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Leading Silks

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC – 2 Hare Court ‘Sallie is a strong and fearless advocate. Her cross-examination skills are breathtaking.’
Henry Blaxland KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Henry is at the top of his game. He is a confident, composed and commanding advocate with a sharp legal mind. He is a class act and one of the leading barristers at the criminal Bar.’
Rosina Cottage KC – Red Lion ChambersRosina has excellent emotional intelligence, so as to understand the impact of evidence upon juries. She is also a brilliant strategist in identifying how to manage large and unwieldy cases.'
Jeremy Dein KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Jeremy is a tremendously skilled and experienced silk who is very well-respected by judges and opponents alike.’
Isabella Forshall KC – Doughty Street Chambers 'Isabella is one of the most persuasive barristers around. Her down-to-earth, no-nonsense, style means she is able to speak to juries in such a way as to get them on her side in case after case.'
Sarah Forshaw KC – 5KBW ‘Sarah is a master on her in feet in the courtroom and commands the attention of all in her presence due to her skilled advocacy.’ 
Oliver Glasgow KC – 2 Hare Court ‘Oliver is a first-class lawyer, who rightly deserves his appointment as First Senior Treasury Counsel. His work is always meticulously prepared, and his presence in court commanding.’
Courtenay Griffiths KC – 25 Bedford RowCourtenay provides tenacious, fearless and forceful advocacy.
Ian Henderson KC – Farringdon Chambers ‘One of the go-to silks at the top end of the organised criminal defence market. A calm, measured and persuasive advocate who has great judgment and inspires confidence.’
Riel Karmy-Jones KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Riel is phenomenal. A supreme advocate. Put simply, an outstanding silk in a premier division. Her capacity for hard work and her attention to detail is awe-inspiring; her judgement is impeccable and her tactics astute.’
Brendan Kelly KC –2 Hare CourtBrendan is a top-notch advocate, who gets the jury on board right from the off.’
Judy Khan KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Judy is a an absolute star of the Bar. Charming, effective and a deadly tactician. She is always on top of the brief and her cross examination is superb. Juries love her.’ 
Eleanor Laws KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Eleanor is simply exceptional in all respects. She has an immediate command of any courtroom she attends and the results she achieves speak for themselves.'
Tom Little KC – Deka Chambers ‘Tom is a really experienced appellate advocate, and his preparation is second to none.’
Paul Mendelle KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Paul is an incredibly impressive trial advocate who commands the court room with effortless grace and style.’
Tim Moloney KC – Doughty Street ChambersTim is at the top of his game. One of the few silk stars of the criminal Bar. Extremely able advocate. Fearless. Has complete authority with the court. Highly-regarded.’ 
Clare Montgomery KC – Matrix Chambers 'The only way to describe her is one down from God. She can do anything.'
James Scobie KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘James is a first-class silk who is utterly fearless with nothing but sheer determination to secure the best outcome for his clients. He lives up to his widespread reputation as a formidable defence advocate and leads his juniors by example. He is a strategic mastermind and an exceptionally bright legal mind.’
Jim Sturman KC  – 2 Bedford RowJim is client-focused, taking forensic approach to his work – he is still the doyen of this area.’
Sasha Wass KC – 6KBW College Hill 'Sasha is incredible in making the client's instructions accessible to a jury, with a way of cross-examining witnesses that is disarming and thoroughly effective.'
Richard Whittam KC – Matrix ChambersRichard is very knowledgable about criminal law.'
Duncan Atkinson KC – 6KBW College Hill ‘Duncan knows where the defence are likely to press and marshals his evidence accordingly. He makes sensible legal arguments and handles vulnerable complainants with sensitivity and care.’
Tracy Ayling KC – 2 Bedford RowTracy has the ability to bring calm to chaos and to navigate through difficult trials.
Narita Bahra KC – 33 Chancery Lane ‘Narita is an outstanding barrister – her advocacy skills are second to none.’
Michael Bromley-Martin KC – Three Raymond Buildings 'Michael is absolutely first-rate and still one of, if not the, very best Silks at the Bar. He is a skilled and polished advocate and a master tactician.'
Caroline Carberry KC – Furnival Chambers 'Caroline is a really polished courtroom performer. She is always totally on top of her brief and is equally at home in front of a judge or jury. Her cross-examination is incisive and devastatingly-effective.'
Mark Cotter KC – 5 St Andrews Hill 'Mark is unflappable, precise in advocacy and hard-edged in pursuing what matters in a case.'
David Etherington KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘David is a supremely talented and experienced criminal silk and a real name at the Bar.’
Francis FitzGibbon KC23ESFrancis is industrious and methodical. He works well to get the most out of his opponents. He is courteous and has a measured effective court style. He plans witness handling carefully and juries find him reassuring. Good planning and competent advocate.
Patrick Gibbs KC – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Patrick is very authoritative. He has the respect of the court.’
Caroline Haughey KC - Furnival Chambers 'Caroline is a force of nature. Absolutely top flight interpersonal skills combined with a shrewd tactical legal mind.'
Mozammel Hossain KC – 187 Fleet Street ChambersMozammel’s advocacy skills are second to none. His dedication to his craft is a joy to see. His work ethic is inspiring, and his approach to his cross examinations are borne out of his hard work and attention to detail.’
Allison Hunter KC23ESAllison is a unique advocate because her affable manner, both in and out of court belies a determined advocate with a steely determination to get the right result, whether prosecuting or defending. She has a prodigious grasp of the detail of her cases, is a devastating cross-examiner and delivers closing speeches that leave opponents almost no room to manoeuvre.
Paul Hynes KC – 25 Bedford RowPaul is clever, witty and a class act.'
David Jeremy KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘David has a formidable presence in the courtroom and commands attention from the outset. He is at the top of his league.’
Zoe Johnson KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Zoe is an extremely able advocate on paper and orally. Authoritative and highly-regarded.'
Gillian Jones KC – Red Lion ChambersGillian’s legal prowess is unrivalled. She is able to process voluminous information like a super computer and provide answers with precision that allow her team to know that her points will strike deadly, accurate blows against any opposition, at will.’
Paul Keleher KC  – 25 Bedford Row 'Paul presents complicated cases in an accessible way. He is very good with clients and he is a powerful advocate with juries.'
Philippa McAtasney KC – Furnival Chambers  'Pippa is a hard-working, clever, and devastatingly-effective silk. She is approachable and clients love her. Pippa stands out even amongst the most eminent of her silk peers.'
Rajiv Menon KC – Garden Court Chambers 'Rajiv is a hugely passionate advocate and a fierce defender of civil liberties and human rights. He throws himself fully into his cases and works fantastically hard at trial.'
Stephen Moses KCFurnival Chambers  ‘Stephen is a class act. His cross-examination is always fireworks. He is a master of his art.’
Duncan Penny KC – 6KBW College Hill 'Duncan is an outstanding advocate and a master tactician. He is brilliant with clients and gives refreshingly straightforward advice.'
Simon Pentol KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Simon inspires immense confidence, a masterful advocate with a proven track record. One of the most charismatic members of the Bar.’
Mathew Sherratt KC – Thomas More Chambers ‘Mathew is an extremely thorough, intelligent and tenacious barrister who has a sense of justice which flows through every single piece of work he does.’
Kieran Vaughan KC – 2 Bedford RowKieran is very accessible and he gets work done very quickly.’
Alisdair Williamson KC – Three Raymond BuildingsAlisdair is a powerful advocate: trusted by juries, respected by judges, and feared by opponents. Clients are immediately reassured by his calm and confident approach.'
James Wood KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘One of the finest silks in the UK. Real courtroom presence, excellent to work with, knows the case inside-out and excellent client care skills. One of the old-school legends still at the Bar.’
Tana Adkin KC – 15 New Bridge Street ‘Tana’s advocacy is extremely clear and persuasive – juries and Judges listen to her. Her cross-examination skills are excellent as she consistently ties the Crown’s witnesses in knots.’
Christine Agnew KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Christine is excellent with clients – really reassuring and user-friendly. She gives clear, accessible and astute advice. As a defence advocate, she is authoritative and assured.’
Zubair Ahmad KC – 2 Hare Court ‘Zubair is always extremely well-prepared, with an outstanding eye for detail. ’
Tony Badenoch KC – 6KBW College HillTony is a calm and measured performer.'
Alex Bailin KC  – Matrix Chambers ‘Alex is fantastic. He is very well-versed in the criminal law, and is the most compelling and elegant advocate.’
Ali Bajwa KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman  ‘Ali is the most skilled and tactically talented counsel I know. His style and flair add to his unmeasurable confidence.’
Jason Bartfeld KC – 187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Jason is a formidable advocate of the old school. He is a real pugilist who cross-examines with devastating affect and with an effortless and consummate charm.'
Jeremy Benson KC – Red Lion ChambersVery-balanced, professional and to the point. Jeremy is very open to being persuaded of an alternate view and is a great sounding board on more challenging cases.’
David Bentley KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘David is a compelling advocate. When he speaks, both judges and juries listen. In addition, he has a masterful command of the criminal law, and his submissions on the law are always well-thought-out and persuasive.'
Anthony Berry KC – 9BR Chambers ‘Tony is a brilliant advocate who can, with charm, destroy the credibility of witnesses and win over juries with eloquent advocacy.’
Kate Bex KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Kate is the consummate prosecutor. She can be a tough opponent, as she is dedicated and very bright, but she is also compassionate and conspicuously fair.'
Jane Bickerstaff KC – 9BR Chambers - 'Jane is a persuasive and determined advocate who will defend the client to the hilt, invariably with enormous success.'
Kirsty Brimelow KC – Doughty Street ChambersKirsty is a committed and highly-effective advocate, who combines vast knowledge of the law, with industry, tact, charm and compelling advocacy in securing the best possible outcomes for those she represents.' 
John Cammegh KC – The 36 Group ‘John is very approachable and has an understanding of lay clients’ needs. He has a knack of communicating very well with clients and as a result gets the best of instructions from clients.’
Richard Christie KC – 187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Richard is a work horse of a barrister, who leaves no stone unturned. He remains caring and compassionate while never taking his foot off the pedal.'
Giles Cockings KC – Furnival Chambers  ‘A clever barrister with a very attractive advocacy style. He inspires confidence in his clients.’
John Cooper KC – 25 Bedford RowJohn brings very incisive advocacy and negotiation skills.
Annabel Darlow KC – 6KBW College Hill 'Annabel's advocacy is outstanding. She is a calm and meticulously-prepared cross-examiner.'
Peter Doyle KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Peter is a hugely-experienced, skilled and patient barrister with an engaging and persuasive manner.’
Sarah Elliott KC – Doughty Street ChambersSarah is fantastic with clients, nothing is ever too much trouble. A powerhouse in court but shows real empathy, understanding and sensitivity with clients.
Philip Evans KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Smooth and unflappable. Superb jury advocate. Excellent lawyer'. 
Edward Fitzgerald KC – Doughty Street Chambers 'Edward is very adept at seeing how the law can be developed and is committed to his client's cases.'
Felicity Gerry KC – Libertas Chambers 'Felicity is a leading expert on the law of  joint enterprise who commands respect from judges as to the correct framework to now be applied.'
Jacob Hallam KC – 6KBW College Hill 'Jacob is an extremely polished, courteous and accomplished advocate who masters his brief and whose approach is firm but fair.'
Mark Harries KC  – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Mark's client care is exemplary, as is his commitment to the thorough preparation and presentation of his cases.'
Alexandra Healy KC – Foundry Chambers ‘Alexandra is an exceptionally hard-working and intelligent barrister who can drill down to the finest detail in a case.’
Christopher Henley KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Chris has great tactical insight into the key issues of his cases coupled with an ability to make the unreasonable appear entirely reasonable. He is unflappable under pressure and is rightly highly sought-after in a wide range of serious criminal offences.’
David Hislop KC – Doughty Street ChambersDavid is very charismatic as well as being able to apply his formidable mind to a wide range of legal predicaments.'
William Hughes KC – Foundry Chambers ‘William is considered by those at the top of the profession as an absolute Rolls Royce in the rank of silk.’
Michael Ivers KC – Garden Court ChambersCharismatic and passionate. Not afraid to ask the difficult questions.’
Aftab Jafferjee KC – 6KBW College Hill 'An absolute legend. His reputation for attention to detail, fearless advocacy, meticulous cross-examination, gripping speeches and a roguish sense of humour is well-earned.'
Lee Karu KCMillennium ChambersHis is a masterful advocate of the old school. He brings flair and colour to any courtroom. A real jury advocate.’
Alan Kent KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Alan is an excellent advocate, has great client care skills and prepares the case thoroughly. Quite simply is a Rolls Royce KC.’
Abbas Lakha KC – 9BR Chambers – ‘Abbas is a very good criminal silk and he knows his way around difficult crime areas.’
Sean Larkin KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman  ‘His legal analysis is second to none – he has the ability to be highly creative in his arguments and interpretation. His written advocacy is absolutely first-rate.’
Kate Lumsdon KC – 23ESKate is a calm and persuasive advocate. She couples this with excellent legal knowledge to be extremely effective with both judge and jury.’
Louis Mably KC – 6KBW College Hill ‘Louis is a truly excellent advocate with an impressive combination of in-depth legal knowledge and a wide range of advocacy skills.’
Eloise Marshall KC – 23ES ‘Eloise is extremely organised and thorough in her preparation of cases and is a fearless advocate in court.’
John McGuinness KCFoundry Chambers 'He works phenomenally hard and outstrips most other advocates in terms of his commitment to his cases. He is undaunted by difficult litigation where the stakes are high and the issues complex'.
Anthony Metzer KC – Goldsmith Chambers ‘Anthony is unflappable and has a calm and considered reassurance. He prepares his cases meticulously and is excellent with clients, judges and witnesses.’
Naeem Mian KC –Naeem Mian KC ChambersHe has particular strength in handling serious crime and terrorism cases. Great with clients, and brilliant to work with.
Tim Owen KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Tim is hard-working, with great judgement.’
Pavlos Panayi – 7BR ‘Pavlos is excellent at getting to the issues and heading cases off before trial where possible.’
Gareth Patterson KC – 6KBW College Hill 'Gareth is both fair-minded and tenacious as a prosecutor - a difficult trick to pull off. He is a compelling and persuasive advocate.'
Steven Perian KC – 2 King’s Bench Walk ChambersAn industrious, approachable and charming silk.
Steven Powles KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Very competent criminal silk. Lots of heavy overseas work. Very personal and easy to work with.’
Justin Rouse KC – 9BR Chambers ‘Justin is a class act who inspires confidence in his clients (lay and professional), jury and judge.’
Rossano Scamardella KC23ESRossano has outstanding communication skills with clients of all backgrounds. He is meticulous in respect of the work that they do, in particular, building cases around unused material. The closing speeches that Rossano delivers are second to none. His delivery is calm and submissions are completely heard and understood by whichever jury has the pleasure to hear him. His style of cross examination is an education.
Charlie Sherrard KC – Furnival Chambers ‘Charlie is all strengths. He puts in a lot of effort – very meticulous and diligent – attention to the subtleties in the evidence.’
Jo Sidhu KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Jo is right up there with the very best silks. A real bare-knuckle fighter when he needs to be and a real soothing presence in court when that is what the case needs.’
Julia Smart KC – Furnival Chambers 'Julia is robust and tenacious. An excellent memory deployed to great effect in advocacy.'
Leonard Smith KC – Libertas Chambers ‘Leonard is relentless in his case preparation to ensure that when he gets to his feet to advocate in court he can delivery the best possible case for his client.’
Tyrone Smith KC – 25 Bedford Row 'He combines an approachable attitude with serious intellect and advocacy.'
Louise Sweet KC – 2 Bedford RowLouise is excellent. Very good judgement on how to run a case. Very well-respected by the judiciary. A very astute operator.’
Bernard Tetlow KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘An excellent silk and outstanding advocate. He has a great manner with clients and is quick to put them at ease, even in the most serious of cases’.
Katy Thorne KC – Doughty Street ChambersKaty is an exceptional advocate. Her arguments are well put and persuasive and she is very tenacious.'
Stuart Trimmer KC – 4BB ‘He is able to communicate with the jury in a very clear and persuasive manner.’ 
Edmund Vickers KC – Red Lion ChambersEdmund’s preparation in every case is meticulous and he develops a detailed knowledge and understanding of a case from an early stage in the proceedings. He has a calm and measured approach to both his advocacy and when communicating with clients, which instils confidence amongst all that work with him.’
Clare Wade KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Clare is incredibly intelligent. She can distil complex legal issues and explain them in clear language to those instructing her and to her clients’.
Jeremy Wainwright KC – 3 Temple GardensJeremy is highly-regarded as a criminal silk. He is a good lawyer who keeps up to date with current law and practice. He has an engaging, natural style of advocacy that appeals to judges and juries alike.'
David Whittaker KC – 2 Hare Court ‘David is an excellent advocate and a master at identifying the important issues in any particular case.’
Lisa Wilding KC – 23ESLisa is a star performer. She is genuinely a class act. She fights her way through bloody cut-throats; her cross-examination on evidence such as phone schedules is a thing of beauty. Her judgement is impeccable, and she commands courtrooms.
Natasha Wong KC – 5KBW ‘Natasha is an absolute star and now obviously one of the leading silks of her generation.’
Richard Horwell KC – Three Raymond BuildingsA natural jury advocate.'
Adam Kane KC - Libertas Chambers  'Adam is a great legal mind and strategist. His knowledge of the facts and the evidence in the case may only be surpassed by his knowledge and command of the law. '
Colin Aylott KC  – Mountford Chambers ‘Colin is a formidable silk whose advocacy is exceptional. He has an incredible knowledge of the law. 
Anand Beharrylal KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Anand is a natural advocate with charm and gravitas in both his written and oral arguments that demonstrates detailed legal knowledge and long experience in the courtroom. ’
Oliver Blunt KC – Furnival ChambersOliver is a highly-experienced senior silk. He excels at taking difficult decisions during trials, and is persuasive both to his colleagues and judges.’
Michael Borrelli KC - Three Raymond Buildings  'Michael is tough, shrewd, clear-sighted and has a bit of dash in the courtroom'
James Dawes KC - 2 Harcourt Buildings 'James is a great detail man. He is incredibly hard-working. He knows his case and the papers inside out.'
Jennifer Dempster KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Jennifer's advocacy skills are second-to-none. Her preparation of a case is extremely thorough with no stone left unturned. Every piece of evidence is scrutinized and double checked. She leads from the front and she is always involved in every aspect of the case.'
David Emanuel KC – Garden Court Chambers 'David is fearless in advocacy and extremely imaginative with his arguments. He is one of the best criminal appeal silks in the country, if not the best.'
Rudi Fortson KC – 25 Bedford Row ‘Rudi is a walking legal text book, but wears his learning lightly. He is a tireless advocate for his clients.’
Danny Friedman KC – Matrix ChambersDanny is a hard-working, forensic, brilliant barrister who communicates with his clients extremely well.’ 
Peter Glenser KC – 9BR Chambers ‘Underestimate Peter at your peril. He is tough but fair and very jury-friendly.’
Siobhan Grey KC – Libertas Chambers ‘Siobhan is open-minded, methodical, meticulous and scientific in her approach to forensic evidence.’
Andrew Hall KC - Doughty Street Chambers 'Andrew is in the upper echelon of silks. His work rate is phenomenal.'
Edward Henry KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Unparalleled attention to details and fights every single point. He’s the person you want in your corner when your back is to the wall.’
Martin Hicks KC – 2 Hare Court ‘Martin is a class act. His attributes include excellent ability as an advocate, great tactical and strategic skill and a deep commitment to every case he appears in.’
Jonathan Higgs KC5KBW ‘Jonathan is a top silk whose attention to detail and presence in court make him a force to be reckoned with.’
Jennifer Knight KC - 2 Harcourt Buildings 'Jennifer is an excellent communicator. She is one of the leaders in the field of sexual crime.'
Jonathan Laidlaw KC – 2 Hare Court ‘He is well-known for his oral advocacy and really good at thinking about, mapping out and advising on strengths and weaknesses.’
Samuel Magee KC - 2 Bedford Row 'Sam is an exceptionally eloquent, effective and accomplished advocate and his written work is always of the highest standard.'
Vanessa Marshall KC – 7BR 'Vanessa has excellent advocacy skills and an engaging manner with the jury.'
Keir Monteith KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Keir is good with clients, an excellent advocate, with preparation of the highest calibre. I have seen his advocacy skill first hand on a number of occasions and everyone in the room listens.'
Charlotte Newell KC5KBW ‘Charlotte has a wonderfully calming and reassuring nature when advising clients. Her advocacy is exceptionally clear and easy to digest, which is essential for a complex criminal case when people”s lives are on the line.’ 
Brian O’Neill KC2 Hare Court ‘Brian is an experienced and highly-skilled advocate.’
Sally O’Neill KC - Furnival Chambers 'Sally's cross-examination is superb, making good points with strength but appropriate sensitivity.'
Jane Osborne KC – 2 Harcourt Buildings ‘Jane combines a busy prosecution and defence practice, including a specialism in manslaughter.’
Christopher Paxton KC – Red Lion Chambers ‘Chris is a terrific advocate. Brilliant in court, great with clients and tremendous energy.'
Stan Reiz KC  – 2 Bedford Row ‘Stan is a formidable advocate with a very soothing tone, which makes him stand out.’
Danny Robinson KC – 5KBW ‘Danny is a consummate professional. He is a top-class advocate with a skill for an economy of words, each one carefully chosen for maximum impact.’
Melanie Simpson KCDoughty Street Chambers  ‘Melanie is a first-class advocate. Strong on the law. Unflappable. Excellent cross examiner of professional witnesses. A go-to silk.’
Adrian Waterman KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Adrian is a supreme jury advocate; astute and adaptable, he also presents legal submissions very well in lower and appellate courts.’
Hossein Zahir KC – Garden Court Chambers ‘Hossein is an exceptional advocate who has very good and instincts and judgement. His case preparation and commitment to his clients is second to none and he is very easy to work with.'

