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Leading Silks

Kieron Beal QC - Blackstone ChambersExtremely bright, hardworking, commercial and results-driven.
Daniel Beard QC - Monckton ChambersAn excellent tactician and consummate advocate.
Mark Brealey QC - Monckton ChambersA highly respected and well liked competition specialist.
Helen Davies QC - Brick Court Chambers ‘A leader in her field, and an inspiration to work with.
Marie Demetriou QC - Brick Court ChambersHer submissions are perfectly succinct and have more impact with judges than most.
Paul Harris QC - Monckton ChambersVery well-known. A top practitioner for good reason – super-committed, very energetic – you can see why he is busy and well-regarded. He really is in your corner in a way clients appreciate.
Mark Hoskins QC - Brick Court ChambersAn excellent advocate and obvious star of the competition bar.
Daniel Jowell QC - Brick Court ChambersExceptionally intellectually able and great at distilling complex arguments into the essential points.
Brian Kennelly QC - Blackstone ChambersAt the top of the list for merger control matters.
Thomas de la Mare QC - Blackstone ChambersHe has rightfully earnt the respect of the court and judges on EU law.
Meredith Pickford QC - Monckton ChambersHugely impressive – has really grown into his role as QC. A very able advocate; provides leadership but is also collegiate and open.
Dinah Rose QC - Blackstone ChambersShe leads large teams effectively and with warmth.
Jon Turner QC - Monckton Chambers ‘A top competition law QC; will transform a case to the best it can possibly be (and will not take any half-baked points).
Tim Ward QC - Monckton ChambersTom is a hands on, hard working silk, who is an attractive, reasonable and persuasive advocate. He would be my first choice for pretty much everything competition related.
Michael Bowsher QC - Monckton ChambersSound, balanced and constructive advice in relation to complex and difficult issues, easy to work with and highly responsive.
James Flynn QC - Brick Court ChambersA hugely experienced competition litigation silk who is always calm in a crisis and a joy to work with.
Sarah Ford QC - Brick Court Chambers ‘Good on the law and a very able advocate on her feet.
Mark Howard QC - Brick Court ChambersA standout barrister.
Maya Lester QC - Brick Court ChambersUnusual in really credibly marrying top level expertise in both competition law and public law.
Philip Moser QC - Monckton Chambershis advocacy skills are very strong, he can really “read” a judge resulting in effective, targeted submissions and very effective advocacy. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of EU law.
George Peretz QC - Monckton ChambersHe is confident and good at reassuring the client. He has a positive can-do attitude and is extremely responsive over email. I found this particularly helpful when the client wanted quick answers to questions about strategy and litigation process. He is adept at digesting large amounts of information and going to the heart of the issue.
Aidan Robertson QC - Brick Court ChambersA careful, thoughtful and strong strategist with a clear view of his cases.
Kassie Smith QC - Monckton ChambersKassie is an excellent advocate. Her written advice is also cogent, well-reasoned and easy to follow. She offers thorough and considered advice.
Rhodri Thompson QC - Matrix ChambersA sound pair of hands for competition law.
Neil Calver QC - Brick Court ChambersDevastatingly effective in the Court of Appeal against the massed ranks of the competition bar.
Gerry Facenna QC - Monckton ChambersGerry is a very effective advocate. He has an accessible style whilst on his feet and writes well. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and a gravitas with Judges which mean that he is listened to.
Josh Holmes QC - Monckton ChambersJosh Holmes QC is an exceptionally good junior QC. He is quick to get on top of the detail and the issues; communicates complex points to clients clearly and precisely; and is very user friendly. I have no hesitation in putting Josh in front of clients.
Alan Maclean QC - Blackstone ChambersHe is brilliant on the law, tactically very astute, charming with clients, and provides a great service.
Robert O'Donoghue QC - Brick Court ChambersHe is always available and willing to assist and a pleasure to work with. His drafting is crisp, succinct and engaging and he is authoritative on all aspects of substantive and procedural law. His advocacy is focused, clear and powerful.
Fergus Randolph QC - Brick Court ChambersPleasant to deal with, he gets the job done.
Nicholas Saunders QC - Brick Court ChambersHe has authority and gravitas.
Jemima Stratford QC - Brick Court ChambersShe is willing to roll up her sleeves and get involved in practical concerns that arise in complex cases.

