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Leading Silks

Brian Altman QC - 2 Bedford RowBrian is unstoppable. Like a steam-roller, once he's set his course, he won't deviate from his path and will crush anything that gets in the way. He has an absolute wealth of experience in dealing with the highest profile cases.
Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC2 Hare CourtSallie is a powerful and deadly advocate. Her cross-examinations are a masterclass in effective advocacy. She is 100% committed to a case.
Henry Blaxland QC - Garden Court ChambersHenry is a pleasure to work with. His decision making is incisive and faultless. He is involved in the preparation of the case whilst also allowing his junior a significant degree of autonomy in making tactical decisions. His advocacy is of course second to none; he commands the confidence of the Court and his manner with witnesses is equally firm and sympathetic. His manner instils confidence in the client.
George Carter-Stephenson QC25 Bedford RowHis mastery of detail is phenomenal. He brings decades’ worth of experience in defending the most serious allegations in the criminal calendar — he has seen pretty much everything there is to see, and yet retains a natural enthusiasm for his cases that makes him a formidable operator in court.
Rosina Cottage QC - Red Lion ChambersRosina is a dynamic and dedicated QC, able to deal with experts with aplomb. She has a fantastic level of emotional intelligence, which gives her a clear tactical advantage in criminal litigation.
Jeremy Dein QC25 Bedford RowJeremy has the ability to thrive under pressure and will always be prepared no matter what the task is at hand. An outstanding defence advocate who will always provide a first-class service to his clients. As a case unfolds sometimes the law becomes more complex, this is where he will leave others behind. Jeremy is also one of the finest appellant advocates at the criminal Bar. His written submissions are fantastic and his advocacy is tenacious.
Isabella Forshall QCDoughty Street ChambersIsabella has a fantastic manner with clients. She is loved by judges, is good at law, and gets fantastic results. Through her self-deprecating manner she charms the court, and lures witnesses into saying what is necessary to secure her clients acquittal. A great all round criminal defence lawyer. She is one of the very best.
Sarah Forshaw QC5KBW 'Sarah is a thoroughbred jury advocate. Her rapport with juries is instantaneous and her advocacy is clinical, shrewd and very persuasive. Sarah is willing to take on uncomfortable submissions without fear if the case demands it. Underlying her performance is a dedication to assimilating the detail of the cases she is engaged in, hard legal research, good judgment and considerable experience. And a desire to win for her clients.'
Oliver Glasgow QC - 2 Hare CourtOliver is First Senior Treasury Counsel. He is a class act. His memory is phenomenal, his command of facts is second to none, he is a first class lawyer and advocate. Forceful, direct and devastating. An opponent to be feared in court but a gent outside. Oliver is at the very top of his game.
Courtenay Griffiths QC25 Bedford RowAs a criminal defence advocate Courtenay is fearless - if there are ten silks in a case, he will shine as the star. The Legal 500 gave Courtenay a lifetime achievement award last year, it was richly deserved and his professional career continues to flourish, he is by no means finished yet. Courtenay gives closing speeches that are exceptional, when he speaks he is in total command of the room. Courtenay is and continues to be much admired and respected, he is simply put, a legend of the criminal Bar.
Ian Henderson QC - Farringdon ChambersIan is a charming and affable advocate who lulls all into a false sense of security before landing the killer blow. He works hard, understands his brief and clients love him.
Mark Heywood QC5KBW 'Mark is a masterpiece and the envy of other counsel. Every minute spent with this counsel is priceless. Leads imaginative, creative and thought provoking legal arguments resulting in successful outcomes. He will spend a considerable amount of time carefully developing a strategy, and ensure that every strand of the evidence is analysed. You would want him to represent you - period.'
Stephen Kamlish QCGarden Court ChambersSteve is intuitive in his approach and can almost smell a good legal point or area to pursue. He has outstanding knowledge of the law but can always see the narrative behind the prosecution case and is expert at teasing it out through, sometimes, daring legal arguments but always through outstanding cross examination. He gets on top of the brief very quickly, with laser-like ability to see the main issues and strengths/weaknesses.
Riel Karmy-Jones QCRed Lion ChambersRiel is one of the most incisive advocates used by the CPS. One of her many strengths is her ability to grasp the key issues in complex and sensitive cases and to provide advice of the highest quality. Her witness-handling skills are impressive; She can be wholly relied upon to treat vulnerable witnesses with care, empathy and professionalism to ensure that their best evidence is given. She has also demonstrated an ability to deliver excellent trial opening and closing speeches, and legal argument that indicates thorough and detailed case preparation to produce compelling and persuasive arguments on behalf of those instructing.
Brendan Kelly QC - 2 Hare CourtDebonair and never shies away from the fight.
Judy Khan QC - Garden Court ChambersJudy is always very well prepared. She has a brilliant legal mind and the capacity to recall authorities on almost any subject that arises during trial. She is tactically sound and maintains calm decision making under pressure. Her witness handling and advocacy are focussed, measured and persuasive. She engages the trust of trial judges and of the jury. All round a superb advocate.
Paul Mendelle QC - 25 Bedford RowPaul is one of the most distinguished practitioners at the Criminal Bar. He is honest, forensically thorough and supremely articulate — no client could hope or find better. Amongst his many strengths and qualities are his highly accomplished advocacy, the extremely high standard of his written submissions and his expert legal knowledge. He is a powerful presence in court and brings great authority to bear with real courtesy and charm.
Tim Moloney QC - Doughty Street ChambersHe is an absolute star to work with. He is thorough in his preparation and very engaging with clients. What is most impressive is his ability to analyse the evidence and develop a case theory - which he then sets about developing in and out of court. He is a superb jury advocate. His approach is very understated but fierce and robust when he needs to be.
Clare Montgomery QC - Matrix ChambersClare is the most exceptional barrister of her generation. She brings an encyclopedic knowledge of an enormously broad range of law and applies it with unwavering confidence to a range of complex and novel legal problems. Her work ethic, productivity, and speed is legendary allowing her to work on a large number of matters at any one time.
Orlando Pownall QC - 2 Hare CourtHis cross-examinations are carefully crafted and at times ruthless.
Jonathan Rees QC2 Hare CourtJonathan is one of the best Leading Counsel in criminal litigation. Highly adept in Court, his key strengths are thorough preparation, strategy, and ability to steer the course of proceedings in the most favourable way. He has the respect of courts and prosecutors for his clarity of legal argument where no word is wasted. There is no flannel nor bad points taken. Jonathan has been incredibly effective in my cases achieving outstanding acquittals or otherwise optimising the best outcome.
James Scobie QCGarden Court ChambersJames is unwaveringly focused when preparing for cases and pays extremely close attention to detail to ensure he is able to provide constructive and clear advice. His determination, drive and passion to ensure the client receives the best possible outcome never falters, and is evident to those around them and the results achieved. He is a perfectionist in his legal documents and leaves no stone unturned in any documents drafted. He is simply no nonsense, direct and candid when dealing with all matters at all times.
Jim Sturman QC - 2 Bedford RowJim's preparation is thorough and his tactics well thought out. This is important to ensure that cases progress well from start to finish. This also means that clients have confidence in their counsel has in depth knowledge of the case. A major strength is his willingness to involve all in the decision making process clients, partners and trainees. In court he can be charming but, where necessary, can be ruthless in cross examination.
Sasha Wass QC - 6KBW College HillSasha Wass QC is a true beacon in the criminal defence arena, a force to be reckoned with. If you are able to get get her, get her. Sasha commands respect from her peers effortlessly having carved herself out as being one of the greats over several decades. She adopts a no-nonsense approach and is always prepared and willing to cut through a deadlock situation. Excelling in the most sensitive and high profile of matters, Sasha possess an explosive talent in cross examination.
Richard Whittam QC - Matrix ChambersRichard is a highly skilled advocate. He is technical and commands the respect of the court. He has an exceptional ability to predict how matters will play out and is able to cut through to the issue. He has a real presence in the court room and is very well respected as a highly experienced prosecutor.
Zubair Ahmad QC - 2 Hare CourtHe goes in to court knowing the papers inside out and backwards.
Duncan Atkinson QC - 6KBW College HillDuncan is extremely diligent and hard working. He is a highly talented advocate, who juries in particular really warm to and respect. He is a commanding court room presence.
Tracy Ayling QC - 2 Bedford RowTracy is tenacious and has excellent judgement. She is well prepared, thoughtful and measured. Moreover she is a master tactician and is always evaluating and anticipating the tactics of the opposition. Moreover, no matter how difficult the tribunal or formidable the opposition, she remains undaunted and always fights her corner.
Narita Bahra QC  - 33 Chancery LaneNarita is tenacious and she leaves no stone uncovered. She will dive into the unused material and seek disclosure till there is nothing else left to consider, meaning that our clients can be assured that every avenue that could be considered has been. Her closing speeches are phenomenal and she is able to relate to a jury no matter what their background or age. A barrister who gets results.
Paul Bogan QC23ESHe has excellent client care skills, excellent rapport with clients and other professionals to include judges, solicitors and opponents at court. Everyone who comes into contact with him speaks highly of him. He works well with instructing solicitors and is always willing to go the extra mile. His advocacy skills are excellent and has the jury (and oftenjjudges) eating out of his hands.
Michael Bromley-Martin QC - Three Raymond BuildingsHe is absolutely first rate and still one of, if not the, very best Silks at the Bar. He is a skilled and polished advocate and a master tactician. He has a hawk’s eye for detail and a nose for any weakness in the prosecution case. He is approachable, impressive and scared of no-one. A true gladiator. This combined with acute intelligence, legal technical brilliance and exemplary charm make him of one of the most effective and charismatic Silks of our time. If I was ever in trouble I would stretch every sinew to get him on my side.
John Cammegh QC - The 36 GroupJohn fights his client’s corner with intelligence and style. He is a hugely cogent silk, with a beguiling jury manner.
John Cooper QC - 25 Bedford RowHe is ferocious in court.
Mark Cotter QC - 5 St Andrews HillMark is an extremely approachable and knowledgeable silk. Clients like his down-to-earth attitude.
Simon Denison QC - 6KBW College HillAn excellent and highly regarded advocate who has a detailed command of complex facts.
Peter Doyle QC - 25 Bedford RowPeter is an extremely clever and persuasive jury advocate of the highest calibre. He is a charming and highly effective jury advocate who advances his client's case rigorously and with the utmost skill. He is very well respected and liked by everyone who works with him. A genuine leader in his field.
Diana Ellis QC - 25 Bedford RowDiana has incredible presence and poise in court. Judges, juries and witnesses all warm to her. This is an enormous asset to those she represents
David Etherington QC - Red Lion ChambersAn outstanding jury advocate. By the persuasiveness and honesty of his advocacy David can secure acquittals in the face of strong evidence. It is a joy to behold. He is well-respected. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. A delightful man.
Francis FitzGibbon QC23ESFrancis is industrious and methodical. He works well to get the most out of his opponents. He is courteous and has a measured effective court style. He plans witness handling carefully and juries find him reassuring. Good planning and competent advocate.
Mozammel Hossain QC - 187 Fleet Street ChambersMozammel is a very charismatic presence in the courtroom with a unique and forceful advocacy style all his own. Once seen and heard, never forgotten.
Allison Hunter QC - 23ESAllison is a unique advocate because her affable manner, both in and out of court belies a determined advocate with a steely determination to get the right result, whether prosecuting or defending. She has a prodigious grasp of the detail of her cases, is a devastating cross-examiner and delivers closing speeches that leave opponents almost no room to manoeuvre.
Paul Hynes QC25 Bedford RowPaul is almost frighteningly clever, but his major strength is that he is able to prevent that from becoming intimidating to juries, who love him. His ability to move seamlessly between high level legal submissions to senior judges, gaining the confidence of vulnerable defendants, and making accessible and compelling submissions to a jury, is incredibly impressive. There’s nothing he can’t do.
David Jeremy QCQEB Hollis WhitemanDavid is a powerful and authentic advocate who persuades both judges and juries with advocacy that is honest and compelling — judges trust him, and juries look to him. He never takes a bad point — his cross-examinations and speeches are targeted and lethal. He’s the kind of quality brief that co-defendants end up wishing they had on their team.
Gillian Jones QCRed Lion ChambersGillian is one of the finest advocates working at the Bar today. She possesses a special legal acumen which she combines with a charm and eloquence that make her devastatingly effective in front of both judge and jury.
Paul Keleher QC25 Bedford RowPaul  is a silk operating at the very top of his game. He stands heads above all other silks the courtroom in terms of his encyclopaedic knowledge and understanding of the law. He is highly intelligent, not afraid to make complex legal arguments and always knows every inch of his brief. Paul also has an excellent command of technology and deploys it for the advantage of the jury. He has the ability to make the jury swiftly understand complex topics, as a result, juries trust him.
Philippa McAtasney QC - Furnival ChambersShe is razor-sharp and an unparalleled tactician. A fearless and formidable advocate.
Rajiv Menon QCGarden Court ChambersRajiv is an elegant and compelling advocate who has a passion for defending clients. The combination of a deep insight into the legal process, flair as an advocate and technical mind is a winning one.
Mark Milliken-Smith QC - 2 Bedford RowHe can give clear advice in a sensitive way.
Alison Morgan QC - 6KBW College HillShe is a superb strategist.
Stephen Moses QC - Furnival ChambersStephen is an excellent advocate who sees the larger picture of a case, and has an instinctive ability to foresee how matters will unfold and play that to the client's advantage. Stephen is always willing to go the extra mile, and provides an excellent service to professional and lay clients alike. Stephen's cross-examination is excellent, and speeches have the right mix of humour and sincerity, driving the client's defence home.
Cairns Nelson QC - 23ESHe relates equally well with high court judges as he does with lay clients and jury. His attitude to client care is second to none. Many silks can be rather "hands-off" when it comes to interacting with lay clients but this is certainly not true of Cairns who is careful to make his client feel an important part of the process. This natural ability to interact with others translates into him being a most impressive and relatable jury advocate.
Icah Peart QC - Garden Court ChambersIcah is charming, passionate, tenacious and hard working. Closing speeches are well structured and persuasive. Great client care and handling.
Duncan Penny QC - 6KBW College HillDuncan is extremely diligent and hard working. He is a highly talented advocate, who juries in particular really warm to and respect. He is a commanding court room presence.
Simon Pentol QC25 Bedford RowSimon is committed. He is a straightforward opponent who argued and fought hard for his client. He delivered a powerful speech bringing together the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
Lewis Power QC - Church Court ChambersLewis disarms his opponent and their witnesses in court with charm and his easy going manner. Juries hang on his every word.
Steven Powles QCDoughty Street ChambersSteven is an expert in this field and a compelling advocate. In potentially very emotive proceedings Steven is calm and authoritative and of great re-assurance to clients. He excels in criminal appeals, demonstrating thorough preparation and encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.
John Ryder QC - 6KBW College HillOne of very best criminal advocates of his generation. He has a gift for language that he deploys with great skill in his cases, whether it is delivering withering cross-examination or a heartfelt jury speech. I have seen him charm and engage even the hardest of judges, such is his skill.’
Oliver Saxby QC - Six Pump CourtOliver is a brilliant cross-examiner and a real jury advocate. A class act.
Mathew Sherratt QC - Thomas More ChambersA hugely impressive advocate. His expert knowledge of the law, and his ability to apply that knowledge to fast-changing scenarios, is particularly stellar.
Alisdair Williamson QC - Three Raymond BuildingsAlisdair is a relatively new silk but has taken to it effortlessly. Clear and cogent on his feet, he is also strong on the law. He’s determined and hard working. He had a particularly difficult, one might say hopeless defence (as we realistically all did) in the face of overwhelming evidence. You would not have known it. He gave a very tight closing speech. He is simply impressive.
James Wood QCDoughty Street ChambersJames is truly one of the top silks in higher tier terrorism Cases. No point gets by him. He is relentless in his preparation and never gives up, no matter how hostile the judge. If I was in trouble, I’d ask for James.
Richard Wormald QCThree Raymond BuildingsA superb advocate and trial barrister, he is persuasive and eloquent.
John McGuinness QC - Foundry Chambers 'The obvious choice for any prosecution in which the stakes are high and the issues are complex. He inspires trust and confidence from the court and the client and is an absolute pleasure to deal with.'
Christine Agnew QC - 2 Bedford RowChristine is a natural and superb jury advocate - she is an authoritative and commanding presence but an excellent team player .
Tony Badenoch QC - 6KBW College HillA real treat to watch in cross-examination.
Alex Bailin QC - Matrix ChambersAlex is brilliant. He is tactically astute and has a really impressive grasp of criminal law issues and can also bring to bear his expertise in public law and human rights to make him a wonderfully versatile advocate and first choice for any criminal law matters that engage issues like journalistic freedom of expression, such as investigations and prosecutions of journalists and publishers. He articulates his advice clearly and succinctly to clients and is a well prepared and extremely accomplished advocate.
Ali Bajwa QC  - QEB Hollis Whiteman  ‘Ali is a truly gifted advocate and his knowledge, even of the most complex of law and procedure is totally amazing. He is a formidable opponent for the most high ranking of lawyers. He often will outclass his opponents in both knowledge and style.
Jason Bartfeld QC - 187 Fleet Street ChambersA proactive, persuasive, and tactful negotiator
Jeremy Benson QCRed Lion ChambersJeremy’s cross examination of both civilian eye-witnesses and expert witnesses is both skilful and meticulous: he never asks an unnecessary question and at times left witnesses oblivious to the ground they had conceded. In legal argument he has the respect of the judge and in his closing speeches hold the attention and interest of the jury. He leads an inclusive team, taking on board views of solicitors as well as those of junior counsel.
David Bentley QCDoughty Street ChambersDavid is a very understated advocate who presents his case with calmness and efficiency. Never one to make a point that doesn’t need to be made. He deals with difficult cut-throats well, giving ground when he ought to and standing ground when he has to. His performances are impressive.
Anthony Berry QC9 Bedford RowA powerful advocate — he is everything that juries expect a QC to be. Articulate, and a real presence. Juries love him.
Kate Bex QCRed Lion ChambersKate is a consumate performer. Nothing fazes her. She is a very strong, confident presence in court who prepares every case extremely thoroughly, trusted by the court, her own team and her professional colleagues. She is mainly a prosecutor but also an effective defence advocate.
Jane Bickerstaff QC - 9 Bedford RowJane is a tough, no-nonsense prosecutor. She’s straight-speaking and good with juries, calm and professional under fire, and gets results.
