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Leading Silks

Stephen Auld KCOne Essex Court ‘Stephen has a thorough knowledge of banking law, especially from a defendant's perspective.’
Adrian Beltrami KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Adrian is a superb advocate. He effortlessly commands the attention and confidence of the court with his understated, yet intensely powerful presentation. Put simply, when he speaks, the judges listen.’
Richard Coleman KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Superb for banking work. One of the best out there for the claimant side. Huge trial experience and is very user friendly and good to work with.’
Richard Handyside KCFountain Court ChambersRichard’s strengths are his breadth of practice (i.e. financial regulatory combined with the civil litigation), clarity of legal thought and explanation to the client. Very user friendly, collaborative. Would be top of the list for any banking related matter.’
Mark Howard KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Simply his name can strike fear into opposition - a titan of the Bar.'
Tim Lord KCBrick Court ChambersA titan in this area.
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘He has an exceptionally commercial approach with clients and knows exactly how courts and arbitrators react to issues. One of the greats of the London Bar.’
Ewan McQuater KC3 Verulam BuildingsA titan in this area.
Andrew Mitchell KCFountain Court ChambersAndrew is one of the best commercial and banking silks at the Bar; a brilliant advocate, he always has the ear of the court, no matter how difficult his cases or clients. He combines first rate legal knowledge with brilliant judgement and understanding of the client’s perspective. A first port of call for any difficult point and a fabulous team leader.’
Andrew Onslow KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Andrew is clearly a heavyweight trial advocate, who has reached that stage in his career where he has great gravitas in the courtroom. Andrew can be sharp and destructive when needs be, but has that crucial experience to know when not to push the judge any further.’
David Quest KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Great at financials, hard worker, covers the details, superb in court - really understated and great value. Love working with him.'
Laurence Rabinowitz KCOne Essex Court ‘Outstanding legal mind and despite that an absolute pleasure to work with. Courteous and generous in his praise for all of the solicitor team and junior counsel. A stand out example of a mindful approach to the development and encouragement of his team.’
David Railton KCFountain Court Chambers ‘In a league of his own in banking (and so much else); he is the master strategist, always five moves ahead of his opponents.'
Patricia Robertson KCFountain Court ChambersA senior silk who gets to grip early on with the detail of the papers. She works hard, thinks creatively and clearly, and inspires confidence from her team and clients and from the court because she’s on top of the detail. Extremely bright, and doesn’t put a foot wrong.’
Joe Smouha KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Right at the top of the list of barristers you want on your side - sharp, brilliant and hard working.’
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court Chambers ‘He’s now one of the star players at the commercial Bar specialising in banking and finance; and rightly so. Throughout an illustrious career at the Bar, he has done more high-profile banking cases than almost anyone else and knows the industry better than anyone. He’s a true banking specialist.’
Sonia Tolaney KCOne Essex Court ‘One of the very best advocates around and she only focusses on the points that matter. She is always on my list for high value, complex matters.'
Daniel Toledano KCOne Essex Court ‘A fabulous advocate and super smart lawyer. Solicitors and clients would be happy to go into battle on just about any case with Daniel on their side.’
David Allison KCSouth SquareDavid has a very deep understanding of how the judges look at issues that arise on complicated insolvency situations. He also has an incisive legal mind when it comes to reviewing suites of finance documents.'
David Blayney KCSerle CourtA brilliant technical mind, able to navigate the most complex tactical and forensic issues.'
Jeffrey Chapman KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Jeff is an exceptional barrister, providing a complete package of heaveyweight brain power, persausive advocacy and exemplary client handling skills. Alongside that, Jeff is a pleasure to work with, spends significant time debating legal issues/strategic positions with the solicitor side team and really brings team ethos to large scale, all encompassing disputes.'
Alain Choo Choy KCOne Essex Court 'Alain is a meticulous advocate. He is very smart and his attention to detail superb.’
Jonathan Crow KC4 Stone Buildings 'Fantastic legal mind with a great courtroom manner. Client friendly and an awesome opponent.’
Helen Davies KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Very strong advocate. Very user friendly and responsive. Among the most respected and sought after counsel around.'
Rhodri Davies KCOne Essex Court ‘Excellent all rounder, very precise and commercial, vast intellect yet down to earth and concise.'
Jasbir Dhillon KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Jasbir is one of the elite Silks at the English Bar for investment banking disputes. He is a formidable courtroom performer with exceptional skills in cross examination. Jasbir has deep expertise in strategising multi-jurisdiction litigation.’
Jeremy Goldring KCSouth Square  ‘Excellent - solicitors use him regularly.’
Patrick Goodall KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Paddy is a first rate advocate. He is exceptional on his feet- clear, calm and forceful.'
Matthew Hardwick KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Without a doubt, one of the most brilliant and sharpest barristers in London. Matthew gets up to speed with cases extremely quickly and is able to turn seemingly hopeless cases into victories. In addition to being an outstanding advocate, Matthew is very sharp on his feet and is second to none in any trial.’
Stephen Houseman KCEssex Court Chambers ‘A go-to counsel for financial disputes, a fantastic team player.’
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Tim is very hard-working: he immerses himself in the detail from the outset (i.e. not waiting until trial) and works alongside the junior rather than setting himself above.’
Richard Lissack KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Richard is the smoothest and most user-friendly KCs. He delivers exceptionally clear advice in a confident manner that reassures clients. He also has the ear of the court. His understanding of regulatory, fraud, criminal and civil issues means he has a unique practice.’
Hodge Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘His judgement is simply outstanding and this helps him to achieve great things for his clients. As an advocate, Hodge combines fluency and authority. He knows exactly what the judge needs to hear to succeed on the point and is completely unflappable in his focus.’
Philip Marshall KCSerle CourtPhilip is one of the most able advocates at the Bar. He is simply superb in court, very knowledgeable and persuasive.’
Jonathan Nash KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘A unique ability to command the courtroom whilst being highly engaging and personable and a pleasure to work with.’
Craig Orr KCOne Essex Court ‘He has an astonishing intellect and an immensely authoritative and commanding manner in court. Simply magnificent.’
Anthony de Garr Robinson KCOne Essex Court ‘A brilliant silk.’
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court Chambers ‘His advice is clear and he is very creative, looking for solutions and not problems.'
Tom Smith KCSouth Square ‘Tom is brilliant. He’s very clever but understated and very much ready to work as part of a team.'
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump Court ‘Nigel is great to work with, he is able to explain complex legal issues very simply while not losing sight of the commercial arguments. He is also a very effective advocate, solicitors are always pleased he is on their side.’
Daniel Bayfield KCSouth Square ‘Clever, excellent advocate, very user-friendly. Prepares meticulously for hearings.'
Simon Birt KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Simon is, quite simply, brilliant. Incredibly detail-oriented, he never cuts corners and prepares for hearings assiduously. His urbane courtroom demeanour has a steely core – he won’t be pushed around and is the intellectual equal of anyone at the Bar.’
Derrick Dale KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Derrick has an excellent ability to see the big picture and appreciate how things will play out in a matter. He couples his excellent foresight with deep knowledge of the detail. He also has great integrity and is a gentleman at all times.'
Jonathan Davies-Jones KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Jonathan is very bright and is able to quickly cut to the heart of the issues, presenting complex financial transactions in a clear, concise way.’
Paul Downes KCQuadrant ChambersHe is very thorough in his preparation and reads everything. Very quick on the uptake and a forceful and compelling advocate.’
Andrew George KCBlackstone Chambers ‘The complete package - compelling advocacy, a laser mind and a delight to deal with at all times.’
Andrew Green KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Excellent written and oral advocacy. Astonishingly quick witted on his feet and a real sight to behold.’
Javan Herberg KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Javan is ferociously bright, and quick to identify the key points at issue. His advice is clear and always considered. He has a calm, clear advocacy style which steps the court through complex points in an easily understandable way.'
