
Simon Croall QC - Quadrant ChambersReliable, very user-friendly, good-humoured and accessible, he keeps things simple and is happy to explain his viewpoints and talk issues through.
Helen Davies QC - Brick Court ChambersA stellar advocate and a true leader in every respect, she knows how to run an arbitration with great efficiency.
Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC - Atkin ChambersTechnically exceptional, she exhibits market-leading responsiveness and availability and is always an absolute pleasure to instruct.
Vernon Flynn QC - Essex Court ChambersVernon is thoughtful, excellent in court, extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Alexander Gunning QC - One Essex CourtWell familiar with the issues that arise in energy cases, he masters the detail and is a superb advocate with a measured, incisive approach.
Alan Maclean QC - Blackstone ChambersHe provides clear, user-friendly advice, both in conference and in written follow-up, and he forms a strong rapport with clients.
David Mildon QC - Essex Court ChambersHe has a profound knowledge of oil and gas law combined with an ability speedily to produce clear, succinct and correct awards.
Jeffery Onions QC - One Essex CourtBrilliant, fully deserving of his reputation, he is one of the best cross-examiners at the commercial Bar.
Sean O’Sullivan QC - 4 Pump CourtA superstar, one of the very best, he has an excellent manner and is technically superb, practical, realistic and honest.
Luke Parsons QC - Quadrant ChambersVery clever, with the gift of expressing complicated issues and arguments in extremely concise and simple terms, Luke is one of the top QCs for marine and energy disputes.
Andrew Rigney QC - Crown Office ChambersAttentive, thoughtful, commercially-minded, intelligent and very easy to work with, he commands great respect from his peers.
David Thomas QC - Keating ChambersKnowledgeable, insightful, and articulate, he is fiercely intelligent and always provides clear and commercial advice.
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtA fantastically clever and user-friendly silk, he has top-notch analytical skills and is able to present complex issues in a clear and practical way.
Stephen Tromans QC - 39 Essex ChambersStephen is a phenomenal barrister, his depth of knowledge is exceptional and he is head and shoulders above anyone else in terms of nuclear law.
Sean Wilken QC - Keating ChambersA brilliant strategist and leader, he is very commercially minded which makes him easy to put in front of clients.
Rachel Ansell QC - 4 Pump CourtVery clever, resilient, tough and commercial, she is a QC in her prime and at the top of her game.
Michael Ashcroft QC - Twenty EssexHe is very careful, thoughtful, leaves no stone unturned and his measured, detailed and well-structured approach secures good results.
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex CourtVery dynamic, very effective and full of ideas, he combines truly brilliant legal ability with unparalleled empathy for clients.
Stephen Cogley QC - 4 Pump CourtCreative and very commercial, he is on top of the detail at all times and a pleasure to work with.
Anneliese Day QC - Fountain Court ChambersShe knows the law inside out, is good at presenting complex legal arguments in a way that clients understand, and she is very commercial in her approach.
Nicholas Dennys QC - Atkin ChambersHe has an intuitive understanding of important areas and an impressive strategic overview.
Graham Dunning QC - Essex Court ChambersGraham is an impeccable barrister - he is always prepared and is a dominant force in hearings.
Jonathan Gaisman QC - 7 King's Bench WalkJonathan has very strong analytical and strategic skills which he is able to carry over into his advocacy.
Alan Gourgey QC - Wilberforce ChambersA go-to silk, he is incredibly incisive and approachable and a joy to work with.
Charles Graham QC - One Essex CourtSuper-sharp and yet thoroughly likeable, he is a great team leader and is able to placate even the most cantankerous judge.
Alexander Hickey QC - 4 Pump CourtIncredibly thorough and easy to communicate with, he is fantastic at explaining complex issues in simple terms.
Stephen Hofmeyr QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHe takes a very measured, methodical approach to argument and cross-examination which is very effective.
Sa’ad Hossain QC - One Essex CourtA meticulous advocate and quietly devastating cross-examiner who is all over the details.
Timothy Howe QC - Fountain Court ChambersHe is everything one would expect of a senior QC - an excellent choice for substantial, fact-heavy cases.
James Howells QC - Atkin ChambersA master of his art, supremely prepared at all times, quick to gain the judge or tribunal's trust and even quicker to unpick a witness in cross-examination.
Simon Hughes QC - Keating ChambersA highly effective advocate, hugely experienced and very much on top of his brief, he works incredibly hard.
Daniel Jowell QC - Brick Court ChambersDanny is a superb lawyer, very sensible and excellent with clients, he is equally confident and expert on energy regulation as on commercial contracts.
Charles Kimmins QC - Twenty EssexFantastically bright and very hands-on in getting to grips with the core issues and strategy of a case.
Tim Lord QC - Brick Court ChambersOne of the leading silks at the Bar, he has an excellent strategic grip on his cases, is an adept and agile court performer, and a magnificent cross-examiner.
Hodge Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsIntellectually first-rate, wise and with excellent judgement, he also has a strong sense of ethics and honesty.
Duncan Matthews QC - Twenty EssexA big game player who is incredibly effective on his feet, with an imposing and domineering presence – there is no better cross-examiner at the Bar.
Manus McMullan QC - Atkin ChambersHe shows precision to detail and strategic planning and has an extremely high intellect and extensive experience in international arbitration.
