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Leading Silks

Stephanie Barwise QC - Atkin ChambersStephanie really is an exceptional silk. Genuinely special and dazzling to watch. I've not seen a better construction silk out there.
Sean Brannigan QC - 4 Pump CourtSean is the best construction silk bar none. Great to work with. Very easy manner. Brilliant on strategy, tactics and big picture thinking. His cross-examination can be brutal but devastatingly effective. You would definitely want him on your side rather than against you.
Stuart Catchpole QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe’s an advocate that the judge wants to hear from because his views are respected. He is also very meticulous.
Adam Constable QC - Keating ChambersHe has an excellent reputation and is very impressive, which means other lawyers respect his views. He is very good with clients who like his calm manner and empathy.
Anneliese Day QC - Fountain Court Chambers ‘Piercing intellect, good manner with clients and hard-working. Identifies and grapples with the central issues quickly and succinctly.
Simon Lofthouse QC - Atkin ChambersHe is an imposing advocate and ferocious cross-examiner. He will skewer the ill-prepared or over-partial expert witness.
Manus McMullan QC - Atkin ChambersFirst class, extremely hard-working, knowledgeable and fantastic with clients. Great strategist.
Alexander Nissen QC - Keating ChambersAlexander is a compelling advocate, who is extremely approachable and responsive.
Paul Reed QC - HardwickeWidely regarded as the leading authority in relation to Construction All Risks Insurance, and he has a compendious knowledge of the subject. He's a brilliant advocate, both persuasive and forceful. His legal advice is spot on, and always has an eye on wider commercial considerations.
Andrew Rigney QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is an excellent advocate. He is intelligent, well-prepared, attentive to detail and dedicated. He is always pleasant to deal with.
Roger Stewart QC - 4 New SquareHe's just excellent, loved by clients, a great silk.
David Streatfeild-James QC - Atkin ChambersDavid is one of the finest advocates in the construction Bar. He is perhaps unmatched on a good day.
Marcus Taverner QC - Keating ChambersOne of the very best construction silks at the Bar. Increasingly he is building a reputation as a first-rate arbitrator.
Andrew White QC - Atkin ChambersAndrew is a superb tactician and uses his immense experience and uncanny ability to read tribunals and opponents to plot clear and effective campaign strategies from the outset.
Rachel Ansell QC - 4 Pump CourtExceptional talent in relation to expert evidence. Very good in cross-examination. A strategic thinker.
Nicholas Baatz QC - Atkin ChambersVery approachable and is an excellent team player who communicates well at all levels.
Paul Darling QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is a heavyweight of the construction Bar.
Stephen Dennison QC - Atkin ChambersHe has a superb legal brain and is extremely good, thorough, amazingly patient and a joy to work with.
Nicholas Dennys QC - Atkin ChambersHe is authoritative and extremely hard-working.
Chantal-Aimee Doerries QC - Atkin ChambersChantal is my leading counsel of choice for construction disputes. Her responsiveness, attention to detail and excellent client facing skills make her an absolute star in my opinion.
Roger ter Haar QC - Crown Office ChambersHas an ability to cut through and focus on the important issues. Hard-working and always a pleasure to deal with.
Richard Harding QC - Keating ChambersPossesses the best Middle East practice, fluent in Arabic, a phenomenal barrister.
Simon Hughes QC - Keating ChambersIncredibly cerebral, always proactive and very client friendly.
Jeremy Nicholson QC - 4 Pump CourtA go-to silk for complex construction litigation, very calm under pressure.
Fiona Sinclair QC - 4 Pump CourtFiona is an excellent communicator and advocate and provides robust practical legal advice. She has an excellent rapport with clients and instructing solicitors.
David Thomas QC - Keating ChambersReally good at managing big cases. A standout performer. His advocacy is brilliant.
Adrian Williamson QC - Keating ChambersClear thinking, concise, focused. Gets to the nub of the matter swiftly.
Richard Wilmot-Smith QC - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the great doyens of construction.
Michael Black QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe is highly experienced, a good case manager, and has a good understanding of the UAE market.
Martin Bowdery QC - Atkin ChambersOne of the most imaginative barristers I've come across - sees things from angles other people don't and which other people have missed.
Mark Cannon QC - 4 New SquareHis ability to work and cross-examine based on the original documents is prodigious and demonstrates the sharpness of his mind.
Jonathan Acton Davis QC - Atkin ChambersJonathan is as smooth as silk and backs it up with perfect manners covering a steel core.
Andrew Goddard QC - Atkin ChambersA very experienced construction barrister. His opinions are thorough and easy to understand. His advocacy is extremely modern and effective.
Simon Hargreaves QC - Keating ChambersSimon is always impressive and a joy to work with. He has outstanding experience on PFI disputes.
Adrian Hughes QC - 39 Essex ChambersA superb barrister with top notch advocacy.
Duncan McCall QC - 4 Pump CourtHe is a highly skilled advocate who is able to put the case forcefully and clearly.
