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Leading Silks

Stephen Auld QC - One Essex CourtOne of the best of the best. Excellent courtcraft and equally good with clients.
Adrian Beltrami QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsOne of the foremost silks at the banking litigation Bar. Hugely respected by judges. Hard working, insightful, impeccable judgment and a pleasure to work with.
Richard Coleman QC - Fountain Court ChambersAn extremely strong barrister particularly on the claimant side of complex banking cases. The one you need for trial in a difficult banking case. He is courageous but also measured.
Richard Handyside QC - Fountain Court ChambersSuper clever, but without arrogance or pomposity. He is an utter delight to deal with, and manages to combine enormous intellect, strategic brilliance and down-to-earth client handling skills. Top of his class.
Mark Howard QC - Brick Court ChambersAt the height of his powers: probably the best all round silk currently operating at the Bar.
Tim Lord QC - Brick Court ChambersTim is a very robust and tough trial opponent and a real fighter. He is also very effective in disclosure applications.
Ali Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsPragmatic in the extreme and excellent at cutting through the issues.
Ewan McQuater QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA litigation powerhouse who can turn his hand to any type of dispute, spotting winning points with ease. A pleasure to work with.
Andrew Mitchell QC - Fountain Court ChambersAn extremely clever silk who is great to work with, commercial, fun and highly experienced in commercial litigation. Andrew sets high standards for his team and is very skilled at getting the best out of all those who work with him.
Andrew Onslow QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is rightly regarded as a grandee of the banking Bar and is an advocate of all the talents.
Laurence Rabinowitz QC - One Essex CourtOne of the rare individuals whose reality matches his reputation. He is razor-sharp, practical, tactical and a pleasure to work with.
David Railton QC - Fountain Court ChambersAn absolutely stellar advocate. He is meticulous in his preparation. He also demonstrates a truly astonishing ability to make persuasive submissions on complex issues with extreme brevity.
Joe Smouha QC - Essex Court ChambersOne to use for serious and incisive cross-examination. Works out every angle of a case and knows exactly how they intend to won. Absolutely brilliant tactical mind.
Bankim Thanki QC - Fountain Court ChambersIncredibly impressive.
Sonia Tolaney QC - One Essex CourtVery clever, she understands banks and their businesses, leads a counsel team well and is an excellent advocate.
Daniel Toledano QC - One Essex CourtA top barrister with a great grasp of the market. He is practical and is a provides reassuring advice. One feels in safe hands with him.
David Allison QC - South SquareA shrewd and intelligent lawyer with vast and heavyweight experience, particularly in the fields of insolvency and financial services.
David Blayney QC - Serle CourtA near perfect leader; particularly for the complex financial matters where you just cannot wing it.
Alain Choo Choy QC - One Essex Courtombines truly brilliant legal ability with unparalleled empathy for clients and an exceptional capacity as a team player. He thinks round every conceivable corner and comes up with fresh, insightful ideas about causes of action and defences.
Jonathan Crow QC - 4 Stone BuildingsSimply top rate in all departments of practice. Excellent with clients; fantastic with detail; unrivalled in his advocacy.
Helen Davies QC - Brick Court ChambersThere is no one solicitors would rather go to on a difficult case - a superb tactician, stellar in court, and easily the best around on difficult or novel points of legal principle.
Rhodri Davies QC - One Essex CourtA formidable intellect and a top-end commercial silk. He inspires complete confidence, is fantastic to work with, and has a great bedside manner.
Jasbir Dhillon QC - Brick Court ChambersAn absolute expert in derivatives, with superb skills in running international and multijurisdictional cases. A true master of the courtroom who knows how to persuade the toughest judges.
Jeremy Goldring QC - South SquareA bright, tenacious, articulate and committed barrister. He has an excellent way with the written word.
Patrick Goodall QC - Fountain Court ChambersA wonderful individual: a delightful barrister to work with, with a very punchy oral advocacy style. He is unbelievably responsive to clients.
Matthew Hardwick QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsFantastically hard-working and has a very impressive attention to detail and to case preparation. His advocacy skills are excellent, he has a very pleasant manner that is effective with judges and he is very efficient in cross-examination of witnesses.
Stephen Houseman QC - Essex Court ChambersHe does a fantastic job and absolutely lives and breathes the case. He is totally charming.
Timothy Howe QC - Fountain Court ChambersHis key strengths are dogged determination and perseverance. Tim is someone who ensures that every worthwhile point is properly taken and argued.
Richard Lissack QC - Fountain Court ChambersClose to if not pre-eminent at the intersection of civil and criminal liability in the banking field. Also genuinely and consistently superb at client handling.
Jonathan Nash QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsTechnically excellent and user-friendly. He has a great rapport with judges and is quick on his feet.
Craig Orr QC - One Essex CourtWithout doubt, Craig is exceptional. He has encyclopedic knowledge and is a razor-sharp lawyer at the top of his game.
David Quest QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsExcellent bedside manner. Highly intelligent. He brings a whole new perspective to solving really complex legal problems. Superb cross-examiner.
Patricia Robertson QC - Fountain Court ChambersShe has a complete grasp of the issues and the documents. Exceptionally well-prepared. Excellent in court - persuasive, thorough and someone the court listens to.
Anthony de Garr Robinson QC - One Essex CourtAn exceptional advocate in court, does not get flustered, always able to find a good analogy to support an argument when dealing with a judge's questions.
Richard Salter QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsVery efficient and very thorough and can be relied upon to come up with a clear view and clear advice.
Simon Salzedo QC - Brick Court ChambersA superb advocate: hugely intelligent, amongst the heavyweights at the commercial Bar, he has the ear of the court even amongst the most prestigious co-defendants and opponents.
Nigel Tozzi QC - 4 Pump CourtNigel's wealth of experience and ability to calmly navigate the issues is invaluable. He is a real star.
Simon Birt QC - Brick Court ChambersHe may be the calmest person in the world which is an incredible strength for a heavy piece of litigation. The judges really trust him and he is very good at clearing away the noise.
Jeffrey Chapman QC - Fountain Court ChambersIncredibly user friendly and accessible, very quickly building trust and confidence with the client and solicitor teams. Jeff gives incisive and commercial advice, with a compelling delivery and a collaborative approach.
Derrick Dale QC - Fountain Court ChambersVery smart and good with clients. Very good knowledge of the law and has good judgement.
Jonathan Davies-Jones QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsFantastic judgement, calm in a crisis, a sage sounding board through some difficult and highly technical litigation.
Paul Downes QC - Quadrant ChambersTenacious, fearless and excellent advocate. Incredibly hard-working. Forthright and clear in advice. Top of the list for anything involving injunctions.
Andrew George QC - Blackstone ChambersFantastic in this area, one of the best Silks and always a delight to deal with.
