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Leading Silks

Alexander Antelme KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Alexander has a thorough grasp of complex medical causation issues'
Neil Block KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Neil's analysis of any case is excellent. His presentation in court is fearless and courteous.'
John de Bono KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘John is excellent in every possible way. He is concise and definite with his advice, extremely good with clients and sensitive to their needs.’  
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersBen is calm under pressure, thorough, thoughtful and puts claimants and their families at ease. His advocacy is again calm, measured and highly effective.’   
Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Lizanne is an absolute powerhouse. Her knowledge is unrivalled.'
Philip Havers KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Philip has a firm grasp on the detail of the cases he presents, and presents compelling counter arguments.'
Alexander Hutton KCHailsham Chambers ‘Alexander is first-class – he is a strong advocate, has excellent attention to detail and is able to grapple with the most complex issues in clinical negligence liability and quantum cases.’
Christopher Johnston KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersChristopher remains a go-to silk for clinical cases of utmost complexity. His forensic agendas remain the stuff of legend and ensure that all angles are covered.’
Sarah Vaughan Jones KC2 Temple Gardens 'Exceptional abilities - a cut above the rest.'
William Latimer-Sayer KCCloisters ‘Quantum advice of the very highest standard; and always ready with creative and thoughtful ideas.'
Simeon Maskrey KC7BRSimeon is a master advocate who is hugely impressive on his feet.'
Angus Moon KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers  ‘Angus has an incredible attention to detail, he is a great advocate and negotiator.'
Michael Mylonas KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Michael is a truly brilliant barrister. His knowledge is superior, and he is not afraid of a fight.'
Dominic Nolan KCHailsham Chambers ‘Dominic is a fierce advocate with a talent for cutting through the issues and focusing on the salient legal points.'
Robin Oppenheim KCDoughty Street Chambers 'Robin is highly intelligent and extremely experienced and knowledgeable in this field; a great eye for detail and lovely manner with clients.'
David Pittaway KCHailsham Chambers ‘David is extremely experienced in this field, providing considered and detailed advice in the most challenging procedural high-value cases.’
Simon Readhead KCDeka ChambersSimon is very collaborative and his attention to detail is second-to-none. He is extremely diligent and thorough.’
Paul Rees KC1 Crown Office Row 'He has an unstinting appetite for hard work.'
Simon Taylor KCCloisters ‘Simon is extremely thorough and adopts a methodological analytical approach to cases. He has a sound understanding of the medical issues and is not afraid to tackle unique and complex issues. He is a confident advocate that offers a safe pair of hands.'  
Robert Weir KCDevereux ‘Quite simply, outstanding. He has the ability to set out the most complex legal points in a clear, straightforward way and his drafting is exemplary. A force to be reckoned with.’ 
John Whitting KC1 Crown Office Row 'A sublime silk who works fabulously with juniors.'
Edward Bishop KCDeka ChambersEdward's highly intelligent and thoughtful approach to litigation in this difficult area of law makes him the first choice when seeking to challenge legal points or take an innovative approach to quantum. He is an eloquent and persuasive advocate at the top of his field.'
Benjamin Browne KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Ben is a truly outstanding barrister. He is meticulous in his approach to cases and always provides incisive and authoritative advice.’
Charlie Cory-Wright KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Charlie is an outstanding advocate who is clear, engaging and persuasive.' 
Lord Faulks KCDeka Chambers - 'He is insightful, analytical and is exceptional in being able to cut through the evidence to understand the crux of the claim.'
Robert Glancy KCDevereux ‘Fantastic with clients, putting them at ease and as a result they trust him with their case. His drafting is excellent, with attention to detail second-to-none.’
Adrian Hopkins KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Adrian is a titan in the field of medical negligence. His advice is faultless.'
Michael Horne KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'An excellent advocate, calm and unflappable - a real authority in the courtroom.'
Angus McCullough KC1 Crown Office Row 'Angus is quite simply brilliant; he is incisive, erudite and immensely knowledgeable, with a practical approach to litigation.'
Julian Picton KCHailsham Chambers ‘A methodical and highly detailed approach to complex legal and medical issues – advocacy second-to-none.’ 
Andrew Post KCHailsham Chambers 'A natural advocate - forensic and persuasive.'   
Hugh Preston KC7BR ‘Hugh is fearless in taking on difficult and complex cases all the way through to trial, if necessary.'
Henry Witcomb KC1 Crown Office Row ‘Henry is thoughtful but decisive and his advices are second-to-none.’
Eliot Woolf KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Razor sharp intellect and a wonderful style with clients. A fantastic litigator.'
Judith Ayling KC39 Essex ChambersJudith is careful and intuitive - she is assiduous and a great technical lawyer while being technically astute.'
Charles Bagot KCGatehouse Chambers ‘Charles is extremely clever, detailed and his attention to detail is impressive.'
Richard Booth KC1 Crown Office Row ‘A real star of the clinical negligence Bar.’
Margaret Bowron KC1 Crown Office Row 'I love to work with and am unfailingly impressed by Margaret Bowron.'
Clodagh Bradley KC1 Crown Office Row 'Clodagh is in many ways the perfect advocate. She is always scrupulously prepared and in control of the material in front of her.'
Emily Formby KC39 Essex ChambersEmily is an intellectual heavyweight. She is calm, inspires confidence, and is always extremely well prepared.'
Simon Fox KC – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Simon is truly inspiring and excellent at what he does.'
Jonathan Hand KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘A true exception in the industry, Jonathan is a very effective and well-balanced advocate.'
Caroline Harrison KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Really empathetic with the clients and able to narrate their story in a clear and persuasive way. Able to take a holistic view of the bigger picture, whilst still being able to pick up on minute potential inconsistencies.'
Jeremy Hyam KC1 Crown Office Row 'I have been very impressed with Jeremy Hyam. He is highly intelligent, thoughtful and great to work with.'
Robert Kellar KC – 1 Crown Office Row ‘Robert's pleadings are beautifully crafted, his advice calm and collected and he is fantastic with clients and experts alike.'
Jacob Levy KCDeka ChambersHis knowledge of the law and tactical approach cannot be matched, one of best claimant counsel in the UK. A clear, prepared, brilliant advocate who you can rely upon to fight your client's corner.'
Bradley Martin KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Bradley is one of the best clinical negligence silks. He is interested, inquisitive and has a great way with expert witnesses. His advice is always considered and his judgement is exceptional.'
Farrah Mauladad KC - Crown Office Chambers 'Farrah has the incredible ability to distil complex legal and medical issues and advise on strategy in a straightforward format. ' 
Stuart McKechnie KCDeka Chambers ‘Stuart's fierce intelligence combined with his careful and thorough preparation and forensic attention to detail results in outstanding outcomes for clients.'
Martin Porter KC2 Temple GardensMartin has an enormous intellect and a laser focus. He quickly identifies the key points in a case and plans his strategy accordingly.'
Susan Rodway KC39 Essex Chambers 'A brilliant barrister who fights for the clients she represents.'
Nathan Tavares KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Nathan is excellent; exemplary client care skills; attention to detail and knowledge of the law absolutely brilliant.'
Grahame Aldous KCDeka Chambers ‘Grahame commands the room, he is unflappable. He is an extremely skilled advocate who is passionate about his work. He shows a great deal of empathy and compassion to clients.'
William Audland KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘William is a first-class silk. His knowledge and communication are excellent ensuring the key issues are identified and the client understands their case, the issues and the options.’
Gerard Boyle KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Gerard is a leader in the field, a brilliant advocate, tactically astute, incredibly personable and good with clients.'  
James Counsell KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘A terrific advocate, his attention to detail is incredible in cross examination and submissions.' 
Sarah Crowther KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Sarah has exceptional knowledge and experience of cross-border PI and clinical negligence work.'
Bridget Dolan KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Bridget is a formidable and fearless advocate.'
Joel Donovan KCCloisters 'Hugely experienced and one of the greats in this field. Very safe pair of hands and brilliant manner with clients. Clearly well respected by his opponents and the judiciary when on his feet'
Simon Dyer KCCloisters ‘Excellent in court, thorough and good at explaining matters to clients and getting the best out of experts.'
Katharine Gollop KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Katie is a leader in the field: a brilliant and formidable advocate, she is tactically astute, tenacious and prepared to go the extra-mile.'
Jonathan Holl-Allen KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Jon is an excellent advocate - thoughtful, measured and unflappable.'
Andrew Kennedy KC - 1 Crown Office Row 'Andrew is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He gets to grips with complex details and issues very quickly.'
Sarah Lambert KC – 1 Crown Office Row 'She is skilled in explaining complex legal points in clear language for all to understand.'
Giles Mooney KCDeka Chambers ‘Giles inspires great confidence on the most difficult of cases. He fights hard on the difficult cases, always has a positive approach and is great with the clients.'
Henry Pitchers KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Henry is a leader in his field. He is strategic, intelligent, knows his subject inside out, a compelling advocate, and has excellent drafting skills.'
Debra Powell KC - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Debra is a clear and pragmatic thinker with a very direct and engaging approach to negotiation.'
Neil Sheldon KC1 Crown Office RowNeil is extremely personable, connects with the clients showing empathy alongside his outstanding legal knowledge.'
Owain Thomas KC1 Crown Office Row 'An extraordinary ability to absorb a huge amount of complex clinical detail and then deploy that in a cross-examination. I saw no weakness in that tour de force, or generally in his advocacy.'
James Todd KC39 Essex Chambers ‘A skilled advocate, good with witnesses, experts and addressing the court in submissions.'
David Tyack KC - No5 Barristers' Chambers 'David's strength are his attention to detail, his technical knowledge, his knowledge of quantum and ability to understand the medical evidence so quickly.'
Rachel Vickers KC – Outer Temple Chambers ‘Rachel is an impeccable barrister of the highest quality, with attention to detail and ability to deal with the most complex issues.’
Adam Weitzman KC7BR ‘Adam is a master of detail and a formidable advocate.'

