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Leading Silks

Tom Allen KCCloth Fair ChambersTom is a hugely intelligent and experienced lawyer. His advice on internal investigations is informed by a wealth of experience and is always commercial. He is one of the elite barristers any corporate or senior executive will want on their team.
Alex Bailin KCMatrix ChambersAlex is very strategic, thoughtful and user-friendly. He has a particular skillset in the areas of market manipulation and extradition, and is a go-to barrister for matters that overlap crime and civil litigation.
George Carter-Stephenson KC25 Bedford RowGeorge has two great strengths: he is never underprepared (his work ethic is phenomenal) and he is one of the nicest men at the Bar. He deploys both of these strengths to his advantage, working relentlessly in his client’s best interests.
Adrian Darbishire KCQEB Hollis WhitemanAdrian's advocacy is absolutely pitch perfect. Judges and juries alike take note when he's on his feet. He is a master of detail and quickly commands the confidence of professional and lay client.
Patrick Gibbs KCThree Raymond BuildingsTop drawer. Excellent all-rounder. Crème de la crème.
Neil Hawes KC  – Crucible Chambers 'Very client friendly - understands the issues and can explain them in simple terms to a lay client. Quick brain on criminal procedure.'
John Kelsey-Fry KCCloth Fair ChambersJohn is a master of the details, with a very strong strategic approach.’
Hodge Malek KC3 Verulam BuildingsHodge is a superb advocate and one of the best the Bar has to offer. His submissions are clear and precise. He is absolutely devastating at cross-examination and has the ear of the court. He is a difference maker on any case.
Clare Montgomery KCMatrix ChambersClare is superb.
Tim Owen KCMatrix Chambers ‘He is an outstanding KC - commercial and practical with the required gravitas to deal with complex issues. A star of the Bar.
Duncan Penny KC6KBW College Hill ‘Duncan is excellent in this field.’
David Perry KC6KBW College HillIncredibly knowledgeable and perceptive. Gets right to the heart of the issue. Very good with clients.
Alison Pople KCCloth Fair ChambersAlison is a brilliant, much-in-demand, silk for the most high-value and complex criminal matters. She is highly efficient, and her personable nature makes her loved by solicitors and lay clients alike.
Nicholas Purnell KCCloth Fair Chambers ‘The word doyen is overused. But is entirely deserved with Nick: He has an unparalleled understanding of the intricate dynamics of a corporate criminal trial, having been involved in most of the significant cases of the last 30 years.’
Mark Rainsford KC33 Chancery LaneA leader in this field - great with clients and tactics.
Jim Sturman KC2 Bedford Row ‘Impeccable judgment and commands absolute confidence from the client, the judge and the jury.’
Ian Winter KCCloth Fair ChambersA powerful and commanding advocate. When he speaks, judges listen.
Brian Altman KC2 Bedford RowBrian is a colossus of the Bar. One of the best of his generation. His advocacy is pitched perfectly, and he combines gravitas and legal mastery with the common touch. There are few that equal his ability and skill.
Graham Brodie KC33 Chancery LaneStrategically brilliant, easy to work with and extremely persuasive in front of the court.
Gideon Cammerman KC187 Fleet Street ChambersGideon is hard-working, client focused, practical and very user-friendly.
Sarah Clarke KCSerjeants’ Inn ChambersSarah is peerless on the law, particularly regarding market abuse, FSMA offences and insider dealing. Her preparation is thorough which leads to flawless courtroom advocacy, particularly when it comes to cross-examination, at which she is particularly skilled.
Alexandra Healy KCFoundry ChambersIncredibly hard-working. Always very well-informed about all aspects of her cases. Willing to take difficult points, but has excellent judgement about when to do so. Always has the ear of the judge.
Nicola Howard KC25 Bedford RowNicola is a superb fraud lawyer. She is robust and her judgement is first class. She knows when and how to work with the prosecution to further the interests of her clients.
Jonathan Laidlaw KC2 Hare CourtGets straight to the heart of the issue with a minimum of fuss. A super advocate.
Amanda Pinto KC33 Chancery LaneShe is one of the leading silks in corporate crime, is a brilliant team leader and can sensitively and skilfully identify the key issues and solutions in any corporate investigation.
Clare Sibson KC – Fountain Court Chambers  ‘Clare is a brilliant barrister. A truly excellent lawyer, her advisory work is invariably of the highest standard. She is also a real team player, she hits deadlines and engages positively with those with whom she is working. A real go-to barrister.
James Waddington KCFoundry ChambersHe is very grounded in being able to unravel extremely quickly what at first sight may be extremely complex factors, in order to see the wood from the trees. His advocacy is first-class, both verbally and in written submissions. Very approachable.
Simon Baker KC  – 2 Bedford Row 'He is very good with clients and has a photographic memory.'
Jonathan Barnard KCCloth Fair ChambersNothing gets past him, but he wears his razor-sharp intellect lightly and deals with clients, colleagues and opponents with the same frank, disarming and straightforward manner no matter how high profile the instruction. His mastery of the law is second to none.
Jennifer Carter-Manning KC7BRShe is incredibly bright, articulate and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a great knowledge of Isle of Man law and custom that she has developed over the years.
Jamas Hodivala KCMatrix Chambers 'Jamas has a unique skill set in this area being able to advise on criminal enforcement action as well as judicially reviewing decisions made by the regulators. Jamas stands out for his technically savvy advice, client service and accessibility.'
Sean Larkin KCQEB Hollis WhitemanBright and good with clients. Hugely experienced, and is also able to bring the perspective of prosecuting to this area.
Nicholas Medcroft KCFountain Court ChambersA real expert in the area of money laundering, from both a litigation and advisory point of view. Nick is a pleasure to work with and a "go to" choice for the intersection of financial services and financial crime.
Tamara Oppenheimer KCFountain Court Chambers ‘A prodigious talent who will be as successful as a silk as she was as a junior.
Selva Ramasamy KCQEB Hollis WhitemanHe is clearly a very able and intelligent barrister who commands real confidence with clients.
Paul Raudnitz KCQEB Hollis WhitemanPaul is an exceptional advocate, and his written submissions are faultless. He is a powerful presence in court, demanding the attention of all.

