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Leading Silks

Hodge Malek KC  – 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is a master tactician and sees new angles to cases that no-one else does. As an advocate, he is assured and breaks everything down to make it simple and compelling for the judge.’
David Quest KC3 Verulam BuildingsGreat in grasping the issues and breaking them down in practical analysis.’
Andrew Spink KCOuter Temple ChambersAndrew is a true leader in the field of complex commercial dispute resolution at the highest level. His advocacy and ability to communicate clearly, succinctly and effectively on highly complex matters is superb.’
Simon Atrill KC – Fountain Court Chambers  ‘Simon’s analytical abilities are superb. His advice is always practical and commercial.’
Peter Susman KCHenderson ChambersHe is very approachable and accessible, and understanding of the technical jargon which plays well with clients - and with the gravitas to back it up.’

Leading Juniors

Chloë Bell – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Very bold, imaginative and willing to take a punchy or robust position.  Very user-friendly, she is forging an excellent reputation for herself.’
Sarah Bousfield  – Brick Court Chambers 'She has a good eye for distilling the relevant facts in a case.'
Darragh Connell – Maitland ChambersDarragh is certainly one of the leading counsel involved in crypto and digital assets.  His technical knowledge is excellent and he is definitely one of the most trusted counsel in this area.’
Andrew MaguireLittleton ChambersAndrew is a great barrister. Very user-friendly, and accessible. He is a team player, and clients really like him.’
Racheal MuldoonMaitland Chambers  ‘Technically aware of the complexities of the blockchain and how the fraudsters operate.’
Helen PughOuter Temple ChambersHelen is an exceptionally bright advocate who is able to communicate difficult points in a relaxed manner.  She sees the key points immediately, and will roll up her sleeves to help get the job done.’
Nik YeoFountain Court Chambers ‘Energetic and insightful with a  thorough understanding of the developing law of crypto-insolvencies.’
Sri Carmichael – Wilberforce Chambers ‘Sri is very bright, calm and confident.  She gives excellent commercial advice and is a pleasure to work with.’
Ben Elliott  – Pump Court Tax ChambersBen is an excellent advocate whose style combines attention to detail with persuasive force. He is an extremely hard worker and technically strong.’
James Gale3 Hare CourtHard-working, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Can look at the matter holistically.’
David HeatonBrick Court Chambers 'David is an absolute master of crypto disputes.'
William HooperBrick Court Chambers 'His advocacy is always logical and cogent.'
James Potts3 Verulam Buildings ‘Great for crypto and general commercial. Gives assured and confident advice and knows all there is to know on crypto work.’
Henry Reid – Outer Temple ChambersHenry is all-round excellent, well beyond his years. He genuinely goes far beyond what might be expected of counsel, likely because he is curious, intellectual and determined, both to find a solution and for his clients.’
Leigh SagarNew Square Chambers  ‘Leigh is one of few counsel with a reputation for crypto advice.’

Crypto and blockchain assets in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings has a number of members with experience of civil fraud and regulatory work in the crypto space.  Hodge Malek KC  has expertise in domestic and international compliance reviews for cryptocurrency businesses, while Adam Temple is knowledgeable on the new cryptoasset registration regime, by which the Financial Conduct Authority is responsible for registering cryptoasset exchange providers and custodian wallet providers under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. David Quest KC is a lead author on the landmark UK Jurisdiction Taskforce Legal Statement on Cryptoassets and Smart Contracts, setting out the current state of the law on the proprietary status of cryptoassets and the enforceability of smart contracts. James Potts is noted for the instructions he has received by leading cryptoasset exchanges in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, as well as individuals and companies involved in crypto disputes.


‘Stephen Penson and Stuart Pullum are brilliant senior clerks. Among the best in the top sets.’

‘3VB are one of my favourite sets. Quality from top to bottom.’

‘One of the best sets for financial services matters.’

Fountain Court Chambers

A ‘go to set’ for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets, Fountain Court Chambers include members who work with leading UK and international financial institutions on the legal aspects of financial technology, digital banking and cryptocurrency. Members of Chambers advise on a full range of existing legislation such as data protection, cybersecurity and anti-money laundering, alongside smart contracts and crypto bridges. Christopher Langley is involved in cryptocurrency disputes, and has acted for leading exchanges and NFT projects on contractual and regulatory matters. Nik Yeo and Simon Atrill KC both have expertise in litigation involving exchanges.


‘Fountain Court Chambers is basically the go-to set for any commercial dispute. Amazing strength-in-depth.’


