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Leading Silks

Alexander Antelme QC - Crown Office ChambersA very affable silk with a rapier-like intelligence and the willingness to fight points other QCs might not want to take on.
Neil Block QC - 39 Essex ChambersInstils calm in clients through a measured but confident approach.
Margaret Bowron QC - 1 Crown Office RowA true star of the clinical negligence Bar.
Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC - 1 Crown Office RowExceptionally skilled at identifying the issues and navigating a way through tough cases.
Philip Havers QC - 1 Crown Office RowAn amazing advocate with unparalleled legal knowledge and understanding.
Christopher Johnston QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA truly brilliant advocate, always on top of the detail and approachable with a very easy manner.
Simeon Maskrey QC - 7BR ‘The barrister you would always want to sit behind. He is a magnificent advocate and a formidable opponent. He is very sharp and can pick up and analyse issues in complex cases very quickly. He has great judgement and is a brilliant team leader on the big complex cases.
Angus Moon QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA superb communicator, who engages well with clients and explains fully the advice and tactics of any case.
Dominic Nolan QC - Hailsham ChambersRepresents a supreme choice who is at the top of his game.
Robin Oppenheim QC - Doughty Street ChambersA highly intelligent barrister with a fantastic eye for detail.
Paul Rees QC - 1 Crown Office RowA very tactical advocate.
Simon Taylor QC - CloistersDisplays a peerless mastery of birth injury claims.
John de Bono QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn incisive and authoritative barrister who gets directly to the heart of an issue.
Robert Glancy QC - DevereuxA phenomenally bright trial advocate who is a pleasure to work with on all birth injury cases.
Adrian Hopkins QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHas meticulous attention to detail and is tactically astute.
Alexander Hutton QC - Hailsham ChambersHas an ability to cut through detail to the crux of a case with unerring accuracy and confidence.
Sarah Vaughan Jones QC - 2 Temple GardensThe best of the best - razor sharp and can get to the nub of a case very quickly.
Michael Mylonas QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersIntelligent, analytical, and utterly comfortable in all areas of the work.
Michael de Navarro QC - 2 Temple GardensTough, committed to cases, and very experienced.
Julian Picton QC - Hailsham ChambersA formidable opponent who offers extremely thorough and sensible advice.
David Pittaway QC - Hailsham ChambersEngenders respect in witnesses and experts alike and has a wealth of experience.
Simon Readhead QC - 1 Chancery LaneSimon has an exceptional eye for detail. He picks up and explores every relevant point. His preparation of a case is second to none. Going to trial with Simon is a pleasure – he is calm, measured and an exceptional advocate.
James Watson QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAlways very well prepared with thorough analyses.
Robert Weir QC - DevereuxA fantastic mind and ability to cut through to the key issues notwithstanding volumes of evidence and material.
John Whitting QC - 1 Crown Office RowTruly excellent and first choice for a tough liability case.
Edward Bishop QC - 1 Chancery LaneA fine advocate with an intelligent and thoughtful approach to the law.
Benjamin Browne QC - 2 Temple GardensA truly outstanding barrister with a widely respected national reputation.
Ben Collins QC - Old Square ChambersA go-to silk. Comes across as very unflappable and instils confidence.
Edward Faulks QC - 1 Chancery LaneHas a manner of confidence and calm which, in combination with a wealth of experience, is instantly reassuring and puts clients at their ease.
Michael Horne QC-Serjeants' Inn ChambersVery bright and especially good at quantum. Mike has an eye for detail. He explores every avenue and is perfect for complex cases that require detailed exploration.
William Latimer-Sayer QC - CloistersHas a superb ability to quantify and maximise the value of the most catastrophic cases.
Andrew Post QC - Hailsham ChambersA great barrister who always goes the extra mile and puts clients at ease.