2022 Silks

Rachel Barnes KC - Three Raymond BuildingsAn amazing ability to digest and analyse complex facts into a clear narrative summary. Rachel is an expert in issues of admissibility of evidence; she keeps her eye on how best to present a large quantity of technical financial evidence to the court.
Miranda Hill KC - 6KBW College HillSimply a pleasure to instruct; she instils confidence in both client and solicitor; unflappable and calm in all situations and great at preparation.

2023 Silks

Ben Fitzgerald KCQEB Hollis WhitemanIntelligent, calm, authoritative and effective. Strategic, thoughtful and easy to work with. A great lawyer with real gravitas – fully deserving of his silk appointment.

Leading Juniors

Eleanor DavisonFountain Court ChambersA first rate lawyer who spots every legal point that might be taken on behalf of her client, and argues the point fully.
Rachna GokaniQEB Hollis WhitemanA superstar white collar fraud junior: Insightful, committed, hard-working, a deep strategic thinker and a delight to work with. Can't praise her enough.
Katherine Hardcastle6KBW College HillShe has unparalleled experience having played a key role in almost all of the major matters in recent years. Nothing fazes her – she has exceptional technical and strategic insight that clients and instructing solicitors love.
Nichola Higgins Matrix ChambersResponsive, adaptable and a joy to work with. Knows the field well. A stand-out business crime junior - both in corporate and individual work.
Stuart BiggsCloth Fair Chambers ‘Stuart is a top junior headed for the very top of the tree. He is clever, responsive and very bright. His judgement is always excellent, as are his drafting skills.’
Tom DobleQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Tom is simply fantastic at getting on top of and handling voluminous and immensely complex material.’
Kathryn Arnot DrummondCloth Fair ChambersAn outstanding and persuasive advocate able to distil complex matters into the core issues that are the central points in a clear and understandable way.
Duncan Jones25 Bedford RowIncredibly sought after junior. Instructed in sone of the most complex business crime cases. Intelligent and tactically astute.
Rachel KapilaCloth Fair Chambers 'A highly intelligent and motivated junior.'
Jason MansellQEB Hollis WhitemanJason is superb. He has all the best attributes of a barrister and is client-friendly. He is the go-to barrister for regulatory investigation work which crosses into the criminal sphere.
Rhys MeggyCloth Fair Chambers  ‘Rhys is a fearless and formidable advocate and has a real presence in court. He has an incredible work ethic and a client will never be in any doubt that all angles of their case have been covered.
Simon Ray6KBW College HillHe is extremely bright, hard-working, diligent, reliable and assiduous A team player - Simon worked quickly and efficiently to produce high quality work.
Angus Bunyan  – 2 Hare Court  'He is a thorough and careful barrister who knows his law, and has great tactical and strategic skill. I would recommend him to anyone who asked me about him.'
Rebecca Chalkley Red Lion ChambersRebecca is incredibly bright, adaptable and unflappable.
Edward Craven  – Matrix ChambersEddie is a polymath. He is fantastically knowledgeable over a wide range of areas and brings an incisive intelligence to bear on all his case work.
Thomas Daniel2 Bedford Row ‘His eye for attention to detail is second to none and his ability to grasp the facts and evidence of each matter is unparalleled. Tom is an outstanding advocate, and his ability to think on his feet is what sets him apart in court.’