Fiona Parkin QC - Atkin ChambersAlways into the detail and really knows her stuff. Excellent on her feet with very impressive cross-examination skills. A joy to work with. She is also a real fighter and good tactician.
Ben Patten QC - 4 New SquareHighly articulate and intelligent, well regarded by his clients.
Joanna Smith QC - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Very good at drilling down to the facts, has great commercial understanding and provides very clear and well-reasoned legal advice. She is a real quality act and a great team worker.
Anthony Speaight QC - 4 Pump CourtFights his clients' corner in court with charm and great tenacity.
Piers Stansfield QC - Keating ChambersA formidable intellect. Top-rate cross-examiner. Fantastic eye for detail.
Steven Walker QC - Atkin ChambersVery thorough, dedicated, has an excellent manner with clients and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a cross-examination style which is highly effective.
Philip Boulding QC - Keating ChambersPopular in the Far East - very nice and gregarious, very experienced.
Michael Curtis QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is an extremely capable technical lawyer, exceptional judgement and strong advocate.
Justin Fenwick QC - 4 New SquareHe is an embodiment of legal acumen, competence, agility and commitment.
Karim Ghaly QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe is very good, popular and hardworking, with strength in PFI disputes.
Sarah Hannaford QC - Keating ChambersAn all-round superb barrister. She has the analytical abilities, attention to detail and presentational skill to be expected of senior counsel at Keating but she also brings a commercial approach and excellent case management.
James Howells QC - Atkin ChambersJames has excellent analytical skills and is a compelling advocate. We would have no hesitation in recommending him for any complex construction cases.
Riaz Hussain QC - Atkin ChambersVery down to earth. Hard working. An absolute joy to work with. He becomes your friend more than your professional advisor, which is a worthy accolade when you are in the trenches fighting.
Nigel Jones QC - HardwickeA delight to work with; nothing is ever too much trouble.
John Marrin QC - Keating ChambersHeavyweight advocate with decades of experience.
Justin Mort QC - Keating ChambersJustin has a powerful intellect, works incredibly hard and is a forceful and persuasive in oral argument. He can get to grips with complex claims very quickly.
Benjamin Pilling QC - 4 Pump CourtCalm, lucid, user-friendly, knowledgeable and good court performer.
Ben Quiney QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is always fully read in, prepared and very organised. There is no better man in a crisis.
Dominique Rawley QC - Atkin ChambersFantastic ability to get on top of the detail and very client friendly.
Hefin Rees QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsGreat to work with and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is very client friendly and commercially minded in his approach.
Adam Robb QC - 39 Essex ChambersAdam is superb. He very quickly gets to grips with details and is able to explain in simple terms to clients very legally complex matters.
Marc Rowlands QC - Keating ChambersMarc is a bright lawyer who combines intellect with a real appetite for understanding the technical aspects a of case.
Nicholas Vineall QC - 4 Pump CourtEngaging and persuasive advocacy style. Good relationships with opposing counsel. Good understanding of scientific and engineering principles.
Sean Wilken QC - Keating ChambersFiercely intelligent, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and is a great strategic thinker.
Veronique Buehrlen QC - Keating ChambersShe has significant strength in energy related arbitration, often with technical elements involved.
Serena Cheng QC - Atkin ChambersA stellar advocate. Very user friendly. Gets into the detail of complex matters with impressive speed and leaves no stone unturned.
James Cross QC - 4 Pump CourtExcellent advocate, communicates advice in a commercial, sensible and down to earth, which clients love. A great team player.
Lucy Garrett QC - Keating ChambersLucy is hands-on, approachable and very bright. Excellent legal analysis and a real expert in construction disputes.
Kate Grange QC - 39 Essex ChambersKate is brilliant and has a strong silk practice.
Alexander Hickey QC - 4 Pump CourtAlexander has an excellent grasp of detail both from a legal and technical sense.
Christopher Lewis QC - Atkin ChambersImmaculate on his feet, extremely well thought of.
Lynne McCafferty QC - 4 Pump CourtLynne is rigorous, unpretentious, approachable and tenacious.
Fionnuala McCredie QC - Keating ChambersConscientious, combining strong analytical skills and sound judgement.
Tom Montagu-Smith QC - XXIV Old BuildingsTom has extensive experience in the UAE and understands UAE law better than most barristers.
Vincent Moran QC - Keating ChambersAbsolutely brilliant. His advocacy is superb, and he's very popular.
Lindy Patterson QC - 39 Essex ChambersExcellent public speaker. Very approachable and a joy to work with.
Jonathan Selby QC - Keating ChambersGreat legal brain. A formidable opponent who gives clear, punchy advice. Adored by clients.
Marion Smith QC - 39 Essex ChambersMarion is amazing. She is a first-class lawyer. She takes immense pride in her work and is truly driven to deliver the best possible outcome for the client.

