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Leading Silks

Rachel Ansell KC4 Pump Court ‘Rachel is an impressive operator. She immerses herself in the detail and thinks strategically. She is a persuasive advocate, and this gets results.’
Stephanie Barwise KCAtkin Chambers ‘Stephanie is extraordinarily hardworking. She is able to speak with real insight and knowledge about many complex construction law issues, and is able to explain these issues with clarity. She is insightful and very engaged.’
Sean Brannigan KC4 Pump Court ‘Sean combines a sharp intellect with practical insight. His willingness to form part of the solicitor client team means total integration into the case and in turn confidence from the client, and his advocacy is incisive and penetrating without ever being disrespectful.’
Stuart Catchpole KCAtkin Chambers ‘He is without question a pre-eminent construction silk, with vast specialist experience. He is a persuasive advocate, renowned for his attention to detail, preparation and devastating cross-examination. He is a great team player with commercial and strategic insight.’
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Anneliese is one of the undoubted leaders in her field. She is a superb cross-examiner with meticulous attention to detail. She is someone you want leading the team on difficult cases where the evidence will make a difference.’
Chantal-Aimée Doerries KCAtkin Chambers ‘Chantal is absolutely top-flight. She is a brilliant advocate, both in writing and on her feet. She takes a commercial approach to solving problems and identifying courses of action, manages to explain complex issues in a straightforward manner, and is blessed with a real feel for which points to make to tribunals and how they should be made in order to win.’
Simon Hughes KCKeating Chambers ‘Simon is brilliant. He is incredibly bright, but it is his ability to quickly set the correct strategy, his manner with clients and his output that really set him apart.’
Simon Lofthouse KCAtkin Chambers ‘Simon is one of the greatest silks of his generation. He is very focused, and his cross-examination is ruthless. He picks up on small details that others may miss, and he has a good feel for most senior arbitrators and opposing counsel, and no challenge is too great for him.’
Manus McMullan KCAtkin Chambers ‘Manus is a superior advocate. He has excellent judgment and a first-rate legal mind, his cross-examinations are incisive and powerful, and his oral arguments are crisp, persuasive and go straight to the heart of the matter.’
Alexander Nissen KCKeating Chambers ‘Alexander is one of the most thorough construction silks out there. He is a compelling advocate who is extremely bright, approachable and responsive. He gets to the bottom of every issue before pleading a position comprehensively and robustly.’
Paul Reed KCGatehouse Chambers 'Paul continues to stand out as the leading expert in construction all risks insurance policies. He is an effective and impressive oral advocate, and can be quite formidable when conducting cross-examinations.'
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Andrew is extremely bright and exceptionally hardworking. He has a rare quality of being very charming so as to command respect at all times, yet at the same time conducting cross-examination robustly and aggressively as required by the case and circumstances.’
Fiona Sinclair KC4 Pump Court ‘Fiona is dedicated, client focused, has flawless and prolific memory retention, and is quick thinking on her feet, especially on cross-examination. She is integrated with the legal team, and investigates every detail to its proper conclusion.’
Roger Stewart KC4 New Square ‘Roger is phenomenal. He is able to get to grips with complicated legal, factual and technical matters quickly, and can distil them in an easily digestible form. He has excellent instincts and is at the top of his game.’
David Streatfeild-James KCAtkin Chambers ‘David’s advocacy is excellent; he knows how to persuade tribunals and is very effective. Phenomenal grasp of the detail and outstanding on his feet. He is a good leader who is not averse to rolling his sleeves up.’
Marcus Taverner KCKeating Chambers ‘Marcus is a pleasure to work with. He is intelligent, thoughtful, and astute. His drafting is excellent.’
David Thomas KCKeating Chambers ‘David is great at understanding the best strategy and leading the entire team to deliver on that. He is a very good advocate who is very persuasive. One of the best to have on your team.’
Andrew White KCAtkin Chambers ‘Andrew is world-class; he is incredibly knowledgeable, has the ear of any leading tribunal, and has an extraordinary eye for details. He is an experienced advocate and has top-rated cross-examination skills.’
Richard Wilmot-Smith KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A pleasure to work with – he is astute and his analysis is excellent.’
Paul Darling KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Paul is extremely able and pragmatic, and his advice is always clear and firm. He is very well-known and respected in the construction industry.’
Stephen Dennison KC –Atkin Chambers 'Excellent advocacy - quiet but very effective, great at thinking outside of the box, very astute, and great with clients.'
Richard Harding KC – Keating Chambers ‘Richard is an outstanding construction lawyer and arbitrator. His knowledge of law and arbitration practice is vast. Highly skilled advocate who responds fully and without demur to the most difficult questions, whilst retaining his composure and pleasant manner.’
Riaz Hussain KCAtkin Chambers ‘Riaz is unbelievably calm under pressure and incredibly versatile as an advocate – being able to flex his style to deal with any situation. He is great at dealing with very complex issues, fantastic on his feet, and not one to shy away from a difficult and contentious issues.’
Jeremy Nicholson KC4 Pump Court ‘Jeremy provides a reassuring presence with his evident depth of expertise. He is approachable, highly responsive, and has an unerring ability to identify key elements and respond accordingly.’
Fiona Parkin KCAtkin Chambers  ‘Technically excellent and able to handle demanding clients with ease on very complicated international arbitrations and on issues of international enforcement. Fiona’s confident advocacy is always supported by her meticulous attention to detail; no stone is left unturned.’
Benjamin Pilling KC4 Pump Court 'Benjamin is truly exceptional. He has a way with tribunals that is disarming, but persuasive. He can get across a lot of information quickly, and his cross-examination is some of the best.'
Dominique Rawley KC – Atkin Chambers ‘Dominique is a very accomplished advocate and a very safe pair of hands. She has excellent attention to detail, even in relation to complex technical aspects, and has very good risk awareness too.’
Marion Smith KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Marion is outstanding in all areas and really gets what is needed to persuade a court or adjudicator. She is brilliant in client-facing situations as well.’
Steven Walker KCAtkin Chambers 'Steven is exceptional in every aspect. He is extremely knowledgeable which coupled with his experience makes him a formidable force both in his writing and research as well as in his advocacy skills.'
Adrian Williamson KCKeating Chambers 'Adrian's advocacy is very effective; he focuses on the key points.'