Andrew Green QC - Blackstone ChambersExcellent court presence and with an Eye of Sauron-like focus on client expectations.
Javan Herberg QC - Blackstone ChambersThe go-to silk for financial disputes with a regulatory angle and at the top of his area of specialism. Excellent written work and has the measure of the judge when acting as advocate.
Barry Isaacs QC - South SquareVery hard working with meticulous attention to detail and willingness to get stuck into the toughest of matters. He brings a calm and slow build style that is very persuasive, both to clients and the Courtroom.
Hodge Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA go-to barrister for the most complicated cases, he sees angles and nuances that others would miss and he always advises with a view to the best possible ultimate outcome.
Philip Marshall QC - Serle CourtVery measured in his approach and under that calm exterior is an amazing intellect. He can coral the most complex of cases and points into punchy submissions - a great advocate.
Roger Masefield QC - Brick Court ChambersWilling to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the detail but also has the ability to keep in mind the key strategic points. Roger is exceptionally bright and has a high EQ.
Paul McGrath QC - Essex Court ChambersOne of the cleverest and most creative barristers at the commercial Bar, yet down to earth.
Martin Moore QC - Erskine ChambersExtremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience behind him. He also manages to offer a steer on the legal issues and the potential concerns that a court may have whilst bearing in mind the client's commercial circumstances.
Rosalind Phelps QC - Fountain Court ChambersA fantastic junior silk; responsive, insightful, proactive, and very easy to work with. Sure to be one of the leading silks for banking and aviation work in five years time.
Akhil Shah QC - Fountain Court ChambersA go-to on trade finance cases and injunction applications, often at short notice.
Tom Smith QC - South SquareThe leading silk for contentious financial services and insolvency disputes. His experience in this area is second to none. He is excellent both in written and oral advocacy, is excellent with clients and always a pleasure to work with.
Ben Strong QC - One Essex CourtAn excellent team player. He gets thoroughly to grips with the details, is extremely responsive, and provides very commercial advice.
Andrew Ayres QC - Twenty EssexVery user-friendly. Very smooth advocacy style and very good court presence - has a real air of authority. Unflappable.
Daniel Bayfield QC - South SquareHe remains an exceptional talent. A go-to choice in any case where insolvency or restructuring experience is required.
John Brisby QC - 4 Stone BuildingsAn outstanding practitioner.
Philip Edey QC - Twenty EssexHe has good judgement and takes a commercial approach.
Jonathan Gaisman QC - 7 King's Bench WalkHe devours the case. He has incredible court presence and is great at reading the tribunal.
Orlando Gledhill QC - One Essex CourtA master tactician. He understands the commercial dynamics and drivers of a case instinctively, which is seamlessly integrated into his strategic advice. He stands out in particular for his advocacy, which is concise and punchy and highly effective.
Lord Grabiner QC - One Essex CourtStill one of the best at the Bar for the biggest and most high-profile cases.
Jeffrey Gruder QC - Essex Court ChambersHis judgement is always 100% accurate and he instills complete confidence in his clients.
David Head QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is an excellent advocate who reads the judge extremely well, and pitches the case accordingly.
Andrew Hunter QC - Blackstone ChambersHe is incredibly smart but also excellent on his feet and under pressure. In addition, he is incredibly responsive to client needs and a pleasure to deal with.
Paul Lowenstein QC - Twenty EssexExtremely thorough, hard-working and responsive. An immensely impressive commercial silk who was able to cut through very complex legal issues governed by entirely contradictory and evolving authority and offer clear, definitive (and ultimately the right) advice.
Nathan Pillow QC - Essex Court ChambersHe has a fantastic legal and strategic mind, wrapped in the one of the most user friendly and personable bodies around. He is super responsive and attentive, and instinctively knows how to drive a case to the best possible outcome.
Rupert Reed QC - Serle CourtA class act. Very knowledgeable on DIFC law and practice. Excellent cultural awareness and knowledge of local law (with some knowledge of Arabic). Charm personified, a courteous and persuasive advocate.
Andrew Sutcliffe QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsThe first name of the team sheet every time.
John Taylor QC - Fountain Court ChambersA very strong advocate with excellent court presence and very user friendly.
Felicity Toube QC - South SquareAbsolutely first rate in all areas. Highly recommended.
Ben Valentin QC - Fountain Court ChambersA very commercial, client conscious and flexible practitioner. A natural on their feet.
David Alexander QC - South SquareOne of the most experienced barristers in this area. He has a good sense of how arguments should be presented most effectively.
James Counsell QC - Outer Temple ChambersHe has great intellect and great drafting ability. He is very good in conference and able to get complex issues across to clients easily. Also relentless in court.
Edward Cumming QC - XXIV Old BuildingsAbsolutely superb - he is particularly strong in the banking field and is excellent for the claimant side.
Dominic Dowley QC - Serle CourtA quick working, efficient and talented advocate. He grasps all key issues with great speed.
Thomas Grant QC - Maitland ChambersAn excellent QC and valuable member of any team.
Richard Hill QC - 4 Stone BuildingsHe is a superb advocate. He is charming, calm under pressure, and lightning quick on his feet.
Lexa Hilliard QCWilberforce ChambersA rare find in that she combines academic rigour with commercial acumen and excellent advocacy skills.
Charles Kimmins QC - Twenty EssexAn absolute pleasure to work with, which has leads to repeat instructions from firms. His strongest attribute is the ability to distill complex legal principles and provide concise and targeted advice to clients in the financial services sector.
Toby Riley-Smith QC - Henderson ChambersAn excellent counsel for banking and finance cases, including consumer credit; firms have no hesitation in recommending him.
Charles Samek QC - Littleton ChambersA powerful advocate with a memorable turn of phrase. A great tactician capable of navigating a path through to the desired final goal.
Paul Sinclair QC - Fountain Court ChambersExtremely responsive, commercial in his approach and very strong on his feet and in writing. Robust and effective under pressure, an impressive advocate.
Richard Slade QC - Brick Court ChambersRichard has a vast amount of experience in cross-border cases, gives confident and measured advice, is very good with clients, and persuasive in court. He remains a go-to leading counsel in this area.
Stephen Moverley Smith QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe has impressive court room presence and brings a wealth of experience to his cases. User friendly across the team and with clients.
Adam Tolley QC - Fountain Court ChambersA good team player. The style of his written work is very impressive. Always clear, to the point and not over elaborate.
Francis Tregear QC - XXIV Old BuildingsA consummate gentleman; cool under pressure, exceedingly pleasant to deal with regardless of the demands of the case, thoughtful and measured in his advocacy and highly responsive.
Ian Wilson QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsAn excellent technical lawyer and an impressive advocate as well as being exceptionally adept at managing clients.

