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Leading Silks

Alexander Antelme KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Real attention-to-detail, excellent pleadings and written advice. A polished advocate with an ample charm which hides a tough negotiator.'
Neil Block KC39 Essex Chambers ‘His tactical nous and negotiating skills are simply second-to-none. Strategically, there are none better.’
John de Bono KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘John is excellent in every possible way. He is concise and definite with his advice, extremely good with clients and sensitive to their needs.’  
Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Elizabeth-Anne's grasp of even the most complex of cases is astonishing. She is a fierce intellect, who is able to settle the most anxious of families.’ 
Philip Havers KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Philip has a sharp mind and is quick to identify the issues. He is an excellent negotiator and gets excellent results for clients. He is also very easy to work with.’
Alexander Hutton KCHailsham Chambers ‘Alexander is beautifully polished advocate with sharp intellect and an easy-going, calm demeanour that makes him very easy to work with. He is a particular authority on costs.'    
Christopher Johnston KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Christopher is the go-to silk for any case involving the complex analysis of data; he has a rapier mind; he cuts straight to the heart of the matter; he is ruthless. Working with him is very much like taking a masterclass.’
William Latimer-Sayer KCCloisters ‘A leading member of the Bar on the question of quantum of damages.’
Simeon Maskrey KC7BRSimeon is one of the best claimant clinical negligence silks. He is excellent with clients in conference, turns papers round quickly despite his busy schedule and is a brilliant and fearless advocate. He does not have any weaknesses and is the go-to for maximum severity claims.’    
Angus Moon KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers  'Angus is an absolute pleasure to work with – he is approachable, reassuring and calm.'
Michael Mylonas KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Michael has a fantastic strategical mind. He will identify how best to present the case to a judge and ensure every evidential detail is addressed.
Dominic Nolan KCHailsham Chambers ‘Dominic is unrivalled in his field. From the first meeting with an anxious client, to the forensic advocacy at trial, he is the optimum choice for the most challenging case. Dominic demonstrates a depth of empathy to his clients whilst delivering transparent, realistic advice.'
Simon Readhead KCDeka ChambersSimon has exquisite attention-to-detail, a go-to for detailed and complicated cases. He is an outstanding advocate and an all-round sensible, safe pair of hands on any high-value, complex case.’
Paul Rees KC1 Crown Office Row 'Excellent on all fronts.'
Simon Taylor KCCloisters ‘He has an excellent understanding of complex medical issues and an ability not to be distracted by irrelevant detail, but to get to the root of the issues quickly in negotiations.'     
John Whitting KC1 Crown Office Row 'John is an excellent advocate, he pays meticulous attention-to-detail, and is very personable.'
Edward Bishop KCDeka ChambersHe is very responsive and is meticulous in his preparation.’
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersOne of the best – he has the courage and conviction to take on legally challenging cases that many barristers wouldn’t touch. A real team player and a pleasure to work with.’
Charlie Cory-Wright KC39 Essex Chambers ‘ Charlie has a wonderful relaxed style which puts clients at their ease. He brings gravitas and experience to the case and is respected by his opponents. A safe pair of hands.’    
Robert Glancy KCDevereux ‘A leader in the field of clinical negligence. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic negotiator.
Adrian Hopkins KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘He is super, bright and a ferocious advocate.'
Angus McCullough KC1 Crown Office Row 'Angus is quite simply brilliant; he is incisive, erudite and immensely knowledgeable, with a practical approach to litigation.'
Michael de Navarro KC2 Temple GardensMichael has an instinctive gut for the right answer or approach to any tricky question, being that he is has been a leader in the field of clinical negligence, personal injury and tort-related issues for so long.’
Julian Picton KCHailsham Chambers Julian is a joy to work with – very responsive to clients' needs, a real team-player with his instructing solicitors and a formidable advocate – he really fights for his clients.’    
David Pittaway KCHailsham Chambers ‘David is an excellent strategic tactician. He is always calm and collected. He prepares for all cases in detail, never leaving a stone unturned.'
Andrew Post KCHailsham Chambers ‘Andrew is an outstanding barrister and a joy to work with in complex and challenging cases. He is patient and thorough in his approach and supportive towards clients. He advises clearly and thoroughly and is always approachable.’    
Hugh Preston KC7BRHugh always gives expert advice and he is a master tactician. His advocacy is second to-none and his cross-examination is razor sharp. He is definitely a leading KC and is good with clients.’
Robert Weir KCDevereux ‘Rob is an elite silk. He is very smart and has a sixth sense as to how the law should be applied in each case. He knows when to challenge established law and when to negotiate.’
Henry Witcomb KC1 Crown Office Row ‘An extremely impressive heavyweight in the profession, who is beyond hardworking – with brilliant attention-to-detail and total dedication to the client and the outcome.’
Eliot Woolf KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘A go-to KC; very compassionate and great with clients and in negotiations – a team-worker.’ 
Clodagh Bradley KC1 Crown Office Row 'Clodagh is in many ways the perfect advocate. She is always scrupulously prepared and in control of the material in front of her.'
Caroline Harrison KC2 Temple Gardens Caroline has a wonderful way with clients, colleagues and judges. People love working with her. Caroline is passionate about her cases and her knowledge of her field of clinical negligence is first-class.’
Jeremy Hyam KC1 Crown Office Row ‘He is emerging as one of the top leaders in his field.’
Bradley Martin KC2 Temple Gardens 'Bradley is a fantastic barrister who rapidly masters the details of any claim. He is a skilful advocate who is excellent at reading the tribunal. He always offers great strategic insight and advice.'
Stuart McKechnie KCDeka Chambers ‘When it comes to catastrophic injury claims, Stuart is the most outstanding and hardworking silk of his generation. He is absolutely meticulous in his preparation, and has gone out of his way to get to know the leading experts in the country.’
Nathan Tavares KCOuter Temple Chambers 'Absolutely brilliant. Calm and measured during negotiations and always thoroughly prepared . He goes the extra mile and his attention-to-detail is outstanding.'
Grahame Aldous KCDeka Chambers ‘Very good client skills, commands the room, detailed and thorough; overall, a safe pair of hands.’    
Charles Bagot KCGatehouse Chambers ‘Charles shows fantastic attention-to-detail and provides very practical advice, particularly on making difficult calls with respect to interlocutory applications and settlement decisions.’
Richard Booth KC1 Crown Office Row 'Extremely bright, confident and considered - an excellent advocate.'
Joel Donovan KC - CloistersA quiet assassin. He is tactically very astute, super bright, and has a steely resolve when required.
Simon Dyer KCCloisters ‘Simon has a pragmatic, personable and empathic approach to clients whilst ensuring that experts are well-tested and the risks in a case are fully explored.’
David Evans KC1 Crown Office Row ' A brilliant and robust advocate; very thorough, detailed and persuasive.'
Simon Fox KC – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Simon is an exceptionally diligent barrister who is efficient, thorough and precise, with an eye for detail. He has great client care skills, being sympathetic but also realistic and direct. Experts respect his breadth of experience and knowledge, and lay clients are absolutely impressed with his skills as an advocate and his commitment to their case.
Jonathan Hand KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Jonathan’s advocacy is excellent. He is experienced, intelligent and effective.'
Robert Kellar KC – 1 Crown Office Row ‘Robert is a skilled and tenacious negotiator. He is brilliant with clients, provides clear and well-considered advice and goes above and beyond. A go-to barrister for clinical negligence work.’
Jacob Levy KCDeka ChambersJacob really is a human dynamo. It is always clear that he has read and digested every word of his instructions. His cross-examination skills are a tour de force. The very definition of the perfect senior KC.’
Giles Mooney KCDeka Chambers ‘Giles is a calm head in a storm, navigating the perils of big ticket litigation with thoughtfulness and expertise.’    
Martin Porter KC - 2 Temple GardensA top-notch negotiator.
Shaheen Rahman KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Shaheen is very responsive and will go above and beyond to try to accommodate urgent requests. She is thorough and analytical with close attention-to-detail and very impressive in round table settlement meetings.’
Owain Thomas KC1 Crown Office Row 'Owain is very straightforward and no-nonsense. He deals with issues at hand in a very persuasive way - a very forthright and persuasive advocate.'
Adam Weitzman KC7BR 'Remains calm under pressure. Not afraid of a fight. Takes on complex and difficult cases.'
William Audland KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘William is meticulous and leaves no stone unturned. He works well with experts and has a good manner with clients, putting them very much at ease.'
Gerard Boyle KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Gerard is very approachable, down to earth and an absolute pleasure to work with.’ 
James Counsell KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Great on strategy and tactics, with an easy manner that puts client at ease.’
Sarah Crowther KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Sarah has a pragmatic and commercial approach. Her knowledge of clinical negligence, and in particular cases involving cross-border issues, is outstanding.'
Jonathan Holl-Allen KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Very thorough, excellent at getting to the bottom of complex issues and finding solutions to challenges. A pleasure to work with.’
Henry Pitchers KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers Henry has a whole breadth of excellent qualities; a team is strengthened by his counsel.’
Neil Sheldon KC1 Crown Office Row 'Neil is meticulous in his preparation and is a brilliant advocate, and is also really great to work with.'
James Todd KC39 Essex Chambers ‘James is very knowledgeable with a strong attention-to-detail. He is an impressive advocate at trial, always with a calm demeanour; he's good on his feet and a strong negotiator.'    