Martin Bowdery KCAtkin Chambers ‘Martin is a persuasive advocate with huge gravitas. He is a great creative thinker and has been a go-to Silk when in particular tricky situations that need considered input to achieve the best outcome possible.’
Veronique Buehrlen KCKeating Chambers 'Veronique is a go-to silk for big ticket international energy arbitrations. She is very sharp, intellectual, and hardworking. Her case preparation is impeccable, and she is measured in her advocacy style but absolutely fearless.'
Jonathan Acton Davis KCAtkin Chambers 'Jonathan is very commercially minded and has great instincts.'
Nicholas Dennys KCAtkin Chambers 'Nicholas provides very high-level advice and is a fantastic mediator. He has the ability to make complex areas of law seem more straightforward and always develops a strong rapport with clients.'
Karim Ghaly KC39 Essex Chambers 'Karim is a unique barrister that takes both a big picture approach, yet goes into minute details of the case simultaneously. He is one of a kind, comprising both an excellent academic mind as well as commercial sensibilities that clients love.'
Andrew Goddard KCAtkin Chambers 'Andrew is a very experienced construction barrister. His opinions are thorough and easy to understand, his advocacy is extremely effective, and his strategy is effective and pragmatic.'
Simon Hargreaves KCKeating Chambers ‘Fantastic silk with great attention to the overall direction of the case. His quality of advice is always exceptional.’
Adrian Hughes KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Adrian is highly regarded in the field of international construction arbitration. He is always thoroughly prepared, and he has a sharp mind which enables him to master complex issues swiftly. He is a wise strategist with an exceptional understanding of commercial realities.’
Vincent Moran KCKeating Chambers 'On his feet, he is pointed, clear, well-structured and hard hitting, and an agile thinker.'
Ben Patten KC – 4 New Square 'Ben is very clever, client friendly, quick to respond, and a pleasure to work with.'
Piers Stansfield KC – Keating Chambers 'Piers’ advocacy style is quite masterful - calm, measured, astute, and persuasive. He is a really effective court performer and also good with clients.'
Philip Boulding KC – Keating Chambers ‘Philip is very bright, incredibly hard-working, and he has great attention to detail. He is a ferocious cross examiner.’
Michael Curtis KCCrown Office Chambers 'Michael is very calm and organised, with great attention to detail, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.'
Justin Fenwick KC4 New Square ‘Justin is an excellent strategist and a gifted advocate. He is a brilliant at cross examination.’
Lucy Garrett KCKeating Chambers 'Lucy is extremely talented with razor-sharp intellect and boundless energy. She has great client care skills and is great at innovative thinking to find solutions to achieve commercial results. Definitely someone to have on your side.'
Sarah Hannaford KC – Keating Chambers 'Sarah is an absolutely superb advocate. She is crystal clear, totally in command of all the issues and the facts, and her cross-examination was a joy to watch.'
Alexander Hickey KC4 Pump Court 'Alex combines incisive advocacy with an unrivalled ability to grasp the bigger picture and navigate a strategic path through highly complex disputes. An excellent cross-examiner and advocate with an innate sense of what will resonate with a tribunal.'
James Howells KC – Atkin Chambers ‘James is an excellent technical barrister, with a deep knowledge of construction issues. As well as being an excellent advocate, what sets James apart is the time and effort he puts into client care.’
Nigel Jones KCGatehouse Chambers 'Excellent technical skills, great advocate, very pragmatic and easy to deal with.'
Krista Lee KCKeating Chambers ‘Krista is very clear-minded and sees the bigger picture. Her advocacy is calm, considered, and excellent.’
Justin Mort KCKeating Chambers 'Justin is a persuasive advocate who tears through detail to get to the points that really matter. His advocacy is exceptional - clear, cogent, and compelling.'
Adam Robb KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Adam is a superb silk, very modern and very hands on. He has a meticulous attention to detail and punches well above his weight. He is very calm when on his feet and that plays well in the eyes of the court.’
Marc Rowlands KCKeating Chambers 'Marc's experience of international transport infrastructure projects and disputes is second-to-none. He is flexible and pragmatic in the way that he works, and is a measured and very effective advocate.'
Jonathan Selby KC – Keating Chambers 'Jonathan meticulously prepares for hearings and trials, and this shines through - his advocacy is excellent, his manner is reassuring and his cross-examination is devastatingly effective. He is a fantastic addition to any litigation team.'
David Brynmor Thomas KC39 Essex Chambers 'David is very much a safe pair of hands. He is particularly thorough and has the ability to approach things in a calm and composed manner.'
Nicholas Vineall KC4 Pump Court 'Nick is a highly experienced and intelligent advocate.'
Sean Wilken KCKeating Chambers ‘A top-class silk with a superb legal and strategic brain. Sean is a very technical operator who is able to get to grips with detailed issues of law and fact in lighting quick time.’
Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty Essex ‘Michael has fantastic advocacy skills and has a rare manner about him – he is a joy to watch. He is completely unflappable and is always wonderful to work with.’
James Cross KC4 Pump Court 'James is an exceptional silk with a stellar intellect. He has an ability to make the most complex construction insurance issues readily comprehendible, always thinks ahead, and leads his cases with clockwork precision.'
Kate Grange KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A terrifically thorough and calm advocate, with unrivalled command of detail. Kate is utterly meticulous, highly-skilled and experienced across the board in construction.’
James Leabeater KC4 Pump Court 'James has exceptional skill in relation to complex cross-border construction disputes, and is particularly good at unravelling complex disputes.'
Christopher Lewis KCAtkin Chambers 'He inspires confidence with the depth of his analysis and strategic thinking.'
Richard Liddell KC4 New Square ‘Provides everything you would want from a KC and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and diving into the detail.’
Lynne McCafferty KC4 Pump Court 'Lynne is an extremely bright barrister, and is a calm, forthright advocate who is not easily phased. She gets to the point quickly and can articulate complex commercial points to the benefit of the case.'
Fionnuala McCredie KCKeating Chambers ‘Fionnuala offers tailored and pragmatic advice. Her advocacy is always charming, impeccably structured, and forensic.’
Siân Mirchandani KC4 New Square 'Sian is a stellar advocate. She is highly articulate and tenacious, and is excellent in cross-examination. She is always very prepared and completely on top of the facts.' 
Lindy Patterson KC39 Essex Chambers 'Lindy has gravitas, presence, incising precision, and instinctively sound judgement. Very highly recommended.'
Jessica Stephens KC4 Pump Court 'Jessica is a superb advocate; she has a highly persuasive and engaging style, and is very effective in exposing the weaknesses in an opponent's case, both through cross-examination and submission.'