Andrew Hunter KCBlackstone Chambers ‘He is super smart, excellent on his feet and user friendly. Exactly the type of barrister you want fighting your client's corner.’
Barry Isaacs KCSouth Square ‘Razor sharp cross examiner. He is like a human calculator when it comes to numbers.'
Paul Lowenstein KCTwenty Essex ‘Paul is a senior silk at the top of his game. He is always in demand (and rightly so), and is an excellent strategist in high-value, complex claims.'
Roger Masefield KCBrick Court Chambers ‘He’s very calm and took everything in his stride in a way that some people won’t. He just got on with it. He’s proving to be a very effective silk.'
Paul McGrath KCEssex Court Chambers ‘He is always the smartest guy in the room – he thinks of points nobody else thinks of. You wouldn’t want him on the other side.’
Martin Moore KCErskine Chambers ‘Martin's advice is clear, precise and succinct. His approach to complex issues is reassuringly rigorous but also pragmatic with a knack for finding solutions.'
Rosalind Phelps KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Ros is perceptive and insightful. She focuses on the key issues to ensure that all advocacy is appropriately focused. Ros is very easy to deal with and demonstrates strong commercial awareness and an understanding of the pressures faced by financial institutions. She is practical and pragmatic.'
Akhil Shah KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Akhil is a great team player. A good strategic thinker solicitors would trust on on any case.’
Ben Strong KCOne Essex Court ‘Ben is meticulous and makes sure that he properly gets to grip with the detail of the case. He is an excellent team player. He is extremely good at building and managing a strong Counsel team.’
Felicity Toube KCSouth Square ‘Responsive, clever, experienced and a pleasure to deal with every time.’
Ben Valentin KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Ben is top of the list of any new instruction. It is a pleasure to watch Ben in action in Court - his advocacy skills are unrivaled. He is not afraid of getting stuck into the detail and the drafting. A clear leader, with the ability to drive strategic outcomes, and an absolute delight to work with.'
David Alexander KCSouth Square ‘David is happy to roll his sleeves up and get stuck into the detail. He has a good sense of what arguments will play well with the judge.
Andrew Ayres KCTwenty EssexGreat manner in court, very effective advocacy style. On top of the detail, and always well prepared for calls with clear advice on calls and in writing. Organised and responsive. A pleasure to work with.’
John Brisby KC4 Stone Buildings ‘John’s oral advocacy and cross examination are par excellence. He pitches his argument to perfection and wins.’
Philip Edey KCTwenty Essex ‘A capable lead counsel with real breadth of experience and knowhow.'
Jonathan Gaisman KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘One of the best advocates at the Bar.’
Orlando Gledhill KCOne Essex Court ‘A senior silk who treats every case with the enthusiasm and precision as if it was his first. Never misses a beat.'
Lord Grabiner KCOne Essex CourtSolicitors come to an expert for the definitive view, and that is what they get.’
David Head KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Effortlessly robust advocate. Always seems in total control in the courtroom. Prepares cases thoroughly and works well with juniors and part of a solicitor team. Very good with clients and understandably in demand.'
Richard Hill KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Excellent team leader who is not afraid to get stuck into the details and make his mark on difficult cases; excellent judgment; great courtroom manner which combines forensic precision with a robust approach. Consummate modern advocate.'
Charles Kimmins KCTwenty Essex ‘Charles is a go-to leader for complex cases, and is a brilliant advocate and practitioner. One of the hardest working silks in the business, he never fails to impress the client with his ability and attitude. Universally well liked amongst the solicitors and clients he works with, which is firms go to him time after time.’
Mark Phillips KCSouth Square 'Astute and incisive. A force to be reckoned with in court.'
Benjamin Pilling KC4 Pump Court 'Ben's preparation and command of detail, no matter how complex the facts or legal issues in dispute, are second to none. He has a clear and highly effective style of advocacy that inspires confidence in the tribunal whom he is addressing and quietly but forcefully dismantles his opponents.'
Nathan Pillow KCEssex Court Chambers ‘A leading star at Essex Court – tremendously able as an advocate with a wonderful style and a huge pleasure to work with.’
Thomas Plewman KC - Brick Court Chambers 'Incredibly hard-work and diligent. Gets on top of all of the detail very very quickly. An, xtremely polished advocate, both written and orally.'
Rupert Reed KCSerle Court ‘Rupert is an extremely hard-working, conscientious and effective lawyer, as well as a highly impressive advocate. Rupert combines a deep working knowledge of complex legal and technical law (in what is sometimes a very dense area) with an amiable user-friendly approach which makes him a pleasure to work with and very persuasive on his feet.'
Toby Riley-Smith KCHenderson ChambersSuperb advocate who engages with the court.’
Charles Samek KCLittleton Chambers ‘Charles is a robust advocate and quite fearless in court with a good turn of phrase. He is respectful and incisive and good to work with. Client like his no-nonsense approach and keen intellect especially on cross border-litigation. Charles is often against banks, acting for investors who may have been let down or mis-sold complex financial instruments.’
Paul Sinclair KCFountain Court Chambers ‘He has the ability to make his client's case on the most complex issues appear to be both simple and obviously correct. Paul says things only once because he gets it right the first time.'
Andrew Sutcliffe KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Absolutely on top of his subject. Calm, measured and authoritative.’
John Taylor KCFountain Court Chambers ‘John is an exceptional oral advocate who commands the attention of the court and the judge. He carries himself with gravitas and each submission is put with deep-seated conviction.’
Ian Wilson KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Ian has an encyclopedic knowledge and expertise in relation to banking law disputes. His advocacy is perfectly pitched and he adeptly predicts the approach of the court. He is also great to work with, providing clear and focused advice with an easy going and good humoured manner.'
Camilla Bingham KC - One Essex Court 'Fabulous advocate; robust in her approach; not afraid of taking on difficult arguments; reads the court superbly. Also charming with clients.'
James Counsell KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘James is terrific in front of the court and for cross-examination. He draws on huge experience and gets the balance between the technical and pragmatic. A very safe pair of hands and easy to work with.’
Jeremy Cousins KCRadcliffe Chambers 'Very thorough and a pleasure to work with.'
Edward Cumming KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Ed is a superstar already notwithstanding his relatively young age. Incredibly in demand. Is superb at banking but can turn his mind to a range of fields as the best silks can.'
Andrew de Mestre KC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Andrew is outstanding with high-end investment banking cases; he isn’t fazed by complex numbers or esoteric structures and will grapple with the detail as well as the big picture.’ 
Peter De Verneuil Smith KC - 3 Verulam Buildings 'Peter is robust in his views and clear in his advocacy. Clients like the clarity of his analysis.'
Thomas Grant KCMaitland Chambers ‘Clear firm advice; confident advocate; and very good with clients.'
Lexa Hilliard KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Her advocacy is charming but deadly. Her insights are incredibly sophisticated and disarming. She will find extremely obscure points which assist, and won't rest until she knows she's turned over every stone available.'
Henry King KC - Fountain Court Chambers 'His accountancy background, work ethic, and keen eye for the details are potent assets in complex financial services and fraud cases, combined with his finely tuned sense of the killer points and how to deploy them. A team player without ego and an absolute pleasure to work with. A ruthlessly effective advocate with that uncanny knack for almost writing judges' judgments for them in the way he crafts his submissions.'
David Mumford KC - Maitland Chambers 'David has a very strong legal brain and a measured advocacy style which is highly effective.' 
Conall Patton KCOne Essex CourtA commanding presence in court. The brightest and best young silk at the Bar today.'
Richard Slade KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Richard is an excellent barrister, he is not just intellectual and knowledgeable as would be expected, but pragmatic and commercial. A pleasure to work with too.'
Stephen Moverley Smith KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Stephen is a first-class barrister. He is able to get up to speed with really complicated matters quickly and provide clear concise advice. His oral advocacy is also impressive.'
Francis Tregear KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Very sharp brain, can translate complex issues and theories into easily understandable and digestible for the client. Excellent rapport with judges who respect his straightforward approach.'
Adam Zellick KC - Fountain Court Chambers 'Adam has a keen intellect, is very hard working, gets to grasp with issues very quickly and is very pleasant to deal with - Clients like him.' 

