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Leading Silks

Mark Brealey KCMonckton ChambersMark is a leader in his field and offers a level of strategic insight into cases that is unmatched.
Marie Demetriou KCBrick Court ChambersMarie is outstanding and a star in the competition sky. Her advocacy makes everything sound extremely simple and straightforward. 
James Flynn KCBrick Court ChambersA silk with a very smooth delivery style, James is a master craftsman in the competition sphere and clearly highly respected by all.
Paul Harris KCMonckton ChambersPaul is rightly respected as one of the leading barristers in this area. He is a clear and forceful advocate, a brilliant technician and an exceedingly clever strategist.
Daniel Jowell KCBrick Court ChambersDaniel is a star in his field, with a very strong grasp of the law but also particularly commercially minded.
Brian Kennelly KCBlackstone ChambersBrian is clearly a leader in his field, perfectly in tune with market developments and consistently evidences an ability to think laterally. He is responsive and explains complex issues in a clear and concise manner; his in-depth knowledge of his client’s business ensures that he provides holistic and strategic advice.
Thomas de la Mare KCBlackstone ChambersTom is one of the best silks around, always the cleverest person in the room and several steps ahead of others in his strategic thinking. Just as importantly, he is a superb communicator and a genuinely fun person to work with, making him highly sought after.
Meredith Pickford KCMonckton ChambersMeredith is brilliant. Bright, sharp and a great communicator, his clients always value his clear and calm approach.
Jon Turner KCMonckton ChambersJon is careful, tenacious and truly a top level silk.
Tim Ward KCMonckton ChambersTim is a real stress tester of arguments and judges very well the exact points to push on. He demonstrates real conviction in his advocacy and shows the highest levels of skill in his cross-examination of witnesses.
Kieron Beal KCBlackstone ChambersKieron is an excellent advocate and adviser, drawing on a particularly broad knowledge of competition law and applying it to complex issues. Clients respond very well to the honest opinion he provides regarding the prospects of success.
Michael Bowsher KCMonckton ChambersMichael is very strong intellectually and tactically.
Gerry Facenna KCMonckton ChambersClear and precise in the way he formulates his advice; Gerry is always willing to steer on the nitty gritty of negotiation and takes a practical level-headed approach.
Maya Lester KCBrick Court ChambersA highly impressive silk, Maya possesses superb intellect and gets to the heart of a matter quickly in both drafting and shaping her submissions.
Philip Moser KCMonckton ChambersAn outstanding case leader, Philip is a strong competition expert who is prepared to take a clear view on the merits of a case and fight hard to see it through. He is heavily invested in the detail of his cases even when it involves complex subject matter. A devastating cross-examiner, he is both ruthless and forensic. 
Robert O’Donoghue KCBrick Court ChambersRobert has a highly-tuned ability to adapt an argument on his feet, a trait which distinguishes the great barristers from merely good ones. He has great attention to detail and is excellent with clients, overall providing a very high quality service.
George Peretz KCMonckton ChambersGeorge has an encyclopaedic knowledge of competition law and practice issues, meaning he is never caught out by the unexpected and has an instantaneous recall on any issues that the judge might raise. He is very user-friendly and immensely reassuring for a client.
Aidan Robertson KCBrick Court ChambersAidan is a fantastic advocate who is highly experienced before UK and European Courts. He always sees the bigger picture and is refreshingly commercial in his approach.
Kassie Smith KCMonckton ChambersAs well as a vast knowledge of competition law, Kassie has very strong analytical, drafting and advocacy skills.
Rhodri Thompson KCMatrix Chambers ‘Rhodri picks up on the key issues quickly and provides succinct advice on complex issues. His advocacy style is thorough and polite.
Conall Patton KCOne Essex CourtConall is an outstanding silk and a name to remember. He is not only exceptionally bright and commercial, but simply amazing on his feet. He provides clear, practical and concise advice to his clients and is very easy to work with; he is simply one of the best competition QC’s around.
Fergus Randolph KCBrick Court ChambersFergus is highly experienced, very knowledgeable and a responsive silk who provides advice quickly.
Nicholas Saunders KCBrick Court ChambersNicholas is both a terrifically persuasive advocate and extremely knowledgeable in his field.
James Segan KCBlackstone ChambersJames is a supremely gifted advocate and strategist. He is always calm, organised and his analysis cuts through complex masses of detail to the core of the matter at hand. His advocacy style is forensic, crisp and unflappable, ultimately being very effective.
Thomas Sharpe KC – One Essex Court ‘A charming guru, Thomas possesses unrivalled breadth and depth of experience on competition and economic regulation matters.
Jemima Stratford KCBrick Court ChambersJemima is incredibly bright and very hard working. 
Victoria Wakefield KCBrick Court ChambersAn excellent advocate, Victoria is a true expert in competition collective proceedings and a pleasure to work with.