Maitland Chambers

Maitland Chambers benefits from its multi-disciplinary commercial nature, enabling the set to handle commercial cases with aspects of cryptocurrency and fintech litigation. Darragh Connell has specific expertise in cryptoasset disputes and cyber fraud, while Dean Armstrong KC is well-regarded for his work on blockchain, smart contracts and cryptoassets. Armstrong KC, alongside Racheal Muldoon, joined the set in February 2023, adding to their capabilities in smart contracts, international and domestic crypto asset disputes.


‘John Wiggs and Robert Penson are the stand out clerks, responsive and always know who best to recommend for new instructions.  I would also like to mention Luke Irons who is really lovely to work with and is an asset to the team.’

‘We cannot fault the clerking and this is particularly important because a lot of our work  has to be dealt with urgently. They are excellent facilitators. We get consistently good service from Luke Irons, Ryan Elliott, Charlie Labrum.’

‘The service has been professional and efficient.’

‘Maitland have real strength-in-depth, are technically excellent and good to work with on a personal and professional level.’  

‘I have worked with barristers from Maitland for over a decade; they consistently recruit excellent counsel at junior and senior levels and many of my ‘go to’ barristers are members here.’

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers has a strong practice in law relating to crypto assets, blockchain and smart contacts. Members of chambers find strength in cryptoasset recovery and regulations related to cryptocurrencies, with Justina Stewart  involved in a number of cross-border cases involving alleged fraud. Helen Pugh appeared inEllis v Digitplan and Ellis v Shehadi involving the cross-border tracing of digital currency through exchanges and digital wallets, which arose out of an alleged multi-million pound cryptocurrency fraud heard in the Commercial Court.


‘Sam Carter is commercial, ambitious and switched on, and incredibly effective at identifying the right advocate for a matter.’

‘OTC barristers (also when they work in cross-functional teams) continue to deliver work at the highest level of quality in a pragmatic, client-centric and cost-effective manner.’

‘Outer Temple have a strong sanctions team, and several very good counsel in the crypto and commercial disputes spaces.’


Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex have found a strong footing within cryptocurrency disputes, with Lawrence Akka KC having co-authored the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce’s legal statement on cryptoassets and smart contracts, alongside the recent Digital Dispute Resolution Rules, which set the new precedent for arbitration rules for blockchain and crypto assets. Paul Lowenstein KC has been involved in innovative work in developing court techniques and tools for tackling international cyber fraud cases involving the transfer of money, and cryptocurrency assets across the international banking system and the blockchain, while Josephine Davies KC is noted for specialist knowledge from other areas of law including IP and competition law being applied to her cryptocurrency work, often involving injunctive work and private international law issues.


‘The clerks are very user-friendly.  Chris Theobald is particularly good to work with.’

‘What sets 20 Essex Street apart is not only their exceptional legal expertise but also the unparalleled support provided by their clerks. The clerks at 20 Essex Street, in particular Arron Zitver is an invaluable asset, always ready to go above and beyond to assist with any queries or requests. Arron’s helpful and approachable nature fosters a positive working relationship, making it a pleasure to collaborate with him.’

‘A first class commercial chambers.’

’20 Essex have some stellar leaders and juniors and are a real stand-out sit for civil fraud and digital assets work.’




4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court‘s expertise in technology and banking has helped the chambers develop its interest in the cryptocurrency area, with members possessing an understanding of the cryptocurrency markets and related ecosystems. Alongside this, the set has good expertise in relation to representing clients in crypto-fraud and crypto asset recoveries, with Daniel Khoo  involved in Tulip Trading Limited v Bitcoin Association for BSV and ors, a professional negligence case brought by the owner of assets against developers of several cryptocurrencies.

Littleton Chambers

Littleton Chambers handle a wide variety of work, from contractual and regulatory aspects of blockchain including cryptocurrency trading disputes and smart contract matters. Andrew Maguire was involved in Jones v Persons Unknown v Huobi Globaly Ltd, where he obtained the first summary judgement against a crypto exchange, citing a constructive trust between the exchange and an investor.


‘Littleton are excellent.’

‘Scott Hersey and Dan Woodbridge are brilliant, very attentive and responsive and always look after me and the clients.’


The 36 Group

The 36 Group has been active in the development of the law relating to cryptoassets, NFTs, blockchain and smart contracts across multiple practice areas including art, taxation and data security. One such example is the set’s work in family matrimonial finance, where members such as Marc Samuels has dealt with issues relating to how cryptoassets are handled by the Court in a divorce. Ben Symons specialises in advice in commercial and tax matters related to cryptocurrency matters, covering areas such as the VAT treatment of cryptocurrency transactions and whether they are taxable, while Flavia Kenyon is noted for her work in disruptive technologies, cryptoassets and Web3.


‘The chambers has grown considerably and has great strength in depth.’