2022 Silks

Sarah Abram KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Incredible knack of being on top of everything all of the time, from the high level strategy to the finer detail. Loved by clients, instructing solicitors and co-counsel alike. Very proactive, will drive a case forward and has the ability to herd cats when necessary in multi-party litigation.'
Tony Beswetherick KCTwenty Essex ‘Tony is a phenomenon - a complete barrister who unsurprisingly took silk earlier this year. He has an unrivalled ability to find a course through the most difficult of situations and his advocacy, both written and oral, is sublime.'
Mark Fell KCRadcliffe Chambers ‘Incredibly bright but pragmatic and completely down to earth. A go to Counsel for retail financial services issues.’
Sebastian Isaac KCOne Essex Court ‘Incredibly intelligent, hard working, and responsive. He also is very funny which helps when you're litigating a long and complex matter.’
Farhaz Khan KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Very knowledgeable and experienced in various aspects of banking and finance. Clear and persuasive advocate.’
James MacDonald KCOne Essex Court ‘He is calm in a storm. His written work is among the best I have seen. He is commercially minded and extremely client friendly. He really is one of the stars of his generation.'
Alexander Milner KCFountain Court ChambersThe go-to for banking and finance disputes. Advice is always clear and helpful. Recent Silk appointment very much deserved.'
Alexander Polley KCOne Essex Court ‘Really responsive, easy to work with and insightful. Gains the client's trust and confidence through realistic and clear advice. Enormous work ethic and productivity.'
Stephen Robins KCSouth Square ‘Excellent - solicitors use him regularly.’
Emily Wood KCEssex Court Chambers 'Technically excellent with the added bonus of being personable and engaging, very approachable and user friendly.'

2023 Silks

Simon Atrill KCFountain Court ChambersSimon combines superb judgement with an incisive ability to identify the crucial issues. A genuine star.’
Richard Eschwege KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Exceptionally hard-working and fast to produce very high-quality written work product. Very experienced in long trials as well as in interlocutory applications. Frequently appears unled in matters where a Silk is instructed on the other side.’
Craig Morrison KCBrick Court Chambers ‘From pupillage onwards, Craig has been on a stellar trajectory. A leading junior will surely be a leading silk soon.’
Henry Forbes Smith KCOne Essex Court ‘A very very clever lawyer, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. Henry is instructed on some of the biggest cases at the Bar.’