2021 Silks

Emma Goodall KC – Doughty Street ChambersEmma is a fantastic advocate and is always well-composed in whatever case is before her. ‘
William Emlyn Jones KC – Three Raymond BuildingsBill is probably the most respected of the senior prosecutors at the Old Bailey . Put simply, it is because he prosecutes utterly fairly with a total command of the law and evidence . His advocacy is clear, concise and commanding.’
Anya Lewis KC – Garden Court Chambers 'Anya's judgement is unerring. She pitches a case to perfection with her quietly persuasive advocacy and inspires confidence in the lay client. Her approach is sensitive and highly effective.'

2022 Silks

Claire Davies KC - Farringdon Chambers 'Claire is an incredibly hard-working counsel who never gives up on a client or a case. She works extremely hard to develop a formidable understanding of the papers which she deploys with skill to persuade both judges and juries.'
Julian Evans KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘An absolute legend at the Bar. Hugely-respected for his out of court preparation and his in-court delivery. His opinion carries great weight with judges, colleagues and juries.’
Nathan Rasiah KC – 23ES ‘Nathan is calm under pressure, thorough and determined. An exceptional advocate.’
Sarah Vine KC – Doughty Street Chambers ‘It is difficult to express the relief one feels with Sarah by your side on a tricky case. She has the ability to really identify the key issues and plan to deal with them one by one.’
Liam Walker KC  - Doughty Street Chambers 'Liam is a force to be reckoned with in court. He is one of the very best when it comes to advocacy.'