Alexander Nissen QC - Keating ChambersA compelling advocate, who is extremely approachable and responsive - a leader in the construction field.
Alistair Schaff QC - 7 King's Bench WalkA very clever barrister and superb advocate, who is recommended complex international disputes.
Thomas Sharpe QC - One Essex CourtExtremely clever and switched on, it is abundantly obvious that his wealth of experience allows him to provide succinct and practical advice.
Marcus Taverner QC - Keating ChambersSimply the best, he is an amazing counsel and arbitrator who is very bright and shows extreme attention to detail.
Nigel Tozzi QC - 4 Pump CourtAn approachable, user-friendly QC who is very responsive to client concerns and takes a commercial and practical approach to disputes.
Steven Walker QC - Atkin ChambersUnderstated on his feet but comes with a bite, he is a master tactician who is calm under pressure but deeply forensic in his analysis.
Nicholas Baatz QC - Atkin ChambersHe is highly skilled at grasping the key issues and advising clearly in easy-to-understand language and concepts.
Charles Banner QC - Keating ChambersHe shows undoubted intellectual insight into quickly understanding a problem and being able to offer solutions without an over legalistic approach.
Simon Birt QC - Brick Court ChambersSimon is exceptionally bright and a great advocate with a very calm but forceful manner in the courtroom, and he is capable of demolishing opposing arguments.
Michael Bools QC - Brick Court ChambersIt might not be immediately obvious from his relaxed manner, but he is an outstanding lawyer, with a real depth of knowledge.
James Brocklebank QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHighly intelligent and very hardworking, he is an astute tactician.
Serena Cheng QC - Atkin ChambersAn absolute first-rate advocate who reads tribunals very well and astutely formulates arguments for very effective and persuasive delivery.
Nicholas Craig QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is intelligent and hardworking, while always remaining approachable and open to ideas from even the most junior members of the team.
Lucy Garrett QC - Keating ChambersEnergetic and hardworking, she gets to the heart of the issue and combines depth of legal knowledge with a keen commercial outlook.
Karim Ghaly QC - 39 Essex ChambersKarim combines incandescent intelligence with an unparalleled work ethic, and he is often said to be one of the very top talents of his generation.
Orlando Gledhill QC - One Essex CourtVery bright and creative but also user-friendly, he has excellent analytical skills and is a tactical adviser on litigation.
Christopher Harris QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is superb, a persuasive advocate who fights the client’s corner and a sophisticated cross-examiner who pulls no punches.
Alec Haydon QC - Brick Court ChambersVery intelligent and robust, a good team-player and a very effective advocate.
Timothy Hill QC - Twenty EssexAn outstanding silk with an incredible grasp of the detail in the most complex of cases and who takes no prisoners.
Philippa Hopkins QC - Essex Court ChambersShe is an excellent cross-examiner, and her advice is clear and to the point.
James Leabeater QC - 4 Pump CourtHe is an exceptional counsel, with the intellect and approach of a more seasoned QC, and he has the ability to distil complex matters by identifying critical issues in record time.
Christopher Lewis QC - Atkin ChambersHe combines a sense of fairness and openness in his advocacy with an ability to quickly identify the key points.
David Lewis QC - Twenty EssexAs well as being very bright, he is a fantastic team player and a go-to silk for top energy clients.
Simon Lofthouse QC - Atkin ChambersHe has a good strategic overview and is good in hearings.
Ali Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has command of the court room and the respect of the bench, and he has an incredible capacity to absorb information quickly.
Harry Matovu QC - Brick Court ChambersHarry is the best and most capable QC you will find, and he is a fun person to work with, which means a lot in lengthy proceedings.
Lynne McCafferty QC - 4 Pump CourtA clear thinker and an effective advocate, she is definitely one to watch and brings a calm and clear-sighted voice to often stressful situations.
Stephen Midwinter QC - Brick Court ChambersUtterly unflappable, calm and capable of dealing with the slings and arrows of litigation and arbitration in a way that immediately instils confidence.
Vincent Moran QC - Keating ChambersA magnificent advocate - he has a natural calmness and charisma before a tribunal that provides a platform for meticulous preparation and ferocious cross-examination skills.
Jern-Fei Ng QC - 7BRBright, energetic, responsive, and always a source of good counsel, he is always ready to roll up his sleeves and gets to the bottom of every issue.
Fiona Parkin QC - Atkin ChambersHighly experienced and very client-focused, she is a strategic thinker who provides very clear and commercial advice.
Fionn Pilbrow QC - Brick Court ChambersFionn is a terrific advocate, an orator of the first class, and he is a pleasure to watch and learn from.
Dominique Rawley QC - Atkin ChambersDominique is a careful and considered practitioner who draws from a very deep well of expertise and deploys it magisterially.
John Russell QC - Quadrant ChambersIncredibly bright but also very user-friendly, he is very good at working out from a commercial point of view what clients want.
James Strachan QC - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the most analytical minds at the Bar, he is a very experienced, smooth and effective advocate.
Nicholas Vineall QC - 4 Pump CourtExcellent on his feet and very easy to work with, he knows all the right ways to get judges on-side.
Richard Wilmot-Smith QC - 39 Essex ChambersAt an excellent set for construction, infrastructure and energy matters with impressive talent at all levels of seniority, Richard can be confidently recommended.