2020 Silks

Chris Boardman QC - Radcliffe ChambersExtremely strong silk, excellent to work with, crystal clear advice.
Richard Fisher QC - South SquareA great barrister to work with, attentive, thoughtful and good at drawing together a huge amount of material into persuasive and compelling written and oral submissions.
Jamie Goldsmith QC - One Essex CourtLeaves no stone unturned in getting the client the best outcome.
Edward Levey QC - Fountain Court ChambersA joy to work with. He is a fantastic advocate and his cross-examination is immense.
Tamara Oppenheimer QC - Fountain Court ChambersHer advice is clear, concise and precisely on-point, and clearly extremely intelligent with excellent legal instincts.
Conall Patton QC - One Essex CourtA very strong strategist and advocate - and a superlative drafter.
Rajesh Pillai QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsExcellent blend of technical excellence and commercial nous. Excellent client facing skills. A smooth but forceful advocate.
Sharif Shivji QC - 4 Stone BuildingsFerociously bright; hard-working; a definite team player and a consummate diplomat.
Henry Warwick QC - Henderson ChambersA very persuasive advocate, who engenders trust with the bench. As a former solicitor, he is great to work with as part of the team on substantial cases.
Giles Wheeler QC - Fountain Court ChambersVery intelligent and a go-to barrister for financial services disputes. Giles provides a full service including on the banking, investment, financial products and fintech side.

2021 Silks

Laurence Emmett QC - One Essex CourtHe gets to the heart of the issue very quickly and can foresee potential challenges and strengths of the parties positions very quickly and often more so than the other side.
Andrew Fulton QC - Twenty EssexIntellectually very able, extremely knowledgeable on trade and banking; he always fights the clients’ case with vigour and able to cut to the heart of the dispute quickly.
Louise Hutton QC - Essex Court ChambersExcellent, particularly for cases which include an insolvency dimension.
Laura John QC - Fountain Court ChambersA charming and fluent advocate who always knows the law and her case inside out. Laura has the ear of the court, and always frames their submissions attractively. You know you're in for a real fight when you're against Laura.
Adam Kramer QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has always had star quality, a first choice for financial markets work - approachable, responsive and very quick to understand complex issues.
James McClelland QC - Brick Court ChambersAn absolute star: razor-sharp, totally devoted to his cases and clients, covers every single detail of the case - and comes up with creative solutions to the hardest problems.
Matthew Parker QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is very able, very experienced recently appointed QC, thorough and on top of the detail. A real fighter and future star.
Tony Singla QC - Brick Court ChambersGets to the heart of an issue quickly and has very good judgement. He is confident in forming his own views and is very accomplished and capable.
James Willan QC - Essex Court ChambersThe cleverest member of the Bar solicitors know. His ability to master the most complex suite of securitisation documents and deftly advise on every nuance is outstanding. I have also seen him before he took silk outshine a courtroom full of illustrious silks by his brilliance.

2022 Silks

Sarah Abram QC - Brick Court ChambersShe provides clear concise advice, is extremely pragmatic, a real team player and a joy to work with.
Tony Beswetherick QC - Twenty EssexHe quickly got to grips with the myriad of complicated issues and provided an invaluable new perspective on some of the issues engaged. A real star to watch.
Mark Fell QC - Radcliffe ChambersMark really knows his stuff. He is a consumer credit and retail mortgages guru - He is able to convey his advice in a pragmatic and commercial way so that it is easily digestible by the client.
Sebastian Isaac QC - One Essex CourtHe has it all. A fabulous strategist, very clever lawyer, very user-friendly, wide-ranging knowledge and ability to understand and explain esoteric concepts, brilliant draftsman and strikes the right tone in court.
Farhaz Khan QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsExtremely thorough and responsive, he conveys his views with conviction and polish.
James MacDonald QC - One Essex CourtLovely to work with and an excellent advocate. He is intelligent and pragmatic when giving advice, and persuasive, calm and collected when in court.
Alexander Milner QC - Fountain Court ChambersMeticulously prepared, extremely responsive and his analysis is first rate. He is well known for his work on foreign law issues, and in particular in Russian and CIS disputes - where his work is particularly impressive.
Alexander Polley QC - One Essex CourtRemarkable appetite for work, attention to detail and confidence, and all wrapped up in a super-bright personality, a pleasure to work with.
Stephen Robins QC - South SquareI have instructed him over many years and have never failed to appreciate the quality of his advice, written work and advocacy.
Emily Wood QC - Essex Court ChambersVery clever, very sharp and very good with clients. Gets on top of the papers and the issues quickly and efficiently and provides succinct and clear advice.