Leading Juniors

Aisling Byrnes – 25 Bedford Row ‘She is quite simply one of the best at the Bar. She is meticulous in her preparation, she has a wealth of experience and gives considered, practical and robust advice.’
Orla Daly – QEB Hollis WhitemanOrla is fantastic at reading the courtroom, and being able to carefully craft cross-examination in sensitive situations, whilst still securing the best outcome for the client.
Claire Harden-Frost – Deka Chambers ‘Claire is always thoroughly prepared and demonstrates excellent knowledge of the facts of her case, the legislative framework and the supporting case authorities.’
Jocelyn Ledward – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Jocelyn is fiercely-intelligent, impeccably fair and very hard-working.'
Piers Marquis – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Piers is very bright, hard-working and gets brilliant results. He cares about and has a very good manner with clients.’ 
Martin McCarthy – Farringdon Chambers 'Martin is a forceful, formidable advocate who is adept in heavyweight crime and financial crime cases. Known for his well-prepared, meticulous and devastating cross-examination.'
Michael Neofytou – 25 Bedford Row ‘Michael is a confident and powerful advocate, with a keen eye for detail.'
Arlette Piercy – 25 Bedford Row 'Arlette is tenacious in court and unafraid to take a point in defence of her client.'
Jonathan Polnay – 5KBW 'Jonathan's legal knowledge and tactical acumen are second-to-none. He is a formidable advocate both on paper and on his feet.'
Alistair Richardson – 6KBW College Hill 'Alistair is a clear and concise advocate who holds the confidence of the court.'
Elisabeth Acker – 23ES ‘Lizzy is hardworking, enthusiastic, and determined. She puts lay clients at their ease and has the confidence of her professional clients, her opponents, and the court.’
Emma Akuwudike – 25 Bedford Row 'Emma is a formidable advocate and a favourite with juries.'
Graham Arnold – Farringdon Chambers 'Graham is an excellent all-around criminal lawyer and advocate with great judgment and client care skills.' 
Farrhat Arshad – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Farrhat is a clear authoritative advocate with a strong intellect. She thinks hard and bravely about her cases, always looking for a way to promote her clients' interests.'
Christopher Bertham – 3 Temple Gardens ‘Christopher is fantastic lawyer who has a calm and collected effective approach to his advocacy. He is in demand in cases that are particularly difficult and challenging.'
Paul Evans – Red Lion ChambersPaul is extremely keen and passionate about the work.’
Mark Fraser – Rose Court Chambers ‘Mark exudes confidence in all that he does. In turn, lay clients put their full trust in him. This results in exceptional outcomes in their cases.’
Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh – Matrix Chambers 'Blinne is wonderful. She maintains rigorous independence and professionalism.'
Tom Godfrey – 23ES ‘Tom is a very polished advocate who has a commanding presence in court. He has an excellent legal mind.’
Owen Greenhall – Garden Court Chambers 'Owen is simply brilliant. He is extremely clever and tenacious and represents the most difficult clients in challenging circumstances. He has the respect of judges and is very hard-working. He is great to work with and clients regularly ask for him. He has a reputation in the field of protest-related work.'
Carolina Guiloff – 25 Bedford Row 'A tenacious barrister who will fight for her clients tooth and nail.'
Joanna Hardy-Susskind – Red Lion Chambers 'Joanna leaves no stone unturned. Her hard work and advocacy skills are evidenced by the outstanding results she achieves for her clients. Her legal knowledge is second to none.'
Scott Ivill2 Hare Court ‘Scott is a first class advocate whose oral advocacy is excellent. He is extremely articulate and persuasive and has a great presence in court. There is no junior more hard-working. He is a joy to work with.
Paul Jarvis – 6KBW College Hill 'Paul is an exceptionally bright barrister who appears to have the answer to every legal issue at his fingertips.'
Salma Lalani – 1MCBSalma is a shrewd and highly-accomplished trial advocate who brings a tactical focus to any case.'
Ben Lloyd – 6KBW College Hill ‘Ben is devastatingly effective due to his excellent judgement and fairness as a prosecutor.’
Christopher Martin – 2 Bedford Row ‘Christopher has an excellent eye for detail, layered with excellent knowledge and application of the law, as well as an engaging and compelling ability to communicate his submissions and arguments to the judge, judge advocate and jury. ’
Philip McGhee – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Philip is a first-class barrister. He is a persuasive advocate. He prepares thoroughly and commands the respect of the court.’
Ian McLoughlin – Red Lion Chambers 'Ian is versatile across the spectrum of offences. He gains the trust of clients with a compelling mix of authority and humility. He is on top of his brief and presents powerful argument.'
Tom Nicholson - 2 Harcourt BuildingsTom combines a calm approach with excellent client care skills. His case preparation is first-rate.
Louise Oakley – 5KBW 'Louise is calm under pressure, collected in the face of hostile opponents, and completely in command of her brief. A real star.'
Jose Olivares-Chandler – 5 St Andrews HillJose is very astute, diligent - an eye for details - good advocacy, he  follows instructions to defend rigorously.'
Kate O’Raghallaigh – Doughty Street Chambers ' Kate is incredibly clever. Excellent tactical strategy. Superb client care. Brilliant skeleton arguments and ability to navigate complex factual issues, law and admissibility issues.'
Molly Pinkus – Farringdon Chambers 'Molly has excellent legal knowledge and fights to tooth and nail for her clients.'
Alexia Power – Furnival ChambersAlexia is a well-prepared and conscientious barrister.'
Peter Ratliff – 6KBW College Hill 'Peter is a superb presenter of evidence, both prosecuting and defending.'
Shauna Ritchie2 Bedford Row ‘Shauna is a robust and clear advocate who fights her client's corner.’
Philip Rule – No5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Philip is reliable, approachable, has a good rapport with clients, obtains positive outcomes and receives subsequent requests for representation by returning clients.'
Ben Smitten – 25 Bedford Row 'Ben is meticulous in preparation. He is across the detail of the entire case from an early stage. Further he has a very good manner with clients and an ability to make them feel at ease.'
Susannah Stevens – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'If you are lucky enough to get Susannah, you know you are in good hands. She combines vast experience, great courtroom presence and tenacity, and a wonderfully disarming manner - a winning combination. Clients love her.'
Philip Stott – QEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Philip is one of the very best junior criminal barristers at the bar. He is deeply intelligent and has a first-rate knowledge of the law and procedure.'
Tom Wainwright – Garden Court ChambersTom is an intelligent and dynamic barrister at the top of his game. He is a leading expert on defending prosecutions brought against political campaigners and activists. He is a highly-effective and confident advocate who gains the trust of his clients and the respect of judges, instructing solicitors and opponents.'
Julia Faure Walker – 2 Hare Court ‘Julia deals with legal arguments, witness testimony and other aspects of court advocacy to the highest standard.’
David Wood – 25 Bedford Row 'David is a strong and robust advocate. His intelligence shines through in every case.'
Kevin Baumber – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Kevin has an exceptional tactical brain, is meticulous in his case preparation and his eye for detail is unparalleled.'
Harry Bentley – 2 Hare Court ‘Harry has a wide range of experience, strong advocacy skills, excellent legal knowledge and a thorough understanding of the law.’
Ronnie Bergenthal – Farringdon Chambers 'Ronnie is a very smooth and eloquent advocate, who always demonstrates clarity and sense in his submissions. Ronnie is extremely user friendly and a popular barrister with clients and solicitors alike.'
Jacob Bindman – Garden Court Chambers 'Jacob has a gentle manner with clients. His advice to clients on the law and evidence is clear and easy to understand. In court, he is simultaneously robust and charming. He is an astute and hard-working lawyer, and a very good jury advocate.'
James Bloomer – 23ES ‘James prepares cases meticulously. He has excellent client care.’
Corinne Bramwell – 9BR Chambers ‘Corinne has a very bright legal mind and is well able to handle any challenge thrown at her. She is tenacious, and always very well-prepared.’
Tom Broomfield – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Tom is a talented advocate - bright and hard-working.'
Helen Butcher – Garden Court Chambers 'Helen is committed to consideration of the law on cases.'
Nichola Cafferkey – 33 Bedford Row 'Nichola is a brave advocate with total integrity. She is always well-prepared and organised and this is reflected in her approach to cross-examination, which is not only very effective but also easy to follow.'
Felicia Davy – Red Lion ChambersFelicia is a fearless, tenacious and very persuasive advocate.' 
Emma Fenn – Garden Court ChambersEmma is a first class junior, with passion, tenacity and a brilliant work ethic.'
Tim Forte – 3 Temple Gardens 'Tim is a formidable advocate and a master strategist. He is a skilled tactician and incredibly eloquent. A polished performer with an excellent reputation.'
Hugh FrenchRed Lion Chambers  ‘Hugh is a consumate professional. He is unflappable when challenged by judges. A particular strength is his ability to put clients and witnesses at ease when giving evidence.’
Sebastian Gardiner – 25 Bedford Row ‘Sebastian is an outstanding advocate. He has great attention to detail, has the ability to foresee where problems might arise, is extremely thorough and robust where appropriate. His preparation is second-to-none.’
Ben Gordon – Furnival ChambersBen is a first class advocate and has a splendid manner with a jury. Has the ability to hold a jury and delivers a fantastic jury speech.'
Garry Green – Doughty Street ChambersGarry is exceptional. His dedication to his professional and lay client alike is outstanding. He takes every point and will fight all the way.’
Shelley Griffith – Farringdon Chambers 'Shelley is a hard-working barrister. He is tenacious and unafraid, and will always argue in his clients best interest over a range of matters.'
Sean Hammond – 2 Bedford Row ‘Sean has an excellent legal brain with a depth of knowledge and a quiet assurance in the way he conducts himself. This gives the client and instructing solicitors confidence and clear advice and guidance in the issues to address.’
Nerida Harford-Bell – Garden Court ChambersNerida is thorough and tenacious yet completely courteous and professional in her interactions with others.'
Craig Harris – Furnival ChambersCraig is astute, hard-working and dedicated - you will not be disappointed when he is on his feet in the courtroom.' 
Daniel Higgins – 9BR Chambers ‘Daniel is a hard-working and shrewd barrister. He has a good brain and is a persuasive advocate.’
Joe Hingston – Mountford ChambersJoe is a hard-working counsel, taking his time to find the best solution of clients. Excellent advocate and puts forward measured, well-reasoned legal arguments.'
Jeffrey Israel – 5KBW 'Excellent in all areas, his advocacy is excellent and precise.'
Nicholas James – 2 Bedford Row ‘In court, Nicholas never fails to read the situation perfectly, always knowing the best approach to achieve the best outcome.’
Alex Jamieson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Alex has a razor-sharp academic mind which he uses to apply nuanced arguments to every case. He is approachable and practical and immediately puts clients at ease.’
Ashraf Khan – 2 Bedford Row ‘Ashraf combines meticulous preparation with excellent client skills and a particularly persuasive style of advocacy.’
Zarif Khan – Drystone Chambers ‘Zarif has an excellent command of the case, precise knowledge of the law, and is fantastic with clients and judges.’
Adam King – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Adam is incredibly effective. He thinks quickly on his feet and relays complex concepts as effectively to lay clients as to the court.'
Stephen Knight  – One Pump Court ‘He has a good tactical sense, is hard-working and produces excellent written submissions.’ 
Greg Krieger – Farringdon Chambers 'Greg is a hard-working, dedicated defence counsel, always prepared to fight hard for his clients.'
Guy Ladenburg – Three Raymond Buildings 'Guy is very polished, a very effective cross-examiner. Very charming, very bright, also very versatile, with a broad range of specialisms.'
Elizabeth Lambert – Farringdon Chambers ‘Elizabeth has a very thorough, careful and considered advocacy style.’
Charles Langley – 2 Bedford Row ‘Charles’s ability distill large volumes of evidence and get straight to the central issues is impressive. His ability to identify and formulate a case strategy is equally impressive, and breeds confidence.’
Soraya Lawrence – Farringdon Chambers ‘Soraya is very dedicated, thorough and hard-working and always willing to go that extra mile. Her client skills are second to none.’
Rebecca Lee – 187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Rebecca is a cool and calm advocate delivering her advocacy in meticulous fashion, and creates a confident and trustworthy rapport with her clients, opposing counsel and judges.'
Matheos Lefteris – Rose Court Chambers ‘Matt is very thorough in case preparation and is always willing to go the extra mile.’ 
Peter Lownds – 2 Hare Court ‘Peter is a highly-experienced and polished advocate.’
Will Martin2 Hare Court ‘He has all the qualities one looks for in a top criminal barrister, combining a fierce tactical intellect with effortless advocacy.'
Tara McCarthy – Thomas More Chambers ‘Tara is a highly-experienced and sage advocate. She lets her actions speak for her and is effective on her feet.’ 
John McNamara – 5 St Andrews Hill 'John combines hard work and strong personal skills to prosecute complex cases effectively and fairly.'
Rhys Meggy – QEB Hollis WhitemanHe is bright and hard-working and his written work is outstanding. He inspires confidence in his clients and in those who instruct him.'
Danny Moore – Six Pump Court 'Danny is an amazing and brilliant defence advocate. He is highly tactically-aware.'
Ioana Nedelcu – Farringdon ChambersIoana stands out from the crowd in almost all areas of her practice. She is a tenacious and fearless advocate who never shies away from even the most uncomfortable or adversarial of circumstances.'