2022 Silks

Laura Johnson KCDeka Chambers ‘Her all-round skill set is among the best. Excellent at the law, drafting statements of case and with witnesses.’
Laura Johnson KC - Deka Chambers 'A superb technical lawyer with a strong advocacy style and willing to take a risk on difficult cases.'
Claire Toogood KC - Crown Office Chambers Claire is a strong and forceful negotiator and advocate.
Claire Toogood KC – Crown Office Chambers ‘Claire is a pleasure to work with, a very skilled advocate with an excellent grasp of complex medical issues.’
Claire Watson KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersClaire is a great strategist, she cuts to the chase and finds solutions. She is good with clients and very personable, and a persuasive advocate.'
Lucy Wyles KC - 2 Temple Gardens 'Lucy is practical, has a great attention to detail and is great with clients.'

2023 Silks

Richard Baker KC7BR ‘Richard is a top-quality counsel. His attention-to-detail is excellent, as are his drafting skills and his ability to identify the key issues of a case. He is a formidable advocate and has dealt with a number of tricky applications on cases for clients over the years.’    
Richard Baker KC - 7BR  'Richard is an impressive advocate. He is clear, calm and persuasive.'
Neil Davy KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers Neil provides excellent and invaluable advice' 
Nicola Greaney KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Nicola has a superb analytical mind and is very calm under pressure.'

2024 Silks

Anna Beale KCCloistersAnna is extremely bright, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of her cases. She is responsive, her pleadings are well drafted, and she has an excellent manner with both clients and experts.'
Sarah Fraser Butlin KCCloistersSarah is very bright, always well prepared, and she works with an intuitive grasp of the crucial medical and legal issues.’