2019 Silks

Isabel Hitching QC - Crown Office ChambersA standout barrister at the construction Bar.
James Leabeater QC - 4 Pump CourtJames is very bright and extremely user friendly with both lawyers and clients alike. He is equally good on paper and on his feet.
Siân Mirchandani QC - 4 New SquareGreat analytical skills – excellent drafting and advocacy skills.
Jessica Stephens QC - 4 Pump CourtAn outstanding barrister well able to see the wood from the trees. An excellent cross-examiner.

2020 Silks

Krista Lee QC - Keating ChambersExcellent grasp of detail. Quickly spots the best and worst points of a case. Very approachable and easy to work with.
Richard Liddell QC - 4 New SquareHe is very able, extremely thorough with great attention to detail, and a pleasure to deal with.

2021 Silks

Mark Chennells QC - Atkin ChambersVery astute, thorough, incisive and experienced. His preparation is impeccable and he zeroes in on the key issues.
Claire Packman QC - 4 Pump CourtStrong knowledge of the law; advocacy skills are first rate; ability to manage the client and solicitor.
Samuel Townend QC - Keating ChambersThinks through issues and is helpful with strategies and has useful analytical skills.
Crispin Winser QC - Crown Office ChambersHard-working, great team player. Excellent cross-examination skills. Best junior barrister I have come across.

