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Leading Silks

Daniel Beard QC - Monckton ChambersTerrific in high-impact situations.
Mark Brealey QC - Monckton ChambersMark has an encyclopedic knowledge of competition litigation (he literally wrote the book) and this knowledge, combined with a commercial and tactical approach and user-friendly style makes him one of the top silks in this area.
Helen Davies QC - Brick Court ChambersSharp, tactically astute and a great leading counsel on the most challenging cases.
Marie Demetriou QC - Brick Court ChambersSuper clever, excellent advocate, commercial and user-friendly.
Paul Harris QC - Monckton ChambersPaul is one of the most tenacious advocates at the Bar. He is not afraid to take and argue a point that might not, at first blush, be hugely attractive to the court.
Mark Hoskins QC - Brick Court ChambersAn intellectual powerhouse but at the same time delivers clear, down-to-earth advice for clients.
Daniel Jowell QC - Brick Court ChambersHe gives the clearest and best strategic advice of anyone at the competition Bar.
Brian Kennelly QC - Blackstone ChambersBrian is the Michael Jordan of appeals against merger decisions in the UK.
Thomas de la Mare QC - Blackstone ChambersHe is a leader in this area and really knows his stuff. He was one of the first barristers to really see the potential of group and class actions.
Meredith Pickford QC - Monckton ChambersApproachable and collegiate. Able to see a legal argument from all perspectives and provide precise and cogent analysis.
Jon Turner QC - Monckton ChambersAn extremely bright advocate and an exceptional leader.  His superb client skills, responsiveness and strategic judgement are unrivalled at the competition Bar.
Tim Ward QC - Monckton ChambersTim is incredibly hard working, thoughtful and very intelligent. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and really gets to grips with the detail of a case.
Kieron Beal QC - Blackstone ChambersKieron is an excellent team player who engages really well with clients and other advisers. He is energetic which is of great benefit in litigation than can run for many years.
Michael Bowsher QC - Monckton ChambersQuick, hyper intelligent and very experienced.
Gerry Facenna QC - Monckton ChambersPersonable and authoritative.
James Flynn QC - Brick Court ChambersHe has a long-standing court experience and a good knowledge of precedents.
Josh Holmes QC - Monckton ChambersAn incredibly persuasive advocate with excellent judgement.
Maya Lester QC - Brick Court ChambersA fabulous leader and team player. She is a terrific strategic thinker, has unparalleled excellence in drafting. She is a meticulous preparer of cases and a gifted advocate.
Philip Moser QC - Monckton ChambersVery good at cutting through complex issues.
Robert O’Donoghue QCBrick Court ChambersRobert is a tenacious and creative advocate, he is robust and pragmatic in his advice and extremely client-friendly. His deep experience before the Competition Appeal Tribunal in challenging CMA decisions is second to none.
George Peretz QC - Monckton ChambersOne of the leading QCs for state aid issues.
Aidan Robertson QC - Brick Court ChambersHe has encyclopaedic knowledge and the ability to explain difficult concepts clearly.
Kassie Smith QC - Monckton ChambersShe is open to new ideas and good at presenting arguments in simple terms.
Richard Handyside QC - Fountain Court ChambersTactically excellent, very easy to deal with, user-friendly, knowledgeable, thoughtful and calm and unflappable.
Ronit Kreisberger QCMonckton Chambers 'A talented silk with an excellent reputation in competition collective actions.'
Fergus Randolph QC - Brick Court ChambersHe possesses deep competition knowledge and is a fantastic team player.
Nicholas Saunders QCBrick Court ChambersA team player, really good to work with.
Jemima Stratford QC - Brick Court ChambersJemima is very bright, experienced, proactive and clear in her advice. She is an excellent choice for all competition matters.
Victoria Wakefield QC - Brick Court ChambersVictoria is a very strong junior silk, with excellent legal knowledge and commercial acumen, as well as being approachable, easy to work with etc. Basically all you would want for someone in her position.

2020 Silks

Conall Patton QC - One Essex CourtHe is one of the top new silks at the commercial Bar. A barrister with a very clear mind and a wonderfully calm manner.
David Scannell QC - Brick Court ChambersVery bright, with exceptional attention-to-detail, he can really do a number on the other side.
James Segan QC - Blackstone ChambersJames' advocacy is clearly structured, extremely well judged and highly persuasive. He is the "go to" barrister for FRAND and IP licence disputes.
Rob Williams QC - Monckton ChambersRob is an understated advocate who comes across as very measured and considered, which is an approach that works very effectively in English courts.