2021 Silks

Anneli Howard KC - Monckton ChambersAnneli is immensely bright and strategic. She is constantly considering new angles and is quickly able to see many steps ahead. Anneli has a huge memory for cases in the competition space which she can tap into in any situation.

2022 Silks

Jessica Boyd KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Jess is an extremely accomplished advocate when it comes to competition law, quickly understanding the markets, the competitive dynamic and the regulatory context. She understands her client’s needs, not only in terms of the law itself but the commercial context in which it is sought; her elevation to silk recently was richly deserved.

Leading Juniors

David BaileyBrick Court ChambersDavid has an encyclopaedic knowledge of competition law and impressive attention to detail, always pragmatic and commercially minded in his approach. He is very responsive and easy to work with.
James BourkeMonckton ChambersHugely knowledgeable about competition law and provides great advice, even if it is the answers his client does not necessarily want to hear. He has a level of wisdom far beyond his year of call.
Christopher BrownMatrix ChambersChristopher is skilled at engaging in detailed analysis of issues of statutory interpretation and complex technical material.
Nicholas GibsonMatrix ChambersNicholas is an incredibly energetic and hardworking barrister, with an outstanding understanding of competition law and litigation. He is painstaking in his research and his drafting is always persuasive and precise.
Ben LaskMonckton ChambersBen is a great barrister in court and on paper. He is a punchy advocate who is effective in landing his client’s case. 
Daniel PiccininBrick Court ChambersTechnically the strongest junior at the Bar, Daniel drafts brilliantly and is very sharp on strategy. 
Ben RaymentMonckton ChambersBen is meticulous and a complete master of the details. He is very well respected and trusted in his field, especially by the Competition Appeal Tribunal.
Anneliese BlackwoodMonckton ChambersAnneliese is very insightful, commercially minded and a real pleasure to work with. 
Hugo LeithBrick Court ChambersHugo is without doubt, one of a small handful of leading competition juniors. There are few juniors who are involved in so many competition law litigations; he is definitely one to watch in this space.
Alistair LindsayMonckton ChambersAlistair is the complete package; assured, incisive and incredibly thorough. He has an extremely commanding court presence, when he speaks, everyone listens.
Sarah LoveBrick Court ChambersSarah is calm and authoritative, incredibly clever and a fantastic strategic thinker.
Paul LuckhurstBlackstone ChambersPaul is extremely responsive, a clear drafter and provides insightful comments that help to shape and improve written submissions.
Julianne Kerr Morrison - Monckton ChambersSuper-bright and with good strategic insight.
Emily NeillBlackstone ChambersEmily is incredibly hard-working and gets into the details of a matter quickly. Her ability to process and retain large amounts of information is incredible.
Jason PobjoyBlackstone ChambersJason is an exceptionally talented barrister, with a superb legal mind and a commercially sharp approach to matters. He is simply wonderful to work with and a real team player; one of the best competition law juniors at the Bar.
Suzanne RabSerle Court ‘Suzanne is technically excellent across a broad range of areas. Articulate and persuasive in her advocacy, she is always willing to go the extra mile to meet her clients needs.
Gerard RothschildBrick Court ChambersUnstuffy and with no ego, Gerard is supremely commercial, understanding and explaining risks in a results-driven way.
Derek SpitzOne Essex CourtDerek is a consummate professional and a very experienced competition senior junior. He is very easy to work with and always on top of the material with a tactical nous to boot.
Alison BerridgeMonckton Chambers ‘A hugely intelligent barrister with a fine strategic mind, Alison is completely unflappable and a great asset on any matter.
Tom Coates Blackstone Chambers ‘Tom is simply excellent. He is extremely thorough in his advice, full of practical solutions and a talented advocate.
Julian GregoryMonckton ChambersAs well as an impressive grasp of the law, Julian is extremely skilled at synthesising large amounts of complex information and building them into a readily comprehensible case narrative.
Nikolaus GrubeckMonckton ChambersSteeped in competition law, Nikolaus always provides clear and considered advice. He is equally able of seeing the commercial realities and risks for his clients.
David HeatonBrick Court ChambersA barrister operating at the highest level, David has an incredible capacity for hard work and great attention to detail. His written work is of an exceptional quality and he is the go-to Counsel for high stakes and value litigation 
Tim JohnstonBrick Court ChambersTim has a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding competition barrister. His advocacy is clear and forceful and he is frequently instructed against silks.
Stefan Kuppen – Monckton ChambersArriving in law via a career in banking, Stefan has a level of experience and commercial awareness that belie his seniority.
Ben Lewy – One Essex Court ‘Bright and hard working, Ben is a reliable and sensible barrister with a good grasp of what is important.
Emily MacKenzieBrick Court ChambersEmily is widely recognised as the best junior in competition law.
Jennifer MacLeodBrick Court ChambersJenny is an amazing asset to any competition team. Unlike many juniors, she has fought several significant competition trials, so her advice and the decisions she takes are grounded in real knowledge.
Ciar McAndrew – Monckton Chambers ‘Despite being junior, Ciar is extremely knowledgeable and provides valuable insights. She works extremely hard to always deliver high quality work and always remains calm and collected in high pressure situations.
Conor McCarthyMonckton ChambersConor is an outstanding barrister who possesses an incisive mind and great courage in his convictions. He develops his views and advice carefully and rigorously and is more than able to defend it robustly, even in difficult contexts. His written advocacy is similarly exceptional and he has the ability to produce clear and compelling drafting within short time constraints. 
Ravi Mehta Blackstone Chambers ‘A barrister possessing the iron first in the velvet glove, Ravi is unreservedly supportive and has a comprehensive knowledge of competition law, especially in the sporting context.
Ligia OsepciuMonckton ChambersLigia is able to grasp really technical subject matters and convey them in straightforward terms. She is highly flexible in her approach to work and is a real team player, making her great to work with. 
Tom PascoeBrick Court ChambersTom is as sharp as a tack and has commercial and strategic acumen beyond his year of call. His drafting and responsiveness are both excellent.
Thomas SebastianMonckton ChambersThomas has a razor sharp mind and is an exceptional advocate. 