Leading Juniors

Laura BegleyDeka Chambers ‘Excellent advocacy and written and speaking skills, deployed in resolution of complex and high-value claims.’ 
Richard CartwrightDevereuxFantastic, first-rate senior barrister. He is approachable and makes pragmatic decisions on complex cases, leading through to brilliant results for clients.’
Ranald DavidsonSerjeants’ Inn ChambersRanald is a star, an excellent advocate – superb at his job, reliable and faultless’ 
Peter EllisHailsham Chambers ‘Peter’s pleadings are a masterclass in clarity and he is particularly adept in conference with clinicians and medical experts at securing open and frank discussion. A true credit to the Bar.’
Jane Tracy ForsterHailsham Chambers ‘Jane is meticulous and thorough with her analysis of records and expert evidence; and can really identify the nub of a case with ease.'  
Cara Guthrie1 Crown Office Row 'Cara Guthrie is outstanding, super smart but incredibly busy.'
Anna Hughes2 Temple Gardens ‘Anna is an outstanding junior - meticulously prepared, a great advocate, fights her corner firmly but fairly.'
Matthew JacksonHailsham Chambers ‘Excellent attention to detail, forensic approach to the case, particularly in respect of complex medical and causation evidence.'
Charlotte JonesCrown Office Chambers  'Charlotte is an outstanding barrister. She has incredible attention to detail in her written documentation, is a great advocate, and her advocacy skills are something to be admired.'
Heidi KnightSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Heidi is a very skilled clinical negligence counsel – she is not only an excellent technician but also excellent with claimants and families.’
Tejina Mangat –Hailsham Chambers ‘Tejina is very intelligent and can distil difficult problems down into simple solutions very quickly.’
Julian Matthews7BR ‘Julian's knowledge and preparation are outstanding. He is tactically astute and an excellent negotiator.'
Richard PartridgeSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'A powerful yet unpretentious negotiator and advocate.'
Nicholas PeacockHailsham Chambers ‘Nick is experienced and knowledgeable, understanding fully the strengths and risks in the cases he handles.' 
Harry Trusted – 2 Temple Gardens ‘Technically formidable on all aspects of quantum, with unrivalled litigation experience and backed by good judgement and a calm confidence as an advocate and negotiator.’
Andrew Bershadski2 Temple GardensHighly intelligent and very hard working. He is a forceful and persuasive advocate including in the Supreme Court.' 
Henry Charles12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Henry is outstanding, especially when he combines his remarkable knowledge with his attention to detail. Henry is a compelling advocate with a calm convincing style.'
Romilly Cummerson39 Essex Chambers ‘Highly intelligent and very diligent, Romilly is exceptionally hard working and her written work is of the highest standard.'
Robert Cumming2 Temple Gardens ‘An absolute pleasure to work with. Provides in-depth analysis and application of the law in novel and complex areas of law. An expert in his field.'
Catherine EwinsHailsham Chambers ‘Catherine is an outstanding barrister. She is intellectually brilliant and her attention to detail is remarkable.'
Caroline HallisseySerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Caroline is a star option– she understands the medicine in the case and deals very well with experts.’
Harriet JerramOuter Temple Chambers ‘Harriet is an extremely thorough and able medical negligence barrister. She has an eye for detail, is very thorough and is always on top of the evidence.' 
Simon King7BRExtremely knowledgeable and experienced. No nonsense, clear, advice on liability and quantum, good with clients.'
Scott MatthewsonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Scott is very experienced, a persuasive advocate and an able negotiator.'
Timothy Meakin7BR ‘A skilled advocate with first-rate communication skills and a great ability to put clients at their ease.’ 
Jane MishconHailsham Chambers  ‘Very thorough, tactically strong, persuasive advocate: in essence, a very tough but respected opponent.'
Jeremy Pendlebury7BR ‘Jeremy is good with clients, a real fighter and a tenacious advocate.'
Eloise PowerSerjeants’ Inn ChambersPassionate about her cases and trying to get the best result for clients. An effective advocate, able to present complex issues clearly.'
Erica PowerCrown Office Chambers Erica has incredible attention to detail, a very smart and competent barrister, with a great command of medicine as well as the legal principles.'
Helen Wolstenholme2 Temple GardensHelen is technically excellent, extremely knowledgeable and very articulate.’
James AldridgeOuter Temple Chambers ‘James is really good, very able and can be trusted in a big negotiation.’
Katie AyresCrown Office Chambers ‘Highly intelligent.’
Henry Bankes-JonesHailsham Chambers ‘Henry has an efficiency of pleading which is an object lesson in draftsmanship. Very sharp mind, brings an air of calm to any situation, with an understated tone yet a steely resolve to his advocacy which engages and gets to the crux of matters in short order.'
Matthew Barnes1 Crown Office Row ‘Calm, skillful, erudite, and laser-focused when cross-examining witnesses.’
Sophie BeesleyOld Square Chambers ‘Sophie is simply one of the most impressive clinical negligence juniors. She is meticulously prepared, a clear thinker and a persuasive advocate. She has developed an outstanding practice in claimant clinical negligence work.'
Jonathan Bertram7BRIncredible attention to detail and analytical ability. He always deals with instructions efficiently and finds practical solutions to the most challenging cases.'
Ben BradleyOuter Temple ChambersBen is quite simply outstanding. His analytical mind is extraordinary.'
Tamar BurtonCloisters 'An impressive junior counsel with great analytical skills and a sharp legal brain.'
Nicola Campbell-ClauseHailsham Chambers 'Nicola is the embodiment of the art of advocacy, prepared for any eventuality.'
Vanessa Cashman12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Vanessa combines keen analytical skills with genuine empathy. She has proven herself capable of dealing with some extremely complicated clinical negligence cases.' 
Sarah Christie-Brown - Hailsham Chambers 'An impressive and shrewd tactician, Sarah is an excellent senior; she is always meticulously prepared, skilled on her feet and deeply empathetic with clients.'
Daniel Clarke – Outer Temple Chambers ‘Daniel has good attention to detail and is tactically astute. His advocacy is clear, concise and he presents arguments with authority.'
Emma Corkill39 Essex Chambers ‘Emma is outstanding. Her analytical skills and ability to dissect complex areas of medicine set her out from her peers.'
Thomas CrockettHailsham ChambersThomas is a rising star - super quick, incisive, sensible, and knowledgeable'
Robert DickasonOuter Temple Chambers ‘Rob is extremely efficient and soundly astute, quick to get to the issues and great with witnesses.'
Lisa DobieDeka Chambers ‘Lisa is a very impressive barrister and advocate, a rising star. She is thorough, personable and a pleasure to work with.'
Conor Dufficy 7BR ‘Conor is phenomenally bright. He is able to anticipate the way in which cases will unfold and make the right judgement calls accordingly.’
Eva FergusonHailsham Chambers ‘Eva has a complete mastery of her brief going beyond the line of duty to secure the best outcome for her clients and is much beloved by them as a consequence.'
Tim FoundFarrar’s Building ‘Tim's advocacy is first class: focused, always relevant and never a bad point taken. He is great on his feet and in cross-examining witnesses.'
Quintin Fraser39 Essex Chambers ‘Quintin has a real attention to detail. His advocacy is calm and collected and he articulates the arguments in a clear and persuasive manner.'
Richard Furniss42BR Barristers ‘Richard is very focused and gets straight to the crux of the case - he evaluates the evidence and makes sound judgements without losing the nuances of the case.'
