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Leading Silks

Stephen Jourdan KCFalcon Chambers ‘Stephen is simply the best. He is calm, thorough, enormously clever and brilliant with clients. He is able to cut through complicated facts, law and arguments with ease so as to focus on what matters. ’
Caroline Shea KCFalcon Chambers ‘A real tour de force and ubiquitous in agricultural matters; Caroline is indefatigable, unflappable and a consummate performer in court. She somehow manages to be as tough as nails in the courtroom, while being a delight to work with on the client-side, a rare breed indeed.
Jonathan Karas KCFalcon ChambersJonathan’s technical analysis, clear presentation of complex matters and his responsiveness is superb.
George Laurence KCNew Square ChambersGeorge possesses unrivalled knowledge in his field. He is an exceptional advocate whose style is always structured and measured, clearly commanding the attention and respect of the court, whether in the Court of Appeal or in the Supreme Court.
James Maurici KCLandmark Chambers ‘A quiet and considered silk, James wins the trust of clients by virtue of his depth of knowledge of the law; this combined with a particular eye for detail makes him a particularly talented strategic thinker.

2023 Silks

Edward Peters KCFalcon ChambersIntellectually, Edward bears comparison with any of his illustrious predecessors at Chambers. Producing written work to the highest standard, his understated approach to advocacy is hugely effective.

Leading Juniors

Rebecca Cattermole - 39 Essex ChambersRebecca is an exceptional team player and is able to distil an enormous amount of detail into straightforward submissions. She is a natural strategist and her knowledge in this area of law is second to none. ’
Emily WindsorFalcon ChambersEmily is a fantastic advocate, having a talent for finding the right pitch and tone in her submissions and always reading the judge and responding accordingly.
Ashley BowesCornerstone BarristersAshley is highly knowledgeable in his field. He is very thorough and skilled when it comes to identifying and distilling the key issues from a large amount of information.
Ciara FairleyFalcon Chambers ‘Ciara is an extraordinarily clever and thorough barrister, and her written work is outstanding.
Samuel LaughtonTen Old SquareHe is a reliable pair of hands, approaching matters in a calm and measured way. 
Ned WestawayFrancis Taylor BuildingNed makes a strong and reassuring impression on his clients.
Greville HealeyFalcon ChambersGreville’s persistent and measured cross-examination style is highly effective.
George MalletHenderson Chambers ‘George’s written work and drafting is exemplary. He can process huge amounts of documentary information and distil it to a simple form, drawing various strands, issues and points together with ease.
Joseph OllechFalcon Chambers ‘Joe is never flustered and communicates complex points in a simple and compelling way.
Jamie SutherlandFalcon Chambers ‘Jamie is ridiculously clever, diligent and personable; he is destined for great things.
Simon AdamykNew Square ChambersHis clear and focused style wins him the attention and confidence of the court.
Ross CrailNew Square Chambers ‘Ross possesses an outstanding level of knowledge and is able to provide clear and concise advice as to why some strands of a case are perhaps unsustainable, whilst also putting forward key points and arguments to improve the likelihood of success.
Juan Lopez39 Essex ChambersJuan is a very technical lawyer.'

Rising Stars

Gavin BennisonFalcon ChambersGavin is extremely client-friendly. He puts forward persuasive arguments, and consistently provides clear and well-considered advice.

Agriculture in London Bar

Falcon Chambers

‘The best set for agricultural work’, Falcon Chambers has a strong track record in handling high-profile cases of boundary and covenant disputes, partnership matters and development cases to name a few areas. Stephen Jourdan KC acted in Limbrick v National Trust, a dispute between a father and son about succession to agricultural tenancy of a large farm in Gloucestershire, the case raises the novel issue of the right of a tenant to dispute a succession claim which they originally initiated. Edward Peters KCrepresented the appellants before the Court of Appeal in Procter v Procter, confronting complex matters relating to the Agricultural Holdings Act; specifically relating to whether a valid tenancy could be inferred from conduct in common law, despite when the identity of joint landlords and tenants overlap. Greville Healey acted in Bernel Ltd v Canal & River Trust, a High Court case concerning the development of a rural greenfield site involving issues pertaining to riparian rights, prescriptive rights to drain and natural watercourses. Caroline Shea KC has developed a comprehensive agricultural practice, with particular expertise in proprietary estoppel, succession and agricultural tenancies.



‘Falcon is my go-to set of chambers for contentious agricultural matters.

‘Falcon Chambers is the best set, and has such great support in terms of the number and quality of barristers and the scope of their expertise.

‘The barristers are outstanding at every level. ’

‘Falcon is incredibly strong and reliable in the field of agricultural law.


‘John Stannard and James Clarke are brilliant.

‘The clerking team is excellent. John Stannard is very knowledgeable and thorough, Joanne Meah is particularly efficient and calm, and Jacob Watson is extremely responsive and resourceful. The whole team are super helpful and take a real interest in getting to know and helping clients. ’

Francis Taylor Building

Francis Taylor Building is active in a range of agricultural and rural work, with particular expertise in town and village green applications, footpath inquiries and rights of way matters. Richard Honey KC appeared for the applicant in Bellway Homes v Kent CC & Dr Van Den Broek, which concerned the registration of land as a village green to protect it from development. Elsewhere in chambers, Ned Westaway acted for the respondent in Garland v Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, a Court of Appeal case concerning whether equestrian use of a bridleway amounts to public nuisance, and prevents the creation of a right of way in the countryside.



‘Fantastic clerks – available, straightforward and amenable. ’

New Square Chambers

Members of New Square Chambers‘ agricultural team are regularly instructed in cases involving easements, common land and access to the countryside, and the group has notable expertise in advising on issues concerning public access to land. George Laurence KC and Simon Adamyk appeared in a Court of Appeal case in which a decision by the Secretary of State to deregister 115 acres of common land was quashed; the case involved the clarification of the phrase “the curtilage of a building” in the Commons Act 2006. In another matter, Laurence KC and Paul Wilmshurst are appearing in a case concerning the legality of downgrading restricted byways, specifically the two constituting access to Morghew Park Estate.



‘Great set of chambers.

‘Very efficient and professional in everything they do.


‘Supported by excellent clerks. Michelle Green is particularly good. ’

‘The clerks are always very helpful and efficient.