Benjamin Newton – Doughty Street Chambers ‘Ben is just extraordinary. He is super bright with a forensic eye for detail. He is super efficient and organised, carefully managing and analysing material. However small and apparently inconsequential a detail or document may be, he will be able to identify and comment on it in an instant. He is the real deal.’
Eva Niculiu – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Eva is an astonishingly good advocate. She has perfect judgment, is wonderfully eloquent and is 100% committed to every case she does. She is one the best crime juniors at the Bar.’
Will Noble – 9BR Chambers ‘Will is dedicated and fights ferociously for his clients. His advocacy is determined and persuasive and has the ability to turn the unwinnable into a winner.’
Heather Oliver – Three Raymond Buildings 'Heather is excellent in court and really good with clients.'
Grace Ong – 2 King’s Bench Walk ChambersGrace is a very bright junior and a persuasive advocate.
Osman Osman – 25 Bedford Row 'Osman is a thorough barrister, he is able to advise on all stages of proceedings.'
Henrietta Paget – Foundry Chambers ‘Henrietta's advocacy is of the highest standard. Her delivery is clear, concise and she is an extremely effective jury advocate.'
Yasin Patel – Church Court Chambers ‘Yasin is extremely thorough with his work. Always detailed advice on evidence, action plans are provided. Yasin has a great eye for detail.’
Tom Payne – Red Lion ChambersTom is a master of the detail of cases. His in depth knowledge of the underlying facts is second-to-none.’
Sarah Przybylska – 2 Hare Court ‘Sarah is a very diligent, respectful and hard-working junior.’
Matthew Radstone – 25 Bedford Row 'Matt is very calm and thorough. Clients always appreciate his advice'.
Rebecca Randall – Park Square Barristers Ltd.  ‘Rebecca is a very well-prepared, tenacious advocate. A meticulous cross-examiner and very jury-friendly.’
Simon Ray – 6KBW College Hill 'Simon is everything you want from a barrister - he is clever, extremely responsive and has an excellent client manner.'
David Rhodes - Doughty Street Chambers 'David is an excellent lawyer who has no difficulty in mastering complex and extensive material. His legal arguments are both insightful and tenacious.'
Fiona Robertson – 2 Hare Court ‘Fiona is the best-prepared, most forward-thinking junior.’
Jeremy Rosenberg23ESJeremy is a class act.
Christopher Saad – 2 Bedford Row ‘Christopher is a team player, and works well with solicitors and senior counsel when dealing with strategy and key matters in the case.’
Neil Saunders – Three Raymond BuildingsHe is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is an extremely experienced advocate and is one of the best leading juniors at the London Bar.’
Esther Schutzer-Weissmann – 6KBW College Hill 'Esther is impressive in conference, with great authority - she is well-researched and prepared.'
Alexandra Scott – Mountford Chambers 'Alexandra is a very thorough professional with excellent advocacy skills. Her written advice is first rate and guidance during the currency of trials is invaluable.'
Tessa Shroff – 9BR Chambers ‘Tessa is always very well-prepared and rigourous. Her advocacy is excellent and engaging and she is very good on the law. She works hard for her clients. She defends and prosecutes with ease.’
Michael Skelley – Red Lion Chambers 'The meticulous attention to detail and conscientious preparation mean that Michael is nearly always the best informed person in the courtroom.'
Joel Smith – Furnival ChambersJoel is an outstanding and highly-experienced criminal junior. His strengths include his attention to detail, willingness to take responsibility and his team ethic.'
Monica Stevenson – 25 Bedford Row ‘Hard-working, tactically-astute, good judgement, jury-friendly, a skilful cross-examiner particularly of vulnerable witnesses.’
Sean Sullivan – 9BR Chambers ‘Sean exhibits fantastic attention to detail when dealing with cases of great complexity. He is able to foster brilliant working relationships with the clients, obtaining their confidence at an early stage. He pro-actively defends cases in court, vigorously challenging disputed evidence.’
Lucy Tapper – Furnival Chambers 'Lucy is a superb advocate and a formidable opponent to be against in court.'
James Thacker – Deka Chambers ‘James’ written work is outstanding – he is a true fighter, taking no prisoners along the way.’
Dominic Thomas – 25 Bedford Row ‘Dominic is an unbelievable advocate.’
Greg Unwin – 187 Fleet Street Chambers 'Greg's abilities as a formidable advocate and tactician are being increasingly-recognised .'
Helen Valley – 25 Bedford Row ‘Helen is very assured, has excellent judgment, her legal arguments are very well-presented.'
Emily Verity1GC | Family Law ‘Emily is a skilful and impressive advocate who is particularly adept at dealing with vulnerable witnesses.’
John Warrington – 5 St Andrews Hill ‘John brings attention to detail and thoroughness. A persuasive advocate.'
Nicholas Whitehorn – 3 Temple GardensNicholas provides great client interaction, listens, speaks his mind and is always on client's side.
Chris Whitehouse – Farringdon Chambers 'Chris has extraordinary strength in depth. He is also able to grasp massively complex cases swiftly and effectively. Chris is a magnificent advocate who commands the respect of the court and grips jurors attention in a way that irresistibly invites justice for his client.'
Diana Wilson – The 36 Group ‘Diana is a skilful advocate, she has good tactical judgement and is persuasive in argument.’
Lisa Wilson – 25 Bedford Row 'Lisa is a consummate professional and a fearsome courtroom advocate.'
Gerwyn Wise – Garden Court Chambers 'Gerwyn treats all clients with equal respect and care. This is, without a doubt, the quality one would identify as the single most important feature of his work.'
Madeleine Wolfe  -2 Hare Court  ‘Madeleine is a very talented and experienced advocate with extensive knowledge of the most serious and complex cases. A commanding yet calm presence in court, robust in any legal arguments and savvy in cross-examination. She deliveries the most impressive closing speeches.
Paramjit Ahluwalia – Lamb BuildingParamjit is an outstanding junior. She combines excellent organisational skills with good judgement, hard work and commitment.
Warwick Aleeson – 25 Bedford Row 'Warwick is an exceptional barrister with a keen eye for detail.'
Fallon Alexis – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Fallon is extremely committed, utterly professional, is highly-diligent and completely devoted to her cases.'
Irfan Arif – 9 Lincolns Court ‘Irfan is thorough and conscientious, with excellent rapport with clients in the most difficult of situations.’
Peta-Louise Bagott - Doughty Street Chambers 'Peta-Louise is very assured in her manner, the advice she gives is on the money.'  
Soraya Bauwens – 1MCB ‘Soraya is very meticulous and thoughtful with a depth and breadth of experience.’ 
Minka Braun – Garden Court Chambers  ‘Minka is stellar, and an indomitable practitioner to boot. Her results speak for themselves.’
Matthew Buckland - Mountford Chambers 'Matthew is a great jury advocate and has a busy crime practice.'
Daniel Chadwick – 2 Hare Court ‘Daniel is a knowledgeable and highly-responsive barrister who instills confidence in both professional and lay clients.’
Yogain Chandarana – Rose Court Chambers ‘Yogain is a particularly passionate barrister and has amazing court room presence.’
Dominic Connolly – 5 St Andrews Hill 'Dominic is a robust and effective advocate. He knows his papers back-to-front and deploys the facts to devastating effect to dismantle a defendant's case in cross-examination.'
Oliver Cook – Libertas Chambers  ‘Oliver is a brilliant barrister who can inspire juries to deliver positive verdicts for his clients in the most demanding cases. He is the barrister that you need on your side when you are in trouble.’
David Dainty – 23ES ‘David is very professional and has a natural and persuasive way with the jury. ‘
Ishan Dave – Rose Court Chambers ‘Ishan adapts his way of speaking to different clients to build good rapport and prepare the cases. He has the ability to understand complex cases and approach them with ease.’
William Davis - 5KBW 'Will is well-respected by the judiciary due to the structured and engaging nature of his advocacy.'
Polly Dyer - QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Polly is very hard-working and conscientious maintaining a calm and measured manner with difficult clients, understanding how to reassure and best advise them.'
William England – Mountford Chambers ‘He is an incredible tactician and problem solver.’
Bill Evans – Garden Court Chambers 'Bill is an excellent jury advocate.He is charming and affable with a natural instinct for the job.'
Alex Di Francesco – 25 Bedford Row ‘In court, Alex is fearless, tenacious, forceful and his legal arguments provoke thought. He is always thoroughly-prepared, tactically-astute. A master of his brief.’
Andrew Frymann – Rose Court Chambers ‘Andrew has an engaging style and is a pleasure to work with.’
Simon GladwellThomas More Chambers ‘Simon is a conscientious, highly knowledgable, caring and considerate barrister. His client care is second to none.’ 
Rebecca Hadgett  – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Rebecca is exceptionally hard-working and produces outstanding results. Her advocacy is very persuasive and she has an impressive ability to draw together huge amounts of detail into a cohesive and compelling whole.’
Patrick Hill – Three Raymond Buildings ‘Patrick is hard-working, intelligent and committed. He is one of the best of the junior Bar.’
Gerard Hillman - Libertas Chambers 'A seriously accomplished counsel , Gerard is formidable , intellectual and a strong advocate. He has an excellent court room presence and is a strategic thinker.'
Sally Hobson – The 36 Group ‘Sally is an expert at reading clients’ needs and responding to them in a way that instantly disarms and places them at ease.’
Nadeem Holland – The 36 Group ‘Nadeem speaks with a quiet authority and in way which both juries and judges find attractive.’
Daniel Jameson - Garden Court Chambers 'Daniel defends his clients robustly and expertly. His attention to detail is second to none.'
Daniel Jones – 5 St Andrews Hill ‘Dan is eloquent and has excellent rapport with clients. His manner immediately puts everyone at ease. He is hardworking, dedicated and tenacious.’
Christina Josephides – 4BB ‘Christina is extremely thorough and is always well-prepared. She is also very personable and nothing is too much trouble.’
Matthew LawsonLibertas Chambers ‘Matt is extremely approachable, responsive and clients love to have him on their side. His client care skills are exceptional and he is very persuasive in court. ‘
Paul Lazarus - 25 Bedford Row 'Unrivalled work ethic which results in him being on top of all the detail. Clear cogent submissions both orally and in writing. Persuasive and relatable before a jury.'
Francesca Levett - 5 St Andrews Hill 'Francesca is an impressive defence advocate. She is hardworking, utterly dedicated to her work and her clients, intelligent and counsel of choice for sensitive cases.'
Philip Misner – 4BB ‘Philip is an able advocate, with an eye for detail.’
Jo Morris - 5 Pump Court 'Jo is quick witted, and captures her jury with her advocacy. She has a light touch and works hard for her clients.'
Richard Moss - 4 King's Bench Walk  'Richard is an exceptional barrister. He has a very keen legal mind, which he puts to great effect in court.' 
Piers Mostyn - Garden Court Chambers 'Piers is a great advocate and a really safe pair of hands. An excellent choice and a huge amount of experience.'
Jennifer Oborne – Deka Chambers ‘Jennifer is a strong and capable advocate. She presents her case clearly and she makes oral submissions powerfully.’
Lucy Organ – 6KBW College Hill 'Lucy has a great eye for detail. She is very bright, and very hard-working.'
Abigail Penny – 4BB ‘Abigail is a first-class advocate. Her preparation and attention to detail is masterful. She is a formidable opponent in court.’
Ayaz Qazi - Libertas Chambers 'Ayaz is, without the least hesitation, a class act. His approach to cases is based on excellent preparation and thoroughness to the extent of minute detail. '
Genevieve Reed - Red Lion Chambers 'Genevieve is fearless, tenacious and a very persuasive advocate.'
Edward Renvoize - Red Lion Chambers 'Ed is skilled at absorbing detailed information and retaining it.'
Shannon Revel – Furnival ChambersShannon possesses the skills and judgement of a barrister beyond her year of call. She is robust, effective and calm under pressure. A star in the making.
Karen Robinson – QEB Hollis WhitemanShe produces hugely compelling submissions in no time at all, and her strategic and tactical advice is always spot-on and hugely-appreciated by clients.'
Gordon Ross – 3 Temple Gardens ‘Gordon is an excellent barrister, and impresses with his commitment, diligent preparation, client skills and communication.’
Charles Royle – 23ES ‘Charles is a top-drawer advocate who is able to calm a client, charm a jury and convince a judge.’
Rhiannon Sadler – 9BR Chambers  ‘Rhiannon is an astounding advocate. She is unflappable in court, and handles any challenge with ease and with flair.’
Alexander Dos Santos – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Alexander is highly knowledgeable, calm and wise. His demeanour makes him a good choice for nervous clients and his written advice is of the highest standard. His advocacy is superb; clear, accurate, well-considered and persuasive.'
Nicola Shannon – Furnival Chambers ‘Nicola is a hard-working advocate who clearly knows the brief backwards.’
Alastair Smith – 2 Bedford Row ‘Alastair is a class act. He is an all-rounder providing a full service to clients, from advancing complex legal arguments to being a powerful and persuasive advocate.’
Jon Swain – Furnival Chambers 'Jon's client care skills are excellent - clients love him. He is a very effective advocate.'
Jack Talbot - Red Lion Chambers 'Jack brings very good attention to detail and can put even the most seasoned client at ease with his understanding of the case and the law and his delivery in court.'
Warwick Tatford - Foundry Chambers 'Warwick is a first-class prosecutor. He is diligent, hardworking and has always has a superb grasp of difficult facts at his fingertips.' 
Dan Taylor - Red Lion Chambers 'Dan is enthusiastic and hard-working. He has tenacity and will go the extra mile in preparation.'
Merry van Woodenberg – 2 Hare Court ‘Merry is incredibly hard-working, with meticulous attention to detail and wonderful with clients.’
Karl Volz - Farringdon Chambers 'Karl is brilliant in dealing with the prosecution and usually manages to agree on fantastic outcomes for our clients.' 
Daniella Waddoup - Doughty Street Chambers 'Daniella is intellectually considered and hard working with a brilliant mind.'
Thomas Williams – 6KBW College Hill ‘Tom is a first-class barrister. His legal analysis is exceptional, his advocacy is persuasive and he clearly commands the confidence of both judges and juries.’
Nicholas Yeo – Three Raymond BuildingsVery approachable.'