Rising Stars

David GregoryMonckton ChambersDavid is a fantastic junior who is all over the details while never losing sight of the wider picture.
Matthew Kennedy Brick Court Chambers ‘Matt is a fantastic junior; good drafting, strong judgement and extremely hard working.
Alexandra LittlewoodMonckton ChambersAlex is careful and thorough and has a good manner with clients. Her drafting is clear and well-thought out and she possesses a great work ethic.
Emma MockfordBrick Court ChambersA fantastic barrister, Emma is hugely knowledgeable regarding competition law and possesses excellent judgement.
Jack WilliamsMonckton ChambersHighly intelligent and articulate, Jack is able to get to grips with complex issues and deal with a high volume of work; no doubt a future silk in the making.

Competition in London Bar

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers offers a wealth of competition experience with members having appeared in many of the landmark cases in both domestic and European courts, operating at the forefront of regulatory enforcement and private damages actions in the UK. Brian Kennelly KC represented the tech giant in Kent v Apple, defending an abuse of dominance allegation concerning the fees for Apple's App Store before the Competition Appeal Tribunal. James Segan KC has particular expertise in global FRAND matters, which he deployed in InterDigital v Lenovo, representing the latter on a licensing action relating to Motorola and Lenovo smartphones. Emily Neill acted for Bank of America in a damages claim brought by various financial institutions for alleged FX market manipulation.



‘Blackstone is a first class set. They have great strength in depth and always seem to be able to offer up Counsel at short notice. ’

‘Brilliant set of chambers. They have strength in depth, not just in competition, but across the board. ’

‘Blackstone are one of our go-to chambers for competition litigation.

‘Blackstone has a a wide range of experience across all levels, including very talented juniors as well as some world class silks.


‘The clerks are always extremely helpful and I hold Gary Oliver in the highest regard.

‘The clerking team is very responsive and helpful, particularly in respect of diary management and communicating availability. They are also very proactive, which we appreciate. ’

‘Gary Oliver has provided superlative clerking service throughout.

Work highlights

    Brick Court Chambers

    Brick Court Chambers is a ‘top tier competition-focussed set‘, with specialist expertise across the range of competition matters including state aid, merger control, follow-on damage claims and standalone cases. Helen Davies KC is acting for the banking powerhouse in Allianz Global Investors v HSBC, a multi-million pound damages claim in respect of an alleged cartel affecting foreign exchange transactions over a decade. Fellow silk Marie Demetriou KC is involved in a standalone competition claim worth over £1bn in Phones4U v Orange & others, defending a claim brought by the administrators of the now defunct phone retailer, arguing that various mobile phone operators colluded to drive them out of business. Mark Hoskins KC is acting in one of the most widely reported media stories of the last year, representing some of Europe’s biggest football clubs in European Super League v UEFA and FIFA, with the proposed breakaway league alleging that the football bodies’ regulations on sanctioning cross-border competitions are anti-competitive. In Pfizer/Flynn v CMA, Daniel Jowell KC and Tom Pascoe  were successful in a competition appeal concerning the price of epilepsy drugs sold to the NHS, with the decision becoming the leading authority on excessive pricing under English competition law.



