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Leading Silks

Jonathan Davey QC - Wilberforce ChambersIs an exceptional advocate - he is calm, engaging and highly persuasive.
Christopher H McCall QC - Maitland ChambersExtremely bright. Maintains his reputation as a highly respected statesman of the charity law Bar.
Robert Pearce QC - Radcliffe ChambersDrafting is clear and concise, and has stood the test of time.
Simon Taube QC - Ten Old SquareIs very experienced and incisive and looks ahead as to what is likely to happen later in a case.
Peter Crampin QC - Radcliffe ChambersAn experienced charity law advocate.
Edward Cumming QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe is highly intelligent, quick to pick up the core points including points not picked up by others. His written arguments are very clear.
Michael Furness QC - Wilberforce ChambersIs very responsive and knowledgeable.
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC - XXIV Old BuildingsIs fiercely bright, commercial and user friendly. She is tenacious and is certainly someone you would rather have in your corner than your opponent's.

2019 Silks

Tom Dumont QC - Radcliffe ChambersIs excellent on his feet, very persuasive and authoritative - he has the judges eating out of the palm of his hands.

2020 Silks

Kate Selway QC - Radcliffe ChambersTakes a robust stance with her opposition whilst providing clear advice to her client, with an empathetic approach.

Leading Juniors

William Henderson - Serle CourtVeteran Chancery bar experience and insight, and so, so bright. The person to go to when you get stuck, the problem looks impossible to unravel, capable of making sense of the most impenetrable nonsense.
Francesca Quint - Radcliffe ChambersIs an absolute legend, hugely impressive she has years of experience in this sector, has been and continues to be at the top of her game for many years.
Matthew Smith - Maitland ChambersFrankly one of the most experienced and astute in the field of charity law; especially well versed in tribunal and court proceedings, with enough cases under his belt to be able to speak with real authority on law and process.
Jonathan Fowles - Serle CourtFor his intellectual rigour and incredible responsiveness – he is affable and pragmatic and is a very creative and innovative thinker who finds solutions.
Andrew Westwood - Maitland ChambersIs thorough, logical, measured and persuasive. He had a fantastic manner with our client: he is calm and reassuring and very good at explaining both procedural and substantive matters.
Piers Feltham - Radcliffe ChambersHas an eye to finding solutions.
Josh Lewison - Radcliffe ChambersAccessible, thorough knowledge of charity and company law, gives clear and practical advice.
Joshua Winfield - Radcliffe ChambersVery bright, but very easy to deal with - has a clear and logical approach. Able to turn instructions around quickly with clear and concise advice.

Charities in London Bar

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers is an 'excellent set' with market-leading expertise in charity law. It has an array of excellent barristers including a former junior counsel to HM Attorney General in charity matters (Peter Crampin QC) a former standing counsel to the Charity Commission (Robert Pearce QC), and a former Deputy Charity Commissioner (Francesca Quint). Quint is praised for her 'encyclopaedic knowledge of the development of charity legislation and case law over a long period of time.' In Derby Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust & Others v Ashfield District Council & Others, Charity Commission intervening she has been advising a number of NHS Foundation Trusts on their recognition as charities in order to claim 80% relief from business rates. Kate Selway QC strengthed the set's charities practice after taking silk in 2020.

Maitland Chambers

Maitland Chambers has 'real strength and depth in the sector and is highly user-friendly.' As a result,  it is one of the leading sets for work involving charities with members regularly appearing in the Chancery Division and the appellate courts including all the way up to the Supreme Court on issues affecting charities. Recent highlights include Christopher H McCall QC acting on behalf of the Charity Commission in a five-day High Court hearing about whether various NHS Foundation Trusts had charitable status (Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v Derby City Council). 'StandoutMatthew Smith and 'thorough, logical' Andrew Westwood are the juniors of note at the set.

Serle Court

Serle Court has a number of superb practitioners; among them William Henderson who is junior counsel to the Treasury on charity matters. Henderson continues to be involved in one of the most important cases in charity law at the moment and is acting for the charity in Lehtimaki v Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (UK) [2020]. The case potentially affects all charity trustees by defining the circumstances in which the court can interfere with the exercise of their discretionary trusts and powers. Henderson has ‘so much real-world experience – his opinions come with real authority and insight, and an assurance that if it gets messy, the opinion will command respect from others.’ Another key member is the ‘hugely brightJonathan Fowles who shows ‘superb attention to detail’ and obtains a promotion in this year's rankings.

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers is a ‘very impressive set’ that is frequently involved in some of the most high-value and complicated cases in the charity sector. One such recent highlight was Jonathan Davey QC, who is described as 'technically very knowledgeable, is excellent at absorbing detailed points and at articulating it simply to the judge', representing the HM Revenue and Customs in Life Services Ltd v HM Revenue and Customs [2019]-[2020] including [2019] UKUT 0002 (TC). This is a test case about the compatibility of UK devolution with EU law concerning the taxation of charities and similar entities in different parts of the UK. The 'excellent' Michael Furness QC is also worthy of note.