2021 Silks

Samuel Townend KC - Keating Chambers 'The go to counsel on approved inspector's liability and construction insurance claims.'
Crispin Winser KC – Crown Office Chambers ‘Crispin is excellent.’

2022 Silks

Rupert Choat KCAtkin Chambers 'Rupert is incredibly switched on and detailed orientated. He throws himself into the case and absorbs vast amounts of information in very short spaces of time, which makes his advocacy particularly good.'
Calum Lamont KCKeating Chambers 'Calum has stepped into the KC role seamlessly. His advocacy is outstanding, and he is a brilliant cross-examiner. He is particularly impressive with complex technical matters and very experienced experts.'

2023 Silks

Paul Buckingham KCKeating Chambers 'Paul is very user friendly and the quality of his written work is superb.'
Jonathan Lewis KC4 Pump Court ‘Jonathan gives clear, concise, and commercial advice. He produces excellent, and very persuasive, written submissions. He is undoubtedly one of the leading construction juniors at the bar.’
Catherine Piercy KCGatehouse Chambers ‘Catherine has a sensible commercial outlook, understands the goals of the client, and is a good advocate.’
David Pliener KCGatehouse Chambers ‘David is unquestionably one of the leading juniors at the Bar for construction matters. He combines depth of legal knowledge with accessibility, clarity of expression, and an unparalleled ability to make the complex seem simple. He is a very strong and convincing advocate and is on the top of his game.’
William Webb KCKeating Chambers 'Forensic in his analysis, William distils very complex points down into easy to follow and logical points. He is incredibly intelligent, user-friendly, and his advocacy is eloquent and persuasive.'