Polly Dyer   – QEB Hollis Whiteman 'Polly's work rate is second to none. She gives very clear and practical advice. She is also a great advocate and is well respected by judges.'
Ben Isaacs7BR 'Ben is bright and has an excellent knowledge of the law regarding bribery and corruption cases. He has acted for corporates, individuals and the Serious Fraud Office in these cases, giving him a useful insight into strategy for negotiations and legal proceedings.'
Jas Jandu  – 7BRJas has a wealth of regulatory experience, enabling him to quickly identify key legal issues arising from evidential requirements and policy challenges. He has excellent attention to detail and showed himself to be constructive and positive in advising on how both to take the case forward whilst strategically highlighting areas for policy that required further subsequent development.
Timothy Kendal2 Bedford Row 'Extremely bright; he’s as good as most silks, if not better.'
Simon Paul  – Fountain Court ChambersAn amazing barrister; combines legal intellect with great judgement; a complete pleasure to work with; faultless drafting; a team player; wise beyond his years.
Leonora SaganFountain Court ChambersLeonora is obviously exceptionally intelligent. Her advocacy is confident and adaptable to the needs of a case. She fights her corner, but is realistic when analysing arguments. More than one silk has asked if she could be cloned. She is undoubtedly a future superstar.
Alexander dos Santos Serjeants’ Inn ChambersExtremely bright senior junior. Very clear and imaginative legal thinker. Very committed.
Rachel ScottThree Raymond Buildings ‘She has a terrific blend of skills including highly persuasive and subtle advocacy, brilliant drafting and a good manner with difficult clients and solicitors.’
David Stern5 St Andrews HillIncredibly knowledgeable and perceptive. Gets right to the heart of the issue. Very good with clients.
Jessica Tate   – Foundry Chambers 'She is an extremely eloquent speaker and meticulously prepares every case she handles.'
John Carl Townsend33 Chancery LaneA rare breed of barrister who understands financial crime as well as complex commercial litigation issues. His written work is beyond reproach and his advocacy is strong, forceful and on point. A brilliant tactician. 

Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations) in London Bar

Cloth Fair Chambers

Cloth Fair Chambers maintains a strong position in the market, with the set’s workload including fraud, corporate and financial crime, and members of the set being ‘consistently involved in the high profile and notable cases involving corporations, senior executives and high-profile individuals‘. For example, ‘brilliant, much-in-demand, silkAlison Pople KC is instructed by a high net-worth individual charged with eight counts of cheating the public revenue to the tune of £22m, and in SFO v Balli Group, an SFO prosecution for fraud offences in connection with Balli Group’s steel trading platform, John Kelsey-Fry KC led Rachel Kapila in representing the chairman of the group. Tom Allen KC is instructed to represent the former managing director of an Airbus subsidiary accused of corruption relating to work for carried out for the Saudi national guard. In November 2022, Stuart Biggs joined from Three Raymond Buildings. Rhys Meggy joined from QEB Hollis Whiteman in May 2023. Ben Sundborg joined as head of practice management from 39 Essex Chambers  in April 2023.