Tom GibsonOuter Temple Chambers ‘Tom is clear and methodical in his approach to things. His advice is always clear and practical demonstrating awareness of not only the matters important to the client but the commercial aspects to a case as well.'
Bruno Gil – Old Square Chambers ‘Good at picking up on the small but vital points to help bring home a claim. Capable of working well with KCs from other sets and gives unbiased opinions and perspectives on the reality of case merits.’
James GilberthorpeHailsham Chambers ‘James is tenacious and passionate about getting the best outcome for the client.'
John Gimlette1 Crown Office Row ‘John is the go-to barrister to instruct on any matter with an element of complexity.’
Christopher HoughSerjeants’ Inn ChambersChristopher is an all-round star performer. He gets to grips easily with difficult issues and he is precise and concise.’
Robert HunterDevereux ‘Incredibly astute and can assimilate a huge amount of information and boil it down to the key elements. His written work always has a feel of real quality his drafting is second-to-none.’
Linda JacobsCloisters 'Linda has great attention to detail, she is tactically astute in respect of evidential issues.'
Clementine Coram JamesHailsham Chambers ‘Clementine has all the accolades of a hugely impressive barrister, and will certainly be a leading barrister in the years to come.'  
Harry LambertCrown Office Chambers  ‘Good attention to detail and excellent advocacy - he is persuasive, tough, and gets his points across firmly.'
Nigel Spencer LeyFarrar’s Building ‘Nigel is extremely pleasant to work with. His pleadings are persuasive, he is good in conference with experts and very responsive.'
Kate Lumbers7BR ‘Kate is thorough, and very good with clients - she puts them at ease.'
Jamie Mathieson – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Jamie is a pleasure to work with. He is always well prepared, incredibly intelligent and has a fantastic way with clients which immediately puts them at ease.'
Vanessa McKinlayGatehouse Chambers ‘Superb attention to detail. Very sympathetic client manner.'
Colin MendozaDevereuxColin is the counsel you want fighting for your client in a difficult liability case. He is not afraid of making strategic decisions, that many would shy away from, in order to get the best outcome.’
Sebastian NaughtonSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘An excellent and intelligent barrister, who is lovely with clients.'  
Aidan O’BrienFarrar’s Building ‘Aidan is a brilliant barrister. He is very good on his feet at court and in ADR.'
Francesca O’NeillDeka Chambers - 'Francesca is formidable. She is on top of the issues straight away, is easily contactable and handles matters with sensitivity and care.'
Nicholas PilsburyHailsham Chambers 'Nick is technically astute and has excellent attention to detail coupled with strategic thinking'
Angus PiperDeka Chambers ‘Angus has the ability to cut through the complexities of cases and provide well-reasoned and succinct advice to his clients.’
Helen PooleyDeka Chambers - 'Helen is extremely thorough. Her attention to detail is exemplary and her ability to see through to the key medical issues is very impressive.' 
Paul Reynolds1 Crown Office Row ‘Paul is very thorough, very bright and forensic.' 
Dominic Ruck Keene 1 Crown Office Row ‘A bright intellectual counsel, easily able to see the complexities of cases and coherently explain those issues to the lay clients in a kind, sensitive and sensible way whilst sympathising with their complex needs and injuries.’ 
Shahram Sharghy  – 1 Crown Office Row  'Shahram is polite but tenacious and gets a great result.'
Richard Smith1 Crown Office Row ‘Richard is thorough yet efficient. He is responsive and his clear and unambiguous advice always instils confidence.'
John-Paul Swoboda12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Experienced advocate who is highly diligent, quick to respond and very personable with clients.' 
Holly TibbittsDeka Chambers ‘Excellent analytical skills - a very good advocate who makes her points succinctly and with real clarity and force.' 
Simon TriggerDeka ChambersSimon is extremely helpful, approachable, and is able to turn round instructions within a good timeframe. Clients like him as he is friendly and down-to-earth.’
Adam Walker7BR ‘Adam is able to grasp the most complicated of medical issues. He is excellent with both clients and medical experts.' 
James Weston7BR ‘A true expert in his field - a great legal mind that is complemented by an ability to provide highly strategic advice.'
Simon Wheatley7BRSimon has brilliant client care skills and an ability to be pragmatic whilst keeping the client aware that he is totally on their side.'
Nadia WhittakerCrown Office Chambers Nadia is an impressive advocate both in writing and on her feet. She is able to articulate the risks of a case with sensitivity and clarity leaving lay clients confident of her recommendations'. 
Oliver Williamson Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Oliver is extremely knowledgeable, with a meticulous eye for detail.'
Gemma Witherington – Crown Office Chambers ‘Gemma has a very good eye for detail in all aspects of any given claim, as well as a very strong grasp of the clinical basis underpinning given claims.'
Victoria WoodbridgeCrown Office Chambers ‘A first-class barrister who goes the extra mile achieving excellent results.’
Leanne Woods1 Crown Office Row 'A diligent and incisive junior.'
William Wraight – 2 Temple Gardens ‘William is a delight to work with. He has an excellent eye for detail and always impresses with his preparation.'
Samantha Jones  - 39 Essex Chambers 'Samantha is very organised and her mastery of the facts is superb.  Her leadership and strategic decision making is exceptional and far beyond her call.'
Daniel Laking - 39 Essex Chambers 'Daniel is incredibly sharp, with an ability to absorb and analyse large volumes of information quickly and accurately, following which he formulates sound advice and strategy.'
Rory Badenoch – 1 Crown Office Row 'A junior with excellent client care skills.'
Heather Beckett  – Goldsmith Chambers ‘Heather has an unmatched ability to absorb complex medical and dental issues and to quickly get to the core of a difficult case by identifying key issues.’
Christian Du Cann39 Essex Chambers ‘Christian is a hugely experienced advocate. He has an excellent manner with clients, showing great empathy.’  
Chris Canning  - 7BR 'An outstanding advocate with a brilliant legal brain.'
Craig Carr  – 7BR ‘Craig has a keen eye to detail and is calm and measured in his advice and negotiation, helping to achieve excellent results on cases.'
Camilla Church 39 Essex Chambers ‘Camilla is a persuasive advocate and incredibly skillful. A pleasure to work with.' 
Marcus Coates-Walker – 1 Crown Office Row 'A compassionate, patient and articulate junior.'
Simon CridlandSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Extremely personable, very empathetic with clients in difficult situations but able to deliver challenging advice in a clear and supportive manner. Always across the issues and incisive on tactics.' 
Jeremy CrowtherDeka Chambers ‘Jeremy is clear and concise with his advice. He is very thorough, yet is able to identify the issues in a case simply and advise on a clear way forward.' 
Ella DavisDeka Chambers ‘Attention to detail, a clear communicator and good with the clients'.
Adam DawsonDeka Chambers ‘Adam is a good advocate with meticulous attention to detail and is able to put forward a clear, well-reasoned argument.'
Jim Duffy1 Crown Office Row ‘Jim is an exceptional barrister. He is thorough and practical and his preparation is second-to-none.’
Liam Duffy Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Liam is very quick on his feet, and good at quickly coming to grips with complex issues.'
Sarah Edwards7BR ‘Sarah is meticulous in her approach and always provides clear detailed advice. Her advocacy is second-to-none.’ 
Laura Elfield – Deka Chambers ‘Laura has an exceptional eye for detail and her drafting and advocacy skills are first-class. She displays a forensic approach to the medical evidence and is excellent with experts in conference.’