Leading Juniors

Rupert AllenFountain Court ChambersA star in this area.'
Michael D’ArcyOne Essex Court ‘Excellent team player. Great legal and strategic thinker.'
James DuffyFountain Court Chambers ‘James is a top banking junior - he knows the market really well, is eminently sensible, and drafts brilliantly.'
Charlotte Eborall3 Verulam Buildings ‘Incredibly thorough, great eye for detail, a top drawer tactician and team player whose empathetic manner endears her to clients. She is a Premier League advocate with a shrewd, understated and deeply effective cross examination style.’
William Edwards3 Verulam Buildings ‘A very bright and charming junior barrister who is always a pleasure to deal with.'
Simon HattanSerle CourtSimon is extremely strong at getting on top of large amounts of complex material, and identifying how they will be seen by a neutral decision-maker. He is particularly well-suited to work requiring close forensic analysis of evidence.'
Fred HobsonBrick Court Chambers ‘Fred is a next generation Silk in the making. A real star of the junior Bar, Fred is a talented advocate in his own right who also adds serious intellectual firepower to a multi-barrister team supporting a KC.’
Georgina PetersSouth Square ‘A highly skilled advocate; knowledgeable, courteous, invariably meticulously prepared. An asset on any case. Solicitors cannot think of a better senior junior. Instruct her before she takes Silk, and then instruct her as a Silk.’
Sandy PhippsOne Essex Court ‘An excellent technical banking lawyer with strong drafting skills. Very user-friendly.'
Scott Ralston3 Verulam Buildings ‘Scott is incredibly hard-working and forensic. His written advocacy is excellent, and for a junior commercial barrister his advocacy is first-rate.'
James SheehanEssex Court Chambers ‘James is wise beyond his years. He has already developed excellent judgement, and is more than equal to many of the KCs in his area. His advocacy is first class – he can hold his own against a phalanx of Silks. He already has the ability of appearing trustworthy, credible and plausible to the bench.’
Adam SherFountain Court Chambers ‘Accessible, interested in the issues and a genuine expert - particularly in misrepresentation and fraud. He is a forthright advocate and always puts the client's best foot forward.'
Julia SmithHenderson Chambers ‘Julia has fantastic knowledge built over many years of experience and is a go to barrister for all consumer credit related matters. She offers clear, concise views and is always prepared to give an opinion. She is very user friendly.’
Oliver AssersohnXXIV Old Buildings ‘Technically brilliant, very hard working and a delight to work with.’
Ruth BalaGough Square Chambers ‘Ruth is confident, willing to give a view and not sit on the fence and technically strong. She is an expert in consumer finance related litigation and a go-to senior junior in this space.’
Marianne ButlerFountain Court Chambers ‘Excellent analytical skills, drafting skills and oral advocacy. Marianne is a pleasure to work with and fosters a strong sense of teamwork between solicitors and counsel.’
Stewart ChirnsideQuadrant Chambers ‘Technically excellent and tactically astute - his approach gives clients the edge over their opponents. Brings an objective view to the merits while fighting clients corners as hard as possible.'
Christopher Harrison4 Stone BuildingsChris is the doyen of section 994 petitions and is able to bring his considerable banking experience to the table to advise his clients.’
William HibbertHenderson Chambers ‘William is a deep expert in the field of consumer credit litigation. He is conscientious, measured, always demonstrates excellent attention to detail, and always provides well thought-out advice.'
Ian Higgins3 Verulam Buildings ‘Ian is a strong advocate - confident on his feet and able to skillfully respond to the situation at hand. He is exceptionally thorough and can be relied upon to know the law inside and out.'
Emma JonesOne Essex CourtA very impressive junior.
Lisa Lacob3 Verulam Buildings ‘Lisa is incredibly client-focused and industrious. One of the most user-friendly barristers - her written work and oral advocacy are first-rate, and complement her stellar client skills.’
Liisa Lahti3 Verulam Buildings ‘She is very experienced in this field and an excellent junior.'
Iain MacDonaldGough Square Chambers ‘Ian is very hands-on. He gives clear, practical and client friendly advice. He is a tenacious advocate.'
Alec McCluskeyMaitland Chambers ‘Alec is an outstanding senior junior - incredibly pro-active, and leads cases by the neck. His dynamism and leadership is extremely impressive. He is both a first rate advocate and extremely good to work with.'
Stephen NevilleGough Square Chambers ‘First-rate; he is always the first person firms turn to. He has an in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, is superb at identifying solutions and is extremely pragmatic and provides commercially orientated advice. Very approachable and a pleasure to deal with.’
Luke PearceTwenty Essex ‘He is is able to cut through numerous complex and finely balanced legal issues and draft in a clear, concise and powerfully persuasive way.'
Fred PhilpottGough Square Chambers ‘Fred is Mr Consumer Law. A stalwart of the Bar.’
Simon PopplewellGough Square Chambers ‘Simon is the consumer credit guru. He has all of the authorities and legislation at his fingertips and can explain them extremely clearly. He is also very easy to work with and is reliable, sensible and pragmatic. He has everything you want in a barrister.’
Emily SaundersonQuadrant Chambers ‘A real expert in the field. Brilliant at simplifying complex issues. Incredibly popular with clients.'
Nehali ShahOne Essex Court ‘Very on top of the detail. Able to assimilate a lot of information quickly, and identify the salient points efficiently. Persuasive, very articulate and clear. Very reliable.'
David Simpson3 Verulam Buildings ‘David is a deep legal thinker. He has a masterful understanding of the law, and a good sense of the underlying merits of the arguments.'
Justina StewartOuter Temple Chambers ‘Extremely user friendly, technically strong and commercial astute. Particularly strong in banking due to her career as a former banker. One of thgo to senior juniors for banking work. Also a persuasive advocate and good for difficult cases.’
Adam Temple3 Verulam Buildings ‘Adam is an excellent junior barrister. He is bright, clear in his thinking, good on paper and equally strong on his feet.’
Alastair Tomson4 Stone Buildings ‘A clear and engaging advocate, with deep technical expertise. Always calm under pressure.'
William WillsonSouth Square ‘Astute, commercial, very clever and excellent drafting. Gets across the issues very quickly so great on urgent matters.'
Nik YeoFountain Court Chambers ‘His advice is definitive and targeted whilst also accounting for the commercial realities facing the client. Excellent at adopting the correct tone for negotiations. Very affable and a pleasure to work with.’
Nicola AllsopQuadrant Chambers ‘Nicola is extremely bright and has a wealth of experience. Her advocacy is particularly persuasive.'
Adam Al AttarSouth Square ‘Extremely intelligent and thoughtful, qualities which he combines with a very extensive knowledge and experience of the financial sector and of often complicated financial products.'
Natasha BennettFountain Court Chambers ‘Very efficient and very smart. Gets into the detail while retaining an eye on the big picture - particularly good on detail of disclosure requirements.'
Richard BlakeleyBrick Court Chambers ‘Richard has a great deal of grit and resilience. He is calm, measured and thoughtful.'
Christopher Bond3 Verulam Buildings ‘A very strong all-round advocate able to cut through complex issues to the core of the dispute. Christopher allies legal analytical ability with practical, commercial advice. Strong and persuasive oral advocate in cross-examination and oral submissions to the court.’
Oliver ButlerOne Essex CourtPrecise, detailed, meticulous, clever, wonderful to work with.'
Jonathan DawidBrick Court Chambers ‘Very intelligent, fights his corner well, strong advocate and sense of humour.'
Anton DudnikovEssex Court Chambers ‘Extremely knowledgeable of financial issues, great legal mind.'
Daniel EdmondsFountain Court Chambers ‘Top notch junior. Extremely hard working and a totally committed team member.'
Tom FordEssex Court Chambers ‘Clear, well organised in his submissions, and thorough.'
Richard Hanke3 Verulam Buildings ‘Incredibly responsive and user friendly. Richard has a calm and considered manner, his advice is always clear and concise and he is very bright.'
Ciaran KellerEssex Court Chambers ‘Excellent technical ability and very responsive, he provides clear pragmatic and timely advice.’
Alexia Knight3 Verulam Buildings ‘Alexia is very clever, very thorough and very user friendly. Her advocacy at first instance was excellent.'
Geoffrey KuehneBrick Court Chambers ‘Geoff is a Silk for the future. He is very bright, hard working and insightful. Totally reliable as a junior where the case also needs a Silk, but really effective as an advocate in court for cases without a KC. Clients appreciate his thoughtful and effective manner.’
Andrew MaguireLittleton Chambers ‘Very good nature with the clients - clients love Andrew. He is able to instill confidence even under extreme pressure.'
Richard MottOne Essex Court ‘Richard is a blessing to the team. He rolls his sleeves up, has tenacious grasp of the facts, is strategic and considered in his outlook. He's personally very pleasant to work with and fantastic in ability. His advocacy is precise, focused and highly effective.'
David MurrayFountain Court Chambers'Astute, on the ball, excellent technical skills.'
Simon OakesQuadrant Chambers ‘Simon is unflappable; he is realistic; confident and self-assured beyond his years. He was a real asset to the team and much admired by the client.'
Elizabeth OveyRadcliffe Chambers ‘She is calm and clear in her advice, whilst being very commercial.'
James RossGough Square Chambers ‘Clear and concise. Gets to the issues quickly. Approachable.'
Alan RoxburghBrick Court Chambers ‘He is a huge asset to any team; and if you knew the analysis on the other side was coming from him, you would tell your client to give up or settle.'
Adam RushworthOne Essex Court ‘Excellent. Forensic. Robust, willing to push back and persuade clients of the right course, even if that course appears unattractive.'
Thomas Samuels – Henderson Chambers ‘Good attention to detail, speed of response and comprehensive nature of advice.’
Turlough StoneQuadrant Chambers ‘Marvellous to work with and a smooth operator at the Bar.’
Joseph SullivanQuadrant Chambers ‘His judgement and his technical expertise are second to none. He is a great team player.’
Kate UrellGough Square Chambers ‘Kate is a go-to barrister for CCA matters. She has in depth and entrenched knowledge of the issues both at hand and prevalent in the market in general.’
Tom Asquith4 New SquareTom is a persuasive advocate. He has an affable style which puts judges at ease.'
Sarah BaylissXXIV Old BuildingsA strong detail-orientated junior.'
Jonathan Butters  - Devereux 'Jonathan has carved out a niche for himself in consumer credit and retail finance issues, in which he has excelled on behalf of claimants and law firms. '
Lee FinchGough Square Chambers ‘Lee is very user friendly and provides great commercial and easy to understand advice.'
Hannah Glover  - 3 Verulam Buildings 'Hannah is a confident and clear advocate. Her legal drafting is first class. She is a stand out all-round barrister and a pleasure to work with. '
James Knott4 Stone Buildings ‘James is a pleasure to work with. Very hardworking and diligent. James is technically strong; he quickly grasped the issues in a very complex banking dispute and identified the relevant issues.’
Kyle Lawson  – Brick Court Chambers ‘Kyle is way beyond his years – he is head and shoulders above his peers at the Bar. He absorbs facts swiftly, and grasps the key legal principles with ease. His written work is fantastic – his pleadings are hard-hitting and concisely undermine an opponent ‘
Anna Lintner39 Essex Chambers ‘Anna is the complete barrister - enormously intelligent yet grounded, completely responsive with an ability to turn work of the highest quality around very quickly, adept at distilling very complicated facts into clear and simple arguments, whilst being great fun to work with.'
Andrew Lodder  – One Essex Court ‘A joy to instruct: very bright, tactically astute, hard-working, and a real team player with a great sense of humour. His advocacy is smooth, composed and effective – judges listen.’
Sophie Mallinckrodt3 Verulam Buildings ‘A senior junior with enormous experience of the financial sector - clever, hard-working, sophisticated.'
Simon MillsFive Paper ‘Really invests in the claim and feels like part of the team. Really friendly, approachable and personable.'
Sam NeamanLittleton ChambersSam is a consummate professional. He is a total team player who puts everything into winning a case for a client. Superb advocate, analytical and creative thinker and excellent on paper.'
Saaman Pourghadiri4 New Square ‘Saaman is a tremendously likeable individual who generates massive support and goodwill from clients. He can turn his mind to just about any commercial dispute but has been exposed to some substantial banking and financial market disputes where his regulatory and civil fraud background has proved vital.'
John RobbEssex Court Chambers ‘John is incredibly hard working and always available. He is fiercely intelligent and is able to deliver perfectly reasoned and strategic advice quickly. His commerciality and understanding of what is important to his clients is excellent.'
Michael Ryan7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is excellent in addressing complex, novel legal issues. His advocacy is also very strong.’
Sean Snook  - Twenty Essex 'Excellent strategic brain, compelling advocacy style and outstanding written work. A very capable all-rounder who is great to work with. Comfortably able to lead cases as part of larger or smaller teams, which is of tremendous value to clients.' 
Marcus StaffXXIV Old Buildings ‘He is extremely thorough and detailed. He leaves no stone unturned. Especially good on matters connected with Switzerland and Swiss law. A really top senior junior who solicitors look forward to working with again soon.’
Sarah Tulip3 Verulam Buildings ‘Sarah is absolutely first-class. She is bright, tenacious and hard-working. She masters even the most complicated issues quickly and analyses them thoroughly.’
Craig UlyattFountain Court ChambersAn excellent barrister, especially for his call. A confident, strong, forthright advocate. He is very quick on his feet and a dynamic, proactive lawyer, with client's objectives always to the fore.'
Niranjan VenkatesanOne Essex Court ‘His advocacy was very powerful, underpinned by brilliant preparation and delivered with a style that was tailored to his judge. He is a future superstar.'