Leading Juniors

Rupert Allen - Fountain Court ChambersVery strong technically, he has a great ability to absorb and keep on top of a substantial case. A fantastic senior junior to have on your side.
Simon Atrill - Fountain Court ChambersAn extremely effective and astute barrister and his oral advocacy is extremely well-judged. He is also a great team player whois more than willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in to the detail.
Michael D'Arcy - One Essex CourtHas a labyrinthine brain and an astonishingly comprehensive grasp of the law, his written submissions are flawless and always turned around at lightning speed.
James Duffy - Fountain Court ChambersAbsolutely one of the best senior juniors for banking litigation work. Very straightforward and easy to deal with, robust and bullish when appropriate, and a fantastic team player.
William Edwards - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is a ferocious advocate, exceptionally articulate and has the judges with him through the ease at which he presents fact and law for the court.
Simon Hattan - Serle CourtHe contributes very thorough analysis, the ability to work on large and complex matters and the ability to work well integrated solicitor-barrister team, including with counsel from other sets. He is also excellent with cases that require financial analysis.
Fred Hobson - Brick Court ChambersHighly intelligent and excellent at strategy as well as a robust cross-examiner, clients love him.
Sandy Phipps - One Essex CourtVery strong in banking litigation - patient and easy to work with and very strong in drafting.
Scott Ralston - 3 Verulam BuildingsExperienced, authoritative and diligent.
James Sheehan - Essex Court ChambersOutstanding. He is calm and measured, but well able to fight his corner, including when there are multiple senior barristers on the other side of the court room.
Oliver Assersohn - XXIV Old BuildingsA superbly able junior, if there is an answer to a problem he will find it.
Ruth Bala - Gough Square ChambersA very busy junior on PPI cases acting for lenders.
Marianne Butler - Fountain Court ChambersExcellent and highly recommended. Approachable, likeable, great with clients, hard working and very, very good at written work.
Stewart Chirnside - Quadrant ChambersHe consistently delivers advice and sets out arguments on paper and in court in a well-structured, logical manner that is easy to absorb for lawyers and clients alike.
Charlotte Eborall - 3 Verulam BuildingsThorough, a good drafter, easy to work with and thoughtful.
Richard Eschwege - Brick Court ChambersFantastically forensic, a great jurist and hugely dynamic.
Christopher Harrison - 4 Stone BuildingsThe very definition of a safe pair of hands; for such a nice man and one so beautifully mannered he can be a Rottweiler in court when required.
William Hibbert - Henderson ChambersVery approachable, user friendly and commercial. William understands how solicitors work and how he can support them. Very intelligent and good at explaining difficult concepts.
Emma Jones - One Essex CourtA technically very gifted counsel with a superb eye for detail. She can master the arguments and she is spot on when it comes to case strategy. Very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Lisa Lacob - 3 Verulam BuildingsExceptionally intelligent, approachable and hands-on. She is an impressive advocate and tenacious in her approach.
Liisa Lahti - 3 Verulam BuildingsBrilliant analytical skills and a superb facility in communicating complex legal concepts to clients.
Michael Lazarus - 3 Verulam BuildingsHighly intelligent, proactive and hard-working.
Iain MacDonald - Gough Square ChambersHe gets to the heart of the issue and is very practical and pragmatic.
Craig Morrison - Brick Court ChambersCraig is super clever and on top of that he is an absolute delight to work with.
Stephen Neville - Gough Square ChambersHe is very approachable, quick and penetrating intellectually, agile and flexible as well as client-focussed. His understanding of consumer credit law as well as ability to make it work practically is second to none.
Luke Pearce - Twenty EssexObviously highly intelligent but at the same time extremely calm and measured and a pleasure to work with. He is confident and assertive enough to deal with and impress difficult clients.
Georgina Peters - South SquareAn excellent barrister. She is always very good at identifying what really matters in a case.
Fred Philpott - Gough Square ChambersAn industry authority on consumer credit.
Simon Popplewell - Gough Square ChambersHis knowledge of consumer credit law is exceptional and solicitors have been very impressed with his ability to synthesize answers and solutions which take into account the client's needs quickly and effectively.
Nehali Shah - One Essex CourtDoes a great job.
Adam Sher - Fountain Court ChambersIn a league of his own. He both drives the strategy and drafts reams of papers, and is exceptionally clever, extremely hard working, and a very nice person to have on the team.
David Simpson - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe anchors legal advice and positions on thorough research, very analytic, highly knowledgeable, and prepares comprehensive and intelligible legal documents.
Julia Smith - Henderson ChambersTechnically excellent and very personable.
Justina Stewart - Outer Temple ChambersBrilliant for banking litigation with a background in finance before being called to the bar. She is exactly who you want in the corner when you have a case with tricky technical banking aspects.
Adam Temple - 3 Verulam BuildingsA quick thinking and no-nonsense barrister who does not stand on ceremony and so is clear, straight forward and easy to deal with.
Nik Yeo - Fountain Court ChambersHe is a charming genius who should quite obviously become a QC.
Adam Al Attar - South SquareTechnically very strong, commercial, and has fantastic experience in financial services matters.
Natasha Bennett - Fountain Court ChambersNatasha is very intelligent not only on the law but also a commercial and strategic understanding of the wider issues for the client.
Christopher Bond - 3 Verulam BuildingsResponsive, thorough and commercial with an excellent attention to detail.
Oliver Butler - One Essex CourtHe has outstanding drafting ability, with perfectly judged tone. Excellent judgement and impressively all over the detail.
Nazeer Chowdhury - Henderson ChambersVery strong in this field.
Ian Higgins - 3 Verulam BuildingsA first class junior who loves getting stuck into the detail and debating issues.
Ciaran Keller - Essex Court ChambersExcellent in the banking and finance arena.
Geoffrey Kuehne - Brick Court ChambersA true expert in derivatives litigation. Geoff has the perfect combination of technical brilliance plus the courtroom skills to fight as hard as it takes.
Andrew Maguire - Littleton ChambersPersonable and easy to use. Solicitors get on with him very well. He is very commercially minded.
Alec McCluskey - Maitland ChambersA banking and finance expert with particular subject matter specialisms in retail and commercial mortgage litigation. Understands the interplay of risk and reputation management in litigation strategy. A superb advocate who is second to none in conference.
Simon Oakes - Quadrant ChambersSimon has excellent technical expertise, is always up to date on case law in the area and is willing to think outside the box to push the boundaries of a case as far as legitimately possible.
Elizabeth Ovey - Radcliffe ChambersShe provides really clear and practical advice, which gets to the point and she is able to distill complex analysis into very accessible language. Elizabeth is also incredibly responsive and easy to work with.
James Ross - Gough Square ChambersHighly regarded in this area.
Alan Roxburgh - Brick Court ChambersHe has a genuinely exceptional mind, and can spot critical legal points invisible to most other practitioners, and often ones which are critical to tactical decisions or to the outcome of the entire case.
Thomas Samuels - Gough Square ChambersSupportive of junior lawyers and generous with his time. He is able to explain extremely complex legal points in straightforward language which clients are able to digest easily.
Emily Saunderson - Quadrant ChambersA pleasure to work with. She is capable of distilling complex facts into concise and effective legal arguments and is a skilled oral advocate. She is very user friendly and a real team player. Very on top of the law.
Henry Forbes Smith - One Essex CourtOne of the most hard working barristers I have ever met. Combining extensive practical experience (in particular, Russia and CIS cases) and profound academical knowledge of law.
Turlough Stone - Quadrant ChambersSimply excellent. Extremely bright and user friendly with brilliant client facing skills.
Andrew Thomas - Brick Court ChambersCalmness personified - great written work, always approachable and willing to assist.
Alastair Tomson - 4 Stone BuildingsVery hardworking and happy to roll his sleeves when there is a deadline. He has a fantastic grasp of the documents and is a QC in the making.
Kate Urell - Gough Square ChambersAn excellent and tenacious advocate highly respected within the industry. She has sharp advocacy skills married with an unrivalled attention to detail that you will only find in her advice.
William Willson - South SquareA star junior barrister and very responsive - great to work with.
Nicola Allsop - Quadrant ChambersVery pleasant and approachable and very popular with clients. Thorough and with a good attention to detail but still sees the big picture.
Tom Asquith - 4 New SquareHe has a good grasp of issues involved and provides accurate advice.
Sarah Bayliss - XXIV Old BuildingsSuperb with sensitive clients. Exceptional grasp of the detail, with sound strategic judgement.
Richard Blakeley - Brick Court ChambersExcellent and one of the top juniors around. He’s got a really strong strategic sense and will go far when he eventually takes silk.
Jonathan Dawid - Brick Court ChambersQuickly grasps even the most difficult issues.
Anton Dudnikov - Essex Court ChambersOne of the brightest junior barristers at the bar. Ruthlessly efficient and extremely smart, Anton is responsive and pro-active with an ability to get quickly and effectively into the detail of a matter in a way that is second to none.
Daniel Edmonds - Fountain Court ChambersHighly intelligent with a prolific work rate - a key player to have on your team when there is a lot that needs to be done.
Lee Finch - Gough Square ChambersExtremely measured but at the same time not afraid to stand up and set things right. A great ability and willingness to advise off the cuff and in conference directly with lay clients. Rarely flustered and absolutely a rising star in the field.
Tom Ford - Essex Court ChambersHe has confidence beyond his years to put forward his opinion on matters, meaning solicitors get great value from him.
Richard Hanke - 3 Verulam BuildingsAbsorbs huge volumes of detail extremely quickly and apply it in support of his client's position. His written and oral advocacy and cross-examination is well judged, precise and extremely effective.
Alexia Knight - 3 Verulam BuildingsVery approachable and friendly. Gets to know you as a person as well as an instructing solicitor. Extremely knowledgeable and all over the detail.
James Knott - 4 Stone BuildingsVery hard-working and mastered the detail very speedily. Great to work with as part of an extended legal team.
Anna Lintner - 39 Essex ChambersA go-to barrister on banking and financial services claims - she has a deep understanding of complex financial products and inspires confidence among clients.
Sophie Mallinckrodt - 3 Verulam BuildingsClear-thinking and decisive, she is very useful to have as a member of the team because of her strategic contribution.
Simon Mills - Five PaperHe has a specialism in invoice finance litigation and has a deep working knowledge of the sector, its documentation and the law.
Richard Mott - One Essex CourtAs well as being a great tactician, he is all over the detail of a case. Always makes himself available and is ready to roll his sleeves up.
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersSolicitors cannot speak highly enough about him. The clients love him.
Alexander Pelling - XXIV Old BuildingsGreat to work with - he focuses in on the key points with an eagle eye, superb draftsman and great advocate.
Saaman Pourghadiri - 4 New SquareSaaman has a track record of working on top flight banking disputes, and clearly has a strong future in that area of the market.
John Robb - Essex Court ChambersIncredibly hardworking and very bright, with an unparalleled ability to deal with difficult clients in highly-pressured situations.
Adam Rushworth - One Essex CourtIn a field of great brains, he is the greatest. Always adds superb value to the analysis.
Michael Ryan - 7 King's Bench WalkMichael is very adept at getting to grips with complex procedural matters; he is very bright and yet also very approachable.
Marcus Staff - XXIV Old BuildingsHe is engaged, to the point, highly intelligent, innovative, industrious and a team player.
Joseph Sullivan - Quadrant ChambersA fantastic barrister who gets to the heart of issues, and expresses advice in a clear, concise and digestible manner. A first rate advocate.
Craig Ulyatt - Fountain Court ChambersVery thorough and detailed in his preparation. Sees arguments and points early.