Oliver Blunt QC - Furnival ChambersOliver is a very experienced advocate who has excellent judgment in all decision-making processes within a trial.
Charles Bott QC - Mountford ChambersAn excellent silk.
Kirsty Brimelow QCDoughty Street ChambersKristy  is an experienced, committed and hard working silk, who goes the extra mile for clients. Kristy has particular expertise in criminal cases involving issues of international law and human rights, deriving from vast, unparalleled experience in the field. She fights hard for the clients, but is unfailingly courteous, engaging, and is a pleasure to have as an opponent.
Caroline Carberry QC - Furnival ChambersCaroline is a formidable advocate, who combines effortless eloquence with incisive intelligence and charm.
Richard Christie QC187 Fleet Street ChambersRichard’s industry is a marvel to behold, his command of every piece of evidence is prodigious, and his determination to take every arguable point and argue it fully and forcefully is admirable. He is a fearless advocate, excellent with both lay and expert evidence, and a forceful cross-examiner. He is a skilful advocate, equally adept in making in legal submissions to a judge as he in in making speeches to a jury.
Giles Cockings QC - Furnival ChambersGiles is an outstanding barrister. Highly intelligent and exceptionally hard working, he has the innate capacity to see the wider picture in any trial, so as to advance his client's case with a tactical precision that is second to none.
Annabel Darlow QC - 6KBW College HillHer understated advocacy style is very effective with judges and juries alike.
Adam Davis QC3 Temple GardensAdam is  a hugely respected silk who is fiercely bright. He is easily able to persuade a tribunal and has a calm but strategic manner which plays out well in the most demanding and complex of heavyweight cases.
Sarah Elliott QC - Doughty Street ChambersSarah is a superb cross-examiner. She is forensic in her approach to examining witnesses and she is brilliant at exploiting points that may assist the defence case. Sarah knows how to make the pitch perfect closing speech — she is exceptional at presenting her clients case to a jury. She is also a very sensible tactician and her approach strategic approach to cases is invaluable.
Philip Evans QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanPhilip is an extremely talented barrister. His court skill is matched only by his written work, both of which are outstanding. He has an excellent work ethic, fantastic communication and an exceptional eye for detail. I would highly recommend him.
Mark Fenhalls QC - 23ESAbsolute class performer. Manages clients brilliantly and offers clear cogent advice.
Edward Fitzgerald QCDoughty Street ChambersHe has a brilliant knowledge of constitutional and human rights case law. He is very well-prepared and able to grasp complex ideas and explain them to the tribunal. He has a great  manner with clients.
Rudi Fortson QC - 25 Bedford RowRudi is unparalleled so far as technical points of law are concerned. His skills of statutory construction and interpretation are exceptional for a criminal barrister. For this reason, he is often the choice of a defendant who wants to explore a difficult test case.
Danny Friedman QCMatrix ChambersDanny brings a pragmatic, incisive and level-headed approach, jettisoning superfluous arguments to focus on those points that had a the best chance of persuading the court. He marshalls voluminous and complex evidence meticulously and over the course of a day presents arguments to the Court of Appeal succinctly and persuasively.
Kerim Fuad QC - Church Court ChambersA silk you can trust to leave no stone unturned; no small detail escapes his attention. His advocacy is a work of art.
Martin Goudie QC - Crucible ChambersMartin is always incredibly well prepared, and has a thorough understanding of the details of any case he handles.
Henry Grunwald QC - Crucible ChambersA silk known for his meticulous preparation and extremely calm manner. He is a persuasive jury advocate.
Jacob Hallam QC - 6KBW College HillA greatly admired silk who has the facts of the case at his fingertips. A powerful advocate. A good lawyer commanding the confidence of the court. Considerable trial management skills. Fair but resolute.
Mark Harries QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersMark is extremely intelligent, and has an excellent ability to express complex matters in straightforward and logical terms. He is an exceptional advocate.
Caroline Haughey QC - Furnival ChambersCaroline is a fierce cross examiner and is a real force to be reckoned with. She is highly intelligent, extremely dedicated and hardworking.
Alexandra Healy QCFoundry ChambersAlexandra is a fantastic strategist, and is meticulous and quick in her analysis and assessment of even the most complex of cases. She is well liked by clients and has a fantastic command of the courtroom and jury. She has a fabulous style and ability to find pragmatic solutions.
Christopher Henley QC - Mountford ChambersHe fights hard for his client and his witness handling skills are extremely impressive. In court, he is calm, tenacious, skillful and highly persuasive, which makes for a very effective combination.
Martin Hicks QC - 2 Hare CourtMartin is a great QC who does the work and is tenacious. He has a simple manner with clients who have his full confidence and he is never afraid to speak his mind.
David Hislop QCDoughty Street ChambersDavid is incredibly versatile. He is able to apply his formidable mind to an array of complex situations and he is able to instil justified confidence in his team. His written advices are particularly helpful although he is extremely good in client conferences as he adapts well to his variety of clientele. Best of all, he is magnificent on his feet commanding respect from the courts he addresses. The opposition should be nervous if David is instructed. His preparation is meticulous and ingenious. David is respected and admired by clients and professionals alike.
William Hughes QC - Foundry ChambersAn industrious silk who is totally committed to every case. His calm manner ensures clients are at ease.
Michael Ivers QC - Garden Court ChambersMichael is an excellent advocate and tactician.
Aftab Jafferjee QC6KBW College HillAftab masters complex and difficult cases very quickly and engages with the client.
Richard Jory QC - Foundry ChambersA charming and effective advocate.
Lee Karu QC9 Bedford RowAn all-round class act and a formidable jury advocate. He deals with the most serious criminal cases in which reputational stakes are extremely high for the client. He is one of the most tactically astute silks and a real leader in his field.
Alan Kent QC - Mountford ChambersA very smooth advocate, who is calm under pressure and extremely jury friendly.
Abbas Lakha QC9 Bedford RowAbbas has a collaborative and extremely effective leadership style which instils confidence in clients and brings out the best in the team. Client know that he understands their position and feel very well represented by Abbas. Abbas is a polished and effective advocate, and a tough negotiator. He masters complex materials quickly and pinpoints the essential factual and legal matters. Abbas stands out among leading silks as a clever, creative thinker, always with an eye on the big picture.
Tom Little QC - 9 Gough ChambersHe prepares his cases inside out so that he knows what points the opposing side may take before they do. He is tactical yet fair and pulls no punches in court. A forthright silk who judges trust.
Brian St. Louis QC - 15 New Bridge StreetBrian has the exceptional ability to transform hopeless cases into winners, he chips away at the prosecution case in a tenacious and skilful manner, he always ensures the best outcome for his clients. Brian is a brilliant cross-examiner, he prepares meticulously and delivers with aplomb. He has a commanding court room presence and gravitas. Brian's speeches are captivating and juries love him. An outstanding Silk.
Kate Lumsdon QC - 23ESKate is exceptional. She pays meticulous attention to detail; has a very calm and reassuring manner; is formidable in case presentation. Juries love her. Her determined modesty and she has a knack of hitting the nail on the head when it comes to cross examination.
Louis Mably QC6KBW College HillLouis is a very cerebral and effective barrister. He is the perfect blend of the academic lawyer and the jury advocate – a rare breed. He has a real ability to distil complex questions to their essentials and then communicate elegantly to judge or jury. In my view he is undoubtedly first senior treasury counsel material. He has the complete trust and respect of the judiciary and his opponents. He is a no nonsense practitioner who is unflappable. If Louis agrees with you then that is usually a sure sign you will win.
Eloise Marshall QC - 23ESEloise is an advocate of the highest order — fearless in cross-examination and a shrewd tactician. Eloise has unpicked cases to reveal legal and factual points that have won out in court and is great with clients.
Michael Mather-Lees QC - Church Court ChambersMichael's organisational skills, legal knowledge and work ethic are very impressive. Due to his medical background, he is an enormous asset in serious cases with medical aspects.
Anthony Metzer QC - Goldsmith ChambersA persuasive and solid advocate, who has an analytical eye for detail and demonstrates consummate professionalism.
Naeem Mian QC - Naeem Mian QC ChambersHe has particular strength in handling serious crime and terrorism cases. Great with clients, and brilliant to work with.
Charles Miskin QC - 23ESCharles is a very skilled and effective prosecution barrister. He has a very easy and understated manner which belies his considerable skill and ability. He is clearly someone who is quick to gain the trust of the judge and jury. He is very personable and charming and a pleasure to work with.
James Mulholland QC - 23ESApproachable, hardworking and sensible in his approach.
Tim Owen QCMatrix ChambersTim is exceptionally hard working, conscientious and has excellent judgement. He gets on very well with the clients and the junior counsel.
Pavlos Panayi QC - 7BRPavlos is meticulous in his preparation of cases, exceptional with clients, and an excellent advocate.
Gareth Patterson QC6KBW College HillGareth’s courtroom manner is the epitome of courtesy; he is nevertheless scrupulously attentive to the detail of his case, and imperturbable. He has a fine intellect, so does not pursue the weaker points and concentrates the jury’s attention on his best points.
Steven Perian QC - 2 King's Bench Walk ChambersAn industrious, approachable and charming silk.
John Price QC - 23ESA brilliant silk and the pre-eminent silk for prosecuting cases of complexity and sensitivity, particularly where there are difficult questions of law.
Justin Rouse QC - 9 Bedford RowJustin is a superb orator. He has a facility with language which makes his speeches to the jury a joy to listen to. There is a freshness to his address to juries which avoids all the tired, worn themes and clichés. He is an excellent lawyer, who bides his time and then pounces. He is very fair and has the complete respect of his fellow barristers and the judiciary. He is a class act.
Martin Rutherford QC - 15 New Bridge StreetMartin is a gent. Very calm and unflappable — he had a lovely manner with the Jury but was robust when circumstances required. Above all, Martin has been strong judgement in terms of identifying the correct tactical approach to the issues and challenges in a case and how best to achieve tactical objectives.
Rossano Scamardella QC23ESRossano has outstanding communication skills with clients of all backgrounds. He is meticulous in respect of the work that they do, in particular, building cases around unused material. The closing speeches that Rossano delivers are second to none. His delivery is calm and submissions are completely heard and understood by whichever jury has the pleasure to hear him. His style of cross examination is an education.
Charles Sherrard QC - Furnival ChambersA fearless advocate – juries love him, and he is a favourite with judges.
Jo Sidhu QC - 25 Bedford RowJo prepares his case very diligently and his advocacy is seamless and eloquent. He is very thorough with his preparation and is exceptionally good at strategising on behalf of his client's best interests. He is very charming with juries, judges and opponents alike. He is adept at honing in on the issues that juries are concerned with and shaping his defence to hone in on the jury concern
Tyrone Smith QC25 Bedford RowTyrone has a measured and determined approach and is extremely good with young and vulnerable defendants facing murder. He is a new breed of silk with a good thirst for PR and client management, both professional and lay. He is well-liked by his contemporaries and the judges and he is affable, warm and engaging in all that he does. He takes great interest in his juniors and whilst running an extremely busy and successful practice he maintains a hands-on approach to his cases.
David Spens QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanDavid has an incredibly endearing style in front of a jury. He is calm but forceful and always unflappably polite. Juries really warm to his meticulous approach and soothing demeanour, which from my experience instills within them a sense of confidence in the case that David puts forward.
Louise Sweet QC2 Bedford RowLouise is one of the most hard-working and conscientious barristers, leaving no stone unturned to get the best possible result for a very demanding clients. Where there were legitimate points of law to be taken, they are taken concisely and persuasively. Vulnerable witnesses receive care par excellence.
Bernard Tetlow QC - Garden Court ChambersBernard represents his clients with flair using his personality. They manage to use humour appropriately whatever the allegations. A powerful jury advocate.
Katy Thorne QCDoughty Street ChambersKaty is an exceptional QC. She has very good rapport with clients, and most importantly of course she has an in depth knowledge of the evidence and is a highly skilled advocate.
Stuart Trimmer QC - 4BB
Kieran Vaughan QC - 2 Bedford RowHe has a laid back manner and charming way that conceal he is hard working and tactically very shrewd.
Edmund Vickers QCRed Lion ChambersEdmund is a fine and strong barrister. He is measured, calm and determined. He is a thoughtful and humane operator. Edmund’s knowledge of the law is par excellence and coupled with his good judgement, he achieves excellent results for his clients. His sole focus is the best outcome for his clients.
Clare Wade QC - Garden Court ChambersClaire is a particularly talented Barrister. She is able to absorb and navigate expert reports very quickly culminating in skilful cross-examination of the experts.
Jeremy Wainwright QC - 3 Temple GardensJeremy has a charming, easy-going manner and a warm, engaging advocacy style that puts juries at ease. Despite his laid back approach, Jeremy is tenacious and determined, never failing to pursue the points or issues that are important to his client's case. He is highly effective and a pleasure to be in a trial with.
Adrian Waterman QC - Matrix ChambersAdrian is an intellectual giant. He is able to identify complex points and present them with clarity, and he is fearless in court. He is a versatile lawyer and advocate and is able to turn his hand to more than one area of law. He is extremely hard-working and a pleasure to work with.
David Whittaker QC - 2 Hare CourtDavid is an exceptional barrister. He makes clients, who are charged with really serious offences, feel at ease and as though they are in safe hands. He has an exceptional ability to command a room and gain the attention of a jury, in an understated and endearing way. He is not afraid to make bold decisions at trial. He is forceful with client's whilst also demonstrating great empathy and understanding. I would not hesitate to instruct David time and again.
Peter Wilcock QC - Garden Court ChambersPeter is a clever and hard working lawyer. He can both do technical law and knock-about advocacy. Jurors like his easy warmth and judges trust and respect him. A real star of the Bar.
Lisa Wilding QC23ESLisa is a star performer. She is genuinely a class act. She fights her way through bloody cut-throats; her cross-examination on evidence such as phone schedules is a thing of beauty. Her judgement is impeccable, and she commands courtrooms.
Tana Adkin QC15 New Bridge StreetTana impresses through her ability to form a good relationship with lay clients, this includes clients with complex needs. She is a silk who pursues issues that are capable of working to the benefit of her case in a dogged manner and in the face of pressure to desist. Tana puts in a lot of legwork in case preparation and this often reaps reward as she displays a thorough knowledge of her case in argument.
Anand Beharrylal QC2 Bedford RowAnand’s strengths are client care, attention to detail, and excellent manner with a range of clients. If I was ever in need of representation, he would be at the top of my list.
Brenda Campbell QC - Garden Court ChambersBrenda’s strengths would be cross-examination and attention to fine detail and her preparedness for trial knowing all aspects of her case extremely well, preparing for the unforeseeable.
Jennifer Dempster QCRed Lion ChambersJenni’s attention to detail is second to none – a real mastermind when it comes to cross-examination. There are few who can match a trial performance like her's.
Adrian Eissa QC - MC ChambersAdrian is an outstanding all-round barrister who makes persuasive arguments before the Court of Appeal. He is truly a titan at the criminal Bar.
David Emanuel QCGarden Court ChambersDavid has to be the best QC that I have ever instructed. He has recently finished a massive drug and firearms case for me at the Birmingham Crown Court where the client was facing a substantial sentence. Our client was found not guilty on three counts of the indictment the most serious offences. David is a first class lawyer whom I would not hesitate to recommend.
Tom Forster QC - Red Lion ChambersTom is hard-working and methodical. His sense of humour. Tactically astute.
Dean George QC - 2 Bedford RowDean has both confidence and persistence.
Peter Glenser QC - 9 Bedford RowOne of the most charming and likeable barristers/opponents I have come across in recent times. Peter is a minister for justice in the true sense of the word, both fair minded but with equal vigour in his presentation of the prosecution case. A does to earth approach which makes it hard to defend against because he is immediately liked by both juries and judges. His witness handling of frightened bystanders was a joy to watch and he is, in my view, a first class barrister. I would very much like to defend with him too where he will undoubtedly demonstrate his flair in a defence context.
Edward Henry QC  – Mountford Chambers ‘Edward is a brilliant lawyer. An advocate’s advocate, fierce intellect, and hugely aware tactically. He’s a lateral thinker when there is a problem without a resolution and passionate about the lay client. Juries love him counsel, because he is a character of a type they don’t make any more, enthralling the court.
Ignatius Hughes QC - 9 Bedford RowIgnatius is an able and fluent advocate, who has considerable presence in court. His judgement is sound, and he is an excellent lawyer, with a fine grasp of all relevant authorities. He is diligent, hard-working, and tenacious. He is held in high regard by the judiciary and profession alike.
Elizabeth Marsh QC - 9 Bedford RowA hands-on silk and a first-class operator; a force to be reckoned with. You want her in your corner not for the other side! She knows every detail of her cases and woe betide an ill-prepared prosecutor.
Keir Monteith QC - Garden Court ChambersKeir is a first rate jury advocate who has the charm to persuade juries to agree with his position. Keir is able to put his client's at ease and is forensic with his analysis of cases.
Sally O'Neill QC - Furnival ChambersA remarkable lawyer who commands respect from all in her presence. When she speaks, people listen.
Christopher Paxton QC - Red Lion ChambersHe is meticulous in his preparation, an impressive jury advocate, and firm but fair opponent, and has the respect of the judiciary.  Despite being relatively junior in silk, Christopher is already in demand in very heavy silk cases and is taking it all in his stride. A class act.
Danny Robinson QC5KBW 'Danny comes across as the most approachable and friendly barrister you could hope to meet. His real strengths though are in his impeccable legal arguments. He is seriously impressive when dealing with highly complex matters of law and he commands the respect of the court and opponents alike. Clients just think he's lovely.'
Julia Smart QCFurnival ChambersJulia will always go the extra mile for her clients and will leave no stone unturned in their defence. Julia is always on top of her brief and is very well liked by her clients. She is a first-class advocate who is highly regarded.
Paul Taylor QC - Doughty Street ChambersPaul's expertise in appeal matters is exceptional. He has an impressive meticulous attention to detail - ascertains key issues and tactically is very astute. He's a pleasure to work with.
Natasha Wong QC5KBW 'Natasha is a confident QC who clearly mastered the intricate, arcane and legally complex issues in this case and remains unruffled by court room pressure. I was impressed by the way she managed a very difficult and demanding client. She identifies the profitable areas to focus on in a dense and voluminous case and commands the respect of the Court.'
Hossein Zahir QC - Garden Court ChambersHis preparation, client care and dedication to a case is nothing but outstanding. Hossein Zahir QC leaves no stone unturned and puts clients at ease with his confidence, knowledge and ability to speak to clients on their level.