Leading Juniors

James Bowling 4 Pump Court 'James is extremely personable and good at thinking outside the box to try and approach issues from all angles.  He is smart and quick at understanding the real issues in any matter, and is a confident and polished advocate.'
Patrick Clarke Atkin Chambers 'Patrick is a master of his game. He remains acutely focused in cases and never fails to deliver the most efficient and effective strategy. He has a thorough command over the changing dynamics of a case and clients feel protected and confident with his representation.'
Nicholas Collings Atkin Chambers 'Nicholas is an outstanding junior. A knowledgeable team player, and good cross examiner, with experience across the construction field. One to watch.'
Richard Coplin Keating Chambers 'Richard is a particularly creative and collaborative problem solver - very user friendly and practical.'
Simon Henderson 4 Pump Court 'Very thorough and careful. On analysis of documents or the law, Simon is the equivalent of a KC.'
Tom Owen Keating Chambers 'Tom continues to be exceptional, always providing top-class legal advice tailored to the client's specific commercial circumstances and needs.'
Michael Wheater Gatehouse Chambers 'Michael is an exceptional advocate with the ability to digest huge volumes of information, distil the key points and strategic implications, and produce laser-focussed submissions. A real team player for whom no task is too big or too small.'
Lucie Briggs Atkin Chambers 'Lucie is a first-rate barrister. She is an effective advocate, gets to grips with issues quickly, and is very user friendly. She has an enviable understanding of the construction sector, and her knowledge of the law is first class.'
Cyril Chern 4 New Square 'He is a stunning cross-examiner, and amazing as counsel with his commercial ability and skills, his rigorous grounding in the law, and superb attention to detail. He is a superlative barrister and the consummate advocate.'
Robert Clay Atkin Chambers 'Robert has an extremely sharp mind enabling him to drill down into the key issues. His advice is clear and thorough, leaving no stone unturned. '
Thomas Crangle 4 Pump Court 'Thomas is assured, assertive and commands the respect of others. He is able to get to grips with mountains of material in short order and yet stay on top of the strategic direction of a case. He is a star junior.'
Jane Davies Evans 3 Verulam Buildings 'A very good senior junior. Very good written advocacy and her excellent case management reflects her background as a solicitor.'
Andrew Fenn Atkin Chambers ‘Andrew is absolutely excellent in driving forward the path to a successful strategy. His written advocacy is first-class from the first draft he issues. His oral advocacy is calm, measured, robust and highly persuasive.’
Simon Hale 4 Pump Court 'Simon is extremely quick on his feet, and is quick to grasp complex legal issues. His advocacy is impressive, and he is great at turning complicated legal issues into clear and logical submissions. He is an all-rounder who can be relied upon.'
Abdul Jinadu Keating Chambers 'Abdul is a doyen of construction law. Being not only highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable, but commercially astute – Abdul’s tactics are effective and decisive.'
Shourav Lahiri Atkin Chambers 'Shourav is a formidable advocate and adept at the tactics of litigation. He is extremely capable and knowledgeable, and is excellent in setting up the right strategy for the cases he is handling.' 
Anna Laney Crown Office Chambers 'Extremely capable and knowledgeable, a very compelling advocate both on paper and in person.'
Kate Livesey 4 Pump Court 'Kate is an outstanding junior; very bright, extremely hard-working and great with clients.'
Rachael O’Hagan – Keating Chambers ‘Rachael is incredibly hardworking and has a great mind to get to the heart of the dispute. She is a real team player, gets to grips with detail quickly, and is good on her feet. Her approach is always commercial and practical.’
Luke Wygas 4 Pump Court 'Luke is a very good, accomplished advocate. He is diligent, a clear communicator, and is prepared to roll up his sleeves.'
Ebony Alleyne Gatehouse Chambers 'Bright, incisive, and determined; Ebony is a force to be reckoned with. The combination of the depth of her analysis and breadth of her knowledge in this field marks her out as a future star.'
Alexandra Bodnar – Keating Chambers ‘Alex is tenacious, practical, and invaluable to any litigation team. Her advocacy is exceptional; she knows when to push the point and when to move on, which is a skill in itself.’
Timothy Chelmick 4 New Square ‘Pragmatic and commercial. Timothy provides legal analysis with a dash of common sense.’
Mathias Cheung Atkin Chambers 'Mathias is extremely bright with a wealth of knowledge in this area of work. He gets to grips with the key issues quickly and his drafting is excellent. He is extremely approachable and works as an integral part of the overall team.'
Paul Cowan 4 New Square 'Exceptional on paper, and equally outstanding on his feet. Analyses every detail forensically and finds angles others do not see. '
Rebecca Drake 39 Essex Chambers 'Rebecca is energetic and efficient, with a razor-sharp mind. She is capable of thinking on her feet and gets to grips with complex technical issues very quickly.'
Omar Eljadi Atkin Chambers 'Omar is on top of the detail. He has vast and distinguished experience in construction cases.'
Jennie Gillies 4 Pump Court 'Jennie is extremely bright, fantastic on the detail, and great on her feet. She slots in seamlessly and works brilliantly with any team. An outstanding junior and a go-to for many years now.' 
Michele De Gregorio Crown Office Chambers 'Michele's particular strength is his ability to distil complex facts and issues and present these in an engaging and practical way, and he is able to present arguments calmly and convincingly too.'
Rónán HannaAtkin Chambers ‘Highly analytical, intimidatingly bright, and very commercial. Ronan’s ability to understand the technical detail of engineering disputes is outstanding. He gives clear and very direct advice and has excellent advocacy skills.’
David Johnson Atkin Chambers 'David never fails to impress with his submissions and oral advocacy. He really gets into the detail of the case and is never one to shy away from taking on the difficult technical issues.'
Jennifer Jones Atkin Chambers 'Jennifer is confident and direct whilst being very commercial and outcome focussed. She understands the commerciality of the matters involved.' 
Samar Abbas KazmiAtkin Chambers 'Samar is an excellent all-rounder. He is bright and works extremely hard.'
Thomas Lazur Keating Chambers  ‘Thomas is very skilled at getting to the nub of the issue. He instils confidence given his grasp of the detail and the law, and he has a great technical mind. He is also intelligent and assured on his feet – a skilled advocate and negotiator.’
Sarah McCann Gatehouse Chambers 'Sarah is an exceptional barrister who knows the law extremely well. Her written work is excellent, and she is a gifted advocate.'
George McDonald 4 New Square 'George is a stand-out junior; immensely clever and likeable.'
James Medd Crown Office Chambers ‘James is excellent. Very thorough, hands-on, detailed, strategic and first-rate in his handling of clients.’
Sanjay Patel 4 Pump Court ‘Sanjay is the perfect combination of boundless enthusiasm and ferocious intellect. He has the ability to get to grips with intricate and technical matters, while also managing to be pragmatic and commercial. The quality of his advocacy is far beyond his call.’
Ben Sareen Keating Chambers 'Ben is quite simply a brilliant barrister. His very high intellectual ability means he is particularly strong on contract construction with an eye for a sophisticated argument.'
Hugh Saunders 4 New Square ‘Hugh is outstanding. As an advocate, he is masterful on his feet. As an expert in the field of construction, his knowledge of the law and ability to master the technical issues in a case is second-to-none. He always goes the extra mile.’  
Melissa Shipley 39 Essex Chambers 'An excellent junior with a very sharp mind. Melissa works hard as part of the client's team and can pick up and understand technical issues quickly. She is a tenacious advocate.'
Camille Slow Atkin Chambers 'Camille is extremely bright and pragmatic, and her tactical ability is excellent. Her advocacy is perfectly balanced, and clients really appreciate her skills in distilling a complex dispute into its commercial fundamentals.'
James Thompson Keating Chambers ‘James gets stuck into the detail and gets to grips with the issues quickly. He provides his advice with clarity and has a personable approach.’