2019 Silks

Margaret Gray QC - Brick Court ChambersAble to succinctly explain and summarise the most complex competition issues to clients.
Ronit Kreisberger QC - Monckton ChambersShe is is an excellent silk with a true specialism in pharma competition cases and unrivalled at her level. She is very knowledgeable of course, but commercial and pragmatic, and able to instil confidence on the part of clients.
Robert Palmer QC - Monckton ChambersA great communicator.
Victoria Wakefield QC - Brick Court ChambersA true team player and developing a specialism in class action litigation.

2020 Silks

Conall Patton QC - One Essex CourtHe has a phenomenal mind and is wonderful to deal with.
David Scannell QC - Brick Court ChambersHe has a good mix of competition law and general commercial experience.
James Segan QC - Blackstone ChambersA well deserved elevation to QC rank this year; a very impressive individual with a range of skills and knowledge spanning well beyond competition law. His pleading style is excellent. He has superb judgement on how to frame an argument.
Colin West QC - Brick Court ChambersVery bright, engaged and knowledgeable.
Rob Williams QC - Monckton ChambersHe is hugely intelligent and also realistic.

2021 Silks

Matthew Cook QC - One Essex CourtAn extremely intelligent and quick-thinking barrister. He has an incredible knowledge of payments and the application of competition law to them. He is equally able on written and oral advocacy.
Anneli Howard QC - Monckton ChambersAnneli is extremely intelligent, responsive and practical - the quality of her work is superb. Anneli is very easy to work with, willing to roll her sleeves up, and is very robust.
Tony Singla QC - Brick Court ChambersA brilliant mind combined with a calm, analytical approach. Very good strategic thinker, who is extremely popular with solicitors. His particular strength is commercial competition litigation.