Rising Stars

Shina Animashaun - Garden Court Chambers 'Shina is very approachable and positive. He focuses on the key issues in a case and is an articulate and persuasive advocate.'
Rabah Kherbane - Doughty Street Chambers 'Rabah is probably one of the outstanding talents of his generation . Hugely sought-after as a junior in cases of the utmost gravity by experienced solicitors.'
Kyan Pucks - QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Diligent, committed, absolutely professional with really sound judgment and advocacy ability,'

Crime in London Bar

2 Bedford Row

The powerhouse set at 2 Bedford Row remains a first port of call for both defence and prosecution work in high-profile criminal cases. Jim Sturman KC led Shauna Ritchie representing Wayne Couzens, the police officer who was convicted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Sarah Everard – he also appeared in the appeal against sentence, which raised issues of the use of whole-life sentences for cases which are not specifically in the guidelines as meriting such a sentence. Tracy Ayling KC acted for Ali Harbi Ali, who was convicted in April 2022 of murder and preparing terrorist acts under the Terrorism Act 2006, for the fatal October 2021 stabbing of Southend MP Sir David Amess at his constituency surgery. Opposed by Louise Sweet KC, Christine Agnew KC successfully prosecuted a man who drove into a group of Essex schoolchildren and who later plead guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, resulting in a sentence of indefinite detention under the Mental Health Act.