Matthew Thorne 4 Pump Court 'Matthew is incredibly bright and all over the detail.  The advice he produces is clear, succinct, and deals with each point with clarity and brevity.'
Jennie Wild Keating Chambers 'Jennie is an outstandingly good junior whose brilliant legal analysis is always presented in the most attractive way both for tribunals and clients. Her work ethic is second to none. She is in reality already a star.'
Sarah Williams Keating Chambers 'Sarah is calm, considered, and very hardworking.'
Lauren Adams Atkin Chambers 'Lauren is highly intelligent and her ability to quickly grasp complex issues is second-to-none. Stellar drafting and advocacy skills, and incredibly calm under pressure.'
Tom Asquith 4 New Square ‘Tom is an experienced and savvy construction lawyer with first-class drafting skills. He is an excellent oral advocate – smooth, yet direct and on top of the detail.’
Mischa Balen Atkin Chambers 'Mischa blitzes through complex legal, technical, and factual issues. He is extremely bright, produces clear drafting, and delivers results without a hitch.'
Peter Brogden Keating Chambers 'Peter has superior skills in assembling and dismantling the elements of a dispute. He delivers a crisp and refined form of advocacy which is most persuasive.' 
Paul Bury Keating Chambers 'Paul is incredibly diligent and hardworking, and his knowledge of legal issues and procedural points is first class. His advocacy is impressive and he is very good at getting on top of very technical issues.'
Gaynor Chambers Keating Chambers 'Gaynor has a great commercial and analytical brain. She is an excellent advocate, has great gravitas in the profession, and knows the relevant law inside out.'
Daniel Churcher 4 Pump Court ‘Up and coming, very bright and enthusiastic.’
Lucy Colter 4 New Square 'Lucy is extremely bright, highly personable, and very hard working. Her drafting is first class, and she advises with exceptional clarity. She also has a detailed technical understanding of the subject matter.'
Jess Connors 39 Essex Chambers 'Jess is a superb barrister. She picks up the detail of a case with remarkable ease and is able to apply her sharp intellect to provide a clear path forward.'
Brenna Conroy Keating Chambers 'Brenna is super bright and fantastic on her feet as an advocate. She is not only strategically brilliant in terms of the macro-picture. but is also equally willing to roll her sleeves up and get stuck into the detail of cases.'
Tom Coulson – Keating Chambers ‘Tom is an absolute star.’
Simon Crawshaw Atkin Chambers 'Fantastic ability to digest complex issues quickly and define clear strategy of solution. Simon is a brilliant negotiator, a good listener, and has thorough knowledge of relevant subject matters.'
Felicity Dynes Atkin Chambers 'Felicity is a very effective advocate - very incisive, good at tackling large amounts of material, and a clever cross-examiner.'
Anthony Edwards 39 Essex Chambers 'Anthony is enthusiastic and energetic, as well as highly knowledgeable about the construction industry and arbitration.'
Matthew Finn Keating Chambers 'Very bright, comprehensive, and tactically very good. He has the ability to distil complex legal matters down into common-sense advice.'
Daniel Goodkin  – 4 Pump Court ‘A fine eye for detail. Daniel can always be relied upon to not buckle under pressure or unexpected case developments but instead to devise a responsive strategy with a very cool head.’
Christopher Greenwood 4 New Square 'His drafting, advocacy, and enthusiasm are excellent. He is also a real team-player.'
Emma Healiss Keating Chambers  'Straight talking, knows the details, and thinks outside the box. Emma is confident, deals with questions competently and cross-examines to the level of a barrister far more senior than her.'
Patrick Hennessey 39 Essex Chambers 'Patrick’s advocacy is first-rate. Incisive and eloquent, assertive if necessary, but always courteous. He has meticulous attention to detail, a brilliant way with clients, and a very fine mind.'
Gideon Scott Holland Keating Chambers 'Gideon is a vastly experienced junior who brings calm and authority to any case. He sees all angles and works out the best way forward.'
Ed Jones 4 Pump Court 'Ed is very well prepared and detail orientated. His oral advocacy is eloquent, and he performs well under pressure.'
Saleem KhalidDeka Chambers ‘Saleem has a phenomenal ability to turn work around quickly. He remains very calm under pressure, and is very bright and enthusiastic.’
Zulfikar Khayum Atkin Chambers 'He is calm, insightful, and a good team player. Zulfikar is the consummate all-rounder. His brain is a database of construction law, he immerses himself in the evidence, and he is a seasoned warrior in the trenches.'
Katie Lee Gatehouse Chambers 'Excellent communication skills and an eye for detail. Katie also has a very good grasp of construction jargon.'
Marc Lixenberg Atkin Chambers 'Marc is a very diligent and responsive barrister who is able to process and analyse the facts in the most complex technical disputes in a clear and concise way. Great attention to detail and truly excellent drafting.'
Nicholas Maciolek Atkin Chambers 'Nicholas is very attentive, commercial, and pragmatic. At the same time, he is ready to get stuck into the technical detail.'
Caroline McColgan Crown Office Chambers 'Caroline is a brilliant and persuasive advocate. Great on technical points, very accessible, and a delight to work with.'
John McMillanKeating Chambers ‘John is simply excellent. He grasps key points quickly, and his drafting is concise and persuasive. He understands technical points and works out the best tactics to ensure success in a case.’
Edmund Neuberger Atkin Chambers 'Edmund is extremely composed under pressure and pragmatic. He is able to absorb and analyse highly complex construction delay claims and make the most of the factual and expert evidence.'
Thomas Ogden 4 New Square 'Thomas provides good, structured, strategic legal advice.'
Richard Osborne 4 Pump Court ‘Richard gets to grips with complex cases with ease, and revels in difficult and technical points that others would run from. He is a great asset to have on your team.’
Laurence Page – 4 Pump Court ‘Extremely commercially astute. He grasps the technical points very quickly, as well as the legal points.’
Charles Pimlott Crown Office Chambers 'Charles offers pragmatic and commercially focused advice. He provides direct advice, but always does it in a way that is empathetic to the client.'
Katie Powell Atkin Chambers 'An impressive ability to communicate complex legal concepts to clients. She has a keen eye for detail, which she leverages to develop winning strategies for the most challenging issues in the case.'
Christopher Reid Atkin Chambers ‘Christopher is very hardworking. When this is combined with the fact that he is very intelligent, has good judgment, and is very personable, it makes for a winning combination.’
Richard Sage Crown Office Chambers 'Richard has provided comprehensive advice at all stages and has been particularly strong in conference, in complex and changing areas of law, coupled with strong drafting skills and advocacy.'
David Sawtell39 Essex Chambers 'David is robust, charismatic, and gets to grips with complex issues with remarkable speed, yet with clarity and accuracy. His advocacy skills are top class - he is unflappable in court and his cross-examination skills are honed to perfection. A barrister that you do not want to see on the opposing side.'
David Sheard Keating Chambers 'David is brilliant; he is incisive and detail-oriented and his advice work is second-to-none.'
Gideon Shirazi 4 Pump Court 'Intellectually brilliant, Gideon is able to grasp difficult and complicated points and distil them to their essence quickly.'
Harry Smith Keating Chambers 'Extremely bright, able to evaluate complex technical information and documentation quickly, and make submissions that are clear and easy to understand.'
Robert Stokell Crown Office Chambers ‘Rob a go-to barrister on construction and product liability disputes. He is fiercely intelligent and highly organised.’
Carlo Taczalski Crown Office Chambers 'Carlo is very user-friendly, works extremely hard, and produces outstanding pleadings. He is extremely bright and gives straightforward, pragmatic advice.'
Charlie Thompson Keating Chambers  'Charlie is very personable, very clever, and very pragmatic. He has a sharp mind and is very assured on his feet.'
Helena White Gatehouse Chambers ‘Helena is commended for her technical prowess. She is creative in her approach, an excellent team player, and very personable. Her advocacy style is calm and measured, but robust when it needs to be.’
Dermot Woolgar Crown Office Chambers 'Dermot is a clear, methodical thinker who understands what arguments will win favour with the court.'