Rising Stars

Ian Bergson - Fountain Court ChambersSuperbly clever and spots points that others miss, alongside being commercial and practical, collaborative, generous with his time and very nice.
William Day3 Verulam BuildingsOne of the best baby junior barristers. Will is extremely switched on to technical legal issues having both come to the Bar from a Magic Circle law firm and also having academic interests.
Max Evans - Fountain Court ChambersVery bright and intellectually strong. Impressive for somebody of his level.
Niranjan Venkatesan - One Essex CourtBrilliant and a top-notch strategic thinker. Niranjan has an absolutely mastery of procedural law and digests case law effortlessly.
Ben Woolgar - Brick Court ChambersCarries the most extraordinary case load and is constantly available providing high-quality advice under pressure and when the stakes are high.
Rebecca Zaman - 3 Verulam BuildingsRebecca stands out for her strategic and analytical thinking. She works hard and fast and is incredibly user-friendly. A go-to junior for banking cases.

Banking and finance (including consumer credit) in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings 'remains one of the best sets for banking litigation', praised for its strength-in-depth from top silks down to baby juniors. Not one to rest on its laurels, it continues to attract up-and-coming senior juniors, as demonstrated by the arrivals of Adam Temple and Liisa Lahti from 4 Pump Court and Quadrant Chambers. The set's quality is reflected in its cases, including BNP Paribas v Trattamento Rifiuti Metropolitani SpA in which Adrian Beltrami QC led Christopher Bond for the claimants before the Court of Appeal in a case with contested jurisdictional issues. Another highlight is National Bank of Kazakhstan v BNY Mellon; Anatolie Stati; & Others, a matter which Kazakh entity owns assets held by the American bank in which a team of four members, including Ali Malek QC, David Quest QC and William Edwards are representing the claimants, the Kazakh central bank.