2020 Silks

Conall Patton QC - One Essex CourtAn absolute star, he is fantastically able and very sharp.
Philip Riches QC - Twenty EssexHis advocacy is clear and concise, and he will consider all avenues.

2021 Silks

Mark Chennells QCAtkin ChambersMark is very adept at seeing the commercial issues and cutting through irrelevant material to focus on the issues.
Laurence Emmett QC - One Essex CourtLaurence is intelligent, knowledgeable and thorough, and he understands clients’ commercial needs.
Andrew Fulton QC - Twenty EssexIntellectually very able, he always fights the client’s case with vigour and is able to cut to the heart of the dispute quickly.
Iain Quirk QC - Essex Court ChambersQuite simply, brilliant - he is calm, reassuring and fights the cause in a realistic and attractive manner.
Samuel Townend QC - Keating ChambersExtremely capable, and effective, he is a pleasure to work with and will become a sought-after silk.
Crispin Winser QC - Crown Office ChambersAn excellent and polished advocate who works exceptionally hard to master the papers and be fully on top of the brief.

2022 Silks

Lucas Bastin QC - Essex Court ChambersHighly impressive in action, a QC in waiting, he is excellent with clients and a formidable advocate.
Rupert Choat QC - Atkin ChambersHe shows excellent commerciality and ability to identify the points which a court or tribunal will be interested in.
Calum Lamont QC - Keating ChambersAn excellent cross-examiner who is quick on his feet and gets down quickly to the core of the dispute.
Hanif Mussa QC - Blackstone ChambersForensically astute, technically superb and unflappable, he is a first-class barrister that clients will want to have on their side.
Alexander Wright QC - 4 Pump CourtA preferred junior on the larger energy project disputes, he knows the market very well and is incredibly intelligent and hardworking.