‘Chambers Director, Annaleen Stephens, is a force of nature, innovative, smart and a pleasure to deal with.’

‘The clerks are also excellent and go to great lengths to secure the counsel team that a client needs for particular issues.’

‘Annaleen Stephens is tenacious, pragmatic and knows the value of her chambers and the quality of services that are provided.’

‘The clerks are also excellent and go to great lengths to secure the counsel team that a client needs for particular issues.’

‘Cloth Fair is the pre-eminent chambers for high-end criminal work, and has been actively recruiting the best juniors to complement their stellar silk line-up.’

‘Excellent set in terms of strength in depth for Business and Regulatory Crime.’

‘Cloth Fair is widely regarded as a chambers of elite Silks and leading juniors. Their members are consistently involved in the high profile and notable cases involving corporations, senior executives and high-profile individuals.’

‘Cloth Fair continues to maintain its reputation as the City’s premier white collar advisory practice, a cut above the competition.’

Work highlights

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers is an ‘excellent‘ multi-disciplinary set and regularly advises banks, financial institutions and other corporate entities as well as individuals on complex criminal charges. Alex Bailin KC and Edward Craven, representing a former employee of the company, and Clare Montgomery KC, for the company, represent defendants in the SFO's ongoing case regarding Glencore, the company having entered guilty pleas to bribery offences in order to secure access to oil rights in several African countries.


‘The clerks are excellent; Paul Venables and Rhian Hiscocks are both a pleasure to work with.’

‘Paul Venables and Samantha Blake are both extremely responsive, and in my experience have gone above and beyond in discussions on both timetables and fees.’

‘Paul Venables is one of the best clerks in London.’

‘The clerks are incredibly polite, personable and knowledgeable. Accordingly, I have experienced that they are always poised to identify the most suitable barrister (level of experience and expertise) and able to suitably negotiate fees to progress matters.’

‘Matrix are a very professional set who take clerking to another level as it is seen as equally as important as the legal services side. They look after every aspect and go above and beyond regularly.’

‘Matrix is a quality set with some great practitioners.’

‘In the last few years the strength in this chambers has really broadened in white collar crime, with a number of people I would instruct.’

‘A wide variety of skills, all to a high level.’

Work highlights

QEB Hollis Whiteman

A ‘go-to chambers for all criminal work‘, QEB Hollis Whiteman has a particular focus on complex financial crime, such as bribery, corruption and money laundering, with members of the set frequently acting in cases which involve multiple jurisdictions. In addition to various members both prosecuting and defending in a range of SFO work, Adrian Darbishire KC successfully defended an entrepreneur who was acquitted on charges relating to alleged bribery following the sale of his company to JLL.


‘Sam Window is very helpful and efficient.’

‘David O’Sullivan as a star of the clerks room. He is unflappable, approachable and gets things done. He is exactly the clerk you need in a crisis, and he is a thoroughly nice guy.’

‘Chris Emmings leads a very good clerking team very well.’

‘Chris Emmings and Faye Stimpson are notable; Very nice and helpful.’

‘QEB are one of my go-to chambers for all criminal work.’

‘Strong set with lots of leaders in their fields.’

‘QEB is the top criminal chambers at the moment. Every member from pupils to KCs is highly intelligent, experienced and has the gravitas to instil confidence in clients and solicitors alike. ‘

‘I am always impressed by their strength in depth, at both junior and senior levels.’

Work highlights

Three Raymond Buildings

Three Raymond Buildings is a ‘very strong set known for quality work‘ regarding the prosecution and defence of high-profile matters in cases involving allegations of insider-dealing and serious corruption. Members of the set regularly act for government bodies and agencies, such as corruption and fraud specialist Patrick Gibbs KC, who frequently prosecutes for the SFO, while other members of the set, such as Hugo Keith KC, are regularly instructed by the respondents in SFO investigations.


‘Dean Brown needs a special mention, who is outstanding and a senior clerk in the making.’