Rising Stars

Ian BergsonFountain Court Chambers ‘Exceptionally thorough and detailed. He gets into the weeds of the matter, is intellectually curious and not afraid to challenge.'
William Day3 Verulam Buildings ‘Will is an absolute superstar. Incredibly bright and clearly destined for big things at the Bar. He is very responsive, absolute pleasure to deal with and brilliant with clients.'
Harrison Denner  – Henderson Chambers ‘Excellent written skills and thorough pleadings. Very good on his feet. Easy to work with.’
Max EvansFountain Court ChambersMax is a great young barrister, he is very efficient and can produce submissions of great quality in a very limited time. He demonstrated good strategical thinking and ability to plan the strategy ahead of the opponents.'
Sabrina Goodchild  - Gough Square Chambers 'Sabrina's attention to detail is amazing. The depth of her knowledge is clear when settling some very complex statements of case.'
Joe-han Ho39 Essex Chambers  ‘Joe-Han has a very clear style. He is methodological and easy to follow. He is exceptionally smart and efficient as well as approachable. He is simply brilliant advocate. ‘
Owen Lloyd  - Essex Court Chambers 'Owen is fantastic. He has an extraordinary work ethic, is super responsive and incredibly easy to deal with. He is razor sharp and all over the detail. He is working well beyond his year of call and is a real rising star.'
Tom Wood  - Brick Court Chambers 'Tom is a rising star for Brick Court. He is exceptionally hard working and diligent, plus an astute litigation strategist.'
Rebecca Zaman3 Verulam Buildings ‘A prized junior who acts for domestic and international banks in difficult and high-profile disputes.'