‘2 Bedford Row are renowned as a top quality set specialising in criminal law.’

‘2 Bedford Row have a number of highly regarded counsel in the field of crime.’

‘They are one of London’s top-flight sets for defence in serious and difficult cases.’

‘They are, without a doubt, in the premier league of criminal chambers. Fantastic strength in depth, right down to the junior level.’

‘From top to bottom, 2 Bedford Row stands out as one of the very best.’


‘Paul Rogers is very knowledgeable,  efficient and helpful. John Grimmer remains without parallel.’

‘John Grimmer is a pleasure to work with and always goes the extra mile to provide a top-quality service.’

‘Paul Rogers – he gets things done.’

‘John Grimmer is an old-school clerk and has a great team working under him.’

‘John Grimmer – one of the last old-school clerks – is excellent at his job. Paul Rogers (first junior clerk) is also very good.’ 

‘Joe Martin is one of the best clerks at 2 Bedford Row. He is efficient and very friendly. I would have no hesitation in calling him if needed.’

2 Hare Court

The set at 2 Hare Court continues to bring expertise to major criminal defences and private and public prosecutions. Jonathan Laidlaw KC currently represents former Chief Constable Jon Boutcher, the leader of “Operation Kenova”, which is investigating murders, attempted murder and unlawful imprisonments allegedly committed by British spy in the Provisional IRA known as ‘Stakeknife’. In R v. Danyal Hussein, Oliver Glasgow KC successfully prosecuted Danyal Hussain, who was convicted of the murder of two women in a park in Kingsbury as a part of a supposed satanic pact after viewing far right-linked satanist material. Harry Bentley, acting alone, defended a former student who downloaded white supremacist literature and bomb-making instructions, resulting in a suspended prison sentence. Richard Heller joined from Drystone Chambers in January 2022. Alison Levitt KC, as was, is now a circuit judge on the South Eastern Circuit.



‘2 Hare Court continue to be my go-to chambers for all cases, large or small. The strength in depth they have is unrivalled.’

‘2 Hare Court is one of the leading criminal sets in London, if not the leader. It excels in its training programmes and its depth of representation from leader to junior.’

‘An excellent set of chambers often appearing in the most high profile criminal cases.’

‘2 Hare Court is a Who’s Who of top criminal practitioners. It has the wow factor and is rightly viewed as one of the very best criminal sets.’

‘2 Hare Court have a wide range of experience and availability in relation to criminal law.’


‘Chloe Skinsgley is a very diligent and approachable clerk.’

‘Julian Campbell runs a very polished and user-friendly outfit. Chloe Skingsley needs to be singled out for particular praise.’

‘Julian Campbell is one of the best in the business. He will always find a way to get you the best counsel for your case.’

‘Their senior clerk Julian Campbell is a formidable operator and leads a tight team.’

‘Chloe Skinsgley is fantastic and gets the job done.’ 

25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row remains a pre-eminent criminal defence set, representing clients in high-profile cases involving allegations of murder, manslaughter, drug conspiracies and sexual offences. George Carter-Stephenson KC, leading Michael Neofytou, defended a man convicted in January 2021 for the murder of his disability campaigner wife, with an appeal concluding in November 2021. Paul Mendelle KC and Beth O’Reilly represented the accomplice of a Swedish hit squad, who was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in February 2022 for his role in the drug trade-related killing of the brother a reality television personality in front of his wife and child outside his Battersea home on Christmas Eve 2019. In a well-publicised gang revenge case where one of the attackers shot himself with his own shotgun,Melanie Simpson KC successfully defended a man accused of attempted murder and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life.



’25BR are a well-respected set, with strength in depth at all levels.’ 

‘A powerhouse set which is a pillar of criminal chambers in London.’

’25 Bedford Row is a set that understands the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with those who instruct it. The barristers are strong from top to bottom. It deserves its reputation as one of the very stop sets in criminal law.’

’25 Bedford Row are a strong defence specialist set.’

‘Outstanding – the best criminal defence chambers in the UK.’


‘The clerks are very strong, especially Emma Makepeace.’

‘My contact is mainly with Alfie Lee and Charles Gardiner who are both excellent. They go above and beyond to accommodate the covering of cases with the appropriate counsel.’

‘Emma Makepeace has great vision. Charlie Gardner is excellent within his department.’

‘A strong clerking team. Alfie Lee is particularly impressive .’

‘Excellent. Emma Makepeace is the solicitors’ friend , notably working the networks on behalf of chambers.’

‘Charlie Gardner and Gemma McGee are quick to respond to emails and have a very approachable telephone manner.’

‘Guy Williams is simply one of the standout clerks at the bar, and is supported by Emma Makepeace who is a driving force.’

6KBW College Hill

‘Full of barristers at the top of their game’, 6KBW specialises in high-profile prosecutions involving murder, terrorism, corporate manslaughter and cybercrime offences. Resulting in a sentence of 11 years’ imprisonment, Simon Denison KC  prosecuted the mother of 6-year old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, of whose murder his father and stepmother were convicted in a separate high-profile case, after she drunkenly stabbed her boyfriend to death. Alison Morgan KC led Alistair Richardson in the successful prosecution of Muhammad Gohir Khan, a London Iceland driver-turned-hitman who was convicted of murdering a Pakistani dissident blogger in the Netherlands on behalf of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency. Duncan Penny KC is instructed to prosecute in the widely-publicised case involving the fatal shooting of police sergeant Matt Rattana by a suspect in custody.



‘An excellent set, pre-eminent in crime.’

‘6KBW College Hill is one of the top sets in England & Wales, with an historic pedigree particularly in terms of prosecution work.’

‘An excellent chambers with an extensive list of top-end advocates.’

‘The leading prosecution set of chambers whose stable of silks and juniors has deserved its place in the market.’

‘A very accomplished set ‘


‘Mark Essex is exceptionally helpful and efficient.’

‘Very friendly and helpful. In particular,  Andrew Barnes.’

‘Andrew Barnes, senior clerk, is truly excellent, nothing is too much and he is always available to assist with any matter when needed.’

Work highlights

    QEB Hollis Whiteman

    QEB Hollis Whiteman remains an key set in the crime arena, handling both high-profile prosecution and primarily privately-funded defence work. Jocelyn Ledward  represented the CPS in both Wayne Couzens’ appeal against his whole-life sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard, and also subsequent proceedings concerning separate indecent exposure charges. Eleanor Laws KC represented the chauffeur of Queen guitarist Brian May, who was acquitted on non-recent sexual assault charges. Laws KC also currently leads Orla Daly in the defence of Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy against rape allegations brought by seven women. Crispin Aylett KC defended hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, who was acquitted after a three-day trial on historical sexual assault charges. A man accused of murdering two Albanian drug dealers was successfully represented by Ali Naseem Bajwa KC, who arrived from Garden Court Chambers  in December 2021.



    ‘QEB Hollis Whiteman are an exceptional chambers with some of the hardest working barristers I know at the bar.’

    ‘QEB Hollis Whiteman is one of the top-tier sets for criminal work and they also have a great reputation for their work in the fields of professional discipline and related areas.’

    ‘QEB is a first class set of chambers with multiple high ranking KC and junior counsel in both Prosecution and Defence.’

    ‘QEB is an excellent set. Its barristers are all competent, knowledgeable and strategic having been thoroughly trained by this set.’

    ‘QEB Hollis Whiteman is undoubtedly one of the top sets at the criminal bar. Standards are incredibly high and there are no weak links.’


    ‘Sam Window is brilliant, as are all the clerks. No problem too big or too small.’

    ‘Just brilliant particularly Faye Stimpson and David O’Sullivan – nothing is too much for them.’

    ‘The whole clerking outfit is superb, and it’s hard to pick any single clerk out. Chris Emmings, Faye Stimpson and David O’Sullivan are among the most liked and respected clerks across all criminal sets.’

    ‘Particular credit must go to the brilliant Faye Stimpson, who is exceptional with solicitors and knows her market inside out.’

    ‘Chris Emmings leads a very strong all round clerking team. They really are faultless. He is ably assisted by the charming David O’Sullivan.’

    ‘David O’Sullivan and Faye Stimpson are one of the best clerking duos going.’

    Red Lion Chambers

    Displaying ‘extraordinary strength in depth, both prosecuting and defending’, Red Lion Chambers ‘continues to be a top set’, representing clients in high-profile cases involving a wide spectrum of alleged serious crime offences, from complex joint enterprise murders and drugs conspiracies to child cruelty and historic sexual offences. Riel Karmy-Jones KC successfully prosecuted a teenager who shot his friend in the face with a shotgun. Jennifer Dempster KC defended in a trial for the murder of six-year-old Rikki Neave in 1994. Gillian Jones KC successfully defended a woman accused of allowing her boyfriend to murder her month-old baby. In June 2021, David Malone parted to become Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London South. The set was bolstered by the 2022 arrival of Hugh French from 2 Harcourt Buildings.



    ‘Red Lion has tremendous strength in depth.’

    ‘Chambers has extraordinary strength in depth, both prosecuting and defending. Members seek out practical and elegant solutions to legal problems.’

    ‘Excellent set of chambers, probably one of the best in the country.’

    ‘Always of the very highest standard.’

    ‘Red Lion chambers continues to be a top set.’


    ‘Excellent service from clerks, especially Lee Young.’

    ‘Excellent, in particular Lee Young.’

    Doughty Street Chambers

    Doughty Street Chambers remains ‘a very strong set for criminal defence and international human rights work’, representing clients on high-profile cases involving allegations of murder, terrorism and sexual offences.  David Hislop KC successfully defended a man who was tried for murder after disarming and fatally stabbing an ex-paratrooper on cocaine and steroids who abruptly entered the defendant’s bedroom in the early hours of the morning. Tim Moloney KC  represented Ronan Hughes, the lead defendant in a highly-publicised manslaughter case involving 39 Vietnamese nationals found dead in a lorry in Kent. Moloney KC also defended a man alleged to be a hitman commissioned by Pakistani intelligence and sent on a mission to the Netherlands to assassinate a dissident blogger.