Leading Juniors

Jess Connors - 39 Essex ChambersJess has unrivalled attention to detail, an incredible work ethic and a razor-sharp mind that often spots and solves issues before others in the room have even noticed them.
Siddharth Dhar - Essex Court ChambersA great choice for high-value, complex work in the energy sector, he is a very experienced and capable advocate who uses his considerable charm to great effect.
Richard Eschwege - Brick Court ChambersOne of the fastest and hardest workers at the commercial Bar, he is creative and resourceful, and does not let commitment to the client's case cloud his judgement.
Nicholas Sloboda - One Essex CourtQuite simply the outstanding junior of this generation - clever, good at drafting and a pleasure to work with.
Paul Buckingham - Keating ChambersHe combines a strong intellect and an impressive knowledge of the relevant law with a willingness to roll up his sleeves and immerse himself in the details of matters.
Thomas Crangle - 4 Pump CourtHe is absolutely superb, very thorough with his analysis, considerate with his interactions with the client and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Simon Crawshaw - Atkin ChambersSimon is very thorough, professional, hardworking and responsive.
Anton Dudnikov - Essex Court ChambersAnton is analytically very strong, with an excellent grasp of the law, and is very good at taking a step back and considering issues that others might not.
Jane Davies Evans - 3 Verulam BuildingsEnergetic and proactive, she thinks of creative arguments to advance the client’s case and is on top of the technical detail.
Thomas Lazur - Keating ChambersExtremely responsive, energetic and user-friendly, he shows top-rate command of dense detail.
Kate Livesey - 4 Pump CourtExceptionally bright, a superb lawyer, immensely hardworking, brilliant with clients and an absolute delight to work with - simply outstanding.
Nehali Shah - One Essex CourtClever, practical, careful and diligent, a delight to work with and completely committed to her clients and cases, she also has an excellent ability to commands the room.
Duncan Sinclair - 39 Essex ChambersDuncan is well versed in energy-related regulatory law, his advice is clear and concise, and his customer service is impeccable.
Paul Wee  - Essex Court Chambers  ‘A standout senior junior in this area and one of the best at the Bar, he is razor-sharp, and his advocacy is tailored and superbly polished.
Paul Bury - Keating ChambersPaul is exceptional - he is incredibly organised and turns around tasks at lightning speed.
Patrick Clarke - Atkin ChambersPatrick is extremely bright and is always cool, calm and collected under pressure, and has a wonderful advocacy style which commands respect.
Owain Draper - One Essex CourtA first-rate senior junior who will soon be a silk to watch out for, he has the great virtues of a razor-sharp intellect and a capacity for hard work.
Edward Ho - Brick Court ChambersEd is a first-rate lawyer, who combines a great strategic mindset with hard work and thorough research.
Malcolm Jarvis - Twenty EssexResponsive, with a keen eye for detail, he is easy to work with and very commercial.
Samar Abbas Kazmi - Atkin ChambersBright, likeable and a persuasive advocate, Samar has great tenacity and skill, and his drafting is excellent.
Ciaran Keller - Essex Court ChambersCiaran has a sharp mind, responds quickly to new facts and is skilled at rigorously putting the client's best case.
Alexander MacDonald - 7 King's Bench WalkVery thorough, reliable and knowledgeable, he provides well-researched and comprehensive advice.
Sanjay Patel - 4 Pump CourtUnflappable and incredibly hardworking, he is creative in identifying arguments, and he brings a great sense of humour when working under pressure.
Caroline Pounds - Quadrant ChambersVery diligent and hardworking, she is extremely thorough with a great attention to detail.
Gerard Rothschild - Brick Court ChambersGerard is incredibly bright, hardworking and efficient with a lucid drafting style and clients love him for being astonishingly diligent and reliable.
James Thompson - Keating ChambersPrepared to roll up his sleeves and put in the hard yards when necessary, he is incredibly perceptive when it comes to the client's needs.
Michael Watkins - One Essex CourtA highly-rated junior who considers his position and is strong on technical details.
Mischa Balen - Atkin ChambersMischa is a class act and a formidable opponent.
Joanne Box - Brick Court ChambersJo is a dream to work with – super-smart, practical and persuasive.
Peter Brogden - Keating ChambersPeter is brilliant, his drafting is superb, and his document management skills are excellent.
Georges Chalfoun - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe leaves no stone unturned, commands the brief and is totally on top of the facts and documents.
Nicholas Collings - Atkin ChambersA strong team player who is great with clients and is able to assimilate a lot of information quickly.
Stuart Cribb - Essex Court ChambersAn up-and-coming junior and a very thorough and confident advocate.
Henry Ellis - Quadrant ChambersVery bright and down to earth, he is a trusted pair of hands who can turn his hand to anything.
Joseph England - Quadrant ChambersResponsive, user-friendly, client-focused, approachable and commercially practical, he is excellent at analysing complex facts and ensuring that the clients understand them.
Ben Gardner - Quadrant ChambersA trusted and always outstanding member of the team on the largest and most complex commercial arbitrations, and a joy to work with.
Sandra Healy - 7 King's Bench WalkShe has common sense and is astute and keen to add value beyond the scope of the initial instruction.
Paul Henton - Quadrant ChambersA real star and a joy to work with, calm under pressure and clear in his analysis.
Daniel Hubbard - One Essex CourtVery bright and user-friendly, he is a strong advocate who produces clear and incisive submissions.
Emma Jones - One Essex CourtA rising star, very astute and hardworking, she has a deep understanding of energy issues and very sound commercial judgement.
Simon Kerr - 7 King's Bench WalkA capable junior with experience in a range of matters from power generation to oil and gas matters.
Shourav Lahiri - Atkin ChambersA very sound, meticulous and capable advocate, he thinks things through and is a very good cross-examiner.
Gemma Morgan - Quadrant ChambersShe is exceptional in her ability to find a way to make the most effective arguments, and quickly gets to grips with both the legal and factual parts of a case.
Emily Neill - Blackstone ChambersA meticulous, high-calibre junior with an approachable manner and a good understanding of the area.
Tom Owen - Keating ChambersA fantastic barrister and a real rising star, he is incredibly hardworking and dedicated to providing the best service.
Douglas Paine - One Essex CourtA fantastic team player, he is technically good on the law and is personable and easy to work with.
Tom Pascoe - Brick Court ChambersTom is in high demand for a reason, he is extremely detailed-orientated and brings a positive attitude to even the most serious of cases.
Jason Robinson - 7 King's Bench WalkHardworking, with good attention to detail, he is a good team player who provides forensic analysis of law and facts.
Michael Ryan - 7 King's Bench WalkVery bright and yet also very approachable, Michael is very adept at getting to grips with complex procedural matters.
Ben Sareen - Keating ChambersBen is great at getting into the detail and his approach is comprehensive, professional and efficient and with high work ethic.
Robert Scrivener - 4 Pump CourtAn exceptional junior who is extremely diligent and able to deliver well-written submissions in large-scale cases involving highly complicated factual and technical issues.
Gaurav Sharma - Quadrant ChambersVery user-friendly, positive, bright and commercial, you know you are getting a specialist in the entire energy space, not just on the contractor side.
Andrew Stevens - 4 Pump CourtProfessional, hardworking and capable of handling very difficult cases.
Alexander Uff - Quadrant ChambersSuperlative, practical, commercially sensible, to the point and strong on the law, he provides hard-hitting analysis and compelling presentation.
Ben Woolgar - Brick Court ChambersBen may easily be the best barrister of his generation, and he has strong analytical, legal and advocacy skills.

Rising Stars

Mathias Cheung - Atkin ChambersIncredibly hard working, responsive and helpful, he gets into the detail and is a highly skilled advocate.
Tom Coates - Blackstone ChambersA very thorough and thoughtful barrister with a great ability to cut to the nub of a problem.
Emma Healiss - Keating ChambersEmma is a terrific junior who is able to think on her feet and cut through the complex issues easily.
Max Kasriel - Fountain Court ChambersAn excellent drafter and a diligent junior.
Charlotte Thomas - Brick Court ChambersExtremely thorough, yet very user-friendly, she is knowledgeable yet approachable, and always available.
Mark Wassouf - 3 Verulam BuildingsA mature and sophisticated advocate who is unflappable, even under pressure, and has a keen eye for both the detail and the bigger picture.
Jennie Wild - Keating ChambersA legal wizard, attentive, detail-oriented, strategic and thoughtful, she has an elegant drafting style.