Christopher Wilson-Smith QC - Outer Temple ChambersUnique and effective questioning of the evidence and experts in conference.
Henry Witcomb QC - 1 Crown Office RowTotally dedicated to the client and the case.
Grahame Aldous QC - 9 Gough Chambers ‘Has effortless charm and is an excellent advocate.
Gordon Bebb QC - Outer Temple ChambersAn experienced silk with a caring and empathetic manner with clients.
Charlie Cory-Wright QC - 39 Essex ChambersAble to very quickly understand extremely complex issues and to put clients at ease.
Joel Donovan QC - CloistersA good tactician who has a steely determination when dealing with opponents.
Simon Fox QC - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Simon has the advantage of being a medical doctor which gives him the ability to clearly understand complex clinical issues and cut straight to the crux. He is highly intelligent, a skilled advocate and negotiator and clients like him.'
Christopher Gibson QC - Outer Temple ChambersIntellectually clear and impressive, as well as being sensitive to the ear of the court.
Caroline Harrison QC - 2 Temple GardensA hugely reassuring presence both in court and at the negotiating table.
Patricia Hitchcock QC - CloistersAmongst the most forensic counsel who is willing to explore all avenues for the client.
Angus McCullough QC - 1 Crown Office RowA devastatingly good advocate who is calm in high pressure settlement discussions.
Hugh Preston QC - 7BRAlways fights for the issues that are most important to the client.
Andrew Ritchie QC - 9 Gough ChambersA skilled negotiator and excellent forensic analyst.
Susan Rodway QC - 39 Essex ChambersShows fearless forensic bravery and a readiness to take on difficult cases.
Derek Sweeting QC - 7BRA very able and persuasive advocate who can really grab the Judge's attention.
Adam Weitzman QC - 7BRA fierce advocate who is not afraid of a fight in order to achieve the best result for clients.
Eliot Woolf QC - Outer Temple ChambersHugely talented and very good at tackling complex or thorny issues in a pragmatic way.
Charles Bagot QC - HardwickeVery good technical lawyer, but also calm and personable, works well as part of a team. Not afraid to stand by his views and fight to trial in appropriate cases.
Clodagh Bradley QC - 1 Crown Office RowHas an outstanding ability to get to the crux of a case quickly.
Bridget Dolan QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA dedicated advocate with great knowledge.
Simon Dyer QC - CloistersA highly eloquent, unflappable and effective negotiator.
David Evans QC - 1 Crown Office Row ‘A superb barrister whose advocacy skills are second to none.
Katharine Gollop QC - Serjeants' Inn Chambers 'Passionate about the cases and committed to the clients. Will push as far as can to get the right result for the client. Scarily intelligent and tenacious.'
Jeremy Hyam QC - 1 Crown Office RowA terrifically intelligent barrister who excels in cases with really difficult medicine evidence.
Jacob Levy QC - 9 Gough ChambersAn engaging advocate who has a sound tactical approach.
Bradley Martin QC - 2 Temple GardensBradley is a thoughtful and considered lawyer. He is excellent at immersing himself in the detail of a case and identifying the key evidential issues.
Stuart Mckechnie QC - 9 Gough Chambers 'Stuart is supremely bright, incredibly practical, has brilliant attention to detail and is able to explain really complex concepts clearly and in plain English. He has amazing emotional intelligence which enables him to build rapports and work effectively with people who have experienced significant trauma.'
Mary O'Rourke QC - Old Square ChambersShe is an incredibly clever tactician who impresses courts.
Martin Porter QC - 2 Temple GardensA very clever and intuitive lawyer with a direct and effective style of advocacy.
Debra Powell QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersYou go to Debra when you want an excellent and bespoke service. Debra's pleadings are water-tight. An excellent and formidable advocate in a quiet, unassuming way.
Shaheen Rahman QC - 1 Crown Office RowAlways adaptable and understanding of the aims of the client.
Nathan Tavares QC - Outer Temple ChambersMeticulously well prepared, on top of the detail, builds a great rapport with professional and lay clients alike, and matches good judgement with a healthy dose of pragmatism.