Leading Juniors

James Bowling - 4 Pump CourtSuper bright. He is knocking on the door of silk.
Patrick Clarke - Atkin ChambersFriendly, adaptable and he gives clear and practical advice that is readily understood by the client.
Richard Coplin - Keating ChambersRichard is a very talented advocate. His ability to quickly get to grips with complicated and highly technical issues leads to well-constructed and thought-out arguments.
Simon Henderson - 4 Pump CourtAn outstanding construction junior.
Calum Lamont - Keating ChambersCalum's intellect, ability to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems and work-rate are unparalleled at the Bar.
Tom Owen - Keating ChambersHe is irrepressible, incredibly well prepared and absorbs enormous amounts of information in very short time-frames. He is very commercial, very client-friendly and always has the correct facts at his fingertips. On his feet, he is quick, pragmatic and always ready with the right answer or question.
David Pliener - HardwickeOne of the best juniors and a silk in waiting. Very commercial and user-friendly.
Paul Buckingham - Keating ChambersCalm and considered. Always appears completely in control. Incredibly likeable.
Rupert Choat - Atkin ChambersRupert is highly astute and has an extremely thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction law.
Robert Clay - Atkin ChambersRobert has the ability to quickly evaluate the key issues from all the facts and set these out in a clear and logical form.
Nicholas Collings - Atkin ChambersPragmatic, easy to work with, convincing and compelling advocate.
Anna Laney - Crown Office ChambersAnna always gives clear and authoritative advice on case strategy. She has a calm and friendly demeanour.
Kate Livesey - 4 Pump CourtThorough, very clever, receptive to ideas, the first junior I would always turn to.
Catherine Piercy - HardwickeShe is incredibly intelligent and able to get to the heart of a claim quickly.
William Webb - Keating ChambersWilliam develops an exceptional grasp of the factual and technical detail. He is approachable and commercial which makes him popular with clients.
Michael Wheater - HardwickeIncredibly hardworking, his written work is second to none and he gets a complete grip on even the most complex of cases.
Luke Wygas - 4 Pump CourtGood communicator, robust at making his case, and has a commercial outlook.
Samar Abbas Kazmi - Atkin Chambers ‘Samar is a superb advocate, commercially minded and prodigiously hard-working. He brings commercial insight to any case and is a pleasure to work with.
Jess Connors - 39 Essex ChambersShe is a fantastic barrister to work with, her commercial manner makes her a favourite with clients.
Paul Cowan - 4 New SquareBy far the best in his class and our absolute go-to. I cannot speak highly enough of Paul.
Thomas Crangle - 4 Pump CourtA good barrister with a solid construction practice.
Omar Eljadi - Atkin ChambersOmar has great expertise and depth of knowledge regarding construction disputes. His work is organised, clear and concise.
Jane Davies Evans - 3 Verulam BuildingsHas vast knowledge and experience in the international construction industry, including all its aspects – legal, technical and accounting. She is a master of the detail of construction cases.
Andrew Fenn - Atkin ChambersAndrew integrates into and leads a large team in complex disputes superbly; his written work is detailed but focused; and has a sharp strategic instinct to advise on tactics.
Karen Gough - 39 Essex ChambersHer advice is incisive, to the point and with an ability to solve complex problems with ease.
Simon Hale - 4 Pump CourtSimon is very engaging and dedicated. He has good judgement and technical knowledge.
David Johnson - Atkin ChambersHe is tenacious, highly intelligent, and drafts with fine style. He is culturally adept, grasps concepts quickly, gets across vast swathes of material with skill, speed, and stamina.
Jonathan Lewis - 4 Pump CourtBorn to litigate, he has an impressive and enviable ability to dismember every single one of his opponents' arguments point-by-point.
Sarah McCann - HardwickeSarah is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of construction law and is able to analyse the issues from the views of all parties.
James Medd - Crown Office ChambersRemarkably thorough and well-considered. If he runs with an argument, I know he has confidence in it.
Rachael O'Hagan - Keating ChambersHighly intelligent and brilliant with clients. She has a strong domestic and international practice.
Sebastian Pigott - Atkin ChambersSebastian is an intelligent and considered thinker. I have found him to be very user-friendly and pro-active. Hard-working, sensible, common sense but with good and bright ideas - also sticks to his guns in all respects.
Matthew Thorne - 4 Pump CourtHe is very bright and a future star of the construction Bar.
Jennie Wild - Keating ChambersShe gives excellent, clear, commercial advice. She is a master tactician and someone you want on your team.
Ebony Alleyne - HardwickeExtremely capable and professional barrister who is able to quickly identify the key issues in complex claims.
Mischa Balen - Atkin ChambersUnderstands the finer points beautifully. He is invaluable. Very resilient.
Alexandra Bodnar - 39 Essex ChambersAlex is incredibly bright and an accomplished advocate.
Lucie Briggs - Atkin ChambersI would characterise her as a smart, charming assassin. No nonsense. Superb preparation. Excellent advocate.
Peter Brogden - Keating ChambersA terrific junior, great with clients, strong background with software work.
Paul Bury - Keating ChambersGreat with clients and very good written skills and advocacy. He will certainly go far in his career as he has an ability that is beyond his years.
Gaynor Chambers - Keating ChambersImpressive senior junior, particularly in respect of complex technical and engineering-related litigation.
Timothy Chelmick - 4 New SquareHighly commercial, responsive, understands immediately what clients need and delivers.