Energy in London Bar

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers  ‘has a worthy claim to the title of top construction-specialised set in London’. For one client, ‘the set remains the first choice for barristers in international energy disputes‘ and it remains ‘a first-rate construction set, boasting a bench strength of talented experts at every level'. Energy and natural resources cases account for a high proportion of the set’s work, drawing on its strength in international arbitration and members’ experience in complex PFI/PPP projects. The work spans upstream and downstream oil and gas, power projects including coal-fired and nuclear power stations, and renewable energy, whether solar, wind or waste-to-energy projects. Members are also involve in cases concerning the construction of supporting infrastructure including FPSOs, jack-up and semi-submersible drilling rigs, and dredging and subsea cabling and pipe-laying vessels. David Streatfeild-James QC is an outstanding advocate and arbitrator in high-value commercial cases involving traditional and renewable energy. Among the juniors, Rupert Choat QC, who is currently involved Commercial Court proceedings regarding a gas concession in Cameroon, is a prominent practitioner.



‘In my view, Atkin Chambers has a worthy claim to the title of top construction-specialised set in London. In practice, Atkin is typically the first place I look for assistance in high-value and complex energy, construction and infrastructure disputes under English law because of their impressive talent at all levels of seniority.’

‘A high-quality construction set operating also in the energy space.’

‘This was my first experience of working with Atkin Chambers and I was very impressed. I’m aware of their strength in construction cases.’

‘A first-rate construction set, boasting a bench strength of talented experts at every level.’

‘The set remains the first choice for barristers in international energy disputes.’


‘Justin Wilson is very responsive.’

‘David Barnes is obviously a generational talent and Justin Wilson is also absolutely first-rate. Both gentlemen are truly gifted at what they do. Andrew Burrows, Rob Bryant and Daniel Jones are also unfailingly personable and efficient.’

‘David Barnes is exceptional, and an asset to this set.’

‘I have dealt with Andrew Burrows who is extremely helpful and very pragmatic. He has also been very patient in recent times!’

‘A clerking team par excellence. Clerks work closely with members to seamlessly provide first-rate services and support.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is ‘the leading chambers for constitutional and public administrative law’, and its members frequently handle commercial litigation, regulatory, environmental and public law matters relating to the highly-regulated energy industry. Alan Maclean QC has a broad commercial and public law practice includes numerous energy cases, a recent example of which is his work for Ofgem in a high-profile judicial review challenge brought by British Gas against the new tariff price cap for default rate gas and electricity consumers. Hanif Mussa QC is an impressive junior for commercial and regulatory cases involving energy and natural resources - He recently supported a tidal lagoon operator in a possible challenge to a controversial decision by the UK government to refuse to support a project for a new tidal lagoon project in Wales.



‘The leading chambers for constitutional / public administrative law.’

‘Blackstone has offered a fantastic online training schedule during the pandemic.’

One Essex Court

One Essex Court ‘has enormous strength in this area and is a top-rated and well-respected set in Asia’. The set has a substantial energy practice in oil and gas, electricity supply and generation, and related utilities regulation. Members frequently advise on disputes concerning joint operating agreements, exploration and production sharing agreements, production and exploration licenses, gas processing and transportation contracts, hydrocarbon allocations, drilling rig hire and operation, emission allowances and CHP plants. Among its members are some of the leading lights in energy-related litigation and arbitration, including John McCaughran QC, who was recently instructed by Shell International UK Limited in a dispute arising out of a gas sale agreement with British Gas Trading Limited. Lord Grabiner QC is another prominent name and he recently acted for Albion Energy Limited against a company beneficially owned by Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, the former Prime Minister of Qatar. Nicholas Sloboda exemplifies the stellar quality of the set’s juniors, having assisted Aker BP in one of the first gas price review cases to be heard in court.



‘One Essex Court has enormous strength in this area.’

‘One Essex Court has a strong arbitration practice and international coverage. They are a top-rated and well-respected set in Asia.’

‘A leading set for international arbitration and energy work.’

‘Great quality advocates with very efficient clerking service.’

‘Excellent energy experience in this set.’


‘Darren Burrows is a highly efficient and considerate clerk. He reacts quickly and am able to provide suitable candidates to suit our client’s needs. He adopts flexible and commercial approach to fee arrangements, which set him apart from his peers at other leading chambers.’

‘Very good – Rob Smith is always helpful.’

‘A good clerking team and quick to respond. Also, easy to deal with.’

‘All the clerks have been excellent and their service goes way beyond what I have seen from most chambers.’

‘First-class – especially Darren Burrows.’

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court is ‘one of the leading sets for energy disputes, with a number of top silks and juniors’ and clients note that ‘for high-value, complex construction work, it is head and shoulders above other sets’. Members approach energy disputes from many different angles, including construction, shipping and exploration, and its members are currently acting in disputes arising from the construction of some of the largest oil and gas infrastructure projects in the world, as well as major projects in the power and renewable energy sectors. Sean Brannigan QC frequently handles the highest-value international arbitrations involving energy and natural resources, among them represents a case involving the construction of a high-value petrochemical plant in the Middle East. Among its many prominent juniors are Kate Livesey, who handled a major contractual dispute between joint venture parties concerning a petroleum exploration and development licence, and Thomas Crangle, who has notable experience in cases involving renewables and green technology.