2021 Silks

Judith Ayling KC - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the sharpest clinical negligence barristers around - she is diligent, hard working and meticulously prepared. 
Emily Formby KC39 Essex ChambersEmily is always measured and has an exceptionally thorough approach. Where Emily is involved, a client’s case is stronger for it.
Andrew Kennedy KC1 Crown Office Row 'Andrew is very knowledgeable and makes clients and his instructing solicitors feel at ease. He gets to grips with cases quickly and knows them inside out which shows in his attention-to-detail and instils confidence in those instructing him.'
Farrah Mauladad KC - Crown Office Chambers She gets to the crux of a matter with minimal fuss. Excellent on her feet, tenacious and articulate.
David Tyack KC – No5 Barristers’ ChambersDavid is superbly thorough and an excellent advocate on technical matters especially.'    
Rachel Vickers KCOuter Temple Chambers 'Rachel Vickers is an extremely competent and thorough barrister, very experienced and knowledgeable and able to tackle with ease, some of the most complex types of work in this field.'

2022 Silks

Claire Toogood KC - Crown Office Chambers Claire is a strong and forceful negotiator and advocate.
Claire Watson KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersClaire has fantastic attention-to-detail and there is no better barrister in a tricky case.’

2023 Silks

Richard Baker KC7BR ‘Richard is a top-quality counsel. His attention-to-detail is excellent, as are his drafting skills and his ability to identify the key issues of a case. He is a formidable advocate and has dealt with a number of tricky applications on cases for clients over the years.’    
Neil Davy KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers Neil has an eye for detail and a grasp of evidence that cannot be bettered.’
Nicola Greaney KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Nicola has excellent technical abilities and is very persuasive in both written and oral argument. She is always willing to assist, has an excellent manner with clients and does not shy away from difficult conversations.’    