Cyril Chern - 4 New SquareImpressive both in his approach to complex construction matters but also with his astute commercial advice.
Lucy Colter - 4 New SquareShe is exceptional at what she does. She is highly organised, tough, determined and yet highly accessible.
Simon Crawshaw - Atkin ChambersExtremely responsive, practical and precise, with a considered professionalism.
Laura Crowley - 4 Pump CourtA first-class junior, bringing all the skills and dedication to the team that anyone could want.
Rebecca Drake - 39 Essex ChambersExcellent ability to understand clients needs, superb choice of junior.
Felicity Dynes - Atkin ChambersShe is quietly assertive and doesn't take any nonsense - from the lay client or the other side. She has excellent attention to detail and is prepared to plead difficult arguments.
Anthony Edwards - 39 Essex Chambers Anthony is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of international disputes with the ability to master and distil complex issues, aided by a solid legal and engineering background.
Robert Evans - Keating ChambersRobert is quick to grasp the issues in a dispute and handles clients well.
Matthew Finn - Keating ChambersMatthew is astute, quick to respond and able to deal with the fundamental issues directly, concisely and persuasively.
Paul Fisher - 4 New SquarePaul was incredibly diligent and easy to work with – a keen sense of detail coupled with a firm technical and legal understanding.
Arshad Ghaffar - XXIV Old BuildingsHe is logical, incisive, committed and hard-working.
Michele de Gregorio - Crown Office ChambersHe is calm and has a fine strategic mind. He is a very impressive and powerful advocate.
Rónán HannaAtkin ChambersAn able junior, technically very strong.
Patrick Hennessey - 39 Essex ChambersHe maintains the highest standards when giving advice and when advocating. Always a top choice.
Gideon Scott Holland - Keating ChambersProvides clear, succinct advice and gets on top of technical issues very quickly. Approachable, user-friendly and very responsive.
Abdul Jinadu - Keating ChambersReliable, determined and charming with the Bench.
Ed Jones - 4 Pump CourtSound technical ability and excellent strategic instincts. Hard-working, intelligent and quick-thinking.
Jennifer Jones - Atkin ChambersCommercially minded with the legal ability to deliver. Strong and clear written and verbal advice. Also a very able advocate on her feet in court.
Zulfikar Khayum - Atkin ChambersZulf is an excellent junior. He is hardworking, and has a keen eye for detail. His submissions and cross-examination is first rate.
Thomas Lazur - Keating ChambersHas excellent attention to detail and very calm.
Katie Lee - HardwickeProfessional and knowledgeable with a keen grasp of the legal issues, and able to build a natural rapport with clients.
Marc Lixenberg - Atkin ChambersVery intelligent. Works well as part of team. Friendly, hard-working and accessible. Good experience in domestic and international construction disputes.
Caroline McColgan - Crown Office ChambersCaroline is superb – she is extremely bright, exceptionally hardworking, very commercially-minded and pragmatic.
George McDonald - 4 New SquareGeorge is a stunningly intelligent and incredibly personable guy.
Edmund Neuberger - Atkin ChambersEdmund is a quality option. He works hard and is very responsive, and he is always on hand to talk through difficult issues. He effortlessly works with a broader team and gets on with the job. He is a strong choice.
Thomas Ogden - 4 New SquareCalm, intelligent, analytical and with an approachable manner.
Richard Osborne - 4 Pump CourtRichard is a hard-working and responsive junior, who is a great asset to have on your team. He picks things up phenomenally quickly and is always reassuring with clients.
Sanjay Patel - 4 Pump CourtIncredibly sharp – has an unbelievable work ethic, masters detail incredibly quickly and is very good on technical issues.
Charles Pimlott - Crown Office ChambersCalm and logical approach to issues which is reassuring to clients, great attention to detail, clear and concise yet thorough.
Katie Powell - Atkin ChambersA very sharp barrister and great to work with. Adapts perfectly to challenging circumstances.
Richard Sage - Crown Office ChambersRichard's technical expertise is first rate, but his true strength is his ability to communicate complex technical legal issues in a manner which is readily understandable by the lay clients.
Ben Sareen - Keating ChambersVery hard-working, diligent, grasps issues quickly, excellent understanding of the law relating to construction and has a magnificent ability to write.
Hugh Saunders - 4 New SquareA straight-talking barrister who provides clear and decisive advice. Brilliant on his feet in the courtroom.
Gideon Shirazi - 4 Pump CourtIncredibly dedicated and hard-working; nothing is ever too much for him.
Camille Slow - Atkin ChambersCamille is intelligent, thoughtful and analytical. Her ability to dissect a problem and analyse the possible outcomes is invaluable.
Carlo Taczalski - Crown Office ChambersCarlo is incredibly forensic in his approach to work, he deals with large quantities of information in a methodical manner and is an excellent communicator.
Charlie Thompson - Keating ChambersClearly a highly regarded construction junior, with an excellent grasp of technical information and regulations.
James Thompson - Keating ChambersAbility to engage in the issues at all levels from the procedural to the complex factual issues extant in the particular case in question.
Helena White - HardwickeHelena is an astute advocate and perceptive of client needs.
Sarah Williams - Keating ChambersProvides both excellent legal representation and commercial advice. She is always one step ahead of the game.
Dermot Woolgar - Crown Office ChambersDermot is one of the most methodical barristers I have ever come across. He is positive in his advice and has an excellent calming manner which is very reassuring to clients.