2020 Silks

Leon Kazakos QC - 2 Hare CourtLeon is an exceptional barrister and there is no case which he doesn't fit. He attention to detail is impeccable, his advocacy is top notch and his client care is exceptional. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is so knowledgeful but also a genuinely nice person.
Jennifer Knight QC - 2 Harcourt BuildingsA very talented and erudite silk. Her calm yet firm demeanour instills confidence in clients from the outset of a case.
Adrian Langdale QC - 7BRA highly talented defence advocate.
Samuel Magee QC - 2 Bedford RowSam is articulate and presents his arguments with clarity and finesse. He is charming and puts clients at ease. He is very down to earth and approachable. He takes his time with clients to explain difficult concepts in simple terms which is appreciated by them. An invaluable asset to Chambers.
Charlotte Newell QC5KBW 'Frighteningly bright in her grasp of papers. Impressive in her dissection of a case and immensely focussed in trial preparation. She handles difficult clients with ease and reassurance.'
Jane Osborne QC - 2 Harcourt BuildingsJane’s advocacy is persuasive and direct. She is a down-to-earth and approachable silk.
Paul Raudnitz QC - QEB Hollis WhitemanPaul brings his extensive prosecution experience to a defence practice with great effect - he has a good instinct for anticipating what the prosecution's response will be. He has a deep understanding of the operation of trading standards offences, which can be highly technical in nature and often involve complex time limit provisions.
Stan Reiz QC - 2 Bedford RowStan has a methodical approach to analysing evidence. He is able to explain the law with such ease to clients and jurors which makes him so desirable to instruct as he will get results. Stan's legal knowledge is exceptional meaning that he is well respected by Judges and other professionals in the field.
Melanie Simpson QC - 25 Bedford RowMelanie is an exceptional barrister. She had a heavyweight practise prior to taking Silk and has continued with that practise in Silk. She has no weaknesses. Her core strengths are: brilliant on the law, incisive in terms of her examination of witnesses, she makes the complex look simple, clients and juries love her resulting in her achieving acquittals for clients who count themselves lucky she was their barrister.

2021 Silks

Emma Goodall QCDoughty Street ChambersEmma is incredibly hardworking and dedicated. She is very good in court and her submissions are always clear, concise, and to the point. She has a very good manner with clients. When instructed on a case, Emma is very easy to work with and her case preparation is superb.
William Emlyn Jones QCThree Raymond BuildingsBill is one of the leading prosecutors in the country. There is no weakness in his armoury. He is a first rate lawyer and a persuasive advocate. His tactical judgement is outstanding. He combines tenacity with a deep-rooted sense of fairness.
Anya Lewis QC - Garden Court ChambersAnya is superb.
Simon Taylor QC - Six Pump CourtAn outstanding court performer. He has a particular talent for making complex topics accessible to juries. His fearless advocacy attracts admiration from opponents, clients and judges.