2021 Silks

Matthew Cook QC - One Essex CourtI enjoy working with Matthew. I find him very approachable and responsive. His advice is always clear and to the point.
Anneli Howard QC - Monckton ChambersAnneli is immensely bright and strategic. She is constantly considering new angles and is quickly able to see many steps ahead. Anneli has a huge memory for cases in the competition space which she can tap into in any situation.
Tony Singla QCBrick Court ChambersEfficient, insightful and direct. A junior to watch.

2022 Silks

Sarah Abram QC - Brick Court ChambersSarah is without a doubt a star of her generation. Now a senior junior, she is a stand-out for her depth of knowledge and range of experience.
Hanif Mussa QC - Blackstone ChambersExtremely intelligent, always very courteous, and reads the room well. Very good with clients.

Leading Juniors

Alan Bates - Monckton ChambersAlan is tremendously knowledgeable and is able to simplify complex claims to boil down the key issues.
James BourkeMonckton ChambersAlways responsive, pleasant and knowledgeable, James gives well-calibrated and considered advice.
Christopher Brown - Matrix ChambersChristopher is extremely knowledgeable, commercially astute and pragmatic. He is superb at very quickly getting to the key issues, and focussing on those to give sound and well-structured advice.
Nicholas Gibson - Matrix ChambersSuper bright, clear and incisive and a really effective advocate.
Tristan Jones - Blackstone ChambersTristan is a star junior - he is tremendously clear thinking and excellent both in court on paper.
Ben Lask - Monckton ChambersYou know a high quality barrister when you find one and we have found one of the best in Ben. A skilled well-prepared advocate who is highly effective in his arguments.
Ben Rayment - Monckton ChambersBen is very thoughtful and thorough. He prepares extremely well for hearings and his advocacy is clear and persuasive. His drafting is also effective and clear.
David Bailey - Brick Court ChambersDavid has an exceptional ability to analyse complex issues and provide advice which is both accessible to a wide (non-expert) audience and highly practical.
Anneliese Blackwood - Monckton ChambersAnneliese is excellent at legal research and answering thorny queries that require a deep dive into legislation and case law.
Hugo Leith - Brick Court ChambersHe demonstrates dedication to detail and an excellent knowledge of the facts and the law.
Alistair Lindsay - Monckton ChambersSuper smart, collaborative, effective.
Paul Luckhurst - Blackstone ChambersHe has a Ferrari of a mind - he just purrs and everything seems effortless - a sign of a real quality barrister and a silk in the making.
Brendan McGurk - Monckton ChambersExcellent senior junior who is always completely on top of his brief. Also an absolute pleasure to work with.
Julianne Kerr Morrison - Monckton ChambersSuper-bright and with good strategic insight.
Daniel Piccinin - Brick Court ChambersDaniel is as close as it gets to a competition law junior genius. His penetrative depth of thought is second to none and he is shaping up as a formidable advocate for the future.
Jason Pobjoy - Blackstone ChambersJason is the ultimate team player, super responsive and a delight to work with. Not only is his knowledge of competition law exceptional, but he adopts an incredibly commercial approach to cases, making him one of best competition law juniors around.
Gerard Rothschild - Brick Court ChambersGerard is an incredibly precise black-letter lawyer who knows the law backwards.
Derek Spitz - One Essex CourtHe provides very detailed and considered analysis of the law.
Philip Woolfe - Monckton ChambersPhilip is an outstanding senior junior, more than capable of leading on a substantive case. His advice is commercial and practical, he is user-friendly and a team player, and he is a confident performer on his feet.
Michael Armitage - Monckton ChambersGreat to work with, user friendly and a master of the detail.
Owain Draper - One Essex CourtVery bright senior junior who gets completely on top of the detail in an astonishingly quick amount of time.
Julian Gregory - Monckton Chambers Fantastic attention to detail in his analysis and drafting of pleadings and submissions. Considers every angle and identifies hidden strategic opportunities. Thinks ahead.
Nikolaus Grubeck - Monckton ChambersA strong technician, pragmatically minded and very user friendly.
David Heaton - Brick Court ChambersWonderfully hard working, and a real team player. He has a razor-sharp intellect, but carries it lightly which makes him an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Tim Johnston - Brick Court ChambersAn excellent communicator and advocate. Tim has an engaging and down to earth manner, and a vivid turn of phrase.
Sarah Love - Brick Court ChambersWhat particularly marks Sarah out is that she was a prize-winning economist at Oxford and then in practice, before turning to the law and so has an understanding of economics way beyond most barristers practising competition law. Fantastically intelligent and hardworking.
Emily MacKenzie - Brick Court ChambersA brilliant legal talent who cuts to the chase and gets the work done with speed and superb quality. A great junior to instruct.
Jennifer MacLeodBrick Court ChambersJennifer is razor-sharp and focussed. She is super committed to her clients and will go above and beyond to ensure that they get the best possible representation. Her submissions are always a cut above.
Conor McCarthy - Monckton ChambersHighly responsive and a pragmatic problem solver.
Emily Neill - Blackstone ChambersPragmatic, easy to work with, very smart and commercial.
Ligia Osepciu - Monckton ChambersShe has breadth of knowledge in FRAND/SEP unrivaled - from the technical churn of calculating FRAND, to the nuances of French law to how to plead heavy hitting Article 101/102 defences.
Tom Pascoe - Brick Court ChambersVery responsive to clients. Excellent engagement with the substantive issues. Very good drafting in tight time frames.
Thomas Sebastian - Monckton ChambersTom is technically excellent, but his key strength is his approachability. There are no barristers currently working at the Bar in London that offer better client service.
Charlotte Thomas - Brick Court ChambersVery thorough and diligent; extremely hard-working and conscientious; thinks through problems fully.