‘Very nice and friendly. Eddie Holland is notable.’

‘Extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They know their private market and offer competitive quotations.’

‘Very strong set known for quality work.’

‘I have always been impressed by their strength in depth. They have recruited steadily and with a focus on quality.’

Work highlights

2 Bedford Row

2 Bedford Row is an ‘outstanding set‘ for white collar and business crime, whose members represent both corporate and individual clients, as well as both private and public prosecutors, in criminal and regulatory investigations. Brian Altman KC was appointed by the Attorney General and the Serious Fraud Office to lead a high-profile investigation into the collapse of the Serious Fraud Office’s SERCO trial in April 2021 - in addition, he and Simon Baker KC continue to represent the Post Office in criminal appeals in the wake of the Horizon scandal. Thomas Daniel prosecuted a Gambian diplomat for withholding information from The Pensions Regulator, the defendant in this case having raised diplomatic immunity arguments and sought to justify his absence from the trial by claiming he was persona non grata in the United Kingdom.


‘Paul Rodgers is a superb clerk who regularly checks in (regardless of whether there is a need to or not) to ensure that we are happy with the service being provided and to see if he is able to help smooth any bumps.’

‘John Grimmer has been described as “a legend even amongst those still at Bar School”, and Paul Rodgers and Joe Martin are famed for going the extra mile.’

‘The whole clerks room really look after the instructing solicitors.’

‘The clerks are extremely attentive and are able to assist us with any enquiry on a moment’s notice.’

‘2 Bedford Row are an outstanding set and far above the rest in terms of their professionalism and the care they pay towards instructing solicitors. They do not have a bad barrister in the whole set, and I would recommend them on a number of matters without thinking.’

‘2 Bedford Row is deservedly top-ranked and was awarded the ‘crime set of the year’ award in 2022; and it deserved that accolade, as well as the other nominations received.’


Work highlights

2 Hare Court

2 Hare Court acts for both businesses and individuals on all kinds of criminal and regulatory issues, such as criminal cartel offences, fraud, financial crime, sanctions, confiscations, asset seizures, private prosecutions and internal investigations. Regarding the latter, Jonathan Laidlaw KC acted for the Bank of England in an investigation into a former Barclays CEO Jes Staley’s alleged misrepresentation of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the now-deceased financier, convicted sex offender and associate of Prince Andrew. Corruption specialist Jonathan Kinnear KC successfully acted for the SFO in its case against Glencore, which ultimately pleaded guilty to paying millions in bribes to gain preferential access to oil in Africa and was subsequently subject to fines and confiscations amounting to £281m. In R v Coleman & Fisher, the first contentious prosecution of its kind for market manipulation offences under FSMA 2000, Merry van Woodenberg successfully acted as junior prosecution counsel for the Financial Conduct Authority, resulting in the former CFO of a listed company being found to have made misleading statements to auditors and the market.

Work highlights

6KBW College Hill

6KBW College Hill is regularly instructed to prosecute as well as defend across a variety of high-profile and sensitive corporate crime matters, including complex financial crime, criminal fraud, bribery and corruption, and fields ‘some of the leading barristers in the country with expertise at all levels‘. For example, ‘Top choice juniorKatherine Hardcastle, led by David Perry KC, defended the ferry operator P&O from a criminal investigation by the Insolvency Service in relation to the high-profile mass redundancies in March 2022.


‘Andrew Barnes is the Head Clerk and is a delight to deal with.’

‘Mark Essex and Richard Summerscales are super efficient and will go out of their way to assist.’

‘Lizzie Lebrun works miracles.’

‘Great clerks room. They are very responsive, helpful and can be flexible based on client’s needs.’

‘6KBW College Hill is a top set of chambers in this field. It has some of the leading barrister in the country and expertise at all levels.’

‘Excellent set with some real star advocates.’

‘6KBW College Hill is excellent. One of the top sets in this area with great strength at all levels. It has many of the best barristers in the field of business and regulatory crime.’

‘Top quality advocates who all know their stuff and are very hard-working.’