Jessica Elliott – 1 Crown Office Row 'Jessica Elliott is an excellent barrister who has fantastic technical ability and an ability to build a great rapport with experts and clients.'
Emma-Louise Fenelon – 1 Crown Office Row 'I routinely instruct Emma-Louise Fenelon and find her excellent to work with.'
Perrin GibbonsDeka Chambers – ‘Perrin is a fantastic barrister. She is detailed in her approach and understands complex medical issues easily.’
Stephen GoodfellowNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Stephen is a very calm advocate who sets clients at ease during conference. He is very well prepared and a very strong negotiator.'
Deirdre Goodwin7BR 'Deirdre has excellent attention to detail and is tenacious.'
Richard Grimshaw, No5 Barristers' Chambers 'An impressive analytical mind, with insightful and timely strategic advice resulting in great results for clients.'
Mamta Gupta – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Mamta's great strengths are her attention to detail and drafting. She is extremely thorough in conference and is a pleasure to work with.'
David HainesOuter Temple Chambers ‘David’s forensic and comprehensive approach is second-to-none. He leaves no stone unturned.’
Conrad HallinSerjeants’ Inn Chambers 'Conrad is thorough, forensic and tenacious.' 
Roger Harris2 Temple Gardens ‘Roger is a pragmatic and no-nonsense litigator, getting straight to the crux of matters with ease.'
Clare Hennessy - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Clare is a strong advocate with a good grasp of the law. She is also excellent with witnesses and provides very practical advice.'
Isaac Hogarth 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sharp minded and an unbeatable attention to detail. He never leaves a stone unturned. A very safe pair of hands.'
David JuckesHailsham Chambers ‘David is very conscientious, has excellent attention to detail and his knowledge is extensive.'
Suzanne Lambert1 Crown Office Row 'A concise and serene junior who prepares thoroughly.'
Jemma Lee – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Jemma is a very bright and incisive barrister with a clear sense of a case and the issues.’
Patricia Leonard  - 7BR 'Patricia is technically excellent, eloquent and very client focused.'
Chesca LordCloistersChesca has a brilliant eye for detail, especially where complex Schedules of Loss are concerned. Fantastic attention to minutiae of detail and an amazingly quick analytical brain.'
Rachel Marcus 1 Crown Office Row 'A punchy, pragmatic advocate.'
Martyn McLeishCloistersMartyn has excellent drafting skills, great client relationship skills and his advocacy skills are also excellent. He is able to get to the heart of complex issues quickly.’
Justin Meiland Hailsham Chambers ‘Justin is a meticulous barrister. He has an extraordinary ability to get to the crux of the issues when dealing with complex cases.'
Aneurin Moloney Gatehouse Chambers ‘Aneurin is extremely thorough with great attention to detail. His advice is always very practical.'
Jo Moore1 Crown Office Row 'I cannot speak highly enough of Jo, she is truly exceptional; experienced well above her years of call and makes clever, considered, persuasive arguments.'
Richard Mumford – 1 Crown Office Row ‘Richard is a strong advocate with great attention to detail.’
David MyhillCrown Office Chambers David is an incredibly capable barrister with an enviable command of the law.'
Hannah Noyce 1 Crown Office Row 'An astute, highly intellectual junior.'
Helen Pagett  – Crown Office Chambers  ‘Helen has progressed from a junior to a senior rapidly and now advises on complex, high-value claims.’    
Andrew Perfect - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Andrew is a very well prepared, assured and confident in his presentation.'
Edward Ramsay12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Huge attention to detail with a razor-sharp intellect and fantastic on his feet.’ 
Pritesh Rathod 1 Crown Office Row 'Pritesh Rathod is impressive.'
Naomi Rees – Old Square Chambers ‘An impressive advocate. Her skill has resulted in eliciting key information from witnesses and key outcomes have been established through Naomi’s thorough and tenacious yet sensitive approach.’
Charlotte Reynolds12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Great attention to detail. Really good attitude and ability to manage insurer clients and clinicians in tricky and emotional situations'
Hugh RimmerDeka ChambersHugh is a dream to work with. He is great with clients and a strong advocate.'
Benedict Rodgers - Deka Chambers 'Ben is highly professional in his approach. He is tactically astute and knowledgeable, presents a calm persona, and is ever-ready to assist in a generous fashion.'
Hannah Saxena  - Farrar's Building 'Hannah has a good understanding very complex and risky cases. She gets to grips with complex expert evidence quickly.'
Anthony Searle - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Anthony is a formidable adversary, able to predict how the other side might respond and very thorough and diligent in his work.'
Dominique SmithDeka Chambers ‘Dominique has an incredible grasp of the intricate details of a case and gets straight to the heart of the subject matter.'
Daniel Sokol12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Daniel is extraordinarily bright and a highly effective litigator. He has sound judgement and good commercial awareness. He is an singularly impressive lawyer who punches well above his level of call.’  
Abigail StampDeka Chambers ‘Acute attention to detail along with excellent analysis and understanding of complex medical evidence.'
Christopher StephensonDeka Chambers ‘Very personable, on top of his brief, and very practical and realistic in his approach.' 
Juliet Stevens Crown Office Chambers ‘Juliet is an excellent advocate and hugely impressive in conferences and settlement meetings. She has an excellent understanding of medicine, which sets her apart from other counsel.’
Sam Stevens 2 Temple Gardens ‘Sam provides clear and technical advice and is very good at client care.'
Olinga Tahzib – Outer Temple Chambers ‘Olinga is very thorough and has impeccable attention to detail. He leaves no stone unturned.’
Gurion Taussig - Deka Chambers 'Gurion is quite simply an exceptional barrister. His attention to detail is excellent and he couples this with significant experience and expertise in clinical negligence matters.'
David ThomsonDeka Chambers - 'David is excellent. His previous medical training, attention to detail and forensic approach to the medical records, witness statements and expert evidence make him a real asset particularly in cases that are complicated on either the evidence or the medicine.'
Nina Unthank 2 Temple Gardens ‘Nina is an exceptionally thorough, cerebral and reliable advisor. She has an incredible ability to forensically analyse and cut through medical and legal causation issues of the very highest complexity.’
Michael WalshSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘A wonderful barrister who is an expert in his field and handles the most complex and sensitive cases with ease.'
Bella WebbOld Square Chambers ‘Bella is extremely thorough. Her attention to detail is exceptional which makes her a reliable and highly trustworthy barrister - she leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the claim is watertight.'
Thea Wilson - 12 King's Bench Walk 'Thea is a very diligent and organised barrister with an excellent eye for detail. She is friendly and is brilliant with clients and in conference with medical experts.'
Thomas Wood42BR BarristersThomas is extremely thorough and explains intricacies of the law and the case well both in written advice and in conference.'
Will Young - Outer Temple Chambers 'Will is extremely thorough, with strong analytical skills. He has a lovely manner with clients and is able to describe complex concepts in a straightforward and accessible way.' 
Emma Zeb  – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Emma is an excellent barrister who has a wealth of knowledge. She is very detailed in her preparation and understands complex issues easily.'