2019 Silks

Jonathan Hand QC - Outer Temple ChambersHas an authoritative and methodical way of working which always produces excellent results for clients.
Robert Kellar QC - 1 Crown Office Row ‘Always provides balanced and pragmatic advice and knows how to get the best out of the medical experts.
Giles Mooney QC - 9 Gough ChambersAble to digest complex legal and medical issues and dilute them into simple terms which clients are able to understand.
Neil Sheldon QC - 1 Crown Office Row ‘Has a fantastic understanding of medicine and is effortlessly excellent.
James Todd QC - 39 Essex ChambersA thorough and very bright team player.

2021 Silks

Judith Ayling QC - 39 Essex ChambersOne of the best senior juniors in this field. Very comfortable and effective against leading silks in heavyweight cases.
Emily Formby QC - 39 Essex ChambersShows an ability to digest very complex medical concepts and problems which is second to none.
Farrah Mauladad QC - Crown Office ChambersAn unflappable barrister who manages difficult clients, witnesses and opposing counsel exceptionally well.
Rachel Vickers QC - Outer Temple ChambersHas the incredible ability to spot the killer point hidden amongst masses of information. Rachel combines a wealth of medical knowledge with a forensic legal mind to great effect.

Leading Juniors

Laura Begley - 9 Gough ChambersDeals with complex and high value cases meticulously but practically, can be relied upon to advise on highly complex areas of law.
Richard Cartwright - DevereuxMakes excellent judgement calls and is completely trusted by clients and solicitors alike.
Ranald Davidson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHas an in-depth knowledge of the technicalities of medicine, which defendant doctors appreciate.
Peter Ellis - Hailsham ChambersHe gives thorough, well considered advice born of many years experience.
Jane Tracy Forster - Hailsham ChambersJane is excellent with clients as she is down to earth and sympathetic yet remains very professional. She grasps and explains complex legal and medical issues with ease. Jane gets to key issues quickly in conference and in pleadings. She is always reliable and is realistic.
Cara Guthrie - 1 Crown Office RowAn excellent and very pragmatic negotiator.
Anna Hughes - 2 Temple GardensA tenacious and effective advocate who combines an enormous intellect with the ability to argue complex points in a simple and effective way.
Matthew Jackson - Hailsham ChambersExtremely bright and absolutely fearless when dealing with opponents.
Charlotte Jones - Crown Office ChambersAn impressive advocate who understands complex medical and legal issues yet has a very straightforward approach.
Heidi Knight - Serjeants' Inn ChambersHeidi is a tremendous barrister. She’s a truly excellent lawyer with a huge grit and intellect. She will leave no stone unturned for her clients and she will use a fine tooth comb to go through all of the issues in the case.
Dr Tejina Mangat - Hailsham ChambersAs one might imagine from her medical background, Tejina is phenomenally bright and has been of enormous benefit to my clients in her formidable ability to get to the nub of the medical issues and to explain even complex situations in a way that is meaningful to the client.
Julian Matthews - 7BRAn extremely detailed and thorough barrister.
Fiona Neale - Hailsham ChambersImmeasurably intelligent, tactically brilliant and a pleasure to work with. She is very experienced and clever and I trust her instincts absolutely. She is pragmatic and sensible.
Richard Partridge - Serjeants' Inn ChambersFiercely intelligent with extensive medical knowledge.
Harry Trusted - Outer Temple ChambersShows excellent judgement and is willing to take on risky cases and get results.
Richard Baker - 7BRRichard is a brilliant barrister with great judgement and analytical skills, a terrific advocate who is always focused on getting the best result for the client.
Neil Davy - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAmazingly quick in responding substantively to arguments raised for the first time.
Caroline Hallissey - Serjeants' Inn ChambersDelivers a perfect balance - a tenacious and robust advocate, but approachable and down to earth when dealing with clients.
Laura Johnson - 1 Chancery LaneShows a questioning and industrious approach to the evidence and experts.
Christopher Kemp - Outer Temple ChambersThoughtful and tactical in court.
Simon King - 7BRHas an exceptional ability to cut through issues and logically analyse them. He puts clients at ease and advises carefully.
Scott Matthewson - 42 Bedford RowCounsel is amazing in conference with clients and experts alike, able to explain the legalese to them and to draw from the experts the key information required.
Jane Mishcon - Hailsham ChambersA much respected practitioner with a firm approach to negotiations.
Nicholas Peacock - Hailsham ChambersBrings a calmness and balance to cases.
Claire Toogood - Crown Office ChambersClaire is a go-to junior, fierce when she needs to be, collaborative in her style and she always delivers. Exceptional people skills ensure that this barrister gets the very best from clients, witnesses, experts and judges.