    ‘Doughty Street are an impressive set with a number of highly regarded barristers.’

    ‘Doughty Street are committed to social and access to justice but also have an incredibly bright and committed team from junior to senior and excellent cross over skills in criminal and public law. They also have a very strong extradition team and are exceptional when human rights issues interplay with criminal law and extradition.’

    ‘A very strong set for criminal defence and international human rights work. Often involved in cutting edge work, and public interest litigation.’

    ‘Doughty Street has an excellent reputation in the market for its work defending those charged with the most serious offences, especially in cases of terrorism and protestor cases.’

    ‘Doughty Street Chambers is a strong set and a go-to set for serious general Crime cases. They have a strong set of KCs and are strong in their depth.’


    ‘The senior clerk Matthew Buchard is simply superb.’

    ‘They provide a good service and will help where they can. Matthew Butchard provides a fantastic service.’

    ‘Clerks are very quick to respond and extremely helpful. In particular I have been dealing with James Tippey, who resolves any issues quickly and quietly before anyone even has a chance to worry about them.’

    ‘Marc Gilby is an exceptional clerk.’

    Garden Court Chambers

    Displaying ‘excellent strength in depth’, the defense-only criminal team at Garden Court Chambers backs up its ‘well-deserved reputation’ for its ‘socially-progressive outlook’ representing clients in high-profile protest and public order matters and against terrorist allegations, in addition to a wide range of violent offences, from gang murders and drug conspiracy to robbery and sexual offences. Tom Wainwright successfully represented the first defendant, who was acquitted of criminal damage charges by a jury after toppling a statue of Bristol merchant and slave trader Edward Colston. In Northern Ireland, Brenda Campbell KC is defending an NHS doctor facing allegations of being part of an attempt to connect the New IRA with Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Michael Ivers KC successfully defended a man on murder, manslaughter and GBH charges, securing the sole acquittal in a four-handed gang attack case. Dexter Dias KC was appointed a Deputy High Court Judge in September 2021.



    ‘Garden Court are an excellent set of chambers with great strength in depth across many fields.’

    ‘Great, diverse set with strong advocates.’

    ‘They have excellent strength in depth, particularly at the senior end, with a number of the very best silks and senior juniors. They have a well-deserved reputation for their socially-progressive outlook.’

    ‘Garden Court are my go-to set for general crime work. Counsel are always excellent and reliable. The client care across the board is exceptional.’

    ‘Best chambers for serious crime.’


    ‘Best in the business – Charlie Tennant never lets you down.’

    ‘Colin Cook and Charlie Tennent are very hard working and will go the extra mile to find suitable counsel.’

    ‘Colin Cook is one of the most experienced clerks in London and a pleasure to work with.’

    ‘Charlie Tennent is excellent and always keen to offer practical solutions to tricky issues. A pleasure to work with.’

    Three Raymond Buildings

    With ‘first-class barristers from the most senior to the most junior’, the criminal set at Three Raymond Buildings defend and prosecute high-profile and everyday serious crime matters including murders, historic sexual offences, terrorism, and drugs and human trafficking. Alisdair Williamson KC appeared for one of the defendants in the widely-publicised case of 39 Vietnamese nationals found dead in the back of a lorry in Kent. Unled, Ailsa Williamson represented a Metropolitan Police officer accused of terrorism offences in the form of membership of far-right extremist group National Action. Patrick Gibbs KC is currently defending the actor Kevin Spacey against accusations of historic sexual assaults against men in the United Kingdom.



    ‘Three Raymond Buildings is the pre-eminent set for criminal litigation. It contains first-class barristers from the most senior to the most junior. An astonishing array of talent.’

    ‘Three Raymond Buildings are one of the top-tier criminal sets. They have a real strength and depth to their counsel and they take on only the highest quality work.’

    ‘Three Raymond Buildings are a first-rate set – they are amongst the very best in London.’

     ‘Three Raymond Buildings has always been a star set and it has its own manner. Its barristers are confident and assured.’

    ‘As a set they are at the forefront of criminal sets of chambers. They are what criminal sets of chambers should aspire to be.’


    ‘Eddie Holland and Dean Brown work brilliantly together. They’re incredibly responsive, reliable, and easy to deal with. ‘

    ‘Eddie Holland is a class act and smooth operator. Dean Brown is great to deal with.’


    ‘A brilliant chambers with a range of top-notch barristers’, the set at 23ES bring strength in depth to prosecuting and defending serious crime, from complex multi-handed and high-profile murders, to cases involving sexual offences and human trafficking. John Price KC led Nathan Rasiah KC (a 2022 Silk) in the successful prosecution of a man who was sentenced to life in June 2022, for the widely-publicised 1994 murder of Rikki Neave, 13-year-old boy. Eloise Marshall KC prosecuted to conclusion the case of disgraced former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke, who was convicted of sexual assaults. William Eaglestone led the successful prosecution of a former soldier for accused of the sexual assault and rape attacks by multiple servicewomen.



    ’23ES is a brilliant chambers with a range of top notch barristers.’

    ’23ES is a large chambers and that is their greatest strength, as there are a number of exceptional barristers which ensures a high quality of representation .’

    ’23ES are an outstanding set.’


    ‘The clerks offer an excellent service. Adam Chapman, in particular, is exceptional. He provides full assistance in dealing with listing issues. He provides advice on available counsel and he always responds immediately to queries raised.’

    ‘Adam Chapman is everything that you need in a clerk – he is professional and personable, and ensures that the instructing solicitors are properly looked-after.’

    5 Paper Buildings

    Bolstered by the recent 2022 promotion of Deanna Heer KC to silk, the long-standing criminal set 5 Paper Buildings specialises in the prosecution and defending cases covering a wide range of serious offences. Miranda Moore KC represented one of four defendants accused of a joint enterprise murder during a lockdown silent disco. Benjamin Douglas-Jones KC, a specialist in human trafficking, represented the CPS in Court of Appeal case R v Bani, the appeals of four asylum seekers convicted of assisting the unlawful immigration by way of irregular boat crossings of the English Channel. Deanna Heer KC successfully prosecuted a man who killed an elderly woman outside her home with a cricket bat.


    With a ‘high calibre of counsel across the board’ the set at 5KBW brings bench strength to defending and prosecuting high profile criminal matters. Mark Heywood KC prosecuted a group of men accused of being members of Swedish hit squad sent to assassinate an alleged drug trade rival with ten shots at point-blank range on his doorstep on Christmas Eve in front of his wife and child, resulting in multiple convictions. Heywood was opposed by Natasha Wong KC, whose defence led to the acquittal of one of the alleged assassins. Heywood is also leading Jonathan Polnay in a conspiracy to murder prosecution surrounding the shooting of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson. Sarah Forshaw KC represented the only acquitted defendant in a multi-defendant case concerning a daylight shooting on an Edmonton housing estate.



    ‘Chambers has a uniquely high calibre of counsel across the board. They really have focused on attracting top talent and retaining counsel. They have some exceptional silks who you will be lucky to instruct as they are so in demand.’

    ‘5KBW is one of the very best, if not the best criminal chambers in London. They have fantastic strength in depth and great leadership.’

    ‘Absolutely first-rate. The best set of chambers I know. The barristers are uniformly of the highest quality.’

    ‘First class chambers which defends and prosecutes at the highest level. 5KBW has a well-earned and deservedly-maintained reputation. The silks are amongst the best in the profession.’

    ‘5KBW are an excellent set and known for their expertise in the most serious of criminal cases.’


    ‘Lee Hughes-Gage is great to work with, and he and Matthew Harper will always go that extra length to assist.’

    ‘Lee Hughes-Gage and Matt Harper are both excellent clerks. They are really easy to deal with and very responsive. I have a lot of time for them.’

    ‘Lee Hughes-Gage and Matt Harper are great to deal with, they are always as helpful as possible, and do it all in great spirits. A top-class clerking team.’

    Furnival Chambers

    A ‘very strong criminal defence set, with some prosecution work’, the barristers at Furnival Chambers represent clients in a full range of serious crime matters, involving a wide range of offences, from gangland killings and rapes to terrorism and trafficking. In one high-profile case Caroline Carberry KC successfully prosecuted the murder, during a COVID-19 lockdown, of a disability activist by her estranged husband. Julia Smart KC achieved an acquittal for Colchester United footballer Beryly Lubala, who was found not guilty on rape chargesBen Gordon, appearing as junior, secured the quashing of the 2008 false accounting conviction of a postmaster which had been predicated on the usage by the Post Office’s use of the faulty Fujitsu-developed Horizon software.



    ‘Furnival have an impressive group of senior and upcoming silks usually recruited from a strong corps of experienced juniors.’

    ‘Furnival Chambers are predominantly a criminal set and have a vast array of capable counsel. They have well-known and respected advocates at the senior level and have strength in depth.’

    ‘Furnival Chambers has an excellent breadth of talent and experience. Particular strengths are in criminal defence – the quality of their Queens Counsel is spectacular.’

    ‘Very strong criminal defence set, with some prosecution work.’ 


    ‘Stephen Ball is an old -fashioned clerk that goes the extra mile. Instructing solicitors trust him and he never lets you down.’

    ‘The clerks’ room is well-run and they are proactive in dealing with issues should they arise. Both Chris Baptiste and Stephen Ball are assets to chambers.’

    ‘Stephen Ball leads the clerking team well and efficiently.’

    Matrix Chambers

    Specialising in cases concerning ‘particularly complex or novel legal issues’, the experienced set at Matrix Chambers defends in high-profile matters with human rights and historic criminal components, in addition to a wide range of everyday serious offences. In the “Soldier A” case in Northern Ireland, Clare Montgomery KC led Helen Law in the successful defence of a British soldier accused of the murder of IRA figure Joe McCann in 1972. Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh served as sole counsel for one defendant in the high-profile acquittal by a jury of one of the protestors who toppled the statue of the slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol. Mark Summers KC represented a man initially acquitted by magistrates in 2019 prior to the acquittal’s overturning by the High Court, for the sending a “grossly offensive” video of a cardboard effigy of Grenfell Tower burning on a bonfire – he received a suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty prior to a retrial.



    ‘They are one of the strongest sets for criminal work in London – particularly in cases with a high media profile, or where there are particularly complex or novel legal issues, where there is an international element (and in extradition cases generally). They are a real class act.’