Rising Stars

David Gregory - Monckton ChambersVery bright and able to cut to the heart of difficult legal problems. David provides exceptionally clear and concise drafting.
Alexandra Littlewood - Monckton ChambersAlex is hard working, careful and thoughtful. Her drafting is clear.
Emma Mockford - Brick Court ChambersEmma is a rising star and destined for great things. She is decisive, takes control and grapples with complex, cutting edge legal issues and provides a routemap through the issues.
Jack Williams - Monckton ChambersClever, calm, effective - a team player.

Competition in London Bar

Brick Court Chambers

Viewed by some as the ‘gold standard‘ for competition law, Brick Court Chambers ‘offers quality across the board at all levels of call‘, with expertise in follow-on damage claims, standalone cases, state aid and merger control. In a recent highlight, members acted on both sides of Merricks v Mastercard in the Supreme Court, one of the most significant cases of 2020 as the court clarified the standard for collective action certification. Marie Demetriou QC and Victoria Wakefield QC represented the claimants, while Mark Hoskins QC acted for Mastercard. Moreover, members of the set are active in all of the largest follow-on claims, with Sarah Ford QC leading a team acting for Volvo a claims relating to the trucks cartel which also includes Daniel Piccinin, Hugo Leith and Jennifer MacLeod. At a European level, members, many of whom have taken action to retain EU rights of audience post Brexit, are also instructed on cases in Luxembourg; Daniel Jowell QC is currently representing Facebook in its application to annul two Commission decisions in relation to the ongoing investigations into suspected infringements of competition law. When it comes to juniors, Sarah Abram QC is acting in relation to follow-on claims regarding the power cables, as well as roll-on roll-off shipping services.



Brick Court has fantastic strength in depth for competition work

Great quality advocates with very efficient clerking service.

The pre-eminent set at the moment. I work with them on nearly all my commercial and antitrust cases.

Brick Court are a real powerhouse in the competition sector. They are involved in all the big ticket competition litigation.’

A stand-out set and go-to for instructions for competition matters.’


The clerks are great. In particular, I am a big fan of Paul Dennison. Tony Burgess and Philip Wilkes are also great.

The clerks’ service at Brick Court is excellent. Jo Francis in particular is a star – responsive, candid about availability and strengths of the legal practitioners, and reasonable in brief fee negotiations. That latter point really sets Brick Court apart for me – other chambers can take an unreasonable initial stance in negotiating.’

Brick Court’s clerks room is, in my experience, the most effective at the commercial Bar.’

Jo Francis is a great clerk. She is professional and extremely helpful all the time.’

Monckton Chambers

Monckton Chambers is for some 'the leading chambers for competition disputes in London', with a deep bench of members at both silk and junior level that advise on state aid, follow-on damages, abuse of dominance and class action claims. Many of the set regularly litigate in Luxembourg; Daniel Beard QC led Alan Bates, James Bourke and Ligia Osepciu in representing Apple in an appeal before the General Court regarding the Commission's finding that Apple must pay €13bn to the Irish government after its tax treatment was found to amount to state aid. In the UK, members of the set acted on for multiple parties of the Sainsbury's v Visa & Mastercard in the Supreme Court case concerning interchange fees; Mark Brealey QC acted for Sainsbury's, while Jon Turner QC and Laura Elizabeth John represent other claimants. At junior level, Anneliese Blackwood has been working extensively with Tim Ward QC, including on claims relating to the trucks cartel litigation. Anneli Howard QC took silk in the 2021 round.