Rising Stars

Joshua Brown Crown Office ChambersJoshua is a very forensic lawyer – he will fully analyse the contract and surrounding law to provide a well-reasoned argument.’
George Eyre Gatehouse Chambers 'Gravitas, knowledge, and confidence way beyond his years.'
James Frampton Keating Chambers 'Experienced and wise beyond his years - great on the law, deep into the facts and documents, and impressively on top of technical evidence and standards.'
Dalton Hale Atkin Chambers ‘Dalton’s technical ability is extremely good and his commitment to finding creative ways to deal with difficult issues is also a key strength. He is a safe pair of hands that can be trusted with complex claims.’
Max Kasriel Fountain Court Chambers 'Max has a first-rate intellect that sets him apart. On his feet, he is a precise and relentless advocate who is able to communicate sophisticated arguments to the court in a way that they can clearly be understood.'
Michael Levenstein Gatehouse Chambers ‘Astonishing attention to detail, very good on the law and excellent written work. He is easy to deal with and very obliging.’
Callum Monro Morrison Keating Chambers ‘Callum is an exceptionally diligent counsel who focuses a great deal on preparation and achieves a quick grasp of the technical nature for work.’
Kajetan Wandowicz 4 Pump Court ‘Fantastic attention to detail and insight, and yet still able to clearly see the bigger picture. He has a natural aptitude for complex construction cases. An outstandingly talented junior who is destined for big things.’
Louis Zvesper Gatehouse Chambers 'Louis has a great eye for detail and has great technical skills. He is also very commercial in his application and good with clients.'

Construction in London Bar

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers covers a range of work relating to construction disputes, including niche areas such as construction all risks insurance, insolvency in the industry and property damage and professional negligence claims. Paul Reed KC and David Pliener KCacted on The Lancasters case on behalf of over 70 leaseholders on a multi-million pound claim relating to defective redevelopment works which resulted in an important decision on the scope of the Defective Premises Act. Juniors at the set are often involved in high-profile disputes, including Michael Wheater who is acting for the architects, Carter Jonas LLP, in Standard Life v Gleeds, a matter which relates to alleged negligence concerning large mixed-use development. Catherine Piercy KCis acting for JE Hall as defendants in the Morrisons v Lorien and JE Hall case, which concerns defects in Morrisons’ abattoir and is likely to be significant in relation to scope of duty and the test for determining foreseeable losses.