Leading Juniors

Sarah Abram - Brick Court ChambersGreat confidence and courtroom presence as well as expertise in this area. Her advocacy is very effective and measured.
Alan Bates - Monckton Chambers ‘He gets the points over to the court clearly and effectively.
Nicholas Gibson - Matrix ChambersAn impressive junior counsel in the competition arena.
Tristan Jones - Blackstone ChambersA polite but deadly cross-examiner able to be very thorough without tripping into pedantry. Very approachable, great to work with and humble. Also an extremely competent advocate and more than a match for many silks in the competition litigation world.
Ben Lask - Monckton ChambersBen is a very effective junior who is able to hold his own against senior QCs. He is a very able barrister and attracts high profile instructions.
Hanif Mussa - Blackstone ChambersExtremely intelligent, he sees new angles that others have not considered. Hanif has a great ability to break down complex legal issues into a client friendly format. He is dedicated and very responsive.
Anneliese Blackwood - Monckton ChambersAnneliese is very intelligent and has a lot of experience in competition damages actions. A great all-rounder: skilled advocate, provides clear and insightful advice, very good to work with and team-oriented.
James Bourke - Monckton ChambersJames is very knowledgeable as a result of his long years of experience in the European Commission legal service. He is rapidly gaining in stature in UK competition litigation circles, and has developed a precise style of pleading. James is very pleasant to work with.
Jessica Boyd - Blackstone ChambersHer submissions are always a pleasure to listen to or read.
Christopher Brown - Matrix ChambersAttention to detail, hard-working, excellent on his feet. He knows the law well and is willing to give a view where asked. He is a true hobbyist - he lives his subject. Definitely one of the sectors rising stars and a pleasure to work with. Expecting great things.
Alistair Lindsay - Monckton Chambers Deep thinking, careful, courteous. A good communicator; incredible technically; imbues confidence. Responsive, clear (no sitting on the fence), pragmatic and excellent with clients.
Paul Luckhurst - Blackstone ChambersOne of the most talented junior barristers I have ever worked with. He is still young but there is no question that he will go all the way to being a top silk. He has all the attributes. Brilliant on paper, immensely hard working, works so well with silks, brilliant assisting on witness statements and expert reports. An outstanding all-rounder.
Brendan McGurk - Monckton ChambersVery bright and articulate, Brendan is thorough, calm and a pleasure to work with.
Julianne Kerr Morrison - Monckton ChambersJulianne is super bright and knowledgeable; and considers things from every angle. Definitely an up-and-coming star of the competition bar.
Emily Neill - Blackstone ChambersShe is user friendly, proactive and available whenever required. She is both very intelligent, commercial and good with the client. Her collaborative approach enables her to work truly as one team with the solicitors.
Daniel Piccinin - Brick Court ChambersHis intellect is second to none and his ability to analyse the economics is better than most of the economists.
Suzanne Rab - Serle CourtIntellectually strong and tenacious, she really gets into the detail. Really hard working and dedicated, deep experience of the sector.
Ben Rayment - Monckton ChambersA go-to junior for competition matters.
Gerard Rothschild - Brick Court ChambersParticularly strong on jurisdiction and governing law issues and expert work.
Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho - 39 Essex ChambersExperienced, knowledgeable and thorough junior with a niche in state aid.
Philip Woolfe - Monckton ChambersA star senior junior counsel, renowned for taking on David v Goliath cases and winning against more decorated and senior opponents. Has a mastery of detail and is committed to the client's cause - leaving no stone unturned. Outstanding work ethic and never found wanting.
Michael Armitage - Monckton Chambers ‘A strong drafter who is highly regarded by senior QCs.
David Bailey - Brick Court ChambersA great black letter lawyer and collegiate in approach.
Fiona Banks - Monckton ChambersA very competent lawyer. Always a pleasure to work with her.
Alison Berridge - Monckton Chambers Alison is a standout barrister particularly on complex merger control matters. She is great both with her written advice and as an advocate before the CMA and Competition Appeal Tribunal. A go-to barrister.
Julian Gregory - Monckton ChambersHe is bright and hard working and knows his sector well. He does a great job.
Nikolaus Grubeck - Monckton ChambersHighly responsive, great manner with clients and very knowledgeable.
David Heaton - Brick Court ChambersDavid is an extremely hardworking and tenacious litigator. He is also very creative, often finding solutions to problems that more senior members of the team miss.
Laura Elizabeth John - Monckton ChambersLaura is pragmatic and always on top of the detail of a case. She is a very impressive senior junior.
Tim Johnston - Brick Court ChambersHis burgeoning parallel public law practice is a tremendous asset in antitrust cases.
Hugo Leith - Brick Court ChambersHe has excellent judgement on how to pitch written submissions. Very quick to understand facts of a case, familiar and in control of the details; excellent and quick drafting of submissions.
Sarah Love - Brick Court ChambersAn extraordinary intellect with a background in economics, she is in great demand. Amongst the top juniors at the competition bar, she is particularly strong on regulatory matters and judicial reviews.
Emily MacKenzie - Brick Court ChambersShe quickly establishes the key issues in instructions and provides clear and concise advice.
Conor McCarthy - Monckton ChambersHe is enthusiastic and inventive. Easy to work with.
Ligia Osepciu - Monckton ChambersLigia is the hardest working junior I have worked with - she is very intelligent and easy to work with, and open to discussion. Clients love her.
Jason Pobjoy - Blackstone ChambersJason is very responsive and user friendly. He performs the senior junior role to aplomb, ably bridging between leading counsel, more junior counsel, and the solicitor team. He is tactically very astute, seeing quickly which points will work with the Court and which will not, and how those points will play out in the wider context of the case. His drafting skills are excellent.
Thomas Sebastian - Monckton ChambersSignificant expertise in competition disputes and gives high quality advice which is measured and considered; calm and composed and easy to deal with.
Derek Spitz - One Essex CourtCool and collected, he is a clear head in a storm. In-depth knowledge of EU/competition law combined with excellent command of the legal issues that typically arise in commercial litigation more generally. This is not a combination that is always present at the competition bar.

Rising Stars

David Gregory - Monckton Chambers David Gregory is one of the best juniors in the competition field I have worked with. He is very clever and his written work is exceptionally clear, impeccably researched and beautifully put together. A total pleasure to lead. A total pleasure to work with.
Stefan Kuppen - Monckton ChambersCalm and thoughtful junior who is unflappable and good at getting to the nub of things. User friendly and capable of acting as sole counsel or as a supporting junior.
Daisy Mackersie - Monckton ChambersHard working, dependable, approachable, technically very able.
Jennifer MacLeod - Brick Court ChambersAn outstanding junior, one of the future stars of the competition bar. She is razor-sharp, has a phenomenal work ethic and is 100% committed to each and every case.
Emma Mockford - Brick Court ChambersEmma is extremely practical and solutions-focussed. She combines substantial expertise in competition and EU law with an ability to think laterally in order to find ways through difficult issues. She is indefatigably hard-working, and she is always a positive team member. Very popular with silks and instructing solicitors alike.
Tom Pascoe - Brick Court ChambersTom is an absolute pleasure to work with - he is strong on the law but also incredibly practical. He works very well in a team, is quick to respond and is very client-friendly.
Charlotte Thomas - Brick Court ChambersCharlotte is a brilliant intellect, brimming with ideas and very hard working. She is also a pleasure to work with and great with clients.