2022 Silks

Nneka Akudolu QC - 2 Hare CourtNneka has superb attention to detail and great client care skills.
Jacqueline Carey QC - 2 Bedford RowJacqueline is clever and capable. She is able to think on her feet and quickly gets to the heart of the issues in a case. She is always full of energy and is a real team player. Her written work and legal analysis is well-prepared and persuasive.
Mark Gatley QCGarden Court ChambersMark has a sharp insight and thorough and diligent approach to case preparation. He is able to crystallise the essence of a case making it easy for instructing solicitors and clients to focus on the key areas in the case. Mark has a calm, yet firm and determined approach to his advocacy which delivers results. His quiet charm can often disguise his formidable strength when challenging the Crown’s case.
Laurie-Anne Power QC - 25 Bedford RowLaurie-Anne is a hardworking, committed advocate with a fantastic acquittal rate. She is an outstanding advocate. She is balanced and down to earth in her approach. She is able to show empathy with defendants and their families which is a key skill in my view. She is able to quickly gain the trust of clients and this assists when obtaining detailed instructions from difficult / vulnerable clients in complex or serious cases.
Nathan Rasiah QC - 23ESHe is very bright and fantastic on his feet. A quick thinker. He prosecutes fearlessly but fairly and is a pleasure as an opponent. He fights his corner very hard. A class act.
Richard Thomas QC - Doughty Street ChambersRichard is a fantastic advocate and strategist. He really has the ear of the court. He is great on his feet and is a fearless cross-examiner.
Sarah Vine QC - Doughty Street ChambersSarah is an incredibly hard worker, and diligent in her preparation. Her use of English in her written pleading phenomenal, which makes any written argument succinct and effective. Sarah also has an easy and affable charm which puts clients at their ease, which professional clients love her for.
Liam Walker QCDoughty Street ChambersHe has a reputation for being excellent in cases involving allegations of murder, drugs offences, gang violence and cross-examination of experts.
Gudrun Young QC2 Hare CourtGudrun is a brilliant, with straightforward communication with clients, juries and the judiciary. She is exceptionally hardworking. Gudrun is strategically astute, has a keen eye for detail and is also a persuasive advocate. She fiercely fights in her clients’ corner, but she is also respected by her opponents.