Leading Juniors

Laura BegleyDeka Chambers 'Very approachable, thorough and word perfect advocacy.'
Richard CartwrightDevereux 'A formidable intellect. Approachable and good with clients.'    
Ranald Davidson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersBeing a qualified doctor gives Ranald an edge and level of understanding which is invaluable - he is always on top of the intricacies of a case and handles experts and individuals alike beautifully.
Jane Tracy ForsterHailsham Chambers ‘Jane is a true expert and has decades of experience running complex clinical negligence cases for both claimants and defendants. This really shows in her forensic understanding of the medicine and the quality of her advice.' 
Cara Guthrie1 Crown Office Row 'Cara is very bright, and has a great manner with clients and experts alike.'
Anna Hughes2 Temple Gardens ‘A superb negotiator, equally relaxed against silks as she is against any opponent. Undoubtedly a top tier clinical negligence junior, she’s a silk in waiting.’    
Matthew JacksonHailsham Chambers ‘Matthew is outstanding. He gets straight to the heart of a claim. He is a superb advocate.'
Heidi KnightSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Heidi has excellent attention-to-detail, and combines that with a lovely approach to clients- making them feel secure. Her preparation for conferences is excellent.’
Tejina Mangat –Hailsham Chambers ‘Tejina has no weaknesses. She is simply one of the best clinical negligence barristers currently working.’    
Julian Matthews7BR ‘He has an excellent grasp of complex medical and legal issues and exceptional attention-to-detail.’
Nicholas PeacockHailsham Chambers ‘Nick is very easy to work with and has extensive experience in representing individual GPs and Trusts.’
Harry Trusted - 2 Temple Gardens ‘Intellectually very powerful forensic analysis combined with great values and excellence with clients. Harry’s analysis is always top rate.’
Andrew Bershadski2 Temple Gardens 'Andrew is an insightful barrister who uses his intellect to find innovative solutions to tricky legal problems. Whilst he is an excellent adversarial advocate and an incisive cross-examiner he is equally capable of getting results with charm and persuasiveness. An excellent all-rounder.'    
Romilly Cummerson39 Essex Chambers 'Romilly has a good legal mind, is switched on to the broader tactical and strategic considerations of litigation and has an awareness of commercial considerations that is important for any good defendant lawyer.'
Robert Cumming2 Temple Gardens ‘Robert is a highly-respected and exceptionally talented senior junior.’
Peter EllisHailsham ChambersPeter is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience. He has a kind and personable manner with clients and takes the time to make them feel heard. He is great at breaking down complex concepts and explaining them in a manageable way.’    
Catherine EwinsHailsham Chambers ‘An outstanding barrister. She is intellectually brilliant, forensic in her preparation, strategically astute, efficient, conscientious and hugely likeable. She has an excellent manner with clients, experts, solicitors and her opponents.'
Caroline HallisseySerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Caroline is extremely thorough in her review of medical records and medical expert evidence. She is happy to consider alternative views and goes over the evidence with experts in exceptional detail.'
Harriet JerramOuter Temple Chambers ‘Harriet is a go-to counsel for technically or procedurally complicated work where a practical solution is needed.’
Simon King7BRGood at digesting high-volumes of medical records and analysing key issues in complex cases. He has excellent drafting skills, is approachable and good with clients.'    
Scott MatthewsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Scott always gets the best out of medical experts and easily builds trust and a good rapport with clients.’
Timothy Meakin7BR ‘His particular strength is in high-value birth injury cases and complex liability and quantum issues. In essence, you get the quality of a KC in a senior junior.’    
Jane MishconHailsham Chambers  'Jane is very experienced, incredibly thorough and always well-prepared. She is incredibly knowledgeable and able to cut through the issues to provide advice which is always practical, sensible and succinct.'    
Jeremy Pendlebury7BR ‘Jeremy has a strong understanding of medical issues. He tests experts in a manner which allows all of the issues to come out and is very tenacious in his search for the answers. Clients love him because whilst being personable and understanding, he is direct.'
James AldridgeOuter Temple Chambers ‘James in able to absorb and analyse complex medical and legal issues.'
Katie AyresCrown Office Chambers ‘Highly intelligent.’
Matthew Barnes1 Crown Office Row ‘A brilliant trial advocate who wins cases. Superb in cross-examinations, user-friendly and responsive. A pleasure to work with.’
Anna BealeCloistersAnna is a delight to work with. She is exceptional with clients, incredibly intelligent and able to navigate her way around tricky cases with ease.’
Sophie BeesleyOld Square Chambers ‘Sophie is one of the most impressive junior barristers doing claimant clinical negligence work at the Bar, with an impressive work ethic.’    
James BellTemple Garden Chambers ‘James is a top-drawer senior junior. He is both a skilful advocate and an engaging negotiator. His calming demeanour means that he is able to reassure the most anxious of catastrophically injured claimants.'    
Jonathan Bertram7BREloquent and organised, with excellent manner and rapport with clients.'    
Ben BradleyOuter Temple ChambersBen is a go-to for complex and difficult clinical negligence claims; always able to cut through the issues to provide a practical and sensible route forward.’
Tamar BurtonCloisters ‘Tamar is the consummate junior who has everything: she is efficient, hardworking and nothing is too much trouble. Exceptional people and client-management skills.’    
Nicola Campbell-ClauseHailsham Chambers ‘Nicola is thorough and has an incredible eye for the detail. No stone is left unturned and all avenues are considered. Her advice is always clear and well thought-out. She is calm whilst also being compelling on her feet when advocating.’
Vanessa Cashman12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Brilliant manner with clients and an exceptional level of empathy. An excellent advocate with great insight into medical issues.’
Henry Charles12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Henry is an extremely intelligent and experienced barrister. Experts are routinely impressed with his understanding and grasp of very difficult medical concepts, practices and procedures.'
Daniel Clarke – Outer Temple Chambers ‘Recognised for his down-to-earth attitude in dealing with sensitive matters and conveying clear advice to clients.’
Emma Corkill - 39 Essex ChambersShe is a skilled advocate who handles difficult conferences well, ensuring clients are at ease and fully understand the case.
Robert DickasonOuter Temple Chambers 'Rob is very impressive with both his speed and ability to respond to instructions. His advice is always spot on.'
Lisa DobieDeka Chambers ‘Advice, in relation to liability, quantum and tactics, is comprehensive and practical. Excellent attention-to-detail and extremely thorough. Very approachable and friendly.’  