    ‘Brick Court are always a first port of call for competition litigation. The depth of talent at all levels of seniority is very impressive and I have never been disappointed. ’

    ‘Great expertise for competition litigation, the go-to set for this work.

    ‘A very good set that combines strength in depth in competition law with commercial expertise. ’

    ‘Top tier competition-focused set with many of the top competition law barristers.


    ‘The clerking team are always very helpful and efficient. Tony Burgess and Paul Dennison provide an excellent quality of service. ’

    ‘Luke Carvalho is always very helpful and responsive.

    ‘Clerks are always friendly and available. Paul Dennison is always quick to respond and pragmatic. ’

    ‘The clerks are very responsive and helpful and are very good at engaging with firms on the business development front.

    Work highlights

      Matrix Chambers

      Matrix Chambers has a strong reputation in the law of competition, including state aid, public procurement and commercial judicial reviews. Rhodri Thompson KC is representing UK Trucks Claim Ltd in UK Trucks Claim v Iveco and Daimler; this is another case in the follow-on action relating to the EU Commission Trucks Decision, with the UKTC seeking permission to proceed with a collective claim for UK-registered trucks bought between 1997-2010; an alternative application for a collective proceedings order on the same facts was being sought by the Road Haulage Association. Christopher Brown has been advising the CMA on complex and novel elements of competition law in the Energy Licence Modification Appeals, the regulator is hearing various appeals by transmitters and distributors of gas and electricity against price control decisions levied by Ofgem.



      ‘Matrix Chambers offers a very good and responsive service; Counsel availability is never an issue. ’


      ‘The clerks are very helpful.

      ‘Elizabeth Bousher, one of the senior clerks, provides excellent service. She is able to liaise with clerks in other chambers involved in the case to provide a seamless service. ’

      ‘The clerks room is extraordinarily helpful.

      Work highlights

        Monckton Chambers

        A preeminent set in competition law, Monckton Chambers boasts specialist knowledge in both the senior and junior ranks; covering the spectrum of areas such as antitrust, class action and fast track claims, mergers, public undertakings and state aid. Jon Turner KC is acting for the consumer group in Which? v Qualcomm Inc, a multi-million pound collective claim alleging the latter abused a dominant position in the supply of crucial processors used in smartphones and the licensing of patents essential for complying with the 4G standard. Daniel Beard KC and Ciar McAndrew represented the postal service in Royal Mail v Ofcom, with the Court of Appeal upholding the highest ever fine imposed by the regulator for abusing a dominant position to exclude its competitor Whistl from the wholesale bulk delivery service market. In another case of alleged abuse of dominance, Tim Ward KC is acting for the Norwegian telecoms operator in Telenor v EFTA Surveillance Authority; a case raising fundamental questions about the evidential requirements in competition law penalty cases. Meredith Pickford KC led David Gregory in representing the global search engine in Google v European Commission, contesting the record breaking single fine of €2.42 billion in connection with Google’s search algorithms.



        ‘Monckton is outstanding on competition law issues and my go-to set of Chambers.

        ‘Monckton Chambers is an exceptional competition law set. It has depth of competition specialists at all levels of seniority and experience and is involved in most of the major competition cases, breaking new ground in a fast developing and complex field.

        ‘Monckton is, in my view, the leading competition litigation Chambers, with the most impressive set of barristers in this area.

        ‘We love working with Monckton; we have never had anything other than a superb service from their barristers, who cover a good spectrum of issues.


        ‘Excellent clerks make Monckton our go-to destination for competition support. ’

        ‘Good all round operation; John Keegan is extremely knowledgable and Steve Duffett also really knows his stuff.

        ‘Great relationship driven clerking.

        ‘John Keegan is highly commercial and approachable and ultimately a real asset.

        Work highlights

          One Essex Court

          One Essex Court has notable strength in competiton law, possessing specialist expertise in relation to matters such as international cartel proceedings, abuse of dominant position allegations, anti-competitive behaviour and UK and EC merger proceedings. Thomas Sharpe KC is vastly experienced in all aspects of competition law and has particular expertise in relation to the energy and utilities market, recently being involved in a High Court judicial review against the energy regulator Ofgem. Conall Patton QC is appearing before the Competition Appeal Tribunal in Churchill Gowns v Ede & Ravenscroft, the case involves a claim alleging breaches of prohibitions in relation to the supply of academic gowns.



          ‘One Essex Court remains at the top of our list for commercial disputes and has an increasingly strong reputation for handling competition law claims. Darren Burrows runs an exceptionally slick operation and clerks some of the best advocates at the Bar across all levels. ’

          ‘An excellent set.


          ‘The clerks at One Essex work seamlessly with barristers and solicitors and are responsive, enthusiastic and extremely professional. Rob Smith and Jade Cassell deserve particular praise. ’

          Work highlights