Rising Stars

Lauren Adams - Atkin ChambersLauren is the best junior I have ever worked with. She combines the insight of a wise head on young shoulders with incredible productivity.
Mathias Cheung - Atkin ChambersA real star. Head and shoulders one of the best juniors at the Bar. Cerebral, clients love his work ethic.
James Frampton - Keating ChambersHe is a star junior, absolutely incredible, consistently providing a brilliant level of service.
Emma Healiss - Keating ChambersEmma is a formidable advocate. She has an incisive advocacy style, particularly in conducting cross-examination.
Dr Nicholas Maciolek - Atkin ChambersA very bright junior, he has a very good manner when being challenged - listens and reflects, but also has firm resolve.
Christopher Reid - Atkin ChambersDefinitely a junior to watch at the construction Bar.
Harry Smith - Keating ChambersHis written advice is stellar, matched by his skills in court. Would not hesitate to put Harry's intellect against any other more senior member of the Bar.
Louis Zvesper - HardwickeFor his year of call, he punches way above his weight. He will be a QC one day and is going to be a real star.

Construction in London Bar

Atkin Chambers

Specialist construction set Atkin Chambers is 'one of the leading chambers for construction disputes.' Its long-standing expertise serves both UK and international clients. Manus McMullan QC acted as lead counsel, working alongside Christopher Lewis QC, on the Panama Canal case on its Third Set of Locks Project dispute. A series of arbitrations are ongoing with further cases continuing until 2021. On the fire safety and cladding side, Nicholas Baatz QC is leading Marc Lixenberg in Stonewater Ltd v BAM Construction Ltd & Ors a cladding dispute, wherein the scope of a builder’s responsibility for compliance with Building Regulations has been in question. At the junior end, the set's rising stars are Mathias Cheung, Lauren Adams, Dr Nicholas Maciolek, and Christopher Reid.