Conor Dufficy 7BR ‘Conor is very smart. He never struggles to pull together all of the medical issues and to determine the strongest and best arguments in a case. He is one of the most comfortable barristers at the bar when it comes to numbers, schedules and all the financial issues that arise in complex, high-value work.’
Eva FergusonHailsham ChambersEva is highly impressive, tactical, focused and has an almost encyclopaedic recall of detail in even the most complex of cases. Critically, she has top of the range client care skills. An absolute star.’    
Quintin Fraser39 Essex Chambers Quintin has an exceptional eye for identifying the likely settlement value of cases. He has great ability to ‘cut through’ the heads of loss as stated on paper and to give sensible, reliable and accurate advice.’
Richard Furniss42 Bedford Row ‘He has a very pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to cases and is very good with clients.'    
James GilberthorpeHailsham Chambers ‘James is personable and very good with clients, some of whom face extremely difficult circumstances. He handles such matters with compassion and openness.'
John Gimlette1 Crown Office Row 'John is highly intelligent, approachable, and good to work with. His advocacy is calm and measured.'
Hannah Godfrey Cloisters ‘Very thorough and approachable.’
Clementine Coram JamesHailsham Chambers ‘Clementine is a very intelligent and efficient barrister. She gets to grips with the detail of her cases which is demonstrated in her written advices and her performance in conference.' 
Jamie Mathieson – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Jamie is an extremely competent, bright, and sympathetic counsel, who is always very much in charge of his brief while at the same time bringing the human touch to his dealings with clients.’    
Vanessa McKinlayGatehouse Chambers ‘Vanessa is a go-to barrister in the field of clinical negligence- she really knows the law inside out, is empathetic and understanding. She is exceptionally good tactically.’
Colin MendozaDevereuxColin has a vast wealth of experience in the field, which is readily apparent in his work and advice.
Sebastian NaughtonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersSeb is excellent. He provides pragmatic advice and always has helpful suggestions to take a case forward. He is particularly good with clients.’     
Aidan O’BrienFarrar’s Building ‘Aidan is an absolute dream to work with – he’s hardworking, he goes the extra mile and is charming and persuasive with clients, witnesses and experts.’
Angus PiperDeka Chambers 'He is excellent in conference - being able to deal well with complex medical issues and evidence.'
Eloise PowerSerjeants’ Inn ChambersVery clever and astute, with excellent attention-to-detail and a good, practical grasp of the most technical and complex issues.
Erica Power - Crown Office Chambers Erica is absolutely superb. She has a meticulous eye and will pick up on tiny details which can sway a case.
Judith Rogerson1 Crown Office Row 'Judith is highly approachable, technically excellent and a pleasure to work with. She has a great manner with witnesses and is meticulous in her preparation; providing timely and easily understood advice.'
Shahram Sharghy  – 1 Crown Office RowShahram is an astute barrister who ensures no stone is left unturned - he works incredibly hard to obtain the best possible results for his clients.' 
Richard Smith1 Crown Office Row ‘Richard is fantastic; vastly experienced and a safe pair of hands. His attention-to-detail is brilliant and he is meticulous in his approach.’
Paul StaggDeka Chambers ‘Excellent at tackling all kinds of cases.’
Lionel StrideTemple Garden ChambersLionel is an excellent advocate who elegantly puts forward his clients case and can quickly adapt to changing circumstances on his feet.'
John-Paul Swoboda12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very thorough and impressive in conference with experts, particularly in relation to cardiac cases. He has a very good manner with clients and puts them at ease.’
Adam Walker7BR ‘Fastidious attention-to-detail that is absolutely necessary on many cases.'
Simon Wheatley7BRSimon has brilliant client care skills and an ability to be pragmatic whilst keeping the client aware that he is totally on their side.'
Nadia WhittakerCrown Office Chambers Nadia is the complete package. She operates at silk level and has been doing so for a few years. Her attention-to-detail is phenomenal – she does not miss a thing.’
Helen Wolstenholme2 Temple GardensHer calm and thorough approach means she's highly regarded by clients, and she has a great mind for quantum issues.
Victoria WoodbridgeCrown Office Chambers 'Victoria is a calm, reassuring, pragmatic barrister. Wonderful with experts and witnesses. Very technically adept and commercially aware.'    
William Wraight – 2 Temple Gardens ‘William brings creative and insightful thought to any case he is instructed on, producing persuasive and winning arguments – one of the best juniors.’
Henry Bankes-JonesHailsham Chambers ‘Henry adds significant value to any case, bringing intellect and technical knowledge mixed with strategy, practicality and proportionality.'
Heather Beckett  – Goldsmith Chambers ‘Heather is an outstanding advocate and barrister. She is extremely conscientious and knowledgeable. Her command of her claim is impeccable. Heather is extremely personable and is a pleasure to work with.’    
Christian Du Cann39 Essex Chambers ‘An excellent advocate. He will always go above and beyond, whatever the size of the client. His cases really matter to him.’     
Craig Carr  – 7BR ‘Craig is a sharp barrister who is one of the top juniors in this area for his year of call. He achieves excellent results and is highly recommended in the field.’
Camilla Church 39 Essex Chambers Immensely impressive both with the client and grasp of complex matters. Persistent and will fight and fight for the best outcome.’    
Thomas CrockettHailsham ChambersTom is a junior of choice in high-value claims. He is hardworking and reliable with excellent drafting skills,  judgment and first-class analytical skills.’
Jeremy CrowtherDeka Chambers ‘Jeremy is a choice barrister. He can assimilate information quickly and get to the nub of a problem faster than most. He is a commanding advocate, but his empathetic style is also a powerful tool in his armoury.’    
Ella DavisDeka Chambers 'She goes over and beyond of what it is expected of her and provides great advice, always identifying they key issues in play.'
Adam DawsonDeka Chambers Adam is practical and pragmatic. He is excellent in forming a strong rapport with lay clients and has a real sense of what their priorities are and the best way to achieve that.’
Jim Duffy1 Crown Office Row ‘Jim is always approachable and good with clients, able to explain the legal and procedural position in a clear and focused manner.’
Liam Duffy Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘A good advocate in court; able to handle clients and witnesses well in conference, he gets to key points quickly. Very bright and personable.’    
Sarah Edwards7BR 'Sarah is extremely thorough, hardworking and also very knowledgeable.'
Tom GibsonOuter Temple Chambers ‘Tom is fantastic with clients, particularly those who have been through upsetting and traumatic experiences; he is emotionally intelligent.'
Bruno Gil – Old Square Chambers ‘Bruno has tremendous energy and will attack problems with vigour. His advocacy is always well-planned and executed. He gives clients confidence in his ability to consistently predict what’s coming next.’
Mamta Gupta – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Excellent with clients and very involved and passionate about the cases she takes on.'