Competition in London Bar

Brick Court Chambers

'First-choice on big-ticket competition law matters', Brick Court Chambers is 'a go-to set with many of the leading names in competition litigation'. Members were on both sides of the BritNed v ABB Court of Appeal round of the power cables saga, an appeal from the first cartel damages trial to reach judgment in the UK: Robert O'Donoghue QC and Hugo Leith for BritNed, and Mark Hoskins QC, Sarah Ford QC, Jennifer MacLeod  and Jon Lawrence for the power cables companies. Before the Supreme Court, Marie Demetriou QC was against Hoskins QC in Merricks v Mastercard, concerning the certification of a collective claim on behalf of effectively anyone who made a purchase from a UK retailer accepting Mastercard before 2008. Members were also on both sides of merger control case Lebedev Holdings v Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, concerning a proposed Saudi investment, through a Caymanian structure, in the London Evening Standard and Independent newspapers; David Scannell QC (a 2020 silk appointment) and Emily MacKenzie represented the government, and Ford QC represented Lebedev Holdings. 2019 silk appointment Margaret Gray QC is active in matters with Northern Ireland crossover, and among the set's juniors Sarah Abram represents Stagecoach in a proposed standalone collective claim concerning fares for train journeys straddling the London fare zone boundary. In addition to Scannell taking silk, chambers has also celebrated the elevation of Colin West to silk and Kelyn Bacon QC being appointed to the High Court bench in 2020.

Monckton Chambers

'The leading set for competition damages actions on both the claimant and defendant sides', according to some, with 'good bench strength across all levels', Monckton Chambers is frequently in the position of having members instructed on both sides of elite follow-on damages claims and more esoteric competition law matters. State aid highlights include a matter, which settled, concerning former Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling's decision to award a ferry contract to Seaborne Freight, which had no ferries. Daniel Beard QC, Valentina Sloane, Ligia Osepciu and Jack Williams acted for Eurotunnel, with Philip Moser QC for the Secretary of State; Michael Bowsher QC and Brendan McGurk represented P&O Ferries in a subsequent challenge to the settlement. Members were also on both sides of a Competition Appeal Tribunal case between Royal Mail and Whistl concerning alleged abuse of a dominant position bulk mail delivery with Jon Turner QC, Alan Bates and Daisy Mackersie for Whistl, and Beard QC and Osepciu for Royal Mail. Among the set's juniors, Bates leads Williams in representing business including Adnams and Poundland (as end-users of lorries rather than hauliers) in a damages claim following the trucks investigation. In recent news, Rob Williams QC took silk and the future of chambers looks bright with rising stars David Gregory, Stefan Kuppen and Mackersie.

Blackstone Chambers

'Without doubt one of the top competition sets', Blackstone Chambers has members involved in a range of key matters in cartel investigations, merger control and state aid. Brian Kennelly QC and Paul Luckhurst represent UBS in defending a proposed collective proceedings against several banks concerning an alleged foreign exchange cartel. Continuing the payments theme, Kennelly QC, Dinah Rose QC and Jason Pobjoy also represented Visa in the Sainsbury's v Visa and Mastercard case heard by the Supreme Court in January 2020. Thomas de la Mare QC advised BMW in a damages claim concerning the RoRo shipping investigation, and Kieron Beal QC is representing ITV in a challenge to the European Commission's decision that the group financing exemption for controlled foreign companies in the UK's corporation tax system constitutes state aid. James Segan QC was elevated to silk in March 2020.

Matrix Chambers

'A go-to set for challenger competition work', members of Matrix Chambers handle more bespoke matters away from the large multi-party cartel enforcement cases, with Christopher Brown having advised the British Olympic Association on issues surrounding athletes' own sponsorship around Olympic games. The set is represented in the large investigations as well, with Rhodri Thompson QC representing the UK Trucks Claim entity in the lorry cartel litigation.