Monckton are without doubt the premier competition law set. They run training sessions of a very high calibre throughout the year. The large number of very experienced barristers they have is a great asset as you always know you will be able to instruct a very able practitioner.’

Extremely well regarded and consistently deep bench strength in the area of competition law.

I consider Monckton to be the leading chambers for competition disputes in London. Monckton has a strong bench both at silk and junior level, and has good options on both the claimant and defendant sides of the disputes.’

The first port of call for me for competition counsel. Has a number of hugely able tenants who are always in demand and tend to get instructed on the headline cases.


Very strong. Provide exceptional client service. David Hockney and Steve Duffet stand out.

The clerks are excellent. John Keegan and Steve Duffett are very personable and have a fantastic knowledge of the law firms and their own barristers. They are always able to match up barristers effectively for cases. Their business development is also very skilful and feels personal.

I am a real fan of David Hockney and colleagues.’

John Keegan is a good leader and someone you can always chat things through with. Jaden Maloney is a keen junior always on hand to help out.’

Steve Duffett is impressive and a great problem solver. Steve is always the first clerk we call.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is a 'great set of chambers-across the board', and includes a number of barristers with extensive expertise in all areas of competition law. Brian Kennelly QC enjoyed a particularly strong year, having acted for the claimant in CK Telecoms UK Investments Ltd v European Commission before the General Court, which saw the court deliver a landmark judgment overturning the Commission's decision to block the proposed merger between UK mobile networks Three and O2. In the English courts, James Segan QC, having taken silk in 2020, acted for Huawei in Unwired Planet & Conversant v Huawei which concerned FRAND issues and standard essential patents. Emily Neill acts unled on behalf of major companies such as Ryanair in price control cases, while Paul Luckhurst is contesting two collective class action applications relating to foreign exchange manipulation.



Counsel are responsive and proactive and have been very flexible in terms of accommodating client matters given current circumstances. Advice is always sensible and commercial.

For competition matters, Blackstone Chambers is one of the best sets, able to offer the brightest, most highly skilled (yet practical) advocates.’

Blackstone remain one of my favourite Chambers for barristers specialising in competition litigation. They can offer barristers with a very diverse range of personalities and advocacy styles. The best barristers are in high demand but that also means they are often very efficient which is good from a costs perspective, especially on the larger and longer-running cases.’

Simply one of the best in Public Law areas – and top in my view on Competition.’

Blackstone is without doubt one of the leading chambers for competition law. It has many leading practitioners and is a ‘go to’ chambers for Linklaters for instructions on competition litigation cases.


The clerks service is very strong – they are responsive and candid about availability and strength of the barristers.’

Great clerks

I have mostly dealt with Lewis Walker who is friendly and great to work with.’

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers includes a number of practitioners with expertise in competition law, particularly with regards to state aid. public procurement and judicial review. Rhodri Thompson QC  is currently advising claimants in follow-on damages disputes relating to the trucks cartel, as is Nicholas Gibson. Christopher Brown has been representing the claimants Churchill Gowns Ltd and Anor v Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd and Or, a standalone claim regarding exclusivity arrangements in the academic dress industry.



Matrix is providing a real challenge to the traditional competition sets of Monckton and Brick Court. It is able to offer specialist advocates at all levels. Chambers as a whole is open to the use of CFAs and prices competitively, which puts them at a strong advantage in this sphere.

The whole outfit at Matrix is very professional and slick


Very good – they are attentive and typically all have a co-operative and ‘can-do’ attitude. they look after their barristers well, and are a pleasure to work with.’

One Essex Court

One Essex Court has been increasingly visible in competition matters in recent years, with a number members best known for commercial litigation accepting more instructions in the area. Conall Patton QC has been representing Rabobank in competition claims relating to the alleged manipulation of USD LIBOR, while juniors Derek Spitz and Owain Draper have both been acting in cases relating to interchange fees. Matthew Cook QC is a 2021 silk appointment.



One Essex Court is increasing its reputation in competition litigation. It has had a number of enthusiastic and high quality juniors for several years. Now that a number of its juniors are taking silk, it is now able to offer a full competition team from silk, junior and baby junior on cases.’

Great quality advocates with very efficient clerking service.


Adam Wheeler is an excellent communicator who ensures that clients and solicitors are able to get ample time in counsel’s diaries and deadlines are met. Jessica Barnes is well respected and very helpful.

The clerks were extremely friendly and helpful in assisting with our choice of counsel.’

Good clerking service and quick at responding.

The clerks were generally very helpful and flexible.’