‘Very impressive set. The training programmes are excellent and there are generally no difficulties in obtaining counsel requested.’

‘For construction insurance, Gatehouse Chambers has real strength in depth.’

‘Good set with consistent quality.’

‘Gatehouse is a very solid set not just in construction and professional negligence, but also in property, insurance, insolvency and commercial areas too. They have great strength in depth and are always able to offer a range of counsel.’

‘Gatehouse Chambers is very strong, particularly at the junior end – it has some excellent senior juniors.’


‘James Duncan Hartill is a great clerk and works hard to promote the set.’

Work highlights

    4 Pump Court

    4 Pump Court offers a ‘breadth of expertise’ in construction and engineering disputes, with its barristers acting on a wide range of significant construction litigation matters both domestically and internationally. Fiona Sinclair KC is leading for Rydon Construction Ltd in London Borough of Camden v Rydon, the largest civil case to follow the Grenfell Fire regarding a dispute about cladding on five London tower blocks, acting on the design and build contractor, which also worked on the Grenfell Tower project, as defendants. Across chambers, members are also involved in other high-profile cladding claims, with five silks acting for various core participants in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Rachel Ansell KC is involved in Prudential and Pets at Home v Halcrow Group Limited, defending the monitoring engineer, Halcrow, concerning settlement of a warehouse floor. Sean Brannigan KC is leading on Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust v Balfour Beatty, acting for the claimant in the PFI dispute concerning defects at the hospital, as well as having a notable international practice. Duncan McCall KC has retired.



    ‘4 Pump Court are a solid set for complex construction matters.’

    ‘4 Pump Court have always impressed with the calibre of counsel and expertise provided.’

    ‘4 Pump Court are a great set and always find suitable counsel, even on very tight deadlines. They are considerate of what matters are being instructed and what counsel will suit the role.’

    ‘A high quality of counsel from a well-managed and commercially minded set. A valuable resource when looking for a safe pair of hands.’

    ‘Outstanding strength and depth of experience backed up by first-class clerking.’


    ‘Very experienced and user-friendly clerks. Stewart Gibbs is one of the best clerks of the construction-focused sets.’

    Work highlights

      39 Essex Chambers

      39 Essex Chambers is an established set that offers top quality expertise across the silk and junior level, covering a range of construction and engineering work both domestically and internationally. Marion Smith KC is acting for a defendant in in Standard Life v Gleeds, a matter concerning claims made against members of the construction professional team engaged in the development and design of a large mixed-use development. Across chambers, 25 members are heavily involved in all aspects of the Grenfell tragedy, with Kate Grange KC leading on all construction related and public law issues on the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry. Members of the set are active internationally, with Karim Ghaly KC‘s practice in the Middle East notable; the chambers also has offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, strengthening its presence in Asia.



      ‘A premier set for large complex construction engineering infrastructure disputes, both for counsel and arbitrators.’

      ‘The ability and competence from 39 Essex Chambers has consistently been high. Moreover, their growing presence in Asia is well-received by firms and lawyers in the region, alleviating the inconvenience of working in different time zones.’

      ‘Broad range of counsel in terms of expertise and experience, with depth at both KC and junior level.’

      ‘Excellent Chambers with strength in depth.’

      ‘Good range of excellent KCs and juniors covering a range of expertise. They are responsive and great to work with. They provide bespoke training to firms as well as a good range of open training sessions, and keep at the forefront of legal developments.’


      ‘Mark Winrow is an excellent clerk who responds with speed at all times. He is a true attribute to the success of 39 Essex.’

      Work highlights

        4 New Square

        4 New Square provides representation on a range of construction-related matters, and coupled with its professional negligence expertise, it offers particular strength in defending claims for contractors. Four members of chambers have been instructed on different aspects of UBB Waste v Essex County Council, a high-value dispute over a 25-year PFI contract for the construction and operation of a waste treatment, including Roger Stewart KC, Richard Liddell KC, George McDonald and Lucy Colter. Thomas Ogden is acting on Frames Process Systems v Vulcanic UK, a multi-million euro claim relating to defective equipment on offshore vessels. Members of chambers are also instructed on a number of delay and disruption construction claims, as well as claims involving issues of insurance. Internationally, it is involved in a range of construction arbitration matters, with Cyril Chern acting on a number of arbitrations relating to major engineering and construction projects.



        ‘This set has strengths in all areas and its depth of legal scholars and advocates is excellent.’

        ‘4 New Square has a number of excellent barristers. Where certain counsel is not available, their strength-in-depth means that the standard of advice and service received is not compromised by replacements put forward by 4 New Square.’

        ‘Excellent array of stars in both Construction and Professional Indemnity.’

        ‘4 New Square are go-to chambers because they are technically excellent and approachable.’

        ‘They are always willing to go the extra distance to accommodate clients and have great strength and depth in the entire civil marketplace.’


        ‘Always available and responsive. Particularly impressed by Jack Crowhurst.’