Leading Juniors

Aisling Byrnes25 Bedford RowAisling’s star quality was obvious from the start. She is very clever, an excellent lawyer, a commanding cross examiner and a powerful and persuasive advocate. Her success as an advocate is not just because of her natural brilliance or her legal learning, but because she works extraordinarily hard on her cases and takes no prisoners when dealing with opponents and judges. She is not just exceptionally good with difficult cases and clients, she is exceptionally good at every aspect of the job.
Piers MarquisDoughty Street ChambersPiers is just a top barrister — hard working, committed, unflappable and totally dedicated to the cause. He has an excellent manner with clients and is respected by all for his professional, no nonsense approach in all of his cases. He can master and assimilate vast amounts of material.
Martin McCarthyFarringdon ChambersMartin is in command of his papers (which can be voluminous running to thousands) and robustly cross examines witnesses.
Michael Neofytou25 Bedford RowMichael has a very good manner with clients and always is very well prepared. He is able to work well under pressure and is very efficient and is contactable when an issue arises on a case. He is not fazed by anything that arises at the last minute.
Arlette Piercy25 Bedford RowArlette is an excellent counsel who takes every possible legal argument, puts clients at ease and goes way beyond what is expected of counsel. She is an excellent speech maker and cross examiner. She would always be my first choice of counsel clients are always impressed by her.
Elisabeth Acker - 23ESLizzy is hardworking, enthusiastic, and determined. She puts lay clients at their ease and has the confidence of her professional clients, her opponents, and the court.
Emma Akuwudike - 25 Bedford RowEmma is an extremely able lawyer. She is very bright, hard-working, focussed and has an impressive ability to master large and complicated case papers efficiently and effectively. She is also very supportive and a team player.
Graham Arnold - Farringdon ChambersGraham never gives up no matter how hard the odds are. He is the advocate of choice for difficult clients and hard cases.
Farrhat ArshadDoughty Street ChambersFarrhat is a very hard working and intelligent advocate who is also tactically astute. She has a very easy manner with clients and is able to quickly gain their trust.
Christopher Bertham3 Temple GardensChristopher is an impressive, conscientious and hard-working junior, who doesn’t stint in his preparation of cases, and has excellent advocacy skills. He has very sound judgement and is able to make a well-reasoned assessment of a case and the issues in it, which is reflective of his very thorough preparation. His advice, both oral and written, is objective, articulate and to the point. He has very good court presence, and is concise, cogent and persuasive in his advocacy.
Jo Cecil - Garden Court ChambersJo is a superb, hardworking, skillful barrister. She has secured bail for clients against the odds. She successfully appealed a conviction in circumstances where the evidence was overwhelming.
Orla Daly - QEB Hollis WhitemanOrla is fantastic at reading the court room, and adapts to her audience in a fantastic way. I do not hesitate to instruct Orla especially in cases where the client or victim is vulnerable. She has a fantastic skill of being able to carefully craft cross-examination in sensitive situations, whilst still securing the best outcome for the client.
Claire Davies - Farringdon ChambersClaire is a very fine advocate whose cases are always meticulously prepared.
Charles Evans - 15 New Bridge StreetCharles is a first class advocate who is always on top of his brief. He has a no nonsense approach to cases, and is very personable with clients. Charles will always make himself available for a chat about a case and is very on top of the law.
Paul Evans - Red Lion ChambersPaul is a top quality junior with very good work. Fantastic client skills. Smooth, calm and professional court manner. Excellent all round.
Mark Fraser – Rose Court ChambersA sharp, insightful, and very smooth advocate. He is brilliant with clients and makes them feel at ease.
Richard Furlong - Mountford ChambersRichard is a fierce and hugely bright advocate. He excels in the most challenging of cases.
Leila Gaskin - Crucible ChambersLeila is an impressive performer in court where she exudes confidence and professionalism. She has a commendable work ethic.
Blinne Ní GhrálaighMatrix ChambersBlinne’s dedication, commitment and creative thinking are striking. She leaves no stone unturned in considering possible defences for her clients. She is a supremely clever, diligent and hard working barrister.
Tom Godfrey23ESTom has an eye for detail and a confident grasp of the law. His outstanding feature is his ability to relate to both professional and last clients - he is able to reassure the nervous client, calm the belligerent and win over the sceptical. His charm and courtesy makes him popular with opponents, judges and the court.
Carolina Guiloff25 Bedford RowCarolina is hard-working and an excellent advocate.
Claire Harden-Frost - 9 Gough ChambersShe combines excellent advocacy with a charming and unflappable demeanour.
Joanna Hardy-Susskind –Red Lion ChambersJoanna combines the sensitivity and care needed in a case with the firmness, clarity and focus required in order to fully set out her case in a trial in which the jury may have initially taken against her client due to the nature of the allegations. Joanna cross-examines complainants in an effective and sensitive way. Overall, she is an excellent and very able trial advocate.
Scott Ivill - 2 Hare CourtScott is a first class advocate whose oral advocacy is excellent. He is extremely articulate and persuasive and has a great presence in court. There is no junior more hard working. He is a joy to work with.
Paul Jarvis - 6KBW College HillPaul has a great legal mind, focus and great attention to detail. He has a commitment no matter what kind of case and has great client care.
Jocelyn Ledward - QEB Hollis WhitemanJocelyn is one of the star juniors in fraud.
Christopher Martin - 2 Bedford RowChristopher is extremely thorough in his preparation of cases and tenacious in his approach to disclosure issues. He has an excellent client manner such that he is able to convey the essential issues in a case and remain re-assuring to the lay client. He works closely with his solicitor offering advice and support ensuring that the client gets the best from his whole legal team. He has an excellent rapour with juries which results in exceptional outcomes for his clients.
Justin McClintock - 15 New Bridge StreetHe has excellent academic ability and an aptitude for applying legal theory to practice in court. Justin has strong presentation and advocacy skills and the ability to present a point of view convincingly. He is very approachable and hard working, and most cases are dealt by him very well and clients speaks highly about his professionalism.
Ian McLoughlin - Red Lion ChambersIan is a very safe pair of hands and able to pick up work and serious trials in particular at short notice with ease.
Tom Nicholson - 2 Harcourt BuildingsTom combines a calm approach with excellent client care skills. His case preparation is first-rate.
Louise Oakley5KBW 'Louise is one of the hardest working juniors at the Criminal Bar - if not the hardest. If there is an important document she will track it down like a shark sensing blood in the water.'
Jose Olivares-Chandler - 5 St Andrews HillJose is hard-working, dedicated, tactically astute and approachable. A go-to advocate for clients needing calm, reassuring, sage counsel. When he speaks, the judge listens.
Kate O’Raghallaigh - Doughty Street ChambersKate is extremely clever. She is deeply passionate about her cases.
David Patience - 2 Bedford RowHe prosecutes challenging cases.
Molly Pinkus - Farringdon ChambersMolly is great with clients and very well prepared. She is a very able and confident advocate.
Jonathan Polnay5KBW 'Jonathan is one of the most outstanding junior counsel I have instructed. Intelligent, industrious, a great strategist who is pro-active from the outset of any proceedings I have sympathy for any party in opposition. Very approachable and urbane, it is difficult to find a weakness.'
Luke Ponte - Three Raymond BuildingsLuke is an elegant trial advocate who judges trust and juries want to listen to. Luke has an easy going manner which hides his steel. His industry, combined with lethal intellect makes him a number one choice for heavy weight cases. A joy to work with.
Alexia Power - Furnival ChambersAlexia demonstrates an incredible work ethic, legal brain and client care. She represents her clients with vigour.
Peter Ratliff6KBW College HillPeter is one of the best junior barristers for defending cases with particularly complex, tricky or challenging angles. An excellent fraud practitioner, he is equally effective in cases of national security and upmost severity.
Alistair Richardson6KBW College HillAlistair is clearly experienced beyond his call and is an assured and confident barrister. He is efficient and conscientious. His drafting skills are excellent and he is on top of the issues and a pleasure to deal with as opposing counsel, even in a difficult case on both sides.
Alex Rose - Garden Court ChambersAlex is very accessible and committed with a good tactical head for terrorism cases.
Philip RuleNo5 Barristers' ChambersPhilip is an incredibly bright and talented advocate who is absolutely fearless in court.
Craig Rush2 Bedford RowCraig is a Silk without the gown or title. He is capable of dealing with pretty much every case that comes before the criminal courts. All of his submissions are delivered with authority and confidence.
Neil Saunders - Three Raymond BuildingsHe is in a class of his own as a junior. He has immense presence in court, is extremely well-respected by judges, is incredibly hard-working and dedicated to his clients. His judgement is excellent and strategic acumen unparalleled.
Esther Schutzer-Weissmann - 6KBW College HillShe is extremely bright, fierce and devastatingly brilliant. She is unsurpassable. She is a leading senior junior possessing many silk-like qualities. Esther is an extremely passionate and dedicated advocate who cares a great deal for her clients. She is able to engage with any individual, regardless of their background, ensuring that they feel that they are listened to as they are guided through a highly emotionally charged process.
Ruby Selva15 New Bridge StreetRuby did an excellent job with care and sensitivity whilst still robustly defending the client. Ruby is an impressive and skilled advocate. Her closing statements in particular are exceptionally well composed and perfectly presented to the jury.
Ben Smitten25 Bedford RowBen is a perfectionist and his work is a reflection of this. His case preparation is beyond thorough and nothing is too much trouble when there is work to be done. He has a good rapport with clients and is able to break things down in a way that makes them feel at ease. He is extremely efficient and always ensures that deadlines are met and that what should be done, has been.
Philip StottQEB Hollis WhitemanPhilip is an extremely talented barrister. His court skill is matched only by his written work, both of which are outstanding. He has an excellent work ethic, fantastic communication and an exceptional eye for detail.
Tom WainwrightGarden Court ChambersTom is extremely intelligent, a fearless advocate and uniquely effective at communicating with vulnerable clients sensitively and clearly. He is one of the best at explaining complex areas of law clearly, and communicating upsetting news sensitively, to vulnerable clients such as refugees who don't speak English as a first language, victims of torture, and those facing potentially long prison sentences.
Julia Faure Walker2 Hare CourtJulia is a force to be reckoned with. She assuredly steers the courts away from error, and is excellent on the law orally and in writing.
Colin Witcher - Church Court ChambersColin is extremely bright, with a very calm and engaging manner. He is a fearless court advocate. Clients know they are in safe hands with him.
David Wood25 Bedford RowDavid is an extremely hard-working and conscientious advocate. His attention to detail is excellent. He has a tactical approach and he is able to consider and appreciate the wider issues of a case.
Nick Barraclough - 2 Bedford RowNick is a brilliant charismatic advocate who judges respect and juries love. When you instruct Nick who are getting a silk in all but name.
Lesley Bates23ESLesley has legal skills applied in a practical and effective way. She is very strong under pressure and has complete control and management of cases. An extremely effective advocate who is practical and considerate of others, and a tactical and strategic thinker and planner.
Kevin BaumberThree Raymond BuildingsBrilliantly clever, hard as nails, relentless in pursuit desired by his clients — he is admired and feared in equal measure by his opponents and is one hell of a performer. Kevin is pretty much universally acknowledged as the leading junior in the UK in police discipline cases: this pre-eminent position he brings to the criminal prosecution of those same officers, drawing on this long experience of prosecuting and defending in violent and sexual crime cases. He is as adept at prosecuting as defending.
Dominic Benthall - 15 New Bridge StreetA thoughtful advocate with excellent judgement. Each client has been able to form an identifiable bond with Dominic who will explain and advise them cautiously and accurately. Dominic attracts praise from those who co-defend. Dominic oozes charisma.
Harry Bentley2 Hare CourtWith Harry, a belt and braces approach is taken when preparing any document for court. Everything is covered and nothing is left out. Weighty documents prepared are always commended by judges. Harry is an advocate, who always impresses, well prepared, measured and can captivate juries with a friendly manner. An advocate with presence who commands the courts respect.
Ronnie BergenthalFarringdon ChambersRonnie is a brilliant and highly skilled advocate. Ronnie has an extensive knowledge of the law,  is quick to get to get to grips with even the most complex of cases, identify the issues, and present the case in an extremely persuasive and comprehensible way. He epitomises the very best qualities of the Bar.
Jacob Bindman - Garden Court ChambersJacob provides the same level of detail whether dealing with a serious fraud or terrorism case as he does when dealing with a common assault in the Magistrates Court. He is a charming advocate, a thorough and diligent litigator and a pleasure to work with.
James Bloomer - 23ESMeticulous and details orientated but a fierce advocate in his clients' interests - a highly impressive barrister, never to be underestimated.
Corinne Bramwell - 9 Bedford RowTactically very astute, managing to skilfully pull together the salient evidence in the case and plot the best course towards the right result, whilst always keeping an eye on the big picture and wider issues for the client. An erudite, eloquent and impressively persuasive advocate, with a measured style, coupled with excellent stage presence and gravitas in court.
Joanna Buckley - Matrix ChambersJoanna is a wonderful colleague to work with - incredibly hard-working and dedicated, with brilliant legal knowledge and very sound judgment.
Nichola Cafferkey - 33 Bedford RowNichola is an extremely strong barrister. She is tenacious, persuasive, and advises her clients in a measured and sensible manner. In court she is a charming and effective advocate, who wins over judges and juries alike.
Clodaghmuire Callinan15 New Bridge StreetClodaghmuire has an exceptional intellect and thorough knowledge of law and procedure. This, combined with her meticulous case preparation and gutsy advocacy make her a pleasure to see in any courtroom.
Avirup Chaudhuri - 187 Fleet Street ChambersHe works with an air of calm reassurance.
Dominic Connolly - 5 St Andrews HillDominic combines a fierce cross-examination style with compelling advocacy abilities. A robust junior.
Felicia Davy - Red Lion ChambersFelicia is extremely bright and talented. She is an all rounded counsel who clients love. Felicia is well respected and sought after and has an erring ability to work out the issues in a case with diligence and speed.
Patrick Duffy - 23ESHe can present complicated evidence to a jury with patience, charm and wit.
Tom Edwards - Mountford ChambersTom is intelligent and articulate, able to communicate with the most difficult of clients. He provides robust advice and advocacy in the most challenging of cases.
Emma FennGarden Court Chambers 'Emma is an extremely clever, caring, and dedicated criminal barrister. She is always willing to go the extra mile in her preparation and client care. She has the ability to bring together the parties of a case to achieve progress on difficult issues with good humour and good sense. It is my view that she is a bright star on the rise at the criminal Bar.'
Neil FitzGibbon - 187 Fleet Street ChambersA fearless tactician, he will take necessary points even if doing so will be unpopular with the court. He combines intellect with industry.
Tim Forte - 3 Temple GardensTim is very dedicated and clever. Both the lay clients and his peers respect his strengths and qualities of a talented and bright barrister. His written and oral submissions are often compelling.
Alex Di Francesco - 25 Bedford RowAlex is a gifted advocate. He is fearless and his cross-examination can be devastating.
Hugh French - 2 Harcourt BuildingsHugh is a very committed barrister. His advocacy is precise and measured, and he is a very effective cross-examiner. Persuasive and unflappable.
Sebastian Gardiner25 Bedford RowSebastian is an excellent lawyer. He has a very good analytical mind and often identifies more obscure points of law. He is rigorous in his preparation of cases and his advocacy is of a very high standard. He has developed extensive knowledge in a number of areas of criminal law and regularly acts for defendants facing very grave charges.
Ben Gordon - Furnival ChambersBen has a calm and assured presence and puts clients at ease. He is a great communicator.
Garry GreenDoughty Street ChambersGarry is a talented and skilful cross-examiner who effortlessly adapts his questioning style according to the witness. When the case involves questioning of police officers, there is no better barrister for a defendant to have in his corner. Lay and professional clients love him. He has a tremendously successful criminal defence practice and is always at the Old Bailey conducting serious criminal cases.
Shelley GriffithFarringdon ChambersShelley is extremely hardworking—the attention to detail is meticulous. He is tenacious in court and will fight for his clients to the highest of standards. Shelley does not bend to the will of his opponents easily but takes a realistic and pragmatic approach to his cases.
Rupert Hallowes15 New Bridge StreetRupert is an outstanding junior barrister, undoubtedly a silk in waiting. Fiercely intelligent, superb communication skills, terrific at establishing rapport with judge and jury alike. He can command both the respect of Judges, fellow counsel and juries when robustly representing his client’s interests.
Sean Hammond - 2 Bedford RowSean is  highly experienced and well used to appearing in heavy and demanding cases. He is shrewd judge of a case and provides sound advice to clients. He relates very well to clients who justifiably have great confidence in him and his representation of them.
Maximilian Hardy9 Bedford RowMax is a skilful and able trial advocate. He puts forward his case in an attractive way to both judge and jury. His cross examination is careful and focused on the real issues in the case. He marshals his material well in what was a difficult, complex and document-heavy cases, an area where he is clearly an advocate with real ability.
Matthew Hardyman15 New Bridge StreetMatthew has a commanding presence in the courtroom. He is authoritative, knowledgeable, and has a reassuring manner with clients.'
Nerida Harford-BellGarden Court ChambersNerida is thorough in her approach to the preparation of the trial and plainly anxious to do the right thing for her client and give them the best advice. She makes sensible decisions in relation to her client’s case, and her approach before the jury is one of a confident yet realistic advocate who put forwards her client’s case in the best way possible.
David Harounoff - Foundry ChambersA very charming and charismatic barrister with excellent legal knowledge, and a very experienced and thorough advocate.
Craig Harris - Furnival ChambersHe is very bright, and handles complex and technical issues with ease. A compelling advocate.
Daniel Higgins9 Bedford RowDaniel has been a revelation, recent cases in which he has been instructed have proved again and again what an effective advocate he is, persuasive before a jury with a lightness of touch which enamours him to all, lay client feedback is hugely positive and all grateful to the care he takes with the client and their cases.
Joe Hingston - Mountford ChambersA fluent, charming and committed junior. He puts clients at ease and commands the confidence and trust of juries.
Jeffrey Israel5KBW 'Jeffrey is a brilliant advocate. He is concise, articulate, and most of all effective.'
Nicholas James - 2 Bedford RowNicholas is a charismatic counsel, a real jury pleaser.
Rhodri James - 23ESSimply outstanding when it comes to cross-examining vulnerable witnesses.
Roderick James - Crucible ChambersA junior who remains calm under fire, has an extremely meticulous eye, and possesses exact legal judgement. His extensive experience and confident persona sits well with clients.
Alex Jamieson25 Bedford RowAlex brings an incredible calmness to case preparation and court advocacy. He seems able to slow time and centres on the key issues in cases, filtering out the noise. His calmness and targeted communication allows him to engage with lay clients at ease, building respect and confidence with them. It also allows him to command the attention and respect of judges and tribunals alike.
Flavia KenyonThe 36 Group 'Flavia is industrious, tenacious, very knowledgeable on criminal law, and extremely thorough in her preparation.'
Ashraf Khan - 2 Bedford RowAshraf's strengths lie in meticulous attention to detail. He is certainly tipped to take silk in the next few years by many senior members of the Bar.
Greg KriegerFarringdon ChambersGreg takes a pragmatic approach to his cases using his extensive legal knowledge to challenge the prosecution on all levels. A real fighter you want on your team. His meticulous approach to cases makes him ideal for the frauds and murder cases he specialises in. He has a superb analytical approach to cases. He gets on very well with clients and is always on top of the facts of a case. He is very hard working and has an encyclopaedic memory. A strong lawyer and powerful advocate.
Guy LadenburgThree Raymond BuildingsGreat cross-examiner who is respected by judges and clients alike and very personable.
Salma Lalani - 1MCBSalma is a dynamic advocate who will always approach a case with exceptional care and skill, and provides advice that is both practical and reassuring.
Elizabeth Lambert - Farringdon ChambersElizabeth is an outstanding defence junior.
Charles Langley - 2 Bedford RowCharles has developed into a formidable lawyer. He provides very clear well argued advice, and is very approachable and open to discussing matters. His client care is very good. He is a very experienced calming presence in court, and is extremely well respected.
Soraya Lawrence - Farringdon ChambersSoraya is a very careful and pensive advocate who cares deeply about all her cases. Nobody is more dedicated to fighting their clients corner than her. She does this whilst maintaining a warmth and charm.
Matheos LefterisRose Court Chambers 'A superb jury advocate, and a first-rate tactician. He is unflappable in the most challenging of circumstances.'
Michael Levy - 2 Bedford RowMichael is an outstanding barrister and undoubtedly a future silk. He is a charming and persuasive advocate who has real tactical nous. His judgement is always spot on. He is very hardworking and always on top of cases. He has a manner which means that juries warm to him. Most importantly, as an instructing solicitor, he is very pro-active, responsive and down to earth. He is equally at ease with clients in whom he inspires trust and confidence. It is very important from a solicitor’s perspective to use counsel who clients know is absolutely driven by protecting of their interests. He is a real star of the junior bar.
Ben Lloyd6KBW College HillBen is an extremely diligent and hard working junior, whose advanced preparation and attention to detail is second to none. His paper work, especially in relation to legal arguments, is cogent and clear. His advocacy is punchy and persuasive. His interaction with others both in his own team and with opponents is also engaged and engaging. HIs recent appointment as junior treasury counsel is appropriate recognition of both his talent and potential.
Peter Lownds - 2 Hare CourtPeter is client-focused in all areas of his work. He is approachable, clear and coherent in communicating his advice to all types of client. Solicitors and clients alike are completely safe in his hands. He is a joy to work with.
Patrick Maggs15 New Bridge StreetPatrick’s strengths are that he meticulously considers all of the evidence with the result that he frequently manages to find some evidence overlooked by others that will assist the defence. He also takes the prosecution by surprise in that he has a very polite manner which belies the fact that he is lethal in court. His client care is excellent. He manages to explain complex legal points to clients in a simple manner.
David Malone - Red Lion ChambersDavid is very well regarded amongst all solicitors for exceptional professionalism in dealing with every case and the same passion in providing the best quality representation. Truly well versed in law and procedure, extremely capable to deal with serious and complex cases.
Will Martin2 Hare CourtWill is one of the best criminal barristers of his generation and a definite star of the future. He has a very sharp intellect meaning he successfully practices across a number of areas, including crime. He is an elegant advocate who can target a good point with laser-like precision. He is one of the few juniors one could confidently entrust to conduct any aspect of a serious case including complex legal arguments before the Court of Appeal.
John McNamara - 5 St Andrews HillJohn is highly intelligent, and his attention to detail is bettered only by his bedside manner with clients, who appreciate his calm and succinct style.
Rhys Meggy - QEB Hollis WhitemanRhys is an excellent barrister. His is an eloquent and powerful advocate. His written work is of the very highest standard. He is undoubtedly a silk in the making. He is extremely thorough, hardworking and exercises excellent judgement. He is a pleasure to work with.
Danny Moore - Six Pump CourtDanny is a fantastic criminal defence advocate. Juries absolutely love him. He has an assured presence before the judge.
Adam Morgan - Furnival ChambersAdam is a forensic and serene advocate. He is measured, well-prepared and adopts an extremely persuasive and structured style.
Ioana NedelcuFarringdon ChambersIoana’s ability to hold the clients attention and engage positively to clean further instructions is second to none and invaluable when dealing with difficult clients. She has a brain for detail and absorbs more information about a case than anyone else at the Bar. Years after concluding a case she will still remember the names and even phone numbers of those involved. She has a relaxed and easy going style which both clients and Solicitors admire.
Benjamin NewtonDoughty Street ChambersBen is a rare breed in that he is exceptionally clever, phenomenally responsive to the needs of those instructing him, empathetic and personable; all while maintaining a necessary and welcome sense of humour. Clients — and solicitors — feel completely safe in his hands. He has what can only be described as an almost eidetic memory when it comes to his recall of prosecution and defence case papers. We has worked with tricky clients over the years and he has teaches solicitors some of the best techniques for putting a client at ease and managing their anxiety. Hands down, he is one of the very best.
Eva Niculiu - Three Raymond BuildingsEva is clever, methodical, tactically aware and knowledgeable. She is also tenacious and hard working. Eva definitely gives 100% to her cases.
Will Noble - 9 Bedford RowWill has the ability to assure clients dealing and managing expectations and performs his role with great aplomb. He is vastly knowledgeable and is able to think on his feet to resolve issues. He has a methodology of meticulousness and is able to assist in the most difficult of complex legal arguments. He is a great jury advocate and clients who return, return for a reason.
Sheryl Nwosu25 Bedford RowAs an advocate Sheryl’s submissions and legal arguments are always artfully drafted and delivered. Judges are persuaded to her legal submissions even if they have been initially been against her. Not just the persuasiveness of her oral advocacy but also her manner of delivery are impressive — detailed, but broken down and carefully analysed against the law and fact so that no points are left unanswered.
Beth O’Reilly25 Bedford RowBeth is a talented and engaging advocate. She speaks with a knowledge and authority that rightly inspires confidence from clients, judges and juries. It confidence is well placed. She is wholly committed to her cases. As a result her preparation is detailed and methodical and it is put to devastating effect. Whether in cross-examination or making submissions to a judge she is always commanding and persuasive.
Catherine Oborne - Garden Court ChambersCatherine is one of the top juniors at the criminal Bar.
Grace Ong - 2 King's Bench Walk ChambersGrace is a very bright junior and a persuasive advocate.
Lucy Organ6KBW College HillLucy has excellent judgement and a keen sense of fairness. Lucy is calm and diplomatic in dealings with opponents but at the same time she is a brilliant strategist and has an ability to assess rapidly strengths and weaknesses in a case.
Osman Osman - 25 Bedford RowOsman is thorough and tenacious. He seeks to resolve issues amicably, he never takes a bad point. He is very good at settling and dealing with even the most difficult client. He is charming and courteous, everything you could want really. I am surprised he has not taken silk.
Henrietta Paget - Foundry ChambersHenrietta is extremely hard working and exceptionally bright. She masters the evidence in any case in which she is instructed with rigour. An outstanding advocate.
Tom PayneRed Lion ChambersTom is one of hardest working barristers, with an attention to detail second to none. Always entirely on top of the brief, those instructing Tom can be 100% confident that everything that needs to be done has been done to the very highest standard.
Adam Payter6KBW College HillAdam is a charismatic and charming barrister. He is superb with clients and is excellent in appearing before a range of tribunals. His written work is clear and persuasive and he has a habit of securing excellent results.
Sarah Przybylska - 2 Hare CourtVery intelligent, calm, measured.
Matthew Radstone25 Bedford RowMatthew is a barrister of the highest competence which has already seen him instructed as a leading counsel. His dedication to meticulous preparation is second to none. He is a fearless advocate before judge and jury and enshrines the best of the profession in his approach to his conduct in court and in conference with his clients.
Rebecca Randall - 25 Bedford RowRebecca is a fearless and tenacious defence advocate. She has a fine eye for the detail in a case and a surgical approach to cross-examination. She is extremely jury friendly and quickly builds up a rapport with colleagues and judiciary.
Simon Ray - 6KBW College HillSimon is a great advocate - he is unflappable, knowledgeable and does not flinch in the face of adversity.
Sarah Read15 New Bridge StreetSarah is very well prepared, effective in cross examination and tenacious in legal arguments. Calm and confident in court, she makes very well-crafted closing speeches.
Oliver Renton - Crucible ChambersOliver is very approachable, with a disarming charm which makes him popular with juries. He has great legal acumen.
Shauna Ritchie - 2 Bedford RowThe reason for instructing Shauna is simple, as she gets good results for her clients. Her client care skills are exceptional as is her knowledge of criminal law and procedure and regulations. Shauna's work ethic coupled with her skill and experience make her an extremely effective advocate.
Fiona Robertson - 2 Hare CourtShe has a wide range of experience, strong advocacy skills, excellent legal knowledge and a thorough understanding of the law. She has impeccable preparation and communication skills and is a formidable advocate.
Jeremy Rosenberg - 23ESJeremy is a class act.
Peter RowlandsGarden Court ChambersPeter is completely committed to his work, excellent with clients, and an extremely able advocate.
Christopher Saad - 2 Bedford RowChris has an ability to review complex legal matters, and distil the key issues when advising the client.
Alexandra Scott - Mountford ChambersAlexandra is determined and has great judgement. She is always very well prepared and indomitably determined to fight her client’s corner.
Leo Seelig - Red Lion ChambersHe prepares meticulously, and the attention to detail which you see in his paperwork no doubt gives him the confidence which is obvious as soon as he gets to his feet. He has a dry sense of humour which he can deploy to devastating effect. Judges immediately sense they can trust him; witnesses realise that if they are lying they are going to be exposed; juries love him. He has a wide ranging practice in general crime.
Sophie Shotton15 New Bridge StreetFluent, confident and terrifically focused. Her presence, professionalism and extensive preparation for pre-trial hearings immediately impressed; very competent advocacy was demonstrated during the trial alongside a sensible, measured yet thorough approach in this case involving a disadvantaged defendant. She is an advocate who truly assists the court, recognizes when sensible accommodations can be reached, and stands out from the crowd.
Tessa Shroff9 Bedford RowTessa's preparation is second to none, She is extremely thorough in her preparation and leaves no stone unturned. Her advocacy is fearless and intelligent, supported by a knowledge of each and every matter that is second to none as she prepares so well. Tessa is years ahead of counsel of similar levels of call.
Michael Skelley - Red Lion ChambersMichael is extremely thorough in his preparation of cases, engages very well with clients and a very able advocate.
Joel Smith - Furnival ChambersJoel’s work ethic is extraordinary and there is nothing that fazes him. He is intellectually robust and can distill complex and challenging legal concepts into understandable language.
Monica Stevenson - 25 Bedford RowMonica is an exceptional barrister. Her attention to detail is excellent. She is an extremely able advocate. She is a committed, hard working member of the bar who manages to bring integrity and humour to her chosen profession.
Linda StrudwickQEB Hollis WhitemanLinda is an absolute star. She is meticulous in her preparation and her analysis of a case. She is very straightforward in her approach, and very responsive to instructions and questions. She is fabulous in court. Her arguments are well structured and extremely persuasive.
Sean Sullivan9 Bedford RowSean belies his quiet ways with a determination to achieve the best result possible. Much admired and respected by lay clients and solicitors alike. A polished performer who gives everything to a case and succeeds where many would fail.
Jon SwainFurnival ChambersJon is a thoughtful and persuasive advocate who demonstrates good judgement.
Lucy Tapper - Furnival ChambersLucy is an excellent barrister. She combines intellect and impressive preparation with a strong tactical approach. She has particularly sound judgement and does not advance frivolous or meritless arguments. Her advocacy is crisp and focussed. Finally, she has a superb way with clients and really connects with them and cares about them and their plight.
James Thacker - 9 Gough ChambersA staunch barrister who, having marshalled the factual detail, deploys it efficiently and effectively. He remains resolutely calm under pressure.
Greg Unwin187 Fleet Street ChambersHe is very, very clever and enormously hard working. He will soon be leading and deservedly so. He displays an immediate grasp of complex factual and legal issues and has the quality, often missing in barristers, of being able to see the wood from the trees. He thinks out of the box and always presents an innovative and novel approach to case issues. Clients find him very easy to deal with and approachable. He can gain the trust of defendants who were at first angry and hostile, resentful of the situation in which they had found themselves. He has a calm and considerate manner with clients, which quickly puts them at their ease.
Helen Valley25 Bedford RowHelen is a hugely experienced leading junior who is highly regarded and sought after. She is an expert in matters involving serious and complex crime. Tactically astute, she is always one step ahead of the rest. Her approach to cases is always measured. She has a calming influence upon others even in the most stressful of situations.
Emily Verity  - 1GC|Family Law  ‘An outstanding advocate who combines intellect with diplomacy.
Robert Ward15 New Bridge StreetHe is a workhorse, always ahead of the prosecution, affable and incisive when he questions a witness. He has the ability to consume large amounts of difficult and complex information; making it easy for clients and juries to understand. He possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.
John Warrington - 5 St Andrews HillA highly talented advocate. He works incredibly hard, and combines good judgement with an eye for detail.
Christian WasunnaGarden Court ChambersChristian is an excellent junior who, throughout the trial, remained ahead of the curve, anticipating arguments from the prosecution and preparing draft arguments to respond to them. He is hard-working, self-motivated and extremely efficient.
Nicholas Whitehorn - 3 Temple GardensNicholas is quite frankly my ‘go-to’ barrister. Intelligent and articulate, yet able to communicate with the most difficult of clients he provides robust advice and advocacy in the most challenging of cases.
Chris Whitehouse - Farringdon ChambersChris has an admirable, understated, well-measured and very sensible approach to advocacy — be it in front of a jury or judge alone. He is a formidable opponent. He has a good sense of judgment in which bad points are not taken; he is particularly effective when making legal submissions or a jury speech. His cross-examination is always meticulously planned, well-structured, and incisive. He is always on top of his brief; he does not cut corners. He is up-to-date on legal developments.
Ailsa Williamson - Three Raymond BuildingsAilsa has a remarkable ability to analyse and get to the crux of a case. One of Ailsa's strongest qualities is her ability to communicate with the lay client - she is able focus minds like no other, on the points and issues that really matter. Ailsa is exceptional in case preparation and managing arguments throughout a case and has achieved some really positive outcomes.
Diana Wilson - The 36 GroupDiana is a fearsome opponent in court, who always has an extraordinary grasp of her brief. She combines dynamism with engaging thoughtfulness before a jury.
Lisa Wilson - 25 Bedford RowForever effervescent, able and prodigiously hard-working, Lisa is a hugely capable lawyer, persuasive advocate and masters all aspects of complex cases in an organised and timely fashion. She is a pleasure to lead and a delight to be in a case with.
Gerwyn WiseGarden Court ChambersGerwyn combines commitment and intelligence, with huge amounts of magnetic charm. He is as focused and uncompromising as they come, but his huge smile makes everything he does seem reasonable and persuasive.
Madeleine Wolfe - 2 Hare Court ‘ Madeleine is a very talented and experienced advocate with extensive knowledge of the most serious and complex cases. A commanding yet calm presence in court, robust in any legal arguments and savvy in cross-examination. She deliveries the most impressive closing speeches.
Nicholas Yeo - Three Raymond BuildingsVery IT literate, incredibly organised, meticulous preparation and understanding of the paperwork.
Paramjit Ahluwalia - Lamb BuildingParamjit is an outstanding junior. She combines excellent organisational skills with good judgement, hard work and commitment.
Warwick Aleeson - 25 Bedford RowWarwick is extremely hard working and able leading junior. Traditional and hugely effective approach and highly respected in court. He is a solicitor's favourite.
Aneurin Brewer - Red Lion ChambersAneurin is a proven trial winner. He does not rest and has won impossible cases over and over. He is also extremely learned and an experience appellate advocate.
Ben Fitzgerald - QEB Hollis WhitemanBen is exceptionally smart and hard working. He quickly assimilates a vast amount of information and hits the ground running. He is tactically astute and a pleasure to work with.
Andrew Frymann – Rose Court Chambers 'Andrew has a formidable intellect and an incisive approach to cross-examination. He has a real flair for cutting to the issues of a case.'
Serena GatesRed Lion ChambersSerena has extraordinary intelligence and judgement. She is meticulous and fair in her dealings with disclosure. She inputted very effectively on legal issues. Her advocacy is exceptional and she is quite clearly on the road to silk. Her case management skills are exemplary, and even when there is a crisis during a trial can guide everyone through the problem.
Jennifer Oborne - 9 Gough ChambersJennifer’s preparation is impressive, and her grasp of complex legal points is exemplary and thorough: no point passes her by.
Abigail Penny - 4BB
Karen RobinsonQEB Hollis WhitemanKaren is an extremely impressive barrister, who consistently demonstrates phenomenal drafting skills, insightful legal analysis and strategy, and an ability to produce extremely high-quality very quickly even in the middle of complex and fast-moving proceedings. She has rapidly become a go-to senior junior for any complex criminal case.
Alexander dos Santos - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAlexander demonstrates exceptional legal knowledge and has a tactical approach to cases. His advocacy is skilful and compelling.
Alastair Smith2 Bedford RowAlastair is an incredibly hardworking and effective barrister. He has the ability to dissect a prosecution case and immediately expose its weaknesses. Alastair has a persuasive advocacy style which earns him the respect of judges and the trust of juries. A first rate barrister with an impressive practice.
Dominic Thomas25 Bedford RowA formidable intellect, an excellent lawyer, an original and persuasive advocate, as eloquent on paper as he is on his feet, Dominic couples all these stellar qualities with superb judgment based on a proper appreciation of the forensic fundamentals of a case. Dominic is completely focused on deploying all their considerable talents to get the right result for his client. Dominic is an outstanding barrister in every respect, a silk in all but name.