‘3VB is an excellent set – one of the best in this area. ‘

‘3VB has excellent strength in depth. I’ve used this chambers for many years and have always been impressed with the quality of Counsel (juniors through to seniors).’

‘3VB is a set that my colleagues and I probably turn to more than any other both now and, in my case, the last 30 years. They are a very strong set in financial services but have also established a very strong offering in a broader range of disciplines. Over the years they have recruited numerous former solicitors who have spent a few years in leading City firms. This means that a lot of their people have hands on experience of the very different role of a solicitor. ‘

‘Very strong set for banking and commercial litigation generally. Strong individuals right the way from the junior, mid-junior, senior-junior, up to QC.’

‘3VB have been for many years one of our “go-to” sets for our more complex cases. High quality counsel are available at all levels (silk, senior junior and junior). They are invariably very responsive to training requests and are now a regular feature of our internal training programme. Highly recommended.’


‘All the clerks are very approachable and commercial.’

‘Very responsive and commercial. Robert Croke has been very helpful in liaising with the court and assisting with billing matters.’

‘Very good, responsive and always contactable.’

‘Very able and responsive clerks across the board. Steve Penson in particular deserves credit for his responsiveness, his pragmatism and his willingness to provide a high quality service to instructing solicitors. Rob Croke is also very accomplished and good to deal with.’

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is praised for its 'stable of super-bright and hardworking barristers' and is 'at the very top of its game' when it comes to banking and finance disputes. The set's members stand out for their ability to handle technically heavy, complex cases. Tim Lord QC remains a leading figure for claims against the banks and led Fred Hobson in Loreley Financing 30 v Credit Suisse, one of the last 2008 crisis disputes involving the sale and structuring of RMBS CDOs. The chambers had members on both sides of Allianz Global Investors v HSBC, a damages claim concerning Forex transactions, with Helen Davies QC leading Sarah Abram QC for HSBC. Another highlight has been Burford Capital Ltd v London Stock Exchange Group PLC, a Financial List dispute involving allegations of unlawful short selling, with Jasbir Dhillon QC and Jonathan Dawid representing Burford.



‘Fantastic counsel. Very hands-on and friendly team. Extremely responsive and excellent juniors.’

‘Brick Court is one of our go to sets. Deep talent pool.’

‘Brick Court is one of the stellar sets. It has a stable of super-bright hard working counsel and a very good clerking team. ‘

‘Brick Court is of course excellent. Their barristers are the very best at what they do. At the same time, they are very accessible.’

‘Powerful set with massive strength in depth and across disciplines.’


‘Always very helpful and responsive.’

‘The clerks at Brick Court are responsive and helpful. Paul Dennison is particularly impressive.’

‘Tony Burgess is commercial and responsive.’

‘Always excellent and Tony Burgess a standout.’

‘The service in Brick Court is good and perhaps a notch ahead of its competitors. The clerks are responsive and personable. Paul Dennison is particularly impressive.’

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is 'one of the leading sets for banking related disputes' with 'genuine quality and strength in depth across the board'. With some exceptions, the majority of the set's members typically act on the bank side, and several, such as Richard Lissack QC have strong overlaps into the criminal and fraud side. Several members have been involved in The Ingenious Litigation concerning banks' duties with regards to concerning tax avoidance schemes, with Richard Coleman QC representing Coutts and Richard Handyside QC and James Duffy advising UBS. Another major mandate taking up much of Andrew Mitchell QC's time is Loreley 30 v Credit Suisse in which he and Adam Sher are acting for five Credit Suisse entity defendants.



‘One of the very top tier sets. Consistently excellent.’

‘The set has an abundance of talent and depth. Its expansion programme with lateral hires has been a real success. ‘

‘Top banking set for LIBOR and derivatives.’

‘Fountain have fantastic barristers across all levels. You feel safe in their hands.’

‘Fountain court has a great bench. Very good at the top end but with some really remarkable juniors.’


‘Efficient and responsive.’

‘The clerk room is practical, helpful and responsive – one of the best in the top rate sets.’

‘I think the clerks are great, responsive and professional. Alex Taylor is a strong head clerk and very commercial. ‘

‘Sian Huckett is fantastic. Open, honest and pragmatic.’

‘I have dealt with Jake Hubbard primarily, and find that he is always incredibly professional, prompt and personable to deal with.’

One Essex Court

One Essex Court is ‘one of the top three commercial sets‘ for high-end banking and finance disputes, with an almost unmatched roster of top tier silks and juniors. Coupled with this is the set’s highly praised flow of junior juniors, all providing market-leading support.  Top cases include Federal Deposit Insurance Company  v. Barclays, Lloyds, HBOS, RBS, Deutsche Bank & Other banks, with Sonia Tolaney QC and Nehali Shah defending Deutsche Bank, and Conall Patton QC representing Rabobank in this matter brought by the reciever of collapsed US banks which hand entered in to transactions based on LIBOR, which the claimants allege was manipulated by the defendant banks.  Adam Rushworth has also been representing the firm of solicitors in Raiffeisen Bank International AG v Asia Coal Energy Ventures Ltd and Ashurst LLP, originally led by David Lord David Wolfson QC, who is now a government minister in the Ministry of Justice.



‘Top tier set, full of talented individuals.’

‘One Essex Court has excellent strength in depth, offering outstanding advocates at the top of their game.’

‘A fantastic set of chambers to work with.’

‘One Essex is first rate from top to bottom. Everyone assembled on the team was impressive, bright and responsive.’

‘One Essex Court is unquestionably the leading set for high value and complex disputes.’


‘Excellent. The clerks are a pleasure to deal with. I have had dealings with each of David Amdor, Jade Cassell, Kirsty Hough, Jack Miller, Daniele Thripp and Ross Magee who are extremely responsive and take ownership of questions and issues that arise.’

‘We have had a very positive experience of the clerks at One Essex Court. Darren Burrows, Rob Smith and Jade Cassell deserve particular praise for managing all the barristers we instruct and generally being extremely responsive and competitive.’

‘The clerks are engaging, responsive, and practical when it comes to fee negotiations.’

‘The clerks, Rob Smith in particular, are excellent.’

‘Very responsive. David Amdor is very good.’