‘4 Pump Court is one of the leading sets for energy disputes, with a number of top silks and juniors.’

‘Very helpful for the client and it is easy for the foreign lawyer to cooperate with.’

‘Really going places in the energy sector with some of the biggest names now in this area.’

‘The chambers on the whole is very well respected and admired for the depth of knowledge they have across a wide range of legal issues.’

‘4 Pump Court has a range of barristers with experience in the construction and energy sector and it is my go-to set for construction disputes.’


‘Lucy Burrows has really made her mark in the energy sphere, with clients recognising her expertise.’

‘4 Pump Court would be my chambers of choice. All of those I have come into contact with there have been incredibly easy to get on with and are incredibly helpful. The clerking service is second to none: friendly, responsive and professional. In particular, Billy Griffiths and Lucy Burrows have been consistently excellent.’

‘The clerks are generally very clear about availability of counsel and I feel its always worth enquiring with them. I also believe they are cost-conscious, so we are more likely to get a good/fair rate when we choose counsel.’

‘Carl Wall provides top-quality service and is incredibly responsive. He gives particular attention to help chambers to develop China-related practice and cares about Chinese clients’ feedback.’

‘Stewart Gibbs and Carl Wall, the joint Senior Clerks, are excellent. Having worked with them for many years, they are very tuned-in to my practice, my working style and what I am looking for in a barrister.’

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is ‘one of the top London commercial sets’, according to clients, who add that it has ‘a stable of super-bright and hardworking barristers who are personable and easy to work with’. The set handles a broad range of commercial cases and energy is a key strand in its workload, with its members frequently involved in high-profile contractual disputes on behalf of large oil and gas and mining companies, energy traders, governments and state-owned entities. Among its key members are Mark Howard QC, who handles disputes ranging from offshore construction to oil and gas supply disputes. He recently acted for Arcadia Group and other oil traders in Arcadia Group v Bosworth in the Supreme Court. Helen Davies QC acted for the defendant in Blue Power Group & Ors v Eni Norge & Ors, which concerns damages of £500m concerning new technology for the compression and transportation of gas from a large oil and gas field being developed in the Barents Sea.



‘The set has great strength in depth and has recently run two excellent online training programmes on competition law and arbitration – free of charge. The set against which all others are measured.’

‘Brick Court is one of the stellar sets. It has a stable of super-bright and hardworking barristers who, on the whole, are personable and easy to work with.’

‘One of the top London commercial sets.’

‘The set as a whole is excellent – excellent breadth of expertise.’

‘Brick Court is probably the leading commercial set. They have excellent strength in depth, with a strong collection of big hitters at the mid to senior silk level.’


‘The clerking team at Brick Court has been superlative both in terms of agreeing fees in advance and managing diaries.’

‘Efficient, helpful and pragmatic – Phil Wilkes in particular shines and Paul Dennison is a great head clerk.’

‘Paul Dennison is always helpful and responsive and the accounts team works very effectively behind the scenes.’

‘The service in Brick Court is good and perhaps a notch ahead of its competitors. The clerks are responsive and personable. Paul Dennison is particularly impressive.’

‘Always very professional and easy to deal with. Will Jackman is a real standout – very proactive and commercial.’

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is ‘first-class in all departments, the barristers are universally first-rate and highly responsive’. One client describes it as ‘the Rolls-Royce of sets - everything purrs’. The set has a long-standing practice in high-value energy litigation, largely due to its market-leading practice in international commercial arbitration. Its members are frequently involved in international arbitrations and expert determinations in relation to the energy sector, often relating to state-owned entities. They are also in major Commercial Court matters, including challenges to awards under the Arbitration Act and enforcement proceedings. Prominent energy and natural resources specialist Paul Key QC represented Nigeria in its defence of an action in the Commercial Court to enforce a $9bn disputed debt arising out of an energy dispute. Siddharth Dhar is among the set’s vastly experienced juniors, and his recent work includes acting for oil trader Vitol in a Commercial Court claim for breach of contract for the supply of propane to a Ghanaian energy producer.



‘First-class in all departments. The barristers at Essex Court are universally first-rate, and highly responsive. Essex Court also delivers very high-quality training programmes.’

‘Essex Court Chambers has a number of members who practice effectively and with distinction in this sector.’

‘Essex Court is the Rolls-Royce of sets – everything purrs.’

‘Essex Court has always been my go-to chambers. They have good strength in depth and cover most points that involve my work.


‘They are excellent. Extremely responsive and very easy to deal with.’

‘Katie Myles in particular stands out for me for her efficiency, relationship building and commitment.’

‘Generally very good. All clerking has been challenged by the lockdown problems, but they have managed pretty well, overall. Joe Ferrigno is always available and helpful. Ben Perry is developing into a very good senior clerk.’