Banking and finance (including consumer credit) in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings is ‘a great set for banking disputes‘ with expertise in ‘traditional finance to crypto and everything in between‘. Clients commend its ‘wealth of talented barristers at all levels who all deliver top quality work product and excellent service’. The set’s silks and juniors regularly act on some of the financial market’s defining cases, with a recent example including Vatche Manoukian v Societe Generale Banque Liban,  in which Ian Wilson KC  and Rebecca Zaman  are representing Société Générale Banque Liban and Bank Audi in a significant dispute concerning access to funds denominated in US dollars held by Lebanese banks that, owing to the shortage of hard currency in the jurisdiction, Lebanese banks are not permitting to be withdrawn. A team including Ewan McQuater KC and David Quest KC is advising Dubai Islamic Bank  and Noor Bank,  in NMC Healthcare Limited v Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC and Noor Bank PJSC before the Abu Dhabi Global Markets courts, arising from the insolvency of NMC Healthcare, the Middle East’s largest private healthcare provider.



‘3VB is a great set for banking disputes – it has a great stable of top silks and strong juniors.‘

‘They remain strong in connection with all matters involving finance – from traditional finance to crypto and everything in between.’

‘Excellent. The set has a wealth of talented barristers at all levels who all deliver top quality work product and excellent service.  They are also all really nice people to work with, un-stuffy and genuinely collaborative, which is testament to the culture in chambers. The training sessions offered are relevant, interesting and always add value, whether delivered to instructing solicitors or directly to clients.’ 

‘3VB is a really excellent set with great strength in depth. We always have a good experience and I think they work hard at that. They are not arrogant or pleased with themselves like many other top sets. They value the relationship, try to help and provide value.’   

‘A go-to set for financial services and general commercial disputes with barristers of high calibre across all levels of seniority.’


‘Steve Penson and Stuart Pullum do a good job.  Lucy Burrows is savvy and personable. ‘

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is ‘the pre-eminent set for banking litigation‘ with ‘strength and depth all the way up and down the list of members‘. While the set’s members regularly act on the market’s largest banking disputes, clients note that ‘they are always also happy to assist with the smaller matters‘. A major recent case was Law Debenture v Ukraine, a claim brought by the Russian state concerning a $3bn eurobond loan default, in which Bankim Thanki KC and Simon Atrill KC represented Ukraine before the Supreme Court, whose judgment was pending at time of writing. In Federal Republic of Nigeria v JP Morgan Chase, Rosalind Phelps KC and David Murray are defending JP Morgan against a US$870m claim relating to bank deposits made as part of an allegedly corrupt oil deal involving Malabu Oil and Gas, a company linked to disgraced Sane Abacha-era Nigerian oil minister Dan Etete.



 ‘I work have worked with several counsel from Fountain Court, and they have all been excellent.  What I love about Fountain Court, in particular, in addition to the quality of the chambers they are always also happy to assist with the smaller matters.  Their juniors are also top notch.’

 ‘Fountain Court is without doubt one of the leading sets for financial services. They have genuine specialists at all levels of qualification and they are always on my short list when seeking counsel.’

 ‘I think that Fountain Court Chambers is THE pre-eminent set in this area. There is strength and depth all the way up and down the list of members. They are a delight to work with, user friendly and very down to earth.’

 ‘Fountain remain the pre-eminent set for Banking litigation.’

 ‘Fountain Court have enormous bench strength and can be counted on to provide top-tier advice.’


 ‘Very slick, very professional (especially Sian Huckett).

One Essex Court

With ‘a barrister for every caseOne Essex Court has established itself as a ‘go to set for complex, high value, commercial disputes‘.  Unlike some of its top tier rivals, the set primarily focuses on larger multi jurisdictional claims, but its successful track record makes its members top choices for many leading banks. Notable highlights include Deutsche Bank AG London v Comune di Busto Arsizio, in which Sonia Tolaney KC and Andrew Lodder  successfully assisted Deutsche Bank in convincing the UK High Court that its ruling could diverge from an Italian Supreme Court decision concerning a similar case, Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro S.p.A v Municipality of Cattolica. Multiple members are involved in Vestia v various banks, in which the Dutch housing association is attempting to recover €2bn in losses arising from speculative derivatives trading by its treasurer; Rhodri Davies KC  is leading a five member team, including Adam Rushworth, for Vestia, with Tolaney KC and James MacDonald KC among those acting for the banks.



 ‘Great bench depth at all levels – especially junior silk but also very impressive at all levels of juniors which bodes well for the set going forward.’

 ‘One of the strongest commercial sets at the bar (if not the strongest). Very high quality across the board; a number of star juniors.’

 ‘One of the super-sets.  A barrister for every case.’


 ‘Rob Smith is fantastic – practical, helpful and a real pleasure to deal with.’

 ‘Excellent – commercial, professional they don’t overpromise, trustworthy.’

 ‘They are all very friendly and helpful.  They respond quickly when needed.’

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is ‘undoubtedly a go-to set for banking‘,  and ‘packed with stars of the present and future who are also a pleasure to deal with and loved by clients’. Members regularly act for and against the banks on major claims. In Privatbank v Kolomoisky and others, Mark Howard KC is leading a team of six members, including Geoffrey Kuehne, on behalf of Igor Kolomoisky, one of the former owners of a nationalised Ukrainian bank who has been accused of misappropriating US$2.4bn by arranging fraudulent loans. Tim Lord KC, who has an excellent reputation for taking on banks, is leading Kyle Lawson in Leeds City Council and Others v Barclays Bank PLC, in which seven city councils are seeking rescission of multi-million pounds of long-dated loans with Barclays on the grounds of the bank’s allegedly fraudulent misrepresentations of the LIBOR benchmark.



 ‘Second-to-none.  Packed with stars of the present and future who are also a pleasure to deal with and loved by clients.‘

 ‘Undoubtedly a go to set for banking.’

 ‘Approachable, good strength in depth, broad range of expertise – one of the top sets.’

 ‘Brick Court is obviously a top set and offers a Rolls-Royce service.’