Rising Stars

Rajkiran Barhey1 Crown Office Row 'A thorough and detail-orientated junior.'
Thomas Beamont – 1 Crown Office Row 'Thomas is bright and reliable.'
Susanna Bennett – Deka Chambers ‘Susanna is not only very clever but she has excellent judgement. She is one to watch.’
Rose Harvey-Sullivan 7BR ‘Rose has very good medical knowledge and understanding of medical issues. She is able to deal confidently and authoritatively with experts in conference, to a higher degree than her call would suggest.’
Paige Mason-Thom - 2 Temple Gardens 'Paige is extremely clever, very diligent and perceptive in her analysis of cases in a way which belies the number of years of her call.'
Spencer Turner – 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Spencer is very able all round barrister, and has developed particular expertise in high-value clinical negligence claims arising out of sporting injuries.’

Clinical negligence in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

The ‘brilliant set of counsel’ at 1 Crown Office Row cover claims concerning health care in England and Wales and beyond. A strong track record in multi-party claims, such as the Ian Paterson scandal and mesh litigation, are characteristic of the set. Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC has notable experience in birth injury cases, including CDE v Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, in which the claimant, born by caesarean section, suffered hypoxic ischaemia. Philip Havers KC also has experience in this area, as does John Whitting KC whose recent case of Yapp v Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust raises issues regarding whether compensation should persist after the death of the claimant parents and for the lifetime of the child. The set also has expertise in international cases, advising on litigation in Jersey, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.


The clerks at 1 Crown Office Row are outstanding. John Mclaren and Andy Tull couldn’t do more to help. Chloe Turvill is also a rising star.’

‘This is a brilliant set of Counsel. You know that instructing any counsel from this set means that you will have a barrister who is extremely talented and knowledgeable’

‘1 Crown Office Row is superb, you are always in trusted hands even if not used the barrister before as the clerks excel at their job. ‘

‘The clerks are fantastic. They are very helpful, accommodating and easy to deal with. They will always find a way to squeeze in a conference or inquest in a barrister’s very busy diary.’

‘The clerks are excellent. Professional, approachable and will always be willing to help.’

Work highlights


7BR‘s ‘leading silks’ and members of ‘strength at all levels of call‘ act for a range of claimant and defendant firms in high-profile cases concerning a range of medically complex issues, and offer expertise in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. Simeon Maskrey KC is currently instructed on behalf of the NHS to represent them on claims brought as a result of the COVID pandemic; in addition he has continuing involvement in the Paul, Polmear and Purchase conjoined appeals concerning the recoverability of damages by secondary victims of clinical negligence, specifically when they witness the death of a loved one – leading the appeal to the Supreme Court re-evaluating a line of case law stemming from the Hillsborough disaster. Hugh Preston KC recently led the TVT/TOT/TVM mesh implant litigation, concerning consent issues around mesh implantation, and has notable experience of complex birth injury claims. Birth injury claims are also an area of expertise for Richard Baker KC, who was elevated to silk in March 2023. Kate Lumbers also has particular expertise in claims in the obstetric arena.


‘Paul Eeles is fantastic. Some of the newer junior clerks such as Max Wright are also brilliant and happy to help.’

‘7BR are a fantastic set. They have leading silks and strength at all levels of call.’

‘Excellent set. Very experienced and approachable counsel in clinical negligence.’

‘The clerks don’t just know their barristers or the simplicity of what a case needs, they know what a case needs just as much as the lawyer does. That level of understanding and training means you get the right fit for the job every time.’

‘The clerks are fantastic. They really go above and beyond to ensure their solicitors and clients’ needs are met, and offer outstanding customer service. Could not recommend them strongly enough!’

Work highlights


Cloisters are ‘an excellent chambers for clinical negligence work‘, with ‘an excellent reputation with significant strength in depth‘. Simon Taylor KC ‘s priorv experience as a doctor supports his expertise in difficult medical issues; Joel Donovan KC has particular experience with severe brain injury and cauda equina cases. William Latimer-Sayer KC is recommended for ‘quantum advice of the highest standard’, acting on complex, high-value matters. Notably, he recently led junior Sarah Fraser Butlin KC in  HMA v Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, a case concerning a 13 year old boy who sustained a severe brain injury following surgery, leading to cerebral palsy and learning difficulties – a case involving disputed liability and complex quantum concerns. Junior Chesca Lord specialises in quantum-only cases, including those involving traumatic brain injuries.