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is ‘a go-to set for construction with a great team of very experienced and high-performing barristers’. One client reports that it is ‘a very strong set, with great strength in-depth, and it is very active and visible in the Middle East’. From its prominent role in construction disputes, the set is heavily involved in major energy cases, whether in oil and gas, nuclear power, renewable energy projects and emerging areas such as waste-to-energy plants. It continues to add to its roster of barristers with experience in energy disputes, with Charles Banner QC joining from Landmark Chambers in 2020. Banner is currently involved in a dispute concerning a project to develop a 400kV strategic link between the electricity grids of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Among the set’s leading member are Veronique Buehrlen QC, who handles high-profile energy cases in court and before arbitral tribunals, and David Thomas QC, who is currently involved in a high-value matter concerning the design and construction of a large solar photovoltaic power plant in the Gulf.



‘This is a prestigious chamber. Every barrister we have worked with shows a high standard of proficiency.’

‘Chambers has depth in construction matters with strong junior support to enable cost-effective delivery of services. Good, ongoing training programmes.’

‘Keating Chambers contains some of the most knowledgeable barristers. It allows the exchange of ideas and thoughts for the benefit of their clients.’

‘My first preference is Keating in any construction dispute. They have a deep bench of barristers and expertise and are a pleasure to work with.’

‘In my view, Keating are the No 1 set for construction and engineering and related energy disputes work. They have real depth of talent and experience, and have been my go-to set for over 30 years.’


‘The clerks are always helpful and available, even at odd times. Dominic Woodbridge is particularly helpful. He is very good at managing busy counsel’s calendars and commitments as well as giving clear direction as to availability for busy periods and hearings.’

‘The clerks know their clients and barristers well and are always helpful.’

‘The clerks room is underestimated; they work quietly and efficiently without being intrusive. James Luxmoore deserves great credit and Jade Clark is surely a rising star.’

‘The clerks are always willing to be of assistance and their service is of a high quality. They make you feel like you and your cases are a priority for them.’

‘Will Shrubsall is very responsive and always on hand to assist where necessary.’

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is ‘a fantastic set that has the marine and offshore world fully covered’. Known for its strength in shipping and commodities, the set has become increasingly involved in energy disputes, particularly in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors. Clients note that is has ‘excellent shipping and offshore oil & gas barristers, and there is generally always someone good available’. Among its top-performing members are Lionel Persey QC, who is a go-to arbitrator for large complex energy disputes, and Simon Croall QC, who recently acted for Petraco in a dispute arising from the financial collapse of the Antipinksy Oil refinery in central Russia. The set also has a number of prominent juniors in its ranks, among them Caroline Pounds, who has a rapidly expanding energy practice, and Gemma Morgan, who acted for Shell Energy Europe Limited in an arbitration for unpaid charges and breach of contract arising from a long-term contract to supply electricity to Metaenergia S.p.A.



‘Quadrant Chambers has an impressive depth of expertise in the energy sector at all levels. Alexander Uff is a great addition to this team! They have been great to deal with.’

‘Quadrant has lots of excellent shipping and offshore oil & gas barristers. There is generally always someone good who is available.’

‘The barrister’s sheer grit and clear purpose to find a way to win each argument was unmatched.’

‘A great specialised chambers with good availability of good-quality counsel.’

‘A fantastic set. It has the marine and offshore world fully covered.’


‘Simon Slattery has been responsive and easy to deal with.’

‘Clerks are very good, Simon Slattery, Gary Ventura and Sarah Longden are all excellent.’

‘The clerks at Quadrant Chambers give an excellent service both in terms of speed of response and flexibility on fees.’

‘Good, fast and efficient service.’

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘a fantastic and energetic set that always has a “can do” attitude’ and clients remark that it is ‘an excellent set for construction, infrastructure and energy matters with impressive talent at all levels of seniority’. The set has a different approach to that of many others active in this area, particularly due to the emphasis on regulatory matters in its energy caseload. Its members frequently act for oil exploration and refining companies, infrastructure contractors, utilities, state-owned corporate entities, regulators, insurers and commodity traders in policy, regulation and construction matters. Among its recent work is extensive advice to nuclear risk insurers on the revision to terms of insurance to comply with revised Paris Convention on Nuclear Liability. Stephen Tromans QC is the leading adviser on such matters.



’39 Essex is a great set offering an extremely high-quality service. They have a strong offering of barristers who specialise in energy disputes.’

’39 Essex Chambers remains an excellent set for construction, infrastructure and energy matters with impressive talent at all levels of seniority.’

’39 Essex is an excellent chambers and I have worked with a number of barristers through the years. They are my go to chambers.’

’39 Essex Chambers is an outstanding energy set. It now has great strength in depth, from the top-rated silks, through more junior silks, excellent senior juniors and outstanding junior juniors.’

‘39 Essex Chambers has strength in depth  in relation to environmental law. It also offers extremely useful and informative training sessions on a variety of topics.’


‘They are simply brilliant. Approachable, efficient, and very friendly and professional.’

‘Niki Merrison is my main point of contact. He is exceptional, and always willing to go the extra mile to assist.’

‘I have worked with Niki Merison and Mark Winrow and can recommend both of them highly. While Lindsay Scott had some very big shoes to fill, my sense is that she is doing a fine job. And Rod Noble remains a very good friend to many  in Asia.’