Rising Stars

Shannon Revel - Furnival ChambersShannon possesses the skills and judgement of a barrister beyond her year of call. She is robust, effective and calm under pressure. A star in the making.
Sarah Taylor - Goldsmith ChambersSarah is a compelling advocate, who is highly committed to achieving the best outcome for her client.

Firms To Watch: Crime

Crime in London Bar

2 Bedford Row

2 Bedford Row garners praise for its ‘excellent strength and depth‘ and ‘huge tranche of experienced counsel‘. The set has an excellent reputation for defending and prosecuting in a wide range of complex, high-profile criminal cases. Jim Sturman QC and Shauna Ritchie represented Wayne Couzens, who was convicted of the murder of Sarah Everard following Everard’s disappearance in March 2021. In another matter, Christine Agnew QC, Louise Sweet QC and Christopher Saad were all instructed in a case concerning a hit and run incident in which a man drove a Ford Ka into a group of schoolchildren in Loughton; the defendant, who had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, pled guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, and received a hospital order and a life sentence with a minimum term of 15 years.



2 Bedford Row are a set with a huge range of highly experienced criminal and regulatory law Counsel.’

An exceptional chambers – capable of dealing with anything we can instruct them on, and a junior bar of extremely intelligent and approachable lawyers.’

Excellent set with highly rated juniors and silks. Excellent strength and depth.’

2 Bedford Row are renowned for housing some of the best Barristers in London. They are a set to be relied upon and produce exceptional pupils and junior tenants. It is evident as to how busy they are when it is sometimes the case that the Barristers briefed are unavailable for the hearings. Every Solicitor who uses 2BR are aware of those who are exceptional and it is those that we all strive and battle against to instruct.

Exceptional chambers, with a huge tranche of experienced counsel, capable of dealing with anything we can instruct them on, and a junior bar of extremely intelligent and approachable lawyers.’


The clerks team are a very professional outfit. They are very responsive. Particular mention should go to Paul Rodgers, who is a pleasure to deal with.’

The Clerks are friendly and professional, they can be called upon to change the diary at the last minute in an attempt to satisfy the demands of Solicitors, whilst not all requests can be met, attempts are made nonetheless.’

For an exceptionally busy set the clerks give a strong, friendly, personal service. Paul Rogers is very knowledgeable efficient and helpful. John Grimmer remains without parallel, combining the very best traditions of the old fashioned clerk (approachable, good humoured and diplomatic) with the sharpest business brain going.’