Claire Watson - Serjeants' Inn ChambersShe is tenancious, driven and good at dealing with even the most complex cases with challenging clients. Thoughtful, thorough, pragmatic and calm throughout everything. She genuinely cares for clients and that shines in her demeanour and work.
James Aldridge - Outer Temple ChambersA superb advocate and a formidable opponent who has a very calm and commanding style in court.
Anna Beale - CloistersA compelling advocate who can readily put clients at their ease and win their trust.
James Bell - Temple Garden ChambersHas an excellent rapport with clients, holding a genuine understanding of their concerns and aims which makes them feel at ease.
Ben Bradley - Outer Temple ChambersDemonstrates excellent technical ability and legal knowledge in grappling with the most complex medical negligence cases and achieving great results.
Sarah Fraser Butlin - CloistersVery bright and technically able. Very strong on quantum and an excellent member of the team at conferences and roundtable settlement meetings. A breath of fresh air.
Henry Charles - 12 King's Bench WalkTrusted and valued advice with careful and meticulous attention to detail. Advises with a reassuring authority.
Romilly Cummerson - 39 Essex ChambersDiligent, intelligent, pragmatic, and excellent in dealing with novel cases.
Robert Dickason - Outer Temple ChambersA very sharp and incisive questioner who always has a full measure of the complexities of the medicine at hand.
Catherine Ewins - Hailsham ChambersShows a determined and unrivalled drive to achieve the best for the client.
James Gilberthorpe - Hailsham ChambersVery supportive of clients and provides a down-to-earth approach.
John Gimlette - 1 Crown Office RowA wonderfully wise barrister who has a particularly attractive way of drafting pleadings.
Christopher Hough - Serjeants' Inn ChambersMarries significant expertise with a practical approach that is refreshing and effective.
Harriet Jerram - Outer Temple ChambersShows brilliant technical ability combined with common sense. She is a very safe pair of hands for the most complex medical negligence case and is also brilliant with clients.
Timothy Meakin - 7BRHas a grasp of complex medical evidence that is the equal of most QCs.
Sebastian Naughton - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn accomplished advocate who demonstrates a broad knowledge of both the legal and medical aspects of clinical negligence claims.
Jeremy Pendlebury - 7BR ‘Reassuring to clients, good on the detail and not afraid of a difficult case.
Angus Piper - 1 Chancery LanePicks through huge amounts of information and identifies the key issues every time.
Erica Power - Crown Office ChambersSuperb advocate and thorough in her cross-examination. Never afraid of a challenge and always very forensic in her analysis which pays dividends when a case comes to trial.
Lionel Stride - Temple Garden ChambersVery thorough and swiftly cuts through the case to identify the key issues. A practitioner whom clients instantly like and trust.
Adam Walker - 7BRMeticulous in advice and pleadings, leaving no stone unturned.
Victoria Webb - Old Square ChambersBrilliant attention to detail, extremely client-focussed, hard-working and very bright. Rapidly becoming a seriously desirable senior junior in this field.
Simon Wheatley - 7BRHas an air of authority which is respected by the opposition.
Charles Woodhouse - Old Square ChambersTenacious in arguments, empathic with the clients and principled with expert witnesses.
Henry Bankes-Jones - Hailsham ChambersA confident advocate who is able to think on his feet and switch tactics at the last minute.
Matthew Barnes - 1 Crown Office RowAn excellent advocate who gets to the nub of the case very quickly.
Andrew Bershadski - 2 Temple GardensA real asset to have on board for your cases.
Jonathan Bertram - 7BRAn approachable and responsive barrister who puts clients at ease.
Nicola Campbell-Clause - Hailsham ChambersA great counsel to have on your side - brings a very considered approach. She can pick out the smallest things that could turn a case around.
Christian Du Cann - 39 Essex ChambersInspires confidence and is always calm under fire.
Vanessa Cashman - 12 King's Bench WalkCounsel is extremely thorough and clear in her preparation of pleadings and advice. Very knowledgeable of many technical and complex medical issues.
Emma Corkill - 39 Essex ChambersAn outstanding barrister with a sharp legal mind.
Simon Cridland - Serjeants' Inn ChambersLeaves no stone unturned and addresses each aspect of the case.
Robert Cumming - 2 Temple GardensAn impressive advocate who is innovative and forward-thinking.
Lisa Dobie - 1 Chancery LaneVery good with witnesses and experts, and able to deal with unexpected developments at trial in a calm and professional manner.
Sarah Edwards - 7BRAn extremely thorough counsel with an excellent ability to deal with complex clinical negligence claims.
Eva Ferguson - Hailsham ChambersHas courage of her convictions. A forensic analyst when it comes to the medicine, an astute tactician, and brilliant at getting the most out of expert witnesses.