David HainesOuter Temple Chambers ‘David is the definition of a safe pair of hands.’
Roger Harris2 Temple Gardens 'Roger has a good eye for detail, and is a persuasive advocate. Combined with his tactical nous this makes for an excellent barrister.'    
Matthew Hill1 Crown Office RowMatthew is in demand, due to his meticulous approach, his grasp of the issues, and his dogged determination.’
Isaac Hogarth 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Isaac is super bright and applies an excellent level of detail in all cases. His drafting of complex documents is always a pleasure to read because it encompasses all of the issues and sets them out so clearly.’
David JuckesHailsham ChambersDavid is an exceptionally bright junior with an acute ability to concisely identify the key aspects of any case.’
Harry LambertCrown Office Chambers 'Thorough, hardworking and good with clients. Strong on quantum and the law.'    
Suzanne Lambert1 Crown Office Row ‘Intelligent, hardworking, very calm under pressure and extremely professional. An excellent advocate.'
Nigel Spencer LeyFarrar’s Building ‘Nigel is very knowledgeable, constantly strive to improve and remain up to date on the law. His pleadings are excellent and one of the best in the country – very clear and succinct.’
Chesca LordCloistersChesca is very experienced in catastrophic work.’    
Kate Lumbers7BR 'Kate is able to see points other barristers couldn’t and offer a new perspective.'
James MacDonald7BRJames is detail-driven and his pleadings are some of the best. He is approachable, quick to respond and no question is too much trouble. He handles experts like a pro.’     
Rachel Marcus 1 Crown Office Row ‘An up and coming junior. Quick on her feet and persuasive with experts and defendants.’
Martyn McLeishCloisters 'Martyn is very approachable and easy to communicate with. He has very good client care skills and is always well-prepared and on top of the details of a case.'    
Justin Meiland Hailsham Chambers ‘Impressive eye for detail on both liability and quantum. Able to quickly assimilate large volumes of evidence and settle concise yet robust pleadings.’
Aneurin Moloney Gatehouse Chambers ‘Aneurin is one of my go-to barristers for complex cases. He bats significantly above his call and has an enviable ability to be able to cut straight through to the key issues.’
Jo Moore - 1 Crown Office RowShe is fearsomely intelligent, always meticulously prepared and able to focus in on the crucial parts of a claim with unerring accuracy.
David MyhillCrown Office Chambers David is very personable and meticulously well prepared. He has an exceptional technical ability and is equally comfortable with clinical liability issues or high value quantum issues. Practical, pragmatic and impressive on his feet.'
Hannah Noyce 1 Crown Office Row ‘Hannah is exceptionally bright – she has a strong command of all of the issues in the case and is forensic in her analysis, with excellent attention-to-detail.’
Helen Pagett  – Crown Office Chambers  ‘Helen has progressed from a junior to a senior hastily and now advises on complex, high-value claims.’    
Edward Ramsay12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Edward is a fantastic advocate and is always well-prepared and focused. He is good with clients in emotive and difficult situations and is a safe and trusted pair of hands.’
Pritesh Rathod 1 Crown Office Row Pritesh is extremely good with clients, especially in making sure that their concerns are heard.’
Naomi ReesOld Square Chambers ‘Naomi is very thorough and analytical. She is also very calm during advocacy and makes her points clearly and concisely.’
Charlotte Reynolds12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Charlotte has more than earned her strong reputation. She is an excellent junior who is clearly destined for silk in due course.’
Paul Reynolds1 Crown Office Row Always very well-prepared, well-mannered and extremely good at presenting his client’s case in the best possible light.’
Hugh RimmerDeka ChambersHugh’s work is consistently impressive – the highest quality.’
Dominic Ruck Keene 1 Crown Office Row ‘A brilliant barrister – very intelligent and great to work with.’
Henry SlackGatehouse Chambers ‘Henry is efficient and always produces work quickly and to a high standard. He is an excellent advocate who gives sensible advice to both instructing solicitors and clients.’
Daniel Sokol12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A keen eye for detail, intelligent, amiable and pragmatic. An extremely accomplished advocate.'     
Abigail StampDeka Chambers Very intelligent and thorough.’    
Christopher StephensonDeka Chambers 'Chris is very good at looking at the bigger picture, without losing sight of the detail.'
Juliet Stevens Crown Office Chambers ‘Juliet is excellent at navigating complex medical and legal issues. She is insightful and thorough and provides clear, no-nonsense advice to her clients.’
Sam Stevens 2 Temple Gardens ‘He is an excellent barrister; sensitive with witnesses, very friendly and approachable. He is thorough in his assessments and is excellent at establishing strategy.’
Catriona StirlingCloisters ‘Catriona is exceptional. She has a wonderful manner with clients. She is always calm, and gives the impression of reassuring competence. In negotiations she is thoughtful and responsive, but utterly committed to securing the client a good outcome.'    
Holly TibbittsDeka Chambers ‘Very sympathetic with clients and a will to fight for their interests.’
Simon TriggerDeka ChambersExtremely approachable and user friendly. Good with clients and technically knowledgeable and astute.’    
Nina Unthank 2 Temple Gardens ‘She is very experienced and thorough and is prepared to take on responsibility for discrete areas of cases.’
Michael WalshSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Michael is experienced well beyond his years of call. He is highly competent and his knowledge on medico-legal matters is envied by his peers.'
Bella WebbOld Square Chambers Bella is very personable and has a wonderful manner with clients. Her advocacy is extremely well prepared, persuasive and structured. She has excellent drafting skills and a meticulous attention-to-detail.’
James Weston7BR ‘A very safe pair of hands, particularly with tactical advice and with experts in conference. He does what he says he will, when he says he will.'    
Oliver Williamson Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Oliver is an exceptional barrister; his ability and skill is second-to-none, no matter how legally or medically complex the case is.’
Gemma Witherington – Crown Office Chambers ‘Gemma is a safe pair of hands and very easy to work with. She has particular expertise in secondary victim claims.’    
Thomas Wood42 Bedford RowHe is extremely thorough and is very good at explaining the issues to the lay claimant. He gets to the crux of the matter well and is very supportive of all involved parties.'
Leanne Woods1 Crown Office Row 'Leanne is very details-oriented, and focused on the key issues in the claim. She is also extremely empathetic, approachable and client-oriented, which is very important in the clinical negligence sphere.'
Emma Zeb  – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Emma has an excellent, methodical, patient and detail-based advocacy style. Her manner of questioning is collaborative and warm, which gives her a particular knack of getting even tricky witnesses, coroners and co-counsel on side.’