 ‘Excellent set.’


‘They are brilliant, and they rightly focus heavily on building relationships with the key firms in which they can be relied upon to find solutions.’

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is ‘an up and coming power in the banking disputes space, leveraging off its traditional strength in fraud‘ and fielding ‘lots of exceptional people’. Many disputes have a major cross-border dimension, such as Republic of Mozambique v Credit Suisse, in which Joe Smouha KC, Nathan Pillow KC and Ciaran Keller are representing Mozambique in the ‘Tuna Bond’ scandal relating to government backed loans arranged by Credit Suisse that pushed Mozambique into a debt crisis. James Willan KC is also representing Privatbank in JSC Commercial Bank PrivatBank v Kolomoisky, a claim against two former owners of the Ukrainian bank who allegedly orchestrated a fraudulent scheme to misappropriate funds.



‘They are a leading practice for banking disputes.’

 ‘Essex Court is very commercial, and is an up and coming power in the banking disputes space, leveraging off its traditional strength in fraud.’

  ‘Exceptional set with lots of exceptional people – some of them being astonishingly good.  Real market leaders.’

 ‘A top set and they are as strong for banking work as they are for civil fraud and commercial disputes more generally.’ 

 ‘Great set – full of stars.’


 ‘Very impressive. Joe Ferrigno is a class act and his team is good.’ 

South Square

South Square is ‘undeniably the leading set of barristers for restructuring and insolvency and is very strong in banking and finance‘. The restructuring work has led it onto some of the largest banking cases in the market, typically with significant cross-border and civil fraud elements. High profile examples include Primeo Fund v HSBC in which members, including Tom Smith KC,  appeared before the Privy Council, for Primeo, in relation to a US$2bn claim against HSBC arising out of the Madoff fraud, with William Willson  acting for the defendant bank. Daniel Bayfield KC  and David Allison KC are also appearing on opposing sides of Emerald Pasture DAC v Cassini SAS, a dispute concerning lender entitlement to financial information relating to the borrower group under a Senior Facilities Agreement.



‘South Square is undeniably the leading set of barristers for restructuring and insolvency and is very strong in banking and finance.’ 

‘South Square Chambers is a very strong set. Historically, it was very much focused on Insolvency and restructuring but its areas of expertise have broadened very considerably over the last 10 or more years to cover most areas of high value commercial litigation, certainly (but not only) in the financial services sector.‘ 

‘It remains the go-to set for insolvency work.  They are very strong at all levels.‘ 

‘South Square is by far the leading insolvency set in the country.  I use other chambers but when dealing with complex or no obvious outcome I would instruct South Square.  They have quality at all levels, are well connected to the current trends of thinking, are prepared to offer a view on things and will provide training and development opportunities for others.  They are also not phased by being challenged on a particular point.’ 


‘Aside from the ability of many of its tenants, the single most important factor in South Square being my go to chambers is the strength of the clerking there.  I have over the years, developed a very strong relationship with the team and always find them responsive and understanding of the pressures placed on solicitors by the lay client (for example in relation to fees).  They are all very good but Jim Costa and Dylan Playfoot require special commendation, closely followed by Marco Malatesta and Mike Killick.’ 

‘The clerks are excellent.  When you have a case on the clerks are really effective and getting everything to where it needs to be and getting the orders back quickly.’

4 Stone Buildings

4 Stone Buildings is ‘an excellent set with strength in depth at all levels’. Its members regularly advise on civil and regulatory banking disputes, as well as major insolvency-related cases. Notable matters include Stanford International Bank (SIB) v HSBC in which Andrew de Mestre KC is representing the liquidators of the Ponzi scheme ran by Allen Stanford in a case (set for trial in 2023) concerning allegations that HSBC breached its Quincecare duties to SIB. In Syndicate Bank v Dansingani John Brisby KC and Alastair Tomson   acted on a long-running litigation on behalf of the UK branch of an Indian bank which went to the Court of Appeal in 2021.



 ‘Excellent chambers -one of the best and as a firm we have used several of their barristers.’

 ‘The chambers develop very close-knit bonds to their clients and it goes a long way with keeping a long term relationship. They have never failed myself as a client whenever they have suggested counsel.’

 ‘An excellent set with strength in depth at all levels. I always find the counsel easily accessible and never stand on ceremony when it comes to solving urgent problems.’

 ‘4 Stone Buildings are an outstanding Chancery set. Most (if not all) of our fee earners regularly instruct their Counsel at all levels, from the most junior members up to Silks. Without exception, their barristers are friendly, easy to work with, and supremely confident and gifted lawyers. They can be flexible and innovative with regard to fee structures and rates, and their clerks always ensure that someone is available, even on very short notice. They always recommend the right person for the job.’

 ‘4 Stone Buildings’ strength lies in the quality of counsel at both ends of the spectrum.’


 ‘The clerks Ben Lashmar and Ryan Tunkel are at the top of their game. Very helpful and accommodating and will match counsel with the type of work.’

Gough Square Chambers

Gough Square Chambers is undoubtedly one of the top choices for consumer credit law, with ‘undoubtedly more dedicated consumer credit barristers than any other‘. The set’s members are ‘true experts in their field and offer up a wealth of knowledge across the finance and banking sector‘. Recent high profile cases include Moises Gertner v CFL Finance Limited, in which Jonathan Kirk KC, Fred Philpott and Lee Finch are acting for the primary defendant in an enforcement by a financial services company of a £500m debt as part of insolvency proceedings. Iain MacDonald is also acting for the defendant, a peer-to-peer lending platform, in Milne v Open Access Finance Ltd, a High Court claim concerning alleged regulatory breaches and misrepresentation.



 ‘Gough Square Chambers are the go to set for our finance clients. Counsel have almost always been available in the time frames that we have to work to. Gough Square need not advertise; they offer great value for being one of the top finance sets.’

 ‘One of the leading consumer credit sets.’

 ‘The set is undoubtedly the leading consumer credit and finance set. There are undoubtedly more dedicated consumer credit barristers than any other. There is in-house training and the set provides seminars for other lawyers on the subject.’

 ‘My go to set for anything credit related.  All members are true experts in their field and offer up a wealth of knowledge across the finance/banking sector.  Generally very good availability of chosen counsel and nearly always an alternative to recommend if chosen counsel is unavailable.’

 ‘Gough square is a very well run chambers – they are at reach and responsive and always accommodating.  There is never a delay in the coming back to us and we are always pleased with their service and results.’


 ‘Jack Bradshaw is very friendly and approachable and will always do what he can to assist.’