Tim Found - Farrar's BuildingParticularly good at sifting through complex evidence.
Perrin Gibbons - 9 Gough ChambersAble to convey issues succinctly.
Tom Gibson - Outer Temple ChambersHas an encyclopaedic understanding of the rules and how to apply them in practice to achieve the best strategic effect.
Stephen Goodfellow - No5 Barristers ChambersA good advocate with an eye for the bigger picture.
Deirdre Goodwin - 7BRHas an incisive mind with great attention to detail, but with an ability to isolate the relevant issues.
Nicola Greaney - 39 Essex ChambersA bright barrister who always offers sensible and practical advice to achieve the best outcome.
Conrad Hallin - Serjeants' Inn ChambersVery sound technical and procedural knowledge, and ability to identify key medical issues in a case.
Roger Harris - 2 Temple GardensHas an encyclopaedic knowledge of healthcare law and always able to bring calm to any situation.
Matthew Hill - 1 Crown Office RowHis attention to detail is meticulous and he always ensures no stone is left unturned in his analysis of cases.
Andrew Hockton - Serjeants' Inn ChambersA vastly experienced and astute advocate who presents cases in a careful and measured manner.
Robert Hunter - DevereuxHe works tirelessly on his cases and the pleadings and paperwork he produces are second to none. He is excellent with experts and clients alike and, as a solicitor, it is a joy to work alongside him on a case. He isn't afraid of tackling the tricky cases.
Linda Jacobs - CloistersAstonishing medical knowledge and attention to detail.
Clementine Coram James - Hailsham ChambersThorough with experts, robust with defendants, and someone that clients trust in mediation.
Adam Korn - 7BRAn excellent negotiator and advocate with broad and varied experience.
Suzanne Lambert - 1 Crown Office RowOutstanding ability to digest complex legal issues and explain these to lay clients in everyday language.
Nigel Spencer Ley - Farrar's BuildingGreat on paperwork and in conference and responsive. Very organised and approachable. Easy to work with. Always achieves a good result.
Kate Lumbers - 7BRAn excellent barrister who is always willing to go the extra mile. Kate is extremely good with clients, providing them with clear advice and making them feel at ease in stressful situations.
Martyn McLeish - CloistersAn approachable and collaborative barrister who builds a rapport with clients which facilitates their acceptance of difficult advice.
Colin Mendoza - DevereuxExtremely knowledgeable and informative, as well as courteous and helpful.
David Myhill - Crown Office ChambersAn ideal choice for mastering the evidence in tricky cases and testing witnesses in a fair and personable manner.
Naomi Rees - Old Square ChambersA very skilled advocate with excellent forensic skills. Demonstrates excellent attention to detail in conference with experts on complex medical issues and when questioning witnesses upon complex medical and factual issues.
Paul Reynolds - 1 Crown Office RowAlways fights his corner but is straightforward and sensible to deal with.
James Robottom - Matrix ChambersPassionate and committed to helping victims of clinical negligence and bereaved families with an emphasis on mental health and human rights.
Shahram Sharghy - 9 Gough ChambersAn impressive barrister who goes the extra mile and whose analysis of the case is detailed and astute.
Paul Stagg - 1 Chancery LaneAn impressive barrister who delivers timely and pragmatic advice with an element of realism.
Christopher Stephenson - 9 Gough ChambersAppears very laid back which puts clients at ease but belies a clear understanding of the case and allows incisive questioning of clients and experts.
John-Paul Swoboda - 12 King's Bench WalkExcellent attention to detail, sharp analysis of key issues and excellent manner with clients.
Katarina Sydow - Outer Temple ChambersThinks outside the box when presented with a challenge and is an extremely thorough and reassuring presence on any case.
David Thomson - 1 Chancery LaneAdopts a very forensic approach to the medical side of things.
Holly Tibbitts - 9 Gough ChambersA pragmatic tactician who understands the commercial aspects of litigation.
Simon Trigger - 1 Chancery LaneProvides decisive and clear advice.
Nadia Whittaker - Crown Office ChambersNadia is an extremely bright, tenacious advocate who brings real force to legal argument, particularly for maximising outcomes in negotiations. Adopts a thorough, robust and forensic approach to the law.
Gemma Witherington - HardwickeHer drafting style is clear and persuasive. She is very personable and easy to work with. She is excellent at responding quickly to enquiries. She has a good rapport with clients and is not afraid to take on difficult cases.
Helen Wolstenholme - 2 Temple GardensA thoughtful barrister with a real enthusiasm for the work.
Victoria Woodbridge - Crown Office ChambersAn excellent opponent with good analysis and attention to detail. Sympathetic to the needs of a disabled claimant. Easy to work with but strong in negotiation.
Leanne Woods - 1 Crown Office RowHas an eye for detail and is extremely sensitive with clients.