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is 'strong in banking litigation' and has 'unparalleled strength in depth' for banking fraud cases. One of the set's most notable cases is PCP Capital Partners LLP v Barclays Plc - a long-running dispute concerning Qatari investment in the bank during the 2008 crisis - in which Joe Smouha QC is leading a team of silks and juniors from within chambers including the highly rated senior junior, James Sheehan. Another highlight case with strong fraud aspects was National Bank TRUST v Yurov, Belyaev & Fetisov in which Nathan Pillow QC is leading David Davies QC, who recently took silk, and Anton Dudnikov. Stephen Houseman QC has made a strong impression in this area and is representing the claimant in Madison Pacific Trust v Sahkoor Capital and PrivatBank, a dispute about limited recourse notes issued by a Ukranian bank which was nationalised in 2016.



‘All the barristers I worked with are top-notch.’

‘A set crammed full of quality advocates at every level. You can go to Essex Court and know that you will be able to instruct a barrister of the highest quality and any level. Excellent marketing and events. ‘


‘Joe Ferrigno leads a very good team which has been very active in the past 5+ years in recruiting some of the most talented senior juniors at the commercial Bar.’

‘Joe Ferrigno is one of the best clerks I have come across. He is extremely welcoming when dealing with solicitors.’

‘Kevin Grubb and the clerking team are very good.’

‘Efficient and helpful.’

‘Very user friendly and good to deal with. Joe Ferrigno and Jack Wood stand out in particular.’

South Square

South Square is probably the top choice for complex banking and finance cases with a heavy insolvency element. Clients also single out the set's expertise in related offshore claims, often overlapping with civil fraud. One of the larger cases has been Primeo Fund v HSBC, in which Tom Smith QC and Richard Fisher QC represented the Madoff feeder fund Primeo in a $2 billion claim arising from the Ponzi scheme. Felicity Toube QC and Jeremy Goldring QC were also on opposing sides of the swaps litigation dispute ING v Santander. The set boasts a strong stable of juniors, with Adam Al-Attar, William Willson and Georgina Peters among those developing good reputations.



‘South Square is one of the leading sets for Offshore financial litigation.’

‘They have excellent lawyers at all levels in the finance litigation space.’

‘I have the highest regard for South Square Chambers. They have an excellent bench strength both at the senior and junior end. Their particular area of recognised expertise has, for a long time, centered on Insolvency but the reality is that their expertise extends very significantly beyond that. South Square also offers excellent training and presentations, certainly in relation to insolvency law and practice but also beyond.’

‘South Square is widely regarded as the best chambers for restructuring, insolvency and insolvency litigation. It has great depth as well as the majority of the leading silks in this area.’

‘We work a lot with South Square, particularly on large scale complex commercial litigation and insolvency cases, usually with an international element. They are also strong on fraud cases.’


‘Excellent. Dylan Playfoot is a class act.’

‘The clerks room is excellent – they are helpful, responsive, commercial, and do not over-promise.’

‘I never cease to be impressed by the clerking at South Square. In particular, I would single out Dylan Playfoot, Jim Costa and Mike Killick. They are all excellent, responsive, friendly and very helpful. Negotiations around fees are always constructive and never awkward and they are invariably understanding of lay client demands and constructive in finding a solution that works for everyone. If only it were that pleasant dealing with the other leading sets of chambers…’

‘The South Square clerks are always extremely responsive and helpful.’

‘Excellent service, very responsive clerks.’

4 Stone Buildings

4 Stone Buildings brings a huge amount of experience to the table, with several top name silks and juniors. The set has excellent credentials for insolvency-related banking disputes, but also regularly acts on broader finance litigations, including cross-border and offshore claims. Notable highlights include Sharp & Ors v Blank & Ors in which Richard Hill QC acted for the claimant group of Lloyds bank shareholders in a trial that concluded in 2020 with judgment on a costs point. The highly-rated Sharif Shivji QC has a prominent role acting for Credit Suisse in Republic of Mozambique v Credit Suisse, and is also leading two juniors in a major banking dispute before the DIFC. Juniors such as Christopher Harrison, Alastair Tomson and James Knott have also made a good impression on the market.



‘4 Stone Buildings are a top notch Chancery set and over the years, I have instructed a number of barristers and they have all been of a high standard.’

‘They are a set I have used for many years and they have never let me (or the client) down.’

‘Extraordinarily consistent and good chambers – and the judges know that they always play with a very straight bat which always give valuable credibility and momentum.’

‘4 Stone Buildings has several excellent senior barristers to fill the shoes of Robert Miles QC, who has now joined the bench. They are particularly strong on chancery matters but are comfortable with commercial cases as well.’

‘4 Stone Buildings is the go to set at my former firm and my present firm.’


‘David Goddard is the consummate professional.’

‘Always first rate.’

‘First rate – Ryan Tunkel and Ben Lashmar in particular.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers has a first class generation of silks with excellent credentials for general banking and finance disputes. This is in addition to its clear strengths in financial services regulatory matters. Javan Herberg QC is one of the leading silks in the market for the regulatory side, but also handles an impressive selection of litigation claims, and represented UK Asset Management/Northern Rock Asset Management on the 'mortgage prisoner' group litigation, Davis v Lloyds. Other leading silks include Andrew George QC who successfully acted for the claimant in Pipia v BGEO, a high-profile case involving alleged asset stripping and intimidation by the London parent of a Georgian banking group, in which Andrew Hunter QC represented the defendant. Andrew Green QC is poised for a busy 2022, representing HSBC in the Ingenious Litigation.



‘Blackstone remain my go-to chambers. The quality of the barristers is incredible. Their recent virtual Covid training events have been fantastic.’

‘Blackstone are a leading commercial set, particularly strong in relation to financial services regulatory work. They have a formidable line up of silks and juniors who are regularly instructed by the regulators and defence counsel alike.’


‘Excellent service from the clerks’ room. Very efficient and easy to deal with.’

Gough Square Chambers

Gough Square Chambers 'are specialists in consumer law and have a number of extremely skilled barristers with varying post call years. There is always someone available and turnaround times for advice are impressive.' The set's relatively small size gives it an edge in terms of customer service. Some of the set's juniors such as Fred Philpott have silk-like status in the consumer credit market - he recently led Lee Finch in CFL v Gertner before the Court of Appeal, a claim concerning the question of whether the schedule to a Tomlin Order might constitute a regulated credit agreement. Other leading individuals include Iain MacDonald who represented the defendant in Milne v Open Access Finance Ltd, a dispute about the scope of liability of a peer-to-peer lending platform. Simon Popplewell also had a significant role for Bank of Scotland in Various SAM Borrowers v BOS (Shared Appreciation Mortgages) No 1 PLC & others, involving a challenge to shared appreciation mortgages.