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers is another ‘go-to chambers for consumer finance litigation’. The set boast some of the most experienced senior juniors in the market, including Julia Smith  and William Hibbert, who are regularly instructed by retail banks and other consumer lenders on contentious and non-contentious issues. Hibbert is currently leading Harrison Denner  on behalf of several claimants a potential group action by “mortgage prisoners”, individuals who held mortgages with Northern Rock prior to its nationalisation and cannot refinance their properties despite being up to date on payments. Another major mandate has been Hodgson v Creation Consumer Finance Limited, in which Toby Riley-Smith KC  is representing the defendant against a test case brought by a homeowner who bought solar panels on finance, following alleged misrepresentations from the salesman, and is claiming against the finance company after the supplier had collapsed. Thomas Samuels recently joined from Gough Square Chambers.



‘Henderson Chambers is my go-to Chambers for consumer finance litigation.’

‘Very good set; we use them regularly.’ 


‘Excellent – from top to bottom one of the best clerks’ rooms.’

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is a ‘strong set in general commercial litigation and banking litigation‘ and is commended for its ‘excellent training programmes, courses and technical content and know how’. Members regularly act for and against the banks, including disputes with elements of fraud, trade finance and insolvency. Paul Downes KC leads a team including Emily Saunderson and Simon Oakes in Liberty Steel v Various – acting for Liberty Steel entities in various proceedings against lenders including Trafigura, Arcelormittal, and Greensill Capital, which collapsed in 2021. Nicola Allsop acted successfully as sole counsel for the respondent bank in Sharpoorji Pallonji v I&M Bank Rwanda Plc, an application concerning a demand made on a performance bond.



 ‘One of the pre-eminent sets and very good strength in depth.’

 ‘Well regarded set of leading experts in their fields. Excellent training programmes, courses and technical content and know how – demonstrating that the set comprises a number of thought leaders.’

 ‘Very accommodating set with an array of experience across areas. Their YouTube insights are fantastic.’

 ‘Quadrant are always a pleasure to deal with.’

 ‘Strong set in general commercial litigation and banking litigation.’


 ‘Daniel Westerman is fantastic.’

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex is a ‘go-to set for high-value banking and finance work, both in litigation and arbitration‘. The members are noted for their ‘broad skill set and are able to help us on a range of cases ranging from high volume caseloads to large and complex matters‘. A major dispute before the Court of Appeal was Canada Square v Potter, a high profile PPI mis-selling test case, in which Charles Kimmins KC led a team including Sean Snook for Citibank as defendant. Luke Pearce acted for the defendants (having previously been led by Philip Edey KC) in Victor Pisante; Swindon Holdings & Finance Ltd; BCA Shipping Investments Corporation; Castor Navigation Ltd v George Logothetis; Lomar Corporation Ltd ; Lomar Shipmanagement Ltd; Libra Holdings, a Commercial Court case stemming from various investments in the shipping market and in Piraeus Bank.



 ‘Twenty Essex is my go-to set for high-value banking and finance work, both in litigation and arbitration. They have outstanding barristers at all levels and counsel is always available to assist.’

 ‘Twenty Essex is a set we use regularly, and we have a good relationship with the counsel and clerking teams. Counsel have a broad skill set and are able to help us on a range of cases ranging from high volume caseloads to large and complex matters.’

 ‘Twenty Essex are our current go to chambers for banking and finance and commercial litigation.’ 


 ‘Back office runs very smoothly and clerks are very efficient and helpful.’

 ‘Very responsive, particularly Arron Zitver.’

 ‘Their clerks are impressive and they offer serious strength in depth.’ 

XXIV Old Buildings

XXIV Old Buildings is ‘a strong set for banking‘, offering ‘brilliant minds and real strength across the board‘. The set’s members have particularly good expertise in offshore, fraud and insolvency related banking disputes. A major ongoing case is Ivanishvili v Credit Suisse Life (Bermuda) before the Bermuda Commercial Court, in which Stephen Moverley Smith KC and Sarah Bayliss  are acting for the defendant life insurance company, a subsidiary of Credit Suisse, in a claim linked to an alleged investment fraud brought by Bidzina Ivanishvili, a former president of Georgia. Edward Cumming KC is representing the claimants in Elite Property Holdings v Barclays Bank Plc regarding an alleged unlawful means conspiracy between Barclays and a leading accountancy firm to place the claimants into administration. Members such as Alexander Pelling  and Francis Tregear KC have good expertise in Middle Eastern related banking disputes.



 ‘They are a strong set for banking.’

 ‘Strong chancery and insolvency chambers, with brilliant minds and real strength across the board.’


 ‘Paul Horsfield is doing a great job as senior clerk.’

 ‘Extremely helpful, go above and beyond to provide excellent service.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers has ‘real strength in depth’ for banking and finance disputes. Many of the set’s senior members have market-leading credentials for major civil and regulatory issues, including fraud claims. Notable work includes Andrew Green KC‘s role acting for the Governor of the Bank of England in the Maxwellisation process relating to Dame Elizabeth Gloster’s report into the failure of London Capital & Finance, an issuer of mini-bonds which is alleged to have been a Ponzi scheme. Javan Herberg KC  is representing UK Asset Management/Northern Rock Asset Management dealing with threatened very large group claims by “mortgage prisoners”. Andrew Hunter KC was among those representing Privatbank in Privatbank v Kolomoisky and ors, concerning an alleged scheme perpetrated by the defendants to misappropriate US$2 billion from the Ukrainian Bank. Andrew George KC is also highly active in the area.



 ‘They have real strength in depth.’

 ‘Very good and a leading chambers’


 ‘Clerks are immediately responsive and pleasant to deal with.’

 ‘Helpful and user-friendly clerks.‘

Serle Court

Serle Court stands out for offshore banking and finance, and is making a strong name for Middle Eastern matters, with ‘considerable depth in quality and one of the few offering genuine specialism in DIFC Court work‘. Rupert Reed KC  is particularly active on this front and represented First Abu Dhabi Bank in First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC and FAB Securities LLC v Larmag Holdings, which involved resisting a freezing injunction with major jurisdictional implications for the DIFC. Philip Marshall KC has also been leading Simon Hattan  for one of the defendants in The Public Institution for Social Security v Al-Rajaan, involving allegations of bribery and fraud in respect of banking and investments by Kuwait’s state pension fund. David Blayney KC continues to be a major figure in the banking space.



 ‘The  chambers appears to have considerable depth in quality and one of the few offering genuine specialism in DIFC Court work.’

 ‘Probably the best of the commercial chancery sets.’

 ‘Serle Court has increasing bench strength, with  number of juniors coming through to make a name for themselves in complex banking and finance and Middle Eastern work.’


 ‘They have the best clerks anywhere.’

 ‘Service was admirably quick and efficient.’