Rising Stars

Katie Ayres - 1 Chancery LaneA remarkably talented junior with a vast breadth and depth of experience.
Luka Krsljanin  - Blackstone ChambersHighly intelligent, hard-working and diligent.

Clinical negligence in London Bar

1 Crown Office Row

1 Crown Office Row remains 'an excellent set of chambers' which fields 'leaders in the field of clinical negligence' and shows 'remarkable strength in depth'. 'Packed with brilliant, intelligent people', this set offers 'dedicated practitioners who are at the top of their game'. Both silks and juniors frequently act in high profile multi-party claims and public enquiries, as exemplified by Matthew Hill, who is currently a lead junior on the Infected Blood Inquiry. Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC and Philip Havers QC acted for the claimant and defendant respectively in the ground-breaking duty of care case ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The 'fantastic' Henry Witcomb QC and 'ferocious advocateDavid Evans QC are noted for high value cerebral palsy claims, while the 'simply brilliant' Jeremy Hyam QC is highlighted for wrongful conception claims. At the junior end, the newly ranked Suzanne Lambert, Matthew Hill, and Paul Reynolds are all worthy of note.

Hailsham Chambers

Hailsham Chambers offers clients 'a strong advocate for a wide range of cases' alongside clerks who 'go out of their way to be as accommodating and as helpful as possible', making it a 'leading set for clinical negligence litigation, both for claimants and defendants'. Dominic Nolan QC acted for the defendant in a highly complex and emotive case arising from alleged failure in the genetic screening of embryos by an assisted reproduction clinic. Andrew Post QC defended Barts Healthcare NHS Trust in a paediatric neurosurgery case which was settled for £2.5m, after an initial pleading of £11.5m. Julian Picton QC is 'not afraid to provide advice which may be unpalatable to clients' and is also 'a formidable opponent and definitely not a pushover'. Being dual-qualified, Dr Tejina Mangat 'possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of both law and medicine'. The newly ranked Henry Banke-Jones ('a confident and unflappable advocate') and Clementine Coram James ('versatile and attentive') are also worthy of note at the junior end.