Work highlights

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers acts for corporate clients as well as regulatory bodies on a variety of business criminal matters, including on all issues relating to corporate financial crimes, such as bribery, sanctions and money laundering, and has a particular specialism in criminal matters which intersect with civil and regulatory issues. Eleanor Davison is a notable junior in the team, whoa cts for a number of regulatory and prosecutorial bodies. Clare Sibson KC, who joined from Cloth Fair Chambers in November 2022, previously advised and represented the Petrofac Group in relation to the SFO’s anti-corruption and money laundering investigation.


‘Sam Ismail is very responsive and helpful.’

‘Clerks room consistently praised for its approach; diverse; modern; amazing client service.’

‘Very good, accessible and easy to work with.’

‘Fountain Court has a high quality of counsel at all levels. The chambers covers a wide area of experience and expertise.’

‘A top tier commercial set with members covering an extraordinary range of practice areas; all operating at the very top of their profession.’

‘Reputation for excellence.’

‘They are a very friendly and accessible chambers with helpful clerks who are not afraid to offer up alternative counsel if necessary.’

Red Lion Chambers

Great setRed Lion Chambers  is noted in particular for its work for corporates in relation to regulatory and business crime. Gillian Jones KC ‘s practice includes privately prosecuting, as well as defence instructions.


‘Great set. Excellent choice of prosecution counsel.’

‘The set has very deep anti-money laundering expertise.’

‘Very good!’

‘All very responsive and helpful.’

Work highlights

25 Bedford Row

With established experience in representing individuals prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, the CPS and other prosecutors, 25 Bedford Row is considered ‘a leading set for criminal defence work‘ in areas of practice that include anti-money laundering, bribery and due diligence matters. George Carter-Stephenson KC acted for the principal defendant in a trial after an SFO investigation into the collapse of the Cayman registered Axiom Legal Financing Fund, a fund which allegedly enabled the dishonest misuse of £107m of investors’ money for personal and business benefit, rather than for financing litigation. In another SFO case, Nathaniel Rudolf KC represented the former managing director of the Middle Eastern arm of Balli Steel, who was acquitted on the larger counts, but convicted of others, regarding an alleged fraud carried out by non-existent steel trades.


‘Emma Makepeace is simply outstanding. She is an absolute superstar.’

‘The senior clerking is very good. Emma Makepeace is an excellent clerk. She is knowledgeable with good people skills. She is an asset to the set.’

‘The clerks room at 25 is staffed by willing and enthusiastic people with a can-do attitude. It is a pleasure to work with them.’

‘The clerks room is very highly regarded in the marketplace for the integrity demonstrated and always going the extra mile to assist professional clients.’

’25 Bedford Row has an exceptional pool of talented Counsel who deal with business and regulatory crime.’

’25 Bedford Row is a leading set for criminal defence work. One of the very best in the sector, with leading silks and a fine array of accomplished juniors.’

‘Chambers has a breadth and quality of high class, fearless advocates. The service provided to clients is second to none.’

‘They remain one of the leading sets for this area of work.’

Work highlights

33 Chancery Lane

33 Chancery Lane acts for the prosecution and defendants as well as affected parties on all kinds of business crime and regulatory cases and fields ‘excellent set of barristers who are true experts in financial crime‘. For example, Amanda Pinto KC acts for individuals in heavyweight SFO cases, as does Mark Rainsford KC , who also prosecutes in significant cases. Faisal Osman   is a key junior in the set.


‘Martin Adams runs chambers excellently. He has a very commercial outlook and is a pleasure to deal with, even in difficult circumstances of cases. He is very well-supported by the hard-working Chris Chiles and Oliver Carroll.’

‘Excellent. Martin Adams is a pleasure to work with, he has an extraordinary knowledge of the legal work being done by the barristers that he clerks.’

‘Martin Adams is an excellent clerk who appreciates the technical and complex nature of the work undertaken by his barristers.’

‘I have always found the clerks room to be very efficient, professional and courteous.’

‘Very good and helpful clerks.’

‘They are a good set for fraud and regulatory issues, particularly where there is a cross-over with civil issues.’

‘An excellent set of barristers who are true experts in financial crime.’

’33 Chancery Lane will always be the best POCA set in the country. And they are now expanding their branches into complex fraud work.’

Work highlights