Keating Chambers

'Pre-eminent' set Keating Chambers continues to work on the largest and most complex construction and engineering cases both in the UK and internationally. Piers Stansfield QC and Marcus Taverner QC acted on behalf of the claimant in Essex County Council v UBB, a £100m dispute regarding a PFI waste recycling project. Jonathan Selby QC has acted for the claimant in Zagora & Others v Zurich, a  £13m claim in the TCC and Court of Appeal concerning a defective block of 104 flats, prompting the Fire Officer to order an evacuation of the building. In November 2019, Rachael O’Hagan arrived from 39 Essex Chambers, further strengthening her new chambers at the junior end, while Krista Lee took silk in early 2020. The future of chambers looks bright with Harry Smith, Emma Healiss, and James Frampton seen as rising stars in the market.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers'considerable depth' of expertise in construction and engineering is displayed by its leading members acting in major disputes, including a growing arbitration practice in the Middle East and Asia. On the domestic front, Paul Darling QC has acted for Interserve in Swansea Stadium v Interserve, in a claim against the contractor for defects in paintwork, which ended in a dismissal of the claim. The 'clever and strategic' Karim Ghaly QC is currently representing an NHS Trust in a £25m TCC claim arising from the construction of a hospital. The dispute concerns the topical issue of the adequacy of the fire stopping construction at the hospital.

4 Pump Court

The 'outstanding' and 'excellent' barristers at 4 Pump Court undertake construction disputes in the UK and abroad, especially the Middle East. The set's members continue to be instructed on landmark buildings, large-scale energy projects and PFI/PPP projects. The 'thorough and persuasive' Fiona Sinclair QC is representing the respondent in Bresco Electrical Services Ltd (in liquidation) v Michael J Lonsdale (Electrical) Ltd, a case addressing the interplay between the statutory construction adjudication process and the statutory insolvency regime. Rachel Ansell QC is acting for Westfield Europe Ltd and White City Acquisitions Ltd in Westfield Europe Ltd; (2) White City Acquisitions Ltd v O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) Ltd,  in a claim for damages arising from the breach of the structural slab above the Central Line.

4 New Square

The 'very efficient' 4 New Square is instructed by major contractors and top tier law firms on a range of construction disputes. Paul Cowan acted for Sharpfibre Limited in Bouygues (UK) Ltd v Sharpfibre Ltd, a notable claim in respect of alleged defective cladding on a hotel, which has especially significant in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Fire and the subsequent Public Inquiry. Ben Patten QC is acting for the contractor, Lindum Group, in Volvo Group UK Ltd v Paul Robinson Partnership UK Ltd, Lindum Group Ltd, a claim concerning alleged defective pavement design and construction at a Volvo depot. Richard Liddell strengthened the set after taking silk in early 2020.

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers possesses 'exceptional performers' who are instructed by the top tier construction firms. The 'brilliant' Paul Reed QC  is leading the David Pliener and the Ebony Alleyne in Green Oasis International Company Limited & Others v Northacre Plc & Others (2018), a £20m claim arising from defective redevelopment works to ‘The Lancasters’, a landmark development in central London overlooking Hyde Park. Acting in the TCC has been Nigel Jones QC, leading Catherine Piercy in Lessors & Management Company of Herons Court v HeronsLea Limited, NHBC and others, defending a defects claim brought in effect by 20 owners of a block of flats built/developed by Heronslea.

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers are equipped to handle instructions from employers, contractors and sub-contractors, and construction professionals across a wide range of sectors including engineering, power, infrastructure, and telecommunications. The 'ferociously hard-working' Andrew Rigney QC and 'methodical' Dermot Woolgar acted for the respondent in Mears v Costplan Services et al (2019), considering the meaning of practical completion and the impact that patent defects have on the certification of practical completion.