The clerks room at 2 Bedford Row is a combination of good knowledge and a strong work ethic. The clerks are well led by John Grimmer and Paul Rodgers and are always on hand to assist and accommodate instructing solicitors.’

2 Bedford Row is an extremely strong set and offers high calibre and hardworking counsel. The Clerks headed by John Grimmer and Paul Rodgers are first class, they are knowledgeable and experienced and are always willing to accommodate. This ethos has filtered down and throughout the entire clerks room.’

2 Hare Court

2 Hare Court‘s team is highly regarded for its strength in handling a broad range of prosecution and defence work, with noted expertise in handling instructions within the private prosecutions space. Recent instructions include David Whittaker QC and Harry Bentley representing Warren Barnes in the long-running Operation Leopard case, a Greater Manchester police investigation into what was described as “Salford gang warfare”, and included the murder of Paul Massey, who was standing for Mayor of Salford at the time of his death; Barnes was acquitted of conspiracy to murder. Also of note, the ‘brilliant‘ Gudrun Young QC, unled, successfully represented former Wheel of Fortune presenter John Leslie, who was acquitted on charges concerning an alleged sexual assault in 2008. In April 2022 Madeleine Wolfe joined from 23ES.



2 Hare Court is a stand out set in this area, with a huge array of barristers who are at the top of the field in crime and regulatory matters. They are my go to set for any case.’

It is a high quality set that is a power-house in a number of leading areas. It is a brilliantly well-rounded set.’

I use 2 Hare Court for most of my cases. They have a wide range of experienced counsel who can cover most of my matters. I have no worries when a brief has to be returned as there is always someone competent, capable and helpful to take them over.

2 Hare Court is a set I readily recommend. Very professional, with many Leading and Junior Counsel of high calibre and expertise.’

2 Hare Court are one of my Chambers I go to straight away. I have instructed many of Chambers’ junior barristers and pupils on general crime cases, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I consider them first rate, and lovely to work with.’


I have confidence in the team of clerks who do not push for work to be given to those that are not capable, are quick to respond and assist in all scenarios. It is rare that they are not able to help us. Chloe Skingsley is particularly competent.’

The clerks at 2 Hare Court are so helpful and cannot do enough for you. It is very rare that you have a change of counsel at the last minute, which unfortunately cannot be said for lots of chambers. Chloe is a fantastic junior clerk and cannot do enough for solicitors.’

The clerks are excellent, and will always go the extra mile. Also, this Chambers is extremely welcoming for conferences.’

The clerks at 2 Hare Court are impressive across the board. They are friendly, efficient and proactive.

The clerking team at 2 Hare Court is extremely accessible and they are always willing to assist where they can. They also provide honest insight into Counsel so you know you are instructing the person who is best suited to the case.

25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row stands out as a ‘first-class criminal defence-orientated set‘. Members’ workloads include complex cases of serious sexual offences, murder, serious violence and drugs conspiracies. George Carter-Stephenson QC and Michael Neofytou appeared in the high-profile case of R v Raymond Hoadley, where the defendant was convicted of the murder of his estranged wife, a disability rights campaigner. In another matter, Diana Ellis QC and Laurie-Anne Power QC defended a man, who was charged (alongside his cousin) with the murder of a man who the cousins thought was responsible for the theft of the cousin's bicycle.



25 Bedford Row is an outstanding set with breathtaking talent.’

25 Bedford Row is a top notch criminal set with a breadth of experience and a number of big hitters.’

The set is a high-quality stable for defence advocates.’

25 Bedford Row is an exclusively criminal defence set. The set has an excellent reputation and is committed to their client base.

25 Bedford Row are an excellent criminal set with a wide range of sought-after counsel.


The clerking team at 25 Bedford Row is well balanced. They are always available and keen to help with listing problems and allocation of cases. The are keyed in to the London legal scene with excellent contacts with solicitors and other sets of chambers at every level.

The clerks are actually very communicative and forward thinking. They engage very well and tackle problems straightaway. They are efficient and well mannered.’

First class service. Most of my dealings are with Alfie Lee. Always available at short notice, he has always given me an excellent service.’

The clerks are excellent. They are proactive, approachable and always ensure that their instructing solicitors are looked after. They understand the practicalities of the way in which solicitors work and see their role as a supportive one, providing a quality service. They are prepared to go the extra mile. Alfie Lee is as good a clerk as there is.’

Superb clerking – Guy Williams and Emma Makepeace are outstanding, very helpful, informative and up-to-speed on all matters chambers have been instructed on.’

5 Paper Buildings

At 5 Paper Buildings, recent instructions for the group include Graham Trembath QC successfully defending an electrician against charges of gross negligence manslaughter, after electrical defects in an installation at a pub led to the death of a 7-year-old boy. Turning to the juniors, Deanna Heer QC acted for the CPS in the prosecution of a 16-year-old boy, who was convicted of murder after stabbing a 15-year-old boy on a bus with a hunting knife.

6KBW College Hill

A first class top-quality set‘ with ‘strength at all levels from junior to QC‘, 6KBW College Hill is highly regarded for its established track record in prosecution work. Alison Morgan QC and Ben Lloyd appeared for the prosecution in R v Khairi Saadallah, in which the defendant was sentenced to a whole life order – one of the first to be issued since the resumption of jury trials  – after being convicted of the murder of three men and the attempted murder of three more in a Reading park in June 2020. In another high-profile case, Duncan Atkinson QC successfully prosecuted Mohiussunnath Chowdhury and his sister Sneha Chowdhury for preparing acts of terrorism; Mohiussunnath had formerly been convicted of an act of terrorism after he attacked police officers with a samurai sword in front of Buckingham Palace in 2017. In recent news, Dan Pawson-Pounds moved to Walnut House on the Western circuit, and Sarah Whitehouse QC (as was) has been appointed to the circuit bench.



A strong and effective prosecution set.’

6KBW College Hill has always been and remains a first class top quality set.’

6KBW College Hill is well-known and regarded as a first-class set. It runs its own in-house advocacy training programme to ensure that junior members are well-equipped to appear in court from their earliest days. There is strength at all levels from junior to QC.’

The set has an excellent reputation and real strength in depth.’


Senior clerk Andrew Barnes is a well known clerk in the Temple. Very able and approachable.’

Elizabeth Miller is one of the best clerks I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is always willing to go the extra mile and will often be at the forefront of managing listings with Courts and ensuring that Counsel is available. She is extremely efficient and a great asset to chambers.’

Richard Summerscales is a truly exceptional clerk committed to outstanding client service. An asset to the set. Richard is keen to understand the business landscape and will always go to the end of the world to help secure appropriate Counsel. Elizabeth Miller is excellent. She is incredibly efficient and is able to spot/extinguish any potential problem many weeks in advance. She is essential in ensuring the smooth running of any case.’

We have always received a high level of service from the clerks and would particularly commend Mark Essex.’

Andrew Barnes is a highly respected clerk and heads a great team. Richard Summerscales is fantastic at resolving listing issues.’

QEB Hollis Whiteman

With a reputation as a ‘top set for complex criminal work‘, QEB Hollis Whiteman fields a ‘tremendous depth of counsel‘, who are equally adept at prosecution and defence work. Nicholas Corsellis QC and Kerry Broome prosecuted a man for for firstly murdering his wife, and then a 76-year-old woman who had intervened in an attempt to stop the attack, by beating them with a walking stick, after having taken a drug similar to LSD. Elsewhere in chambers, Crispin Aylett QC and Eleanor Laws QC appeared in a case in which the defendants’ modus operandi was to meet men via the gay dating app Grindr, then drug them in order to steal from them; one victim was given a fatal overdose of the scopolamine, leading to both defendants’ convictions for murder. The team was bolstered at the senior end following Alexandra Felix QC‘s elevation to silk in March 2021.



Tremendous depth of counseI.’

Top set for complex criminal work. Strength and depth across all areas of criminal practice.

An excellent set for criminal prosecution work.’


Great service from the clerks, from bottom to top.’

Chris Emmings is one of the most efficient, trusted and able senior clerks in Crime. Faye Stimpson is a fantastic deputy. Both enjoy, and will continue to enjoy, a fabulous profile within the market place.’

The clerking of Chris Emmings and Faye Stimson is excellent. Chris Emmings combines the best of a traditional clerk with a modern approach that is both flexible and realistic, to the benefit of members of chambers and the professional and lay client.’

Red Lion Chambers

Red Lion Chambers stands out as ‘a leader in its field‘ and is home to a team of ‘talented counsel‘. Gillian Jones QC is representing the defendant in a case concerning a seemingly random murder of a womanduring the March 2020 lockdown, as well as a further charge of attempted murder the day after the attack. At the junior end, Leo Seelig – a recent arrival from 2 Harcourt Buildings – was instructed by the CPS Counter Terrorism Division to prosecute a teenager who was convicted of being a member of proscribed neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division and distributing terrorist material. In January 2021 Aneurin Brewer joined from 9 Bedford Row.



An excellent set with massive strength in fraud and serious crime.’

Red Lion is well known to be a dynamic set with many barristers operating at the top end.’

Red Lion is a brilliant set of chambers. They always suggest suitable counsel for a case.’

Red Lion Chambers is a great set of chambers to work with. They are well respected and have an array of very talented counsel.’

Red Lion Chambers has the ideal barrister for every sort of case. I always have confidence that, whatever the circumstances, I will be offered a choice of excellent counsel. This knowledge has kept me returning to Chambers for many years.’


Mark Bennett is an outstanding practice manager ably assisted by his deputy, Nick Parkinson and a well run clerking team.’

The clerking at Red Lion Chambers is first class. I don’t think it would be appropriate to comment on the strengths of any individual clerk. They work very well together as a team.’

A great all-round team. Mark Bennett and Lee Young in particular are professional and accommodating but also a delight to deal with.’

Red Lion’s clerks are known as being friendly, efficient and approachable and Mark Bennett is very good at meeting with solicitors and assessing their needs at length if need be. It is a warm clerks’ room and relationships with the members are very good. A happy ship!

Lee is a star.’

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers stands out as ‘one of the pre-eminent sets in crime‘, with members frequently acting for the defence in a broad range of high-profile criminal cases, including homicide, terrorism, and serious sexual offences. Tim Moloney QC appeared for the lead defendant in R v Ronan Hughes, who pled guilty to 39 counts of manslaughter and conspiracy to commit unlawful immigration following the discovery of the bodies of 39 Vietnamese migrants in the trailer of an articulated lorry in Grays in October 2019; he received a 20-year sentence. In recent chambers news, Emma Goodall QC was elevated to silk in March 2021, and Lauren Soertsz has retired from practice.



Excellent set, strength in depth, knowledgeable and helpful clerks-really one of the very best sets.’

Doughty Street are a good set across the board from the junior end to the senior end.’

Doughty Street are a very good set of chambers. The criminal clerks are extremely helpful and they have always provided me with suitable counsel.’

Doughty Street has a number of extremely capable and bright barristers at both QC and junior counsel level.’


The very efficient criminal clerks’ room is headed up by the excellent practice manager Matthew Butchard.

Marc Gilby and Sam Verner are excellent clerks – they do a brilliant job!

The clerks at Doughty Street Chambers ensure a very high standard of service and professionalism.’

‘Sam Verner is a spectacular clerk and never fails to provide excellent service and solutions for all of my cases with the set.’

Garden Court Chambers

Elite setGarden Court Chambers has an excellent reputation as ‘a leader in the field of human rights work‘, and is regularly sought after for its established capabilities in defending in a range of complex, often high-profile criminal cases. Judy Khan QC is ‘an outstanding criminal silk who charms juries with a compassionate, realistic, persuasive style of advocacy‘. Icah Peart QC acted for a woman who was acquitted of attempted murder and arson with intent to endanger life, but convicted of arson reckless as to whether life was endangered, after a deliberately-started house fire in Leeds; the other two defendants were convicted of attempted murder. In March 2021 Anya Lewis QC was elevated to silk.



Garden Court has many very talented and dedicated criminal defence barristers.’

An excellent chambers with a huge range of barristers covering all areas of crime, and specialising in discrete areas from pre-charge to appeal.’

Garden Court Chambers is a fantastic and hardworking set which never fails to assist us when needed. The barristers fight tremendously to obtain only the best outcomes.’


The clerking team are excellent, providing a first class service whenever I have dealt with them.’

The clerks are always very helpful and attentive to our needs when instructing counsel. They are always accessible via telephone or email and do their best to provide solutions any last minute problems that may arise. They also provide quick and helpful responses to urgent queries.’

Colin Cook is delightful.’

The clerks, in particular Charlie Tennent and Christina Eletheriou, are particularly helpful. They provide a solid clerking service and good client care.’

A first-class clerking service led by Colin Cook.’

Three Raymond Buildings

The ‘brilliant setThree Raymond Buildings is well versed in handling the full spectrum of serious criminal work, and has established strength in defending police officers in criminal cases. In a prominent case highlight, Alisdair Williamson QC and newly appointed silk William Emlyn Jones QC acted in the high-profile manslaughter trial concerning the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants, who were found in the trailer of an articulated lorry in Essex in 2019. Turning to the juniors, Kevin Baumber successfully defended a police officer against a charge of assault, after the alleged attack was circulated on social media.



They seem to have only the highest calibre of barrister in the arena of crime.’

Three Raymond Buildings is an outstanding set and one of the first ports of call for serious crime.’

Three Raymond Buildings is a top rate set. In terms of strength – in – depth, one of the very best. I am impressed with all members of chambers as well as the efficient way it operates.’


The clerking at Three Raymond Buildings is of the highest standard in the market. They have never let me down.’

First rate. Eddie Holland and his team are professional in every aspect of their work.’