Rising Stars

Rajkiran Barhey1 Crown Office Row ‘Undoubtedly one to watch and heading for a stratospheric career despite her low-key manner.’
Rose Harvey-Sullivan 7BR ‘Rose has very good medical knowledge and understanding of medical issues. She is able to deal confidently and authoritatively with experts in conference, to a higher degree than her call would suggest.’
Anthony SearleSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Anthony is always responsive and provides work in good time. He always thinks of the 'big picture' when preparing a defence.
Dominique SmithDeka Chambers ‘Willing and able, clever and capable of very hard work and insight. A good legal brain and all-round star in-the-making.’
Olinga TahzibOuter Temple Chambers 'Olinga has fantastic attention-to-detail and his drafting is beautiful.'    

Clinical negligence in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

1 Crown Office Row is well-regarded for its ‘high-value, complex clinical negligence work’ and is described by some as ‘the premier clinical negligence set’. The team in chambers offers an impressive breadth and depth of experience in the field and is well-regarded for its ‘experience, expertise, intellect and empathy at all levels’. It is renowned in this practice area for its work on some of the highest-profile cases, acting for private and publicly funded claimants. ‘Excellent advocate’ Philip Havers KC notably represented the appellant in the Supreme Court case of Meadows v Khan, which clarified the ambit of scope of duty owed by a GP; this particular case concerned whether a woman who was negligently not advised of being a carrier of the haemophilia gene was able to recover damages connected to the child’s autism as well. Additionally, Robert Kellar KC represents the claimant in the fatal case of Healey v McGrath & Ramsay Healthcare, wherein it is alleged that the surgeons negated to check for post-operative complications; if it proceeds to trial the case will raise an issue regarding whether a non-delegable duty of care is owed by private hospitals in respect of their surgeons. Shahram Sharghy, who joined the chambers in 2021, is described as being ‘an astute barrister at the top of his game’, and rising star in the field Emma-Louise Fenelon.



‘1 Crown Office Row are the standout set for clinical negligence.’

‘The foremost set for clinical negligence in my view. All of their barristers are extremely good.’

‘1 Crown Office Row is an excellent and well-respected clinical negligence set.’

‘A fantastic clinical negligence set with experience, expertise, intellect and empathy at all levels.’ 

‘The premier clinical negligence set – their expertise is unparalleled.’


‘Clerks at 1 Crown Office Row are unrivalled – special mention for Andy Tull and John Mclaren.’ 


7BR is well-known for its ‘considerable strength-in-depth’. Noteworthy silks in the set include Simeon Maskrey KC, who is described as being ‘in a field of his own’, a standout recent case of his being the Supreme Court case of Khan v Meadows in which he successfully represented the defendant, clarifying the scope of duty owed by a GP. In addition, he is acting on behalf of the government of Trinidad and Tobago in the maximum severity matter of JJ (by his mother) v North West Regional Health Authority wherein a claim has been brought for negligence and subsequent damages regarding an alleged mismanagement of birth. Hugh Preston KC has a developing reputation for maximum severity and complex birth injury cases, as does Richard Baker KC, both of whom are acting on behalf of claimants on the high-profile maternity scandal cases involving Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Rose Harvey-Sullivan is a developing a specialism in negligence matters involving complex mental health factors.



‘Very strong for clinical negligence. They put on a set of six training sessions annually – run with input from both counsel and medical experts, which is always incredibly useful.’ 

‘They are excellent and my go-to set for clinical work.’

‘In my many years of working with this set they have never let me down or failed to cover a case or hearing.’    

‘The set has an excellent reputation and considerable strength-in-depth.’

‘Very academic set with good availability for Counsel.’


‘Clerks are friendly, approachable and helpful. Always able to offer recommendations or alternatives.’

Hailsham Chambers

The set at Hailsham Chambers is noted for its array of ‘highly-skilled clinical negligence barristers’ with ‘depth of knowledge and experience at all levels’. Andrew Post KC is acting for claimants and defendants on consistently high-value work against experienced silks, particularly in obstetric brain and severe birth injury cases. Junior and ‘highly effective advocate’ Clementine Coram James frequently acts as sole counsel, but is also regularly led by leading silk Dominic Nolan KC in complex cases, such as one regarding a severe spinal injury suffered by a teenager with a profound pre-existing learning disability, and a claim alleging negligently missed intracranial infection leaving lasting brain damage. Justin Meiland is developing a specialism in cases of surgical negligence and failed diagnoses. Fiona Neale retired in 2022.



‘As a set, they offer some very highly-skilled clinical negligence barristers. One thing they all have in-common is their approachability and responsiveness.’

‘Impressive eye for detail on both liability and quantum. Able to quickly assimilate large volumes of evidence and settle concise yet robust pleadings.’

This set has very experienced counsel in medical law.’    

‘Chambers has an outstanding team of practitioners in medical law with considerable depth-of-knowledge and experience at all levels. It provides an extensive training programme for client firms of solicitors, NHSR and the medical defence societies.’

‘Excellent set of chambers with a real depth-of-knowledge in this field. Lots of great junior barristers to choose from, who do an excellent job.’      


‘A first-class operation that has previously won awards for the quality of its service. Stephen Smith, senior clerk, has forty years experience in the role and has an unparalleled knowledge of the market.’

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

The ‘extremely reputable’ clinical negligence set at Serjeants’ Inn Chambers is well-regarded as having ‘some of the best’ barristers in the field. Jonathan Holl-Allen KC has acted on particularly standout work involving misdiagnosis and alleged negligence at birth resulting in severe injury, for both claimants and defendants. The appointment of Claire Watson KC to Silk is a noteworthy change in the set. In addition, the ‘extremely intelligent’ Eloise Power is highlighted for her impressive expertise in and work on gynaecological injury matters; her particular standout work includes her action for the defendant in the High Court case of Brint v Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Foundation Trust in which breach, causation, fundamental dishonesty and quantum were all disputed in relation to a claim against the trust for failure to warn of the risks of extravasation surgery which allegedly led to a pain condition; the claimant’s recount of events surrounding the surgery was inconsistent and the extent to which this impacts credibility, was considered. Amongst the juniors, Liam Duffy and Jamie Mathieson , who has recently led on catastrophic cases of high-value, are both noteworthy members of the set.



‘Serjeants Inn have a brilliant set of barristers – some of the best in clinical negligence – and the strength runs from their juniors right to the most experienced silks.’

‘An extremely reputable set in clinical negligence work.’

‘A top-tier clinical negligence set.’