‘They are the leaders in relation to consumer finance and related matters.’

‘Fabulous client focused chambers.’

‘Very user friendly and cooperative. They are my “go to” set for any and all Consumer Credit queries.’

‘Will bend over backwards to help out where necessary. The leading small set on consumer credit and financial mis-selling.’

‘The set as a whole is knowledgeable about financial services regulation and banking litigation and are good value for money. They offer a good range of training programmes which are easy to digest.’


‘The clerks will always endeavour to accommodate and Jack Bradshaw is an outstanding, attentive second clerk.’

‘The clerks are very knowledgeable in consumer credit regulation and have been with Gough Square for a significant period. They know the subject matter and can proactively suggest and recommend which Counsel may be best to work on a matter.’

‘Bob Weekes is extremely helpful and responsive.’

‘The clerks are very responsive and friendly. They will go out of their way to assist. Jack Bradshaw always replies to instructing solicitors promptly and is very helpful.’

‘They are superb. They are always at reach and responsive with a quick turnaround and extremely flexible to work to meet with our clients expectations and approach.’

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers is best known for its consumer credit expertise, pioneered by long-standing silks such as Richard Mawrey QC, who remains a senior statesman in this corner of the market. Other silks making a strong name for themselves in this space include Henry Warwick QC, who is advising claimant investors in the pre-action stage in potential claims against Hargreaves Lansdown and Link Financial Solutions. He is also on Central Bridging Loans’ counsel team, with Julia Smith, in Anwer v Central Bridging Loans, which concerns an unfair debtor-creditor relationship claim. Head of chambers William Hibbert is another key figure, both for consumer credit and general banking regulatory issues.



‘Excellent articles on key changes in law, providing a practical slant on the issues that arise, not just dry legal analysis.’

‘Always have a junior available and strong clerking team.’


‘Joe Sutton is very responsive.’

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers has been steadily building up a impressive cohort of banking and finance barristers. Paul Downes QC is especially-well regarded in this area and is currently involved in Deutsche Bank v CBA, one of a series of disputes concerning the enforceability of interest rate swaps. Downes QC is also leading Emily Saunderson in Williams v Capitalbond, a Consumer Credit Act claim concerning debts of over £20m. Stewart Chirnside has also developed a strong name in this area, and is representing the defendants in a cryptocurrency fraud claim Blockchain Optimization SA & Anor v LFE Market Ltd & Ors.  Liisa Lahti recently left to join 3 Verulam Buildings.



‘Very strong set with extremely capable barristers at all levels.’

‘Quadrant Chambers have an excellent reputation in this area and beyond. They always have counsel available to assist and they offer excellent webinars and marketing materials.’

‘Excellent strength in depth across all levels of call. Generally can always offer Counsel at the level of call being requested.’


‘Always very helpful and efficient with Daniel Westerman being a stand-out performer.’

‘The clerks are always a delight to speak to.’

‘The clerks are very helpful.’

‘Very personable and willing often to be commercial when it comes to fees.’

‘Quick to turn things around and pragmatic. ‘

Serle Court

Serle Court has 'good depth of counsel across a wide range of banking and finance areas'. Philip Marshall QC continues to be a formidable force for banking related fraud claims and led top tier junior Simon Hattan in The Public Institution for Social Security v Al-Rajaan, an $800m dispute concerning banking and investments by Kuwait's state pension fund. David Blayney QC is also highly recommended for his impressive technical expertise. The set is especially strong on offshore related banking disputes and has also built up a strong reputation for Middle Eastern banking and finance claims before the DIFC, with Rupert Reed QC especially experienced on this front.



‘A market leading set for high end commercial disputes.’

‘Very good set who understand how we work and the intricacies of working on DIFC Court cases.’

‘Good depth of counsel across a wide ranging of banking and finance areas. ‘


‘Service and clerking are second to none.’

‘Daniel Wheeler is very responsive.’

‘Responsive and accurate in counsel bookings and fee quotes. 

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex fields a selection of impressive silks and juniors with good track records in a wide range of banking and finance claims, from complex trade-related derivatives issues through to consumer credit disputes. Paul Lowenstein QC is consistently busy on banking and related fraud claims, and led Luke Pearce on behalf of the claimants in Dove and others v HBOS and Bank of Scotland and Wells v HBOS and Bank of Scotland, a banking dispute involving significant fraud allegations. Philip Edey QC is also representing one of the defendants, Russian billionaire Boris Mints, in PJSC National Bank Trust v Mints, in a case concerning alleged fraudulent conspiracy in relation to the restructuring of loans. The arrival of Andrew Ayres QC from Maitland Chambers added further fire power.



‘On Consumer Credit work I am impressed by the firm’s ability to resource a large number of county court matters efficiently.’

’20 Essex Street are an excellent set.’

‘We are using this set more and more, they have high quality barristers.’


‘Back office runs very smoothly and clerks are very efficient and helpful.’

‘Good clerks – very responsive and amenable.’

‘The clerking is always excellent. Arron Zitver is very approachable and easy to deal with. Tara Shah understands instructions perfectly, is efficient and goes out of her way to help.’

‘Tara Shah is always helpful and on point.’

XXIV Old Buildings

XXIV Old Buildings has a good spread of members with strong banking and finance expertise, both at the junior and senior level. The set is especially strong on banking disputes involving a strong offshore or trusts element, and several members also have considerable expertise in the Dubai International Financial Centre courts. Significant cases in London include Elite Property Holdings & ors v Barclays Bank Plc, in which Edward Cumming QC represented the claimants in a case regarding an alleged conspiracy between the bank and an accountancy firm to put the client in administration. Stephen Moverley Smith QC and Sarah Bayliss represented the defendant, an insurance subsidiary of Credit Suisse, in Ivanishvili v Credit Suisse Life (Bermuda) Ltd, in an investment fraud claim brought by the former President of Georgia. Oliver Assersohn is also highly rated in this field, as well as broader financial services matters.



‘Extremely able barristers in complex, highly technical litigation.’


‘Always a pleasure.’

‘Efficient – no problems and easy to deal with.’

‘Excellent support from very able and personable clerks.’