‘Frankie Beale is very helpful and approachable’

‘Cloisters have good strength in depth at junior level. Members of chambers have excellent and wide ranging experience in clinical negligence litigation.’

‘An excellent chambers for clinical negligence work with a variety of counsel at different levels available.’

‘Good strength and depth in Clinical Negligence work, with a good mix of junior and senior counsel.’

‘They have an excellent reputation with significant strength in depth.’

‘The clerks at Cloisters are efficient and responsive.’

Work highlights

Hailsham Chambers

The ‘first-class’ clinical negligence barristers at Hailsham Chambers are ‘experts in their field’, acting for claimants and defendants. The set also has professional negligence and inquest practices, and members are experienced in mediation. Alexander Hutton KC was recently involved in the case of HM v Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – acting for the trust in an claim against them involving complications in an operation which led to brain damage. Tejina Mangat has experience in maximum severity injury cases, with significant medical expertise; Jane Tracy Forster has substantial experience in birth asphyxia claims, including claims involving cerebral palsy.


‘Michael Kilbey is excellent.’

‘An excellent clinical negligence set with strength in depth at all levels.’

‘An excellent set of chambers with some first-class barristers who are experts in their field and a real pleasure to work with.’

‘The clerks always provide a friendly, efficient and responsive service.’

‘The clerks are the backbone of Hailsham. Enquiries are always dealt with swiftly and expertly. The team are approachable and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. You know you are in safe hands with the clerks at Hailsham.’

Work highlights

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Serjeants’ Inn Chambers is ‘a very experienced set with expertise across the board‘, noted for their ‘depth of knowledge’. John De Bono KC acts for both claimants and defendants, a recent notable case being CNZ v Bath, a successful obstetric liability trial involving the acute hypoxic brain injury of a claimant in his mid-twenties – the case applying the 2015 Mongomery v Lanarkshire Health Board decision on informed consent to care in 1986. Eloise Power has a notable specialism in gynaecological matters. Neil Davy KC was appointed to silk in March 2023 - he handled Hughes v Rattan, in which the Court of Appeal determined that practice owners, despite owing a non-delegable duty of care in respect of associate dentists, are not vicariously liable for their actions.


‘The Clerks are great, from Lee Johnson, senior clerk, down. Very quick, efficient and easy to deal with.’

‘Serjeants Inn are quite simply the best set for advice on medical negligence. Their depth of knowledge is without equal.’

‘The clerks are brilliant at accommodating their clients, always going the extra mile. Lee Johnson, Clare Sabido and Jennifer Pooler are all very helpful. They are responsive, prompt, efficient and helpful. A real joy to work with.’

‘Helpful and a pleasure to work with. Josie Ryan in particular has been great – very efficient and prompt to deal with any queries.’

‘A very experienced set with expertise across the board, and able to offer excellent counsel suitable for a wide range of cases.’

Work highlights

2 Temple Gardens

2 Temple Gardens ‘have an impressive collection of juniors and silks‘, offering both ‘both experience and some very talented up and coming barristers‘. The set has particular experience in cross-border, multi-jurisdictional work: this year, Roger Harris, Charles Dougherty KC, Benjamin Phelps, Niazi Fetto KC and Andrew Bershadski  were all involved in the case of Roberts v Various Defendants in the Supreme Court, in which the claimant, a child of a British soldier serving in Germany whose mother received care by British midwives working with German doctors, was born in a German hospital in 2000 with cerebral palsy as a result of allegedly negligent treatment; the case brings up issues relating to jurisdiction and vicarious liability. Niazi Fetto KC took silk in March 2023, and Harry Trusted joined the set from Outer Temple Chambers in January 2023.


‘Consistently excellent clerking team led by Lee Tyler.’

‘Lee Tyler is an exceptional head clerk and his guidance reflects well on his juniors.’

‘Very professional clerks room. Billy Hammonds in particular balances friendliness with excellence – nothing is too much trouble.’

‘2 Temple Gardens have an impressive collection of juniors and silks, offering consistent quality.’

‘2 Temple Gardens are a “go to” chambers. They have both experience and some very talented up and coming barristers.’

Work highlights

39 Essex Chambers

‘Exceptional set of chambers’ 39 Essex Chambers offers expertise on a range of clinical negligence claims to clients from NHS Resolution to injured claimants. Nicola Greaney KC took silk in 2023, notably this year acting in a case in which a claimant with pre-existing psychiatric vulnerability developed complex PTSD from a non-consensual vaginal examination during childbirth. Neil Block KC has specialist experience in group claims, representing NHS Resolution in the ongoing vaginal mesh litigation, and leading Nicola Greaney KC in the Lariam group claims, in which soldiers are bringing claims of psychiatric and neuropsychiatric injury against the Ministry of Defence following the prescription of the anti-malarial also known by its generic name mefloquine– this case raises issues of Montgomery consent as well as complex medical causation.


‘Excellent clerking, very helpful and pragmatic.’

‘The clerks are fantastic. Always on hand to help and provide information quickly and efficiently.’

‘Superb clerking. Approachable, friendly, solution driven and satisfaction focused.’

’39 Essex are a great set, with huge variety of barristers across a range of expertise.’

’39 Essex is an exceptional set of Chambers. Great strength in depth and easy to engage with.’

Work highlights

Deka Chambers

Launched in October 2022 by the merger of 9 Gough Chambers and 1 Chancery Lane, Deka Chambers ‘has huge strength-in-depth from its silks to its juniors’ – bringing together the claimant and defendant-side strengths of both sets. Edward Bishop KC has notable experience in birth injury claims - he acted for the defendant in ZXB v UCL Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, a maximum severity birth injury claim involving issues of breach of duty, causation and material contribution. Laura Johnson KC  has involvement in the case of Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, representing the claimants whose father died following negligent failure to identify his heart problems – the cases touching on issues of case law, dating back to the wake of the Hillsborough disaster, on psychiatric injuries caused by witnessing injuries caused by negligence. Simon Readhead KC specialises in claims involving catastrophic neurological injuries, and turning to the set's juniors Laura Begley is a nother notable name, with experience in claims from negligent spinal surgery to injuries in vulnerable clients with pre-existing issues.