‘A fantastic set of chambers. They always go the extra mile to accommodate my requests. They are readily available & willing to assist.’

‘We use this set a lot due to quality and range of counsel.’      


‘Clerks are very helpful, especially Josie Ryan.’

2 Temple Gardens

2 Temple Gardens has a reputation for its ‘very strong set of barristers’ at all levels. Michael de Navarro KC, described as a ‘leader in the field of clinical negligence’ notably appeared in Toombes v Mitchell in 2021, in which a GP was held liable to pay damages to the claimant for offering negligent advice to her mother pre-conception, drawing a distinction between “wrongful conception” and “wrongful birth” claims, which English law generally frowns upon. Caroline Harrison KC represented the NHS Trust in Colley v Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust, in which a clinical negligence claimant’s mother received a suspended six-month sentence for contempt of court after exaggerating her daughter’s hip dysplasia birth injuries in a case which was initially settled for £5.4m; the case is thought to be the first committal to prison of a litigation friend in the clinical negligence context. Robert Cumming  has also been involved in noteworthy cases, including his representation of the defendant in the stroke prevention case of Watson v Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS.



‘I am regularly able to call upon suitably qualified and experienced counsel at this set.’

This is a set that we are using with increasing frequency. They have some outstanding individuals.’

Very strong set of barristers. Would be one of my first choices to use in any given case.’   

‘Really excellent set, particularly for clinical negligence and personal injury work. A huge pool of talent amongst all their barristers.’    

‘2 Temple Gardens are the go-to set for clinical negligence. They are fantastic as to the service they provide and have a range of barristers to instruct in the clinical negligence field.’      


‘Very efficient and friendly clerks.’

39 Essex Chambers

‘Really good set for clinical negligence’ 39 Essex Chambers, described as ‘growing and ever-impressive’, has had a particularly strong year in clinical negligence. Well-versed in claimant and defendant work, Charlie Cory-Wright KC has done noteworthy work for the claimant in the complex, multi-factorial negligence case of ET v Aberstawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board wherein the 39-year-old woman is claiming in excess of £5m for serious neurological spinal damage, as well as other cases involving infant injury and secondary victims. In addition, junior Romilly Cummerson is appearing regularly as part of the NHS Resolution panel, she is often led by ‘one of the greats’ Neil Block KC, but also has ample experience acting as sole counsel opposite silks, an example of such work being JH v East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust in which she successfully reached settlement for the trust in a case brought against them for failure to diagnose meningococcal septicaemia, which led to the claimant’s need for bilateral leg amputations and hearing loss.



‘A strong set for defendant clinical claims.’

‘A growing and ever-impressive set.’

‘I am a huge fan of 39 Essex Chambers. They have a technically sound set of barristers, with great client care skills.’

‘This is a really good set for clinical negligence.’

‘Very good with clients, particularly in cases which are sensitive and upsetting.’


‘The clerks all very helpful and responsive.’

Deka Chambers

Deka Chambers, formed from the merger of 9 Gough Chambers and 1 Chancery Lane is known for its ‘counsel of excellent calibre’ as well as its ‘breadth and depth of experience and talent’, work amongst those in the set ranging from misdiagnoses to complex catastrophic cases. Stuart Mckechnie KC has a growing reputation in complex brain and birth injury work, notably successfully settling IXM (A Minor) v Norfolk & Norwich Hospitals NHS for the claimant for a proposed £33.2m, which, if approved, would be one of the largest ever settlements in this practice area in England and Wales; the case involves a birth injury which led to multi-factorial issues of severe brain injury, hypothalamic damage and intractable epilepsy, which have resulted in the claimant’s need for constant care. In addition, amongst the juniors, ‘excellent advocate’ Adam Dawson has done impressive work on fatal cases, whilst Abigail Stamp is active in high-value neurological and surgical cases. From the 1 Chancery Lane side of the merger, Edward Bishop KC and Susanna Bennett, were involved in Traylor and Traylor v Kent and Medway NHS Social Care Partnership Trust, a case concerning complex mental health factors.



‘The set is commercial and has a wide range of counsel of excellent calibre.’    

Deka Chambers still rank amongst the very best sets for claimant personal injury and clinical negligence.’

‘A good set with a solid set of counsel to choose from.’    


‘Michael Goodridge remains the stalwart of the set. He is the architect behind their success. He is hugely personable and commercially astute and alive to the needs of those who instruct chambers.’

The clerks are always helpful and if a barrister of choice is not available, there is always someone else of similar call and experience that can assist.’

David Barrow and Clark Chessis in particular are real assets to chambers and are always keen to help. The clerks are very organised, responsive and I have never needed to chase them for anything.’

Crown Office Chambers

With ‘a number of excellent quality counsel in the field’, the set at Crown Office Chambers has a strong reputation in clinical negligence. Its ‘brilliant barristers’ include Claire Toogood KC, who was appointed silk in the 2022 round and is renowned for her ‘forensic attention-to-detail’, a pre-eminent case of hers being her unled representation of the defendant in Zgonec-Rozej v Pereira, a case concerning the psychiatric care provided to a criminal silk who took his own life after walking out of a hospital where he was receiving psychiatric care. Gemma Witherington has this year acted as sole counsel for the claimants in the complex and sensitive High Court case of Uriely v Royal Free NHS Hospital Foundation Trust, in which the parents of a deceased 9-year-old boy are claiming damages as secondary victims, being that they suffered through witnessing his fatal asthma attack. The set is growing markedly at the junior end, having gained among others Katie Ayres, formerly of 1 Chancery Lane.



‘A number of excellent quality counsel in the field of clinical negligence, who are willing to go the extra mile. If instructed Counsel is not available for some reason, there is always another Counsel that can be trusted to step in for a hearing if need be. Really good communication and co-operation across the set and genuinely pleasant individuals.’

‘It is a very strong set in clinical negligence and more often than not has alternative counsel available where necessary.’    

‘This is a top set for clinical negligence work. They have strength from the top silks right down to the most recent tenants. All their counsel specialising in this area are worthy of instruction. They seem to attract really bright barristers, who have all the right skills on paper and as advocates, as well as being user-friendly and down to earth.’

‘In the clinical negligence sector, the set is well-regarded.’   

‘A very good clinical negligence set with great depth of counsel.’ 