Serjeants' Inn Chambers

Fielding a 'vast array of gifted advocates with a wealth of experience', 'pre-eminent' set Serjeants' Inn Chambers is known for the 'wide range of experience on offer', as well as 'frequent involvement in seminal cases'. Christopher Johnston QC and Claire Watson appeared for the claimant in the Supreme Court in the ground-breaking case of XX v Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, which changed the law on recovery of damages for surrogacy claims. Angus Moon QC continues to be instructed in a series of ground-breaking cases involving claims by killers against health trusts, following his success in the test case of Henderson v Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust. Also of note, 'go-to' silk Michael Mylonas QC is praised for his 'excellent teamwork with solicitors' and top junior Heidi Knight is described as a 'unique combination of exceptional brains combined with exceptional interpersonal skills'.

2 Temple Gardens

2 Temple Gardens continues to be 'a recognised leader in the area of clinical negligence', offering clients 'an excellent calibre of barristers' who 'are organised, proactive, understand the commercial realities, and really look after their clients'. Benjamin Browne QC is instructed in the international medical malpractice case Aeden Balwah v Surgi-Med Clinic Ltd, which arises out of alleged negligent treatment at and around the time of birth, leading to severe neurological damage. Michael de Navarro QC acted for the defendant trust in the matter of AG v University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, which centred around negligent management of a rare congenital condition, and in which the claimant failed to establish that any breach of duty made a material contribution to the outcome. A 'tenacious and effective advocate', Anna Hughes is the leading junior in chambers.


Its 'wide range of excellent practitioners at all levels' makes 7BR 'one of the top sets in the industry'. The set enjoys an 'excellent reputation in claimant clinical negligence with a very good selection of specialist barristers'. Following on from the recent successes of the 'legendarySimeon Maskrey QC and Jeremy Pendlebury for the claimant in the landmark Supreme Court case Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, and the former's representation of the doctor in MNX v Khan, Derek Sweeting QC  is representing the claimant in Roberts v SSAFA, a claim arising out of the alleged clinical negligence of a British midwife acting in a German hospital. 'Excellent advocateSarah Edwards and the 'passionate and empatheticJames Robottom are two newly ranked junior counsel of note.

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers is 'an excellent set of chambers, with a great collection of barristers' who are 'technically brilliant'. The set offers 'not merely the numbers to provide strength in depth, but also a range of sub-specialisms, which gives them a real edge'. Eliot Woolf QC acts for the claimant in the wrongful birth case Khan v Meadows, listed to appear before the Supreme Court. Jonathan Hand QC successfully resisted an appeal against an order refusing to extend time for service of the trust’s defence on behalf of the claimant in Kember (Dcd) v Croydon Health Services NHST. In other highlights, Robert Dickason successfully represented the defendant in Bass v Ministry of Defence, the first of the contested Q Fever liability trials. 'Polished advocate' Katarina Sydow is definitely a junior to watch in the years to come.

1 Chancery Lane

Practitioners at 1 Chancery Lane 'have a deep range of experience' which extends from large, multi-party actions to cases concerning catastrophic birth injuries and claims arising from mental illness. This 'excellent set' frequently handles cases which explore issues at the forefront of medical malpractice, among them vicarious liability and secondary victim claims. Edward Faulks QC and rising star Katie Ayres are instructed in the notable case Barclays Bank v Various Claimants, which examines whether a bank should be vicariously liable for sexual assaults committed by a doctor during medical examinations of the bank’s current and prospective employees. Laura Johnson is acting for the claimants in the complex secondary victim case Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is a 'supremely professional set' which offers 'high-quality counsel at all levels specialising in all areas of clinical negligence'. As well as its 'formidable strength in depth', the set is also valued for its 'excellent response times and extremely helpful clerks'. Practitioners have particular expertise in the assessment of quantum in very high-value cases, including cerebral palsy and spinal injury claims. Neil Block QC leads a team, which also includes James Todd QC and Romilly Cummerson, which is defending the NHS against multiple claims being brought by patients following hip replacement surgery.  With her 'tactical nous', Judith Ayling is 'an outstanding junior for defendant clinical negligence work', while 'superb advocateEmma Corkill is described as 'confident, tenacious, knowledgeable, and user-friendly'.