    ‘Matrix attracts some of the most interesting international, criminal and human rights related work.’

    ‘Extremely high-performing set. Numerous star performers across all fields.’

    “A brilliant set of barristers – very much a go-to set.”


    “Paul Venables is one of the senior clerks. He is a really cool guy and nothing phases him.’

    Mountford Chambers

    With ‘strength in depth’Mountford Chambers remains a go-to violent crime defence set, representing defendants in such offences as joint enterprise murders, drug executions, kidnapping, blackmail, drug conspiracies and rape and historic sexual offences., Alan Kent KC is representing a man accused of being part of stabbing murder where South East London gangs fought in the street with machetes and ‘zombie knives’. Christopher Henley KC is defending in a retrial a teenager accused of being part of  a gang at-random “postcode” stabbing of a Marks and Spencer employee. William England defends a case after the seizure of a shipment of cocaine disguised as a banana delivery. Laura Paisley from 9KBW arrived in May 2022.



    ‘Mountford Chambers are a strong set and has strength in depth.’

    ‘Mountford Chambers are an excellent set with heavy-hitting counsel. There is strength in depth.’

    ‘Very strong line up throughout.’ 


    ‘Jordan Wescott is brilliant at his work.’

    ‘Dean Allen is exceptional.’

    ‘The clerks room are excellent, particularly Ben Heaviside, Dean Allen and Jordan Wescott.’

    15NBS Chambers

    ‘Growing strong’ with ‘strength-in-depth’, the criminal set at 15 New Bridge Street defends in cases involving a wide range of offences, from gangland murders, burglaries and sexual offences to international drugs importation.  Robert Ward achieved an acquittal in one out of two murder charges for a teenage drug dealer accused of a killing a rival, and killing and dismembering a jazz trumpeter who played with punk band The Damned. Tana Adkin KC led Matthew Hardyman in the defence of a woman who received a suspended sentence for, in a psychotic episode, smothering her 89-year-old mother who was suffering from dementia. Hardyman also defended a man with mental health problems who was accused of theft, robbery, affray and assault on emergency workers while possibly under the influence of crystal methamphetamine.



    ’15 NBS are a growing strong set and have strength-in-depth.’


    ‘Glenn Matthews is brilliant – always returns calls and always bends over backwards to accommodate. He has a good reputation and is very charismatic. Tom Parker is also very good!’

    187 Chambers

    ‘A very high quality of barristers in the criminal section’, the criminal defence set at 187 Chambers specialises in complex cases involving multi handed gang murders, sexual offences, drugs conspiracies and human trafficking. Jason Bartfeld KC successfully defended a man accused of disposing of a weapon after the execution-style murder of two men found dead in a Range Rover on an industrial estate in Dudley. Mozammel Hossain KC achieved an acquittal in a 10-week long eight-handed murder trial involving two rival groups of armed men and a pre-arranged fight in a park. Greg Unwin is representing the lead defendant, who is accused of trafficking Czech nationals into the UK to work in factories, in a case stemming from “Operation Balleh”.



    187 Fleet Street has a very high quality of barristers in the criminal section. I have found these chambers impeccable.’

    ‘Strong set of chambers with a diverse range of expertise.’

    ‘187 Fleet Street is a prestigious and respected set with an array of heavyweight barristers.’

    ‘Good set with strength in depth.’


    ‘Theresa Tyler is quick to respond to any query and will do her best to assist with finding the most suitable counsel and arranging conferences.’

    ‘John Pyne is one of the most experienced head clerks and will always go the extra mile to ensure any case is covered with appropriate counsel.’

    John Pyne is an experienced senior clerk and get things done when you ask him.’

    ‘With the highly-experienced head clerk, John Pyne, at the helm, this is a very efficient clerks’ room who will always go the extra mile to ensure the best counsel, with the appropriate level of experience and expertise is available.’

    ‘The clerks are great. Teresa Tyler will try and sort out any issues regardless of the time of day. Steve Parr and Stephanie Shaylor are also brilliant clerks.’

    3 Temple Gardens

    'A good all-around set with strength in depth’, the defence specialists at 3 Temple Gardens act for clients in a diverse spectrum of serious crime matters involving murder, terrorism, organised crime, drugs and sexual offences. Jeremy Wainwright KC represented the first defendant in a widely-covered multi-defendant murder case, which involved the beating death of a student whose body was thrown onto a balcony at a New Year’s Eve party in Brighton. Christopher Bertham achieved the acquittal of a man accused of terror offences by way of sending funds to an armed group in Syria. John Femi-Ola KC successfully defended a man accused of being part of an international criminal conspiracy to traffic 69 Albanian people into the United Kingdom.



    ‘3TG are a leading white collar and serious crime set deserving in the top ranks.’

    ‘3TG are an outstanding set who go out of their way to provide an excellent service.’

    ‘A good all-around set with strength in depth.’


    ‘Mike Cross is a real asset. He will always do everything possible to help instructing solicitors.’

    ‘Gary Brown is a leading clerk and provides a high quality and efficient service. He is responsive, pragmatic and advises well on suitability and availability of counsel.’

    ‘Gary Brown (Senior Clerk) and Michael Cross (Deputy Senior Clerk) are both extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to assist.’

    ‘They are quick at finding solutions and Mike Cross goes above and beyond, always.’


    With ‘excellent range of counsel for general and serious crime’, the set at 9BR defend and prosecute on a full range of serious crime matters, from murder and sexual offences to trafficking and modern slavery. Anthony Berry KC defended in a concerned the stabbing of an NHS worker during the COVID-19 lockdown. Abbas Lakha KC represented an alleged Swedish hitman accused of the Christmas Eve contract killing of a drug trade rival. Jane Bickerstaff KC is representing Louis Saha Matturie (no relation to the former Fulham striker), who is accused alongside Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy of committing multiple counts of rape.



    ‘Very good set with some great talent at every level.’

    ‘9BR Chambers has an extremely strong junior end with no weak links. They are personable, friendly, intelligent and are brilliant advocates.’

    ‘9BR have an excellent range of counsel for general and serious crime, especially at the junior end.’

    ‘Real strength under 20 years’ call. An impressive array of young talent.’


    ‘Martin Secrett is doing a fantastic job. Supported well by Russell Good.’

    Crucible Chambers

    Powered by a strong team of experienced barristers, members of criminal set Crucible Chambers defends and prosecutes high-profile murder cases, in addition to everyday matters involving multi-handed burglaries, historic sex offences and kidnappings. Martin Goudie KC represents the Civil Aviation Authority in prosecuting the organiser of a flight carrying footballer Emiliano Sala to his first training session with Cardiff City FC, which crashed near Alderney killing all on board. Oliver Renton defended in a widely-publicised case concerning an  ‘assassination-style’ double murder of a woman and her nephew in the family home in East Finchley. Roderick James defended one of four men accused of a multi-handed gangland murder where the victim was shot in the head in broad daylight in a London park.

    Farringdon Chambers

    From defending clients involved in cases concerning a wide range of violent and non-violent offences, Farringdon Chambers, headed by veteran silk Ian Henderson KC, remains a ‘go-to set for serious crime, fraud and regulatory work’. 2022 Silk Claire Davies KC achieved a conspiracy to murder acquittal representing an organised crime defendant accused of contract killings on rival crime gang bosses. Ronnie Bergenthal defended a man accused of inflicting GBH on a female drug user with a samurai sword.



    ‘Excellent set of chambers.’

    ‘A go-to set for serious crime, fraud and regulatory work. The cross-section of quality counsel is perfect.’

    ‘Great set with amazing barristers.’

    ‘Strong chambers in the market. Fearless independent advocacy, approachable for clients from all backgrounds.’

    ‘The set is an emerging powerhouse able to bring together the right counsels for the particular instructions.’


    ‘Robert Archer is a stand out clerk who is ably assisted by Richard Vile, who also has massive experience as a senior clerk. They are a very strong team.’

    ‘Robert Archer will always do his best to ensure that appropriate counsel is put forward and diaries are properly managed.’

    ‘Robert Archer is the dictionary definition of a clerk. He has a fantastic ability to build rapport with solicitors and barristers alike.’

    ‘The clerks room is run in an efficient and professional manner by Robert Archer. The clerks go out of their way to service the clients and have a positive “can-do” attitude.’

    Foundry Chambers

    ‘An excellent set of chambers who go above and beyond for both instructing solicitors and counsel’, the set at Foundry Chambers prosecutes and defends high-profile criminal matters. Alexandra Healy KC prosecuted two police officers (one so far convicted) for killing of former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson who died after being shot with a Taser by police in Telford. William Hughes KC prosecuted at trial in a widely-publicised case concerning four activists who pulled down a statue of slave trader and merchant Edward Colston and pushed it into Bristol Harbour. David Harounoff acted for a defendant accused of being a member of Swedish hit squad sent to assassinate a rival in Battersea. Mukul Chawla KC re-joined the set in January 2022 from Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP, while Mark Trafford KC joined from Reform Chambers in April 2022.



    ‘Foundry Chambers is a very dependable set with a strong worth ethic. It has a solid group of well-established practitioners with some extremely strong practitioners. ‘

    ‘An excellent chambers with whom I have worked for 14 years. A rarity at the bar in terms of the depth of strength they have across all levels of call for criminal defence work.’

    Foundry Chambers are an excellent set of chambers who go above and beyond for both instructing solicitors and counsel.’


    ‘Both Dean Begley and Daniel Blackman are always available to discuss matters. They are always willing to accommodate hearings or meetings with counsel.’

    Six Pump Court

    ‘Offering a first-rate service across the sphere of serious crime’, members of Six Pump Court defend and prosecute in a range of cases involving serious violent and sexual offences. Oliver Saxby KC defended a factory worker convicted of the high-profile rape and murder of university student Libby Squire in Hull in 2019. Nina Ellin prosecuted in served as junior prosecution counsel the widely-publicised trial stemming from the killing of 6-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. In another case, Richard Barraclough KC defended a man accused of the dissemination of terrorist publications which described methods for carrying out terrorist attacks and murders. In August and September 2022 Simon Taylor KC and Oliver Saxby KC respectively were appointed to the circuit bench.



    ‘Excellent set. Large number of very able juniors in the field of crime.’

    ‘Six Pump Court is an ambitious and modern chambers.’

    ‘A fantastic set, offering a first-rate service across the sphere of serious crime, particularly in the South East.’


    ‘The Clerks have a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude.’