‘The best customer service and clerks’ room that there is. Greg Frewin is a real asset to the team with an excellent knowledge of the strengths and availability of the individual barristers.’    

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers‘ clinical negligence team is noted for its ‘excellent strength-in-depth’ and ‘expertise’ in the field. Eliot Woolf KC acted for the claimant in the wrongful birth Supreme Court case of Khan v Meadows, while Nathan Tavares KC represents the claimant in a case concerning an alleged failure to arrange blood tests in time to notice a secondary tumour arising from prostate cancer, allegedly rendering the claimant a paraplegic. Junior Daniel Clarke is noted for his sole-action on fatal, high-value cases such as Holmes v East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust, wherein he is acting for the claimant family of a 49-year-old man who died during an operation, who are claiming against the ambulance service for failing to admit the patient when his symptoms started and against the Trust for delaying his operation for several days following his admission.



‘Leading set of chambers recognised for their expertise in personal injury and clinical negligence.’

‘There is excellent strength-in-depth across Outer Temple Chambers as a whole and we have been impressed with the quality of the advice given across the board from junior junior barristers up to KC level.’

‘A very personable set and lovely to work with. We have always been able to access appropriate counsel easily.’

‘Strong set with regard to personal injury and clinical negligence practitioners.’

‘Outer Temple is an established, top-ranking chambers. It has both track record and a modern commercial approach. There are many strong choices of counsel. It is a most impressive set.’      


‘Mark Gardner is a meticulous and organised clerk who offers a superb service. He is an asset to Outer Temple Chambers.’

12 King's Bench Walk

12 King’s Bench Walk is noted for its ‘increasingly strong clinical negligence presence’; the team are well-versed in a breadth of cases including the complex areas of birth, brain and spinal cord injury. The ‘incredible barristers’ in the set include catastrophic injury specialist and ‘formidable opponent’ William Audland KC; a noteworthy recent success of his being on the case of AB v Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust wherein he and ‘promising junior’ Isaac Hogarth secured a settlement of £1.85m and annual lifetime periodical payments for an elderly grandmother who suffered hypoxic brain injury and multiple organ failure as a result of loss of blood caused by negligent groin hernia repair surgery. Turning to the set’s juniors, Edward Ramsay is acting on some particularly complex psychiatric injury and fatal cases.



‘A well-run set with an increasingly strong clinical negligence presence and some very promising juniors – notably Isaac Hogarth and Vanessa Cashman.’    

‘An excellent set. Counsel are regularly available and the webinar free training programmes the set provides are of excellent quality.’    

‘A good set with a strong reputation.’

’12 King’s Bench Walk are a great set full of incredible barristers.’ 

‘Great set for clinical negligence with good breadth or expertise and knowledge at all levels. They also offer a great webinar series on clinical negligence.’      


‘Clerks are very efficient and pleasant to deal with.’    


Cloisters is well-known as a ‘pre-eminent set for clinical negligence’, with ‘impressive barristers at all levels’. In particular, the ‘outstanding’ William Latimer-Sayer KC acts on consistently complex matters and has noteworthy expertise in quantum. Simon Taylor KC has continued his impressive work, namely on catastrophic birth and brain injury cases. Further, junior Hannah Godfrey has notably acted as sole counsel on multiple catastrophic injury cases in the High Court. Additionally, Tamar Burton has done impressive work drafting high-value and complex schedules of loss, whilst Linda Jacobs has acted successfully for the claimant on the high-profile matter of Bridgman v University Hospitals and Warwickshire NHS Trust, in which case the deceased had an operation to remove a benign brain tumour which left him in a vegetative state, further procedures to stop haemorrhaging produced by the surgical technique used to remove the tumour resulted in the meningitis which ultimately caused his death.



Cloisters remain one of our go-to sets, with impressive barristers at all levels and a commercial perspective.’

‘Excellent chambers – good choice of counsel, efficient clerks – a good set to work with.’

‘Cloisters are a leading clinical negligence set, they have good strength-in-depth.’

‘Cloisters is a pre-eminent set for clinical negligence.’    

‘The set has high-standards for admission and the newest recruits bear this out.’


Chambers are supported by a very able and enthusiastic team of clerks.’


Devereux is ‘a great set with a broad depth of experience in the field of medical negligence’. ‘Leader in the field’ Robert Glancy KC has continued to work on catastrophic brain and spinal cases as well as birth injury cases. Robert Weir KC acted for the claimants on the particularly noteworthy Court of Appeal case Paul and Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, in which the deceased’s young daughters witnessed his heart attack, which occurred 14-months after he was treated for acute coronary symptoms – it is alleged at his initial consultation he should have been given a coronary angiogram which would have revealed his coronary artery disease and ultimately prevented his death; the claimants have been granted approval for hearing at the Supreme Court on this matter. Junior Colin Mendoza, described as having a ‘vast wealth of experience’ in the field, is developing a specialism in complex surgical negligence and brain injury cases.



‘Exceptional set, with leading junior and senior counsel.’

‘Devereux Chambers are a great set with a broad depth of experience in the field of medical negligence.’

‘The barristers are fearless and willing to take on difficult cases.’    

‘This is a set with friendly and supportive counsel.’

‘Devereux are a tremendous set. They have great silks and fantastic senior juniors.’    


‘Very helpful and amenable clerks – I would particularly single-out Cyrus Biggs and Zoe Hamilton.’    

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers has a strong reputation for its clinical negligence ‘expertise’ and its ‘strength-in-depth’ in the field. Ben Collins KC continues to act on impressive matters, including the high-profile blood inquiry case of McLean v Secretary of State for Health and the dental cases of Hughes v Rattan and Pawley v Whitecross Dental, which established that patients have the right to sue dental practices, not just individual dentists. Junior Sophie Beesley  is developing a specialism in complex brain, birth and psychiatric injury work. Charles Woodhouse KC took silk in the 2022 round.



‘Increasing its recognition as one of the top specialist clinical negligence sets in my view.’

‘Some exceptional barristers here.’

‘A chambers that we are continually going back to for the expertise and individual counsel.’

‘This chambers have strength-in-depth.’


‘A great clerking team. William Meade, Olivia Moliterno and Joe Kallas deserve a special mention.’

The clerks are always willing to engage, offer training and have a very collaborative approach.’