9 Gough Chambers

9 Gough Chambers is 'simply a fantastic set' with a 'national reputation for clinical negligence work', which 'offers an excellent service' and practitioners who 'always deal with matters effectively and efficiently'. The range of matters handled spans cases involving genetic issues, delayed diagnosis of cancer and other conditions, and negligent dental treatment or failed cosmetic surgery. Andrew Ritchie QC successfully acted for the claimant in Ashmore v S Yorkshire Ambulance, which revolved around the detail of the appropriate procedure for ambulance staff when assessing and handling a patient at home, and also represents the claimant in Pinole v Ashford & St Peters Hospital, a high-value cerebral palsy case. The 'really focusedShahram Sharghy and 'pragmatic tacticianHolly Tibbitts are two up-and-coming juniors of note.


Cloisters is 'a formidable set' with a 'large pool of very able barristers', all of whom 'have a deep understanding of not just the law surrounding clinical negligence but the ethical issues and the challenges facing clients'. The 'highly skilled and specialist' set has a particular focus on acting for claimants in complex neurological birth injuries, as illustrated by William Latimer-Sayer QC's successful settlement of a cerebral palsy claim for just under £23m, in which liability was admitted at an early stage, but there were significant quantum issues concerning the claimant’s condition and prognosis. Also of note, the 'technically very sound' Joel Donovan QC is praised for being 'supportive of his instructing solicitors', while 'excellent trial advocate' Simon Dyer QC has an 'excellent manner with client's and able to explain complex matters and instils trust'. At the junior end, Anna Beale is highlighted for her 'star quality' and 'not being afraid to "take it" to counsel many years her senior – and win'.

Crown Office Chambers

At Crown Office Chambers, 'very experienced barristers' offer clients 'exceptional clinical negligence expertise'. As well as acting for claimants and defendants on complex and high-value claims arising out of birth injury, failure to diagnose medical conditions, and negligent surgery, the set also frequently acts in cross-complimentary cases concerning product liability and pharmaceutical litigation. Alexander Antelme QC is acting for the appellant in Dr Mario Schembri v Ian Marshall, a fatal claim following on from a pulmonary embolism, in a case which potentially impacts on the use of statistics in medical cases, especially in assessing causation. 'One of the more impressive senior-juniors at the clinical negligence Bar', Erica Power has 'a very sound understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of mediation'. The newly ranked Nadia Whittaker is 'fearless and highly recommended for particularly contentious cases'.


Devereux is an 'excellent set' with 'responsive and efficient clerks' and practitioners who are 'very strong at all levels'. The set handles all aspects of clinical negligence work, with a particular focus on high-value claims, including birth trauma, brain injury, and cerebral palsy. As well as representing claimants, barristers from this set also act for a wide range of defendants, including NHS trusts and health authorities, along with insurers and individual healthcare professionals. The 'phenomenal' Robert Glancy QC and 'superstar silk' Robert Weir QC are the senior counsel to note, while at the junior end, 'fantastic advocate' Richard Cartwright, 'extremely knowledgeable' Colin Mendoza, and 'tireless worker' and newly ranked Robert Hunter are the names to highlight.

Old Square Chambers

At Old Square Chambers, the 'knowledge and experience of their barristers in clinical negligence is formidable', making this a 'very well-organised set with strength at all levels'. This set offers clients 'heavyweight silks, busy juniors and superlative clerks', and, alongside the long-standing claimant work undertaken by practitioners, 'defendant work has seen a surge'. Ben Collins QC successfully represented the claimant in Douse v Western Sussex NHS Trust, a £10m claim arising from delayed delivery by caesarean section. Collins QC is also acting for multiple claimants in Stewart and others v Secretary of State for Health, which deals with claims arising from the infected blood scandal, along with Victoria Webb.