        Work highlights

          Atkin Chambers

          Atkin Chambers has a sterling reputation as a specialist set for construction disputes, covering a range of work in the UK and abroad. In domestic courts, Dominique Rawley KC and Jennifer Jones are instructed to act for the defendants Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick and Balfour Beatty Group on Northumbria Healthcare NHS v Lendlease, a matter concerning a hospital built in 2015 alleged to have wide-ranging structural defects to the extent a temporary replacement needed to be built. Meanwhile, Simon Lofthouse KC and Omar Eljadi are acting for MPB Structures in defence of defects claims in a related case, Lendlease Construction v MPB Structures, regarding flooring and drainage work at the same hospital. Chantal-Aimée Doerries KC is acting for Morrisons supermarkets in a large multi-party dispute regarding the extension of an abattoir. Stephanie Barwise KC continues to act on behalf of the largest group of bereaved, survivors and residents in the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry. In addition, members of the set have seen increased instructions on fire safety defect cases and PFI-related disputes. International highlights include Manus McMullan KC and Christopher Lewis KC continuing to act for the Panama Canal Authority in a series of high-value claims arising from the Third Set of Locks Project, one of the largest engineering projects in the world at the time. Stuart Catchpole KC has joined from 39 Essex Chambers, and Rupert Choat KC took silk in March 2022. Nicholas Baatz and Sebastian Pigott retired in February 2022 and May 2022 respectively.



          ‘Atkin Chambers has a wealth of knowledge and experience which is second-to-none. They are the first port of call for all construction matters.’

          ‘Atkin Chambers provide a first-rate service with considerable strength and depth across all areas of construction law.’

          ‘Atkin remain the premier set for construction disputes work and their roster of advocates is second-to-none. Their continued efforts in training are also much appreciated and valuable.’

          ‘The team’s strengths at Atkin Chambers include its vast expertise in this area and excellent quality of legal services that are tailored towards the client’s needs.’

          ‘Atkin Chambers is a real construction law powerhouse acting domestically and internationally. They have real strength in depth with many leading KCs.’


          ‘David Barnes is still the gold standard.’

          Work highlights

            Crown Office Chambers

            Crown Office Chambers offers a strong set of construction barristers, and handles a number of major construction and engineering disputes as well as associated professional negligence and insurance claims. Crispin Winser KC is involved in Morrisons v Lorien and JE Hall, acting on behalf of John Sisk & Sons, a major UK contractor, in the dispute which concerns defects in Morrisons’ abattoir, which allegedly led to a loss of  profits and a license to export to Korea. Andrew Rigney KC and Dermot Woolgar appeared for the successful respondent in Mears v Costplan Services et al., which had significant impact on the construction law industry as the Court of Appeal reconsidered the meaning of practical completion for the first time in half a century.



            ‘Good spread of capable people, particularly for claims with an insurance angle.’

            ‘Crown Office Chambers has excellent strength in depth on the construction front, and they work hard to ensure their barristers are not only available to take instructions but also to provide suitable alternatives.’

            ‘Crown Office has a great scope of counsel and a good mix of product liability counsel who are knowledgeable in their areas.’

            ‘They have a great breadth and depth of specialist construction barristers at all levels, and they can advise on smaller matters as well as the large complex disputes.’

            ‘Crown Office are a large set with a large construction following. They are a go-to Chambers for this type of work.’


            ‘Rob Cowup is very commercially minded and runs his team very well.’

            Work highlights

              Keating Chambers

              Known as a ‘go-to set for construction disputes’, Keating Chambers regularly act on complex disputes both domestically and internationally. Piers Stansfield KC and Rachael O’Hagan are representing Cundall on Standard Life v Gleeds, a matter relating to a multi-million pound professional negligence claim against the architects and engineers a large mixed-use development. Numerous members of chambers are instructed in Martlet v Mulalley, which will be the first post-Grenfell cladding case to reach trial and relates to whether the requirements of the building regulations have changed, including Simon Hughes KC and James Frampton for the defendants, and Jonathan Selby KC and Tom Coulson for the claimants. David Thomas KC and Matthew Finn are acting on Walter Lilly v Clin, representing the claimant on a case which has industry-wide implications for the construction and planning sectors in relation to building demolition. Vincent Moran KC leads a number of members from the set on Northumbria Healthcare NHS v Lendlease, a large multi-party dispute concerning widespread defects in relation to the construction of a new specialist emergency hospital, acting for Lendlease as the defendant. Keating also continue to be involved in Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 2, with Adrian Williamson KC, Abdul Jinadu and Emma Healiss all acting for the bereaved, survivors and former residents as construction counsel. Calum Lamont KC took silk in February 2022, and Alexandra Bodnar has recently joined from 39 Essex Chambers. Adam Constable KC, as was, was appointed to the High Court bench in March 2023.



              ‘Keating is rightly renowned as a leading construction set. Their counsel are always straightforward and easy to work with.’

              ‘Top class specialist set for construction and engineering disputes. It covers a wide range of highly specialist and technical work, and everyone encountered there is professional, welcoming, and friendly.’

              ‘Keating is one of the premier construction sets. It has excellent bench strength across the spectrum of seniority.’

              ‘Keating is market-leading in construction, with strong options at all levels of seniority.’

              ‘Keating Chambers is unrivalled at the construction bar. They have an array of world class silks and up and coming juniors who are leading experts. You know they will always exceed high expectations. Keating Chambers is what all sets should be like.’


              ‘The clerks at Keating are superb. Robert Garvan is responsive and sensible. Jade Clark is superb, she knows her barristers, their cases, their instructing solicitors and shows a dedication that is inspiring.’

              Work highlights