‘The clerks are great to deal with. Michael Goodridge is particularly helpful and always on the ball.’

‘The clerks room is excellent, brilliantly led by Michael Goodridge. Ellie Brand is also absolutely excellent.’

‘Deka Chambers has a plethora of knowledgeable barristers covering a wide range of case types/issues. There is always somebody that can help.’ 

‘Deka Chambers has huge strength-in-depth from its silks to its juniors. They are helpful and happy to contribute to discussion and training and to share helpful tips on cases.’ 

‘Exceptional clerks – the best in the business.’

Work highlights

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers is ‘full of excellent counsel from the most senior to the most junior’, including expert Alexander Antelme KC, who is currently involved on behalf of a surgeon accused of negligence in the conduct of rectal surgery, involving extensive regulatory investigation. Notably, Charlotte Jones is led in acting for the defendants in Paul, Polmear and Purchase v Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust, a case raising complex issues of liability for injuries to secondary victims - those who suffer psychiatric injuries as a result of witnessing injuries caused by negligence. Claire Toogood KC is recognised for her strength in claims involving complex medical issues.


‘Greg Frewin knows the strength and qualities of all the Counsel inside out and can always be relied upon to recommend the best Counsel for the job.’

‘The Clerks and administration is particularly strong with the likes of Lisa Searle and Connor Thomas offering excellent support.’

‘The Clerks are friendly, helpful and accommodating and offer a high level of service.’

‘The Chambers are and always have been full of excellent Counsel from the most senior to the most junior.’

‘Crown Office Chambers is a ‘go to’ Chambers, providing a consistently high level of service.’


Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers  has ‘good strength in depth at both silk and junior level’ in the clinical negligence space. Eliot Woolf KC has a notable specialism in wrongful birth cases, while Nathan Tavares is acting in the Lariam claimants v Ministry of Defence claim, concerning military personnel who suffered long-term psychiatric symptoms after being negligently prescribed an anti-malarial drug. Junior Tom Gibson appeared in the Purchase v Dr Ahmed claim, one of the three secondary victim conjoined appeals concerning psychiatric injury to those who have witnessed the death of a loved one due to negligence, which progressed to the Supreme Court in May 2023, he has additional strength in sports-related clinical negligence cases.


‘Paul Barton is an outstanding clerk, always finding solutions to any issues which arise.’

‘The clerking team within chambers is very efficient, responsive and offer excellent client care. Paul Barton in particular goes out of his way to service clients.’

‘The clerking service is second-to-none. Paul Barton and Mark Gardner, in particular, deserve special mention for being approachable, knowledgeable, personable and highly efficient.’

‘Outer Temple Chambers have good strength in depth at both silk and junior level. The chambers have particular expertise in high value and complex clinical negligence litigation and cross-border claims.’

‘Outer Temple Chambers have one of the leading clinical negligence sets in the country with a wide range of counsel at different levels of qualification. Across the board, the barristers are personable, accessible and easy to work with.’

Work highlights

12 King's Bench Walk

12 King’s Bench Walk has a ‘huge breadth of talent at all levels of experience’, with ‘very capable barristers’ including William Audland KC, who has notable expertise regarding spinal injury – including leading junior Isaac Hogarth in the case of  Ellis v Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, concluded late 2022, a case involving negligent diagnosis and treatment of a spinal epidural abscess leading to incomplete paraplegia, in which £3m was secured for a claimant after extensive collaborative efforts due to questions around how appropriate an award for provisional damages would be in the event that the claimant’s neurological condition deteriorated as a result of adjacent segment disease.


’12KBW have a very good clerking team led by Oliver Parkhouse. George Boggis is an excellent clerk and is always very responsive and helpful.’

‘George Boggis is stand-out. He is always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate in recommending 12KBW.’

‘A strong set all round with very capable barristers.’

‘Huge breadth of talent at all levels of experience.’

’12KBW are an excellent set. The standard of knowledge, work done and advocacy is very high. You know you are in safe hands with them.’

‘The clerks are exceptionally strong, quick and helpful and know which barrister to recommend for which case.’

Work highlights


Devereux is ‘an excellent set‘, acting on all aspects of clinical negligence, with particular expertise in high-value claims. Robert Weir KC is ‘a force to be reckoned with‘, notably acting this year for the claimants in the highly anticipated case of Paul and Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, heard in the Supreme Court in May 2023, determining whether family members who witness the death of a patient long after negligent treatment are able to make secondary victim claims. Robert Glancy KC has particular expertise in catastrophic brain and spinal injury cases, and notable experience in cases involving cerebral palsy. ‘Fantastic, first-rate senior barristerRichard Cartwright has notable expertise in birth trauma claims, including Erb’s palsy.


‘Excellent set, great silks as well as a crop of juniors and senior juniors who are consistently good.’

‘Exceptional clerks who want to do the best by their clients.’

‘They have the best clerking team in the Temple. James Hudson, Chris Downes and Cyrus Biggs are all fantastic.’

‘Best clerks room at the Bar. Chris Downes, Cyrus Biggs and James Hudson are outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble, they maintain communication and follow up without prompting.’

Work highlights

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers‘ clinical negligence team of ‘excellent barristers‘ work with both claimants and defendants in claims across a range of healthcare issues. Ben Collins KC has notable experience in dental negligence litigation, and international law issues: recently acting in a multi-defendant claim arising out of negligent weight loss surgery performed in Italy after consultation in England. Junior Bella Webb  has extensive experience in complex delay in cancer diagnosis cases, Sophie Beesley  has ‘developed an outstanding practice in claimant clinical negligence work’.


‘The clerks Will Meade and Joe Kallas are both top level clerks. Their client care is excellent and they are a pleasure to work with.’

‘Old Square Chambers would always be my first choice of chambers. Their service is excellent and nothing is too much trouble.’

‘They are a first rate set with a number of excellent barristers and most importantly have an excellent clerking team.’

‘The Chambers have always been very helpful and accommodating.’

‘The clerks are brilliant. They are always friendly and ready to help with any problem. They respond quickly to queries and make sure that deadlines are met.’

Work highlights