‘Good responsive service. Andrew Poyser has been very proactive in the NI market for many years.’

‘The clerks are professional and always available.’

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King's Bench Walk is ‘strong in major commercial disputes’, making it ‘a destination chambers, providing excellent quality barristers across key work areas including shipping, commodities, general commercial litigation and international arbitration’. The set approaches energy cases principally from the perspective of insurance and shipping, which has seen it involved in high-profile matters such as the high-value PetroSaudi v PDVSA energy arbitration, in which Jonathan Gaisman QC, David Allen QC, Simon Kerr, Jason Robinson and Michael Ryan were instructed for PetroSaudi. Alistair Schaff QC is another key member involved in energy matters, bringing his extensive experience in international commercial law to bear on, among others, a case for SBM Offshore involving damage to the legs and topside of a North Sea rig.



‘I think they are strong in major commercial disputes.’

‘Excellent. My go-to set for this type of work.’

‘7KBW is a first-class set in my opinion.’

‘I know many members of this set and have found them, almost without exception, to be of the highest calibre.’

‘7KBW is a destination chambers for us, providing excellent quality barristers across our key work areas which include shipping, commodities, general commercial litigation and international arbitration.’


‘All the clerks at 7KBW are very helpful. They are generally commercially minded and responsive, always ready to source other barristers if a particular member of chambers is unavailable. We have principally dealt with Eddie Johns and Gary Rose who are both very helpful, but all the clerks are very pleasant to deal with. A special mention is deserved by the outgoing senior clerk, Bernie Hyatt, who has simply been outstanding and a “go to” presence at the set.’

‘They have an excellent clerking team.’

‘Excellent. Extremely helpful and always a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Impressed with Greg Leyden – very approachable and willing to assist.’

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex is ‘one of the top sets for international arbitration and I have always found any of the barristers to be extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and exceptional advocates’. Though best known for international trade, shipping and commodities matters, the set has broad expertise across the energy sector with members handling oil and gas, LNG, mining, drill and rig disputes, as well as emerging areas such as renewables and energy transition. Charles Kimmins QC is currently acting for the claimants in Dynasty v Kurdistan Regional Government, in a high profile commercial court claim for $1.6bn arising out the refusal of the local authorities to consent to a change of control in a production-sharing contract relating to oil in Iraqi Kurdistan. New silk Andrew Fulton QC recently acted as sole counsel in a dispute concerning alleged bribes in the context of a Nigerian oil concession.



‘Twenty Essex is one of, if not the, go-to sets for commercial disputes, especially with a commodities or energy flavour. They have countless excellent barristers, and a really user-friendly, commercial and reasonable clerking team.’

‘Twenty Essex is one of the top sets for international arbitration and I have always found any of the barristers I have instructed from Twenty Essex to be extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and exceptional advocates.’

‘A very strong set in international disputes and arbitration. Willing to provide training and support to solicitors.’

‘Twenty Essex is my go-to commercial set in London. I think they have great strength in depth and provide top-quality service at prices which are acceptable. I have always felt that I am putting my clients in very good hands.’

‘Twenty Essex has good strength in depth and has solid barristers at all levels. I have worked with a number of Twenty Essex barristers at various levels and they are always very sharp, user-friendly and with good commercial awareness of the sectors in which they operate.’


‘The back office runs very smoothly and the clerks are very efficient and helpful.’

‘Excellent service.’

‘Tara Shah in particular provides excellent support. Always available.’

‘Twenty Essex’s clerks provide great support. I never have to quibble over a brief. Discussions are frank and fair and for one-off advice work, the turnaround times and pricing are good.’

‘I have always found the clerks to be polite and helpful.’

3 Verulam Buildings

A very diverse set with some outstanding counsel’, 3 Verulam Buildings is ‘undoubtedly a leading set for energy work where technical excellence combines with understanding to guide clients through every stage’. Best known for banking and commercial litigation, it is active in contract disputes and investment treaty arbitrations involving the energy sector, as well as cases concerning the operation of oil and gas fields and pipelines. Ali Malek QC frequently handles cases involving energy and natural resources including international arbitrations involving mobilisation and exploration issues. Jane Davies Evans, who specialises in energy and natural resources cases is among the set’s prominent juniors.



‘I have yet to run into any area where 3VB does not have someone who can assist. They are my first choice in the UK.’

‘A very diverse set with some outstanding counsel.’

‘By instructing a top set like 3VB we expect the best and we got it. Technical excellence combines with understanding to guide us through every stage of a worryingly complex process. We felt reassured and supported at every stage. 3VB would be our first-choice chambers for any relevant future disputes, especially complex international claims.’

‘In my view, 3VB is undoubtedly a leading set for energy work. I am aware that they handle a lot of energy arbitrations and litigations and it shows in the ease with which they are able to get across complex energy-related facts.’


‘Responsive, commercial, proactive, understanding. I dealt, in particular, with Stuart Pullum, who is very efficient and has a good manner.’

‘The service was excellent. I dealt with Steve Penson and Stuart Pullum who were charming, efficient and easy to deal with.’

‘The clerks are very responsive and able and I consider them a great asset to the set.’

‘The clerk’s are top-flight.’