Dean Brown is outstanding.’

The clerks are professional and straightforward to deal with: if they say they will sort something out, they do.’

The clerks’ room under Eddie Holland is excellent: unfailingly helpful and easy to deal with.


At 23ES, the team has a solid track record in prosecuting and defending across the full spectrum of criminal matters, including murder, terrorism, and sexual offences. In a recent highlight for the set, Paul Bogan QC successfully represented a 21-year-old autistic man, who had been charged with multiple offences under the Explosive Substances Act and the Terrorism Act, in R v Copeland before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court reversed an initial decision made by the Court of Appeal, on the grounds that personal experimentation with such substances – without an ulterior, unlawful purpose – can be a lawful object. In April 2022 Madeleine Wolfe moved to 2 Hare Court.



The set has never provided me with anything less than exceptional service.’

The set offers an outstanding service.’

23 Essex Street excels in the quality of QCs and juniors specialising in crime.’


Clerks at this firm work quickly and are always on the ball. They are always contactable and are first to let you know of late listings before the court even call or email.’

The set has a conscientious, approachable, and highly professional clerking team who go the extra mile to assist solicitors.’

Adam Chapman is an excellent clerk as he just makes the solicitor’s job that much easier. He is able to match suitable counsel to a case and keeps in constant contact.’

The clerking team is lead by Wayne King, who is a great clerk.’

Adam Chapman is the ultimate clerk – highly proficient, excellent skills and always dependable.’


A very professional and polished set‘, 5KBW‘s workload includes defence and prosecution instructions across a wide range of criminal cases. Mark Heywood QC successfully prosecuted a former defence contractor, who was convicted of breaching the Official Secrets Act by recording and disclosing secret defence information regarding a UK missile system; he received a four-and-a-half year sentence. In another matter, Sarah Forshaw QC successfully defended a blind member of the House of Lords against allegations of sexual assault. At the junior end, Jonathan Polnay was instructed by the CPS International Justice and Organised Crime Division for the prosecution of eight men, who were convicted of 39 counts of manslaughter and conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration, arising from the deaths of Vietnamese migrants in a sealed lorry trailer.


A first class set with a strong reputation very ably led by Sarah Forshaw and Mark Heywood. One of its strengths is that it focusses on the quality of its membership rather than it size.

5KBW are a great set of chambers. They are regularly instructed by our firm. Counsel is always available and they ensure that any counsel covering a hearing is fully aware of the case beforehand.

5KBW has become a top criminal set in recent years having followed a shrewd recruitment policy, fostering a ‘whole service’ team approach with very high performers managed by skilled leaders in Sarah as the more proactive of the joint heads and the chief clerk, Lee Hughes-Gage. Their are counsel of all levels who are genuine stars at their respective tiers. Their workloads are managed so that early input is given and clients have a sense of committed engagement from the outset.’

5KBW is a very professional and polished set reflecting the personalities of the heads of chambers. Some very high fliers and exceptional Leading and Junior Counsel.’

The set as a whole in my view has developed over the years and becomes stronger with time. Their strengths come from positive case outcomes and promotion of the same and this would be hard done if not without the experienced counsel who strive to push forward at every chance.

5KBW has a very strong reputation for quality representation in the field of serious and general crime. They are a very approachable set with some excellent members.’

5KBW is a good all round criminal set and we utilise the sets services across the whole spectrum of crime and serious crime. The two heads of chambers, one being Sarah Forshaw and the other being Mark Heywood are rightly considered heavyweights in serious crime and there are some skilful advocates in the set.’

Furnival Chambers

Furnival Chambers is an ‘excellent set‘. The chambers has an established reputation for defence work, however it is equally adept at handling prosecution cases. Caroline Haughey QC continues to act as lead prosecution counsel in the long-running Operation Fort case, involving the trafficking of over 400 people from Poland into the UK. In another matter, Philippa McAtasney QC acted for a the oldest defendantin a multi-defendant trial concerning the death of 18-year-old Clinton Evobta in Camberwell in October 2019.



An excellent set.’

The diversity and breadth of counsel and their experience is second to none.’

An excellent chambers with an efficient and helpful clerking team.’

‘The benefit of using Furnival is that it has such strength in both the numbers and quality of counsel.’


An excellent chambers.’

The clerks are fantastic.’

The clerks are responsive and offer a good level of service. I liaise with Stephen Ball who has always been timely, responsive and friendly.’

Steve Ball is much sought after and continues to bring in the very best of cases.’

Very good clerking team. Always a positive feeling, and when counsel of choice is not free they are ready with alternative suggestions.’

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers is home to a group of ‘highly talented criminal lawyers‘. In a prominent highlight for the set, Clare Montgomery QC and Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh successfully represented all members of the “Stansted 15”, a group of activists who were convicted of an aviation security offence after affixing themselves to a Boeing 767 to be used for a deportation flight, before the Court of Appeal, which quashed the convictions. In another matter, Ní Ghrálaigh acted for four anti-arms trade campaigners in an appeal in DPP v Ziegler before the Supreme Court, in which the Supreme Court reinstated the defendants’ initial acquittal of the charge of wilful obstruction of a highway after they attempted to disrupt deliveries to the DSEI defence industry trade show in London in 2017.



Matrix Chambers has a really impressive range of advocates for general crime.’

Matrix is superb in breadth and depth.’

Matrix is a multi-disciplinary set of chambers with several prominent and well-regarded silks and juniors.’


Paul Venables understands what is important to solicitors. His assistance and guidance is reassuring and always helpful.

A dedicated team for each barrister so I can always find someone who knows the case and the barrister and is able to answer my query.’

Rhian Hiscocks and Venetia Tate are brilliant. They go out of their way to try and find cover, even at the last minute. They are very responsive and easy to work with.’

Mountford Chambers

Mountford Chambers is 'a fantastic set', housing a team of 'highly skilled and dedicated barristers' with established expertise in handling the gamut of serious criminal work; recent instructions include murders, violent crime, terrorism and drugs conspiracies. Christopher Henley QC is 'thorough and dedicated, with a sensitive approach to vulnerable clients', and Alan Kent QC is 'a class act - meticulously prepared and unflappable in his presentation'. Charles Bott QC is well known for acting in terrorism and homicide cases. Among the junior ranks, Richard Furlong is well versed in advising on private prosecutions.



A very well organised set.’

The set is very impressive. It boasts a number of extremely capable counsel at all levels.’

Able and talented barristers.’

The very junior end is a particularly talented group of young barristers who are already making a big impression in the market.


The clerks have an incredible work ethic and provide an exceptional level of service and client care.’

The clerking team is capable and appreciates their role perfectly. The team always seem to be able to cover unexpected listings and last minute changes.’

The clerks are accessible, available at all hours and very friendly.’

The clerks are efficient, hard working and reliable.’

15 New Bridge Street

15 New Bridge Street garners praise as 'a highly respected set of chambers' with 'reliable, experienced practitioners'. The 'unflappable' Martin Rutherford QC is 'a superb tactician, leading to the correct strategic decisions being made in the most complex of cases'. Brian St Louis QC is 'a passionate advocate, who brings life and energy into the court room when on his feet' and 'deploys a formidable combination of charm and persistence in his advocacy'. In August 2020 Tana Adkin QC joined the team from the now defunct set Charter Chambers.



A growing set of well respected counsel.’

15 New Bridge Street is a good set, with a good pool of barristers who offer quality service for serious criminal cases.’

Very well organised, with a depth of excellent counsel.’

Good strength in depth both in terms of advocacy, client care and sensible advice.’

Well-run and well-managed chambers that is professional and reliable. Plenty of good, available counsel.’


The clerks are experienced and always keen to assist. All enquiries are dealt with efficiently, and there have never been any problems in selecting counsel for the case in hand.’

Glenn Matthews is a joy to work with.’

Glenn Matthews is always helpful and ready to assist, no matter the day or time.’

Tom Parker and Glenn Matthews are first-class clerks, who always go the extra mile to help instructing solicitors.’

The clerks’ room is very accommodating – communication is very swift and efficient. They will bend over backwards to assist.’

4th Floor, Queen Elizabeth Building

187 Fleet Street Chambers houses a team which prosecutes and defends across a wide spectrum of complex criminal work. Jason Bartfeld QC has established expertise in handling cases of homicide, large-scale drugs conspiracies and serious violence, and Mozammel Hossain QC is well known for defending in high-profile, complex murder and terrorism cases. At the junior end, Rebecca Lee is sought after for her expertise in prosecuting and defending in cases of serious violence and sexual offences. In April 2021, Simon Mayo QC (as was) was appointed as a Senior Circuit Judge at the Old Bailey.


187 Fleet Street is an excellent set focusing on criminal law.’

187 Fleet Street Chambers is a solid set with a number of good performers.’

Excellent set of chambers. Great breadth of good quality counsel.  Incredibly responsive clerking team.’

Bridge House

3 Temple Gardens is home to a team of ‘excellent practitioners‘. Defence work is a core pillar of strength for the set; in a recent case highlight, Adam Davis QC and Tim Forte successfully defended a trained boxer and a student at Liverpool University, against the charge of the murder and manslaughter of another student at the university. In another matter, Nicholas Whitehorn represented a man charged with the attempted murder of a man who had been in a long-term affair with his wife, as well as an alternative charge of wounding with intent after confronting the man with a knife; he was acquitted on both charges, with a sole conviction for reckless wounding.



Three Temple Gardens has strength in depth and in the event of allocated counsel being unavailable I know I will be offered an alternative safe pair of hands.’

Very reliable set, both in terms of quality and availability of counsel.’

Three Temple Gardens is a friendly, approachable set with good members.’


A solid clerk’s room. Mike Cross in particular is outstanding and is always available to resolve issues should the need arise.’

Very responsive and helpful clerks. Reliably able to assist with covering all types of work, at a variety of courts and levels, and often at very short notice. Gary Brown in particular is a reliable, responsive and approachable clerk.’

Kevin Aldridge and Gary Brown are enormously experienced clerks and very well-respected within the profession.’

Gary Brown is a very well-known senior criminal clerk and has great links with a lot of firms by maintaining communication and ensuring they get a good service.’

Farringdon Chambers

Farringdon Chambers is ‘widely known for its expertise in criminal law and has a wide array of dedicated counsel‘. Defence work has been prominent in members’ workloads; recent examples include Ian Henderson QC defending a 16-year-old boy against charges of murder, attempted murder and the supply of drugs; the defendant was acquitted of all charges. Turning to the juniors, Martin McCarthy acted for a man who pled guilty to leading a drugs conspiracy to import Class A drugs with a total aggregate value of £58m into the South East; he received a 21-year sentence.



Farringdon is a good set to work with. It is results-oriented and aware of the needs of those instructing it.’

The breadth of experience within chambers is wide-ranging and covers expertise in almost all aspects of criminal law.’

A chambers going up the criminal ranks with a very good stable of junior practitioners.’

Good set with a strong head of chambers in Ian Henderson QC.’

The set as a whole are widely known for their expertise in criminal law and have a wide array of dedicated counsel.’


Bob Archer is an old school clerk who does and deserves to do well. Takes great pride in what he does.’

The clerks room is headed up by Bob Archer who has a reputation for being both charming and client focused. For this set of chambers he has positively, since its creation, brought them forward both in numbers and strength as well as professionalism.’

Clerks room under Bob Archer is excellent. Efficient and hard working.’

Bob Archer is always on hand to assist. I have had to call upon his services sometimes very late at night for some professional conduct issues and he has been able to arrange access within Chambers of Barristers who have been extremely supportive in their assistance at short notice.’

Chambers provides a fantastic service to its users. The clerks work tirelessly to ensure smooth communication with solicitors, other chambers and those in court administration. The senior clerk, Bob Archer is a pleasure to deal with whilst heading an effective and positive clerks room.’

Foundry Chambers

Foundry Chambers is ‘a very good criminal set with many excellent criminal barristers across the board of call from silks to juniors.’ Alexandra Healy QC was instructed by the CPS for the prosecution in a murder case, where the defendant was convicted of the murder of his 83-year-old mother by stabbing and then decapitating her. In another matter, David Harounoff is acting for a Swedish kickboxer who has been charged with the murder of record producer Flamur Beqiri, a man connected with several murders in Sweden and the brother of a cast member of Real Housewives of Cheshire. Henrietta Paget is sought after for her expertise in prosecuting in cases involving allegations of historic sexual offences and attempted murder.


A friendly and experienced set of chambers.’

An excellent criminal set with an ethic that involves prosecuting and defending in any case with equal enthusiasm and care.’

Six Pump Court

Members of Six Pump Court have solid expertise in handling prosecution and defence work, often concerning cases of serious sexual offences and murder. In a recent highlight for the set, Oliver Saxby QC successfully prosecuted a husband and wife who were charged with the murder of their live-in landlord by deliberate starvation after forging his will; the wife was convicted of murder, and the husband was convicted of allowing his death. In 2021 Simon Taylor QC took silk, while Catherine Donnelly moved to 2 Harcourt Buildings.



They have a good array of middle to senior level criminal barristers and I get a great service from them.’

The set as a whole are experienced in crime and provide good advice as well as excellent advocacy skills.’

The criminal team at Six Pump Court has great strength-in-depth. There are no weak links. There is good communication and team spirit amongst the members and if cases have to be covered by others, there is always a good hand-over. All high quality advocates.’


The clerks have excellent contacts with the Crown Courts and can assist in any listing difficulties. Michael Hearn and Graham Colloff always try to help.’

The clerks room are very helpful and proactive.’

They are my go-to chambers because of the level of service I get from the clerks. Alternative cover is always proactively arranged if necessary.’